The Most Important Book Of 2015: SJWs Always Lie

ISBN: 9527065682

As someone who has been the target of SJW attacks for years, and who has helped bring awareness to their totalitarian interpretation of “justice,” I began reading Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie with enthusiasm. Not only does it go into depth about what SJW’s think and how they behave, it also gives you a strategy for fighting back when they come after you or your organization.

SJW’s have so infected Western institutions and corporations that it is inevitable you will come face-to-face with an SJW who hopes to harm you and your livelihood. For that reason, SJWs Always Lie amounts to essential reading for all men. It’s the most important book I read in 2015.

In the universities, in the churches, in the corporations, in the professional associations, in the editorial offices, in the game studios, and just about everywhere else you can imagine, free speech and free thought are under siege by a group of fanatics as self-righteous as Savonarola, as ruthless as Stalin, as ambitious as Napoleon, and as crazy as Caligula. They are the Social Justice Warriors, the SJWs, the self-appointed thought police who have been running amok throughout the West since the dawn of the politically correct era in the 1990s.

Vox methodically breaks down the enemy that we have been fighting for years, including their strengths, weaknesses, and modes of attack. While information on fighting SJWs are available on various sites and forums, this is the first time it has been assembled in one cohesive work.

Either you’re with them, or you’re an oppressor

If you don’t unquestioningly accept the SJW Narrative, then you not only cannot be oppressed, but you have taken the side of the privileged, and in doing so, have become an oppressor yourself.

Submit or fight back

And it is because so many institutions have been made to converge to the social justice cause that sooner or later, no matter what you are or what you do, you will be faced with a choice. Either submit to the SJWs and accept their policing of your every word and thought, or stand against them and endure their attacks.

What is the “narrative”?

The Narrative is the story that the SJWs want to tell. It is the fiction they want you to believe; it is the reality that they want to create through the denial of the problematic reality that happens to exist at the moment. And there is no one definitive Narrative. Instead, there are many Narratives, all of them subject to change at any time, thereby requiring the SJW who subscribes to them to be able to change his own professed beliefs on demand as well.

SJWs are pathological liars

SJWs Always Lie is a truism because you cannot make social justice arguments without purposefully omitting crucial facts. You cannot, in other words, be a social justice warrior in good faith.


[When called out on a lie], instead of coming clean in one way or another, the SJW will instead double down and attempt to shore up his lies by concocting an even larger framework of deceit and misdirection to support them.

The 3 Immutable Laws Of SJWism

1. They always lie
2. They always double down when confronted with their lies
3. They always project

Vox gives examples of how SJWs perform these three laws in action, most notably with John Scalzi, a cross-dressing science fiction writer who has achieved enough power in the sci-fi writer’s sphere to exile non-SJW writers.

What a man who subscribes to social justice looks like

What a man who subscribes to social justice looks like

SJW’s project their inner fears and insecurities

The accusations made by SJWs when they attack others usually reflect, on some level, something they know to be true about themselves. An SJW with creepy tendencies will tend to accuse others of sexual harassment. One who is unsettled in his sexual orientation will often accuse others of homophobia. Female SJWs who feel inferior will accuse men of sexism. And since they are all habitual liars, SJWs find it almost impossible to believe that anyone is ever telling the truth.

SJW females are easy to classify. If she’s obsessed with rape, she loves to be choked in bed. If she’s obsessed with the “wage gap,” she’s looking for a money grab because she knows she can’t compete on the labor market. If she’s obsessed with race, she prefers to live in an all-white neighborhood (and likely already does). If she’s obsessed with Islamophobia, she hates her submissive boyfriend and wishes a savage would take her to bed without asking for permission every step of the way. And if she spends hours a month hating on me specifically, she wants me to make love to her.

Common SJW behaviors

[An SJW] is inclined to thought-police, speech-police, and even race-police everyone around him and will try to marginalize, discredit, and destroy anyone who fails to conform to his thought-policing with sufficient obedience and enthusiasm.


…they prey on the naïve and the unsuspecting. They prey on the moderates, the middle-grounders, and the fence-sitters. They prey on people like you: good, decent individuals who try to treat everyone fairly and who can’t even imagine having done anything that anyone could possibly find objectionable. Why? Because soft targets are always easier to destroy than hard ones.

If they go after a bigger target like Vox or myself, they need greater organization and support. To challenge me in Canada, they had multiple Facebook groups (public and private), support from mayors and politicians, demonstrations in city squares, and nonstop favorable coverage in the media. And they still lost. The main reason they keep winning is that people don’t stand up to them, but now more people are learning how.

The 8 Stages Of An SJW Attack

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative. Trivial violations are sufficient when a target has some public or organizational influence.

2. Point and Shriek. “The next step is to summon other SJWs by pointing at the target and shrieking about how terrible, outrageous, and completely unacceptable he is.”

3. Isolate and Swarm. The target is isolated from his allies while SJW’s recruit more foot soldiers in the attack.

4. Reject and Transform. An apology is elicited from the target, which only makes matters worse. “[The apology] is promptly rejected because it is not the action, but the actor, that is the real target.”

5. Press for Surrender. They begin going for the kill: getting the person fired from a job or ejection from an organization.

6. Appeal to Amenable Authority. The company or organization is heavily petitioned to punish the target.

7. Show Trial. The target is accused of every wrong imaginable, almost always falsely, and the media becomes an ally in publishing those lies, fed to them directly by the SJWs involved.

8. Victory Parade. “[SJWs] repeatedly display the corpse in a ritual manner, to demoralize anyone else who might otherwise be inclined to challenge their Narrative.” If the target has a Wikipedia page, it will be promptly updated with their latest thoughtcrimes.

The easiest way to stop this attack cycle is to gather support from allies and not apologize. The apology plays into their hands and makes the situation worse, which is why Vox implores his readers to never apologize to SJWs.

Look at Hunt. Look at Eich. Look at everyone in your personal experience who has come under attack by SJWs. Did apologizing do them any good at all? Did apologizing reduce the intensity of the attacks on them, or did the SJWs keep attacking? An apology is not going to relieve the pressure on you, it is only going to increase it.

Moderates are not your friends

How can you identify a moderate? He is the man who only shoots at his own side and never at the enemy. Moderates merit friendly civility, but no respect. They are often useful, if irritating allies, but do not permit them any input into strategy and tactics or decision-making.


I am an evangelical Christian with hermitic inclinations. We may not agree on many things, but I’d rather have Roosh, an experience-hardened veteran of many a public relations battle, at my back than a company of evangelical Christians who will burst into tears and flee as soon as the first barrage of “racist sexist homophobia” begins to land.

Their biggest weakness is their mental illness(es)

You should be aware that you have a very important strategic advantage vis-a-vis the SJWs with regards to morale. A large percentage of SJWs are prone to various forms of mental illness; being competitive with regards to their victimhood, it is not at all uncommon for them to openly brag about being on various antidepressants and other psychiatric medications… Because so many of them are miserable and depressed, the strategy of repeatedly hammering SJW morale with dark messages of inevitable failure, doom, and defeat tends to be considerably more effective than it is when aimed at normal, happy, self-confident individuals.

You can’t win if you don’t fight

SJWs are winning the cultural war because no one has been fighting them. No one has been resisting them. But now you know why you need to resist them. Now you know why you need to defeat them. And, most importantly, now you know how to do it.


The strength of SJW’s Always Lie is that people who have never heard of an SJW will immediately be able to understand and recognize them after reading the book, which is free of jargon or insider terminology. It gets you quickly up to speed on their traits and behaviors so you’re not blindsided by an SJW who may seem subtle to the layman, but blindingly obvious to someone like myself. Vox includes word-for-word examples of SJW offensive tactics along with how you should respond.

The biggest flaw of the book is that the examples could be uneven, where some were far more interesting or helpful than the others. I also didn’t get too much use out of his explanation comparing dialectic and rhetoric, since it was more based on theory than practicality. Besides that, the book was a fast read and accomplished the task it set out to do of informing readers about the dangers of SJW’s while giving actionable advice to fight them. I predict this book will save hundreds of jobs for those who are attacked. My only regret while reading it is that I didn’t write it first.

Already with a popular follow-up, Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America, Vox is cementing his position as an influential thought leader whose historical and strategic knowledge is being put to devastating use in the culture war. With men like him on our team, victory is just about certain.

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99 thoughts on “The Most Important Book Of 2015: SJWs Always Lie”

  1. One good thing about them is that they are cowards. I’m on the public teat at the moment, and something very absurd I noticed is that the worse I behave the more helpful and compliant they are. Consider this a PSA for people in similar circumstances.
    At first I played by the rules, did what I was told to the best of my abilities and generally kept quiet. When I got sick from working in freezing weather for four hours a day, they kicked me out of the system.
    Today, a while later, I act like a thug around them, both the state stooges and where they send me to work for free. At work I have stopped taking shit from anyone, bosses included, and things are much simpler. Instead of being treated, essentially, like a slave they are entitled to, I do as much work as I can stomach and only work as hard as I feel like. They can’t fire me and they can’t reasonably complain that I don’t do enough work for free.
    Last time I went to an interview with my “handler” (the toughest of the local lot, several others have given up trying to deal with me) I drank a bottle of wine before going. He gave me three months vacation instead of the usual 5 weeks.
    I believe the reason it works like this is that the only thing keeping the welfare class from becoming criminals is the state sponsored handouts. Used to be it was a way to help the unfortunate, but it has over time morphed into a crime prevention mechanic.

    1. Cowards is right.
      Notice what happened in Cologne, Germany recently? All that groping?
      Where is Slutwalk?
      They will march when they know it’s going to be castrated white cucks and betas on the sidelines, and march over some bullshit like manspreading.
      But here is a situation of brown men that were not raised to be simps, alpha cocks, they will rape – even said so in their doctrine. They won’t put up with that shit.
      And the feminists as nowhere to be seen.
      The entire SJW thing is bullshit.
      We should move beyond protecting ourselves from them, to an offensive. Trigger them into a frothing rage and then tell them to go kill themselves, that they are horrible people and nobody wants them.

      1. This goes back to the article about a year ago about the thugs raping the porn star. It’s quite obvious that women almost never attack alpha, masculine men. In some way they must respect a man for taking what he wants. Similar to how we never hear about women cuckolding abusive men. A guy can beat her ass, call her names, and treat her like a slave and get her loyalty while a guy that loves her to death gets gangbangs in his marital bed while he’s at work.
        Feminism is really exposing the true nature of women. Masculinity is everything to them.

        1. A friend of mine’s uncle once said:
          Women are like junkyard dogs.
          If you feed them and give them a warm place to sleep they run off…
          But, if you keep them chained up and beat them every once in awhile, they’ll never leave your side.

      2. But here is a situation of brown men that were not raised to be
        simps, alpha cocks, they will rape – even said so in their doctrine.
        They won’t put up with that shit.

        And the feminists as nowhere to be seen.
        That’s because I think they like it in some weird way.

      3. I also think there is some value in frequent “triggering”.. The Charlie Hebdo comics were obviously a trigger and they have not stopped publishing the stuff. There has even been an trigger-oriented exhibition of similar artwork in the US where someone also got shot but not the cartoonist thankfully.. Then, moving from the topic of muslims to feminists and SJWs, they can also be triggered, and in a book I’ve been reading, he advocates “triggering” a certain personality type and talks about a few examples of how certain feminists had to go lie down in their beds to recover from the effects of reading certain triggering comments on their blogs! It sort of disempowers them when they are made to froth in public or with witnesses, and the if this is done frequently will lead to their downfall.

  2. They are completely devoid of all logic, reason, facts, history and Truth. Argue with them using the above, and you will surely lose and it’s a waste of your precious time.
    In the past, they always existed in the fringes of society in secret. With technological advances (using the anonymity of the internet combined with social networking), unfortunately, they’ve been able to congregate and are now the new useful idiots of the elites.
    One strategy I’ve found effective is when you realize you’re arguing with one, you can counter them by coming up with an even more ridiculous version of “equality” than theirs, and then when you catch them by surprise and they resist, accuse them of “inequality”. Nothing will anger them more.
    For example, if they support co-ed sports, ask them “Do you support co-ed public bathrooms as well?” or something else along those lines. They will almost always say no, then “Well, why not?” and laugh as you watch them mentally break down and they realize they’re full of shit. This always works with feminists.
    Almost all have an arbitrary line that they won’t want to cross; you just have to find it, cross it and needle them. Their safety lies in their numbers and one-on-one, they’re nothing but cowards.
    Other option is simply just walk away with a smile. Never leave them letting them feel that they won.

    1. Good stuff. For feminists, I like to take “equality” to the logic end-point as it pertains to sex. My case is that we must have “equality” in the sexual marketplace. An ugly or mentally retarded individual qualifies as someone with an innate condition just like homosexuals claim they do. So, if its nothing they can do about it and since we can no longer judge homosexuals for who they are neither can we judge ugly or mentally retarded people too. But there remains a problem since there is systemic discrimination against these individuals that, like everyone else (ref homosexual marriage argument) deserve love. Furthermore, judging people by their attractiveness is exclusionary, hurts feelings and is hierarchical, therefore, girls must have sex with very ugly and retarded people. Otherwise they’re hateful bigots. A little long winded, but, frankly this is were “equality” especially for the sex obsessed left leads too.

    2. Agree and amplify. My massage therapist knows I’m a Trump supporter. So while she is working on me I joke about how Republicans are the dark side or that she shouldn’t try any funny business because I might be a gun toting NRA member. We have a good laugh, and I think t turns her on.

    3. I choose not to argue with them because arguing with them is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are she is going to crap on the board and strut around like she won.

    4. My debating team at university used that strategy on occasion. The other guys lay out some left-leaning or right-leaning plan that is rather reasonable and hard to attack from the opposite side without looking stupid or uncaring. So you outflank them by attacking them from their own side on the grounds that it doesn’t go far enough. Debaters will rarely propose a plan that they disagree with on a fundamental, ideological level so they find it very hard to argue against what they actually believe (good debaters understand all the arguments on both sides, so the good ones can still win against this strategy).
      SJWs can be tackled the same if you can keep a straight face and convince them that you are actually on their side (just more so). Satirizing them by taking their arguments to their illogical conclusion just makes them implode, call you names, declare victory, and then fuck off.

    5. >They are completely devoid of all logic, reason, facts, history and Truth. Argue with them using the above, and you will surely lose and it’s a waste of your precious time.
      Argue against them with sourced logical facts and they will find some way try and twist it to say the sources were biased. Of course, their ways to do this is to just insist it is so, then tell you it is not their job to search for the sources proving they are biased.
      >For example, if they support co-ed sports, ask them “Do you support co-ed public bathrooms as well?” or something else along those lines. They will almost always say no, then “Well, why not?” and laugh as you watch them mentally break down and they realize they’re full of shit. This always works with feminists.
      Another way to do it is when they start saying something bad about something, just say you’re trans-that. So like if they start saying stuff like “blahblahblah men are evil” you tell them you’re trans(opposite of your gender) and either that they are oppressing your gender identity or oppressing you for your biological sex. If they start saying stuff like “blahblahblah (race you are not) is so oppressed by (race you are)” then you tell them they’re oppressing you because you’re trans(race you are not).

    1. Political correctness is a socially acceptable form of lying.
      It’s also thought control.

      1. If you extrapolate communism’s economic theory to society at large you get political correctness which has at its core the lie of equality. You can do this with laissez faire economics too and end up with a core belief of most conservatives(hard work + luck = sucess).

      2. The thought control part really is scary.
        I still do self-censorship in my everyday conversations without really being aware of it.

      3. lol you are right actually, i always thought it was useless but never thought of it like that

    2. SJW current creed:
      -Islam is a religion of Peace
      -Freedom is racist and sexist
      -Invasion is love
      -Wealth redistribution is not a rob
      -Science and Truth have well defined limits, they only serve to mock Christians, all aside from that is racist and sexist

      1. They use science to advance their agenda. If you disagree with their agenda then you are anti-science. Any science that works against their agenda is sexist, racist, etc.
        Their idea of freedom is that you are free to do anything they agree with; if it is something they endorse then it should be free as in someone else should pay for it.

    3. Equality is idiotic. If that were true, we wouldn’t even have variations in our DNA.

      1. hahaha. Actually, variation in DNA is what helps us not die from disease, to simplify, my dear microbiosciency friend. This is a different thing from equality, which is something that even monkeys are interested in because it saves them from starving to death from inequality – just google that simple little video that scientist did with the monkeys and the unfair rewarding with the fruit. Every monkey wants equal work for equal pay. Every monkey wants fairness. You could say it’s hardwired into the DNA.

        1. So you subscribe to the Chemical Society Journal (Journal of the American Chemical Society). Cool.
          Sometimes, good science is recorded. Sometimes, those recordings make it onto unlikely platforms, such as youtube.
          Tell me what the capuchin monkey experiment teaches us about fairness (you can google capuchin monkey, grape, cucumber, if it doesn’t come up).

  3. SJW’s resent being laughed at and ridiculed, so that’s all they get from me. They usually give up once they learn you don’t take them seriously.

    1. Their whole philosophy is this:
      “HAHAHA LOOK AT THIS NUMBNUTS HAHAHAHA HE LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT HAHAHAHA! …why are you making fun of me? I didn’t do anything to you! Help! Help! He’s oppressing me! He’s abusing me! It’s rape! It’s rape! …HAHAHAHA LOOK AT THAT NUMBNUTS HAHAHAHA HE’S IN JAIL FOR OPPRESSING ME HAHAHAHA”

  4. While the book is on my to-read list… can we please put a moratorium on ZQ’s face being posted without a warning? She’s so awful to look at I feel like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark…

  5. Manosphere universe: Vox states that “he doesn’t agree with Roosh on many things” = Roosh gives Vox’s book and ideas a fair review and highly recommends the book.
    Meanwhile, in a fictional sjw universe, Vox states that “he doesn’t agree with Roosh on many things”. = Roosh excommunicates Vox from his Tmblr/Twttr/Fbk chair.
    That, gentlemen, is the difference between us and them.

    1. Its funny to learn that the conservative patriarchs are more tolerant than the liberals. The liberals exist on the money and tolerance that conservatives give them. Archie, despite his verbiage, tolerated, fed, and hosted Meathead all along.

    2. The few SJWs I encountered alienated their parents, friends, coworkers, and significant others.
      One even brought up how his friends, boss, parents, and girlfriend ex-communicated him because they couldn’t “accept him for who he was.”
      Yeah buddy they were just too intolerant.

      1. Interesting that counter culture ‘hippies’ were also disowned by their tradcon families of the day. Every once in a while, you’d encounter a counter culture person whose parents or family were oddly cool with what the youth were doing and supported them. Those families/tribes were in the know and were likely backers of the movement. Colleges are hotbeds where naive youth that have never gotten a taste of propaganda and indoctrination are molded moreso by the sjw crowd than by the curriculum. Many college youth go in admitting that they don’t know exactly what direction they want to go with their education. They’re just seeking experiences.
        ‘TRIBES’ are needed on every college and university campus today. They would be right in the middle of sjw ground zero.

      2. My son’s mother actually put a restraint order on her mom because she was trying to put some sense into her. Cut off all ties with her family because they weren’t toeing the line. Except some aunt that she fleeces over time (litteraly, were talking over 25k here).
        Has a rotation of acquaintances that fade into oblivion once they outlive their usefulness and cross her with a remark.
        Yeah, that’s what a SJW conception of human relations looks like. EVERYONE is a class enemy when they don’t comply.

    3. Your analogy quickly illustrates how juvenile their approach to resistance is, i.e. throw a hissy fit until you get your way. Meanwhile, a thinking individual considers points which carry merit, appreciates them, and keeps rocking after adding them to his tool chest.
      Just like the recent article on wisdom from the Islamic world, members here could appreciate the areas where there was indeed wisdom to gain from.
      Side note: Isn’t it sad these days, we must debate with SJWs on such a scale-you see their thinking/agrument thought process is that of a toddler. Must have been nice in the old days, when people approached the table from both sides with adult opinions to start the argument from. Now it is just label anyone who disagrees with you as an ignorant, rapist Nazi.

    4. In IRL SJW universe, Vox’s statement that he doesn’t agree with many points in the book leads to all SJWs thinking that he gave the book a review score higher than 0 and a recommendation so no one would fire him.

  6. I was watching RAMZPAUL do an interview with a Buzzfeed “reporter” and it was very interesting. Apparently, these SJWs literally believe that anyone who disagrees with them are actually racist, sexist, and homophobic. It isn’t just an insult that they fling around, it is a literal truth for them.
    Perhaps the only truth that they hold on to.

      1. It means you dont want your daughter to be raped by dindus and that you dont want to wife up whores with an expired freshness date and that you dont want your son to be around degenerate faggots, in other words you want to be around decent straight white folks like yourself. fucking bigot…

      2. I’m also “racist” in the way they are defining it nowadays. It’s a healthy way to be.

    1. They also believe that everyone is equal in every way. Men, women, black, white, Asian, autistic, rich, poor, etc. No one deserves more than anyone else because we are all equal and the same. To regular people, morality, work ethic, genetics, and character separate people but not SJWs.

      1. Nah, they may say they believe everyone is equal but, like typical SJWs, theyre lying through their teeth. SJWs are first in the white flight when Leroy & Shaquila arrive in the neighbourhood.

        1. And when they get to their new white neighborhoods the first words out of their mouths will be something like “This area needs more diversity”.

  7. Taking these attention seeking juvenile imbeciles seriously is an error in judgement I fear. They’re overgrown teenagers with obvious arrested development issues on multiple fronts. Even writing yet more articles here about these cultural and social delinquents encourages them to revolt against Daddy even more.
    One day, I’m sure we’ll all make up over a Starbucks and soft toffee fudge…

    1. the way they will revolt is just to get fatter and fatter and yet fatter. so let them revolt ad infinitum, it will be their ultimate undoing.

  8. I don’t normally buy books, but when I do.
    This book is indeed important. The SJWs “have no clothes” (thankfully, they physically wear clothes). Just about every victory they had was through intimidation.
    This book should be on every end table.

    1. Not really. If anything, you just invented a phrase that describes a woman’s neediness perfectly.

  9. I also didn’t get too much use out of his explanation comparing dialectic and rhetoric, since it was more based on theory than practicality.
    I read it basically as “you can’t argue or reason with an SJW any more than you can with a woman, so game them instead with ad hominem attacks and snark.”

  10. I would like to point out that this book has made its debut at a very crucial time; a month away from the ROK national meetup. It would behoove all of those who plan on attending– especially potential tribe leaders— to grab a copy & study these tactics to aid in defense against the very likely possibility of sjw interference. I will be reserving my copy shortly.

  11. Political correctness is the ultimate decentralization of censorship: there is no identifiable censor to concentrate attacks on while everybody becomes a censor without realizing it.

  12. I have an old college pal who has become a car-carrying SJW. Over the years, his drug addiction sunk him deeper and deeper into ineptitude. This led to a ADHD prescription in his mid thirties.
    Fat forward a few years, and he impregnated a 40 year gal. Now she works two jobs while he stays at home and posts SJW talking points to social media all day.
    The point is that many SJW’s are financially wed to their position, because they are leeching off somebody else. Reversing their stance to one of self determination will put an end to the free lunch.

    1. You have a way with words man. “Car-carrying SJW;” “Fat forward a few years…” I’m dying over here. They were probably typos, but still, I find the imagery to be both humorous and powerful. The former conjures the image of some she-beast who storms around town with a mid-sized sedan lofted overhead so that she can drop it on any bystanders swerving into her path. The latter, well, you get the picture.

      1. Lol. She would like to ship him out. Unfortunately, the man of her dreams (a single, billionaire pilot that looks like George Clooney) is nowhere to be seen.

  13. i had just finished reading this yesterday and i have to agree. this needs to be goddamned recommended reading if you are a man and are in any kind of corporate workplace.
    and for any small business owners, remember to rout any and all sjws and remove them from your establishments.
    i cannot stress enough how important this book is, in dealing with shit. you need it in your back pocket.

  14. Never waste your time arguing with or debating SJWs. its a total waste of time and energy. They have pinned their colours to the mast, and we all know that mast is made of bullsh– and lies. Do not validate them by debating them. All they deserve is ridicule, abuse and swift dismissal from your face.
    I cringe when I read or hear of guys debating SJWs. the most pointless activity on the planet. remember..ridicule, abuse, dismiss. job done.

    1. Never argue with an IDIOT SJW, because they will bring you with their arguments to their moronic level….Just turn your back & walk away…………..

    2. Amen. Just like when someone talks shit about CA, don’t bother arguing with idiots…you’ll just be sinking to rolling in the mud with pigs.

  15. “Galileo’s Middle Finger – Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science” by Alice Dreger is another great book on this topic.

  16. In my group, I have dealt with this. Also, trying to reason with them is useless. Bringing up web pages or factual information often backfires up front because they cut you off, and demand YOU tell them YOUR opinion! Not because they are going to listen. Nope. Because as soon as you open your mouth, they are going to lambaste you with every emotional tampon argument in the feminist arsenal.
    It amazes me everytime, how even those with PHDs (hehehehe, PHDs in porn), repeatedly cut you off and refuse to even let you speak. Whether they realize it or not, they are terrified of actually debating outside of a scripted environment which they control.
    I suspect they all outright, or at least sub-consciously know, that they have no argument. They can never point to a real source of proof for any of their myths because their point of view is all based on feminist mythology. Hades is obviously the rape god. Women are represented by the divine goddess. All feminists are bull shit.
    They can’t argue from a source of strength they do not possess.

    1. They don’t read outside of mainstream media, dig into the argument and ask them the why of things or any history & you’ll see they didn’t get that far into the topic.
      Like the Syria refugee crisis. None can grasp that Syria is a proxy war between super powers, where one has a sea port in the country and the other is trying to destabilize the regime due to their alliance with Iran. Beyond that, that yes, power is always a dirty & necessary game often fought in the shadows, that we all play. Next time you argue with one, just ask them why Russia is in Syria. You’ll notice the same look on their face as a 3 year old who just shit their pants. They won’t think this far into the game or be able to actually handle a foreign neighbor, they just want to tell everyone how evil they are.

        1. Just dig a little deeper into the background of the subject, they won’t have bothered to read into it and will be asking you for the background/lead up to events. Then realize you were just debating with someone who was going off pure emotion.

        2. So better to just walk away and don’t get into the argument because if you did you’ll just be wasting your time and you couldn’t even win it.

  17. Best line of the article is a summation of the options a free-thinker has when dealing with sjws in the workplace: submit to their perversion, or gird yourself for battle.
    The battle part is easier than one thinks because it is from a noble cause – one of trying to keep the ship (society) balanced and strong. Regarding projection, sjws are weak and cowardly which is why their attacks have an initial shock and you are able to learn from them. It isn’t enjoyable, but for those with a backbone, you find out you had a strength you never really knew you had.

  18. I think most of the sjw infantry were ‘made chumps’ for the movement. Some were lost sheep who were made into converts by being surrounded by thought policing rabble or by residing in thought policed enclaves where the sjw high priests are groomed. A large chunk of the sjw zombie brigade come from homes with either absent fathers and loud mouthed dominant mothers or simply familytribes with a generational succession of leading females (matriarchal/jewish intact families or broken families). The sjw’s who come from broken families likely grow up with their sustinence being drawn from feasting on the bones of a divorce raped father and a witch matriarch who curses the children’s father with every other comment (also a recipe for grooming the perfect white knight). Nothing good comes from the vagabond liberated female mind. The only good that can come from a female is when she’s well kept. The company of a loyal dog is greater than the company of a woman who doesn’t put out. And by putting out, I mean of course the physical and emotional womanly gifts we all know. The garden of love and sweet tittie milk for baby and the needed dickservice and the food served and the refreshing back rubs for daddy.

    1. one subset of the SJW enemy is the ‘antifa’ in Germany. You see them at every conservative protest here dressed in black with piercings etc breaking stuff and starting fights. Have not interacted with them much but pass them in the streets.. wonder if they’re much the same as the american variant..

      1. We got Black Block in canada. Pretty much fits the description. Wearing black, breaking public and private property at every protest “for great justice”.

        1. What is it with the black… I don’t think the ones in Germany are as much into victimhood as the SJW they always talk about on ROK, but I think it’s a more French-style hatred anything that’s not working class and general angry wish to mess up the system

  19. I’m thinking that the only way to cure an SJW of his or her insanity is to take a good hard smash to the face with a shovel. The impact will be an instant cure of their delusions.

    1. They live in a world where if they assault you, it wasn’t really assault but if you use legitimate force to defend yourself then it is assault.

  20. Read it last year.
    His 3 rules are brilliant:
    1) SJWs always lie
    2) SJWs always double down (when challenged, they redouble)
    3) SJWs always project (they themselves are guilty of what they accuse you)
    He compares SJW tactics to communist show trials where the “apology” is just used as an admission of guilt to complete the destruction of the target. The SJW will lie and promise salvation in order to get the apology, then use it to destroy you.
    SJWs always lie. It’s really true.

  21. Vox Day is an excellent writer – been a fan ever since I read The Return of the Great Depression, which I think will turn out to be ahead of its time in terms of where the economy is headed.

  22. One of the great ironies about the “social-justice warrior” is that his behavior fits into a “master/slave” paradigm. He appears incapable of dealing with others as free moral agents. Thus, he can be thrown simply by assuming the master role: going immediately on the attack and treating him with contempt and condemnation: attitudes he thinks are reserved to him.
    This is the opposite of argument, but then, there’s no profit of any sort in arguing with an SJW. Their positions are essentially articles of faith, and no one can argue anyone else out of an article of faith.

  23. “4. Reject and Transform. An apology is elicited from the target, which only makes matters worse. “[The apology] is promptly rejected because it is not the action, but the actor, that is the real target.”
    This is absolutely where the SJW strategy corrupts. Their endgame is not justice but blind revenge.
    We must be even more brutal in counter attacking them.

    1. Yes, these are very pathetic, weak men who are entangled in SJW behavior, along with women who appear to have never been put in their place.
      Almost never fails that they become scared and back down when facing those who not only don’t retreat, but are ready to go to war when dealing with a real confrontation. Much like real life.

  24. Here is the practicality of the dialectical versus rhetorical approach. When confronting an SJW, never try to use logic, facts or any other reasoned argument (i.e., dialectic). SJWs do not understand this because their narrative is emotionally based. So, do not waste your time (e.g., casting pearls before swine). Instead, just emote back at them and use their projections against them. If they are claiming you are a racist, then accuse them of being a racist by twisting their logic and using their arguments against them. For instance, in the Voter ID argument, do not bother arguing about the sanctity of the voter booth or the need to safeguard elections (SJWs do not care about these issues). Just accuse the SJW of being a racist and a bigot because they think minorities (i.e., blacks) are too stupid to secure an ID. Just keep repeating that and the SJW will slink away.

  25. Thanks for the book summary, Roosh. I ran across it on Amazon but haven’t read it.
    The apology aspect of this has been seen multiple times throughtout the years, and very few on the receiving end of social justice hate seem to learn by examples: apologies do not remedy the situation, and are never enough!
    These vicious, dysfunctional people (SJWs and othes with a self-righteous false sense of “morality”) are out to damage you, your livelyhood, and humiliate you regardless of the consequences to your life and family.
    Similar things happened to radio personalities and “shock jocks” throughout the years and I remember it starting somewhere near when the Greaseman got the axe and apologized, which is always when you’re on your way out. Numerous others like Opie & Anthony, Dr. Laura, and many more have been affected.
    Apologizing in this scenario is an admission of weakness and a sign of submission. It will not save you against those who are hellbent on vengeance and destroying.
    I’ve noticed that the most confident, masculine men (or most confident, high SMV women) are some of the best at dealing with nonsense and don’t apologize. They hold their frame and deal with it, and it seems to blow over eventually.

    1. The most recent solid performance in this category is James Deen’s dealing with the rape allegations against him. He was interviewed in writing by another female pornstar about his response to Stoya’s (and others) allegations, and it’s a masterclass in frame and dealing with this sort of allegation. Far as I can see the allegations have blown away like a fart in the wind.

  26. Also, always follow the rule, “Don’t argue with bitches.”
    Do not waste your time arguing with weak men or women; of course which SJWs consist of both.

  27. As the book notes:
    “An apology is not going to relieve the pressure on you, it is only going to increase it.”
    The reason it increases the pressure, is that an apology is demanded by SJW’s because an apology is a confession, an admission of wrongdoing.
    They then use the fact that the target has not only admitted the action they are accused of, but also that the target has admitted the action was wrong.
    Hence the inevitable guilty verdict from the show trial, and the heightened screams for the “criminal” to be publicly burned at the stake.

  28. It doesn’t even sound like this book touches the subject of SJWs that do stuff like switching doctors when their first doctor tried to prescribe weight loss, or the overuse of “TRIGGER WARNING TRIGGER WARNING” and the whole thing where some SJWs claim things like “oh a man glanced at me on the subway, so triggered” or “I got God of War 3 thinking it was all inclusive but it triggered me because I had to play as a man!”

  29. Actually, Yahoo and Oracle have “work at work” policies. Cisco has “work from home” because it’s cheaper than giving you a desk at the office. Google has the simplest policy – “work anywhere”, because you are going to be working all the time.

  30. I think I can feel an article coming on regarding the difference between dialectic and rhetoric. Dialectic is about facts and logic while rhetoric is about feelngs and emotions. One looks to people in STEM for facts and logic (dialectic). Conversely one looks to politicians and church ministers/priests for feelings and emotions. (rhetoric).
    It is said that one speaks to the mind while the other speaks to the heart. The problem is that for those who live by feelings facts and logic do not win which is probably part of the reason that schools are ruled by feminists these days. They’re busy trying to make boys think like women. This will fail because they’re working on the assumption that gender is a social construct.
    As a Christian I often prefer conversing with atheists rather than Christians because they show themselves to care a lot more about truth than the Social Justice Fascists of my church.

  31. One of the takeaways that I took from the book dealt with the question of how to keep Social Justice Fascists (SJF) from infiltrating your company or organisation. He said that you need to have some unpleasant task (especially to SJF’s) that needs to be done periodically as part of the condition of joining or continuing to remain part of the organisation.
    Since the church I’m part of removed all the unpleasant duties it has become swamped with SJFs.
    I think that Milo had the right idea when he said that University admin should respond to students requests for “save spaces” by expelling them.

  32. There seem to be plenty of people here and elsewhere who have it right….when do we see them as effective actors in real life, changing things toward the right direction?

  33. I finished it recently and is really interesting. The SJW culture, to say so, is the result of decades of political correctness in the media and the politics. I mean, they are PC on steroids, crazy as hell. And Vox just nailed it in the book adn teaches us how to deal with them. Another front in the cultural wars, so I encourage you to read.

  34. Their defeat will come decisively when we pass the Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act that ends same sex marriage in every state and rules out male pregnancy and female impregnation.

  35. Sooo… if these people are social justice warriors, what in general does that make you followers? Antisocial warriors? Social injustice warriors?
    Just curious.

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