The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation

Not long ago I proposed that decreasing birth rates in the Western world is happening due to some cosmic force that is seeking balance upon the universe. I missed the mark. The force is not something cosmic or metaphysical, but human. After studying the evidence, it’s clear that there is a conscious scheme to control the human population through both cultural and biological means, which allows the elite to sustain or elevate their power and wealth.

The first piece of evidence showing you have been primed to favor depopulation is that you most likely agree to at least two of the following three statements, even if you consider yourself “red pill”:

  • “Agendas or schemes by the global elite should be first considered a ‘conspiracy theory.’”
  • “There are too many people on planet Earth.”
  • “Needs of the environment must come before plans to increase human fertility.”

It’s not a coincidence that you are already on board with depopulation agenda, and if you live in a Westernized nation, you came to that conclusion “naturally” because since you were in grade school, you have been bombarded with messages about the dangers of over-population and the fragility of the environment. It turns out that all the progressive ideas being spread in the West have one thing in common: they all limit human reproduction.

Here is a short list of progressive causes that have percolated from intellectuals and later sponsored or hijacked by billionaire activists and major government institutions of the West.

1. Abortion is a bodily “choice,” not human murder. Result: it decreases population.

2. Birth control is a “choice” that allows women to better practice consumer lifestyles. Result: it decreases population.

3. Female empowerment in the form of feminism and egalitarianism pushes women into corporate work with the goal of delaying motherhood (or eliminating it outright). Result: it decreases reproduction and family formation.

4. Promotion of sterile human relationships in the form of homosexuality and transsexuality can’t possibly result in the creation of life. Result: it decreases population, reproduction, and traditional family formation.

5. Promotion of atheism, nihilism, individualism, and consumerism as suitable alternatives to traditional living via nuclear family units. Result: it decreases reproduction and traditional family formation.

6. The needs of the “environment” must be served before that of living humans. Result: it makes human guilty of family formation.

7. Massive waves of foreign immigrants are encouraged entry into Western nations to break bonds between tribe and neighbor that decrease notions of nationalism and patriotism while transferring fertility and economic resources from native people to foreigers. Result: it decreases relative population of native citizens.

All of the above decreases the reproductive rate, either directly through the killing of life, or indirectly by promoting guilt and alternative lifestyles that are incompatible with the creation of life. At the same time, immigrant populations are allowed to grow at a faster rate that the natives’ ability to reproduce.

Those who rule over us don’t need more Americans or European-derived people to cement their power and wealth within nations they control through government institutions and transnational organizations and corporations. How would it benefit them if a baby boom takes place among those from American conservative states that believe in the first and second amendments? If you were king of the land, and you regularly met with those who helped you rule, would you really want the type of people who are most likely to overthrow you to reproduce up to their biological maximum, or would you want to hurt their reproductive potential while pushing every degenerate cause under the sun in an effort to limit their numbers?

I wrote Cultural Collapse Theory a year ago, where I detail the specific mechanism that progressivism destroys a host culture, but I could easily re-title it to Population Collapse Theory without having to make many changes to the text. I must admit that I feel a bit foolish for taking so long to realize the agenda all along is depopulation, especially when the elite have openly shared and discussed their plans. All you need to do when watching their interviews is to replace the buzzwords “population control” and “sustainable development” for “depopulation of Western natives.” This is often done under the guise of curing third-world poverty or making the Earth “more livable” for Western children that will never be born.

Here are a few public statements that show how depopulation agenda is important to those who dictate government and corporate policy:

Prince Charles commenting on population control:

I could have chosen Mumbai, Cairo or Mexico City; wherever you look, the world’s population is increasing fast. It goes up by the equivalent of the entire population of the United Kingdom every year. Which means that this poor planet of ours, which already struggles to sustain 6.8 billion people, will somehow have to support over 9 billion people within 50 years.

John P. Holdren, Barack Obama’s top science advisor:

A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men. The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control.

David Rockefeller, gloablist who refuses to die:


Ted Turner, founder of CNN and one of the largest landowners in the United States:

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, which successfully used abortion to decimate the black population in the United States:

The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.

Thomas Ferguson, former official of U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs:

There is a single theme behind all our work—we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it….

Bill Gates talked about using one of his foundations to play god in Africa and limit the population using biological means. It’s quite interesting to see a dorky looking geek so interested in population control, but then again his father served as head of Planned Parenthood.

Gates’ friend, Warren Buffet, is also on board with depopulation. He gave $3 billion to his wife’s Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. Take a guess as to where that foundation donates most of its money? Planned Parenthood.

The tax records also show that most of the foundation’s spending goes to abortion and contraception advocacy and research. According to Access Philanthropy, a research institute that focuses on the giving preferences of foundations and corporate donors, family planning is one of the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation’s main purposes. The foundation’s nonprofit 990 tax form shows that in 2008, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in the U.S. received about $45 million; the international arm of the organization got about $8 million. There is no line item for the Ryan program [pro-abortion organization] or the Family Planning Fellowship [pro-abortion organization]. But the foundation paid out around $50 million to universities with one or both of the programs.

By now you should note that the more sinister the individual, the more they are portrayed by the media as harmless, awkwardly geeky, and folksy (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, the Google founders, and the CEO of Starbucks).

There’s the 1974 document titled National Security Study Memorandum 200 (full PDF text), commissioned by Henry Kissinger, whose obsession with international order led him to the conclusion that rising population of some countries would threaten US interests, and that contraception must be promoted within them to limit their population. Kissinger, another zombie globalist who won’t die, is still instrumental in dictating policies around the world through his consulting firm Kissinger Associates.

The United Nations has an action plan called Agenda 21 that advocates for “sustainable development.” One way it does that is through worldwide promotion of feminism, which has the effect of removing women from the family home and into corporate workplaces that are under control by the same gloabalists in the UN club. As any Western nation’s population chart can tell you, feminism goes hand-in-hand with depopulation. The UN offers confirmation that feminism is a great form of birth control since they consider it essential for “sustainable development,” globalist code for reducing the birth rate.

[Human settlement improvements] should be based on technical cooperation activities, partnerships among the public, private and community sectors and participation in the decision-making process by community groups and special interest groups such as women, indigenous people, the elderly and the disabled. These approaches should form the core principles of national settlement strategies. In developing these strategies, countries will need to set priorities among the eight programme areas in this chapter in accordance with their national plans and objectives, taking fully into account their social and cultural capabilities. Furthermore, countries should make appropriate provision to monitor the impact of their strategies on marginalized and disenfranchised groups, with particular reference to the needs of women.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) is led by Christiana Figueres, the daughter of Costa Rica’s former president, ensuring her admission to the globalist club. She states in the following video that the UN should “make every effort” to decrease population from its current trajectory (start at 4:30).

The former Chief Of Bioethics to the National Institute Of Health (NIH) is Israeli Ezekiel Emanual, who is brother to former Obama advisor and Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel. In an Atlantic article, he claimed that we should all consider dropping dead at 75 because it would save the government trillions of dollars. The most anti-ethical and chaotic arguments will come under the guise of ethics and world order.

I am talking about how long I want to live and the kind and amount of health care I will consent to after 75. Americans seem to be obsessed with exercising, doing mental puzzles, consuming various juice and protein concoctions, sticking to strict diets, and popping vitamins and supplements, all in a valiant effort to cheat death and prolong life as long as possible. This has become so pervasive that it now defines a cultural type: what I call the American immortal.

I reject this aspiration. I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive. For many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop.

The quotes, videos, and articles above barely scratch the surface of what you can research yourself on Youtube and Google. While there is an unhinged element on many of the sites that talk about depopulation, I trust you can use your own judgement in separating fact from emotion.

Most corporations, whose sole motivation is profit for shareholders, have for some odd reason pathological soft spots for women and the environment. It’s no coincidence that empowerment of women into becoming corporate workers and mindless consumers shatters their reproduction while promotion of environmental concerns makes you not only guilty to have a family of your own, but inclined to give unwavering support and authority to globalist agendas that limit population in the “privileged” Western world while at the same time supporting the breeding of third-world immigrants to displace them.

Men who have come to the conclusion of depopulation arrive at it from different paths. I saw it not through politics but through sex. I saw firsthand how the government, media, and universities are deliberately trying to promote mistrust between man and woman through feminism, the myth of rape culture, and social justice ideas that allow a divide and conquer strategy to pit the sexes against each other, making every woman see a man as a potential rapist and every man see a woman as someone who could ruin his life.

The fact that men are scared to death of a false rape accusation or are fearful of being taken to the cleaners in divorce is a feature of depopulation-driven progressivism, not a bug. A wedge has been driven between men and women so that you see each other as threats to your happiness and livelihood. It is by design that you are not capable or willing of doing anything more with a woman than mutual masturbation under the influence of alcohol that will not result in family creation. Just in case you do want to make babies, a backup plan has been enacted so that reproduction will still not result: essentially all fertile young women are on birth control, encouraged to go on it after puberty. Even if she does become pregnant, the means to abort it will be so easy, especially with you convincing her to do so since coincidentally there are state and federal laws that enslave any middle class man who thinks having children could somehow serve his interests.

It’s important to understand that birth control doesn’t have to be only biological in the form of pills or abortion, but in the form of ideas and beliefs that instill fear and dread about reproducing by associating having a child with a loss of individual or consumer freedom. I wouldn’t be surprised if “men going their own way” groups are indirectly supported by the state to increase a man’s fear of reproducing with women.

In case you still have doubts that depopulation is the overreaching agenda of Western elites, I ask you to take a look at charts of fertility birth rates from World Bank data and ask yourself why isn’t there any concerted effort to reverse the declines? Why aren’t governments supporting natalist policies like in Russia that aim to seed future generations of natives to create a stronger nation that will endure the ages, instead of importing criminals and democratically challenged Mexicans or radical Islamists?


What’s amazing is that the US birth rate is below replacement rate even accounting for its fecund immigrants, showing that fertile peoples become effectively sterile once inserted into an environment that has been slated for depopulation. Currently there is not one European nation west of Russia, even when including Eastern Europe, that has a fertility rate above that of the replacement rate. By comparison, the fertility rate of Niger is 7.56, four times that of the United States, but don’t worry, Bill Gates’ humanitarian “vaccine” program will take care of that problem when the time is right through his pet project, a birth control microchip that can be turned on and off by wireless remote.

The three main cultural mechanisms of reducing native populations is to program people to be concerned for women’s rights, third world immigration, and the environment. This is why nearly everyone on the left, including SJW’s, are fanatically supportive of all three. Leftists have been soundly convinced of issues that lead to the destruction of the family unit, the breakdown of their society’s social fabric, and their own voluntary sterilization. When you combine biological efforts that include birth control and abortion, you can see how Westerners have absolutely no chance of recovering their population compared to African, Middle Eastern, and Asian populations that do not currently face both cultural and biological bombs to reduce their birth rates, but will soon enough be targeted once the Westerners are sufficiently weakened and depopulation goals are met.

You probably now understand why when Brussels accepts a new country into the European Union, the first thing they do is mandate a gay pride parade on the capital streets, and why they immediately start screeching about the need for more women’s rights. This is the cultural attack that aims to limit the reproduction of that country so that their sovereignty can be easily dismantled within only two generations, an attack that begins even before they join the EU in order to “prove” they are ready to destroy themselves for the short term gain of big loans and free trade for that nation’s local elite.

Even the form of game that I taught early in my career, of one-night stands, was compatible with the depopulation agenda since reproduction would often not result from it. This meant that I was a useful idiot for many years. I can’t help but notice that attacks against me have increased in intensity as I move away from teaching sterile sex and anti-family ideas to promoting more traditional values that are far likelier to result in reproduction.

While I would certainly agree with you that there are plenty of people currently inhabiting the Earth, I disagree that a small group of globalists at the top should be able to play Dr. Eugenicist and determine who reproduces or not without limiting their own reproduction, especially since their hypocrisy about caring for the environment is on full display as they fly around the world in their private jets to their numerous mansions. They do not want you to impregnate a fertile 19 year old and have many home-schooled and ritalin-free children with her. Instead, you’re bombarded with messages to marry an aging spinster whose womb is likely already sterile and who can’t give you more than two children, which is not nearly enough to sustain the population.

Perhaps in the 1950’s you were told that having a big family is the masculine thing to do, but it’s almost impossible these days to see images of large nuclear families represented positively in television or commercials, especially with women under 25 who are not already slaves to corporations and government propaganda.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way to defeat the evils of liberalism, feminism, social justice, and progressivism is to have huge families and create tribes that are free-thinking, self-reliant, and, most importantly, armed. The men of the future who can resist totalitarianism and unjust government authority come from the wombs of the women living today, and those women must at some point be convinced that being stay-at-home mothers who raise strong men is superior to becoming zombie consumers who poison and sterilize their own bodies.

The last thing that those in power want is for women to pair-bond with independent, masculine men who do not need the state and who place more importance and loyalty in their blood relatives and nation than to leftist ideas, iPhones, and sports teams. In the past, my fantasies were about sleeping with as many women as possible so I can be the playboy that I saw in the Hollywood movies, but now they are about creating the sons who will one day lead their people and their nation. It’s squarely up to us to create the men who can eliminate the parasites that are successfully controlling modern humanity.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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223 thoughts on “The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation”

  1. If we want to replace their cultural agenda, we have only to look to the Muslims in places like Dearborn, London, etc. What they do is simple:
    1. Establish a community of like-minded (usually genetically similar) individuals
    2. Breed like crazy
    3. Demand that the surrounding culture make concessions for their children in education (this is the part we’d have the most trouble with)
    4. As the population grows, push out the surrounding culture
    5. Repeat until whole towns or districts are for Allah
    If we were to do the same in all the places where RoK is most widely read, we could theoretically be two generations from a reborn civilization.

    1. There was a non-Muslim group that did something along the lines you describe.
      They were in Waco, TX. It did not end well.

        1. yea, that’s why Idaho has been targeted to accept Syrian ‘refugees’. same with Minnesota and Somalis.
          last week Obama unilaterally shut down the coal industry in Wyoming (another white state).

        2. Muslims are supported because they are the: “Downtrodden” sticking it to the capitalist “White Man”. So in Marxist thought of course they are supported and not opposed.

      1. God bless you for remembering those martyred in Waco Texas. Bill Clinton tapped his lesbian Attorney General, Janet Reno to destroy the out-break of Patriarchal culture and most of the children and women also perished in the flames.
        Regarding the superficial culture of fornicators, Roosh said: “I was a useful idiot for many years.”
        I’ll admit, so was I. Those who can recognize mistaken ideology and then adapt keep advancing, while those who claim they’ve always been right cannot adapt.
        The other important piece of this puzzle is the realization that Feminism is the flagship of the Jewish culture war against the white race, and incidentally against Arabs whose land, the jews covet, along with Muslims generally, whom the jews despise.
        The only Muslims whom the globalist jews approve of are those non-white Muslims invading Northern Europe. The rest of the Muslims, the jewish globalist elite have dark designs on their futures.

        1. Jews are overall hostile to Islam as well.
          The people who are called Muslim in Europe are actually quite assimilated into the overall chaos and degeneracy, basically the vast majority of Muslims in France drink, do drugs, steal, fuck, live for material possessions, and listen to rap music. Under Sharia law, they would be dead.
          Part of the reason Jews want so many Muslims in Europe is to re-educate them out of their traditional culture and family values. The Dutch citizenship test, for example, literally forces Arabs to watch videos of queers making out and doing public sex acts, and revokes their papers if they show any sign of disliking it! Basically, Jews in the West bribe Muslims (by giving them free stuff and free money courtesy of us and letting them get away with crime) in exchange for handing their kids over to their cultural and “educational” entities teaching them the “right” ideas.

        2. “The people who are called Muslim in Europe are actually quite assimilated into the overall chaos and degeneracy, basically the vast majority of Muslims in France drink, do drugs, steal, fuck, live for material possessions, and listen to rap music. Under Sharia law, they would be dead.”
          None of that matters as long they’re willingly to wage Jihad or at least support those who do. Murdering and attempting to murder infidels is the golden ticket to Islamic heaven with a personal harem of 72 virgins and doe eyed boys. The “bad” Muslims are still waging “biological Jihad” by their mere existence in an infidel nation. Either expel all Muslims or in (insert nation) the Muslims will eventually become dominant and then Sharia law follows (and all the “bad” Muslims will just fall in line).

        3. Out of the 10’s of millions of Muslims in Europe, maybe a few dozen have the logistical capabilities and intention of “waging Jihad” in Europe. Theologically, even a lot of Al Qaeda sympathizing Muslims are bound by the Qu’ran to not use violence against their host peoples due to the “covenant of security”.
          So framing the immigration debate in terms like “islamic terrorism” and Sharia law is pretty stupid. Most Muslim countries don’t even have Sharia law. The real problem isn’t the religion of the invaders, the most violent and stupid of the immigrants actually are the Eritreans (who are Christians) like the one in the Swedish Ikea, while Persian and Bosnian Muslims (the largest muslim communities in the country) in Sweden are largely pretty functional and, while they don’t belong in the country, are fairly assimilated.
          The main problem is wrong bodies entering wrong places. Arabs and Africans don’t belong in Europe, PERIOD. You don’t have to invent some stupid conservative “jihad” Jew-created conspiracy theory just so you don’t look racist. Embrace it.

    2. It wont happen since the Western “elites” are supporting Muslims in going after their self-interests, whatever those might be. A white, Christian community doing the same, will be resisted hardcore by the governmental machine. They will fight this community tooth and nail, probably there will be a forced integration under guise of tolerance, inclusiveness and other Leftist umbrella ideology.

    3. In London the opposite seems to be happening. Muslims are becoming more like the British. Smoking, drinking, shagging… but not pork. They draw the line at pork.

      1. The ultimate goal of the Jews in inviting Muslims isn’t to Islamify Europe, it’s to create cosmopolitan multicultural chaotic shitholes like NYC everywhere.

  2. I think back 12 years ago when I was a radical leftist. Demonstrating as a Quaker against the Iraq War. Listening to folks scream insults as they drove by. I still agree with my stance on the Iraq War.
    However, my own head is spinning when I think how just a few years later, I would come to hate, yes hate, the left.
    Left is like Fukushima nuclear facility. Once they produced electricity for hundreds of thousands of people. Now, it is just this thing that sits on the coastline of Japan and belches out dangerous radioactive toxins.
    That is how I see the left and modern SJW’s. They have outlived their usefulness and become poisonous to society.

      1. The world changed more than I did.
        1)Corporate crony Obamacare 2)Kangaroo rape courts 3)Demonization by academics of straight white male 3)Gay marriage (I was an early supporter of civil unions) 4)Lawsuits against Christian bakers 5)Obama supporting GMO’s 6)Understanding that left did not support small farms but atheistic scientific elite would naturally come to favor GMO’s due to a desire to replace God 7)Ron Paul movement 8)Understanding of leftist role in global conspiracy thanks to Alex Jones etc.
        In 2004 when Bush was trying to give all our social security to Wall Street and starting the war in Iraq, the left made more sense.

        1. Ron Paul is actuaLLY too libertarian for me now. And I hardly lsten to Alex JOnes any more. He’s just too loud.
          But around 2008, the Tea Party right wing made a lot of good points about problems with the left.
          I will also say a spritual element. From 2000 to 2006, I spent years reading the bible and studying eastern meditation. Finally came across Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg who, though very different, led me to have problems with the secular left.
          In the East, there was a reverence for yin yang balance. In Jewish Kaballah, mercy vs severity.
          I came to abhorr the synthetic relationships the left was promoting which violate sacred principles rooted in all traditions.
          We must balance yin-yang, masculine feminine, nature and spirit. The left is casting aside all that is sacred and ushering in a degenerate hobgoblin freak show

        2. 1), 5), 6), and 8) isn’t the left. it’s liberals. they’re bourgoeise reformists who wish to preserve capitalism. that’s not ‘the left’

    1. Great to hear that you’re no longer spiritually blind. However, I must respectfully, though strongly, disagree with you on Iraq. Now, let me stress: I have always been in favour of such wars, but *not* for the same reason as the banksters, and the likes of Cheney and other Halliburton or Carlyle Group shills.
      Imagine if Thomas Jefferson or John Adams had risen again, and either of them were president circa the year 2000. Now, Iraq would have never been invaded. So, what would Iraq have resembled today? Well, either the same psychopath named Saddam Hussein, though old and decrepit, would have still been in power slaughtering thousands regularly and *only* holding the country together through massive terror, or … or one of his psychopathic sons, either Uday or Qusay, would have been in power, and far worse than their sadistic father in terms of blood lust and sheer terror.
      At least whatever the situation in Iraq today, no one is living under the constant fear that they will be dragged into some cell in the middle of the night by the secret police, and be tortured to death. Sure, there’s lawlessness, but it’s better than systematic, massive state-sponsored terror. Overall, no more people have died as a result of the invasion than otherwise would have been killed by Saddam and his thugs. The only difference is that at least now, in the present, most people won’t have their nails pulled out or be electrocuted through their balls in some dank concrete cell at Abu Graib just randomly for the sake of it or because Qusay Hussein wills it.

      1. The only difference is that at least now, in the present, most people
        won’t have their nails pulled out or be electrocuted through their balls
        in some dank concrete cell at Abu Graib just randomly for the sake of
        it or because Qusay Hussein wills it.

        No, they just get blown to pieces regularly, machine gunned in the streets by rival groups and and if you are Christian, tortured to death and raped.

      2. One important distinction – the Iraq war was brief and relatively bloodless. The Iraq nation building campaign was a completely disaster. The media likes to call the whole thing a war but it wasn’t. The war was over in 3 days.
        The ironic thing is Bush debated Gore in 2000 against nation building (because clinton had done it) while Gore argued for it and then Bush turned around and launched the most expensive nation building campaign in the history of the world.

  3. Don’t blame atheism for population reduction. You anglo-new-world guys are so tedious with this.

    1. Show us only one country with a secular-majority and healthy birthrates and then your argument might be considered. The correlation is clear, if you don’t want to see it at least be honest about it.

      1. You cannot statistically control for atheism, especially since you ask me to “show you a country”.

        1. There are clear statistics showing what percentage of people are religious in a country.

        2. It doesn’t matter. Non-religious, atheist, agnostic, “I’m spiritual not religious”— all of them are lacking rational positive proscriptions for society and life. Sure, they talk a great game tearing down religious values and traditions, but they offer nothing that works to replace those values. And when society has no common values, it deteriorates. Not only is religion required for civic order, it cannot be discarded. The starting points for civic order rest on religious principles- concepts like free will, justice, human value, morality, obligations, and rights are all religious concepts.

      2. Sorry, but, as an atheist, I have to call bullshit on this. Atheism definitely results in fewer children. No way to sugarcoat it.

    1. I would be terrified to date if I were Roosh. Just imagine the prize for a radfem screaming rape and getting the RooshV locked away.
      Sure tribute in “We hunted the Mammouth”

  4. If anyone is not aware, Roosh just exposed himself as anti-White scum. It’s a real shame, since I thought he was a valuable ally to the alt-right. But if you’re going to play like this, Roosh, you can go fuck yourself. To any White guy reading this (probably 95% the readership of RoK), here’s the truth about your role model.

    1. How is he anti white but organized meet ups for the readers on here and gone to bat for the “manosphere” which is primarily white ?

    2. Hey dickbag: Roosh is right on this. The “right” is horribly infested with beta males and feminist women. Heck I have trolled the fuck out of so-called “conservative” and “traditional” women by putting Heartiste articles on their timelines. The feminazi just comes right out, like a demon in a horror movie transforming right before your eyes.
      That Roosh is being attacked is a sign that the globalists operatives are making a move on the alt-right.

    3. Point the finger at white women for being what they are… no one is holding a gun to their collective heads and telling them to get fucked by men outside their race, now are they?
      The problem with the alt right is their refusal to accept that white women are complete pieces of shit. I’m white, and I find white women the most attractive out of any race — they’re my kind; my people; nothing turns me on more than a sexy white woman. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re detritus, they’re not worth marrying, impregnating, and certainly not worth saving. The fact that alt right men are willing to overlook that stone-cold reality just goes to show the extent of their cuckoldry.
      If I was a loser white woman, and I was pushing 30 years old after taking a double digit—hell, fuck it, a triple digit—number of dicks coupled massive debt accrued through years of irresponsibility, it would be alt right, white worshiping dipshit dudes who I would be pursuing. They’re the ones who would enthusiastically bring the mop bucket to my fucked up mess of a life and scrub it clean. Never gonna be me, my self respect will never hit such a low.

      1. I understand the conflict – white women are largely trash and not worth saving, but they are also our future. Europeans die out without European women.
        But if we do as the MGTOWs say and wait for women to beg us to rescue them, and only then gallop in and save them – then that is text book white knight faggotry.
        What men should do, as conquerors, is go in, fix the problem, remove the undesirables in places such as Cologne, and then demand obedience from the survivors. Regardless of what women want, or whether they even want to be saved at all. Conquerors seek neither the permission nor approval of those they seek to conquer.
        It’s not a case of supplicating to women. It’s a question of honour and ownership.
        This mess will be fixed eventually, and when it does, we’ll remember to never give women the vote ever again.

      2. the problem is Christianity relentlessly pushes you to get married.
        even when you recognize how shitty and fat women get, they just triple down on the narrative that sex outside of marriage sends you to hell.
        marriage is hell. Women are a drag. outside of sex theres nothing you could really need them for

        1. Not Christianity. Churchianity. Women are called to be pure and unblemished. Modern Christians conveniently ignore that part and shame beta males for not wifing up sluts.

    4. Nice try butt pirate, now be gone to the third rate brothel where your momma is about to receive an Anal Injection Death Sentence ridden sausage.
      If there is one thing which I try to convey to this congregation is not to white knight for white women because they’re white. They won’t have your babies.

  5. As I get older , I’m 27 now , I’d like to have kids . I leave for the military soon for 5 years and imagine it will be hard to bare a child during that time which will put me at 32 . I’m fine with getting older , recently chrome domed myself because the hair was going haha . I however am not fine with the idea that these trends will keep getting worse and worse and I’ll come back to a country full of fat ,entitled , multi neon hair colored , dried up whores. I don’t care about the idea of loving a woman anymore but I do like the idea of passing on what I’ve learned and produce a human greater than me but the again if things keep going this way maybe I wouldn’t want to bring another life into this world

    1. If you can’t have children just mentor a young man. According to Evola initiation is a key component of the passing on of Tradition, more relevant than biological reproduction.

      1. I’ve mentored a fair amount of men both younger and older than me through martial arts , it sufficed for awhile but it’s not the same as you’re own genetic offspring

        1. It’s strange. I really don’t have any wish to have an offspring. Mentoring will be enough for me.

    2. My mariage survived the military, just barely, but I have to be honest. Many many marriages don’t survive the military. Especially if you’re not a POG and have to deploy. Very few women are both patriotic enough and patriarchal enough to shut their mouths and bear the burden of being alone with a few kids for a few months. Almost all of them are too eager to complain, like it’s so fucking hard to sit at home on your ass and get paychecks deposited into your account like magic, with one or may two kids. Or see some other man while you’re gone. And being in the military presents a lot of temptations to the husband to cheat, which women are not willing to abide, especially given the amount of cash and prizes they win if they divorce you.

      1. The wife also gets used to making family decisions and having the whip hand as in de facto single parenting. The husband returns to his sweetheart only to find a boss bitch in her place. Every marriage has its share of wistful disappointments as age and time poke holes in youthful dreams and optimism, but repeated deployments make it more likely that husband and wife will meet these challenges as oppositional strangers.

    3. I’ve thought his myself. I’m several years younger than you, but I would like to have kids someday. However, one has to take into account that the number of “good” women is an ever-decreasing statistic, and in all likeliness will continue to decline. Keeping this in mind, even if one were able to find a “good” woman among all the sluts around, what kind of world would you be bringing your child into? Not a very good one. Maybe it’s not a good idea to have kids anymore.

      1. Do your best to find a ‘good one’ (I agree with you they are rare….but not as rare as you think). Focus on young women. Older are mostly useless. Have a couple of kids. We need more White children.

  6. “The fact that men are scared to death of a false rape accusation or are fearful of being taken to the cleaners in divorce is a feature of depopulation-driven progressivism, not a bug.”
    We have one here who can see.
    There was a young woman I knew a few years ago who got married at around 22. I asked a relative about her recently.
    I was told that 11 months after the marriage, she decided one day that she was a lesbian.
    Pervasive. Yet I wonder why the globalists are not pushing MGTOW because it’s way easier to do that than be a PUA. I guess the system still needs chumps more than it needs PUAs.
    Ah, but think of the hordes.
    Yes the hordes.
    The hordes of men who won’t be saying “but…. I have kids!” when confronted with the prospect of raising the black flag (and slitting throats).
    Hordes of men who can spend their money on guns and tactical training because, well, they are single. Yes yes, if we can just get them to put the fucking video game controllers down and stop being fat neckbeards (though I can’t blame them).
    Hordes of men who can innovate their way out of this in such layers of randomness that the think tanks and forums of the globalists will be outflanked in ideas and agility. Imagine tens of millions of Teslas. No bureaucracy could hold them back.
    Hordes of men.

    1. Not every man is born to be a Tesla , even if you take away the internet , games , and so on there will still be losers . The only thing that will make another cock sure generation is a good vs evil / us vs them war . Which will probably never happen.

      1. Not every Man needs to be Tesla they Just need a Fear of God, and a willingness to do what’s Right.

        1. What is right depends on the god you believe in and even then almost anything can be deemed right . Right is dependent on the situation.

        2. So if right has no structure, then Maybe the Feminist society we live in today is not Bad, and is Good.

        3. In the eyes of the feminist , it is good . In our eyes it is bad . If the feminist when we will be seen as bad , if we win they will be seen as bad .the winners write history

        4. True the winners do, If Right is dependent on the Situation, then there is no right or wrong , why wait for the situation to dictate a moral decision? Why not indulge in any Fantasy?

        5. Because through our experiences , cultures , and so we develop a since or morals and what we believe is right and as rational human beings we try and up hold these morals . But what was considered moral for us and moral for the ancient Greeks may be considerably different . Morality is based on time , place , and culture .

        1. Yes but we’re here because of the disconnect social media and such has created . It’s a double edge sword .

        2. Nope, because bad decisions are subsidized if the Government stayed the same since the 1950’s this wouldn’t be a problem.
          That’s like blaming cars for accidents, initially I hated social media and never bought into it.

  7. The solution is to outbreed these old mummies. Their trick of extending life won’t work! They will die, and without their automatons to carry on their agenda of killing the rest of us, they will be beaten. This is a biological war when it comes down to it. You have several pseudo-oligarchs who have established themselves as rulers over the rest of us, and came to the conclusion that their sandcastle of power is only held back from the tide by whether or not people do their bidding. Just look at these old soulless fucks. That’s it, I said it: soulless. You really have to be a mental nut to form some kind of global agenda with other like-minded basket cases whose goal is just greasing their pockets by killing everyone on earth who would oppose them. Not for the sheer sake of ruling over people, but for the sake of always being the top financially, a fetish of control and arrogance. There is darkness behind these people, and they will kill you or me or any of our friends and families to see this agenda brought about. You have to dance with evil to beat evil, there is no turning the other cheek anymore. Let them know fear, and turn the darkness back on them, the more you believe in a cause, the more they fear you, because they know you are immune to their demoralization.
    Laudem Dei. Qui morituri te salutant!

  8. I actually think legal suicide past the age of 75 is a great idea, it’s been an idea for a long time but nobody yet has had the guts to implement it. It’s only a matter of time though as the economic burden becomes too great with a smaller replacement population to support the elderly.

      1. it matters a lot actually, especially for the elderly. most of them don’t have the courage to hang themselves, a legal peaceful pill would increase the suicide rate substantially

        1. BS–there are dozens of lethal pills if taken a few at a time and also dozens of other ways to off oneself that are painless and peaceful ( think about a hose from the tailpipe into a cracked window of your car while parked in the garage–just like falling asleep)…What you are ACTUALLY pushing for is the legalization of ASSISTED suicide. For those fence sitters, a little coaching and encouragement or have someone inject them.
          PS: Fantastic article Roosh–the elites/globalists have always believed that they OWN this planet and the great unwashed masses are just using up THEIR resources. Now that we have reached a level of robotics and comfort, they believe it is time to downsize the global labor force.

        2. Yes okay hero you are brave enough to do all of these weird suicide attempts that don’t even work half the time and certainly are not painless. You need to do some research before spouting nonsense. There are no legal lethal pills left in the western world that can effectively put you to death peacefully with 100% effectiveness, they have all been banned. Suicide is actually quite difficult without a gun, and most people are too scared to even do that.
          Regardless of what you think, I have no doubt in my mind legal assisted suicide would boost the suicide rate for the elderly dramatically. You can argue all you want about other methods but there’s no doubting that.

        3. If you don’t wanna kill yourself, for whatever reason you later rationalize, then suicide is obviously off the table. This is not difficult.

        4. If someone wants to commit suicide they should just have balls and give it a shot. I have no sympathy for someone whom hates their life and would commit suicide if they had an easy painless way to do it but are too afraid of a gun or another method. Besides, whom cares if you are even correct about all 100% effective painless suicide pills being banned. You are committing suicide and not planning to go to jail. Pay someone to get you the illegal pills you need. It would actually be easy. This is such a ridiculous idea. It’s already easy to kill yourself. Why should society make it any easier? Do you want to kill yourself? Why not just become a stunt pilot and then when you get too old to walk, take you stunt plane out one last time and nose dive it at top speed. Go out with your boots on as they say? Instead of acting like some weak pathethic apologist for suicide. And, if you learned to do something fantastic like fly a plane, you might feel alive enough to change your mind about suicide.

      2. Exactly Blidlo–kind of an inane comment by Tman. As if anyone would care about the legalities after killing oneself.
        For what its worth–75 is still a virile age–I know world travelers, men doing cross fit, entrepeneurs starting new branches to their businesses–all over 75. Many in their 90’s are sound of mind and body and enjoy their older years with family, grandkids, hobbies, golfing, swimming and relaxing in the sun.
        This forced euthanasia at age 75 reminds me of the movie Logan’s Run–everyone had to perform the death ritual at age 30, except that the elites behind the curtain were all old, sagely elitists.

        1. Yawn. Just because you think YOU can do it doesn’t mean others can. There are hordes of seniors who would probably love the option, but without it they continue living as they don’t want to do something that hurts or blow their head off. What’s so difficult here for you to understand? ‘If they really want to do it they’d do it.’ Yeah okay. But not everyone has that kind of courage, especially when you’re that old.
          As I already said, regardless of any argument you want to make, there is no doubt the suicide rate would rise with the legalisation and assistance by doctors. You’re an absolute idiot if you think otherwise. And nobody ever said forced euthanasia.

  9. Another item on the depopulation agenda, in my opinion: The great AIDS myth. Remember how it was supposed to wreak havoc on heterosexual populations? 30 years later it remains confined to risk groups. Reseachers have found its almost impossible to transmit through heterosexual intercourse. There are even more damning facts in this documentary. It’s as if the powers that be are playing a huge game of cooties with us all. Make people scared to fuck and population goes down.

    1. Indeed. The left still push this narrative hard though; just not in the same way that they originally planned.
      Now if you claim that AIDS is a behavioral disease largely confined to the homosexual demographic, they claim bigotry and homophobia. Disregard the fact that it is COMPLETELY a behavioral disease (spread only by promiscuous sex and using dirty needles) and the majority of those with AIDS are indeed homosexuals.

      1. Funny how you get labeled as a homophobe if you blame gays for spreading AIDS or paint it as a “gay” disease, but at the same time gay men still want to receive most of the sympathy, attention and medical funding resulting from the illness.

    2. The easiest way to get the Anally Injected Death Sentence is through syringes, gay sex being the second easiest way. So avoiding hard drugs, basement tattoos artists and faggotry is all you need to do

  10. Addenum: You forgot about the money.
    The corporations as a whole don’t give a fuck if they sell a ferrari or a hundred Gucci handbags, but it it is easier to find a 100 women who want Gucci handbags than one man who wants a Ferrari, you’ll want the women to have the money.
    This, of course, will have to be paid for through productive, i.e. value-generating work, which is the realm of the traditional working man, who would probably be happy with a house, a wife, and one or two nice cars, maybe a small boat somewhere. This is where your productivity ends – but there are unexplored markets, like about 1.1 billion people in Africa mainly concerned with below-subsistence farming. That is very bad for business, so why not bring them to Europe? Create jobs for the women of the working men, paid for by the government (i.e., the working men), so they have something to do beyond taking care of their household, creating the need for more appliances and even more useless jobs, also to be paid for by the working man.
    And if the working man gets the idea that he is not getting the best end out of this new deal?
    Of course: threaten him Threaten him with divorce, alimony, jail. Whatever keeps him working to peak productivity, because you need productivity to sell even more goods.
    This is not a conspicacy by the global corporate and political elite, it is what they cooperatively do.
    But this is not the problem – and neither is overpopulation. Because the system is as stupid as it is self-regulating.
    If you manage to coordinate politics and economy efficiently, you’ll basically end up with Nazi Germany 1938. Depending how lunatic your political leaders are, this willl result in a war sooner (as in the case of Nazi Germany) or continuously (see US, or Orwell’s 1984) to keep up with the means of providing you populace with incentives to stay productive.
    If you coordinate corrupt and shitty, you’ll basically end up with Noth Korea, which is not sustainable without outside help. It will collapse as soon as outside help ceases, see Sowjet Russia. Or change to be effective, see China.
    Currenty, most countries you ever heard of are in an effective-but-no-war stage, which I claim to be not sustainable either, because without expansion of ressources, you will run out of ressources. If there are no commodities to be gained, people lose incentive to be productive, and you basically end up with either Africa (people starving & wars), or a welfare state which subsidizes one’s lacking incentive to do something productive.
    Paying for other people to do nothing is not the greatest incentive to be productive, so this will slide gradually to socialism, then communism, then breakdown (see above). This is not as much fatalistic as it is historically factual. See, for example, every civilization.
    Thus, while it may be up to us to “create the men who can eliminate the parasites that are successfully controlling modern humanity”, there are two problems with this. The first is, the “parasites”

  11. The end goal is One World Government composed of privileged whites and Jews ruling over brown masses.

  12. Addenum: You forgot about the money.
    The corporations as a whole don’t give a fuck if they sell a ferrari or a hundred Gucci handbags, but it is easier to find 100 women who want Gucci handbags than one man who wants a Ferrari, you’ll want the women to have the money.
    This, of course, will have to be paid for through productive, i.e. value-generating work, which is the realm of the traditional working man, who would probably be happy with a house, a wife, and one or two nice cars, maybe a small boat somewhere. This is where your productivity ends – but there are unexplored markets, like about 1.1 billion people in Africa mainly concerned with below-subsistence farming. That is very bad for business, so why not bring them to Europe? Create jobs for the women of the working men, paid for by the government (i.e., the working men), so they have something to do beyond taking care of their household, creating the need for more appliances and even more useless jobs, also to be paid for by the working man.
    And if the working man gets the idea that he is not getting the best end out of this new deal?
    Of course: threaten him Threaten him with divorce, alimony, jail. Whatever keeps him working to peak productivity, because you need productivity to sell even more goods.
    This is not a conspiracy by the global corporate and political elite, it is what they cooperatively do.
    But this is not the problem – and neither is overpopulation. Because the system is as stupid as it is self-regulating.
    If you manage to coordinate politics and economy efficiently, you’ll basically end up with Nazi Germany 1938. Depending how lunatic your political leaders are, this will result in a war sooner (as in the case of Nazi Germany) or continuously (see US, or Orwell’s 1984) to keep up with the means of providing your populace with incentives to stay productive.
    If you coordinate corrupt and shitty, you’ll basically end up with North Korea, which is not sustainable without outside help. It will collapse as soon as outside help ceases, see Sowjet Russia. Or change to be effective, see China.
    Currently, most countries you ever heard of are in an effective-but-no-war stage, which I claim to be not sustainable either, because without expansion of ressources, you will run out of ressources. If there are no commodities to be gained, people lose incentives to be productive, and you basically end up with either Africa (people starving & wars), or a welfare state which subsidizes one’s lacking incentive to do something productive.
    Paying for other people to do nothing is not the greatest incentive to be productive, so this will slide gradually to socialism, then communism, then breakdown (see above). This is not as much fatalistic as it is historically factual. See, for example, every civilization.
    Thus, while it may be up to us to “create the men who can eliminate the parasites that are successfully controlling modern humanity”, there are two problems with this. The first is, the “parasites” in control are actually managing the society, more or less effectively. And I have not yet heard of a sustainable alternative that is viable outside a very small, coherent group, which would need to be around 6.000 people to be genetically sustainable. And 6.000 is far too large to not cause social or economic divergences.
    The second is, that while your cause is worthy, it is idealistic and unrealistic. I am very willing not to create, but to be one of the men that change the world. Things being as they are, I’d but rather not procreate, do my thing as long as circumstances allow, and then hopefully be on my boat when the world goes to shit. We can meet two years after the first nukes on São Miguel, Easter Island or Mururoa (ordered by sinking preference and rising chances of not being nuked).
    I am, though, open for viable alternatives. Outbreeding non-self-sustaining people in a welfare state while being self-sustained yourself is simply impossible, though.

    1. “The corporations as a whole don’t give a fuck”
      I just read less than 1 in 5 GM cars are made in the US anymore- they took a 50 billion dollar bailout in 2009 btw.
      The world is overpopulated however; no getting around the fact it was 1 bil or so for most of recorded history, then went to 1.5 bil in the 1820s, then 2 bil in the 1920s, now we are at 7.2 or 7.3 bil, a 5 bil spike, in less than 100 years time…

      1. That’s what Roosh doesn’t address. The population explosion is unprecedented, and its effects on the planet are likely to be devastating in many ways.
        You can shut your eyes to this reality, and complain instead about global elite propaganda to limit the size of the family, etc —
        — but any blowback from that squabble is small potatoes compared to what Mother Nature has in store for us.

  13. With the decline of women in american culture over the last two generations, I see dating women with foreign accents as desirable alternative. I don’t feel american culture has much authentic core in its values anymore. In america right now you have hillary campaigning with amy schumer and lena dunham, that pretty much is the zeitgeist. Nightmare scenario.

  14. This is really much more simple than a global conspiracy by elites. It is a collective desire by humanity. It is called Sin. And you can understand how it works by reading the manual. Your body is ruled by sin. Until you reject sin and seek God you are dead in your sins. I pray that he adopts you into his Kingdom and removes the scales from your eyes.
    “The wages of sin is death.” ~Romans 6

    1. Take your superstition to some other forum. Christian beliefs come in handy as delusions for keeping weak-minded people in line, and especially women; but that doesn’t make these beliefs literally true. Philosophers figured this out generations ago.

        1. Xistianity promotes family, tribalism, selfless loyalty to the former, resistance to evil (the forces Roosh mentioned), ‘trust but verify’ mindset, and toughness in adversity.
          Believe or don’t. It is devisive and myopic to mistake media tropes and Agitprop Churchians for Christians. ‘Philosophers’ proved? Marx, Sartre, Engels, Foucalt, et al – a panoply of NWO thinkers and deviants. Didn’t miss Nietzche, he lamented the loss of God as All Mighty Patriarch: God was not dead, but the proper reverence for Him. Therefore He may as well be. Fred saw the harm in Christ-as-pal during Prussian ascendance. The Church is a primary target of the enemy.

      1. When did society start becoming weak? When did society Start Breaking Down? It all started when people began to reject Christian Beliefs, The Strongest Empires the Planet has ever seen were dominated By Christianity, and now as Leftist try to Purge Christianity From society we get open Homosexuality, Feminism, Abortion and other Degeneracies that a Strong Christian Society wouldn’t stand for, oh and Society starts Crumbling as well. The Dead Philosophers are now Figuring out how badly they were mistaken.

        1. I don’t fit in the usual “atheist” box because I admire the patriarchal aspects of Christianity. I’d like to keep some of its beliefs because they work at making women more manageable. Roosh says as much in one of his posts about what he wants in the mother of his children.

      2. Take your Censorship elsewhere you freaking Id*ot! Go worship your idols Dawkins, et al.
        If you do not like what he is typing MOVE ON!
        I swear people like you are such wussies!

      3. Negative. I’m here to stay. I’m smarter than you, I have more guns than you, am better trained than you, and have more children than you. Suck it up buttercup.

    2. Sin was introduced by the deceiver/adversary/fallen angel. The corruption of our seed stems from the folly of a woman, who took the apple and sin was introduced. Our genetic code is written for self destruction because of that,unless we accept Yeshua. Our sinful natures is what the elites take advantage of, as they serve the very adversary who introduced sin to humanity in the first place.

      1. It matters not how or who introduced it anymore, it only matters that it is here and that there is Good News regarding it, and an instruction manual for men and women who wish to live in this fallen world with some hope while we’re here, and hope for what comes after this life.

  15. No genocide is going to be necessary, with the ongoing destruction of farmland, top soil and fresh water aquifers. 44/45 African countries are already importing food, as is Asia, the UK etc. The question is, does the West want to be the survivors of this scenario?

    1. Topsoil destruction- ^^This.
      The topsoil has been so decimated by industrial farming practices that it would take a few centuries for it heal…no bueno for you and me…

      1. The US and Canada will be fine if they stop trying to support the 3d world and go to better farming practices. Otherwise….

        1. ??
          The topsoil here is entirely dependent on fertilizers created from natural gas- what happens when the fertilizer/nat gas runs out??
          The soil would be worthless.
          For a few centuries.

    1. They’re shills pal, real disinfo shills. Jones used to be legit even up to about 3-4yrs ago. He’s definitely taken a turn for the worst over the past couple of years. It’s not a secret anymore that Infowars has close ties to Stratfor, which is essentially a CIA think-tank … now that’s definitely no “conspiracy theory” but out in the open or open-source info.

  16. I think its a world of unintended consequences. Antibiotics save too many people, causing overpopulation. Overpopulation demands more food. This causes extreme advances in farming(fertilizer, genetics). Those farming practices produce subquality food, increases in cancer, health related problems. Wealthy countries have too few children and don’t need social support-sense of family and community gets lost. I think wealth and low rates of war directly result in feminism and all the related pathologies. There are no free rides in this world, when you choose one thing you usually lose something else(which you often wont realize until well after you chose your first thing).

    1. Antibiotics actually harm the body in a long run also GMO if that’s what you’re referring too, actually have the same fertility rates with Natural organic food.

      1. The main killer 100 years ago was infectious disease, so antibiotics have extended those lives(although obviously antibiotics are usually given in high toxic levels to achieve desired results). Interestingly it appears the same people that would have died of infectious disease are instead dying of heart disease-suggesting a similar cause. Farming isnt just GMO, they’ve stopped leaving land fallow, so micronutrients decrease, fertilizer can change soil ph then some nice pesticides to top it off(I grew up on a farm). You have a study on fertility? I’d be interested to see that. I personally believe acidosis is the main health problem in the US.

        1. Antibiotics also kill the bacteria your body needs also bacteria generations are starting to get immuned to it
          That’s small family run farming not corporatized mega farms which are tax payer funded

  17. Given the reality of IQ differences between groups, we’d benefit more from adding 100 million to the world’s white population than another billion to Africa’s black population.

      1. I’m sorry you don’t like it, but, using statistics, he’s entirely correct. We’d benefit even more by adding 100M to Japan’s population (because they have even higher IQs than whites) if that makes you feel any better. But, no matter how you look at it, the world would be a better place if the low IQ would back off the breeding and the high IQ would pick it up. Forget about color for a moment and let that sink in. Then look at average IQ across racial groups and you’ll understand.

        1. You really have to wonder why our degenerate elites have worked so hard at shaming us about Noticing intelligence differences. If you brainwash us into ignoring these differences, then it becomes a matter of indifference if you let in hordes of people from the world’s dumb places. But if you look at what our elites actually do, you can see that they don’t believe the bullshit about equal intelligence they put out for our consumption. They want to stuff our country full of the world’s brown trash, but they haven’t expanded the enrollments of their own elite universities or lowered their standards to accommodate the proportionate increase in these newcomers who allegedly form the future of the country.

  18. Democratically challenged Mexicans? Lol, what a doozy! Envy much?
    The thing here is, if we’re going to promote big families is, things have to be reversed. For one, when those children grow up, what are they going to do for jobs? Right away, the labor laws will have to be modified in order to have some of those not capable or willing to finish school to be able to get a job, even if it means lowering the age to, say, 14 or 13. Unless you’re one of those people who think big families work like they do on the movie Cheaper By The Dozen, then someone should slap you in the head repeatedly until either you come to your sense or you’re rendered clinically retarded. And two, modifying the ages of consent. Yes it sounds fucked up, but consider this: the societies who still have their females marry as soon as they hit puberty are the ones who still hold high population numbers. Besides, might as well. American girls already pretend to behave like adults when you give them a smartphone, booty shorts, and an Instagram account, even though their society still considers them children. Let’s make them useful for a change.

  19. Yes, but the corporatists in the West, the guys who pull the politicians’ puppet strings, need never-ending growth in the numbers of mindless consumers to buy their conglomerates’ crap; capitalism in its current form is literally dependent on population growth in general to keep corporate profits churning. How do you square this?

    1. When you have trillions of dollars in assets and other wealth “instruments” well hidden, you don’t really care much about the bottom line when it comes to power.

  20. So much gloom and pessimism. So much fatalism. Y’all sound like Rush Limbaugh, peddling despair to up ratings and make money, that scumbag.
    There is always hope. It is unmanly to believe –or behave–otherwise.

    1. Western Europe is dead. They are too far gone to save. Germany, France and Sweden are pointing towards the direction in which Europe is headed (Islam), and it is quite likely that within our lifetimes we will see the white, Christian population there cease to exist. I have a little hope for the United States. The support for Donald Trump is a promising sign that people are beginning to look past the lies we have been fed for the last few decades, and of course, we have the second amendment. If Trump does not win the presidency however, or the second amendment is gutted (likely the two will happen in conjunction) then America will go the same way as western Europe. As for Eastern Europe, I don’t know. According to Roosh, countries like Poland are beginning to westernize, but there is a backlash happening. Eastern Europe has a better chance of combatting leftism than the US (largely due to Putin being so powerful in that sphere), but it’s still a 50/50 chance over there as to what comes next.

      1. So the solution is to bitch bitterly on clickbait articles like this one?
        One of the biggest failings of the manosphere is its hedonism (bang away, boys, here’s how!) that implicitly rejects traditional religion–likely because the latter rejects the “bang away” premise.
        No one is forcing anyone to convert or die. That’s what Muslims do. But those who do not embrace, at least in sincere conviction if not actual practice, traditional morality, will die a spiritual death brought on by despair.

        1. a large reason for the immorality is that we’ve realized marriage leads to horror and despair.
          women get fat and bitchy, or at least the majority do. you’re really rolling the dice with marriage

        2. I agree with you on the manosphere’s hedonism. It is not the best route to take on both a personal and societal level. I for one, have no great desire to “pump and dump,” no matter how slutty women around me may be. It simply doesn’t motivate me, though many here would disagree with me. However, you cannot deny that the family unit has been greatly weakened, possibly beyond repair. If you have any ideas as to how to stop our decline I am all ears, but at the moment it doesn’t look like there are any realistic solutions.

  21. “If you were king of the land, and you regularly met with those who helped you rule, would you really want the type of people who are most likely to overthrow you to reproduce up to their biological maximum, or would you want to hurt their reproductive potential while pushing every degenerate cause under the sun in an effort to limit their numbers?”
    A king of the land would precisely want people to reproduce to their own maximums and be armed. Because kings are not the kinds of elites you are talking about. Kings are royalty, and they have a responsibility for the nations they lead. The elites you are talking about are called Oligharchs, and Oligharchs have no fundamental loyalty or responsibility to the nation. It’s not their fault, necessarily. Oligharchs get their power mainly from the organizations or interests they lead or represent. Be they heads of corporations, trade unions, banks, activist groups, or even in the public sector, as elected officials or bureaucrats (to include members of the Defense Department). They are first and foremost responsible to their interests, not the nation, hence why they end up being so degenerate and prone to disloyalty.
    But wait, didn’t I read Prince Charles’ statements on overpopulation? Yes, and it must be stressed that Charles, even if he assumes the throne, will not really be a king. Whatever authority he has will be checked by the Parliament, the trading house of the British Oligharchy. He, himself, is more of an oligharch than anything else, because he never has and may never have any responsibility to his nation on the whole. Instead of thinking globally, if he became a true monarch, he would at least understand that his nation comes first, and not second to the world in his considerations.

    1. I take your point…. an hour ago I was thinking to myself, after reading that Corbyn would be willing to hand over the Falkland Islands, that perhaps the way forward would be an Absolute Monarchy – Supported by a belief in the Divine Right of Kings?
      Their advisers would be philosopher kings – elected into office by citizens who earned the vote by contribution to society, be it by military, medical, or other worthy actions.

      1. Well, anything you have that is elected where power and authority is concerned for the nation opens the door for the Oligharchs to power, at their own discretion, as opposed to having the monarch select such advisors himself.
        The key is that the monarch is not beholden to anyone, be they the common people or the oligharchy, or anyone else, for their authority, but to God Himself. A king who genuinely believes in his status given to him by God will believe that he’ll fry in Hell forever if he doesn’t do his job to the best of his ability. Our institutions, such as our oligharchies and monarchies, are products of the culture, and in a pluralistic one where we only keep our faith neatly hidden from view until tragedy strikes, likely a king from such a culture would be as similarly debased.
        So I’m saying that while I’m for a monarchy, there are caveats. And this isn’t to say our problems would all be solved by having a monarchy; there are plenty of monarchies today, and they’re just as badly off as the “republics,” but for different reasons.

        1. It’s merely a thought experiment at the minute and I agree it wouldn’t solve all our problems, but thinking on it has drawn me closer to the idea that monarchy may be the future.
          I think a lot of the issue with nation states is that humans are still evolved to live in tribal groups of kith and kin of 100 – 150 people. Perhaps society needs to be broken down to these tribal groups, with chieftains and elders. A high king could be chosen from a band of related tribes in a geographic region to form a nation.
          This won’t happen, what I’m trying to do is throw out discussion points on how best to tackle this corrupt form of government and what it would be replaced with.

  22. I’m not entirely convinced that its an orchestrated conspiracy theory as such. Isn’t it more credible to believe that (1) Overpopulation (2) Environmental Degradation and (3)The dissolution of traditional forms of social structures are natural consequences of affluent, socially mobile, globalized economies that are predicated on the time honored notions of accruing wealth and status? Sure,the process has been exacerbated through technology, especially social media which promotes these western ideas to the entire planet.
    However, the question is why don’t ordinary people protest against this conspiracy if it’s so objectionable? The reason, I suspect is that a lot of these values are very deeply rooted in ourselves, historically we’ve always admired wealth, power and status. The plays and poems of Shakespeare and Chaucer are resplendent with that “ancient evil” that splits apart the natural bonds and fellowship and leads to the destruction of entire “kingdoms and lands” that become “sterile and barren”. The problem is that in a globalized world everyone is a player, everyone wants everything that the system can promise, and this is why you get families breaking apart, lifestyle abortions, sexual perversions accepted as normal, destruction of the natural environment to support the consumer ideal and the resultant hordes from third world countries who want a piece of the action. I don”t think it’s a “logically thought out plan” maybe it’s simpler to understand that such consequences will naturally occur when we overstep the limits that nature has placed upon our own behavior.

  23. Lets assume depopulation is necessary there are a few options:
    Increase death (War, killing,…)
    Decrease new people (using the methods in article)
    Choose a method

    1. How about eugenics. That is the third method, we do not have to wipe successful genes off the planet so the elite ruling class can perpetuate itself into eternity.

  24. Another solution: white men would have to start banging white women and stop going abroad to bang them Filipinas and Colombianas. Of course I’m white, but not white Anglo Saxon, so it doesn’t apply to me. Mexicans already have enough babies as it is. So white American dudes, start whipping your women in shape. Get them off the phones, out of school, and into high heels. You say you love your country, prove it, otherwise step aside.

    1. I’ve been trying to do this for years. It’s getting better, but it feels like I may be one of the thankless dead afterwards.
      If you’re Mexican, allow me personally to congratulate you on nabbing that shit stain who called himself el chapo. My best friend, who is Mexican, tells me that someone worse is in charge now, though.

      1. Thank you. Never been a fan of narcoculture anyways. While I am not a fan of the U.S. War on Drugs, and maybe in the past, there was a rationale for supporting drug dealers , namely providing jobs and services where the government doesn’t care. Now however, shit is still bad. And worse characters, such as the Zetas, the Jalisco New Generation cartel, and the Knights Templar, have appeared.

        1. I wish idiots on our side would stop taking hard drugs to be cool. The fuck up their lives feeding into these cartels. I have just heard the worst about these cartels, like that they strap fathers with bombs and make them watch them torture their family. Absolutely disgusting.

        2. Guys, if you’re gonna put strange stuff in your bodies, stick to beer and the Ganja. Stop supporting both cartel bosses and the DEA.

  25. This has been obvious to me for a couple years now. Not only do they want depopulation, they want to dilute gene pools through miscegenation to the point that the majority of individuals lack the intellect to ever question them. The random intelligent aberrant can just be taken out and shot. Hard to do that against a population known for their intellect.

    1. Ok, that’s it. I have had enough of this anti-miscegenation bullshit. You want to preserve the white race? Fine. I have no issue with that. White people have just as much of a right to take pride in and preserve their race as do any other race. Also, I will defer to the reality that the majority of scientific and cultural advancements have been made by white people, and though there have been many minority individuals who have contributed positively to the world, overall whites have done more. But to say that miscegenation automatically leads to less intelligent offspring who are more susceptible to globalist lies is just bullshit. I am a product of “miscegenation,” and I am probably more cognizant about the issues at hand than the majority of the white people around me, and I live in a majority white area. You don’t want to have mixed-race children? Fine, no one’s forcing you to. But god fucking damn it, to automatically write off potential allies to your cause simply because they’re not all white is no better than what’s happening to your race now.

      1. Wrong pal. You’re dead wrong. Unless one finds the smaller percentage of gifted people from non-white races and breeds them with whites, invariably, one will get dilution of the pool and lowering of talent and intelligence in white folk.
        Statistically, there are far fewer gifted people in a given set of non-white races as compared to the northern European stock; it just is what it is. eg. out of a 100 Algerians or Pakistanis, you may get 2 or 3 who are geniuses, while out of a 100 Finns or Danes, that number is 12-15 or even higher. So one has to really search hard for that 2 or 3 so that they don’t dilute the white gene pool if they ever somehow procreate together.

        1. What exactly am I wrong about? Did I say all races are equal? No. Did I say all cultures are equal? No. In fact, I basically said the same thing you said, only in less explicit terms.
          Face it. The only way we can reverse this shitstorm we’re in- and we are ALL affected by it in some way, regardless of race- is by banding together as men united by a common ideological goal: defeating the globalists. Right now it seems as though you’re going to push away potential allies because they’re not white or because they “dilute the gene pool.” As I said before, no one is forcing YOU to miscegenate.

        2. Eh…all the ancient civilizations were non-white. The Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and people from Mesopotamia were all non-white and non-European. Even the ancient Greeks and early Romans were different from the rest of Europe, since they didn’t identify themselves with the barbarian tribes that inhabited the rest of Europe.
          The foundation of modern science was made by non-white civilizations, but their civilizations were destroyed. Their knowledge was further developed by stable and white civilizations and this is still going on.
          I agree if you say that Arabs and Africans lack intelligence, but not all non-whites are as stupid as them.

        3. True, but that’s not what I claimed. All I said was that, on *average*, the numbers for non-whites were lower: no matter how you dice it i.e. either taking sample of 100 people and looking for the number of gifted, or looking at overall IQ scores and comparing averages. Sure, I bet there are many gifted Chinese, Indians, etc … my contention is that, on average, there are probably more “gifted” chaps in Germany or Scotland, than in India or China, assuming similar nurturing environment.
          Put another way: assume you take 100 random kids from healthy pregnancies in India, China, Scotland, and Germany. Ensure a nurturing and stimulating environment for those kids in their respective countries. Now measure IQ scores at ages 10, 15, 20, 25 … I strongly believe that you would have something like 5-6 uber-gifted kids from the India and China sample, but 8-10, or more, from the Scottish and German sample.

        4. To be frank, I don’t care much for race or ethnicity, so long as the person, whomsoever they may be, sincerely, deeply, with every cell in their body believe in the following ideals: Life, Liberty, and Loyalty. A profound respect for Life and human dignity, absolute belief in Liberty, and pure Loyalty toward kin and one’s land. It’s about ideals and values more than race or creed. Besides, most IQ differences between “races” disappear when you put everyone in the same nurturing culture (note “culture” not “environment” … one is about social values and norms i.e. “culture”, the other implies more physical surroundings i.e. “environment”).

      2. That is not why it produces less intelligent offspring. The genetic markers for intelligence tend to be recessive, as do many other adaptive traits that are not necessarily essential to say, a strict survival situation. By promoting miscegenation, you are wiping out many of the positive characteristics of both races and destroying their identity. I am not a white supremacist but a fascist; I want to improve my race and bloodlines for the sake of the future and wish all other races/peoples to do the same thing. This lends to the fact that I will defend my race first. But it is possible to reach society level intelligence in haplogroups that are not white, which we can see in east asia. I have also met very intelligent hispanic men as well, I see them as emergent.
        What the elites are trying to do is wipe out identity and intelligence at the same time. With neither of those on the table, no group can rise against them. I guarantee when given the chance, they’ll promote miscegenation in latin america and east asia as well.

        1. What’s done is done: we have to work with what we have. Most hispanic people I have met, especially Mexicans, have a strong national identity. They are going to need that to improve their blood and expel the toxic elements from their society.

        2. Technically no. Hispanic is linguistic term for a person who speaks spanish. But most hispanics are from latin america, and many or most are mixed race.

        3. Oh dear. Trying to science again. Funny how decades and decades of research doesn’t support your wild assertions. Mixing up the gene pool does not lower intelligence. Google is a thing that exists, and within a quick 20 seconds’ search time, you too can develop your intelligence and awareness.

        4. You’re a failure, you have enough free time to stalk people. I have a biotech firm to work for. Have fun being miserable.

      1. It’s basic genetics. Even if it was published, it would have to be within the past few months because it is so politically incorrect the publishing journal would have to retract it. A high percentage of articles in the social sciences end up being retracted, whether this is due to bad methodology or political machinations that I observed in school is not made public. Such is the sad state of academia today, which is why I study Biochemistry where I am insulated from such politics; we’re to busy trying to cure Alzheimer’s and cancer and improving biotechnology.
        All genes are linked together (because of meiotic recombination) but most have some connection to basic Mendelian genetics. For example dwarfism is dominant but is selected so strongly against that it is rare. If the majority of the markers for higher intelligence were dominant, we would see the entirety of humanity understanding complicated subject matter. Instead, when put in an environment where food is plenty, like tropical Africa, we see intelligence bred out, and in environments where the seasons change and have the potential to be harsh, intelligence increases over time.
        We have to remember that in terms of outright survival, intelligence seems counter-intuitive. The results of intelligence as a survival strategy are not apparent until several generations have passed, so it is partially at odds with natural selection. Animals want to have enough intelligence to find a meal and not much else. The high, 130+ IQ intelligence we see as only slightly rare in developed societies is not the norm for human beings. It is a result of the social structure promoting it until it stabilizes in the gene pool.

        1. That I’m afraid is a social theory or you’re referencing the effects of institutional education as it were hereditary

        2. Intelligence springs up from incentives, not from the dirt, the same as any gene. It is the same reason that places that have seen complete conquest with total miscegenation regularly have a dearth of intelligence today. That and most new markers I see from the new literature are recessive in character.

        3. Yet violent illiterate Mongolians overran them and reshaped the entire civilization. Interestingly enough Greece relied on imported Food so did much of the Roman empire.

        4. Mongolians grew up in a harsh, resource poor environment and developed military intelligence to take resources from the Chinese who were rich in resources at the time. When given aplenty, their genetic lines fell to infighting.
          Producing enough excellence as a group that you can grow beyond your normal food capacity and import food is a result of the intelligence that took shape in a chaotic atmosphere in that area.

        5. Now what makes the Africans any different giving the environment?
          Also importing is the result of trading partnerships formed between the Greek City states

        6. Africans literally have food growing on trees around them in the tropics of Africa where their population concentrates. The Mongolian lands are mostly deserts with very little arable land.
          Learn the early history of the Greek city states, do not assume the results and the cause are the same thing. Most of the intelligence Greeks have is due to intelligent haplogroups migrating, and early Greece, before the city states and republic, was a brutal place where genocide was common.

        7. Mongolians were herders and raiders that’s how they survived btw “Intelligence” was due them not having a compulsory Education system like the Spartans had(which makes them the outlier compared to others)
          Like I said before Greeks had to import food much like the Romans had to by controlling or making trade agreements.
          (Interesting how most of Europe is not included in this

        1. Right, so you did some first year chemistry. Doesn’t excuse the use of the ridiculous term miscegenation, or the crazy, racist ideologies you are pretending have some scientific basis.

  26. Roosh,
    “Massive waves of foreign immigrants are encouraged entry into Western nations to break bonds between tribe and neighbor that decrease notions of nationalism and patriotism”
    Although that may have been the Marxists/Leftists original idea, those bonds are likely to strenghten as a reaction.
    “If you were king of the land, and you regularly met with those who helped you rule, would you really want the type of people who are most likely to overthrow you to reproduce up to their biological maximum, or would you want to hurt their reproductive potential while pushing every degenerate cause under the sun in an effort to limit their numbers?”
    This one, if carried to completion, will hurt most of the elites albeit of course they can’t see it. The muzzlers aren’t known for pandering to individualism and consumerism. Very likely to backfire.

  27. What a great article by Roosh V.
    I admit, I began to shy away from supporting Roosh and by not reading anymore of his material ever since I saw him speak out against the MGTOW movement. I thought, how could he speak about how bad female nature is yet at the same time continue to give in to their already enflated egos by giving advice on how to “attract” women. I thought it was stupid that someone who spoke about how flawed women were would continue to promote pursing them. Aren’t there better things in life other than raising a family?.
    But after reading this Article I realized Roosh was right. The Mgtow movement, whether they realize it or not(I don’t think they do) are playing right into the hands of the elites agenda to destroy the nuclear family and depopulate society. That’s why there’s not much opposition against the movement as it still remains limited to sites like reddit and youtube (if you specifically search for it). It’s all part of the plan to put women and men against each other.
    But also let’s not forget who the real enemy of the elites are, that ones they love to hate, ridicule and make fun of, Christians. Only Christianity poses a threat to the Elite. How?
    Contrary to what pop culture has been feeding you.
    Christianity promotes child bearing:
    “Be fruitful & multiply” – Genesis 1:28
    It upholds marriage as the strongest institution:
    “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled” – Hebrews 13:4
    It’s against feminism and promotes order in the Home:
    “For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church” – Ephesians 5:23
    It even tells you that our true enemies aren’t each other but those who work behind the scenes in high places like the elites:
    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the forces in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12
    What’s happening is nothing new, it has all already been written down in the bible. It takes an enlightened mind to see that.
    Instagram: _db_photo

    1. so many men are guilted into marriage. it’s ‘doing the right thing’ and all these elaborate quotes. then reality hits as your wife keeps eating and getting fatter, bitcher, and less sex. she’s getting the far better deal than you.
      its a relentless push to get men to put up with this bullshit

      1. Yes I agree. But stop thinking about yourself for a second and realize what this means for future generations. There are already studies and articles out saying that whites(though I’m no white) will go extinct within the 50 or so yrs because of the increase in interacial breeding. And the elites push for importing massive amounts of immigrants from the middle east could be one of the tactics to further this agenda. Just think about the ramifications to this. They don’t just bring and spread there seed but there ideologies and warped world views as well. I honestly don’t think the Elite cares one bit what ideologies are brought to the west just as long as christian values witch keep the family together are destroyed. Once that’s happened they can easily manipulate and control whatever is left.
        So personally it would seem like opting out of marriage and family life is a good idea. But in the long run what happens when more and more men start to follow suit? What will happen to our future? We will be doing exactly what the elites want and that’s giving them power and control. And that could only come about through willingly voluntarily depopulation. Because they know they can’t force us not to get married or have children, but they can manipulate us so that we turn against each other and voluntarily reject the the family. It’s all psychological warfare that is happening. It is bigger than just one man deciding he doesn’t want to live with a woman.

        1. Really? Is interracial breeding REALLY the brunt of the reason whites are going extinct? Isn’t it the fact that white women are spending years chasing after bad boys who won’t commit, and wait until after they’ve hit the wall to reproduce, and then have only one or two kids?

        2. I’m not making excuses for the behavior of women, nor am i advocating that all men should get married, especially to post wall women who are looking for betas to save them from their past. All I’m trying to do is point to the bigger picture. We will never defeat the elites and their plans if we all we do is focus on our personal goals while the elites are thinking Globally.

        3. I agree, but I honestly don’t think miscegenation is huge on the elites list. I think if anything their goal right now is making people have either less sex (provider type males who are repeatedly shafted in dating and society in general), casual sex which does not lead to procreation (our hookup culture) and promoting homosexual relationships (which inherently do not produce biological offspring).

        4. Ok, we all know what the problems are but no one is talking about how to stop it. No one’s talking about how things should be done in a society. No one is talking about how human civilization came about and what is required for it to continue functioning and growing. We can all point to the problems, but can we point to the solution?.
          Have a good day!

  28. I’m all for de-population on one condition. The elites at the top need to show leaderhip and show the way for the rest of us. Rockerfeller: delete yourself first, you and your family, and your foundations too, and then the hoi polloi seeing your sterling example, will surely follow suit, refraining from reckless and irresponsible breeding, making sure we use a minimum of resources (and hearts….how many hearts have you had now Mr Rockefeller?). Yes, its time our leaders led by example, and then we can take your concerns seriously (don’t we’ll work out how to fill any vacant positions in the administration)
    Unfortunately so far there isn’t that much evidence that they’re displaying the potential you evidently have in that respect: as pointed out, Mr Rockefeller and Mr Kissinger, and Mr Soros do appear to have entered into the extended senescence program that the transhumanists have been gushing about – the one where the best healthcare money and vampirism can buy gets you to live to a 100 or is it a 1000 (like Brad Pitt in that vampire movie). And perhaps when you look at this way, with the possibility that some people are going to get to live like methusalahs, with old testament lifespans, then I guess its clear why there isn’t enough room for all those people on planet earth. It really is a resource issue. How are 9 billion people going to survive on planet earth if the rich never die? Not to mention that today Oxfam announced that the 1% now owns more than the other 99% – how is that even possible? Damn it we need some kind of communist revolution or something? But then we had one of those didn’t we? So if they have no money how would those 9 billion survive anyway? if only we could all suckle from David Rockefeller’s teats.

  29. Welcome back to the real world, Roosh. Of course you were sold the bill of goods that getting your d!ck wet as often as possible with as little commitment as possible is desirable. Just as women being sold the bill of goods that all men are out to objectify and use them made those “game techniques” look like a good idea.
    Getting laid is an activity. Forming a family is a life.

  30. Great piece, Roosh. Truly insightful and intelligently written. Great to see that you’ve fully woken up to the massive fraud. In my humble opinion, the whole “pick up” scene is a major distraction and gambit to get young men sucked in and unconscious to the real gangsterism that’s happening all around them. Not that there’s anything wrong with going out and banging a few chicks, so long as it doesn’t become the end-all-and-be-all unto itself.

      1. Well, what the psychopath banking cartels are doing. The hidden hands behind the puppet show of politics and all the other b.s., the farce we see every day. That’s first-rate gangsterism: keeping people occupied with circuses, while fucking them up the ass at will. Once you realize it, you may not be able to prevent the ass-fucking gangland-style rape, but at least one won’t fall for the circuses and mockery.

        1. You don’t need to fall for it to consume it. I do not disagree with your assertions but saying “the farce we see everyday” requires explanation.

        2. The farce … the ridiculous political circus of party politics as if it matters. For example, do you honestly believe that Obama has any power? It would be absurd to claim so. He’s merely a spokesperson. Yet people talk as if the chump has any real power ie “Obama this, Obama that …” No different with Bush or Clinton etc. The same goes with elections: “same shit different pile” … it makes **no** difference who’s elected because it’s a ridiculous circus with nothing at stake.
          Many of the other social issues are equally contrived and fake: all the nonsense pushed by feminazis, and black “activists” and sjw … creating fake issues to keep people busy going at each other’s throats. A brilliant magician’s distraction trick: “ooh, look here at this hand” … while the real trick is being done with the other. The REAL power is at the hands of people, or secret societies, the hidden hands, that direct the absurd and ridiculous show.

        3. Do you know any of these people personally? Why not extricate yourself from such politics and function on your own terms? Politics should not be watched or observed in a scientific way. It is irrational to follow politics rationally

  31. Wow, I’m going to need a few days to digest this information, next level red pill.

  32. Western culture promotes individualism while the rest of the world has a culture that promotes collectivism. Both have their pros and cons, but individualism is a main reason society is degrading.
    In a collective culture you are expected to live according to the rules of that culture. In an individualistic culture you can mostly be who you want to be. Slutty women can be as slutty as they want and gays can be as gay as they want. Nobody will correct them, because there is no sense of collectivism. They will tell you it’s their own body and they can do with it the fuck they want.

    1. You’ve got collectivism confused with feudalism/tribalism. Make those substitutions and your comment is dead on

  33. So should I perform my manful obligation and knock up that amazon barbie doll stripper 10 years past her prime with the prominent leg tattoo? She’d be a good baby machine but the kids might struggle in school.

      1. Skinny legs and nice silicon rack. But pics of her at 24 with makeup, and 34 without make up, almost unrecognizable.

  34. The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control.”
    PURE EVIL. any time “they” talk about putting things in peoples bodies to control its functions for “their” purposes.

    1. Maybe in Africa but in the USA they have maintained a preset target of 11-13% relative to the population. Many of the techniques used on blacks to control their numbers have been transferred to whites. Blacks were the beta test.

  35. A bit off-topic but as a senior high school student I’m doing a crowdfunding campaign for a trip to Spain, southern France, and Italy to practice my journalistic skills.
    I will be studying 1) History of the Region 2) the Roman Empire and its Legacy as well as 3) the Migrant Crisis (might even do some interviews). If any of you are interested in helping out a fellow man I would really appreciate it if you could take a look and take advantage of my awesome perks (or just offer some suggestions on how to improve the page):

  36. I love the article. Love the eye opening of it. Love the tone and examples. But ibhave two criticisms I know you didn’t ask for.
    1. You have to mention rich old people that refuse to die. They want to depopulate the earth? They can lead by example.
    2. It’s hard to accept criticisms of birth control and abortions from the author of bang, day bang, and the rest. Come on man. Where would you be if not for these? Are you married with kids in a happy nuclear family? You’ve got to practice what you preach.
    That goes for anybody that makes the rounds with women here. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either you are for family values so you live it or bpunce from woman to woman. Nothing wrong with the latter to me but if that is you your criticisms of birth control are moot.

  37. Children are a huge economic liability in today’s especially unstable society. Even if you have a good stable job and don’t lose your kids through divorce rape, they are more likely to end up as oppressed taxpayers than as agents to overthrow the system

  38. 1) I like the transformation of roosh
    2) fame and fortune for the billionaires listed above with their evil agendas and ideologies signals to me only one thing, they have sold their souls to the devil.
    I’m trying to imagine a young Howard Schultz back when he started Starbucks I don’t think they would have had these ideologies manifested inside them to the degree you see today.
    3)I would honestly call it quits at the age of 55-60. Old enough so kids won’t be dependent on me and young enough to still enjoy the small bit of youth I have left. The moment someone else has go wipe my ass I’d rather die.

  39. I applaud this intelligent, inspiring article!
    The state of our nation is very depressing, but my hope lies in the four beautiful children that God has blessed me with. Our children are the future of this world, and God knows what He is doing…each and every child is a gift from Him, with the potential to make a positive change in the world. He never took back His command to “be fruitful and multiply.”
    If you truly want to make the world a better place, then raise sons and daughters who will protect and pass on your traditional values. Good parenting can create generations of faithfulness.

  40. I’m glad to see that a man of your status has the humility to accept a change of ideas. I have always been the type to use pickup as a means to learn how women think so that I can find the right girl. My brother is happily married whithin his own race and just had their first child. He tells me that the key to a successful marriage is running game on the same woman over and over again. I have come to the conclusion that in order to reverse feminism, we must play on the curiosity and pride of a woman by challeging them to have what it takes to be good mothers. Sure most will shrug it off but you don’t plant a field by dwelling on how many seeds might die. You work hard to ensure that enough grow into a good crop.

  41. Roosh you are bravely venturing into the unknown, kudos for
    this and is there some special woman in your life that has brought about this
    change in attitude?
    What your fine intellect should be focusing on before you embark on a life of
    fecundity is the following –
    We are living in an amazing world where life has never been
    easier, technological innovation is going to mean less manual labor is needed
    as farms, forestry, medicine, financial and a host of other fields begin to
    become mechanized through robotics. Also what is the problem with less people,
    less overcrowding, more space, more privacy?
    You mention the fecundity rate of Niger women as being 7.56.
    This is not good! This means that every woman in Niger is responsible for 7.56
    unmitigated disasters. Sorry to generalize but to quote a woman on this (Ilana
    Mercer to be precise), “Generalizations, provided they are substantiated by
    hard evidence, not hunches, are not incorrect. Science relies on the ability to
    generalize to the larger population observations drawn from a representative
    Using the above logic, every birth in the third world is a
    new mega-tragedy, children born into a life of suffering and unparalleled
    hardship, starvation, depravation. This is abuse on the part of the parents who
    cannot feed or educate these children, bred by men who will not take
    responsibility for their offspring or nurture the women bearing them.
    You mention, “My fantasies were about sleeping with as many
    women as possible so I can be the playboy that I saw in the Hollywood movies,
    but now they are about creating the sons who will one day lead their people and
    their nation.”
    So you have found the right girl, you wife her up and start
    impregnating her, all good and very easy actually. But you have not considered
    life after that.
    Wives are super important, the old saying goes that you can’t
    choose your family, this is bullshit, your wife is the family you DO get to
    choose, so choose wisely. Everyone else in your life will eventually fuck off
    and leave you. Your parents will get old and die, your siblings will fuck off
    and do their own things. Your offspring do not belong to you, they are their
    own people with their own souls and will eventually leave you to pursue their
    own lives, make their own mistakes and follow their own dreams.
    Your wife however will stick by you until death (If you have
    chosen this part of your family wisely). So think on this, what is her body
    going to look like after bringing three new lives into this world? Will a
    player the likes of Roosh V be able to accept this? Will you not instead turn
    to a lifetime’s experience of picking up hot young THIN, tight girls and leave
    the wife bitter and resentful (fueling SJW and feminist causes along the way)
    and validating what your enemies have always said?
    As the man in the relationship you need to consider that the wife and not the
    children is who you will spend the rest of your life with and make sure she
    remains as attractive as possible and is always going to be attractive to you
    or you WILL resort to your old ways. This will poison your offspring to
    yourself and your ideas as they will see it as a betrayal of their mother and
    they will join your enemies. Therefore it could also be said that contraception
    is also about protecting your most important family member and most important
    Now go forth and multiply!

  42. How many kids does Ted Turner have. I suspect it is more than two which make him a hypocrite.

  43. Be fruitful and multiply. Seriously gents, if you don’t want to lose your country to invading hordes of immigrants, and the rise of the gay and dyke elite, then lock down some pussy and get fucking.
    Of course American women are complete train wrecks. Maybe you can find the needle in the haystack but probably you have to go afield, school her, and then return with fingers crossed that she doesn’t give in to feminist bullshit.
    I suppose the latter is my strategy. I will only return to Canada if my girl agrees to support my run for political office.

  44. Still, it doesn’t make sense that “the elites” purpose is depopulation. With less people you have less customers, less workers and your income decreases. The bigger the crowds – the more easier is to control them; the lesser the density – the more individualistic the people are and they will think for themselves.
    I think the elites just bought the eco bs and think they are doing mother earth a favor.

  45. For the love of all that is holy, do not get these chips or implants.
    It has been written, and we have been warned:
    “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath,
    poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented
    with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the
    presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the
    beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

  46. I’m not sure that the objective is as simple as depopulation. I have no doubt that there are many competing objectives. For example, the Western governments would like to to increase their population in order to increase tax receipts to fund government programs of all sorts. Depopulation is an untended side-effect of socialism. Thus, in order to finance an aging population, there is a motivation to bring in immigrants to work and cover this increasing cost.
    Have a look at the British Governments unfunded pension liability for example. £8 trillion? Britain cannot pay that.

  47. I immigrated to Australia 3 years ago, finished my 2nd masters from Australian uni and doing two jobs studied and worked predominately white Australian fellows, I am Pakistani, Asian. olive skin human being.
    What I observed.
    In my first masters 6 Australian girls in there late 20’s and early 30’s single with no kids, having no intentions of having kids in future.
    my second masters 3 male and 4 females Australian, no kids and no intentions of having kids not even interested in adopting, they were happy with there cats and dogs, kids were to much hassle. Some though they have not yet found the right partners or right women or men to make babies with and who is going to pay.
    1st job. 2 Australians not interested in having a babies. 2 men recently turend gay
    2nd job knew more then 20 staff members few single moms and single dads and not interested in having babies any more, said one is more then enough because they wont be able to travel, life is going to be fun no more..
    all those demographics I discussed above were not alcoholics, potheads and meth users. they were well-educated well-mannered and well-off lovely individuals.
    What does that mean?
    On the other hand i see my Pakistani, indian or south asian fellows, much interested in becoming parents and feel the joe even they are willing to pay heavy price for that.

  48. Roosh, maybe your mistaking European depopulation for world depopulation.
    All the active depopulation attacks are done to European societies. You dont see these active attacks happen to Africa, China or Middle East.
    There is a clear depopulation agenda against Europeans.
    (Ok, by proxy, if Europeans go, Africa is the first to lose maybe 80% of its population in one decade, but that is a proxy effect.)
    Some retard on Facebook posted that Japan’s population will be reduced by few millions in 2050, another retard answered, “Great, less humans”.
    In that time span, Africa will breed another billion or so humans, but I suppose to your run of the mill leftist, africans are not humans.
    The immediate attack is on the west not the world. As it is the world is breeding like rabbits and is in on the attack on the west.

    1. Once goals in Europe are reached, they will focus on Africa. Bill will have perfected vaccine sterilization methods by then.

      1. Maybe I am taking a shorter look. It is true that Europe has to go first before the world can be depopulated.
        If the goals in Europe are reached, there will not be many Africans to be sterilized after the first ten years.

  49. Personally, I have absolutely no problems with depopulation per se. Increasing automation of already limited jobs, sprawling urbanization consuming more and more land worldwide, and the strain on the environment that we ARE seeing caused by humans (air pollution around industrial centers (especially in China), massive littering and accumulation of trash in the oceans, estrogens leaking out of plastics into the environment, etc), can be curbed with depopulation.
    The problem is that global elites and corporations can’t just let it happen naturally. Depopulation will shrink the economy, they say, and that is one of the biggest sins in this dollar-worshiping world. So the global elites import millions of third-world immigrants, increase the scope of the welfare state, etc, in order to keep their gravy train rolling. Japan is one of the only exceptions to this trend, but the global elites are working very hard to crack that nut.

  50. Why is roosh mentioning this, if he is so concerned with falling euro birth rates he should takes his sand negro self back to iran, and stop writing stories about fake shit he’s never done

  51. More people? For what? To go to war with Middle Eastern Muslims? Or what? Beyond a certain population level more people is more people and it decreases the quality of life for everyone.

  52. Coming from Chinese culture which does have an actual population reduction agenda, I don’t think the US does this at all.
    Countries that do have national family planning programs (most of Asia like China, India, Philippines, some parts of Latin America and Africa) have it funded at federal and regional levels. Most of the US doesn’t even want to provide condoms to the public.

  53. “By now you should note that the more sinister the individual, the more they are portrayed by the media as harmless, awkwardly geeky, and folksy (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, the Google founders, and the CEO of Starbucks).”
    Hmmmm…. What do these three (or four – Google has two founders) ‘harmless, awkwardly geeky, and folksy” individuals have in common?

  54. At this time, major source of human overpopulation comes from Africa. African population is rapidly growing, it has increased by 135million in last 5 years. Since 1950 number of Africans increased almost 6 times! Most of their countries are world leaders in annual population growth. So why don’t western elites do something about that? Would it be racist to do so?

  55. Roosh, you forgot the biggest cause of depopulation: Social Security schemes.
    If the government redistributes wealth in order to provide retirement to the elderly that decouples retirement from population growth! That significantly reduces the economic incentive for having children.

  56. I have not read all the comments, but it seems that only a few consider the biological/evolutionary aspects, and the article does not consider them at all. We forget that underneath the façade of intelligence and civilization, we are omnivorous mammals, more or less like a pack of dogs or wolves. And when you look at observations of wolf packs on isolated islands, the population grows if there is substantial food, eventually becomes sick and weak due to the combined effects of overcrowding and then overpredation, and finally collapses into something more manageable. Homeostatis returns.
    We have seen this in the collapse of civilizations, for example the disappearance of South American civilizations most likely due to local or regional climate disturbances that killed the crops. We have (I would argue) seen it in events like the Black Death in Europe. The disease could not have spread except for the rats, which came along with the overcrowding and filth, mostly in the cities. Same, IMO, for Ebola in Africa. The Africans resort to eating monkeys because they are too populous for the subsistence farmer life, and the disease jumps. Without (mistaken) Western intervention, those villages would have simply died down like villages did during the Black Death, until only a much smaller number of people with natural resistance were left.
    In more recent times, we have understood public sanitation, the germ theory, creation of energy from inanimate objects, modern fertilizer-dependent farming, etc. so have staved off starvation and disease, at least in the countries where modern civilization began or developed. But except for a few standout example, such as ancient Athens and the US from colonial times to (my estimate) the end of
    WW2, the pack of predators was the organizational model. Whether hereditary or elected, there was a ruler, the alpha, usually male; and there were the rest. With greater population there became a group of alpha’s, what we now call the elites.
    And there is the rest. In addition to personally dominating, the alpha’s, especially the females, kill the offspring of the rest to assure that the rest do not procreate and take over the pack (I believe this has been observed in lions and wolves; don’t know about monkeys and apes.) The westward migration, the constant availability of more land or other natural resources, allowed the US to develop a very different way of looking at things. Many small packs, many alpha’s, and many chances for an aspiring alpha to either displace the top dog, or more likely move on and join or found a new pack. Of course, our own overcrowding is fully in the process of killing the model. To me, rampant homosexuality, physical and psychological weaknesses (including political correctness), and the appearance of opportunistic diseases such as HIV and even diabetes are all symptoms of the overcrowding.
    What is interesting to me is that if this animal model were fully followed, elites would, a la Margaret Sanger, Mao Tse Tung, etc. require population control of the lowest elements of the population in terms of likely enhancement of the elites’ situation. To me, this would translate to mandatory birth control of any woman on welfare, capping of AFDC and any child-related public payments at two children at most, sterilization of rogue male breeders such as hoodlums and otherwise jobless
    males, and abortion as a means of population control, especially for the poorer
    masses. However, at least in the US, this has not come about. The welfare class breeds incessantly, with no regard for financial responsibility, because it knows full well that “society” will give it free stuff, and the more it breeds, the more free stuff it gets. It is the middle class, predominantly white but not entirely so, that is forced or
    forces itself to have few or no children, because the middle class cannot afford them. So I have to conclude that the elites, fully in control, believe the middle class to be the real threat. The elites need low intelligence workers, call them worker bees, drones, or proles, to do what remains of the heavy lifting; and definitely needs them as cannon fodder. The middle class is much more dangerous. In theory it has the intelligence and skills to take over from the elites, and this cannot be allowed. In more violent societies, either the middle class did precisely that, whether yeomen in England, craft guilds in Europe, or indeed Revolutionaries in the early US; or were savagely targeted for elimination by the elites e.g. Stalin killing off kulaks in the USSR and what was left of the Polish intelligentsia and military officers after WW2; the Cultural Revolution in China; and Pol Pot in Cambodia.
    In the US and Western Europe post WW2, overt violence is not the desired vehicle. Hence, what we have today, an economic and psychological torture by a thousand cuts, with the same end. Depopulation of the class which threatens the elites. Manifestations such as promotion of the gay lifestyle, the economic necessity of small families for the middle class due to destruction of the former wage base, promotion of ever-denser housing, all while importing 3rd worlders (whom their
    own countries are more than happy to be rid of for their own population control
    needs) and breeding a sub-class of proles, are the vehicles.
    I don’t know where it will end. Very likely in the collapse of Western civilization, just like collapses of the past. It very well may end in a plague. Perhaps smallpox or SARS or MERS, weaponized by Middle Eastern or North Korean interests and distributed among the drug addicts and homeless of major Western cities. (This is the real warning of Fear the Walking Dead. Zombies are not real. Smallpox
    is.) It is not accidental that my wife and I have move to smaller cities over time; and plan to retire to a situation where the community can be, by force of arms if necessary, entirely isolated from the greater population area. I wish that it were possible for more younger people to make those same moves, instead of being forced to concentrate themselves in large cities, which are the most vulnerable to both social and biological decline. I hate to be paranoid but that’s how I see it.

  57. What a catch 22, the only options we have is to either play into their hands and forgo everything traditional for short sighted gluttony, or, we dive head first into the fire and risk everything for a chance of creating something that wont see fruition until after we’re gone. Short term greed or long term prosperity.
    This is what it all comes down to really. Men are the creators, the destroyers, and the maintainers. Whether this was a calculated outcome or an unfortunate side effect of a convenient and cushioned lifestyle, the only thing that matters is what we leave behind when we’re gone. Nothing will change until we find our balls and get a grip on things. Psychological warfare only works as long as we fall prey to it.

  58. “By now you should note that the more sinister the individual, the more
    they are portrayed by the media as harmless, awkwardly geeky, and folksy
    (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, the Google founders, and the CEO of Starbucks).”
    that’s what the author says right after extensively quoting Prince Charles, John P. Holdren, David Rockefeller, Margret Sanger, Thomas Ferguson, Gates and Buffet.
    So who are “the most sinister” ones? If it’s Zuck, Google and Starbucks then why not to quote them? If it’s the ones who the author did quote, then why are they not portrayed as “geeky and folksy”?

  59. Inaccurate in so many ways, first of corporations want as much population, more population means more consumers for them. There is overpopulation in cities, the fact that people need to live in high rise buildings to accommodate the land area with the ratio of people is clear indicator that there is too many people in this world. Just look at the cities near the coast below !

  60. In the 70’s a TV commercial for the perfume “Enjoli” had a glossy blonde woman dancing to “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never never ever let you forget you’re a man, cause I’m a woman . . . Enjoli.” But, what looked so easy on TV didn’t play out that way in real life where women had meltdowns in traffic jams on the way to pick up the kids from daycare from anxiety that they’d be late and hubby came home to fast food and a fried wife instead of home cooked risotto with fava beans and a nice chianti. Then came school, soccer, after school activities, and sometimes wine-o-clock, mother’s little helpers, and “find your own damn socks.” Worth it? Mostly yes for the boomer parents who stayed together and now reap the benefits of a dual income stream retirement and a less hectic lifestyle. But for their children and grandchildren, who can blame them for putting off or foregoing marriage and family?

  61. Roosh, who stylizes himself as a free lover of the world, banging as many chicks as he possibly can, is worried that abortion leads to depopulation? I’m sure he can make up the numbers. Just as I am sure he will be certain to pay child support payments. Oh wait, child support payments are a feminist-white knight-libtard-commie-bleeding heart conspiracy to turn a man’s world, which was always good, in to a woman’s world, which is inherently bad. Because men are so fucking rational.

  62. It’s not depopulation, it’s population replacement. Jews and global capitalists fear homogenous, coherent, and collectivist societies, because these are the dynamics that breed revolutions. Attempts to bring about change without racial/ethnic cohesion are fruitless. Occupy Wall Street was pretty big, and believe it or not, had people of all races. But it was ultimately too diverse to succeed, while the top 1% is hardly diverse at all (it’s largely composed of Jewish billionaires).
    Unlike what some conservative pundits claim regarding the influx of Arabs and Africans into Europe, the last thing Jews want is “Islamification”. The ultimate goal is to turn the entire world into New York City, the place where Jews are the safest and most powerful in all the world (which is also barely 20% non-Jewish white, if that). Their first agenda is to exterminate the white race, since this is where the potential for the greatest resistance lies dormant.

  63. We Muslims come to your land, will outnumber you and will destroy everything. Inshaallah!

    1. The only part I believe is that you will destroy everything. Like blacks, muslims are good at destroying, but not at creating. You are primitive anti-humans.
      So if you hate the West and white Christians, feel free to destroy that computer or smart phone you are using to post here. After all… those and every other convenience you enjoy was conceived and created by US !

      1. Actually mine was made in China but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, we take it. You make it, we take it. As Rasullah provided in Hadith (as to kuffars): ‘those who does not convert – feel free to take his watch, his wallet, his donkey, his camel, his mother, sister, wife and daughter and proceed as you like with them’.

  64. I think this is best defined in a plan called , Kalergi’s plan in the jewish anti-white genocide.

  65. Exactly why Christianity, although filled with an alarming amount of brainwashed individuals, is a group that is essential. No matter how many PC preachers or speakers that come up, the base message is almost always the same: male driven household, and fuck like crazy. This combined with the superior ways of living that seem to be the norm for Christian families creates a population of valid citizens that are homegrown and not living in their self-made ghettos. I personally don’t give two shits about going to church, but I’d readily support any and all Christian agendas, as they are a direct counter to the lunacy that liberals try to push forward.

    1. The main and first reason of the fall of the West is it’s total secularization. Society goes nowhere, or actually goes toward its extinction, with no faith in a god.
      Now there are powers who enjoy the state of things, and plan on exploiting it in every possible way. But it’s not these powers who initiated the trend.

  66. Umm…yeah? This has been the whole goal of progressivism since forever. It was never a hidden agenda.

  67. I always accepted, and have read several times before, that the PUA and Traditionalist cultures operate from the same premises concerning human nature. That the end result of Traditionalist culture ( a nice family, provided one adheres to certain rules about mate selection and child rearing) is far preferable to the end result of PUA culture (cruising the bars on thanksgiving weekend at 60) is really coming full circle on the ends of human nature, more than merely understanding and manipulating the means of human nature.
    You’re a genius either way, I’m just glad you came full circle. God bless you.

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