How To Survive A Modern Day Witch-hunt

Witch-hunts are becoming increasingly common. A list of over a hundred names purged from their jobs for unpopular beliefs or controversial statements can be found here. American political warfare has reached the same state as actual warfare, where the line between combatant and civilian is blurred. Americans used to put aside their political beliefs to work together, and now they actively use their beliefs to purge each other from the public sphere through modern Inquisitions.

This is guide for surviving modern witch-hunts. If you or someone you know is the target of a witch-hunt, or in a position where you could be targeted for a witch-hunt, please forward them this article.

Preventative Medicine

Just as traditional witch-hunts were not always about purging actual witches, modern witch-hunts often target innocent men for political reasons. You do not have to actually be a witch to be targeted by a witch-hunt. The best cure is prevention—don’t wait till you’re a target to develop a strategy.

Develop an anti-fragile persona. Anti-fragility is a term coined by author Nassim Taleb, to describe any system that gets stronger under stress. A wine glass is fragile and shatters under stress, but your muscles are anti-fragile because they get stronger when you use them. A public figure like Ann Coulter can get away with making statements that would get another person fired from their job because she has an anti-fragile persona. When people write about her, it gives her publicity and drives her book sales up. As Hunter S. Thompson put it, “if you’re going to be crazy, you’d better get paid for it.”

Be self-employed. If no one hired you, no one can fire you. Artists who own their own intellectual property and entrepreneurs who own their own business find themselves in an anti-fragile position. Had Orson Scott Card been a hired-gun on the film adaptation of Ender’s Game rather than creator of the underlying intellectual property, he would have certainly been purged for his views on gay marriage, the way he was purged from the Superman project he was writing. Because he owned Ender’s Game books, his film collaborators could only distance themselves, but not fire him.

Find your tribe.  Most people who survive a witch-hunt do so because they have a loyal fanbase or tribe they’ve aligned themselves with. You do not have to have an inherently political business to align yourself with a tribe. While it might not seem like a family business making duck calls lends itself to conservative Christianity, the reason the patriarch of Duck Dynasty kept his job was because he aligned himself with a very large, loyal, and vocal Christian fanbase.


Being self-employed with an anti-fragile persona, and strong tribe will actually set you up to benefit from and monetize witch-hunts. Yes, modern political discourse incentivizes divisive behavior and extreme views. If you think that’s bad, wait till you see what the dating market incentivizes.

Expect The Inquisition

Realize it’s happening. The biggest mistake the targets of a witch-hunt make is not realizing a witch-hunt is happening. They are good-natured people and assume their opponents are too. They believe there’s just been an honest mistake and if they can explain their position clearly it will clear the whole thing up. Wrong. As Science-fiction author Vox Day writes about his own purging from the Science Fiction Writers Association:

Most people have the causality backwards. They think the purge is taking place due to whatever it is that they did or said. That’s not the case. It is taking place because of who you are and what you represent to them. The truth is that the faction behind your prospective purge already wanted you out and they are simply using the nominal reason given as an excuse to get rid of you.

Never apologize. They don’t want an apology, they want your job. Apologies are blood in the water. If you apologize, you’re telling them you can be shamed and their tactics are working. There is not a single incident of someone giving a public apology and their apology ending a witch-hunt against them. Remember, it’s not about what you did, it’s about who they are. Hold your frame, agree and amplify, reframe, but never apologize for who you are or what you believe. They may not like you, but they will respect you.

Expose your opponents. Write down and publish everything your opponents do. When Adriana Richards purged a python-programmer for a private a joke at a tech conference about the word “dongle,” she was counter-purged from her own job.


Purges are rarely carried within the rules. Vox Day’s opponents bent SFWA rules, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s political contributions to stop gay marriage were private at the time he made them, and Donald Sterling’s statements about race were illegally recorded. If your opponents try to do something in the dark, drag it into the light.

Remain in the truth. If you’re under scrutiny, don’t give your opponents a real scandal they could nail you for. Don’t lie. Never do anything illegal. Stay blameless. Make sure anything you say about your opponents is entirely factual and clearly documented. Also, if you haven’t found a tribe, as mentioned above, do so immediately, because none of this documentation will matter unless there is someone willing to read it.

Go On The Offensive

Counter-purge. Once a mob has been assembled, they will have blood. Make sure it’s not yours by giving them a new target. Call your opponents out by name. Return of Kings and similar bloggers have managed to survive several witch-hunts by writing SEO-friendly articles documenting opponents actions using their full name. You can read a breakdown of this strategy here and here. Calling-out your enemies also prevents future attacks and ensures no one without an anti-fragile persona will even consider attacking you.

Make firing you difficult. When the film studio Paramount was considering firing Francis Ford Coppola from The Godfather because they didn’t like Marlon Brando’s iconic performance (they couldn’t understand what Brando was saying), Coppola made a list of everyone who could replace him as director – assistant directors, associate producers, etc. – and fired all of them.  The studio had no idea what to do, since firing Coppola now meant shutting down the film. A week later Coppola was nominated for an Oscar for writing Patton, and the studio backed off. If you aren’t an owner, make yourself irreplaceable.

Find the real enemy. The controversial statements made by NBA owner Donald Sterling were illegally recorded by a woman with ties to Magic Johnson. Johnson and his partners have been trying to buy the LA Clippers. Purging the current owner would certainly be convenient for Johnson.


Most purges are not initiated for their stated reasons. Accusations of thought crime are often a cover for political control. There are even rumors that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was actually purged for refusing to to build NSA surveillance into his browser. It’s easier to fight your enemies when you know who’s pulling the strings.


Remember that no one can harm you without your consent. The mob can only control you if you need something from them—money, validation, acceptance, etc. If you can find other ways of fulfilling your needs, you can live life on your own terms. Think of this as an opportunity to expand your abundance. Own your own business, create your own art, and align yourself with people who accept who you are. If someone comes after you, shine the light of the truth on them, because even if you lose the world, you gain your own soul.

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  1. That’s why Charles Barkley continues to get my respect. He does not back down to the PC culture. At all.

    1. Yeah but Barkley is also black so he ultimately gets a pass for a lot of the shit he says (or at least nowhere near the flack he would get if he were just another white NBA analyst) … for example, I’m sure if a guy like Tim Legler started mouthing off about how there are so many fat bitches in San Antonio, he would quickly be canned or at least suspended … also, Barkley’s coonery makes for great entertainment and thus better ratings so don’t think for a second that the execs at Turner Sports do not encourage his behavior (while silently crossing their fingers that he doesn’t go too far) …

      1. Barkley is a bit of an illiterate monkey, so it’s not threatening. Not only if a white man said it would he be out on his ass but if an educated black man who’s well-spoken voiced his opinion would he be character assassinated, for instance, Tiger Woods. A well spoken Republican billionaire golfer who probably would have joined the military (his words) hadn’t he been a golfer was absolutely butchered by the media. Don’t worry white guys it’s not only you. However, particular black men or rather coons, get media passes all day because that is the image the media wants to popularize and propagate. Ray Lewis got hero’s send-off and slap on the wrist for stabbing someone while Tiger Woods was crucified for getting his dick wet. What was sickening most of all were all the beta white males and jealous coons coming out of the wood work praising his worthless ex-Viking bitch for robbing a great man blind out of $300 million. What the fuck did she ever do to earn $300 million? Trust me any decent man, who’s conservative, a decent man and educated is prime game. The media wants stereotypes to defend.

        1. yeah I think that bitch actually walked away with closer to $100 million but your point still stands …

        2. 750 mill ???. A talentless third rate ‘model’ gets the spoils of a gifted young man’s years of hard work ?? Dear God !!!. This bitch should be celebrating every day for the rest of her useless exsistance….

      2. That’s definitely true, but I’ll take it. The ‘Sphere doesn’t need petty infighting between men of different races. Black men get more leeway in the arena of speech but they also have battles to fight that many non-black men avert. Anyhow, it is a joy to watch Charles on TNT. I don’t really see degrees of separation whenever he starts ranting about any un-P.C. phenomenon – his fight is my fight to that extent.

        1. Petty infighting? I just call it like I see it bro, which I would like to think is the point of being a red pill man (I’m not even white by the way) … so I’m gonna continue to call a spade a spade (or in this case a coon a coon!) …

  2. Great Article: extremely relevant for Red-pillers. I’d go as far as saying that you haven’t invoked substantial change in your way of thinking about the world, and way you conduct your life, UNTIL you’re the target of a witch hunt. This has become far too common nowadays.

  3. Do not apologize is damn good advice. Notice whenever a witch hunt finds a victim he apologizes , then gets fired anyway. If you are going to get fired then don’t give the cocksuckers the pleasure of your apology as well as your termination.

    1. And don’t explain yourself to these self-appointed busybodies. At Encorpera I was continually confronted with some inane accusation by a female or magina. As a man with balls I don’t mince around being hyper-paranoid about my job security and would often fall into their little trap. I mean, I wear a nice pair of slacks and get publicly accused of interviewing for a job. Don’t respond, don’t explain, don’t react. Females in particular are adept at leveling an accusation and expecting you to stammer a denial. The entire system of legal protection devised by western civilization is upended by their simple demand that you prove you are not guilty instead of the other way around. The accusers are never disciplined for their falsehoods and thus have nothing to lose by making a wild claim against you.

      1. Guilty until proven innocent is still better than guilty no matter what. Western society has the mentality that a woman would never tell a lie. BULL FUCKING SHIT!! It is getting to the point where the word of a woman can fuck you over even if it is blatantly false.
        I am still attending university and the fact that all a woman needs to do is simply accuse a male student of sexual assault and they would be expelled scares the crap out of me. At the first school I attended it did not matter if you were guilty or innocent they would still kick you out to prove that they are “combating sexual assault.” My roommate my freshman year was falsely accused of sexual assault and expelled. It did not matter to the university that flight records and his passport showed that he was in Canada at the time of the alleged assault. To the university he was automatically guilty. This is the type of “justice” that feminists want apparently. At least the police were more intelligent and quickly figured out the woman was full of shit, but they did not charge her for the false report. Fucking mangina white knight faggots. Thank God I transferred to another school after my first year. I still wonder what happened to my old roommate.

    2. When I heard Tiger Woods *apologize* after his wife was bad in bed and beat him with a golf club – and then he paid her $250M – it hurt me in my balls. (Dude what the FUCK are you doing?) When you’re Tiger Fucking Woods, apologize to NOBODY. For nothing. Especially to your WIFE who definitely wasn’t getting the job done. $1M would have been more than enough of an apology for that good for nothing swedish baby sitter.. But you don’t publicly say “sorry” when you hand someone a $250M check you sackless fool.
      This goes double for people who are not Tiger Woods.
      You can say anything you want – to anyone – and get away with it, if you say it with enough authority. Ever see the movie Beverly Hills Cop? (with Eddie Murphy).At the exact second you think he’s gonna get busted and intimidated by police, he switched on a dime, and adopted a totally authoritative persona INSTANTLY flipping the script on everyone around him, and the big burly cop shrunk into his own shoes. He flashes a badge, drops his voice and starts telling everybody what to do, how it’s gonna be, and starts making such ridiculous demands . When they even dare question it, he dials it up further.
      Recently returned to my car and asshole was writing me a ticket because 1/3rd of my car was in the red zone. Ok, fine. Ticket me. But don’t even try and lecture me or expect an apology. Guy thought he could give me shit for that AND make me pay. “Better move it right now”, he says.
      “Why? Your ticket entitles me to park here for the rest of the day. And there is not a goddam thing you can do about it. Look at this prime parking spot. You think I’m just gonna accept your ticket and drive off? ” Dude shrank like 2 feet. When he handed me the ticket, I told HIM to put it on the windshield and said “Thanks for the all-day pass, buddy”.
      Don’t ever apologize, gents.
      Especially for “offending” someone.
      This is the age were people are “offended” when you say “Merry Christmas”.

      1. Actually that worthless lantern-jawed Scandinavian robbed his ass to the tune of $750 million. Tiger Wood’s mother during the “apology” press-conference looked like she wanted to chew that bitch’s head off.

        1. Well he learned the hard way:
          You don’t pay a whore to fuck you.
          You pay her to leave.
          The concept of paying an unfulfilling wife to fuck off and get lost is just…. I can’t even wrap my head around it. Women are collecting massive payouts to GO AWAY… and then the guy says “sorry”. Fuckin’ ridiculous.

        2. He should have said that. It is worth 750 mill not having to look at your lantern jaw

      2. Woods made decisions with his little head and the Swede has a billionaire coal magnet with more dough than Woods. Pussy and exterior facades can cloud a man’s vision. The Viking gold digger had her vision and her plan B. She was playing chess as Tiger played checkers….

        1. Swedish are the most pussy whipped, feminised cretins on earth. Ever been to Sweden? You don’t want to.

      3. Tiger had it backwards. It should have been him chasing her off with a golf club for irritating him with her nonsense.

    3. Align yourself with a tribe is smart advice as well. Phil isn’t an idiot, he knows sales, just like A&E. The Duck clan is a canny group of college educated guys selling an image. They can do dang near anything they want because they’ve sold the whole image so successfully.
      I’ll wager they laugh all the way to bank, but you can’t fault them for it at all. They made a very smart set of business decisions, and it’s paid off well for them.

      1. I told all of you this 2 years ago that the beard nonsense was just a gimmick. It takes one to know one and these guys did not look or sound like yokels to me. I only had to look at their kids and wives to confirm it.
        Now you and you dopey kids are easy to see are Walmart people lol

  4. This is extraordinarily spot-on the $ “Most people have the causality backwards. They think the purge is taking place due to whatever it is that they did or said. That’s not the case. It is taking place because of who you are and what you represent to them. The truth is that the faction behind your prospective purge already wanted you out and they are simply using the nominal reason given as an excuse to get rid of you.”

  5. Now they are trying to go after Mark Cuban, when will this bullshit end?

    1. When men in the west put their foot down and stop this bullshit instead of backing down and being so thirsty.

      1. So true, men’s weakness is our insatiable desire for pussy. The heterosexual male is at a predisposed disadvantage due to his own nature in the Modern West. So many men will spend their salaries and fortunes into oblivion for some ass. To truly heal one’s self, the process of the red-pill must be undergone. Women on the other hand come naturally programmed to not just fuck the first guy that pleases their eyes, they vet his job, prospects, income and his ability to commit those resources to her. In this society, they have the upperhand.

        1. That’s why being able to go without porn and masturbation is important. It allows oneself to master those urges. If those urges define you then you are still a slave.

        2. That’s quite true for betas/weak men. On the other hand, women will sacrifice all of that for the first truly dominant natural alpha male/manly man she meets.
          Was being hit on by a woman yesterday who had what I believe to be a 2-2.5 carat diamond ring on her finger and was wearing very expensive clothes. Openly married (as am I, so wtf) and couldn’t stop touching me, talking to me sexually, and at one point doing a poll dance in front of the rest of the establishment to some stripper-slut song, eyeing me the entire time. I laughed at her attention and told her I was married, and that just made her seem to try harder, after cheerfully responding “So am I!”.
          Her beta provider husband is so fucking clueless that its painful to even think about. She was very attractive (a very hard 8 bordering on 9) and I’m guessing that since she was hanging out in a biker establishment that she’ll soon, if she hasn’t already, have an alpha cock in her. And when divorce time comes she’ll take everything he owns short of a frying pan and leave him whimpering into a pillow in a flop house. I still have some compassion in my heart, and really feel sorry for the poor soon to be bum.

        3. “Women on the other hand come naturally programmed to not just fuck the first guy that pleases their Eyes,”
          No that natural, actually. What is the reaction of beta pussies if they do? We see it on this very website.

        4. Oh, how I hate thee, pre-marital sex!
          If she had known any man before me, she would have been emotionally bound to my worthle… to me and would never have dumped me!
          This is like college all over again! Why do women freely likes assholes and loosers, not Provider, Nice Guys like me?!? Why can´t these guys do the Manly thing and respect my precious feelings?

  6. impressive article, very much needed as part of a wider survival guide.
    The left’s stormtroopers are increasingly attacking the private thoughts or exchanges of individuals. We’ve had Brendan Eich recently as noted, who was ultimately done in by another company (huge media conglomerate), this week in UK we’ve had Richard Scudamore survive a leak by ‘whistleblower’ temp of his private emails to his friends. So this really is a freedom of thought, not just a freedom of speech issue – they literally want your mind, and that isn’t going to get better until we discover ways of fighting back. Positioning oneself for that is never going to be easy, but strength in numbers and limiting points of vulnerability is definitely a start.
    Scudamore ‘survived’ his comment about big titted women, despite the british PM wading into say he should have been sacked. Its really good to hear though that there are people out there drawing up lists of all those who’ve been sacrificed for the greater PC / feminist good. Writing it down, keeping lists, working on the statistics of how ‘government by complaint’ works, is going to be essential to destroying what in the aggregate amounts to an attempt by one class to supplant another, by women and leftists to remove anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their viewpoint or actively support their cause. It needs to be shown that these witchhunts are a systematic and self-interested means of transferring institutional power to the complainer, or the complainers class. We can only show what they are doing if we have the data to back it up. Statistics aside, the advice to write down everything, name names and make it specific is golden. Its the detail which will catch them out.

  7. “Return of Kings and similar bloggers have managed to survive several witch-hunts by writing SEO-friendly articles documenting opponents actions using their full name.”
    To exercise a demon, you must first call it out by it’s full name to send it back to hell…

    1. to do this it also helps to be able to say: I know the real game you’re playing and I can demonstrate it and show you for what you really are. Perhaps only then can you name the demon and flush

      1. The difficulty really lies in organizing all your ducks, in a real-time format, standing on your laurels and not resting on them. The best defense is always an honest life. To be mentally organized enough to take on the entire crew hunting you is tough. Yet, disallowing things to get to the stage of needing a defense in the first place is where you want to be, quid pro quo, thus absolving yourself tremendously. That establishment supersedes the need for a large support group early on, and often sparks support naturally from within. It’s almost a game of how irreplaceable can you make yourself as soon as possible when you aren’t the one calling the shots from above. Lesson learned: always be the one calling the shots, or with veto power.

        1. found out some of that the hard way. My aim is to be beholden to no-one. Its a work in progress

  8. I fully expect a witch hunt of contributors to the manosphere within the next few years. Be ready for the media storm when they start to blow their hot air. I realize the manosphere won round one with a couple of inept NY reporters doing a hit piece. But when the full fury of the spinmeisters and corrupt legal system hits, I fear there will be some people taken down.
    If you are paying attention, there are a lot of witch hunts and purges going on these days, from military brass who don’t toe the Cathedral’s official line of propaganda, to CEOs of companies (a la the whole Chick-fil-a traditional marriage fiasco,) to owners of basketball teams.
    The decline is proceeding even faster than I thought it would in ‘Murica. As George Carlin put it, with each circle around the drain the decline gets a little faster, and a little faster still.

    1. the main strength and I think weakness is the left’s anti-hate machine. Once it cannot immediately accuse and neutralise any opposition by calling it out as hate then one part of the battle is already won

    2. There’s a Latin saying: in finem citius. Literally, it means “more quickly into the finish.” Idiomatically, it refers to the way that things seem to speed up in human affairs as they tend towards their logical conclusions. The seeds of this dehumanized worldview were planted ca. 500 years ago, when the moral and spiritual unanimity of Europe was fractured. Even then, it took almost 300 years for an explicitly atheist, amoral, revolutionary ideology to emerge. It took another 100 years after that for an explicitly anti-God, envy-based revolution to emerge. Then, it took 50 years for mere commercial class war to be replaced by identity-based class war (feminism), 30 years for gays to claim “toleration” in a thorough way, 20 years for gays to go beyond tolerance into insisting upon forced acceptance, 10 years for trannies to insist we use their pronouns of choice… and now, there are full blown demands that we be fired from jobs for merely not liking them, demands that we pay for their birth control, demands that we pay for their abortions, and demands that we pay for everything women want to do, really, since the government is daddy and husband to them, rather than individual men, etc.
      As we progress along the path of “enlightenment” thought, the time between aggressively immoral and confiscatory paradigm-shifts decreases. In finem citius.
      This may work for us, depending. Now that we get to the end and the insanity is unraveling faster and faster, many people who were neutral are starting to see the danger. Five centuries ago, only the Catholics foresaw the dangers and predicted where the revolutionary mindset would go: hell, even a century ago, the only widely-distributed writings against the entire tenor of modernist thought, were Papal Encyclicals. Three centuries ago, the Protestants started to realize that the revolutionary mindset was undermining everything substantive in society. A century ago, only morally and philosophically perceptive people saw the clouds of the contraceptive culture, feminism, etc., growing on the horizon. 50 years ago, the political conservatives, religious or not, saw the tyrannical direction of the government, at a time when plenty of “decent” and moderate Americans considered them insane. Now we see lots of guys in the Manosphere who may not have a very firm moral or spiritual commitment to truth, but even they have come to see that all these women and faggots are a real problem, and that the return of men with purpose and reason and some semblance of sanity is necessary. Hell, even some of the feminsts are starting to find feminism and its offshoots insane!
      It’s a neck-and -neck race. Will the insanity progress quickly enough, for the majority of still-borderline-society to harden against it? Or are people slipping into the insanity at a fast enough pace, to complete the transformation before a backlash can coalesce? Society will collapse either way, at this point; I’m just wondering whether to plan for a brief but survivable storm, or whether to essentially expect death and plan to die well.

      1. I’ll put my money on horse #3 : Economic
        We are in the first stages of a long decline, with several steep descents. Reference : Princeton Economics , Martin Armstrong
        This cycle is changing over to something not seen in a long time.
        Long term structural unemployment, declining economic conditions in the West ; well that will about throttle off this peak insanity feminism.
        Come 2016 its a steep decline, and the bullshit will HAVE to be thrown off the wagon. There simply will be no patience and no latitude to accept this deadweight or negative drag.
        At what a price tho.

        1. That’s the truth. I think most people, even the revolutionaries, know it. But I think they’d rather we were all up shit creek with them, than that they not get their few decades of infamy.

      1. A stopped watch is right twice a day. I think he was right about the decline of America if you watch the interview he gave before his death.

  9. Never underestimate the power of ridicule. Mock your enemies. There’s nothing more damaging than being made to look ridiculous.

  10. If you think this isn’t capable of happening to you, I dare you to go out in the mall and call out “I think Hitler was right about those Jews.”

  11. The 3 pillars of the inquisitors : Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia. They will try to hang you on one of them. No overt comment or act is required on your part to be drawn before the wall.
    No doubt in the next presidential election the Democrat platform will rest on this solid support and some incident will be contrived about the opposition along with much screeching and hair-rending for him to withdraw from the race.

  12. Keep in mind that witch-hunters are just Beta-boys and femininazis, mostly. If you apply simple Game concepts to them, they will crumble before you.
    Of course, if you have good frame to begin with, your chances of being targeted are low.

    1. Unless said betas and feminazis are in some kind of power where they can hurt you financially, like getting you fired. Then your frame means shit and will only serve to amuse them. “Look at his frame haha, but our gay asses still got him”

      1. They can fire everyone who is not them but at the price of their society collapsing into its own butthole.

      1. Except that ants are usually organized. When progressives institute a witch-hunt, they usually are not organized.
        The key is to win over the undecided or uncaring to your side. Simply expose them for what they are. Even if you get fired, that only means that those who are disgusted by their own company will follow suit and resign. Most sensible people would rather not work in a hostile environment.

  13. Fortunately the left has already started to attack itself because it acts as a lint trap for society’s misfits, scolds and losers who have conflicting agendas. Consider how Mexicans don’t like blacks and they have driven blacks out of the shitty neighborhoods Mexicans want to move into, for example. Poor Mexicans now far outnumber blacks when it comes to competing for a finite supply of welfare handouts. For some reason no one wants to talk about how the left has enabled Mexicans to flood into the country as an army of proxy racists to provide a barrier against an increasingly useless and troublesome black underclass.

    1. I’ve been hearing rumors of a Mexican vs Black race war in the making. Those 2 groups don’t like each other, that’s the truth.

  14. Never apologize

    Yes. They need you to apologize because it is an admission of guilt. By apologizing you’re giving your consent to their mob justice. The history of these purgings demonstrates that in purge situations that the damage is already done and that there is little value in apology.

  15. Good article. Finding your tribe may be difficult, though. Here in my slice of suburbia, I don’t come across a lot of people who are likely to take an unpopular stand and fight. I see a lot of “nice” people who go to great lengths to have an awesome lawn, but I can’t see them faring well in the face of adversity. I love the anti-fragile concept, I’m going to get a hold of that book.

  16. These witch hunts are mostly passive aggressive on the whole, if you live a self dependent and self reliant life, along with the mindset that goes with it, then there is little you can do. Reminds me a lot of this sociopathic female flatmate I used to live with. She tried all these tricks in the book, make me jealous, turn people against me, you name it. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the nature of such passive attacks, is that they only work if you give a f*ck.
    It’s easy for me to say this, as I don’t have a family to support or kids. This is when the witch hunts and thought police can really harm you.
    Excellent article and should be spread around, the dark enlightenment movement has some very key points on this matter.

  17. Hm. A good read along with this should be 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene.

  18. The “Never Apologize” bit is the truth (assuming, of course, you haven’t done something that actually merits an apology). When I saw Tracy Jordan dragged along that whole “apology tour,” like a Cherokee being pushed down the Trail of Tears, I was furious. I don’t like Tracy Jordan at all, but I was angry at him for being such a bitch. Had I been him, I would have had the following twenty-second-long press conference with no questions taken:
    “I’m very sorry; I didn’t realize that people who *enjoy* getting reamed in the ass would be so fragile and delicate. See, the main reason I don’t want my son to be gay, is not because I don’t want him ever to sit on another man’s member (though there’s certainly that); the main reason I don’t want him to be gay, is because I don’t want him to be an hysterical, effeminate, raving lunatic with a narcissistic personality disorder on overdrive. This is the main reason people hate homosexuals, and I would have thought the gay community, in reacting to my jokes, would have been concerned to dispel this negative stereotype of themselves. I’m frankly surprised by the way they have embraced and amplified the stereotype. I can only try to believe, in my heart of hearts, that there’s at least one fag with an heart of gold out there, despite all public evidence to the contrary. For those fragile fairies who remain offended, however, perhaps I can make it up to you by showing you a good time. My boot will be available for rapid, forceful insertion into the posterior of offended parties, beginning tomorrow at 9AM at the front gate of my palatial estate. Lubrication will not be provided.”
    What’s their answer to that? To angrily demand *another* press conference? To continue to generate press for you? They’ll be reduced to picketing and heckling your performances, courses of action that will only hasten the public’s rapidly increasing sense of being “fed up” with all this faggotry, already.

    1. Gold Jerry, gold!
      Fucking fantastic comment. That is exactly how we need to start treating all of these perpetual “victims”, especially the Gaystapo. Smile on our faces, finger in the air and a hearty “fuck you” out of our mouths. Your comments never disappoint Cui Pertinebit.

      1. Thanks, man. Yeah, I don’t understand the cave-in mentality. When somebody throws an hissy fit because you have an opinion different from theirs, the proper answer is to make *them* feel ashamed, not to trip over yourself on the rush to apologize. I don’t know how this pattern even got started.

      2. If they where victims, that would be nice, they would be shutting up for a starter.

    2. This is months late, but I went into an asthma attack because I was laughing so hard. Jesus, that was good!!

  19. Document everything, that is every damn thing. Keep files on people, your bosses, your clients; these are weapons. If some slut likes making dirty jokes and/or brags about her sexcipades then document it. We live in a digital age, so record the conversations of people, to include your boss. This will allow you to bitch slap them in court should the need occur, and requires as much effort as a daily planner, and if you don’t use a planner you are already failing.
    I’m not a litigious person, nor am I particularly violent, but as Gen. Mattis famously said “Be friendly to all, be cordial, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Witch hunts happen when men let their guard down, just like any other damn thing, just like mass shooting. You are never safe, you must always use caution, and a friend will kill you sooner than a known enemy or competitor.

    1. I agree, however documentation is becoming less important as more and more HR seems to rely on “feelings” and anything you document will be tossed to the side with “I see what you’re saying, but Michelle still feels personally violated because you put a picture of your pretty wife as your desktop wallpaper and we’re left without any other options but to ask you to leave”. These days I only do contract work because of this poison, just so I can walk whenever I get tired of a particular place.

      1. Didn’t you read the whole comment about bitch slapping them in COURT? Of course HR will side with her. This is about getting your own after the fact, when their bias and lack of due process is proven. Reread and try again. Because, there are Victims and there are Volunteers. Right now, you sound like a volunteer.

  20. These are all good points.
    I would just add that you can never trust a woman. We all know this here at ROK, but it’s must be repeated over and over again.
    If you have allowed a woman into your inner-circle of trust, she will by her very nature destroy it. (See Sterling). She is likely to invite the mob in. If she doesn’t do that, when the mob comes, she will be the first to commit treason against you.
    There is a reason the feminist state wants your wife or girlfriend to call 911 on you. They want her to submit her allegiance to them. And to betray every man in her life. The messages to do so are constant, 24-7, on the media, in the trash magazines she reads. She will break, and she will betray you.
    So, a big part of the formula is to use woman like kitchen appliances, but never let them know you, never let them into your life beyond being sex utility objects.

    1. So fucking true. I mean women get vindicated for absolutely everything. Beat a great man with a golf-club to the point where he needed stitches on his face and then rob him through the courts of 100s of millions of dollars, wooo, great! She’s a heroine. Now let’s go to O.J. Simpson. Gave the bitch multiple cars, a house and she ended up divorcing him and fucking another guy in his house and letting him drive his cars. Needless to say, he wasn’t spared anything in the court of public opinion. No one cared what a worthless slut Nicole Simpson was, she was white and a woman! Doesn’t matter if you have the brain of Newton, the cock of a great Mandingo warrior and the fortune of Bill Gates, nothing on earth will stop a bitch from manipulating you. She’ll do it, because she can. The state has its incentives for her to betray you, they reward her in the “courts.”

        1. I was the only person in the bar where they announced the verdict who was happy for him.

      1. Nicole Simpson use to hang out with some of heidi fleiss’s best rated hookers. When she married Simpson, she was a struggling waitress. It was the goal of all her friends to land high profile men. She was the first in her group to do so… At one stage, they tried to make her a representative of domestic violence against women….. Lol ??!!!.

      2. It’s the gynocentric Anglo “culture”; in real life, I ran into an American SWF from Kansas who took offense when I cracked a joke in front of her face how “The Ku Klux Klan are so whipped, they ONLY performed LYNCHINGS at the beck and call of the white woman.” Her only response was, “Dude, not funny.” That was way before I found out on my own about my granduncle’s ultimate fate.
        Surprisingly, an older black lesbian woman shared to me how even American SWFs of her time got WHITE men LYNCHED too.

        1. This is the part of the KKK’s history that I want opened to the manosphere. There were tons of lynchings of innocent white males who were falsely accused of rape after some lying bitch later felt ashamed about her “transgressions” and decided her only way of regaining her “honor” was through lying and screaming “rape.”

        2. Honor killings by the traditional, “good woman” some likes to worships so much?
          Put simply, the upper, middle-class victorian woman was the ideological ancestor of the feminist.

        3. Lance, what is your racial/ethnic background? I’d like to see more “men of color” for lack of a better name, in the manosphere. I’ve seen some black buddies go thru some serious shit, and long ago realized we have a LOT more in common than one might think.
          what’s your story?

        4. My above comment directly pertains to the second sentence, where you said,
          “Put simply, the upper, middle-class victorian woman was the ideological ancestor of the feminist.”
          I just emphasized on it right now.

        5. I can guarantee you that “men of color” in the Anglo manosphere have been “Anglicized” and are teaching themselves to undo the Anglicization.
          I’m a case in point.

      3. A great man, for what, golfing? He gave 250M as an apology, That makes him a complete pussy. Reason he lost so much is that he did nothing to keep it.
        If he met the Booty Warrior, he would be choosing the easy way, again.

        1. I’ll bet nobody here gives a flying fuck what you think. Don’t like us? There’s the door.

  21. I wonder how the Donald Sterling witch hunt will conclude. He should not have apologized, but I do hope that he gathers himself, finds his frame, and gets medieval on his enemies. As far as I know, the only crimes commited were the wiretapping and blackmail committed by his girlfriend (Are those things not crimes anymore? How does she walk free?), and perhaps conspiracy if Magic Johnson arranged it all.
    If I were him and at his age, I’d burn the Clippers down to the ground and spend half of my remaining fortune hiring MS13 hitmen to do what they do. At least that is my fantasy. Good luck to all who face, or will face, witch hunts.

    1. If I were a cancer-ridden dying Jewish billionaire, I would do exactly the same. This guy could get MS13 do do all kinds of shit for him and extract revenge on his many enemies.

    2. There is no evidence to suggest his girlfriend committed wiretapping or blackmail – for all we know he recorded himself Nixon style. Sterling has tried to burn the Clippers to the ground for his entire tenure as owner. MS13 is completely incompetent – mostly they shoot other idiot gang members – and they might just as easily shoot him and keep the money.

  22. Excellent article. Most of these points are worth knowing and adopting just to lead a good life, regardless whether you need to survive a witch hunt or not.
    Everyone should have at least a part time business, preferably one that is independent of location. (run from your laptop)
    Everyone should have allies that can be called upon to help you out.

  23. Great Article. These are the kinds of topics ROK needs to be discussing. Very relevant and thought provoking.

  24. If you are a man working a white collar job with women in the office and your typical female top heavy HR department, my money says there is a witch hunt on you whether you know it or not. Ironic, since it is the witches hoping you slip up in a “gotcha!” moment for them. An example is a man-hating middle age divorcee overhearing you compliment a cute younger woman’s new hair style. Yes, I know you were just trying to be nice, but you just fucked up, pal!

    1. Yes. To register in public discourse such things, the unjust power that women may wield in the modern office, we need to (be able to) describe such things in the same ways that feminists and social justice warriors would do if the ‘culprits’ and bullies etc were men, that is as a form of power that is oppressive and is systematically experienced by men where hive politics operates. They need a taste of their own medicine. They’re wings need clipping, so that they must stop their speech, gossip, social manipulation even before it leaves their lips, in case someone understanding the evil oppressive effects that may arise when women conspire, should hear them.
      In offices, HR etc the big thing is ‘abuse’, ‘bullying’ etc. Women get away with this because they are women, and because as yet men (and women, many of whom suffer as much or more than men) do not have the ability to articulate what is going on in terms of bullying, abuse, oppression etc.
      Its not nice to adopt the language of victimology, but to do so would also be a form of subversion, and a legitimate one too

      1. I’ve done it and it works. If for no other reason than it was so unexpected that they were shocked into paralysis and had no fucking clue what to do. Especially when I had my female lawyer write them a letter.

        1. glad to hear it. No-one can understand something until it is clearly articulated. Shock can be cathartic for all parties too

    2. HR has no authority in typical offices. All of the line-of-business management hates them, and they can’t do anything on their own.

    3. Manginas and feminists… they’re all miserable in their own lives… they have the dishonourable mentality that they can make themselves happier by bringing other people down. Which doesn’t really solve their problems at all.
      If they meet someone who works on themselves, has a bit of pride, and is self-motivated… that person must be destroyed.
      I took a girl out today for lunch and we got to know each other a bit under a tree. My fucking mangina boss sees us (randomly was in the same place) and walks up to us. I try to engage in some pleasant conversation but he totally tries to make me look stupid in front of this cute girl… I manage to shrug it off and maintain frame but it definitely left me irritated inside… just on principle. Me and my friends always try to make each other look larger than life… Either this guy wants me to be a miserable lab monkey with no self-confidence or he has no idea how to behave with other men period… The shit this guy has put me through I swear to god if he wasn’t my boss I’d break his fucking nose.
      I’m telling you guys.. white collar office spaces can be fucking hell for stand-up guys… your value to the office doesn’t have to do with how skilled or talented you are… its just stupid games. In the last few years I’ve noticed quite a few males are leaving the program and saying fuck it… I know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 personally that have left or are leaving… and I’m next as soon as I get my piece of paper.

      1. Clark, I wish you luck and hope you soon find something better because there is no future working under an insecure man like your boss anyway. I get the impression he envies something about you to the point where he was asshole enough to put you sown in front of the girl. It’s also possible he wished he could have her, hence his cockblocking.

        1. Thanks for the support and I’ve only got a few more months dealing with this shit and I’m out. I’m just trying to add my piece of evidence… I need to express that this article is hardly exaggerating. I’m not at the tops of the hills yelling “take the red pill” or anything… I’m just a straight up dude who is trying to do good for himself.
          Here’s another story.
          There was a senior in my office, he was a classic miserable mangina + land whale wife… I walk in and he tells me about how he was on facebook and noticed some random poster made a “racist comment”. This mangina checks the dudes facebook account and finds his place of employment. The mangina mails the employer to report that this random person is a racist… this random dude was fired.
          He told me this story like I was supposed to congratulate him but I told him straight up that that was like the most fucked up thing I ever heard… What if this person’s family was depending on him? I told this mangina that if he ever did anything like that to me I would have straight up murdered him.
          4 months later my ex-gf is cheating on me with this mangina loser… he ends up falling in love with her and his wife pulls him out of the program. After a year my ex is still pining over me and tells me about her “regret”.
          This place has taught me a valuable lesson in life… white collar jobs are breeding grounds for miserable manginas.

        2. I suggest you take up a combat sport and learn how to beat up men. This will change your entire attitude and outlook on life and when you crush another man in fron1 of other people.
          1) The manginas are super scared and kow tow to you.
          2) The women get super horny fucking sluts that they are.

      2. Calls people ” Manginas” then talks about “dishonourable mentality of bringing other people down” Hypocrite much?

        1. Might as well call a spade a spade. Like now, you’re a troll and I’m calling you one. Go away troll.

    4. Always have a good lawyer and when attacked, go on the immediate offensive. It has worked for me.

  25. Never apologize and always stand your ground.
    I know of one guy who was being interviewed by a panel for a job, who was flat out asked by a Jewish guy on the panel if he was an anti-Semite. His response,
    “Affirmative, I am an anti-Semite. I believe that all people deserve a home, that is to say the Jewish people deserve a homeland I also believe that all Jews should go to their home and Judaize each other instead of trying to Judaize me.”
    The Jewish guy wasn’t expecting that, best part is the guy ended up getting the job.

  26. This was a fantastic article with a lot of real-world value. Thank you. It’s articles like this that make me return to RoK, despite the influx of garbage articles that have been posted lately

  27. I wonder what is more effective: changing a system from without or within. When one reinvents oneself, is it an inside out job or an outside in progression? Or, must both happen congruently.

  28. Quality article, quality thoughts, A+ all around runsonmagic. I fervently hope and pray that people start taking the lessons of this article to heart. Not sure about anyone else but I am sick and tired not only of the increasing witch hunts, but also of the sniveling apologies. Stand up and tell them to suck your dick, and do it with a big shit eating grin, and you’ll get my respect and if you’re a business with something I desire, my money.

  29. I never knew about Magic Johnson attempting to buy over the LA Clippers. Guess there’s always more than meets the eye…

    1. oh yeah, there’s a huge scam involved with the clippers, magic johnson, his business associates, and cable television subsidiaries.
      Seriously, they have desperately wanted to kill sterling for years to get their hands on and exploit his franchise. He’s old, but he just wasn’t dying fast enough… and Johnson is in desperate straights for an absolutely retarded earlier purchase of the dodgers for a price that was obscene… he NEEDS to be able to monopolize California’s teams, or he will soon not be able to afford the mountains of medication needed to keep him looking like a real human instead of a disease-riddled zombie.

  30. I always liked the advice..when you are caught close your mouth…and a window will open. People just can’t stand silence..they will fill in an explanation for you..and it is almost always one favorable.

  31. A lot of this happens online without the realization its going on. All is good advice but you need to be aware and vigilant. Let your guard down even an instance and you will be required to repent and admit to crimes against Oceania.

  32. This is important: DON’T WRITE ANYTHING DOWN THAT COULD BE USED AGAINST YOU. So when the dean or HR slut or whoever asks for a “statement of what happened on the night from your perspective” don’t reply to the email. They will hang you on something in what you write.

  33. Nixon was right about this: Never Apologize, Never Explain.
    When I was at uni, I’d see this move:
    1. Someone “Offends” some afflicted group.
    2. Afflicted group demands apology.
    3. “Offender” apologizes to “make it go away”.
    4. Afflicted group deems apology “insincere” but now there’s an admission.
    5. Mandatory “sensitivity training” and/or candlelight vigils ensue.
    À bientôt,

    1. And Bill Clinton refined it with “never resign.” Make them fire you. If you quit, you have nothing.

  34. After years of work in my chosen profession (law enforcement), I became the target of a witch hunt, which started (as the article notes) with a goal of damaging my professional reputation–a goal in search of a vehicle.
    I had sensed this was coming about a year prior while working a specific investigation and started a specific narrative/baseline that I won’t describe here, but basically I began laying the pieces, knowing my (female, and senior) opponents were likely to do a series of chess moves, IF they proceeded (and if they didn’t, I would quietly maintain my narrative as though nothing happened).
    Fast forward a few months and things are going to crap. AND THEY DO EXACTLY WHAT I HAD PREDICTED…but, I had my narrative handy to fire back–as part of a victim group. I spoke the language of victimology while simultaneously laying down a series of factual matters regarding their incompetence, that I KNEW were going to be utilized in the Discovery phase of anticipated litigation. So on one hand, I protected myself with a specific EEO claim (and subsequent opening for a Prohibited Personnel Action claim), implied these specific women were racists/biased in other areas; defined areas of violations of law regarding actual professional (non-EEO) matters, and made sure enough was on record they’d have to back spin hundreds of billable hours to prevent the material’s release in other litigation.
    Three things were key to my success in staying above the bullet spray:
    1. I knew the nature of these women, and the statistical likelihood they would come after me (assisted by specific gossip I heard and also observing what they had done to other men over the years in the past);
    2. I knew and sought out, via my position, specifically embarrassing details which illustrated their incompetence, that would be an effective tool to “norm” any counter-complaints I anticipated making against them (to an objective trier of fact)–you have to do/have this, to ensure any counter-complaint is relatively de-personalized for a later reader/trier of fact;
    3. I utilized the currency they rely on and had their entire careers (affirmative action/EEO, etc), to “one up” them with a claim I made, which I constantly threw back at them, having had a complete back story already created, and aware that NO ONE would want to go NOT paying attention to my claim, and the entire Counsel’s office would be concerned about the appearance of anything happening to me AFTER I responded ( to avoid a Prohibited Personnel Practice). I cauterized the claim, and inoculated myself from future claims.

  35. This is why I hated working in an office. A government office. The women there were always on the lookout for something to be offended about and hopefully parlay being offended into a big payday for them and the unemployment line for the offender. I eventually wised up and got into a field with few women. When I must talk to a female I act as if I am talking to a police officer. I don’t date, joke around or befriend them. It’s strictly business. I’ve seen men lose their careers over nothing. There is a financial incentive for them so I don’t trust any woman at work.

  36. “Never apologize”
    yeah that should be masculinity 101 unless of course you mistake her cat for a tiger, slice it’s head off with a plastic knife and mount it on a fence post. Apologies are necessary after a bad acid trip.

  37. Do not care and do not give them the chance. The only things that matter in this world are facts and power. People without power try to distort facts to gain influence. But I bet you Sterling is still rich and doesn’t fucking care what some indignant 20 something thinks. This is how you beat them. They have no power if ignored.

  38. Hat off runsonmagic. I’m a little late reading this, however, your article is damn fine. There was a commenter link on another article in RoK to MGTOW Glass Hammer (Youtube). The vid just so outlined what happened to me when I was terminated five years ago. I wish I could remember what article the link was in. The vid left me so shaken and spellbound in its outline and information that I had to watch it three times.
    The apology thing is so true. I never apologized and that made them mad as hornets. Even my Union rep said, “they want an apology, just apologize”.

  39. The very fact that I live life by my rules and do and say what I want when I want pisses a lot of people off. I used to think that was a negative, now it makes me grin knowing how angry it makes them how free I am compared to them. I don’t have to put up with anyone’s shit and guess what, I have a luxury apartment, everything I need and cute girls want to bang me.
    The fact that I have a better life than 90 percent of my opponents is a refreshing fact.
    I laugh my ass off at these butthurt sjw dogs who wish I wanted to talk to people with “born to lose” tattoos and tweaker chicks, when in reality it all goes back to if my opponent hates me, I clearly have the advantage.

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