6 More Tips On Raising Your Daughters On The Red Pill

My last article made some noise over at Roosh’s and ROK (with this as the original reference). So I thought, with one of the comments on Roosh’s site encouraging me, that another piece would be a good idea. So, let’s get started with more tips on raising your daughter…

1. Develop Critical Thinking

If you didn’t know it by now, kids are impressionable. Actually, adults are also impressionable and girls are probably the most. This is why game works. We all know that females are herd creatures. So how can one help “save” his daughter from becoming part of the herd?

By adopting critical thinking and embracing praxeology.

When I teach my daughters something about the nature of the world, I sometime tell them the following line: “Look and see if it is true by yourself”.

My favorite example – Debunking “female superiority.” Take this show for example – K.C. Undercover

Yes, a female genius that is also athletic and can play basketball. Oh, and she is 16. Her brother is a nerd, and her parents don’t acknowledge him. Not to mention that they are blacks (and white folks are usually evil). So with all that BS on screen, what can a father do?

Use critical thinking.

“Girls, do you think that a 16 year old can actually be that good in everything?” They tend to agree with me. “She is good at playing basketball on the show” they tell me. I’ve been waiting for that. “I use to play division 1 in high school, and was also pro, for some time. I was a straight-A student also. Do you think I would have time to be an undercover spy?”

They get the point.

Use this tactic as often as possible, and you got yourself a critical thinker in the family. This means that she will not follow the herd that easily and will stick to what she knows. Hopefully, if you have been there and done the right thing, it will be traditional views on gender relations and your view of how the world works.

Which brings me to the almost “opposite”…

2. Encourage traditional gender roles

“Dad, it looks like guys have all the fun” You may sometime hear them say. This is where you need to make your frame their frame. Otherwise you might get a critical thinker who believes that being a tomboy is better than being a girl. Next step may be feminism.

This is where you work on their femininity, give meaning and show.

Keep the traditional gender role.
They’ll thank you later

“Do you like being injured?” I ask. “No!” they are appalled, “Dad, why do you want us to get injured?” “I didn’t say that. I asked if you like being injured. You know that boys get injured more than girls. Also boys go to wars to defend us. Do you want to go to war?”

With this dialog one can see how you make being masculine, for a girl, less appealing.

Make sure to be there and show them the actual hardship of being a man. This is where feminists lack – they envy our rewards but don’t want to share the burden. Also remember to encourage the female experience.

3. Make them feel comfortable with their bodies

I know I just lost some of you, but hear me out.

We want to watch their weight, and it is increasingly hard with snacks and puberty. We also want them to have a healthy body image – a chaste one, yet one that feels comfortable in her own skin.

I suggest the following:

Use fewer negative phrases – shaming works, but home is where we need to feel safe. So if she says she feels fat, or is fat, either agree & amplify to make her laugh or look her in the eye and say that looks matter. I have seen fathers tell their daughter that “Yes you are fat” or deny it. That is a beta response. We need a “sympathetic yet constructive” one.

Tell her that “I understand you have strong feelings about it. What do you think we can do about it?” Then discuss with her what to do, and guide her to more vegetables, more drinking of water and less eating.

Hug them – I have read that fathers are afraid to be around their stepdaughters. Funny as that article was, I noticed that as girls mature, the fathers seem to take more space from them.

Don’t do that. At least do not avoid contact all together.

You are still the father, and she is still your daughter. It is acceptable that she needs less physical contact from you, but she still needs it. Hug them, let them kiss you (on the cheek). By avoiding contact, you are depriving her of a need.

On the other hand, don’t force it. Being masculine means understanding the fickle nature of females. Forcing a hug or a kiss is not the way to go. Use frame and habit so she can show her love for you.

See how happy she is?

That way they know that you are comfortable with them growing up and the change of their bodies. Otherwise this intensifies the feeling that their loved one are somehow repelled because they are growing up (female logic).

Do sports activities with them – ride a bike, shoot hoops, go to play grounds and actually play with them. If they move their body and you are encouraging them, they get to feel self-control and power over their body. This is a great feeling that helps them have a healthy body image.

4. Make sure they eat healthy

The growing epidemic of carbs and non-saturated fat is all around. Fight it. You can, but you need to prepare for that in advance. My daughters ask regularly for snacks, as kids do. I always offer vegetables and fruits. I have a hard time with that but they slowly get accustomed to it.

If I’m taking them out for a few hours, I pack vegetables in a box. “Dad, I’m hungry” they say after sometime. “Here are the vegetables” I hand them the box. “Again?” They are disappointed. “Yes. This is what we have.” “OK. I’ll have the cucumbers and capsicum.”

I also insist on calling food by it ingredients. Snacks are carbs. Meet and eggs are protein. Use this when you want to associate food in a way that will help them to remember what is better to eat. I emphasize having protein over carbs and making sure other nutrients are available.

5. Teach them to regulate their emotions

From my experience, and what the red pill teaches us – women are primarily driven by their emotions. Women of the past, by choice or by necessity, knew how to regulate their emotions better and were not all about her feelings.

Quoting Roosh (emphasis is mine):

…what she thinks of as morality is actually built upon her feelings. When faced with any type of stress, she will almost always follow the herd or make the wrong decision

Part of helping your daughter to grow is explaining and exercising her in recognizing her emotions. When my elder has a “hormone serge” I explain (afterwards) about it. Those episodes still happen, but one can help his daughter to regulate it (to some extent).

She has strong emotions, she may cry.
You can help her regulate it. Credit: Alamy.com

Work on it regularly. Teach them to harness their emotions for good, and not to turn it against themselves (I use the TV as examples for it, but one may use books and other people around). A girl who can, to some extent, regulate her emotions will be a great wife and mother.

6. Tell her what you expect from her

So natural, yet so overlooked by, well, most of the people.

I heard moms and dads saying stuff like: “Well, it is up to her.” I almost cringe hearing this. This is being lazy, and not putting the right emphasis on the right things in life. I don’t intend to tell my daughters what occupation to choose, but I am going to tell them how to live their life.

This is done by stories (with morals), and sometimes actually telling them what I expect.

Example 1 – Serving the military

In Israel there is mandatory draft, for guys and girls. My eldest is more pacifist by nature and has strong feeling against war. I told her that she, just like her father (who is on reserve duty regularly) and her mother (who served her time) will have to do it too.

“Can I be a dog trainer or a psychologist?” she asks. “Yes you may” I answer, “There are a lot of options to serve our country. I expect you and your sister to help our nation.” “I don’t want to be a long time in the army” she pouts. “You don’t have to stay more than the time our government has decided upon,” I reassure her.

She knows I expect her to do it, and not some “Daddy Government” or an unknown law which makes less sense to her.

Example 2 – Friends

It is crucial to develop social skills. An old Jewish saying goes like this: “If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?”

So it is important that children will be social. This is what I tell my daughters, they must have some friends (more than one). I, and their mother, make sure that they keep a social circle. They sometimes resent, but I tell them that I expect them to have friends. I also schedule it in advance (at least a day forward).

This means that in the future, I also expect to vet their boyfriends, just like this guy did. I hope I’ll be more successful than him.


This is my second article on the subject (here is the first). I assume that this one will be less controversial. This is my lessons learned from my red pill parent journey of so far. The more I look at it, it just seems a lot like daughters were raised a few decades ago, but with a new flavor.

I want to emphasize again – this does mean I get everything right. However, working by those tips will increase the likelihood of my daughters being better suited for the world, and for growing up. This is part of my legacy.

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  1. Most of this article was spot on, except for the Example 1. Women in the military, no matter where, are a bad idea and have led to significant deterioration of our armed forces.

      1. You can did dig out the stats on STDs and pregnancies with women in the military, the rates are sickening and the cost (financially and militarily) are staggering.

    1. A woman serving in the military is only asking to be raped. Hell, they aren’t even effective as soldiers.

    2. Women have always served in the military. But not in f***g front lines. Medic, intelligence, specialists etc.
      As long as you don’t lower the standards, and don’t have to ‘cudfle’ them, there’s a place.

        1. Yeah, there weren’t female medics. I think he got carried away. Women were all REMF’s, with some nurses near the front lines, at most.

        2. I had a great aunt who was a nurse in both world wars. It always sounded to me like that was as close to the lines as a woman could get.
          Interestingly, she was sort of an interesting test case for women in the military. She had a couple of husbands, traveled the world a lot, and I suspect had more than a few flings both at home and abroad (mostly, I’d wager, between the wars when she was young enough to attract).

        3. Kinda sorta. Sometimes accidentally. Usually the concept of “front lines” where they would be were…fluid.

        4. Depends on the time frame. During the Civil War, often times they were (unintentionally). Same during quick boundary changing engagements, such as Korea or Vietnam.

        5. You are right. I guess what I mean, nobody is going to intentionally set up a field hospital on the edge of no man’s land. You won’t get much work done with shells landing in the operating room. On the other hand, a medic will frequently being doing his work under fire.

        6. Every soldiers can be on the front lines; But there is a crucial difference between front lines units and standart soldiers.

        7. Pre-WW1 nurses weren’t formally part of the Army, they were members of private charities and volunteers (mostly Red Cross) so their participating in combat zones wasn’t officially sanctioned.

        8. General Sherman’s quote about Mary Ann Bickerdyke (what a name lol) – “She ranks me”
          Big fan of Ken Burns’ Civil War.

        9. I like the guy with the white beard he keeps interviewing who looks and sounds like he was in the CIvil War, working for General Lee or something. The one who says things like he was in the room, like “…and then Longstreet come up to General Lee and he said ‘General, we really ought to go around that flank.’ Lee looked at him and said, “They won’t expect us in the center.” He didn’t really say that in the documentary but it’s representative. I wish I could remember that guy’s name.

        10. Shelby Foote is his name, and yeah I think the people they had doing the voice characterizations in that series were absolutely perfect for the characters they played.

        11. That’s true, I vaguely recall that but clearly didn’t remember it in my post. Thanks for the correction.

      1. Meritocracy sounds nice but is utter bullsh*t in practice. Even if some women “make it” into military units there’s still other problems from sexual tensions, to unit cohesion, women’s quick physical deterioration, and all the soap opera level drama that women bring.

      1. They’re nothing but a distraction, front-line, rear-line, supply-lines, doesn’t make a bit of difference. Worthless malingers and pot-stirrers.

        1. Thanks to women in the military, all our troops get to sit down every month for a lengthy seminar on sexual assault. The guys I know had to tiptoe around their female “comrades” for fear of being dishonorably discharged.
          Great way to spread cohesion in the ranks.

      2. In the Boy Scouts, I got to practice the fireman’s carry with the biggest kid. I probably could have made whatever march they’re making, and I was probably 12 at the time (with a scout who may have weighed as much as that soldier – army guys aren’t very heavy).

        1. 230 isn’t fat on a guy 6’3″, assuming he’s been lifting regularly.

        2. Y’know – I don’t get what his “malfunction” was. By the end of his training he’d overcome his ineptitude and even discovered and honed a skill he never knew he had! He should have been happy!

        3. Ideally, yeah. I think the idea was that he was broken not only in spirit, but in sanity. Or something like that. The movies from that period would have been great if they’d stuck to the war and training part, and left off the psychoanalyzing and simply sappy emotionalist Leftist bullshit. Full Metal Jacket should have had Gunney going to the front and then, maybe, getting killed but inspiring the men to avenge his death. Or something like that. I hate war movies made after the 1960’s.
          Except Stripes.

        4. crazy….my spirits would have been SOARING if I’d gone from being a useless sack of shit to an actual fighting marine.
          The one thing I like better about newer war movies is the accuracy of props. HATED seeing M48’s prowling around the movie “Patton” acting like Tigers…

        5. IMO, the only ones worth anything anymore are the semi-documentary ones. Black Hawk Down and 13 Hours, in particular, spring to mind.
          You can tell it’s good because the military men usually hesitate to watch them, and when they do they get simultaneously angry and sad over their fallen brothers.

        6. I just want a good, nasty, down and dirty war movie that doesn’t try to preach to me about “humanity” and “aw, let’s feel sorry for ourselves” or any other sappy, sentimental bullshit. I mean I know that you can’t make all of them hard edged and macho, but man, it would be nice if at least *some* were that way.
          The best battle movies these days are the ones set in medieval times, I guess because getting cut in half with a glaive was humane as compared to being machine gunned. Or something. Truth be told, I really don’t understand hippy logic much.

        7. I don’t know… I thought that A Bridge Too Far was the most complete war movie ever made… Just my opinion.

        8. LOL! I’d prefer to be machine gunned…
          Speaking of great battle scenes… There is a fantastic scene in Vikings season 4 in the Kingdom of Mercia. One of the few scenes that doesn’t have a brigade of bullshit ass Shield Maidens.

        9. I haven’t actually seen that one yet. I went through a spell, that I might still be in, where I just got tired of the “the message” all the time in the movies. Hell I rarely go to any movie these days unless dragged kicking and screaming to it. The last one I saw at a theater was The Revenant and before that, one maybe in….geez….2014?

        10. I gave up on Vikings precisely due to the “shield maidens” (of which no real proof actually exists) and the pussification of Rollo. Then they killed Ragnar and I said “Eh, I’m out”.
          I did like some of the invasion of England stuff, and hearing Wessex Saxon “in real life”.

        11. I paid to go see Doctor Strange with some friends (kind of fun, in a meaningless CGI-fest way). Before that, I paid to see the first Captain America and Deadpool for pretty much the same reasons.
          As a rule, though, I go the theaters when someone else buys me a ticket. The movies these days just aren’t worth the price of admission, by and large.

        12. Deadpool is ok, but I really have no desire to see any more “comic book” movies.

        13. Eh, I liked it. And seeing it full big screen was pretty breathtaking.

        14. I liked Deadpool, and the first Captain America was a truly fun movie.
          Haven’t seen much else of Marvel, though. It was fun when it was new, but the honeymoon’s over.

        15. You’ll probably like ABTF then. Its all about the British doing their utmost to fuck up an unobtainable objective – Operation Market Garden. Legendary foul up.
          Hateful Eight was pretty good. No message at all as far as I can see. Lots of violence and Samuel L Jackson doing his typical “”Enough is enough!” routine.

        16. It’s still unwise for a combat soldier, in the field it can be almost impossible to keep that kind of weight on which can have noticable effect for some time on a soldier.

        17. As a 6’3″ musclebound guy, I’m going to have to disagree. Being extremely strong was a net benefit for me in the field. It is correct that your diet suffers, but unless you’re in a real war your time deployed in the field is not extremely long and life changing.

      3. Supply chain, dunno, as long as the men can do the heavy lifting for them I suppose. They do ruin the esprit de corps, for a fact.
        Generally the only place that they don’t disrupt is when in an office/clerical position, or as a nurse. Everywhere else they’re just in the way, even the butch ones. That girl, I’m telling you now, dropped that guy in less than 3 yards. I’ve seen Butchy McButchdyke in the field and she ain’t what the movies make her out to be. If anything she whines more because she thinks that she’s got something to prove at being better than men, while normal non-Butchdykes generally don’t fake it and just ask guys for help.
        They all totally destroy camaraderie, which is an essential element on a good team.

        1. That movie was such utter bullshit that it was laughable even as propaganda. But we all know that of course.

        2. So true. In fact, what you can’t see from this pic is the guy holding her legs as she hits her one rep max.

      4. On paper they’re just as productive. However, the inefficencies related to them (STDs, pregnancy, drama) are hurting military readiness and sapping morale. In real situation many of these women claim health reasons or get pregnant to avoid foreign deployments, something that would only get worse if a major conflict broke out.

      5. It’s not all about ability but about sending the right signals regarding what girls ought to aim for and not completely destroying the male camraderie.
        There is no benefit to having women there.

      6. I’m not sure what you mean by “supply chain”…after 7 years of active duty Navy, I don’t remember seeing the women around much for things like working parties. Most of the women I served with, with a few notable exceptions, seemed to have been given jobs that were not-requiring of physical prowess, even if those jobs had nothing to do with their primary rate training. I had women assigned to my division that weren’t strong enough to carry their own tool bag, let alone deal with the realities of living and working on a combat ship. I can only imagine it gets worse for soldiers, who by all accounts require a much greater degree of physical prowess than sailors.
        In re: the gal in the picture above, I doubt she could pull that guy out of an engine room that is engulfed in flames, while he is unconscious and ‘dead-weight’, all the while wearing her 50+ lbs of firefighting gear. Combat gear is even heavier. Political correctness in the military will eventually cost the lives of U.S military personnel– it is only a matter of time. It will take a while for the reality of this to set in. I think the first time the populous really starts seeing caskets full of dead women from our next inevitable armed conflict, the romantic delusion of ‘G.I. Jane’ will be over. We’ll see how the whole ‘you go guuurlll’ mentality gets shifted when it becomes a game of russian roulette.

    3. You are correct. More importantly, I am not seeing anything in this article that addresses teaching a girl what will be expected of her by her future husband.
      It must be impressed upon a girl early that being educated only serves to make her useful and interesting to her husband and that having a career is not an objective for a woman.
      The military is a terrible place for a woman. Instead, she should be encouraged to follow traditional female pursuits that will attact a man who is masculine and intelligent – just like her father. Everything she learns should be with the objective of preparing her to be a good wife and mother. This should be her ambition. She also needs to be taught how to select a husband who will provide all the security and comfort she needs to fulfill her role.

      1. englishbob
        Future husband – not this time. At age 8 and 10 is too early.
        I emphasize her “highest calling” as a mother and wife (see first article).
        Husband selection – on its way. Working on it.

      2. Black women divorce at a rate nearly double of either white or Hispanic women. Between 1970 and 2000 the percent of African Americans who have ever married declined from 64% to 55% among men and from 72% to 58% among women
        future husband or baby daddy?

  2. 1)encourage curiosity 2)teach consequences 3)repeat 1,2.
    With any luck she will have more important layers on top of her true nature.
    And no, other competitive women will never do this for her.

  3. I’m going to try to actively discourage dating and relationships until mine are at least 25.

    1. There’s no better way to guarantee her running around with the worst possible trash in secret

      1. I agree, especially if I were to use a very heavy handed “YOU CAN’T DATE UNTIL YOU ARE 25” approach.
        Instead, I want to teach that the purpose of dating is to find a husband, and until she’s ready for that, to find other things to occupy her time.
        Teenagers IMO aren’t mature enough to handle the emotional ups and downs that come with relationships, at least at an older age they will be better prepared.

        1. Which is a good thing to point out to them- break-ups are tough. They are a lot tougher when sex is involved, and the sense of feeling being used much more intense. My daughter took my advice, then thanked me when she saw a friend go through a break-up.

        2. I hope I can mimic your success. And like I said, I won’t be taking the heavy-handed approach because that won’t work. I’d rather like to instill her with the idea that there is so much more she can be doing with her life than she otherwise could by shackling herself into a relationship.
          I plan to teach my son the same thing.

        3. My mom, a devout Catholic who was truly beautiful as a young woman, urged young men and women to date a lot of different people. Date in the old time sense of no sex/physical intimacy. She believed it was only by meeting and being around a lot of people that you could understand what you liked/didn’t like about folks. And controlling intimacy was critical in using the rational part of one’s brain in assessing the potential of suitors. She thought rushing into things too fast disabled rationality in young women particularly who had no idea whether they could cope with casual intimacy, no matter what ‘modern culture’ was telling them.

      2. At the very least we should remember the tried and true wisdom of the ages:

        If you let your daughter wear makeup at age 10,
        and you let her dress like a slut at age 12,
        and you let her date at age 14.
        Don’t be surprised when she gets pregnant at 16.

    2. Been there. I’ve got a sister who only started dating after she was able to legally drink in the US.
      You should see the losers I’m fairly certain she’s slept with. She has no discernment or social grace, and she’s never had an abundance mentality so she desperately clings to the first loser that shows interest.
      What she needed was likely controlled exposure. Dating while under your parents’ thumb allows them to provide guidance and make sure you don’t do something you will regret (until you’re old enough to drive – then bets are off).

    3. I had to wait until I was 18. I think that’s the youngest age people should date. 21 is even better.
      My parents taught me that if I came home pregnant out of wedlock, I would be disowned for shaming the family.

      1. Nope. Bad idea. You overprotect girls they either rebel or they end up marrying an absolute chump.

        1. It depends on the girl. Some daughters are smart enough to listen.
          I did not rebel nor did I marry a chump

  4. Now I’m in the mood for some cucumber capsicum salad. A little balsamic & olive oil to dress it, a bit of cilantro, and some finely chopped garlic. Yum.

  5. An even better idea would be tell her what happens to the bad girls aka partygirls and catladies

  6. Upvote the article (except the chick in the military part, I want no part of that in my society, thank you very much).
    I’d add:
    1) Be a role model of positive masculinity and strength. No matter what they tell you otherwise, girls look for boys who mirror their fathers. They may not know that they do it, but 99 out of 100 times a girl will end up dating (long term) and/or marrying men who approximate aspects of her father’s personality and aura (if there is such a thing). Her one date things are toss ups, but the real relationships she models her male ideal on the ideal she grew up with in childhood, which is you my friend.
    2) Emotions (already covered in article). Best handled with extreme, Zen level calm. When my daughter started to figure out that tears work to get her what she wanted in life, around age 8 or so I think, she tried it on me.
    “Tears don’t work on me. We’re done having this discussion until you calm down and wipe away the crocodile tears. Let me know when you’re ready to talk”
    A few times of doing this and holding the line, and boom, she moved to more rational tactics. Which is great. I hate blubbering as an “argument” or a “demand”.
    3) Consistency. Do everything you can to be as consistent as possible in what you say, what you do, and what you say that you’ll do. Children crave consistency, boundaries and knowing their place in the hierarchy. You can’t be stern dad one minute then the next day crumble with an “Anything for my little princess”. You may not always 100% of the time be consistent, but strive for that goal anyway as much as possible.
    4) Understand which battles are the ones you fight and which ones really don’t matter a hill of beans. You don’t have to be Dictator Dad on everything, except the very, very important stuff. Let her have choices that *you* frame so that she feels like she’s the major participant in her life (same for boys too actually).
    “Ok, we won’t be going to the movies on Saturday, something came up, so we can instead go to the park on Sunday or to the State Fair, which would you like?” You get what you want, she gets choices framed within your level of tolerance and she gets to self direct a bit.
    5) Friends. God almighty, friends can make or break a girl. Boys are *not* as prone to long term damage from a bad friend. A little dude may sneak behind the barn to smoke a cig or try a toke of weed, but then he’s busted and the “friend” just kind of drifts away and no harm no foul. A middle/high school girl lives and dies by her friends, especially by mid to late high school. Vet these girls as much as you can and softly persuade her away from bad apples without directly saying “You will NOT ever have that little whore over again”.

    1. I really, really want to stress the importance of consistency. Especially at a young age, kids need that order in order to feel secure. You need to lay down the rules clearly, remind the kids of the rules, and punish them consistently when they break the rules.
      Inconsistency breeds confusion, and that confusion makes them feel unloved and, I suspect, molds them into SJWs over time.

    2. Out of curiosity, how well does marking and rewarding work with influencing children and friends? Like “Oh, Jenny is coming over? I like her, here’s $20 for pizza.” versus “Oh, going out with Barbara? Call when you get there and be home by 9.”

      1. That’s basically it, along with really brightening up around the nice friends while being somewhat aloof and cold with regard to her hanging out with the other kid. I’d never say “I like her” though, that’s a dead giveaway to “being trained” I think, heh.

      2. works fine if she doesn’t catch you bending jenny over the washing machine, beating up her twat like you were in a prize fight with it

    3. RE chicks in the military….question, how would you feel if there was mandatory conscription for 1-2 years for all women to serve in a nursing unit? That might not be the worst thing ever.

      1. The less involved women are with government in general, the better. I don’t buy into conscription anyway, except perhaps during time of war *where your country is being invaded* (only).

        1. I am reminded of the tales of female warriors. Almost without exception (none that I’m personally aware of), these warriors were not fighters by trade or skill but necessity. When the barbarians sneak around the menfolk to attack your city, all you can do is fight back.
          And die. Usually die.
          That’s why we don’t really need a “national guard”, though. What we need is to train every man, woman, and small furry animal to defend his homeland if the need should arise, and let them pray that training goes to waste.

        2. The “National Guard” is a farce of the first order and a direct slap in the face of what the Founders intended with a Militia. It’s the first big middle finger to the founding, after the Whiskey Rebellion I mean.

      2. If we do have a draft, that’s one of the best places to put them.
        Of course, in a more Machiavellian sense, there’s a better job for them. As we send men off to die, we must ensure that we don’t kill our nation in the process (through lack of fathers to sire a new generation). In order to allow the men to die for a purpose and be secure in the knowledge that at least their bloodline will continue (which allows for a more noble fighting force), we should draft women as mothers.
        For the term of the draft, they are to be pregnant nurses, cooks, secretaries, and other less dangerous military positions.
        Seems fair enough, right?

        1. And she wasn’t even pretty. That whole man jaw thing was hard on that woman.

        2. She was aptly named. Yeah, she was a real looker. Almost a 19 year old Teri Garr-esque look to her, which is..A Good Thing(tm).

        3. Nurse Cutler would have been a real looker if she didn’t have a bull dyke hair cut. She is the clearest example of how quickly a pair of scissors can turn an 8 into a 5

        4. She was borderline perfection in Young Frankenstein.
          If you haven’t, do NOT look her up now. Believe me, you don’t want to go there.

      3. Good point. I understand why the IDF takes females due to Israels situation, but even I think female volunteers for medical or admin roles would be appropriate..

    4. I love this. My childhood household was very strict.
      My father treated me like a princess AS LONG AS I WAS OBEDIENT AND RESPECTFUL. Raising my voice or throwing tantrums was not allowed.
      My husband had to ask my father for his blessing when we were engaged.
      There was no dating until I finished high school. My clothing had to be modest and there was no gallivanting with my friends whenever I felt like it.
      I married someone just like my father: responsible, caring, a great provider and traditional.
      Part of the reason so many young women are a mess these days is the absence of alpha fathers. The SJW type is often raised by a single mother who encourages promiscuity and divorce.

      1. I’m truly blessed to have found a Good Woman; raised by Solid Parenting and a Strong Father – it absolutely makes a difference! However, with all the talk about finding quality women on this site and elsewhere… Fellas, you gotta make sure that you have your shit together as well; you’re looking for “quality”… but it’s reciprocal. I made a point of getting my shit together early on, and today – I’m celebrating my 19th Wedding Anniversary – with absolutely no complaints! There are good women out there, but you gotta be prepared to Bring It too. We had a beautiful dinner tonight, wife is in the shower as I type this… Just thought I could squeeze in a quick post. I’m out!…

    5. ” “You will NOT ever have that little whore over again”. addendum: I want you to give me her cell phone number, social media links and any inside information about her father issues IMMEDIATLEY young lady

      1. God help the man with no impulse control, who has a daughter who is 16+ years old who likes to have friends over.
        You learn to be an absolute cold as ice stoic. Or you find yard work to do outside while they’re over.

        1. You really do have to catch yourself sometimes, right? Not be all creepy old man stalker, rather, just ensure that you don’t get to cocky or familiar like you would with a girl at a bar or anything, which can be a challenge when you have a just-turned-18 year old really pretty girl standing there smiling at you with a fresh innocent and flawless smooth skinned face.

        2. ha. When my nieces turn 16 I am not going to flirt with their friends, I am just going to offer them alcohol for blowjobs.

        3. hell, you’re not gettin’ any younger!
          Just remember, your nieces might be the friends of mine! BWWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        4. West Virginia too. Plus, I hear that some folks there have picked up a bit of English, so you won’t have the translation problems you might get in Japan.

        5. The risk is that there are some rules about “figures of authority” in a lot of state codes. If you get the wrong judge, the fact that you’re the father or uncle of a friend can land you in the chair.

        6. In South America I met a fifty-year-old white American man who’d done exactly that: He fucked his 17-yr-old daughter’s best friend. (Think American Beauty, but if Kevin Spacey hadn’t chickened out at the end.) It destroyed his marriage, relationship with daughter, lost his job, alienated all his family, etc. From what I gathered, he was hiding out in South America for a year, trying to “start his life over”. Jesus Christ. 4 billion vaginas in the world and he chose **that**one?

        7. Yeah he is kinda retarded. but you have to consider that he is 50 year old, only has fucked in naggy old wife with Cellulitis twice a year (birthday and valentines day) for decades and then theres this young chick with her flawless body who craves an experienced dick. He probably only had 3-5 other chicks before marrying..
          hypothetically I wouldn’t do it, but I would probably do it if I was as desperate as him.

        8. That’s the mindset you have to approach the situation with, really. Besides, I really don’t give a shit about most things, but I’m never going to do something purposefully douche-bagish to alienate either one of my kids. People come and go, and family always means more than momentary pleasures.

        9. My younger sister once had a little hot-to-trot jailbait friend who had a fierce crush on me. I was about 20, the girl was about 15. The crush became a running joke in my family. I started wearing horrible clown clothes when this chick came around — black socks with white tennis shoes, mismatched shorts and shirts — all to get rid of her. She eventually drifted away, and I don’t regret it. Pursuing my sister’s hot friend sounds like porn but it would’ve screwed up my life, horribly.

        10. I wouldn’t have minded dating some of my sister’s friends (3 year difference) when I was 18-20 actually. I don’t give much care to what she would have thought about it, and she had some hooo-oooo-oooooooot friends. Achingly hot even.

        11. Only because western men are a bunch of pussified faggots, who dont control their women or society
          Men should be able to fuck who ever they want, they built civilisation, they fuck who ever they want

  7. One of the many reasons I don’t want kids.
    Thank “God”, that I don’t have to deal with this shit.
    But I hope this article helps our brothers who need it.

    1. It’s not as bad as you’d assume. If you’re naturally on top of your game and have your shit locked down tight, parenting can actually be an enjoyable thing.

      1. I guess I’m just not made for it, but it’s good that most guys do not think like me.
        Playing with my nephew at the weekend is enough for me. I like children, but way too much responsiblity and work for me.
        Funny thing is that everyone says that I would be a great father.. (especially gf’s fb’s etc.) Once they saw me with my 5 month old nephew in my arms they literally drooled. haha.

      2. Concur…..parenting is probably the most satisfying stage in my life. You see the progress that your kids make, and you enjoy the time with them.

      3. I can’t see any reason to a) think being a parent would be fun and b) not want kids at the same time. Seems silly. There really is only one reason not to have children, I think, and that is just not wanting them (medical issues aside)

    2. I find most young men don’t “want” kids, at least not in the way women do. But rather, most become “open” to it and often rise to the occasion.

      1. Most guys just don’t want to become a father too early. Because today the role of the 1-man-provider is still alive and they are not ready for it. But when they have a quite stable job they are ready for it.
        I’m more than just financially stable and still never want kids.

  8. Our society is fundamentally bluepill in structure so you can’t really raise kids in a red-pill way. Just think about the fact that we educate boys and girls the same. Girls are not separated from boys to be taught and socialized differently. Smart kids are not separated from dumb kids to be taught and socialized differently. The only way kids are split up is age. K-12 boys get the same education as K-12 girls and this means that neither of them are getting proper education. And then remedial high school (college) becomes necessary for a career because high school does not prepare anyone for a career. And at the end of the day, men are ready for careers by their mid-20’s, a full decade after everyone has reached sexual maturity. The entire system is fucked. There’s a lot you can do as a parent, but you can’t choose your culture.
    edit: BTW, what is the problem with non-saturated fats? Avocados and olives are all unsaturated.

    1. When I become a parent, I’m gonna think long and hard about this exact problem. I have long complained that you have to spend 16 years in school to teach five-year-olds their alphabet, and if you spent 12 years practicing guitar or painting you’d expect to be good at it by the end.
      I was given a jump on things because I share many interests with my dad. When I was bored at home (and didn’t feel like squandering my precious life on video games or television), I could pick up one of his many books of philosophy, history, theology, and computer science. My dad always tried to cultivate that sort of thing, and as a result I left high school with no job prospects but a working understanding of Aristotle’s Metaphysics, the history of Western philosophy, the Bible, and a couple of programming languages.
      Montessori wanted schools to try to cultivate the individual, but Dewey won that battle. The next best thing is a school with a light homework load, understanding teachers, and independent study opportunities.

    2. With regards to fats, it’s a whole chemistry thing.
      The first problem is oxidation. When fats oxidize, they get rancid and become mildly poisonous (not enough to kill you, but enough that it can build up to cause major problems). Saturated fats are hard to oxidize, while most vegetable oils come to the shelf oxidized. This is why olive oil is sold in very dark bottles – light will oxidize the product, as will heat (which is why we don’t deep-fry with olive oil).
      The second has to do with chirality, or the orientation of molecular structures. If I remember right, the human body is designed to work with right-handed fatty acids, and saturated fats come almost 100% right-handed. However, the process required to extract polyunsaturated fatty acids messes with their chirality, so that we end up with way too many left-handed molecules. The body will build things from these fats, but they won’t work right (e.g. I had severe rage and depression issues because my brain was built on bad fats – it was eliminated with a few months of coconut oil, butter, and tallow).
      It’s much easier to just go with the Paleo principles, because they are usually right for easy-to-grasp philosophical reasons.

  9. great article; hope you can continue with some sort of series specially the part where they interact with alpha douche boys

  10. I have 3 children, 5 grand children and a wife of 42 years. trade for loneliness? not even.. immortality comes through your offspring and the continuation of genetics/DNA. I pity people that cant find a decent mate and have families and the love that comes with it. You should see my Thanksgivings. great times with family and friends.. would NEVER trade it for anything. ever.

    1. congrats mate…having a loving family is a very nice thing…but as you said all of that developed more than four decades ago…it just wont work that way in our degenerated modern western society

      1. It can if you put an effort into it. Parenting has never been easy, and life has always sucked, there’s never been a good time to have kids. But…we still do it.

        1. not to mention it is expensive. but, to raise stable children with their own stable families is a testament to the man himself. It is here that you judge success.

        2. Well said, In some respects, statistics are getting better. Teenage pregnancy is going down, drug use is going down, divorce rates per marriage are going down (although marriage rates are dropping too). Really, the so called “golden years” the 1950’s, brought the boomer generation which turned into a bunch of spoiled hippies. Any circumstances can be favorable or ill-favorable, it is just up to the parents to make it so.

        3. wait, GOJ, are you suggesting that something a person might want may not come easily? dafuq man? It is 2017.

        4. Right?
          I’m starting to see the “You can’t XYZ now!” type statements in the same light that I view “It’s the Current Year!” statements. Argumentum Ad Aevus needs to be shut down completely, imho.

        5. next you will be saying that if I want a home I should save up for years and then buy something slightly beneath my means. smh. where the fuck do you people get off.

        6. That’s stupid, you should go right up to what the shadiest bank will loan you, then pay a minimum amount that won’t cover interest per month.

        7. right tho?????????? That is the smart move. Because If I have a big house it means I am rich

        8. And thus the three of you have summed up the entire housing market mentality of the 1990’s. Well done.

        9. If the US Government hadn’t made those loans viable/mandatory, no bank would ever have allowed for it.
          I watched and read a lot from Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism). He left banking in part because he had to run the numbers, realize that the loan would never get paid off, and grant the loan anyway.

        10. My grandparents and great-grandparents grew up in one-room houses on rented land (their grandparents acquired the land, but it took generations to own it outright). They farmed all year, then the men went north for work all winter. They lost a boatload when FDR’s New Deal came out and killed a bunch of their cattle (with the restriction that they couldn’t harvest or sell any of the meat, and they could only have so many head at a time).
          Usually at least half a dozen kids in the house, usually sleeping on the floor or sharing a bed.
          But they were happy, and so can you.

        11. Bankers looked at the land scape and did what they felt was in their own best interest without giving any thought to morals or ethics. I am totally fine with that. If some bankers, like Clarey, decided to get out well that too is ok. The banking industry is scummy and made up of people, for the most part, for whom money is the be all and end all. It has been this way forever. Yes the US Government made the loans viable and the banks played the peoples greed for money with no care about the consequences of their actions to other people or the nation as a whole, but until you show me some couple making a combined 60k a year that had a few guys in army fatigues holding guns to their heads while a banker held out a mortgage for 300k and an insane interest rate, I will continue to blame, at the end of the day, the greed of the borrower. Buying much less expensive houses was an option. Renting while saving money for bigger cash down payments was an option. As much as it is easy to frame this as the government and the banks getting one over on the citizenry, in the end it was just a bunch of greedy fucks who had no patience to build a life and wanted everything right here right now

        12. There is blame on the dealer as well as the junkie, but the junkie also is to blame.
          I’m personally more interested in what could have possessed the banks to offer those loans. There’s a lot of blame on the federal government that goes unappreciated, because their policies encouraged banks to give bad loans to those who couldn’t afford them, and the fiscally responsible suffered for it as well.
          It’s a pile of bad incentives.

        13. Greed and the ignorance of borrowers regarding terms and conditions.
          Had this discussion with a guy in banking around 2008, but from what I was Hearing despite looking at the credit rating and earnings of the borrower (which in sane times would have been denied a loan), the board told them to grant the loans anyway. Something not quite right there.

        14. The Clinton Junta “invited” bank heads in and basically demanded that they make those loans….or else….with threats of all kinds of…detrimental legislation.
          I don’t give a shit if bankers are greedy, true greed is based on self interest, and self interest doesn’t much cotton to making loans to people who are a bad credit risk.

        15. no, something not right indeed. But bankers being greedy, soulless pricks I can deal with. That’s like saying fat Italian chefs or firemen with mustaches. It is like right in the job description. At the end of the day those people were taking loans that they either knew would totally ruin them or were too stupid to understand but too greedy to shell out 75 bucks for a CPA to give 10 minutes worth of sound advice.

        16. why is walking a tight rope like getting a blowjob from your grandmother?
          Because looking down is the absolute worst thing you can do.

        17. Everyone was gambling the housing prices would continue to rise. The banks/loan holders gambled that they’d always be able to foreclose and sell the house for more than the loan.

        18. Clintons had their paws in that, but making bad loans to people who ae on no position to pay them back? Another nefarious plan gone awry or simple stupidity by the ivy league “wizz kids?”

        19. Bipartisanship, really. Stupid Cons thought they’d score the mythical minority vote.
          Probably the best thing about Trump is that he shattered this stupid, idiotic strategy.

        20. It’s not like they had much choice in the matter. When you get Do X or Else from a heavily armed entity, you kind of are compelled to oblige.

        21. I understand, but for what ends? If the Clintons really believed that home ownership was the means out of poverty, all they actually achieved was make more people poor (perhaps that was the intent).

        22. Not JUST predatory lenders. My friends who read Paul Krugman say it’s cuz for the Dereguladhuns!!!

      2. Not true. if you start your children out with a basic knowledge of the douchebaggery from the beginning, you can direct them into stability in an insane world. Easily, They soon will see the matrix.

  11. I would add one more suggestion:
    – after she hits puberty, go with her monthly to a gynecologist, for a virginity test, you can never be sure these days, in my country plenty of concerned parents do this regularly with their daughters…

  12. As an Israeli, what can you tell us about your home’s denizens thoughts about whites and westerners, specifically Americans? You recognize the need for a daughter to protect herself and not become a whore, so why are so many jews at the handle of driving white women into the sluttiest professions and acts of depravities out there? IE pornography and adult modeling, prostitution, etc. They don’t do that with Israeli women do they? I didn’t think so. Not attacking you per se, just wondering what your opinion and insight is on these disturbing trends.

        1. did you know that he was found dead in the Jacuzzi of his California condo? I like to picture him in there with 3 HB10’s and a bag of popcorn….not dissimilar from Johnny LaRue in the discount deprivarama (anyone, anyone)

    1. Two kinds of jews out there, my friend. Real Jews who go to the synagogue, wear the Yamaha on their heard, and say their prayers. No problem there. Then, you got the European Jews who think of themselves as a nobility class and do what they can to subvert traditional culture through propaganda, money and power, Rarely do they go to church.

        1. I wonder if 30 years from now, will we still be making yolks about spell checker?

        2. Depends on whether tech survives the upcoming conflicts (the whole infrastructure of modern tech is more fragile than we like to think).
          But, yeah, spell-checkers and auto-correct can never get much smarter than they are. There are severe technical limitations.

  13. Nice article, but the only one that doesn’t make sense to me is #2. People are born with certain personalities and proclivities that no amount of family or indoctrination will change. If a girl shows a talent for math — and many do, though it’s almost always more practical math as opposed to theoretical math — then we should encourage her to use it.
    My girlfriend is a director of financial analysis. She’s truly great at her jobs and all the men at her workplace have told me how indispensable she is. My sister and mother are great at their jobs. Most of my own “bosses” have been women. Even my CPA is a woman. Society needs competent individuals, the more the better, and whether male or female doesn’t really matter to me. And clearly I’m no worse off for having grown up with a working mother, as anybody who knows me will attest.
    We can also argue that it’s impossible for a majority of families to survive on a single income these days. But I know that pesky things like ***economic reality*** tend to intrude upon the pie-in-the-sky idealism of the manosphere.
    The other points are dead on, though.

    1. And clearly I’m no worse off for having grown up with a working mother, as anybody who knows me will attest.

      You’re a Progressive, (Leftist) which is the female id and ego writ large into politics. You may want to re-examine your premise.

      1. And you may want to avoid talking politics with me, since you’re bringing a knife to a gun fight.

        1. 1. I was yanking your chain.
          2. You’re not as good at politics as you think, you flee often when cornered and we all know how to get you emotional pretty quickly, which is a default win for me so….
          Chill dude, it was a joke.

  14. I tried to be a step father to a 14 year old girl, and I can tell you that all of the above is true. If I was going to emphasize one thing, it is without a doubt the people your daughter/step-daughter chooses as friends. That one is critical, especially when they get older. You can watch all your hard work undone in a matter of months if she chooses to hang out with losers. If she starts to slide, grab her quick.

  15. I have two daughters and four boys. I am amazed at how different they are from the boys naturally. At 8 and 10, they are constantly wanting to make treats in the kitchen, or do various crafts. Even as baby girls, they were pointing to other babies or pack around their little brothers. Both are more than happy to change diapers. The boys, on the other hand, love to play with sticks, rough house, break things, or tear apart old electronics. They will go outside and dig holes with shovels, or play cars, guns, or pirates. The only time they do anything with the baby is if they accidentally run over him. They will sometimes try to play with the baby, but more in a rough housing manner. If the baby cries, they will go away, and the girls will come by.
    Really, we did nothing to encourage this. They all have access to the same toys, but the girls will take the dolls, and the boys will take the cars. The only thing we are doing different is we have no TV at home. You take away the TV, and you take away the propaganda telling girls to be boys and boys to be girls.

    1. “I am amazed at how different they are from the boys naturally.”
      Yet there are assholes who tell me it’s all “cultural conditioning”….

    2. tearing apart old electronics was my number one hobby as a boy. It is amazing, but you never have to be told, never have to watch someone else do it, if you are a young boy and there is an old radio or something laying around you WILL take it apart.

      1. Same here, We used to go up to the town dump after hours when I was a kid and smash TV sets or shoot up glass jars. Nothing was cooler than collecting old speaker magnets or piecing together bicycles to take over jumps.

        1. speaker magnets! yes. I had so many of these. I would venture a guess that our childhoods were very different. I was in an incredibly densely populated part of Brooklyn growing up. Yet, we had pretty much exactly the same hobbies. Further, this was at a time when there wasn’t the mass connection of people that the internet brings. If that isn’t an argument for natural proclivities I don’t know what is.

        2. “[M]ass connection of people that the internet brings”….yet people seem more disconnected than ever before.

        3. In some ways yet; but in trends and fads there is much more homogeneity

      2. The best part is you can turn it in to a career if you manage to work out how to put it back together.

        1. lol, yup. You know, when I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be the same thing as most kids. Pro Baseball playing, rock star, billionaire astronaut. But around 10 I was obsessed with being a pyrotechnics guy. I mean, I was so obsessed that on 4th of july I would open up all different sorts of fire works and rebuild them into new, bigger, more dangerous ones. Looking back, I wonder if I would have been happier if I just followed that dream.

        2. “pyrotechnics guy”…..Sadly, it wasn’t until my later teens that I discovered ammonium nitrate. By then, girls were more important than blowing stuff up at the quarry.

        3. By then, girls were more important than blowing stuff up at the quarry.

          What age does that hit? I’m in my late 40’s and figure it must be right up over the horizon.
          Any time now…

        4. Yeah, it took me a few years to realize that being a beta or a white knight will get you nowhere. I had a slow start.

        5. ha, yeah. As a kid the local mob guys would have us sell fireworks around the fourth. We were paid in, you guessed it, fireworks and the cops didn’t trouble to much with young kids. So all the neighborhood kids basically had huge arsenals come summer time

    3. I totally agree, I have one of each and you have described their characteristics perfectly!

    4. this, Mr. Johnson are the real spot on imho, the focus of a family is to grow lots of kids! because any society foundation is a strong, numerous family, however societies will not let you grow more than 2 since you need more money to fullfill any need, only few people are able to do so, the wealthy ones and the poor ones with the daddy states, guess who got the money today in America and Europe for such reasons?
      That’s the reason why i told before that we must fix our societies first, a flower can’t grow on concrete, and if it happens, there is always someone who will rip it off just for fun.

      1. I don’t think it is so much money as it is time and a willing wife. Granted, I am a civil engineer and my job allows my wife to stay home but my household income isn’t any greater than any typical two income household. You see Mexican immigrants all the time with big families they certainly are not rolling in the dough.
        Western society has been indoctrinated with this notion that a “strong independent ” woman is more important than a strong interdependent woman who takes care or many children.

  16. *clap!* *clap!* nice one indeed..
    now let begin from the start, shall we?
    lesson one:
    “How we start to rebuild families and put women back to the mother role, fix corrupted societies and get rid of manginas, sjw, rigged law against men, no fault divorce, single mom’s wellfare.”
    ..until that day, this article is like a fart in the wind, since your daughter(s) will get >>OWNED<<< sooner or later, by the herding nazifemales who runs schools, university workplaces and so on she will encounter each day! unless she prefer to live alone of course.

    1. You have no experience to make such claims.
      I have two kids, one in college and one about to be, and they have not succumbed to the horror show you’re painting.

      1. Many are bullied in schools, I’ve no experience, ok, however I see what happens at good girls/boy in the schools, or they get isolated by other kids, do not forget that I take these arguments from a worldwide view, not only in my country.

        1. This is why you raise your kids to be strong and competent in fighting AND deescalating a fight before it happens. Nobody bullied my son, ever. Boy could put the whoop ass on anybody who even tried.

        2. Those that succumb … and you’re right that plenty do … ime were raised in lukewarm households. Parents who maybe hoped for the best, but didn’t back up their word. I made it through NYU with dignity intact because my father would have killed me if not. Worse than death is the thought of disappointing him. A good friend I made there, a Greek Orthodox girl from Long Island, used to say we each had our father on one shoulder and our family priest on the other so there was no room left for the feminazi devils.
          So it can be done. And it really is up to the fathers.

    2. Or… if you raise them to be rational human beings who base decisions on facts you may find that like my daughters, when they’re exposed to the liberal hivemind/third wave feminism, they reject it as incoherent and destructive. Yes, my daughters became more conservative/libertarian in college.

    1. That meme is vomiting out irony. Any of that crap that shows that you are wrapped around her little finger is the antithesis of being a good dad. The precious little princess will go through their 20’s, surrounded by guys who will tell her what she wants to hear. Her whole life will be a fantasy. Then comes the wall……..

        1. Well, you think of it, those guys had traditional daughters by doing nothing but being a man.

  17. In my humble opinion the best way to controll the effect TV has on your children is to kick the widescreen out of the house… and REPLACE it with a tablet. Watch the news and daily programs on a small screen. Children will indentify less strongly with people that appear in a small screen than the gods that appear on the widescreen… The younger the child.. (and thus more naive) the more is impressed by the big size of screen. You may also buy a projector for watching quality/inspiring productions of your choice along with your family. It is a good idea to have the toddlers make the connection between cheap/trash everyday material with small tablet screens… and good productions with a widescreen.

    1. No, I work at a school where they have given iPads to every middle school student. The kids have easy access to youtube which is it’s own subculture in itself- and far worse.

  18. We limited ‘electronics’ time to two hours per week, and only on a friday night. We have both our kids far too busy with sports/scouts/dancing etc to waste watch sh*t on tv from corporate newscasters. Their mother is pretty fanatical with them eating healthy but the most important thing a Dad can say to his beloved daughter is simply “NO!”. Like I tell my kids, this family isn’t a democracy, it’s an autocracy, what I say goes. Be good and we will treat you well, misbehave and there will be consequences. Works for us!

    1. Good man. That is pretty much what we do. TV and other media is like this line of cocaine constantly fed to most of us. All the broccoli and spinach in the world will do you no good if it is laced with cyanide. You cannot teach a family good values if the TV is on through the day, telling your wife how to live her life.

  19. “I don’t intend to tell my daughters what occupation to choose, but I am going to tell them how to live their life.”
    Occupation? Don’t you want many grandchildren?
    “This means that in the future, I also expect to vet their boyfriends”
    How many do you expect they’ll have?

  20. Yeah, nothing better than making your daughter a slave to a government’s wishes. Just because you FEEL you have to obey, doesn’t mean it’s right for your innocent children too. Critical thinking advised. There should be no mandatory draft, the government should maintain a standing army.
    (Yes, I’m a female and feelings mean a lot to me. But I have steady rules too.)

    1. Czesc Karolina! Jak sie masz! 🙂
      I agree that red pill for girls and boys meaning thinking for themselves and remembering that loyalty has to go both ways.

        1. of course a female doesn’t care for loyalty. nice that you pointed that out for the new guys learning female nature. It doesn’t mean you can’t behave as one that is loyal it just means it must be a requirement for you to exercise your inherent hypergamy.

        2. Yes that is what is understood and an expected reply from a female. you are not bad just a normal female.

  21. “cucumbers and capsicum”
    Why not strawberries lol?
    I thought this article was bad until I read the part about serving in the military….then it just became ridiculous.

  22. Spot on, dude. As the father of a daughter, making sure my daughter has healthy body image, knows how to physically take care of herself to keep that body image healthy, and knows how to regulate her emotions are something I work on a lot. All the crazy girls I dated in my younger years had horrible body issues and poor emotional management. Every man reading this knows what those problems can do to women when they reach adulthood. One thing I might add, show your daughter how a proper gentleman behaves. Take her on ‘dates’. She will base a lot of her attraction to men on how her father treats her. This will save you from having to murder any douchebags she ends up with when shes an adult.

  23. I’m raising two daughters (and three sons) and I nearly applauded out loud at every point this article makes. Good stuff, Mr. Pine.

  24. Beware of the ‘help me’ game your wife will play. She’ll make it look reasonable, putting on an act like she’s got her arms full. It’s bullshit you know. She’s capable of 110% easily. A mother on fire with her naturally sustained feminine energy and her mind right can flip an omlette with her feet while she wipes a shitty ass and changes a diaper with her teeth. It’s what GOD expects at the least. It is zen to her and you have to keep steering her to that perfect place. A woman is crooked like a rib bone and will drift crooked, never straight. YOUR JOB is simple. Tap her straight constantly. It’s your steering rod over your ship. Her duties are delegated to her. They’re not your duties. YOU steer her to them. She is YOUR tool.
    Don’t let her delegate her duties upon you. It’s a trick. It never ends. Once she has you on a crash course of HER duties, then I’m afraid you’re a dead man. You’ve let go of your control stick over her. A helicopter will crash quickly without control and a woman loosed will veer and smack into the first brick wall taking you with her. Don’t be her air bag. Don’t let her crash it period.
    Look around you at the unfinished ‘man’ projects. Where did the time go? She stole it simple. Don’t let her selfishly and lazily procure the most important man time to cushion her lazy ass. There’s FAT to burn. Get her smoking rubber. If she has little body fat but still she still wants to steal your time so she can fling about the cage like a feminist grasshopper, then she’s growing a set of phantom balls. Then it’s time to DEFLATE those balls of hers. Smack that ass and ream her deep, hard and long, all the way until she feels it in her solar plexis. Control her with ye ROD OF POWER. And yes, also maintain a robust POWER BEARD!

  25. I love both your articles about bringing up a daughter, Dawn Pine. Hope you will write another one soon.

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