No One Would Have Died If PUAHate Killer Elliot Rodger Learned Game

On Friday, May 23, Elliot Rodger killed six people because he was frustrated and angry from not being able to experience intimacy with women. He left a trail of Youtube videos, internet postings, and even a manifesto that clearly details how his sexual frustration was the principal reason for his murderous rampage.

Six lives would have been saved if there was a societal mechanism to steer sexually frustrated males like Rodger into learning self-improvement, game, and masculinity, the very values that are taught here and on many other manosphere sites that inexplicably have been attacked, disparaged, and even sought for eradication by the American media and blogosphere, men’s rights activists, “PUA haters”, and progressive organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center. All these groups are complicit for creating a cultural environment that allowed this massacre to occur. It is them who must accept responsibility for these seven deaths and make the moral change to their ideologies in order to prevent such an act from happening again.

It’s important to state that Elliot Rodger was undoubtedly mentally unstable and required professional supervision. Diagnosed with Asperger’s, he clearly exhibited narcissistic and sociopathic traits that no doubt prevented him from empathizing with others. Nonetheless, his videos and writings do display an above-average intelligence and the propensity to connect with individuals in certain cases. He was not that much worse off than many socially awkward males who grew up isolated as teenagers, unable to perform well in social interactions. I’ve personally interacted with men who functioned lower than him, but were later able to successfully meet average-looking women and achieve intimacy with them.

Rodger’s manifesto clearly states that his utter failure with women drove him to murder. The problem that he experienced is not unique—many men in Western society graduate from high school or college to realize that they have absolutely no skill or ability to seduce the opposite sex. We live in a society where being shy, normal, or a little awkward is duly punished by entitled American women who have been encouraged to pursue exciting and fun casual sex in their prime with sexy and hot men as a way of “experimentation.” They are enabled by the culture to seek out bad boys while rejecting the nice guy who is “boring.” This behavior continues until they find that they are past their physical prime, whereby the nice guy is plucked from a spartan sexual existence and expected to keep his mouth shut when a trickle flow of informational torture reveals that his bride-to-be has experienced more than a dozen different penises in her vagina, anus, and mouth—the same mouth that is supposed to kiss his future children good night.

The choices presented to Rodger

What options does a man like Rodger have if his existing social ability is simply not able to attract the women he wants? What should he do to enter a relationship with a reasonably attractive girl who has not yet had dozens of penises inside her, who is sweet and kind instead of bitter and jaded from becoming a professional attention whore on Facebook, Tinder, and OK Cupid via the iPhone that she’s addicted to? It depends on who you ask. Here are the answers that Rodger either received or could have received:

His university

Rodger should have checked his male privilege at the door and atoned for the sins of thousands of years of “male patriarchy.” He was likely exposed to infantile “trigger warnings” during the course of his education. He received direct propaganda that insinuates all men are potential rapists. American universities are becoming firmly anti-male with their extreme left ideology and policies. Just recently, the Justice Department has ushered in directives that attempt to restrict the definition of consensual sex, making any attempt by Rodger to fornicate with a female at a college party a potential rape encounter that would have gotten him kicked out of school without a trial. Pro-female policies now dominate most American universities. Rodger would definitely not have received a sympathetic ear to his plight.

American media and organizations

They have been telling him for years that he’s a sexist creep without even knowing it, and that only feminism, the promotion of female needs above men, is the true path to “equality.” Before he would even find a useful resource that helps him learn how to meet women, he would have been exposed to endless articles demonizing those resources as racist, misogynist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and cis-normative (whatever that means). Think I’m exaggerating? Here are some examples:

The amount of negative publicity written about Return Of Kings, me, game, and the manosphere in general seems endless if you spend just a bit of time on Google and Twitter. It’s clear that any mention of game in the mainstream sources that Rodger would definitely have been exposed to (the sites above receive millions of unique visitors every month) clearly shows that he would have been inclined to develop a negative opinion of game before fully knowing what it’s about. It appears that a goal of many popular publications is to inoculate and brainwash men like Rodger into believing game is actually equivalent to rape.

PUA Hate and Men’s Rights Activists

Would Rodger have received help for his loneliness if he found MRA’s and PUA haters? Definitely not. MRA’s would simply sit him down and detail how male circumcision and male rape by women are the most pressing concerns of men today. They would have given him absolutely no aid on solving his loneliness problem, advocating for him to instead become a victim.

PUA haters, best exemplified by the forum, are even more dangerous. As an active member of this site, Rodger was surrounded by a community of men who nurtured and cultivated his hate. These men don’t believe in game and instead think the only path to a healthy sex life is to be rich and good looking, two beliefs that Rodger actively believed. It is through PUA Hate where he was able to meet other virgins and mentally unstable men to provide him with comfort while encouraging his budding hatred not just against women for serving him rejections—something that pro-game advocates accept as normal—but also society as a whole for not giving him what he believed he deserved. To give you an idea how twisted the members of PUAHate are, his rampage was actually praised. There are not many sites on the internet where someone is lauded as a hero for killing others, but PUAHate is one of them:


PUA Hate suddenly went offline, but we must wonder if Rodger used the site to privately communicate with other men to actively plan out the killings, and if more of them are in the works. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out in the future that the site’s owner destroyed evidence that showed how Rodger’s PUA Hate friends knew of his intentions.

His parents, psychologists, and professors

They also did not provide Rodger with useful answers. His parents were aloof and his father never taught him how to be good with women (the manifesto details how supplicative his father was to Rodger’s stepmother). His psychiatrists likely wanted to pump him with meds to zombify him, maybe even trying to label his frustration with women as latent misogyny. His professors would push the leftist dogma where men are the source of all societal problems. He should humble himself, they’d prescribe, to others who don’t have as much inherent “privilege” as himself.

Return Of Kings, The Red Pill, RVF, myself

If Rodger came to me, he would have received actionable and effective advice. He would have been exposed to material detailing how socially corrupt American society has become, and how being a beta male provider—his principal strategy in trying to get laid—is no longer useful in achieving intimacy with women who now see men as entertaining clowns that should provide them with excitement, drama, and tension. After these truths would be painfully delivered to Rodger, he would have to make the personal choice to accept them or not, but based on his intelligence level, I have little doubt that he would, as it would match what he saw on campus with what he termed “obnoxious” (i.e. “alpha”) men getting the girls he wanted.

After digesting the red pill (our sphere’s metaphor for truth), he would start his game training. I’ve clearly laid out a program that has helped thousands of men who were in almost the exact same situation as Rodger. There is no evidence that Rodger executed even basic game theory. We can’t say for sure if he would have been a good student of the game or achieved high success from using it, because his mental illness no doubt affected his faculties, but the bar to success for him was low. According to his manifesto, all he wanted was a date. As in… one date. Take a look at his own words:

I was hoping I would get some sort of answer from girls [from posting my Youtube videos]. IN fact, a small part of me was even hoping that a girl would see the video and contact me to give me a chance to go on a date. That alone would have prevented the Day of Retribution, if one girl had just given me one chance. But no…As expected, I got absolutely no response from any girls. […] Women don’t care about me at all. They won’t even deign to tell my why they’ve mistreated me. This just shows how evil and sadistic they are. Oh well, they will realize the gravity of their crimes when I slaughter them all on the Day of Retribution.

Would the teachings that this part of the internet offer give him that one date? Would the advice of the men on RVF have given him the encouragement, motivation, and support to stop wallowing in self-pity and grandeur to approach women with the game that women today want? The answer is yes. I firmly believe that we would have given him his date, and it’s this date that would have quieted his deranged propensity to kill, or at least postponed it until an intervention could have occurred. Only game and red pill truths would have been sufficient in changing this deadly outcome. Everyone else, from his parents to his university and especially to the media he may have consumed, absolutely failed to help him in a way that we definitely could have.

Even after the killings, the media is parading out the phantom spirit of misogyny, perpetuating a tired cycle of shaming men in the name of protecting women, even though Rodger killed more men than women.

Who cares about the males that Rodger killed, because, like, misogyny! The disregard for any concern for men, including the ones killed by Rodger, means that more men will churn through this toxic anti-male culture, maybe one day deciding that killing is also their only option for deliverance.

I was not in a different boat than Rodger

I know Rodger would have been helped because I experienced much of what he did. I was lonely and lacking in female affection, but this was way back in 2001, before game was treated as the devil it is today. There was no cultural barrier for me to learn its principles. There was no PUA Hate that would’ve allowed me to connect with other bitter, demented, and possibly criminal men. There was no Buzzfeed (everyday sexism!) and Huffington Post (homosexuality is great!) to brainwash me into thinking that approaching women and having masculine sexual desire is sexist or misogynist, or that I must embrace a pro-homosexual lifestyle and the needs of gays over my own. There was no institutional formula in attacking what I learned and what thankfully gave me the intimacy I desired.

Seven people are dead because society has decided that shy and awkward men like Elliot Rodger do not deserve a girlfriend and that there is absolutely no way to improve his loneliness and loserdom through learning game or any other social behavior. At the same time men like him are ostracized, there is no legal means for him to solicit prostitution (in California) to release his biological and very pressing urge for fornication. Current cultural dogma wants to sweep the millions of lonely men like Rodger under the rug while instead  focusing on gay marriage, “street harassment,” lack of empowered girls in video games, “rape culture,” and the horrors of letting young girls wear pink and play with dolls.

The new “let them eat cake” is “let these socially awkward privileged losers have xbox and pornhub.” Yet we still feign outrage and surprise when every so often one of them picks up a gun and starts shooting. The same people who attack game refuse to give men like Rodger a way to achieve sexual happiness, and for that they are indirectly responsible for these deaths, which could have been avoided if Rodger was steered into game and not shamed for it.

More people will die unless you give men sexual options

Until you give men like Rodger a way to have sex, either by encouraging them to learn game, seek out a Thai wife, or engage in legalized prostitution—three things that the American media and cultural elite venomously attack, it’s inevitable for another massacre to occur. Even game itself, as useful as it is on an individual level, is a band-aid fix upon a culture which has stopped rewarding nice guys while encouraging female whoring to benefit only the top 10% of alpha males, all in the name of societal progress. Game is a tiny release valve on a cultural pressure cooker where meaningful relationships have become sick, fractured, and unfulfilling compared to the time of our grandparents when traditional sex roles existed. Game may not have led Rodger to find his dream girl and live happily ever after, but it would have given enough results to stop him from killing six innocent individuals and himself. Until you allow and encourage all men to get sex by some means, these massacres will be more commonplace as America’s cultural decline continues.

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2,481 thoughts on “No One Would Have Died If PUAHate Killer Elliot Rodger Learned Game”

  1. he actually killed 9 people. he first stabbed his 3 roommates, and then he shot dead 6 people.

  2. You nailed it Roosh! The irony is that he found the female attention he desired through one Grand Dark Triad act:

    1. Women want to fuck anybody who is famous for the sake of being famous, regardless of their moral character. Women are friggin’ disgusting.

      1. And you can bet your ass they will work their butts to label him as “insane” – anything to avoid the reality.
        Thomas Ball was also swept under the rug and discounted as “insane” for setting himself on fire on the steps of the divorce and family court house. He left a manifesto on why he just couldn’t take it anymore either. In a society where gay marriage is pushed and straight marriages and families are broken for profit…. it’s a BIG mistake to write him of as entirely nuts.
        No doubt he was delusional and entitled and unstable and had a GROSSLY overinflated view of himself, and he also placed far too much value on the acceptance and validation of females. ……. but he was also justifiably angry that he is forced to navigate a social climate where men are dragged to court , cuckholded and robbed for being “TOO NICE” to their wives…. while women line up at prisons IN DROVES to propose marriage and conjugal visits to murderers, criminals, drug addicts, convicts, thugs and killers.
        Only in a world this shitty and backwards, could he be called “insane”.
        Yes. His circuits and wires crossed and he short circuited. Sort of like James Holmes when he randomly opened fire in a crowded movie theatre. But don’t any of them find it a little bit curious that as soon as it was over….. women everywhere started tweeting their attraction for him?
        Now THAT is “insane”.

        1. I’m a woman (so no one will respond to this, I don’t really care) but I beg to disagree. That’s a harsh generalization maybe it’s different where you are from but it’s not true at all where I live. Women around me constantly show distaste for famous men who have exhibited wrongful behaviour, so…

        2. You’ve nailed it. That said there are a lot of women who develop attraction to murderers, especially mass murderers because they’re dangerous and those women believe they can change them. The number of girls my age who fancy Jeffrey Dahmer is worrying.

        3. You can’t disagree with a FACT.
          Because it’s not an opinion.
          It’s not just a “generalization”…. it’s a harsh REALITY. There are FAR more documented cases of that then there are of a lone gunman losing his shit and opening fire at random.
          1 man opens fire.. 100 women come running for his affections.
          Charles Manson has an attractive 22 year old girlfriend, for fuck sake. He’s not even that into her and she keeps going back to jail for more and wants to be married.
          Look UP grasshopper, not down.
          You’re using yourself as “the example” and the women in to your social circle (or city) don’t shine a shred of light on this vast cultural epidemic. It would be like me attempting to promote legal ownership of firearms the day after a mass shooting…. because “me and the guys I know would never do that”.
          Accurate and factual generalizations (and observations) are absolutely necessary if you want to learn anything. It’s intellectually dishonest to pretend otherwise.
          There are GOOD MEN in prison – right now – for not paying child support for kids that aren’t even theirs… because MOST voters are women and you VOTE to make and keep paternity fraud is legal in all 50 states. Using myself as an example (like you did) I can’t even imagine the rage I would be capable of if I were wrongfully imprisoned for paying child support for a kid that’s not mine, simply because women think it’s their “right” to nail me with 216 monthly payments just because I dated a single mother.
          This is why you are not invited or permitted to chime in with your opinion. But mostly, it’s because you said it yourself: “you don’t care”. And as long as “you don’t care” about boundaries, you shouldn’t pretend to be surprised to see more of this shit.

        4. Dude, it’s been made very clear that replying to females is not allowed. Doing so will result in a ban.

        5. Yeah it starts out innocent but eventually we’d have to just start a new RoK forum…
          I think the rule makes sense.

        6. PLEASE can tom be banned. He makes the same dumb comments in every post. Most annoying person on these boards.

        7. I understand. Do what you believe is right. I did. Henceforth, I will not knowingly reply to a female commenter again. And if I perish, I perish.

        8. sometimes its not the reason it could have been anything, women, money, power. The point is that his mind is messed up beyond repair, pua affiliation or not

        9. It wouldn’t be necessary to make the “same dumb comment” if we didn’t get the “same dumb criticisms”. Would it. Read the last paragraph I left for her.
          But I did’t leave my comment for her. I leave them for a lost 22 year old guy who might read it … so that he may think carefully before pointing a gun at someone – or himself. If Elliot Rodgers read my comment from 7 days ago which got 52 thumbs up and thanks from other readers….. it might have saved lives.

          How To Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety

        10. Women simply do not care.
          You can use all the logic, facts, and examples you want on women, but it will do no good because women simply do not care. You will be accused of mansplaining.
          Mansplaining= I do not care
          There is no point in arguing with someone who doesn’t care. And because women do not care I have decided that I do not care about women’s problems either.

        11. Roger that. And, I have now decided to join you in not caring about women’s problems or concerns. Thank you for setting the example.

        12. Actually, we could do without YOUR comments. You sound like a whiny bitch.
          Tom’s farts hold more sway then you.

        13. Fuck this site’s bullshit rules. We can reply to whoever the fuck we want.

        14. Don’t forget Ashliee plenty of girls and women also drool over Harris and Klebold the Columbine killers now too.

        15. The purpose of the rule is to create and enforce a place where we get no shill’s nor masqueraded subverters.
          They could be trolling, trying to get a strong emotional outburst which is contrary to rational thought.
          E.g ”Fuck this site’s bullshit rules. We can reply to whoever the fuck we want.” this is an aggressive comment not a logical one

        16. No question. I know would feature the shit out of it. It should be right on the font page.

        17. Fucking AGREED!! Women don’t give a fuck about society or anybody else. I learned this the hard way, and I stopped giving a fuck about womens’ problems as well. Hypergamy doesn’t care? I don’t care just as well…and when a woman begins to act sad and helpless (i.e., emotional manipulation) around me, I double down on my apathy and cool indifference. I know that when I do double down on my apathy, however, that am acting against my nature as a man who should protect and provide…but what option have I got.
          “And they will cry, ‘save me!’ and I will whisper ‘no’ “.

        18. • “Fuck this site’s bullshit rules. We can reply to whoever the fuck we want.”
          No. That’s disrespectful to the site owner(s) and blatant disregard for boundaries. It is precisely that attitude which makes grown women sound like 8 year old boys “I DO WHAT I WANT!” (circle snap) …. and comment when she KNOWS she isn’t welcome or invited. It’s that kind of attitude which makes them throw punches and think they won’t get a fist back…. or walk into the men’s room and think they won’t get pissed on.
          You can write your own rules when you’re your own boss and a site owner. Only THEN can you reply to whoever you want and draw your own lines. This also serves as an excellent motivator for men to create their own communities, castles and kingdoms to rule over. And because you created it, you have now earned the right to do whatever the fuck you want.
          We are all GUESTS here. It is nobody’s “right”.
          It is a privilege to comment and participate.
          A driver’s license is not your “right”either. You can’t just march into the DMV and say “fuck you I’m 16 gimme my license.” you have to EARN that privilege every day of your life that you are on the road – or you lose it.
          While I believe ALL criticism must be welcomed and embraced, women have over-extended and over-leveraged and the time has come for them to shut. the. fuck. up because their shit will now be completely ignored. They brought this upon themselves. I will never knowingly engage with a bitch online again and expect ROK to ban my ass if I do. That’s called “respect” and “integrity”. And it is a concept that must be enforced come hell or high water.

        19. Because we all know the ladies just loooove ‘cool indifference’ and apathy, right? I can’t see for the life of me why they’re not throwing panties at you left and right.

        20. oh my fucking god listen to yourself!! you state ‘it is a blatant disregard for boundaries and disrespectful to the site owner’.. WHAT ABOUT THE DISREGARD FOR RULES OF HUMANITY. I honestly don’t know how all of you are going on about women being the ‘enemy’, how they are ‘fucked up’ and ‘disgusting’. it is YOU who are fucked up in the head and utterly revolting. I don’t care that, as a women, i am neither ‘welcome’ nor ‘invited’ on this page, i have a right to freedom of speech, and I will exercise my right. it is not something that can be taken away from me.
          Same as the right to say no to people who may want to have sex with me. That is not your right to pick up a girl, decide you want to fuck her and go right ahead. That is rape.
          You really need to go and get an education and actually listen to yourselves. You sound like you’re living in the middle ages.

        21. yeah women become wicked when not being ruled under patriarchy… They crave to be ruled, corrected, taken care of, nothing is more intoxicating then a men who can take a charge… when being deprived of inner need to submit to a male authority they crave affection of mass murderers, killers, celebrities ect. because they live in society where average male is too weak and incompetent to take charge of the relationships. This is also the reason why they crave bdsm, slave positions, rough sex, high social status males ect.

        22. Ah, sarcasm. Well Mike, men have been far too apathetic for too long, wouldn’t you say? Don’t answer too quickly. But don’t get confused for even a second. There is nothing “hateful” about non-action, not caring and simply saying “no”. “Hateful” is something altogether different. Pray we never see it.

        23. Well said. What a disgusting site this is. I wonder how many of them are *this* close to doing the same thing Rodger did, if their demands for legal rape aren’t met. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

        24. I don’t understand your sarcastic response; I will assume you are male and not female. Whether ‘cool indifference’ and/or ‘apathy’ are looooved by women or not is immaterial. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to treat someone better than s/he treats you. If a man or woman is apathetic towards you, it is only fair and just that you reciprocate the disposition. Making the claim that one would be the better/bigger person if s/he doesn’t reciprocate the apathy is just a rationalization to justify your supplicative disposition…which, by the way, women above all find repulsive.
          As per your comment about women throwing their panties at me: well, ironically, I’ve gotten more of that through ‘cool indifference’ and ‘apathy’ than through meek supplication.

        25. Are you seriously saying that, if someone is apathetic towards you, it’s ‘fair and just’ to go and kill a load of innocent people? No wonder you don’t understand sarcasm, you’re a moron.

        26. Bro…it ain’t just women.
          It’s anyone who is raised largely by the media and the state, without a stable two-parent home.

        27. The problem isn’t “Approach anxiety” if a guy is approaching and still getting rejected.
          The problem is that he was a highly feminized male.

        28. ~ Women don’t give a fuck about society or anybody else. ~ I agree mostly but women can be devoted. I am married to an incredible Russian woman (14 years) who does EVERYTHING for me. But on the whole I have to agree. Women focus mostly about what they want and do not see the BIG picture. If they do care about the Big Picture usually they are lesbian nut jobs who just want to destroy White Men and Western Civilization.

        29. You are this! You are that! No we are not! We USED to be but now we are trapped in an Iron Cage
          We are slaves now and to admit anything else is to live a lie!
          Unlike Marx and Durkheim, both of who projected optimistic outcomes in the transition of modernity, Weber rejects the Enlightenment’s view of evolutionary progress and happiness. Instead he projects a “polar night of icy darkness,” a highly rational and bureaucratically organized social order, an “iron cage” in which people are trapped.”
          Considering Weber lived and wrote in Germany one hundred years ago it is eerie how he articulated modern American social order. Yes, we live in an iron cage. Our bodies themselves are being colonized as our system of bureaucracy takes us further into alienation. We live within the oligarchy that Weber realized. Our society and economy are controlled by one percent of the population and that elite cares nothing for the masses. Marx saw this too but (perhaps) foolishly believed in some utopian outcome brought about by the solidarity of the people. How can we find solidarity when we are trapped in an iron cage?
          We do live within the “polar night of icy darkness” and there seems to be no morning in sight. The individuals from the Enlightenment School, including Marx and Durkheim, are rolling in their graves. Even education, the most noble of all pursuits, has become terribly impersonal and ultra-rational. Students are coerced into taking out student loans from banking institutes to buy books from monopolized book stores that promise to buy back these same books, albeit at a greatly reduced price, so they can sell them again (at the original price) to the next unassuming student. This is education?
          One might argue that education for the masses is a sign of social progress. But what we offer as education is further proof of Weber’s vision. Our teachers are required to administer very specific material, to test and grade using hierarchical methods; grading students as if they were fish being measured and assessed whether to be kept or tossed back overboard. But what about the students who don’t “measure up”? Do we toss them aside? Of course we do – we have no system in which to work with them. Gone are the romantic days of a teacher/student relationships like Socrates and Plato. We have education factories where the sole purpose is processing not educating. Education has become bureaucratic.
          This is a mere microcosm of modern society. Wertrational (wert=”value”) has been superceded by zweckrational (zweck=”aim, goal, purpose”). Goal-oriented thinking has undermined the very soul of society. Weber’s pessimistic view of the transition of modern society has been realized. As compared to the Enlightenment this is certainly a time of the “polar night of icy darkness”.

        30. That’s what I was thinking. This seems to be about not allowing women to lead men around and how men should stand up and do what the fuck they want, but then men are being told they can’t even respond to women’s comments. What a load of horseshit. No one is going to get any help here. The kind of women worth having aren’t the kind that respond to apathy and verbal abuse anyway. The people who run these sites are making money and gaining fame off of stupid people who refuse to learn how to function in life without hate and resentment. That’s all there is to it. You think a woman who doesn’t want a rude ass man is ruining it for him? No. He’s ruining it for himself by listening to bullshit such as can be found on this site.

        31. They can’t hear themselves. Their tiny dicks are screaming too loudly.

        32. Would it make more sense for a moderator to delete comments made by bitches, as to prevent trolling?

        33. Thanks. And on behalf of men who aren’t pathetic, miserable, angry little shitheads, sorry.
          Go ahead and ban me from your shitty website for talking to another human now, you disgusting little fucks.

        34. Yes, women tend to do that. They have no business pretending to understand “rights” when they don’t even understand “responsibility”.

        35. You and the OP should get together and rub one off together in your little happy cloud of misogyny.

        36. They do. They have lives too. For example, the cuntress below.
          Note her other comment:
          “They are too busy listening to their tiny dicks”.
          They only have the same her-mentality, regurgitated, same old, same old shaming language to draw from with their little peanut sized minds.
          In fact, for a short period before Roosh initiated the ban on males replying to females we were doing a pretty good job policing ourselves.
          But, as always some faggot maaginas have to give in and give the cunts airtime.
          Just like in the real world, males will gladly throw fellow males under the bus for a whiff of stinky fish-smelling pussy.
          But look at the bright side.
          Now, instead of women thinking any single guy that tries to talk to them is a creepy rapist, they will also think we are closet mass-murderers as well. Lol.

        37. Misogyny is the “hatred of women”. I happened to LOVE women! So why rub one out? ….when there is no better place to deposit sperm.
          I don’t love women QUITE as much as the OP though. While we both crossed the world (myself a few times) he did it for the sole purpose of enjoying many women from different cultures and writing books on the subject.

        38. You show you hate women by denying their rights to govern their bodies, while concluding that they have no capacity for decency. It’s quite obvious that you view woman as if through some fictitious TV series. The women I’ve always surrounded myself with as friends and companions aren’t back stabbing crows looking for easy street. Only an awkward social maladapt would have difficulty seeing the forest from the trees.

        39. Well Bart, before you lie, presume and say something that fucking stupid… please show me WHERE I said “women don’t have the right to govern their bodies”??? Anytime you’re ready.
          If you scroll up you will find me saying that Return of Kings has the right to govern their own website….. but that’s not the same thing.
          Don’t ever pretend to know how I view women again.

        40. They have no business pretending to understand “rights” when they don’t even understand “responsibility”.
          “they (sweeping generalization) have no business understanding rights” (I take it that you deny them the inferred rights because of your generalization that none of them understand responsibility, much like a child or even less, like an idiot). The sheer fact that you call this disgustingly absurd website home, allows me to “pretend” and that’s proof enough for me to know, that for the most part, you are all frustrated men projecting your personal inadequacies onto an entire gender. What a pitiful little world.

        41. Women focus on immediate problems, men focus on big problems, like Truth with a big T, philosophy, politics etc.
          Try to make a woman think deeply, and she will say “what’s the point? This doesn’t affect me. This is boring.” Try to bring an intelligent man down to a shallow level of thinking, and he will say “This is boring. I can’t help but try to absorb and synthesize the information around me. There is so much to discover, so many useful conclusions to be drawn.”

        42. Hey now, careful with that emo shaming. Your fellow shitlibs are reading these pages afterall.
          Where’s my trigger warning? ;((((

        43. (LOL!!) I tell you, when I first heard the term “trigger warning” and learned what it was, I just about doubled over laughing.

        44. Yes Bart, this can be proven with the way women VOTE to be totally unaccountable for their actions. En masse, they deliberately VOTE and aggressively look to change the legal system so that women may imprison you with an unquestioned false rape accusation. Her word against yours. HER WORD AGAINST YOURS…. and you may not even question it. You can’t even question it.

          You can’t possibly GET anymore childish than that. And they want this to be LEGAL. Voting for zero accountability is all the evidence you need, buddy.
          And that’s just one example.
          Need another one? Women vote to be able to drink whatever they want….. and do whatever they want….. and do whoever they want….. but want it to be LEGAL for them to not be able to give consent.
          That’s right. The vast majority of women believe in their hearts that it is their “right” to drink a drink . . . . but when they do, they believe they (themselves) are no longer capable of deciding to open her own legs. Voting for it to be legal to have no accountability or concept of responsibility. Imagine voting that you are unable to make up your own mind…. and then come to a website where you think you have the right to speak it.
          A woman doesn’t even know the difference between “rape” and “non-rape” even you ask her to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – so help her. And you’re gonna let her put a cop away because he gave her a ticket for driving without a license?
          No man ever cried “rape” for getting a traffic ticket.
          Because he understands RESPONSIBILITY.
          Will there be anything else?
          Because you are one frustrated little man projecting your insecurities on others by behaving as though there is something “insecure” about me pointing this all out to you with evidence. You provided nothing but baseless assumptions and stupid speculations.

        45. At what point in my comment did I mention murdering anyone? I never said nor implied that murder is acceptable because some others are apathetic towards you. I said apathy deserves apathy in return.
          I understand what sarcasm is; I didn’t understand its usefulness in that commenter’s response. Now, do you understand what reading comprehension is? It appears to me you do not.

        46. You don’t think so? You think you live in a just world? It’s all too easy for you to say someone is “insane” isn’t. From your cushy little chair with such a limited view of the world.

        47. Tom, Bart is an undercover cunt doing a very poor job of remaining undercover.

        48. Micky, I’m afraid it’s you who doesn’t understand sarcasm. We understand it just fine. The first thing you don’t understand is that it doesn’t even belong here. Because it doesn’t translate into print. Sarcasm requires tone of voice and body language – and especially restraint – to be effective.
          Your sarcasm fails because women actually DO love apathetic and indifferent men. So in order for your sarcasm to work, you would first have to prove that women DON’T prefer men like that… and it would have to be a widely accepted fact.
          But everyone knows the effect of not texting a chick back. And the longer you don’t text her back, the more she blows up your phone.
          We, on the whole, are a race of funny mans. We joke and are good at joking because it makes us feel good. It makes everyone feel good. Laughing is for pleasure. But just like half of an Oreo cookie, there is a dark side to comedy: sarcasm.
          We wield sarcasm with extreme prejudice. Lining up a battalion of facts to decimate their opponents’ defenses and bullshit and then toppling their Saddam like statue of dignity with a cutting sarcastic remark.
          One of the biggest problems with sarcasm is people like you who use it too much. We know that sarcasm overuse makes one look simple and petulant, but you seem to have no problem with that. That’s because people like you enjoy looking ill-tempered and brackish. They think it empowers them and makes them look interesting while they actually have nothing to offer. That’s why you’re sarcastic as often as fucking possible. In 2 out of 2 sentences.

        49. Yes, sadly there are cases where men have been falsely accused for rape. But what does this prove? That there are some bad women out there, what a revelation! There are also predatory men that seek to steal, kill and rape also, does society blame men in general for this? No.
          Your ideation that women in general want to falsely imprison, feminize, cuckold or humiliate men are baseless when taking into account the normal feelings of MOST women in the world, who are not scheming emotional thugs, but are in fact the caretakers of the young and old. Why do you hold women in such low regard? Because you have made YOURSELF a victim. Like all complainers in this world, the problem is always externalized. It’s not ME, it’s THEM!!!!

        50. The education system in America is designed to prepare the multitude for working in cubicle farms. It’s not an education system, it’s an indoctrination system.

        51. Exactly.
          Look at all the rich and powerful men. They get all the hot sexy women.
          Look at all the strong and powerful sportsmen. Usually dating models.
          And I have only banged one girl that didn’t like being spanked, hair pulled, and grabbed firm around the hips and controlled. Thats one out of about 60.
          They want it, and need it, and despite all the bullshit that comes from feminism, they know it.

        52. Tom, I don’t care if I’m labeled a ass kisser, your shit is always on point.
          Fuck equality, understanding, fairness, etc. This is about what’s going to help MEN period.

        53. Indeed. There are some beautiful women out there into some extreme forms of bdsm, although it’s difficult to tell if they’re into it or just doing it for attention/money. Maybe it’s all of the above.

        54. I had an old woman get pissed off because I wouldn’t accept her niceties. First, she’s old, second I was even tempered and told her I was good-to-go, didn’t need what she was offering.
          Instead of taking it for what it was worth, she gets pissed off. You see, that’s how they disarm you. They’re kind, sweet and feminine when they want something from you, but if you rebuff….that’s when the fangs come out.

        55. I would say a more accurate term is “masculinity.” That’s what they’re after.

        56. I’m flattered, but I don’t have the same level of wit and well articulated thoughts.

        57. Waitress!! Another round over here!!
          I’m buying.
          (Almost didn’t see it. But it’s worth more than double shot of the finest scotch because you said it when I wasn’t looking.)

        58. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Who cares what anybody else calls it? You know what it is just by looking at it. So respect back.
          Changing the world and saving lives, one man at a time. It’s up to us. Now If I only made it in time to stop the Kardashian wedding….. Oops.

        59. Don’t beg to these freaks. Just disagree. They are neanderthals with tiny penises.

        60. You struck gold. Women always scream about rights. I have yet to hear a single woman mention her responsibilities to society.
          Rights Must be balanced with responsibilities. Unfortunately, most modern women, being the narcissistic creatures that they are, don’t seem to realise that.

        61. Riiight. Just remember, whatever happens is the World’s fault, not your own.
          And that Thomas Ball was a gutless fuckwad, who rather than deal with his problems went for a grand display which did nothing than harm those most likely to care for him. A competent lawyer would have done him a lot more good than a match and gasoline.

        62. You support faggot marriage both male and female as completely natural, and we’re the freaks?

        63. Why do you keep feeding these hamsters????
          You have been told it is against site rules….but you keep doing it!

        64. Why are you upvoting women posters here?
          By doing this you are validating them… is JUST as bad as replying to their comments.

        65. LMAO, buddy!! Nothing says Pretend Alpha Male more than that wall of failure you wrote. Slit your wrists and bleed to death with the rest of the wannabe faggots.

        66. I couldn’t agree more. These loser blanket boys are a disgrace to all Real men.
          And that Rooshy loser who is their leader looks like a monkey and couldn’t get laid in Denmark. He blamed it on the Jante code haha He nearly got his butt kicked in Brazil for ‘dissing a woman.

        67. Scroll down and you will see I addressed someone named “BART” by name. That is a male name. When it was pointed out to me that she is a trolling cunt, I stopped responding and left immediately. See my reply to K-Swizz below. I am fully aware of the site rules and have already said (above) VERY CLEARLY I will not knowingly engage a bitch again and RIGOROUSLY respect the site rules. Thank you.

        68. I have met many men who like to be dominated. How about yourself? I would love to turn your rump a bright red.
          Men sometimes crave and want discipline themselves and I’m a woman who loves to give it. And I feel so sorry for these men because they can never ever tell their SO because they’ve built this wall of toughness around them. So many men here seem to be crying out for discipline from their women.

        69. Sex is more fun when both sexes get and give spankings. A little BDSM makes the world go around. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a grumpy gus is you got you ass whooped by your girlfriend every once in a while.
          You know you want it. You know you’d love to be forced to have sex with another man, too. How about a black man? I could help make that come true for you, hon. A good dominatrix could change your life.

        70. The world is never “just”, simply because human nature is a flawed thing in itself. Part of being mature and mentally balanced is seeing that and understanding that such is life, you have to take good with the bad in this world… but to turn indignation at unfairness to outright rage against people who in all reality didn’t deserve that “retribution” is definitely a sign of mental instability. It’s sad that he felt pushed to lashing out at society and felt so alone, but that far from justifies his actions, they really shouldn’t be defended. Defending a misunderstood, sexually frustrated, socially awkward kid with mental issues is one thing but the actions he took in such a hateful fit of rage don’t warrant any defending.

        71. “Countless men died for their rights”
          Do you think I as a hypothetical African American man need to bow to you then? The problem with you lies in the fact your bias fuels your argument. Nothing can ever be said without it becoming a cyclical “but we did it for these insert here” and “the white male is the focal point.”
          With justifications like these it is no wonder the Taliban have not ceased, the North Korean leaders have not stepped down, and why this falsehood persists today in every facet of society.

        72. @DANIEL
          No. And there is no need for you to twist what I said into some perverse interpretation about you as a hypothetical black man. I was specifically talking about WOMEN (not you or the Taliban or Korea)….. and the way they want “100% CHOICE” while being totally unwilling to accept 100% RESPONSIBILITY.

        73. Sorry ‘Tom’ but womens’ bodies don’t belong to men in the same way mens’ bodies don’t belong to women. The fact that you’re attempting to argue what rights are while in the same breath stating that freedom of autonomy isn’t a thing for women makes you look like an ignorant clown. It isn’t a womens responsibility to make some dudebro feel better about himself, fuck him, accept him because he said something nice/did something nice/is a man. To believe that that makes any kind of logical sense speaks of your lack of basic interpersonal skills and how the world ACTUALLY works.
          The fact that most posters on here and the original article is rife with the sort of trashy misogynistic double standards puts all of you supposed ‘alpha’ men ( lol srsly? you guys aren’t wolves. Maybe a pack of creepy assed cartoon villians, but not actual effing wolves. ) firmly in the category of men who won’t ever get the time of day from all these women you keep lambasting and going on about as if we are all some monolithic hive-mind. You can’t ever be taken seriously when you go on agreeing with the idea that women are somehow sluts for daring to enjoy sex the way men do and then be mad about the very idea that a woman is exercising her right to choose to not fuck you. Freedom of choice IS free. Someone’s body belongs to themselves and not some entitled douchenozzle dudebro who can’t get a woman to touch his dick. Think about your life choices and how you treat people. That’ll answer why you can’t get laid and why people likely laugh at you when you start spouting this unbelievable horseshit. lolol ‘women don’t know what they’re talking about’ give me a break. women aren’t willing to accept responsibility’ lol for what, your hurt feels? You and any man feeling entitled to someones vagina is not that persons fault or problem. They don’t owe it to you cause whoever you think you are. THAT’S. NOT. A. THING.

        74. A woman’s responsibility to society isn’t to fuck guys, be sexually available to them or make their lives about men they are or aren’t attracted to. You claim they’re narcissistic and yet here you are going on about the world and womens views needing to be about soothing your mainpain. Grow up.

        75. when you live with your parents
          (Both)- male and female
          you realize that there are rules and customs
          when you try to change those rules
          they tell you -not in my house-
          there is no difference between this and the rules of this website.
          just as you can’t go to a federal building with a boombox
          and play your favorite music whatever it may be.
          this does not mean people don’t see you as less human
          or are keeping you from exercising your rights
          gentlemen clubs have existed for decades, this is just the most recent version.

        76. OMG THANK YOU!! Thank you for instantly liberating all men from having to pay for and provide for women. We have been waiting for this day and it’s finally here! The days of women expecting men to pay for them, buy them gifts and jewelry and flowers, date single mothers, and provide for them are finally over! No more alimony. No more paying child support for kids that are not mine. No more trying to get their greedy claws into my wallet!! No more expecting me to say yes whenever they want something. Thank god it has arrived! No more sperm jacking our condoms and trying to trap us into fatherhood because they think we owe it to them to support their good for nothing lazy asses. Thank you. REALLY great job.

        77. I’ve come across this site before and noticed all of the hateful misogyny, so I swung by to see its take on this tragedy and it doesn’t fail to deliver – “More people will die unless you give men sexual options” ….. not a better summation of the term “sexual entitlement”……. and these hateful sickos (who call themselves “nice guys”) wonder they struggle so much with girls.

        78. Lol, the fact that this was your takeaway from what I said proves that your head is firmly stuck up your own ass. Men are not the only ones who pay alimony. Child support goes to children that ARE yours and if they’re not then do something about that instead of crying about it in some strawman argument that isn’t relevant. Again, women are not some monolothic hive-mind. just because Suzy tried to take you for everything you have doesn’t mean Brenda is at fault for it or will follow Suzy’s example or should be blamed for it. To think that that is even a thing is insane of you. It is common sense to not attribute the actions of one or a few to the whole of a gender/community and I can tell your common sense got lost in the mail, or maybe you actually truly believe what you’re saying and what ideals you’re upholding, which is that men are somehow to be excused from basic things, like respecting others, understanding that rejection though it may hurt is the right of everyone and that this world does not owe them a thing. Let me try to personalize it since you’re still being an idiot about the situation. No man on this planet owes it to me to stay celibate untill I come along because i don’t want to remnants of some other girls crotch on his cock. No man owes it to me to fuck me just because I’m attracted to him, never mind that he might not be attracted to me. A man is not required, nor does he owe me the opening of doors, the paying for of my meal, to make me feel better about my life or focus his entire world around my wants and needs. THE. SAME. IS. TRUE. IN. REVERSE. Women don’t owe it to men to be pure until you come along. the fact that THAT’S even a point of contrition begs the question; just who are all these supposed alpha males fucking on if women exist purely for the pleasure of men but are sluts if they have sex? are these men fucking actual goats or something? is that a thing? They don’t owe it to men to put out because some dude bought dinner or paid a bill or said something nice to them. Men are not owed anything for being ‘nice’. Men reject women constantly, have standards and all of that and as much as that sucks, it’s the same in reverse. Rejecting someone because you’re not interested in them is not some emasculating thing. Sure it hurts and it sucks but what do you want someone who isn’t attracted to you/doesn’t want you to do? Just go along with it cause touching your dick is imperative to your well being? lolololololol. What about their choices? Oh let me guess, they shouldn’t have them cause one time some girl was really mean to you, huh? Because some girl got pregnant even though you wrapped it up so that MUST mean she trapped you. Nevermind that condoms aren’t 100% Nevermind that you were probably the sort of dumbass who thought carrying condoms in your wallet was somehow not detrimental to the integrity of the condom. Nevermind that hey, you probably shelled out funds because you thought it would get you something and when it didn’t, you come screaming about the womenz and how they’re horrible slutty nothings who need to be ruled. What I see in your laughably ridiculous reply to me is a whole lot of pointing the finger of blame at the opposite gender whilst taking no personal responsibility for yourself. You might want to take a night class on interpersonal skills. I think this entire forums members might benefit from that. lolol

        79. i would say it is both, a processing system
          as harry stated, to weed out the unwanted revolutionary men
          and to indoctrinate those that meet the requirements of what a follower should be, those people become the pigs in the cubicles.
          i used pig because they will gobble anything and think it’s the tastiest thing, just as the people in the cubibles will gobble society’s lies.

        80. what does this mean anyway? you want women to fuck you? then, they’ll care?

        81. How can all you guys think women are all the same???? There are bad men and bad women! I feel for anyone (man or woman) who has had a bad experience relationship wise. It makes me suck all this talk about how men should treat women and how women are disgusting! I’ve met plenty of disgusting men too! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves! Heart break and pain and lonliness is life! Unless you’re a complete narcissist which causes the pain and heart break. If you are lucky you’ll meet someone and be happy but you may not. Deal with it and stop blaming women, men etc. not everyone in the world will be happy! Just thank your lucky stars you’re not starving or homeless or ill!

        82. Yes, I support freedom and equality for all people. You dickless wonders are so filled with bile, I doubt you could ever get someone to touch your wee pecker without monetary compensation. I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about marriage… you’ll never find a willing participant. Just to clarify: Yes, you’re the freaks.

        83. Profile of a MAN who doesn’t text a girl back:
          He’s actually too busy and wanted to text her back
          he’s got plenty of women
          He’s definitely NOT wasting his time on message boards like this.
          HE actually gets laid without having to pay for it. No wonder you guys hate him!

        84. Ah but of course, your doubt is not placed upon my intelligence level or any quality of substance. No, it is on if some feminazi would be willing to have sex with me as if that is all I am worth, and as if I give a fuck. What you support is degenerate and perverse. That’s it. You yourself are degenerate and perverse. And bitch-made. You probably would let either a woman or a man peg you, with your bitch-ass. Probably have a high voice too. You can return to worshipping and lusting after Obama now.

        85. Shooting up strangers like that is sane…?
          Wow, I bet you’ve had at least ONE accidental discharge…

        86. Thank you! Thank you once again for instantly liberating all men from having to do a single fucking thing for women anymore. Thank you!

        87. …. says a joker with the most insane character ever as his avatar. Did I imply he was sane? You fucking idiot. No. I said “only in a world this shitty and backwards could you say he was entirely nuts.” You can’t easily write him off as insane for too many reasons. There are too many actually culturally significant factors which lead up to this sort of thing for you to pretend he’s just a whack job.
          Don’t ever try and flip the script like that when it’s right in front of you in black and white. You’ll only humiliate yourself.
          Tough to know which is worse.
          Extreme idiots or lunacy.

        88. No. Why. Are you? Thought it was pretty clear we are fucking thrilled you dropped to show everyone how AWESOME it is that men are no longer required to give a fuck what women want anymore. Thanks!

        89. I’m embracing the CHAOS of the NRA, fool…
          The person is MENTALLY DEFECTIVE, PERIOD…
          Uncontrollable anger could be considered a defect…

        90. loooooooolz This is just getting more and more amusing. Stay pressed, neckbeard.

        91. I agree!! You came here saying “men don’t have the right to women’s bodies ” not expecting anyone to AGREE with you. Then when a man says “GREAT!!! Women have no rights to my WALLET” you realize how you just fucked youself.
          You fucking idiot. It’s amusing alright. Thank you once again for turning yourself into a goddam joke.

        92. Explain, like i’m five how I’m somehow fucked and how women are somehow fucked by not having the right to your wallet or mens wallets? Actually, don’t bother. Your mentality is on par with a 12 year old pair of clownshoes.
          Sane people generally understand that that’s a given without needing to be told. Clearly you’re not in the majority of sane persons. This has been true since the dawn of humanity, how you don’t realize that at all is astounding and please, since your intelligence on basic humanity is lacking based on your everything, lets not pretend like you ‘agreeing’ was anymore than you attempting to come off as clever. PSA dude; It didn’t work. You still lose, you’re still ridiculous for equating someones body to a wallet, and you especially still look like an idiot for even typing the words ‘instantly liberating all men from having to do a single thing for women anymore.’ lmao, Nobody ever told you it was imperative that you do that. You’ve always had the option to do or not do for women, genius. in the very same way women have the option to date you or tell you to strike up a close and personal relationship between your dick and dominant hand for the foreseeable future. With how you’ve been going and the level of your anger and lack of basic logic here, I’m gonna go with the latter as being something you’re frequently told. Sadly, I can’t find it in myself to be sympathetic to your plight.
          Anyway, like I said. Stay pressed. 😀 and, if you get busy with your hand like i’m sure you will, you might want to think about putting a ring on it if things get serious. :p Ta

        93. I’m willing to bet 100 bucks that Mike isn’t very popular with the chicks, lol.

        94. I would criticize you, but then I saw you calling someone else a “faggot”. That requires at least SOME testicular fortitude these days.

        95. “Because we all know the ladies just loooove ‘cool indifference’ and apathy, right?”
          They do bro.

        96. Well you see, it works like this.
          Women want MORE from men….
          than men want from women.
          Women NEED more from men….
          than men need from women.
          Without our labor and money, you’re fucked.
          And not in a good way

          So for you to waltz in here and pretend you’re not fucked, means you haven’t thought about it very carefully. Women are the gatekeepers of sex…. but MEN are the gatekeepers of COMMITMENT.
          When a woman says “you can’t have my vagina!” she’s withholding nothing a man can get from some other cheaper whore very very easily. But, when a man says….. you can’t have my cash and labour, she’s fucked. And the older she gets….. the more she is fucked. And you’ll never see a woman cleaning other people’s garbage away.
          So we are DELIGHTED that you made a point of saying “women’s bodies don’t belong to men” because our labor and money and courtesies and free rides and free drinks and free help and privileges that you have been taking for granted NO LONGER BELONG TO YOU.
          So now, when men stop giving a shit about you too… within 3-5 days women will practically throw their vaginas at us for free just to get us men to take the stinking garbage away. And thats the important difference you are too stupid to admit to yourself.
          Say hi to your cats from all of us:

          That’s your future. Tick tock Tick Tock….

        97. Oh honey 🙁 you know this “war on women” you keep pretending to talk about? Well… imagine for a second if there really were a “war on women”…..
          … and men. actually. showed. up.
          You haven’t got a hope in hell. So just cut the shit, spread your legs and shut the fuck up. Because that’s just about all you’re good for.

        98. What a fucking pussy!! You can’t get a date, sorry asshole look in the mirror!! Women are smarter than you, they can see a psychopath when they see one. You’re an alpha rotting corpse now.

        99. We love letting you think “women are smarter”. You keep believing that sweetie. It’s every woman’s hubris. And that’s exactly how we get you. Carry on.

        100. Hey asshole, more people WILL die if you don’t give incels sexual options. That’s why prostitution was tolerated in medieval times and monogamy was preferred to polygamy.

        101. “Sorry ‘Tom’ but womens’ bodies don’t belong to men in the same way mens’ bodies don’t belong to women.”
          But mens labor, life and resources do AMIRITE? Men are also forced to hire women even though they don’t want to.
          So much for freedom of association.

        102. “Men are not the only ones who pay alimony.”
          They’re the overwhelming majority you stupid fuck.

        103. “how women are somehow fucked by not having the right to your wallet or mens wallets?”
          Women cannot survive or maintain 1st world civilizations without men. Look at healthcare. It’s men paying for women. I’m not suprised that you wouldn’t understand that, but women without access to mens assets are fucked.

        104. Hate to break it to you….
          But men also cannot survive without women. You know…. that whole sperm and egg thing?

        105. Hate to break it to you, but yes we can and since we have already created fuckdolls and are currently working on the artificial womb – you should be more polite. Because your useless and worthless ass are to be rendered obsolete.

        106. I’m sorry but when this site writes blogs about taking away women’s rights and there are comments about legalizing rape and hate crimes against people for being gay, trans or female, there is no reason why women commenting is crossing any logical boundaries. This site as a whole crosses all the boundaries of violating human rights so why is it such a bad thing if women comment?

        107. No people will continue to die if we don’t start teaching our boys that they are not entitled to sex. That was the problem with Elliot, he thought women owed him sex even if they had never seen him before. Behavior like that needs to be discouraged and weeded out.

        108. Haha, oh I had no idea that fuckdolls and artificial wombs came with functioning eggs. Silly me. Just out of curiosity…. where do you plan on keeping the fetuses during the nine month gestational period?
          I would love to know what type of value you provide to society. Keeping your mother’s couch from floating away in the basement?

        109. the only thing i acknowledge as a hate crime is killing someone, you people are so sensitive just calling someone gay is a hate crime to you.
          just as the reported sexual assaults go beyond 200,000
          people might think this is all men raping women
          turns out it might just be a man who’s hand accidentally rubbed against a woman’s ass.
          when you start persecuting people for calling someone names or just accidentally touching them somewhere they FEEL uncomfortable/violated it’s time for your GIVEN rights to be taken away.
          the logic/reason for keeping women from commenting,
          is the belief that having any kind of belief that you might disagree with, constitutes the violation of human rights.
          how can you talk to someone that believes you shouldn’t believe what you believe?
          or that believing such a thing is a violation of human rights?

        110. The things spoken of on this site, if put into action in reality would be a violation of human rights. Forcing girls into sexual servitude is seen in other nations by us as violation of human rights, forcing them to marry, mass rape, infanticide of baby girls, keeping gay people from marrying, or from being in certain professions, that’s all discrimination and violation of the right to life liberty and happiness as well as a violation of human rights. Touching someone’s ass is sexual harassment not assault and most every woman knows that, but few men can make the distinction. You would be offended if someone called you feminine so why is it okay to call gay people “faggots” or women “bitches” but it’s not okay for men to be called essentially “less masculine”? And about talking to people who don’t believe what you believe, that’s how great debates and discussions are born.

        111. this is the saddest commentary on men that i have ever seen. fortunately you’re in the minority or there would be no perpetuation of the species.

        112. sounds like a lot of you guys really have some personal problems that you should work out yourselves.

        113. you’re welcome. please consider yourself excused. i can’t imagine any woman wanting you to do ANYTHING for them EVER.

        114. do you hear yourself? just change the gender in your stupid comment. the doubt is placed on if some man would be willing to have sex with me as if that’s all I am worth, AS IF I GIVE A FUCK. continue with the rest of the comment and apply it to your stupid self.

        115. why do i get the distinct impression you’re actually a garbage collector? with really bad BO, and a nasty case of crabs.

        116. talking about people who don’t believe what you believe is not what i was talking about,
          i said : “how can you talk to someone that believes you shouldn’t believe what you believe?”
          it’s not about i want to understand, let’s find a common ground, it’s about -you should not believe this-
          maybe you are right about the stuff you are talking about
          but i have never seen any article about the mass murder of baby girls – mass rape or anything as radical as the rest, but if you say to me that there is nothing more natural then having a man put his dick in another man’s ass and you can prove it then tomorrow i will leave my house and go sign up to vote in favor of gay marriage in every state in which it is not allowed.
          i don’t see it as a human right because being human means you are part of nature and the way we mate is natural.
          and if that is not the case, let me say this:
          if you wish to be human and include gay marriage as a human right then it must also be true that incest should be legal and a human right. it must also be true that bestiality is normal and should be considered a human right.
          this would mean we are not hypocrites
          it would mean that we care about people and the choices they make and that the way we feel is much more important
          then what we consider moral or logical.
          if you agree with the above then i would be fine with gay marriage.
          if someone called me feminine i would laugh at them and walk away because i am more then confident that i am not feminine. but i see your point and again this is not a reason
          to make some sort of law, this not only fantasizes the law
          it causes people to take drastic actions that everyone will regret.
          and about the touch and all that basically everything we talk about is a problem because people are too sensitive
          and you want us to accept this social state of sensitivity as if it was normal.
          and that’s pretty much the problem.

        117. Actually, in the spectrum of domination-submission, she is right.
          There are four groups, categorized in order by size.
          1 – Submissive Women
          2 – Submissive Men
          3 – Dominant Men
          4 – Dominant Women
          In the sexual marketplace, Submissive Women outnumber the Dominant Men they seek (which is why game works).
          But conversely, a dominant woman has an even greater sexual market – submissive men. This is why a good dominatrix can charge almost anything she wants. She is in short supply from a huge market.
          The same thing happens with Alpha men – they are in short supply for a large market, but the largest market-share goes to dom-females, since there are truly hardly any of them who truly understand the dom-sub dynamic. Once they do understand it, they become rich and retire.

        118. I don’t see how incest or bestiality is even related to gay marriage. The reason incest is illegal is because usually incestuous relationships are through rape and the offspring are mentally ill or somehow deformed and thus live horrible lives, bestiality is illegal because animals can’t consent to sex with humans. Gay sex is a consensual act between two adults and doesn’t cause any adverse effect on the children gay couples adopt. Not allowing a gay couple to be married because you are against it is kind of like getting mad at someone for eating meat if you’re a vegan. It doesn’t affect you in any way, it’s just two people loving each other and there’s nothing wrong with the fact that they are both men or that they are both women.
          Okay I made a mistake in my list of articles on the site versus things in reality, but if you go through and read comments there are people here who believe women should be forced into sex slavery and that rape should be legalized. There are articles here about taking away womens’ right to vote and taking away their choices in what they can do with their bodies. In real life forced marriages occur in 3rd world countries all the time, mostly African nations. China’s “one child” policy led to the infant deaths of thousands of infant girls because the parents wanted boys.

        119. I would extrapolate further and say that on the next level, this philosophy gives even more of these losers implied permission to employ domestic violence, should their cumcatchers not cooperate. Willing to bet the incidence and degree of domestic violence is markedly higher among people with this stripe of psychological disorder, than among the general population.

        120. I believe the term is “micropenis”. Or they might have buried penises. Who knows?

        121. On the other hand, we don’t need them. There’s enough sperm in sperm banks to reproduce in perpetuity already. I think that’s what’s really going on here. They’re no longer needed. We can support ourselves, live the lives we chose without their permission, decide our own sexual paths. When any segment of the population protests this loudly, you know something’s up with their argument in the first place.

        122. Agreed. The whole money-making aspect of this cultish movement just seems to go ignored, either out of ignorance or desperation. It’s better to live alone than with someone so intellectually abrogated, and emotionally bankrupt. Fortunately, there are so many really good men out there, it’s not necessary.

        123. while i would LOVE to talk about all of the problems women face world wide it would take too long,
          it would digress from the main subject,(women allowed to comment in one specific website)
          it would minimize the world wide problems of men (if not included in the same conversation)
          it would be acknowledging our superiority or the superiority of our culture over that of the other
          regions of the world.
          i seriously would love to talk about it all, it’s very interesting to me and unlike most people here,
          i do believe that women’s problems are the problems of men or human problems.
          again, what people say in the comments is completely different then what is said in the articles.
          while most of it is gold that actually has to do with the article, (people sharing experiences)
          i acknowledge that there are some crazy people on the internet. (those that want to legalize rape)
          incest, bestiality and gays
          “The reason incest is illegal is because usually incestuous relationships are through rape”
          rape is illegal incest does not have to be illegal, there is no proof that MOST incestuous relationships are through rape and if they were through rape they would not be relationships.
          for people who actually want a relationship it’s still illegal. gays do not have kids, as long as one of the incest couple decides to be castrated there should be no problem.
          also, pedophilia with consent should not be considered pedophilia, certainly not when a 16 or 17 year old has sex with a 19 or 20 year old. and since we are talking about the lgbt’s rights,
          if a mother decides that his child knows that he/she wants to become a transsexual at an early age and agrees to the operation, i don’t see why men can’t have consensual sex with children
          of 12, if that is old enough to decide whether or not we feel comfortable as a man or woman, why is it not old enough to have consensual sex?
          “bestiality is illegal because animals can’t consent to sex with humans”
          i have heard before that it is rape if women don’t consent to sex, no one ever told me whether or not i had to sign a contract every time or whether we had to seat on a table and discuss if it should happen 5 minutes later.
          or is it OK to just signal to each other that we want to have sex and go about it.
          if it is not the last one, i should be in a dark hole somewhere.
          just as there is gay porn on the internet, there is also cross species porn. while i find it disgusting, let me tell you, i watched a couple videos, and it’s usually male dogs male horses and female humans, none of the animals looked like they were in pain or unconsenting.
          even if they were unconsenting i’m sure there is a law that allows people the freedom to do as they please with their possessions. even if they couldn’t have sex that does not mean they should not be allowed to marry, if someone loves their dogs so much that they would leave them a some of a million dollars as an inheritance why should they not have the choice to marry?
          if i told you how many times i saw this written this way you would call me a liar, it’s like you people go to the same website and copy it from some article and post it in the argument you happen to need it in, maybe you memorized it? unlikely.
          here it is:
          “Gay sex is a consensual act between two adults and doesn’t cause any
          adverse effect on the children gay couples adopt. Not allowing a gay
          couple to be married because you are against it is kind of like getting
          mad at someone for eating meat if you’re a vegan. It doesn’t affect you
          in any way, it’s just two people loving each other and there’s nothing
          wrong with the fact that they are both men or that they are both women.”
          i’m not into religion, i don’t give a shit about god or marriage, most men on this site don’t care about marriage, i’m telling you this so you can understand that i come from the most logical point of view possible.
          i have 2 lesbian friends, one used to be my teacher, she knows how i feel and she declared that i am not homophobic, i don’t know any gay men.
          i don’t know about children adopted by gays, i do think children need to raised by a man and a woman because that is the natural way of things other then that i think it’s great that children
          find a home instead of staying in the federal system so i don’t much give a shit about that either.
          i don’t care whether they love each other or hate each other it’s all fine, until they decide to normalize homosexuality.
          do you know what the word normal means? it does not mean right or wrong, the Chinese kill their baby girls because it’s normal in their society.
          when you make songs about gays and movies and tv-shows you normalize homosexuality
          but it’s never over until the punchline and that is what makes it all ok
          -marriage- it tells people there is nothing wrong with homosexuality at all.
          if we saw incest on tv all the time it would also become normal and then they would go for the punchline.
          why is it not ok to love your partner and live with them without society acknowledging that it is ok?
          i asked you to tell me if you thought homosexuality was natural you said nothing.
          once we as a society start to legalize unnatural things like GMO’s and Gay marriage
          do you really think we are gonna have a moral line to follow?
          when we as a society say start to say yes to unnatural things because of feelings and economical advancement, where does it stop?

        124. My ex-husband was one of these. Hence, the ex. My husband of nearly 20 years, hardly a pussy, having served two tours in the Marines (including active duty–how much have you served, Alphas?), decorated. In spite of his actual masculinity (unlike this mass marketed stuff), he is a wonderful human being, a great father, and we respect and adore him based upon who he is as a person, not what genitals he was born with. That gets you NOTHING in this world.

        125. When I put up a post last night, positing that in 10 years, these men will look back and found that they have cultivated nothing of worth in terms of human relationships and connections. And you cannot get those years back. I will be interested to read about the survivors of this brainwashing, and how they’re dealing with the realization that we’re all, first and foremost, human beings. It will be a bitter pill to swallow when they realize they’ve squandered that in favor of repulsing the opposite sex.

        126. Agree, Stephen. I don’t think they’ll get to the marriage stage. These guys have shades of men all over the world who would subjugate women just so there can be someone, anyone they can feel superior too. Not many captains of industry here, to be sure.

        127. Whatever you say, Captain Sociology. You do realize that the whole “alpha male” thing came out of studies of wolf populations and has long since been discredited, right? You’re talking pseudo-science bullshit.

        128. Or maybe it does no good because you’re wrong and refuse to listen to anyone who tells you you’re wrong. Did you ever consider that? Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, women might know more than you? And that they don’t care about your opinion because you’re an idiot?
          Grow the fuck up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Any problems you have dealing with women are due to your own actions, not anyone else’s.

        129. A guy just went on a killing spree because women didn’t like him, and you don’t think there’s a war on women? Take your head out of your ass. The very existence of this webpage is more evidence of a war on women than there is of all the evil conspiracies you attribute to them.

        130. Actually, nothing says Pretend Alpha Male more than telling someone to kill himself from behind a keyboard.
          If you guys are such super-duper manly men, why are you here? Why aren’t you out, you know, meeting women, instead of sitting here ranting about your inability to do so?

        131. Six more comments of mine vaporized in one hour tonight. Huge compliment, because it means I’m making points that are dangerous to his book sales!

        132. Just to keep things straight I’m gonna use bullets.
          1. On your point about animals not looking like they are in pain: Animals don’t use the same facial and vocal expressions of pain as humans do so unless you know what their sounds and faces mean you have no idea if they are hurt or not.
          2. Just because an animal was in a porn video doesn’t mean it wanted to be there kind of like it doesn’t want to be in a slaughter house.
          3. Pedophilia is vastly different from transsexualism and homosexuality. Pedophilia is when older men or women like pre-pubescent children. Children often do not fully understand sex before the 7th grade and so are not able to give proper informed consent to sexual activity.
          4. Children don’t need a male and female parent. I was raised by one woman, my mother, and I turned out okay; I don’t do drugs, I don’t act stupid, I have a good smart head on my shoulders, I have attainable goals and a promising future. I have a friend who was raised by both of her parents, her mom and dad, and she has a plan for her future and starts school this fall for culinary arts. I also have a friend who has 2 dads, she also is smart and doesn’t do stupid shit like drugs or drinking or participating in illegal activities. But then again I know kids raised by both a mom and dad who turned into stoners, druggies, alcoholics and just plain dead losers. The point is, based on my experiences, It doesn’t matter if your parents are gay or straight, a child needs proper guidance in order to become a functioning adult with a future. If you have good parents, then chances are you will turn out good.
          5. Homosexuality is normal. It’s been happening since long before the rise of the Roman Empire, in fact, it was considered quite normal for rulers and ordinary men to have gay lovers. There were homoerotic paintings and sculpture that were quite beautiful. The only reason homosexuality became a hidden practice and thus “not normal” was because of Christianity and other monotheistic religions that frowned upon it. So when the laws and rules and social constructs that shunned homosexuality came into place thousands of years ago threatening gays with beatings and death, gays went underground to preserve their lives, until fairly recently when people actually thought that the world had changed enough that everyone was could be who they wanted without being shunned by society.
          6. GMOs are legal and even though they shouldn’t be, they are on our grocery store shelves. And if you don’t want and “unnatural” things legal, then say goodbye to fast food (yuck) artificial snacks like cheetos and stuff like that, but also pesticides and “preventative antibiotics” that are used on cows and other livestock. But since my view on the “natural-ness” of homosexuality is in number 5, homosexuality and gay marriage are not part of that group. GMOs and artificial food cause more harm to society than homosexuality and gay marriage ever will.
          7. Since I pointed out that homosexuality is in fact normal in number 5, if you don’t want homosexuality normalized in tv and media, neither should heterosexuality. They are both normal behaviors of humans, so if one can’t be normalized the other can’t be either. And honestly the immoral thing to do is deny people their rights (in more than just marriage) just because they love someone of the same sex. It would be like pre-civil rights white people denying rights to black people. Just because someone is in the minority doesn’t mean they are unnatural or evil to society; saying that is like saying gingers are evil because red hair only occurs in 1% of the total population of Earth, it’s just genetics and it’s wrong to hate someone for how they are born, be it gay, straight, trans, white, black, male , female, it doesn’t matter, we are all still people and should not be denied rights, especially the inalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, based on how we are born.

        133. Yeah, that’s still not a thing, Gu. Women have been surviving without mens wallets and ahahahaha that you even think that men are paying for womens healthcare is one of the more ridiculous claims on this site. You do know that that’s not how taxes work, right? You do realize women work and provide for themselves, yeah? That all women aren’t sat around waiting on the likes of you or whoever to come make their world a brighter place or nah? I’m gonna go with or nah.
          You can’t honestly think you’re speaking facts because men have historically blown shit up and run things. Women can and have run civilizations, maintained them absent male guidance and even watched them prosper and it’s well on it’s way to happening here in America. Oh I get it now, somehow that threatens you? I don’t see how it would and you’re not surprised why i wouldn’t understand the generic crazy you’re spouting? lol let me fill you in. I don’t generally spend my time on crazy trains, gu. that’s why. Women have assets just as well as men do and access to it is neither here nor there, it’s just you and people like you who seem to think everyone is salivating after your riches. They’re not.

        134. You still on this whole women want you and your money and labour thing? lolol, let me learn you a thing. Just because you think a thing is going on, doesn’t make it an actual thing that’s going on. You’re probably not a woman so you couldn’t possibly know what women want from men or that they want more from men. You can only speak on what men and more specifically, YOU want from women. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. There isn’t anything to think about because this isn’t a hunter/gather society. We don’t live in caves as much you and the people on this forum emulate that.
          Again, women are not a hive-mind. Women don’t actually need men for anything. Not even to defend themselves, not even to get off, not to reproduce, not to exsist, not to open the jar of pickles, to clean, to compliment them, to literally do anything for them. because they are also people and self sufficient. I know right?! that’s awesome isn’t it. what a time to be alive.
          Your labour is non-exsistent, not needed and certainly not wanted, neither is your money and i despair of you grasping that. hmm, maybe if i just dumb it down a bit more.
          Women, in general. do. not. need. men. or. you. for. anything. pretending. that. they. do. to. make. yourself. feel. better. won’t. add. weight. to. your. crazy. argument.
          You WANT women to want men more and need them more and you want them to want your money and your labour and because they don’t, because they’re laughing in your face like how i’m doing now about your cooky assed argument on the matter, you keep insisting that no, that you know what women want somehow. I’d love to know how you know all these things. Is it back to that one time some girl wanted you to pay for a date? lololol you know you had the option not to back then, right?
          The gatekeepers of sex and commitment? Oh my god you are laughably delusional. Women are the gatekeepers of their own sex and their own commitment and so are men. Notice how it takes two to do either of those things? lumping one group into the sex keepers and one into the comittment keepers is just you once again showing everyone how much of an actual idiot you are. One because it’s just laughable. Two because how do you explain LGBTQ persons? How do you explain lesbians? by your crazy definition, comittment between two women isn’t possible, and sex between two men isn’t a thing that can happen, what about trans women and men? gender fluid queer folk? asexuals? I’ll wait while you cry as you realize that your argument has been throughly run through with logic by me, the apparent cat lady? lol.
          when a woman says you can’t have her vagina, this supposed other cheaper whore can also tell you you can’t have her vagina. the fact that you threw ‘cheaper’ in there is likely due to you getting your fix from a sex worker i’m guessing which even then, just because a sex worker is a sex worker, doesn’t mean they owe you their vagina either. OMG you say. but they’re whores! i’m paying! So. Still not entitled, still don’t actually need to fuck you to make their world a better place. Still don’t NEED you or want you for that matter.
          Men, historically are the only ones who seem to ahve a problem with getting old. women who age are not ‘fucked’ in this way you mean to define as ‘oh boo hoo, she’s not worthy, nobody wants her etc whatever mansplaining bullshit thing you’re thinking’ that’s also not a thing dude. Seems like you and your ilk are pissed about getting old and how i guess younger women don’t want your babyback bullshit or whatever pickup artist shitheel tactics you’re into spewing.
          newsflash guest, getting drinks and rides and meals and bills paid by men or you has never been a privilege and not something anyone owes you for. we’re not fucked for not giving a shit either way if you do it. and here’s a little tip from me to you. If you do any of those things with the express purpose of getting ass or something else out of it, that’s probably why they won’t date you and you feel used cause see, you’ve been using them to get sex. here, let me pay for this meal babe, let me take you out, let me buy you this thing here cause i want to get my dick wet. Women can tell when you’re that sort of shitheel and to be perfectly honest, you deserve it if they keep allowing you to pay because they still don’t owe you nothing so no, we as women aren’t fucked, sounds like you are tho cause your arguments on the matter get increasingly more unstable and laughably ridiculous. None of your ‘nice guy’ tactics ever belonged to us and to pretend that they did is you being stupid. here’s another thing, NOBODY ASKED YOU MEN TO DO ANY OF THIS SO IF IT’S SUCH AN ISSUE, STOP. There, problem solved.
          Men have BEEN not giving a shit about women, the only diffrence between men and women is that men care a whole hell of alot more about women shrugging their shoulders and moving on with their lives while women are…shrugging their shoulders and moving on with their lives cause Dudebro #345-jl9 or Nice Guy 45c-A said he was done with skanks. You’re mad because you say ‘MEN DON’T CARE ABOUT WOMEN AND THEN THEY’RE FUCKED MWAHAHAHAHA’ and instead of women everywhere breaking down in tears over it, they shrug and laugh at you and keep it moving while you’re fuming and still waiting and think you’re owed a ‘please, baby please take me back’. it’s not in the cards for you boo. You can blame Obama for this too since you love red herring arguments. lol bye.

        135. Ah, you’re an Incel, that explains alot about the fuckery you’re spewing. There is literally no documented proof of Incel actually being a thing throughout the whole of human history and here you are trying to convince someone that your murderous urges are valid and should be excused cause hookers were around in medieval times? This is why people don’t take you seriously. Making up fake facts like that is not only pathetic, it doesn’t give you any kind of moral or logical ground to stand on. Not getting your dick wet isn’t a disorder. Having never gotten your dick wet isn’t a disorder. It might suck a whole bunch in the way that you’re not getting sucked off but that doesn’t drive people to kill. How can you be murderous about something you’ve never had? and Why is it someones job and obligation to give it to you?

        136. And uh, how exactly does one do that? Shame? More shame? Prostrating for women while they choose whomever they want to bang, commit to, divorce, and take resources from said male? While keeping custody of his children? While receiving the vast majority of social initiatives in education, healthcare, retirement, suicide, violence, and rape despite doing better in every one of those categories on average?
          Maybe more shame?
          You can try all you want to “re-educate” young, depressed, lonely, disaffected boys who believe they have no stake in society. They’re not going to give a shit about people like you who haven’t demonstrated they care about them in some meaningful way, and only exist to “teach” them to be disposable units for women.

        137. *sigh* that’s too bad. not every woman who sneaks a comment in here is a raging super feminist. much the same as not every man here is the villain ultra feminists paint them out to be. exclusion won’t promote understanding on either side.

        138. i have a lot of people that i am talking to, and i really am tired of talking to stupid people who just don’t WANT to understand, so i’m gonna ignore all the other bullshit you said and focus on one thing.
          -normal- is a human construct, it means: accepted
          what i asked you was whether or not it was NATURAL to be gay.
          everything in nature has a natural purpose
          if it does not, like plastic bags free in the environment, it becomes destructive.
          if something has no natural purpose then it is not natural.
          just as babies born with 2 heads are not natural.
          it kills me that you can’t see past your emotions but i need to know that you understand the difference between normal and natural
          don’t give me the shit about cars are not natural cars are tools
          what is not natural is the way we use the tools we have, (just as a gay guy has sex).

        139. MY. POINT. EXACTLY. Younger women have a slightly different response…instead of getting angry (which they do to some degree) they’ll run off to some other man in your vicinity and begin to flirt with him; this is the young woman’s way of saying: “if you did what I asked (while I batted my eyelashes) I would have thrown my pussy at you, but since you refuse to do as I bid I will give my attention to some other sucker to make you jealous.”
          So she thinks she’s getting back at you by prostituting herself to some other man. She knew and you knew that you weren’t going to get to sleep with her whether you did what she asked or didn’t do what she asked.
          PS, you have now piqued her interest after you declined to do her bidding.

        140. Notice how many likes the healthy comments have, vs the angry rants of these toddlers who never outgrew their tantrums. Case in point, yours.

        141. I have to wonder about their true numbers. I don’t think they’re vast. Typically, the mindset that “If I can’t get what I want, I’ll just TAKE it” doesn’t tend to play out well for people in this society. I keep harking back to the part of Rodger’s manifesto, where he started to attempt to push girls off a balcony, and had the utter shit beaten out of him. A man who saw him return to his apartment that night was interviewed on the news, and he described Rogers as crying uncontrollably for a half-hour, snot running down his face, everything. It’s like it never occurred to him that there are consequences for unlawful behavior.

        142. Thank goodness his seed will find no purchase in anyone’s soil! Good riddance to that strain of DNA.

        143. I continue to maintain that what these people need are sex dolls. They are realistic, can be customized, don’t talk back. Hell, if they’re also looking to get their house cleaned, save yourself the trouble and hire someone a couple of hours a week. Since they’re not interested in what the woman has to say or think, why not a doll?

        144. I have no desire for anyone’s wallet. I have my own job. I don’t need to trade sex for a dinner at Chipotle. It’s the fact that you’re not essential anymore that is the problem.

        145. A much larger percentage of these types will be domestic abusers, if they ever get the chance. If they throw these tantrums of this magnitude here, can you imagine when their chosen cumcatcher dares go against them on something? Teeth will be knocked out.

        146. If you got us, you wouldn’t be desperate enough to hang around here, that’s for sure.

        147. Incidentally, blind IQ tests would prove that a great many women are a great deal smarter than you.

        148. Eww…No. You’re completely off base. I’m a woman and I can tell you…Fricking try to control me and you’ll wake up wishing you were dead. It’s amazing how misguided and delusional people are. You know what you men want from a relationship? Trust, intimacy, caring etc…It’s what we want too. We want to be on equal footing. We don’t want to be controlled. Kinks are not the same either as they’re always done in a way that should be respectful to one’s wishes. What you’re describing is abusive……I don’t know any woman who wants that.

        149. Depends. Since we have established that “domestic violence” is only bad if you cause serious injuries (the reason why people say that womens violence doesn’t matter, since it’s a mere inconvenience) slapping women around should be okay. I mean, it’s not a serious injury, just an inconvenience. Right?

        150. You realize that those aren’t the only two choices available to you, right?

        151. Some women do – the unhealthy, mentally unstable women love that. If that’s what you guys are going for, carry on.

        152. “A guy just went on a killing spree because women didn’t like him, and you don’t think there’s a war on women?”
          This dipshit thinks that a single anecdote is sufficient to prove that there is a war on women. Lol.
          My friend, who was a guy, got stabbed to death. I guess there is a war on men too.

        153. Look at you you little faggot. You apologized on behalf of other people for not sufficiently sucking up to gashhavers.
          Go hang yourself you subhuman sack of shit.

        154. “I’m sorry but when this site writes blogs about taking away women’s rights and there are comments about legalizing rape and hate crimes against people for being gay, trans or female, there is no reason why women commenting is crossing any logical boundaries. ”
          You have no idea what logic means you dumb cunt. Stop flattering yourself.
          The owner of this blog makes the rules. We shall not reply to anyone lacking a Y chromosome.

        155. Hmm based on my comment and your reply I think it’s pretty clear which of us is more likely to kill ourselves.

        156. “The things spoken of on this site, if put into action in reality would be a violation of human rights.”
          No they aren’t.
          “Forcing girls into sexual servitude is seen in other nations by us as violation of human rights, forcing them to marry, mass rape, infanticide of baby girls,”
          None of these were considered to be desirable by any of the contributors to this website you moron.
          “keeping gay people from marrying, or from being in certain professions, that’s all discrimination and violation of the right to life liberty and happiness as well as a violation of human rights.”
          So what if it’s “discrimination” you imbecile? Do you even know what that word means?
          If anything, abortion is a violation of the right to life. Faggots CAN marry, just not people of their own sex, exactly like straight (i.e. normal) people.
          “You would be offended if someone called you feminine so why is it okay to call gay people “faggots” or women “bitches” but it’s not okay for men to be called essentially “less masculine”?”
          All are equally okay, we aren’t pussies like you are you wimp.

        157. “The reason incest is illegal is because usually incestuous relationships are through rape”
          I’m actually apalled that a homo sapiens could manage to produce such a pile of illogical refuse.
          Not only is that essentially a fictional statement (literally the first time I heard any one say this) but it does absolutely nothing to further your point.
          Even if incest “usually” involved rape, there would be no need to make it illegal since rape is a crime ALREADY.
          The second argument is also full retard. Yeah, siblings that conceive a child have a higher probability to produce a defective child. Featured word: CONCEIVE.
          Are you a nazi? Because that is eugenics to a T. I guess we should also imprison middle aged women who have sex. I mean after a certain age, women are even more likely to give birth to defective children than siblings. Try that. Lol.
          “it’s just two people loving each other”
          Have you ever been in a gay bar?
          2 people can “love” each other without defacing the millennia old institution of marriage. Are you implying that love is only possible in wedlock? What are you, some biblethumping bigot?

        158. I sincerely hope that one of your female family members get raped and dismemberer you despcable little cocksucker.
          Male sexuality isn’t something you can excise by social engineering you moronic little Marxist. Men will feel “entitled” to sex unless you chemically castrate them and feel bad about not getting it regardless of what you do.
          Furthermore, sex wasn’t the issue. Dude could’ve gotten laid with a hooker. He wanted a GIRLFRIEND, i.e. someone who loved him and cared about him, outside of his blood relatives. Is that too much to ask?
          I’ll do that with the next bitch I pump and dump. After I unceremoniously drop her like a hot potato, she will come knocking at my door, blubbering how she loves me and can’t go on without me. Now normally this would be a tough situation, but since you’ve taught me the truth, I’ll simply tell her she isn’t entitled to my love and commitment. Ditto with aging broads who are betting their decaying eggs on the successful man who merely uses them for sex. I mean hey, nobody is entitled to anybody’s time, right?

        159. “It might suck a whole bunch in the way that you’re not getting sucked off but that doesn’t drive people to kill.”
          Yes it does you fucktard. The guy who committed this killing spree wrote 140+ pages saying as much. Lol.

        160. And I’d hazard a guess that if you buy into this crap you’re not the object of any woman’s fantasies right now.

        161. “Sorry ‘Tom’ but womens’ bodies don’t belong to men in the same way mens’ bodies don’t belong to women.”
          Of course mens’ bodies don’t belong to women. Only their labor and resources, right? 😉

        162. Are you rich and powerful? A star athlete? if your premise is right and you’re not in either of those categories (which you suggest you are on the outside looking in)) than you must be getting the bottom-feeders.
          Sixty of them. That’s impressive.

        163. The real question is that if Roosh and his fanboys really believe women are foul, vile creatures that are sluts and whoers with an inborn psychopathology, why are they so obsessed with chasing them?
          That’s just freaking weird.

        164. You’re wasting your breath Nagi. Roosh and his brood have major issues with women. The hate and contempt for women (and the self-contempt that suggests for the times they’ve been rejected by women) is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
          They are really warcking up some major bad karma.

        165. There are a hundred million men in the U.S. and you site two examples and suggest you’re not generalizing.
          Who put Manson in jail for life? A jury of all women? Who brought back a verdict of “guilty” for Ted Bundy, twelve angry men?
          Does the name Ann Ricahrds ring a bell? She was the governor of Texas and during her one term in office,Richards oversaw 50 executions during — and unlike Rick Perry, she never commuted a death sentence.
          I don’t remember her ever saying as she signed off on an execution, “What a shame. He’s hot.”
          You may think you have the facts; you just got one more opinion steeped in hot piss.

        166. “Women have been surviving without mens wallets”
          And the NASA put a man (see a tred here?) on the moon without rockets. Sure.
          “that you even think that men are paying for womens healthcare”
          Men and women pay the same amount of money into healthcare, but women take more out of it, thus, this is a net transfer of wealth from men to women. Idiot.
          “You do realize women work and provide for themselves, yeah?”
          No they don’t. Many of them are married to a man who makes more money than them and supports them and is FORCED to support them until after the marriage is dissolved. Then there is the racket of child support.
          The only possible argument you could make is that, now, more women occupy makework jobs in the government and even in the private sector where they are employed at gunpoint because muh EEOC. So no.
          “Women can and have run civilizations”
          Lol. No.
          “it’s well on it’s way to happening here in America.”
          America is a country that is decaying, you halfwit. If you followed trends even a little bit, you would know this.
          “it’s just you and people like you who seem to think everyone is salivating after your riches. They’re not.”
          Oh? Then you’re alright with reforming marriage law so that alimony is abolished, everyone keeps their own assets seperate (no stealing your husbands house) restricting welfare, equalizing family court and custody decisions, reducing big government and reinstating freedom of association?
          Yeah no.

        167. I really think you don’t have to worry about a woman looking at you to be her Knight Errant.

        168. Like Maya Angelou, Madam Curie, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, and Anne frank… .

        169. “Women are smarter than you, they can see a psychopath when they see one. ”
          >implying that being a psychopath is actually a negative to women.

        170. Sandra Day O’connor would chew you up and spit you out you pompous, pseudo-intellectual twit.

        171. Nothing more than a desire to be motherly and save men from themselves… That’s why those women do it. They will say, but I love him, so I must save him. I must be his sheath to cover his sharp blade.
          Not me though. I don’t play with that crap. I just tend to go for the depressed pathetic ones to get my motherly kicks…

        172. ^ Not even all the women who made a useful contribution to society. And I will be damned if I don’t before I die.

        173. I certainly hope sites that encourage their members to wish rape on females get shut down. Media attention like this might be the ticket….

        174. PS, I would have gladly been a girlfriend to a hottie like that, but he’s insane, so now that is a no go. Also, any signs of misogyny will make me back off too, but as the loving person I am, I try to provide the benefit of the doubt, because not all men are misogynistic pigs.

        175. Oh yeah “save men from themselves”. Do you actually believe the crap you spew? Yeah, women are really good at “saving men” which we can see by the number of women who run into burning buildings to save mens lives. … we can also see this by the number of divorces which are solely 72% initiated by women…. the women who “save men from themselves” when they poke holes in condoms and inseminate themselves to “save a man from himself”…….the Wendy Williams show demonstrates 98% of women “saving men from themselves” when they lie to trap men into fatherhood….. and the women who have always been so willing to give up a seat on a lifeboat for the protection and “saving” of men from drowning on the ship men built… why are there no women “saving men from themselves” when they drag a good man to court for being “too nice” to his wife right before she goes out to fuck a convict…… and if a woman was at all fucking interested in saving a man, she wouldn’t push for a marriage contract in the first place. So cut the bullshit bitch you’re not fooling anyone. You’re not a hero. You’re not motherly. You’re not saving anyone from anything. You’re a lying fraud and you can start by saving your breath. Women don’t give a fuck about anyone by themselves and everybody knows it. Save yourself the trouble next time.

        176. That’s what they believe. They stay because he is nice to them a lot, and other times he isn’t. They convince themselves they love them and they need to help them find a peace in their lives again.
          It’s the truth.
          I however, don’t take that crap.
          In a pack, there is an alpha male, and an alpha female, a beta male and beta female, and lastly the omega. You might as well say that I am the Alpha up in this bitch…
          My dog, she was female, but she thought she was a man.
          My question is, which one of you are actually the Omega?

        177. The world would be a better place without their “contributions.”

        178. Well, I guess you need to get off wifi, stop using bluetooth and never use a circular saw… Also, design your own programming, and find a different way to get the bugs out.

        179. Is the site owner controlling in order to prevent rational thought? Science calls that groupthink, and it is far from rational.

        180. They are trying to perpetuate the social illness known scientifically as groupthink.

        181. The owner of this site sounds like a DICKtator. Let’s see if the owner of this site is cool or a controlling authoritarian freak.

        182. Totally agree… It is strange that men do end up paying child support for children that they adopted. Wait, adopted? Ok, I can understand adopted… An adopted family can’t just give up a child, they can foster and give up, but adoption is permanent…
          So, don’t start helping the child…
          Also, Alimony is practically dead and exists in its original state in four states… Since women work now, it is hardly ever awarded.. I do agree men shouldn’t have to pay alimony unless they forced the woman not to work (i.e. to avoid paying a babysitter or preschool), not her giving it up for her own free will.
          And um, women should be buying gifts for the men they love too… Its a mutual relationship, and if you don’t express how important someone is to you, then your relationship is going nowhere fast.

        183. Actually, there are some laws that force men to pay child support for children that isn’t theirs, and that is because they assumed responsibility for the children and essentially adopted them, however, those men sometimes do not know that the child wasn’t theirs, which locks them into taking care of them. That exception needs to be made…
          There are men’s rights problems, but they do not need to take women’s rights down in order to get their problems solved… They have a dangerous black and white thinking like that.

        184. Actually, Alimony laws have altered significantly since the rise of feminism and the realizing of men’s rights. There are male rights advocates in the white house, just as there is female rights advocates. There are changes being made in order to balance the pendulum, but you don’t need to punish women for the pendulum swinging too far by relinquishing our rights…

        185. Yeah you do… You have to respect that fact that we are individuals and that your rights end at my nose. Libertarians like me don’t care what you do, as long as it doesn’t bring other’s harm. Like Ron Paul once said to the Left and Right, “Stop telling people what to do.”
          Now, if you want to express your gratitude for the person who is dedicating their life to you, than you should give gifts…
          As a woman, sex is considered a gift to the one we love, because well, unlike men, we are being penetrated, like the flesh the needle violates, you penetrate us. It is more sacred experience to women on average than it is to men.

        186. I don’t want your wallet. I want to work so I can buy you things. I pay for my dates whenever I am allowed… I notice when you forcefully to pay expressing that my time with you was valued to you, as time is money for all of us. It makes me appreciate you more.
          I do feel bad when women do use men… It’s not my place to perpetuate that hate, so I don’t. If I am not attracted, I give them a date, insist on paying and let them gently because I don’t want to add to these crazy websites.

        187. I am actually against obama care…
          Do the math, they want me to pay 140 bucks a month, the lowest option, to cover my medical… I can go to a place like Fremont Medical for 75 bucks a visit… I am young and healthy and am not likely to go to a Dr… And if I go within the time of paying the hospital deductible, for me to actually use all the money I paid to the insurance company, I have to have 12,000 dollar surgeries ever 4-5 yrs… Makes no sense.

        188. You may survive, but humanity wont.
          We cannot progress humanity without each other. However, only one man is needed to populate a planet due to our major reproductive differences, but that does not mean we should value you any less.

        189. My new neighbor thought me cute, even with no makeup. I was hand tilling my garden because we are new to owning a home and I don’t own the necessary tools. This man said to justify helping me, “It is wrong me being a man standing here and letting a woman do the work.”
          I responded, “There is no need to help, I can do this! and I can’t afford to pay you.”
          But really, I could only think negatively. This man wants to get into my pants, and I can’t let him help me because that is what he would expect.
          A month later, he asks me out… Sad that my thoughts were sort of fulfilled, but I don’t know if his intentions were true or just getting into my pants.
          This man isn’t my type… He smokes, and well, he doesn’t seem to take good care of himself, and as a woman, it’s important that he be with me for a long time. I told him, and hopefully not in a way to offend that it is his smoking that will keep me away..

        190. Yeah, that’s like after 15 employees, and you have to because women are also customers and thus you are thriving because of men and women… If you want your business to fail by limiting your target market, then by all means, because guess who highers the contractors? Mainly women as men tend to do it themselves.

        191. I pay taxes, I don’t litter, I clean up my messes… I don’t try to make more taxes for people… What are my other responsibilities?
          I can’t be drafted…. well, that’s because women and men have totally different reproductive abilities… 10 men can repopulate a nation while 10 women can repopulate a nation very very very very very slowly. So if all the women die in a draft, there is no more nation.
          So my responsibility to a nation during war time is this:
          Stay far away from combat, so the men who return can repopulate.
          Work on building the tools needed for war like the women of World War II. That’s hard labor women take over.
          all lives are in an upheaval during a war, which is best avoided through diplomacy.

        192. And his mental defect was feed by manosphere sites like this, further contorting his perception of reality.

        193. The guy who committed these murders was a misogynist who has been taught by various pick up artist and basic bitch boys like yourself that not getting laid = end of the world. So no, Incel and not getting laid doesn’t actually drive people to kill, people brainwashing entire generations of men in media and society is what puts this sort of pollutive thinking into their heads. Websites like this one perpetuate that. His 140+ pages explained his hate of women and feeling as if he were owed someones junk. Gee, I wonder where he could have possibly learned that?

        194. I was gonna bother replying to all of your crazy points but they are in fact, crazy so here’s a pic and please note that i’m laughing at your crazy and so are these women you don’t have a hope in hell of getting. Have a lovely day.

        195. The next ‘bitch you pump and dump’ doesn’t actually count as the next bitch you pump and dump if she’s a myth, kind of like how incels, and sane MRA’s are a myth. But nice fantasy you’ve got going there, stud.

        196. They don’t have actual numbers. I honestly believe that these people have extreme social anxiety disorder which makes sense, but since they generally abhor any and all things to do with personal responsibility and psychology, they came up with a name for it and tacked on sex because they legitimately think getting their dicks wet will solve the issue.
          Personally I don’t understand how someone can glorify a single part of a human being whilst tearing down both it and everything else about them. They go on about whores and sluts fucking everyone but them and how they hate women and blame them for their social anxiety when these women know nothing of these men. I saw one blaming a liberal agenda somehow which was just a bullet train to crazytown.
          They refuse to grasp a basic concept about human beings and instead go to an extreme like our genius Gu up there. Saying to one of these people that they are not entitled to sex or relationships gets them frothing at the mouth and spouting off lists of things that are neither connected or relevant to the topic at hand about how they just know women do this that and the third. It’s enough to make me laugh but at the same time kind of dispair for people who are genuinely co-signing this shit.
          If the majority of people, mental health problems included btw) can grasp that someone saying that they aren’t entitled to sex and relationships ISN’T them saying they can’t have it hahahaha’ then how don’t these self professed incels turn it into ‘OMG THE FEMINIST LIBERAL AGENDA IS OUT TO GET ME WAH’? Like…where’s the connect there? When I hear those words I take them to mean that ‘hey, sure you’d like a relationship with that fine piece of stuff over there and sure you’d like to sit on Brad Pitt’s face for a few hours but guess what, those are not things owed you because you’re you. Brad Pitt and nameless dude don’t know you and even if they did, they have the choice to acknowledge you or not. and if they don’t, well hey, that kind of sucks but guess what? There’s billions of people on the planet and this might keep happening but if you idk, learn that rejection isn’t the end of the world, realize that people aren’t just looking to hook up with you, nor should they be readily available etc or even give you explanations as to why they’re not interested.
          That girlfriends and the arguments for them regarding incel is genuinely the flimsiness and most contradiction argument ever. IT’S NOT ABOUT SEX! they whine, as they scream about legalizing prostitution. it’s like, so let me get this straight. The government should help you get girlfriends cause that’s what you want which would remove the autonomy from women along with their basic choices because it’s not about sex which would make the whole gov getting involved about sex and then you want hookers but previously didn’t just want to go pay for it? lolol. you draw the line at breaking the law by getting a hooker but not changing it so you’re in effect taking away womens choices? Yeah, no. Incel is a made up thing with a shitty soap box to start with and will never be taken seriously because it’s not a thing. social anxiety? a thing. depression? totally a thing. feeling lonely? that’s a thing too. wanting sex? that’s also a thing. being involuntarily celibate would involve genital mutilation and i’m sure most of these dudes have their dicks intact. They should probably call it ‘Vocel’ because they’re not getting sexy times of their own volition whilst advocating what essentially boils down to rape if you’re trying to get the gov to compel women to enter programs with the express purpose of getting you laid.

        197. stfu cunt. You don’t even know who owns the site let alone let alone “what he sounds like”. Showing up where nobody wants you and getting your cunt kicked in doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with anyone else. Just how fucked up are you to think trespassing gives you a right to call the land owner a “controlling authoritarian freak”. You’re a trespassing piece of shit and deserve to get punched in the vagina. Of course that’s why you’re here but even though you are hoping for dick, you still won’t get any. Try being a lovely person for a change.

        198. No need to make rape legal. Women are much too horny to ever feel the need to “rape” one. You can’t rape the willing.

          – Linda Hulsey-Madden 2014
          Delusional Whore

        200. It’s easy. We place an ad on craigslist for 19 to 21 year old hot chicks only and offer to purchase an egg.. then pay another vagina to carry it. It’s called “surrogacy” and women are so desperate, they will do ANYTHING to pay off their credit card debts in hopes to buy another pair of shoes. Infinitely cheaper than a wife and you get no say over the kids. You are already no more than a sperm depository. Accept it. And judging by your picture.. you’re not even that.

        201. That lion isn’t scared because he could fist her lion vagina and tear her stinking snatch inside out. He is annoyed because the cunt has no values or basic courtesies, and she has never tried being lovely to be around. All she is do is be a cunt. Because women are never cunts to themselves.

        202. I think the crown jewel of their long list of pathologies has to be the constant circle-jerking they do. Women who wear make up are whores. Women who do not wear make up are close-clipped dykes. Women who don’t work are just mooching off of men. Women who do work are haughty cunts. I caught the ire of HarryParatestes, or whoever he is, because my husband served in Iraq. He calls women a drain on society with their child support and welfare, and yet, when I told him that I have four part-time jobs (I do this on purpose so I can arrange my schedules around my young children and their activities), he calls me a loser for having four part-time jobs, and then accuses me of being a mindless corporate shill (though I am an independent contract and don’t work for a single corporation), and a mindless taxpayer (which tells me that he is pretty darned underemployed, if at all). They glorify the “rules” of this page, and yet in the same breath, he is blasting me because I am a mindless rule-follower.
          My point is that you cannot win with these people, and that’s by design. Over and over on this thread, the second they cannot argue back against facts, it goes straight to name-calling and threats. He hopes my husband gets PTSD and shoots himself in front of me. He hopes my children are murdered in front of me. He would love to smash my teeth out as I kneel before him.
          Plain and simple, I really think these guys are hopeless. I’m sure their families are alarmed, like Rodger’s were, for years. How can you fix someone like this? Psychotropic drugs? You can’t, since they don’t want help.
          Elliott Rodger stated in his manifesto that women should be sent to concentration camps and exterminated. I don’t feel that most of these guys are exactly on a different page.
          In the past, men like this would have either holed up on some mountaintop with a Coon dog and a rocking chair. But now they have the Internet to help them find each other and become emboldened with the idea that more of them feel the way they do than there actually are. The poor reasoning skills are particularly pronounced. Substandard IQs? After all, Rodger took many college classes, but completed almost none of them…thoughts? I greatly enjoyed yours!

        203. Absolutely no way through their tangled thinking. They are mentally ill, and missing an essential chip. None of their scenarios make sense. Women in concentration camps? Except for the millions of men in this country alone who would beat them up, as Elliott was when he attempted to push those girls over a balcony at a party, if they tried. Really pie-in-the-sky plans with zero probability of success.

        204. They don’t care if the women care, because to them, women are objects. And when they’re past their prime, they are to be discarded, in any case. All they want is the hole and someone to do the laundry.

        205. His business is keeping this line of thinking alive. He has two books, for starters. But I also think that perhaps he likes the adoration of his minions here. It’s not the adoration of a woman, but it’s definitely positive reinforcement.
          I am surprised as many of our comments remain up, actually, even as numerous alpha males whine like children for him to take down our writings. This leads me to believe that Roosh is smarter than I originally gave him credit for. He knows exactly what’s going on.

        206. Firstly, the premise of our discussion is that men can survive without women. Your solution still involves women. Therefore, it just reinforces my point that arguing that men don’t need women is as silly as saying women don’t need men.
          And you are right I’m not even that. I feel sorry for you “guest”. You’re such a coward that you don’t even use your own name. You also don’t have a picture. This indicates that you are ashamed of yourself. You’re afraid at the thought that someone you know might see the things that you see on this sight and tell other people what a jackass you are.
          By putting women down, you thing you’re part of a boy’s club. You’re too blind to see that every man on this group would abandon these concepts for a quick piece of ass. It’s like young boys who throw rocks at girls when they have a crush on them. And if you hate women so much, if you truly feel that way, why don’t you try out the alternative?

        207. Well, that’s scary because clearly it wasn’t Asperger’s that caused this kid to fly off the wall… He had a personality disorder, and personality disorders are fostered by external factors…. like frequently visiting places similar to that of PUAhate and being a spoiled rich kid.

        208. Well, I think it is more of a personality disorder than a chemical imbalance, and with personality disorders, they are formed from external influences… To me it is lack of historical education, or an insistence that history is not factual though there are many witnesses…

        209. You are disobeying the sites rules by talking to me. I can get laid anytime, but I don’t want an asshole like you in my pristine vagina.

        210. You sound like a typical anglobitch that need be put in her place. Go post your crap on Jezebel or something.

        211. “You know you want it.”
          Actually, no, i really don’t. If some pathetic loser likes being dominated a woman, fine, that’s his business.
          But don’t ever assume that every man is like that. I’d crush your teeth if you’d even try to pull off that shit with me.

        212. You women are adorable when you act tough.
          “Fricking try to control me and you’ll wake up wishing you were dead.”
          Damn, i’m terrified, lol.

        213. I’m not. As a matter of fact i tend to avoid women when possible. I despise women, because they ARE foul, vile creatures that wouldn’t even exist in a sane universe.

        214. All of those names mean absolutely nothing, because all of those women were solely concerned by small, irrelevant issues, and didn’t affected the society by large in any meaningful way.
          Nice try though.

        215. You can’t make an useful contribution to society, because you’re woman. Try to accept your fate.

        216. …And your response is a model of ignorance.
          Madam Curie did pioneeering work on radiation and coined the term “radioactivity”; she also, seperately or jointly,published 32 scientific paperds, one which established that radiation could destroy cancer cells.
          Rosa Parks was a seminal force in ushering in the civil rights movement and consequently putting an end to the odious “seperate but equal laws:.
          Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing and was the force behind medical care reform in the United Kingdom, which paved the way for equal treatment despite class demarcations.
          Maya Angelou served on two presidential commitees, won a nobel prize, and was awarded 50 honorary doctorates for her civil rights work and literary accomplishments.
          Anne Frank, in 1999 was considered by Time Magazine as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, and Heln Keller, despite deaf and blind weas an activist who founded the Helen Keller International (HKI) organization. This organization which is devoted to research in vision, health and nutrition. In 1920 she helped to found theAmerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
          Given “meaning” in your life is probably calculated by how many phone numbers you can collect at some club, I can see why you would consider these women as failing to have influenced society in any meaning ful way.

        217. That’s not weird; it’s just your garden variety sick. By the way, the fact that they do exist in YOUR world suggests it is an insane one.

        218. I think it boils down to change and a total disregard for it from these guys. For a very long time society has enforced the patriarchal hierarchy with women souly stuck on the
          bottom rung for various ridiculous reasoning’s.
          You know the ones, women aren’t as smart or strong as men. Women need to defer to men for this that and the third, women are ignorant/heretical/insane for daring to speak before men, walk before them, showcase that her mind is her own etc and these boys don’t like it. Not to mention throughout human history that they as a group have dictated how to court ladies, disdain the ones who were too free with her affections in the light of day whilst seeing no problem with fucking them in flaunting them in front of their wives and friends etc etc. the list goes on but now that sort of things isn’t being tolerated any longer. It’s no longer the woman’s job ( and let’s be honest, it never was) to sit idly by while her significant other goes to work. She’s off to work too. She’s choosing to have children or not or just plain old have sex and enjoy it the very same way men have been enjoying it without labels being smacked on to their promiscuous ways.
          They want things how they were in Mad Men and various other sexist eras. Note how the OP said if Rodgers had had a Thai wife, he wouldn’t have went off? As if Thai women are docile, ready to fuck on command and don’t have standards or entitled to options. I couldn’t EVEN with that particular bit of filth he wrote. If anything it was proof positive that these men don’t hate women exclusively, they hate that they have a voice and use it. They hate that women can say no and tell them to fuck off. They can’t stand that them forcing themselves on someone is considered rape and PUNISHABLE. I say that in all caps because rape has always been a thing and what men have been doing to women and other men for years has been rape when the wife didn’t want sex but the man felt she needed to put out because wifely duties? When you had to convince the girl to say yes when she originally said nope, that’s rape too. All the various ways in which men have been cohersing women into sex has been rape and now they’re being called out loudly and at great length and being called to the table for it. Being labled for it, being shunned for it and they’re pissed about that. They want a return to the docile grin and bear it women while they go and do whatever they want instead of what things are now, where we call bullshit on all their various fuckeries.
          They’re exercising their rights and daring to have standards for what they want and will tolerate and these boys don’t like that so much. They don’t like that the woman has a say
          and that women in small or large groups can and have been louder than any man screaming about his various injustices. They somehow think that women wanting a voice and to make up their own minds about things is somehow in some way about taking away their rights which is where the
          whole MRA thing comes in. Notice how they don’t set up seminars for male victims of rape or try to open crisis centers that support male victims of not only rape but domestic abuse or child abuse or anything like that? Notice how somehow their rights are being infringed upon because women want rights? Note how their focus is dismantling feminism which is ironic because that’s all inclusive rights for everybody, including men women and children. note how they focus on false rape accusations which are devastating yes, but a small fraction of actual rape accusations. like they can’t be bothered with both and the aforementioned crisis centers for rapes that are not false? Note all the screaming about alimony and child support these ‘bitches’ keep stealing from them but not a peep about staring up advocacy groups for those scenarios that actually happen?
          Notice how both these men and guys who identify as ‘incel’ scream about feminism without an inkling to what it actually means? I believe it’s due to the root word being ‘feminine’
          and them being perpetually stuck in that in-between age of 7 and 11 of ‘I hate girls’ never mind that women birthed them into the world. Never mind that there are more single mothers than single fathers who raise little boys and girls and make it work only for their sons to turn around and start spouting garbage about single mothers while conveniently forgetting that it was their deadbeat chromosome
          sharing comrades who left like it wasn’t their job to also help with the rearing of children.
          Another thing that has stuck out for me with these sort of men is their eternal preoccupation with Alpha, Beta Omega dynamics. Like they’re all wolf royalty and stuck in a
          hunter/gatherer society where the women are still seen as weak, not trained in the art of fighting for dominance and food and only worthwhile enough to screw and be made to clean things up. Forgetting that cavemen haven’t been a thing for billions of years and that women aren’t objects to be knocked out with a club and dragged off to do their bidding. It’s also interesting to note that within all this wolf talk, they like to throw out hypergamy as some catch-all to how horrible women are as if patriarchy had zero to do with this practice or how it originated or that it goes both ways.
          I despair of any of these men actually sitting down and logically going over their beliefs and seeing the glaring red flags of all their unsolicited hate speech towards the women they purportedly hate cause of their whore status whilst simultaneously striving for said whores by becoming the best alpha to ever alpha. Leaving out the fact that alphas (
          since they think they’re gd wolves, omg) lead and provide and are the example to be set, not whiney bitch boys who scream insults like ‘faggot’ and ‘mangina’ at people like that’ll shut them down. Low IQ might be a factor but it
          certainly isn’t causation of this attitude. This is just years of having it one way and living in a time where it’s gradually turning another way, and they don’t like it. A marginalized group getting the same rights as them is seen as not
          progress, but a threat to whatever throne bullshit they seem to think they belong on which is where the attacks on feminism come from as well as this new declaration
          that incel is a thing. What’s even more interesting is that some of these incel men claim that incel is only a thing that happens to males which is so laughably ridiculous, I might pull something. Lets just imagine that being involuntarily celibate was a thing minus genital mutilation. Wouldn’t women being unable to get sex from men or women ( if they’re lesbian or pansexual etc) be a thing then? Wouldn’t being love-shy affect women too since the point ( according to some of them. ) is getting a relationship which is somehow the same thing as sex ( to them)? They say no but want to be taken seriously. Being shy about social activities is for both genders. Not being able to get sex is a thing both genders experience, it’s simply that one of the genders hasn’t been told and had it ground into them that nice guys finish with the hottest girl. Or just whatever girl. Women haven’t been told to just be themselves and they’ll get the girl. That their geekiness will inherit the earth of girls. That they deserve a girl regardless of being a
          creep or other personal problems. That improving themselves in some way WINS them the girl and these boys don’t even want to touch THAT with a ten foot pole. I bet they see this and either delete or start frothing at the mouth from all this truth and yet they’re masculine
          men. They’re DOMINATE men for going on about whores and sluts and smelly vaginas and feminazis and how their crazy is justifiable.
          Anyway, I think you’re right. These guys are going to continue to be up their own asses about this. Hopefully at least one of them learns something and changes their ways. That’s all I can really hope for. It was good reading your take on the matter too! I srsly despaired of seeing anything
          intelligent in these comments and you and a few others have been refreshing. 🙂

        219. Very good comment. The other night, while I was walking the dog, I was wondering, say, in a parallel universe, there WAS a society as they dream of? There are some practical issues that I think doom it, but for the sake of argument:
          1. It has been stated numerous times on this thread that women are only good at their peak, from 16-21. After that, they want to throw them over and get a new fuck toy. My questions are:
          a. What happens to those women once they are tossed aside as “dried up” and ugly? If they were the ideal woman, they would not have been getting educated, so how will they support themselves? These guys clearly do not want pay taxes or welfare, so they would have to do something to eat and survive. What would this uneducated half of the country do?
          b. Children from these unions. These guys consider paying child support an insult. So, what of the children created from these unions? Even using birth control, there is a failure rate. Will there be forced abortions? If these children are born, will they be thrown into the streets with the mother, once they are past their prime? Or would the male raise them and hire someone to do so? Would they only keep the boys, or the lowly girls, as well? If they are thrown out on the streets, would we then have a beggar caste, as in India? If that sight displeased the males, would they exterminate them?
          c. Are there jobs that women would be approved for? Since they would most likely not include health care, how would women obtain medical treatment, since half of a population allowed to become ill will lead to a pandemic that will inevitably also kill men, as well, so it does have to be dealt with.
          d. There would have to be different legal systems for the sexes. Clearly, the men would be able to abuse/kill women at will, but what about women who rebel? What would be the system for dealing with them?
          e. What would be done about the 11% of humans who are homosexual? How would they be dealt with?
          f. Would there be any system of governance? It has already been said on here that the military is crap, so once this system takes effect, would there be anyone to defend the country’s interests, or would illegals be allowed to enter at will, and other groups be able to walk in whenever they pleased? What if there were attacking women’s rights groups from the outside, and they had better weapons than just guns? How would security be handled?
          g. What about the religious population in this country? Many religions dictate that marriage precludes sex. Would those religions be outlawed? If so, where would the men from those groups be relocated to? In fact where would everyone who didn’t agree be relocated to?
          h. Who would be part of the bureaucracy put in place to secure resources, such as oil, natural gas, etc., from places outside of the country? Would there be diplomats? Would they negotiate with women from other countries, if that’s what was sent to them?
          i. Would there be the concept of rape, and if so, how would it be punished? What if one man raped the “woman” of another man?
          j. What system of education would there be for the children not yet thrown out on the street, and who would fund it?
          k. Without taxes, how would you maintain the roads, test for water quality, keep bridges structurally sound, etc.? These things are very expensive, so where would the funds come from?
          l. What kinds of men would be accepted into the country, because obviously, most men here value their women, love their daughters, don’t have a problem with the right to vote, even support equal pay. How do you propose to move these men out when they outnumber you by at least 1,000 to one? Would you be fine with having just, say, Montana? If so, the questions above still apply, though it would be a more manageable area to defend.
          m. Since you all don’t like rules, and have said so, would it be each man for himself? Obviously, guns would have to be legal. Is that how you would solve petty theft? What would be the system in place to make sure, at the very least, nobody takes your stuff? Or would it be utterly lawless?
          n. Would people from the country around you be allowed to pass through your “country?” Or would they have to go around? What about air travel? How would you monitor and enforce your airspace without a military?
          Anymore questions out there? What other ways do you feel this type of society would be impossible to maintain?

        220. I honestly don’t think they’ve thought of the logistics of this particular ‘utopia’ they envision, you know? Kind of how people who scream about seceding from the united states don’t think about the military institutions and federal funds and infrastructure that belongs to the government and would be taken away if say, Texas got its wish. As a matter of fact, to most of the question you asked, I’m sure ‘Kill them’ would be the answer you received which is just a set up for a really shitty retelling of Thunderdome without Tina Turners epic hair and chain-mail outfit. lol.
          Overall the society would be impossible to maintain because there is the arrogance of assuming that people would just fall in line with this (minus the outliers you’d get automatically if this were ever proposed.) People have been resisting way too long in various ways for this to ever come to frution or be executed with any finesse or logic. Example: they already assume that the opposite sex are dimwitted shells only good for a handful of things. That’s their first mistake. The second is that they don’t even understand their own caste system (Alpha fuckery) So in-fighting would tear down the system way before it even became something on paper because Bob thinks he’s the supreme alpha while Paul swears it’s him and that Bob is a mangina or something stupid.
          Take a look at history. Boys have been starting wars with each other over less that inferred insults, never mind outright spoken ones. They’d all end up killing each other and while that’s going on The women made to serve would join in on things and the people who aren’t into this basic fuckery would in my opinion, set things to rights.
          it also wouldn’t work, outside the above because again, men seem to think women are some other species and idiots, forgetting that women have had a hand in damn near everything since the dawn of time. Inventing, discovering things, building, imagining, giving birth, raising children, you name it. Literally if boys of this mentality got their way and set up shop like cavemen, there’d literally be no progress in the world and i think they’re too stupid to realize that.

        221. Also important would be the location of this utopia. Say, for the sake of argument, they did get Montana (I’m not picking on Montana, it’s gorgeous, but for the sake of argument), what woman in their right mind, knowing the philosophy of the males there, would live there? I can think of a few, actually: nice, skinny drug addicts that could swoop in, steal the mark blind, then leave, knowing that there would either be no law enforcement in utopia, and that once they crossed out of state lines, no agency outside of utopia would aid in capture or prosecution of said criminal, because their philosophies directly violate the human rights laws in the greater US. So, Montana’s out. Maybe an island would work. That way, they could easier monitor their borders, and it would be more difficult for women to escape. Of course, it would be more difficult for the crack hos to get there in the first place–unless they offered free transportation there. But then the economy remains a question. How do they afford that transportation? Fuel? If they can’t grow food staples on their island, who will trade with them, or how will they afford greatly inflated food prices due to shipping (look at Hawaii and their $6/gal milk, for instance). If they have nothing for the male populace to make money from, they also won’t be able to import medical personnel, or pay for treatment or medications–since there will be, once again, no tax base. What will their monetary unit be? And what banking system will they set up? They can’t use US Dollars, because as soon as they set sail, the overwhelming public pressure, and greater consumer base size will see to it that not only will they be thrown off the dollar, but that any corporation that goes into there to set up shop will be boycotted here. So, they can forget about having an existing financial institution come in, at least from the US.
          The medical infrastructure is particularly concerning, since it’s very expensive to get off the ground in the first place. I would imagine there are a few physicians that feel this way, and would go, just out of principle, or maybe some retired ones. But what about high-tech diagnostic equipment and trauma care? In other smaller nations, it’s a given that one would have to be airlifted to a more hi-tech facility. Unless this was done through utter charity of a neighboring nation (which they should not accept, because it smacks of socialism and welfare), or unless they piggybacked on another nation’s currency system (which couldn’t happen because who would ally with them? Not Dubai–these folks are vehemently anti-Muslim, so the irony is that even though they have an almost identical view on women as many conservative Islamic countries, they could never come to an agreement with any of them), how would they pay for these transports?
          Not only food, but they’d also have to import clothing, household goods, construction materials, personal products, and they’d demand internet, so that infrastructure, along with roads, bridges, and utilities, would all have to be constructed. Unless the Koch Brothers themselves underwrote this utopia, I just don’t understand how it would work.
          They could have that island that the US tested nukes on. I’m sure it’s safe by now.

        222. Not to mention that no matter how closed off they desired to be, in this day and age, it wouldn’t be long before Amnesty International would be all over them, the press would be atrocious, and the sanctions would begin almost immediately.

        223. You are just jealous because you cant take it like a man from a woman, bitch.

        224. ~ “we’re all, first and foremost, human beings.” ~ Hopefully you will be raped and butchered by some black asss human being and you can love, bless and forgive him/them while it is happening. Hopefully you will be found by your children.

      2. That’s not true at all. I don’t want to fuck just anyone, I never have wanted to simply fuck someone, and certainly no one famous. This guy was noticeably insecure, and would have been high maintenance. I would have rejected him too, because I’m disabled and trying to gain independence, I wouldn’t be able to carry a blatant loser like him as well.

        1. He could be covered in those dopey shades and nobody would want him. Dig those theatrical arm swings, by the way.

        2. They hate him because he exposed their pathology to the light of day to most unsuspecting people.

        3. Well, you know, as a female, I guess the disdain I am feeling towards you is made up?
          My little niece feels the same way.. She’s a girl.

        4. Dude is so full of himself that even if there was a girl who liked him, he couldn’t fit her into his already full cup.

      3. But this page totally isn’t a misogynist hate group designed to degrade women.

        1. Looks like a farm lost its cow. Moooo. You are ugly as fuck. You don’t deserve an opinion here.

        2. And yet, I don’t need help to get a girlfriend and you do.

        3. I don’t think all the help in the world would land him a willing woman… he’d have to pay for a pro (assuming he can afford it… probably living in his mommy’s basement).

        4. I know I’m awesome. Now kindly drag your knuckles away… you’re boring me now.

        5. Nobody needs help to get a girlfriend. Getting a girlfriend is a hell of a lot easier than getting RID of one. It’s like trying to get the camel out of the tent. Tell a woman to fuck off and get lost and she won’t leave. So stop pretending “getting a girlfriend” is difficult. A girlfriend is just some stupid chick who thinks an unmarried man should be interested not banging other chicks and paying for everything. What fucking IDIOT would ever sign up for that?

        6. The same idiots who use this site. That’s what this site is about.

        7. A camel out of the tent, reminds me of something important…
          “It is harder to get a rich man into heaven than it is to get a camel pass through the eye of a needle…”
          Shall we consider pretentious men like this rich? They will not find heaven in life, but hell in life. Matter of their perceptions.

      4. Modern Western women are turned on by any male that chooses to go against the “rules” of society and is perceived as a bad boy. Its truly immature and juvenile but it stems from their parents. They spend their entire adolecense and young adulthood rebelling against their parents and it excites them more than anything. Even the most Alpha-est of men will turn these women off if he obeys too many of society’s rules and conforms too much. They have no sense of the greater good and only care about what makes their coochies tingle and they dont even know that these are just pathologies caused by parents trying to raise them into respectable WOMEN. Mass murderers, rapists, rappers, rock “stars”, drug addicts, motorcycles, tattoos, foreigners, etc. If its taboo it turns them on.
        The best way to raise a modern western “woman” is to let her do what she wants without trying to conform her. She will learn for herself what is right and wrong and not rebel against your teachings.

      5. YOU created the system and supported it… Make some money with it and you’ll get women too, then…

      6. She what you need to do is tell that bitch to get on her knees and suck your dick. To me that’s where they belong. On their mother fuckin knees so that if they get out of line you can choke them with the gift god gave you. If a bitch don’t want to suck my dick then she can gtfo. After I tear her ass up that is. You don’t wanna suck it imma fuck u in the ass plain and simple. That how you teach these cunts who’s the mother fuckin boss cause bitches need the law laid down for them. They are to stupid to do it for them selves. I guarantee you drop the hammer on a bitches ass hole they will not dare question you when you demand a good dick suckin. People it goes back the the basics. We have to stop letting the cunts think they are our equals. They have never been equals. Get them back on their god damned knees and in the kitchen bc when I come home dinner had fucking better be ready and your mouth better be ready to do some suckin.

        1. I’ll just bet your social calendar is packed, you magnificent gentleman, you!

        2. Your preoccupation with putting them hammer down on that ass suggests you might be into dudes. Maybe you can meet a nice alpha gentleman on this board you frequent.

      7. And yet here you are: sitting at this guy’s feet, attempting to learn how to use these disgusting mammals to get off.

      8. You hit the nail in the head. Women exists solely for sex and procreation. In the future and with the advancement in the artificial womb technology women won’t be needed anymore even for procreation -they’ll become totally useless and irrelevant, something they’ve always been.
        The future doesn’t look good for womynkind, but then, they brought it upon themselves.

    2. This Memorial Day, we remember American servicemen who gave their lives so America’s feminists may live. the same feminists would find many of those men boring and undateable.
      I wonder, would they have found Audie Murphy alpha enough for their gina tingles? Audie was 5 foot 5 inches and 100 percent badass.

      1. American women cheat on deployed servicemen a lot. While the serviceman is in harm’s way, his wife is banging everything with a dick then when she discovers unhaaaapiness, the femcunt-friendly anti-family courts steal his children, steal his wages and steal his pension. He returns from duty to a wrecked home, tiny income and alienated kids. His life is gone, he commits suicide and the feminist mainstreet media blames PTSD. It’s not PTSD, it’s Post Cuntress Stress Disorder (PCSD).

        1. I am honestly amazed that when what you just described happens these men don’t go on killing rampages like Elliot Rodger did. I know I would. A man with nothing to lose is dangerous.
          Sadly, the only way to bring light to the issue would require a military version of Elliot Rodger. At least that is the message I get from the mainstream media. What a sick world we live in.

        2. Before you get your panties in a bunch over the stay at home “wives” – just note that those same cuckolded servicemen that you are lamenting are DOING THE SAME THING while they are overseas. The respect for monogamy does NOT exist. Being married while in the military is just the stupidest thing ever. I don’t know a single marriage that survived.

        3. Exactly. Thanks for pointing this out. The serviceman, nor woman in the relationship respect monogamy. I had a few male friends from HS go into the military. The ones who were in relationships would cheat with ease. They would tell me and boast about it. I mean, I cant blame them. who the fuck can stay without sex for longer than a few months? Like veteran said, married while in the military is fucking retarded. I dont believe in monogamy anymore and with good reason.

        4. Guess there was good reason that Rome prevented men in the army from marrying

        5. True and sad. Some even do porn, while the husband is away. When hypergamy and female sexuality is without constraints you simply cannot marry 95% of women nowadays and go on a tour. Very few women are like that and it takes a Game-aware psychologist to recognize such a woman.

        6. Vets have discipline and respect for killing, some having gone through traumas abroad. They don’t want to bring those things home. Most choose to aim their guns at themselves if they cannot deal with life. At least they don’t go out on a rampage and inflict more pain. Women may find serial killers sexy, as evolutionary psychology is brutal, but we DO have to rise above just animalistic desires. Of course nowadays being the only traditionally pure one in a sea of debauchery does not make much sense either….

        7. Let me get this straight. You say that you know that you would go on a killing rampage if you were in that situation but then you follow that up by saying “What a sick world we live in.”?

        8. You’re amazed because you don’t understand the mindset of a male that masculine.
          One of my team-members came back to find his wife pregnant. You know what he did? He didn’t cry like a little bitch….Within two weeks after getting back he’d gotten with three other girls.

        9. Yeah you’re starting to get it now. Anger is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice. The passive acceptance of evil is not a virtue. Cheating military wives should be dragged into the street and shot.

        10. that’s patently untrue. surely you can be more imaginative than an arbitrary universal abstraction.

        11. I don’t know, man, about females finding serial killers sexy. After reading some of these comments, I tried it at the bar last night, telling this above average girl I was a serial killer. She just made an excuse and left quickly with her average looking friend. Gotta find a better game.

        12. Haha! Of course most women have enough common sense to run away from a serial killer or anyone who even says he is one. It may excite quite a few on an instinctive level, but that is too much Dark Triad for the wide majority of women!
          Dark Triad characteristics are generally somewhat attractive to women, but the degree varies strongly from woman to woman. In a way the attractiveness of a Serial Killer is highly connected to Fame Game. Either way – I would not recommend anyone trying that out in real life. Some Asshole Game or straight Dominant Alpha Game is enough for the majority of girls.
          Besides – in our current budding Police State system those kind of jokes can easily backfire.

        13. Careful there. The military split the atom, broke the sound barrier, and catapulted men into fucking space — using some of the most brilliant minds in history. All male.

        14. HA HA HA!!! The military did all this huh? Scientists, even Nazi scientists had nothing to do with it huh? Just because some scientist was “employed” by the military does not equal some schmuck from East Bumble walking in and signing up to be a government/army owned slave. As far as space is concerned I thought NASA had something to do with that. Who cares! (Draws sword – Yeeeyaaahh!!! – that ugly potato sitting on MGTOW.COM shoulders plops on the floor.) AAAHH!!! One less imbecille to muddy the gene pool! One less government worshiping idiott to vote for lesser men!

        15. Before you get your pantyliner in a bunch:
          Woman cheats, she gets his children, his house, his paycheck, his retirement, his dignity, his freedom, etc.
          Man cheats, she gets his children, his house, his paycheck, his retirement, his dignity, his freedom, etc.

        16. I have to admit, some of the dumbest guys I know got into the military, maybe their standards were different back-in-the-day.

        17. And I know serviceman who cheat a ton on their spouses. Why not simply recognize that some people are selfish cheaters, men and women.

        18. Because that would shatter their very fragile world view that they are somehow better than others because they learned how to hide their small penises and socially inept behavior behind false masculinity.

        19. he didn’t say intelligent. he said unimaginitive. stupidity is not a lack of creativity.

        20. how one person up-voted this response is beyond me, especially in this community. that was a truly imaginitive response. i would thank you for showing me how wrong i am, but i’ve lost my head.

        21. At 2:07 I notice a rainbow bar on his uniform??? Served in San Francisco???

        22. Perhaps you should direct your energy to the people who send the military to far away places -NOT FOR ANYONE’S RIGHTS- as they have so well propogandized but to gain some financial benefit. Perhaps on that political front, you would find your soul mate. That is where the women are, fighting to save YOUR lives.

        23. This is a topic that needs light. Monogamy. Are humans really monogamous? Or do they try to do this because of social norms?

        24. How would we know? So many times ideas have been stolen from other people. Especially when those people do not have any power in society as Women and People of Color have had in America for most of its history.

        25. It’s not enough to say that, you ignorant fuck. You have to prove why. You can’t prove virginity, because $60 can buy you a the whore of your choice who will take care of that…. and the accusation of being “deranged” requires you to fully deconstruct his point with evidence. Anytime you’re ready.

        26. Stupid ungrateful cunt. WWII and every war before it was so you could be free. Teenage boys by the millions on boats knowing they were going to be riddled with bullets the second the doors opened…. and without them, you would be speaking fucking German right now and you can kiss your afternoon at Starbucks goodbye, you worthless piece of shit.

        27. Or kids from poor families, like my husband. He wasn’t afraid of the prospect of doing active duty, which he did, in Iraq, while cowards like you sat in their mother’s basements, bathed in the light of a computer screen.

        28. Bottom line is you’re too pussy to even crack boot camp. Those other guys would sniff out what you’re about in short order. You know that, so you come up with hyperbole to excuse your cowardice. Semper fi and thank you troops!

        29. I am sure your brainwashed, government indoctrinated “Hero” will get PTSD, hopefully he shoots you then turns the gun on himself.

        30. You are an idolater! You worship the state just like a communist. I am sure your brainwashed, government indoctrinated “Hero” will get PTSD, hopefully he shoots you then turns the gun on himself.

        31. He served himself. I am sure he would not do it for free. Idjits who put on the uniform do not do it for altruistic reasons but for selfish ones. You all trying to take the moral high-ground is a joke! I am sure your brainwashed, government indoctrinated “Hero” will get PTSD, hopefully he shoots you then turns the gun on himself.

        32. One woman leaves you and suddenly you have ‘nothing to lose’ and your only option is to end everything? What kind of coward pussy are you?

        33. Dude if pussy is so easy to come by stop whining and go and get some. This guy killed because he felt like everything should come to him as a matter of right. Maybe 7 people would be alive now if he’d spent $60.

        34. The Mercury Astronauts (watch “The Right Stuff” or read some books) were all army test pilots before they were astronauts. Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier as a test pilot. They were all Men who walked in from East Bumblefuck Missouri and signed up … not only to be slaves, but to suicide themselves which many did just to try and break the sound barrier. NASA just showed up with the money to build rockets when the Russians put a foothold in space.. So be careful who you call an imbecile.

        35. Hedy Lamar (like you) couldn’t even take a dignified shit in the world unless a man invited the toilet, the plumbing, install the electricity and packaged and sold you your toilet paper and tampons. Create your own website instead of going places nobody even wants or invited you. That’s what you are. A useless noncontributing parasite. And not a creator. It’s only by our devine manly grace that you are permitted to use the internet in the first place. You’re welcome.

        36. 15 years, four deployments, 4 years engaged while at West Point, numerous schools….and my wife and I have never cheated and still love each other. Your not a vet or you would know that home life is what gets you back home and the divorce rate in the military is lower than the rest of society. Keep your mouth shut until you actually serve.

        37. Lol… A man but not you!
          See, toilets and plumbing and all that was invented LONG before you were a twinkle in your Mom’s eye or a spermy in your Dad’s ballsack.

        38. Women love their fucking starbucks They will even tweet hashtag “caffeine” and say stupid shit like “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my venti”. I’ve even heard women call it “their happy place”. Jesus Christ. Fucking useless incels.

        39. That’s right. And the sex wouldn’t have taken place if the cheating military wife kept her fucking legs close. Cheating wives of soldiers should be executed for treason.

        40. The best Ideas never originated with women. That much is certain. Just look at the world around you. You’re the gender that invented paternity fraud and lying about “rape”. Men invented diplomacy and peace treaties.

        41. It’s going to end up being a matter of what you believe. Religions generally teach that our human nature is sexually promiscuous while our more godly nature is monogamous and family-oriented.

        42. Honey if you were interested in evidence, you would just STFU. There are no “women at work” signs for a reason. And the next building, house, condo you see going up will have only men buzzing about with not a woman in sight. And you know it. That’s why +2000 men take years to build a ship and the only thing a woman ever did is show up on the first day it sailed and cracked a champagne bottle across the bow. So cut the shit you stupid cunt. Your inability to compete with men since the beginning of time is why we mask your failures (and the most useless of contributions ) as accomplishments.
          Because men feel sorry for you.

        43. Go ahead and keep worshiping The State like a good little socialist…

        44. Hey idiot… the etymology of the word “men” also means humanity, and the etymology of the word “women” means a wife men, so women that are not wives are actually men. Previously there was not a word in the English language distinguishing men from women.
          man1 [man] Show IPA
          noun, plural men.
          “a member of the species Homo sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex: prehistoric man.”

        45. Oh I don’t worship the state at all. This isn’t even my state. Just pointing it out because you originally said “only unimaginative idiots join the military”. I would have to agree one would have to be a completely unimaginative idiot to grab a gun to defend and uphold the current order. War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.

        46. Fuck off cunt. Men are the creators and inventors, women are destroyers and whiners. Without men you wouldn’t even exist, so go fuck yourself you stupid little shit, men are gods and you know it.

        47. Necessity maybe the mother of invention but imagination is it’s father -which is a masculine trait, by the way. In fact, women are so irrelevant that if they wouldn’t have a pussy they might as well not exist at all. Personally i’d prefer if they didn’t.
          There is no doubt which is the superior gender (hint: it’s not female) but sure, go and tell more lies to yourself.

        48. Good answer. I certainly would laugh if that indoctrinated, brainless idiot would do just that. Only idiots and sheeple join military anyway. Smart people never would.

        49. “All male”.
          I’ll just cite one example of your ignortance about this: the Manhattan project. (Look it up.)
          Leona Woods Marshall Libby, was a physicist who worked with Enrico Fermi’s group that undertook the crucial mission of producing a controlled, self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reaction. She helped to construct detectors for monitoring the flux of neutrons in the first atomic “pile” — the large stack of uranium and graphite blocks from which the group was building the first nuclear reactor. She was one of the scientists who participated in the now famous experiment on December 2, 1942, in which the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction took place, releasing nuclear energy and establishing the feasibility of moving ahead toward designing and developing nuclear weapons.
          The most famous woman who worked on the Manhattan Project was Maria Goeppert Mayer, who later won the Nobel Prize in physics for her work in developing the theory of nuclear shell structure.
          During World War II, she was involved initially in theoretical studies of the thermodynamic properties of the uranium hexafluoride gas that would be used in the gaseous diffusion process for conducting isotopic enrichment of uranium by separating U-235 from U-238. She also investigated the possibility of using photochemical reactions for isotope separation. Later she worked at Los Alamos on energy release in nuclear explosions.
          Would you like me to cite a few examples of women who worked on the Apollo mission?
          Frances Northcutt, was a 25-year-old woman who was a member of the flight dynamics support staff in mission control at the Manned Spacecraft Center.
          Larue Burbank, designed the visual displays used for real-time monitoring of spacecraft, and Dorothy Lee, was an engineer who worked on the re-entry heat shields.
          You seem to take pleasure in making stupidity a virtue.

        50. Wow! You’re absolutely right! I absolutely withdraw my statement of “all male” and change it to “more than 99% male”. Thank you for pointing out my error! But isn’t it curious when a man is shown to be wrong, he acknowledges it and adjusts his opinion in the light of facts – whereas a woman will absolutely REFUSE to do this? I find that fascinating. Thank you. Please carry on.

        51. The only thing certain is that you’re another moron.
          Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers. Baraba Askins was recruited by NASA to bring better definition from photographs taken from space, which generally were fuzzy. She succeeded and was honored as the national inventor of the year in 1978.
          Patricia Billings invented “Geobond” which is non-toxic, fire-proof, cannot degrade and is the first alternative for asbestos.
          Grace Marie Hopper lead the team that invented COBOL the first user-friendly business computer software.
          Stephanie Kwolak invented Kevlar which is the principle material used in bullet-proof vests.
          Heddy Lamaar invented spread spectrum technology which was first employed in naval vessels during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Her invention created a code that could not be intercepted by America’s enemies.
          This is a tough call: whose the more illiterate you or MGTOW. It’s too close to call.

        52. Wrong again. Apparently you missed a few pages of “The Right Stuff”. The Army does not, and never has had fixed wing jet aircraft. Furthermore of the seven Mercury astronauts, three came form the Navy, three from the Air force, and one from the Marines–John glenn.

        53. I think not. I limit myself to 30 minutes a day interacting with hatemongerers.

        54. Acknowledging your correction that it was not 100% male but more than 99% male is not “hate”, silly. This would demonstrate between the two of us you are the hate monger here, and I spend absolutely 0 minutes a day with shit stains like that. Have a pleasant evening.

        55. Now you are splitting hairs and grasping for an insignificant and infantile deflection away from the factual discussion and point that they were ALL MILITARY men. I would expect this kind of shit from a woman.

        56. You are saying that all the drawings I drew, stories I wrote were not as inspired by my imagination… Man, all those sword fightings in my head, hmm.. FUCK YOU ANIME! YOU TOOK AWAY MY IMAGINATION!

        57. Who’s whining? The subject is cheating military wives should be executed for treason. No whining here. It’s the retard above (and you) who dragged “viriginity” into it. Women are easier to make than toast. Getting a woman to cheat on her soldier husband is not like getting her to go to the gym. All you have to do is throw it in front of her face.

        58. That’s truly disgusting, not masculine. And irresponsible, seeing as he clearly doesn’t know how to have safe sex.

        59. Oh really? Should cheating husbands of military wives be executed for treason too? Because I don’t think they should. I don’t think anyone should be punished to death for adultery, no matter who they cheated on. Stoning adulterers to death may be custom in some countries in the Middle East (mainly to punish women, despite the fact that men statistically cheat more often than women), but that will never and should never happen in the US.

        60. That is literally idiotic. The reason why a woman MAY get those things would be because she was too busy caring for the children basically as a single mom while her husband was overseas. And once the mom continues to care for the children as she did while her ex-husband is overseas, she will need the resources to care for those children, including housing and money. And she assuredly has not taken his “freedom”. Also, some women do actually work, strangely enough, and aren’t just stealing from their ex-husbands.

        61. This looks like obvious trolling, and trolling on this shit is no longer okay when it has become recently apparent to many of us that some people really are that sexist and disgusting.

        62. The reason why men had the PRIVILEGE to make said discoveries has nothing to do with women being inherently inferior to men. It all has to do with men having more time for career-related pursuits than women due to the fact that women have historically taken on more duties in the home. To say anything otherwise is just sexist. It is also incredibly sexist to infer that women are incapable of being logical. Although it is more common for women to rely on emotion compared to logic, that is a broad generalization that cannot be applied to all of womankind. Personally, I tend to be far more logical than I am emotional. Furthermore, having heightened emotional intelligence is a strength, not a weakness.

        63. People like her absolutely need to be on websites like this in order to help sexists understand why they are so wrong and damaging to society. Perhaps if more dissenting opinions had shown up in the puahaters website, Elliot Rodgers may have recognized the error in his ways. Websites such as this one further propagate sexist stereotypes and misogynist attitudes. Also, as stated in a comment I made in another post, it is very clear that most great achievements have been made by men because women have traditionally had more responsibilities in the home, especially mothers. However, even women without children were basically only able to become nurses, teachers, or administrative assistants. Outliers existed, but for the most part women were not given the same opportunities as men.

        64. I truly feel sorry for you.
          Because you are ignorant and unintelligent enough to think that women do not matter because they can’t lift heavy things and they are not as strong physically.
          It is obvious that some work is better suited for physically strong males, while other work is better suited for emotionally intelligent women. For example, the vast majority of elementary school teachers are women. If I were as ignorant as you, I could say that men are incapable of educating future generations and are therefore worthless.
          However, men can be kindergarten teachers and women can be construction workers.
          I could also ask you another question: how is it that your supposedly “superior” gender is not managing to go to college at the same rate as “inferior” women? If I were to use your logic, I may say that men are not as intelligent as women and are therefore inferior. However, I am fully aware that this is not true and it would be sexist to say so. There are likely several reasons why less men are going to college, but I think it may have to do with American culture and how it isn’t cool to be good at school, especially for boys.

        65. this guy knows his shit. Me, I’m a physics dropout but as I recall, the angle of the dangle is equal to the square of the hair times the heat of the meat divided by the torque on the pork provided that the lotion between the motion of the ass cheeks remains constant. That said, and also being mindful of the fact that nickel dances get you fluzy nickel wives or just speddy borderline tards that simply ‘forget’ who their spouse is. Happened to me. In game we discover what greater super mind we men manisfest within our DNA unsupressed. Hell, I should have three intelligent wives by now who use their noggins to juggle our ascendingly intelligenter and intellinger progeny between titfeedings and lullabys. But no, getting an intelligent woman knocked up is like pulling teeth. Much less carrying baby to full term. Our women must be as inspired to rebel against the anti-human powers as we men of our species. In the hands of our creator, we live amongst forces that wish to supress and literally kill us. They become resistant and throw their own bag-o-game like they haven’t gamed us the whole time. But no game can shake the rock of our DNA helix. Our drive to survive. Tap into it, resonate with it, connect with every cell of YOU. None of it is ‘junk’, trust me. We fathers must teach our sons game, but not only as dogmatic science, rather as the divine voice that commands from within our DNA to grow, to love, to defend, to procreate, to venture and explore, to engineer and build, to be the architects of our families and societies – – NOT the pussywhips of them.

        66. Ihr sind eine Pferd mit dem kurze haar :D.
          Deutchland bist ganz toll, aber America sind schrecklich..
          Deutchland, Deutchland über alles, über alles in der welt.
          LoL, we in Europe don’t have sex wars, and our society is healthy what do you have American?.A land of bullies, cowards and mentally ill people that’s what you have.
          You have nothing your society is broken as it gets.
          Your education is messed up, and the only leaders that you have are psychopathic warmongers.Let’s not talk about the health insurance, and capitalistic swines who are running the show.
          Your leaders are Nazi bastards, and pretty much the entire world hates you for being obnoxious as you start wars.
          Your agencies begin those wars, and then innocent people suffer, but this article also shows a war for survival inside the U.S.

        67. I was once in no uncertain terms propositioned by an ex whose Fiancée was stationed over seas.

        68. And what if they get pregnant with male children? There’s no guarantee that anybody will be able to step into a father-like role (if they weren’t aborted), they could be the next Elliot Rodger (or could not, but the possibility is there). I personally would have just divorced the bitch.

      2. Being Alpha around men and in the office/even war is not enough. He also has to be Alpha around women, which is another matter. I have friends who are extremely successful in business and highly respected by their peers, but at home and in any LTR the woman rules, which in the end makes them Greater Betas. Women react instinctively to that and men have to truly man-up and be Alpha also with women.

        1. I never take shit from women. If they fuck with me they are out and they know it.
          Who in the hell does LTR anymore anyway? Good lord that is for my parents generation.

        2. I bet you are sitting in your mom’s basement with a headset on and that you are scared shitless of all women.

        3. “Scared shitless”? Of a WOMAN?? Why? Women are for fucking. Men don’t ever throw our junk shit we are “scared” of. That’s a guarantee. You don’t throw your dick in an alligator for good reason. But that’s what women are made for. They buy didos because they want dick so badly. No need to be “scared” of them. Omg they LOVE it. You have a lot to learn about women.

        4. Exactly. Not too many people on here doing much fucking at all from what I can see. It’s not because you’re all selective, it’s because you piss down your leg when you think about approaching a woman. That’s why everyone is railing against American women and praising foreigners… you are scared of women who aren’t afraid of telling dickheads like you to fuck off.

        5. From what you can see? What are you BLIND?

          How To Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety

          Read the second comment and open your fucking eyes. Everyone rails against Ameriskanks because that’s exactly what they are. They aren’t even WORTH approaching. I don’t even know how people like you even function with the shit you tell yourselves. “You live in your mothers basement!”… “You don’t get laid”….. “you wear headphones and are scared of women!”……
          Jesus Christ it’s pathetic.
          If I “live in my mothers basement” how the fuck do you explain this sweeping view? I guarantee you…. YOU live closer to “your mother’s basement” than I do.

        6. You know, this is the first time I’ve seen someone speak up about this.
          We men do it to ourselves. Even under the guise of helping other men, we make those less experienced feel like they need to go through hell in order to get a piece.
          The day I started treating women like sex objects, was the day I got my dick wet. PUAs especially, make it sound like rocket science. Sure, if you’re a 4 trying to hook a 9, you aren’t just going to walk up and take her away, but come on. The shit really isn’t that hard.
          The best part? They want to be treated this way!!!

        7. Problem is no one is really teaching us betas the step-by-steps. All i hear from alphas are ‘man up’.
          Sure no problem, how exactly do i defeat crippling aa again without resorting to logic since it’s not a logic-based problem?
          Any alpha that can answer that question & they will make a 100 million dollars & helping 10 million betas at the same time.

        8. Women buy dildos so they don’t have to put up with the assholes, like you, attached to it.

        9. So let me see if i’ve got this right, as a man i’m at the total mercy of my dick, and if i don’t get to stick it in a woman, then it’s acceptable i go on a rampage because i have no self control. Women are only good for fucking, and are otherwise useless, yet if they fuck a lot we call them whores and skanks and complain about it. The advice is to not care a shit about women as beyond sex they’re worthless, but somehow that attitude is going to make them want to sleep with us.
          Have i got that right?

        10. All this alpha and beta stuff makes us sound like little more than dumb animals. It’s pissing me off quite frankly. I’m not a fucking dog, i’m a man, i have self control, i recognise that men and women are unique human beings, i don’t expect to find a compatible partner with ease, as there are many many different types of people in this world, and my own personality and wants and needs are constantly evolving.
          This little nancy boy had got to what? 22 years old and thrown in the towel because none of the bitches he had met so far were into him (even though he wasn’t really into them either, just wanted to fuck ANYTHING he could). Thats a good thing, who the fuck wants lumbered with your average, common as muck dick stick.I want the ones who are different. You got to sift through piles of shit to find the rare gems. BE MORE DISCERNING!
          You lot are such sad little losers.

        11. It should already be clear to you that you don’t have it right because in no part of anything I said is any of what you interpreted implied, suggested or spoken directly.
          It WAS (however) clearly highlighted in bold (and in some cases, caps for emphasis – did you miss that?)
          Men have been freely supporting whores since the beginning of time and for thousands of years there has been no problem with this mutual arrangement…. but now we have women who behave and present themselves as whores while pretending they are NOT whores.
          The “advice” was clearly to STOP PLACING SUCH OUTRAGEOUS IMPORTANCE ON VAGINA to the point where a man would be driven to the point where he would regard his own life as “worthless” simply because he wasn’t getting any.
          I trust that should be enough clarification for you.

        12. The answer is simple, and complicated. EVERYONE has sex for different reasons. You have to KNOW the person to know what their reasons are. You can not be “nice” to the person who prefers a little more aggression. and you can not be “aggressive” to the person who prefers a more subtle approach. You can not get your “dick wet” if that is all you want, with a person who wants a relationship, and you can not have a relationship with a person who only wants to wet your dick and never see you again.

        13. I just want to correct one part– men HAVE BEEN WHORES- since the beginning of time, and there was PLENTY of problem with it, as women had to TAKE THAT SHIT because they couldn’t own property, keep their inheritances, or employ themselves. Now that we have all of that, the sexual act is a little more mutual.

        14. men are for fucking, too. sex is a healthy, integral part of life. for every woman buying a dildo there’s a dude ordering a fleshlight or real doll or just watching a little porn. nothing wrong with it.

        15. why does it enrage you for her to assume you live in your mom’s basement, but you don’t hesitate to imply she’s closer to that than you are? neither of you knows the living situation of the other. it really pissed you off, which means you have been successfully trolled.
          as for female approval… women spend an inordinate amount of time seeking male approval and attention, too. it’s a big elaborate game on both sides. if only people were honest enough to just make their feelings known and strong enough to live with the fact that not everyone you are attracted to is attracted to you.

        16. Exactly, this only taught women to stay away from males. Women will continue to teach their daughters to stay away from males and carry weapons. Elliot Rodger constantly said he walked around at night to meet women (more likely just peeped in windows) but what woman would stop in the dark to talk to anyone, let a lone a guy they do not know?? It just is not going to happen! Women get raped and beat too often, women are forgiving and loving by nature but we are also are only going to take so much. We pass down our knowledge for self-preservation no matter how primitive or unnecessary it sounds. Until males start acting as they should, women must fill all roles. These are not roles that women want or should have to assume. Many males don’t have jobs….so why on earth would the female want to deal with emotionally stunted, violent, child-like males that you have to constantly mother? There is zero reason to be with this type of male. Females have learned to stop trying to “save men” because it just won’t happen and in they end they take all their failures and insecurities out on them. This will only fuel anti-male movements and the omega males (rare) will be what women go for, if they go for any male at all. Sad that having an appendage hanging off the body (as opposed to inside) can make the male so fanatical about rubbing it on everything. It really is bizarre.
          I LOVE the man I am with. He is a good boy and a great man. It is a bummer that it feels like forever when you are waiting to find your husband/wife but you just wait, work on yourself, and have faith. It will come. It is not about sex either!!! Not at all! We both waited for each other and I am so glad that we did. Guys will only loose out on the nice girls the more they play and manipulate them. Females are not looking for that. Every mother and father must work harder on their sons. They don’t get free passes of “boys will be boys” anymore. That is over. They must catch up and start being responsible.

        17. Hollywood is ruining families. This is yet another example, yet Elliot popped sooner because he was so close to the lies. Nobody taught him hollywood sells out the masses for money and not to actually believe in it himself. How dare people think of anyone else as a walking vagina or penis to be used for self pleasure. It is wrong.

        18. Women aren’t putting their pussies up in the high value, certain types of guys like this fucking idiot Eliot are.He didn’t care for women at all he believed women owned him because he was such a nice guy. Simple put if you kill over pussy then you are the problem because women do have the right to deny the pussy just like how you can deny the dick.

        19. Women didn’t own property, because they where irrational and socially violent. Women socially destroy lower status men. Civilization functions due to the work of lower status men, so social violence against them destroys civilization.

        20. “Women get raped and beat too often, women are forgiving and loving by nature but we are also are only going to take so much”
          You are so loving by nature, that you tell mentally abusive lies about men beating and raping women?
          Rape is a rare crime. Women beat and attack men more than men beat attack women.
          You are another example of a disgusting female.

        21. Agreed. There seems to be a “sex is dirty” attitude among the adherents here.

        22. But don’t people know that Hollywood is fake? I could have sworn it was pretty obvious…

        23. Right.I will be sure to print that on a flash card and show it to the next woman who pretends she needs a “relationship” in order to spread her legs. Thanks for that.

        24. Don’t be a moron. That “mothers basement” shit is no more than an infantile deflection and has nothing to do with the fucking point. When a cunt brings that shit to the table she should expect to have it smeared in her face. “If only people were honest enough”. Yeah if only. Starting with yourself.

        25. Interesting that men seem to think that only women try to turn casual sex into a relationship or that somehow someone having standards who isn’t an alpha male is somehow ‘pretending’ lol and you clowns wonder why you can’t get and keep the women you go after. lololol

        26. So typically female. if a man airs grievances against women, they must be “afraid” of them. This is the way you communicate, and then are baffled when some men throw up walls, and treat you as nothing more than cum receptacles. Check yourself, lady.

        27. Hey look. Mr. “I’m not an MRA” followed my month-old post (speaking of stalkers) to an MRA site and proceeded to call women cum receptacles. Yep, totally balanced human being. You’re a fucking psychopath. Get help.

        28. Yeah, I know it was such a huge amount of effort to parse your profile and read some more of your grievance mongering, moron. No, I said there’s a reason why these men are treating you like a cum receptacle. Key difference, but of course lacking both reading comprehension, and a nuanced mind, you cant see the difference. And of course, I’m a “psychopath”. You’re doing a wonderful job of making the case for these guys. Seriously, look at what you’re reduced to when arguing? It’s pathetic, and typically female to go for the jugular, and stir up shit, when you’re on the ropes. All low blows and all the same kind of sexist shit that your hypocritical feminist ass claims you’re against.

      3. If WWIII started tmw I’m not enlisting.
        Let all the vile spawn of 1960s Marxism fight it.
        I affectionately refer to this as male privilege.

        1. With China and Russia now partnering up — that wont be too far away.
          Lets see how all the know-it-all mouthy bitches enjoy their cushy lives when the shit hits the fan…

        2. Damn straight. I’m going to laugh my ass off when the entitled little princesses of modern, fucked up society find out what rape culture really is. I don’t feel an ounce of pity or compassion towards women, they don’t deserve it.

    3. Ironic how all that Obama NSA surveillance and the police visit to his house didn’t stop this guy. He was posting on youtube! He may have appeared on the nsa radar but quickly dismissed as a joker-fag, I didn’t believe the video at first as it was too comic-book villanesque to be true.

      1. The solution is obviously to pass more laws enabling the government to have more power over us!

      2. The laws are for statistical surveillence. Does the sheep believe the crap we feed them or do we have adjust the bullshit, so that we do not have a rebellion?
        The NSA does not care shit about crime prevention. Most “terrorism” is staged for political reasons. Real killings like these only contribute to depopulation which is another elite-goal, so why prevent it?

        1. “Real killings” like these are an insignificant drop in the bucket that happen every day in every part of the world, but are made to look like the end of the world in the media because that’s what stirs up the ratings and drives up advertising dollars.
          If you don’t believe it, just look at the comment section of this site. Millions of people kill each other in Anonymous Bumblefuck Backwater country, and no one cares. One nutty virgin offs six people and himself in a nation of 300 million, and everybody goes bananas and says we have a crisis we must deal with. Yawn.

          Most “terrorism” is staged for political reasons.

          Citation please?
          This just sounds like the usual conspiracy theorist “THEY know all and control all”.
          Who are they again?
          Can you name some people who are part of ‘them’?
          Is it like a club – can I join it? These people sound pretty powerful. I’d like to count myself among ‘their’ number and help direct the inane lives of the clueless sheep people.
          Can I find an application on Monster Jobs, for, like, ‘Assistant to THEY’? Also, what are the pay and benefits like? I hope the vacation time is good… American companies are seriously getting bad about this.

        2. Go ahead and study the Congressional Reece Commission from the 1950s, Carroll Quigley’s works or the buttloads of documents on Also plenty of stuff available on – mostly white papers, government commission reports etc.
          And of course it is ridiculous for the MSM to get excited by one incident while dozens get killed around the country in less drastic cases.
          BTW – the conspiracy term is quite useful at lumping together the most insane with the most “unwelcome” info out there discrediting any kind of opposition. Also when you start meeting people at Wallstreet & Switzerland who manage trillion $ portfolios of ONE FAMILY or have contact with some BIS officials then all that info becomes very logical. We are not led by some haphazard concoction of diverse corporate interests and bumbling politicians. That is what the MSM wants you to believe.

    4. If he hadn’t killed himself, he’d be getting all kinds of fan mail from women around the world.

    5. We could take a page out of the feminist playbook and say that this is the gynocracy backfiring.

    6. “he found the female attention he desired through one Grand Dark Triad act”
      Are you honestly saying that he got laid after he killed himself?

        1. It is a sick world we live in. He was a nobody, but if he kills people suddenly he becomes someone and women are attracted to him.

        2. *SOME* a very, very, tiny, minuscule amount… possibly there are men out there of the equal proportion seeking sex with Joan Rivers. That’s the problem with this way of thinking.. its too general.. you cannot seriously believe *all* women are now attracted to this psychopath? The problem with all of this thought process is the belief that all women are the same computer program.. follow the right paths and you crack a level.
          I guarantee, just as each and every one of you are individuals, so too are women.
          Yes, contemporary men as a collective are not to blame for the ‘patriarchal’ system we were *all* born into.. we are all products of the same chaos in motion. We are all as valid as each other and hierarchies are illusions.
          There’s a lot of talk on this site about ‘attractiveness’ as thought here is one version of ‘attractive’ as though chemical responses could be rationally tallied up in scores of ten. Surely somewhere inside, you can see how illogical all of this men vs women/ women vs men BS truly is.. sorry to say for all of us…
          The sooner we get along the better.. We can’t exist without the other.. its about time we all learnt to love and respect each other.

        3. “The sooner we get along the better.. We can’t exist without the other..
          its about time we all learnt to love and respect each other.”
          Sounds like Animal Farm when the pigs realize that they can not run the show by themselves.

        4. Strong nonsense in this comment. It is perfectly valid to conceptualize in terms of generalizations if we aim to be broad minded and take in the big picture. Sure there are all sorts of weird fucks on the margins, but it’s perfectly valid to think in terms of observable patterns, and certainly if we’re being intellectually honest we have to accept the phenomenon of large numbers of sexually desirable women being attracted to killers.
          And this leads us to the next fallacy you try to perpetuate: that beauty isn’t universal. It is. Even babies perceive naturally beautiful faces differently (ie preferentially), studies have shown this. Babies aren’t socially conditioned. Appreciation of natural beauty is hardwired into humans. Beauty is an objective reality, not a subjective perception.

        5. Except one thing animal farm does not address. The farmer slaughters the animals for dinner.

        6. It’s not perfectly valid to think in terms of hasty generalizations…
          I am attracted to pheromones, but I am not going to act on pheromones when the person is volatile to mine or other’s existence.

    7. Here is what some girl posted under one of his YT video (postassasination): “Am I completely insane ? Looking at several of his videos, I keep thinking I would’ve totally gone out with this guy. I don’t get it.”
      Proves a point doesn’t it …

      1. yes, trolls online totally prove a point. Fact of the matter is…murderers and violent abusive men arent the most desirable men out there.
        No matter how much dudes wanna delude themselves into thinking so.

        1. Nothing led me to believe that said girl is a troll. She kept on qualifying herself and rationalizing her attraction. And her YT profile is completely normal.
          Also don’t be obtuse, you very well understood why I posted this. Examples are not theories but you and I are quite baffled and astonished at such a reaction.
          This phenomenon is female specific. Men are not more attracted to female childmolesters or moms who kill their own kids. Most any men would refuse to be associated with such deranged individuals, wouldn’t even entertain the idea of having sex with them.

        2. small exceptions dont prove rules.
          And we all know, listen to a womans actions and not her words. The guy was a virgin for a reason…he had no friends for a reason…and he was a social recluse for a reason.
          If status, money, and decent looks didnt work for him…I cant believe that all of a sudden now any girls would be drawn to him. So for me, what some random girl says on the internet is not really indicative of much.

        3. Maybe that’s because there aren’t that many female child molesters? Men commit the overwhelming amount of crime in this world.

        4. There are also twice as many women that kill their own children compared to men.

        5. the guy is a genuinely nice looking, suffering human being. Personally I can see why people could be attracted to him. He’s a human being, not a childmolester/murderer/rapist if you see what I’m getting at with that. It’s easy to put people into stereotypical boxes but at the end of the day he’s a *human being* who’s life took a turn for the worst and ended up murdering, not a *murder* who is human. See the difference?

        6. seriously….you are defending child-murder because of Post Natal Depression? You are a demented animal. I could easily say that women don’t experience sexual frustration therefor it’s quite to be expected that they may murder people because of that frustration. So ignorant it is astounding.

        7. I’m not defending it.. it’s like all the people saying his murders weren’t about misogyny because he had a mental illness.. Many of those child murders are from women with a mental illness related to those children.. that’s why the numbers are skewed towards women.

        8. Men don’t entertain the idea of having sex with child molesters and what not? What’s with all the prison rape then?

    8. you either get laid, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain

    9. For any readers who are just catching this thread today we’re being flooded by trolls so please just ignore them.
      This is a truly great article/thread and presents lots of issues, ideas, and points of view… The comments section and the article itself today are strong so just ignore these annoying trolls… they think they’re saving the world but they’re just being annoying.

    10. Message to feminists, we have heard your insults before:

      The 7 Most Common Feminist Insults

      ‘The 7 Most Common Feminist Insults’
      1. Basement-Dwelling Losers
      2. Sexless Virgin
      3. Small Dick
      4. “Your [sic] a R-pist!!!”
      5. “Mommy Issues”
      6. The Exception
      7. Graphic Violence
      Message to masculine men:
      AWALT = All Women Are Like That! (NAWALT is a lie)
      Question for the lying lamestream media: Have you no shame?

    11. This pretty much proves that women have absolutely no morals whatsoever when it comes to their own solipsism and hypergamy.

    12. Dark Triad… you mean narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy? The three traits routinely displayed by the people writing here?
      Narcissism is characterized by grandiosity, pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy. Machiavellianism is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception. Psychopathy is characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, impulsivity, selfishness, callousness, and remorselessness.

  3. Finally an article of him and the truth!
    Men need sex and game and men shouldn’t get punished for saying it out loud.
    To all men reading this: I am proud of you that you learn game and keep yourself happy without hurting others. This way you’re truly alpha.

  4. Thank you for this statement Roosh. This latest shooting may have been a dark day for men & Game but I’ll respond with this: Never start fighting. Never quit. And remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn of light.

  5. …. 😐
    Game would have made no difference you stupid ass. Trying to use this to get a little bit more attention and therefore money. Fuck you.
    The guy had a mental problem, reading your stupid shit is actually worse for people who have aspergers. In fact, game is probably the reason why people died.

    1. Positive real masculinity and real self-improvement with a good dose of self-assessment would have been the first steps with this guy. Game should have come later on and it would have helped if he went through some therapeutic stages first. MRAs and PUAHate and the feminized media only worsened his mental aberrations.

      1. Yes. The claims of Aspergers are just more attempts to sweep the problem under the rug.

    2. Hey retard, you think Roosh makes that much money from this page? I doubt it. I probably make more money selling porn than he does, Roosh genuinely wants to help people.

      1. I think Roosh knows he is onto something big… even if its just on a cultural level.
        I think he is proud that he acted for himself when he started. He then saw the development of the manosphere from the ground up…
        For an intellectual that has to be quite an interesting trip.

      2. Yeah maybe he wants to help people but he can’t cause he’s an idiot.
        Let me put here some quotes and what I think of them
        “Replying to females will result in an instant ban, as per our rules.” – Retarded, taking sides. Creating conflict. Breeding hate.
        “Until you allow and encourage all men to get sex by some means, these massacres will be more commonplace as America’s cultural decline continues.”- Completely ridiculous
        “Seven people are dead because society has decided that shy and awkward men like Elliot Rodger do not deserve a girlfriend and that there is absolutely no way to improve his loneliness and loserdom through learning game or any other social behavior. ” – Another lie. That is NOT how society behaves.
        it’s funny how all of you roosh, game and self-development “followers” don’t realize you are as brain dead as the people of this society you despise. Cause you behave like you have taken one side on an imaginary battle. So, so stupid.

        1. Brain dead? Faggot I wrote a novel about the downsides of too much hookup sex.

        2. OK fine your brain is active but you’re wrong and I’m right. And, faggot? lol

        3. I like being non-PC!
          Short on time, tomorrow I’ll refute your shit 😉

    3. So what solution do you have? Just shame men more and tell them to be more respectful of women? Every time one of these shootings happen, everybody feels the need to point out “he has mental issues”, and talk about what a loser the guy was(yeah no shit), and then just leave the issue at that. Roosh is providing a real solution, you are not.

      1. If you think Roosh is providing a real solution to guys with Aspergers you are wrong. Roosh writes stuff like: society is corrupt, females are too entitled, bitches ain’t shit. Which is what this guy internalized.
        Game is WORSE for people with mental disorders or who have very little self-esteem and are very insecure. They are vulnerable and easily manipulated which is what some of these pua coaches do for money.
        Game is only good for guys who have some potential and to whom a little push can set them off in a more ambitious and driven path and way of life, it makes them take more action thats what it comes down to. To really ugly, insecure, low self-esteem, and especially to guys with mental issues, game is bad. PUA coaches know that and shamelessly lie to those just so they can win a few extra bucks. And worse of all, now this moron comes and says that the shooting wouldn’t have happened if Elliot learned game. Elliot KNEW about game and read and watched game material which only contributed to his hatred to women.
        I understand game might have changed your life in a positive way, as it did for me but we gotta understand that telling an ugly guy to approach 100 girls and endure rejection is not the same as telling a good looking guy to go up to the same 100 girls and endure rejection.
        Elliots problem though is that he had high-functioning aspergers which was the reason why he couldn’t relate to people. Misogynistic game articles like the ones in ROK only made it easier for him to give himself permission to act on how he felt. So, this Roosh guy is a fucking idiot cause he decided to come out and write that Elliot Rodger should have learned game and it would all have been well and fine.

    4. I am autistic, didn’t start talking till I was seven. I could barely communicate until I was teenager. I got rich working with computers, but my love/sex life sucked. This (PUA and game) is not stupid shit. It has helped me a lot. I may never get to the level of Roosh, but I am just happy having a hot lady in my life and also knowing that I can find another if she leaves me. If anything, PUA and Game help autistic and asperger people more than neurotypicals, since we spend so much time with computers and on the internet.

  6. If went out and said something like this people would have me thrown to the angry herd of lions. He probably needed God/Jesus Christ MORE THAN he needed game and sex. In fact, we all do!

  7. “I was not in a different boat than Rodger”
    Nor was I. Just neither of us felt as though we were entitled to anything. Good post.

  8. i think this has more to do with it…
    Federal Govt. needs gun control big time…. buy yourself a gun…

  9. You gotta take the red pill here. In his case, nothing would help. Psychopathy is pretty much incurable.

    1. Psychopathy is also a major aphrodisiac to women. ergo, this guy was not a psycopath. Or, if he was, psychopathy was not what caused his failure with women, hence his killing spree.

      1. There are functioning and dysfunctional psychopaths. The functional ones become CEOs and such, the dysfunctional we see in Elliot.
        Both types of psychopaths completely disregard anyone else’s feelings, but the functional ones can acknowledge them by recognizing social cues. Dysfunctional psychopaths leave totally in their head, they don’t just ignore the feelings of others – they don’t even notice them.

  10. I think a very big mistake that this unfortunate young man made is that he thought women will pursue men in the same way men will pursue women as long as the man is of ‘high enough status’. i.e. if he has enough money, looks etc. This is generally wrong. Women will generally not randomly pick out men and proposition them for sex no matter how rich or attractive they are. Yes being attractive and wealthy will make it more likely that women will be receptive to advances, but they still generally want ADVANCES to be made.
    This young man probably thought that because there’s a certain ‘level’ of woman who will always be hit on, that there would equally be a ‘level’ he could attain where women would hit on HIM without him actually doing anything. When that didn’t happen, he went crazy.
    It simply doesn’t work like that. Women want men who will PURSUE, despite all the current societal pressures against men doing that.

    1. I was like that, when I realized how it really was I became extremely bitter.

    2. “Women want men who will PURSUE, despite all the current societal pressures against men doing that.”
      Another example of the shit test that is feminism. Weed out the weak men.

      1. What exactly do you mean by “weed out”? As in kill them?
        And how do you define weak?

    3. absolutely right… AND …. you can find interviews with lesbians and bisexual women who are practically terrified to approach other girls to proposition for a date, sex or a relationship….you’d think that approach anxiety wouldn’t be an issue for a girl trying to pick up another girl, but in fact it’s just the same…. AND why women don’t approach… they are too pussy to deal with approaches and rejections…

      1. So, you’re saying that women are “too pussy”? Very well stated. How eloquent. You are a master of human psychology and the English language as well, sir.

        1. Considering your avatar is a pussy, and you’re so afraid of women that you whine to the admin to “pwease, pwease ban dose scawy wimmens or I’ll cwy!”, I find this ironic.

    4. It sounds like he was also incapable of relating to other people in a normal way, befriending women, etc. He seemed completely socially backward.

  11. Well stated. Unfortunately I guarantee that there are more George Sodinis and Elliot Rodgers out there waiting to explode from frustration.

  12. And this goes to show why a rational society wouldn’t leave something as important as young men’s sexual socialization to the haphazard when it becomes clear that a boy can’t figure out how to negotiate and close the deal with any girl at a developmentally appropriate age. Parents should start to worry if their son hasn’t stumbled into this by age 20 or so. These young men need interventions by that age, like coaching in dating skills and possibly even working with sex therapists and sexual surrogates. If Elliot’s parents had done this for their son a few years back, that might have defused his growing alienation from womankind and given him the rudiments for building an adult sex life.
    And no, prostitutes don’t really solve the problem. Prostitutes don’t teach young men the adult skill set they need to have competent relationships with women.
    BTW, I find it weird that many progressive commentators on the story say that Elliot should have seen prostitutes. I thought progressives believe that the cash nexus causes alienation in capitalist society; the commodification of natural human interactions like in prostitution does violence to human nature. In their utopian alternative, human relationships would develop organically without the intervention of the market and the exchange of money.
    Instead these progressives tell male virgins, hey, you only deserve alienated capitalist sex with prostitutes, chump! No healthy, voluntary sexual relationships with women for you!

    1. Prostitution has been tolerated since antiquity to provide sexual release for young men in society. Commercial sex was legalised in ancient Rome and widespread. In ancient Greece, prostitution was common and prostitutes were often influential women, the example being of Lais. The hardline stance taken against prostitution was at the end of 15th century – primarily fueled by the outbreak of STDs in Europe, and the Protestant Reformation further clamped down on it.In the 19th century, legalized prostitution became a public controversy as France and then UK passed the Contagious Diseases Acts, legislation mandating pelvic examinations.
      Communists clamped down on prostitution in Russia in the 20th century.
      Originally, prostitution was widely legal in the United States. Prostitution was made illegal in almost all states between 1910 and 1915 largely due to the influence of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. On the other hand, prostitution generated much national revenue in South Korea, hence military government encouraged the Prostitution for the U.S. military.
      Since the break up of the Soviet Union, thousands of eastern European women end up as prostitutes in China, Western Europe, Israel, and Turkey every year.There are tens of thousands of women from eastern Europe and Asia working as prostitutes in Dubai. Men from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates form a large proportion of the customers.
      So the bottom line is that prostitution has always been there, as whoredom is essentially female nature. Soviet women were prevented by the state, and today with the relaxation of laws you see the whores out in the open. American women are the same, they’re basically whores, the moment prostitution is legalized you’d see them doing the same as CIS women. American pornography and the slut hypergamy of American women are just avenues of the non-commercial indirect versions of whoredom essentially speaking.
      Of course, one can’t learn game by fucking whores because there is no ‘challenge’ in fucking whores, what you essentially need is cash. Fucking whores will not develop your game with women, nor will it improve your knowledge on how to seduce women by understanding them.
      But look at rich kids like Elliot, who had could’ve probably bought the best pornstars and whores to lose his virginity. But he didn’t. Why?
      Because as most virgins (and other common men) do, they want their first times (or even sexual encounters) to be ‘special’, not with some paid women. The thrill of banging a girl without paying for her gives a feeling of ‘conquest’ which banging a paid whore will never give. Fucking whores kills the feeling of conquest and overcoming a challenge, it’s plain easy sex, just like ordering a fast food lunch.
      Elliot was possibly pissed that he could not achieve that ‘conquest’ with those girls with all his ‘status’, which he could’ve very well achieved had he learned game. But he didn’t, because he didn’t take the red pill. He had no understanding of female nature. He ‘entitled’ himself to getting sex from equally entitled modern feminist women. That’s what happens when you don’t swallow the red pill. Ignorance of gender relations, female nature and gender interaction today. Which contributed to the unfortunate massacre.

      1. Great comments from Brett & RC.
        I’ve found myself wondering before about those stories of men back in the old days that took their sons to a brothel when they were 16 and got them laid for the first time with a prostitute.
        What kind of effect would it have on the boy as opposed to losing his virginity while being in love with a “special girl.” I lost my virginity at the age of 16 to my highschool girlfriend, and we stayed together for quite a few years – until I was twenty, but the pussy goggles were on me and back then in the late 80’s, it was still fairly normal to think of getting married to someone in your early 20’s. I never got around to asking her, but we were definitely headed in that direction, both being members of the same church and all. It was a horrible, painful break-up, mostly because the actions she did while breaking up absolutely did not match up with the blue-pill reality I believed in.
        It took me a few more relationships and heartaches before I started learning red-pill truths by the late 90’s, simply from experience.
        But I wonder, how would my perception of women have changed if my father had taken me to a prostitute when I was sixteen instead? It certainly would have been a way to satisfy my curiosity and natural teenage lust – but it also would have cast a certain unsavory shadow of the idea of “woman” being different than perfect angels, – but that is also one more along the lines of reality.
        What I have learned in life from smacking up against blue-pill truths over and over again in relationships is that, on a certain level, prostitution IS women’s business in the sexual market – its just that there are socially sanctioned forms of prostitution (ie. marriage = exchange of sex/children for resources/protection) and there are socially condemned forms of prostitution (ie: Street walkers). Both are just at different places on the same spectrum.
        Also, if a father takes his son to a prostitute when he is young, it gives the young man a sanctioned way (at least by his father) to curb his sexual desire at a time when it is most controlling in his life. I wonder if this would also have the indirect effect of helping the young man in his relationships with other women – the ones trying to land a little marriage-prostitution on his ass. If he knows he can get sex from a prostitute, he won’t feel compelled to seek sexual release solely by being a pussy beggar to “his one true love,” but will at least be sexually satisfied enough that he is able to assess the young women who present themselves as potential wives more upon their character, rather than his desire to be sexual with a woman.
        I’ve never used a prostitute in my life, and for many years thought it was demeaning to a man’s sense of self worth to have pay a woman to have sex with him.
        Ah, the lofty ideals of ones’ youth!
        In time I found that men always pay for sex in one form or another. Briffault’s Law really is true and it is found nearly everywhere in the animal kingdom, of which we are a part of. The reason women hate formalized prostitution so much is it puts a real, definable market price on, say, a blowjob. If a man can get blown for $50 by a prostitute, think of how little power wives would have in getting their weekend long “honey do lists” done with only the promise of a five minute blowjob with no cumming in her mouth after he completes 18 hours of work for her. Lol! No thanks, toots!
        One of the reasons men were so productive in the past years was because they got married so young and basically “transmuted” their animal sexuality into something productive, which is more or less what marriage does.
        In an age where marriage is actively hostile to men – to the point that it is financially ruinous for many in that once your wages are imputed and garnished, you are basically an indentured servant with little hope of ever having the financial freedom to live poorly while starting up an entrepreneurial venture that might make you wealthy – is it possible for men to “transmute” themselves to a certain degree simply by paying prostitutes and only affiliating with women for other purposes (ie social gatherings) based upon their character and not their sexuality?

        1. I remember reading an article about a certain village in the late 19th/early 20th century in Japan where all the boys who turn 16 would be marched off to the local whore house to loose their virginity. Their mothers would say to them “enjoy yourselves but make sure you come back as a man!” I was fascinated at how loosing one’s virginity was a rite of passage done with virtually no shame involving prostitutes. The culture was so different yet very honest and accepting towards a young man’s sexual awakening.

        2. I wonder whether STDs were rampant in those villages. Considering there were no condoms and safe sex in those days….Possibly the whores used to get buttfucked to avoid pregnancy., even more risky behavior.

      2. I wonder what feminists think about cam girls? Is it ok because they never actually have sex with the men and they get paid to exploit themselves? That’s empowering probably. How sick is that? Some men are so starved they’ll pay for a simulated sex act through a screen, not even getting to touch a real woman. Stimulation through simulation. That’s how far detached we are from reality in this day in age. Virtual prostitution. What a joke.

      3. I wonder what feminists think about cam girls? Is it ok because they never actually have sex with the men and they get paid to exploit themselves? That’s empowering probably. How sick is that? Some men are so starved they’ll pay for a simulated sex act through a screen, not even getting to touch a real woman. Stimulation through simulation. That’s how far detached we are from reality in this day in age. Virtual prostitution. What a joke.

    2. I would agree that hiring a prostitute in the USA would not teach any game. Not enough time involved. In another country though, you can go for the GFE (girlfriend experience) and get a girl for several days, week, or even a month. This gives you a chance to learn about human interaction. You can even practice game with them. No better feeling than the first time a prostitute decides to hang around a few extra days for no charge. I am long past those days, but I consider sex tourism to be great for getting out of the idea that sex is a rare and difficult resource to acquire. Once you realize that you have the upper hand in the sexual marketplace, the ladies can feel the change in you. Now they want you. Everything changes at that point.

      1. Actually, that might be a very valuable thing for many men, despite the cost of travel and the cost of the GFE – although, I realize Thailand is pretty cheap. But especially if the women were somewhat “trained” to understand female-male dynamics away from North America’s corrupt academia.
        One of the best illustrations of game I have ever seen was by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in the film “Salt,” where she teaches him how to ask a woman to dinner – in the way that “he is man who does whatever he wants.”
        First he asks her to dinner, and she refuses because he asks.
        Then he tells her to come to dinner with him, and she refuses because he is too demanding.
        Finally, he STATES that he is going to dinner, and she is welcome to join him.
        (Welcome to MY world!).
        If only prostitutes could be used in a similar manner, such as a sexual surrogate… since men believe women so much quicker than other men.

  13. “You said “no” to me so I’m going to blow you all away, then myself. That will teach you not to fuck with me!”
    And before that we had
    “I HAD to stab her, she wouldn’t go to the junior prom with me!”
    Uh…would it surprise you to learn that this is not normal behavior even for someone shy and awkward?

  14. “These men don’t believe in game and instead think the only path to a healthy sex life is to be rich and good looking, two beliefs that Rodger actively believed. ”
    Elliot is a prime example of the untruth of this believe. He came from money and wasn’t to bad looking…I would say even slightly above average – no homo. The reason he couldn’t get the women he wanted (he had a strong preference for blondes) is problably because they sensed he was a mentall case, dude had creepy written all over him.

  15. Excellent article, Roosh.
    These are the articles – written in the way you did – that needs to be shoved into everyone’s face, rather than distancing one’s self from it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – and the proper response to something like this is to illustrate that it’s because of the extremes our sexual marketplace has gone to over the past decades that are causing the problems… ergo, stop digging the hole deeper!
    This is exactly the same phenomenon that happened with the rise of the DV Industry decades ago.
    It used to be, back in the days that it was much more difficult to dissolve a marriage, that husbands and wives murdered each-other at almost the exact same rates – and it had been this way for a long time in history.
    Then the DV Industry got involved and made things extremely biased against men and we all know, it only takes a phone call and her claiming “I’m afraid” to get her husband arrested and have an automatic TRO slapped against him, which automatically gives her primary custody and the primary residence in the upcoming separation agreement.
    In other words, why kill your husband and risk life imprisonment when all you have to do is pick up the phone and claim “I’m afraid.”? Your husband is automatically tackled by the blue suit thugs and dragged away by state force, never to be seen again unless you need to squeeze some nickles out of his ass – and if you murder him, there’s less nickels to collect.
    And what happened? The amount of wives murdering their husbands dropped, while the amount of husbands killing their wives rose. Nowadays, the only way for a husband to walk away from marriage with his family “intact” is almost solely through becoming a widower – while wives no longer desire to kill their husbands because they are offered several different options of getting rid of their spouse through the government and its courts.
    So… the people that have passed laws “empowering” women to leave marriage in order to stop domestic violence, have actually caused more women to die at the hands of their husbands because they removed any and all other options for him to leave the marriage without getting massively screwed. Then, each time the number of wives killed by their husbands rise, the do-gooders scream that this is proof that MORE laws need to be passed restricting the options for men in marriage and divorce… which incentivizes yet more murders of wives by their husbands.
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    Political Correctness Kills!

    1. Yes getting married is really crazy. Why would anyone do that ? No gain at all.

      1. pussy…
        It’s where this guy would have gotten his pussy if he wasn’t so completely inept that a wife-hooker couldn’t tolerate him.

  16. I’m glad the top dog Roosh made a post for this issue. We needed a good article on this issue, and he delivered.

    1. I don’t no about that. Help and guidance can only be given to folks that are open to receiving it. Some people are just lost causes. That’s something we just need to accept. I doubt game would have helped this obviously very mentall unstable kid.

      1. This kid was fucked in the head and needed MORE than just the red pill, although red pill would may have kept him from killing.

  17. The kid was obviously cuckoo for cocoa puffs but I too saw some elements of my former self in his videos and writings … my armchair psychology take on his situation is slightly different though based on my own personal experience: I don’t think he was just simply looking for SEX with hot girls — obviously he could afford to get a good looking hooker if he so desired … no, I believe this kid was looking for more — to be specific, he also wanted to LOVE and be LOVED by a hot girl to make up for the maternal love and affection he presumably never received …

    1. He was looking for his validation of worth in society, and found there was none, even though he followed “the rules.”
      Men get validated by the sexual act, while women get validated by men wanting to do the sexual act with her, even if she does complete the deal – in fact, she gets bonus validation points for rejecting him.
      Add a little mental imbalance, and wango bango…

    2. No. He had maternal love. He was very attached to his mother.
      But you are right that he did desire love from females.

      1. No, I know from personal experience that the fact that he was supposedly “attached” to his mother does not mean that he actually received maternal love and affection (christ, I sound like half a fag for revealing that!) …

  18. At the end of the day all this kid wanted was to be loved. Tragic in every way.

    1. And the aftermath will lead to more demonization of masculinity, and stronger gun controls/encroachment of the state.
      It truly is sad watching the west die such a slow death.

      1. This is true -all over the femosphere women and manginas are now writing about how “violent masculinity is LITERALLY KILLING US. ”

        1. Geez, they are just a herd of wild animals.
          Now that “Bring Our Girls Home” got boring they all rally around their new hashtag..
          Thats the average privileged and coddled American female for you. They have nothing better to do.

        2. Great point. Social media is a good mirror to observe women’s fickle behavior and just how “deep’ their “beliefs” go.

    2. Clearly this Elliot was brought up with a Feminism mindset.Instead of being a real man and improving himself to attain his goals,he threw a (fatal) hissy fit,and blamed everyone else for his lack of success.EXACTLY,how Feminism teaches women to behave when they fail to achieve.

      1. There are a few other things suggesting a feminine/liberal mindset too. He never questions the assumption in his manifesto that “he deserves a beautiful blonde female”. It seems to just be a given. He was trying to make himself more attractive (better clothes, nice car, ect.) to attract females. This is generally what a woman does (make herself look more attractive). A man needs to learn skills and achieves. He was a member of PUAhate, a site that thinks PUA techniques and self-improvement is worthless.

        1. Lol at you thinking a “feminine” and “liberal” mindset can’t be mutually exclusive. I’m in direct contrast to that, buddy.

      2. You have a lot… correction… everything to learn about feminism if this is what you think it teaches.

        1. Why do you call yourself Mike? Everyone knows you’re a woman. Just call yourself Michelle already.

      1. “I just wanted affection” were his words. He either thought that sex equaled affection or he just wanted a girlfriend to hang out with.

        1. Mainly because people still think of sex as something that comes from a relationship.

        2. In a perfect world/different time, that would have been the case but most of us have slept w/someone we weren’t in relationship with at least once and everyone fucks out of wedlock.

        3. Yet people still cling on to this and I personally know two guys who outright refuse sex unless they are in a relationship with the girl.

        4. Those two also enjoy How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones. Other than leaving the entire Band of Brothers series for them to watch, I really don’t know what to do.

        5. Make that two and a half. I need at least some semblance of a relationship– at least someone to hang with for a few weeks– don’t want ONSs.

        6. Way to belittle other men for wanting a relationship. You feel like more of a real man now?

        7. You have to respect the fact that they aren’t stooping to the level of idiocy in this depraved society though. I mean to be honest, I’m a sexually active male who would get way more action if I wasn’t so apathetic about the women I encounter and the sex that results from it. Most women have absolutely nothing to offer and if they try to save face with me after I’ve pumped and dumped them then I have no problem telling them that and then cutting contact with them. There are actually more reasons to NOT have sex outside of a relationship with some skank than to have sex with them. It’s just our biological imperative that drives us to do so against our better more logical judgement.

        8. I’m a sexually active male who would get way more action if I wasn’t so apathetic about the women I encounter and the sex that results from it.

          I’m the exact same way. I used to pull more tail than a slow kid at a petting zoo but gradually became disenchanted with sex a few years back. You bed some whore and then what? What’s the ROI? is there an ROI? Am I even a better man for it? Without tangible metrics or a realistic chance her ever becoming stimulating enough to maintain my interest, sex eventually became a tedious waste of time. It got to a point where I felt like I’d rather taxidermy roadkill than be engaged in pillow talk with some dull slut like I give a shit what she thinks.
          There are definitely more reasons wait for an relationship but unless that relationship is marriage, with someone you trust and can truly spend your entire life with, it’s still a exercise in futility because you’re essentially playing ‘house’

        9. I agree with this. One of my best friends hardly EVER gets laid. But he has earned my respect by the fact that he works hard for what he’s got and that he stands by his friends in hard times. Generous guy who deserves more than what he’s got.
          I know other guys who do everything for pussy but they aint gonna get dibs in my troop… kuz they’re liars… pussywhipped… spoiled… backstabbers etc.
          I do know of a couple dudes with both qualities. They likely inspire envy in other guys but I feel good when I see functioning relationships and the possibility of community forming.

    3. Exactly; This kid just needed some friends. I used to be a lot like him in high
      school, before I learn game from roosh and the others. Ive also helped
      men like him, sometimes all it takes is a simple ” hey bro lets hit the bar and get some of these girls” he just needed a friend and i think its sad that these days you can’t say hi to a stranger without getting a weird face thrown your way.. honestly before the going crazy and murdering these kid was probably a good intelligent kid maybe a little weird but not a bad person before rejection from women and potential friends took its toll on him….. Now the feminazis want to demonize this poor tortured soul.
      People we need to be more kind to others and spread love and teach game to the young before It is to let.. You don’t have to be everybody’s friend but you also don’t have to isolate people you find weird because later on shit like this happens.
      Game save lives people….

      1. “these days you can’t say hi to a stranger without getting a weird face thrown your way”
        Not only do they throw the stupid “bitchface” your way – they often go out of their way to insult, demean and ridicule males – for their own cheap little ego boost and to get laughs from their friends.

        1. That’s why you always carry a drink to then throw in their face afterward after you swish it around a bit for added dramatic effect.

      2. It isn’t just game…being kind saves people. We’re a very selfish society.

    4. And now he will be spending Memorial Day weekend lying on a slab in the Santa Barbara morgue.
      While females all over the world chastise and nsult the dead 22 year-old KID.
      It was a tragedy. Lets get past this. Lets let all males and females move forward in a positive manner.
      Maybe what this world could use is a little less sex…
      and a whole lot more love.

  19. Another option is to have the media stop overfocusing on sex, but we’d have to root out the Jews first. Easier said than done.

    1. Well, here was a great article that I was going to direct people to when they claimed that the manosphere is responsible for this kid’s actions. Then the crazy antisemites had to come out,

      1. Oh go fuck your mother you unthinking animal.
        Jews ARE a problem, that isn’t even debatable.

        1. wasn’t the first mention of antisemitism after the jews started to be criticized for their banking practices? I remember reading something like that.

  20. I think feminists underestimate how strong and distracting a young man’s desire for sex really is…
    Apparently on campuses in North America women are graduating University at a greater pace than men with better grades etc. Big surprise…
    When I was in highschool and most of my University life… ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT WAS SEX. All I could think about was how to dress, act, approach, learn to play music, stand out, so I could sleep next to a woman and have kinky sex. Which I did… But that took me TONNES of fucking work.
    None of my University girlfriends had to think twice about getting dick… for the ones who wanted to get good grades, all they had to do was keep a decent schedule and take dick on their off-hours. I felt like all the immigrant males going into STEM, Law, Medical fields were holding out for sex they felt was guaranteed to come.
    When I hear these phrases like “why are men not doing so well in college durr durr?” I can’t help but think… isn’t that the most obvious fucking thing in the world???

    1. Good observation. We should have all men and all girl schools. There is really no reason to mix them, from a pure educational standpoint.

      1. First and foremost we should acknowledge that some of the practices our adversaries (or al least those who our media portrays as our adversaries) are legitimate. With this i specifically mean muslim male-female relations. The muslim religon advocates an al most total seperation between male and female spaces. Males today – especially – in the west are surrounded by females and female images. This is highly distractive, resulting in deteriorating male achievements. The female image has an effect on the male brain similar to drugs. Overindulging in it therefore can have detrimental effects.

        1. Agreed. Also we learn in different and women brains are generally smaller and less advanced, sorry girls.

        2. “The muslim religon advocates an al most total seperation between male and female spaces.”
          And the Muslim women – out of their own free will – dress modestly, and cover up; Wear conservative clothes.
          What do we have? Slimy sluts wearing skin-tight stretch pants to school, church, work. Instagramming their ego-filled selves with all the photos of their latest disgusting cheap slutwear.

        3. On what planet do you live that you think the Muslim women do this out of their own free will?

        4. “Single-sex schools may reduce influences of adolescent culture that tend to distract students’ attention from academic learning and instead place emphasis on physical attractiveness and interpersonal relationships (Coleman 1961; Riordan 1985).
          More than four decades ago, Coleman (1961) showed that students in coeducational schools were more concerned about appearance and popularity, leading him to conclude that coeducational schools restrained academic achievement. By reducing the influences of adolescent culture, therefore, single-sex schools may help students concentrate on academic learning.
          Some studies suggest that students in all-boys or all-girls schools tend to spend more time on homework and show more academically oriented attitudes than those in coeducational schools, while popularity based on physical attractiveness and excellence in sports is more highly valued in coeducational schools.”
          repository. upenn. edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1015&context=psc_working_papers

        5. The only time my grades were any good were the two years I spent in military school as a 7th and 8th grader. Every year in H.S. most of my time was spent wondering why girls didn’t like me, or trying to become a basketball star with very little talent so they might like me a little bit.
          College did OK, but left due to being sexually invisible.

        6. yet you watch porn of slutty women. Sounds cyclical to me. Go find a conservative girl, there’s plenty of them!

        7. Don’t you think that it is funny that the internet holds so much power yet women have resorted to the oldest profession in the way they use facebook and one thing that really needs to be discussed: cam sites.

        8. Wholeheartedly agree with single-sex schools. I wish I would have been in such a situation, I can only imagine that my grades would have been even better than they were if I were given a choice in the matter and understood that I’d be distracted by my emerging sexuality while trying to find an occupational niche. I think we should see a return to this set-up.

    2. Most women simply DO NOT care that it is more difficult for their male counterparts to get laid. Then there are those who wouldn’t believe it if you told them. I told a single mother that I was seeing (and about to dump) that chances are good that her son who enters college in the fall will have a less fulfilling sex life than her. I had fun watching the hamster go on that one.

      1. I want to gain more insight into parents’ reaction to this in general..
        The whole.. girls gone wild daughter + miserable son who sits in the basement developing zero social skills = What?
        Are parents even capable of acknowledging this or is it so utterly fucked up and removed from their growing up experience that it just eats away at them in some unspeakable way?
        Dads (the majority) are not able to explain Game to their children kuz it just simply wasn’t necessary for them.. The economy was up… they had a decent car and apartment… worked with their hands… loved their women who actually saw a future as a mother a viable option.
        I’m sure there were sluts and cads… there were always… but at least there were some prospects for proud beta-males… We constantly insult beta-males but without them society tanks in one fell swoop.

        1. At this point I kind of want society to tank. The current state of affairs sucks and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. The sooner it all goes to hell the better.

        2. Our fathers didn’t require game because women were normal and nice back in the day due to feminism not yet being Jew’d and turned into radical feminism which corrupted the modern female to the point that her expectations in a man are utterly outrageous.
          All a guy had to do back in our father’s day was be respectable and courteous and have a nice smile even if he wasn’t particularly handsome and most women would give him a chance. Not so now.

        3. You’re such a gentlemen, WOW. You’re on this goddamn message board, look in the mirror. You’re the farthest away from courteous and nice – you’re completely self-unaware.

    3. Excellent post. I too find it incredible how blind people seem to be to this issue. My grades fucking PLUMMETED on the onset of puberty, and it isn’t because I just needed to spend a little more time playing outside or whatever nonsense “experts” who claim to understand this problem would have you believe.
      By the time my second year of college rolled around, the sexual frustration got so bad that I just dropped out.
      But why oh why are our boys doing soooo poorly? GEE, I WONDER.
      People are so fucking clueless.

      1. It isn’t that their clueless, at least women, it’s that they don’t care.
        Breaking masculinity has served a very useful purpose for those who enforce it.

      2. Yeah.. looking back I should have gone into the trades. Work with men.. talk about girls.. work with my hands.. Get paid get laid.

        1. Most certainly agree with you. The trades are really the only male frontier left for the most part and they are a practical job that helps you make sense of a material world. All men need physical labor; it does the mind good.

        2. The trades are the last bastion of masculine jobs it seems. Although even that shit is headed south because the general contractors that manage them have implemented all sorts of PC fucking rules. It least that’s what I see on large jobs, especially government.

    4. “why are men not doing so well in college durr durr?”
      The writing is on the wall so to speak. It is just that people do not want to read it so the media and feminists come up with stupid answers and reasons as to why boys are doing poorly in school. I wonder how much tax payer funding has been spent trying to figure out why boys are doing poorly when the answer really is obvious.

    5. You have to take into account that men are less likely than women to enlist in bullshit degrees like cinema anthropology, anti-fascism 101 and my favorite : Womyn studies.
      For some reason men have the dignity, or stupidity (choose which), to go for slightly less useless degrees.

      1. Good point. I think men (including myself) are also far less likely to dig themselves into serious debt without a clear return on investment. I think they have more of an appreciation that THEY will have to pay back what they owe.
        I’m in a Graduate program where we make just enough to pay rent and buy ramen noodles… one of my female colleagues came into the office last month and was bragging about her new car she bought. “Oh its got so many features!”. I asked her how much it cost… $30,000+. HOW CAN SHE AFFORD THAT ON LESS THAN $20,000 a year salary!? HOW!?
        How do you justify that purchase when She ALREADY HAD A DECENT CAR.

        1. A new car is an big, exepensive handbag, she justifies the purchase because that’s how she will judge her self-worth in comparaison of her peers.
          Also, some sucker will likely pay off her debts or her expenses in a few years, so it doesn’t bother her to be reckless with her finances.

        2. Well that sucker sure as hell aint gonna be me.
          In the current economic situation are there even gonna be enough GenY + Millennial beta-providers to take on all their debt anyways??? I guess they will try.
          “A new car is an big, expensive handbag” xD Lolol

        3. I know that I never invested precisely for that reason. The economy, the job market ect. It is easy to doubt the usefulness of a college degree in this economic climate. It shows better judgement in my opinion. I’ll tell you how she bought that car and how people have iphones and everything else: cycle of debt and social programs. One of the big red flags of a bloated society. Credit cards and food stamps.

        4. Or her parents bought it, that and/or her tuition.
          I’ve seen grown fucking women get assistance from their parents with college expenses.
          My mother is in her 60s still paying one of my sister’s school loans. She (sister) lives in a very nice house with her husband/kids. My sister spent 5k on fucking liposuction and guess who my mother asks for money? Me…
          I’m the least parasitical child of the bunch, never had kids as a teen, never asked for money after I got a job at 15. Do I get any respect or admiration for it?
          lol, hell no. Give me more slave.

        5. Man up you pussy your mom brought you into this world! Apologize but I had to haha. I see the same thing. Just recently I met a girl who went to college, got in a sorority, fucked a bunch of dudes, did a bunch of drugs ect. flunked (of course) was on food stamps and going through cosmetology school (of course) and then just moved back with her mother and father to a nice white suburb. Fucking ridiculous but this is not at all abnormal. I bet there’s a connection between whoring + sorority + failing grades = cosmetology as ditch last effort. Some asshole is going to be paying for that landwhale that got filled up with thug cock. I know a total whore who I had a casual relationship with and she now is married and pregnant and was sending me nudes *WHILE PREGNANT* it doesnt get much lower than that. I was the one who had to tell her to stop doing that. Guess what else? Cosmetology school graduate haha. Poor fuck.

    6. Well, that’s not the only reason, college is really geared towards girls.
      If it was less about writing what you were told twice a year, and more about learning to solve problems you may encounter in your future job, men who do far better in college (better than before and better than women).

      1. I don’t know about you but when I went to highschool, the men that chose to go to tech school (an infinitely better choice) were ridiculed as neanderthals and dirty rednecks that would obviously be doomed to a life of low wage and ugly wives. At least in my school that was the reality. Not only were tech programs not even promoted as a viable and practical option for employment; they were effectively demonized socially. The public school system is a god damn shame.

        1. Yeah… ridiculing those young people who wanted to work with their hands and you know… actually… build… you know… real things… is a HUGE failure of our education system.
          These are jobs that can’t be easily outsourced, many of them are practically recession proof (things will always needed a’fixin), and most of all… They are necessary!!! Your water comes to your house through pipes not the the fucking internet!!!
          Many of the people my age who went into the professional trades have already bought houses and have girlfriends. Many college guys I know are not quite sure what to do with all these office skills… myself included. And many of them are burdened with debt… the opposite of owning a house.

        2. You and i see exactly eye-to eye on this issue. I ALWAYS say that trades are recession proof because it’s fucking logical. Can you outsource a plumber when your septic tank is spewing shit? Yeah I didn’t think so. Yeah exactly to me it seems to be the last refuge of an “american dream”. It is a path that should be praised not demonized. You should read this and rethink your career my friend. I’m glad I didn’t get pressured into debt and college and remained independent in thought from pressure from my relatives ect. They don’t realize the landscape has changed from occupation to relationships. Not their fault but they shouldn’t try to weigh in on it either.

        3. Hey thanks for the link I’ll check it out.
          I was talking to my folks about switching into another discipline recently after graduate school (I’ve incurred zero debt) and their reaction was WTF are you crazy?!!?
          Their reaction made sense… I can see how it seems like I’m just being flaky. Its rather that I’ve lost faith in the system that tells us “go to college and you’ll find a good job” without citing any economic forecasts or anything… The academic road (Ph.D + post-docs) takes about 10 years to get a job AFTER you complete your Masters degree. And even then… you have to fight for tenure track… and all the time you are vying the government for funding by proving how smart you are. I don’t think these are my true life ambitions.
          I’ve honestly started to see graduate school as kind of like… grown-up daycare (not dissing the handful of brilliant people that I know)

        4. I’m sure you would considering the security he could provide for you but what would you provide? That’s the question no one asks but I gotta say men should have expectations for their women aside from easy access to sex. Will you be a good wife and a good mother? How is your sexual history? Is it reasonable so the man can trust in your fidelity and not fear divorce or losing his children to your emotional whims? Will you be satisfied sexually by him and only him without resorting to other measures due to your desensitization of sex in your “prime” years? If things get tough and he loses his job for whatever reason will you support him? These are questions the plumber should consider if he’d marry you. Are you worthy of marriage? What are you bringing to the plumber?

  21. Most of us have had a low point in our lives and it usually had to do with a female. Each of us has dealt with it in our own ways in some form or another. Many have struggled through it and have rose above it and learned from past experiences. Others have unfortunately taken their own lives or the lives of others when presented with no hope or option to escape the personal hell they are currently in. Allowing us to become the best we can be is the key but the path is littered with so many roadblocks, some guys have a hard time finding their way in life.

  22. I didn’t realise prostitution was illegal there, I’ve been saying to people the last few days he should have just gone to a parlour and those hot girls could have been working there anyway and I have no doubt it could have helped, but prevented? who knows …

  23. With all the money this Kid was swimming in, it never occurred to him that a 3 month sabbatical outside of the U.S. (particularly Brazil) might have cured his sex problems??

    1. There’s a difference between paying a whore to fuck you and getting a girl to want to fuck you. Most men want women to WANT to fuck them.
      It wasn’t just about getting laid with this kid. He wanted to be desired.

      1. More so, he thought he was entitled to be desired. He deserved it. Because of reason.
        And when he realized he couldn’t have what he wanted and thought he’d deserve, he got frustrated and blamed others for it.
        And shot them.

  24. As a young man, I could not get laid either. Eventually, I developed a drug addiction to help deal with the rejection/pain. It took years to get clean and caused tons of damage to myself and my family.
    Looking back, I realize that instead of killing others, I chose to kill myself.
    Good article, Roosh. Hopefully, more Americans will wake up to the logic, and empathy, in the points you made.

  25. Elliot Rodger thought getting a hot woman was the greatest ideal.
    PUAs like Roosh think the same thing.
    Elliot Rodger thought “Alpha Male” was some kind of ideal rather than like most normal accepting that there are things of value in the world. PUAs like Roosh define value by the amount and quality of hot women you can get.
    Elliot Rodger believed he was a loser if he wasn’t with or close to getting with a hot woman. PUAs believe the same thing.
    Elliot Rodger was an avid reader of RSDNation,, a subscriber to various pua channels. His posts on puahate were few and far between and generally amounted to calling their theories mostly bullshit. Judging by his manifesto he seems to believe in the PUA ideal of “alpha male” quite strongly.
    But all of that is bullshit.
    Everyone posts on websites these days. The next school shooter will
    have a posting history. Chances are they will be fucked up posts. It
    means nothing. Stupid people blame guns, video games, literature, etc.
    He was mentally ill. That was why he killed people. The people who knew him didn’t intervene in time.

    1. The problem in this world, sure as heck is not that people do not “intervene” enough in the lives of others. I’m sure the usual drones will call for “closer supervisions”, “more programs”, more “trust of the professionals/shrinks”, blah blah. In short, more meddling.
      Here’s a thought: In a nation of 300 million people, some die sometimes. It’s sensible to go to some lengths to minimize the chances that it is you on any given day, but other than that, honestly, aside from those directly affected, who cares? People die and leave grieving relatives every bloody day. Which is no excuse whatsoever to even hint that our lives are not being “intervened” in way too much as it is.

  26. This is disgusting. People have died because of this man and his choices. There are a number of things you could blame, him being the first, and then poor mental health care, and people of this generation having an entitled attitude. Women did not cause this by not fucking him. You are not entitled to another human being. You are not entitled to me. Women are humans not sex things that men are entitled to and a failure to see that, a failure that is promoted on this site, is what caused these deaths.