12 Mental Habits You Must Fix To Become A Better Man

I’m a firm advocate of action over thoughts. Disciplined action will always allow you to accomplish more and make you a better person than any amount of mental masturbation like affirmations, mantras, or visualizations. That said, I do believe that there are some mental habits that you can implement in your daily life to mold yourself into a better man.

To have a positive mindset, you must eliminate negative thought patterns

In spite of all the “positive thinking” bullshit that is popular out there, I believe that eliminating negative thought patterns does much more to improve our state of mind than spoon-feeding fake positive messages. This is due to our negativity bias, where negative things affect us much more strongly than the positives. As an example, think of how a small fly in an otherwise excellent soup can ruin an entire meal.

We humans have already been endowed with a healthy mind; it is the toxic external influences that plant negative thinking patterns within us. The following is a list of mental habits that you can fix to improve your mindset. Try and see if you can identify any that strongly resonates with you.

1. Victim Mentality


What do chronic complainers, underachievers, feminists, fat advocates, BlackLivesMatter mob, homosexuals, school shooters, Zionists, and terrorists all have in common? Answer: They are all miserable, noxious, and hateful because they identify themselves as victims.

Thinking of yourself as a victim is one of the worst things you can do to yourself and the root cause of number of other negative mental habits—many of which are listed below. It’s unfortunate that many men today are behaving just like angry feminists because they suffer from victim mentality.

If you are one of those people, snap out of it before it consumes you. As a man, you must never feel sorry for yourself. And don’t think that you can cover it up with anger; it’s obvious to everyone around you.

2. Expecting The World To Be Fair


The world is not fair, get used to it. It’s an ugly world out there and complaining about it is not going to fix it. You must always strive to make the best out of the situation you are faced with without complaining.

3. The Rhetorical Whys


Why won’t women like me? Why are people such assholes? Why do I have to work at this shitty job? Why is my life so lousy? Why do I feel so miserable? Why me? Why, why, why… As you can see, rhetorical whys are expressions of powerlessness that do absolutely nothing to help you.

Instead of thinking in terms of why, think in terms of what: What are you going to do to resolve the situation? What is the best way to respond? What will you do to achieve the best possible outcome?

4. Regrets

What’s done is done. If you learned your lesson, get over it and move on. The longer you dwell on your mistakes, the more you’ll be held back from moving forward.

Regrets usually come in the thought form of should’ve-could’ve-would’ve. If you ever catch yourself thinking or using these words, give yourself a nice slap in the face and snap out of it.

5. Self-Denigration


This usually appears in the form of “I am so [lazy, dumb, weak, unmotivated, etc.]”. Don’t ever place negative labels like these on yourself. And if what you’re thinking happens to be true, stop beating yourself up and do something about it.

6. Envy And Other Unhelpful Comparisons

Rich portfolio

Envy is for women. Stop comparing yourself with other more accomplished men just to feel inadequate. Why would you put yourself down like that?

It’s good to learn from other men who are accomplished, but don’t measure yourself against them. If you want a comparison, compare yourself with who you were a year ago or five years ago to see how much you’ve improved as a man.

7. Complaining, Blaming, And Making Excuses

papillon mcqueen

These are classic traits of losers with victim mentality. Instead of taking responsibility, they would rather opt to protect their fragile egos by blaming someone or something else for their failures. I see far too many men giving feminists imaginary power by using them as scapegoats for their problems.

One of my favorite films is Papillon. In that movie, in spite of being wrongfully imprisoned under hellish conditions, I have never seen Steve McQueen’s character complain or blame once. Instead, he always does his best to endure his situation and is relentless in his pursuit for freedom.

8. Belief In Luck


Belief in luck is epidemic in the US where people pay billions in ‘stupid tax’.

Luck doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s not even a concept worth thinking about. Look at it this way: You either have control over things or you don’t, so why even think about something you can’t control? You might as well focus your energy on things that you do have control over rather than on things that hinge purely on probability. As Erasmus puts it: fortune favours the audacious.

One of the most insulting thing you can say to an accomplished man is to tell him how “lucky” he is—as if he reached his current status by pure chance instead of hard work and discipline. The same is also true when you tell someone who spent countless hours of preparation for an exam or performance to have “good luck.”

9. Wishing And Hoping


Much like luck, wishing and hoping assumes that you have no power to change your circumstances. There is no point wasting your mental energy thinking “I wish…”, “I hope…”, “If only…”, etc. Either do something about it or forget it.

10. Nostalgia And Wishful Fantasies


Some people take wishing and hoping to another level and start engaging in thoughts about the good ol’ days when things used to be better or fantasize about living in a better world.

Again, either do something to improve your current reality or forget about it. You’ll never escape your reality of now, so you might as well make the best of it.

11. Sense Of Entitlement


The world doesn’t owe you anything. You don’t deserve to be respected and your precious feelings don’t mean shit. Only women and spoiled children feel entitled to freebies or special treatment. As a man, you must earn your respect and fight for what you want.

12. Confidence And Self-Esteem


Another pair of useless concepts. Only people with no confidence and self-esteem obsess over them. You can only gain these qualities by plunging yourself into action and learning from the experience.

It’s laughable that so many people do the opposite and seek confidence and self-esteem first (usually by overloading themselves with information) before they finally decide to take a step. Stop thinking, stop talking, and just do it.

How To Eliminate The Negative Thought Patterns

First, you must become aware of them. Because these thought patterns are habitual, they will often appear automatically without you ever noticing them. Hopefully this article has done enough to make identifying them easier.

And once you have become aware of these thought patterns, it is all a matter of refocusing your attention to productive thoughts. Focus on what you have control over and what you can do to improve your life situation. It will take some time to re-wire your neurons to fix your mental habits, but it is easily doable if you are persistent.

If you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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197 thoughts on “12 Mental Habits You Must Fix To Become A Better Man”

  1. “Don’t ever place negative labels like these on yourself.”
    True. That’s somebody else’s job.

  2. Above all: assume complete responsibility for your current and future situation in your life. Nothing is more empowering or terrifying.

    1. Also a bit foolish. I didn’t choose to be born into a socialist utopia where my very nature is a crime. It’s not one or the other.

      1. You can’t do anything about what has already happened. You can do something about your present, and about your future.

      2. Blindlo
        You do not live in such a world. Quit Facebook and television and walk outside and smell God’s Air, there is nothing as beautiful. Throughout history the majority were always foolish. As it is written,
        “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”
        Count yourself blessed.

        1. Yes Blindlo, I urge you to take advice from complete strangers on the Internet on how to live the life you should be living.

        2. if god existed their wouldn’t be any wars & air don’t come from any stupid god you believe in. nature was created by evolution not by stupid gods.

        3. By what logic do you propose that there would be no wars if god(s) existed? Why couldn’t a god enjoy watching human folly?

        1. I am a warrior by nature. I like fighting and I’m good at it. If bar fights were still legal I’d be out doing Knuckle Sandwich game (original do not steal!) all the time. I was simply born in a bad period for people like me.

        2. Why don’t you just emigrate to a country where fighting is right? Do something. Stop complaining!

      3. I agree with that sentiment. But I try to temper the things I can’t control with those I can.
        God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change,
        The courage to change the things I can,
        And the wisdom to know the difference.

    2. Psychologist, the late Dr Branden said to his students once, “No one is coming to save you…”
      One of them replied, “You came!”
      He replied, “Yes, and I came to tell you that no one is coming!”

      1. The student is right, the psychologist did come to save them even if it was by telling them no-one is coming to save them.

  3. “as if he reached his current status by pure chance instead of hard work and discipline”
    Well, there are people who get everything they want, without working hard for it. There are also people who work their ass off, but still don’t get what they deserve, because certain people/forces prevent them from reaching their goals.
    The main thing is: people like it when you fail, so they feel better about themselves. It gives them a feeling of superiority. There are always people that want to bring you down AND have the power to do so.

    1. Can you give us some examples of people who get everything they want without working hard for it?

      1. People like me who just realised one day that I already have everything I ever wanted.

        1. You, sir, are one of a kind, these days. My congratulations. I have not yet reached so much, but I know that’s the right path.

  4. A few good things to think about here.
    I like the part that is pointed out about the “positive thinking” bullshit that is out there, today. There is nothing wrong with being positive but make sure you don’t start to fall into “delusional”. Too many people start to lean towards always being positive meaning “feelings” and that means no bad thoughts at all. It’s all about balance…if you fall down, go through a hard time (and think bad thoughts) then get back up and brush yourself off. You need the good with the bad to keep you balanced. Learn from it and move on.
    The whole point of ROK (my opinion) is to bring men together in discussions, share thoughts, information, facts, stats, etc….to become better, learn and then move on.

    1. I think you mean not to be disconnect from reality, like some yoga chicks I know.Too far out there. But, there’s good biology behind sunnier weather within rather than constant cloudy (chronic complainers) weather. A great book on stress (maybe coincides with negative outlooks or persistent worrying) and its negative effects that lead to all sorts of maladies can be found in Robert Sapolsky’s, “Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers.” Stress will kill you.

  5. This article can be summarized under the heading of “stop fucking whining”. Nobody cares and it makes you look pathetic.
    Luck. I fucking hate it when people tell me I’m lucky. It shows two things; a) you are ignorant, since you don’t know me and b), you are belittling all of my hard-work going back decades. I get very nasty with people who tell me I’m “lucky”. Fuck right off.

        1. We all no what you do with your hand man, no need to tell us to but out of what we already know. 😉

      1. It’s all about how you handle those genetics…some of the happiest & healthiest people I know were told they had bad genetics to over come…so they over came them…when faced with more obstacles & challenges those on this plant who have the guts to conquer the challenge are the most satisfied …& studies say they actually live longer. ..;)

    1. As if people just wake up one day and have it made. Entrepreneurs sell their businesses for millions only after putting in years and decades of 80 hour weeks. This is totally lost on your average low IQ, debt-ridden, consumerist American citizen.

    2. I agree, but whats the better way to wish well to someone? Its like atheists saying “Thank God this or that” – it doesn’t mean you believe in God. People just say that.

      1. I don’t have a problem with someone good naturedly saying “good luck”. I know what they mean. Its when they disregard my hard work and act like what I have just fell in my lap.

        1. Unfortunately it’s easy & lazy for outsiders to say that.
          They are not participants in the lonely process of applying effort & developing oneself. Few will comment on a dusty structure during the tedious unforgiving process of foundation strengthening, placement of ugly scaffolding & half done roofing jobs.
          They want the right to comment on the shiny functional building it transforms into later.

    3. So true. When someone says “you’re lucky” my retort is usually, “you make your own luck.”

        1. Elaborate that one. I usually scroll over your posts, so don’t understand your hamster logic.

        1. Fortune also favors others than the the bold, but certainly the prudent (intelligent) bold ones are right to think the world is theirs… Dreamy, delusional boldness is never on the rise or falls the quickest, sometimes at its own hands (remember Hannibal, remember Pyrhus).

        2. … Not what I wanted…
          Sorry. I’ve been reading Kant and his style “poisoned” me a little

    4. luck do exist & does who do not believe in it are fucking idiots. let’s say someone win the lottery, he/she never worked hard… all they had to do was buy a ticket so i don’t classify that as hard work!

        1. The lottery was just an example. Why would you keep money? they are only meant to be parted/spent otherwise there’s no point of having it.

        2. idk what do you mean by keynesian but the point of money is to be spent not to be left in the bank.

        3. That’s what John Maynard Keynes used to say. He is the architect of the disasterous economic system we have today.

    5. Acknowledging that luck occasionally exists is not the same thing as believing in it, or planning your life around it.
      The opposite of the guy who gets no credit for the hard work he put into his success (and has it all wrongly attributed to luck) is the other guy who busts his ass but fails to recognize the people and situations who helped him along the way.
      I’ve got a friend who’s like this – busted his ass and made it, but the reality is that if his successful dad didn’t help him get the loans and business credibility when he first started, he never would have made it out of the starting gate. I don’t begrudge him one bit, quite the contrary. But neither can I stand his “I made it all on my own!” platitudes.

  6. I have to admit, I am guilty of all these things on a regular basis. And it can send me into a spiral of depression. My thoughts torture me.
    The only way out of this spiral is action. Do something, anything. If you need to get really anal about organizing everything (as I seem to need to in order to beat the inertia that depression brings), then do that.

  7. Regrets and Self-Denigration are traits that everyone needs – in moderate doses.
    Regret makes those lessons learned actually stick. Just don’t dwell on them too long.
    Self-Denigration – I never trust people who take themselves too seriously. Only brittle and arrogant people can’t take a joke or tell one about themselves. Humor is a sign of a flexible mind. Never count on a humorless person in a crisis.

    1. Absolutely agree on the humour part. Have you noticed how there’s no fun among the Leftists? They are the walking dead.

      1. That’s why they get on with their pet muzzies so well. Mind you I can kind of forgive muzzies for being angry all the time, if I couldn’t drink booze or eat bacon I wouldn’t be a happy bunny either ..

        1. Libtards are inherently sad, angry, depressed creatures. Their world is the one of suffering, victimization, struggle, opression, anger, injustice, full of racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry.
          Can you imagine living in a world like that? I’d kill myself.

  8. “Awesome” is the best word to describe a shitty situation. “You got divorce raped?” “Awesome”. “Your Mother got raped and murdered?” “Awesome”. Zero negativity, zero bitching. You get to be a cruel heartless bastard, without ever appearing like a whiny sensitive loser. Lol

    1. This is fantastic haha. If it weren’t for my disdain for tattoos, I’d get ‘Awesome’ tattooed on my forearm to remind me to take this attitude.

  9. The best way to overcome all of these things: get to work.
    It’s not idle hands, but idle thoughts that are the problem with most people these days.

    1. I have been having my on and off relationship with these kinds of advise. What this article describes is definitely the mindset of a winner. On the other hand, you can not just force yourself into it or ‘snap out’ of bad habits. You first have to understand why you are doing the shit you are doing.
      To illustrate, someone says he wants women, but is not going out. So the advice from a player is: Well, snap out of your whining and do something.
      But that ignores two things:
      1. Why that guy is not doing just that anyway – because it is logical.
      2. Maybe women are not even really what that guy wants, which is why he is not really pursuing them. That is to say: Maybe they are important to him, but there likely is something even more important to him that needs to be resolved first.
      My days of blind faith in behaviorism are over. From a standpoint of success, it is always easy to say ‘Well, you just need to do XX.’ Yeah. I get it. But in the long run, if you just ignore your problems and ‘power through’, you may temporarily get all you ‘dream of’, but end up feeling empty and dissatisfied anyway.
      So I guess my advice would be: Before ‘powering through’, find out whether you are really that certain about what you want. Because if you were, you would likely already be doing it.

      1. My point was not about “powering through” but to highlight that our society and culture is too introspective. People shouldn’t dwell too much on themselves.

        1. I think the problem is not introspection as much as it is overanalyzing. A lot of it comes from moralizing. So you end up dwelling over whether something you did was ‘right’ instead of just letting yourself feel shame and guilt and then moving on. One can easily get stuck in thinking mode and get nowhere and that is the wrong kind of introspection, where you try to explain away your emotions.

      2. I think desire is usually a key point. For example I never really started chasing women until I started meeting women that really gave me desire. Doing things that specifically scare you is another good choice, because those seem to be the things that are your limiting points. Desire and Courage two key things that define a man.

        1. Good point!
          Yes, indeed, I seldom see girls whom I really desire. But even then, the issues bubbling underneath in my subconscious pull me away even from those. But that is good. It took me a long way, but I have arrived at the meditations I am doing right now and I am confident that at the end of it, I will no longer fear women – at least not in any substantial manner as I used to.

        2. They aren’t fire-breathing monsters, the only thing they can say to you that will harm you is what you allow to harm you. If you are more focused on what you want, those insults are like water off a ducks back. The less you fear the easier it gets. Try public speaking, most people claim to fear it more than death. Or even doing things that are embarrassing on purpose-“My therapist told me I need to talk to 5 people each day, Hi I’m Jim”.

        3. That is great advice for a healthy man, Jim. I was suffering from PTSD and when I got plainly rejected, I partly literally went into a state of intense pain and shock for an hour or so. Quite amazing what the body can do. Maybe you have read ‘The Game’ from Neil Strauss. Mystery and the author know these kinds of feelings, too, if in a different manner.

        4. You mention narcissism. I know one of the odd things about narcissists is that they tend to craft an image of themselves to present to others and are hypersensitive to negative reactions to that image. Its hard for me to understand for the simple reason that the image is not them.

        5. It is really simple. Without the image, they are confronted with extremely terrifying repressed emotions. Sam Vaknin, for example, wrote that he saw walking corpses when he did not get his supply. I can attest to similarly strong emotions, especially during my Ayahuasca ceremony. You can read about it on my blog.

        6. To explain further, it is not the image that is relevant in itself, but rather the positive feedback it must generate. You can imagine that one would not bother to be doing such a pathetic thing if the alternative was not next to unbearable. Then again, whenever I managed to get my supply, I practically forgot about that shocking reality. It is like heroine, that fantasy world. It is really all about that fantasy world in which those horfible emotions do not exist. That is what it is all about.

        7. That makes sense, and naturally we all tend to go after the things that make us feel the most reward. So what do you think is at the very root of it? Is it just a different way of thinking? Is it caused by trauma, is it a health problem? If you had a button to push would you change that aspect of yourself? I know for my brother it caused no end of problems in his life, and for me I feel like despite the image that he presents, there is just a scared boy behind the bluster.

        8. I could see where that would make male-female interactions a life or death experience.

  10. Good article. I struggle with regret all the time. Feels like swimming with a weighted vest on.

    1. 

    2. But if you learn by them, then they can have a purpose. I personally have regrets for things I’ve said in the past to loved ones. Regrets help make me stop myself…

  11. Some people are genuinely lucky. I’ve seen it. Never discount the importance of luck on your career trajectory

    1. “Some people are genuinely lucky”. Yeah, i’ve often seen average people with a lot of luck. those suckers. But, one day, the wheel of fortune turns… and without work or preparation, reality will smash them back hardly.
      Better get prepared and use strategy (read : get a plan B for every possible outome or situation), never count on luck, because she’s a bitch.

      1. My friend was stuck in a job with no more room for growth. His boss, who had been there a while and was well regarded, had a nervous breakdown. He stepped into that role. Then a few years later, the big boss retired, and recommended him for the job.
        What if she didnt have a meltdown? What if the big boss was 42, not 62, and not ready to retire?
        He is no dummy, hes smart, but if those pieces didnt fall into place, what would his life look like now?

        1. It doesn’t matter what his life would look like, you can’t entertain hypotheticals. If he thinks like that then he should be worried about this promotion giving him a nervous breakdown too, or worse. What would be the point? He was in the right place at the right time, it could have been anyone in his shoes.

        2. Well. How secure can you feel about your position if you are just hanging on with hope that some breaks will open. Good for him but he is not a go getter. He was operating under the whims of chance and circumstance. Many people mistake their value in a niche position as security. His being well regarded doesnt necessarily relate to his skill level and competency. He might just be a “great morale guy” around the office, and does his work just well enough that you can’t fire him. (dead weight) When you work to develop a competency it is easier to see where your competency measures up and whether you are being shafted for a move up. In that case you thank the organization for the opportunity after securing another position

        3. Exactly. Talent may be responsible for maintaining success, but all too often it’s serendipity (aka dumb luck) that gets you there in the first place.

        4. Dude, what are you talking about? “dead weight”? “Hanging on”? Hes my friend not yours lol- he was neither of these things.
          He makes about $135k/yr now, dead weight can only blunder their way up the corp food chain for so long…

        5. Corporations don’t like carrying workers who just do there jobs. They want the extras to stay competitive. Some “good guys” get to hang around because they are just good enough to maintain but they don’t necessarily excel. You friend made the most of his breaks and must have kept his foot on the pedal. But was he holding on for luck? In technology , if you see that your employer is dragging its heels, it could mean career death for the engineer. I would not have lasted long in you friends situation. I can’t afford to wait for “breaks”. I make my own

    2. No sir. I don’t believe that.
      “Luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
      – Roman philosopher Seneca
      Opportunities happen. You just better be prepared to jump on them when they show up.

  12. Feelings of regret are fine. Just do not dwell on them. Reflect on your moment of regret, extrapolate any lessons if applicable, figure out how to implement solutions to the issues those lessons if further applicable, then move on.
    I’ve heard countless men tell me they “live life with no regrets” only to years later regret doing so. Regret is fine. Not learning from what produces regret though is just going to ensure that you will have a continuing spiral of regret throughout your life though.

    1. You stole that thought. Now I regret not posting it an hour and 6 minutes earlier. See what I did there?

  13. Also eliminate negative people from your life. You can’t implement what’s mentioned in this article if your surrounded by negative people.

    1. Let’s be more specific. “negative people” is something too wide. If we are talking about fearmongering people who happen to entitle themselves as someone’s friends, ok, I agree. Pesky losers away!
      If we are talking about reasonable, more experienced people who give us cautionary advice, I disagree absolutely.
      Adolescent girl: Dad, I’ll sell my body for drugs and clothes!
      Dad: You’ll never accomplish a good life that way.
      This “negative person” is fundamentally needed, here.

  14. And dont read any of those “Self Help” books for they will make you overanalyze everything. I read tons of those in my 20s, it didn’t do me no good.
    I was trying to be non-judgmental, accepting and “one” with the world just like the books told me. And it created huge internal conflict.
    The moment I started judging everything and everyone, and accepted that there are people I dont like, dont wanna be around, are ugly, fat or plain disgusting – thats when I found internal peace.

    1. Listen to everyones advice, keep what works, discard what doesn’t, rinse and repeat.

  15. “7. Complaining, Blaming, And Making Excuses”
    This will probably fall on deaf ears since most RoK readers like complain about feminism and blame SJWs.

    1. You clearly confuse* a healthy thing, which is “know thy enemy”, a diagnosis and a discussion which allows you to prepare for action (and therefore, do things better),
      living dominated by fear of the enemy, already accepting defeat before the struggle.
      This will probably fall on your deaf ears as I see you are always trying to impress people with a “über”winning atitude, or plainly bullying people for discussing their problems. I hope it works for you in real life. I blame it on lack of military service. Everybody who had a military experience, knows STRATEGY is the tree, Victory is the fruit. Point. Any war without strategy is a skirmish and leads to nowhere.
      *PS: I know for some people the distinction between the 2 things is too hard… Well, that’s why they end up choosing the second one, involuntarily.

      1. I’m not. I think most guys who complain here don’t do anything to improve their personal lives. Guy who bangs women at will don’t bitch against feminism. They just don’t have time for that.

        1. If you are calling for less whininess and more action, you have my full support. So, if it applies to anyone reading this, I second your thoughts.
          About the sex question… Sex is a part of man’s life, as is love, hatred, war, knowledge, food, etc. Good or bad, we must master them, and not fall prey of any of them. Or let them interfere with our major life plans.
          (And I say this with clean conscience, since I keep a good sex life (now comparably with more quality than quantity, but even so, I don’t complain) since I was 14, and that was more than 2 decades ago.)

  16. Outside of binding contracts, do not have misplaced expectations of other people. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. If someone does you a favor unexpectedly, be sure to thank them and be genuine when expressing it.

  17. I have found in recent years there is a sort of hyper-critical mentality (wherein the idea is to pick something a general consensus would normally find appealing or otherwise “good” and then to criticize it ceaselessly, even on nonfactual or the most inane and irrelevant points) that seemingly takes the joy out of most everything.
    I’ve heard it referred to as the “hipster” mentality and seen exhibited by both men and women. By this, I do not mean in terms of every day critical thinking or decision made through necessary bias or personal preference. I think a common phrase related to this was once: “Everyone’s a critic.”
    I would submit this for consideration as an addendum to this excellent list. Sometimes it’s okay to simply enjoy a thing for what it is, and this modern general sense of whininess is certainly not masculine and equally a “negative” on one’s life as entitlement mentality, even likely related.

    1. Very well pointed.
      I attribute that to the roots of our social and economic model of today.
      Just think of it: regular capitalism sells what you need. Ferocious capitalism of today, makes you want what you don’t need. To avoid being cryptical, think of this example: you need a car, and you might buy any car available. However, you’ll see a bunch of ads with sexy girls around well designed tooo expensive cars. You know it is a bad investment, and that you’ll loose your investment as soon as your new car leaves the auto stand. However, frustration was already introduced in your mind. You’ll buy the car AND you’ll think you’re a sex looser, because you don’t get the girls with it. So you’ll go back to the ad and buy more and more things so that you finallly have your dream girl. Most probably, you’ll never have sexual success by buying stuff, but you’ll have made Ferrari, Hugo Boss, Zegna and a few others their sought after profit. FRUSTRATION SELLS!!! In that way, all marketing has at least a subtle way of showing you how pathetic you are, SO that their promises have any value at all for you.
      Now the social aspect. Think of the center point of social interaction being moved from direct relations to social networks. You are not around your friends so that you can have a reasonable comparison standard, but you are constantly exposed to photoshoped “friends” and your actions and thoughts are constantly scrutinized by thousands of people. Even without knowing it, you’ll start to depend on their appreciation (the “likes”) to feel happy. More frustration, as an addictive cycle is started. You can’t be popular by living your simple life. You’ll have to be nicer and nicer and nicer. Untill you just fall from exhaustion and accept the final frustration that your life’s become. Even if you’re the king of the world in real life. You are already too disconnected to have a healthy judgement.

      1. That likely plays a role in it, we have been sort of “zombie-fied” through constant marketing barrages and there are definite psychological drivers in play to make them effective. This has long-term consequences and makes people more pliant in general to other suggestion.
        Personally, I also believe a lot of our current social troubles have exploded and coincide with the rise of the internet and social networking in particular. It’s a great tool, but it also allows fruitcakes to network and find certain validation.
        For too many people the internet allows them to create a completely fantasy-based world and persona/alternate identity with complete anonymity. This breeds dissociation and narcissism, because while “how could anything unreal have any gravity?” but also “how could my perfectly perfect ‘real inner self’, who I really am inside, be anything less than perfect?” it ties this fantasy directly into their self-worth, esteem, image, and reputation.
        Each statement that seems to counter their comments is a blemish, a red X on a test they think they have already aced. They can’t accept it and soon can’t accept any dissent whatsoever and must attack and destroy it to maintain their bubble. They ally together with the like-minded and create “safe-spaces” where differences of opinion are simply not allowed to exist. Unfortunately, this carries over into all aspects of their lives.
        Even more distressing is the political correctness it all allows to run rampant, and there’s even a positive/negative reinforcement mechanism already in place: upvote/downvote and like/dislike along with means to spread the judgement in the blink of an eye across the globe (share this?).
        Couple that with doxxing, and the ability to have someone fired in real life for their unpopular opinion or perceived slight online while making a comfortable living off of being a perpetual victim and critic, and you have a terrifying totalitarian and fascist movement.
        SJWs are already as bad as Puritans (in how they operate and in mentality) and are aiming to be much worse than anything the world has yet seen before it is all over. If they have their way, get ready for an actual purge (Submit or Die) instead of the current and much more tame witch hunts.
        Even for those of us that limit our social networking interactions in favor of physical relationships are not immune, we may take smaller doses of this awful medicine (and we do have to stay abreast of the developments in the virtual realm as it effects our reality despite our best efforts and keeping us from unplugging completely) but we are really only dying the slower death of a thousand cuts and watching our world burn in slow motion.

        1. Agreed.
          The fact that we (as a Society) are creating this new firstly virtual and then real-life oppression can almost be viewed as a “sugar coating” of something which, if initially proposed, would be unacceptable. However, the mechanism works perfectly, and if you pay some atention, parents are already being freightned when they find their children doing crazy things (including suicide, which is the equivalent of a death penalty) because of “virtual” peer pressure. It shows well how from one generation to the next, more and more is demanded. And of course, if more is demanded from the “virtual self”, more will soon be demanded from the real self, including to those “older than the EVENT”.
          I also liked your comparison between Puritans and SJWs, as we have here a big similarity in modus operandi, however, more serious in the case of the SJWs, as they are extremists regarding not your relation with a third party [God], but your social and mental life as a whole (of course Puritans wanted to define those as well, but only as a side project; if you have a group [SJW] specifically focusing on these aspects, the level of their demands can be substancially bigger, more targeted and hence, more totalitarian).
          We must keep at least some hope (grounded in the sense that this historical involution of the human race, or at least, of our civilization, is contrary to human nature itself and to all natural laws, and has everything to fail) and contribute to reverse this. I would not recomend it as a personal fight, as those are never won, but we are surely pioneers of a new response. Even if we will not witness a new, healthier, era, we must not quit our “human duty”, as they, SJWs, frequently propose (you have certainly already heard them crying “Earth would be better off without humans”, “Humans are an infection” and other nihilistic hate slogans).

  18. Create a masculine vision of yourself and make it reality. Win nonstop. Kind of redundant, but a great list.

  19. Luck most certainly exists as does the lottery. We are all created by our circumstance. im not saying you should give up, but we are victims to our circumstances.

    1. luck exists but it seems better to assume that it doesn’t-worry about the things you can control, not what you can’t.

  20. I like this article. One of the things I struggle with is fantasy in life, rather remembering the real me and what I’m made of.

  21. My emotional and psychological state is so imbalanced that I have been hit with all of these habits 2-3 times a week. It seems for me at times that NOTHING seems to be going my way.
    I hope to win this inner struggle one day.
    Thank you for this article. I will look at it whenever these habits come around.

    1. Hey man. I get it. I don’t know your situation, but I understand.
      Don’t discredit attitude. As soon as you realize you’re unhappy or depressed, make a change. Usually all it is is attitude. Biggest (for me) is #3 – don’t ask why (has this happened, do I feel like this, etc.). Just ask what – what can I do to get better/be better/do better.
      Everyone has options. Stay busy improving. Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself sitting on the couch, in front of the TV, doing jack shit, feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t do it. Find a hobby. Join a club – martial arts, boxing, public speaking, rock climbing, who cares. There’s 101 things you can do to keep improving as a man, and keep your mind busy. Even stuff like hobby lock picking, etc. NEVER stop improving.
      All the best.

      1. Thanks I appreciate your insight. Yes it feels like the a positive feedback cycle can be created of shitty feeling leading to moping around at home doing nothing which decreases emotional state even more.

      2. …edited for current times and readers of ROK:
        “Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself sitting on the chair, surfing the internets, doing jack shit and feeling great about it”

  22. Humm… I could say that I do abide by those twelve habits, with the exception of number eight, when I do sometime get a lotto ticket for about $10 when the prize is big…As they say, to win it you have to be in it !

  23. “Hopefully this article has done enough to make identifying (negative thought patterns) easier.”
    Hopefully? Either it does or it doesn’t.

  24. I need help with a personal situation. I’m posting this here because this post described me to a TEE.
    I’ve been made an offer to go do some mechanical work on some diesel buses in the Caribbean. All expense paid. I’ve been given a list of what needs to be done. Part replacement. I’m confident I can do half the list relatively easy. I’m a loser censed tech but I’ve never worked on buses before. The other half of the list I’m a bit iffy.
    Now all my life I ve never left my comfort zone. And I’m always doubting myself. And now I’m doing the same thing with this offer. I mean I want to do it and I’m sure I can do most if not all of it despite my lack of bus experience but I’m kinda worried of failure. I hate failing and letting people down. Hence why I never try much.
    I’m in a bind with no clue what to do.

    1. I have learned/grown the most in my life when I’ve gotten myself into a mess that I must figure my way out of.
      You might fail. You might succeed. Either way you will become a better person if you learn from the experience.

    2. My wise advice is:
      1- “FUCK people” Nowadays, we live obsessed over strangers’ opinions on us. The fact is, either you do it well or badly, you’ll be forgottten in a few months after your departure. If not, why the hell would you want to keep contact with people living so far from you?
      2- We are alive to learn. Everytime you do something new, in a new place, you’ll learn and become more prepared and more confident for future tasks and experiences. Take it from me, I’ve lived in 4 countries already and travelled through all Europe and North America, and it only made me more “free”, that means, I simply don’t fear. The only true freedom in the world is when you know you are the master of your fear, and the world has nothing bad enough to make you feel little. Of course, danger is real, and we must know where it is, avoiding it. All else is our imagination’s ghost painting.
      3- Comfort zones, as everything else in our lives, are ephemeral. You should always try to make new ones, have alternatives. If you’re stuck in a place, that place will eventually burn and you’ll be left with nothing. For God sakes, think of the russian tsar Nicholas II or french king Louis XVI, probably the richest men in the world, when alive, and murdered in their palaces, along with their families, almost over night. Nothing is for ever. Now think of Darwin, who travelled the world and brought biology to us. Think of Alexander the Great, that with a bunch of greek shepherds subdued the entire Middle East and a good portion of Asia. And he wanted more, when his men only wanted to return home. Today, you remember him, but not his men.
      4- Just go. If it turns out good, you’ll have the profit of it. IF it doesn’t, you’ll have a story for your children, and you’ll know WHY it didn’t, so that next time, you’ll do things better.

      1. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve decided to go. My skill as a car mechanic should help me for sure. The rest I should be able to figure out. I’ll report back.

    3. I had the same offer. Make 4x more money working in a mental health clinic. My first instinct was to turn it down because of what I don’t know. Then I realized that I have nothing to lose. If I fuck it up, oh well!
      Go for it and stop letting doubt eat at you and keep you from your greatness. If you fail, pick yourself up and move along – nothing ventured, nothing gained.
      Good luck and let us know hat happens.

    4. If YOU don’t fuck up, somebody else will and they’ll be paid well for it.
      Just do what you can and figure out the rest as you go.

  25. Luck and Wishing shouldn’t be completely ignored. Yes they are useless if you have to much negativity and very little good in your life. But once you can eliminate the negative, wishing and luck can play a role by application of The Law of Attraction in your life. An example of luck working is how I got my winter tires this year. I was expecting to pay $1500 for a set of new tires. I really wished there was some alternative but was willing to pay full for new ones. By chance someone stopped me and handed me a card “Jo’s Used Tires”. When I brought my car to inquire, a set in my tire size just came in and were practically new. I ended up paying $500 and saved $1000 from what i expected to pay originally. The receptionist even said “People were asking for your tire size, you are lucky they just came in!” This is how luck and attraction laws work but you must live positively and take action for things to happen.

      1. Canadian, everything is more expensive up here. They’re SUV size tires for $340 per tire plus tax comes to around $1500 brand new

  26. luck happens like crazy. I’ve had more than one friend that inherited millions from a rich relative they didn’t know and didn’t expect.

  27. White Knights, Fatties, LGBTQ’s, SJW’s and the assorted alphabet soup be damned.
    This is the sort of shit I want to see.

  28. fucking excellent article. I come from the position of having made many of those mistakes, but no longer. I credit the transition and resultant clarity to the moment I chose the red pill.

  29. Great article.
    If wishes were horses all beggars would ride.
    No point in fantasy or wishful thinking. Take charge of your life as much as you can and it will improve, albeit a little slowly at first.
    The world doesn’t care about me. I care about me and I do the best for myself. That should be enough for any man to do.
    Again, great article.

  30. Entitlement gets a bad rap because of the large portion of people who act entitled with nothing to offer. In my experience, self-improvement is naturally followed by entitlement because you have more to offer and logically expect more from others.

  31. I agree, my mother believes I’m responsible for everything and that freed me… She is one of the three females who is relegated ( whoops ), considered as a friend.

  32. i may be banned from owning a gun in the US or a concealed carry permit because of a misdemeanor possession charge. i know that (if i am in fact banned) i am responsible for this, but i see no way to fix it and i fall into a victim mentality.
    i could emigrate somewhere else, but most countries do not allow gun ownership or concealed carry. i could carry illegally, but i dont think that would be wise. i just cant see myself simply accepting that i could be banned and being at peace with it. i will go to jail before i accept that.

  33. God, I’m glad that I’m older. The young people today (those <45 ) seem to be complete mental wrecks and have no backbone.

  34. Hard work increases your chance doesnt automaticly makes you winner or rewards you still need luck whatever you do.Even with hard work there are still things out of your control no matter how powerful you are.
    I agree about the rest but if you feel offended when someone says you are lucky you are still weak and have doubts about yourself.

  35. “…Zionists, and terrorists all have in common? Answer: They are all miserable, noxious, and hateful because they identify themselves as victims.”
    This often goes along with #3, the “Rhetorical Whys?” I hear a lot of whys from certain people and crowds, but rarely do they sincerely desire an honest discussion or a frank answer.

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