7 Things I Learned About Game In My 40s

I am now in my mid 40s and life is increasingly better due to the fact that I am self-employed, single, and free to practice the “game” of pick-up and the art of seducing women. I disengaged from corporate mass-media a couple of years ago due to the onslaught of attacks received by commentators when I posted comments on the Huffington Post.

There, I wrote my opinions under the pen name: “whitemale08″ and rhetorically defeated every argument against me by the ultra-extreme left. I soon realized that I was entering what I thought was a mid-life crisis by constantly engaging “popular opinion.” Unthinkable ideas and concepts, that should have never been up for debate, were depressing to me. Through this change in perspective, I discovered seven key truths that led to a renewed commitment to game.

1.  The need to immerse oneself in game and in business

A couple of years ago, I immersed myself fully into business and consumed only what was related to game. Because of this commitment, life is richer and happier. When I go out and practice game, I enjoy it a lot more than when I was younger. Experience has taught me that a lot of younger girls between ages of 18 and 24 are attracted to older guys for their maturity. Age seems to not be a factor as long as an older man is able to care for himself and his finances to the best of his ability. This type of strength can uniquely be found in a mature older man and can be very attractive and even intimidating to younger women.

2. Mature men can game both day and night

When I practice day game or night game, I rely on being centered and kind as a person. At the same time, I look for an opportunity to be direct and dominant when escalating the interaction. Because of a woman’s feminine nature, she submits herself easily to a man’s dominant frame and will feel less attractive if masculine dominant energy is not directed towards her. Men only appreciate this fact when they get older. As long as you feel comfortable seducing a younger woman, she will be OK with you moving the interaction forward. Be aware, though, that she may be ridiculed and mocked by her peers and friends in public.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of being grounded as a mature man. Younger guys may try to push you around in a nightclub, but being calm and indifferent can go a long way. Be comfortable with people calling you “sir” at the supermarket or by a bartender at a nightclub. Initially it may make a girl feel awkward that she’s attracted to an older gentleman, but that can quickly turn into you being viewed as the “prize.”


3.  The Myth of the Mid-Life Crisis

Embrace the fact that you are getting older and don’t try to hide it with buying a sports car or dressing in attire more suited for young males. Don’t think you have to put on a fluorescent colored top with crazy graffiti written all over it to impress some 21-year-old. “Peacocking” in a nightclub will telegraph to a girl that you are immature, and she will quickly label you as suffering from a “mid-life crisis,” even though this phenomenon was made up by middle-aged women to rob mature men of their power in the sexual marketplace.

4. The importance of analyzing your interactions

When dissecting interactions and blowouts, you can easily pinpoint the subtle giveaways that qualify or question masculine presence. Women feel awkwardness the moment your presence becomes androgynous. Unfortunately, today’s social conditioning has confused us as to what is appropriate masculine behavior.

An older man is more bold and assured of himself, and this is what is so attractive to hot young girls. They don’t apologize for being masculine or older—rather, a man shows off his dominant “macho” behavior to a girl by projecting a deep voice and unflinching eye contact. The smirk on his face allows the woman to become acutely aware of just how naughty she is when flirting, and this is a big turn-on for both you and her.

5. Take advantage of your age

Men in their mid-40s should take advantage of the fact that they went through puberty during the 80s, where the remnants of masculinity were still visible. Later in the decade, female celebrities like Janet Jackson began to dress in a more masculine fashion. Groups like Wham and Culture Club promoted an “alternative lifestyle” and created a slippery slope where masculinity slid into decline. Sitcoms in the 90s, like Friends, perpetrated unspeakable damage to the male image and father figures were dumbed down and portrayed as weak and incompetent.

Now, the hint of being “macho” or even masculine is somehow considered evil according to corporate mass-media, and that could be an obstacle in your game and when learning the art of seduction. Your age is your advantage in this area, where it provides a good excuse for you to be more classically masculine.

6. Game and travel go hand in hand

If you travel to certain countries, like in Latin America, you will see more traditional masculine behavior and women more comfortable in their natural feminine roles. This affords plenty of opportunities for men in their mid-life to explore possibilities with younger, hotter, more fertile women without much retaliation and debate.

Most men in their later years have the means to travel and meet beautiful women from different parts of the world. Instead of taking that same boring vacation people do every year, why not research places that have the most attractive girls on the planet and plan a trip to go there and practice your game?

7. Game for life

Game will keep a man focused on his masculinity throughout his later years and away from the time-wasted philosophical debates in a mass-marketed culture that is now beyond recoverable.

If you are a middle-aged man who finds himself single or divorced and has no obligations to anyone but himself, then by all means get back in the game. Remember, every year around the world, another million plus hot young girls turn 21 and are waiting to meet mature middle-aged men with enough sophistication to seduce them and show them the romance of a lifetime.

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280 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned About Game In My 40s”

    1. Yeah this is worst part… guys in their mid-40’s don’t get girls in the age range of 18-24 unless they’re ultra rich and/or famous.
      If you’re 45 and are able to bed women under 35, that’s pretty damn good.

      1. The problem with most 40+ men and this is coming from a 40+ guy is most of them dress like old men and have zero game.I’m nothing special in shape and pass for 35.I never get asked how old I am until later on.Another thing older guys do at least around my neck of the woods is hit the tanning bed and that makes you look old.Overly tanned men in mid life look old to women.You don’t have to dress in the latest style but you have to be stylish and most men sadly at any age lack style.I never date women over 35 and it’s not because I’m special I just have the basics that’s all.As far as cars go all I have is a jacked up Cherokee and some motorcycles nothing special.I will say a boat goes a long way with getting women to hang around you though:)

        1. That’s true but if you look 35 that’s probably huge. Statistically speaking most 45 year old guys look 45. heh/
          I’m 29 but pass for 22-23 routinely. I hope I’m able to pull that off when I’m your age too.
          Also the difference is probably location dependent. You see guys like Krauser running around CE and EE banging 19-23 year olds as near 40 year old man.
          I don’t really see that as being possible in North America (US/CAN).

        2. This is exactly right.
          Forget the tanning beds. All a man needs is a gym, a decent tailor and some balls.
          Workout and workout hard, wear age appropriate clothing that is tailored for you and have some damn confidence.

      2. I’m 46 and banging a 7.5 24 year old, plus I have a beer gut and pull less than $40k/yr. You’re doing it wrong.

        1. You probably have above average looks for your age. Looks can compensate for a lot if you have the game to back it up.
          And making below $40k is pitiful unless you have some residual income to back it up. I can’t think of much states that salary will do you much good in.

        2. Right on about looks.
          But also anything else that can make you “interesting” enough to be talked about by your target’s clique. Money, obviously. Fame even more so.
          But also just notoriety. I doubt there’s a teacher born, who couldn’t bang a meaningful share of his female students. Particularly at more prestigious schools where te girls are preselected for degree glorification. Ditto for even the sleaziest, grayhaired Yoga, Crossfit CCW or Krav Maga (just had to bait the Jewhaters on the site……) instructor.
          Heck if some pack of girls go out for a drunken bowling night, just being a good mid 40s bowler is all it takes….. “OMG” you remember that guy who hit all those strikes. Weelll, he was showing me how to hold the ball and then I, like, fell over on him trying to put my heels back on and he, like, grabbed me. And, you know, like, being a bowler you need, like, really strong hands, and like, he, like, grabbed me, and like, one thing lead to another and I was drunk…… He’s actually kinda cute….
          And the choir goes: Eeeeeeww, he was so creeeeeeepppiiii…. What did he do… He’s like my dad’s age……. Did he, like,….??

      3. Uh… you should travel more.
        If you think mid-40’s and low-20’s are in any way “unusual”, you are clearly living somewhere in the first world.
        Get on a plane and get yourself to Colombia. Or Panama. Or Argentina. Etc.
        You will be knee-deep in 20-something Latina pussy within an hour. And no I’m not talking about hookers.

        1. No definitely. But how many guys here are doing that? Most here are American men who have no interest in uprooting their lives.

        2. “Get on a plane and get yourself to Colombia. Or Panama. Or Argentina. Etc.
          You will be knee-deep in 20-something Latina pussy within an hour. And no I’m not talking about hookers.”
          You are completely full of shit. Read Roosh’s blog about Argentina females; according to him they are the most difficult in all of his experience. A while back there was also an article about Colombian women behavior changing for the worst.
          I suggest you travel more, and quit talking about what you know nothing about.

  1. With regard to mid life crisis I think this is a tragedy left to married men. After having sex with three women tops their whole lives they finally cracking and have an affair, get a sports car and face lift.

    1. Mid-life crisis is a married man thing. Man turns 40 and takes a long look at his wife and gets depressed. lol
      Single man turns 40, joins the gym, gets in the best shape of his life, and bangs a hot 30 y/o with a nice ass.

      1. Excellent observations. A man’s mid life crisis is pegged to the menopause his wife goes through. It’s at that moment that he realises that he has wasted his life up to this point and seeks to regain his youth through manly persuits i.e. fast cars, poosy etc

        1. True statement. Once wifey menopause hits, married men finally fully internalize and accept the raw deal they voluntarily signed up for.

      2. Especially when said man has married a soul crushing fat ass, sent to the earth from the bowels of hell.

  2. I am very glad you pointed out #2.
    I have a co-worker who is always going to clubs and putting himself in the position of a 20 something despite being 39.
    He is shocked he never gets the younger girls.
    I tried explaining to him that while the younger girls do like older men they don’t want older men pretending to be younger. They like older men for the very reason that they are different from boys their age.
    A 40 year old in a club dancing is just aqward and sad. A 22 year old doesn’t want to be a vehicle for your attempt at being young again. They do, however, want access to a world otherwise denied to them by their age and lack of finances.

    1. Very astute of you. I recall a woman talking about the older men she dates. They treat her like a lady, and they take her to nice places. She gets a chance to dress up, and that doesn’t happen with “boys” her own age.
      Also, the piece says “being calm and indifferent can go a long way”. That’s for sure… act like you and she are certain to date and then have sex when the time comes, and it’s much more likely to work out that way. An atmosphere of settled confidence is worth a lot. Even if it doesn’t work out or go anywhere, the simple fact the two of you are together will attract other women.
      Related gaming tip: once in a while, wear a jacket and tie. Look sharp in the traditional way. For lots of reasons (enough to fill an article or two by itself), that’s catnip to women. It really stands out because so few men of any age do it.

      1. Correct on all counts. If you act like the sex is a sure thing they go along with it in the same way and for the same reason they watch how you hold your fork and copy it.
        Also right on clothing. I wear a suit and tie M-Th and usually a sports jacked on Friday-sunday.
        If they 20 year olds wanted someone dressed like a frat boy they know where to find them.

      2. One of the reasons I fell in love with my older husband was his old school manners. I also loved the way he dressed; no baseball caps and ratty jeans.

    2. As a mid 30’s guy, the last time I went into a club (recently) all I could think about was how badly I wanted to come back with a flamethrower.

        1. Same here. That loud nonsense shit they play to dance to at the clubs is just something I don’t care for. I just leave.

        2. Ever since the 70s, clubs have catered to “alpha clubbers,” all of whom are taking drugs that enhance their “performance” in their venue of choice.

    3. “They like older men for the very reason that they are different”. That’s gold right there. Own who you are and maximize it.

    4. Yup. Good points raised here. I’m 37 and I have a fav club I go to. However, dancing like a mad monkey with 21 yr old chicks on the dance floor just lowers my status. Instead, I befriended the club owner, the main DJ, the club’s marketing exec and the bouncers. What I do is have drinks with one or two of them at the more exclusive section where it’s less noisy but still visible. And it helps when the younger chicks notice. They want to get introduced to the manager or DJ and that’s how I end up getting to know a lot of the younger hotter women.

    5. Exactly! I have always been attracted to older men for their maturity, patience and life experience. I feel safer with a man whom I can submit to. I wouldn’t respect a man who is older than me if he was still acting like a frat boy.
      The ridicule from others is true. I look much younger than my age (Still getting carded at age 34) and my husband is in his 40s. He looks sexy and distinguished to me but other women love to say that my husband looks “old.”
      I don’t care about the snide remarks because I know that I am much happier and fulfilled with an older husband than I would be with a younger one.

      1. I still get that look from middle aged bitter women (but I repeat myself). My wife is 33 and I am 61. Many (kind) people say I look more like late forties or early 50s. But my wife looks mostly in her early 20s, so the gap in perception remains the same.
        BTW, my wife once slammed down a bitch at work that tried to shame her about marrying an old man. She said, “How is that man your age working out for you? Has he got a job yet, or is he back in prison? Has he stopped spending your earnings on his mistress yet? My husband treats me well and takes care of me. I am happy with my choice. Are you happy with yours? ”

        1. Good for your wife! Unhappy and lonely women love to pull happy ladies down to their level.
          Keep enjoying your happy marriage. God bless you two.

        2. Mikediver, my husband and I have the exact same age difference. I am 33 and my husband just turned 61.
          Curiously, I got more “shit-tested” by his male friends at the beginning of our relationship (I was 24 then) Mostly along the lines of “what are your intentions?” Looking back, I feel that the curiousity was driven by either the typical “Is this young chick using our friend?” Or “Hmm what does she see in older men, and do I maybe have a chance too?”
          Fyi, neither was the case. My husband has strong ‘frame,’ I was raised traditionally enough to relate better to older generations, and age is just a number.

  3. So tired of the sports car cliche. Most men don’t have enough money to buy the car they always wanted until that stage in life. They do it for themselves. Feminists who say a man is over-compensating by driving a hot car are just rationalizing riding public transport.

    1. So true. If one day I manage to have my childhood’s dream car, it would be for ME, not for STD-pussy.

    2. I am a car guy, and also tired of the car cliche. They do make a difference. It’s not night and day, but women take notice of what you drive. I am an older guy- not bad advice. Calmness is always important.

      1. They take notice but I don’t give a shit. I own the title to the car. Not making payments. So what if people think I’m an illegal alien driving a beat up looking car. It runs great, just the paint is a bit faded.

        1. Fuck yea boy. OWN that car. Looks like shit? Pfft, its paid for. Any ass hat can take out a loan. Cars are the FUCKING WORST things to buy. They depreciate in value the more you use them and have maintenance costs the more you use them, not to mention insurance.
          I’ve seen several guys buy big trucks or a dodge charger in their early/mid 20s. I always ask them “did you take out a loan?” Then they answer no, so I respond with “then its not yours.” I dont mean to belittle them, but its just reality. I’d rather give them a high five for a car they own and chip in some gas money.

        2. Oh hell yeah. Cars are a money pit. End of story. They cost so much to run, maintain, and buy. I have 2 cars that I bought outright, yeah they’re not much to look at but do I care? Hell no. I’m not taking out a loan and spending my money on some fat lard working at a bank so he can earn millions a year.
          Besides I enjoy working on the older models. Fills in one’s spare time and provides more knowledge of how to run/service a car yourself. Priceless if you ask me

        3. Taking out a loan on a vehicle is fine if it’s a very low interest rate or one of those 0% interest rate deals. If it’s a 0% interest rate, you might as well just take the loan so you can keep your cash in the bank in case you ever need it for something else or tuck it somewhere else that might give you a return.

        4. Ownership of title is key. I am almost 40 and never have financed a car. I see so many people lose their mobility in life because they stayed locked down to one town and one job to pay off a car note.

        1. I know right! and that’s horrible but I guess the majority of the time it’s true. As a single woman with a sports car I get the feeling that guys are judging me that way!

        2. Agreed that she didn’t work hard at all for that car…. well maybe on her knees…
          But you know no matter what, she sure as hell didn’t pay for it!

        3. I know right! that’s so wrong. On the flip side though guys seeing me drive my car might think I’m a great lay (because of how they think I “earned” my car) so there’s that. Ha!

        4. The women in Mustangs always seem to be over 40 and fishing for attention on the road.

        5. what about a woman in a BMW convertible (5 speed manual obviously)? and yes, over 40 is pretty much the age when you can afford to buy one.

        6. I love the speed, I love the power under the hood, I love the way it hugs the road. Most of all, I love that I am not driving an old lady car!!

        7. I got that all out of my system in my early twenties. I bought a Jensen Healy convertible two seater back when only 500 were imported to the US, and it was the car driven by James Bond. I loved the acceleration and the cornering. It had a Lotus racing engine, dual two barrel Stromberg carbs, a four cylinder 2.7 liter engine, and weighed less than a Volkswagen Beetle. It could go around a 70 degree turn at 100 and be flat. I had it up to 130 once (scared the living shit out of me) and the engine was only at 5,000 RPM, and red line was 7,000. Of course my but was about two inches from the road and the suspension was so stiff and sensitive if I rolled over a quarter I could call heads or tails by the impact on my ass. I had to have tires rated for 160 MPH.

    3. I’ve always driven some sort of sports car. When I was young and poor I bought them used and clapped out and learned how to bring them back.
      When I was older I could buy them in better condition, but what I had learned bringing back beaters helped me keep them in good condition.
      You’ll know I’m having a ‘mid life crisis’ when I sell a sports car to buy a minivan.

      1. I’m gonna buy a minivan. Paint it bright yellow, including the windows. Write PUSSY WAGON on the back.

    4. Only American women could turn the male sports car dream into a criticism and shaming rod. Most males are fascinated by cars from age four and on throughout life. Middle-age men can finally afford one. American women are right there to criticize, belittle and in every way try to humiliate the male’s happiness. Happiness being something women can’t have because feminism doesn’t allow it. Go and ruin the other kid’s sandcastle just because yours collapsed. Imagine men laughing at women and openly, publicly belittling them because they finally can afford their dream wardrobe, house, or whatever. I won’t say dream kitchen….

        1. My coworkers know I enjoy cooking and am proficient at it. A lot of times I bring food for our work parties. Anyway, yesterday one of them asked me to teach her how to make simple to make recipes for thanksgiving.
          “Do you own a steamer?”
          “Yes, I have three of everything but have never used it. I have the nicest gas stove and kitchen electronics”
          So sad.

        2. So YOU can be the cook. Women these days know nothing about the fact that a good cook and being awesome in bed is the secret to keeping a man somewhat happy.
          If you can cook, the world is your oyster and you rule one more part of your castle cause your a bad-ass with a grill, oven and a wooden spoon.

        3. Same effin reason they have the designer baby, a “high-powered” (Hehe) executive job, and a family.
          Braggin rights. They want ot be the movie version of Sarah Jessica Parker. But the real life version of her is far different than the movies and SITC series.
          “Real” feminists are much like “Real” rappers. They project a fantasy image that is anything but for the person they claim to emulate. And the fools who listen to them and their business advertisements, because that is largely what those media outlets are, fail to realize that they are paying these assholes salary.
          While they continually force them into [poverty, and live the high life of their stupidity, and expense.
          Gangsta! Strong-and-independent!
          Yeah, my ass.

        4. I’m also a great cook. Most of the females at work are proud that they can’t even make scrambled eggs. Independent my ass

        5. One year have passed since I finally left my office work and I am so happy now… I started freelancing from comfort of my house, for a company I stumbled upon online, for several hrs daily, and I make much more than i did on my old job… My last month payment was for 9k dollars… The best thing about this gig is that now i have more free time for my kids… http://chilp.it/728813e

        6. I want a dream kitchen. I love cooking and serving food, I clean behind my stove and fridge and I know how to sew (with or without a machine).

        7. These women are as cranky as shit and hell to work with. Every one of them secretly wants to stay home.

        8. Me too. I raised four kids on my own after my wife died. I finished my PhD and worked full time. I know it is not that hard or that time consuming. I know the female bitching is groundless and mean spirited from the start to the finish.

      1. Hey, sports car shaming is also present in Western Europe. As you said, women need to humiliate male’s happiness.

        1. If you want to see massive shaming, the kind that makes sports car shamming disappear by comparison, marry a much younger woman while you are midlife, or more).

        2. I was called a pedophile to my face on numerous occasions (9 years later that has tapered off as she is 33 now and only looks like her early 20s instead of mid teens.

      2. This comment is great and strikes me intellectually as true. But when I bought my sports car I didn’t get any criticism. Possibly because I was single? And it is true, I had a calandar with sports cars and pictures of sports cars on my wall since I was old enough to put stuff on my own walls. I had a long string of beaters and then sensible cars like my Civic and my VW and when I was 41 I got my awesome sports car. It was the truest expression of love. I remember I picked a girl up and she had a coffee and I told her to finish it before getting in. She thought I was kidding at first and quickly learned I wasn’t. I had that car for two years. I believe it was the healthiest and most loving relationship I was ever in

        1. Mine was a Lincoln Town car. And I back that no food or drink in my car motto 100%. I still miss that car 30 years later. I still miss my first ex-wife too. But my aim is improving and I have hope for the future.

        2. yup. never a bite or sip. I was extra nuts. I had driving gloves that I left in the glove box and, I shit you not, driving mocs which I left in the car. I went full Mr. Rogers and changed my shoes when I got in the car to my car shoes.

    5. You’re paying attention to the wrong things. You should concentrate on the way all them pretty young things look at you when you’re in one and would suck on your balls to get a ride. There is always something you can be angry about. If you’ve worked hard and finally got a sports car don’t become a male version of a Jezebel article writer.

    6. Yes, I agree, I’m tired of the car cliché … I want to see more gun clichés.
      Over-penetration is very masculine — don’t give me that crap about mid-life crises.

    7. the irony of all this is that when a women earns enough money to finally purchase her dream sports car all men assume that her rich husband bought it for her, or alimony. neither man nor woman wins in this situation

    8. Sadly, why would I buy a sports car? I can’t drive it how I want (laws), as fast as I want (laws and traffic), it’s a magnet to be stolen or broken into (thugs, villains, hoodlums) or around town to pick up ladies (my golf clubs sit next to me in case of a pick up game, or a Michael Brown wanna-be wants to get in through my car window.

      1. You buy a sports car for the pure pleasure of driving (manual transmission, automatic is a travesty). If you ‘re worrying about all that other stuff then you’re correct, you don’t need a sports car.

        1. I agree that I don’t need one. I would rather spend my money and put it into my life and enrich it. Although, going to the Autobahn and test driving a few vehicles there sounds much more enticing.

      2. bs come to seattle and the white drug addicts will bust in your car first or go to granite city illinois across from st louis.or go to portland

        1. Funny enough, I grew up on the eastside satch7… And Seattle is a decent area, but yes- by the space needle and Rainer valley/Martin Luther King Way… yes, I know what you are talking about.

    9. Very true. I bought my dream “sports car” for myself because it was just something I wanted since I was 16 and had always appreciated the vehicle. As I neared middle aged, I satisfied my bucket list boyhood dream and got that car. It wasn’t to get women.
      The middle aged man “sports car” was the thing to do decades ago when men owned the world of commerce and women didn’t work because affirmative action didn’t exist to steal high paying jobs from men to give away to women. I truly bought my sports car just for myself because I honestly don’t feel I’d be impressing women with it because I already know a lot of women can afford the same thing if not better than what I’m driving since they have affirmative action jobs. There are high level female upper management execs where I work that make double what i do, literally. So they could buy two of my cars and more.
      So the idea of being middle aged and getting the “mid life crisis” sports car is a thing of the past. Women are only impressed by it if it’s a $100K car that you paid cash for AND you live in a huge house on a golf course.

    10. The only thing cliche about the sports car is buying it to haul around hoes in it, rather than a man buying it because he earned it. If there’s anything mid-life crisis about owning and driving one, it’s to educate stupid girls that they can’t ride

    11. Interesting. I have been doing exactly as the author suggests for the past six weeks. Traveling and hanging out with attractive young women between 18 and 24. Most of them were blonde so don’t be mad White Supremists…. 😀

      1. Strangely, when I was cruising internationally, and hanging out with 18 to 24 year olds, they were never white or blonde. I guess the White Supremists were equally pissed at me. Worse than you I married a non-white woman (my second non-white wife).

        1. I made no effort whatsoever to stay away from them. Hence, one got inside my last line of defense and I ended up married. Take heed of this warning.

    12. Life had me by the balls so much I never could buy anything non-essential except a few smaller purchases like books and guns.. I still drive a 20 year old car falling apart with ne heater, AC, a driver side door that will not open, a trunk that will not open, but a beautiful engine. My wife drives a nice car as I do not want her on the side of the road.
      BUt for the 1st time in my life, I had 25ooo buckks cash to spend on 5 acres of bug out property. I am so happy. Son’s college is paid for. No need to dissipate my finances and focus spend money on gold-diggers and bar whores.
      Feel a sense of being me with a real albeit fragile sense of balance and hope for realization of personal material dreams for the 1st time ever.
      Freedom to imagine life without being clouded by thoughts of strange pussy or obligations to keep a demanding woman satisfied.
      As we both have reached an equilibrum where I know she will not change me, I will not change her. I am happy with my sphere of indepdendent action, she is happy with her sphere I do not interfere in. And we have enough common goals.
      I miss a litttle the times of the hunt prior to marriage. BUt not so much. There was a lot of joy in the earlier years of marriage, but also more turbulence than I would care to stomach today.
      It is nice to just be me.

  4. Its normal in many cultures outside the US that women date 10-20 years older, or more. When a man dates younger there is always potential for long term relationship. However when a woman dates younger, it is almost always perceived as a short term arrangement. This is just natural biology, and evolution of society. A woman’s fertility is pretty much gone by age 40. A man only loses 1% of his spunk a year after age 30.

    1. I’m Middle Eastern, so in my culture if a woman is single at 25+ then she’s considered an old hag and something’s wrong with her if she hasn’t gotten married yet. Women are encouraged to get married at 18-21, the prime baby making years.

      1. There obviously aren’t enough men ready to step up at that age, so its normal for a younger woman to marry older man.

        1. I said the women are encouraged to get married young, not the men. The men are supposed to work and become financially able to provide for his family. It’s common for men in their late 20s/early 30s to marry girls in their late teens/early 20s
          2 weeks ago I went to my cousin’s wedding…he’s 29 and his wife is 19.

        2. That’s the ‘deal’
          The deal:
          You give us your best, most attractive fifteen years, we support you for the rest of your life.
          THAT’s why a woman over 30 is useless. She has squandered her best years, her gift to you for the privilege of being cared for for the next 50 years, on herself and on tattooed douchebags.
          She has STOLEN the only gift she has that men want. you do NOT want a woman that has ripped you off.
          Women think they ‘deserve’ to be taken care of by a man when they get older. And they are right when they follow the deal… that’s why alimony was invented… for men that take that gift and don’t give the support back. And within the framework of ‘the deal’ it makes perfect sense.
          But if she squanders the deal, if she rips the men in her life off, she deserves NOTHING.

        3. EXACTLY.
          Women ‘pushing marriage back’ so they can pursue careers is an incredibly shitty deal for men.
          The number of women who actually think to themselves, “I’ll have a career until I’m around 30 and then I’ll get married” is disturbingly high in Western societies.
          Waiting until the last possible instant, when they’re barely attractive (if at all) so they can pump out a baby — and then look like fucking hell afterwards — is a terrible deal for a man.
          The ONLY way that arrangement works, is if the man they marry is a beta weakling.
          And to add one thing to your point: Let’s also not forget that only 100 years ago, women were marrying when they were 16, and having kids at that age. Now that’ll land you in jail.

        4. Actually, you can get married at age 15 in some states, and 16 in most with parental consent.

        5. Right. See, here’s the thing.
          Women who want a career FIRST and then children LATER want to rip off both men and the career establishment.
          the ONLY reason they would want a career before they get married is so that they can use that sex appeal to advance in their career. This is a total double standard, again stealing the livelihood from men.
          if you check out the statistics, the number of women who start to be useful and then LEAVE their career field is staggering. they ‘quit to have a family’.
          They could quite easily wait until after they have a family to start a career, once that pesky bleeding thing is done, the kids are gone, and they have time, and they can sincerely compete with men, but then they won’t be able to use their sex appeal to steal jobs from more qualified applicants.
          Frankly, it’s sick, and I hope more psychos decide to play the ‘let’s shoot up HR’ game.

        6. I find your comments very insightful.
          Imagine the wasted resources in training these women consume (undertaken by men) only to have them drop out of the workforce to selfishly start a family.
          These are spots taken up by women who could’ve been given to men who have NO CHOICE but to duke it out in the workforce for life. But instead they want it all.
          Women in the workforce are a joke anyway, and you’re right, the only way they get what they want is by brandishing their pussies in the face of male corporate leadership.

        7. I had a female hiring manager tell me that she likes to hire men because I quote “men don’t get pregnant and leave me”. I was shocked that a woman would admit that.

      2. If a woman is around 29 and not married or with kids, she’s generally desperate and makes me think ‘If no-one’s wanted to marry or breed with you yet, why would I?’
        If I’m going to marry and have kids, I’ll go younger. If I’m going to casually date, I would paradoxically rather date a still hottish and pleasant-natured divorced older woman who (being hot and pleasant-natured), got married and had kids young, and now is likely more fun and a whole lot less neurotic than Miss Desperate 29 yo who’s been left on the shelf and is panicking

        1. Women in the West are taught by their closet-lesbian mothers to wait until their 30 to get married. That way they can have the careers that their mothers never had. Only problem is that these same women are also reading all kinds of ridiculous fashion-magazine garbage that tells them their beautiful even when they stopped being remotely attractive years ago.
          At some point some of them (although not nearly all of them) figure out that they’ve been sold a ball of wax. There’s nothing awesome about their jobs. And now they’re spinsters for life.

        2. Yea, itd be one thing if a woman gave up kids to head a new national geographic editorial in Madagascar.
          It’s quite another to pretend your normal office paper-shuffling job is ’empowering’ yourself to happiness

        3. Western women were fed a ball of lies very much like the Western men were. The only thing is, men are able to bounce back once they discover the lie. For women it’s too late once they figure it out. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Feminism was designed to harm women first, then trickle down to men.

        4. True. The timing is all fucked. If you’re a woman, surely it makes more sense to get married and have kids in your early 20s, while you’re attractive and fertile, and then if you still really want to have that all-important ‘career’ you can do it in your late 30s when your kids are grown up. Of course this simple solution makes too much sense so women won’t understand it.

        5. In the end Feminism does more harm to women than to men because the short time frame that women have to get married and have children. I used to ask women why they listened to Feminist women who were all lesbians, it would be the equivalent of straight men looking to gay men for life advice.

        6. Couldn’t agree with you more. The situation does make me wonder, however, what future generations of females are going to make of it all? I mean, the media will continue sell them that same ball of wax, but they will be able to see with their own eyes all the bitter cat ladies growing old by themselves. Will the pendulum swing back towards more ‘traditional’ values, or will it be too late by then?

        7. There are still more wife and mothers who figure out that they’ve been sold a ball of wax. There’s nothing awesome about their family. And now they’re stuck for life.

    2. There is a lot of attempts to confuse this man, get him to second guess himself. All so that he can marry a used up trollop who will never make him or herself happy.
      Tier 1 men must hold to their guns, make passive women, and seek their ladies away from the crumbling west.

  5. Good Blog sir.
    Nearly 52 and discovered Red Pill about 4 years ago. Couldn’t agree more, get a great physique, great clothes, spin multable plates, and have a ‘don’t give a fuk attitude’, internilize Game (take red pill daily) and your world is yours!
    You have this aura of experience that eminates from you. Look around at older gents that have given up, it’s not a option. The decision is entirely up to you.
    And you get to a point when you reflect back in your life that Game is really a natural thing to a man. You are bombarded daily form the Femcentrix paradym that it’s almost difficult to avoid. One of the most profound things I’ve read was from Rollo.
    A woman will never love you like you would expect them to. Bitter Red pill, but until you even play with the thought that this just might be true, you’re in for a rough time.
    You are the prize. What you think of you matters more than what anyone else thinks of you. At the end of the day, you live with you.

    1. “A woman will never love you like you would expect them to”
      Somethings are on the tip of the tongue in my head but I need someone to say it and my ears to hear it for me to realize it. OF COURSE!

      1. My father told me something along those lines many decades ago. Of course, I didn’t listen to him at the time. His words of wisdom, which have proven to be 100% true were;
        Men love women.
        Women love children (I will add, only their own).
        Children love puppies.
        To this sage red pill information given in the late 1960s I have added the following codicil;
        Only gay men love men.
        This hierarchy is immutable and eternal; learn to live with it.

    2. Same age group. The level of crazy in the 40 to early 50 range is amazing.
      More than half on SSRI’s, broken marriages, other men’s kids to deal with, and looking to cash in on your assets.
      A mine field to be navigated is the hairy triangle.

    1. fashion tip #1 for Gavin. Trim the fucking beard. He’s too young, and his face too narrow, to have it that thick, it looks stupid.

  6. Getting older has only gotten to dress older. I don’t see how a middle age guy would even want to try to dress like a twenty-something scumbag. Twenty-somethings these days dress like 8 year olds anyway. I want to dress like a seventy year old from the 1930’s, if possible.

      1. No hair. Don’t know what spats are. Just talking blazers, leather shoes, neckties. Guys on the street from back then were pretty cool from what I’ve seen.

        1. People used to dress up before they went out in public. Coats and ties for dinner, movies, going for a walk, I remember when I was a boy you had to dress up before you went on an airplane.

        2. Or Church. I a m not a regular church-goer but I went to my niece’s baptism and it was wretched. People were damn near wearing pajamas or worse. Sweat pants. Novelty T-shirts. Disgusting. Adults dressing like children; makes it easier to act like one. I’ve been guilty of it myself.

        3. Church has gotten bad, I left that out. My ex-wife went to a funeral of a friend and told me half the people there were dressed inappropriately. We have gotten way to casual and it’s hard to tell the difference between men and boys.

        4. Here’s a good pic. Russell Wilson is just the all-time winner in life. He knows people mutter that he’s ‘too white’ and that ‘he plays for the other time’ yet he still goes to press conferences in chesterfields, suits, cashmere scarves and just hangs a double-bird on everyone while projecting pure class. How stupid does Jay Z look here? Like a stupid, misbehaving 8th grade boy. Leave it to one of our female ‘prizes’ to choose an idiot like him. Decaying culture.

    1. It’s always a challenge no matter what age.
      The one word the strikes me is “consistency”
      Started with beginner program Stronglifts 5 years ago now I’ve gone past intermediate Madcow and currently on Wendler 5/3/1 ( Google these)
      I look in my late 30’s but with the mind of early 50’s
      Life is so fucking good. Get off your asses and kill it…it’s worth the investment. In 1 year you’ll notice, in 2 others will.
      I can’t begin to tell you enough what you sow here to reap later.
      Better to be sharp at 52 then not at all. Never ever too late to start.

    2. -Basic barbell training 4 times a week (look up Rippetoe).
      -Stop eating any and all forms of sugar outright
      -No more nightcaps. Drinking moderately on the weekend if at all.
      -Try to work in some hiking once, hopefully twice a week. Nothing crazy. Stop and rest when you’re winded. Extreme cardio is outdated. Just stop eating sugar and the calorie thing takes care of itself.

      1. If you are actually obese, you have to add stop eating sugar AND flour/bread/grain.
        look at something called ‘net carbs’. when you look at the ingredient list of something, take the ‘fiber’ and multiply it by 2. then look at the ‘carbohydrates’. If the two values are close, or if the carbs is lower, you are gold.
        It’s a recipe for losing weight, but it’s also good for anyone that doesn’t like the idea of diabetes.

        1. The ADA has a lot of good resources for meal planning on their website. My non-diabetic followed a diabetic diet similar to what you described and had great success with it. I think he lost about 30 pounds overall.

    3. Cut back on sugar, fat and booze. I’m in better shape now than 20 years ago just by diet alone. You can’t exercise away the fat when you get older it’s easier to control what you eat. Cook your own meals from scratch you can control what goes in you better.

    4. The simple answer to your question is yes it is. However it is very possible to get in the best shape of your life after 40. The difference is that you must be far more diligent in your diet and training than in your 20’s. I used to be able to lose 30 lb of fat and gain 5 lb of muscle within 3 months easy at 25. At 41 this would take me 6 months. I will stress that proper diet and weight lifting are paramount. You don’t need to spend hours on the cardio machine and there is growing evidence this actually ages you if you overdo it. Myself I follow a primal diet, lift weights hard 2 times a week and play hockey once a week and this keeps me in shape.

      1. Yea I agree with you redcanuck. The food intake is obviously important, but I’d add that by hitting the coumpound weight’s 3 times a week (WITHOUT) one bit off cardio will do it too.
        This Link changed my life 4 years ago at 48yrs old. Started with the body and then the mind..

    5. GeneralT, you should watch this video. It’s very inspirational. He started at 44 after his marriage ended.

  7. Hey RoK, please shove your Facebook and Twitter popups up your arse. Cannot close them on a mobile browser.

    1. I know. Fuck that noise! Get rid of the god damn Facebook and Twitter popups. I like this site, but it’s so fucking amateur in that respect.

    2. I had this problem also, but you can close the popup if you turn your phone on its side so that you see the screen from the widest perspective. Then the “x” can be seen in the upper right corner. Then just click on the “x”..

      1. Had I not checked this site on my laptop, I wouldn’t have learned this. It seems like a solid way to annoy pretty consistent older readers and new readers alike. Surely after the Tattoo post, there must be better ways to market?

      2. Thank you Quintus, I normally have screen rotation turned off and hadn’t even considered this.

  8. I wasn’t really Red Pill up until my 40’s. Until then I was more like “Magenta Pill”. Along with age comes wisdom, I don’t resent getting older at all.

  9. Great article. I would also add that proper diet, weight training and rest are essential as-well. They’re no longer nice to haves, they are musts.

  10. So here’s the latest from Mistral’s World, which happens to be right on point:
    In, October, I went out with a former lover (she’s 22). Just casual–she had a bit of a meltdown on me about a year ago, which got her the “Goodbye and Good Luck” papers, then she needed my help after that (it was important for her, but NBD for me), which I gave on the condition that everyone let bygones be bygones. So at dinner, she had a friend with her (also 22) who was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. We’re at a balcony table at a cafe, and the friend and I hit it off. The b/f arrives downstairs, she departs. The ex later tells me that her friend really digs me. Why? I’m pretty happy with my life, and it shows, plus I basically piss confidence (Not Giving a Fuck is HUGE mojo). Ex suggests we all meet up again a couple of days later, b/c her g/f wants to get to know me better. I inquire about the b/f, but apparently he’s just a place holder and is pretty douchey. Not my problem. Anyway…..fast forward a couple of weeks.
    The ex emails me that she more or less wants back together (Why? Behold the power of pre-selection, people. Her g/f wants me to give her the Hot Beef Injection, therefore, my stock rises with the ex. And they’re best buds, so it’s like a force multiplier). I tell her I want her and the g/f. Har, har. So I am chilling with them this w/e, and press forward on the “I want you both” scenario, in a way that can work, but also in a cocky way that will let me burst out laughing and claim I was BSing them. I do outline some ideas as to why it would work (they would always have someone to “just listen” to their problems, could go shopping together and leave me to watch football, etc., basically everything from the -itis song “Me & You & Her”)
    So today, the ex texts me at lunch. Wants to have dinner with me and the g/f (they are now actually living together in the same apartment), and says that they have “something that they want to discuss” with me. “Okay”, I think, “Maybe a threeway is on offer. Probably not, but who knows?” I show up. They act a bit bashful, and then inquire if I know what they want to discuss. I say “Sure; you two have thought it over and want me to have you both.”
    They giggle. It is, as it turns out, EXACTLY what they want. And they have really thought this through–apparently they spend most of last night discussing it…comprehensively. I mean we discussed how things would actually work for a couple of hours, down to details like how they would handle their parents’ reactions (the reality is that I live far enough away that this isn’t really an issue unless/until one of them slips up. Ideally, I will have put a lot of miles on them by then).
    So who knows, maybe it all blows up tomorrow. They are, after all, young women. Shit could go sideways ‘just because’. But I got this far with two 22 y.o. hotties by Maintaining Solid Steel Frame, Pissing Confidence and Not Giving a Fuck if I win or lose–I don’t worry about the score, I just hit the ball.
    Now imagine my chances if I was trying (and failing) to be a 20-something dudebro? NFW. If I was married? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But being the Older Guy with the Cool Life? Golden. Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out. Either shit works out or it doesn’t.
    À bientôt,

      1. Thx. Meeting them for dinner later. Even though I passed all the tests yesterday, the new girl, being female, came up with a bunch of new questions on the overnight.
        Sometimes, the Hamster is your friend (like when I put out the “I want you both” bit and they basically took it from there) and sometimes the Hamster is your enemy (like when it keeps the new girl from getting out of her own way).
        More news as it develops.
        À bientôt,

        1. Deny her a little attention for the other while they are together. Might make her hold back some of those hamster questions.

        2. Not a bad idea at all, but it turned out that the new girl (who has warmed up to me nicely). If anything, I think it will be the ex who hangs back and gets jealous. New girl has a naturally sunny personality and more free time at the moment, so I expect to tap her, solo, in the next couple of days. The ex will come along soon after, although that’s more a matter of scheduling/opportunity than anything else. Although she did only profess her renewed desire for me after new girl told her she liked me–as I said before, pre-selection in action. I think they are a bit nervous about the girl – girl aspects really. The ex is bi-curious (new girl is at least open to it) and I dig that the simply assumed that I wld insist on threesomes rather than simply having both of them, independently. 😀
          Anyway, more news as it develops….

        3. Completely agree, nice plan. That girl-girl deal does come with some risks, but you have a great framework laid for a harem. Enjoy it thoroughly while it lasts, your ex is probably going to get raging jealous after a while and will likely sabotage it to get you for herself. Good problems to have!

        4. The ex is the jealous one. It’s her nature. The new girl is a happy kitty. I can tell that the ex is really trying, though, so I try to encourage her. It goes for as long as it goes. 2×22 beats the hell out of 1×44. *EFG*

        5. I like to say I’m an “Anglo Saxon of Ancient Lineage” because it sound better than “Pure White Trash, All The Way Back”.
          There’s a bit more too it than that (Irish, Slavic), but mostly Anglo, from what anyone can tell.

      1. Thx. We’ll see how it goes. With age comes wisdom, and I’m not counting notches before they are…notched (although one already has been from before.) The ex isn’t nervous about me, b/c (a) she knows I can bring it and (b) I don’t up her “boy count” as I’m already included in it. With two girls, there are (literally and figuratively) more moving parts, plenty of things can derail it. I’m trying to play it like “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” for now, i.e. very laid back, and casual, no pressure (in the bad way).
        À bientôt,

        1. “…and (b) I don’t up her “boy count” as I’m already included in it.”
          I recently spent a weekend with an ex and she had the same rationalization. I honestly thought she was kidding at first; it took me a while to realize how important it was for her to justify keeping that number down.

        2. Yep. It’s easier for them. And they already know what they’re getting–it’s amazing to me to hear tales of guys who were clueless when it came to the appropriate mechanics of getting girls off. And on our side of the gender gap, when we bump into that ex who is single and hot-to-trot, we know it’s going to be a long weekend of no-holds-barred sexy time, without any extraneous drama/politics, at least for a day or two. 😀

        3. You raise an excellent point. Right now, the girls have their own place, together, which they will keep for the time being. I am in my late 40s and “got over”, financially while the getting was good.* When real estate took a nosedive after 2008 and stayed down, I bought a tricked out 4BR house for 2/3 of what the guy had in it (his wife did extensive renovations to it, which I am not the happy beneficiary of).**
          On the 2nd floor there are is a master BR and two “kids” rooms that I use for guest rooms. There is also a second master suite on the 1st floor, for visiting dignitaries, and for when I get old.
          So they are going to bunk with me when they are at my house, with the option of sacking out in one of the guest rooms when I start to snore too loud or one of them is ill.
          I am more concerned about creeping jealousy. They are close, which helps, and they have one married g/f that they have confided in, and luckily that woman is supportive of the situation. But I will see them again later today and tomorrow, when the ex is at work, I am going to want to fuck the new one, because I like to fuck. I don’t want the ex to feel left out, but I have certain appetites as a man. I will raise it with her beforehand (I think that this is the best way to go) and I think everything will be ok. Really, the girls have been good about solving a lot of the logistical problems themselves, and that’s fine with me. So far, no real jealousies, but we’re not even out of the 1st inning yet.
          *I want to say this without being a dick: I have a very good job that provides me with a very good living. I also play the market a bit, and do some business on the side–I developed and maintained contacts–so my lifestyle is quite comfortable. Basically, I got into law before creeping credentialism and (more importantly) rising tuition fucked everything up.
          **A word about the house. Neither of them expects a marriage because I cannot marry both of them (they actually discussed this). I live in a state that doesn’t have “palimony” or common law spouses or other silly bullshit. What that means is that, no matter what, the King is Keeping His Castle. If the relationship goes on for a long time and one or both of them split, I would not be averse to giving them some “walking away” money (in an amount that I determine, of course) because they are giving me (at least for now) their young years. Young women’s youth, energy, laughter and sex. Times two. So barring some outlier event, I don’t plan on just dumping them on the side of the road later.

        4. Sounds like you’ve got a good gig going. An ex and I attempted what you are talking about and it was fun while it lasted. It didn’t last because I lost my frame and took it for granted. Hindsight is always 20/20 though. Best of luck man.

        5. Thanks. That’s where I’m keeping my expectations: “Fun while it lasts”. AFAIAC, I’m playing with house money, so I’m going to enjoy the ride. If it lasts, great, and if it doesn’t then I got to spend some time enjoying the love and attention of two 22 y.o. girls.
          À bientôt,

        6. I understand your viewpoint, but, speaking generally, a ticket back home that gets someone out of your hair wouldn’t be a bad investment, if it comes to that.
          As it happens, for the three of us, everything is completely cool, so it’s not an issue.
          À bientôt,

        7. I have gone down this trail a few times. It never worked out for me. I have come to the conclusion that God gave man one penis and woman one cunt for a reason. One in one (at a time) works the best.
          BTW, I am currently getting all the pussy I can handle; one.

    1. It seems strange, perhaps even a lie to the uninitiated outsider. But when you know the basic strategies of game, it’s predictable.
      Women can be played like a fiddle.

      1. As with many things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Anyway, on the plus side, the new girl did NOT have a Hamster-driven interrogation in mind, more like just a couple of follow ups.
        Eyes on the Prize.

  11. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been surprised how many women have told me they want an older man who can “teach” them. Or women who just plain prefer older men because of that mysterious thing that happens to quality men with time and effort. I pull better now than when I was much better looking but less game at 25.

    1. That’s because they need firm guidance, stability and security more than anything else. They get their fill of badboy dick then become pragmatic out of necessity.
      It’s funny seeing it play out In my 20s. Shows me all the bullshit they taught in school about a ‘bright young woman’ is a lie, as they’ve all married older men with good jobs.
      They are more a commodity than a person (that sounds mean but its what Ive observed).

      1. It’s crude and disgusting to see female hypergamy exposed for what it is.
        The cat is out of the bag. Women lose. And along with them, all of society.

    2. I’m having the same experience as you and pulling way more than I did in my 20’s. When I turned 40 I thought the days of 20-something women desiring me were over. Wrong. I stay fit, have confidence that has come with age, and have a calm demeanor. My last 4 relationships the girls were aged 19-22, absolutely did not expect this. Many younger women really do prefer a quality mature older man. I think this is a growing phenomenon as well.

  12. Bruce is losing some frame there in the photo. Gazing up at his superior, checking for her approval, while she surveys new horizons to conquer. She’s gone in less than two years. I’m calling it. It all hinges on the details of the prenup at this point.

    1. Hard to say from a single photograph. In any situation you can take a single snapshot that paints a picture different than what is actually happening.

  13. Smart girls seek out older men and lock them down when they’re 18-20. No reason to mess with guys who can barely take care of themselves, let alone a family.

    1. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that after watching this video, the bitch in the white seemed horny and was anticipating this guy to jump out of the screen and give her a good romp? She might act as though to put up a resistance at first, but will thank him and purr like a kitten afterwards.

  14. lol “mature men”:
    At first the woman will be attracted to your money, with a pretty convincing attitude that she may actually be into you for you, and you’ll say and justify it with these lame ass statements: “it’s ok women like successful men” “i shouldn’t blame her for being into successful men, its nature”. So you’ll ignore her gold digging ambition, because it’s too painful to accept the truth and also, your a beta who thinks of the “mature men” myth
    Then, when you commit, what happens is that she has more incentive to leave you once she realizes she is entitled to half your net worth, most men don’t have the discipline not to fall in love with the gold-digger at this stage, especially men who are stupid enough to think women think “mature men” are sexy or some dumb shit, women tend to think “sexy men” are “sexy” what does the author mean by “mature” A few scrotum wrinkles? A haggard gait?
    Any woman with a “mature men” bias, is a lunatic to begin with, why would you want to attract that?
    So your high net worth compared to hers attracted her to you and gave you some alpha flare, but if she leaves you she gets half, so she is just as fiscally empowered as you are once you commit , She has MORE incentive to leave you once you have opened the door, why? you are no longer her economic superior, and shell get bored
    a lot of men will still spend money and time with women they were in relationships with even while they know they are banging other men and only want their money, pretty pathetic, i guess they think of it as still a step above a woman for hire, they are slowly degraded, and slowly justify and get used to worse and worse outcomes to the bitter end, to relive the initial “thrill of romance”
    History proves through religion that men will create any crazy story to avoid the truth, now you simply use “self-bullshitting” tactics on yourself instead of religion, but in a theoretical and scientific “style” so it sounds logical. No, that is you using “logic” to fool yourself
    Men would rather die than hear the truth
    -Soren Kierkegaard
    This world is a veil or tortured and agonized beings who continue to exist each only by devouring the other – Arthur Schoepenhauer
    The reason you crave women, is because it is a Freudian response to need of “motherly affection”
    It’s true men look,dress, act, and think more and more like women these days, What happened is this, Women became slightly more masculine, and men became slightly more feminine, so this creating a doubling, 25% on both ends of genders = huge difference. Unfortunately, strong up-trends have a lot of momentum and we can expect to see the differences on both ends increase to about 40% and 40% respectively, which will create an 80% change. By around 2025 , given that it took about 15 years so for for the 25% change

    1. The reason you crave women, is because it is a Freudian response to need of “motherly affection”

    2. I dont agree with everything you say — the ‘mother’ remark is a joke. Nobody thinks of fucking their mother.
      But I do agree that women are a resource driven animal. That said, there are plenty of older guys with money in the bank but are getting nowhere. Inversely I know older penniless 40-ish slackers plugging cute twenty somethings. There are anomolies that exist, albeit rare.
      And in the final analysis, the goal is to become one of the anomolies.

    3. Dumb slut
      Men know to pump and dump that shit you describe.
      Go back to the tattoo thread Nella. Whore.

  15. 40s ish guy here too.
    Contrary to what Roosh has written (no disrespect intended) that ‘clown’ game just doesn’t work with women. Much like an older man dancing at a night trying to be 22, clown game just doesn’t work after you have a few years. It is better to play it cool and reserved demeanor that gives the impression you bave seen the World already.
    Suffice it to say that perhaps the notch count is less, but quality can be higher. I’d much prefer to take my time bedding an 8.5 or higher uzing a more refined demeanor than some bargain bin piece of crap that required that I light my farts on fire simply to amuse her.

  16. Good observation on the midlife crisis. perpetuated by women. This is a classic case of projection.

    1. Women think that the things that depress them are the very same things that depress men. A classic one is being single into middle age, it’s a complete embarresment for a women to go past the age of 30 and not be married.

  17. One thing that comes with age is confidence. I find myself “gaming” chicks without even realising it. Just the other day I was chatting to this Canadian blonde in a store and her eyes really began to light up. I suddenly realised I was gaming her, Bond style. This stuff happens automatically, but it is easier during the day.
    One piece of advice I will give men as they improve (not age, improve). The older you get the better you must dress. Trade the worn Levis and sneakers for stylish shoes and nice looking trousers. Well fitted sweaters, shirts and/or jackets. Women eat that stuff up. Do not find yourself dressed like a teenager. There is an epidemic of that out there.

    1. It comes naturally.
      Seeing grown men in thug gear is disgusting, and probably the surest thing guys do to make sure that their dick never gets good pussy again.

  18. Did anyone hear the comment from the Turkish President the other day?
    He’s a totalitarian goon, but he just denounced feminism over there and it’s being WIDELY celebrated. Go figure.

  19. I was channel surfing on the antenna (no cable, so my choices are limited) when I stopped on some PBS show about primates. They were showing a herd of baboons and what struct was the social construct: the Alphas get all the females and betas get nothing,
    That was when it hit me: we are devolving.
    The essence of civilization for the past several thousand years has been that pretty much every reasonable guy gets a mate. The alphas would get the best ones, and maybe even more than one; while the betas would get the beta women. It worked, stabilizing civilization.
    But now the deal is off. Beta women now mimic baboons and other apes by chasing and submitting themselves to the alphas, getting impregnated by them and ignoring the beta men. It has gotten so bad that we now see the rise of the herbivore subculture. These men understand that they don’t stand a chance with any reasonable woman, so they don’t bother anymore, and instead have created a replacement culture for themselves, with video games, porn and hanging out with their buds.
    You don’t have to look hard or far to see it. Just go to city-data/relationshits. When beta guys go there to complain that they can’t get a date, the beta women there laugh at them, telling them they’re losers, unworthy of their attention. Those same women then become part of the harems of the alphas. Perhaps the one big difference is that human alphas don’t take responsibility for their harems and instead rely on BDG (and by extension the Beta majority) to pay the bills.
    The problem with the new paradigm is that it takes productive men to support the women and their bastard sprogs. There is talk in this forum of the threat of a bachelor tax, but as studies are showing bachelors earn less, because they need less. And people with less income pay fewer taxes, if any at all. How much bachelor tax can you extract from a guy with a part time minimum wage job? Very little, take away too much and he has no incentive to work, and any work will be done under the table and remain untaxed. So, the system is unsustainable.
    This is why since the dawn of civilization rules and mores were in place to encourage a man to have a family of his own and take responsibility for it. That is gone now. For all the talk of child support nightmares for men, I have met too many women who tell the same story. After their deadbeat alpha knocks them up he abandons them and there is no CS. Apparently only reliable, steady beta wallets are coerced to pay CS. But if betas stop having kids, the house of cards collapses, as BDG can’t do it for every child in the country, especially when there is no one to tax.

    1. You’re absolutely right. The pair bond everyone-gets-a-mate model that worked so well for thousands of years is being undone. That is what Roosh, Roissy, and a few others are sounding the alarm about.
      However, the reversion to the alpha male mating model won’t sustain the population. Now there is birth control and the incentive to use it. While the female imperative is to have children, the male imperative is to have sex. The male imperative is satisfied without actually making children. Birth control allows the sexes to live the alpha male mating model without actually reproducing.

  20. Mid-life Males who are free to game can either be ‘The Business’ or ‘Complete Train Wrecks’. What separates the two sides is simply confidence…the confidence that comes from being lean and fit, dressed well and appropriate for their age and environment, having their shit together, and not giving a fuck about the outcome because they have already reached their satisfaction point.
    Sure, the 45 year old flub with the mullet dressed in 80’s stone wash denims and a Cure T-shirt might have loads of confidence too (and he’d need to in that gear), but it doesn’t suggest he has his shit together…more like he couldn’t give a fuck about his shit.
    It ain’t rocket surgery! Value yourself and let it show, and soon enough others will want to invest in your value too.

  21. “The Myth of the Mid-Life Crisis”
    Mid-life crisis is when a man’s wife goes through menopause and ceases being sexual. It’s that simple.

  22. As a 40 yr old guy, what I see most from young girls in the college age bracket is they find older guys “creepy” no mater how tight your frame, your game, or your success. Unless of course you mean foreign women, then what they see is that green card.

      1. Yeh, In Los Angeles the competition is stiff. There are so many movie stars, rock stars, pro athletes, and trust fund 20-40somethings, that even someone like myself that is 47, physically fit, owns a $600k house with no mortgage, 6 figure savings, no debt, self employed in an industry (tanning/spa business) surrounded by attractive / bangable women of all ages all day long, has a tough time having to compete in this environment. The hardest part is because it’s business/revenue I can’t afford to lose accounts over creeping employees (young attractive girls) out. I have to be real careful. Rejection doesn’t scare me, but losing money does.
        It is a numbers game, and there are more beautiful women in LA than anywhere in the US, however, they know their power here. They come here from all over the world to specifically capitalize on their looks (actress/models: i.e attention starved).
        Even the 4s and 5s have an over inflated value due to the constant bombardment of dick on their iphone via social media and being every place they go is a sausage fest, they get hit on all night, free admission, free drinks, ego’s filled. I know girls that are 7’s at best make $1200 a night doing bottle service at some upscale club that no single men can get into unless they know someone. Club promoters charter buses to Vegas packed full young hot girls with everything paid for (they did nothing to earn this).
        I see their phones, I hear the conversations of the customers and my co workers…they do nothing and are overwhelmed with dick…When they go on Tinder or Bumble, hundreds of matches at their fingertips, they match every time they swipe. Other dating sites like Match or OK cupid, they get 100 emails a day. How is an average man who has is shit together compete with Justin Beibers assistant’s brother who’s owns a 6000 sq ft home at the Oaks in Calabasas & drives a Mercedes. It’s a tough place here for men unless you make a million dollars a year, in which case it’s like an amusement park with an unlimited amount of rides. and every year, they get newer, keeping the excitement constant…

  23. I prefer playing video games that playing the PUA game. When you play the girl game you are losing even when you win. It is female territory, they have a huge advantage, when you think you scored you are actually nailing yourself to the ground. Only way to win is to play at something else.

  24. I have a sports car…hasn’t helped me pull any more women…I got it for myself.
    However, I do feel more comfortable as an older man(47)pulling women because I do not think about blowouts. I realize that rejection is a part of life and never take it personally. I also realize it is a numbers game. And I get so much more pussy now than I did in my younger days that I could write a book on my conquests.
    See ya…the Casino and the promise of new poontang calls….

  25. Very good article. With few exceptions I have to say, antecdotal though it is, my experience conforms to the wisdom here. I would add to stay in shape (though that is kind of a given). But the general motif here which is older guys shouldn’t game younger women by pretending to be younger guys but rather by reveling in who and where they are resonates.

  26. “Embrace the fact that you are getting older and don’t try to hide it with buying a sports car”
    Who buys cars to impress women or seem “young”? If a man wants to feel young he’ll buy an old car like one he had or wanted when he was young. If he wants a car that performs or looks a certain way he’ll buy that. There is no expectation that women will even know what any of these cars are or what makes them special.
    If a man wants to out compete younger men for the same women he’ll buy an expensive old-man’s car. Women of all ages are more impressed with something they know to be expensive than some car they have absolutely no clue about.
    I suppose there is some exception for exotics but they can be a pain to deal with and they generally aren’t anything young men will drive anyway.

  27. A lot of men hear they age better than women and do not realise that the word ‘better’ is relative: as in it would be better to eat gone off mayonnaise than dog shit. They comfort themselves with this and really do nothing to improve themselves at all. There’s too much self-delusion with men in this regard. It is normal that a good-looking 45-year-old with a 20-year-old is perfectly fine and natural but a fat, balding 50-year-old with one is fucking repulsive to everybody who knows she is with him for the cash-transactional sex in a classic form. Now it may not bother the 50-year-old as long as he is getting sex. Fair enough. But everybody is making fun of him and labelling him beta bucks not alpha. The take home message? A man should not rest on his laurels and think merely getting older is enough. The truth is a slim, fairly attractive, healthy 45-year-old woman still has more value than a fat, out-of-shape guy of same age with a raft of health problems.

    1. What you say is true – especially for women. Women have (historically) had more tools … e.g. no problem spending scarce resources on Botox and facelifts and now maybe liposuctions. Newly freed men are catching up somewhat. With 24h in the day and need to spend 80% for basis survival, its hard to maintain (except for genetically endoweds). Oh yes, and have a good attitude and personality to boot.

      1. Yes, I agree. My post is a little long-winded but all I am trying to say is that men are deluding themselves if they think getting older is enough in itself. So many do.

        1. Shifting tracks slightly – what do you think about delusion when it comes to relationships post 40-50. Not sure of your age, but I sense you are a gal.
          Personally I think there remains a long checklist for a relationship for females to go longer than 1-2y in a relationship, whereas men (this is changing damn fast however…thanks to the collective intelligence of the manosphere) are historically much less picky. 1-2y relationships at most are all I see in my current view.

        2. I believe that for all the good advice offered by the manosphere to men-advice that is sound and based on what was once viewed to be just plain old common sense most men will ignore it. Yes it is true that there is no reason at all why a 50-year-old man could not pick up much, much younger women but few are prepared to put the effort it into it. Some men are naturally red-pilled by nature/upbringing but won’t give up the cigarettes, booze, work out, dress better, too cowardly to actually display the cocky attitude etc that women really like etc that will make them more attractive to women. In fact, a cocky, confident attitude can cover a multitude of sins-especially in these times when stubborn masculinity is frowned upon. How refreshing it is a for a woman to meet a man who knows his own mind these days. But, to be frank, most people -BOTH men and women- are pretty lazy creatures and both sexes will settle for less past 40 or 50. Men have the advantage, though,no doubt as time is kinder to them, and if they actually take red pill advice then a lot of women their own age are going to find themselves alone. The boot will be on the other foot IF men put the work in and the long ‘checklist’ will be their’s not the women’s. Which is why women are in a bit of a bind: they know what is truly attractive in a man as the red pill correctly states but must up also up THEIR game and develop a more feminine attitude to compensate for failing looks.

        3. Well spoken,( lady ?)
          It is nice when a woman can speak without the PC bullshit. Just tough reality, but still helpful and not bitchy. I usually hate women in the manosphere. But there are a few exceptions.
          More I look at it, there are two spheres. There really is a part of male-female relations that is a zero sum game. I win where you lose, you win when I lose. But there is another part, we both win and lose together. Same team.
          One thing nice about growing older is that with every day that goes by, the list of options gets shorter for both of us. So more and more, we are stuck with each other. So there is greater trust.
          Yes, I would still stay with her any way. Cannot imagine life without my wife of 25 years. But the more we are tied to the common goals and the love for our son, the more solid footing we are on.
          She is still beautiful for a 53 year old. I am still proud to walk in a room with my wife. I like to think she is proud if me too. That along with my desire to control my blood pressure keeps me walking 50 miles a week.

        4. That is lovely to hear. As for the manosphere, a lot of its mantras could do with a little bit of critical moderation and are too often taken literally. Take AWALT, this is oft repeated as to mean all women WILL be like that. Not true at all, sure the capacity may be there but if the couple have the right attitude and chemistry it won’t happen. Also never show weakness- define weakness I think. It would be a turn off to any woman to be with a man who did not stand up for himself, but many a woman has gladly nursed a husband she loved and respected with a serious illness and would not want it any other way. Done out of love not just duty. It’s pretty simple for me: as long as a woman desires and respects her man, it will work out OK. And as sexual desire fades with the very elderly, the love stored will go a long way to compensate.
          The difficulty for men is remaining worthy of love and, crucially, respect. When a woman stops respecting a man, that is it-game over. She’s got to feel he is the man.

        5. I agree. But I will say one thing about the manosphere. In spite of the stupid bravado, there is a true exchange of life philosophies. Ascetism vs pussy-getting, ego engaged alpha males vs a sort of acceptance of beta status. I can read on this site the proper way to be a detached Buddhist or the way to be a rich prosperous business man. And how to deal with it. Much provacative commentary and true diversity of opinions.
          I personally find the feminsit websites of nauseating conformity and devoid of spirtual or philosophical richness.
          A very narrow Overton window. Males are the philosophers of our species. With their many faults. And there are many.
          Jessica Valanti and all the feminsit websites and commenters for the GuAARDIAN, Anita Sarkesian etc. really are pieces of shit.

        6. The problem with feminism -at least in its current state- is that it is based on one huge lie-i.e. men and women are the same. What can I say? I can’t have any truck with that viewpoint at all. I don’t believe that women want a man who agrees with them all the time and is just like they are, anyway. In fact, there is so much truth in the notion of shit-testing. Will you agree with me or have a mind of your own? Type of thing. I think women like stubborn men who are part-angel, but a little bit of a devil at times. It’s what makes things thrilling for them. Essentially good but not creepily nice.

        7. It is nice when a couple can learn to take lemons and make lemon-ade.Disagreement improving idea. Case in point. I took the initiative, she refined it. That’s what good women do.
          I was looking to buy some bug-out property. Only cared about price and functionality. Went to redneck country, found a piece of property near a white-trash crackhead trailer hamlet. I just wanted fertile land. Wife did not accompany me even to look at that land. I went alone.. She suggested look a little farther from home for a place near some fun urban places and also good for hiking. She wanted it to have some fashionable value so she could tell her girlie friends that we were near this or that city and this or that fashionable mountain recreation area. I ended up with all I wanted but better. She accepted my idea but slightly modified it for the better.
          She accepted my idea of bug-out property and investment property. But in the same price range, we found land with a nice “feminine touch”.
          I can do what I want with my guns, shooting range etc. But it is nice to be near some higher caliber people. Not just stupid rednecks.
          My wife did what women are supposed to do. Improve on my initiative.

        8. It’s interesting – I probably screwed up on this one – but one of my more successful alpha friends who buttoned down earlier in marriage (and 30y later still…) said – ‘never stop giving’ in an LTR. As long as it didn’t go to a stupid level – it was a ‘does it matter’ evaluation with my Ex when it came to disagreements. I would stand my ground on important areas, however. Separately I came from a very-high-teasing family, so it was a turnoff to go there.
          Both of those traits probably doomed me with normal ‘Game’, eh?
          I’m less tolerant of even modest-moderate BS disagreements now, but I still am a lightweight on teasing and I bet a bunch of other Boomers had the same childhood revulsion to teasing.

        9. The problem may be that what you thought were important areas she may not have viewed as important. So when you gave in over something you viewed as being trivial, she saw it as important and you failed the ‘test’ of standing up to her. Which she wanted you to do.
          As for teasing, I’d advise any man to give it a go. Red-pilled or not, It can be gold if done in the right way-good-natured and cockily with no ill will being key. But I don’t really see this as game as such just sort of part of male-female flirtation play, it’s a shame that such thing is labelled game when all it is normal. In fact, I’d go further and just advise any man to tease any woman he meets-young, old, whatever. You’ll put a smile on their faces and that’s all good. Don’t try it with harsh feminists, though, not unless really brave.
          Not that it is to every man’s taste to tease and that is fine, but I feel they are missing out a bit, however, have we gone so far over to political correctness now that men have to seek out theories on game to realise this. Seems we have and that’s a shame.

  28. I submitted a separate post, aimed at younger menofthesphere….but this is pretty good agreed. Even though in the end my Ex and her go-girl upscale divorcing wivery- plus the Recession’s hit – killed a decades long marriage I have no regrets thanks to the manosphere – and this article gives hope that it can go forward.
    My existential quest however has been – is an LTR even workable anymore… apart from overseas?? There may be some very specific demographic subpopulations that I can envision. Otherwise (from my pending post) with hats off to ROK authors of legend:
    Women will never love YOU unconditionally, only their children (if that). Suck it up and know it and go seduce. Rinse and repeat: Women will never love YOU.
    Notch count matters. I am sorry to say this, as you guys face a nearly saturated market of high-notch women in your age group – hence the overseas focus. But any brave souls that venture into LTR must not commit to a high-notch woman.
    Connected to the above, the only possible hope is if you are First and Best. At most Second or Third – but always BEST. If she has had better than you in the past, she’s just biding time… don’t buy an LTR.
    I don’t care how much you lift, how buff you are, how much game you have – if the bitch is high-notch and has a higher SMV guy hitting on her hard, you’re toast. Still if you value her, you gotta do all that to have a chance of keeping her. It’s up to you how much that is worth it to maintain vs. your life mission (and a woman is NOT your mission, correct?).
    In summary, I ascribe to Roosh’s theory that women are like Oil Wells. Enjoy the pussy gusher while it’s hot – but know the well will dry out some day.

  29. “Experience has taught me that a lot of younger girls between ages of 18 and 24 are attracted to older guys for their maturity. ”
    Sorry man, but I’m not so sure about this…
    Seems to me that older guys who want to get with younger chicks are going to have to sugar-daddy it. The notion that younger women like older men for their maturity to me seems to be a fantasy-container.
    Roosh did an interesting article on when men peak and he declared that younger women do not care for a travelled – world experienced older man. Two generations ago? Perhaps. But today? No. A female’s primal attraction for a man drops after he reaches around age 35. And as Roosh describes “other incentives” i.e. cash will be required. Roosh even openly admitted he was past his prime and that he was stacking paper.

    1. Hope you are wrong, but we have to be realistic. Plus, I imagine the look on my son’s face if I came home with a girl his age. He would probably want to kick my ass.

    2. Depends. CEO of the company I wor for is 42..and even not with a six pack and he isn’t showing off his money.
      And he could easily pick up most of 20smth hotties.
      Charm, confidence, and experience.

      1. I’d have to see it myself to believe it. I’m NOT saying you are full of shit – but much like a space alien encounter, something like this has to be witnessed first hand to be believed.

        1. That’s expectable, this is an internet forum. I wouldn’t believe myself, haven’t I seen it.
          But to be honest, I never saw him with one. But what I do see is that women are so receptive with him, it’s hard to believe. Classic beta guy can’t get that reaction from women in thousand years, regardless of money or looks (status would help I guess)

    3. I concur. A couple of generations ago maybe yes. Nowadays women have their money and have admitted men hit the wall at age 40. Which is to say the only men who are 40+ that women are noticing have made sure they still have an edge. Any man past the age of 40 without an edge is invisible to them.

      1. And I would wager that the expression “have an edge” is a code expression for “be a coke dealer or entertainment industry mogul”.
        One sure fire way for a young guy to get a girlfiend (and a pretty one at that) is to commit a violent heinous crime, and get lots of press for it. But I doubt this will work for an older guy. Not sure – I never researched whether or not newly convicted old guys get hot young tail.

        1. They do.
          40+ game is not all about money. A sucker with money is still a sucker.
          But say this 20yo convict from your example used the last 25 years and is now a crime lord; do i have to explain why he has it much easier with women than this 20yo college dude?
          Thats the edge we are talking about.
          Works for many lines of business, not just crime.

        2. There’s a certain charisma some men have that is not quantifiable and seems to outweigh money or looks. But you can’t learn it and most of us don’t got it.
          Also it may help to look for a woman who’s susceptible to psychological manipulation. If you play it right you can get *her* to pay for you a lot of the time.

        3. “But you can’t learn it and most of us don’t got it.”
          Is there anyone you can think of as an example? Either a real man or movie character? Someone whom we can view on the ‘net?

    4. Here in Colorado, the number of incredibly fit 40+ year-olds is astounding. Yes, Colorado is an outlier, but this article isn’t so far off the mark.
      I know a number of guys that are 40+ with girls in their 20s. Often after a divorce. Guys with income between 70-150k, not exactly gangster material.
      And you see the guys in their 20s, can’t find a good job post-college, lack of confidence, probably fapping a lot, spending too much time with the video games. There’s not much competition there for a confident 40 year old.

      1. Ok but based on how you drscribe it – sounds like these older guys are sugar-daddying it. That’s alright bu me, but my original assertion was that younger attractive women will want to be with oldet guys only fot the $$.

        1. Lots of younger males look like shit surprisingly. Not just fashion either. Pizza and bong hits etc.

        2. How does a guy making say 100K, with child support payments due, “sugar daddy” the 23-year-old girl?
          No, what I see is guys out-competing younger guys because the young guys are a little clueless (generally), don’t have a strong personal mission going yet, and still have vestiges of acne from those long video-game sessions. Also, so many 20+ guys are supplicating betas.
          Someone I work with recently stole a 25-year-old girl from a 30-year-old guy who washed/detailed her car for her every week. After bedding the gal repeatedly, my colleague found out the young guy was still washing the girl’s car, dutifully, for weeks . . .
          A friend of the family just married at 48-years-old, to a pretty, very religious, Tai girl. His first marriage. He spent a lifetime pillaging across the world, stealing young girls, and he’s only made up to $150K in any one year.
          What I see in Colorado, is a trend of androgynous young males, soft in the body, dating girls heavier than themselves. Of course the top 5% or whatever isn’t doing this, but it’s a huge trend, and it’s mind boggling.

        3. You don’t need to travel to asia to see this. There is employment agency in my city that places au pairs in early 20s, from overseas, with households for one year contract. I dated one and she said all her female friends felt dating males her own age was waste of time.

    5. There are more women than you think that are.
      Online dating is a decent data source if you can sort out the bots and most of them are easy to sort out.
      Find an online dating site that age restricts who can contact who. You’ll find women lying about their age saying they are ten or more years older than they are in the age field and then in the description putting their real age. Pay attention to the age ranges they are looking for on any site. Many times it will start a fair amount older than them. (bots always go with a very wide range, not something so targeted) Sometimes even without the age restriction they’ll falsify their age so that older men are shown their profiles.
      Now I’m not saying it’s most or even many women, but they are out there in good numbers if you want them. Word of warning, like all women these days there is usually a red flag.

  30. THis was interesting. I am happily married now for 25 years, and I would be at a loss if I had to go back into the world of the sex and marriage market. I am more comfortable in the role as “dad” right now, just being there to cover in case my 20 year old son slips on a banana peel financially. Focusing on my last couple of life long term projects such as re-foresting and creating a small farm and hunting/shooting paradise from a 6 acre rural land plot I am closing on next week.
    But even though I am no longer in the dating market, this is a great article to follow the news of the day. See how people on a different path from me are livng. There is part of me that even morally condemns it, but not really. As people have to live in the world. And I also ask myself in the back of my mind, “Have I still got it ?” That is, would the young ladies be into a geezer like me ? An idle fantasy, but in the back of my mind.
    So this dude writing the article has performed a service. I wish him well. Sounds like he is doing ok for himself.
    At my age, 52, if my own family life fell apart, I would be hard pressed between the choice of going out to look for another woman or becoming a celibate monk type of person.
    I would probably lose heart to continue with my small farm, forest, horticultural dreams. As these hobbies are tied up with the provider role. WOuld feel like a useless provider with no beneficiary.
    I would also abandon my interest in all things intellectual such as languages, as they are tied to self betterment. Religious asceticism of being in the world but not of it. Self-betterment would feel futile also. As it is related to youth, honing your skills for the long voyage of life and career. But if you are most of the way through the journey, what is the point ?
    But if I am “in the world and of it”, I need to have a career, work the land, study, and have a good woman. And also a son so I can dream of passing it all on to him.
    (I am so pumped about taking my son out shooting and tree planting this month at the new piece of rural property I will close on next week. Hope my wife will come along for camping, but that she is not into it as much. Might be a father son dude outing.)
    We will talk about how we will develop it and have fun. And I will try to get him to buy a property next to mine if he manages to be an US Army officer as is his current dream.

    1. “At my age, 52, if my own family life fell apart, I would be hard pressed between the choice of going out to look for another woman or becoming a celibate monk type of person.”
      There’s always hitting the road in a van for a while. Might as well enjoy the country while you can. Or overseas.

  31. Being in my forties, it is difficult to know what “game” works or not. This article was very helpful, and I wish there were more resources like it available to men like myself.

  32. One thing’s for sure, it seems easier than ever to cut right through a pack of American Millennial orbiter dudes and take the object of their desire away from them (an attractive woman in her 20s, that is). Unfortunately, many of these men have no real game and are merely white knight-style “social debris” — you can roll right through them and over them and watch their youthful bravado wilt into defeat. It’s their own fault — they have no skills and mommy probably browbeat them into submission with feminist indoctrination. They are lost; you are found..and just about every woman with half a brain recognizes that massive difference on the spot.
    Have you also been leaving a wake of bitter young betas behind you as you pluck the best women from their generation? Priceless.

  33. I’m in my late 50s, introduced to the Red Pill a few years ago after a lifetime of being a dyed in the wool white knight beta. I now am surprisingly enough able to attract women in their early 20s.

    1. What makes you successful with younger females? Are you personal trainer at the gym? Money with lifestyle? Have you always dated attractive females? It usually takes more than just internalizing the red pill and passing shit tests after 40.

  34. “Sitcoms in the 90s, like Friends, perpetrated unspeakable damage to the
    male image and father figures were dumbed down and portrayed as weak and
    Good point. Joey was dumb, Chandler was a goof, and Ross was whiny.
    Sure, Friends is a funny show because we can laugh at these characters. However, when every show is using negative male characters like this, I think it can really harm how men think of themselves, and especially how women react to men out there in the real world.

  35. This article is ever so true. A few years back (when I was 48), I had a 26 year old hottie I worked with do everything she could, short of tripping me and falling under me, to put that thing on me. Oh I was tempted I confess, but I was also married and a man of my word, so I had to pass on the offer. But being the analytical and inquiring type, I had to ask her: What is it that you find so attractive about me? She said it was my self confidence. That’s something, from what I’ve seen over the years, that most Anglo-American males don’t acquire until they get older if ever. Now I’m sure that it didn’t hurt that I lift (still do at 57), take care of myself, dress well and practice aloof game. But the driving force behind her attraction (and she was every bit an eight and I was very flattered) was my self confidence.
    As far as sports cars go, they’re all right (and I have one). But motorcycles (and I don’t mean big, slow pig cruisers) are the the ticket. I still ride a Z-1000 and I ride hard. That’s another key part of being Alpha which goes hand in glove with self confidence: Balls! Either you have ’em or you don’t. Now I’m not one to ride beyond my ability or do stupid things to land me in the hospital. But with age also comes experience and with experience comes very narrow chicken strips (although I do keep my knees off the pavement). I learned a long time ago that girls (at least some of them) have a thing for riders. Screw that ‘Vette, ride a bike and get her wet.

  36. Who in their right mind over 40 is interested in women under 30? I find most of the ones I deal with very shallow and boring… But maybe that has a lot to do with living in California.

    1. As an ex-Californian and now ex-patriot… it has -everything- to do with it. There’s a brighter world outside the US. 🙂

  37. “by projecting a deep voice”
    Do you mean “deep voice” or “full voice”? a lot of us do not have deep voices, whereas they say “full voice” is the option. What say you, good sir?

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