We Conducted “Operation Rape Payment” Against The Rolling Stone Fabricators

When Columbia University issued a report recently confirming that Rolling Stone magazine published a completely false gang rape event at the University Of Virginia, I breathed a sigh of relief that accountability would finally take place and those involved with the story would be punished. That never happened. While there were a few stern words from a handful of media outlets, everyone involved with the story got to keep their jobs. Instead of wallow in anger, I gathered the ROK staff together to publish a series of stories as part of Operation Rape Payment.

Operation Rape Payment was meant to serve a slap of punishment to those involved in pushing the rape hoax, as much pain as we could exert from our humble platform.

Here are the nine articles that we published:

We covered more individuals involved in the hoax than—as far as I’m aware—any mainstream media organization. In spite of our efforts, our reporting did not get picked up by any large source. Wouldn’t that indicate failure of our operation?

As I’ve written before, there are various ways to punish the media elite. One is to taint their pristine Google results by publicly broadcasting their lack of integrity and radical left agenda. If you measure our efforts based on page views alone, we can’t claim success, but let’s head to Google and see what comes up when searching for the names of those we wrote about. Our goal was to put the truth on the first page of their Google results.

“Teresa Sullivan”

Result number 25.


“Jessica Valenti Guardian”

Result number 12.


A search for “Jessica Valenti” returns the article at position number 25.

“Elisabeth Garber-Paul”

Result number 4.



“Geoff Mulvihill”

Result number 7.



“Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig”

Result number 10.



“Sean Woods Rolling Stones”

There are other famous “Sean Woods” so I added “Rolling Stone,” an addition that any future employer or Tinder match would also enter.

Result number 7.



Because of our efforts, four individuals who were instrumental in creating or white-washing the hoax now have to permanently account for their misdeeds to the public. While it’s very likely that that public does not at all care about the hoax that was sold to them as truth, our operation was the moral thing to do, no matter the impact it would serve.

In the long run, the operation may have been futile, because even if we were to completely destroy the career prospects of the above individuals, there would be hundreds more begging to take their place (and for lesser pay), but every night before I go to bed, along with other ROK writers and commenters, we must do so knowing that we did the best we could to help our family, our friends, our tribe, and our society. If we see fraud, we must yell fraud, even if it will fall on deaf ears, and even if there is a personal cost to us with no guarantee that we’ll succeed.

While trying to fight back against the tidal wave of Western immorality and degeneracy seems hopeless at times, we’re in this for the long run. Have patience, dear reader, for our victories can only grow in size.

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93 thoughts on “We Conducted “Operation Rape Payment” Against The Rolling Stone Fabricators”

    1. Let us pray some lands on Anita S. And her many friends. Let us also pray they not enjoy it. Can never tell what those kinksters are into.

  1. Interview between Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopoulos about Gamergate effectively achieving all its goals, curbstomping the opposition, and now is either spilling over into, or inspiring other areas of media into fighting back.
    I should also reiterate that Operation Disrespectful Nod
    Has done much greater damage to the financial well-being of the gaming websites involved in GG than anybody expected, even Gawker took more damage to their adverts than even GG suspected.
    I would strongly urge people to pay attention to the May 7th elections in Britain (next month). Despite there being a strong attempt by the media to smear the nationalist (UKIP) party as being racists and everything else under the sun, don’t be shocked if you see “surprising” upsets. The MSM’s stranglehold is failing. Reality is beating at the door and can no longer be ignored. It’s already beginning to happen here in the US. “Diversity” has actually damaged this nation, but the appropriate response is nationalism, aka “The Tea Party”.
    Keep going after these shitbags. Keep calling out their lies and agendas. You’re rolling a snowball down a mountain. Pretty soon it’s going to pick up momentum and become an avalanche. I’d argue that we’re already in the “gaining momentum” bit. Eventually the avalanche will arrive. May 7th will tell us if we’ve arrived at that point or not yet.

    1. There are technical reasons why UKIP might not make a breakthrough, English voters voting Tory to keep Labour out because they fear another period of Scottish rule, or UKIP vote spread too thinly to win any seats despite having a lot of support..

      1. Perhaps, but we could also be underestimating how bad things have become and how fed up people are with the status quo. I think between Rotheram and David Cameron basically being exposed by Farage repeatedly as being a lame duck PM about “negotiating” their position in the EU, and the fact that their manifesto has got a wide array of issues laid out and budgeted and independently verified, there could wind up being a greater upset than people realize.
        UKIP did very well in the EU elections last year. I think it would be foolhardy to assume that this won’t translate over into the elections next month. The establishment parties are running scared, and the BBC keeps ramping up the propaganda even though nobody is buying it anymore. I think we’re in for some interesting times….

      2. But UKIP did win the last elections (the Europarliament elections). I don’t think that level of support can vanish overnight

  2. Nicely done.
    If anything, get more people to write even more articles of this nature about the people in question. To paraphrase Andy Dufresne, If I’d known how effective this would be, I would have written 2 letters a week.

  3. “In the long run, the operation may have been futile”
    No, it definitely wasn’t futile, it just takes time.
    Sure its a cliched saying, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    The content has been getting really good over the past several months and the site is building up a stable of great writers, so I think RoK is really starting to hit its stride. Considering that RoK has no big-name backing whatsoever, I think its doing pretty well.

    1. Already one of the best male-interest magazines on the planet. Interest in the truth shows, and sets it apart. The writing and breadth of topics continues to improve, as illustrated by the RS series of thumps.
      Cheers and no fears.

      1. Absolutely!
        I think one thing that really sets it apart is that RoK goes beyond the simplistic doom-and-gloom society-is-fucked aspect of commentary that you see on sites like Zero Hedge; not that ZH doesn’t do good reporting, they do, but there is more to life than bitching about how everything is going down the toilet.
        Optimism is a good traditional masculine trait. If men didn’t have that, the human race would have collapsed aeons ago.

  4. This is the miracle of the Internet.
    May the lying sack of shit known as the mainstream, traditional media continue to die the slow, painful death it is writhing in now, and be replaced by what it claims to be but never was.
    Imagine if we didn’t have the Internet, we’d still be listening to the same pablum, boilerplate, and tired homilies the beast put out for our consumption our entire lives.
    No wonder the government wants to take control of the net. The lies the empire is built on are showing.

    1. I agree, the Internet Allows for Ideas to be shared, the exposing of Lies, and for Communication on a massive scale. Places like ROK can exist in the Internet and give an escape to a Man from the Blue Pill Dispenser of Mainstream Entertainment and Media.

    2. “….and be replaced by what it claims to be but never was.” I wonder if that could become a reality. You would think that hard news, no spin would be a refreshing change and attract more sponsors but I guess it’s just a dream.

    3. The msm and news in our country (U.S.) today reminds more of a soviet union style news channel…it just has more fluff (to sell to the people). It’s all this touchy, nicey, feel good bullshit.
      A bunch of overpaid millionaires on TV giving you entertainment (it’s not real news…just feel good fluff).
      I stopped watching long ago when this new style came out. I can no longer trust these mega corporations (who own the news) to give it to me straight. It’s all bullshit and fluff, today.

      1. Years ago a friend told me the only difference between the news here and communist china where he had visited is that over there the news lies by making things up and everyone knows it, and in the USA the news lies by omission and no one knows it.

        1. Another thing about China is that a lot of the ‘communism’ is just some routine dress up rituals every so often. It’s because capitalism destroyed communism there, but in Asian cultures, the losing side in a competition is given the opportunity to save face. So every once in awhile, the commies come out in their general suits with tassels and crap then ban youtube or something, have a parade, then everyone gets back to making money, drinking and having sex with hot 20 year old escorts. It’s not nearly the jack-booted death squad stuff that behind the times, overly patriotic Americans wish it was. My only complaint about Limbaugh over the years is his take on China. ‘Chicoms,’ he says. Dude needs to visit and get a few 5’10 beauties in his hotel room, start a business and have it up and running in one single calendar day, drink, eat well, go shopping and do whatever the hell he wants as long as he doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s right to do what they want (Sound familiar? That’s what America started out as)
          That said, the Chinese gov’t could mobilize and run crap over a lot more quickly than ours could if it wanted. But it’s not in their interest to do that.

        2. My stepfather set up a factory in Beijing, and he said that same thing pretty much. He said in China, as a westerner, you can do whatever you like as long as you don’t drag anyone else into it, as in the locals.

      2. Same here. I stopped watching for the most part. And when I do, I question everything they put out and find an alternative.

    4. “No wonder the government wants to take control of the net”
      That is the only sentence i disagree with…because they have in essence already taken it over.
      They are just waiting for the virtual 911 to happen (allowed to happen) to justify doing for the online community what 911 did for the US: Create even more Orwellian bureaucracy designed to “protect us” into compliance, submission, intellectual capitulation, etc.
      Obama has his finger on the killswitch to the internet because there’s too much freethinkin goin on here!
      Watch out for “defamation” taxes or penalties to come down the pipeline, if not worse.

      1. Great strategy. It takes a network of people together to allow such lies into our society, and ROK has uncovered those who made it happen.
        I am a big fan of the comedian Bill Maher. However, he too is complicit in this nonsense when he promoted an upcoming documentary on campus rape called “The Hunting Ground”. Odd because Maher is a contrarian, very anti-marriage, and a lifelong bachelor, yet he seems to buy the bullshit here. Notice the bullshit these feminists spout that even if the “one in 5” stat is nonsense, it doesn’t matter.

        I hope ROK will be destroying this documentary shortly… The comments on the above youtube are encouraging (with the top comment currently correcting the rape stat down from 20% to 0.61%)

  5. This. I’m just thankful Google, despite being based in Silicon Valley (read: a desert full of sexual thirst), has more ethics than any of those entities.
    I swear, Geoff Mulvihill’s white knighting shenanigan on AND for Sabrina Erdely just made him into a living example AND justification why it’s A-OK to diss Philadelphia, PA, into “FAILadelphia”. Embarrassing.

  6. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and I’d rather die with a sword in my hand fighting the barbarians than meekly surrendering and not receiving any mercy anyway.
    The campaign continues.

  7. Roosh, those articles are probably worth republishing once a year, to keep it fresh in the google spiders results regularly.

    1. Yes. Is it the case also that the more views a web page gets the higher up it appears in the list of results?

  8. The only thing that would have any kind of impact on the future is a lawsuit and that hasnt happened.

    1. A lawsuit on UVa as well. These colleges need to be taught a lesson — that if they want to destroy innocent college men all for a feel good cause, they can expect to face financial ramifications.
      These guys pay tuition just like all the other students. Therefore they also have rightful expectations to safety. These guys had bricks thrown through their windows while the President of UVa essentially encouraged it.
      Sue like there’s No Tomorrow.

      1. These fucking colleges should have NOTHING to do with these things. The police, the hospitals (for collecting evidence), and the judicial system should be the only entities involved.
        A rape victim first trip after the fact should be to the hospital, and then to the police. The system should then take over and figure out if the perpetrator is guilty or not.
        Problem is, these cunts skip the first two trips in favor of the media so they can get their attention…

        1. ”A rape victim’s first trip after the fact” – – The munite you call the cops to report a rape a case it generated. You’ve already declared it rape and the burden of proof is on the accused.
          At what point does it become ‘rape’? After the guy refuses to return calls or refuses to behave like he’s been ‘hooked’ by some snatch?
          It seems the system not only seeks to make men second class citizens, but by knee jerk responding to claims of not returning calls as basis for rape AND THEY KNOW IT, the bitch operatives in the system are also actively bolstering the PUSSYWHIPPING POWER of the women ALL WOMEN. They’re not only about empowering women, but also maximizing the PUSSYWHIPPING POWER of her PUSSY.
          Insane as it may sound, the gyno emotics run wild in the bitch system. SURE they want the pussy to rule with an iron fist over men. They take the meekest whimpering head case of a woman, forcing her hand against her man and using her signature to devour his life’s works and estate. There’s nothing that stirs their ire more than seeing a man brought to his knees in a bitch courtroom pleading forgiveness for not being or behaving PUSSY WHIPPED ENOUGH.

  9. Rooshv, I always knew that to fight the feminist lies, we would need someone with balls of steel to be a warrior on the front line. You’re that alpha warrior dude, and you’re doing this job better than anyone else could have done. Great to know that other warriors have joined you. Every one of us respects you immensely, and will be ready to help you in any way possible. I thus urge all men whose lives have been improved by ROK, and who understand and appreciate the work that Rooshv is doing, to generously donate to this site, and support him, because he’s fighting for each one of us, against the lies, which could tomorrow get any one of us in trouble. A thousand cheers for Rooshv!!!

  10. *clap*
    Roosh, your tactics are taking guerrilla war tactics and Alinsky rules, adapting them to the internet age, and using them successfully.
    Well done sir.

  11. Remember that these people, for all their posturing, are cowards. When they start feeling the consequences of their actions others of their kind will dial things down. It won’t take much in the big picture.

  12. Great work. While writing about banging sluts is fun, this is the kind of work that has long term positive impacts and introduces a sliver of sanity into a society that has lost its mind.

  13. The beauty of this site is that I know that I won’t wake up someday to find out that the owner has sold out. In this day and age of fraudsters, politicians ( did I repeat myself) , weak men and crass materialism; it’s refreshing to see a man literally willing to fight to the bitter end against forces that are hell bent on destroying Western Civilization. I may not agree with all that Roosh writes but I will say he has my utmost respect!

    1. That depends on what you mean by ‘sold out’.
      Roosh may someday get married. It happened to others.

      1. I don’t look at getting married as selling out. I look at acceptance of the Feminist Agenda as selling out

        1. you watch,when the right type of charming pussy comes along right when her “wall” is approaching…. ….

        2. When you’re 60 and she’s 55 the last fucking thing you’re worrying about is any damn “wall.” approaching. Actually the wall that seems closest is the grave.

        3. But, someone who gets married in a femarxist paradigm is, by definition, accepting the new feminist agenda, which has thoroughly corrupted marriage.

        4. Depends on where/how he gets married.
          if he gets married in a feminazi country like America, Canada, Australia, then yeah he’s kinda taking a shit on everything he’s ever said.
          But if he finds a nice girl in Eastern Europe or Asia and the laws are not damnably anti-male/anti-family, then I don’t see it as a fail. I see it as making a personal choice. There is no way Roosh would just “get married” without knowing damn well that there are risks and sacrifices.
          The ultimate Roosh fail would be if he got married in America to a 5 under Hillary Clinton as president and lost all game skills. I think I’d spend the rest of my life trying to blow up planet Earth.

      2. I have a friend who was so red pill….before the term was invented. We banged strippers together treated women like shit and had fun going on vacations where we would fuck whores every night for 3 nights in a row. He’s 34 years old. He’s about to get married to a single mom 37 year old chick. her son is 19 years old. She’s a bitch with fake tits and she’s always stirring up drama. She’s also in the IT field. She pays him rent but has been demanding marriage for the past year. He thinks he’s got it “under control”.

        1. The guy sounds like an old boss of mine. His natural game was like a gift but he ate Mickey D’s shit every day and he finally started screwing up the job, having a severe brain fart daily, poor judgement and forgetting shit. I think the MAD COW was setting in. He pulled the dough but then he married an old broad that I could see right through. She looked at me with a wink after she just asked him for a few hundred bucks to blow but I didn’t smile back or nod at her. I gave her a stern look like I’d be policing her shit. I’d throw some sharia shit down on her if she tries to burn my friend. It takes a combined effort to police the women.

        2. Fuck, that sounds like a disaster in the making. Why is he so smitten with her? She must have one golden pussy.
          Talk some sense into him.. 37 y/o single mom with a kid who stirs up drama??! Surely he can do better. She’s going to make his life fucking miserable.
          If he won’t listen, at least you can say you warned him.

        3. It’s odd but a lot of guys regress from alpha to beta
          One of my best mates is married to a solid 5 with a bad attitude. They have 3 kids and bills he can’t pay.
          10 years ago he was pumping and dumping 8s for fun.
          It’s weird and sad what men do to themselves

        4. I have. He thinks he’s got “a pretty good looking girl and the deal ain’t that bad.” He’s a great friend, good old Kansas boy with a great upbringing too. pic is above.

        5. fuck man, for such a redpill former pimp he sure is marrying down. Lol she’s like a 5/10 probably has saggy skin everywhere, stretchmarks, etc.
          Did he explain to you why he’s doing this dumb shit?

    2. Exactly. I “trust” Rooshv so much that if he ever gets sold out (which I know never will be), It will feel like I can’t ever trust any other human being again, not even myself.
      And If Rooshv ever gets married, I’ll wish it turns out the best for him. As a reader who admires him and appreciates and respects his work, I realize that I have no right to be offended by what he does in his personal life. However I wish him the best in whatever he does.

        1. All of us know dude you won’t. And even we won’t, because that would be very shameful, as we know that you are fighting for us all.

  14. Agree…and we have to do something. Gone are the days when you could rely on the news or even the integrity of a journalist (the old days).
    Today, it’s all about clicks, entertainment, money, ratings, etc…..the truth is a far second. Plus, the version of the truth depends on which group the MSM is catering too (mostly white women)…so no real truth for us (men).

  15. Things didn’t get fucked up overnight, and they won’t get unfucked overnight either. The journey is one step at a time. Thanks to Roosh and the authors who worked on these stories, that step is in the right direction. Well done, gentlemen.

  16. Bravo, sir, bravo!
    And may I say, what a great decision to go after the lesser known collaborators besides the author. Now when their name is googled by an employer, at least they will be aware of their tarnished past. Sadly, since most HR departments are run by corporatist feminists, I don’t know how great this effect will be, but indeed good work!!!!

  17. Don’t forget, Erdley was put on this story by a member of the U VA staff, at the request of oe Catherine Lhamon, a staff member at the office of civil rights. In fact, if you read the ‘Dear Colleague’ letter so responsible for the trashing of civil rights, you will find Catherine Lhamon’s signature at the bottom.
    Hardly surprising, I guess, since the very concept f ‘rape culture’ was invented by the media in 2010 (specifically, NPR, and the Center for Public Integrity).

    1. why do you care! that right there is poon paradise and sluts should be treated as sluts not wifeys! stop white-knighting brah!
      Personally I would enjoy that much selection of vag!

      1. lolz “white knighting” wtf are you talking about. The “culture” you see in this video is pervasive. I don’t care what these girls do, but eventually their sickness will spread to every single female out there – they’ll all be this way. It’s a fucking quagmire. Not only is this behavior morally reprehensible but it’s a biological endgame. “white knighting” what are you on?

    2. those “girls” are 5s at best…that’s all the attention they will ever get, except for the one @ 2:56, she was somewhat hot.

  18. Well done Roosh. All major victories are basically made up of smaller ones. Nazi Germany wasn’t defeated in a day during WW2. The Soviet Union also wasn’t taken down with one hit during the Cold War as well. It will be a long hard battle in the Culture War of the West but the exposing of this fraud and those responsible for it will show that the feminazis and SJWs are not invincible. They can be hurt. And hurt bad.

  19. ah, good
    let any future employers see these exposes when they check their backgrounds

  20. I like the results. Good work, though i fear it will be used as a martyrs badge to get even further ahead in the liberal rat race.

    1. Need a “We Support Survivors” page for the ones falsely accused of sexual assault and their trek back to stability.

      1. Speaking from personal experience, discovering the manosphere literally might have saved my sanity a few years back when I was at a low point.

  21. It puts a smile on my face seeing that we’re finally on the attack against these Social Justice Vermin. Is there anything the average guy can do, being that I have no twatter, facefuck, or instaslut account?

  22. Why is there a picture of Jon Bon Jovi in the image search results for Geoff Mulvihill? Good ‘ol Google.

  23. This is excellent work. The media is the front line in the fight against feminism, which the most predominant form of institutionalized bigotry in our current society. ROK made the most of what it had and that’s all anyone can do. It will only be a futile effort if it is not followed up by many more like it.

  24. Nice thought, Roosh, but this is such a Right vs. Left issue, the Left doesn’t care and the right is too weary to argue. It’s also a manosphere vs. feminism issue, even though rape is a lie and a false-flag as Mr. A. Jones would call it. But because the rape culture myth is a lie and a false flag against men and (ostensibly) in benefit of women, liberals simply don’t care because what the hell, it makes THEM feel good. So we the choir, the already-converted, read and we know what the truth is, but it’s not enough. The problem as I see it is, 40-50% of the men in the West are Democrats first, then feminists, gays, liberals and White Knights who celebrate the myth of Rape Culture. These are the have nots from high school and beyond that hated jocks, party boys, Alphas and guys that plain old always knew how to pull women. The old, uncool vs. cool. Their voice and cradle is Liberal feminism. Meanwhile, secretly (or not), the feminists aren’t banging the feminist betas, they’re banging the aforementioned jocks, party boys, Alphas and guys that plain old always knew how to pull women. Isn’t it precious?
    These stunted excuses for men migrated to the Democrats and feminism because well, feminism beats up the guys that get what a pussy beta-male can’t get–pussy! I’m convinced it’s that simple. The men don’t benefit in any other way and it isn’t more pussy. Then there are the men of sufficient privilege and men that haven’t been on a campus in 20 years that don’t see the problem as affecting them.
    I’m happy as hell someone is writing about it in such volume and quality, but until syndicates pick up articles from the manosphere and publishing them at the very LEAST in Wash-Times and Washington Examiner. And you can forget the WashPost, NYT, etc, they aren’t interested in the truth, they are happy to print the lie on the front page and issue the retraction on page Section M, page 20, one-liner in the micro-classified section. Also, I don’t know how men of spine can convince the men of feminism that their alliance is unholy in the extreme and runs completely counter to their interest, in effect NOT getting them laid, but instead feminism wrecks their own interest in favor of the very women that won’t sleep with Betas (in any case) no matter WHO these betas support.
    Kudos on the articles, if anyone see my analysis of the problem askew, I’m all ears, but this is how I see it. Until the Manosphere, as we call it, is the grand majority of our gender, raising the same hell feminists have been for 50 or 60 years, there will be no relief.
    Dammit. Another article.

  25. Lying Stone Magazine is probably very pleased with Erdely, as she singlehandedly dragged them back from total irrelevance. I mean, really, who would waste their valuable time reading Rolling Stone of all things?

    1. Who reads Rolling Stone? Liberals. Lefties. Feminists. No one would consider it otherwise. They HAVE to print this rape-culture nonsense because they HAVE to cater to their Liberal core. Rolling Stone was NEVER relevant to Alpha-type men anyway, hence their lack of reluctance to insult us. Rolling Stoned is leftie/feminist/transgender all the way, always was. The new pothead culture they write so lovingly about, their subjects are the lowest-order form of masculinity there ever was. And that comes from a dude that would smoke a little dope if my contracts and contacts with military types didn’t forbid weed no matter HOW “legal” pot becomes.
      This is what Rolling Stone is and always was. The UVA Rape story chose the perfect venue, Rolling Stone. Liberals are the most vile liars in the political sphere. You think Liberals care it was a lie? The entire Liberal platform is built on hundreds of fell-good lies. As regards UVA, what’s one more lie? Pah!

      1. who subscribes to any magazines anymore?? only dumb cunts with hubby’s money and like you said, lefties.

  26. Milo yiannopoulos made a good point, that RS has not fired Ederly because it would be an admission of liability and it is likely that they will be sued by the fraternity, possibly by UVA itself and by individuals. Ederly’s career is basically over.

    1. Killing or disrupting Erdley’s career at RS may result. Still killing the virus itself remains the challenge. Feminism is terminal by nature. After its half life Feminists can theorize that women can survive as a species with frozen sperm but this panacea is divorced from nature AND MAN HIMSELF and will not survive any storm no more than the grid will survive a severe EMP or CME. Any slip or quake and the bitch colony is history which is why women will never take or hold ANY THRONE.

  27. Every female who makes a false rape accusation should have a scarlet letter branded on her forehead. For the rest of her mendacious life, everyone will know her public shame upon witnessing the scarlet C (for cunt) on her brow.
    In the meantime, join me in calling all these aspiring cunts “Pinocchi-hos”

  28. This whole fiasco is a perfect example of why what passes for journalism these days is rubbish. Rolling Stone didn’t follow the ethical standards all journalists are supposed to adhere to. Your average year one journalism student knows better. To be fair though, even the most lefty of Canadian news outlets are trashing the story and those responsible. As for false rape accusations, the accuser ought to be punished severely. This applies to all individuals who lie about being the victim of any crime. Not only does it RUIN the lives of those accused, it wastes valuable law enforcement resources, aka tax dollars. Actual rape victims do deserve to be kept anonymous in the media, but since it has been proven she is not a victim, she deserves zero privacy.

  29. The next step is to identify and publish everyone of the students and faculty members who protested in front of and vandalized the Phi Kappa Psi house.

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