The Myth of Never Hitting a Woman

No one around here is for hitting or brutalizing women, but there’s an enduring myth—that persists right up to the present—that you should never hit a woman. No matter what. As you can see from this PSA, this notion goes right up to the top: the President and Vice-President of the United States are saying it to your face. This isn’t a Democrat-Republican issue. This isn’t an Obama issue. This is a Western phenomenon, that long predates—and will long out-survive—this administration.

The problem is that this whole idea is predicated on several problematic assumptions. Among them are that:

1. Women never hit anyone, including men.

2. Hitting women is somehow worse than any other forms of unilateral violence (e.g., women hitting men, men hitting weaker men, or adults hitting children).

3. Women never provoke men, with inflammatory actions that—while not violence per se—are designed to elicit a reaction, humiliate them, or destroy their possessions (e.g., smash their car).

4. Hitting a woman immediately renders all of the prior circumstances irrelevant.

5. Mutual fights between women and men are impossible.

Real “domestic violence” (what I’d broadly define as uneven, unilateral forms of violence—bullying, essentially—between people in certain types of relationships) is a serious matter—one that should be legislated and punished. But, when you create an across-the-board, over-simplified rule that you should “never hit a woman,” you basically reduce domestic violence to only unprovoked, male-to-female violence. Plus, it feeds an existing culture that grants women virtual carte blanche to act however they want—including hitting men—with little fear of serious legal, physical, or social consequences.

If she hits him, he must have done something wrong. If he hits her back, he’s abusive. In this calculus, men always turn out in the wrong. Meanwhile, a man will receive all three consequences—in spades—if he merely responds with the same exact level of violence. He’ll likely get his-ass stomped by white knights. The cops will arrest him. And, people who learn of “his actions” will shame him.

Despite the countless problems with this appalling state of affairs, I’d say a majority of men, in my social circle at least, know how to handle a situation when a woman becomes violent at a bar, at home, or on the street–pushing him, getting in his face, punching him, or dumping a drink on him. They walk away, tell the bouncer, or restrain the woman until she calms down. He’s expected to–and must–display the patience, restraint, and physical resilience of a saint.

But more importantly, what kind of women do you create as a society when you take the now-anachronistic notion (thanks to feminism) that women are in need of special protection to its logical extreme, selectively keeping that in place while removing other so-called out-dated notions of gender?

Comedian Bill Burr put it funniest, but here’s what it looks like in action.


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183 thoughts on “The Myth of Never Hitting a Woman”

  1. I agree with the article, but do not kid yourself. It’s getting to the point where if you simply disagree with a female in America she can call the police. And yes a man has zero rights and can do NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to even defend himself should a hormonal driven animal goes ballistic and attack him; she will not be held accountable for her actions. I am quite certain that the skag featured in that video clip eventually was given help by white knights and the system; whereas if that were a man he would have been tossed in jail.

    1. This is very true. I remember when I was around 19. I was dating a pyscho girl and we were in her car arguing about something she did. I think with another guy. I had realized I had enough of her shit.
      I said just leave me alone, opened the door, got out and hustled away. Well she charges at me in her CAR.
      Of course I run. She parks the car and runs up on me grabbing me and I just try to push her away so I can get the hell away from her. Well a cop just so happened to be passing by and came and broke things up.
      He questions us about what happened. Being a young fool and not knowing you don’t talk to police I told him the truth. I told the cop she charged me in her car and I just wanted to get away. So she gets arrested. Then the cop asks me if I touched her in any way. I said she chased after me and grabbed me so I pushed her off of me Instantly the handcuffs came out and I was arrested too.

    2. Actually the “skag” in that clip came from a show called “What Would You Do” which is where actors and actresses portray situations to get reactions out of regular people who stumble on the situation. Do your research.

  2. There needs to be a PSA telling women not to be bitches. Women are great at torturing men, and extended verbal bullying and harassment is probably the precursor to a lot of strikes by men.

    1. Who cares? I mean really. If a woman is a bitch, DUMP HER. Nobody controls your actions or reactions but YOU. Nobody can MAKE you do ANYTHING. Blaming others for your actions is cowardly and idiotic.

      1. You’ve obviously only dealt with saints. I used to believe that myself but have come to understand fully why some men go off on women for acting stupid. You got to put some of these bitches in their place.

      2. You mean doing what feminists do is cowardly and idiotic? I already know that.

      3. So the same goes for females? I assume if another woman hits you, you are just expected to take it? So what makes the difference? You wouldn’t jump the biggest bitch in town, shed kick your ass. So dont hit men then, “we’re stronger” and will kick your ass. Logical reasoning is awesome! 😀

      4. Glad to see more articles like this. This is an issue I feel strongly about.
        Reminds me of another Bill Burr skit. Of course it’s not ok to hit a woman, but you can’t say there are no reasons. You can’t not ask questions.
        I’ve been in relationships where I have been enraged and pushed to the limit like I couldn’t believe, and I’m really a non-violent person. I wouldn’t have hit my girlfriend at the time but I certainly felt like I wanted a number of times.
        Looking back I wish I could have known better then and just walked away.
        At the start of the relationship, the same girl told me how an ex of hers had been violent. I was shocked. He wasn’t a violent type. By the end of the relationship I wasn’t surprised about it.
        So I can honestly say, from a number of personal experiences, I no longer doubt at all that some women really do push guys to, and beyond, the limit.
        Like Omega Man says women can be great at torturing men.
        I don’t believe either his comment or the article attempts to point the finger or to blame others… but you can’t just simply not ask questions.
        No normal man would hit anyone if he was a happy man.

    2. Exactly..a real wonen aint a bitch..theres different type of girls..theres a women theres a lady..a hoe a bitch..yall women need to b women which knows how to talk to a man and act to a man. Instead of puttin yall selfs in a mans position. When men talk shit and degrade a man we tend to fight..just like women do too. So yall know what yall need to do

  3. Hit at your own risk of landing in jail.
    This PSA is really a service to men more than women, considering that even if you hit back in retaliation, you will be the one to spend the night behind bars.

        1. When its in their interest. Otherwise they cant remember.
          All modern women are whores and liars. Sewage.

        2. I certainly wouldn’t say that! I know several women who, for example, will not strike a man and expect not to be hit back. In the cases where they are actually at fault, they do own up to it. To say that ALL modern women are whores, liars, and sewage is as bad as saying that all people who are concerned about the misandry problem are neckbeards (believe it or not, I actually ran into someone who made that statement just half an hour ago…)
          The point I’m trying to make is, while there ARE women out there who will take full advantage of the lopsided (in)justice system and the fact that most boys are taught never to hit a girl no matter what, there are also women out there who, when they’re about to do something to a man, they take into consideration what would happen if their genders were reversed, and base their actions on that.

      1. She wont need to have to remember, she can simply make it up as she goes along. And she will not be questioned.

        1. Oh, I bet you’ve sat in thousands of courtrooms and skimmed a million case files to come up with that one. Maybe, just maybe, the dislocated eyeball and the split lip wasn’t her imagination….oh! oh! You’re right…..she did it to herself!

    1. Given the attitudes that women have and their behaviors to be never held accountable for their actions, many females will yell and hit a man in public, and men will sit there and take it full well knowing JOHN LAW is on the woman´s side.
      And if they keep doing this it will hit critical mass.
      And most men will get so fucking fed up that even though a jail cell may await him, the fact that female on male aggression has been taken to the wire that a he will not hesitate sending the bitch to a hospital or to her grave.
      And he will gladly tell the judge “It was worth it, your honor”.

      1. Men get so fed up? Give me a break. A man who can’t walk away, when he started the VERBAL ABUSE…is wrong and deserves what he gets. It’s bullying a person who is weaker physically and there is no excuse for it. Any man on this post who disagrees shouldn’t be on here. He should blog on the “Crying like a baby after I started it, or I can give it but I can’t take it” site. Men, be like your father, be like your role model of a man, whomever he is. But never, ever bully a woman, to extreme and not expect to get something back.

        1. Your fact are INCORRECT! According to the CDC statistics (look it up) WOMEN ARE THE AGGRESSORS 60% of thetime in domestic violence issues! Although MEN are most likely arrested for it. Glad places like Texas take BOTH parties to jail of any claim of DV occurs!

        2. Little liar. You just assume the guy starts it all the time? Women never start anything? Are these the same women that wear petticoats and live chaste lives of modesty?

        3. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey! You are one of these magicians that try to make crap look like statistics. The who what when where why – not to mention year and article – evades you. Listen to yourself! Did your mama raise you to have your head up your ass?

        4. Right, because whenever a guy gets assaulted by a woman, clearly he must have started it, right? Ignorant bitch. Oh, and not all woman are weaker than all men, so you can keep that bullshit. BTW, anyone who responds to VERBAL abuse with PHYSICAL abuse is PATHETIC and needs to GROW UP.

      2. Of course, you have no hard data to back up your rantings; not even some general statistics. The facts are that women are hit a lot more often by men than they are by women (duhhhh!) and space aliens. Go ahead, fool, prove me wrong.

  4. The problem with legislating is that it necessarily requires rules which work best when they are the same across the board. If the legislation is not oversimplified it will have several magnitudes worse unintended consequences.

  5. Funny too, best to walk away and call authorities or whatever. I’ve been very close to going to jail just by wrestling my own belongings away from a girl.

  6. I always love it when they finally happen to stumble on the one guy who doesn’t give a shit and just hits back:
    McDonalds cashier beating 2 cunts:

    Bus driver with a nice uppercut:
    But husbands, remember, even if she’s drowning your kids in the bathtub it’s never okay to hit a woman.

    1. Hey come on now! Be easy on her and the tub, she was probably stressed out; and she’s a women, your just a Man.

      1. Just cuz a girl reach a certain age dont mean she a woman. There is alot of 12 year old lil girls traped in a womans body. Now days these lil girls run around here wit they im on top of the world attitude cuz they can do whatever they want without consequence. Not even with the law

  7. Had a girl punch me in a bar when I bumped into her drink on a very crowded dance floor. It didn’t hurt, but it did stun me. I looked at her for a bit and then walked on. In retrospect I should have just started laughing and reported her to the bouncer.

  8. An old girlfriend made me watch ‘the good girl’ with her. it’s this movie that i think is mostly a chick flick, but i was trying to be nice. it’s not the best movie, but the guy in the movie does hit this chick at the end. the way it all happeened and led up to that — it was a right move by him. it was just one, deserved hit. check it out sometime and see what you think.

  9. If a an ex husband to-be corners his soon to be ex wife and calls her the c-word repeatedly and then she pushes him, he comes back at her (him 350 lbs-me 130 lbs) and pushes her so hard to the ground that she has bruises on her back and a sprained wrist, HOW IS THIS THE WOMAN’S FAULT. He was in HER FACE, CORNERED, YELLING THE C-WORD at her, TWO INCHES FROM HER FACE with so much rage. HOW IS THE WOMAN TO REACT. MEN: CONTROL YOURSELF. MAN UP. DON’T PLAY THE “You hit me first game”. It’s just being a bully and a coward and looking for a fight. GROW UP MEN. You hurt, and hurt, and hurt. And never take responsibility.

    1. To your point, Norma, having been there, get out. Immediately. With the clothes on your back. Anyone who starts a fist fight under the circumstances is asking for trouble. Stay alive.

      1. Really, what should happen, is he should throw her out with nothing more than the clothes on her back (which he probably paid for).

    2. Well, if you’re 130lbs and he’s 350lbs, you probably shouldn’t be pissing him off. I mean, you must have done something to deserve it, right? Are you saying you were sitting there quietly minding your own business and he just decides to get in your face and call you a cunt? You probably did something to deserve it, like maybe acting like a cunt… Oh wait, that excuse only works against men. Never mind, I’m sure you’re an innocent victim like all women of the world. Poor you.

    3. Stop making men angry then
      There’s a reason weaker men don’t start shit with stronger men. Why don’t you learn about that.

  10. Some men are bullies. Period. They try and pretend that it wasn’t their fault, and that it is the woman who has “anger issues”, but when YOU ARE BEING VERBALLY ABUSED by a large, intimidating man all the time, sometimes we, women, snap. Sorry guys. You are bigger, stronger and scary for the most part. What are we supposed to do, just take it. Guys that defend themselves by saying, “Well, she hit me first” need to take a good look at their behavior and know that they caused things to get out of hand in the first place. It’s called DEFENSE by the woman. Men who hit women are just assholes. ASSHOLES.

    1. Blaming the men, huh…Like there are NO FEMALE ASSHOLES out there. Sorry you bitches ASKED for “equality” and you will now get it! NO MORE prvilage to females!

      1. You might want to look up that word “privilege” and see what it really means…women have actually been at a disadvantage for a couple centuries now in the U.S.

        1. Nope, women are at no disadvantage in the west!! Bullshit! Western women are the most privileged women in the world! No one but a woman can make a false rape claim, murder, molest children and NOT go to jail! Women can scam divorce laws, hustle child support and alimony! Women can have female only spaces, college scholarship s given out ONLY due to gender! Women can display creepy behavior that would get a man jailed! Did you know that women are the primary instigators of domestic violence??

        2. Lol @ Stefan Paul. Look it up! Good one. White women are the most spoiled and pampered class of humans in the history of humans.

    2. Wow that was bullshit… so let me get this strait. Women only hit men out of self defense? And no matter what the reason a man that hits a women is an ass hole…? Are you out of your ridiculous pms’ ing mind???

    3. “Some women are bullies. Period. They try and pretend that it wasn’t their
      fault, and that it is the man who has “anger issues”, but when YOU ARE
      BEING VERBALLY ABUSED by a cunt all the time,
      sometimes we, men, snap.”
      Different now isn’t it Mrs. Hypocrite?

    4. Some women are bullies. Period. They try and pretend that it wasn’t their
      fault, and that it is the man who has “anger issues”, but when YOU ARE
      BEING VERBALLY ABUSED by a nasty, bitchy woman all the time,
      sometimes we, men, snap. Sorry ladies. You are rarely held accountable for your actions for the most part. What are we supposed to do, just take it. Girls who defend themselves (and others) by saying, “Well, he deserved it” need to take a good look at their behavior and know that they caused things to get out of hand in the first place. It’s called DEFENSE by the man. Women who
      hit men are just assholes. ASSHOLES.

    5. Just for being verbally abused, huh?! That’s what kids do when they get verbally abused. They act on hitting someone. Hitting should be the last resort and attacking someone will get your ass whooped. Period. It’s called self-defense. You can’t let someone hit you, especially if it might endanger you or if it keeps going on and on regardless of what is inside your pants.

  11. I don’t condone violence in any circumstance, hitting should be an absolute last resort. That being said, I don’t think the gender of either party should matter.

  12. I deliberately goaded my wife until she punched me in the face. I did it just to prove a point. i had a black eye for few days, but it was a real fight club style victory, I wore that shiner like a purple heart. I WON !
    Try it…… prove to the woman what a nasty mean angry little bitch she is under the surface.
    Woman don’t generally get physically violent because they are physically weaker, and thus it’s in their instinctive nature not to get physical because they know that in just about any circumstance. Even the wimpiest man can beat the shit out of most women.
    But they can be pushed to get violent, and it’s pretty funny…. I had her tits in a vice for months after that. She’d sit on the edge of the bed and suck me off to order … all sorts…
    The games you have to play to break the bitch.

    1. What these cowardly women actually do is get other male mangina white knights to do their fighting for them. Hell, many times they’ll make up shit and get these pathetic manginas to do their dirty work for them. Especially if they’re wearing a government costume.

      1. That is what I fear……the brainwashed Manginas. If you have to legitimately defend yourself against a crazy woman……watch out for the Manginas as they do their best to football-kick your head…..ALL IN DEFENSE OF THE ATTACKING WOMAN.

    2. Did it ever occur to you for even a microsecond that your behavior in “goading her” makes you a douchey asshole?
      I’m a strict practitioner of non-violence but if you pushed me enough I’d probably punch you in the face too. Everyone has their breaking point. It doesn’t make her a bitch. It just means she got tired of dealing with your assholery.

      1. You missed the entire point of his post. He just said he provoked her and she got so mad that she hit him. Then, you have the nerve to say that he shouldn’t have been acting like an asshole because people can only take so much.
        Now turn that around. If she was provoking him and he gave her a black eye would you say that she shouldn’t have been acting like a bitch because people can only take so much? If you’re okay with one but not the other (and it doesn’t matter which one) then you are sexist and very misguided.
        Quit being a white knight.

      2. So then does a woman’s behavior in “goading” a man make her a douchey asshole? Does that make it ok to punch her in the face, being tired of her assholery and all? Hey, everyone has their breaking point, right?

        1. Yes, goading is douchey asshole behavior.
          Yes, it is okay to punch her in the face, being tired of her assholery and all.
          Yes, everyone has their breaking point, you are right.
          Did you have a point or were you just trying to clarify these points?

  13. On the one hand “Don’t start shit, won’t be shit.” Physical conflict shouldn’t be the first option, but it’s understandable if it comes to that.
    On the other hand, defending yourself should always be fine regardless of gender. I know if I was being attacked for any reason the aggressor being a woman wouldn’t make me feel it would be immoral to hit her back. That would be stupid and possibly suicidal. She would get decked and sent to the floor.
    Quit perpetuating double standards, gender doesn’t mean special treatment.

    1. The thing is no offense to women but they are weaker so all you have to do is grab her arms or legs and to get her off of you so there really is no reason to hit a woman.

      1. Yeah, so she can use the “sexual harassment” and “inappropriate touching” bullshit to get me in even more trouble.
        No thanks, I’d like to see a woman try to turn a punch to the face into “sexual harassment”.

      2. UMMM, no THEY are not all weaker. There are a lot of 5ft4, 130lb guys who are MUCH weaker them an athletic, 5ft10, 170lb female.

        1. Well, there are a lot of small, weak guys in the world. And there are a lot of big, strong women in the world. Humans have a right to defend themselves….even if the attacker is a deified Girly!!!!!!!

        2. IDTS, the stupid blanket-statement of NEVER hitting a GIRLY, is meant to send the message that Men should tolerate being assaulted by Women.

        3. And that’s fucking pathetic! WTF! Stop letting these cunts steal our birth rights. You fucking sports watching video game playing jokes. Do somthing usefull!

      3. My mom told me when i was 7 not to hit a female. If she hits u tell a teacher or adult. If she hit u again knock her on her ass (push or trip) cuz if u dont she wont learn her lesson. She will keep taking advantage of you. My kindness aint a weakness.

      4. the only times I’ve ever had to hurt a woman was when I was still a minor… Some WELL into my minority at the hands of family members that were suppose to protect and nurture me.
        Now, why in the hell is there so much condemnation and knee jerk reactions towards a child from 5-17 (YES all throughout those ages) when a kid says something in anger towards a woman or even in self-defense? You do realize women have the more innate ability to be conniving and manipulative right?
        Women have nothing on me.
        As for a man tripping or pushing a woman… Well, sorry but that’s not going to do much damage to her. Even what I’d call “manhandling” her sometimes gets the guy arrested even if she’s obviously a child abuser and even a pedophile.
        I’m so sick of this sexist shit… not only that but the justification like “women are weaker” or “women are angels/innocent” falls flat on it’s pompous ass when you notice this isn’t the case when it pertains to children even though logically and reasonably children are far weaker and innocent than almost every woman NOT just average like it’s used for “men should never hit a woman.” Dude, there was a middle school Amazon that beat the shit relentlessly out of a younger and obviously smaller dude just b/c he said, “There she is.”

      5. That is not so true now, as it was in the past. Some men are being born weaker and some women are being born stronger. A friend of my girlfriend was certainly born stronger. And I was certainly born weaker, not afraid to admit it. If she hit me, I would certainly be on the floor, if I wouldn’t try to fight back, I would end up in the hospital.

      6. Complete bull, as embarrassing as it is I have been beaten up by a girl who was in the same class as me when I was younger, she was head and shoulder above me and a lot of girls still have a couple of inches on me and I’m not particularly short in contrast to what I just said, I’d say i’m average height.

      7. Replying to this old as hell comment to point out that the “women are weaker” argument may not be as true as it once was. Apparently there was a study done that indicated average millennial men are no stronger than women.

  14. During my divorce, my X stated ‘mental abuse’ as one of the reasons for the divorce. Thankfully my lawyer said it wouldn’t mean a hill o’ beans (her words) in court because it falls into ‘he said, she said’.
    However, being a stickler for documentation during divorce (a good thing to be BTW – documentation will set you free), I proceeded to spend a Saturday documenting every case of her ‘abuse’ (i.e bitchiness) towards me in the latter half of the marriage; name calling, accusations, withholding of emotions (to counter hers), infidelity, etc. I will admit, it was very cathartic to write it up – like getting it off my chest (and not costing me $100- $200 an hour!).
    I later printed out my 6 page Opus (10pt, single spaced) and handed it to my lawyer to help counter her accusations. She shrugged, glanced over it, (and that cost me $40! LOL) and later the accusation was no longer a focus in the divorce paperwork.
    Did my cathartic writing help? I don’t know for certain, but I do know that as part of the process, it had to been submitted as part of the divorce and shared with all parties.
    Lesson: Don’t take the abuse, but be wise about how you handle it.

  15. Wow these articles by this author are like the blind leading the blind … Some woman really hurt you huh? Stop making generalized statements and get over it! Like ur other stupid post! The only women into BDSM are ones with severe self loathing! Not all!

    1. Why are you threatened that your boyfriend reads this article and finally decides to shut you up when you freely insult and mouth off him?

  16. there is no small amount of frustration here about how unfair life is for men these days, and how women hold all the cards. If your mother, wife, gf, or your daughter – your own child- came home bleeding and scraped with a goose egg there’s a slim chance you might have a problem with that.
    Incidences of women hitting men happen, but they are a lot less common (underreporting?) but I have a feeling that guys who refer to women as bitches and cunts would have no problem dropping her with a half nelson. Back we go to paragraph one.
    This is one bitchy old bag cunt who fights back – including one that outweighed me by at least 60 pounds (attempted rape).
    Maybe you want to start teaching your kids how to defend themselves too?

  17. Some guy just emailed me and suggested I swallow a knife. Some guys forget that a good haxterette can get into your IP address and a lot more. And that the Feds read this stuff too, and can press likeminded Federal charges. Did they forget to tell you that?

    1. Please consider all sides to an issue, there are times when women can be the aggressors both verbally and physically, and there are times when men are the aggressors both verbally and physically. Neither situation is morally right, and the aggressor should be held accountable. In our society, where weapons such as knifes, guns, pepper sprays, etc.. exist, the playing field can be leveled and all people can become equally dangerous

  18. Ok so hitting a woman back if she starts it is one thing but what is a guy hits a woman first is that ok?

  19. I never know what to do when someone gets all soapboxey and says you “never hit a woman”. Great. You should never hit anybody, genius. Now take your fucking metal and get down off of there before you hurt yourself thinking.
    I am grateful however that this “rule” is so prevalent b/c imagine the blood in the streets if it wasn’t just a culturally enforced norm. Not saying everyone would go around swinging fists, but I’m pretty sure our society isn’t getting less violent.

  20. Because of a disagreement in church a female member punched me in the face. The ladies encouraged me to not call the authorities and said I was the bigger person. In retrospect, I should’ve called the police and had press charges. All these women did was pull this nutty female to the side to calm her down. If I had hit her it would’ve been completely different.

    1. You are a big boy sitting in a church. I am sure that you are very deeply traumatized by this event, but surely our good Lord Jesus preached salvation and compassion – and asked you what the fuck you did to turn the paritioners against you. Just sayin.

      1. Don’t be such a silly bitch. All the way down the page you are trying to make out that all women are delicate little butterflies, when in reality most of our gender are like cobwebs – break easily, unpleasant and you can’t shake them off easily. the lovely ladies of this world don’t sit there saying they’ve done no wrong, just as the good men admit their faults. Most of the women on this paage are acting as though this article has offended them. If it has, why has the truth burnt you so much.

      2. So if a man hits a woman, the question is “what did she do to deserve it?” Funny how someone somewhere is always willing to make excuses for a woman. She should be held accountable, and pressing charges is the best way.

      3. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that until one day you mess with a big MEAN boy (probably not sitting in church though, but who knows?) and get so fucked you’ll wish you’d never been born. Stupid cunt.

  21. Women not only hit men but studies have proven that they beat their kids more than a father beats his kids. So much for good prenting…..

  22. Most of these comments are very disturbing to me, but I don’t blame men for being insensitive to this issue. The vast majority of men will never experience the sheer terror of facing an angry man who you know can pretty much do whatever he wants to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s petrifying.
    When I was a teenager, I slapped a man. I know it was wrong of me, and there’s no justification for it. After I slapped him, he laughed and punched me in the face. My slap did not leave a mark; his punch knocked me out cold and broke my nose. It’s true that I hit him first, and maybe I deserved to be hit back. But as they say, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
    My father put it this way. Most men are stronger than most women, and that comes with a certain level of responsibility. For example, I used to babysit an eight year-old boy who would try and punch me. He succeeded often. Did I ever hit him back? No. Why? Despite the fact that he was cognizant of his actions, he wasn’t my physical equal.
    I’m not making excuses for women who hit men, because it’s wrong for anyone to hit anyone. I obviously can’t speak from the perspective of men, and maybe being slapped by a hundred-pound woman makes you fear for your life, but as a woman who has been on the receiving end of a man’s fist, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like it.

    1. He was wrong to punch you, since you only slapped him, but you weren’t eight and you should have known better than to hit people. Your sexism and ignorance is what is disturbing. Also, not all woman and men are built the same. Some woman are stronger than some men and vice versa, so don’t even go there. I can’t stand woman who hit people then cry about how they are the victim when they get hit back. Grow the fuck up.

    2. Think about it. If he just ignored your slap. Then most likely you would have slapped him again and again when you get upset. What did you expect him to do call the cops or have you slap him and then dump for being a bitch?

    3. Thats horrible, I’m sorry that happened to you. You didn’t deserve that. But then again don’t tease the lion is the point i think guys on here are trying to get at. Some people just see red when they are hit in the face. Its a reaction.

    4. thats because men dont slap, we punch. slaps have and always will be seen as “hitting like a girl”.
      so no he wasnt wrong to punch, you hit a man, you get hit like a man.

    5. I m not against men defending themselves, but as for myself, I’d have to take it on a case by case basis. If a 100 lb teenage girl slapped me, I probably am not going to knock her cold. But she should take the hint and leave.
      If I did have to get physical with a girl, I’d try to not hit her with a closed fist because I know she could get seriously hurt. If a woman ever pushed me to the point of hitting her with a closed fist, you KNOW that she’s done something serious to me.
      I don’t agree that he should have slugged you like that, but you can’t assume that all men won’t hit you.

  23. I’m finding your skill in typing and translating your thoughts to screen to be quite endearing. This should get a gold star and a place on your mother’s fridge.
    “What kind of women do you create as a society when you take the now-anachronistic notion (thanks to feminism) that women are in need of special protection to its logical extreme, selectively keeping that in place while removing other so-called out-dated notions of gender?”
    This piece is very cute.

  24. Congrats, you’re a feminist. This is the one and only good article that you’ve written, and it seems that you are entirely mistaken as to what feminism is. I’d say most of your experience comes from feminazis, not feminists. Feminism is the belief that men, women, and *trans people are all equal, which is exactly what this is portraying and is actually a discussion I’ve had with other feminists. If more of your articles were like this instead of fat-shaming, slut-shaming, misogynistic bullshit, then you would be significantly less shitty of a human being.

      1. Feminism was originally a good thing but has metaphorically fallen to the dark side.
        P.S. just watched the force awakens sorry

  25. God. The unfairness of society made me hate human beings. But now seeing as how men can’t hit women, THERE ARE SOME EXCUSES FOR WHY YOU SHOULD, not saying you should abuse tho..
    If a woman smacks you gets a gun and laughs in your face ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND THERE? Fuck that bitch I’d karate kick her, smack her back and take that gun.
    American society taught women to be spoiled and pathetic female dogs when they should be properly mannered CATS!
    I’m only saying people should hit and kill only in self defense. Because a fucked up society that America makes wants to make asian, hispanic, and black dudes look like criminals when there’s many sides to the stories.
    Once again, FUCK YOU SOCIETY.

  26. The probability of you being hit by a woman is directly proportionate to the number of alcoholic and/or mentally unstable women you call “friend”. Not the sort of thing you would bring up in front of decent people. So start hanging with decent people. And don’t even THINK about hitting a decent woman.

  27. If you have ever been to the West Midlands in the UK, then you will have met several swampbeasts who need a good beat down!
    Arrogant, nasty evil things!
    I have seen these so called women take off a high heeled shoe and beat a man who was unconscious, wielding said shoe like a hammer to the mans face/head!
    I have witnessed a so called girl pour a drink over a mans head,& then proceed to smash the empty glass in his face as he turned around to confront her. Guess who the bouncers threw out?
    I myself have had my clothes torn by drunk hen party attendees, to which the bouncers just laughed.
    If women demand equal rights, then men should have the right to defend themselves from violence, no matter how big or mean he looks.
    Men ( especially ‘WHITE NIGHTS!’ ) need to google ‘ Bill Burr- Women Are Assholes ‘!

  28. In Jujitsu, we have soft hand techniques such as joint locks, which are extremely painful and very effective. These can be used as an effective way to stop a physically abusive woman’s attack, with no/little residual damage. Since it is a defensive technique and no overt physical moves (like punches) are made, law enforcement would have a very difficult time proving any type of violence occurred.
    No man should ever allow another person, male or female, to hit him with out retribution.

    1. But I’m a ninja and they never taught me Jujitsu. I only know how to hack bitches up with my samurai sword.

      1. As manly and testosterone-filled that sounded, to someone who actually studied martial arts it also sounds stupidly dump.

        1. To someone who speaks and/or understands the English language, or the witchcraft that is spellcheck, “stupidly dump” sounds mind-numbingly dumb.

    2. Yeah I studied Ninjitsu. Really came in handy when I was getting attacked by a woman. A forward throw off the sternum got her off of me a few times without leaving any marks.

  29. Hit me I hit you, especially if you’re not my mate… blame instinct and survival of the fittest.

  30. My gf got jealous and she started a verbal aggression up until late night. Despite my efforts to calm her down (the reason was stupid and inexistent) she wasn’t letting me sleep (on couch). After lot of hearing I grabbed her by arms and lead her to bedroom. She got back smashing my laptop and monitor. I grabbed again aggressively and put her in room with more aggression. Coming back to me she was trying to hit me. After a while she smacked me with power. I did the same (with power).
    You see, after that she left me. She did well because I am not man. But I am not a man not because I hit her, but because I wasn’t strong enough to leave her when she was abusing me verbally again in the past, when she was not letting me sleep because she wanted sex, when she was throwing me beers at a pub, when she wasn’t allowing me to see my friends because she wanted me with her.
    And I will not go back to her because I know that I will not be a man.
    I do agree with not hitting woman nevertheless. They are weaker and more sensitive emotionally (therefore easier to provoke conflict). But we have to adopt several points of view and not to forget that if someone cannot be able to be respectful, it will be fearful.

    1. Instead of leading her to the bedroom, you should have led her out the front door, called the cops, and pressed charges. And women are not weaker and more sensitive emotionally, they are equal right? Well then treat them as such.

  31. A lot of those big ugly black ass chicks are like that, im a boxer, and if shes big enough to be in my weight class (Granted im pretty fit), and she starts something, i have NO PROBLEMS whatsoever knocking her out.
    Here in toronto there are lots like that, they tend to be morbidly obese, jamaican, running around with fake hair(insert other fake accessories) and acting like men.

    1. That actually sound pretty understandable. Big or obese or gross ones, if ya gotta do it go for it. Pretty little things though? … not on your life.

  32. Wow! The comments defending woman for using violence are unbelievable. The belief that they are justified because of bulling is erroneous. My ex would pick fights, bully for hours, lock me in so I couldn’t get away from it. When she demanded an answer and I tried to comply, I barely started to speak when she screamed, “Shut up, shut up, shut up”. I never thought of hitting her, my attempts to leave the house and get away failed because of not wanting to hurt her in my struggle to get out of the door. Her behavior almost always escalated into violence (over 20 times in a little over 2 years), not just a simple single strike (which still is extremely wrong), she battered, totally out of control. I’m not a saint, neither was she perfect (who is), but I would never ride her case for anything. Most annoyances I didn’t even say anything about. Getting annoyed with the one you love is part of relationships. Trying to deal with your own emotions over the annoyance is the right way, not trying to bully the other into compliance to meet your own idea of perfection in a relationship. Right or wrong, I had no problem with her sticking up for herself. Knowing what she was thinking and/or feeling is the only way I could have a chance to try to explain my thoughts, perspective and feelings about an issue. Only it just didn’t work that way for her.
    The truth is, for me the only thing wrong with the relationship was her total loss of control that occurred every 2 to 6 weeks. When she lost control it lasted for hour and hours, as long as 17 hours non stop. It wouldn’t stop until she exhausted herself completely. Then she tried to make up. She just didn’t understand why I just couldn’t put on a happy face when she was done. Why I withdrew into serious depression, why I stopped being able to sleep. It takes time to get over what she was doing and became so frequent that before I recovered it happened again.
    The sad part is I know how much she loves me, and I love her very much. She was great to be with, except when she lost control. All the real problems in the relationship were caused by her tantrums. When she was over being mad all I heard was sorry, sorry, sorry, but when she was doing it, it was all my fault and I deserved it.
    I’m not mad, I’m very sad, for both of us. The behavior just ended up always causing a lot of hurt for both of us. I feel the attitude of justifying and making excuses for this kind of behavior from woman is actually hurting them badly. Since their actions seem to always be justifiable, there is no solution to the problem. The men who love them as well as they themselves lose everything. Violence and bullying NEVER belong in a relationship. Feelings are real to the person feeling them, but feelings about a situation are not always based on reality. Imagined being bullied and battered by the person you love most based on their feelings and what they feel is not what is really going on. Defending this behavior isn’t helping anyone and is hurting everyone. I don’t know what else to say…

    1. The truth is this: men fight (with each other, hopefully) with their fists. But women fight (all of the time, often for no reason) with their words. Guess who wins every time, especially when women are on the losing side? Modern women know that they will always have the cops and courts on their side, because they are better (more hysterical and committed) actors than men are. The best course of action for a man is to walk away, knowing that the woman who continues to berate him is a vengeful child.

  33. Ohhh, I get it… you’re posting this bullshit ironically. That has to be the explanation.
    Otherwise, if you’re a woman-beater, go straight to hell and enjoy the same treatment you encouraged by either being a proponent of or actually battering women.

    1. Now your hell sounds make believe because the Bible clearly tells men to discipline women.

  34. To quote Montel Williams, “If you step up to me like a man I’m gonna treat you like a man.”
    I will defend myself regardless of who is attacking me. Period.

  35. I had a friend named Patrick whose girlfriend would frequently become violent and hit him.
    It didn’t really bother me until one day she became violent with me when she and I disagreed (on a political topic of all things). When she hit me, however, I responded with a right hook that sent her straight to the ground unconscious.
    I still remember the look of utter disbelief on Patrick’s face. To this day I don’t know if he was mad or glad.

  36. I just had this conversation with a friend of mine (girl). The event that led up to the talk was a car ride to the airport she closed fist punched me in the jaw by accident. She was trying to punch me in the arm but socked me in the jaw while I was driving to the airport. I stopped the truck and told her to look at me and told her to stop punching me (I’ve told her numerous times not to but that’s how she plays) because the next time she does I was going to knock her out. Pissed as fuck when I told her. I came back from the trip and we had a talk about the situation, I was willing to let shit go and get over it and do the normal BS when you care about a friend, admit you have some fault or take fault in the situation whether you do or don’t just because you care about the other person. then we went on talking and I let her know my position on this topic and that is; If a man comes at me with aggression and punches me or whatever I’m going to beat the shit out of him, a women is no different. If a women feels she’s impelled to punch me she’s getting knocked the fuck out. That pretty much goes for any hostility that is directed towards me, I’m going to defend myself and probably go beyond defending and making sure this person thinks twice before doing it again. The only circumstance that I can think of at this time that I wouldn’t would be children or people that are incapable of making proper decisions e.g. mental handicap, etc. So I was told by this other person that she would never get punched by her friends or (ex)boyfriends if she punched them because they we’re “gentleman” and such and such. By her saying this means that I’m the opposite, long story short It took me 2 minutes to kick the bitch out of my house, good riddons.

  37. I just had to deal with this situation. A room renter tenant of mine wanted to have her damage deposit back in cash, not in check, use my room for storage, deep a key and move out on her own sweet time, despite giving me her one months’ notice. This is on top of me spending nearly a month with her screaming at me and giving me dirty looks and making my life a living hell. So I did what any rational landlord would do, I cut the heat, power, and hot water, and went out for the night with friends. No fun to kick around in that, lol. She was supposed to be out at midnight that night but wanted to stick around for another day.
    She had called the police while I was out, who called me, about the power, and I advised them all she needed to do was flip the main breaker back on, which they did.
    So I came home, quite loaded, at about 1am. All I wanted to do was have one more drink and go to bed. This b*tch comes out and starts screaming at me. I’m like just pack your stuff and go by 1 pm tomorrow. More screaming. I’m sitting and she’s standing. She slaps me clear across the face. I’m like WTF, what can I do in this situation, and I tell her to just pack her stuff and leave. Then she grabs my glass and throws it at my face. Ok. Enough is enough. I get up and she’s screaming at me and right in my face, so I push her, and hard, (I have a lot of martial arts experience) into her room and just close the door. Barrier between us. Fine. She blasts the door open and starts literally begging me to come kick her ass.
    This wasnt the first time. This was the third time she had begged me to kick her ass, screaming at me at the top of her lungs. But it was the first time she got physical. I told her just go into your bloody room and pack your things and leave tomorrow. She then grabbed a broom handle and attempted to attack me with it; which of course didn’t go over to well, I disarmed her in about a half a second and pushed her back into her room.
    Eventually I had to just call the cops myself. There I was, drenched in a rum and coke (my last drink in the whole f-ing house too and it was too late to buy any more), I’d been slapped, attacked with a broom handle, and screamed at for an hour.
    The problem in this situation was here I was, quite drunk after having a good night out, with this WOMAN physically attacking me with her bare hands and weapons of increasing power.
    I know full well the problem if the police arrived and I was defending myself. Somehow, this aggressive nut bar, because she has a vagina between her legs, would be able to accuse me of assault if she showed so much as a small bruise or a welt. Eventually, I just said screw it and went to sleep because the police took too long to call me back. They called me the next morning and I explained the situation and told them I wasnt even in the house. Luckily I have a good relationship with the police and a file of positive reports to them as long as my arm. Who knows what history this nut bar woman had, they were quite sympathetic.
    I’m not *for* hitting women. I agree entirely with the premise of this article. Women can’t go physically attacking men at will and then the men are suffering from a double standard where they are placing themselves at great risk of legal troubles when defending themselves.
    It was a conundrum that played out in hyperdrive in my drunken mind that night. I was getting verbally accosted, physically attacked, both with and without weapons, and I had to muster not only all of my self control to not react, but to think about what the best way to react would be to keep me from getting into trouble. I knew this hag would call the cops if I left the slightest scratch on her, that’s just the way that she is, she plays lots of games with the law.
    Really, what she deserved was a solid punch in the face, a broken nose and a few missing teeth. In the end all I got to do was front step in throw her into her room and onto her bed and try to keep her door closed to stop from being accosted further – and even that is risque because if I held the door shut I could be charged for forcible confinement. Its sickening that the best way to assague the police’s concern was to leave my own bloody house.
    If I didnt have such a good relationship with the police, the situation could have been really bad. Women need to be taught that you cant just go attacking people because your upset and you happen to have a vagina between your legs. How about a PSA for that.

    1. Install hidden cameras that record done. You have all the stance to protect yourself and even restrain her.

  38. This hits at deeper issues than just this. the entire justice system is fucked in this regard. take karate or something or a concealed carry class, they’ll cover this stuff pretty well.
    you cant keep beating someone if they are on the ground, thats a huge flag that gets you assault charges.
    also if its a man vs a man, they look at the size difference. a 300 lb man vs 130 lb. its almost completely assumed that if the 300 lb man doesnt go easy on the 130 lb man, hes committing assault. this same logic is amplified with women. In fact the 130 lb man vs a 130 lb woman, will actually be legally speaking a bit easier for that guy.
    even if the 300 lb man has a gun in his face, that still doesnt guarantee he has the right to beat that man or woman into the ground. its completely half backwards.
    some states are even worse(and some have thankfully passed laws to prevent it), but a guy can save someone in distress, and the person in distress can sue the one who saved them. this is straight up pure female logic to the extreme.
    some states even demand you need to show you have retreated first before you fight back. again against a woman, this problem is magnified.
    it really cannot be stated enough….you do not have a right to self defense anymore.
    this of course speaks to a larger problem….husbands used to be able to physically put their wives in place. I think everyone back then knew, the wife would shit test and go insane if left unchecked and needed to be put into place. Im not saying bruise the girl, but usually a good a punch to the face would stop her because she’d soon realize that she was physically outmatched. Women knew, if their shit testing hit critical mass, their husbands would beat their asses literally. Women today know men cant do that legally, and dont have the balls to do it anyway, and often times are weaker physically because they are so out of shape….because of this women shit testing has been left unchecked, and has hit critical mass.
    of course the average man today, gets winded getting up from the sofa….so not much to fear really.
    your mcdonalds video shoes this perfectly….no one cries foul when the girls jump the counter, but the man kicks them to the ground and everyone flips out. One gets back up and he beats her back to the ground.
    another problem it speaks to is we arent allowed to fight anymore….men used to be able to fight. Men can actually fight and remain friends( i know ive done it and seen other men do it).
    no Im not advocating a domestic violence epidemic….but women need to be reminded whos in charge.
    Like a miniature poodle I once had….and two big mastiffs. the mastiffs now they were younger by many years, and i guess respected the older poodle i dont know. But that poodle would always bark and get in their faces. One day, those mastiffs had enough. One of them snapped back and bit that little poodle. We the owners of these 3 dogs, quite frankly could not be mad at the mastiffs. Yes we didnt let them fight, the initial attack was good enough. the poodle learned her lesson mostly. She tried again to bark at them but all it took was a firm growl by the mastiffs to get her to shut the hell up.
    I think that story applies to what women need these days. Theyve been allowed to bark too damn long. They need a good smack across the head to keep them in line, after that a good flexing of the muscles should do.

  39. I thought the saying goes a “gentleman never hits a lady” – and lady is the word not a tantrum throwing adult woman, not a rude abusive woman, not a violent psychotic woman throwing things around the house smashing a guys car up or pouring acid on it – a lady who by definition is a woman who is refined, dignified and well mannered

  40. I can’t really foresee a circumstance where it would ever be necessary. I have been dating this awesome girl who is very very petite. A while ago, probably deservedly, she got really angry — very very rare — and started hitting me. In all honesty her punches were about as powerful as you’d hit your pillow to fluff it up. You can’t possibly justify hitting back against something like that. Just calm her down, see what the problem is, and solve it like a man.

  41. The way I see it is pretty simple—“DON’T BE A NAGGING BITCH AND YOU WON’T GET HIT IN THE FACE!”. Rayon McIntosh is my fucking hero!

  42. Bueno si bien, es cierto, desde ese punto de vista no podemos hablar de que exista igualdad de género cuando se llega a esos extremos cada vez más frecuentes, sin embargo la disparidad entre hombres y mujeres es muy grande y no podemos tratarlos por igual, aunque para algunas personas esto implique desprecio a un género concreto, es un tema delicado. Hay muchos tipos de violencia, y tanto mujeres como hombres pueden ser partícipes de esta, desgraciadamente si contextualizamos la violencia de género y nos remontamos a centenares de años atrás las mujeres eran las víctimas. (Hablo de la sociedad occidental en concreto, en el mundo islámico, por ejemplo, la trayectoria va en dirección contraria.) Ahora que la mujer tiene la consciencia de que tiene el mismo valor que un hombre, hace que se esté perdiendo el nicho social femenino que viene establecido de hace miles de años, (La mujer trabaja y ya no puede dedicarse enteramente al cuidado de la casa y los hijos, es el ejemplo más común.). Con esto no quiero justificar el uso de la violencia por parte de las mujeres, cosa que considero un problema de educación y muy grave. El uso de la violencia desde mi punto de vista puede justificarse muy pocas veces, por otra parte el daño físico que pueda ocasionar una mujer comparado con el daño físico que pueda ocasionar un hombre es, por lo general, exageradamente pequeño, o al menos es así como lo ve la gente. Por eso está tan mal visto.

  43. Bueno si bien, es cierto, desde ese punto de vista no podemos hablar de que exista igualdad de género cuando se llega a esos extremos cada vez más frecuentes, sin embargo la disparidad entre hombres y mujeres es muy grande y no podemos tratarlos por igual, aunque para algunas personas esto implique desprecio a un género concreto, es un tema delicado. Hay muchos tipos de violencia, y tanto mujeres como hombres pueden ser partícipes de esta, desgraciadamente si contextualizamos la violencia de género y nos remontamos a centenares de años atrás las mujeres eran las víctimas. (Hablo de la sociedad occidental en concreto, en el mundo islámico por ejemplo la trayectoria va en dirección contraria.) Ahora que la mujer tiene la consciencia de que tiene el mismo valor que un hombre, hace que se esté perdiendo el nicho social femenino que viene establecido de hace miles de años, (La mujer trabaja y ya no puede dedicarse enteramente al cuidado de la casa y los hijos, por ejemplo.). Con esto no quiero justificar el uso de la violencia por parte de las mujeres, cosa que considero un problema de educación y muy grave. El uso de la violencia desde mi punto de vista puede justificarse muy pocas veces, por otra parte el daño físico que pueda ocasionar una mujer comparado con el daño físico que pueda ocasionar un hombre es, por lo general, exageradamente pequeño, o al menos es así como lo ve la gente. Por eso está tan mal visto.

  44. I was taught to never hit a girl, but i was also taught to never let myself be taken advantage of or abused. In my entire life i have but hit, or rather rammed one girl into a wall. In middle school and she was one of my bullies. After that the teasing, insults and physical abuse ended. Had to do the same to some guys to end that also. Middle school was hell, but no one messed with this nerd again. As an adult i dont think being aggressive is the answer, but when talking, trying to walk away from the problem or ignore it dont work, whoever is provoking better be ready to deal with the consequences of their actions, regardless of their gender.

  45. Hitting a woman is as wrong as hitting a man
    both are human and they feel pain.
    whats the difference between a woman and a physically weak man?
    I give no credit to opponent as being man or woman, if its in self defense I defend myself and I dont care if that person has dick or not

  46. I know it was a few years ago, but I just read your article entitled: “The Myth of Never Hitting a Woman” and I am elated beyond expression. You have encapsulated what my inner self has struggled with (and instinctively knew) for years now. And I am happy to see so many men beginning to wake up to the feminist brainwashing they’ve been enduring through movies, media and culture. You’re article matured in me a feeling of relief that dispelled the nagging idea that I was on the “wrong” side of this issue…. thank you for your breath of fresh air. Unfortunately the trend of movie making seems to be dominated by the “Women hit and degrade men, but men must idolize and worship women” mindset. I hope we can change that. I love going to movies but these overwhelming above-mentioned themes drastically limit the choice I can go to and enjoy.

  47. Just a few more thoughts.
    The feminist idea that a man must try, at all costs, to restrain a woman
    rather than retaliate in like kind because he is bigger and stronger would not
    be acceptable in any other forms of physical interactions. For instance: If someone had a pet Yorkie and that Yorkie kept attacking a biting a German Shepherd, would you incarcerate the German Shepherd or put him to sleep if he attacked the Yorkie back? God, can’t we give the same considerations to a man that we would give to a dog?
    Also (and some have touched on this in their remarks) the greatest
    danger is from the “White Knight Manginas”…. These morons see it as a righteous cause to interfere in your argument if they feel you may be crossing the line!
    This is very dangerous because it instills in our societal thinking the
    idea that we must “police” each other in our actions. And this “policing mentality” is dangerous and easily prone to seepage. It has already crept into other human interactions…. “Did that older man just make a suggestive remark to that younger woman?”… ”I am going to call Child Protection because that woman just used what I feel was excessive force on her child”…. The list goes on… and is frightening. Feminists have made it unnecessary for Big Brother to use technology to control us, they are turning the people into the “Big Brother Camera”! Frightening indeed!

  48. I domt care about this article just i care about dont make itsoind like its normalto smack a child! its not and it is not good, never!

  49. Speaking of Manginas…
    Abusive cops, egged on by 100 fat white knights. Thank God this was caught on videotape. This guy might actually have a chance at Justice.

  50. Look it’s nvr hit a lady and theres not many of those left. Number 2 “women” in our society are a disaster, a disgrace period. It’s embarrassing what they’ve become but what’s more embarrassing (because I’m a male) is the fucking weak, soft, floppy armed, vapid, mentally retarded, never truly did any hard work males I see! And it’s getting rapidly worse every generation! If we have any chance of putting down this mob of mentally ill psychologically impaired (retarded) cunts. we need to stop watching football! Stop video fucking games! Stop bitching online! Stop blaming just “women” get out there build some muscle work hard be the best at whatever you do (not football or games) build climb fight God damit!! You’re so fucking ridiculous the fucking militaryis complaining you’re to stupid, deaf from music, fat!, not mentally equipped to defend your own nation!! You can’t even keep these cu#ts in line! Get off your fat ass and be a man you have been deceived your whole life! I don’t care to explain how but your a mess because that’s what they wanted u to be. Stop crying stop bitching and be the man your grandfather was or great grand father! Look to the past generations you fat lazy fucks!

    1. Tired of this shit! Get your God damn act together and help before we lose more then just our women! It’s a fucking side issue!!!!! (For now)

  51. I have three simple questions to all of those who say a man should not hit a woman back on the grounds of a difference in strength.
    1. If the man and woman are of equal strength, does this same rule apply?
    2. If the woman is stronger than the man in question, is she not allowed to hit him back if he strikes her?
    3. Is a body builder (regardless of gender) not allowed to hit back someone of average strength?
    Please give a simple and direct answer to these questions.

    1. I like your thinking, Cham… and to take it a step further… would these “mangina white knights” think it okay for a Toy Yorkie to continue to bite a Great Dane (with no recourse by the Great Dane) simply because the Great Dane is larger and stronger?…Man, all we are asking is the same rights you’d extend to a dog!!!

  52. Violence against anyone is illegal, unless it’s self defense right? So with that question out of the way, do some or a lot of women deserve to be hit? Absolutely.
    They basically have no rules to live by anymore, it’s okay to be a slut now, it’s okay to be a lying, disloyal, manipulative, criminal prostitute and drug addict now. Back in the days, or if you watch some of the older movies where women started acting crazy the man had to give them a little attitude adjustment, maybe a smack, a shove to the ground, shake, kick in the ass, or worst case scenario knock the bitch out and throw her over your shoulder and tuck her in goodnight.
    This should be a law that it’s okay to give them some discipline every once in awhile and also cut off the dick of anyone above six inches, maybe six and a half, seven is kinda pushing it though.

  53. I have studied Akido for many years and never did i have to use my skills to attack someone, i would just use words as a way of persuading the opposition to back down or it will end really bad for them if they didn’t. There has been several times in my life where a women would be upset with the way I talk with guys they use to date, and they felt like I was the same way, so every one of them would try and slap or punch me, but i would use a lethal force of just blocking the punch and slaps. If she was a violent person and known for violence, then i would up the level to a wrist lock or a thumb compress to her cheek which is very painful and at times can cause major damage to the skeletal muscles. So I discipline my attacker rather than hit whether it be a Man or a women.

  54. Eff that shite. To quote that gr8 busdriver who gave that skank hoodrat what she deserved: “You wanna act like a man, I’m gonna TREAT you like a man.” I don’t live in a world of ‘alternative facts’…If ANYONE lays hands on me, they’re going down. Plain and simple. Most of today’s ‘women’ are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They say they want equality–up until it has to do with either pregnancy, then its suddenly “Who cares what he wants, its MY body, MY decision.” or if they hit us first, then its “How could you hit a woman?? She’s just a helpless female!” Has anyone out there taken a good look at some of those testosterone-ridden rottweillers they’re passing off for ‘women’ these days?? Nassssty. When it comes to babies, if the guy didn’t want it and wants to talk to his woman about abortion or adoption, all the bitches say the same thing. “F*ck that. It’s MY body, the man can’t tell me what to do with it, its MY choice.” If they wanna keep the baby, they do. If they want to abort it–even if the guy wants to be a father–they just abort it. Don’t get it twisted: I’m not saying that the man should be able to force a woman’s decision–but don’t any of you idiot white knights think the man should at least have a goddam SAY in it?? Are we equals, or not?? Or are we only equals when SHE DECIDES to keep the kid you didn’t want and now takes you to court or jail to force you to pay up and ‘be a man’, step up to the plate, etc., ad nauseum. Been hearing this crap my whole life, and it pisses me off. Being ‘equals’ doesn’t mean the man has no rights until its time for him to empty his bank account for them. I’m over that shit. And white knights: YOU can do anything you want to do…If a skank punches you, go ahead and take the abuse, its your right to be a pussified idiot. But if a bitch takes a swing at me, she just entered the boxing ring…ding-ding! Gentlemen, don’t lose even more rights than the women have already taken from us…Never lay hands on a lady…but a true Lady won’t give you the reason, because she will have been raised correctly, and keep her hands to herself. Bitches ain’t ladies, tho’. If they insist on being abusive skanks, serve those bitches up. I’m loving the modern era, where more and more men aren’t having it anymore. You bitches want equality? –Here it is. POW!

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