5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

I probably don’t have to tell you just how important testosterone is to being a man. Healthy levels make us feel strong, confident, and aggressive. But lifestyle choices can and do affect just how much of the manly hormone we produce. Here are some tips for keeping your T levels high:

1. Forget “Testosterone Boosters”

I’ve been contacted by different supplement companies to see if I will promote a “testosterone booster” on my blog. I always ignore these requests. The reason is simple: I’ve yet to see any real scientific evidence (double-blind, placebo controlled studies) that any supplement actually increases levels of the manly hormone. I’ve seen these pills and powders come and go for over 20 years and none of them actually do anything except drain your wallet. I’ll be happy to change my mind if something hits the market that is backed by solid research, but in the meantime I’d recommend you save your money.

2. Stay Lean

High body fat levels in men are associated with low testosterone and high estrogen (a losing combination). This makes sense—a fat body will produce more estrogen than a lean one. You may rightly argue that causation and correlation are not the same thing, but the evidence suggest being overweight is the cause (not the effect) of low testosterone in most cases. One study measured the body fat and testosterone levels of 821 men over the span of 4.8 years. As expected, fatter subjects tended to have less favorable hormonal profiles. The researchers reached this conclusion:

“Longitudinal analyses showing no influence of baseline hormone levels on change in anthropometric measures imply that body composition affects hormone levels and not the reverse.”1

Is it possible to be too lean? Maybe. The calorie restrictions required to get down to 4-5% body fat may be just as bad for your T levels. One study tracked a drug-free bodybuilder as he dieted from 14% down to 4.5% body fat for a competition. His testosterone levels dropped and incredible 80%.2 This is one of the many reasons anabolic steroids are so popular among competitive bodybuilders.

You will look and feel better if you can maintain a reasonably lean physique (maybe 8-15% body fat).

Leaner Body=Higher T Levels

3. Sleep

Consistently getting a good night’s sleep is another way to make sure to keep your T levels high. One study measured the effects of sleep deprivation on the testosterone levels of ten healthy men. Their hormone levels were tested the first three days with ten-hour bedtimes (retiring at 10:00 p.m. and getting up at 8:00 a.m.). The men were then subjected to sleep deprivation, only getting a five-hour bedtime for the next eight nights. Their testosterone levels dropped anywhere from 10-15% as a result of the sleep deprivation. This is especially remarkable when you consider the mean age of the subjects was 24—what should be a peak as far as testosterone production is concerned. In other words, even young men are not immune from the effects of sleep deprivation.3

Here’s another bonus to sleeping well: it will help you stay lean. Losing sleep seems to cause several unfavorable changes as far as hormones that control appetite and fat loss. It makes you feel hungrier, making you more likely to eat too much.

4. Eat Broccoli

Broccoli is great because it is full of fiber and has virtually zero carbohydrates. These properties have made it a staple of bodybuilding diets for decades. But broccoli is also helpful for hormone balance and (indirectly) boosting your testosterone. Broccoli contains a phytochemical that helps to minimize the effect of estrogen in your body. These chemicals basically convert estrogen to “friendlier,” less potent form. The end result is higher levels of free testosterone.4

5. Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol use has been shown to have a negative impact on testosterone levels in several studies. The negative correlation between alcohol consumption and T levels is not completely understood, but here are a few things to consider:

1. Alcohol itself seems to have a direct (negative) impact on the production and/or synthesis of testosterone.

2. Alcohol abuse damages the sexual organs as well as the liver and other organs.

3. Some types of alcoholic beverages (such as bourbon, beer, and wine) are high in phytoestrogens–chemicals that mimic estrogen when ingested. Even “moderate” drinking levels have been shown to lower testosterone levels in some men.5


Let me give you some final words of advice:

I mentioned not spending your money on “testosterone boosters.” The same goes for most bodybuilding supplements. Stick with the basics: creatine monohydrate, protein powder, a multivitamin, and fish oil (you may want to add vitamin D3 if you don’t get much sun exposure or are dark-skinned). The same is true for “fat burner” supplements: most of them are overpriced caffeine tablets (there are a few exceptions which I have written about on my blog). Be skeptical of the hype when it comes to supplements.

Keep the “90% rule” in mind. I realize most of us can’t follow these tips 100% of the time. I’m not saying having a beer or pulling an all-nighter every once in a while is going to turn you into an effeminate, doughy beta-male. But what you do most of the time matters and will affect you for better or for worse. If you can follow these tips 90% of the time you should have great results.

One more thing: I’d advise you to get your testosterone levels tested while you are still young. This will give you a baseline to compare against as you age. If you need testosterone replacement therapy at some point you will have an idea of what your levels were in your peak.


1. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Apr 26. Sex Steroid Hormone Levels and Body Composition in Men.

2. Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2013 Feb 14. Natural Bodybuilding Competition Preparation and Recovery: A 12-Month Case Study.

3. JAMA. 2011 Jun 1;305(21):2173-4. Effect of 1 Week of Sleep Restriction on Testosterone Levels in Young Healthy Men

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  1. woahhh, so much new infos. Totally new argument never treated before on the manosphere. Never. Also, great tips and awesome secrets.

  2. What about supplements like aspartic acid and other off the shelf items? I can clearly feel the effect of them (side effects like deeper voice, etc also) but I’ll admit I haven’t had a T-level test when using them.

    1. Would higher testosterone actually lower your voice? It seems to me that this would be a function of the physical size of your voice box, and not something that would change with changing hormone levels. It’s possible you’re psyching yourself out.

      1. What? No, it does deepen the voice. I have experienced it before with well let’s just say “some type of testosterone”. Also In the morning when my natural test levels are higher, as I work out regularly.

        1. Voices are lower in the morning because of the combined effect of relaxation and widening of the vocal chords. I’m in a Gregorian chant schola, and we all notice that our voices are deeper and hit lower pitches in the morning, and that we have to work harder for high notes. The women notice this, just as much as the men. Asking a doctor about this phenomenon, we were told that the vocal chords widen slightly at night (since we are laying flat), and also become relaxed from lack of use.
          It’s a musical fact that wider/longer always produces lower notes (look at a violin and its strings vs. a double-bass, or penny fife vs. a bass flute, or even a pan flute with its pipes – or even men vs. women), so this seems like an accurate rationale to me. It is also true that higher notes are produced by higher frequencies of vibration – so chords that are relaxed in the morning, are going to produce lower vibrations at first. As you use your voice and the chords become taught again, the pitch raises.
          To be clear: I’m not saying for sure that fluctuations in hormones don’t effect your voice; I just doubt it very much and think that there are other explanations that entirely explain the phenomena you have experienced. None of that is to say that your testosterone supplements aren’t working. I’m just saying that you should probably rely on a more accurate and scientific way of gauging their effect. Your approach seems very subjective. Other people experience the same things, who are not lifting or taking steroids. I don’t think you’ll know, for sure, until you have the T-level test you mentioned.

  3. At 43, I’m finding doing dips and pull ups are doing the trick along with turkish get ups and meditation.

    1. I am intrigued and willing to try anything once. Tell us more about how the turkish getups increase testosterone.

      1. Alright mate. They stimulate major muscle groups through different plains of movement. There you go:

        1. I thought you meant some kind of turkish attire, like a fez.
          At my age I would blow a sphincter trying that move.

        2. Ah, you’ll be fine. Just try the move with no weight – hold your fist up in the air and see how you get on, then increase the weight slowly. I started doing them with just a house brick – fez is optional – cheers.

  4. The best way to boost your test is to regularly train legs. I did some heavy squats last week, even improved my pr. The next morning I woke up so horny even a car’s tailpipe seemed attractive.

      1. Yes, squats and even better DEADLIFT… do one warmup of 2 then a set of 5 HEAVY, you’ll be exhausted but at the same time a cat couldn’t scratch it!!!

    1. Imagine your ancestors watching you watch porn and masturbate. What would they think?

  5. The most scientifically tested and beneficial vegetables to include in your diet to promote testosterone development in males are known as Cruciferous Vegetables.
    This includes Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage and Cauliflower.
    Some other foods that help promote testosterone production in Males are:
    up to 3 egg yolks per day, milk, honey, garlic, lean meats, tuna, grapes, avocados, bananas, nuts, asparagus, pineapple, olive oil, celery, red meat, blueberries, oats, onions and citrus fruits to name a few.
    There are no supplements that compare to a healthy diet.

    1. Mmm Brussel sprouts on the grill drizzled in a bit of olive oil, sprikled with a little black pepper yum.

      1. Thanks for info. I have been eating broccoli raw, not the most tasty thing have ever ingested.

        1. Everything grilled tastes better. LIke he said with brussel sprouts. Even broccoli.

      1. if you can go for Coconut Milk, I get CocoQuench, claims to be clean and organic and got recommended by a Nutritionist I saw a while ago.
        The cleaner your diet the better the T-Levels, still have my pint of Guinness and dark reds, which for some reason with me works like a major booster when performance is required, only 2 glasses.

    2. Personally, I had fantastic success by eating approximately 2+ kg of red meat each week and 6 to 10 Brazil nuts before bed every evening. I’m no doctor, but I believe the goal is to have a high level of saturated fats in the blood stream while the body is producing its natural cholesterol – i.e. during deep sleep states.
      The increase in test. was noticeable after just a week, though eating a half-pound of filet mingon (High saturated fat concentration plus fucking tasty) every day could get pricey.

    3. Healthy saturated fats should be included on this list. From meat and dairy.

    1. Back when I was still a total blue-pill kissless virgin, I stopped jacking off and before I knew it I was blowing a load down the throat of a solid 9. No new knowledge, no conscious improvement to my game, just stopped jacking off and I got my first rotation going. Changes your whole vibe and people around you notice. The benefit cannot be overstated.

    2. All men need a release button. If you’re not having sex regularly, you have to jerk off.

      1. If you’re having a dry spell, I don’t think the occasional wank is a problem. Porn is the bad part. Shit fucks with your brain. Just Jack it to memory like the good old days.

      2. There’s a lot of truth in that. Not getting off adversely affects the brain up to a certain age. That’s why a lot of celibates have so many health and mental issues. Monks and Toaist TRY to stay celibate, but they fix their brains with meditation and attitude and excercise.

    3. I’m a believer in the fap free life but there hasn’t been any findings that test levels were increased by not jerking off or by having sex. I know there are other benefits but there doesn’t seem to be a correlation for raised t levels.
      In fact, long term abstinence actually lowers T levels.

    4. Seriously, you’re just blowing pure testosterone into the back of your toilet.

  6. Ouch, the drinking one kinda hurts. I keep my drinking limited to the weekends but I can
    1) drink all day Saturday and 2) drink a lot in a short amount of time

  7. You have some usefull tips, like get some sleep and stop drinking alcohol. But I think you missed some really important things like eating a nice amount of good fats, and doing heavy workouts with powerfull exercices like Squats.
    Testosterone boosters like ZMA and Tribulus do work. At least with ZMA I sleep much better, and that leads to more T. And with the Tribulus my beard grows twice as fast.

  8. Cold showers help as well. Boosts T, improves circulation, toughens the mind, doesn’t dry your skin out, helps get rid of lactic acid and swelling after lifting.

    1. a proper shower head that has a “mist” function to spread out the cold is most effective, also, Apple Cider Vinegar is good. You’ll find yourself waking up with a tent which means increased night-time arousal = higher testosterone.

    2. The famous “Samurai” warriors, used to go down to a cold Japanese river bank and pour freezing cold water on their heads to “spiritually” cleanse themselves, it really does work wonders for your mood, and nerves. That “tense” cold shock must be reached or you have failed. Cold showers also seem to trick the body into longevity through some odd effect on metabolism.

    3. Cold showers reduce your sex drive, your chi. They used to treat sexoholics with cold showers.

    4. I am a huge fan of cold showers! I take them daily for 5 minutes minimum. They also provide me with a great mood. Best while blasting 80s Heavy Metal!

    5. Plus if its cold and you have a cold shower, everything seems warm afterwards

  9. Cool article MuscleReview
    I am finally organizing my fitness routine by getting my fundamentals down (proper lifting techniques, keeping to schedule, simple exercises and not many) and trying to stick to them.
    This post will be saved into my fitness archive.
    Thanks for sharing. -dcl

  10. Why ROK is infested with old wives tales and half solutions in some areas is beyond me. If you actually want to increase test you will need need to go the self administered Rx route. Forget what media tells you, steroids don’t make you a bad person or a cheater. They are what they are, no more no less.

    1. I’ll be writing about steroids soon, and I don’t believe they are necessarily evil. But I have researched this article and I don’t think it is “old wives tales.”

      1. You cannot actually research the effectiveness of performance enhancing drugs on human beings. There has been no clinical research done which mirrors how they are used in various elite athletic endeavors. There never will be. Media perception of danger, debates around cheating, etc despite the fact that there would be a line up so long you wouldn’t be able to see the end of it. Can you imagine some prof at a university putting a group of subjects through a year long course of 10 ius a day of gh? Haha fights would break out to get on the list. Don’t look for academics in this areas, look to what practitioners are doing. Email Louie Simmons and ask the odds of a human being squatting 800 natural. Don’t believe what you want to believe, just look at what is really going on. It’s not good or bad, it just is what it is.

        1. There are some studies out, but they are very limited. As you stated, the current laws on steroids prevent research for the most part. I think there’s a doctor who is doing some research by simply tracking health parameters of volunteers who admit to using anabolic steroids. It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with.

    2. Quote: ” If you actually want to increase test you will need need to go the self administered Rx route”
      I’m suspicious of Rx because one can develop a dependency. Better IMHO that testosterone is generated naturally.

  11. I’m not sure the middle class, or what’s left of it, can afford beer any more.

  12. Good article.
    There is very little of use in the media about testosterone. The general wisdom among them seems to be that testosterone is bad and should be eliminated.
    Very good point about knowing your baseline testosterone from your 20’s. I have had mine checked 3 times in the past few years, but I don’t have a baseline. I think I might need testosterone, because I don’t have the drive I had before. But I test in the normal range so the stupid endocronologist will not give me any.
    My primary care physician, by the way, said that he does not even think a prescription should be required to get testosterone. I’m not sure where was coming from on that, but he is a pretty conservative doctor, not the type that easily hands out drugs. So, that made me wonder why it’s so damn hard to get.

    1. Because Americans are morons and have no perspective on drugs and their effects on the human body. Tobacco and alcohol, two of the deadliest drugs, are legal and pretty much everything else is restricted in one degree or another. It’s retarded.

    2. Quote: “about testosterone. The general wisdom among them seems to be that testosterone is bad and should be eliminated”
      That’s feminists propaganda talking in their campaign to emasculate all men.

    1. Agreed. Finding a reliable dealer is a different matter all together though…

      1. Having one overseas is convenient. I understand some of those online pharmacies are surprisingly reliable.

  13. Zinc and magnesium do increase testosterone and many studies show magnesium also inhibits estrogen production. D3 is extremely important. I live in Houston so obviously getting plenty of sunlight is not an issue. This past winter was unusually cold and cloudy. I noticed my energy level plummeted. I had blood panel done (everyone should have full blood panel did every six months, I have done every 4 months, make sure testosterone level is where needs to be and what I am lacking so can adjust supplementation accordingly), my D was a 33 (scale 32-100). I had been taking 2k mg a day. My internist told me some recent studies suggest low D is genetic (I spoke with cousin the next day, her level was a 9, interesting). I have been taking 10k a day, getting 1 hour of sun a day (more on weekend) in 4 months have increased to 69, feeling much better, strength and focus back.

      1. Agreed, studies differ. I recently cut back on zinc after doing some research. I have read the article you reference. Agreed, when my vit D level was at 33 it was 25% lower than blood test taken four months previous which accounted for my lethargy.

  14. Any ideas on sleep aids/supplements? I have tried everything from melatonin to chamomile and still have trouble with periodic insomnia. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    1. Have you tried Hops leaves, the stuff they put in beer? Has worked for me in the past. Health/brewing shops in the UK sell them.

    2. I had success overcoming insomnia by increasing the amount of calories I eat (and lifting 3 times per week). Give it a try!

      1. Thanks, I appreciate the tip. I am taking off tomorrow, do a week of backpacking. I have done so in the past, seems to reset circadian rhythm.

      1. I have. It works for 2 weeks than law of diminishing returns kicks in, I use to cycle it but now it is pretty much ineffective. I am leaving tomorrow to do week of backpacking, it seems to reset my circadian rhythm. Thanks for suggestion.

    3. Step 1: Watch the documentary “In Pot We Trust.”
      Step 2: Find a cannabis dealer you can make friends with. Shady characters are out of the question.
      Step 3: Smoke in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep.
      Step 4: Exercise and fuck regularly.

  15. I would also add fasting. It helps to boost hormone levels during the day.

    1. -The anti-BPA hype on the internet is absurd. One would need to start gnawing on plastic containers for hours on end to yield a sufficiently risky dosage. Unless you are a baby, BPA is of no concern.
      “In 2011, Andrew Wadge, the chief scientist of the UKs Food Standards Agency, commented on a 2011 US study on dietary exposure of adult humans to BPA, saying, “This corroborates other independent studies and adds to the evidence that BPA is rapidly absorbed, detoxified, and eliminated from humans – therefore is not a health concern.””
      -The liver filters out consumed toxins and a small but notable amount of residual toxins are present in it at any given time. There’s a reason why liver is cheap, it’s the part of the cow most vulnerable to contamination and toxicity.
      -“Testosterone concentrations in seven normal men were consistently higher after ten days on a high carbohydrate diet (468 +/- 34 ng/dl, mean +/- S.E.) than during a high protein diet (371 +/- 23 ng/dl, p less than 0.05)” – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3573976
      -“Testosterone concentrations in seven normal men were consistently higher after ten days on a high carbohydrate diet (468 +/- 34 ng/dl, mean +/- S.E.) than during a high protein diet (371 +/- 23 ng/dl, p less than 0.05)” – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3573976

      1. Those test levels, which are being palmed off as normal, are ridiculously low.
        You can laugh off BPAs in men but the fact is over that over the last 60+ years, average testosterone levels have gone down and estrogen levels have risen.
        No you don’t have to gnaw on plastic bottles to get a dose of BPAs, it’s enough for that container to have warmed up in transit for it to release BPAs into whatever is in the container.

  16. Too much exercise increases cortisol and this leads to lowered testosterone levels. So rule is lower repetitions, higher load and shorter workouts altogether.
    Running is the worst exercise. Men who run a lot produce daughters.
    I find I get most manly and freakishly horny after I do some tree chopping and walk barefoot on the snow back home. I usually buttfuck my wife after that and she screams and bleeds with pleasure.

    1. Running is the worst exercise? Smells like broscience.
      A standard running program (<30 miles per week) will make you more fertile, leaner and live longer.
      Also, without running/cycling/cardio, the only way to achieve truly lean gains is to start dabbling in clen.

    2. Yeah and careful with coffee. I used to drink a pot a day. Makes your cortisol go nuts.

  17. It humors me when people cite sources on this web page. I don’t know why, it just does.

  18. I think ZMA works (zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6). I started using it and I after a week or two I became unbelievably horny. Despite jacking off daily I would get erections talking to ugly women. And no placebo effect; I wasn’t expecting this to happen and was actually unsure what was casuign it for a while. Sure enough, I stopped using it, horniness declined, started using again and it came back.

  19. Do a little yoga and your orgasms will be more intense, pomagranate makes your boners harder too

  20. I fuckin’ hate alcohol (and tobacco).
    It does not surprise me that corporate and factory work cultures promote the consumption of alcohol by forcefully socializing employees and imposing profit-oriented cultures on them through alcohol-sugar-tobacco-and-coffee-based after-work gatherings and social events.
    Your bosses are drugging you into obedient workers. Alcoholic men and women are violent, selfish and greedy. And this is exactly what the rich and powerful need to keep everyone producing, administering, selling and delivering worthless products and services.
    I think we need a revolution. Down with the multinational corporations, the privately owned central banks and the occupation armies all around the world.

    1. OTOH to me, a couple glasses of wine with dinner after a long day working in my studio is very pleasant.
      And an occasional cigar is also wonderful.
      I think you might need to calm down a bit pal.

  21. No more cell phone in the pocket irradiating your nuts(likely the reason even 20 year olds in Europe half half the Test of their grandfathers), zinc reduces Test to Estrogen conversion..dropped my estrogen about 20%, Eat enough cholesterol (Test precursor).

  22. You forgot the most useful. Lift heavy. Training the “big 3” lifts, squat, bench press, deadlift with multiples of your body weight increases LBM and testosteone. Plus, the ladies love a muscular man, no matter what they say

  23. Male bodies can;t produce any estrogen as we don’t have ovaries, who ever wrote this is a fucking moron.

    1. You’re obviously not taking your KRATOM. In men a portion of testosterone is converted in into estradiol (estrogen).

    2. A male brain converts testosterone to estrogen within the area. Aromatization is the process. The effects of estrogen is responsible for the male mind. Females have a protein that binds with estrogen in the brain, rendering the effects useless.
      Ovaries have to make testosterone before they can make estrogen. Females definitely don’t create as much testosterone as males, most is used up in the creation of estrogen. Different strokes for different folks.
      The idea of men possessing high estrogen and low testosterone is rather silly. If a man has low testosterone, he’s likely not making much estrogen either.

  24. Also, avoid sugar, aspartame, and anything with soy in it!!! Those are big estrogen boosters….

  25. Tribulis terristus by Standard Process. highest quality there is. 4-5 days on…one a day. 2-3 days off. You’re welcome.

  26. 1. Deadlift
    2. Have regular sex with attractive women.
    3. Plenty of sleep
    4. Proper protein rich diet.
    5. Compete once a week with other men in anything ( golf, football, running, swimming, hell…even chess….competition is good for T)

  27. I’m not sure about this… I sleep around 5h, drink plenty of alcohol and I know I’m damn fertile.

  28. Drinking less alcohol is a toughie. Like my red wine with dinner at the end of the day. About 2 glasses.

  29. Tongkat ali…a.k.a. pasak bumi. Works great…but you need to find reliable source (many fakes online, or too-low-dosed products). Increases volume of jizz, too.

      1. I get dried drug directly from a friend from Indonesia…make an extract myself…dry it and fill it in capsules for my personal use. With online stuff take care if it is concentrated extract (go for the strongest available…no fear of overdose), and not just powdered plant. Namely, You will have to take well over 40 grams daily of the latter…which is unpractical.

      1. Kratom and its opiate, mitragynine, has nothing in common with E. longifolia and its eurycomanol, eurycomanone, and eurycomalactone. And yes…it does increase the quantity of ejaculate.
        As for grammar/slang – Nazis, I can just say: “Heil Oxford”! ;))

    1. On Kratom you don’t need sleep, you can booze every night, eat soy products and grains, jack off to porn 3 times daily, do zero exercise, inject estrogen, and you’ll still have more T than some fool who abstains from KRATOM.

  30. Nice. I am taking a “fat burner” though, its called XtraSlim from tonvara.com , do you know anything about this product?

  31. D-Aspartic Acid is a natural test booster that works. Maybe it doesn’t work for you, but I suggest that you try it out once. It’s only $20 for a 90 capsule bottle. “D-Aspartic acid may also increase human growth hormone output. When using D-Aspartic acid, animal studies reveal high concentrations of endogenous NMDA (N-methyl-d-aspartic acid) in the brain. D-Aspartic acid is converted into NMDA which enhances the release of Growth Hormone Release Hormone (GHRH) and Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), also known as luteinizing-hormone releasing hormone (LHRH). GHRH does exactly what is sounds like, releasing growth hormone into the body. The benefits of human growth hormone are certainly very advantageous to athletes and bodybuilders.”

  32. Estrogen cannot be created without testosterone. The body creates estrogen compounds with a mixture of androstenedione and testosterone.
    (Testosterone itself is created solely with androstenedione.)
    It’s actually the effects of estrogen hitting the male brain that leads to masculization of the brain. Aromatization of testosterone in the male brain converts it to estrogen, the estrogen is never binded as alpha-fetoprotein is absent. Females have a different brain system, in their brain alpha-fetoprotein binds with estrogen rendering it useless with no effect on the brain.
    Pills like that are a bunch of crock.

  33. Also, if you are serious about aiding the production of test, start looking into eating eggs and bacon for breakfast everyday. The body cannot make any sex hormone without cholesterol, the stuff found in eggs and bacon. Cholesterol is the ultimate precursor. Cholesterol is not ‘unhealthy’ like the media would have you think. Even doctors are beginning to rethink suggestions that patients cut out cholesterol as a heart disease prevention method.
    If you don’t have enough cholesterol in your body, your body cannot make high levels of testosterone. It is the building block the body requires. Cholesterol-free diets can run havoc on human hormones.

  34. I increase mine with Taoist Chi Kung. No special diet or supplements, just meditation and special exercises a half hour a day. It works.

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