The Beginning Of The End For The UFC

Women to pummel themselves in the octagon

UFC president Dana White tells he’s working on a female division of the UFC, largely because of Rousey’s influence.

“It’s absolutely going to happen,” White said Tuesday of the women’s division.

Why are women obsessed with male activities? You don’t see guys begging to get into knitting clubs, or whatever it is that women do. What’s going to happen to the UFC is that women who are 20% as skilled as men will be lauded by the media as heroes and trailblazers, but will end up making most of their money through sexy spreads in magazines. The easiest path for women to riches is to present themselves as sex objects. For men, it’s to be skilled.

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  1. Usually whenever a female enters a male activity as an activity (not as eye candy or relief) the activity withers away.
    There is one exception – prostitution.
    I bet those UFC chicks fuck like champs.

    1. Yeah, I’ll bet they do.
      I just hope you like being on the bottom, because these girls will sooner cut your head off with a hunting knife then let you take the top, bitch boyeeeee.
      And I hope you like being forced to call her, “daddy”, too. A lot of tough chicks like to do that kind of shit to men they perceive as weak. The Nice Guys, basically.
      So you better get your tough guy swagger on or you’re gonna suffer.
      Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

  2. I don’t think this one is so straightforward. This is in no way a “moment for women.” If you think the UFC is doing this for equality you’re way off. They’re doing it because Rounda Rousey *is* beautiful and *is* skilled and *is* feminine. Therefore people, mostly men, want to watch her.
    MMA women are not like the screeching feminist harpies you constantly rail on. MMA requires them to be in great physical shape, to put in lots of hard hours training, and to face the brutal reality that they will never be as strong as most guys every time they spar or grapple. All of these things are toxic to feminists, whose world is based off of entitlement and laziness. Plus, MMA chicks are constantly surrounded by hardass alpha male types.
    I’m not saying they’re the most feminine, but I’d rather have a woman who stays in great shape and hangs out with tough guys than a woman who sits at home scarfing down chipotle while beta males stroke her ego on facebook.

    1. I agree. These women earned these bodies. And I don’t think they will brook feminism stupidity very well. “Whaddya mean he’s giving you the ‘male gaze?’ Quit being a whiner, get off your fat ass and go kick his ass if it offends you so much.”
      Having said that, hypergamy doesn’t care if she owns a hot MMA kick-ass smoking body.

      1. “Whaddya mean he’s giving you the ‘male gaze?’ Quit being a whiner, get off your fat ass and go kick his ass if it offends you so much.”
        Oh yeah, these MMA chicks are so much better than their non-tough-chick counterparts.
        “Who fucking cares if he deserves a beating?! If his looking at you is making you uncomfortable, that’s reason enough! Now go kick his ass!”
        Oh yeah, that is SO much better!

    2. “I’m not saying they’re the most feminine, but I’d rather have a woman who stays in great shape and hangs out with tough guys than a woman who sits at home scarfing down chipotle while beta males stroke her ego on facebook.”

      This would be a decent post if it didn’t depend on this obviously false dichotomy.

      1. I wasn’t trying to say that those were the only two alternatives or that men should prefer MMA chicks over slender, feminine women. What I was trying to say is that MMA chicks are preferable to the standard issue SWPL she-beasts that are roaming our cities today due to being less entitled and more physically fit.
        Now would I advise women to take up MMA? Hell no. It’s an inherently masculine activity and there’s plenty of other things they can do to get in shape that will also instill a little humility.

    3. Feminine? If that is your definition of feminine you need to reconsider your sexuality. Anti-femininst? This dyke is claiming she could beat Mayweather. I wish he would stoop to cling the dummies out and showing the world what a fraud it is and Dana White.

  3. Won’t be watching them, wouldn’t want to marry them. Would be fun challenge to date just to observe the ensuing cognitive dissonance
    Something about violent women doesn’t sit right

    1. You wanna know why it doesn’t sit right? Because ninety percent of the time, those women eventually come to view men with even MORE contempt than they ever did before.
      Most of these badass chicks, at best, RESPECT men, but they will never ADORE men. There’s a difference between respect and adoration. These women, at best, will respect a man (or even several men) but will never adore one.
      And the problem only gets worse once they enter the violent world of the arena. NONE of them ever come outright and say, “I adore this guy and that guy.”
      These women adore other women. They adore their fellow female MMA fighters. They adore pitbulls, they adore animals, they may even adore some non-tough-chick type girls.
      But they will never adore a man. Not even one.
      Only respect them. BIG difference, people, and a very glaring difference at that.
      And men know this. Even if only on a subconscious level. None of these women adore the men they’re joining. They only respect them. No adoration for men anywhere, maldita seas!
      And this is when the situation is at its LEAST TOXIC.
      Now you know why women’s sports are so unpopular. You got these women everywhere who, at best, marginally respect men while adoring just about everybody else who aren’t men and, at worst, women who absolutely hate men and want to rub men’s nose in it while loving and adoring just about everybody else who aren’t men.

  4. From a purely technical point of view, I quite like women’s MMA. Every fight I’ve seen has been fucking fast and vicious. In the book Meditations on Violence, the author points out that because physical violence as a contest of egos is not natural for women, they have less sense of when to stop. Therefore, if you piss off a woman, you have to defuse her or GTFO ASAP. Dangerous in the real world at a personal level, but awesome in the cage.

    1. I was actually in the stands for the Rousey/Tate fight. I was there to watch a guy on the undercard, but glad I stayed. Technical is right on; Ronda’s Judo is unreal and I can’t think of another fighter who uses it so successfully in the cage.

    1. I love all the manginas who come here and try to tell us we are insecure for flexing our masculinity.

    What bothers most people about Rousey is the cocky, badass wannabe attitude and saying stuff like she could been Cain Velasquez on a good day and sell more movie tickets than Dwayne Johnson… Sure, she is pretty much unbeatable in the women division but that is mostly because the level of talent in that division is at amateur level at best. Heck she’s beating everyone with Judo and armbars alone. That would never work in the male division and any guy at any weight class would make her look like a 6-year old trying out her judo moves on it’s parents… just like in this video actually.

  6. Two “girl power” type feminist cunts with nice bodies, half naked beating the shit out of each-other? Call me crazy, but I don’t see what there is not to like.
    And this will not be the beginning of the end of anything. This, like most women’s sports, will just be a sideshow circus freak attraction to the main event, the men’s fights.
    Sorry, but I can’t take any woman playing a sport that doesn’t focus on form and or grace seriously.

  7. And you don’t think the male fighters don’t use their physique to draw attention to themselves Roosh? I mean, while the female form is more appealing to the public, it’s just partly the skills that the males exhibit that attract crowds. After all, we all want to look like them and females want to have them.

  8. I love UFC and MMA in general, but everybody knows that Dana White will make penguins fighting to make an additional buck. I´m sure that White and the Ferttitas bros. are not interested in any kind of feminist agenda, they just think there is a business niche in two women figthing each other. Just avoid watching or buying female MMA and in a couple of years there won´t be female MMA. It´s just a business.

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