How Roosh V Won The Battle Of Montreal

The Battle of Montreal is now over.

In simplest terms, the fight involved the following two opposing forces: Roosh V and his organization, and the collection of social justice warriors (SJWs) loosely organized around feminist activist Aurelie Nix. The battle itself raged for about four days from August 6 to August 9, with some preliminary salvoes before, and some aftershocks after. Now that the dust has settled, it is possible to draw some conclusions.

The first and most important conclusion was that Roosh V delivered the SJW side a decisive defeat. The SJWs failed in both of their stated objectives:

(1) They failed to prevent Roosh V from arriving in Montreal, and

(2) They failed in their stated desire to stop Roosh from delivering his “State of Man” lecture.


The seismic effects of this victory will continue to be felt for some time. The huge media publicity surrounding the battle ensures that Roosh will emerge from this contest stronger than ever, with his neomasculist message more disseminated than ever.

How did this result come about?  The goal of this article is to examine the various phases of the campaign, to see how each contributed to the end result.

Phase 1: The Intelligence War

The Montreal lecture was the second to the last stop in Roosh’s State of Man World Tour. He had previously delivered his lecture without incident in Berlin, London, Washington D.C., and New York City. The subject matter of the lecture was masculine self-improvement in general, with an emphasis on the principles of Neomasculinity.

In short, it was an informational lecture that was neither illegal, nor “offensive”, nor “hateful” in any way. The fact that no other city had the slightest problem with the lecture verifies this fact.

Montreal, however, was different. A radical clique of feminist SJWs, emboldened and enabled by the Canadian media, decided for themselves that that their fellow citizens should not be permitted to hear Roosh speak. The mentality is by now so expected as to pass nearly without comment.

The first phase of the battle involved a thorough preparation by the Roosh V organization. Articles were published describing the principles needed for success in the high-tempo world of informational warfare. The Roosh V organization internalized these lessons and readied themselves for the road ahead. The opposing side clearly did not.

Roosh V operatives scoured the city to explore the most favorable venues to host the lecture. A detailed risk assessment was made regarding the potential for hostile action. Informants and confidential sources inside the SJW ranks were activated and provided useful information as part of the advance studies.

The decision-making process proceeded in the following five stages: (1) assessing the situation; (2) assessing the mission; (3) planning the actual execution; (4) organizing the administration and logistics; (5) organizing the command and signals. What emerges from this is the meticulous, exhaustive advance planning that contributed directly to the ultimate victory.

Simply put, Roosh and his organization outworked, outfought, and outcycled the opposition by orders of magnitude.

Phase 2: The Information War


In modern conflicts, it is critical to master the informational terrain, and Roosh understood this in a way that the other side did not. He was always able to stay a step ahead of the enemy, getting inside their decision-making cycle in ways that contributed to their ultimate collapse.

The battle proper began when Sara Parker-Toulson launched a petition drive on to block Roosh from entry into Canada. A similar petition campaign was begun on Facebook by another SJW.  A SJW radical named Vlad Vorontsov threatened to “shut down” the lecture the Facebook page coordinating these efforts.

In an incredibly rapid mobilization of his electronic resources, the Roosh V organization sprang into action. They understood that, since the media would always take the side of the SJW radicals, they needed to seize the initiative and expose the SJW threats and smears. Those threats needed to be documented, so that the world would know who was the aggressor.

It was this electronic blitz that the SJWs were simply unprepared for and unable to cope with. After the Return of Kings article on Vlad Vorontsov’s plans was published, other articles followed that documented the lies and smears of other SJWs. The lies of Aurelie Nix and her associates were revealed for all the world.

They responded by curling up into the fetal position, shutting down their accounts and sites, and playing the well-practiced role of the victim. This, from the people who had started the aggression in the first place.

But this was not all. The media coverage of the battle by the CBC was shockingly distorted in favor of the SJW side. Roosh never even bothered to court the media, knowing that it was a rigged game that he could never win. Instead, he activated his own media nodes: Return of Kings, Twitter, and the Roosh V Forum. These media nodes conducted an around-the-clock, nonstop series of responses to the SJW lies and threats. Additional resources were also mobilized, and were standing by as auxiliaries, but turned out to be unnecessary.

Article followed article, the world was kept informed of the enemy’s true actions and character. Everything published was based on the actual statements of SJWs, or on included photos that SJWs themselves had already released. In short, Roosh was able to outcycle the pace of the enemy’s operations by maintaining a much faster pace.

Collapse of the SJW side was induced when the pace became unbearable for them; and when it became clear that the SJW side was unable to generate any momentum, their defeat became almost inevitable.

The SJW side was undisciplined, lacking in focus, and patently dishonest, and these qualities certainly contributed to their loss. All they could do was cherry-pick satirical statements made by Roosh in a pathetic attempt to show that he promoted “hate speech.” They tried to play the victim, when their own actions and statements proved that they were the victimizers.

Phase 3: The Ground Campaign


The ground campaign included the events on August 8, the day of the actual lecture. It was here that the operational art of the Roosh V organization proved its professionalism. Scouts were sent out to select various locations; meanwhile, misleading information was fed to the enemy to cause them to waste time and resources in pointless goose-chases around the city.

Communications systems were tightened and standardized. An entirely novel method of personnel movement was designed just for the lecture (which for security reasons cannot be fully disclosed at this time).

In tandem with this, waves of disinformation were funneled to the enemy to confuse, confound, and frustrate them. The tight coordination between the mobile Roosh V teams meant that any obstacles encountered were quickly overcome.

The lecture went off even better than planned. In fact, turned out to be a combination lecture and dinner banquet.

Despite attempts to sugar-coat the bitterness of the defeat, it is beyond question that the Battle of Montreal was a crushing victory for the Roosh V organization. Its trajectory and details will likely be studied for years to come.

Not only did the SJWs fail in all of their stated objectives, but even worse, they began to turn on each other when the magnitude of the defeat became apparent. Groups of trouble-makers that had been sent out to harass and disrupt the lecture wandered aimlessly around the city, tweeting petulant messages at each other.


Like wounded beasts blinded with impotent rage, all they could do was resort to violence by throwing drinks at Roosh in a bar after the lecture. Those who hold themselves out as angels were exposed as being the bullies and aggressors that they are. It was a pathetic spectacle, but not entirely unexpected. Steps were taken to defuse the situation, and not fall for the SJW provocation. And that was the end of that.

Lessons Learned

The lessons learned are clear:

1. Document every instance of the enemy’s threats and lies, so that awareness of these things can be disseminated. The mainstream media is corrupt and actively colludes with the enemy.

2. Ride out the airstrikes, fire back unrelentingly, and keep the operational tempo high.

3. Press every advantage and always be one step ahead of the enemy.

All in all, it is clear that this was the most significant free speech battle in North America in decades, probably since the 1960s. At every stage of the engagement, the Roosh V organization showed a remarkable adroitness and ability to be everywhere at once. The SJW side underestimated this capability.

The battle now moves to Toronto.

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284 thoughts on “How Roosh V Won The Battle Of Montreal”

    1. What I find interesting is the fundamental contradiction inherent in the SJW philosophy. They will be the first to champion free speech… except when they don’t like it and so it must be crushed. The fact is, it is unpopular speech that must be free, no matter the content, otherwise you have no free speech at all.

        1. Yupp…. “If you don’t think, what I think. Then you are a white right-wing racist militia man, homophobes, misogynistic male chauvinistic pig ”
          I think that cover all ?

        2. And don’t forget my personal favorite; shit lord. I have never been able to locate a definition of shit lord. Leaving all words undefined works for them because then they can mean what ever they want them to mean, just like the Cheshire cat.

      1. Their philosophy is on the lines of “you can say what you want as long as we allow it”

        1. Like Henry Ford’s Model T. You can have it in any color you want as long as it’s black.

        2. theyll trash talk about how we have freedom of speech unlike iran yet they dont see their hypocrisy. In after seeing Larry king interview Ahmdenjiad, Id say hes more sane then any politicans and sjw here.

        3. That’s exactly right. I am master of my own life and make my own rules. Why would I have it any other way? We get our satisfaction from self determination here, not from being mindless drones and useful idiots for some Marxist cult of mediocrity.

      2. They’re the manifestation of the biblical ‘noticing the wood speck in someone else’s eye but ignoring the tree trunk sticking out of their own eye’.

        1. True. Extremes on both ends of the spectrum like to play the ban game. The problem is that the SJWs have so much more influence currently in the political houses of power. So conservative ban nazis are mostly relegated to banning people on Internet forums.

        2. more like liberals – I think poor people are people, or like institutional racism is real

        3. Things liberals want to ban: Guns, hurt feelings, white people
          Things conservatives want to ban: Sanctuary cities, Murdering babies and selling their body parts for new-car money
          You know, whatever.

        4. Yes but liberals always puts on the face of “we are fair and equal” than they go and go for their interests and ignore or reject the interests of others.
          Biggest reason I stopped siding with them, they want me to support their interests while ignoring or rejecting mine.
          And seriously they want to completely control the government and the government control people that do not follow their interests what tyranny

        5. They want us to pay for their transsexual operations, injecting FTM transsexuals with steroids while banning steroids to anyone else their excuse being that it harms the body well isn’t that what transsexuals injecting on themselves?

        6. Yes, I do find that interesting that they’re being allowed access to restricted hormones based on “medical feels.” If a person feels they would be more “comfortable in their body” with more muscles, why should steroids be forbidden to them? Just because they want to keep their dick?
          I suppose if anyone wanted to argue it to the Supreme Court this could be challenged as discrimination. Assuming normal white people with their genitals intact still have any legal protections in liberal courts, of course.

      3. They are also the first to attack and harass someone and then cry “harassment” if their target responds.

        1. Exactly. This has been by the way the same strategy used by the worst criminals throughout history.

        1. You don’t seem to be the brightest of the bunch either, if you don’t mind me saying

        2. Well thought out. Bob is black and he is a potential voter (UK). Aren’t you supposed to be kissing his butt?

      4. The petrie dish for that was the anti-racist punk movement, where they’d take “Direct action” or whatever the fuck and try to physically disrupt any activity that didn’t conform to their rulebook.
        Liberals have become the ultimate fascists.

      5. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say anything. It was initially brought to the public at large as a way to criticise the ruling government without getting shot. Now hate groups use this concept to spout hatred. that’s not what free speech is, and it never has been.

        1. That is precisely what free speech is. Who decides what “hate speech” is? You? The SJWs consider Roosh’s arguments to be “hate speech”. Thus, should Roosh be banned from speaking to people who agree with him?

        2. Hate speech is where you wish harm on other people. Like saying: all people with blue eyes and green hair should die. That kind of thing. that’s not free speech. If hate speech is included in the definition of free speech, that means bullying is legal. Except…. it isn’t. If hate speech is free speech, that means death threats are legal. Except they aren’t. First and foremost comes the respect of human life and human rights. Then you can say what you want.
          I am also a free individual. I can do what I want and go where I want. However, should I decide to kill someone, I’d very quickly find out my freedom has certain limitations. As it should be.

        3. People are on here saying stuff like that all the time. Sticks and stones…
          You cannot stop me from thinking something. It is furthermore irrational to tell me I cannot give voice to my thoughts, on private property, to like minded individuals. If I hate redheads and want to tell my friends this in my house, that is my right. The moment you start telling me what I can say in my own home we no longer have freedom of any sort.

        4. But if you say it online to the rest of the world, you have a problem. That is what many people aren’t realising today. We talk on the internet the way we talk in our own homes, and are then surprised when one day the police comes knocking on your door because you made a joke about bombing an airport just because it won’t stop snowing.
          And yes, sadly the latter has happened. Why? Because if it was ignored and taken as a joke, and the guy really did bomb the place, a lot of people would have died, and a lot of people would have lost their jobs. Say something in public, it will always be taken as more serious.

        5. You’d pretty much have to be like a politician. The eye is always on you. When no one can hear you (except friends), say whatever the hell you like. Because you can trust those friends. But online, everyone can hear you. and if you say something which is disrespectful to another group, it may very well come back and haunt you. If you say something violent or aggressive, you may find yourself even arrested.
          Politicians get into trouble all the time for saying stupid stuff. an ordinary member of the public posting stuff on the internet, it’s a bit like being a politician. You’re not allowed your own views, only the accepted views of society or those views which challenge injustices within society, or those view which advance society. Luckily, for the most part, the accepted views of society are: respect other people. It could have been worse.

        6. If the police cannot tell the difference between a joke and an actual threat we are in real trouble.
          The reason they went after that guy was because they could. They didn’t need to prosecute that guy. It was an obvious joke. Ruining a man’s life for something that might happen is pure evil.

        7. What’s funny is I only heard liberals say that. They also seem to love to go into detail about who they rape and mutilate. Their bloodthirsty thoughts result of weak minded mentally disturbed folks probably with an abusive girlfriend or wife

      6. Agreed, the people over at cbc are saying that they think roosh is a sjw. They claim he is arguing in favour of a cause that is social, and involves justice. It is a point that has some credence at least at face value, that I would like to see Roosh V address though.

  1. The F5 key got some serious use over the weekend on the forum threads. My hat is off to you for standing your ground and shining a light on how weak the SJWs really are. Their toxic discourse can only grow if noone opposes it, and you did. You won that battle by proxy for all of us.

  2. Congratulations!
    I’m one of the guests following the forum since yesterday.
    Again: congratulations and thanks to all involved!
    Have fun and trounce them in Toronto too.
    Respectfully …

  3. Let the Roosh V crusade against the SJW and feminists scum of Canada continue on gloriously. Roosh has shown that the ultra left in Canada is not invincible and they can be hurt. May another splendid victory be achieved soon in Toronto.

      1. Let’s wait and see how feminists will deal with Roosh’s climax (pun not totally unintended).

  4. Roosh has proved that if you stand up to SJWs and don’t back down from delivering the truth they’re pussies.

  5. Respect!
    Congratulations to Roosh and everyone who made it happen.
    Regarding point 2: I don’t know how infiltrating the social media like twitter and facebook worked out, or how large its contribution to the victory was, though. If this will occur more in the future, my humble opinion is that we should all collectively create fake twitter and facebook accounts. A fake account can be easily detected (like having no friends), but if we play it smart, I think we can really take these SJWs along the path and gather a huge amount of information:
    – wait a few months after the creation of the account before going into battle
    – post during that time each week or regularly something progressive or something a SJW would write and comment on each other posts
    – use their language in comments on other posts
    – by collectively creating fake accounts, one can collectively make ‘friends’.
    – go to one of their meetings/protests, make ‘friends’ with them, ask them to add you to their online friends or vice versa, broadening your online social circle even more
    The latter 2 will suppress any suspicion that the accounts could be fake, which makes it much easier to gain their trust and thus extract the necessary information.
    Anyone can do this, no matter where you live.

    1. Great idea! Everyone on here should come up with a bullshit online snowflake name like Auriel Nix and cut and paste anything from google that makes you look like an imaginary gender fluid/ free fairy such as Auriel Nix and her misguided ilk.

        1. omg this is so insensitive it is not even funny. like not even. omg omg, I bet you have a big car too? Cuz you think it will make up for your slightly below average sized penis you cant stop worrying about

        2. Wow, Lib you have that classic SJW train of thought nailed.How everything is about compensating for a small cock .Great name too.Im gonna work on my SJW name and come up with a good avatar.

        3. lol. now now libby, stop projecting. Your failure to grow a penis is your own problem.
          and something for us to laugh at.

    2. I don’t see anything to gain via social media, so to me the only reason to be on it is if you have a fake account.
      I had a facebook (I guess I still do, they do not ever delete any data) but it didn’t do anything for me email and messaging don’t already handle.

      1. It is easier to infiltrate in the campaigns of SJWs by social media. The reason they are able to set up these protests, spread news very easily to a large number of people and getting people fired from their jobs is because they make use of these social networks. If we can infiltrate into their world, we can know in advance what they are up to.
        Heck, we can even waste their time by trolling them. Just write something offensive each day (it shouldn’t take long, let’s say 5 minutes) on their blogs or on their facebook posts and let the SJWs get mad. The angrier they are, the more time they waste by being angry and chasing shadows, and hence being unable to waste OUR time while we take care of more important things in life.

    3. use, and share content with other trolls, distributing it amongst your accounts to make it so that you can circlejerk yourself without appearing too obvious.

    1. Fat chicks and skinny dudes who have the mainstream media and academia backing them up plus all the white knights, I agree SJWs are pussies but they have a lot of clout.

      1. They have clout but that is only evidence of the rot creeping into our civilization.

      2. I was joking. They do need to be taken seriously but it is interesting how they quickly fall apart when you turn the tables on them.

        1. It’s funny to think about though.
          If all of us and all of them stood in front of each other preparing for tribal war what would it look like?

  6. The number of posts about this topic on this site are getting a bit over the top. No mainstream media outlet seems to be running with any of the stories here so the ‘battle’ won (which is small, yet important) isn’t really known about. I see a couple of other manosphere blogs running content which is great news. Better to have 1 article on 100 sites than 100 articles on 1 site, but it’s currently not nearly enough.
    Love to laugh at Social Justice Weirdo’s for thinking they’re warriors. But this ‘battle’ was in Canada not Sparta and much like the weirdo’s Roosh’s legacy will not outlive the 300 or those like them.
    With all the current articles about this ‘battle’ and not about boffing girls in a strange and twisted way the freaks have kind of got what they want for a short time.

    1. You don’t want the manosphere to report on its own victories?
      You are right. Its Canada not Sparta. Your point is?

      1. On the contrary sites in the manosphere all need to get together and report on this but for individual sites to almost solely publish these articles gives a sense that there is:
        A) Nothing else going on in the owners world.
        B) That the opposition are important enough to divert nearly all of a sites resources.
        Like I said previously:
        ‘Better to have 1 article on 100 sites than 100 articles on 1 site’.
        The point would of course be the whole tone of the article in words and pictures seems to paint this incident as a military conquest and fight for survival. For those 300 in Sparta back in the day it would be fitting but rather than being put to the sword to save ones family; back in modern day Canada Roosh has had a drink to the face. It wasn’t too long ago that most of us where laughing at loonies for placing Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner et al on the same high alter as brave veterans…
        I think it’s great it worked out for Roosh and that he’s not had the same issues as Blanc but from a PR point of view I think it’s far from ideal, much like at RSD. If this were back in the day it wouldn’t matter but as we all have seen before, in this day and age people will ignore the facts if the medium et al of the message happens to suit them and their feels.

        1. Roosh’s tour is the most important thing going on in the manosphere right now. Most bloggers are content sitting behind their online aliases writing about the same alpha beta dichotomy. Roosh is getting our ideas to much wider audience. and the fact that so many people have tried to silence him is a testament to the fact that the manosphere needs to be more vocal out in the real world not just the circle jerkey blogs and forums.

        2. True dat, but these aren’t the times we’re living in.
          Perception as we see in the mainstream media outweighs fact.

      1. No, but there are fringe media sites that probably would have reported it favourably.
        These sites don’t seem mainstream but are clearly news sources that Google picks up, indexes and have reported things in a positive and honest light.
        The last one is run by a guy that debates and verbally smacks down bullshiting SJW’s on UK TV:

        Neither of them seem to have run the Roosh storey… Where they made aware?

    2. The fact is, it’s still bringing value to the readers, even if they weren’t, or couldn’t be directly involved.
      It’s an entertaining win. Kind of like a mini-series but based on actual events and in real time AND something that readers can relate to because they care.

    1. Saw them on this tour when I was ahem…. won’t say…anyhoo m a Dyers ‘eve kind a guy….. still great album….. oh ad well done all, was following it all on the ‘forum…..

      1. lol. libby, stop being obsessed with your lack of a penis. It’s ok that you’re not a real man, we accept that. And laugh at you.

      2. “Faggot” in this case is not a sexual orientation, but a mentality. The mentality of whiny mediocre losers like you. Learn the difference, you dumb cunt. LOLZ

  7. Quintus, your former life as a Marine Corps officer shows in this piece. I could basically picture myself around a sand table doing an after action on this one.
    Good work, gentlemen. But the war is not won. I’m waiting for the day when Roosh can announce a speaking engagement and not have to play all these disruptive games. The day when men can show up en masse and just brush right past these pricks while onlookers jeer and mock them, will be the day that we have truly won victory. For now, we use the tactics that are necessary to spread the message. But never lose sight of the fact that in the rational world we hope to return to, these fucks would be too scared to leave their basements and would never dare confront a man in person over trivial bullshit like this.

    1. Yup, they will buckle when their WiFi connection fails…. keep frame, lift weights, learn to fight both physically and mentally…. time is moving on….

    2. SJW’s and feminists are cowards. If it was one of them who had to show up alone in the face of a multitude of haters, they would just faint, even thinking of it.

      1. i feel like this post is reflective of something you’re dealing with rather than any experience with all the “feminists” of the world… because they’re all exactly the same, all bred from the same stock. totallyyyy.

        1. You can feel whatever you want to feel, because as surely as the sun shines, I don’t give a fuck about your ‘feeeeelings’. Go back to your cellar troll.

    3. HAHAHAHAHA you are so dumb! men rule this world and exist en masse literally everywhere, brushing past any attempt to show them how truly idiotic they are. GOOD FOR YOU

  8. The more the SJWs and feminists attack Roosh, Ironically; the more his message is heard. He’s just stating what (I believe) most people think and feel, if only deep down. Way to go Roosh; keep up the good fight.

    1. Very true. Another good bit of news is that the petition against Roosh attracted less people than Blanc’s.
      There are always going to be the crazies who will sign as well as those who will sign anything as long as the headline sounds good but the more the non fanatical people see these petitions the less likely they are to sign in the future as it simply will no longer pique their interest.

  9. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  10. Following the thread on roosh v forum was the best part of my weekend. So much win guys!

  11. !. Bravo! Congratulations to Roosh and his team.
    2. Always remember that success breeds failure. Repeating one’s previously successful tactics endlessly invites the opposition to study, counter, and defeat them. Don’t just “refight the last war.” Never stop innovating.

  12. I didn’t see much of a victory here. There was no real publicity or anything.
    How many people showed up for the event? That is the true question.

    1. The way I see it is that this was a David versus Goliath victory. The SJWs had all the state sponsored media and an army going against one man and a small group of followers. He succeeded despite all the forces going against him.
      How do you not see this being a victory?

        1. Not sure. The important question however, is: how many people showed up to protest him and go out and find him? The more the better. That’s his victory.

        2. The speech was made to a room full (I think 40) of people. That was the original intent. The fact that the SJWs and the media tried to shut this down and censor him using their might and failed is considered a victory for the voice of reason. They spread lies to fool the masses. Don’t you see?

    2. There’s a lot of publicity. Every article written on ROK in these few days is the number one link on google. Google Aurelie Nix or Jessica Lelievre, and ROK article is the number one link. That means that it is the most viewed of all the other google links, for that particular search. This is publicity, isn’t it? Everyone is talking about it.
      Mainstream media is not reporting it, because it collaborated with the SJW’s to paint Rooshv in a bad light, and now it knows that it has lost. Mainstream media is not reporting it because it does not want to accept it’s defeat. That’s all. Other than that, google itself is proving that this is what most people are talking about in much of the developed world.

  13. “The decision-making process proceeded in the following five stages: (1)
    assessing the situation; (2) assessing the mission; (3) planning the
    actual execution; (4) organizing the administration and logistics; (5)
    organizing the command and signals. What emerges from this is the
    meticulous, exhaustive advance planning that contributed directly to the
    ultimate victory.”
    That sure sounds a lot like S.M.E.A.C.

      1. Ah, such fond memories of TBS. Quintus – great article. I’m fired-up. Can we get Roosh to Boston? I’ll help with arrangements and fighting any sjw’s if needed.

  14. “Oh, harken to the clarion call
    Come men of virtue one and all
    And hail the glorious victors
    Battle fought and wholly won
    Ride yet forth to yonder ones
    While our foe is reeling and bitter
    If ye would look upon thy son
    And say to him my best I’ve done
    Now is the hour no time for quitters
    Men must rise though some may fall
    Still come men of virtue one and all
    And be the glorious victors!” – Battle of Montreal 8/8/15
    Masterful Roosh V and team, simply masterful.

  15. These SJWs never had to put up with anyone who would fight back. That’s why they lost.

    1. This right here. Much of the Left’s victories over the past 50 years has been because the opposition consisted of limp wristed cuckservatives. With this new movement, alt right/Neomasculinity we are like them now, or their past comrades when they actually had to pour sweat and blood (or get drinks thrown at em) to get things done. We have the resolve of the SJWs 60s brethren. The modern liberal activist has had it easy spreading their messages for so long that they’ve forgotten what actual resistant looks like. Hence they are literally headless chickens when it’s encountered. Our side just needs to keep the pressure on. I don’t underestimate the powers that the SJWs have behind them, but at the same time they are weak, their messages are weak, their ideas tried, tested, failed. But most important of all, we are the handlers and dispensers of the truth.

    2. Fighting with them is like arguing logically with children. In a nutshell it is unproductive, and most people realize this, so they just don’t bother to fight with them. That’s how the SJW’s have been getting their way ever since.
      This time Rooshv used a different tactic. He didn’t argue or negotiate with them. Instead, his site published logical articles, which documented their idiocies and argued with NORMAL people. Basically Rooshv neglected SJW’s and focused on communicating with normal people. That’s why he won. He treated SJW’s like the children that they are.

      1. They don’t respond to logic as all their theories and beliefs are illogical to begin with, Roosh has figured this out and now tries to hurt them emotionally and legally. I can honestly say I can’t remember hearing a logical argument from a feminist or SJW, all their beliefs are based on ‘mah feelings’.

        1. The basis of their ideologies are rooted illogical fallacies. Men and women are not equal, neither physically nor intellectually. Deep down everyone, including they themselves know it.

        2. Most know it but i’ve known women who honestly believe that females are physically superior to males, feminism has completely brainwashed them.

        3. This is borne out by the rising level of violence perpetrated by young females against men. The media and feminist indoctrination has made them believe that they actually are able to get into a bar fight with men and win.

        4. Yes I’ve seen such women too. They are some of the dumbest of women. But the good part is that these women are a minority. Feminism puts these kinds of women in danger, if you ask me. These are the kinds of women who will start a physical fight with a man in a situation where no one can help her, believing genuinely that she is able to defeat them, and then get the shit beaten out of her.

        5. Exactly right, I oletn ask them why they don’t let men and women compete against each other in most sports and they just say it will happen, completely delusional.

        6. It’s also because they know most men won’t he it back and if they did they would have white knights to save them.

        7. Even people who deep down understand that men are superior in physical strength to women say these kinds of dumb things, because they don’t want to appear bad in public by accepting the reality, or because they don’t want to feel bad about themselves. These people won’t even accept it to themselves, but still, subconsciously the know it, and the proof the they subconsciously know it is that when faced with a situation demanding physical strength, like lifting extremely heavy loads, or working a physically exhausting job, like that of a miner, these same people will always expect or outright tell a man to do so. In these situation not even a manhating feminist will volunteer to do it.
          Moreover, recently, there has been a lot of debates, on what should a man do when a woman physically attacks him. And you know what buddy? All feminists say that the man should walk away, or not retaliate, because ‘she is a woman’, bu if you ever ask them that does this mean that the woman is physically inferior to a man, these same people the next minute will get angry and shout that women are just as strong as men. Really bitch? Then why do you care if a man retaliates physically when assaulted by a woman? Do you care that much about two men or two women beating each other? If not, then why do you get so bitchy when it is a man and a woman and a man physically defends himself. Because, no matter how much people say that women are just as strong as a man, deep down nearly all of them know the reality. Most of the people who say these kinds of things, thus only do so, to conform to what the popular media tells them. Nearly all of them know the relity, because it is so self evident.
          The reality that males are physically stronger than women is so clear, that when I was a seven year child I understood it perfectly. I would often play with my sisters and female cousins at that time, and we would often wrestle with each other, and I would be able to defeat four or five of them alone, and some of them would be ten or eleven year old. Now people who genuinely believe that men and women have equal strength, as I stated above, are a very dumb minority. These people are degenerates, and their IQ level is so low that they cannot understand, what I as a child of seven was perfectly able to understand and comprehend. In fact, these people are so dumb, that I seriously wonder, if such people really exist. I cannot believe that people with this level of dumbness can actually exist. But then again, truth is stranger than fiction.

    1. They’re gonna go after Roosh HARD in Toronto. Toronto is one of the most PC SJW cities in the world, and they will still be stinging from their bitter defeat in Montreal. It will be a true test and I hope his people in that city come out to help/support him.

      1. lol i kinda wish Rob Ford was the mayor right now, I’d like to see all those idiots asking him to ban an “anti-feminist” speaker.

        1. Thank you for admiring our penis sizes, little dickless libby. but, unfortunately, you are still not allowed to touch them.

  16. LOL @ Aurelie Nix being proud about her horse face. These chicks are ridiculous.

  17. If we can find out whether they denounce each other beforehand and then publicize that, all the better. They fracture easily. It’s easy to cause infighting among themselves.

  18. This was spectacular to witness in real time. Toronto could end up going both ways, you could end up fighting a battle against leftists at Tet Offensive level of intensity or nothing may end up happening. Holding it in Sauga is a smart choice when it comes to ground logistics, SJWs will not step out of a certain radius. Make sure you strategically place men in front of key fire alarms though because Toronto leftists have an infatuation with those.
    Best of luck guys, I have a feeling another victory is close at hand though because aside from having proper intelligence and a masterful grasp of black, white and grey propaganda, Roosh and co also possessed tenacity, determination and patience. The useful idiots on the left want instant results and tend to escalate their behaviour without considering long term consequences. They have zero knowledge of how protracted battles work.
    What do political change, inner peace, and revenge all have in common?

  19. I commented on the Journal de Montreal articles defaming Roosh saying things like ‘did anyone actually ever read Roosh’s blog’ and ‘even if you don’t agree with him nobody has to right to prevent him from speaking’. I was told that I was an asshole and even some people told me that they hoped my daughter would be raped. Because rape is wrong when Roosh allegedly supports it but not when they do… Quebecers disgust me

    1. So you think because few people gave you that answer and call you asshole all Quebecers are disgusting? That’s very nice to be called “digusting” for other people’s language. You can see that kind of language everywhere, not just in Quebec province. And how can you be sure that all of them are from Quebecer people? The vast majority of us would never wish something bad happens to anyone, especially innocent people and especially kids. Even most of the few idiots who gave you that answer would not wish for real that something like that happens. For the ones who called you “asshole”, I agree it’s not a very smart argument but don’t tell me you seen that only on French Canadian blogs.

      1. Quebec has been assaulted by immigration and reacted accordingly with their threats of separation. Quite admirable.

        1. Threats? There was two referendums about Quebec separation from Canada, one in 1980 and another in 1995. What’s your point? Does it makes all French Canadians “disgusting”?

      1. “normal guys” like yourself sure make it hard for the other humans on this earth to exist in peace and safety

      2. Shitty weather, high taxes and now, completely obnoxious and repulsive femicunts. No wonder so many Canadians fed up with the bullshit move south to the US.
        It’s even more so in Quebec – where they do everything they can to alienate non-Francophones.

    2. Don’t be alarmed. They are some of the lowest human beings on earth. That’s what is expected of them. Their hypocritical ‘holier that thou’ attitude is disgusting.
      I myself have been commenting on such articles in the past few days, and the responses I’ve got are identical. This tells me, that my case is not an isolated incident.

      1. lmao. no one cares what you think, little loser.
        not even your master, Mr. Soros.
        but we all enjoy laughing at you.

  20. I knew it would go well but delivering a crushing defeat makes it all the more satisfying. I could just imagine all those antisocial SJWs wandering around and staring down at their smart phones while making tantrum tweets.

  21. Funny how the sjw media SHUTS THE FUCK UP after their humiliating defeat.
    This goes to all SJWs, manginas, white Knights and deceivers of honesty:
    Store-bought attitude and spit
    A sugar-coated piece of shit
    And instant rebel just add greed
    Another useless commodity

  22. The Battle of Montreal? Please. You guys are just a bunch of pathetic losers who want to sit around and cry about how women have too much power now. Your bizarre sense of self-important is sad and pitiful. Ironic that the lecture was called the “state of man” since you lot demonstrate how deplorable and repulsive modern western men are. Never have I been so glad to be a lesbian.
    Also, hate speech is not free speech. Yeah, welcome to Canada. You shouldn’t be able to incite violence against women or anyone else for that matter. The lecture should never have been allowed. Tell me how someone who writes an article about how it should be legal to rape women isn’t inciting violence against them?

    1. Did you mean this article:
      or this one:

      6 Reasons Why You Should Not Rape A Girl

      Quote from the article: “If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to assume you already have the morals that prevent you from becoming physically violent against a woman, but for the man who has been raised by lions, I hope this list helps him understand the self-harm of committing such a horrible act.”
      Maybe try reading them, then forming an opinion rather than have someone else tell you what to think? No need to reply, I won’t respond to you more than this one time.

      1. How about this quote: “I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law.”
        Maybe try getting off a website that tells you how to think before telling me to form my own opinion?

        1. He proposed that as a measure to eliminate rape completely. Do you understand that?
          If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone. If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of—she’ll scream, yell, or kick at his attempt while bystanders are still around. If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with. After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied.

        2. Hahaha. Way to show her she’s a moron, once again. Lesbian and dumb… sucks to be Ira. Is Ira short for “Irate” or “Irrational”?

        3. Yeah, kinda like how people argue that by legalizing drugs, drug use (and especially drug crimes) will decrease (it has happened in Portugal). Where I live, people choose to use the illegal stigma drugs like crystal meth or pills or heroin, while basically ignoring alcohol which is readily available.
          These SJWs can’t understand nuanced arguments like this. They also can’t understand the power of the state sometimes backfires (ie laws against rape can actually foster more rapes because it leads to careless behavior by women and their friends).

        4. She would have probably understood it had she read the original article. But I bet she just saw the quote in the media and is now repeating it as parrot.
          Just another useful idiots.

        5. Hopefully, no man will let her spermjack him: she deserves not to procreate. Otherwise, she is doing the species a favour by being a lesbian.

    2. How is a lecture about self improvement inciting violence? Go home and gaze at your navel some more.

    3. I want you to read this very carefully so there is no mistake. I am not your inferior! You understand me? Huh, you pathetic purple haired freak show. The man that wrote this article that you’re complaining about was an Officer in the US Marine Corps. In order to obtain that title he had to work extremely hard, initial selection sees > 50% attrition. So, the men here are sick and tired about being compared to the real losers like you. Why? Because we’ve accomplished a lot in our lives and were sick of having our accomplishments re-distributed, if you will, to lazy freaks like you just so your “feelings” won’t be hurt. Once again, I cannot underscore this enough – I am NOT your inferior. And, as feminism continues to run amok you’ll keep pushing your supremacist ideas, which will only wake more and more men up. And we are awake, Roosh just kick your ass.

        1. I have a question for you Ira my little muff diver, please show or state where anybody on this site promotes rape being legal?

        2. How? Explain yourself. You’re a supremacist, period. All I’m saying is that you’re full of shit and I am not inferior to you. Moreover, because you’re very likely a purple haired, land whale, fat acceptance freak I’m very much not your inferior. You might want to understand how grave of a situation your ideology is actually in. I’ll admit this is still in the very early innings but you do realize you’re a supremacist and feminism is a supremacist ideology? You’ve got 1/2 the population that is going to be enlightened to your supremacist tendencies going forward. But I do encourage you to disregard these developments as you’ll do anyway because you think you’re invincible. Oh, and its the 1/2 of mankind that has build everything and made practically every advancement and discovery big and small.

        3. Ira is intimidated and wan’ts to try to make people here feel bad or she wouldn’t be here. The inferiority complex is all hers. Don’t sweat the old hag… She’s probably fat and crying to her cats every night.
          Women love to attack and then say you must have an inferiority complex when you defend yourself you tell them they’re wrong… but of course as rational men we know that is simply irrational justification. Well, and she’s still mad she wasn’t born a man so she could really fuck women instead of pretending… so she lashes out at real men because she knows the women she really wants prefer us. Nature is a bitch Ira… that sucks.

        4. They also won’t let you into their sexist cliques. I’ve been a lesbian all my life and yet they say I can’t be because I’m a man…sad face.

        5. You’re such a freak Ira. Go cry somewhere where Mr Tubby wouldn’t hear you.

        6. Most true lesbians are not hot…. I’d rather stay home with porn or just grab a quick “6” on tinder than get stuck with some lesbian that looks like a hockey goalie with a crew cut.

      1. Roosh, any chance you can come to Boston? Thanks a million. Neomasculinity is the future.

    4. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

    5. Wow, not only are you a sore loser, you have no idea how freedom of speech operates. The conference you guys failed to prevent was not hate speech but even if it were, that is still covered by under the right of free speech. There are no conditionals listed in the Canadian Bill of Rights regarding speech. It merely says “freedom of speech”. And then there’s another issue. The attempt to prevent a group of individuals from voluntarily assembling together. Not only are you against an individuals right of speech but you are also against the right of individuals to assemble and associate voluntarily. Did you know that this was a right listed in the Canadian Bill of Rights? Of course not because you are completely unable to grasp the meaning of “free speech”. Nice job!

    6. Hey, it’s not healthy to get all worked up, Ms Ham Planet. Cool down, eat some more of that bacon and then eat out your lover (if you can find her pussy, that is).

    7. We are certainly glad you are a lesbian because none of us would have anything to do with your dysfunctional personality, intelligence and political sensibilities.
      Chickie, it isn’t hate speech just because you don’t like it. None of this incites violence against women. If anything you do a better job at that when you open your mouth people want to give you a smack to see if you will smarten up. You obviously haven’t read the article on legalizing rape (as opposed to the second hand feminist talking points about it) and if you did you obviously don’t have the comprehension skills nor the proper understanding of legal issues to understand it. It is not inciting violence to advocate for a change of the law, regardless of how ridiculous; most lawyers will agree on that.

    8. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    9. Go read the posting that it is quoted from and you will see that is not what he means.

  23. Outstanding. Neomasculinity is on its way. Roosh, a personal and sincere thank you for being the flag bearer and for being courageous. Fuck the sjw’s!

  24. A Sincere thank you Roosh. You are doing something SOOO incredibly difficult to do. It is catching on though. I see it in college and high school men every day. I hear them using phrases from your site, I hear them talking about game with absolute understanding, I hear them talking about loyalty and hypergamy. You’re doing the world a service… including a service to women, whether they realize it or not.

  25. The Canadian feminists that I know are mostly girls that don’t like themselves or just have some serious hangups. Or fucked up with an alpha and are beginning to see the effects of what they’ve actually done to themselves. They’re perpetually single despite being surrounded by hordes of manginas who would spend their lives worshipping them.
    The point is how can they come together in any meaningful way when they don’t even like themselves? Do they really have conviction for what they’re “fighting” for? They have an influence because they can sit behind their laptop screens and make idiot men want to come to their rescue but that’s pretty much the only source of their power.
    Their petitioning has no strong basis in reason… Women have options and can milk the benefits of society all they want yet they are still somehow victims. But it’s not men’s fault that women make irresponsible choices. Hell, if we tried to act on their behalf or make thoughtful suggestions we’d be considered monsters anyways. For a good while now men have seen that sexism against men is hardly considered important at all, despite the outrageously enormous emphasis on “equality” in our society.
    That Roosh persevered to stick to his purpose and message despite the national media attention and personal risk only emboldened us. Roosh took it to another level here and showed SJWs that this isn’t just happening on the internet. We are real people and when we feel our freedoms and future are being pressed upon, we will come together and shove our enemies to the ground.

    1. I bet you have just known one Canadian feminist…and you’re just mad bro b.c. she didnt want to sleep with your greasy, pufferfish like facemind.

      1. I’m sorry your father never loved you, libby.
        it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.
        Well, maybe just a little.

      2. The average Canadian girl is a self-titled feminist bro.
        Trust me you don’t even wanna sleep with them.

      3. your reading comprehension is grade two level. This article and the comments in it are saying this:
        Yet here you are trying to get attention with childish insults. Why don’t you go back to the government/courts/media to appeal for more funding and protection? Or have they started to turn their backs on what is essentially a movement of lunatics?

      4. SJWs/Libbers can’t allow truth to exist as an uncontrolled concept because they are seeking totalitarian rule. One thought, one voice, one mind, they only use diversity so long as it is a useful smokescreen for their true intent or to give them enough weight to affect their desired changes to a system. Logic is an enemy, and truth is a menace, critical
        thinking is dangerous to maintaining political power and influence. SJW’s/Libbers,do their best to keep the sheeple in line by kowtowing to the SJW mob insteadof building a stronger country

    2. They’re looking for an alpha male they can fully control but that will never haplen because they never realize what responsibilities they must uphold as the woman which goes against the idea that they can have their cake and eat it while the man does it all

  26. QC. Perhaps a later article blending and paralleling the RooshV campaign tactics to The Art of War and 48 Laws of Power? Just a thought.

  27. I can’t wait until these talks are available for us on video. I loved seeing Roosh’s pure happiness shine through in the video above after the successful talk, and hearing the positive celebration of the participants! Gold rings on you all!

  28. I am a fan of both Roosh and ROK, but please, take out that goddamn Mussolini picture. His ‘Black Shirts’ would go around beating up anyone, and force feed them with castor oil. He really pissed people off, have a look at how he ended up, people were so angry that they hanged him upside down and threw stones at both him and his wife. Don’t put Fascist logos and pictures on this website, unless yourself are a Fascist, and that’s nothing to be proud of. Fascism is second only to Nazism. I am Italian, and you cannot understand how bad was Mussolini’s fascism. Please. Machiavelli, not goddamn Mussolini. If you want to put a picture of Italian strength and honour, put one of Garibaldi, not goddamn Mussolini.
    have a look at how much people loved him:

    1. I was also surprised to see that picture and I still don’t know how it relates to the article (if it does at all).
      Explanation, please?

      1. possibly, it has to do with a misinformed association with Julius Evola, which someone has written about on ROK before. Mussolini admired Evola’s thought, although Evola was not a Fascist, and I doubt he ever cared about Mussolini. So many misunderstandings, my friend. Evola himself was certainly not the best of humanhood, he was anti-Semitic, and thus a lunatic, although I too share many of his views about women. But Mussolini is different, this was not just a thinker like Evola, but a complete lunatic and a dictator. He was a racist and very violent. You already know all this. Very uncomfortable and disappointing to see his picture on ROK. Let’s hope the author just misplaced pics.

        1. Somewhat off topic: did you know that in the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy there is an historic site, the church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense, that proudly shows on its fresco a portrait of Mussolini! It’s a superb Catholic church built after WW1 by Italian immigrants who adored the guy. Mussolini was a greatly admired figure once…History is a complicated thing.

      1. I noticed that, and I have to say that regret having been so harsh. I have edited my previous message. History is an immense and complicated thing, and I ignore many things about it, myself. Who knows all about it, really? No one. I have read many of your articles and consider them excellent. Thanks.

  29. Very well done. I also like how this reads a bit like a propaganda piece from the DPRK … I don’t know if that was deliberate?!

  30. I’d like to hire QC as the official historian of the Battle Of Montreal. A small book can be written about everything that happened.

    1. Sure bro. I was thinking of something similar. My idea was to create a link at ROK that includes all the articles about this victory. Of course a brief introduction could be provided, stating what the articles are about, so that they do not appear to be fragmented. This way we could include, all the videos, of yours that you used to communicate, during this time, and even the video of the degenerates attacking you, to expose these people for what they are. Just a humble suggestion, from a devoted, reader and fan of yours.
      But of course, if you want a small book to be written about it, you should go ahead. You are the leader of the battle, and you make all the decisions. And God bless you Roosh.

    2. Roosh!! You should have some guys with hidden camera when you will go to toronto. Like this if they do anything, you will be able to sue them and to show their real colors to the world.

  31. Pretty soon I am going to start donating to Return of Kings. I want to support Roosh, and I hope some of you here join as well.

    1. I imagine the same. But at the same time, I’m convinced that it will be a victory, because Roosh is leading this battle. I don’t know why, but I have an enormous amount of trust in this guy. It’s like, if this guy is at the front line, then it’s a guaranteed victory.

  32. it was a great fight and great win! pleasure to watch. maybe indeed the most important fight since Al Goldstein fought for our freedom to watch porn in 80s.

    1. Ehh Al Goldstein was a scumbag who fought for his right to make tons of money off filming runaways get screwed.

      1. well whoever he was he did fight for certain freedoms we all are now taking for granted. not everyone who was fighting for freedom of speech and expression was some kind of prince charming. but it’s people like Al Goldstein and Larry Flint who did a lot to champion those freedoms.
        look up how he kick started the fame of Deep Throat – and how in turn it became a First Amendment cause célèbre.
        and here’s one of the most famous – or maybe the most famous – of Goldstein’s speeches on the subject:
        In 1984, Goldstein appeared before a congressional hearing on pornography.
        The late Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania) asked Goldstein whether it was the business of the state to stop pornographic pictures if those images caused the molestation of a child.
        “I applaud your concern,” Goldstein responded. “But 51,000 people died in car accidents last year. Alcohol contributed to that. Are you going stop the manufacture of automobiles or the cessation of the sale of liquor? What you’re going to do is monitor [the sale] of liquor to minors. If somebody misuses something — whether a knife or a car or pornography — there are laws on the books to satisfy those concerns… But to deny those of us who handle it as an integrated part of our life is such a contradiction of the First Amendment and what we stand for that it’s horrendous and repugnant to me.”

  33. You’re the man Rooshv! Usually I post long comments, but today I’m speechless. Congrats brother! A thousand cheers for you!

  34. Hahaha. If this isn’t an admission that he’s created a monster, I don’t know what is. Admit it, this has gotten way out of your control. Your initial goal to promote masculinity and self-improvement is nothing more than attempting to make yourself feel better by putting down other people. Any media attention you get is for your hateful speech, not any admirable male qualities. That’s not self-improvement. That’s Kim Kardashian.

    1. What are you talking about?
      Roosh didn’t create the situation or the media publicity, the SJWs did that. The SJWs (and/or militant feminists plus WKs) ran their side so bad that I wonder if someone within their ranks did not deliberately mislead them in order to make them look like idiots and give Roosh the publicity. (Project Mayhem from within the SJW ranks?)
      If the SJWs had left things alone, the only thing that would have happened is that Roosh would have given his lecture to a few hundred people, and that would have been the end of it. Outside of sites like this one, no one would have heard about the lecture or cared.
      Instead, the SJW crowd, decided to mobilize the media by lies and hysteria, turned it into a ‘media circus’, and then got humiliated in public, on the internet, as they ran around Montreal like a bunch of idiots trying to figure out where the event was, plus some people started to realize they were all ‘full of it’.
      Roosh couldn’t have gotten the level of media attention that he did if it was not for the SJW and associated morons with what they did.
      I think it is priceless the screen shot where one of the protestors is insisting that ‘they are not here’ and apparently the other protest leader is ‘yelling’ that he is there, keep looking.
      I wish I could have been in the area to see them bumbling around the city, looking for the event.
      I am so pleased with how things turned out that I just upped my monthly subscription and sent some extra for Toronto operations on August 15.
      We can only hope that the SJW/militant feminists/WK have a bigger failure on August 15.

      1. That’s right. I did not hear a peep about his speeches in the other cities much at all until Montréal.

  35. I don’t agree with all roosh’s ideas but trying to have him banned on false pretenses and to pester/heckle/aggrivate him , for what is essentially motivational speaking, shows the consequences of life denying sjw beliefs.

  36. so she shouted “eat my cunt”? lol. i guess she knows that eating her cunt is a severe punishment. probably ugly and smells horribly.

  37. “The mentality is by now so expected as to pass nearly without comment…”
    Sad, but true Quintus. At least its predictability allows for time to formulate defensive tactics.

  38. Be careful, this victory will likely make the feminists even more violent when you reach Toronto

    1. I am not so sure.
      I have noticed that people like them seem to have grown ever more incompetent over time. It is like they are getting dumber or more helpless or something.

  39. I am surprised at how fast the SJW/militant feminists/WK collapsed
    I am shocked at how easy it was to win once they were unable
    to find the event. I would have expected that something being attended by a few hundred people would have been impossible to keep a secret and easy to find. Normally, I would have expected they just needed to intensify their efforts. Instead, it does look like some of them deleted some of their social media accounts after failing in such a public manner!
    I have noticed, over the years, that many of them, the incompetents,
    like SJW/militant feminists/WK seemed to have some spectacular failures after a while, all brought about by their own incompetence, and justly deserved as punishment for being such idiots. The only problem is that usually they destroy and ruin a number of competent people before they self destruct.
    I remember even as little as a decade ago ‘getting it stuffed to me’ by many of these types, especially in office/business political situations, in some cases being driven out of jobs (I was in the right but I
    was unable to win or hold onto the work); where as today, I notice that a few of my old time adversaries self destructed after enough time passed.
    While I am making the most money I have ever made in my life,
    many of these ‘tools’ have self destructed over time. As examples of these idiots that I had to personally deal with:
    1: One of them lost a major lawsuit, after kicking me out of
    the company. I had prepared a plan to take the company public and get a market cap of 20 million with the majority shareholder’s share being worth $12 million, but the second in charge, a woman, who was driving everyone out of the company that she didn’t like or thought was a rival to her having total control with the majority stockholder/owner, finally got her wish and had me removed. A few years later she collapsed at work and had to retire because she was unable to
    work anymore. (Unfortunately, she got a number of people fired from the company because she thought they were a possible replacement to her and there was nothing I could to stop this behavior.) The majority stockholder was spending all the profits on himself, and over time ended up getting sued by salespeople, the minority shareholders, some vendors and a big lawsuit with a salesperson for lying about the commissions the salesperson was owed. With one lawsuit,
    while I was still there, I told him that one of the people has was not paying what he should, would figure it out and sue them. That happened a few years after I was out. Instead of paying what he owed the guy, he ended up paying him 2.5 times what he owe because of double damages and years worth of interest in the lawsuit. I had to testify in court, and true to form, his lawyer said ‘I was just saying these things because I sexually harassed one of the woman at
    the company (i.e. the one who had the company get rid of me to consolidate her power at the company)’. My response, on the record, in front of a judge and jury was that “it was ridiculous that anyone would sexually harass that woman, she is so fat and ugly that no one would ever sexually harass her”. I almost leaped out of the witness chair and gave the company attorney a beat down in front of everyone, on the record, for asking such an outrageous, question like
    that. (I restrained myself since I figured that the salesperson’s lawyer would not like me to do that, and it might have hurt their case, not to mention I would have gotten fined and maybe ended up with some jail time.)
    2: A local politician had to leave office due to ‘ethics problems’. I was having problems with one the state boards on an admission to a
    profession. I appealed to members of the state legislature, asking them to use their state constitutional power of the ‘purse strings’ to bring this board in line by cutting off their budget, and stop violating my rights of due process and procedure. I did not expect everyone to jump to my defense, but I did expect someone to at least inquire as to what was the problem and why I was being treated this way. Instead, one state legislature asked me ‘what do you expect me to do’ and my own local rep did nothing. At the time there was nothing I could do about it. I thought the guy was in office for life, especially were he had $100K in his election fund and always won reelection. Most of the time no
    one ran against him. Then, like manna from on high, a miracle occurred. There was an ethics investigation against him. Apparently, the idiot sent ‘explicit’ pictures to one of his female staff members. It was so bad, that after spending his entire campaign fund of $100K on legal fees, trying to stay in office, that he resigned from office, with the understanding that the ethics committee would not release the full details, as long as he resigned and never sought public office again in the state. Things were so bad for him financially, that months
    later he tried to run again for his old seat, and lost. One newspaper article about him running quoted him as saying he ‘had nothing else going on for work’ and needed the job. He was in college about the same time I was. I finished my degree and went to work in the ‘dreaded private sector’ while he went and got elected as a state rep, that pay around $50K per year plus benefits. He never
    finished his degree (interesting point, lied to a reporter of the local newspaper about having a degree but got caught lying about it) and now is ruined.
    I am so pleased as to how things have gone. If anyone of you
    hear ‘gales of derisive laughter’ off in the distance somewhere, it might be me laughing at what idiots our opponents are and what they did this week.
    The only thing that would make it better is if they top this
    F up in Montréal, with a bigger F up in Toronto;
    but even incompetent people like this must have limits on how stupid they can be, right?

  40. It is fortunate that Twitter did not suspend Roosh’s account merely on the say-so of some SJW, which Twitter are won’t to do these days.

  41. Rooosh man. Jessica and Aurelie only want one thing from you. Anchor babies. Cut through the mustard and it’s so clear. Just offer them that man. Leave a little sprout wherever you go. Congrats still.

  42. “The battle now moves to Toronto.”
    Berlin, 1938. The epicenter of all of the slutshit.

  43. Whoever wrote this article has been playing waaaaay too much Call of Duty.

  44. Hey Roosh and guys,
    just wanted to say really well done.
    I am very proud of you young guys today.
    The right to freedom of speech is one of the most important rights to be defended.
    As you all know I have been one of the champions of freedom of speech to secure the rights of men.
    I have published video of a family court matter and I have published the full suite of family court documents in my cases in Ireland and Australia. I am the only man in the world to do so.
    I call on and encourage all men to speak their mind freely and to also publish all documents that show the criminality of people in governments such as politicians, judges, lawyers, police and jailers.
    I call on and encourage all men to defend the right to freedom of speech with all the vigor and energy they can.
    And just so you guys know that speaking the truth boldly is causing governments to fear us? The Australian and Irish governments today attempted to lie to and use the german government and german police to coerce and intimidate me in to silence as to the crimes that we have proven have been committed by members of the Australian and Irish Parliaments and other associated criminals.
    I had a visit from the local German police giving direct threats of violence and force if I did not “SHUT UP”.
    I have documented these on this video.
    Yes, it is a great victory today against SJWs and their like.
    The REAL enemy is our governments who enable the criminal abuse of men.
    I have stood firm against this real enemy for many years.
    And this will be the next enemy who will attempt to violate the rights of men like Roosh.
    We are winning gentlemen.
    We are winning.

    1. The enablers are the real devil. It is not the enablers express intent or purpose to hurt men or fathers and violate their rights. The family courts could give a rat’s ass how anybody ‘feels’. Their manifest goal is to dismember intact family collusions within the framework of their legal authority.
      Men are separated from their families as matter of course by the state’s powerful agency and the men are further neutralized and thus weakened by high levies and imposed fees. ALIMONY and CHILD SUPPORT BLOOD MONEY both equate to a tax or tarriff on fatherhood and are expressly designed to provide for punitive implications for a man who maintains authority over his progeny. The man is made destitude by methods that are textbook and precise and have been practiced since the dawn of civilization.
      EVERY GODDAMNED STATE has pulled this same family busting shit on the slaves or peasant classes, but now families all across the entire west save ruling dynasty families are to be dissolved, like a blanket policy in effect over all westerners.
      The family unit is always an obstacle and hindrance to the state. The family is tribal. It is anti state. Family members from a unified family have umbrella coverage and are protectorates of the family or clan head, whereas with a dismembered family, the members are each answerable to the state and their allegiance to the state is enforceable. It is in the best interest of the state to break the families of non ruling elite persons. Ergo, the only legitimate families are also dynastic state chair holders. The rest are all subjects of the greater state.
      To conspire to form a family is only a claimable right to someone who has accumulated the power to enforce alliegance of the family members. Any non affiliated families existing within the state’s jurisdiction pose a tribal threat to the ruling ‘state’ or federal ‘family’.
      SO REALLY the state could give a rat’s ass about families that aren’t the kosher inbred ruling cabal families. And the state will continue to take pot shots at family heads and harvesting the pieces. Butchering families and saving the prime cuts for its consumption. Save the underclass uprisings where the elite’s goddamn heads actually go on poles, historically within the duration of a ‘healthy’ and powerful state the systematic dismemberment of the common family unit goes largely unchecked and unchallenged.

  45. Congratulations to Roosh!!! very well done. Dissapointed with how my countrymen acted but Quebec is the mosted hated province, and it is a pathetic province mostly full of pathetic people. The province of Quebec runs a deficit every fucking year and has to be bailed out by other provinces yet they want to be their own country. Roosh, may I suggest visiting Alberta, pretty low SJW per capita haha and the country girls in Calgary are exquisite.

    1. I’m an Albertan born and raised and I also lived in Toronto for 4 years. I was just about to tell Roosh the same thing. To viisit Calgary and Edmonton as the women and men in general are far more friendly there than the pigs you’ll find in Toronto or Montreal.

    1. lol. very judgy, little dickless libby. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a little loser like you is am hypocrite as well.
      Just not a very good one.

  46. i guess this is a crushing victory for you if you don’t count the fact that y’all are now publicly & openly known the world over as the LITERALLY CRAZY and stupid wastes of flesh/excuses for humanity that you really are

    1. As opposed to before, when Roosh was not known to begin with? He is a cultural dissident. The more attention he gets, the wider his message spreads. It’s no loss to him if he gets reviled and hated by someone who would never have heard about him.
      If out of 100 people who didn’t previously know about him, 99 end up hating him and a single one is convinced by his message, it’s a +1 for him. The haters are no loss to him since they weren’t unconvinced neutrals before, they were thoroughly inundated in the feminist social paradigm and couldn’t imagine anything else.

  47. it’s just funny b/c y’all clearly never asked the rest of the internet who they thought came out on top of this tussle 😉

    1. Douche V thinks being run out of town and made to look like a wimp is “winning”

  48. hmu if you still haven’t figured it out, i know i set up a difficult problem for you there

  49. So can Roosh press assault charges against that rich feminist? Surely he can get a settlement out of her for her assault.

  50. The suppression of the most primary right in modern Western Civilization — the right to freedom of speech and thought — is so rarely assaulted anymore that it is no exaggeration to call this victory a watershed for the manosphere, a Waterloo for radical feminist authoritarianism, and a Watergate for the Canadian media.
    Feminists can no longer hold back the rising tide of the men’s self-determination and anti-feminist backlash.

  51. Hmmm… a small group of spirited men with dissenting world views chased by a bunch of broads and unprincipled canon fodder. Never saw that in any history book before.
    Oh wait….
    “We can form a single united body, while the enemy must split up into fractions. Hence there will be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole, which means that we shall be many to the enemy’s few. 15. And if we are able thus to attack an inferior force with a superior one, our opponents will be in dire straits. 16. The spot where we intend to fight must not be made known; for then the enemy will have to prepare against a possible attack at several different points.” -Sun Zu

  52. As I ‘ve told you, feminism is dead. This so called “3rd wave” is associated in the public mind with freaks and mentally disturbed and dangerous fugly femtards and we are also going to be examining the earlier manifestations of this perverted man hating ideology. As I said, it’s dead in the public mind but as in any war you still have to do the mopping up after the victory. After WWII it still took the allies a year or two to track down the werewolves and kill them, this is the stage we’re in now.
    Conditions and attitudes in the world can change and change very quickly that’s because they have already changed in the people’s minds and reach a critical point and boil over and there’s a big backlash and wanting to undo what led up to this backlash.
    Even things you’re seeing like a Trump, who of course is not a real candidate and has done this before except with less venom, is saying things that both the libtards and Kookservatives won’t touch but they are out of touch with the average reasonable man.

    1. ^In other countries, it is just beginning. This is a global phenomenon and there are timing delays of years and decades in some places. Seeing places in full feminist swing is like looking into the future and seeing how bad it can get elsewhere.

  53. This is no fucking joke. Something will start from this…I, as a humble reader, strongly recommend creating organizations. Be it whatever, ROK SENATES, ROK PRESS PERSONELL, ROK INFORMATION SPREADERS, ROK ACTIVISTS, ROK SECURITY, ROK TREASURY.
    Gentlemen, I know a thing or two about history and this will not blow over. The feministic power war has publicly begun. Expect retribution. Preparation is now in order. Or am I being Mr. Radical here ?

  54. ahh stop calling them enemies, the battle war, please no victory speeches.
    I know you and others have been copping a lotta shit, been so aggressively opposed, and admire roosh et all for still standing in the face it. But this battle has no winners, only losers, if it means we’re going to ostracize ourselves further. When you really think about it true feminists and this space are both fighting for the same thing. Equality of the sexes. Like a true feminist isnt so bad. It’s only when they go beyond equality and start infringing upon male rights. By making such a victory speech it gives them a persona to hate. Like your average chickie wouldnt read rok, but the schpiel of wacked out ones that given there life events hate men and want women to be elevated above. They dont know you or what you really stand for, to them you’re just an overly aggresive pickup artist that threatens the safety of women. Now you’re having, lets fact it, a smug victory speech and giving them an emotional reason to oppose you. When otherwise if they did their own research into you and your writing, find out that you arent the ill-picture other sites paint and need not to be opposed.
    I get you’ve been through so much shit. I’ve only checked one video and I’m sure you experienced much more maybe even on a daily basis. I can feel why this is a battle, and been a challenge to overcome. I get that it can compound on you and you begin to hate them. But please refrain from outwardly celebrating it. Love your enemy, or at least try to. Fuckn tough. But if we try to, and begin to sympathise with their way of thinking its the first steps in learning to live better together.
    As we know and have learnt chicks are more compassionate/caring or rather better sympathisers and fight aggressively against what they perceive as injustice, whether its animals, refugees, babies, sjw stuff. This female energy and presence is something which would help us a great deal towards a better and more natural treatment of the sexes. Lets try work through it together and without reflecting each others anger.
    There is no war. We are all collectively in this together. Our happiness is shared. If men become better at being men, that’s a victory for both sides. Not just the men. Good luck in future talks and challenges you may face. Hope you can continue strong and hopefully from a place of love and caring for all.

  55. Your site is hilarious. ‘most important free speech battle’? I hope none of the parties involved truly found themselves this important. We’re all ants, just waiting to be stepped on.
    Your delusions of self-importance do make me laugh.

  56. Frankly, I think Quintus is ascribing a bit too much significance to the technical outcome of the battle. Winning is fun, especially when you manage to utterly blindside the enemy. Yet, even if the feminists would have managed to stop the event, it would have been an utterly pyrrhic victory for them. The media shitstorm they conjured has given Roosh way more publicity than he could ever have dreamed of. That will advance the Neo-masculine cause way more than a successful speaking engagement, which would anyway have mostly been attented by people already convinced.

  57. Christian heretics championed free speech, then rising atheists championed it more. The literary world established free speech as did key documents in the political world.
    It seems that once one becomes the establishment or part of the established social milieu, then one opposes free speech.
    Men and white males are clearly not the establishment any more because it is their opinions that now face the most attempts at suppression.
    Feminists and many other groups now see free speech as a threat to their perceived gains and planned future changes and therefore want it removed. The number one weapon is outing people for not being Politically Correct. But legal attempts like hate laws etc. are ongoing and growing.
    They will have their successes and losses. The Vatican supressed most free speech for 12 centuries, including the words of the Bible.
    Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

    1. That’s not going to happen. The left and much of the sub ideologies are in deep trouble. It may not seem like it yet as you accurately observed that white men are no longer the establishment. But, you can’t champion liberation from oppression, free speech from censorship and then turn around and then become an open source of oppression and censorship. And the left has in a relatively short period of time done exactly that. Want to be a rebel today? Go to Church.

  58. This is a false report. His lecture took part in his hotel room with a handful of people because the venues wouldn’t take him. He pretended his lecture took place because he himself, was butthurt that nobody in Montreal heard anything he had to say. A Montreal Newpaper reported:
    “Instead, Roosh V gathered with about a dozen MRAs in the room where he was staying and began a disinformation campaign. Using Twitter and his personal forum, fake accounts published decoy posts claiming the event was taking place,”

    1. I think I understand media well enough to provide a translation here:
      “We couldn’t find his venue in time to stop his lecture, therefore the lecture never happened. Which means we didn’t fail.”

      1. Lol. A hotel room with less than 12 men who already know what he’s going to say is hardly a win. And I find it very funny he thinks it should be legal to rape women, yet when a beer gets thrown on him he cries to the police. What a p*ssy

        1. Ah, name calling to go along with an unsourced accusation… the battle cry of the vapourous.
          Roosh isn’t your problem, he’s just one guy. Your real problem is the 12 (or more) men interested in listening to him. There’s certainly far more than 12 with no interest in listening to you. By all means, continue throwing your stones. Everything you throw just wakes up another man.

    2. I’m an educated man sitting in a hospital in New Zealand with my wife and newborn son, following what happened in Montreal, because it affects me and will affect my new boy even more in years to come. Through Roosh’s website I have discovered and embraced concepts of neomasculinity and books like The Manipulated Male which I devoured. I have turned at least 100 men on to his work and am taking action locally.
      Don’t kid yourself; the tide’s going out, the jig’s up, and this signals change for you, your cadre of narcissistic social Marxist liars, your astonishing hypocrisy and insatiable thirst for public cash.

      1. I should add also that when her midwife asked “don’t you feel empowered?” when she was in labour without an epidural my wife (a doctor who owns her own clinic employing four doctors) replied “I don’t buy any of that feminist horseshit!”
        Was very proud.

      2. Sounds like someone drank too much of the kool-aid.
        What about my comment makes me a social Marxist? And why do I have an insatiable thirst for public cash? THIS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. It’s great you’re learning to become a man, but maybe try not doing it at the expense of equality. You do realize you’re still being manipulated by this guy right? He’s making a ton of money off making you and other men feel empowered by this bull.
        I hope your wife doesn’t dye her hair:
        Oh and make sure she knows that now that she’s had a baby she is no longer valued because her body is ruined:
        Oh and she’s just an orc:
        I hope you never have a daughter and let her believe those things

        1. That’s just the thing: I don’t need to agree with everything he says to get value out of him. I’m happy if he makes money, and I have a daughter who won’t be getting tatted up or dying her hair blue and going on slut marches. My point is that it is foolish to present this as something with effects largely confined to a room of twelve men.

    3. ”This is a false report. His lecture took part in his hotel room with a
      handful of people because the venues wouldn’t take him. He pretended his
      lecture took place…”
      ah ah, see? That’s why you see bad stuff written about women. You dumb asses are so hilariously dumb. First you were joyously celebrating about how you succeeded in ‘stopping the event from taking place’ , and now even after getting the damn proof that the event TOOK place, you still say it’s a ‘false report’.
      Bah ah ah, I am glad I am not a woman, I’d probably hit myself in the head multiple times a day 🙂
      Oh, and for the dumbass reporter who wrote that there were ‘a dozen’ people….there were 40 of them. This is still a major victory over these fascist crazy bitches. This is not your typical bullshit Antony Robbins event where a million dumbasses join in. Roosh never meant to turn into a goddamn Antony Robbins anyways. He’s just a guy who speaks and does men’s stuff. Stuff that women can’t understand, I said it before and I’ll repeat it again.
      Who’s butthurt? Ah ah, you and all these other dumbasses just can’t take it. The event TOOK PLACE, the event SUCCEEDED, the tickets were SOLD OUT, 40 people is still a respectable crowd, no one was organizing for a million people, and Roosh SUCCEEDED in his goal.
      Ah ah ah!!! How am I enjoying this, and so is he and the rest of us, bah ah ah
      And Jesus Christ! all these hilarious idiots who kept saying for days ‘Yeah! We did it, we stopped the event!’ and the other idiots in the news who too were writing ‘Roosh event has been stopped’, while we others were shaking our heads marvelling at such stupidity and laughing our butts off ! Ah ah ah, seriously we are so f***ng amused 🙂

    4. And why should we believe the account of some random newspaper over the man himself? Why do you?

    5. And in the meantime tens of thousands have been exposed to him who otherwise wouldn’t have been. Well done……

  59. I know SJWs are borderine retarded, but even now they still don’t see their double standard of being allowed to come on this site insulting others, while using violence, threats, bans etc to prevent any dissent on their forums.
    Classic SJW.

    You may not like Roosh. You may not approve of him. You may not agree
    with him about much. But the next time you bite your tongue because you
    are afraid of saying something that a woman or an SJW might look at you
    funny for saying, or perhaps even confront you and call you a name,
    remember that this is a man who was denounced, falsely accused, publicly
    unwelcomed by the mayor of Montreal, protested, and physically
    attacked, and he still stood up and spoke for his beliefs concerning the
    interests of men.
    Before you dismiss Roosh for one reason or another, ask yourself ‘what am I doing? Why is evil not objecting to my presence? Why are the SJWs not seeking to silence and discredit me?’
    Roosh is so dangerous to the SJW cause, and is so effective in exploding
    their attempts to control the very thoughts and behavior of men, that
    they actually tried to play the “we’ll totally be your friend if only
    you’ll denounce him” game with me!
    That should be sufficient to convince anyone who supports freedom of
    speech and freedom of thought to stand up for the man, regardless of any
    reservations you might have about pickup artistry or neomasculinity.
    After all, he’s standing up for you.

    1. freedom of speech or no freedom of speech….that isn’t even the issue here. If I have broken no laws and I enter a bar and get treated like that by anybody, that’s abuse and harassment, end of story. You don’t throw stuff in people’s face and harass them and verbally and physically abuse them, just because you don’t agree with the book they wrote. Roosh should seek advice, I would take these people’s ass to court.

  61. Roosh has NEVER been for rape or for women’s ‘inequality’. All these idiots who associate him with rape, are really stupid, they can’t get their head out of a paperbag. Roosh is about problems that affect MEN, and it’s not something that can be understood by WOMEN, in the same way as WOMEN’S problems cannot be really understood by MEN. Roosh is about self-improvement for MEN. He’s about growing up and being realistic in a less than perfect world and not believing crap that you see in movies about how women suffers all the evils of the world, while men have a laugh. The only shortcoming about Roosh is that he’s TOO truthful in his views about women. For example, instead of ‘fat-shaming’ he could say the same thing as ‘a woman should look after herself and keep in shape, not stuffing her face with junk every day and become grossly unattractive’, or something like that. The problem is, what you say, can and will be used against you. Yeah there’s free speech, but don’t give all these idiots and crazy feminists, reasons for fights. Regardless, it all boils down to one goddamn thing: Roosh has NEVER broken the law in his writings about women or dealings about women. What all these idiots can’t get is that actually Roosh is a honest and warm hearted guy. No one like that deserves to be set up by crazy women, and get stuff thrown in his face, insults, name-calling, etc. That’s abuse and harassment. One thing for sure, I hate feminists more than ever now.
    But thankfully, somehow Roosh didn’t hit back. Smart move. Don’t get mad, get even, pursue the matter in a legal way, so far anybody can see that Lelievre, her mob and even the bar staff, abused and harassed Roosh, and not less importantly, that all these stupid people who spread news, are so stupid and dumb as not even being able to understand that the event wasn’t cancelled. Bah. What the world is either crazy, or idiotic, or both. But man, feminists? Had I got treated like Roosh, I would have punched her right in the kisser, and hard. Like I wrote, I don’t believe in women’s inequality. In every respect, both positive and negative. And also: I have seen other cowardly women doing something ‘gutsy’ and ‘brave’ , i.e. throwing drinks on a guy or even worse. But they only do that when there’s people around. That’s not bravery, that’s the last rank in cowardice, although it LOOKS like ‘wow, that was cool’. Lelievre would never have done that if she had been alone with Roosh or any other guy. These female cowards are ‘gutsy’ only with people around, they know that most men have a ‘crap threshold’ higher for women, i.e. most men take more crap from a woman, whereas with a man they would not, so the woman knows that she’s actually quite safe around people, in her delusions she believes that someone will stand up for her if things go badly. You could see that from the idiots of the bar staff who told Roosh to ‘get the f**k out of here’, even though he had done absolutely nothing, and he was the victim, not the attacker. And, a woman with her mob around her? She’s REALLY safe. But put this little. spoiled girl Lelievre with a man and tell her to throw a beer in his face, you bet she would not have the guts to do that in a million years. But there she is, writing on her stupid facebook profile how brave she was. Women are notorious for their delusions, they only see what they want to believe. I really hope this little cow gets what she deserves, one way or another. She should throw a beer on a serial killer’s face. Her and people like her really need a good shake and get bitten by reality’s teeth. They need what they really deserve. If you attack, bully, harass or abuse someone, there’s a price to pay for that, and the price should be high.

    1. One of his biggest controversies actually is his belief that rape on private property should be legal. He wrote about it. That would make spousal rape legal, prevent women from having the right to provide consent on private property (that means parties, events, etc) and promotes the idea that it is solely the woman’s responsibility to prevent rape. I agree with your suggestion: “If you attack, bully, harass or abuse someone, there’s a price to pay for that, and the price should be high.” Kind of like when you rape a woman.
      Also, articles like this are not truthful, they’re hateful and pathetic:
      And this:
      Roosh’s self improvement plan for men is based on subjugating women.

      1. ”One of his biggest controversies actually is his belief that rape on private property should be legal. He wrote about it.”
        Yeah, of course I have read it. I have read almost every single article he wrote, and every book he wrote. But as oppose as you, I am able to read between the lines, and what I understood is not what you have understood. Here’s what he meant, I’ll make it really simple to understand: if a woman gets wasted, acts like a slut, and willingly follows a stranger to his home, and the stranger then rapes her, she deserves it. Don’t blame just the rapist, blame her for not knowing what the hell she’s doing. There. Simple. You don’t get it. None of us, including Roosh, thinks that getting wasted and having sex with a stranger is normal. The irony of it all.
        He used rape as an excuse to make an important point. Brutal? Ugly? Yeah, I agree. But sometimes it takes an ugly example to make a good point.
        Allright, let me make another example. Anybody with some brains in their heads, know that having sex with a stranger may turn out into a nightmare, because you don’t really know anything about that person. Yet a lot of women are ATTRACTED by that aspect. Do you think that this makes any sense to Roosh, me, or the rest of us? No, it doesn’t, even for the ones of us who had a lot of sex.
        So what if a pretty woman gets wasted and follows a stranger to -his place- and then gets raped? I’d say, arrest the rapist (of course), and tell the woman what a stupid bitch she is.
        And that’s not all: some women accuse men of rape, even though it happened in HIS home. Now, what the hell does that means? I’ll tell you what it means: this dumb bitch knows that he’s, at least potentially, a bad man, yet she STILL goes to his place, because she’s STILL his girlfriend, his wife, etc etc. I mean, how she even married him in the first place?
        Or worse yet, she doesn’t know him AT ALL.
        I mean, how dumb can that be? It’s not like she was forced into a bad marriage. She WILLINGLY married someone mean, then she gets abused, raped etc, but of course she’s never at fault, poor thing.
        I am speaking harshly, in ugly ways, just as Roosh writes his articles, but rest assured, neither Roosh, nor I, nor the rest of us, are in favour of rape. The article says nothing of unfortunate women (and not only women, but also children, etc) who got raped and had their soul destroyed by some crazy and evil bastards. We never raped anyone, we never will. Why not? Because we aren’t rapists. And there’s more: if a woman were to be raped by someone, and we were passing by, and the woman would ask us to do something, we would not just shrug and keep walking.
        Roosh’s article is a vent for women’s lack of responsibility. Most of them just don’t know what the hell they are doing. It’s a fact. They don’t use their logic, they use their emotions, and emotions can get you into lots of trouble.
        You don’t understand what Roosh writes, as neither do the feminists.
        I know that Roosh has NEVER been in favour of rape, trust me, I know more about him and his writings that you know about him and his writings, since I have read pretty much everything he wrote, for the last 4 years, in detail, while you only skimmed through his articles for 10 minutes.
        For your information, in his book ‘Bang’, one of the tenets he writes is that a man should NEVER be forceful or violent, and that a woman’s ‘no’ means ‘NO’. And he also writes that a woman has a right to reject a man who approaches her. And this is really the same things I have read in every good ‘pickup artist’ book. The difference is that the ‘pickup artists’ take it as a business, while Roosh is just a guy who tells his experiences and writes what he learned, and then maybe he writes that in a book once in a while.
        Only an incredibly stupid man or a crazy man would condone rape, and Roosh isn’t crazy or stupid. You will NOT find anyone crazy or stupid in Roosh’s forums. I guarantee it. He would be the first to ban crazy men off his forums. Remember: we really care about the law. Rape is against the law, and also, no one of us gets horny by exerting violence on a woman by inflicting any harm on her.
        Your problem is that you aren’t able to read between the lines, you only read the words you see.
        You don’t know anything about Roosh and what he really tries to say. Yeah he has a way to say things that can seem blunt and brutal, and yes, in bad taste also. I agree. But I like it, and the reason is, he’s really writing what he thinks, I want truthfulness, even if uglier than the glossed over stuff that all other ‘pickup artists’ write. That is the difference between Roosh and them.
        He NEVER condoned rape or any form of violence against women, just because they are women.
        As for the article about women being like orcs, I could not agree with it MORE.
        As I said, I am able to read between the lines, you are not. Yes a lot of modern women, especially American women, are like orcs. Yes. YES. Roosh is 150 per cent CORRECT.
        You are a woman, or a man who thinks like a woman, so you can’t understand.
        Suffice is to say: Roosh is a good guy, and so are we. Don’t mistake our ‘hatred’ for HATRED. The latter is not just the realm of disgusting shit like rape, but also the realm of beer thrown at someone’s face, humiliation, physical abuse, persecution, harassment and defamation.
        Now let’s get back to the point here: Roosh was harassed and abused, and he broke no laws. A lot of weight in few simple facts.
        ”Roosh’s self improvement plan for men is based on subjugating women.”
        Bah. Superficial bullshit that only someone with no insight would write. You don’t get it.
        Roosh writes mainly about women’s shortcomings. This is sorely needed, because men, by nature, only tend to see the best things about women. Roosh shows me the warts and all. We are a men’s community, not a community of rapists, lunatics, or law-breakers. Therefore, we can say whatever the hell we want. As can do women. But don’t throw stuff in my face, you’ll get hurt, even if you are a woman. You can come to me and tell me what you think, but don’t be abusive and don’t f***g harass me, you’ll get me mad.
        I know that Roosh would have done that too, as most of us, luckily he got pushed back by that guy. Good for him, in the end, but I hope that bitch Lelievre gets arrested or gets punished one way or another. The cunts who helped her to set up Roosh, and the ones who joined in the abuse, should be punished too.
        The fact is that Roosh broke no laws. Therefore he’s allowed to say and do whatever the hell he wants, as is anybody else. You don’t have to like it. But don’t overstep the boundaries of human dignity.
        By treating Roosh like that, you treated me like that, and all the men here.
        Not bad for someone who reads stuff written to ‘subjugates women’, eh?
        I must leave now, I have been writing a lot.

      2. ”Kind of like when you rape a woman.”
        Yeah, except that no one f***ng raped a woman, neither Roosh, I, or anybody here. Rapists don’t read Roosh’s books, why would they? They are crazy and will get what they want by force, until they run out of luck. Yet just because someone wrote something you don’t get, you automatically treat that as proof that they committed rape, or that they would commit rape, and you entitle yourself to go around with your mob, like vigilantes, throwing shit in people’s face, harassing and abusing them.
        You are a lunatic. You might get away with it, if you do that and no one sees you, but in public, you are just shooting yourself in the foot. In the end the truth of who’s what, will be apparent, after the phase of denial. This is all stuff that this stupid girl Lelievre never considered, but will be forced to, once she realizes all the hilariously stupid moves she has done. Even if she doesn’t get arrested, her reputation is already heavily tarnished, and that stuff will be there for everyone to browse and read.

        1. I’m the lunatic? You didn’t even read the discussion thread above. You just went crazy. And now your response doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t say anyone raped anybody. The commentator above said he expects a high price for harassment and abuse of any kind. I referred to an article and said “kind of like when you rape a woman” as in… society expects a high price for those abuses as well. Regardless if they’re on private property or not.
          A conversation that made sense between two people until you butted your nonsensical opinion in.
          False rape accusations not only reflect negatively on other women, but they also make it much harder for women who have actually been raped to be taken seriously. I agree this is a problem. But false rape accusations are actually about 2% of reported cases and are not as prevalent as Roosh insinuates. For every false rape accusation there’s a much larger percentage of women who were raped but don’t report it.
          I’VE NEVER MADE A RAPE ACCUSATION LET ALONE A FALSE ONE IN MY LIFE. And I don’t even live in Montreal so when did I go around abusing Roosh or anyone? Who is actually making false accusations right now?
          Plus, you cannot begin to pretend you know the behaviors and beliefs of strangers on the internet just because they read the same blog as you.

      3. In case you didn’t notice, Roosh didn’t write those two articles. Everyone else writing articles here isn’t a drone and a mouthpiece for him. This site is an exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions for men who ascribe to, or have an interest in, neomasculine thought and dissent against the current Western gender paradigm. If you had followed this site for some time, you would have noticed that many articles contradict other articles, especially articles on peripheral topics such as society and philosophy.
        There is a significant amount of inane nonsense here, I’d definitely agree with that. That does not, however, in any way disprove or invalidate Roosh’s criticism of Western women, culture or contemporary gender norms. This is a think tank that deliberately operates on having as little restraint and coerced conformity as possible, not a Pravda of carefully vetted, checked and pre-digested bits of official truth.

    1. Pyrrhic victory? Bullshit, he’s going to sell more books. Who said: ‘I don’t care if people say good things or bad things about me, what matters is that they talk about me’. ? Publicity helps sales, and controversy sells. Plus, in the long run everybody will see who are the real victims and who are the real abusers. The fact is that the abusers are so f***ng dumb as not even understanding that Roosh’s event took indeed place. Let’s recap: they have no self-control, and are dumb too. These stupid weaklings even gave him the opportunity to file a police report for harassment and abuse. I’d rather get a beer in my face than abuse someone and get a police report that, at the very least, will tarnish my reputation. A reputation that anybody can check on Google. Ah ah. Yeah, keep ‘snickering’, it’s not about who snickers first, but about who laughs last.

      1. No just No. This cretin believes that *rape* would be eliminated if it became *legal* and on the first day that the law would be applied even. *Rolls eyes* He’s imbecilic, facile and misogynistic. He can’t win anything because he has lost from the beginning by virtue of his perverse thinking.
        “Instead, Roosh V gathered with about a dozen MRAs in the room where he was staying and began a disinformation campaign. Using Twitter and his personal forum, fake accounts published decoy posts claiming the event was taking place,”
        Thanks for playing.

        1. The word you are grasping for, my fine feathered friend, is *forte* You really should be certain that your grammar is impeccable before you begin to chastise others for their *supposed* grammatical mistakes. ‘Tis a pity you cannot cite one egregious error that I have committed. Keep flailing at nothingness, puppet.

        2. And you need to stop with the trite use of shaming language to stop a growing and popular movement which will continue to expose you and your fish eating friends. It’s a mans world world cupcake. Get used to it.

        3. You attempted to do it to ME with your last post, you mendacious, mealy mouthed ankle biter..You lost at that game and any other stunt where you attempt to show how you are more intelligent than I am, you will lose. Cry me a river.
          > you and your fish eating friends.
          Sod off, misogynist. You couldn’t get lucky in a whore house with a $100 bill. Too bad you’re not a real man, pansy.

        4. Lmao, it’s been an abysmal year for the feminist/baby killers. “Sexist air conditioning”? We’re all laughing at you. Who do you think gives you that funding and changes laws for you? Rich, white men that’s who. And they can take it away at a moments notice. You’re like trophy wives pestering her older husband for money until he gives in and gives it you you. That’s what you call empowerment???

        5. Just because I came to this site of moral depravity and misogyny does NOT mean I am involved in whatever scurrilous action you attempt to appropriate in my name. You’re a self-loathing and contemptible pig brain. No one is asking you to give anyone anything. That’s not how it works, you pig brain. Your moral turpitude is foul.

      2. >Roosh’s article is a vent for women’s lack of responsibility. Most of them just don’t know what the hell they are doing. It’s a fact. They don’t use their logic, they use their emotions, and emotions can get you into lots of trouble.
        Take your horsebleep outta my face. Your talking points are pure misogyny and they’re just another instance of blaming the victim. Don’t use *their* logic? That’s expressed exceedingly awkward.
        >It’s a fact
        Oh, is it? How quaint!
        Rape is about control and domination. So why would you even quip? *we don’t get horny from that*

  62. LOL, Roosh is taking over Toronto, media, you cannot turn on a channel and not see his face. He made national, and local news here. They took his worse videos to paint him as a bad guy, the mayor and city councilors are on local news saying roosh shouldn’t be allowed here. LOL, GO ROOSH, FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!!!! MWAH MWAH hhaaa haha ahhaa. They are trying to portray him as pro rape bad guy, I hope he gets an inerview with cp24 like Mike tyson did.

  63. Who doesn’t love a good chase movie? I literally can’t buy popcorn fast enough to keep up with my viewing.

  64. I feel bad for these women. Can you imagine going thru life and not having every single one of your urges and desires and beliefs not met as instantly as you can imagine them. It must be horrible. They should be vindictive against the world after living such a nightmare.

  65. They believed Jim Jones was about social injustice and helping others
    They believed Communism was about distributing up wealth equally
    They believed that Manson was about community and love
    They believed that L Ron Hubbard would set you free of your fears and failures
    They believed that the Kennedy’s were a family of the people and would fight for you with honor
    They believed that SJWs were about improving society and eradicating its ills
    The left is the mindset of the weak, impressionable and incapable.

  66. Toronto sun. “Generally speaking, Canadian law considers anyone who is willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group in a public place to be disseminating hate speech, Butt says.”
    Generally speaking this definition applies to Salman Rushdi. His work could be seen as promoting hatred against Arabs.
    So the trouble with these broadly defined hate speech laws.
    It’s the readers reaction to a piece of work that brings an emotion into play (ie; hatred) not the authors views on a subject.

  67. This whole thing is like the Civil Rights Movement but just for men. Sure, the laws are there for everyone, but in practice they’re used against men.

  68. Congratulations from Spain to Roosh and all the ones who followed him for your victory in Montreal.
    Now it’s time for Toronto to fall.

  69. Well done Gentlemen… now you know what us guys have to deal with in Canada…if it isn’t feminist, want-it-all-women, it’s the Socialist CBC

  70. Celebrate now but never stop preparing. The SJWs are going to raise their defenses next time. Have a plan for everything they bring and can possibly bring.

  71. Let me entertain a silly idea. Send out a call to men not to marry any woman older than 27. Any man who breaks the picket will be treated thus,
    1. Lawyers will try to break up the marriage by promising the woman huge chunks of the man’s wealth and future earnings.
    2. The woman will ofcourse cooperate. Destroy the man and hold up his fate as an example for any other man who dares to cross the picket line
    Can this be done?

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