Did Anita Sarkeesian Fake Death Threats Against Herself?

On Wednsday, August 27, 2014, feminist game critic Anita Sarkessian made the following tweet:


With this screencap attached:


Anita claimed that the above user had tweeted her real home address (blacked out above) with public death threats.

Immediately the gaming press community rallied to her defense, publishing article after article discussing harassment and misogyny in the gaming community. The only problem? The death threats against Anita Sarkeesian are cleary fake, and most likely made by Anita herself.

The Evidence

Let’s look at the screen-cap Anita posted:


This screen-cap was taken 12 seconds after the last of three minutes of tweeting, by a user who was not logged in. There is nothing in the search bar, clearly showing no search was done. Whoever took this had to know this user was making threatening tweets, and enter the exact url of their account at within three minutes of the users first post…

…or make the tweets themselves and then log out and take a screen-cap.

Also, notice anything else odd about these tweets?


Yes, that’s right – perfect spelling and punctuation. Does that sound like any angry gamer you know? Plus, these tweets fit exactly under the 140 twitter character limit. Whoever made these planned and typed them out ahead of time. While this still could be the work of a very obsessive stalker, it shows that these tweets were not the work of a rage troll or someone spontaneously going off. This person created a new account just for these tweets rather than ranting from a previous account.

If someone was going to create a false attack on themselves, creating a dummy account would be the obvious way to go. Creating a full online persona would take a long time, and if Anita wanted to ride the publicity of the recent Zoe Quinn story in gaming, and synchronize death threat with the release her latest video release, she wouldn’t have time to create fully developed hater.

Anita wants us to believe she just happened to find this account, despite the fact it would be highly unlikely, if not impossible for Anita to have seen these tweets and taken the screencap she took had she not been logged into the account making them only a moment before. The more likely explanation is that Anita made these tweets herself, logged out, and took a screen-cap.

All of the above evidence is based solely on the public information Anita posted. But here at ROK, we have another level of insight – an insight into the psychology of the feminine mind.

Anita’s Fake Tweets Reveal Her Twisted Fantasies

Look at the actual content of the threats:


Does this sound like any male hater you know?


Neck biting and blood drinking is a feminine vampire fantasy. This isn’t an angry gamer saying “I hate you, you’re destroying games.” This is a man who wants to overpower her and possess her sexually because he finds her so attractive. Where have I seen this kind of writing before?

twilight091123_560 (1)

In Anita’s fantasy, her stalkers are men overpowered by her beauty, who want to dispose of her beta provider and fulfill her darkest rape fantasies. Her stalker vacillates between wanting to “caress and taste” her and threatening to kill her loved ones so he can possess her. This is exactly the kind of bad writing found in the female dominated genre of romance novels, where a dangerous and powerful man can’t help but be driven to extreme acts by the intoxicating presence of the heroine.



Anita drops a few threats of actual physical violence to establish the danger of the fantasy she is creating, but quickly goes back to 50 Shades of Grey style sex with tweets like this:


This is classic psychological projection. Anita is sexually attracted to men who are the opposite of what constitutes a good male feminist, so she assumes her haters must feel the same way about her. “They hate me because I’m pretty. These guys are obviously all just mad because they’re not good enough for me.”

Why Would Anita Make A Death Threat Against Herself?

As documentary filmmakers Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen are attempting to expose in their new film The Sarkessian Effectvictimhood is the business model of social justice warriors. By receiving public threats, Anita gets news outlets to write about her, give her free publicity, and help her raise money.

Sarkeesian was previously able to raise over $150,000 for her kickstarter campaign, using publicity generated by harassment. Her wikipedia entry on the kickstarter and harassment states:

The events [of her harassment] also led to speaking engagements on related topics. In June 2012, video game developer Bungie invited Sarkeesian to its offices to present on the creation of female characters in games.[26] In December 2012, Sarkeesian was a speaker at the TEDxWomen conference, discussing online sexual harassment and the nature of online communities.[27] She has also spoken at Lincoln Land Community College,[28]Western Kentucky University,[29] and Northeastern University.[30][31]

You can bet those speaking engagements weren’t free. That’s that social justice business model: troll a community, claim harassment when they criticize your actions, and turn the publicity into funding and speaking engagements. It worked for Suey Park, whose hashtag campaign against Colbert resulted paid speaking engagements, and Zoe Quinn who turned criticisms of her game Depression Quest into a story about harassment against female developers and got additional publicity for her work. This isn’t a lone con, but a pattern in social justice work.

The Media Doesn’t Report Death Threats Against Men

Compare the way the media handled a single threat against Anita to the way it handles the regular death threats made against ROK and other men’s writers. To my knowledge, no media outlet has ever done a single story on the violent threats made against Return of Kings, whereas a quick google search for “anita sarkeesian death threats” returns 43,300 results.


I believe the mainstream press has not covered the death threats made against men’s writers because on some level they believes we deserve death threats, because of the beliefs we hold. Read that again. The mainstream media believes we deserve to have people threaten to kill us, mutilate our genitals, and hurt our families, because we hold different perspectives. This isn’t the belief of fringe haters. This is the mainstream media. Keep that in mind the next time you read the news.

Law Enforcement Should Pursue Whoever Made Those Tweets

Personally, I believe no human being deserves to suffer from physical violence or the threat of it. If someone has made a genuine threat against Anita or any public figure, they deserve to suffer the full punishment of the law. That is why I am calling on twitter to release the IP address those tweets were made from and work with law enforcement to arrest whoever is responsible for them.

The statements made in those tweets clearly qualify as a threat of physical violence. If Anita did not make these tweets herself, then it is her duty as a feminist to ensure that whoever did is brought to justice, before he threatens other women or commits and act of physical violence. Police have raided people’s houses for more ambiguous statements made on social media.

Of course, if Anita made those tweets herself, the police would raid her. Maybe that’s why all she’s done is use them for publicity.

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304 thoughts on “Did Anita Sarkeesian Fake Death Threats Against Herself?”

  1. She was so threatened by the tweets that she went to sleep at a friend’s house, but she *did not call the police*. I think we know why: if the twitter account was subpoenaed, the IP address would lead to either her or a supporter. As Runson noticed, Anita is taking a page out of the SJW playboy:
    1. Disrupt a community
    2. Broadcast “threats” received
    3. Launch career based on being a professional victim
    These conwomen sometimes get caught, like in this case:
    “A well-known female liberal blogger and radio host at the University of Wyoming (UW) is being accused by police of fabricating a rape threat against herself to appear as if it came from a conservative.”
    But often times they don’t get caught simply because the white knight media never bothers to question the truthfulness of the threats. Female charlatans can make up anything and it will be broadcast as news, while real news like the Zoe Quinn sex-for-publicity scandal, which exposes how corrupt American media is, was completely blacked out and censored. The public is being bamboozled on a national scale, but word is leaking out. Each of their outrages and denouncements is fooling less people.

    1. One thing to notice is the timing of her “harassment”.
      The Zoe Quinn
      shitstorm was riding high with SJW support and would most likely have
      overshadowed her video on youtube. It’s all about clicks/views at the
      end of the day.
      SJW victim wheel of forutune. It’s a race to the bottom of the victimhood ladder. Who is the most at risk?
      had to up the ante this time around, nobody was paying attention to her
      anymore. She had already received death threats from twitter people.
      Lets make her receive credible threats that forced her to flee her home
      but not involve any law enforcement…
      Or possibly she feels that
      she’s on a morally higher ground than Zoe Quinn because the harassment
      she faces wasn’t because she spread her legs…but you can never really
      be sure can you.

      1. If theres anyone a Feminist hates more than slut-shaming misogynist men, its any woman who is sluttier than her.

      1. I vote against this.
        If we make this website about video games, entertainment, and sports it runs the risk of becoming just another website.
        If you want to read about video games go to a website about videogames.
        If you want to read about entertainment go to a website about entertainment.
        If you want to read about sports go to a website about sports.
        The only advantage I see to this is the possibility of attracting bluepillers who are open to RedPill thinking and thus perhaps spreading the word. But the message might wash out.
        My 0.02

      2. Keep it off site I like that shit but I hate reading about that shit on the manosphere. ROK is for self improvement and should be kept so.
        So if someone else wants to make a red pill gamers thing they can do so, but it would be a fucking travesty if this became a regular feature on here.

    2. Roosh/Runson,
      You guys are onto something here. My suggestion is that ROK leads the charge on this with the creation of an online petition for the subpoena and investigation of the IP address/account that these tweets came from with full investigation/prosecution by the police. We should send this petition too any/all feminist organizations as well as to Anita herself. Time to call them out with action.
      My point here is this, I have yet to meet any manosphere/red pill man who advocates violence and threats against women they disagree with. However, at least 50% or more of feminists I’ve met advocate for violence against the patriarchy and men that disagree with them. This appears to me a case of violent projection.

        1. Agreed, that is why we focus on building ourselves, so that the future oligarchs of America will put these SJW’s in their place. Like Churchill said of the Hun, they are either at your feet or at your throat.

        2. Agreed, but at least as much as talking about it amongst ourselves. In other words, any reader of this site is not going to read this article and say “Nah, its probably true…feminists are always getting threats”. We know better, what better way to get both publicity while calling out those feminists that lie?

      1. What if they were using TOR or some VPN overseas? May even tapped into a public Wifi somewhere.

        1. If she made this many obvious mistakes she likely didnt take any additional measures.

        2. If the person who wrote it is that technical and knows the internet and how to use those things, then you are right.
          As for public wifi, if they trace it back to a location near her, say a local starbucks, it can either be damning or a rallying cry for her. I’d wager it be the latter because she would spin it that the danger is close. I’d be less likely to believe it though because if it was a credible threat that close, she would have found like a dead cat, or something disgusting, with a note on her porch instead of a few tweets.

      2. “at least 50% or more of feminists I’ve met advocate for violence against the patriarchy and men that disagree with them.”
        Then you’ll have no trouble pulling up a bunch of examples to prove this statement.

        1. Hey moron, how are they going to be “pulling up a bunch of examples” for Feminists they have MET? Good lord, people like you are completely delusional.

        2. Yup and some don’t even allow men to post on em, i tried one such site to get some female perspectives on why feminists of this generation simply loath men. I was banned the second i mentioned i was a male.

        3. And how many men are actually being threatened? Are you scared? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

        4. In the video and the hashtag all men are being threatened.
          Any man that the feminists don’t like should be murderer.
          Need I remind you that you made a claim that you have never come across any threats of violence from feminists sites.
          I’m just calling bullshit on you so it doesn’t really matter if I personally feel threatened I just have to prove that they exists and are so common that they couldn’t be ignored.
          Read this article and the comments of it.
          About half of these women are decent people but the other half are not only abusive but they make excuses for their acts of violence and and the violence of other women.
          Some of them even go so far as to throw fake stats in there to make it look like women abusing men isn’t any sort of problem at all.
          Here is a nice quote for you to choke on:
          “I have another ex who was sexually/mentally/verbally abusive, and if we ever cross paths again, he’d better pray there are no blunt objects or firearms nearby, ’cause I *will* take him out.”
          Strange that actually sounds like a specific threat of murder on a feminists website that’s weird.

      3. ” However, at least 50% or more of feminists I’ve met advocate for violence against the patriarchy and men that disagree with them.”
        Fucking liar. Post proof.

    3. What’s unbelievable to me is how the mainstream blogs/social media/garbage/trash has completey swallowed the bait. They don’t even fucking question it, not even for argument’s sake! This is a story a child could have come up with (if that child had a mind as twisted and perverted as Sarkeesian’s). Do these people believe the dog ate their kid’s homework too?
      And even on traditionally male-oriented social media sites, there’s now this huge influx of male feminists that will tell you you are part of the ‘problem’ and you are a troll/rapist/murderer/child molester if you exercise the tiniest bit of healthy skepticism.

    4. Anita Sarkessian is a rank amateur as far as hate crime hoaxers go.
      The defunct site GLPiggy.com used to have a great database of these hoax hate crimes. The site’s founder closed it down when he got a more mainstream reporting job, I think with Breitbart.
      One of the funniest hoax hate crimes was this dyke basketball player at University of Nebraska actually cutting “hate speech” against gay marriage into her body, and tying herself up. This crazy bitch went all out. All Anita is willing to do for her hoax is script out some threats and then Tweet them to herself. Lazy!

    5. While it all does add up, where’s the evidence to show she hasn’t contacted the police?

    1. Goddamn a great clip. I imagine if they tried to create this film in this age the social justice warriors would tie it up in so much bullshit it could never air

      1. True… but to be fair, this racket works. Look at the success of the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

      2. So are you saying professional victims deserved to be threatened? This article sounds like the work of a conspiracy nut job.

        1. http://nastythingssaidabout.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/the-terrible-misogyny-in-the-games-industry/
          Her directly antagonistic methods, and pleas for white knights to support her (financially, mostly) sound like she’s drumming up business by being “controversial” and a “contrarian” (even though the feminist imperative has a very safe home in the MSM), all while claiming “altruism and equality”.
          Smells like bullshit.
          It is established that she likes to embellish and exaggerate, so it’s not all that unlikely that she is a straight up con-artist.
          Receiving death threats now makes her a quasi-martyr for her cause, whether they are real or not. Given her history, I’d lean more towards the not side.

        2. No, proffesional victims deserve to be permanently removed from society, because they exploit people’s kindness for their own egoistic benefit.

        3. Yes, they do. They drain other people of resources and waste their time to exploit their kindess for their own benefit.

  2. She should really be thanking her harassers for giving her so many victimhood points and fame though. What did it cost her? Nothing. And all that money people threw at her because of it. 160 grand because some kids insulted her on Youtube. What has she done with the money? Made like 3 videos over the last year, each basically rehashing the non-issues she complained about in her older videos.
    Oh no a scantily clad video game character why am I so oppressed
    How hot girls in video games offend women is beyond me. It’s either some kind of programmed response (“my gender theory professor said I should be offended”), or just plain old jealousy. Saying virtual girls make people objectify women is no different than saying video games cause school shootings. It might contribute in a miniscule way, but it’s not significant enough to negate the tradeoff in fun, and more importantly, liberty to exercise such.
    But even if they are genuinely offended… so what? Why should people stop making what they like just because you don’t? That’s really all there is to the issue. There’s no real harm being done here, just feelings, hysterics, and entitlement.

    1. Violent games have been scientifically proven to not cause violence in those who play. It is likely that violent people enjoy violent media. The human mind is very capable of separation of entertainment and reality. It’s the normal mind that enjoys entertainment as fiction the deranged minds sees entertainment as an extension of its twisted reality.

    2. Perhaps accountability and transparency are things only male users of kickstarter have to abide by. Whatever she has done with the 150 grand, it sure as hell didn’t went to making those video’s.

    3. Feminism in a nutshell: “Women dressing in revealing clothing is Feminist and empowering to women, and it doesnt make them sluts!”
      *five minutes later*
      “Dressing fictional women in revealing clothing is anti-Feminist and harmful to women, because it makes them look like sluts!”

  3. Professional victims need victimizers; when they don’t have any they invent them. This is standard operating procedure for social justice warriors. I wrote about it for the Spearhead in “Dartmouth Shuts Down as Victim-Hoaxing Craze Sweeps Nation’s Campuses”.
    It was apparent from the beginning that she was doing it based on the absurd threats she allegedly received, so thanks for doing the entry-level IT sleuthing to expose her fraud.
    As for business models, the liberal webzine industry depends on trolls to pump their click-stats. Their periodic outbursts and calls for action against violent, misogynist, angry white male trolls are amusing to say the least.

    1. Exactly. It is illegal to make death threats against people. The appropriate law enforcement agencies should immediately be brought in to investigate the matter.

      1. Free speech is not illegal. If people here call law enforcement, it’s fighting dirty with dirty. Taking the high road is what I would do.

        1. I would agree with you in most cases that taking the moral high road is the best option. However, in this case, I feel that involving Twitter’s management and the authorities is the right choice.

        2. Don’t buy that person’s bullshit. This is about accountability, fraud, and social engineering not about stopping/curtailing free speech.
          If i stand in the middle of times square and hold a sign stating 2+2=5 then someone, rightfully, will call me out.
          What ‘Myra’ is doing is one of many reasons we at RoK don’t reply to women.

        3. We don’t need to call the police. She does, especially if this threat is supposedly serious.
          Until then, this is, as you alluded, “free speech.” But we don’t need to buy it either.

        4. Not to mention that all people have a right to free speech, including Anita whats-her-name but we also have a right to call it out as BS.
          I stand by my original post… either she gets law enforcement involved or her claims are BS.

  4. If it really was a gamer I would expect more n00b speak. And what is with this trigger warning bullshit? When did people in the US become so over sensitive?

    1. Feminist Logic:
      –Women are not overly emotional. That’s a misogynist stereotype.
      –Trigger Warning!

    2. Having spent plenty of time with edgy types on internet forums like 4chan, those threatening tweets really don’t seem like something they would say. In fact, I’m certain that a woman wrote those tweets, especially with the vampire part.

  5. Nicely done Sherlock. Unfortunately she will just deny and move on. And will never face the consequences. This is pretty much the same as fake rape accusations, they can do it with no risk at all. Modern women faces absolutely no consequences no matter what they do…they are like overprotected kids.

    1. Agree. We need to shed more light on these rape charges (some true, but many false) and the consequences that women should face when calling out a ‘false rape’.
      Both people need to consent during sex (not just women) if we’re looking for true equality here.

  6. I’d be interested to know how much these professional SJW’s are really raking in each month.

    1. Is that somehow relevant?
      If Roosh somehow became comfortably rich from running RoK, would that imply something?

      1. Yeah – that he was doing it for the money.
        Just like she’s playing victim for the money.

      2. Its relevant because material, social and psychological rewards appear not only to accompany progressive politics but appear a part of what attracts people to them in the first place. More than that the strategies involved seem typically to involve ways of marginalising a competitor group for personal or group advantage while claiming to be high-minded, altruistic and egalitarianism.
        If you look at any of the progressive movements there always particular people or groups benefiting. Anyone can benefit economically from pushing any idea potentially, but progressives (at least the middle class ones) tend to benefit by claiming disadvantage while raking it in. Sounds like the only question to be answered is whether its hypocrisy or corruption

      1. You’re doing god’s work.
        Just one request: don’t sensationalize stuff or use too much speculation – the plain facts are outrageous enough as they are. Over-sensationalization or politicization of the issue would just be playing into the hands of those who would want to discredit you.

        1. Word. We’re trying to drop all politics and speculation from this documentary. After all, my disagreement with Sarkeesian isn’t in her arguments per se; there *is* some harassment of women out there, and if Sarkeesian was genuinely fighting against this (even if I thought she was exaggerating it) then we wouldn’t be doing a documentary about her methodology.
          We really just want to get the facts out there so that they can speak for themselves.

      2. If it turns out Anita and Zoe are making six figures, I just don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  7. This phenomenon is not limited to bottom-feeding amateur social justice warriors.
    Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, up and coming femist politician determined to get Hillary Clinton elected to the presidency, has a published a new tell-all with details about humiliating sexual harassment at the hands of senate colleagues :
    Note “concerned female martyr-hero” pose in front of American flag.
    As she is promoting legislation to change the military justice system
    based on flawed statistics about sexual assaults in the military, it
    makes sense for her to claim personal harassment as part of her overall
    marketing strategy. She should name her tormentors or shut up.

    1. What happened to having a backbone and going on with your day. If those senators did say something to her, just tell them to shut up, call them names in your head and move on. “Wah, a guy called me fat. I’m telling!”

    2. Exactly. She’d have everything to gain by naming names, and the supposed perps would have everything to lose by being named.
      But since she isn’t doing so, this is BS.

  8. The thing about Anita Sarkeesian is this: her decision to devote her professional life to the worst “tropes” of critical theory women’s studies reveals all you need to know about her character. The sickness present in women’s studies culture has to resonate with something in Sarkeesian’s character.
    The analogy I think of when I consider her looks is the way ancient Romans used to use lead crystals as sweetener. Yes, the lead had a nominally sweet taste, but was also sickly and metallic, and led to sickness and insanity. I feel like if Sarkeesian opened her legs to me, it would only lead down a sickly, tinny, regrettable path. Her femininity is distinctly saccharine.

  9. That woman disgusts me. She’s the classic example of a woman, entering a male space. She shows up uninvited and yells, ” I’ve got a pussy so everyone has to play nice now”. That woman is just as much of a con artist as Bernie Madoff, and she deserves the same treatment.

    1. You ever notice that the second women enter en masse into any previously male-dominated field, it immediately becomes paralyzed with gossip, conflict, sexual infidelity, emotional insecurity, and rank incompetence?

  10. Really twitter users should just force her hand by accusing her of fraud. If she is lying about these threats, then she is defrauding her supporters who give her money.
    That’s criminal.

    1. This is an excellent point. She is obtaining money by fraudulent means. Maybe someone with an interest in this issue could make a small donation and then request a fraud investigation by an appropriate agency. Hell, this is fucking wire fraud.

  11. O….M….G…. I can’t….I just….
    This is clearly a case of Anita’s Headmate threatening to rape her!!! Check your monopersonality, non-Otherkin-having Privilege!!!”
    No, in all seriousness, these frame jobs (in this case, framing gamers as stalkers and rapists) are the norm, not the exception. The media apologizes for them. Mother Jones had a huge story about a year ago about this military contractor in Iraq who accused her boss of raping her. It turned out there was absolute proof the sex was consensual….but Mother Jones said that it was a noble lie to try and imprison the man and extort money from the contractor company….because it could have been true. No joke.

      1. Yes (it’s a long read, so set aside at least 30 minutes or so): http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/magazine/november_december_2013/features/the_war_of_rape047355.php?page=all
        The writer there hard previously written credulous pieces repeating this woman’s false rape claims (a.k.a. attempts to have the government put an innocent mans in chains and into a cage) for Mother Jones magazine. When she wanted to write this semi-mea culpa article after it was all exposed as a sinister lie….Mother Jones refused to publish it and wanted to cover it up. So Mother Jones is complicit in an attempt to kidnap an innocent man.

        1. Thanks for the link. Yes, very long, read most of it. As her employer points out in their lawsuit against her she is clearly a ‘self-promoter’
          There’s one paragraph that interested me, and which speaks volumes why there may be a motivation to lie, distort and exaggerate:
          “Jones [victim who turned out not to be] also started writing a book called Deserted: Raped at War and the War of Rape, the Jamie Leigh Jones Story, which she copyrighted in early 2007. Even before her first public interview, Jones had sold the rights to her story. She would later collaborate with Patricia Meyer, an Emmy Award-winning screenwriter who has written screenplays for Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions and produced the ABC miniseries The Women of Brewster Place, starring Oprah Winfrey. Together they drafted a script for a docudrama producer who planned to make a movie out of it.”
          Al Franken was also heavily invested in her story, and seems to have used it for political advantage and its seems even though losing the case bankrupted her she got $170k from another source. In other words victimhood of this sort, isn’t just emotionally, and psychologically satisfying, it creates attention / validation (I think I read somewhere that women like that), and in this case could have been very financially rewarding.
          The issue of whether rape did or did not happen will always be crucial for the people involved (for the alleged victims, and for the alleged perpetrators) but this kind of incentive system needs to be examined as a phenomenon in itself, because it is helping to construct a narrative many women (and men) want to buy into, and to create an industry that clearly can be profitable to invest in.

        2. This is a sad story. Had she at least just had the decency to admit that she lied. But no, had to continue when it was obvious to everyone what a fraud she was. Kind of like this Sarkeesian woman who will keep spewing lies and hatred no matter how ridiculous and far fetched it is.

        3. Its likely she believes her own lies; has completely bought into her own fantasy world where she’s the victim / heroine of so many nasty men fighting for the cause of women everywhere

    1. I would. She’s a six, and I’m drawn to olive skin and deep brown eyes. (I see hers have a touch of green, though.)
      I’d fuck a lot of crazy sociopath bitches (this includes pretty much every babe you see on TV newscasts, who are all soul-dead lunatics in real life). Just make sure to record the fucking for when the false rape claim inevitably ensues.

        1. She’s definitely got a masculine face, more so her chin.
          Hate fucking is (and should be) primarily doggystyle.So doesn’t depend on how attractive the face is, but rather depends on how attractive the ass is.

        2. Manly, bro-ish, dude like, strongman chin, muscular jaw types normally scream tranny to me. Would not bang.

  12. I suspect this is right, but getting proof beyond reasonable doubt is another thing, so its best not to too far out on a limb here.
    But there’s a rich seam to be mined here in the type of stories that RoK has been covering recently (namely this and the zoe quinn stories). Social justice etc claims to be altruistic, as to do with making the world a better place for everyone. Obviously but not necessarily demonstrably this is not about making the world a better place for everyone but making the world a better place for particular groups, and as such for particular individuals. Demonstrating this conclusively, finding the smoking gun (in enough cases) can blow this hypocrisy out of the water.
    I look forward to “Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen” demonstrating that “victimhood is the business model of social justice warriors” because this is literally on the money. This needs to be repeated again and again. Not just Sarkesians hypocrisy, but all progressivism is ultimately a business model. Its a way to argue universal principles (equality, human rights) in order for particular people to directly benefit or particular groups to indirectly benefit. If every benefited there would be no point. As always follow the money, and we’ll find out who the criminals are

    1. There are sites which store every single Tweet made….almost in real time. So it’s likely that some of the account could be checked by those sites.
      But its seems Twitter would be the only ones with the IP Address. Anita Sarkeesian’s failure to cooperate with authorities (and she won’t) in an attempt to track this clearly dangerous individual down, though, will be the true revelation.
      Somebody in Anita Sarkeesian’s legal jurisdiction calls the police on her behalf and file a report. Say that a woman you’re aware of has repeatedly expressed fear for her life and has identified a professed rapist and stalker. The police will be obligated to follow through on it….and Anita will suddenly have no interest in catching the “stalker”.

    1. Like that you misspelled Occam’s, probably by omitting the second c and the spell checker auto-corrected it to Ocean’s?

      1. Are you sure Occam’s razor really applies here?
        How do you measure the relative complexity of these two possible situations?

  13. I always kind of assumed it was bullshit/she was making a massive deal over nothing. Not surprising in the slightest if she made the whole thing up considering she has a direct pecuniary interest in doing so.
    Thing is, nobody who didn’t already know she was a scam artist is going to care.

  14. I’ve been ignoring these issues up until this post as I figured this and the Zoe thing were just some more retarded shit in the deep realm of Internet arcana. There is always going to be corruption wherever there is trading of sex and money so whatever… I don’t give a shit about video games anymore anyways…
    What is striking to me about this whole thing though, is that people I know on my Facebook are actually posting all this feminist shit nowadays… Links to websites defending Aneeta and Zoe and I’m just like whu huh???
    People I know are actually paying attention to this shit? And women that I grew up with and had great times with are now actively propogating this fem-speak? What is going on? Not to mention that the articles they link to are often written by men… who make no mention of the fact that she fucked her way up the ranks and they don’t see anything wrong with that?
    I am beginning to actually feel like there is a noticeable cultural shift… I’m either out of touch or everyone is starting to crack under a pressure they don’t even themselves understand.

    1. I know. I used to feel silly for following the dramas of these egalitarian sociopaths because it was only Jews and a few of their lackeys who actually preached this bullshit. But now, even the average jane and joe have joined the cult.

    2. People aren’t starting to “crack under pressure”, and you are not out of touch. What is happening is a logical extension of women’s suffrage (i.e. political power) and the consumer economy (i.e. economic power). First, as we know, subjective “feelings” are now more important than objective “truth”, which we now know is almost entirely the result of the 19th amendment giving women political power.
      Economic power is also held by women, as the female is easy to manipulate into frivolous spending, and now controls the household pursestrings based on PC culture and divorce laws.
      The thing both of these have in common is that men granted this power to women willingly. Male politicians decided they could stay in office for life if they could take credit for granting political power to 50% of the population (easy votes). Male capitalists decided that pandering to the female through marketing to make a few dollars was more important than strong families and communities. Ultimately, democracy is doomed to fail, as everybody becomes a pandering populist, and no “grown-ups” are left in charge to guide the plebs.

      1. Don’t forget that capitalists also gained access to an increased labor supply and thereby reduced wages. They enjoyed women in the workplace, but as women require more and more government programs EEO programs, gym membership reimbursements, frivolous harassment lawsuits, extra HR resources, and constant demoralizing whining, the women will ultimately become a net loss to productivity. Men can be such stupid happy little wage slaves.

        1. Capitalists increased their labor supply when WWII happened, but women were not banned from working. It was more about increasing the tax base.

      2. Capitalism has, historically, always spread itself through Liberal Feminist and SJW ideology. Look at any actual Communist country and tell me how much Feminism you find there. Zero. Nada. Hell, the entire modern concept of “Spreading Democracy” can simply be summed up as “giving women the right to vote”. Theyre softening up all the foreign, still male-dominated cultures to be taken over by Feminist Capitalism. Consumerist Capitalism is the manifestation of the crow-like structure of the Female brain and its endless desire for newer and shinier trinkets. Either Capitalism must fall, or Men will.

    3. Part of the reason social justice warriors focus on inconsequential issues like video games is because they’re trial balloons i.e. they’re testing people’s reactions to see how much they can get away with making an outrageous claim before applying that claim to more serious issues.
      In one of Anita’s vids on gaming for example, she makes the claim that women are just as physically strong as men are. If people let that claim go without any criticism, it’s not hard to imagine that later on down the road, Feminists will be using that claim to make the case for women being allowed in the NFL, Seal Teams, etc.; and the general populace actually taking these assertions seriously.

      1. Spot on. First they came for the manosphere bloggers, but I was not a manosphere blogger, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the videogamers, but I was not a videogamer, so I didn’t say anything. . .

      2. I actually had a girl challenge me to an arm-wrestling match recently. I shook my head and didn’t take it seriously. But I soon realized she was completely serious and thought she would win. So I accepted and beat her in 3 seconds flat (and I’m not even a strong guy, I’m probably about average strength, maybe even ‘weak’ by the standards of gym-goers, which she was). Couldn’t believe the logic that must have been going through her head…

        1. Feminist Logic:
          –“Women are just as strong as men.”
          –“You should never hit a women [because women are physically weaker]”

    4. It might ‘just’ be video games, but it’s not just video games. This is a cancerous rot that’s spreading, and needs to be nipped in the bud.

      1. I disagree with most of your opinions but you do have intellectual honesty and integrity. I am going to watch your documentary because unlike Anita you actually mean what you say ,and like a man you stand behind it.

    5. The sad part is in the beginning (like everything) it truly was about equality. Today it’s just ridiculous (like unions). It’s a good thing that unions are going to the wayside because they are no longer useful.
      Back when…we needed unions (they served a purpose) but today the demands are so ridiculous that many companies have moved their operations to other countries.
      Feminism is the same thing (second verse). In the beginning it was truly about equality. But, today, we have this stupid shit in regards to “victim hood”.
      These people are no different than today’s politicians.

      1. “Back when…we needed unions (they served a purpose) but today the
        demands are so ridiculous that many companies have moved their
        operations to other countries.”
        Thats entirely because there was such a huge overwhelming push for getting rid of the unions, so the only ones that ended up surviving were the worst, most corrupt, politician-owning ones that were able to hold onto their power, through bribes, coercion and government kickbacks, like the police, teacher, and transportation unions that controlled the majority of civic territory. Anti-union legislation caused an intense period of Natural Selection, resulting in only the most vicious and powerful ones surviving.

        1. Yes, but unions were also rotted from within the core. The demands for more and more pay plus benefits for the average skilled workers (was a little ridiculous) plus the corruption from some of the union reps.
          It was a variety of factors over time that caused the downfall of many manufacturing unions.
          The rest of them (I agree) are only here because they each serve a need or purpose for one another.

    6. No, you’re on to something. This is the new Obamamania. This female shit-energy is always there and it has to collect somewhere and build up. There is always an entourage of Yoga-attending, skinny jeans wearing, pop-music-listening tools (men) who follow them.
      The good news is that even though this feminist thing will grow epically annoying in a year or two, it will completely fizzle a couple of years later. Female shit energy degrades over time as their eggs rot within them, and the new generation invents new bullshit.

      1. Once the food riots start women are going to be selling all three of their holes for a carton of eggs and a clean glass of water. When the going gets tough, women always get back in their place.

        1. or when the world goes to shit and we loose all our comforts and have to hunt and such again! they would fall off their pedestal harder then a anvil smashed against their heads!

    7. No, there HAS been a noticeable cultural shift. It started happening hardcore in 2012. I noticed it too.

  15. Her next tweet is even more revealing. “In my work I witness so many women being harassed. I know how hard it is to watch & how helpless it can feel. Thank you all for your support”
    Breaking this down, “In my work I witness so many women being harassed.”
    She starts with in her work she WITNESSES this happening. She doesn’t mention the ‘fact’ that it just happened to her, she only witnesses the harassment. According to her tweet, she experienced it. Why is she only witnessing it? What would it be like to experience that harassment?
    “I know how hard it is to watch & how helpless it can feel” — She is still a watcher, not an experiencer. She feels helpless watching, and her earlier tweet was an attempt to influence and take action. I would ask her what she would do if she could help? I bet she will say “I wouldn’t make anything up”.
    “Thank you all for your support” — Is the support for the previous tweet? This tweet was posted 40 minutes after she posted a serious threat of bodily damage to herself. Why is she still a ‘witness’ and ‘watcher’? Here is where her ‘scary’ emotions from before should be taking place. There is no mention of emotion. Deception indicated.

    1. She’s talking in present tense. According to statement analysis methods used to detect fraud, this is a red flag as people speaking the truth tend to write/speak in past tense.

  16. Women are batshit insane.
    This is no different than false rape, false domestic violence …all a twisted fantasy. A demented quest for DRAMA. This is such a first world , SWPL thing. Western gals are so bored , so empty that they have to create drama. We so need a depression or zombie apocalypse to get these bitches mind’s right.

    1. If there was ever any significant disaster in this country, every single Feminist in it would be selling ass for clean water by the end of the day. Women have literally no skills outside of raising children and lying on their backs.

    2. Baby, everyone is insane, men and women. The world’s a fucking loony bin.

  17. Look, it is obviously a working business model, so I guess she is to be congratulated. We’ll see how many official “victims” the market can bear. Apparently it is a seller’s market at the moment. Like with any other industry, the market will get saturated. Then it will be great fun watching them compete for victimhood market share. Maybe we’ll even see self-mutilation as a business strategy. Anything for the bottom line.

    1. So you are saying that Al Sharpton and Tim Wise are just stage characters portrayed by ordinary fellas just trying to eke out a living in a cold world after careers at MackDonald’s didn’t work out? Plausible.

      1. Not familiar with Tim Wise, but Al Sharpton has definitely stumbled across a great business model. Part victim spokesman, part “protection racket” like the old Mafia. Long ago he probably looked at the odds of scoring big using his own innate talents and capabilities. He probably could have become a decent salesman, but that would require, like, actual work. And he wanted to live the life of a successful person without having to put much (any) effort into it. So he discovered he could make a pile by selling absolution to guilt-ridden leftists and progressives. Apparently there is no shortage of customers willing to pony up.

  18. She was sooooo shaken up that by the time the next morning came around she was back to ePanhandling on her twit feed.

  19. “This is classic psychological projection. Anita is sexually attracted to men who are the opposite of what constitutes a good male feminist…”
    The true purpose of Feminism is to shame beta males so the alphas can have their pick of poon. The Feminist attack on video games is proof of this. Think about it: What form of entertainment is the most sexist/misogynist? Arguably, it’s rap and hip hop. And yet, what form of entertainment do Feminists focus most of their ire on? Video games.
    This is because rappers have a reputation of promiscuous sex and violence, whereas video game players have a reputation of…well…playing video games. Rappers are the bad boy alphas out on the streets shooting people up, dealing drugs, and pimping. Gamers are the timid betas too afraid to go outside and experience life, opting to instead immerse themselves into safe and simulated environments.

    1. This is spot on. You’ll never ever hear this person cry about 50 cent, but she cries about figment 3D characters. Also am I the only one who noticed all she wears are hoop earrings? Lol

    2. so tell me would you want to go out in the world with voilence murder drugs wars and all those good stuff then to sit comfertably inside and having fun and take your mind off all the horrible shit that is going on right now ? don’t get me wrong i go out if i am needed or if i’m invited but i like to spend my time mostly alone because i like it! gives me time to think and relax! that says more then just going out and do whatever! and i spare a thought or two about how we could fix things in the world! seems like most people don’t have time for that anymore! if all the people in the world would take a week off. i wonder how many new ideas and such would be born just from having the time to think alittle! and as we have the internet! i wonder how many ideas can be improved upon by posting your ideas and helping eachother out! yes the inside is a safe place and maby that is what we need to give us time to think alittle before we act!

  20. I don’t know the law system in the USA, but if such threats are made, must the person reporting the crime be the person who is threatened? Couldn’t FBI pick up the case no matter who reported it?
    If so, could any of you guys that live in the USA report this case to the FBI?

  21. Victimhood is the biggest and best kind of money. The 150K she suckered out of the knights of feminism is a pittance. The state adores every last social justice warrior. With enough coverage the state might even set up internet tasks forces, new agencies, a plethora of mandatory internet play nice courses. Maybe internet laws to force agreement with any article or presentation under penalty of fine. The states only job is to get more power for the state, and what better way than to make sure we’re all safe?

    1. good. We’re beginning to make the connections: social justice = social / financial rewards for facilitators / subscribers AND a rationale for greater intervention / surveillance / control by the state

  22. Good analysis, you’re probably right.
    Who are we to judge was is a good and bad way to make money. Some of us do classical business. Some of us work for government contractors. Some of us write trading algos. Some of us write Pick-up Guides. Anita fakes publicity to raise a ruckus and lots of Kickstarter dough. Good for her.
    The video she made was absolutely spot on. I was a pro game designer for 5 years, amateur for 5 before that, and I stopped playing mainstream games in the past 5-7 years, because they stopped innovating (play lots of indie games though). These latter day games are badly design and over-produced, and the fact that they have polygonal women being brutally murdered like confetti is a side-effect of that. That a writer would cast a character as an outlet for emotional investment – even if brief titillation – and then kill her off without any possible player-character intervention, is a cardinal sin against the whole idea of a game.
    Now if someone made a game about sex trafficking or domestic violence that involved verbs other than “shoot” and “run” – actually getting to the roots of the moral and social dynamics of these phenomena – and Anita wanted to trash it, I would take her to task on it. But her analysis of misogyny in modern AAA games is correct, and I’d like to see the industry produce better.

    1. “Who are we to judge was is a good and bad way to make money.”
      And then you proceed to shit all over the statement you just made? dude, I think you need a drink. Vinegar and water should do the trick.

    2. So let me get this straight: You have a problem with *fictional* female characters being murdered, but you don’t mind Anita defrauding *real* women?

    3. “That a writer would cast a character as an outlet for emotional investment – even if brief titillation – and then kill her off without any possible player-character intervention, is a cardinal sin against the whole idea of a game.”
      I would argue against this.
      There are many games where a death would change the plot or how the story was viewed as games are (mainly) linear and no matter what you do, despite your choice, unless it has multiple endings, will always have the same outcome. The same with books and other works of art that has been around for centuries.
      So in closing i will take the quoted part to task: ‘Bad’ guys and evil doers also qualify as a character who is an outlet for emotional investment, not just our sacred delicate little snowflakes.

      1. Thanks for an intellectual response.
        Having random NPCs getting their throats cut gratuitously doesn’t qualify as “delicate little snowflake” treatment of women in these representative worlds. I think Anita has a point in that the misogyny is so thick these developers can’t smell it. It’s like that Game of Thrones rape and the episode’s director was like “we never thought of it as rape, they were just really into boning over their son’s corpse” and the scene is in violation of the character development in the books regardless. These cheap uses of sexualized female victims are similarly amateur edits used by “designers” who know level design but don’t know shit about imagining and building new game dynamics.
        I think the unifying theme on this site is: self-development and seducing hot chicks = good.
        I sure fucking hope we all agree that raping and killing hot chicks = bad.
        Also not so hot chicks should be protected too.
        So I’m using my reason and my self-development having practiced this craft both professionally and with more artistic freedom independently, to say this: these games are absolute garbage.*
        Who pays $60 for games like these, that stimulate the eyes but not the mind?
        Beta losers.
        If a self-promoting manipulator is stimulating the game industry to escape its moribund adolescence, I say manipulate away.
        *The Vigilante game looks really cool with its floating mini-bios for every NPC but I’d probably end up being disappointed by it. I could give it half a weekend.

        1. I don’t know anything about the book or movie or show ‘Game of Thrones’ but i don’t think that stuff would be so popular if such strong female role models like Massilina (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messalina) didn’t do what she did… which seems to be the same thing we see weekly here on RoK or the possibility that shit like that (or throwing away new borns) was something they simply did back then. I’m also sure the female writers on staff didn’t go into revolt or make a huge thing about it until questioned.
          I’m sure we all here know ‘raping and killing’ is bad for both men and women, but sometimes we put certain ideas/things on pedestals and we develop tunnel vision and only focus on stuff like sorta how the fact that a hot chick is almost nude, but a dude is running around shirtless, or how we objectify women while ignoring the fact that they objectify our usefulness/$, or a chick got killed and people bitch out it… yet we JUST slaughtered a plethora of platoons of men and soon their male leader in these representative worlds.
          Across many games.
          Many times over.
          Finally i will agree that seducing chicks is a good thing. That’s how we get games sold, books read, movies seen, some RoK posts, and the planet populated. Luckily they do all the seducing work for us.

    4. If someone made “Nicholas Cage, The Game” I would sure as hell buy it.
      I am getting tired of BattleZone.

    5. “Who are we to judge was is a good and bad way to make money.” Um, we are human beings with the capacity to discern between right and wrong. That’s who we are, and we have every right to judge the cunt.

  23. This woman is clearly a charlatan that she is not worth any serious thought, outside of comedic value. Check her irl history before she started her channel. Check the man whom she works with. Look at how she ignores legitimate criticism (Youtube comments always blocked). Look at how she always plays the victim. See how she spent her 150k grant on 6 videos over the last 24 months.
    She has been proven a fraud by so many others. There is little point to exposing her again, because anyone who is not a feminist/ ‘muh feelings’ person will have figured out her fraudulent ways quite awhile ago.

    1. She’s Armenian… And you are an antisemite, asshole. You see, critique of people is one thing, ethnic slurs (yes, using any ethnicity, no matter, if it’s Jewish, Armenian, Arab, German or Austrian, as an insult is an ethnic slur) are something else.

    1. What’s sad and funny is that comic would never be allowed in newspapers and public schools.

  24. Great take down, this is why its mostly men who are programmers, they actually understand complicated logical systems.

  25. If this was a gamer(which there is no proof it was). Why would they says she was sexy, they wanted to caress her, they loved her laugh and smile? WTF?

  26. Guess from whom she learned these tricks ?
    In France, we have Jews and Rabbis who stabb themselves and or threaten themselves on the phone, whenever someone notice their power.
    They invented this tactic. Google up the “Sicarii” who killed their jewish fellows and blame it on the Romans.

    1. Oh my, look what the cat dragged in, an antisemite. Look, shithead, the Jews never asked to be fucking victims, cause victims tend to have a rather short life expectancy.

  27. Wow, that’s some true stupidity you’ve posted there.
    Your main argument is how did she find the account if she wasn’t signed in?
    How about this, She was using TweetDeck, as can be clearly seen she does often, and was doing at the time. The person started tweeting her the disgusting tweets and from tweetdeck, she clicked a link, which opened the profile in the browser where she wasn’t logged on at the time.
    Wow. wasn’t that logical?

      1. The TweetDeck explanation covers the timeline argument. And the argument about syntax and grammar is stupid. I’m a man and I use correct grammar.
        Here’s a scenario just as likely as what you believe. The writer of this article planned and wrote the tweets, making it so weird, so offensive that she would comment on them and the he could step in and claim that she made them up.
        There’s no conspiracy here. The simplest explanation is the best explanation. Some pathetic person wrote her the messages.
        Stop spreading hate.

        1. Stop your hate speech.
          Why are you defending this stalker?
          Call the police and file a report before this stalker kills a woman….unless you WANT women to be murdered you sick misogynist.
          (No, your wacky theory does not explain the wild odds she happened to screencast 12 seconds after the “threat”.)

        2. That she saw dreadful tweets coming in on TweetDeck,and chose to look at the profile perhaps before the last tweet was made, and then took a screenshot?
          And it was 3 minutes after the first threat. That’s the meaningful figure. Use some logic.
          You obviously are blinded by hate and can’t see logic so I’m not going to bother arguing this anymore.

        3. lol at your hilarious claims that the “real” stalker just happened to stop Tweeting right after she got a screencap. Use some logic….
          …But it is clear that you are blinded by your misogyny. Why do you hate mongers love rape? Why do you want this stalker and rapist to attack women? Please, stop cyberstalking me and call the police or FBI. Thanks!

        4. It’s the alleged threats from secret billionaire cowboys that exposed the fraud.

        5. This is no laughing matter: Anon believes there is a violent rapist and stalker on the loose….and he’s covering up for him and refusing to call the police.
          This poster is a misogynist who wants women murdered, and you shouldn’t be indulging his sick, violent hatred of women with quips.

        6. >Why are you defending this stalker?
          A better question: Why is Anita defending “him?”
          So “threatened” she feels she needed to leave the house over it… but hasn’t reported it to any actual authority?
          She knows they are fake. She knows that making false statements to the police is a crime. What she doesn’t know is that she doesn’t have to be the one to report it to still be illegal.
          She or one of her close friends will be joining Meg Lanker-Simons in a discussion on how prison food is misogynistic soon.

  28. I honestly dont see what is the big deal with Anita. If she did not fake those death threats, she (or some supporter of her) should have. She is like a hacker that bypasses security in the system to show its weak points. If people is eating up what she serves them, then the problem is the people. Anyone could get away with this nowdays, so why not her? Better Anita earning some money out of this instead of some really evil person taking advantage of the weakness in our society to cause serious harm.

    1. It’s great that you state that this was all a lie by Anita Sarkeesian, and you say that there was no “stalker” or “rapist”. You muddled your point with some comments about how she is a master hacker (lol), but the larger point stands. Welcome to RoK!

    2. So you condone a woman creating infighting, profiting from it, and causing destruction in one of the few predominantly male outlets for fun? Interesting.

      1. I am not actually saying she did make the fake threats (even though the evidence seems to point to that, there is no real proof for it. Even the article’s title has a question mark). I am just saying that if she did not make these fake threats, she SHOULD have made them. If she is causing “infighting and destruction”, the only ones responsible for it are the fools that take seriously some threats when there is no proof at all these were not made by her or someone that supports her.
        And by the way, anyone can make observations on mysoginist content about almost anything, and that is not a crime. It is not like she is calling for a crusade against videogames, she just wants people to be aware of the things she notices. Isnt that what critics do?

  29. Western feminism is a slap in the face to real feminism. Women around the world continue to die and these idiots pander for attention because some virtual bimbo shows off fake skin, someone mods a game not to their liking, or there aren’t enough ugly girl options in World of Warcraft.

    1. Definitely facts support this. Here in the USA many middle class (&lower middle class) women have no perspective on what true injustice, hardship, and difficulty is like in life.
      I’ve always found it extremely irritating to see women who often haven’t had to do a day of “real” work in their life hand down opinions condescendingly about trivial matters. Unfortunately, these are the spoiled brats we’ve allowed to flourish here.
      Ironically, women in other countries who have real problems bitch far less.

      1. Women here are just useless. Seems like women really have to go through true hardship to become decent human beings. For some reason its not the same for men, maybe our life is just harder, or maybe we can just imagine what a hard life is.

        1. Without a doubt.
          I began to put the pieces together a looooong time ago, but unfortunately my mind still wasn’t open back then to the reality of women/men/etc like now.
          I remember growing up and having to work different unpleasant jobs. The middle class girls in my small hometown pretty much had things laid out for them: parents got them a car (and bought another right away if they wrecked that one), set them up for college, and in some cases they barely had to work a day in their young lives, or minimal hours if they did.
          I began to understand that here we pedastalize women and raise them to expect to be treated like princesses. Little humility, little respect for others, and thought processes that revolve around themselves mostly.
          It was usually the girls who didn’t have the best life but had some humility and better (but humble) upbringing that were the most pleasant, and weren’t a pain in the ass to deal with in relationships.
          I had 2 jobs at one point, had to struggle with those jobs, got my own car, moved out on my own, and couldn’t have gotten an education if not for doing it on my own.
          With a few exceptions, men are treated like animals, left to fend for themselves.
          It makes me want to laugh when I hear well-off women who want to be treated like men who have paid their dues and suffered.

    2. “Real Feminism™”? No True Scotsman fallacy detected… And just what the hell is it with “*Western* Feminism”? You wanna go back to what is happening in Iran, Saudi Arabia or similar?!

      1. This moron is complaining about fake violence in video games when real people in the real world are being stoned to death because they were raped or wore attire deemed inappropriate. Just calling Anita a feminist is an insult to the term. One day you’ll leave your gender studies classes and have to deal with reality.

  30. Well that completely invalidates any possible misogyny within the gaming industry. :-P. hahahahha… For every fake tweet she might have published herself, she probably received a tenfold of real ones.
    I would not condone the strategy, and it’s good to investigate and to judge her for it if there is solid evidence (which I still find rather flimsy at this point). But I still support the topic she is pushing which is a clearly underrepresented issue within the gaming industry that not only stereotypes and marginalises women, but also sexual and ethnic minorities.
    And even the issue of clearly unrealistic standards for masculinity for a lot of straight white men are being brought up in the follow up surrounding her controversy. So provide some stronger (and direct) evidence or move on.

    1. Attitudes like this are one reason deceptive & manipulative women like her are so successful.

      1. So I guess innocent until proven guilty does not really apply anymore?
        And I’ve personally read a lot of comments on her video’s before the functionality to respond got turned off. And what I’ve read usually got close to threats. Unfortunately for me I was not invested enough to make screencaps at that time, not knowing I would be conversing about it later. But with more than 400 comment video’s about her video series and all negative ranging from intellectual to down right aggressive I find it very hard to believe that most of those video’s are aberrations.
        And if I really have to weigh the importance of misogyny and systematic violence against women against the issue of some women abusing or playing the system to talk about those issues, then I would rather converse about the first than the latter, since the first seems a much more pressing and ubiquitous matter. But I’m probably whack for saying that!!

        1. “…weigh the importance of misogyny and systematic violence against women
          The use of this terminology tells me all I need to know regarding your perspective, thought processes, and willingness to adhere to unbiased, critical thinking.
          We are done here. Good day.

        2. “So I guess innocent until proven guilty does not really apply anymore?” it does, she needs to prove the person she accused of the crime did it. nice try

        3. Yes, I apoligize for talking out of my ass.
          Just like the UN talks out of it’s ass http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS2214-109X(13)70069-X/abstract .
          Just like the world health organisation talks out of it’s ass http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/77434/1/WHO_RHR_12.37_eng.pdf.
          Just like the National institute of justice does https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles/172837.pdf.
          and just like the EU talks out of its ass http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/05/violence-against-women-eu,
          We are all just talking out of our asses. And oddly enough we likely continue to do so!!!!

      2. And unfortunately there are lots and lots of deceptive an manipulative people in this world making a lot of money. It’s a pretty rigged system, not just by women. But in generally our system rewards people who screw the system. Just look at FIFA. It’s a depressing reality. But why zooming in on someone, who actually still remotely uses the money for what she says she would do (however disproportionate the income may be), should have priority is beyond me….

    2. It is great that you are so worried that there is a rapist and stalker on the loose! So you have reported this man’s violent threats to the FBI and/or police before he rapes or murders anybody, right?

      1. Internet threats are a pretty complex issue when it comes to reporting them and how effective that really is, since thousands of people make threats nowadays. I’m not saying it’s not shady, I’m not excluding the possibility of her faking an account. I just don’t see direct evidence, it’s circumstantial at best.
        And I think seen the amount of hateful responses out there (like the game), that she couldn’t have done all of that herself. I don’t find it farfetched to believe that a lot of people would actively try to villify and slander her. So in this light the ‘intel’ becomes instrumental in the goal of bringing her down instead of letting facts speak for themselves.
        And her campaign might have gotten more attention because of this news, but people donated their money out of believe for the project she was working on, not necessarily because she was such a victim. It seems like conflation to make a cause/effect relation there.
        I do however find the concept of marketing ‘victimhood’ a very intriguing topic that I would not want to ditch or ignore. If an article about that with more examples from people (such as Anita, but others as well) would be written I would be invested into reading about it.

        1. Blah, blah, blah.
          TL;DR: “I’m not going to call the cops to report the madman rapist because I know there isn’t any madman rapist.”

        2. Thank you for your elaborate and well articulated argument. Blah, blah. blah. Indeed. hahahaha

        3. Yes, thank you for you patronizing response. He did write a clear piece, although i hope you agree with me that there is a difference between direct evidence and circumstantial. If not, we probably have a completely different view on justice and the legal system. In that case go for it!!! Forget arguments or logic, just patronize some more :-p

        4. I’m trying to make this as simple as I can for you, because you still seem completely lost.

      1. Yes, indeed the worst think in the world. Stand tall! Never admit you are wrong. Never admit :-P.

    3. You know how men would have solved this problem (if all games were feminazi games where women were the hero or some bullshit).
      WE WOULD JUST FUCKING MAKE OUR OWN GAMES. Women have that option too. But of course, Nooooo..its much easier to complain..

      1. I agree with you that Sarkessian gets stuck in a state of complaining too much and of pointing fingers which I personally think does not really further discussion or conversation of the subject. She also structures her series in a way to only highlight and thematize the negative rather than a more balanced view.
        That said however, not being a stranger to media analysis myself, sometimes certain trends and ideas in popular culture are troublesome. Not because they are there, but because they are so massively present.
        And the solution to the issue to me does not mean complete segregation of the gaming industry, but rather continued talks about what it means to be feminine and what it means to be masculine. These concepts are dynamic and consistently changing and are not static. Masculinity and femininity are clearly not defined in those same ways. It is exactly what a lot of you are doing on this website. Constantly redefining what it means. But what I don’t understand is why people seem to have to get so defensive when asked to think about their own prejudice. we all have prejudice and underlying patterns when thinking about gender and sex and ethnicity. it’s like saying that there is no racism anymore. We rid the world of everything bad and we are perfect. I find that a limited way of expressing myself.
        So maybe it’s not the end of the world to sometimes admit and say ‘you know maybe sometimes I have the wrong idea’. Unfortunately that seems too risky or scary to a lot of people. That’s their right. I think it just becomes a yes/no debate instead of actually moving the subject forward.

      2. I agree with you that Sarkessian gets stuck in a state of complaining too much and of pointing fingers which I personally think does not really further discussion or conversation of the subject. She also structures her series in a way to only highlight and thematize the negative rather than a more balanced view.
        That said however, not being a stranger to media analysis myself, sometimes certain trends and ideas in popular culture are troublesome and pervasive. Not because they are there, but because they are so massively present and ubiquitous.
        And the solution to the issue to me does not mean complete segregation of the gaming industry, but rather continued conversation about what it means to be feminine and what it means to be masculine. These concepts are dynamic and consistently changing and are not static. Masculinity and femininity are clearly not defined the same 100 years ago as they are now. It is exactly what a lot of you are doing on this website. Constantly redefining what it means.
        But what I don’t understand is why people seem to have to get so defensive when asked to think about their own prejudice. we all have prejudice and underlying patterns when thinking about gender, sex and ethnicity. it’s like saying that there is no racism anymore. We rid the world of everything bad and we are perfect. I find that a limited way of expressing myself. And of course gaming is not the sole bearer and sole responsible for that. But why not bring it up there as well. It’s happening in music and TV, so why should gaming be sanctified.
        So maybe it’s not the end of the world to sometimes admit and say ‘you know maybe sometimes I have the wrong idea’. Unfortunately that seems too risky or scary to a lot of people. That’s their right. I think it just becomes a yes/no debate instead of actually moving the subject forward. But you are welcome to just yell more ‘ no’ :-p

        1. Look I’m all for rational discussion and I usually admit when im wrong (im just never wrong so..lol)
          Anyway, what is wrong with her videos is that she somehow present them as being serious, almost scientific works.
          But all she do is cherry pick here and there…she is HUGELY biased..she has her conclusion already worked out even before she made her videos. Now she just has to cherry pick material here and there that will support her claims.
          Also, I dont not personally find games overly sexists. They have their share of heroins..
          But what bothers me is that she tries to somehow make women to men. It just so happens that more men than women were famous warriors and heroes during history.
          It just so happens that men are more likely to put their life on the line to save others, to protect their family etc etc. This is just a fact.
          Why should video games not reflect this ? Should video games lie now ?
          Ok lets make every video game about women who are ultra strong and ultra heroic. When in fact, in real life, every time shit hits the fan only place you find women is under the tables, hiding..

        2. I find plenty of wrong with her videos too. With film analysis it’s easy to start looking for the stuff to prove your thesis and theories, so you then start to build your selection around your theme and analysis. She cherry picks indeed. It is quite a sin, although a frequently committed crime in social sciences (and sometimes an even necessary one). On the other hand she has little problem with finding plentiful of examples (especially within mainstream games there’s usually a handful per year that truly become classics) so she’s not completely insane either. It’s just a partial truth at best. I still hope she will get to a point where she will start analysing the positive examples which by now are also on the rise and acknowledge the gender neutral games (most RTS, puzzle, adventure, race games etc)
          And although I do understand that there is a historic dimension to most of those games I also see magic, dragons, superpowers etc. used in those games. And moest of the time those games are telling hidden and secret stories unknown to the popularised historical notions. So historical accuracy usually doesn’t cut it for me as an an argument unless a game remains truly close and authentic to the historical material (those games are out there)
          And In a way she does try to make women into men, but in some ways that should not be wrong as with values like ambition and drive that I think should be more gender neutral values, but seem to have been attributed to men and masculinity for a long time. Or women being judged for being a bad parent while men rarely have to deal with that. And everyone has there own ideas about it and should feel free to debate them.
          and aside we should not make the same mistake Sarkessan is making. Not all video’s have to about women or female heroes. But it’s pretty disturbing to me that there are few female protagonists in gaming that are not sexualised (although the new tombraider, beyond good and evil, mirrors edge, the walking dead series and the last of us sequal are making up for it big time) . Do all women in gaming need to be desexualized and wear wool vests, of course not. But it would be nice if the number would get closer to the game demographic and the percentage of female gamers out there.
          And it’s not just the game industry either. The fashion industry is just as bad if not worse! It’s definitely not just games. But it still should be possible to discuss those matters within gaming.

        3. Men DO have more drive and ambition..thats more or less a fact. Why ? Have you ever seen a pretty homeless girl ?
          No one is going to help you as a man when you’e down and out.
          Anyway, one of her examples was from Hitman were it was possible to kill two female strippers and toss them around like ragdolls. She went ballistic over this, ignoring the fact that the goal of the mission was that you should actually try to avoid this situation..and you of course could kill everyone else in the game, male or female.
          Her logic is so twisted that one can barely watch it without going into a state of rage. Which is probably what she wants.
          And btw, all male heroes are sexualized as well. If they are not big and muscular they have other traits appealing to women like being badass, alpha etc.
          Lets just conclude that sex is important in games…

        4. I fundamentally disagree that men do have more ambition. Raised by a single mother with more drive than her partners I have witnessed first hand the gossip, exclusion and otherness-ing that is paired with that generalisation and bias. And basically you just excluded ugly women as a valid category to take into account. hahaha. And there’s a lot of them out there, and they still have vagina’s. lol
          And I know that men get a lot less help when they are down. That is one of the problems I see with essentialism within masculinity. With men the sense of having to do it all by yourself reflects in higher numbers of addiction, depression and emotional isolation. So I wouldn’t call essentialism of masculinity a good thing either.
          But I agree the Hitman and bringing up those missions are severely lacking in balance. And I also believe she doesn’t account for the fact that just analysing games as text is missing a huge part of the gaming experience as women can jump the gender line and become the man.
          She indeed does it to enrage people, The more people get their panties in a twist the more they talk about her, the more of a name staple she becomes. So she is playing the online game well :-P, gotta give it to her.
          and yes a lot of male heroes are also extremely sexualised and give most men that are not steroid injecting body builders a lower self esteem if confronted with it enough. Research already shows that people left alone in a waiting room with a magazine full of pictures filled with pretty people already lowers the self-esteem so this probably does wonders as well :-P.
          And yes sex and gaming are very connected, probably to do with the rise of porn parallel to that of mainstream gaming. I would be very intruiged to read more about that shit.

      3. That argument would work if games didn’t cost millions. At least the mainstream games do, which are the ones she’s critiquing.

        1. What a lame excuse. So you say that they cant do it because they are not able to build a company ?

        2. Not everyone has the means or ability to build a million or billion-dollar company, no.
          Also, there are actually a lot of women making AAA games. It’s not just men.

        3. Those companies started with zero. Why cant women do the same ? I dont get this complaining really..

    4. “she probably received a tenfold of real ones.” im sure if she had she would post them. also if one makes the claim, the burden of proof is on them.

  31. A better question: Why is Anita defending her own stalker?
    So “threatened” she feels she needed to leave the house over it… but hasn’t reported it to any actual authority?
    She knows they are fake. She knows that making false statements to the police is a crime. What she doesn’t know is that she doesn’t have to be the one to report it to still be illegal.
    She or one of her close friends will be joining Meg Lanker-Simons in a discussion on how prison food is misogynistic soon.

  32. I hope that Anita made this up, because I do not want her to be harmed. Please report crimes to the FBI to investigate this matter fully and thoroughly!! 🙂

  33. Whoa it can’t be so fucking obvious that a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan girl like Anita is actually faking her death threats using some creepy vampire obsessed guy on twitter? The same feminist who has been such a vocal supporter of that cheesy vampire show that its director Joss Whedon has been a vocal supporter of her videos? I really hope its not just that simple.

  34. Here she is going after the Saints Row series: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/saints-row-dev-responds-to-feminist-frequency-crit/1100-6422014/
    Since she is so interested in sexist tropes in media, here’s one for her. How come men are often depicted as decoration in female oriented media? One of the primary male characters on SATC was simply referred to as “Big” for the entire series. It was only in the last episode that it was revealed that he actually had a name….”John”.

    1. And here is the response form Saints Row developer Steve Jaros:

      Jaros admitted that there is a problem with the
      way women are portrayed in games. “I think that we shouldn’t be
      portraying senseless abused women and I think that if I could go back
      and hop in a time machine I would have done things differently.”
      Jaros says that Volition has gotten better at representing women in Saints
      Row games over time, and that the team debates and tries to dress and
      address female characters in ways that don’t sexually objectify them.
      “I think it’s fair to be called out on your s**t,” he said. “I think that
      it’s a sad man that can never be self-reflective. I think that we tried
      to go and carry ourselves with respect, and try to respect sexuality and
      respect gender as much as we can, and sometimes we fail but hopefully
      we’ll do better and continue to get better.”

      oops. sorry fanboys…

  35. When they pull her stinking corpse out of a dumpster with her big mouth filled with video games, then I will offer up an apology for not believing this lying con artist!

  36. I don’t use Twitter, but wouldn’t these threats show up immediately on her Twitter front page? She could’ve just clicked on the person’s name, copied the url (without reading all of the messages of course), signed out (for some reason), pasted the url, snapped a screencap. Is the point that she had to do all this in 12 seconds time? Is this even possible in the best possible circumstances? Thanks for the info.

  37. Come on guys, you are being too harsh. I mean I know lots of men who talk like they have just read 50 shades of Grey and are like, totally down with Vampire flicks. Wait, no I don’t. But any who, we need to go to all feminist websites and demand a Police investigation to these accusations. We cannot allow any man out there to behave in this manner.

  38. To the writer of this article. It is entirely possible that Anita or someone she knows edited the page using Chrome’s inspect element / developer tools. You don’t need any experience in coding to fake tweets or even Facebook posts. All you do is highlight images/text you want to edit >right click while highlighted> to inspect element and just type in whatever you want or even delete parts of a webpage. It is EXTREMELY EASY for noobs to do and there are thousands of videos on Youtube explain how its done. It is only temporary, and once you refresh the page it returns to normal. You can do it on ANY WEBSITE and just take a screenshot and pretend its “real”.
    I think Devin Faraci did it for her, he has a reputation for doxxing people.

  39. The real question is why hasn’t any publication used a Freedom of Information Act request to get a copy of the police report Anita filed for all these threats.
    She…did file one, right?
    Oh wait, that’s something that ACTUAL journalists would do, not fraud gaming journalists.

  40. He he, so what if she did?
    Don`t you guys know that either way, ALL OF FEMINISM IS A BULLSHIT SCAM, THROUGH AND THROUGH – FROM THE “F” to the “EMINISM”?
    It`s ALL bullshit! So wether she faked this particular one or not does not make jack shit of a difference since ALL FEMINISM IS A LIE.

  41. Who gives a shit? Why do you all know who this person is?
    Is everyone on this site a fucking gamer or what???

    1. Why do you all know who this person is?
      Um…because she is constantly drawing attention to herself, and making sure to get her name out.
      Damn, dude, get with it.

  42. This is not a “gamer” thing. This is a “thing” that is common to people who live under the crux of the social activism industry. It is an industry. Sarkeesian is merely one of many who derive income from perpetual victimhood. She is doing the same thing as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Michael Eric Dyson. I purposely listed the names of the chief Civil Rights activists because I live in a community where their ideas have created a tyranny – the Black community. Y’all, the white folks, are enduring a tyranny similar to that endured by dissenters in the Black community, an imposed silence of dissenting ideas. Feminism has become a fraudulent industry in the same what the Civil Rights movement has become a fraudulent industry. Both thrive off the perpetuation of victimhood. Sexist and racist victimization no longer exists in our nation. Yes, I just said that! The Civil Rights movement and Feminism are running out of true victims so they have to manufacture them out of thin air. The Civil Rights Industrial complex has Trayvon Martin (a thug) and Michael Brown (another thug) and Feminism is saddled with attention whores who make themselves out to be victims by fabricating threats against themselves and calling it victimization (See Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian). Thank you for calling out these frauds and pimps. I can only hope that Black folks get the message. So far, they haven’t.

  43. The Japanese gaming and journalism industries don’t have to deal with this kind of bullshit…>.>

  44. I have a serious question I can’t find the answer to. Has she filed a police report for this alleged incident? Surely that would be a matter of public record, that the police are investigating it?
    She’s obviously full of bullshit, her entire feminist ideology is empty and anti-science and she has been caught lying before on multiple occasions but I am trying to keep an open mind about this issue. It’s usually better to try to be balanced (something feminists can almost never do).
    So any info on whether she called the police?

  45. Well no, In this instance I’m talking about the accusations made about her in the piece above.
    I agree that she should be clear about being able to provide proof this person exists. So in that sense you are right. I still don’t agree with the correlation being made between her receiving money and her receiving death threats. I might have given her greater notoriety, but people still willingly invested in her project knowing what she would be doing with it with the video’s she has made before that.

  46. It most certainly does. I am always open and willing to read sources others deem more trustworthy or respectable.
    I would like to argue the above mentioned organisation are just that, but I could be mistaken if valid an reliable concerns and issues arise.

  47. lmao so, because she tweeted with good spelling she’s faking it? Yall motherfuckers need to grow the fuck up foreal.

  48. If she posted a copy of the police report, you’d say it was faked.
    If you obtained one from a FOIA request, you’d say it was meaningless because she lied about the threats and faked them and the police and journalists are too lazy to investigate or are afraid of her.
    If she publishes her tax returns as a 501c3 you’d say they can’t possibly be right and won’t be satisfied without a full audit by the IRS
    If she gave you a break down of the finances of FF you’d say they were lies
    If she showed you game receipts they’d be analyzed until SOMETHING seemed off enough to dispute.
    You guys might seriously want to ask yourselves what would convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt, because this is seriously starting to look like Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

    1. This is very easy to fake. Verifying the authenticity of a police report would be no problem. Stop trying to make excuses.

    2. That’s a whole lot of “ifs” there. “If” she did this….. “If” she did that…. Here is one: “If” she provided proof of her claims. That would be nice.

  49. As much as I hate Anita for being the very trope she is complaining about (look at her earnings & red lipstick) , I do admire her skill in manipulating and suckering the masses of morons out of their cash. She is also a master at media manipulation & gathering the support of thousands of brain dead idiots. I hope the Police do track down that Twitter account to her. It would discredit her to no end, & cause her brain dead backers to run back into the shadows.

  50. I am pretty sure the law enforcements already sought out who did this.
    There have been no investigation because they found out she did it.

  51. Has there been any announcement yet of the police investigation? I can’t find anything but I refuse to waste much time trawling through twitter.
    I have an open mind. Anita Sarkeesian is stupid and her ideology is empty and intellectually lazy, we all know that. She is just an “activist” who has had her mind twisted by feminist nonsense. She has been caught many times telling bare faced lies.
    Despite that I think nobody should be sending such threatening messages and it is wrong. There are some strange people out there who sometimes do go mad. In England one particularly obnoxious and stupid feminist started a campaign to stop the Bank of England putting Winston Churchill on banknotes because he was just another dead white male and she wanted a woman. It obviously rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way (though, sympotmatic of the decline of western civilization, needless to say the Bank of England caved in to a few thousand feminists) and she was rightly criticised by many. However two people did send threatening messages – although it was blown out of all proportion and used by the feminists in a very disingenuous way to claim they are being oppressed -and I can see a role for the law in such cases. As it happens one of the rape threats she got was from another woman who was just lashing out at her nonsense. Still in a civilized society we have laws to protect people from harassment.
    Feminists have a track record of twisting facts and stats. Anita Sarkeesian has been exposed as a liar on multiple occasions. And feminists think they can get away with anything so I am sure they are trying to use the situation to shut up their opponents.
    But I have an open mind here. Unlike feminists I believe in freedom of speech and people should be able to speak without receiving threats. But if we are to take this as credible there must have been a report filed with the police and a public announcement of an investigation with a public decision made after as to whether there is any case to answer/charges being filed. It is very strange that we are hearing no more. And yet the Press are all quoting the case as if they know it was genuine and has some meaning to the debate.

  52. You guys are ABSOLUTELY, 100% on to something here! I hope something comes of this evidence! We need to make these horrible people know that we, as men, will no longer sit idly by while people like this waste of oxygen and genetic material spread fear and lies to the women that we care about and love as the people that they are! She may have received a few legitimate death threats, but this thread? Absolutely fake. There is no doubt in my mind.

  53. Interesting article, but the editorial choice of making the last half an opinion driven assumption fest removes any trace of professionalism from it.
    Keep Tryin’ tho.

  54. Here’s what I don’t get. If the @username is in the tweet, won’t it show up on that user’s page? If Anita received these threats 1) why wouldn’t she simply screencap her own page and 2) why did no one else apparently screencap her page with all the threats on it, especially since they seemed to come so quickly, one after the other, her twitter home page would have been littered with these alleged threats.
    In addition, wouldn’t Anita have followers who would have responded to “Kevin Dobson” and thus, those tweets would be on HIS home page?

  55. Or someone opened an incognito window to cap it while they were watching the lunatic tweet… Plenty of threats against her.

  56. Her not being logged in and the author of the tweets using good spelling is the most damning evidence you can come up with? Really? Wow. Open and shut. You guys should be on Law & Order or something. A couple problems though.
    First, being psychotic does not preclude the ability to spell, use punctuation, etc. In fact, the author’s assertion that all these tweets were scripted ahead of time and sent in rapid fire succession is the kind of cold, calculated thing this kind of nut job would do.
    Secondly, as regards her not being logged in, there are these things called Twitter clients that you can use. For example, I use Tweetbot. If I right-click on a tweet in the timeline I am presented with the option to “Open in Safari”. Guess what that does. It opens the tweet in my browser and I don’t need to be logged in to see it. It is then a trivial matter of navigating to the user’s profile. Or if you want to be even faster, you can click over to their profile in Tweetbot, then select the “Open profile in Safari” option. Again, no need to be logged in, no need to do a search. Then just a quick keyboard command and I have a screen shot. It would take about 10 seconds.
    Don’t quit your day job Sherlock.

      1. So some random yahoo on YouTube says “No, you should believe ME.” without providing anything other than an obviously setup recording of a painfully sketchy sounding phone call and that is good enough? Okay then. I think that is about all I need to know.

        1. Give me proof Anita received a death threat. The onus is upon YOU to prove it. Thus far, there is no evidence.

        2. The call has the name of the police officer and his district. Call them up and ask them to verify it. But you won’t, because you knowAnita is bullshitting.

        3. I would refer you to the aforelinked websites. I am not convinced it would do any good with this crowd. I would also argue that the hundreds of Twitter mentions she receives and the thousands of YouTube comments are a pretty clear indication of the tenor of comments directed toward her on a daily basis. Or are you suggesting that she has manufactured all of that herself?

        4. The death threat in question, the one she claims to have told the police about. Where is the evidence it wasn’t sent by her. General abusive comments are something EVERYONE, men and women, have to deal with. Sensible people don’t take them seriously. I’ve been threatened with murder and anal rape, do you see me whining?

        5. Valid criticism isn’t threatening. If she’s scared that her arguments are being debunked, that’s not my problem or yours.

        6. Umm D’bag, I’ve never heard a man (gay or straight) talk about vampire sex fantasies in my lifetime, so it’s sure as hell not going to be a male gamer against Anita’s beliefs.

  57. Crazy what a quick wikipedia search will give you;
    -The twitter threatener “Kevin Dobson” tweets ‘I want to bite the side of your neck and drink your blood’
    According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anita_Sarkeesian
    -In 2011, Sarkeesian co-authored the essay “Buffy vs. Bella: The Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine in Vampire Stories”
    Clearly this woman has been around the block when it comes to her obsession with vampires and her associated sexual fantasies. All of the threats were entirely made up.

  58. 1. When linking to a Twitter page from your own by clicking their name, or by linking from google, there is nothing in the search bar. So you’re only issue is that she wasn’t logged in.
    2. Impeccable spelling is nothing when each post is a single sentence, same with the character count limit. It’s not like a lot of planning needs to be done when you only type one short sentence.
    I swear, you people are like Fox News with Obama. Absolutely shameless.

  59. I’m pretty convinced that these were faked, though it’s a huge risk for her to publicly post her and her parents’ addresses on Twitter, even if it’s only going to be seen for a few minutes, because they still show on @femfreq’s Twitter feed. I suppose if you want to catch a big enough fish, you’ll throw out the bait.

  60. You do realise that being able to write 120 or so words in three minutes with no spelling or grammar mistakes is not actually a superhuman ability?

  61. FBI will clarify all that, apparently SFPD passed the threat to FBI instead of storing on their system. As for making this up, my grandma used to warn us: “Never cry wolf.” I wonder what her grandma taught her? Misandry? I think it’s a disease, she should contact a mental doctor.

  62. It’s about time social justice worriers moved on from using their “damsel in distress” trope, but I suppose there’s no chance of that whilst it’s so lucrative. And there are plenty of men keen to be seen as “enablers” for financial or (fingers crossed) sexual reward. How’s that working out for Pee Wee Myers?

  63. The whole feminist rhetoric has degenerated unto lies and sophistry: feigned female victim hood, to inculcate paranoid resentment in girls and undeserved guilt complexes in boys. IMHO it is a contagious mental disorder.

  64. Wait a minute…I don’t like Anita ,her arguments are facile and borderline ignorant. She speaks and acts like somebody who realises they’re out of their field so to speak…
    But this article assumed a lot of things and then it pretends all of it is a fact. YOU ARE DOING A DISSERVICE TO EXPOSE ANITA. VERY SLOPPY WORK guys…this is intellectualy dishonest. You’re basically using the same types of demagogue arguments.
    For shame …awful writing

  65. While your “compelling evidence” can be explained rationally. It doesn’t matter what you say. When you say you insight into the feminine mind, you lose me entirely. You hate woman. Your insight is your projection of what you want the female mind to behave like. And while there are differences between men and woman, your delusions are not what a reasonable person should rely on
    Good luck with your treatment

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