Israeli Social Justice Monster Wins This Year’s Eurovision Contest

After a numbing three-course meal, in tandem with family members and relatives, I felt lethargic enough to lay down on a big couch and watch the current year’s version of Eurovision Song Contest, for the first time in many years. Here are my thoughts on this hideous debacle.

Although this international pop song competition is a full display of plebeian mediocrity, I was actually a bit surprised by the fairly high quality of several finalists (26 in total, of which some are not European in the strict sense, with Australia as the most conspicuous geographic outlier). Denmark’s touch of Viking march was not so bad, and neither were Lithuania’s ballad and Czech Republic’s catchy tune. Sweden, not surprisingly, offered a metrosexual Justin Bieber wannabe.

Estonia’s contribution – with clear margin the best of them all – is a great manifestation of traditional elements in a contemporary context: Elina Nechayeva’s high-pitched, impeccable voice, slim figure, feminine and gracious appearance are all but stunning features. My girlfriend stressed that Jennifer Lopez had used the same type of digitized bio-luminescent dress some years ago, but the latter is practically grandma these days so who cares anyway? I was sold in any case.

However, there was indeed a little problem with how it all ended, after hours of performances, multiple quick reviews, and opportunity to vote. When national jury members and the corresponding TV audiences have had their say, there was no Estonian songbird standing on stage in order to deliver the winning melody one more time.

Instead, a clucking roly-poly from Israel called Netta had won the hearts of the globohomo community. With a clear margin she won before the more conventional Cyprus contribution, whose female vocalist at least was rather hot.

The fact that this Talmudic beluga whale managed to win is yet another sign of how far the West has sunken in a cultural sense. Sure, there are still people with a semi-traditional preference who vote for Estonia (who finished in eighth place), and Cyprus was not so far after, but the aversion against hierarchization of aesthetic qualities is still equally blatant and troublesome. The empress is naked and it’s not a beautiful sight to behold.

Here are some of the lyrical lines from the winning song “Toy”:

Look at me, I’m a beautiful creature
I don’t care about your modern-time preachers
Welcome boys, too much noise, I will teach ya
Pam pam pa hoo, prram pam pa hoo
Hey, I think you forgot how to play
My teddy bear’s running away
The Barbie got somethin’ to say, hey, hey, hey
Hey! My “Simon says” leave me alone
I’m taking my Pikachu home
You’re stupid just like your smartphone

Well, beauty is in fact not so subjective, but one can always use imagination when being resentful against Israeli jocks. I am not so sure of Pokemon wanting to be abducted by an amorphous version of Björk, either.

There is always a symbolic struggle going on between the common sense right and the regressive left. This year’s winner of the Eurovision Song Contest indicates that even the mainstream has been severely penetrated by social justice concepts and aesthetics, fat acceptance to be specific. Perhaps even mega pop stars like Ariana Grande will go back to the former fluffy version of her teenage self during the Victorious days, since obesity will be the new black. To the extent that mainstream music matters, masculine men should continue to support traditional talents like Elina Nechayeva.

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122 thoughts on “Israeli Social Justice Monster Wins This Year’s Eurovision Contest”

  1. ‘They’ really are human garbage…
    Henry Ford had them pegged, so did Martin Luther, Charles Lindburgh, General Patton, Richard Nixon, Jesus Christ, Paul, The Catholic Church Pre Vatican 2, Shakespeare, King Longshanks, Hitler, Mel Gibson just to name a few.

    1. RW
      Yeah, Mel is paragon of virtue. Alcoholic since he was a teenager. Shouts at his whore Russian wife about blowjobs.

      1. Rabbi Marz is triggered.
        Mel made it with no Ju representation.
        A classic B movie in Australia that became an International Sensation and fathered 8 wonderful White Christian children. Men wanted to be him, women, to be with him. He told the truth about Ju’s. That made him a bad boy. Or goy.
        Thanks for chiming in tho, Rabbi Marz.

      2. Careful, you are being so careless and obvious with your (((shilling))) that even the dimmest bulbs here will catch on soon.

        1. I thought everyone knew madman marx is a j-shill by now. It couldn’t be more obvious that he’s a demoralization agent.

        2. I don’t work for “J’s”. As for demoralization I am merely pointing out facts, which is what a blog commentary is for.

        3. JOO
          I suspect that half the posters here are Ali G types pretending to be anti-Joo to see what sort of response they can elicit for shits and giggles.

        4. @Mad4Men, dude, I also knew you were a jew but that was before you started all your shilling, it was just by your naive attempts to try to extract information about me. It’s classic jew. I’ve said it before but the jew’s #1 flaw is their belief in their superior intelligence. The second they come across someone who breaks their stereotype (and especially when the jew in question isn’t particularly bright), it becomes just painful to watch.

      3. Watched the Elina Nechayeva entry on Youtube after reading this article, garbage IMHO, if that was the best on offer it didn’t matter who won. Didn’t think she was particularly attractive either, a 7 at best.
        The Israel entry, what a monster, didn’t listen to the song, but as they say, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”.

        1. “a 7 at best”
          Yeh but you rate flippo women as 10’s
          Different strokes for different folks.

        2. Why on earth would ANY Red Pill masculine Man watch…what could only be described as a Cultural Marxist Propaganda sh*tfest…is beyond me!
          Is it any wonder that a Fat Feminist Joo was the winner in 2018?
          Just take a look at the 2014 winner….HIV infested Conchita Wurst!
          What monstrosity will (((they))) bring us in 2019 as the winner…is my only question!

      4. Careful. This website has become alt.right-central. Say anything the least bit philo-semitic and they’ll be on you like flies in a barnyard.

    2. Do not forget Queen Isabel I of Castile and King Fernando II of Aragón, the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. They ended the Reconquista and expelled jews and muslims from the Iberian peninsula. After that, Spain became a big empire due to the discovery of the American continent.
      The presence of jews and muslims in the peninsula led to a war which lasted for almost eight centuries. Next time multiculturalism fanatics bring you the “diversity is our strength” bs, bring this argument I’ve just said. Let’s see how they try in vain to counter it.

    3. Jajaja. Well said, but don’t forget that the character we call Shakespeare was actually Sir Francis Bacon and his small literary group — the same people who edited the Bible under King James. True story, but your point is well taken. The words of Henry Ford and both Lindburghs, in particular, are profound regarding the (((tribal))) problem that plagues our society.

    4. Jesus Christ was a Jew, what are you saying? & he never thrashed his race, only the Pharisees & Sadducees. Jews today can’t be trusted however

    5. The Lord Jesus never condemned His people the way you do.
      And Henry Ford is frying in Hell.

        1. They were tricked by a few dozen sellouts, just has there are only a few rich ones giving the rest a bad name today.
          They will be redeemed when Christ returns, crushing the Vatican’s forces at Armageddon and saving the third of the Jews who survive the Vatican’s treacherous attack.

        2. Most of the planet condemns Jesus still to this day. Jesus’s betrayal was one of the Jewish prophecies.

        3. At first they sang his praises, but when he called them to task and outed the (((Pharisee))) as unscrupulous, conniving, blasphemous hypocrites. Jesus became bad news for their racket so they forced the Romans hand in having Jesus executed.
          The Talmud rejects Jesus who apparently now suffers in hell burning in a vat of excrement. It also notes Mother Mary as a no good Howah.
          These are the so called Israelites evangelical cucks like to worship. Very sad.

        1. Christ will return to save them. And when they see Him, they will be awe that He was the Messiah after all. They will grovel to Him, and He will forgive them.

      1. Ah yes, the Talmud version of the messiah. The morning star that will reward the chosen ones for their evil deeds with all the gold and silver of the world and each chosen child of lucifer shall have a thousand goyim slaves.
        I doubt the one known as the great deceiver will follow through on his promise though. How ironic.

    6. EuroVision Song Contest was never mainstream, it was always a socialist experiment.

    7. Humm ??
      Which one is worst ??
      Conchita Wurst with her (his) AIDS or that beached whale with her “sex appeal”?

  2. Elina Nechayeva’s song European culture at its best and Eleni Foureira (the woman who represented Cyprus) has always being proud of her Albanian ancestry. Both were defeated by an obese feminist yid.
    This is like when Moonlight (movie about homosexual blacks) defeated La La Land (the story of a heterosexual white couple) in the Oscars.
    We live in Weimar 2.0. and shitposting is not going to get us out of this hell.

    1. But what truly infuriates me is the fact that Europeans voted for Israel given the fact that Israelis see Europe as a land which must be conquered and destroyed and see Europeans as people who have to be enslaved and exterminated. Is this what they called “cuck”?

      1. It shows Europeans are a defeated people excluding the Hungarian and Austrian.
        Europe is gone. Europeans will be the first people to vote for the Antichrist one world government and you guessed it with a capital in Israel as the prophesy says.
        America still has pockets of complete conservative society will last a bit longer.

        1. Keith
          I suspect the Islamic takeover is going to completely defeat any loyalty to Israel in Europe.
          In an odd way, Sarkozy and Bush paved the way for Islam to conquer the West. The Fertile Crescent power balance was dismantled by the invasion of Iraq, emboldening Iran who were always mortal enemies of Hussein. Hillary then helped the BBC’s move into Europe by taking down Ghaddafi.
          Sarkozy, half Jewish himself, enable the North African invasion of France.
          There are not enough whites being born in Western Europe to actually be ruled over by Israel.
          As for whites in the US who are conservative, they are far from the beltway. Jews, inherent cosmopolitans for 5,000 years, do not live in conservative regions of the US. They live on concrete streets far from square dances in Nebraska.
          Also, at a certain point, Israel cannot really make anyone give a shit. No Gen Z is going to be drafted to fight its wars. They can barely find it on a map.
          Asians and Arabs have made inroads into US power structure and the Jews themselves are sort of falling behind.

        2. kieth
          US conservatives control the primary economies, even if they are poor as shit and hauling around heavy equipment in Louisiana oilfields.
          Jews fought against the invasion of Iraq tooth-and-nail-I’m not a Jew but I am being objective, it was Leftist Jewish senators and media who rallied against the Invasion of Iraq. They were defeated by the petroleum money behind Bush. They would have voted for Al Gore and let Iraq remain a dusty toilet bowl.
          As for Europe, its Islamization is complete there that what can Israel do with it? If France belongs to the Maghreb who is controlling it? If the prime minister of UK is a Pakistani, what is Israel going to do?

        3. The conservatives aren’t going to do shit when such a state emerges the only hope will be revolutionaries cut of a different ilk

        4. Sorry, but the prophecies point at the Vatican as the home of the Antichrist, and when Jesus returns, He will rule the world from Jerusalem.

        5. BILBO
          American will actually preserve European culture. To meet real Norwegians as they were 100 years ago, you have to travel to Minnesota.
          To meet true Sicilians, you have to visit New Jersey.
          Europeans themselves have lost their cultural traditions and become Eurotrash.

        6. @madman Marx
          Israel essentially controls Saudi Arabia at this point. Saudi Arabia is assisting Israel in its middle eastern war effort. They have proven they can control such a nation so your notion is void.
          Now as to why they would eradicate ethnic Europeans to mixed hordes is open to speculation but it is happening and (((they))) are behind it.

      2. What infuriates me more is the cultural appropriation. Is that fat fucking lump of shit Japanese? So why you squeezing into a Kimono?
        Alright, alright, I don’t give a fuck, but the SJW’s are getting a brain hemorrhage over this.

        1. Rabbi marz is Shilling very hard.
          But being a jewologist, Im familiar with his tactics and the Kol Nidre Oath they all take, to Lie to Goyim 364 days of the year before atonement.
          White Man’s Burden
          The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical
          Ari Shavit Apr 03, 2003 12:00 AM
          Haaretz- Israel

          Iraq is simply about stealing Iraqs Oil and running a Pipeline TO Haifa Israel, ‘they’ get to steal all of Iraqs oil…..
          ‘Corral the 50 wealthiest jews and there will be no wars.’ – Henry Ford
          ‘There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.’ — Jewish scholar, Oscar Levy; preface to G. Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution
          ‘If my sons did not want wars there would be none’ – Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschilds wife.

        2. ‘In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history. They believe that the right political idea entails a fusion of morality and force, human rights and grit. The philosophical underpinnings of the Washington neoconservatives are the writings of Machiavelli, Hobbes and Edmund Burke. They also admire Winston Churchill and the policy pursued by Ronald Reagan. They tend to read reality in terms of the failure of the 1930s (Munich) versus the success of the 1980s (the fall of the Berlin Wall). ‘
          On Iraq War for Rabi Marz, who should be in a work camp…

        3. Pretty sure some American bitch got into trouble for wearing a chink dress to the prom

        4. I’m sure you’re right. Also, relating to chink dress, an Asian guy got in trouble for calling out a rather hot asian girl for wearing a chinese dress to her prom.

      3. Not true.
        Israel was created by England- Namely Balfour and Rothschild. Tribe members.
        To accomplish this, it required a brother war, namely WW1-create the League of Nations, which wasnt entirely strong enough, so WW1 has a continuation aka WW2- To spread communism TO 11 nations, destroy Germany as the keeper of all things good IN Europe, Create World Govt ala UN, and Israel.
        Facts matter.

        1. That must be why the Israelis fought England when Palestine was a colony.

        2. They fought the British so responsible government would leave and they could ethnically cleanse to make way for their ethno state. England protected the Arabs.

      4. I wish some of you guys had grown up with them like I did as a kid. You would see the issue is much more complicated than you make it out to be and if you were objective you’d see that they are not as monolithic as you think they are. Jews in Europe are not fairing well under the Islamic invasion. They are leaving France for example in record numbers. Just because this grotesque woman won a “singing” contest doesn’t mean that continental Europe is genuflecting to Israel. That nation is not popular among socialist Europe and witness the latest outcry over Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem and the ensuing violence that has occurred in the wake of that decision. George Soros and Israel are not BFF. Israel can be an arrogant bully of a nation but they know how to fight and to not only survive but kick ass. Where they fit in the matrix is a complicated matter. Anyway the fat bitch won the contest because she sang a SJW song that gladdens the hearts of the Europigs that are ruining the continent. I know I’ll get called all kinds of names but you’ve got to be lot smarter than seeing red every time you hear the word “Jew.”

      5. I read that Estonia was the only country who didnt give any points to Israel. Not by jury or people

        1. Sounds like Estonia will need some good ol American ‘freedom’
          Perhaps A few Estonia airways planes will go missing like Malaysian Airlines.

    2. La La Land was a musical. As such it was lucky it was even nominated for an Oscar. As for the Eurovision Song Contest it was never about deep culture. For example, the 1959 winner was a bit of fluff called Sing Little Birdie! So it’s not meant to be taken too seriously.

  3. I have never seen this show before but there is no need for anyone to see the show once I understand how it works and seeing pictures of the two women. The “voters” on this show are most likely younger girls and the pretty femine girl is a seen as a threat to their own standard, the pretty one is the one they love to hate. It’s a race to the bottom for alot of these feminist and the beluga whale pictured above will get them there faster.

  4. There is a God, he hurt himself badly face palming after this defective creation….
    you better f**king laugh. I’m going to hell for this one.

      1. Aboriginals are the original “Oopsie.”
        And Indians are the Britney Spears, “Oops I did it again.”

        1. Native Americans are essentially Asian primitives. A stone age, earlier version of East Asians that wandered Westwards for who knows what reason.
          Unless you are referring to South Asians, who might have some genetic link to Australian aboriginals.

        2. @ Mad4men, I was just recycling a joke.
          The original joke I heard was, “What did God say when he made the second aborigine?” “Oops, I burnt another one.”

    1. God made ALL of the Circus animals….yes, Virginia, even the freaks…..ALL OF THEM…..

  5. Euro vision is a piece of crap. We all know if Israel didn’t win the contest. They would be throwing a tantrum and screaming “anti semitic”. Israel is just a spoiled rotten fat child who needs to be told no!

  6. dafuk was that ?! ugly landwhale with a hideous voice on a nightmare “melody”.. Eurovision is a total fucking Bullshit.

  7. Guys, everybody knows that there is only ONE good thing, which came from Eurovision:

        1. Derail? I was talking about you normally pointing out the gayness, in reply to a comment talking about the gayness. I guess I must not know the definition of derail. Care to fill me in on what I’m missing?

        2. LOL. My bad, I just re-read the headline. I’d previously read “Epic sax gay,” not that that title makes any sense but one look at the photo and I had a double-confirmation. Hence why I was so confused, I even double checked to see it wasn’t you posting.

    1. I didn’t watch it either. She’s a disgusting ham beast, I get it.

      1. RW
        Yes, they do run Israel. Muslims, alas, now run Europe.
        It is arguable that Israel somehow engineered the policies that led to Europe being Islamic but this does few favors for Jews.
        Do you really believe that the Muslim mayor of London loves Jews?

    1. An Arab would argue that Israelis are Europeans living on their land. This is confusing, genetically, because Ashkenazi are descended from a founding population of Levant intermarriage with Italians, Central Asians and Europeans.

      1. “It was nothing important, son. If it were it would have actually fought to save itself long ago….”

  8. Bullchit.
    They are from Khazaria, in Asia.
    Former Phallic worshippers, with NO tie to the Holy Land. I know you cant help yourself, but you have to do better than this, Rabbi marz. A great book I suggest to all goyim…
    The Thirteenth Tribe
    The Thirteenth Tribe is a 1976 book by Arthur Koestler, in which the author advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people. Koestler hypothesized that the Khazars migrated westwards into Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing.More at Wikipedia
    Author:Arthur Koestler

  9. Israel is Not in Europe
    In this case, Might as Well Have Somalia Win the Next One.

  10. The “voters” on this show are probably idealistic producers making adjustments to the ballot.

  11. Her ethnicity is irrelevant. The fact that she is a female whale is what gave her favoritism.

    1. Yeah cause The Tribe never engages in relentless self-promotion across all media channels in the Western world. Not at all.
      Commenters this idiotic are either shills or BoomerCucks.

      1. Quit referring the few sellouts as “The Tribe”. Ever watch The Ten Commandments, with Charlton Heston?
        The character Dathan does NOT represent “All the Jews”.

    2. Israel winning Euro vision and still pressing their holohoax guilt on the subjugated Europeans whilst they literally Hitler Palestinians.

  12. That is a real SLAMPIG right there. If anyone remembers the stretch Armstrong figurine, i bet if you cut her open that yellowish goo mr armstrong was made of, would just ooze out for days.

  13. The anti semitism prevalent in this forum is absolutely disgusting and appalling. Where is this education coming from? These comments about Israelites wanting to conquer Europe, demeaning name-calling, etc etc is shocking. I’m sure this post will invite further hate. SMH

    1. Shut the fuk up with your passive aggressive BS
      When your people and leaders act like scum be prepared for blowback. You’re not innocent if you support Zionist tyranny.
      This is one of the very few places anywhere one can criticize these evil-doers even if moderated. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    2. They’ve and the bankers they hate have both been manipulated by the Vatican’s lapdog, the Jesuit Order; the deadliest undercover army on earth.
      The Jesuits first take a small band of ex-Jews loyal to the Pope, and make them do terrible things while falsely claiming to represent “Jews in General”.
      The Jesuits then fund and form groups hell-bent on badmouthing and destroying the Jews; one group is Islam, and the others are various Westerners who swallow the manipulation done to them with articles like this one.
      It’s all part of an enormous scheme to oust the Jewish people from their ancient homeland, and put the Vatican in charge of the Holy Land. As you can see, they are slowly succeeding. These were all prophesied in the New Testament.
      When the True Christians like myself leave in the Rapture, the innocent Jews like yourself will no longer have allies on Earth. PLEASE, my friend, read these.

  14. Italy remembered some terroristic mass murders with a moving powerful ballad.
    Moldova did good comedy.
    Norway was entertainibh.
    Netherlands song was catchy, and had some good content for a redpilled man (we need some outlaw twist in or life), in a Stevie Ray vaughan way.
    English singer SuRie had one good song, a good voice and good acting, it is a shake that she had short light pink hair. With some regular brown hair, shoulder length and well styled, she would have gained the attention of jury and spectators, and she would have showed she is indeed under 30 and not the 40 years old she appeared.
    In my opinion this year the first places deserved to be chosen among
    Lithuania, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway.
    Runners up: England, Moldova, perhaps Israel (she had theatrics and and some attitude we as men can sometimes adopt),
    Germany, perhaps Austria.

  15. Sadly art is no longer art…may it be audio, picture, drawings, etc. Art is 100% controlled politically and we get to hear and see what is aproven. Stay away from mainstream anything. Mainstream = Politics.

  16. Pretty indulgent stuff in the clown world these days…rewarding perverse distractions such as these feels like end times, but maybe just for their ilk. Two weeks off the grid in an anarchic survival state post-war, disaster or collapse, and the SJW subjects of this article will be either long dead or extremely humbled into whimpering submission by the forces of nature. We shall survive it.

  17. Oh my God, what a devastating ugly pile of garbage. I wouldn’t have sex with her even if she was the last woman on Earth.

  18. If u actually watch the “performance” she clucks like a chicken throughout the song. Lol ah the left, it’s a new idiocy every day

  19. That must be the ugliest oxygen thief I have seen in a while. I did laugh at “Talmudic beluga” though

  20. Why did my post which was a nuanced opinion on the “Jewish” question based in part on my personal experiences get scrubbed? This is the second time this has happened to me although the last time a post of mine disappeared and then days later suddenly reappeared.

  21. The Eurovision song contest has played out its role. It does no longer represent different cultures and languages from around Europe. It was different when everyone was singing in their original language and the culture came through. Now it all sounds like somethings from the international pop scene. The partisipant can be a black guy singing in English and claiming to be representing Austria. Its a joke.

  22. “When Jesus returns”… Christianity’s been waiting 2,500 years +/- for that blessed event – personally – I hate waiting. So what’s 2500 years when heaven awaits? I guess another 2,500 years won’t matter compared to the All Mighty’s time card and the Christian’s eternal happiness.

  23. The contest has been a freakshow for the past 20+ years and is not to be treated seriously as far as music or art is concerned. I actually took a positive from the last one in how well Eleni of Cyprus fared with her tastefully sexy and completely faggotry-free performance. She won televoting in Spain despite the country currently being barraged with homoglobofeminist propaganda on a scale not even Sweden have seen, which to me is a sign of better days to come.

  24. The contest has been a freakshow for the past 20+ years and is not to be treated seriously as far as music or art is concerned. I actually took a positive from the last one in how well Eleni of Cyprus fared with her tastefully sexy and completely faggotry-free performance. She won televoting in Spain despite the country currently being barraged with homoglobofeminist propaganda on a scale not even Sweden have seen, which to me is a sign of better days to come.

  25. every society has a good sprinkling of low-quality women
    this beast never was, and never will – be able to get bookings in Israel, as a working middle-class singer in average small Israeli cities. Weddings, etc
    an average small-town Israeli women is not a Thai beauty, but they are also not Seattle beasts.
    On average, they produce 3.5 new Israelis. What’s Germany’s claim-to-fame on the replenishing-their-own-race front?

  26. Not the biggest fan of Europop, but as far as I’m concerned, Eurovision’s pinnacle was ABBA’s win with “Waterloo.” It’s been down hill ever since. And could not be a more fitting title considering this years winner. Along with “SOS”, my second favorite ABBA song. The nadir continues to lower.

  27. I was lethargic enough to watch it as well, but mostly I needed a good laugh and that’s what I got out of it. I agree on Estonia and Lithuania (I read the singer, who’s fairly cute, is a Hare Krishna, but whatever, I guess I prefer that to your average liberal Catholic these days). I also liked Serbia, as usual they tend to sing in their native language and like to use a fair amount of traditional elements – as well as some Serbian hotties. So the latter two got my vote even though it was plain to see they had no chance of winning.
    France, as usual, had to send a politically correct “bien-pensant” song about those poor immigrant babies, and Ireland couldn’t refrain itself from sending a gay couple dancing which a Chinese broadcaster actually censored. Russia, of course, was eliminated fairly quickly and never got to the finals. Sweden sent some faggot doing Michael Jackson all over again and Poland, my God, Poland. What the hell were you thinking for crying out loud with that David Guetta imitation?
    I predicted Israhell would win early on and they sure enough did. The most ridiculous part is that this Talmudic beluga whale as you so hilariously put it actually believes she’s “beautiful” and couldn’t refrain herself from exclaiming “celebrate diversity!”. LOL. Celebrate diversity, celebrate 70 years of Israel (oh, the coincidence!) and muuuh bombs on Gaza!
    For those who’re interested, the Dutch did an anti-Semitic™ parody on the song which lead to a sharp rebuke from Israhell:
    “Look at me, I am such a sweet country.
    World leaders eat obediently out of my hand. And I put out all fires with a kiss.
    We are having a party, wanna come? Soon in the al-Aqsa mosque, which will soon be empty anyway.
    From Haifa to the Dead Sea, there are fireworks and kosher satay. So just come and dance with me.
    Is your country surrounded by rock throwers? Build walls like Trump himself has wet dreams about.
    Throw a buk-a-buk, throw a buk rocket.
    Look how nicely I throw bombs.
    Yes, again, Israel is winning, Already for 70 years this party has been going on. Look how nice.”
    Oy vey, Anti-semitism™!
    See you all next year in Tel Aviv, folks. I mean, Jerusalem!

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