Margaret Cho’s #12DaysofRage Campaign Will Encourage Rape Hysteria

Get ready for more rape mania, because comedian Margaret Cho is sponsoring a Twitter campaign entitled #12DaysofRage. The stated purpose of the campaign is to “end the silence surrounding sexual abuse.” While it sounds like a noble purpose, it is likely to degenerate into just another vehicle for generating more rape hysteria.

Margaret Cho: Poster Child For Progressivism’s Effect On Women


Margaret Cho from her recent appearance on the Wendy Williams Show

Margaret Cho is a Korean-American comedian who experienced quite a bit of mainstream success in the early 2000s with her stand up comedy tours. Later, she took up progressive causes with a vengeance and it seemed to have hurt her career a bit.

Cho is the poster child for what happens to women if they follow progressive philosophy to its logical end. First, she is massively tatted. While searching for a pic of her tattoos I saw—to my eternal regret—that even her butt cheeks are covered in tattoos. As ROK readers know, excessive tattoos are an indicator of emotional instability.


She thinks white people are horribly racist, but when it comes to reverse discrimination, they are “fragile.”

Cho is strongly pro abortion.

She was a sex worker.

Cho has been involved in polyamorous relationships. Of course, she also claims to be bisexual.

Cho is a big advocate of the LGBTQ community. She claims to be Christian but she also thinks that Jesus was a “power bottom.”

 I think Jesus is a very good teacher. Really, he’s such a power bottom! Jesus was all about taking other people’s pain and absorbing it, and making himself stronger because of it — absorbing all the negativity from your persecutors and taking it on for someone else. He is not at all about guilt. A lot of Christianity has been distorted by anti-gay stuff that doesn’t even exist in the Bible at all. I think of Christ, at face value, is very much a power bottom. That’s a really good thing to be!

Margaret is uniquely qualified to kick off the #12DaysofRage because she too claims to have been a victim of rape.

The premise for the campaign, which started on November 1st, is that for twelve days people will tweet out about their rapes so that Cho and other Twitter people can say things like, “I support you.” At the end of the twelve days, Cho will release a video entitled “I Wanna Kill My Rapist.” As you can imagine with a name like #12DaysofRage and someone as flakey as Cho spearheading it, the campaign is probably not going to be a healthy exercise. Rather, it is going to be another status signaling drill in our perpetually injured therapy culture.

The Crime Of Rape


Mattress Girl and a friend

Let me just say at the outset that rape is a serious crime—it is a felony in every state. Rape occurs when a person engages in sex with another person by “forcible compulsion” or “incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless.” Rape can also occur if the victim is underage, regardless of whether he or she consents or not. All decent men hate rapists. The man who uses his superior strength to force himself upon a weaker person simply to relieve his base passion is beyond despicable.

The harsh sentences for rape reflect society’s universal contempt for this crime. Because rape is such a serious crime, the criminal justice system also contains protections for individuals who are accused of rape. As in every other crime, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. To do this, there needs to be evidence to convict the accused. It is not a perfect system. Sometimes guilty men go free and innocent men are sent to prison.

Over the past few years, though, we’ve seen a shift in society. Years of feminist indoctrination have taught us that rape can be virtually anything. The best example of this is the Rolling Stone Duke rape hoax where innocent men were punished for what turned out to be a complete fabrication.


The most interesting thing about this campaign is that I don’t think it would be at all helpful to a real rape survivor. How are encouraging words from a Twitter “friend” going help anyone heal from a violent sexual assault? This is obvious from conversations like this which are more about status signaling and affirming the new fake genders that Facebook popularized than they are about recovering from rape.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.52.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.06.50 PM

Is there a university course that I can take to explain all of these new gender/sexual orientations?

On this next one, it sounds like the girl is claiming it was rape, but the boyfriend thinks it was cheating.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.03.54 PM

There are a lot of tweets expressing the absolute necessity of believing the rape claim, even if there is no evidence to back it up. To do anything less is hurtful.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.21.24 PM

This one made me wonder if there is an unstated implication of “It doesn’t matter if you consented and then changed your mind later on”?

Finally, a tweet from a gay man reminds us that women are not the only ones who get raped.

The good news is that while these people may be suffering from their rape, recovery is on its way with these soothing words from Margaret Cho herself. I found this very healing. Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.44.18 PM

Rape That No One Cares About


Honduran immigrant wanted for allegedly raping a four year old girl.

While #12DaysofRage purports to be against rape, it is silent on some of the most heinous sexual assaults that are being committed today. The tweeters are silent on the 80% of women and girls who are raped while they are trying to cross into the US illegally. They are silent on ISIS rape camps, and they are silent on the rapes that the Islamic “refugees” are committing as they invade Europe. The reason that Margaret Cho and the other tweeters conveniently ignore these atrocities because they don’t fit into the narrative that most sexual assaults are being committed by straight white men in the US.


#12DaysofRage sounds like it has a very lofty goal, but I believe its main purpose is to give publicity to boost Margaret Cho’s flagging career. Even if we assume that it has pure motives, receiving an affirmation on Twitter is not likely to do much to heal memories of an actual rape. Instead, it is just another stunt that feeds rape hysteria and the culture of perpetual emotional butthurt. It also shows that while there are some good things happening in our culture, the majority of society is still mired in feminist indoctrination.

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178 thoughts on “Margaret Cho’s #12DaysofRage Campaign Will Encourage Rape Hysteria”

    1. Comedian (v): To Rape
      I mean, if they are going to take the meaning out of both comedian and rape then it is perfectly valid to say that they are definitionally equal.

    2. She is typical of today’s asian comedian. Asians only joke about racism perpetrated by whites, stereotypes that dumb white people think are true, and their overbearing, talks with an accent and broken english mothers.

        1. Whoopi is the one who has never made me laugh…ever. I could be stranded on an island with Margaret Cho and Whoopi for years and I bet they would never once make me laugh.

        2. That cute Barbie looking chick who mocked fat people made me laugh a bit. Not knee slapping, lose your breath laughter, but she was passably entertaining, and easy on the eyes to boot.

        3. She has some pink highlights in her hair which detracts, but if you look at her entire portfolio she’s pretty attractive. Plus I like that she fat shames.
          Not knee slapping, like I said, but at least humorous.

        4. I’ve really not understood Goldberg either. From what little I’ve seen of her former act, she basically mocks white girls. I assume the funny part was that she could do a passable Valley Girl voice? Didn’t really understand it.

        5. After years on an island at least Cho would be skinny so she would be doable but I would rather just screw a pile of shelled abalone heated up in the sun than Whoopi.

        6. That’s because they’d kill you during the first few days, then complain because they have no shelter and little food or water.

  1. I’m starting to think there is something pathological about these SJWs and feminists. They seem to be obsessed about getting outraged to a point of self-destructive masochism. I think they hate themselves so much that they feel the need to spread their revulsion to other normal people so that they don’t think they’re the only ones insane. I mean, look at this woman, does she seem normal and healthy to you?

    1. The things that would usually get people arrested on a mental health warrant; MSM and Social media enables these psychotics a means to project their insanity. Whatever happened to the Medpysch-industry?

      1. “Whatever happened to the Medpysch-industry?”
        Simple. It’s more profitable to let them loose and have them buy psych-pills than it is to house them.

        1. The downside to that is, these people who come into contact with them tend to run the risk of ending up as our gf’s.

    2. It’s a good thing they look and act alike.
      They’ll be easy to round up and put in mental institutions so they can get the help they need.

    3. yea but in Margret’s case all she wants is an end to statute of limitation laws on rape cases cause frakly it’s BULLSHIT back when there wasn’t DNA testing MAYBE it made sense but now it’s just stupid

    4. of course she does not seem normal nor healthy. especially the second pic with shaved hair. Totally ugly.
      IMO, leftism (and thus, feminism, sjwness, progay, minority defence …) is just emotionnal weakness and mediocrity raised to a strong pathological level, boosted by social media (which is the main vector of propagation).
      In an ancient tough world, without so much laws, without all the media bullshit, all these people would have been swept apart.

      1. I want to have compassion, but compassion takes time I am not sure I have to stop their insanity before it causes harm like an uncontrollable disease. On the other hand, compassion is what I will do as stopping them seems only to further “kick the can down the road” against the seemingly inevitable consequences they are so loath to acknowledge.
        Perhaps letting them get what they want is what they need to cure themselves?

    5. Yep. Feminisim is the psychological and emotional problems of a certain type of woman raised to the status of a political movement.
      It would be interesting to know if there was ever a time when this wasn’t the case. Some mainstream anti-feminists like Milo Yiannopoulos like to say that feminism had a point up to some recent point in time, relating to women being allowed to work, vote, etc. I’m starting to think feminists were always crazy, and that even their earlier successes, which a lot of anti-feminists now accept, need to be revisited.

      1. Feminism is one of those groups for seriously disturbed people that are enabled by modern communications and travel, substituting group complaining and aiding and abetting for therapy.

      2. A certain kind of feminism is very popular in the corporate world. You’ll find career women there often very attached to it. As they compete in the corporate world they naturally tend to explain a disappointment in career progression as being caused by collusive male discrimination against them. Since many women are now dependant on this income they will react with extreme prejudice or claim to suffer from discrimination so they can get a boost. Generally women seem to interfere with each other’s careers more than competing men but that seldom gets mentioned. Business is about getting the job done, if a woman can do the job she’ll get it.

    6. How would you feel if you were constantly pumped and dumped repeatedly throughout your life without the capacity to comprehend things nor the wisdom to change?

    7. It’s “The System” that the Red Pill warns us about. She’s just using it to get attention because she’s irrelevant. But because they preach most women have been raped, and all men are rapists, she’ll get in the media.

      1. To her fat, disgusting ass, probably, yes. Rape is whatever the SJW in question says it is. There is no objective standard for rape with these degenerates. Rape is “whatever I feel it is!!!”. Duck face. Selfie. Party. Stop oppressing me! Duck face. Party!

        1. Actually, it is kinda cool. We should encourage it. Once the term ‘rape’ becomes meaningless, we can go to court and argue: Dear judge, I have raped a woman today. But dear judge, I only looked at her. Can we not legalize rape?

        2. Yes, that would seem to be the obvious result of such insanity. The problem, however, is that SJW fucktards are always changing standards and rules, on a whim. Then, like a school of fish, all the other ‘tards follow in lockstep. Moving the goalposts, a form of relativism really, is the standard MO for these asswipes.

        3. It may calm you to know that freedom of speech is a rather recent achievment. That is, of the 20th century. So not much is lost, if you allow me a pint of gallows laughter.

        4. Very true. Unfortunately for me, I have grown accustomed to privileges such as freedom of speech. And toilets and running hot water.

        5. I love roughing it too, but up here in rural northern Nevada, that kind of thing can be rather uncomfortable this time of year. Pissing? Fine. Shitting? Eh, not so much.

      1. Yup. She was one. She even admitted she was.
        I’ll give her the fact that she did make a name for herself and capitalized from the degenerate society even though we do find her distasteful.

        1. Careful. It may be an even more degenerate socket when she lies or calls it something to mak it sound better. She is a whore and society thinks that’s just terrjific

  2. So Cho, Tell us what you think about the massive rape going on in Europe of which most is being committed by Islamic immigrants?

  3. These women only care about, say, Catholic rape victims or ISIS sex slaves if it has a hashtag. #rapeisnotcool or #penisesareweaponsofmassdestruction. 🙂

  4. I feel like this shit only exists on twitter. This progressive liberalism is getting so ridiculous I just can’t believe it’s real.

    1. The good thing about these twitter “protests” is that they are pretty much useless attention-whoring with little to no effect in real life. They are only good for making fun parodies.

    2. And fortunately, it documents it’s own stupidity for all to cherish for as long as they breathe, and beyond.
      Cho thinks she will be remembered as a saint. Man is she in for a surprise.

  5. I have yet to see one of these cunts who are so passionate and vocal about rape that I would have sex with…

      1. It’s like a single girl buying herself a bouquet of roses on Valentines Day to make it seem like she has a secret admirer. They claimed to have been raped so to appear that someone finds her attractive.

      1. Heh
        maybe white men should stop protecting their feminists for a while and see how the hambeasts cope with the rest of us

        1. The well of good will that men have had for women is running dry. There was a time when i would have helped a woman just as I would have helped a man, one human being to another. Now I find myself having to push myself to even extend a common curtesy to any woman I do not personally know. I just assume they are a bitch and walk away.

        2. Whatever the ultimate solution (not foreclosing the notion that a of total collapse may be necessary) it should begin and end with men holding other men accountable.
          Attacking the antics of these disturbed children only gives undue credit to their warped ideals and thus strengthens their resolve.
          Men must convert or destroy the males who enable, enforce, and propagate the destructive mechanisms of Feminism (and other tendrils of similar ilk). This is a war; there are sides. Men must demand other men to declare – and live according to his principles.
          Those who are too weak to do so should be treated with the disdain they deserve – the same we give to these other ugly creatures. Enough of this non-judgementalism and hand-holding. We must call out the male enablers, the collaborators – however active or passive, as they are what provide the infrastructure, capital, and ultimately the power.
          Most women will fall into place based on the order created and maintained by men. We have a culture that mirrors those families in which the 5 y/o has the power. Its all magic thinking, fueled by 100% emotion, and the kind of dismissive hypoagency that ends up consuming all that was good and strong about the family and replacing it with unbridled taking and consuming, guided by the empty soul of big daddy gov’t.
          The problem is the mission creep of feminism. It has tainted generations of men as it has been allowed to move unchecked from equality under the law to equality of outcomes under the social goalposts; from equality of outcomes to outright aggressive pursuit of socio-political hegemony. Males play a significant role in this devolution.
          Beta men in their submissive, apologetic, self-loathing and alpha men in their opportunistic harvesting of the spoils of market dislocation both feed the beast, just with different nutrients.
          Until men are prepared to sacrifice, to live the reality of painful trade-offs based on their values, the hedonism and nihilistic downward spiral will continue. Outcomes like this tatted cunt are to be expected. Much more to come.
          So yes, withdraw unearned support of women, but when it comes to the males, it must go beyond indifference; it requires actual confrontation.

  6. It is interesting how little certainty can be had about justice. Laws can try to protect people, but what use is a law when there is no reliable way to tell whether it has been breached? How safe can you feel in a system that protects you from rape, but not from suddenly facing the consequences of rape without having committed it?
    We put up rules and procedures by which to judge situations to cover up how little we really can know. The illusion of certainty and knowledge. Did he blink in a certain frequency? Ah, then there is a 60% probability he is a rapist.
    Is that enough to make a democratical judgment? Or would we be better off in a world where justice only punishes when the certainty is closer to 95%? A harsh world, for sure, but a world where people care enough to be careful. A world where people once more become aware of life’s undertow and learn swimming.

    1. I build statistical models for a living. In my state they have a program for sex offenders that basically puts them in “custodial care” for the rest of their lives after they finish their prison sentences. The basis for this imprisonment after prison is a statistical model attempting to predict their likelihood of reoffending. I don’t know what their cutoff point is, below what probability they let the guy (and it is always a guy) out. However, as far as I can tell from press coverage they have never let a guy out. It is not far off from looking at the blink frequency.

      1. Exactly. Imagine a university somewhere that had a semester with no rapes reported at all (Many do this regularly or are very close, semester after semester)….Anyway, imagine it…So…”Hooray!” Say the feminists, “No rape! The rape crisis is over”…Yeah, right. They would actually be stunned, then gradually on to disappointment and then finally enraged by the absence of rape.

        1. That’s right, now that I think of it. Somehow, false accusations can flourish simultaneously with the ‘silent victims’.

    1. That is precisely my first thought whenever I hear these idiots go on about “they don’t believe me! Waaa!”. Well the police would have believed you, if you’d gone and had a rape kit performed on you.

  7. What is it with Koreans and social justice faggotry? I notice they do it more than Chinese or Japanese Americans
    Any Koreans wanna explain?

    1. It seems like Koreans don’t have the same sense of national/ethnic identity that Chinese and Japanese Americans have. That may have something to do with it — they are more prone to latch onto complete bullshit because they lack an identity.

      1. No I’ve seen Korean nationalism and it isn’t any lesser compared to Chinese or Japanese nationalism
        Something about coming to America turns them into equalist fruitcakes

      2. Koreans have same sense of Nation and Ethnic identity as that of Chinese and Japanese. Most of them are not upfront about it though and keep it to themselves.

    2. They (South Korea) have become Westernized with the feminism disease. The North don’t have this problem. LOL!

      1. The North also doesn’t have the problem of “too much food” as well, so we have to take that into consideration.

      2. Yeahhhhhhh, stop well short of declaring NK a male positive zone. Most communist regimes promote gynocentrism as a form of natural domestic control of males, with a big brother is watching you through your wife and offspring flair.

      3. I don’t know about feminism but you should see the young metrosexual guys over there with their soft “flower boy” image influenced from Kpop. The girls there still act like girls though not like mega macho cunt like American women who have masculine attitude. The dudes over there aren’t all gung ho like American men on guns, lifting heavy objects, shooting things, big cars, anything we perceive masculine (American standards). At least the girls over there (in Korea) try to look good and maintain their lean bodies.

    3. This has a lot to do more with American influence in that country (South Korea). South Korea adapts a lot of modern American culture (mostly bullshit ones sadly including social justice faggotry and Hollyweird shitty movies). Heavily presence of American soldiers and America pressuring and playing over South Korea geopolitics is another reason why South Korea does almost everything America tells them to do or otherwise…. (let’s ask Iraq, Syria, Libya) how it turned out when they didn’t kowtow to America.
      Margaret Cho is American who just happened to be Korean heritage. She was born and raised in the United States. The way she acts is typical America not Korean. Just look at her. Annoying, bratty, chubby, unattractive and having heavy tattoos. Women with tattoos plastered all over their body is considered taboo in South Korea.

    4. Can’t explain Koreans, but I spent a year there (late 80s) in the Army, and I have no use for most of those slant-eyed, slope-headed, rice-propelled, little yellow SOBs.
      And the Chinese (sorry bro), may not be SJWs, but for being so supposedly smart, they seem to have a lot of their own issues with honesty, respect for life, and civilized standards of cleanliness regarding food, treatment of the environment, etc.
      That said, here in America I would still take 10 Koreans or Chinese rather than 1 black.

      1. that’s because you are more likely to get jumped, sucker punched and robbed by 1 black than by 10 Koreans or Chinese.

      2. Blame the Commies in Beijing for that. They destroyed a lot of China’s traditions in their quest to “modernize” their society.

    1. He was more or less coming to the conclusion you mention in your second sentence just before he died actually. That and he really was stoked about the then new technologies emerging that he never lived to see fully realized. I think he would have been disappointed that the gadgets that had so much potential for good became basically solipsism cubes though.

  8. The whole “rape culture” bullshit that these fugly losers keep screeching about is beyond boring and asinine at this point. Real men just need to ignore these idiots (which of course precludes 99 % of allegedly XY chromosome-possessing American politicians.

        1. If she slims down, those tattoos will look like a a messed up painter’s palette. You wouldn’t be able to discern the images.

    1. Makes absolute sense.Whenever you see absurd, dysfunctional behavior in a woman there are deep rooted issues and I’m willing to bet a number of things happened when young.

      1. The thing I can’t understand (after clicking on their histories) is how they end up on ROK in the first place….

        1. Not according to feminists it isn’t.
          Flawed logic is fucking a guy and when he doesn’t call you, you get pissy and yell “rape”.

  9. “Cho is a big advocate of the LGBTQ community. She claims to be Christian but she also thinks that Jesus was a “power bottom.””
    To think, just a couple hundred years ago, this statement would have gotten your head rightly cut from your shoulders. More and more I’m thinking when the time comes, we should throw some of these women to the Islamic State like meat to a dog.

    1. “To think, just a couple hundred years ago, this statement would have gotten your head rightly cut from your shoulders.”
      There you go!

  10. Whenever I hear anyone claim that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality, I immediately write them off as a complete idiot.

        1. I think he meant that the bible is hinting that if you have cock and balls, you shouldn’t covet another man’s cock and balls.

    1. Why many homosexuals shun marriage, and are atheist, from what I hear. Not homosexual, nor atheist, so I can’t say.

    2. I was about to say, “Leviticus? Sodom and Gomorrah?” Even non-Christians know of those painfully obvious examples.

    3. the bible is fuckin timeless. i am a by-default atheist but nothing like these disgusting secular leftists unwittingly setting the stage for a 1984/brave new world planet.
      so much wisdom in the bible, so much truth thats timeless. its just a shame that the anachronistic stuff (“thou shalt not shave his beard or buy a cookie on the 11th of every solar whatever”) is also abundant. if only the writers had been better prognosticators of the future 2000 years out haha. makes it easy for the secularists to cherrypick and tear apart what would otherwise be a perfect moral guidebook for all of us to live by.

    1. Bingo. I am surprised they have not already sent her on a world tour.
      The UN is becoming about as serious as Ringling Brothers…

      1. Thanks. I figured it was something that. But, these days, you never know what kind of complete nonsense they will make up.

    1. It means she’ll have sex with anything with heartbeat, maybe a few inanimate objects also. Just another confused person in the pride parade.

      1. Obviously more than a few inanimate objects. It is the animate objects that I find hard to believe gave their consent.

  11. Asian women: how did “me love you long time” turn into this? Well for your information we no longer want you to love us long time if you’re all covered in tatts and disfigured by rabid feminism. So there

  12. I couldn’t get past reading about Margaret Cho… she’s profoundly spiritually ill. Just reading about her makes me feel queasy.

      1. Leftism really does fit the disease model: it’s progressive (no pun intended), causes suffering, eventually leads to an early death, and is communicable.
        It’s that last part that makes it so dangerous. It spreads like the zombie plague.
        Leftism, or whatever word you want to call it, really is a disease. I mean that quite literally.

        1. Ever wondered why Leftism is so infectious?
          Leftism is like an anglerfish. It’s so… Attractive. It’s ideals seem so glorious and noble at first sight. You think you’re helping the poor minorities by enforcing the redistribution of wealth, you think you’re helping further women’s rights by believing in false rape stats and crying out for people to stop raping, you think you’re so progressive and hip for allowing people to be openly gay, transexual, omnisexual, etc.
          It all fools the mind into thinking that these causes are so right, and this thought is reinforced when it’s believed that anyone who’s against it just hates the minorities and wants to continually oppress them and just set society back to the dark ages where we all worship christ unquestionably.
          These people mean well, they truly do, but they just don’t know that they’re on the road to hell itself.

        1. And divorce, walking away from a girl friend who is insane, or cheating on your wife.
          I suppose God made those too.

    1. And men can CHOOSE if they want to support the baby. Pro-choice just means pro-promiscuity-with-no-consequences. It has nothing to do with the actual freedom of choice.

  13. Isn’t there a way to organize a hijack of this hashtag with examples of rape they don’t want to address?
    As much as I appreciate the information, let’s turn their own weapons against them.
    PS: I need to wash out my eyeballs after seeing those pictures.

  14. Hopefully most of these blue and red haired fat chicks stick to their sexual narcissism and fail to reproduce.

  15. The day we let women out of the kitchen…Without Male guidance women literally turn Crazy, the Ideas they come up with, just pure nonsense…This is the acme of female accomplishment in the modern age? This is why women were let out of the kitchen and given the right to vote? This is what we were missing out on in the days of the “evil” patriarchy? So all the strides feminism has made and this is all women have to show for? LGBT, queer, NB, intersectional feminism, purple blue red various color shaded hair, disobedience, rebellion, abortion, basically a whole lot of nothing productive and a whole lot of horse shit, compare that to the accomplishments of Man throughout history and woman’s accomplishments look pretty bleak, oh and the icing on the cake of course is that every Man is a Rapist, so not only have women degenerated society upon receiving rights but instead of a Thank You to Men for being granted rights, feminist’s accuse every Man of being a potential Rapist. My vote, is remove woman’s, and get em back in the kitchen.

  16. In Asia, tattoos are cheap and disgusting. In Japan, if you have a tattoo, they will not even allow you in the public bathhouse. Signs in front say, “No tattoos”.
    Japanese public baths are very common.. It is a little like a swimming pool, but hot and steamy. They prohibit tattoos because Japanese cannot feel like they are getting cleaner if they are taking a bath with mobsters or low class people.
    Now look at the shit in those pictures. My son is half Japanese. I have warned him against tattoos if hi wants to fit into Japanese culture.

  17. WALDORF: What’s all the commotion about?
    STATLER: Waldorf, the bunny ran away!
    WALDORF: Well, you know what that makes him –
    BOTH: Smarter than us!

    1. And with Feminism ugly chicks don’t even suck like they used to. At one time you could always dumpster dive and get a blow job from an ugly chick. Now they all think they are 9s that deserve/asre entitled to a male 10.

  18. I don’t care about rape victims! You were raped?! Booo fucking hoo I don’t give a shit! Look at how women can just spread their legs in porn and for prostitution, sex for them is no more significant than a handshake. Rape is an assault of a sexual nature, it should be punished as a misdemeanor.
    Fuck this “survivor” PTSD scarred for life bullshit propaganda; rape is not even as bad maliciously wounding someone; feminist propaganda has made it seem worse than murder!
    A man raping a woman is not the same as a man raping a straight man. Women have genuine rape fantasies, they like dominance in men, they even orgasm from the rape a lot of the times. A man fucking a straight man in the ass is just an act of pain, humiliation, and torture – they are NOT comparable!
    Women’s consent is power, she can control and sway men with the power of her consent, even make men murder other men by white knighting for her to receive her consent. This is why feminists are obsessed with rape, and why they say it’s about power! To rape a woman is to make her consent and the control and power that go along with it powerless! A revolt against matriarchy and female control is rape!

    1. I tend to agree. 5 minutes of unwanted sex is not on the level of even aggravated assault, or often times even regular assault.
      Or to put it more concisely; this new wave of “non violent rape” is complete bullshit. A real rape is violent, a woman has bruises, cuts, shattered teeth, black eyes… that’s a rape. If a woman is fresh as a daisy after a rape, that was not a rape.

      1. Yes, they should really read into the cases of the rapes being committed by the immigrants pouring into Europe. There was one such case where a teen girl was raped vaginally AND anally. That’s extremely brutal and nightmarish and that’s the kind of rape that we’d want absolutely no girl to go through.
        I know among these feminists, they like to think that every rape is horrific, but, while it’s certainly not good in any way, there’s seemingly different degrees of rape just like there’s different degrees of burns. Yes, all burns hurt, but 3rd degree is obviously worse than 1st degrees.

      2. Society conditions women to feel that they SHOULD be traumatized by rape. Absent extreme physical violence (like being beat with an iron pipe or mutilated) it is not inherently traumatizing in and of itself. It’s like the placebo effect, if I give you a sugar pill and tell you it’s medication when you’re sick and you truly believe me, the belief that you’re taking medication rather than a sugar pill can cause your symptoms to disappear. Even though you’re only taking a sugar pill which has done nothing. Likewise, people have been told that they have cancer when they were perfectly fine. The belief that they had cancer, where no cancer existed, made them seriously sick as if they had cancer. This has been documented. With rape, I think it’s more so the fact that western women are conditioned to believe rape is the worst thing that can happen to them and that they will be traumatized if it ever does. She may be perfectly fine, but as a matter of feminist orthodoxy, she MUST be traumatized and even if she’s not, she will be if everyone drills into her head that she is and she begins to believe it. There was a dutch reporter who was kidnapped, held for ransom and raped by the Taliban leader. When she was rescued, she said she was ok and had nothing bad to say about her captors more or less. Immediately, the media fell over themselves to explain away her comments. It’s as if they WANTED HER TO BE TRAUMATIZED and they weren’t getting from her the reaction she was supposed to have. She didn’t stick to the script.
        A. Many women have rape fantasies. Not pretend role playing, but actual rape fantasies. If the natural response to rape is trauma, how does on explain these fantasies? Human beings naturally want to avoid pain and trauma.
        B. Many women, even women who typically don’t experience much pleasure during sex, report intense orgasms during rape. As quiet as it’s kept, this is likely a massive reason women fail to report rape. How many women would fail to report to the police if a man hit them in the face with a pipe and broke their jaw and knocked out their teeth? Damn near 100 percent would, yet many would say relatively painless rape, even rape that causes an orgasm, is worse than being mutilated with a pipe, yet most women fail to report it. Women also conceive easier during rape than during consensual sex.
        c. Many women are attracted to men who would embody the qualities which a rapist would have. It’s a well known fact that while women say they want nice guys, they gravitate towards violent men, precisely the kind of men who would rape them. Dave from accounting, the clean cut white guy who most women would “friend zone” is very unlikely to have it in him to call a woman a name, much less rape one. The mexican gangbanger with tattoos and multiple violent felonies, who has no problem getting a woman, would be much more likely to potentially rape.
        Here where I live, a 24 year old woman was walking home from her job at night and a man came and threw battery acid in her face, horribly disfiguring her. She was hospitalized 7 weeks, lost the baby she was pregnant with, had to have multiple surgeries and will need help doing simple things like dressing herself for a long time.
        Yet if you say that it would be better for her to have been held down by a date of hers and him put his penis in her vagina after she said “no” (even if she gets wet or orgasms) than have battery acid thrown in her face, it’ll be like committing blasphemy. It’s a matter of orthodoxy that rape IS THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO A WOMAN! It’s a religious doctrine like the virgin birth in Christianity. To be believed by faith and never questioned. Even being mutilated and permenantly rendered blind is worse than a relatively nonviolent rape that leaves the woman with no injuries or diseases.
        No I am not supporting rape, but pointing out politically incorrect truths. The nocebo effect:

        1. That’s an awful lot of nonsense, “Hurt Feelings” are never an argument and you are couching the truth… here is reality;
          There is no such thing as a non-violent rape, anyone that argues it is a complete moron. A rape is a violent act; If a woman is fresh as a daisy after a so-called rape, that was not a rape.
          “Modern rape” is about as ‘bad’ as a paper cut if it can be done “Accidentally” or be declared a rape after-the-fact through “Retroactive consent”.

  19. I’ve always had respect for the comedy stage. It is one of the few places where you have total freedom to say what you want. Anything goes. Everyone is basically a clown . . only some are better than others. Cho comes across as some nasty ho. She delivers lines but it’s old Mad tv show glbtq genre. She’s an old ho, an extroverted ex prostitute for real:

    Then there’s this guy, Sasha Daygame who I wasn’t aware also did stand up. A PUA stand up comedian. Solid gold compared to Cho’s shit:

  20. She thinks white people are horribly racist
    Reminds me of Jennifer Li. She’s the one that kickstarted the whole Julien Blanc petition campaign that led to him getting his Australian visa cancelled. This set off a whole chain reaction of feminists in other countries launching identical petitions that led to other countries denying him a visa.
    She has a video where she craps on about social justice for Asian American women.

    Her Twitter account name is Aggressive Asian and she describes herself as an intersectional feminist. Whatever the hell that is.

  21. I remember Margaret Cho’s “comedy” from seeing it some time ago.
    Basically she went on a rant in which she compared gays to heterosexuals, and attempted to portray gays as much more fun and cooler, and denigrating straights and portraying them as boring, somewhat mindless people.
    So many “comedians” (yes, quote marks for sarcasm) go on rants and rather than be funny, they get on their soapbox to go on and on about politics, racial victimhood silliness, or in this case, homosexuality/bi-sexuality. Naturally, they cater to a specific audience and none of us want to hear it. Hence her career dwindling, much like others.
    Look at that picture above with her having gained weight, extremely short hair, and poorly dressed. That is a woman with great personal issues and very damaged.
    There is a common thread about those, like SJWs for example, in which they have some need to lash out at the world due to their pyschological disorders and insecurities.
    More than anything, it’s pathetic and sad. However, they try to destroy the world around them, and need to be dealt with harshly.
    These types need to be put in their place by men with backbones; today’s sheepish, weak men are one reason America is sliding into the garbage. When good people do nothing, these types will win.

  22. Cho has a certain amount of celebrity and makes more money than me, but the ONLY quote from here that ever touched me “I’m not a chink, I am a gook: get your racial epithets straight.”
    Beyond that, nothing funny or insightful has come from her.

  23. This article illustrates yet again, why men are the rational sex; despite sites like ROK being decried for their egregious, unacceptable evil by many, it should be eminently clear that the men here know how to talk sense, and the respectable people with the support of the state and the state schools behind them, are clinically insane.

  24. Lol, tatted up whores trying to get some attention.
    I wouldn’t touch Cho if she paid me a trillion dollars.

  25. When I was a young boy, my Dad has taken me to the Circus, & there I have seen a Tattooed Lady being exposed as a hummm..”Freak” I would say… Today I don’t have to go to a Circus just to the local shopping mall…..

  26. She was big at first because media honchos pushed a female comedian. Then she anounced she was gay, and cooler heads realized that normal consumers HATE lesbians, and even though many women will jump in the sack with their best freind, they’re paranoid about being called gay. So they dumped her. Now she’s come out saying she’s bi as a way to ease her acceptance back. Not gonna work. . She’s obviously a bull dyke. And while most lesbians sexually harass and abuse straight women worse than the Marquis de Sade, they use the SJW platform to their advantage.

  27. Posting about my rape on twitter won’t help the criminal justice system punish my rapist and protect others ? Say what!

  28. Dude i didn’t know there were isis rape camps and shit. that’s fucking sick. what’s evens sicker are these fuckers pretending they care for their little fake clique but don’t use that pussy powa on washington to help the cause they’re actually trying to help

  29. Regretfully, I saw Cho in the 1990s and she was just crass and disgusting. Every person I was with was put off and disgusted. Since then, what she thinks is of absolutely no matter to me.

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