The Myth Of Male Power

One of the greatest—if not the greatest—blind spots of feminism is its inability to understand the reality of being a man. Feminists assume that men have privilege at the expense of women, since men typically hold the positions in life they desire: the politicians, the CEO’s and the professions with power. What they ignore is the men who don’t have power in society: the garbagemen, the pizza delivery drivers and other jobs with little or no power. The notion that men have hoarded all this social power and refuse to share it with women isn’t that laughable since it has poisoned the well of heterosexual relations. This critical lack of insight into the reality of men in society is the damning indictment of feminism.

Warren Farrell came to this conclusion, but only after many years as a feminist. In the 1970’s, Dr. Farrell gave many rousing speeches to the roaring approval of women, in which he roasted men for their sexism, laziness and their generalized inability to live up to women’s standards. He noted that the vast majority of the attendees at his speeches were women, he noted that he was drawn in to the approval he got from women. He eventually realized that most any criticism that women made of men he called “insight” and that any criticism of women by men was deemed “sexism.” Once he realized that he was by and large only listening to women, he found out that he was ignoring the pain and anguish of men.

Warren Farrell

Dr. Warren Farrell

Throughout the ’80’s, his views on feminism and male/female relations underwent significant changes. He published Why Men Are The Way They Are in 1988, hoping that his book targeted at helping women understand men would also strike men as being truthful. The next few years lead him to research issues affecting men and this resulted in his book, The Myth Of Male Power.

In the book, he notes that his book isn’t the opposite of feminism—that society is matriarchal and female-dominated—but takes a Clintonian approach of triangulating what feminists got right and merging it with the reality of men in society. His aim wasn’t just to shed light on what what society misunderstands about the male experience, but framing in such a way that allows men and women to repair the broken institution of marriage and light it anew with understanding, compassion and love. In order to do this, he argued that we have to correct feminist narratives of male privilege.

At the outset, he makes the amusing observation that feminists are quick to say that God might actually be a woman, but never make the argument that the Devil is a woman. Feminism has spent all of its energies of edifying women and demonizing men. It has refused to recognize the real and substantive value men have brought to society and covered up misbehavior by women. In sum, he notes that feminism has ignored so much of the reality about men and women that somebody needs to clear the muddied waters. And he does.

Just in the first chapter, he makes many compelling observations. For example, he observes that in 1992, Japan underwent serious economic contraction and it was revealed that Japanese women had invested billions of dollars that their husbands knew nothing of. Traditional narratives of men recklessly destroying their family finances and women who were subject to their husband’s control of the purse were blown wide open as it was revealed that women were directing incredible amounts of money without their husband’s knowledge.

Further he cites specific examples debunking male privilege. He notes that black women outlive white men, female-headed households have 141% of the net worth as male-head households and men kill themselves at much higher rates – suicide for men over 85 years old is 1,350% higher than women over 85 years old. He discusses the power women have over young children and how marketing caters to women. In sum, he notes that women, as a class, exert great amounts of power over the world around them that we refuse to acknowledge.

he man

He goes on in subsequent chapters to discuss issues related to divorce, media representation and other issues that society misjudges about men and women. Considering the weight of “evidence” against his claims, he spends quite a bit of time bolstering his observations with litanies of studies to justify his assertions. His claims are rational, impassioned and calculated to consider the women who would read the book. Until the final chapters of the book, the book is a fine and balanced read.

At the conclusion of the book, he builds more on his views of relationships between men and women and how to better them. He falsely relies on the feminist assertion that marriages pre-feminism were based purely on need and convenience. He goes on to talk about different modes of marriage and how to achieve more loving relations between men and women. This part of the book falls completely flat, as he has the progression in reverse: marriages used to be about love and, nowadays, are about appearances, economics and sheer convenience. His intentions here are noble, but his solutions are not workable.

He published the book in 1993, during a period of time not receptive to his message in the slightest. Anita Hill and Lorena Bobbitt were prominent figures in media, as media outlets wanted to push narratives of women as victims at the hands of sexist men. His book was condemned roundly by most progressive types—and most likely prompted Susan Faludi to write Stiffed a handful of years later—but also had quite a bit of support from prominent people like David Horowitz and Camille Paglia. His book caused many feminists to swoon from the realization that men don’t have this all-powerful staff of male privilege; it caused others to see the book as a talisman to lead them out of the quagmire of feminist gender theory.

That being said, he has inadvertently helped give birth to the Men’s Rights Movement. Issues around feminist ignorance on the reality of being a man are most assuredly deserving of understanding, but he has unintentionally aided a class of men who refuse to help themselves. The reason feminists hate MRA’s with such a violent passion is that they are a reflection of feminists, a class of people who refuse to better themselves and refuse to understand that society doesn’t oppress people, but teaches them to lie to themselves.

male female gender issues

For all the good The Myth Of Male Power has done with its penetrating insight into the reality of male/female relations in society, it didn’t provide any workable solutions to repair male/female relations and has given men a tool to masquerade as victims in society.  It forcefully debunked many feminist misinterpretations of society, but it also has provided a political avenue for men to pretend that society hates them or discriminates against them simply because they are men.

Society hurts men in many ways, but to conclude that society hates men is same mistake that many women and feminists make. Just because society burdens you in ways that you think are unfair, it does not mean society is targeting you directly. Any civilization is a delicate balance and most traditions or changes to tradition are ways of maintaining a sense of equilibrium. For example, child custody orders that favor women don’t happen because society discriminates against men or hates men, but because said approach maintains the peace as best it can be maintained.

In sum, The Myth Of Male Power is an incredibly important contribution to American letters, as it rectifies the inadequacy of feminist narratives on gender relations. Noted problems with the book does not detract from the supreme importance of challenging and refuting feminist nonsense on relations between men and women. In order to heal the grievous wounds to heterosexual relations, we must first start with reality, not just for women, but also for men. Farrell’s trailblazing book is just one step forward in the needed conversation about the myth of male privilege.

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119 thoughts on “The Myth Of Male Power”

  1. Glad you took on this book. One of the first texts to open my eyes and explain many of the things I was already feeling. Warren is kind man and I highly recommend his book.

  2. Warren is the god father of the Men’s Human Rights movement. Many of the arguments that MRAs put forth can be sourced to his 1993 book.

  3. Being born with a penis means;
    1) No one gives a flying fuck about you.
    2) This only makes you a victim if you choose to be.

    1. I have stolen Chateau Heartist’s advice to young men; Men do not give a shit about society because it is certain that society will not give a shit about you. I have told this to my sons.

  4. I’m loath to quote Thatcher but “there’s no such thing as society.” I don’t blame society for much. The system isn’t that much of a problem either. What I don’t like are blood enemies in positions of power over me. The whip hand, as Enoch put it.

  5. “The reason feminists hate MRA’s with such a violent passion is that they are a reflection of feminists, a class of people who refuse to better themselves and refuse to understand that society doesn’t oppress people, but teaches them to lie to themselves.”
    As I stated before it’s like all of a sudden MRAs forgot that they are men when they complain because they can’t realize no one gives a fuck about male bitching. At least not yet.
    I think that all of feminism’s historical narratives are dependent on apex fallacy. Look at the top men(because of their hypergamy) and think all men have that sort of power to change society. Let me assure you, that firefighter, that garbage collector, and that bum sitting on the side of a busy street have jack shit for power compared to presidents and CEOs. But feminists don’t care to understand this fact, because then they would have to admit that the vast majority of men are not evil(which is true). Whether they purposely do it or whether their hypergamy makes them do it is pretty unclear but in the end it doesn’t matter. She’ll simply look at the bank account and income of some CEO and think, why don’t I have that? I deserve that. He’s greedy. Better take it. And that’s not greedy. He built his success off of my hard labour of pencil-pushing at a corporate job whereas the men who actually built his company get shafted repeatedly.
    I really enjoy the calling God a woman bit but not the devil. It just perpetuates the idea that there’s no such thing as female evil. Even if men and women are equal, that means there would also be tons of evil females right? Not in the eyes of feminists. It’s like ignoring vast swaths of evidence to the contrary that women can be equally if not more violent. I’m not expecting any change until the collapse though, sadly enough.

    1. “Look at the top men(because of their hypergamy) and think all men have that sort of power to change society.”
      Blinded by hypergamy is what I prefer to call it.

  6. A graphic illustrating the recent media coverage of the “Men’s Rights Conference” :

    1. Feminists always hate on MRAs but they never say anything about MGTOWs… they can crush MRAs but can do nothing about MGTOWs. MGTOWs are not begging for better governance… they are withdrawing consent.
      MGTOWs scare the shit out of femicysts because if even half of men go MGTOW, the gravy train ends. No gravy, no feminism.

      1. MGTOW is an extremely dangerous long term strategy.
        What happens to man when proud men no longer breed?
        Don’t take evolution into account in your models do you?
        And evolution isn’t time dependent.
        Already too many kick ass men bred out through incarceration or on the hyper efficient killing field that is modern war.
        That’s why feminism happened in the first place.

        1. Hahahahaha don’t make me laugh. You’re really thinking about evolution at this point? You really think our current paradigm will last long enough for evolution to matter at all?

        2. Natural selection can occur in a generation or two. The reason there are so many beautiful Eastern European women today is because their males were decimated during the second world war, leaving the few remaining men to repopulate with their choice of only the most beautiful women. That said, I do not feel it is my personal responsibility to repopulate the human race with alpha males.

        3. This reminds me of Ernst Haeckel’s “extinction event” theory, whereby he postulated that a number of events in the history of the world had decimated life, then evolution as we know it happened. Very interesting, especially given all the recent attention showered upon epigenetics and the Neo-Lamarckism movement. That is, I find it interesting that evolution can occur in short bursts, rather than in the protracted sense that is implied by your run-of-the-mill Darwinians.

        4. Stephen Gould proclaimed “Darwin is dead!” after he stole Haeckel’s model, called it “Punctuated Equilibrium” and claimed it for himself. My training is as a Zoologist, and I have always found Gould to be a bombastic fool.

        5. Evolution takes place on a very long time scale; millions of years. The jenga moment (I am definitely stealing that) will come in a generation or at most two. Evolution will be unaffected.

      2. Well, I am not really an MRA since I am not an activist other than posting comments. I agree that men simply withdrawing from the system en masse is the biggest threat to the emerging feminarchy.

      3. This is exactly the approach men need to take if they want anything to change for the better.
        MRA’s can talk all they want. They can post on their blogs all they want. They can hold all of the conferences they want. It will do them no good. It will make no difference. We are the disposable sex. No one will listen to us, at least not on a large enough scale to make a difference. A Dr. Helen Smith here, a Camille Paglia there, makes little difference.
        Instead, the MGTOW are the men who will make the greatest, most efficient impact. We are disposable in a reproductive sense…but in terms of our skills, brainpower, strength, and resolve, we are indispensable. Civilizations rise atop our shoulders. If we continue to withdraw at the rate we currently are…well, look to Rome, Greece, and Babylon for examples.
        Our words go unheard, yet our silence is deafening.
        Our flailing goes unseen, yet our absence is readily noticed.
        More and more men will withdraw until the “Jenga moment” as I call it.

        1. Men need to realize that as long as they are trying to be heard, they are expecting others to change.
          This is a losing strategy, as it only works with reasonable people. We should know by now that what is being done is far from reasonable.
          Words are wind, but actions are everything. Ask yourself everyday, what ACTIONS am I taking to change things. And talking about it doesn’t count as an action.

        2. This is one of those times where inaction is all the action needed. To withdraw from the dating market into either voluntary celibacy (pffft), prostitution, virtual sex, expatriation to have meaningful relationships with foreign women of higher quality, or some blend of all of those, is what men have to do to change things.
          Simply withdraw. That’s it.

        3. In the movie Zorba the Greek, Anthony Quinn is playing the title character. He is asked by the British character why the Greeks fell from their position of cultural dominance. Zorba repied that they started to live for themselves instead of for history. That is a pretty good way to look at what is happening now. MGTOW are deciding not to live for history (society, women, their genetic heritage) but instead for themselves.

        4. EXACTLY, I RELISH in my utter expendability, my body is worth all of 0.20 cents to the men in power, men have been fucking over other men not in power for centuries, now feminism has joined the fun!

      4. MGTOW isn’t necessary and may be a little extreme considering our nature and highest calling (assuming you’re religious). Better to just disregard everything a woman says as lies, distortions of truth, or just plain nonsense. The world would be a better place if all men had this philosophy! Lol.

  7. Cue the – “You are a man, you have all the power, you are invincible” comments.
    The greatest problem – These retards that keep spouting bullshit and exploit the male pride, falsely boosting male ego by saying that don’t whine or complain about anything, you are a man – you have all the power.
    Whenever you run into one of these imbeciles – Ask him – If a woman falsely accuses you of rape and you end up in jail and your life is ruined at the mere cry of a woman – Where the fuck is that power that you speak of? Why don’t you show us that “you’re a man” and kick that woman’s as well as the system’s ass?
    If a woman is hired in place of you because of gender quotas or affirmative action and you just lose your job because someone with a vagina was more important – Where did your almighty “man-power” go? Crawled up your ass and die? What are you going to do? Kick the company’s ass?
    Understand that – You live in the SOCIETY. So – The society’s rules apply. No matter what you are, the female’s societal strength triumphs yours and far surpasses your masculine superiority. Living in delusions of grandeur assuming that since you are a man, you have all the power, is about as retarded as it can get.
    These men are by far, the greatest enemy of men. Stop manipulating men by fooling them into believing that they have all the power. Just stop it.

    1. Oh and forgot to mention – Why do you think Warren farrell chose this aspect to write about specifically – Myth of male power?
      He could have chosen a dozen other aspects that would have been much more intriguing. But he intentionally chose this one.
      Because that is how important it is .
      This is exactly what feminists want you to keep believing because this is EXACTLY what gives them their Victim card.
      See the point?

      1. Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.
        – Warren Farrell
        The illusion of male power is the source of female power.
        – Me.

        1. Well, it’s not that women are strong it’s that her sugar daddy (read: white knight, mangina males in government) with M16’s and flash bang grenades is enforcing the will of the feminazis.

        2. That does not negate the fact that women have power. Be it white knight mangina enablers, be it feminists, be it politicians, be it cops or be it all of these, regardless of the source, they have an enormous power in the society and this is what matters.

        3. You are correct, women do have power.
          But consider the nature of it. Did they create a new ‘female power’ – something that we as men would understand as power; a triumph over nature perhaps, a new way to create real wealth and real value, the beating of a worthy adversary in a honorable contest?
          No. The female power you talk about is simply the power structures that were created and maintained by men being re-tasked for the comfort of women. Feminism’s tactic was to subvert the institutions. It has been incredibly successful – all of the institutions have been subsumed by feminism. All have have been re-tasked from their original purpose – creating and preserving society’s wealth, power and culture – to instead being primarily focused on providing to women. Even as they become ever more focused on squeezing men they grow less effective in their original purpose – and much more fragile. One way or another, they will start to break – some, marriage for instance, are already on life support. The wealth and power they used to command and protect has almost been exhausted. They are spent.
          Men’s reaction is to create new power structures that by-pass the traditional institutions. In this regard the ‘sphere is something of a red pill lab. This is where the new insights, understandings and ways to true power – masculine power – are uncovered, debated and refined.
          The old power structures grow weaker every day because they become more irrelevant every day. I am by no means saying that the fight is over – it has only really just begun – at least in plain sight. But Feminism and women’s power in general is rooted in institutions that are becoming ever more marginalized by ever more men.

        4. “One way or another, they will start to break”
          Never underestimate your enemy. That is a grave mistake. Are you aware of what is happening in Sweden?
          Nordic countries are already in the ‘post-feminist’ state. Do you see them dwindling? If anything, they are growing even more powerful. We must never overestimate ourselves and live in illusionary denial.
          All that the illusion serves as is a way to assuage our grief, and give us hope. This hope may or may not be false. Who is to guarantee that it is true? No one. The ancient societies were in no way tantamount to our society, where all the women require can be provided by the means of technology and their sugar daddy, i.e government.
          And let us not forget that women have a majority stake in voting as well. Women significantly out number men in terms of votes. In millions.
          What I believe is that there is nothing wrong with hope. I like to consider myself optimistic as well. However we cannot afford to let ourselves consumed by it, lest it becomes a detriment for us.
          For instance, if one were to assume that ‘everything will turn out hunky-dory’ then one will make little to no effort to strive for a change. This is exactly what we must never do.
          This is exactly what our enemy wants and this is exactly what our enemy needs
          Because then they will have no one to oppose them, and can seamlessly flex their muscles unrestrained, thus ensuring victory.

        5. “or be it all of these”
          Yes, its “all of these”
          And all of them are sock puppets.
          Follow the money.
          Find out who you are not allowed to criticize – then you will learn who the truly powerful are.

        6. Yes, your caution is well advised.
          What I am talking about is the individual nature of the red pill response. Feminism controls the institutions designed for a time when threats and wealth were overt and tangible.
          The red pill response is covert and intangible. Feminism only has the tools to fight yesterday’s war.
          My read is that the red pill is not so entrenched in Scandinavia as in the Anglosphere and that the dynamic is that it will spread to the Scadics rather than die in the Anglos.

        7. Individually women are weak. But in society women tool men. Hence in a social situation women are more powerful.
          Their lack of physical prowess and ability to manipulate the environment is made up for in their superior ability to manipulate people.

      2. Warren Farrell was a great betrayal to men.
        Even today, Farrell is a fucking betrayal-tard, because despite all his insights, his recommendations are for MORE androgyny.
        The man is as dense as the rest of Boomers. Which is to say, totally fucking dense in the Alan Alda sense.
        This man is NOT our saviour.
        He is the leader of the MRA – the EQUALIST movement.
        This dumb cunt learned nothing over forty years, yet tells us he is god.
        Fuck him.
        This is a man I truly loathe, and no matter the penance he may have endured. he is still promoting fucked up PC narratives.
        He’s the fucking problem, not the solution. Just like the rest of MRA’s begging for equality.
        It’ll never come, no matter their hamserbations.

  8. “Women do control society’s values and mores… they lead with what they think is fashionable, and men follow, because by nature we are designed to give women what they want.
    Women “are” society. What women’s wants are is what society’s wants are. This is where women are lying when they talk about the dreaded “patriarchy.” The patriarchy only existed because women explicitly approved of it, and endorsed it morally – causing the men to follow suit.
    This is what is happening today too. Most of the anti-feminist battle is not going to be between men and women … it is going to be between women who want a “traditional man” and those who want a collective “government husband.” In both cases the women are advocating for men to take care of women – with little concern for the man’s wants and needs – one wants a personal slave to serve her & her offspring, while the other wants a slave class to serve women and their offspring in general.
    It’s the way human beings are designed. Who cares whether women rule, or if they rule the rulers? The result is the same.”

    1. Agreed – and this is why the red pill is so disruptive. It is simply the truth about the reality that men inhabit. It allows men to take a life path that does not have to take into account what women want.
      As I have mentioned elsewhere, I will not get in the way of MRAs but I believe they will ultimately be seen to be a side show in the real dynamic of change; millions of men all deciding for themselves the path they will choose in life. Men acting independently or in small groups with
      occasional hierarchies forming to execute a particular mission. But always with decreasing engagement in the traditional power structures (as they
      increasingly confer fewer benefits and status to men). As the
      institution’s power fades men are already finding new ways to measure
      themselves – ways that mean something. Not the metrics the failing
      institutions seek to impose.
      In short men are (as ever) creating new power structures. These structures are distributed, transient, virtual. Feminism and indeed TPTB are flailing in response; there is no figurehead to topple, no institution to attack, no single pool of wealth or money to tap in this new distributed power system. For a tiny part of it resides in every single man who adopts any part of the red pill lifestyle, to whatever degree.
      Red Pill men are hidden in plain site – it’s not just the Rooshes and Roissy’s that are red pill. That guy with the corporate job may have turned down a promotion in order to have more time for his hobbies – safe in the knowledge that his wife will not complain because he’s got marriage game in full effect at home.That hard charging entrepeneur may just be knocking himself out with the plan to retire at 35 – not to form a family. That great family guy who manages the under 16 soccer team – he may be dispensing red pill truths at every training session.
      The real value of MRAs may simply be to distract the fems from the main event.

      1. Good post. Do not put your faith in a mass male show of unity though. That’s not how power works. Lots of sons is long term strategy though. That’s a cohesive way to project power.

        1. Oh believe me I’m 100% confident men will NOT unite in this way.
          Expecting men to band together to fight for their rights is, as you imply, foolish. Can any man here really see thousands of men marching in the
          streets for their ‘rights’. I mean really? Doesn’t that seem a bit
          ‘ghey’ to most men?
          It will never happen – that is what women do. It is not the way of men.
          almost all women their only route to power is to co-opt the power
          structures men create. Marching in the streets to push men to give them
          access to their power structures is the female way.
          Men don’t
          follow the same route to power. Men understand that power granted from a
          higher authority is no power at all. For if power can be granted, it
          can be taken away. True male power comes from besting nature or other
          men. That means destroying, creating, inventing, innovating, improving,
          confronting, risking, sacrificing. Most men don’t make the cut, some
          don’t even try. That’s fine – there is more variability in men than
          women so it is to be expected.
          So where are we now?
          had women join together to form an army of millions. They conquered the
          institutions and consequently the institutions are dying.
          men the Red Pill is creating a million armies of one. They are
          increasingly finding ways of living that marginalize the feminized
          The dynamic I am describing is organic – the result of millions of individual men acting without (either fully or in part) regard to what women expect of them. It is already in play – hence all the crys of ‘where have all the good men gone?’. It’s effect will be as if men have united – but when the fems look for who to attack, all they will find is shadows.
          Men’s ‘dis-unity’ IS their strength.

        2. Hopefully, most Red Pill men will be better then me at formatting though.

        3. Coaching sport teams is a useful way to pass on wisdom. Women switch off around the Games. But even there sports only teaches by example. It is theoretically useless. No pun intended.

        4. I actually liked the format.
          Kind of came off as a sort of eloquent ironic prose..

        5. No word of a lie, I live two blocks from a large park which got revamped last year. This year I went in there and took some pictures of the newly resurfaced tennis courts to post on my blog, which is about the town I live in and its current events – and I got reported to the police.
          Yup, I was a single middle aged man who walked through the park holding a camera, and took a few pictures of the tennis courts… and someone reported me to the police as a potential pedophile.
          Within an hour, the police were at my door, and insisted I show them the pictures I had taken at the park.
          He was polite and kept his voice low – specifically he said, so as not to let the neighbours know what he was at my door for, because it was so sensitive.
          When I heard I had been reported as a pedophile, SIMPLY FOR HAVING A CAMERA IN THE PARK, I was a little incensed. The policeman told me to “remember that for next time.”
          Oh yeah? Dudley Doo-Right?
          Should I keep in mind that you are at my door, inspecting my camera, because of Encyclopedia Brown’s “Mysterious Case of the Man who broke no laws by bringing a camera to the park?”
          I broke no laws, I took no pictures of children (which, btw, is not against the law in a public place even if I had done so). Yet, I had the police at my door because I DARED to take completely LEGAL pictures of a public space which my tax dollars had paid for. In fact, white men pay about 65% of all tax dollars which support this fucking cuntry.
          Coach children’s sports, you say?
          NO THANKS!
          Leave them to the mothers that create the urchins which become the criminal vermin that plague us all.
          I’m sitting this generation out.
          Next, they’ll be telling men they are failing the youth because men no longer want to be teachers… oh wait, that was the 80’s and 90’s.

        6. Fair enough. If you have your own offspring teach them what you know, teach them well.

        7. Heh, sorry, I didn’t mean any offense – I know what you are talking about and have very well taken my nephews under my wing.
          But, I can’t comprehend the legal minefield men have to navigate in order to influence the next generation.
          It is not for us.
          Women control society’s social mores, and we are mere interlopers.
          Let the heifers run away. Give them a fuck once in a while if you need to, but protect yourself, then let them wallow in their own shit – or else they’ll never learn.

        8. That is really weird. Unless you act blatantly suspicious such a thing should never happen.
          There should be a penalty on the books for false reporting as a means of harassment. If you were taking pictures as part of your job and not just for a blog you could have sued the denouncer for interfering in your professional activities. Not that much good would have come from it but it would still serve as a nice slap to those oversensitive crazies.

        9. There was some creepy GUY sitting at a picnic table when I pulled up in my car (I measure the distance and directions from the clock tower in town), and I noticed he was always looking at me – even caught him on film, alone, at a picnic table. I think it was him.
          I DID take pictures of the new playground area, but from about 200 ft away. I was simply trying to show the new improvements to the park!
          When the cop seen my pictures he was like, “Oh fuck!” then immediately called it in as a false report.
          But still.
          Fuck off!
          I didn’t break the law!
          Why were the police at my door?

        10. Whoever reported it probably gave your licence plate number thinking that you were related to that guy somehow. Even so, that cop’s remark was totally uncalled for. He was basically condemning you for possible intentions in advance based solely on suspicion. Still, sounds like a quite a shitty day to me.

        11. I see now. It was probably one of the women at the playground.
          Still I cannot get used to this strange society. It’s literally like a discrete open-air jail for men. My parent’s generation from Europe seemed so much different, more mature and rational. It wasn’t perfect but in many ways it was much more wholesome and real. I’m assuming North American society was also similar at the time. How the hell did we get to this Kafkaesque world we must now inhabit?

        12. “Expecting men to band together to fight for their rights is, as you imply, foolish.”
          I think this actually happens.
          It’s just obscured by religion or politics.
          Consider what’s going on with all these Muslim outfits.
          It’s no secret that these groups are reacting to encroachment of western culture upon their lands.
          Scratch the surface a little and you might see that they’re actually fighting for control over pussy with all that Sharia Law stuff.
          And don’t think for one minute they’re not aware of our condition here in the west.
          If we are the Red Pill men then they are the Crimson Pill men.

        13. Brother, this is Canada. Do you not know your rights?
          I would bust a nut laughing and inform the mountie I am a starving artist but for the modest fee of $5 I would happily provide an advance viewing of my blog pictures. Otherwise, thanks for coming out but now kindly fuck off back to Tim Hortons (they are the McDonalds of donuts for non Canuck readers) and re-read section seven of the Charter.

        14. Another excellent comment.
          Men have more of a detached way of protesting. While women wail and complain, we merely disengage. It’s a reaction born out of knowing that we, individually, don’t really matter to much of anyone. So we disengage, detach, withdraw into the self and sort of just wander through life, like the Lone Gun of the Wild West. When the process occurs writ-large, it *appears* at first to be an organized movement, but no…simply a normal reaction that happens to be occurring in many men simultaneously.

        15. Lol Chilliwack
          One of my good friends moved there after university
          Great environment there, beautiful landscapes and such
          Sorry about what happened to you though. Ridiculous

        16. What makes it especially powerful is its automonic nature. Men dont consciously disengage – its instinctive. When your women’s bad behaviour becomes truely overwhelming, when words and action can no longer get her to behave- what do you do?
          Most men simply walk away
          Men, as a group, are walking away from women, as a group.
          The reason it is so effective is because all of womens power comes form co-opting men’s labour. Remove that labour and women are rendered powerless.

      2. For the main event to succeed the millions of redpill infiltrators hidden in plain sight will need to eventually undermine and topple the hardcore bluepill enablers and protectors of the current matriarchy. Right now they are the ones who pose the most direct threat to the redpill revolution, as they have been specifically bred and selected for their blind unthinking total support and loyalty for the system in place. Because of this, a direct assault on the gynocracy would be a suicide mission, but slow and steady lustration of the institutions that they staff will result in the eventual expungement of these traitors to mankind and the restoration of much needed natural law and order along the way.
        As for the women, all but the most clueless will simply adapt and align themselves with the redpillers, as they instinctively sense the tide turning. They have always been good at navigating transitions across regimes. It is the foolish devoted betas who will end up sacrificing themselves in a last desperate attempt to preserve the old order, as has happened for centuries throughout human history.

    2. See my point about women maximizing sex value. Great observation. Both the Patriarchy model and the Socialist model extract energy and value from men and deliver it to women.

    3. I have to disagree, women are led around ny the nose by media and TPTB. Too many men on this site give women too much credit that they dont deserve. They are overgrown children that want what other women have and what seems exciting at the moment. Television shows, movies, and other media TELL women what to want. If movies started depicting intelligence as a heroic trait and women flocked to the geeks, women would be chasing nerdy guys around the library. Its like kids that want a hot wheel car because the commercial made it seem so cool. A perfect example is weddings: very few women really want a marriage but weddings are glorified to be her “special day” so they will do anything to have one.
      Men are wired to provide women what they want, that part is true but they dont know what the hell they want until they are told. This is why all the women in a certain region are all pretty much the exact same, they emulate each other. Facebook has allowed women to look into the lives of other women and compete publicly for whatever is valuable to her.

    4. “one wants a personal slave to serve her & her offspring, while the other wants a slave class to serve women and their offspring in general.”
      Because the latter is usual too ugly to procure a personal one.
      Very good insight, Action guy.
      Feminism really is just that.
      Wallflower’s meal ticket.

  9. The article and book are interesting. There is a fatal assumption at the heart of the argument though. While all men might have certain things (the need for status and resources the domination of a mate) in common…there isn’t a realist assessment of group evolutionary strategy that accounts for the groups of men who must compete against each other to compete in pecking orders, and to defend in group and out group privileges, advantages and standards. Broadly speaking feminism attempts to create a good moral in-group (women) and a bad out group (men). That’s the frame. Responding to that frame as ALL men is questionable and IMHO feeds that greedy frame with gusto. People are naturally divisive, what you must do is divide people where and when you choose to you own advantage.
    The Bavarian attempted to point out that most feminists are also white girls seeking power in a clique. (I’d say that most of the big movers are actually Jewish) he makes a good point. He missed the fact that most feminists are reflexively doctrinaire Anti-white anti-racist. What you need to do with feminism is create discord in their ranks. Racial, Ethnic, Economic, Sexual…
    Personally I do not think there is genuine unity among females outside of one trait. They like to keep the price of sex as high as possible. Maximizing Sex Value. Think about the abuse of Malena (Monica Belucci) by the local hags.
    They hate good looking women. That’s something that can be used by men to get what you want.

  10. Bulgarian-born philosopher and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva is often
    regarded as one of the leading voices in French feminism. Nevertheless, the
    question of whether, or in what way, Kristeva is a feminist thinker has been
    subject to considerable debate. Part of the reason for this is that for Kristeva
    herself, the very notion of feminism is problematic. Feminism has arisen out of
    the conflict women have had with the structures that are associated with male
    dominance or power. Because of these roots, Kristeva warns, feminism carries
    with it some of the same male-centered presuppositions that it is seeking to

    If the feminist movement is to realize its goals fully, Kristeva believes
    that it is essential for it to be more self-critical. She warns that by seeking
    to fight what she calls the “power principle” of a male-dominated world,
    feminism is at risk of adopting yet another form of this principle.
    Kristeva is
    convinced that for any movement to be successful in achieving true
    emancipation, it must constantly question its relationship to power and
    established social systems— and, if necessary “renounce belief in its own
    identity.” If the feminist movement fails to take these steps, Kristeva fears
    that it is in serious danger of developing into little more than an additional
    strand in the ongoing game of power.

    1. The Power of Horror? or was it The Power of Abjection? is a strong essay. She is intellectually consistent.
      The horror of course is making sure their snatch goes for the highest dollar amount.

  11. People need to accept the fact that everybody has different privileges based on gender, race, country, religion, etc. Some have more privileges, some have less. If you fall in the latter boat, boo-fucking-hoo. You gonna be a victim or make something of yourself regardless of the cards dealt to you?
    PS: Any feminist that throws around the phrase “male privilege” is a fucking hypocritical retard. Does this cunt not realize all the opportunities afforded her just by the sheer of luck of her having been born in the States as opposed to say, Afghanistan? Of course, I still haven’t come across a feminist that freely acknowledges her “US privilege.” Fuckin’ cunts.

    1. It depends in the who and the whom. Feminism is also a good way to damage the happiness of somewhat submissive women. If a Feminist damages a man’s ability to earn family formation becomes difficult. Feminists are interested in genocidal (of white men and children) policy. Abortion, no fault divorce and a series of revolving moral crises like Rape Culture. They even invent boutique shit like micro aggressions. It’s all designed to drive down birth rates of the historic population.

  12. OT: Just gonna leave this here: google magaluf girl.
    Have at it ROK team.

    1. Holy Shit! It gets funny when you read articles about it too. The language the writers use is disgusting:
      “…girls are bullied into sex acts…”
      “…investigation reveals how girls are plied…”
      “girls… being exploited, encouraged to drink too much…”
      If I didn’t know any better I’d think these are all satires.

      1. yeah I thought it was the Onion after reading the comments too. You can see the girl unbuttoning these guys pants and taking their dicks out. Hell, half the guys look pretty insecure about pulling their dick out on camera but she was grabbing around for new ones. Women are in such denial its mindblowing. They actually tried to turn this around on the men in the video.

  13. Realised a while ago that women have no real power. And that in the sexual game they are in the weak position actually. All the power they have can be reduced to nagging and dangling the promise of sex to hungry men or men with no game to do their bidding.
    All of society is built around catering to the “needs” of women (actually selfish, unnecessary unrealistic desires of women). Take a walk inthe mall, the reflection of society, can’t find decent clothing for men, or clothing that makes you look and feel like a man and not a metrosexual fashion victim, compared to the sea of useless crap for women. just the other day in the restaurant a mid aged couple was deciding where to sit, guess who made the decision? “you choose honey,you’re in charge here” was said by the man, it made my heart bleed and my teeth cringe, especially when the female server gave a nod of approval (the guy was handsome even considering his age while his aged wife looked like crap, fat poorly dressed and whatnot). Stories keep piling up, divorces where the man is left like an empty shell saying “i don’t understand, I’ve done everything to please her”. Im crying….
    Itshould be turned around, man should be dangling the promise of sex to women. Especially when tou have female acquaintances admitting that allthey think about is sex, or finding a good dick eventhough they ve been on the cock carrousel for a while.

    1. I agree with you 100%.
      The majority of guys on here are thirsty as fuck pussy worshippers that project themselves as a human dildo for a woman’s usage.
      They have no sense of worth and will do anything just to be near a pussy.
      A man will always be subservient to pussy as long as he tries to please it. As soon as the man realizes sex IS all about his pleasure HE becomes the one in charge.

  14. “Just because society burdens you in ways that you think are unfair, it does not mean society is targeting you directly.”
    Where have you been? A Cave?

  15. “The reason feminists hate MRA’s with such a violent passion is that they
    are a reflection of feminists, a class of people who refuse to better
    themselves and refuse to understand that society doesn’t oppress people,
    but teaches them to lie to themselves.”
    Game, set, and match.

    1. Funnily enough I alternate between here and tumblr when I want to break out the popcorn and have a laugh.
      Occasionally a good argument gets made on one side or the other where I’m left thinking “not bad.” but between those there’s so much wtflol.

  16. The birth of the idea of fatherhood is when men (and women) lost their powers and the natural sexual order was disturbed for ever.
    Adam was sitting on the edge of the cliff contemplating over his newly discovered idea of death, when he noticed this little boy playing around. He looked at him and could not help but notice that he looked exactly like him. Adam remember how he pleasured Eve right before she got pregnant with this baby and right there another crazy idea was born: Maybe this boy is MINE. Maybe he was conceived with my essence so therefore he is me and once I die, he will carry on my gene. So long he makes it through childhood my immortality will be secured. I WILL NOT DIE!
    There and then Adam decided to become a father, so that he can make sure the boy survives and becomes a man. Prior to that, Adam was free to engage in sexual acts with any young fertile woman. Prior to that, he left it entirely to the women to take care of the young children and he never wondered about paternity. Prior to that, he dedicated all of his energy for the business of hunting and for chasing of other young women to have sex with. Prior to that, once the young boys reached puberty, they’d spent most of their time with the men. The girls were either traded or got pregnant by Adam or other man. Prior to that crucial point, everybody lived content in one big happy family like a hippy commune in the 60s.
    But Adam invented the fatherhood and sold it successfully to other men. In result, they were no longer free to have sex with any young women and instead had to give up all their energy and resources to just ONE WOMAN, one pussy, fish and chips for dinner every night. Whatsmore to ensure man stayed loyal to just one woman (contrary to their natural drive) men also invented marriage.
    Who was the inspiration behind Adam’s ideas?
    Eve, of course. Who and what was behind hers?

      1. Yes, it does make us relatively more successful but as it is in our case, it creates a parasitical type of species whose success might be for the expense of all other living creatures. We might turn out to be nature’s failure.
        And besides, prior to the invention of fatherhood, the females had other adaptive behavioral mechanisms to reduce the risk of infanticide of future offspring, like promiscuity (which they still exploit). So the future of our species was not endangered anyway.
        In our case the certainty of paternity through the marriage institution only allows the weak, beta males to pass on their genes and thus reduce the overall quality of the gene pool.
        The current civilisation is based on the monogamous relationships and who knows maybe women through feminism and promotion of promiscuity are doing God’s work and reverting the sexual order back to its original form.

        1. Tell that to someone who isn’t at the top of the food chain.
          Oh wait, they won’t understand.

        2. Civilization requires Doozers. The minimization of Fraggles enables civilization to flourish.

  17. the power that women wield in society is the dark matter that we know exists but cannot quite articulate as an idea. Women wield social power whereas the archetypes of power relate to powerful men wielding coercive force.
    Farrell’s analysis seems important, but it doesn’t go far enough.

    1. But the key thing to understand is that every aspect of female power is dependent on men to act as an intermediary.
      The reason that so many women can live in Delusionland for so much of their lives is because they rarely have to deal directly with reality – an option most men don’t have (at least if they want to succeed). Men almost always are the conduit between what a woman wants to happen in the real world….and that thing actually happening. The ‘female power’ you talk about has to be either created by men, granted by men, actioned by men or enforced by men.
      Women’s power is completely dependent on men caring about what women want.
      This is the power of the red pill – it opens men to ways of living that do not put women’s needs above their own. And increasingly men are caring less and less about what women want.
      Men will not destroy feminism’s power in one big power grab or some kind of reset. Instead it is being eaten away, bit by bit, by millions of tiny cuts as one by one men dis-engage from women.

  18. feminists are quick to say that God might actually be a woman, but never make the argument that the Devil is a woman.
    In the Secret Book of the Bogomils it says:
    Fallen Angels enter the bodies of women and take flesh of the flesh and the spirit is born of spirit, and flesh of the flesh.

  19. well played. I have always said that the MRM and the M(h)RM are two completely different and nearly opposite movements… The MRM relies on self-improvement and TAKING BACK the rights we as men were born with, while the M(h)RM is about whining and pleading with women to give us crumbs of bread because we are victims too.
    As anyone who knows the slightest bit about game can tell you, the latter may evince some support from waffling men, but will NEVER succeed as long as they allow women to falsely wield political power of any sort. It might make minor gains, and look like it is doing well, but it will never really accomplish anything except make us into happier slaves.

  20. I’ve read this book and it started me on a journey to finding the truth about what’s really going on between the genders.
    The funny thing was i was in the hospital reading this book and the female nurses were all swimming around being nosy about the book based on the cover itself. It wasn’t until I informed them about various studies that women actually have it pretty good right now that they were turned off.
    The male doctor that came in to see me refuted the book outright when he looked at it as if it was a work of fiction. A shame.
    Either way I enjoyed this book, and as I try to take things with a grain of salt this definitely opened my eyes on certain things.
    Now…The Manipulated Man gets me tons of dirty looks from women. Most don’t even know what the book is about but it’s like instinct that they know it doesn’t bode well for them.
    Anyway,thanks for the good article. Cheers.

    1. Try “Anatomy of Female Power: A Masculist Dissection of Matriarchy” by Chinweizu, a Nigerian cultural critic.

    2. Ester Vilar still gets death threats from feminists over The Manipulated Man. Remember if women ruled the world there would be no more war; because we would all be dead.

  21. What I personally find so saddening and infuriating is how obvious this all is. No disrespect to Farrell or 2wycked in the slightest but I can’t help but think it’s sort of a waste of time writing this article because its so glaringly obvious how rationally and empirically wrong ‘patriarchy’ (in the feminist sense) and ‘male privilege’ are as theories. And yet these objectively simple-minded theories influence all our lives and are used by feminists etc to justify their ends… I would say ‘USE YOUR FUCKING BRAINS’ to these cunts but I guess the whole point is that they don’t.

  22. 7 people read this book — only one of which was female. And yet the earth keeps rotating on its axis and orbiting the sun. All is as it was before.

    1. One of the most balanced articles on RoK is akin to saying one of the hottest babes at fat camp.

  23. It’s great to see the various parts of the manosphere look past their differences. The Myth of Male Power is seminal and a must-read for anyone interested in the politics of life as a man in our feminist world.

  24. Another excellent article.
    The current state of male/female relations is largely out of balance due to feminism combined with medical developments around “women’s reproductive rights.” At this point, women have near total control of the following decision points:
    – when to have sex
    – when to cancel sex
    – when to have a baby
    – when to cancel said baby
    The male is placed in a precarious role of sperm/financial donor, disposable by norms of law/society/etc.
    I am curious how all this dynamic will change if/when a male contraceptive pill is actually approved. I suspect men may themselves be “liberated” from the “when to have a baby” decision trap, placing a bit more power in the hands of a man.
    Fewer worries about a woman punching a whole in a condom. The wife starts getting crazy? He’s on the man-pill. Biological Clock Ticking girlfriend? Man-pill. Make-up sex with crazy ex? Man-pill. Inflate-o-wife? Man-pill.

    1. Women, and maybe even specifically feminists too, have been on the warpath for the male contraception Pill. Men have been full o’ talk, but have shown little promise in using it, generally believing it’s “the bitch’s duty” to make sure no babies happen.

  25. Dang whoever writes for this blog must have a really crappy relationship with the woman that gave birth to him

  26. Yes Warren Farrell is a defacto leader of the Men’s Right’s Movement and a pivotal member and writer of the manosphere in general. He was at AVfM’s conference on men’s issues, and spoke eloquently on men’s issues. I read the book and it was one of the key books that inspired me to take the red pill.

  27. Women’s standard’s( I.E.- society’s standard’s) do not allow for male feelings especially pain or anguish. Virtually all male feelings must revolve around females,
    This guy could have saved himself alot of wasted years, “Hazards of Being Male surviving the myth of Masculine Privilege” 1976 Herb Goldberg Ph.D.

    1. I recently started clearing out my mother’s hoarder-nightmare house, and she had women’s mags from the 60s and 70s (and later). Yes, eBay gobbled them up, but before I sold them off I saw almost all of the women’s mags teaching and preaching that men should be encouraged to show their feelings (even the so-called bad ones) and that women should understand that society won’t be equal or fair until women helped men understand it was OK to bitch, vent, cry, OR brood alone without being criticized. Alan Alda was touted as the greatest, sexiest man because he was open and free with expressing his feelings — all of them.
      Feminism was thrown around in more than half of the mags from that period and it seems that most women said their husbands, brothers, fathers didn’t want to be “queers” but would rather keep it all bottled up.
      I wish what you were saying were true, because then we could focus on that problem. But it’s not true. Even women today, those who bother even dating anymore, still ask men to be more open with feelings “even if it’ll hurt her feelings”. But we still keep it bottled up and die earlier.
      At some point we have to stop blaming women for OUR actions and inactions. But nobody’s “manly enough” to admit our problems are our own doing.

  28. No idea what the author’s point is, but this is horrible. We as men do have a big privilege, and that is having a penis.

  29. Non self preserving sexist feminist women are “dying” to volunteer and defend their equal rights in equal numbers from mother nature PLUS mother nurture. How can men be “privileged” when we are utterly expendable for the feminist sex? Where is the equality from feminists putting their lives on the line.

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