You Will Be Banned If You Reply To A Female Commenter

Television and movie wives have been a staple in the fabric of American entertainment for as long as any of us can remember.  From Carol Brady to Joanna Eberhart to Skyler White, these women have influenced western culture for decades.  But as the years passed, masculine traits began to seep into their personas like a slow poison and before we knew it the on-screen traditional American Housewife was extinct.  It wasn’t long before women in the U.S. predictably followed suit.  A quick look at the steep decline over the last 60 years sheds light on this runaway train.

Leave It To Beaver

The 50s and 60s gave us June Cleaver, the gold standard of what a wife should be.  Doting, nurturing, and supportive, Mrs. Cleaver was the picture of femininity and grace. Her loyalty and deference to her protective, capable husband was the blueprint for women to emulate if they wanted a chance at a happy and fulfilling life as a domesticated homemaker.

The Cosby Show

Clair Huxtable was the TV wife of the 80s but this is where we start to see a noticeable change.  While it’s presumed that Cliff is the de facto head of household, it becomes rather clear that Mrs. Huxtable is the man of the house. When there was discourse in the family Cliff stepped in a precious few times while Claire was the judge, jury, and executioner much more often than not.  The icing on the cake was that she, of all things, was a lawyer (and we all know how happy and fulfilled female attorneys are).

King Of Queens

The late 90s and early 2000s all but put the nail in the coffin of the traditional on screen housewife by force feeding Carrie Heffernan down our collective throats.  The witty Mrs. Heffernan was a slick talking, fist pumping paralegal with a brash attitude and a short temper.  She undoubtedly wore the pants in this relationship which was evident from the very beginning.  Carrie’s only redeeming qualities were her perky tits and ample ass but weight gain quickly diminished her aesthetically pleasing figure. Surprise, surprise.

Last of a dying breed

One of the last great television/movie wives makes her first appearance in the 1976 motion picture, Rocky.  This timid but cute pet shop employee that stole Rocky’s heart is none other than Adrian Pennino, who later became who we all know as Adrian Balboa. Most of us know the Rocky story but few acknowledge the true reasons she played such an important role in his life.  One of those reasons was that she was a quality woman.

The Stallion running solid game

When Adrian met Rocky she was a shy, young, pretty girl with a submissive demeanor.  Best of all, she hadn’t so much as gotten in line to ride the carousel.  Yes, gentlemen, Adrian was a virgin.  Now Rocky wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but even he recognized that women like her were becoming increasingly rare so he did what any man would do and took her off the market immediately.

Adrian enthusiastically took to her role as Rocky’s girl as would any woman in love.  Aside from cooking the meat he famously tenderized with his fists, she studiously tended to his aches and pains from training, enthusiastically offered him post-training sex, and supported him when he doubted his ability to go the distance in his upcoming fight against the heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed. All of this was before she became his wife. Adrian added real value to Rocky’s life because she followed his lead and seemed to be the genuine article as far as quality women go.

The other reason Adrian brought the best out of Rocky is one that is oft missed by the blue pill masses.  As innocent and rare as the future Mrs. Balboa seemed to be, let’s not forget one important factor: she was a woman.  And while every woman is unique in her own way, their operating systems are identical. That is, all women shit test! From the most chaste Madonnas to the sluttiest whores, all women are programmed to test your mettle as a man.  The reason for this is simple: if a woman is going to invest 9 months of her life carrying a man’s seed, she’s going to make damn sure that he has strong, masculine genes that will be passed on to her offspring.  As a result, her operating system kicks in and employs a series of tests to ensure that he is a worthy donor.

Now keep in mind that most of the time this is all done on a subconscious level. When a dominant alpha male gives her ‘gina tingles, she’s seldom thinking thoughts like “This man is displaying masculine traits that I want passed on to my young.  I must mate with him.”  All she knows is that she wants to be fucked stupid and her hamster is in overdrive searching for reason to justify it.  She is utterly incapable explaining her insatiable desire for all of her holes to be plundered by alpha cock but her OS is on auto pilot making sure she isn’t about to be impregnated by some spineless beta.  Concepts like “shit test” and “cock carousel” hadn’t been given actual names until recently but you can bet your salty man juice makers that they were all too prominent back in the 70s.

That said here are the 4 most important shit tests of one Adrian Balboa.

Shit Test #1: His way of life

Adrian:  “Why do you wanna fight?”

Rocky:  “Because I can’t sing or dance!”

Right off the bat she tests his manhood by challenging his lifestyle early on during their first date.  The answer Rocky gives her is brilliant because it sets the tone for the relationship.  His response tells her in no uncertain terms “Well that’s a silly question, so I’ll give a silly answer.”  He does what he wants and doesn’t feel the need to justify this to her or anyone else.  Alpha move, Stallion.  He passes her shit test with flying colors and is handsomely rewarded with her virginity.  (see: Shit Test #2)

Shit Test #2: My brother is my keeper

So now Adrian has the tingles and finds herself in Rocky’s apartment.  The slut shields are definitely up as she goes full throttle with some of the most impressive, rapid fire LMR (last-minute resistance) I’ve ever seen.  We all know that LMR is just another shit test and so did the Italian Stallion. So he summons his inner Don Juan and systematically disarms every layer of her defenses.

Adrian: “ I wanna let my brother know where I am.  I think he might be worried.”

Rocky:  “I’ll call your brother.”

<Rocky flings open the window>

Rocky:  “Yo Paulie!!!!  Your sister’s with me!!!  I’ll call ya later!!!”

Well played.  Adrian knows damn well that Paulie was probably too drunk to care about much of anything.  She’s standing by the door so she’s definitely hesitant about the situation she’s in but she’s still there.  Her hamster is out of control waiting to be satiated.  Rocky, who is completely relaxed on his couch, stays in the set.

Adrian:  “I don’t belong here.”

Rocky:  “It’s alright—you’re my guest.”

Adrian:  “I’ve never been in a man’s apartment before.”

Rocky:  “They’re all the same.” <gesturing>

This was handled beautifully with gentle, well placed sarcasm.  Her snowflaking (yes, virgins snowflake too) doesn’t phase him in the least. She’s sitting with him at this point so her defenses are weakening.  Being keenly aware of this, Rocky moves in for the kill:

Adrian:  “I don’t think I’m comfortable.  I should leave.”

<Adrian stands up>

Rocky:  “But I’m willin’ to make the best of this uncomfortable situation”

<Adrian moves to the door.  Rocky intercepts her>

Rocky:  <softly>  “Would you take off your glasses?”

Adrian:  <dumbfounded>  “What?”

Rocky:  “The glasses….please.”

<Rocky removes her glasses>

Adrian:  <timidly>  “T-Thank you.”

Rocky:  “Do me another favor?”

Adrian:  “What?”

Rocky:  “Could ya take off that hat?”

<Adrian takes off her hat and becomes rather attractive>

Rocky:  “I always knew you was pretty”

Adrian:  “Don’t tease me…”

…and she was his for the taking.  Masterful escalation by the champ. He had a clear understanding that Adrian’s introverted disposition combined with her lack of sexual experience meant he would have to gently and carefully escalate lest he scare his prey away.

The look in a woman’s eyes when LMR is destroyed

Throughout the exchange her body language quickly went from “no” to “yes”.  Even when she made an “attempt” to leave she offered little resistance when Rocky intercepted her at the door.  She wanted to be taken as all women do. As soon as she lost her hat and those horrific glasses, her deflowering was a foregone conclusion.  Adrian never stood a chance.

Shit Test #3: Apollo is bad for your health

Fast forward 6 months.  Rocky is basking in the afterglow of his new found celebrity after nearly pulling off the greatest upset in the history of boxing since Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston in 1964. Things could not be better.  He’s got a little extra coin from his share of the purse from the Creed fight, Adrian is now his wife and pregnant with his child, and he is Philadelphia’s new favorite son.  Life is pretty damn good.

But it’s not long before the money runs dry and the Balboas fall on hard times.  Rocky’s provider instinct kicks in and tells him to get back in the ring to support his growing family.   And wouldn’t you know it, the perfect opportunity to drops into his lap when Apollo Creed challenges him to a rematch that would be worth millions.  Slam dunk, right?

Wrong.  The newly minted Mrs. Balboa forbids her husband to trade punches with the champion because she’s “worried about his long term health”.  While this is very noble of her, this is simply another shit test.  No woman in her right mind would prohibit her husband from accepting an opportunity to set the family for life financially.  Sure, Adrian pouts and protests but her hamster secretly wants Rocky to defy her and maintain his alpha status to reassure her that the decision she made to willingly accept his seed was the correct one.

Her hamster gets its wish and true to form she throws a fit (another shit test). But like the true alpha he is, Rocky stays the course. Adrian eventually comes around (as women who belong to alphas always do) and watches her husband become the new heavyweight champion of the world, forever changing their lives.

Shit Test #4: You can’t win!

The last and final shit test administered by Mrs. Balboa was the most significant because Rocky is literally risking his life having agreed to fight his most deadly opponent, Ivan Drago.  At 6’6” and 260 lbs, Drago was a lightening quick fighter with super human strength.  That strength was on full display when he killed Apollo Creed in an exhibition bout.


Drago kills Creed

Balboa and Creed became best friends when they joined forces to help Rocky regain the heavyweight title he lost to another fierce opponent, Clubber Lang.  When Apollo died in the ring at the hands of Drago, Rocky’s objective was clear:  avenge his fallen comrade.

When Adrian learns of his decision, she hits him with everything she’s got to try to talk him out of it.  She broke out the heavy artillery telling him this fight was suicide among other things.  She even tells him “You can’t win!”  Brutal. But Rocky Balboa is a true alpha and regardless of what the love of his life thought, said, or did, he knew he had to stick to his guns.  Fresh out of options, she pulls a last second power move and tells Rocky she would not be going with him to Moscow to support him ringside.  This, gentlemen, is a major league shit test.  Even the most battle-hardened Super Alpha would be hard pressed to admit that he didn’t, at the very least, reconsider his decision.  Remember, he’s been married this woman for years and truly loves her so it could not have been easy to get on that plane by himself.  But like before, Rocky stays true to his task and starts his journey alone.  And like before, Adrian rushes to his side and cheers him to victory.


While it’s common knowledge amongst ROK readers that women aren’t as necessary as they once were for a man’s long term success and fulfillment, there’s no denying that a good woman has the potential to increase a man’s value as well as his quality of life.  Don’t get me wrong, banging sluts is great fun—there are plenty to go around and the abundant supply isn’t dwindling any time soon.  But when a man gets his hands on a decent woman who understands and abides by traditional sex roles, has no discernible signs of having ridden the carousel, and finds legitimate joy in pleasing him, it would be to his advantage to let her stick around for a while.  Rocky understood this and acted accordingly.

Now Adrian could certainly be a handful as we’ve seen above.  But make no mistake about the fact that she tipped the balance in her husband’s favor in the two most difficult fights of his life.  Never forget that before Adrian showed Rocky her support for his rematch against Creed, Rocky wasn’t giving it all he had during his training.  The fact that his new wife didn’t have his back visibly affected him.  Ready or not he was getting in that ring because it was what he had to do as a man. But if he continued his half-assed training, Apollo would have most assuredly ended Balboa’s career, or worse. It wasn’t until Adrian told him she wanted him to win did he train with the conviction necessary to dethrone the champion.  The same thing happened in Russia.  Rocky started his journey alone but Adrian’s physical presence gave him the extra resolve to beat Drago.

Few titles in this world are more alpha than Heavy Weight Champion of the World.  The money, fame, and status that comes along with this title is more than enough to satisfy the hypergamy of the vast majority of woman.  But regardless of title, wealth, or social standing, women will always be women and the shit tests are coming.  Count on it.  Rocky loved his Adrian but his mission came before her and it showed.  As a result, she grew more attracted to him with every shit test he passed.  Even when he risked his life by fighting Ivan Drago, Adrian couldn’t help but be more drawn to him, win or lose (Roissy Maxim #200:  Chicks dig guys willing to risk an early, gruesome death.  Expendability is a DHV).

But what if Rocky tried to justify himself when Adrian questioned his way of life or gave up trying to close the deal when she threw up that epic LMR?  And what if he backed out of the rematch against Creed or caved into her demands to throw in the towel against Drago?  Chances are he would never have had the spectacular life he was afforded as a result of failing her shit tests.  Sure, he may have been able to accomplish a few minor goals here and there but Adrian’s attraction and devotion to him would have been gravely compromised.  On the other hand he may have had a great life had he never met her.  Being a single, rich, champion prize fighter would have offered him unlimited access to the paradise of poon.  As awesome as that life would be let’s not kid ourselves here fellas—nothing feels better than having a quality woman in your corner. But if you want a quality woman you have got to be alpha because all. women. are. like. that.  Even the rarest of snowflakes like Adrian Balboa.

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  1. Bwahaha Roosh, you pooped up your last sentence. But doesn’t this mean that articles directed toward female and homosexual populations encouraging these undesirable comments should be removed too?

    1. How exactly can you differentiate a woman or gay guy who has a supreme empathy in male logic from everyone else?

      1. All you have to do is use stereotypes honed by years of constant judgment of others, bolstered by rich experiences in personal success and achievement.
        Oh shit I just got myself banned.

    1. I actually like reading opinions of the enemy, as long as they aren’t rambling pieces of grammatical hell.

  2. Not gonna lie that is kinda stupid. But I guess you will probably ban me for saying that. You guys are too ban happy over at ROK. Whatever happened to free speech. How you gonna have productive discussions on a site like this with everybody being afraid of being banned.

    1. Think of commenting on a blog or a forum as a visit to a friend’s house for a dinner party.
      If the host doesn’t want you to, say, wear one of his lampshades as a hat or use the punchbowl as a latrine, you engage in these activities at risk of being summarily ejected.
      It’s called decorum… and not being an ungrateful sperglord.

        1. Putin is also our enemy. Don’t think that because he opposes the cunts in Washington that makes him a friend.

    2. You got it twisted. This site is private property and the property owner has the right to do with his property as he pleases.

    3. Have you ever noticed that whenever a woman comments, no productive discussion comes from that comment? Simply because these women have nothing to say. We keep seeing the same “basement dweller-can’t get laid misogyny” arguments coming from them. Whenever their logic is questioned (even in a calm and well mannered way), they refuse to engage in productive discussion and simply refrain from replying. This new stance is probably the best way to go. I look forward to seeing how this turns out

    4. ‘Free speech’ ?
      There is no ‘free speech’. When a guy can get arrested for posting online ‘My computer takes so long to shut down I’ve started calling it Nelson Mandela’
      ,or you can lose your job for ‘racism’ if you express an OPINION on non-White immigration then why should we not play hard ball as well ?
      Feminists, left wing radicals, anti-Whites and other assorted losers never say “Well this is a blog for men, it’s not for us we should back off and leave it alone” and they never, ever, say “Well that’s ‘free speech’, I disagree with what he said but I believe in ‘free speech’ so I won’t delete his comment or ban him.”

      1. Exactly. This here is the real reason why this is the correct move.
        It’s time men understand that we need to play hardball in every facet of our lives, just like the enemy does.

      2. “Everyone is entitled to free speech, as long as they agree with me”. It’s one of the most rampant pieces of BS around. Well said.

    5. Unless your a chick or a faggot with stuff chicks and faggots like to blabber on about you should be fine.
      No man should want 200 replies of “yall live in your mothers basement”. Know what I mean?

      1. I wish I could upvote this 100 times.
        Manginas/Feminist Fear.
        Men/Feminine women Respect.

    6. But that is exactly what free speech is. You have the right to shoot your mouth off in someone else’s house, and they have the right to throw you off their property. Similarly, you have the right to sign someone’s diary if they give you permission, and they have the right to cross out your name.

      1. Yeah, but free speech only pertains to the government. Not private entities. You’re welcome
        – a woman

    7. The one point you made above I liked was that it would be hard to have productive discussions with everybody being banned. However, I have to point out that it is impossible to have a productive discussion with a self-centered ego tripping solipsist attention whore. i.e. Your typical female.
      So while the point is very good, the basis for it, that we can have productive discussions with women, is flawed.

    1. Agreed. When I sign in and see 95 posts, I’m thinking: ” Hey, here’s a topic worth reading!” Then I find out 25 posts are about arguing with some dumb femcunt.

      1. Some of that shit is hilarious in its own right. I scoured the internet exactly FOR that kind of shit and in so doing happened upon RoK. RoK is the best site I’ve ever seen.

      2. I concur. On top of that, seeing so many women commenters does something to the “culture” that’s hard to put into words. It almost feels like mind rape! Lol. And I kill a few brain cells whenever I stumble upon asinine reasoning. ROK is the one place I hope to be free from female “logic”. I’m always a little disappointed when it shows up and shows up in spades…

        1. Well, it sounds to me like you guys can just fuck one another. Why bother with women? lol

        2. This is my last reply to you smelly cunt. Because replied to your kind of women is like: throwing stone on shit !!!

      3. Hahahaha
        I love this place. Now all it needs is a liquor cabinet replete with fully stocked humidor and I will never leave.

      4. I don’t disagree with making a male-only-space. I want ROK to be men-only, and I think that’s perfectly fair (sorry female attention whores, go elsewhere for male attention).
        However, I fear that this banhammer rule will lead to valuable people being banned purely through accident. I, for instance, can’t know for certain the sex of the person I’m responding to, given internet anonymity. All such dramatic one-strike-ban rules will lead to such things. That is never good for community, unfortunately. I’ve tried to tell the guys on red pill reddit this, only to get banned myself for daring to question their moderation.

        1. Wow, you commiserate with fellow virgin whales that play Call of Duty for 12 hours a day not just here but on reddit as well?
          You sir are definitely a winner. I bet you could be Zac Efron’s body double too. Keep up the winning ways, I’m sure somebody will want to fuck you some day.

        2. Don’t worry. I’m sure nobody will get banned for communicating with someone they believe is a man.If it were me, I might penalize someone for not knowing that a particularly estrogen-laced screed was written by an attention-whoring cunt and not a male pansy,but I’m not the one with my finger on the button.
          The guys that run this place are fairly reasonable about this type of stuff,whereas I’m pretty much a hardliner.

        3. I replied to her ban me. Pretty please (oops didn’t sound “masculine” enough there)

        4. Wow you guys a slow with that ban hammer. Come on ban like real alpha males!

        5. Why haven’t they banned you yet? What’s wrong with all those betas? They can’t handle Alpha girls like us They need our valuable input or they will cease to exist. lol

        6. Here’s what you can do then…it harkens back to the film ‘Weird Science’…you can, with the help of your friends here, put together a sort-of quasi-cunt….perhaps made out of latex or some other natural feeling material. And you each can fuck it without even a word back! Isn’t that great?! No need to shoot her later to shut her up or any of that messy stuff. No need to waste time talking to her beforehand or anything! You can even liken it as your mom’s genitalia because you’re all suffering from Opiedal syndrome where you just want to screw your own mom anyway! Case closed, so quit whining.
          Oops, I think I just might get banned, but not before being threatened and called a lot of bad names. lol



        2. Just as I commented about missing that laughable, spastic little twatwaffle MAUREEN. She fails to disappoint! LOL

        3. The actual comment text from a banned commenter is normally left intact, unless special circumstances require its removal. We normally want people to see and know why someone was banned.

        4. But what did she say wrong? Oh, I see. She brought the FBI into it. Right….lol

      1. Wouldn’t it be easier for a moderator to just delete comments like Gloria? There is nothing constructive about her comment and her swearing, insults and outlandish claims that we will all be banned is childish. Why even entertain it? If it’s a men only forum you want, then bar female comments at the door so to speak and they will never be missed or endured.

    3. Dudes i mean what the fuck is wrong with all of you, why ban women? did you know that we ( and for that matter, gays also ) are the people that love you the MOST, duh because the simple fact that we are sexually attracted to you therefore we care so much about men, if you don’t listen to our compliants against this site, you are on the wrong, we all do that because your well being, we want to change some bad behaviours from our men.

        1. I can tell. Its like magic. Most people call it sexistst racist homophoic bigotry. I call it intuitive statistics. He’s a straight male troll.

        2. Wow just wow, do you feel like freaking SHERLOCK HOLMES now? well your sexuality radar failed, here serious advice, never work as detective, you will starve, i have already said my sex, but now my sexuality, i am BISEXUAL, not only i like dick and muscles, yes i also like TITS ans PUSSY, i am grateful, that makes appreciate women even more

    4. i’m happy because stupid disqus doesnt even show downvotes anymore, the PC ‘everything is great’ has got to it, so banning is the only way

    5. I concur, although I’ll somewhat miss MAUREEN. I found her all-caps hysterical commenting and threats about calling the police to come “arrest” us truly hilarious. Unfortunately that’s the only troll on this site that’s managed to bring a smile to my face with every comment, without fail.

      1. Just make sure you don’t ever let her see that smile because that would be total beta behaviour! 😉 (dang – how do winks rate on the masculinity scale?)

    6. Agreed. I’m tired of attention-whoring cunts on these parts of the interwebs. Most of them should be tits or GTFO’ed right out the door. Because for most of them,that’s all they got. Well, for around 15 years,anyway. Then it’s a man’s world for the dumb bitches,hehehe.
      “WEAR R ALL DA MENZ!1?!!?!!!?!?!1?”
      Their laments are like a sweet symphony to my ears.

  3. So you weren’t content to have the most sexist website on the internet but now you want it to be the most censored and closed as well like during the cold war? I read many blogs every day and have never seen such a thick headed method of suppressing other viewpoints or even allowing an open dialogue where your fantasy viewpoints are so easily dismantled by sound progressive reasoning. I hope your mother is proud of raising such a bigoted son. And don’t bother replying to this message because I won’t ever come back.

  4. This will be remembered as one of the best decisions of the 21st century, and will be used as a model to moderate discussion forums all over the internet.

    1. The hilarious thing is, no woman ever complained about a woman-only site. But if you dare to question the fem-centric world *and* not allow women to comment, then you become some kind of evil in their eyes.
      Women, inherently, cannot stand it when men are not giving them attention.

      1. Of course you are evil, you’re trying to exclude them, therefore, you are hiding something. They always scheme, so it’s kinda normal they expect men to be scheming.

      2. Oh yes. Women are the ones who have massive hissy fits online and in public because we simply don’t get enough attention.
        Males are great at inner control and self-awareness. The entire area of the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to the winners on this very website, are a testament to that.
        Really. Keep it up.

        1. Quite funny that you say you will ban people but I can just post as a guest anyway. Oh by the way I just replied to her, guess you need to ban me, oh…. I forgot, I’m a guest.

        2. That’s very upfront of you to use such a term. I’m surprised at such candour from such a weasel. lol

        3. But I am not surprised for the stupid comment you wrote. The reason: can’t expect any thing more from a bitchy, whorish, arrogant, inferior and smelly cunt, and that’s YOU !!!

      3. Then meet the first one, I complain about women-only sites too.
        I really wish women could comment here, though. ROK has been an eye-opener for me in so many ways. Being raised in a feminist society surrounded and protected by female privilege and you-go-girlism, I didn’t understand red pill truths at all.
        I was taught that red pill men are evil and selfish and learned to stay away from them, but then again all the blue pill guys asking me out never interested me enough to even go out with them. I did meet and fall in love with my now-boyfriend before stumbling on ROK, but I’ve still benefited a lot from the articles. I finally understand my own desires to be guided and led by a strong, intelligent man – desires I was deeply ashamed of before, because society taught me that I don’t need a man and that a 20-year-old girl should be “living” and not date seriously.

        1. Same here. I like the articles. They’re interesting and shockingly informative.

    2. The hilarious thing is, no woman ever complained about a woman-only site. But if you dare to question the fem-centric world *and* not allow women to comment, then you become some kind of evil in their eyes.
      Women, inherently, cannot stand it when men are not giving them attention.

    3. This will not be successful.
      Males are essentially irrational children with no basic control over their impulses. They fundamentally seek attention from women because of their insecurity and need for validation.
      Just watch.

      1. That, and they suffer from Odiepal syndrome. Which really means they just wanna fuck their mothers. lol

        1. MEN don’t want or do that with their mothers. But I am damn sure Your kind of women want to suck your father’s dick and get banged by your father !!!

  5. Okay, check it out: Is there a way to block people on a disqus account? What I mean is can I create a way to block the comments of others from my view? I’ll be honest and confess that A LOT of the women say some dumb “ish” and the temptation to point out their stupidity to them is very, very, very strong. I admit that this to be close to an addiction. Can anyone help a bruthuh out? Hit me up!

      1. Actually that’s what I do. I love going after people and making them look stupid. Of course, I’ve been banned from many a blog – NAACP, Red State, Southen Poverty Law Center, Robin Hood Tax, What About Our Daughters, Black Women Blow The Trumpet, the list is endless.

  6. Hmmm. This could be interesting. Mainly because of the reaction that this will cause

  7. Even I have to admit this is a bit stupid.
    Why not try to show them what we think by letting them comment?

    1. The most alpha thing you can do is not reply. Roosh is saving some of the simps on here from themselves. No need to explain yourself to someone who is: 1) too stupid to understand 2) trolling you for a reaction and wasting your time.

    2. Sigh. What if we think we don’t want them to comment?
      I don’t mind women commenting so much as the desperate thirsty tards who fawn on them when they do. The tards are the problem. A few girls here and there are no big deal until the thirsties get overexcited about a REAL GIRL (or something claiming to be one) appearing on the internet. Pathetic.

    3. The problem is some fat bitch with a jailbait avatar comes in and gets endless replies. In any case women don’t really say anything that is meaningful to anyone unless the topic is vaginal discharge.

    4. In a real conversation, I would agree with you. But the internet has a strange effect on people and reading/writing online is very different from a real conversation. Online, everything truthful will sound harsh for a female. In a real conversation, they could hear your voice tone, see your facial expression, etc. and girls could understand our point better that way.

    5. JAJAJAJA’s got it. All of us who have actually been responding to these women and their ideals get complete BS in return. Try it on other places and let us know. 🙂

    6. How does them not being able to comment keep them from reading what we think? How does that make sense?

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I admittedly missed that part of the About page.
    Will not make the same mistake again.

  9. fair enuff. But what if we dont know its a female or homo commenter and reply to them thinking hes a fellow manosphere guy with a varying viewpoint?
    I ask this cause im not to sure of this commentor “kee”. Female,homo,redpiller with different mindset? I dunno

    1. “”fair enuff. But what if we dont know its a female or homo commenter””
      Serious? You can spot them a mile off.

  10. Thank god, that last article was ridiculous couldn’t even scroll through all the bs of one female commenter because of the dumb shits replying to her

  11. Hahaha god dammit you’re stifling my fun. That’s quite alright, completely understandable. I Love this site the same. RoK is Golden.

  12. Also ban manginas, white knights and manboobs. If there was a way, I’d suggest making this site password only, but the white knights would try to hack a list of names and publish them to some silly cunt website. This is the next best solution.

    1. let’s not go that far. If we can’t rip into irrational women anymore, at least let us tear down those faggots.

  13. I totally get this! I think there was an article on ROK about the need for a “men only” spot and I theorize that the site moderators is trying to create such a place.

  14. I think Roosh really means that you will be banned if you respond to someone stupid enough to post as a woman. Honestly, how can anyone tell on the internets?

    1. Guilty as charged. but seriously… internet police? eff that noise.
      that’s not just low hanging fruit, that fruit’s on the damn ground already.
      oh and that hate speech threat is so effin’ stupid i just couldn’t help myself (i took a class in 1st amendment law & ethics, hardest shit ever because of essays and court reading). the arguments that femcunt had would be laughed off the circuit court let alone county court.

      1. As this is a private site he can censor it however he wants. Free speechwas never meant to apply to private Enterprises, just to government.

        1. Free speech simply means you have the right to buy a printing press, set it up in your garage, and say whatever the fuck you want. Sink or swim with your ideas at your own peril.
          Government has fuck all to do with free speech. They don’t even acknowledge the concept.
          The internet is working exactly as the founding fathers intended free speech to work – including the banning of idjits. (Freedom of Association).
          These douchenozzles are well capable of starting their own Return of Medusa website, where they are able to say whatever the fuck they want, and ban anyone they want – wait a minute, they already have those. THAT is what free speech is all about. It is not about letting any moron hijack your medium for their own purposes. Free speech merely means they have the right to start their own medium without fear of recourse. Which is exactly what Roosh is doing.
          One of the most sickening things of feminism is men’s balls crawling so far into their abdomen that they never tell women to fuck off and mind their goddamn business! They tell it to us all the time!
          Good move, Roosh.

  15. Well it’s Roosh’s website, he can do what he likes, nothing wrong with male only comments in my opinion. The women can make up their own website and ban men if they want.

  16. Having been guilty of this today, in hindsight – it simply detracts from the purpose of the site. Who gives a fuck what these chicks think? I actually considered writing more at one point, but realized I was wasting precious mental energy.

    1. I’m guilty too. I’m not really even sure why I like pissing them off so much. I’d rather read the words of Men than Women anyways. It does detract.

        1. That’s a bit exceeding the crime no? Crushing artificially inflated Female ego’s is a community service. I acknowledge RoK is not the proper venue. That bitch needs some PT, doubtful She can stand on Her own.

        2. trigger warning next time. Us animal lovers get upset at the elephant that is trapped under her belly.

        3. And now the men on “Wicked Tuna” are saying out loud, “HOW THE HELL did we manage to miss one this big!”
          Even that guy with the observer chopper has to be kicking himself over this …

      1. As with everything, we want to talk with other men about the issues that matter. As Adam Carolla once said, “If I wasn’t straight, I’d be gay.” As in, if I didn’t like taking down women so much, I’d only hang out and communicate with men.

  17. You Will Be Banned If You Reply To A Female Commenter”
    Ok but why? You’re allowing the chicks to post?

    1. You can tell it’s a chick based on the number of questions they ask. You’ve asked two.

    2. “Peep” the last sentence of the post: “As always, females… will also be banned.”

      1. I know but I recall him saying that before and they still post.
        And no Admetus, I’m not a chick. Good try though.

        1. I’m a new-jack to this site. The best I can do is presume that managing a site comes with many burdens. Among them is managing who can and who cannot comment. Assuming that to be the case it’s possible that the folks who manage this “piece” may be overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that accompany operating a blog. It’s entirely possible that banning all the females could be formidable task. From the little bit I’ve read, ROK is a troll magnet for females. But take my assessment with a grain of salt because I am a new-Jack.

        2. To bring you the articles at ROK, we actually need to accumulate life experiences away from the computer. So we deeply apologize if we are unable to instantly ban every offending comment as soon as they are submitted.

        3. Yeah, AlFromBayShore already cleared that up. I just wasn’t aware that you were doing it all. My mistake.

        4. I’ll bet there’s someone that frequents this site that could help write an A I script to determine fem centric posters and auto ban them.

  18. Good policy, but please enforce it. Shouldn’t be an empty threat. I am guilty, on one thread, of responding to “!!!!!!ALLCAPSMAUREEEENNNN!!!”. Whether she’s for real or a man. No more trolls, keep it as intended.

  19. Does this mean I can spout off stupid shit like you? At least I won’t have to worry about any replies from this stupid misogynist group 🙂

  20. I don’t mind this new rule, I rarely comment as is and I’ve never replied or fed those fragile egos. But consider banning one of your editors, the one that calls himself Red Pill or what not, he seems to have a sick fixation on transgender.
    This is Return of Kings. Gay rights and homosexuality do not concern us. Feminism and the LGBT bullshit is an honest to god problem but for fucks sake do not bother debating saving “Omega Transgender” (wtf?)’s from fucking their lives up. I don’t pity them. Let them do and live as they wish it just makes us have less competition and helps give us a good laugh at how disturbed people can be. We are not here to cure “homosexuality” to SAVE feminists from themselves. We are here to establish ourselves as men. Omega transgender’s have already established what they are. Do not blur the line by speaking of saving them or converting them. DO not speak of converting feminists. It isn’t going to happen. DO talk about what we can advocate as men. DO talk about how we can improve ourselves as men. DO talk about the problems we are struggling with in the Western world as men. DO talk about the distraught men who WANT to be REAL men. Not transgenders. Not homosexuals. And not about abortion and that other womenly bullshit.
    I have a mental check list before I read any article:
    Is this a woman’s issue? IF yes, it doesn’t concern me. I am not a woman.
    Is this a gay/transgender/metro/hermaphro issue? IF yes, it doesn’t concern me. I am not a gay/transgender/metro/hermaphro man.
    Is this a liberal issue? IF yes, it doesn’t concern me. I am not a liberal.
    I swear if this site starts to discuss more liberal issues (I accept that liberal retardation and feminism are important topics and should be discussed) I will fucking stop reading. Not that you care, and I wouldn’t want you to. We aren’t driven by feelings.
    Please don’t write about feelings. This post is driven by feelings. Ignore this post.

    1. I might agree on the whole, except that I do think abortion affects men significantly, and is not at all a womanly issue. After all, men can be aborted just as easily as women. And a man has no say in what a woman decides to do with his child.
      Whereas in Roman times, the patriarch had the power of “pater familias,” where he could execute anyone in his clan without question, now women have that authority over our children. And given the hormonal state the average woman is in during pregnancy, I can’t think of a worse judge, jury, and executioner. I reject abortion wholesale, of course.

    2. It concerns you. You shouldn’t go too in depth there, but if you’re going to use the term “red pill”(which isn’t really, in most of you guy’s cases. You’ve just swapped out one blue pill for another) then you need to understand the agenda that’s driving those behaviors.
      Homosexuality, Radical feminism, the legalization of divorce, and the changes to the education system are all steps towards another goal:
      They want to eliminate natural birth and family in order to replace it with a new society that will resemble Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, with children engineered by, bred by, and raised by the state.

      1. When he said red pill he was commenting on the author called ‘redpillsomething’ not talking about red pill in general.

      2. See i tried to explain this in the last thread. People don’t see the bigger picture and their tunnel vision simply shows their lack of foresight, hindsight, and well… sight lol.
        I don’t know if this is federal or if the guy you’re responding to lives in my state, but i do recall people pushing for prisons to physically modify/transify people (lifers or not) upon request if they feel like they’re another sex. And who’s paying for it?
        My last check took my bonus–something i could have used to upgrade my computer, buy a new pair of work boots, or even had fun with the guys. Guess where it’s going? This is why posts on RoK matter and i’m with you 100%.

      3. It’s of special concern that the homo media has declared war on the nation’s children and is now promoting homosexuality to them through children’s entertainment. Disney is the only offender thus far.

        1. Nickelodeon actually does a lot of that shit too. They sneak stuff in there as often as they can get away with. Kinda pisses me off when it’s a kids movie and their excuse is, “Oh, well the kids won’t even catch that reference. It was more for the adults.”

        2. Paranorman ends with the jock coming out of the closet and saying he’s got a boyfriend. Wtf? It has no purpose to the story or relevance to children under 16. Pure gay propaganda. And let’s not even talk about Glee or Happily Divorced.

        3. Well I had that in mind when I said what I did, but felt disney was worse since they’ve been doing it since high school musical 3.

        4. They do, it’s disgusting that it was on teennick when I first saw two men kissing and during a commercial, which was in between a PG family show. But disney is outright promoting it to minors now, openly. Nickelodeon hasn’t gotten there yet.
          though in the pg-13 nickelodeon movies flick “fun size,” we see one of the characters has two moms (he’d been saying “moms” with an s the whole time). Victoria Justice says she thought he was just talking like Little Wayne.

        5. I thought that bit at the end of Paranorman was to show why he was so oblivious to the girls advances and thus the explanation. It was a bit like a sucker hook however.

      4. “but if you’re going to use the term ‘red pill’”
        I was referencing redpiller1985 he needs to get banned. I did not use that term.

  21. I get banned from feminist websites all the time, on her I ignore comments from females, nothing they say on here has any value anyway.

    1. Why torture yourself like that Mike? It’s cancerous shit. Vile man hating pro-GAPE matriarchal shit.

      1. Always know what you’re opponents are thinking, so you can mock the shit out of them.

        1. I live in a college town filled with liberals to the brim. I don’t need to go to a feminist website all the time like you do. The reality is sadder.
          I just need to look outside. Ain’t that a bitch.

        2. Mike, I feel you on what you are saying but there are so many “spots” where a brotha can go and peep those sorts of sentiments. ROK seems to be trying to create a set of circumstances where brothas can go exchange pure male information. That’s just me though.

        3. Again, if I want to comment on feminist websites I do, but on here I ignore the comments from females, because they’re most likely feminist trolls who have nothing of value to offer, which is why ROK bans female commentators.

        4. Yeah, I live far away from a college town, and the nearest city is about 45 minutes away. That and I don’t personally want to attend parties, I’m at that age now where I just want to be alone.

    2. I liked Ashely, Mina and Laura though, so I’ll miss them. Truth be told, and this is a truth they’d likely admit, they really proved this site’s and various other manosphere sites’ point; that the majority of women in America are these liberal, feminazi tricks, and only those three of all the women that ever commented on here actually made sense and were reasonable to talk with. The rest, not so much. Oh but that Holly Hayes chick was a character! she responded to nearly ten of my posts, unprovoked, then goes “I’m sorry I can’t read these anymore.” I’m gonna miss that too; it’s quite a rush to call out those types’ blatant irrationality.

    3. 😮 Yeah, but why go there … anyway, since other bloggers complained about being banned anyway, I never visited them much.

      1. Same reason why I visit the National Review or Redstate, you have to know what your opponents are thinking, so you can debunk it.

  22. All this because you can’t argue with some women. It’s sad, because the issues on this site reaching women would be a net positive for society. As a leader elsewhere, I know how a few rotten apples can spoil the bunch for everyone else.
    I have to approve of this because women are out to destroy male spaces; there’s no reasoning with someone who wants to destroy you.

  23. The flip side of this tho is…. Man. Lol. It will be VERY tempting to say something back. I can already see a bunch of dudes sacrificing themselves just to respond back to these women….
    Should be a good test of will power tho. Nice practice for us at least

  24. Hey, you had a good run here, Roosh. You are getting a little too Stalinesque for me, though. So, fuck you and your horse.

    1. lulz “stalinesque” Half a dozen examples/articles of whitey’s losing their livelihoods over a joke in a stifling cultural Marxist PC environment on this very site and not a peep.
      Men getting fed up faggots and chicks devolving discussion “STALINESQUE”…derp
      Bye bye dickhead.

  25. Sorry to hear this. A male friend got me reading Roosh V, which is how I found this blog. I dont agree with how you say somethings but understand and appreciate the sentiment. Example, blog on women taking lessons from strippers… I like there are men still want to be guys. I as an older woman, want my man to be a MAN.
    I will still read. Hopefully men my age are reading these. They need to…

  26. Damn, bitch trolled me a while back before I realized it was a bitch. No excuse, I’ll need to be more careful. That was close.
    Seriously, … going to make damn sure who I am replying to has a penis and doesn’t stick it other dudes orifices.

  27. Good some action will be taken. I got really sick of the way those female trolls kept screwing up the comment sections lately, and of the white knights who kept upvoting them.

    1. May not have been white knights, you can upvote anonymously unfortunately. One link to here from some dyke-ish site and in come the hordes.

  28. Good Call. Good Call. Woman aren’t mentally prepared for the discussions that happen here.

    1. Really? I’ve only read topics about sex and men being the superior sex. And other shallow topics such as beauty, fitness, getting laid, and “how to” lists. Sure, it’s a philosophy, but nothing truly deep or enlightening is going on around here.
      Honestly, you’re all as simple as a 1st grade math book.

  29. I notice that “Rachel” and “Kelley Bryant” slipped through.
    I also suspect that a large number of posters are and will remain female.
    Roosh has his work cut out for himself.

  30. Many late comers to this site might not be aware of the ban, so will there be a first warning? How will that be policed if one of these gents doesn’t even know the rule is in effect?

      1. Not enough, it has to be under the comment box. If it can be put in grayed text inside the comment box, that would be best.

    1. If you can’t read an about page and learn about the site before posting, you have verbal diarrhea and should be slapped with a ban to avoid it spewing into the comments.

  31. Instead of banning people who reply to female commenter, why don’t you ban female commenter?

    1. They’re already banned, but if he also bans men who respond then females won’t bother commenting since they won’t get any attention in the first place.

  32. Banning IHATEMEN commenters is easy, but what’s to be done with the less obvious female commenters?
    What if MAUREEN is actually a redpill man trolling us all for shits and giggles? We would have unjustly banned him!

  33. I’m glad to see that this site will run according to the beliefs that it was founded upon.

  34. May I ask before you ban me to direct any females to my site? I would like the feminists as well. I’m happy to take the load off of you as I believe I have what it takes to change them. Thank you.

      1. TY Jenna! I will add it to one of my links 🙂 it looks lovely. Is it yours? I hope Roosh reconsiders as I have learned so much just reading, and those few men I have spoken to I’ve gained knowledge from. How are we to better these women if we don’t teach them?

  35. So are we banning females because it’s assumed they’re feminists? Just because I’m female but I am not a feminist and I actually agree with some writer’s opinions, so I’m now afraid to post comments (even though this is my first time commenting anyways).

  36. Awwww. How sad. I guess your little playhouse wasn’t as private as you thought it was…

  37. Also while you are at it, you should disable the guest commenting option. I wouldn’t mind making a Disqus account to post.

  38. Finally, some one doing something about feminists and their weak illogical arguments. i hate seeing a good article and scrolling to the comments to see more posts of arguing with a crazed woman sitting at her computer in corners of the internet she has not right being in, trying to stir up shit. even though shes out numbered and in most cases out witted very easily. thank you ROK for being a place where a man can come to get get away from a feminist oriented society to be a man and read about manly things.

  39. Was wondering why this wasn’t being upheld very vigorously. Well, safe to say I welcome the change and won’t be responding to any female commenters hence forth

  40. I hope we can have productive discussions from now on. ROK should be a man only site and not be poisoned by females.

    1. If you have to ask and struggle to recognize the predictable tells of Western females Wow..just wowing their way through male spaces then may I suggest you get out more.

    2. The replies usually contain:
      -Dumb cunty “logic”
      -8+ sentences contributing nothing but poorly applied sarcasm
      -Ad hominens typically involving rape
      -belief that stereotypes aren’t real
      -“wow just wow”
      -statements presented with no arguments behind them
      -using caps to emphasize an entire argument (ie sentence) and not where gramatically appropriate/ where one word should be all caps for clarity.
      -writes 40+ replies to one article in a few hours before Roosh can ban
      -being emotional
      -being a child
      -actually be a child (sub ~18)
      -as far as their patterns in rational debates are conerned I had to go over to jezebel to get a glimpse. After going though the last few days of posts I couldn’t find any though (rational debates.)

      1. Thanks. I was wondering if I should ask that question, but I thought I’d check the thread first.

    3. -Holding onto/super defending something we internally know doesn’t work (i.e.using their masters in women’s studies/useless stuff as a podium to dictate their correctness in a situation or they get super oratory and have nothing to say)

  41. Oh, thank you for furthering your rep as the most misogynistic craphole in the world. Forgive my language, but considering all you pervs here talk about is sex, then never mind.

  42. Hopefully the comment section will return to how it was about a year ago. I didn’t mind some of the female comments but the troll factor got way to high.

  43. Unrelated to this topic is the question I want to pose: How did we end up in today’s deplorable situation? I recently went through some historical websites and noted that in some classical societies like the Spartans and Vikings, women had a lot of rights and individual freedoms but they never ever behaved in a cunt like manner to their husbands and fathers. In fact, they were strongly supportive of the men in their lives. It can’t be some Judeo-Christian virtue because these classical societies were polytheistic. In the east with cultures like Japan and China, women weren’t given as much freedom that is true but they were well educated, expected to be strong and the ones in the upper classes had a lot of privileges as well. They didn’t behave like today’s modern woman who has become a vicious bitch. So somewhere along the way, something went quite wrong and we are now in this disastrous mess.

    1. They used to educate ladies when my grandmother went to school on how to prepare for a husband and be a good wife. I’m prepared for my banning. I know this is a much needed male only space and I’m prepared to delete the page. You guys deserve your own arena. 🙂

      1. Ban me for it if you like……but she’s right.
        It isn’t just the quality of men that’s gone down the toilet, but the women as well. Even a lot of the “good girls” I’ve met lack any real empathy for other people and mistake the idea that “you have to help your friends” for genuine caring.

    2. I can’t say for certain but it must have something to do with entitlement vs. earned privileges or rights. I’ve too have heard that in antiquity women had more rights, but men still were the ultimate heads in all matters.
      If people are born into a life where rights are freely given to them they quickly lose track of how easily those rights can be taken away. Most western fem thought has been around about 50 years and we’re seeing 2nd-3rd generation effects at this point; which amounts to total batshit insane, overboard entitlement complexes with a government funded and enforced system on their side. As people have said before on this site, if another depression/serious war comes along feminism will get the boot.
      When men have had to fight for rights for so many thousands of years and then suddenly a new class is freely given those rights you’d expect that new group to act like children with new “toys” in their minds.

      1. Yeah, sounds like it makes sense. It dawned on me that the classical societies were usually facing war or other forms of hardship but war was the number one thing. Nobody, men and women, had time for any entitlement bullshit crap. Everyone has to support each other or the group as a whole will be wiped out. Now in modern times, with peace, modern technology and consumerist culture being prevalent, it’s not surprising that feminist thinking came about. So in short, feminism is the result of a bored and overly entitled society…

    3. Simple…those women knew exactly how hard being a man was. These women saw the pain and responsibility men of those cultures bore. The women saw the sacrifices and hard work put in by men. This is why lazy, shiftless men were ostracized hard, because everyone knew the weight that needed to be pulled.
      Now, you have “I can do anything a man can do” because most of the things that required a man are automated or can be contracted out. The little dears really believe the crao they say because they can’t imagine and have never seen the ugly reality of life, of how a man must guide himself through society among other men and women, how a man must tread carefully or be prepared to back his shit up with fists or weapons. Most of us men can barely comprehend the toughness and strength required of men of old, I don’t care how many weeks you spent in the bush “camping”. Even our grandfathers who nutted up and faced the two most horrific wars in history were living in a world where things were exponentially easier than their grandfathers’ lives.
      If you grew up going to the supermarket for your food and lived a life of relative abundance you usually have little real conception or stomach for wear the food really comes from. And not just knowing that some cow dies for your burger but the barbarity that goes into even our “humane” ways of slaughter. A generation of people whose parent drove them the block to school every day have zero idea of how men could do a forced march 80 miles with 100 pounds on their backs and THEN suit up and crush the heads of the enemy in the closest, most brutal and tiring conditions while fearing for his life and limb. Even our modern warriors have comparatively little experience looking right into another man’s eyes, close enough to smell his breath and then overpower him to thrust your weapon into his belly, listening to the gurgling blood forced out of the vicious gash.
      Women of these times you mention saw what their men went through and appreciated the sacrifices made knowing it kept the womenfolk from the horrors of life as best as possible.
      Furthermore, those women had responsibilities. Those women were expected to do or die, especially in Sparta, and insolence was not tolerated. Those women knew they had to live up to what was expected of them, not sit on their fat asses demanding that some schlub be made to do for them and not even receive a kiss in gratitude. The women in the times you mention were not spared the correction of a smack down if they lost their place, the same way a man is smacked down when he gets too big for his britches. Sometimes a good ass-kicking is just what the doctor ordered; but women will try to do everything in their power to remove such things from society while doubling down on the nagging, bitching, tough-girl act, throwing their hands in your face, pushing, hitting. Think a Viking would have let some broad smack him in the face? Not a fucking chance. If she could even get up again, she would never raise a hand in anger toward him again. Look, I don’t advocate a world of violence but some people need a correction bad or else they become emboldened – as you can see.
      Women today expect to be given to and served as royalty because they bought their own shit. They think having a vagina and crapping out children (which aside from the physical discomfort requires little in 9 months) makes the a Golden Uterus – newsflash ladies…you had, what, one, two kids at a time? My dog had 12 and still got up to get the newspaper everyday without whining. Your “miracle” is the most commonplace trait among all life.
      Or worse, some women don’t even make use of their genetic imperative and still believe being weaker, more irrational, less intelligent and capable somehow wins them respect, admiration and a seat at the table. They believe they are so great that their lack of success is proof-positive that men are holding them back. Most people no longer even take the women to task for their shit, it is just somehow “known” that the poor dears are precious and we evil men are stealing their thunder.
      No responsibility, no expectation of performance, no view into the reality of life, removal from the harshness of survival, no punishment for stepping out of line the way a man would face…all of it equals what we have today, whining princesses with zero clue as to how the world really is.

  44. Honestly….I feel sorry for some of you guys.
    It’s utterly transparent to see that a lot of posters, for all their chest beating about how “alpha” and “red pill” they are, are little more than nerds who are pissed off about how women treated them….and are still very much children mentally, who are still so emotionally immature that they hate the entire female sex.
    Let’s be realistic. Women are the physically weaker (and, depending on the specific attribute, mentally as well) sex and they have evolved to compensate for it through social engineering.
    However, that does not meant their nature is to use you and screw you. While using weaker individuals for their own benefit isn’t behavior unique to human females(or females for that matter), it is more dangerous because the agenda of replacing the family with the state uses feminism as one it’s tools and empowers that legislation(look up and the book “introduction to the deepest control systems” for details).
    So….but here is the point. Do you want to know what a woman’s real nature is? The fact that so many of you don’t understand this is proof of how beta you actually are.

    1. Fine, let’s be realistic:
      The vast majority of american men have been indoctrinated from birth to believe that women can do no wrong. most of them come here because they have just had their world brutally ripped apart by the ONE person they have been told all their lives they are supposed to trust.
      So yes, a lot of guys come here to vent. they NEED to vent. They will not ‘get over their hatred at betrayal UNTIL they vent. After they vent for a while, they become the strongest supporters of masculism and generally come out of the experience a stronger, smarter, and more genuine man… one who can see the truth and ignore the propaganda, one who knows his life needs to involve a constant reevaluation and rediscovery both of what it means to understand the truth and what it means to be a man. In this process, They will also learn the true nature of woman, they HAVE to, the power of their dick compels them, In their own time.
      Who do you think YOU are to badmouth these men? sure, respond to their arguments, sure, disagree with them, but attacking them with womanly insults, calling them names like a cunt, using shaming language in order to ‘get them to behave’ the way you feel they should? Yeah, school them, yeah, call them out on their mistakes and bust on them if they say something totally stupid, but don’t whine at them like a bitch and nag them like a mother-in-law.
      Fuck off. Is that realistic enough for you?

    2. Who fucking cares dude. Fuck off with your alpha/beta bullshit.
      Yes, plenty of guys are furious with women for various reasons. I don’t blame them, to be honest. Women collectively have brought this on themselves, and have a LOT to answer for for the current mess we find ourselves in.
      Is some of the anger towards them a bit over the top? Misplaced? Irrational? Maybe it is sometimes, although I understand the sentiment, and feel it myself on occasion. But again, who cares?
      Guys need some breathing space. A place to vent, get shit off their chest and partake in a bit of schadenfreude. They won’t find it anywhere else, so why not here?

      1. First time here. Don’t bother banning, I won’t be back… I will respect the policy. Here’s my two cents for whomever cares enough to read:
        Men absolutely deserve their own space, live or virtual to be men. We do need a return to the man of yesteryear. The man who was the head of the household, in charge of his life, family, the provider. Abso-fucking-lutely. REAL women want this man back.
        While I’m not the “damsel-in-distress” type female who fully-depends on a man (business owner, financially contribute, etc.), I fully empower my husband to be the Man of the House. I run things by him, ask for his advice; not because I “need” it, but because I respect him and value his input. Why the fuck would I marry him otherwise? I look up to my husband, and I know he looks up to me and turns to me when he needs me.
        Women these days are totally flawed and lost in their vagina freedom. Although I believe a slut is a slut, regardless of gender, women are no longer ladies. What man wants to be with a woman who’s been with 20+ guys? Barf. On that same token, guys shouldn’t aim to be one of those 20+ themselves, but I digress.
        Women fear giving men their deserved power for fear of losing their own. Well, I should say “women”. These girls are more like punch lines, than respectable human beings. Those of us left, we honor and respect our men and know that allowing him his space to be himself and shine doesn’t take away from us, rather enriches our lives and fulfills us as partners.
        Those of you still searching for real women, we’re out there, we’re just not going to be at the bars or the clubs. But we’re looking for proud real men, too.
        Now, if you’re gonna hate on me solely for having a pussy, them go fuck yourself. 🙂
        Good luck guys! Much love.

    3. It’s more about their inane chatterings and turning the comments section into a steaming pile of shit bro. You forget women never encroached on male spaces for thousands of years. This broken system of “women’s input” is only half century old give or take.
      Don’t be such a temperamental mangina.

  45. But…the main point:
    The REAL nature of a woman (which is not what you nerds think it is) is to submit herself to the male who proves that he is capable of handling her. There is a reason acquaintances of mine have pictures of women licking their feet, texts of women begging them for acceptance or forgiveness, and why the men in my social circle(What I’m about to say should clue you in as to what I’m talking about) a man’s “old lady” usually seen wearing the words “Property of” on their clothing or even tattooed on them.
    They will cook for you, clean for you, strive to please you sexually, and help you with any of your other needs….and they will do it in exchange for nothing more than the emotional highs you can give them when you choose to.
    If you get anything less from the women you allow into your life then you are not the alpha male you think you are.

    1. ignore ’em. that pisses a woman off more than anything else you can say or do.
      It’s called ‘shunning’, and in evolutionary terms, a woman that is shunned is DEAD. Their instincts know this.

  46. Lol its because of that bre chick on General Stalin’s lastest isn’t it? That bitch high jacked that article because everyone kept on replying to her.

    1. I believe this has been brewing for a while. Though she was definitely a very terrible offender on that one; I was just smh-ing my way through her comments there, when she started up with me on a comment I left on an old article.

  47. bah it’s my fault. although, in my own defense, I was pretty sure she was a boy.
    hmmm… in any other context would be really messed up.

  48. Why?
    Banning them only makes it seem like their “logic” is a threat to the ideas presented on this site. And where else can you find a place where women are so unanimously (and creatively) told to shut the fuck up?

    1. This isn’t a place for women. If you want to go chitchat with women, there are other places to do it.

      1. I didn’t say that. I’m saying the ban isn’t the best way to improve the site. Fewer articles about omega transgenders would be a better start.
        The female posts are few and far between. Just a mouse click away for the inconvenienced. And the alternative is a little homo, don’t you think?

        1. If you don’t like the articles, submit your own.
          If you think the female posts are few and far between, look at the article immediately previous to this one. Some beef taco decided to fuck up the comments utterly. She did so because a bunch of apes with keyboards thought it was a good idea to validate her time investment.
          If people would have ignored them to begin with, this wouldn’t have been an issue. But they didn’t and they’re providing incentive for the women to post. If you can’t keep your hands off the comment button, you’re a thirsty little shit who can’t control himself when he sees a woman on the internet, and you don’t have anything to add to the discourse anyhow.
          In closing: no it’s not homo, what the fuck are you talking about?

  49. This site is insanely entertaining. Funny, these articles operate under the belief that women are inherently inferior to men, yet an astounding number of them are “how-to” guides to get laid in one way or another. I’ve yet to stumble upon a single feminist website that includes any article centered around how to convince a man to stick it in us. Until the billions of men on this planet cease to tirelessly and perpetually chase pussy (which will NEVER happen), this site is a load of bullshit (and explains the massive levels of misogyny, misandry, homophobia, sexism, etc. concentrated on ROK).

    1. “I’ve yet to stumble upon a single feminist website that includes any article centered around how to convince a man to stick it in us”
      That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read today. Taking your premise to its logical conclusion, I suppose that because there is such a thing as learning how to teach your dog not to shit all over the carpet, that puts you on the same plane of mental development as your pet shih tzu? Actually, that’s probably true in your case.
      You’re fucking retarded.

      1. Right, nice reply. Your verbal spew doesn’t appeal to any of the things I stated above. I don’t think women are perfect, or better than men. I don’t think we’re created the same either. This website, however, is an abomination, from any angle.

    2. Aww man.. her hamster was spinnin really hard for that one. She failed to see the fatal logic flaw right dead in the middle of her reply (a non sequitur) plus poor sentence structure/flow. But alas, C’est la vie, I can’t respond anymore.
      …this will be the last time (it really was harder than I thought)

    3. “feminist website that includes any article centered around how to convince a man to stick it in us.”
      Yes i am a responding to a slime. Ban me, but i really need to reply.
      Why would feminist or lesbian write an article of how to get men? What’s the insane logic behind that? Zero logic…
      Retarded whore.

      1. Your words speak so much more into your disgusting character than mine ever could. Thanks for replying.

  50. I do worry if some of these women will start to use men’s names in their disqus accounts just to circumvent the bans and I wonder how the mods will deal with that?
    It is obvious they are desperate for attention so much so they come to a “mysognistic hate site” to tell us “losers” how “wrong we are” and attention whore
    and this is a much needed measure because they are ruining the discussion and I am tired of reading 10 femmicunt comments just to find a good comment; in the last few months they have frankly started to take over the comments section and these femminist need to get off the computer and leave it to the man of the house who knows how to use electronics and go bake me a pie.

  51. There is a merit to that decision. 10 Feminazis can explode into 300 useless reply-battles with them. Hardly anyone reads hundreds of comments on a regular basis which makes the comment section obsolete after some time.
    Besides – we will not change their minds through “reason”. Those who adapt their lives and outlooks will do so based on what they read on the manosphere. If not, then they cannot be saved.
    Yesterday I had a discussion with a female cousin of mine and she quickly realized that she was in fact an Alpha-widow. While it was depressing for her to see her real SMV-value, she also accepted what to do about it and was also looking forward to applying it in her life. Most women rather choose to run to Jezebel-La-La-Land that leads to Omega-Settling-Town or Spinster-City.

  52. The folly of “The Black Phillip Show” was his inclusion of women in the program. He’d constantly give them an arena and they’d ruin it. Not here. Thank god.

  53. Will be difficult..I mean in one or 2 weeks new readers wont know about this rule..I think the best option is to delete and ban the female posters plus deleting all their posts.

  54. Stop feeding the feminazi cunts and so called “red pill” women.
    Isn’t that how Mark Minter became who he was?

  55. I honestly didn’t know what sparked this, isn’t pissing women off and mocking them the point…Then I read Bre, the militant fat feminist’s comments in another thread and now I understand why…

  56. I wonder if this will make it to Jezabel?
    The only downside is that women will leave inflammatory responses men cannot retaliate to or they will post under guise of being a man.

    1. No, under their “indefinitely ignore Roosh and ROK” policy they probably won’t,but the militant fat cunt did mention ROK.

    2. There’s no need to retaliate. Let the howling feminazis scream, wail and tear their hair out. Being alpha is to virtually ignore all the barking nonsense from the feminazis and do our own thing. There’s usually no need to debate them as well. If someone serves me a plate of dog shit, I don’t need to taste it to know that its not steak.

    3. Not that I’m a fan of Jezebel, but no one gives a shit about your little whiner’s club. You aren’tt even worth talking about.

  57. You have to put that warning right under the comment box, not everyone is going to see this article.
    I would very much like to see how this experiment works out.

  58. Its hard when there’s thirty odd comments to ignore – debates’s good, but with the jezebel crowd it can feel like a succubus sucking out the vital energy from your body.
    I guess its discipline. But it won’t be easy down the line.

  59. Fair rule. I’m assuming however that if a female signs up a sockpuppet account that does not identify her sex, that said “bans” will only occur to those who reply to her after she’s outted as female?
    I know, seems obvious that it would take ID’ing the person first, but making assumptions never turns out well.

  60. The influx of females really changed the quality of the comment section for the worse, mostly because too many guys fall for the bait of attention-whores and nothing real is discussed.

  61. FINALLY, somebody addresses this.
    Im sick of the 200,00,000 replies to the slightest female comment, no matter how clîched and insignificant it truly is.
    Let’s call it what it really is….Crypto Thirst.

    1. Yeah no kidding!!
      Every time a female starts shit, I ask her to PROVE her point and disappears back under the bridge where she came from….
      Roosh banning men for replying to women is very smart for this community.
      We should also ban manginas and white knights since they are worse than women.

      1. No, bad idea. A WK or mangina can be shown the light. They’re men, they still have a logical capacity, even if it’s overridden at times by the feminine imperative. The purpose should be to help teach men to be men again (PUA, being self sufficient, being manly again, etc). Banning to the point where we’re driving away potential converts basically makes us into an echo chamber. Even the Cathedral men should be posting here, eventually it sinks in and they convert, or they leave. They generally do NOT stick around year after year just trying to get men to stop talking, like the fems do.

      2. No, bad idea. A WK or mangina can be shown the light. They’re men, they still have a logical capacity, even if it’s overridden at times by the feminine imperative. The purpose should be to help teach men to be men again (PUA, being self sufficient, being manly again, etc). Banning to the point where we’re driving away potential converts basically makes us into an echo chamber. Even the Cathedral men should be posting here, eventually it sinks in and they convert, or they leave. They generally do NOT stick around year after year just trying to get men to stop talking, like the fems do.

        1. Solid perspective, Ghost. When I look back a year ago at a lifetime’s worth of indoctrination that was in my head and compare it to my newfound clarity of thinking and being able to see the world as it really is, I find the change to be astonishing. Men are logical creatures, and when logic and reason conflict with belief, men tend to adjust their beliefs. Hopefully, this site and the exchange of perspectives will enable other men to open their eyes. RoK is an excellent resource.

    2. Ours was not to ask them why
      Ours was only to make them cry …
      Counter-trolling can be a beneficial public service.

  62. You really can’t take any confrontation to your opinions… afraid you can’t sustain your arguments?

  63. I actually think that waves of “wow, just wow” posted by women underneath each article don’t detract from it; on the contrary, they signal that the article is of high quality. But I understand not everyone wants to sift through them.

    1. The first 5 are funny. When the comments get 500 deep and 40% of them are “Wow, just wow” it’s somewhat annoying

    2. It would be great if each article had a little number next to it indicating how many female “wow, just wow”-like comments it had earned. Kind of like a rating system.

  64. I agree with Roosh, the ‘manosphere’ or whatever we call it has to realise that there is actually a thin line between genuine dissent and opposing for opposing’s sake and the female commenters who come to these parts usually do so to cross it.

  65. Roosh, I don’t know whether you are serious or not, but wouldn’t it make more sense just to ban female commenters? (Except maybe for a few who are known to add quality to the debate.)
    I do understand the problem though. Some guys just can’t help themselves.

  66. Men that take it upon themselves to debate feminists haven’t grasped the concept of the red pill. I’m glad that Roosh has implemented this rule.

  67. What annoys me is how easy it is to spot an offended female simply by her writing, it’s so blatantly obvious.

    1. That’s like saying ‘violence never solves anything’. Bullshit. Ban stick swinging may not be the BEST solution, but it sure as hell solves the problem.

  68. Seems like an odd policy as this mostly seems to be an agitation site. The best posts here are not particularly profound, but well done in their blunt statements of obvious truths that society has tried to rationalize away. And getting thousands of comments is good for driving traffic, which in turn is good for getting guys who might just need a little push to start seeing the red pill reading this stuff.
    But really, when it comes to topics like women with short hair being damaged, there might be some interesting anecdotes that people will comment confirming the article, but that’s about it. It’s not going to generate some deep discussion on psychology or the nature of the human spirit. There’s just not that much meat on that bone.
    Personally I mostly read the comments to see idiots raging because its funny. If I commit myself, it’s mostly in response to one of them to see if I can get them to rage even more. And I find this place to be useful in practicing what does get the biggest reaction. It’s useful to know how to touch a nerve. So, I’m sorry to see this policy in place here.

      1. Depends on how you define troll. I don’t post things that I don’t think are true, or assume positions that do not accurately reflect how I feel or think.

        1. ” If I commit myself, it’s mostly in response to one of them to see if I can get them to rage even more.”
          Doesn’t seem to strongly reflect a reliance on personal conviction to carry your arguments.
          It sounds more like you use select fragments of truth or what you believe in order to force people to defensively consolidate their position. While that may not quite concisely fit the definition for ‘troll’, it is very close… telling half-truths to convince people of a lie is not exactly a lie (I do it myself) but when used to incite someone it is virtually worth it’s own characteristic term… Goblin perhaps?
          Naww, I have claimed that term already for someone like myself who uses anyone and everyone as a springboard for whetting my prose. Call it ‘Goblin Art’. More concerned with crafting a lovely turn of phrase than actually getting across mere meaning.

        2. I also don’t engage in half truths to create a false perception. It’s more I try and find the truth that stings the most. Deception isn’t required to anger a person who has committed themselves to obvious lies.

    1. Women will still post their spittle emitting outrage on topics like short hair or fat acceptance, so that’s not going to disappear. What’s being addressed is men chiming in to answer their 1,001 “wow, just wow” posts or engaging their constant ad hominem and “you must have a small dick” idiocy.

      1. While there isn’t much point in responding to “wow, just wow” many commenters have the pretense of an argument. And being able to string out their bad rhetoric till it’s most strained and then crush it with solid dielectric is both entertaining and a useful skill. I’ve become better at arguing face to face as a result of my forays here.

  69. Gotta love the number of cunts trying to bait me into a response last night. Keep proving your lack of worth ladies.

    1. No one cares if you respond. Women would rather not listen to your bullshit. Making you accountable for your bullshit is not “baiting.” It’s letting you know you all are fucking losers.

  70. ROKers replying to female commenters is the online equivalent of a roomful of men tripping over themselves to light a lone lady’s cigarette.

  71. Prescient institutional solutions are the best. Taking immediate action and deleting offending threads as they are discovered by moderators would be too late to do any good. I see the comment by Gloria below, there in all its glory not deleted. I guess this post is beta baiting and conditioning. Reminds me of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the collective good per official rules not individual discretion. Do moderaters get discretion and use it? Maybe that is why the Gloria comment below which I don’t mention is there, because FTW and show how narcissistically preditory liberated women are. Or, maybe we should all do the ‘right thing’ and self-monitor for the greater good that is no merit specifically or eventually at all. There are pros and cons to any policy, but whatever the policy, apply it consistenty with more action and less talk. Be the able patriarch about this and set the example. Reminds me how moms parent their children.

  72. Sorry Roosh. I got caught up in the argument, didn’t mean to shit on the comments section.

  73. Solid edict, Roosh. Women like to muddy the waters with irrelevant bullshit in these discussions. No use giving an audience to their squawking.

    1. If you want them having your back, that’s fine with you, but don’t expect the rest of us to think it’s a good idea.

    2. Faggots aren’t interested in how men should interact with woman. Why should they post here ?

  74. Though this approach might sound a bit tedious, I think a better way to stop spam from feminazis, manginas and other scum of the earth on this site, would be the option of allowing comments to be displayed not in real time, but only after being moderated.
    The downsides of this would be:
    – A tougher task on the moderators (who have to be commended for doing such a great job so far), but nevertheless it will prevent scum from appearing on this site.
    – Comments will no longer be displayed in real time. May appear after a couple of hours on the article page, after being moderated.
    This approach would reduce spam cum on the comments page. Because manginas, women pleasers, white knights, and pseudo red pillers (who have no male code of self respect or respect to rules here) will continue to break the rules.
    I have seen comments beginning with words like “Sweetie, blah blah blah…” by male commentators on this site to some pseudo-red pill women regular commentators. I always wondered how those men can even call themselves red-pill. These male commentators need to be monitored.

  75. lol…you still allow people to post as “guest” how the fuck are you going to ban people if you allow THIS much anonymity? Tool.

  76. It’s your site and you can do what you want with it, but I think this is a bad idea. Being ban happy strikes me as the kind of thing the feminist do because they can’t stand to hear people dissect their bullshit. But if that’s the rule here I’ll abide by it.

    1. Oh, so when MarySue does it, they’re in the wrong, but when RoK does it, it’s all, “Well, I guess it’s your site and I have to deal with it….”
      Because that doesn’t sound weird at all…

      1. I never said MarySue didn’t have the right to ban whoever they wish, I just think it’s wrong, and I think this is wrong too, which I said in the my above comment. Just because someone has the right to do something doesn’t mean it isn’t a bad thing to do. I think this policy is a bad idea, and I said so. And in RoK’s defense, they are at least making the rules on this matter clear, I was never told why I was banned from MarySue, or what rules I was breaking other than simply being a dissenting voice.
        By the way, I’m assuming Guest posts are male unless they say otherwise.

  77. You’re just angry that the commenter Bre had logical, fair arguments and you guys had nothing to counter her with.

  78. I dunno man, I mean I know how we all feel about how if we have a point to make on The Atlantic or some such and as soon as you speak up, its “oooohh, hateful men…” and BAN!
    Its a fine line I guess….

  79. To everyone screaming about a double standard, remember that only a few weeks ago we had an article describing the need for a male only space. While we can’t keep women out of here, we can shape the conversation and maintain the general attitude of such in the comments. Though I don’t believe in shaping discourse unless its in the sake of argumenting, it boils down to: Roosh’s club, Roosh’s rules. If you don’t like it, the close tab box is right up there ^

  80. But what if you cant tell the commenter is a woman or fag? (They may use weird names like TJC)

  81. Wut? Ive seen some pretty intelligent comments for women. Maybe banning stupid obvious femicunt troll messengers? What stops women disguising themselves as men and commenting? Slippery slope to banning anyone with a dissenting opinion?

    1. Its taken me a while to see it, but its not about dissent : sympathetic / concurring opinions are also potentially banned. What it’s about is a) discipline, something which we broke last night, myself included and b) a dedicated space for men, unbroken by women’s voices, with all the negative dynamics that involves. I’ve wasted a lot of time debating with women on this site, when in in retrospect they weren’t actually debating at all, just disrupting. This will be a deliverance from temptation (not that kind)

      1. I totally agree with the dedicated space for men, there are few places aside for the gym locker room where dudes can be themselves, it’s just, how does one determine the gender/sex orientation of a commenter unless they expressively say it? Just seems like a slippery slope, but then again collateral damage is collateral damage right? And the mods probably have a good enough feel of which commenters are worthy of the hammer.
        Ya know, maybe setting up a safe space for guys might be a good idea. In my area every second meet up is “women’s only” or something that excludes normal guys. It would be nice to bring back the “no girls allowed” sign in front of the tree house, even just once every few months.

        1. Yeah, I think some ideas like that were kicking about on the article about male spaces. Re. enforcement, I guess its not going to be an exact science. People will continue to post anonymously or under pseudonyms. I guess the point is to develop some self-discipline and as importantly some discretion

  82. Thank you … really the female trolls are to be ignored, period. The only hurdle is being able to determine if there are females pretending to be guys.

  83. Just a thought: if things keep getting worse in terms of undesirables trolling, I’m suspecting maybe only allow public reading but a poster has to pass a few budles before being allowed to respond on the forum.

  84. “females and homos will also be banned”
    I get the banning of the females, buy why gay men? Are they not men as well and do they not stand to benefit from the discussion?

      1. You “Kings” fear gays because you are closet gays. Your fear of women pretty much proves it.

  85. Censorship is a sign of weakness and we are not weak. Feminists need to use censorship to avoid facing legitimate criticism. See their latest efforts to ban the word “bossy”. Censorship exposes their weakness. The moment you start thinking you’re above reproach, above criticism, then you’ve become like them. As if their comments do anything but provide entertainment value to the majority of members and are a minor annoyance at worst. Strong, intellectually confident men laugh at these shaming tactics, we know better.
    Give it a second thought. I/we have nothing to hide and I’m happy to give intellectual spankings once in a while. No skin off my back. 🙂

  86. The problem seems to be a lack of male discipline. We do tend to get tied in a knot when femcunts troll us – which is sad because that’s what we’re supposed to be getting *above* as men rather than falling into their frame and replying to their pinpricks.
    In sum I guess that it’s a better thing to not trash up our comments with female inanity and hatred. However we forgo the hardening/training in adversity that resisting these trolls would give us.

  87. Thanks Roosh. As someone that was calling for this for a long time its nice to see the action.

  88. And yet there are always quibids and tights adds popping up? Female traffic and comments want a little push back do they not?
    Is this just manipulation? Queen Bee behavior? A little dissonance to fcuk with the troops and goad the girls?

  89. But…but, how we gonna get them to show tits or GTFO? Ha ha..they never showed them anyway. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure we didn’t want to see “those” tits anyway!

  90. As a long time lurker,i finally subscribed due to this statement…damn it was time to draw the line!

  91. while i think its great idea to ban people who have nothing notable to offer here, ie women and homos and people who engage in catfights with them, i cant help but feel as if this place is becoming an echo chamber for frustrated men. thats not to take away from what the authors have to offer or their credibility. but i do feel that most of the commenters are keyboard jockeys that reinforce each others “wymynz are dumb and stupid and fat and demanding”. i remember an article on your other site roosh, a long time ago, that talked about how guys sometimes disqualify women to shelter their egos from rejection. i think a lot of commenters here fit that description well.

  92. This site is super gay. All this butt smacking and dick sucking. All you guys are gay for each other. Just open up your mouths and anuses already cause that’s only the next step. You talk shit about women and expect them to fuck you? HOw fucking stupid are you fucks anyway?
    If this is your view, expect nothing but cocksmoking and backdoor action from here to eternity, dipshits.
    As well, I’d like to point out…maybe you fucks would like a theocracy better. Think about it…in most theocratic texts, women are nothing more than fuck machines for men, just a vessel for their children and doormats to rub their feet on.
    Seems like what you want. Have fun gay sex with your homies and just have a woman around to look macho cause you got one and spit out your gay seed.
    There’s actual cultures in the world where men are for pleasure and women are for breeding. Sounds right up the alley of anyone who takes this site seriously and especially for the idiots that run this place.
    A little about me:
    I’m a dude. I fuck women while respecting them. I don’t deal with women that don’t respect me. And to those that don’t, I don’t need to go hi five another dude cause some woman doesn’t understand what respect is. That’s her problem, not mine. However, I also don’t feel the need to disrespect all women because a couple of them don’t understand how to earn and return it.
    You idiots are knuckle dragging, slack jawed cave men who think you’re smart because you use words with more than one syllable. Here’s a word with more than one syllable: dipshits.
    And don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending women. I’m simply pointing out how fucking retarded you lot are and how this site is like some kind of ‘I’m not gay but I love men’ homoerotic denial gathering.
    Go fuck yourselves. You’d obviously find it more fulfilling than having a girlfriend it seems.

  93. I’m conflicted. I mean most of the time women that comment just name call and try to justify their anger over an article. I get that. I don’t agree with it, fuck’em. However most of the time I have responded to them I want to know why they’re here in the first place? It’s your site do as you will.

  94. I don’t normally comment and have never replied to a female commenter but, while this is Roosh’s house and therefore his rules, can’t say I’m a fan of this. I always despised the “ban everyone who doesn’t agree with me” norm of feminist websites.
    This was one of the few websites where idiotic women would comment, and then be totally shut down by the posters. Must have been quite a shock, given how they’re used to message board white knights (possibly the worst kind) leaping to back up any inane point they cared to vomit onto the board.
    I understand this is more of a “this is annoying” issue than a “we can’t handle debate” issue but eh. Like I said, his house, his rules.

  95. Ha! I thought this was going to be a commentary on how replying to females on other forums will get you banned from that forum. I read an enjoyable book earlier and went to a forum to discuss it with other members and saw that a woman started a ‘shipping’ thread. This was also my first experience with shipping so I didn’t see it for the giant red flag that it was. Well, there is a potential love triangle going on in the book (which has nothing to do with romance; blink and you missed it) as a means of establishing competition between two men. The prevailing theory was that they would share the woman; a bad case of wishful thinking. I made a one sentence long comment, “I don’t anticipate this happening because no self respecting man would share a woman with another man.”
    As you can imagine, there was an explosion of hate and feminist rhetoric from every direction. I was degrading women by removing their choice. I was clearly a ‘cisgendered’ male perpetrating ‘patriarchal crap’ blah blah blah. It took me by surprise.
    As a result, I was banned for hate speech, though I was able to get the moderator to admit I broke no forum rules.

  96. I assume that this means I can’t call them cunts and generally denigrate them as I often do. Never mind, it is a good rule and I am delighted to see it happening. Bitches and faggots need to learn that their opinions aren’t worth shit here.

  97. This new ruling calls for a celebration limerick:
    There was a big cunt from a cunt
    Who cunted all over her cunt
    She cunted and cunted
    Then cunted and cunted
    But still she was just fat cunt.

  98. Wait, sorry I’m new here I understand the whole women thing but gays too? Why? How do you even know? Do they just put in all their comments ‘oh and btw i’m gay fyi’?

  99. To all the guys that respond to females…one must realize, that nothing but negativity can come from it. Why waste you time fighting against their negativity…it will only make you negative.

  100. It’s not like women have nowhere to go is it?
    It never ceases to amaze me how much time women spend stalking/ interfering with the men/male cause they purport to loathe so much.

  101. Hey, I have suggestion. White knight manginas and male feminists should be banned as well.

  102. Don´t worry.
    There may be a lot of white knights hating your guttes, a lot of trolls too but there are no wimmenz on dem intrenets.

  103. It’s amazing how the same women Roosh want to ban from commenting on the website are the same women he wants to have sex with.

  104. Guys, I got banned because the douche that is Roosh (lol that rhymes) didn’t like my earlier comment. Like someone said before Roosh is becoming Hitler and Stalinesque. Silence the dissenters. This is actually my second time getting banned. The first time was because I said Billy Chubbs was wrong for being Anti-Semitic. The second time was because I said the new policy was stupid. Neither of which is against the rules on ROK. But anyway, people should boycott this site for their stupid banning practices. You are not allowed to disagree on this site which is why you have all these comments saying they agree with Roosh when most of them deep down know the new policy is a little extreme.

    1. “This is actually my second time getting banned.”
      Go for the hat trick…get the fuck out, if you don’t like it.

  105. Yes! Finally the hammer of Roosh penalizing women getting into men’s bussiness. Know your place women, the only men commenting on a women’s website are homos and sissies.

  106. Going back to the recent article whether the bible is red pill or not…. 1 Cor 6:9 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind”!

  107. women are not to blame, the fact you don’t want women and are self hating is to blame- stop blaming women for your latent homosexuality and come out and be proud of it! you want women to be your version of “feminine” because you are unsure of your own sexuality. you have to degrade other people because you are highly insecure. you were most likely tormented in school- abused, and now instead of standing up for the abused, you have become the abuser! you are psychopathic in behavior- a psychologists wet dream. pathetic.

  108. typical geek losers. you were a bunch of highschool losers wishing you could date the cheerleader- pathetic. now you are bitter because those popular girls never wanted you. why didn’t you just date the other girls that were not popular? some were just as good looking as the sluts- but no you are still bitter and want the abusers to accept you by spewing vitriol- pathetic. a jerk praying on the insecurities of stupid, insecure sheeple; if you were a geek turned successful, and you still want the “popular” kids to accept you by giving them half your paycheck or playing stupid games that only work on idiots, then you are still letting those that abused you in the past win- except, now you are paying for the privilege out of your own pocket

  109. I fully support Roosh’s decision. I’m not here to read a bunch of twattle from cunts. This is Roosh’s house, Roosh’s rules. Don’t like ’em? Get the fuck out.

  110. Someone clean up aisle “etain”, he’s shitting all over the place. Go write your fucking novella someplace else.

  111. Holy shit best rule ever.
    Step 1: Pretend to be male
    Step 2: People reply
    Step 3: Reveal yourself as a women
    Logically, ROK should implode from there

    1. This is a site for straight men on how to better their lives and get what they want from women. It’s not a gay activist site

  112. Yeah, man, gotta make sure you keep those icky double-x chromosomed monstrosities outta here. They might even spread the dreaded, deadly disease of “cooties”. In all seriousness, however, if you whore-sons truthfully can’t handle even a smidgen of counter-argument or disaggregation, then you all would likely profit from an immediate ritual regarding the summoning of testicles, because as it currently stands, my spayed female dog has more masculinity then you.

  113. Yeah, man, gotta make sure you keep those icky double-x chromosomed monstrosities outta here. They might even spread the dreaded, deadly disease of “cooties”. In all seriousness, however, if you whore-sons truthfully can’t handle even a smidgen of counter-argument or disaggregation, then you all would likely profit from an immediate ritual regarding the summoning of testicles, because as it currently stands, my spayed female dog has more masculinity then you.

    1. Um.
      No. They are not “cool”.
      They are cunts just like the ones that troll here. They hate men and just try to play of the name of this website for hits.

      1. I disagree! It gives me hope in women just reading their articles and talking to them.

  114. Ah yes.
    women rule and men drool.
    women are soo much better than men.
    men are lousy and lame.
    the only thing men can do correctly is money.
    A VIBRATOR WORKS 9583974938293784892849379284989374 TIMES BETTER THAN ANYMAN ANYWHERE.

      1. I want to make sure I don’t accidentally respond to a female commenter and get banned.
        I posted this question because I’m not psychic and this article is going to make me, and I’m sure many others, hesitant to reply to another commenter they don’t know because they don’t want to get Banned.
        I think we should just let the feminists hang themselves in the comments, there’s no need to ban people unless they just spamming.
        If we start banning people, like the feminists do, we will have less
        people challenge our beliefs and then we will become complacent and soft, and as a whole our arguments will become weak over time.

  115. I just got banned in the AV Club for posting in an article about the reduced number of women on films. I have been a commenter in the AV Club articles for many years. But I said something against the PC policy there, and well, I´m out. Bummer.

  116. Is this a troll? What a retarded policy. When you silence counter-arguments you not only weaken your own position and legitimacy and but you also degrade the quality of your thoughts and risk becoming a mediocre Fox News-esque echo chamber.
    I say this as someone who agrees with most of the philosophies put forth by the ‘manosphere.’

    1. The solution to your dilemma is to ban spammy/obviously trollish posters(many/most of whom might happen to be women), not institute a Stalinist rule against replying to any females.

  117. Ah man. This is probably not a good policy to take. You know the saying. Lions care not for the opinions of sheep. You give them power and legitimize them when you institute rules such as this. Hell, we should all know from personal experience.

  118. sounds, like fear to me. anyone who cannot handle the other side, is afraid to lose so you ban them to make yourself look better.

    1. Without democracy, society will collapse.
      Silencing the opposition won’t help at all…

  119. Great rule idea. I do disagree with the gay fellas being banned. Like Ironwood wrote, we are leaving out quality potential when we push gay men out of the picture. I agree that feminized drag queens and incapable pansies need not apply, but what about those that loathe the feminist movement as much as we do? Gay men are easier to be lionized over manosphere issues because they don’t care about gaining or losing the cooch

  120. What’s with the banning of homos? Are they not able to be red pillers too? Hell, I think if there’s anyone who could truly benefit from such an idea, it’s the manly homos who don’t want to be seen as flaming faggots or associated with the manufactured image of American homosexuality (the thought of which makes me puke).
    Gotta love the hypocrisy of feminazis though.
    Great site, by the way. I have no idea how I missed this. Some good stuff on here (found after reading a delightfully written article about how Soylent is more bullshit for idiots who would rather be followers than kings). Thanks, gents.

  121. Cause there is nothing straight men like more than a sausage fest…..oh…wait

  122. I’m happy to be a new member of this “club.” Thank you for establishing it, for those of us that actually “get it.”

  123. You appear fearful of women yet write books about how to “bang” them. that must be a painful way to live.

  124. And here it goes again. Another one of your misogynistic posts. You ban women because you’re intimidated by them and you know you can’t handle a woman speaking her mind. It proves that you’re just an immature asshole who blames women for your effing problems when in reality you’re just the problem yourself. Straight up, without women, your dumbass wouldn’t exist. You obviously have no respect for women at all, and that means you don’t have any respect for your grandmothers, mother, and sisters. If you blame women for your problems, you blame your grandmother, mother and sisters too. Again, go fuck yourself.

  125. Just came across this site on Yahoo Answers c; I am a female and I totally understand this whole female-free-zone, because females get male-free-zones all the time, right? Yes, they do, but that is no excuse to call women whores or say mean things because they supposedly post random comments to get a kick out out you guys -.-‘ the comments on here are just sickening. Enjoy your man space while it lasts c; LOLOL.

  126. Roosh – You should ban yourself for acting like a queer. Through thorough research that was conducted, it has been found that Roosh stands for (Really Gay….the gay is silent). So that means that you’re a closet hiding fanny bandit. Do us all a favor and stay in the closet.

  127. Aww, did a woman make your little board look silly? Well, here’s a revelation for you, you look silly anyways.

  128. What’s the problem? Don’t respond then. Why would you want to talk to such a man- hater anyway? She’s probably ugly and fat – a 1 at the most, and not worth stalking. lol

  129. Aw, little boys are afraid of women. That’s what the whole site is about. A bunch of little, insecure, inadequate dipshits who can’t take responsibility for their own shortcomings and failures, trying to prove and justify to each other that “it’s not me! I’m wonderful! It’s those mean old girls!” And then confirmation bias tells you that yeah, you’re a MAN and women are EVIL because you have surrounded yourself with a bunch of other childlike losers, so your warped views on reality grow unchecked.

    1. Aw, little girls are afraid of men. That’s what the whole trip is about. A bunch of little, insecure, inadequate dipshits who can’t take responsibility for their own shortcomings and failures, trying to prove and justify to each other that “it’s not me! I’m wonderful! It’s those mean old perverted guys!” And then confirmation bias tells you that yeah, you’re a womyn and men are EVIL because you have surrounded yourself with yea saying rote repeating politically correct fembots so your warped views on reality grow unchecked. Sigh. You did come here to make this brave little stand unsolicited.

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