10 Things I Use Every Day

I want to share ten products I use every day that make my life a tad more comfortable, productive, or enjoyable.

1. ASUS ZenBook UX303UB

All my work is produced on this. It’s fast, lightweight, has a long battery life, and reboots in seconds thanks to a solid state hard drive. I would say it’s even too powerful for my main application of writing and browsing the web.

There are a couple of downsides. First, the trackpad is clumsy so I feel compelled to use a wireless mouse. Second, there is a production flaw that creates a noticeable bulge on the left side of the keyboard (I’ve seen two laptops of this model with the problem). This causes impressions of the keys to be left on the screen. Lastly, it has Windows 10. It took me a week of hacking to add features that I used on Windows 7.

Click here to view on Amazon.

2. Samsung J7 Smartphone International Version

The best thing about this phone is that it has dual SIMs and manages to get an H+ data connection (a speed in between 3G and 4G) within any country I visit, unlike non-international phones that may only get 2G. I leave my phone on for twelve hours a day and from that I get four days of use before having to recharge. If I could do it all over again, I’d buy the J5 version that has a smaller screen to make it more convenient to put in my jean pocket.

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3. Bread Machine

I’ve been making my own bread for one and a half years. While I don’t make a loaf every day, I do eat my bread daily. The recipe I use calls for a mixture of white and rye flour to get the texture and taste that I prefer, with low amounts of salt and sugar. There are many bakeries near my apartment that has fresh bread, but I get a humble satisfaction from eating my own.

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4. Panini Maker

For lunch I take two slices of my bread and make a ham and cheese sandwich with a panini maker. I then top it off with two fried eggs. I don’t know why, but a panini maker significantly enhances the taste of a sandwich when compared to using a normal toaster oven.

While many people get tired of eating the same food every day, my lunch is usually the highlight of my day. No matter where I am in the world, or what troubles I have, my lunch offers me a feeling of stability and comfort.

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5. Bosch Electric Kettle

I had never seen an electric kettle until I left America. Before that, I’d put water into a stove top kettle and wait for the whistle. Or when making pasta, I’d put water in the pot and wait for it to boil. Europe has rid me of these barbaric practices.

My electric kettle can heat a cup of water in less than a minute. When cooking pasta, I boil the water in the kettle first to save time. Whenever I go back to the States and see my mother using a stove top kettle, I cry for her on the inside. I bought her an electric kettle, but she’s too old to change her ways.

What I love about this kettle is that it can heat water at temperatures below 100 degrees. This is perfect for green and white teas that should not be used with boiling water.

Click here to view on Amazon UK.

6. Butter Tray

For most of my life, I was content with taking a stick of butter from the refrigerator, unwrapping the plastic, cutting off a pat, re-applying the wrapper, and then putting it back into the refrigerator. This is acceptable in America where a stick of butter is small, but in Europe the butter doesn’t come in sticks but huge rectangle bricks.

European butter bricks take so long to finish that the wrapper becomes a greasy mess after just a few uses. After shopping around three stores in my area, I found a butter tray with a metal base and clear plastic top. It’s now such a pleasure to use butter in my cooking.

Click here to view on Amazon.

7. Simply Noise

I have severe sleep problems. First, my body clock seems to be based on a 25-hour day, which means that if I solely listen to it on when to sleep and wake, I will soon go to bed in the morning and wake up at night. More severely, I am an exceedingly light sleeper—far lighter than a cat—even though I can fall asleep quickly. (One benefit of being a light sleeper is that no girl has successfully robbed me.)

In Europe I live in a shabbily constructed apartment building where I can easily hear my neighbors. In fact, I can hear them talking right now as I type the draft of this article. So they don’t wake me up at 8am, I put on brown noise from SimplyNoise every single night before going to bed. The noise is loud enough to mask my neighbors, but it doesn’t interfere with my sleep.

Click here to visit.

8. Cheap Nightmask

Girl included

I don’t like the light, especially since I prefer to wake up at noon or after. I sleep with a cheap nightmask that I buy in packs of ten. Each one lasts about two months. With my white noise and nightmask, I have to debrief women who sleep over that the experience will be a bit different from the hundreds of other men they’ve been with.

Click here to view on Amazon.

9. Baking Soda

Seven years ago I discovered how baking soda acts as a strong deodorant. I still use it every day after showering by applying a fingertip worth onto my armpits. A $1 package lasts me two years. For many men, baking soda was the first red pill they took.

Click here to view on Amazon.

10. Sensor Excel Razors

I like having only two razors because it’s easier to maneuver around my face. Two razors is like a sports car while three razors or more is like a family minivan. I don’t have a corporate job so I don’t need a close shave to appease anyone. Unfortunately, in the past few years it has become impossible to find these razors in a normal store, so I usually order them in bulk online at a premium markup.

Click here to view on Amazon.

There are many other things I use regularly, such as a lint roller and Amazon Kindle, but not daily like the items above. As you can see, I have a simple life, and I hope I can keep it that way.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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84 thoughts on “10 Things I Use Every Day”

  1. You know how to live, Roosh. Some good ideas here, and I gotta try the baking sode thing. I’m sorry you have the sleep problems.
    Hey.. I thought you’d moved back to the USA. But it sounds like you’re still in Poland??

      1. “With my white noise and nightmask, I have to debrief women who sleep over”
        Not much of a problem once a year.
        Now you’re 40, you won’t be getting much (if any) in the USA.

    1. Real men use a safety or straight razor and shaving soap.
      Really surprised you are using a cartridge.

      1. Downvotes for suggesting a safety razor? Are you all gay?
        I use a Ming Shi 2000s safety razor (around $10 from AliExpress) and is a clone of the $75 Murkur Futur. Shaving every day uses one blade a month (10c/blade), shaving soap and a badger brush will add another $5/year to your shaving costs. Way cheaper than shaving with cartridge razors. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll never go back.

        1. Thanks
          I began shaving again after 5 years beard.
          Figured a straight edge or my dad’s replaceable style blade system would be best.

        2. I like my Merkur 23c DE razor, American Crew shave oil, and I go through 1 Wilkinson Sword blade every 8-10 days or so and that’s shaving every day due to my job in the feminized military. The blades come around $18 per 100, and I go through about two bottles of shave oil per year, so running costs are around $28/YEAR.

      2. I’m with you on the safety razors. Blades run me about 10 dollars and last me at least a year.

      3. I switched to a straight razor in 2009 and I never worry about buying blades. Much better shave as well

  2. It’s crazy how little a man needs to live when he’s single. It’s only when a woman moves in with you that your apartment or house get filled up with mostly useless stuff. A single, red-pilled man can easily live on a minimum wage, I think. It’s just the (((media))) that wants to turn us into wagecucks that work themselves to death for the sake of buying stuff we don’t really need.

        1. Not always… choose your rate, choose your fate. That plus the mandatory feminist trainings (bystander intervention, ugh). Not worth it if your only goal is free weapons training once per year or so.

    1. Basically society wants you trapped in a job to pay taxes, consume, and pay interest on debt. On top of that, having health insurance is normally dependent on being employed.
      Advice I give young guys if they value having options in life – no debt, no wives, and no children. Marriage is beneficial for women, children, and society in general…not such a great deal for men. Why do you thing the government is in the marriage business? Fast, easy, and cheap to get married but slow, painful, and expensive to get divorced.

      1. You’re right government is meddling in the marriage business. There should have been a stipulation in the constitution too for the SEPARATION OF MARRIAGE AND STATE along with the separation of church and state. Is another revolution with bayonettes due or can’t we just back pedal and overwrite and fix this one. The government now has the power and the gall to deincentivise the proliferation of your tribe, seeing as how it’s such a bitch passing your seedline without being bombarded with punitive measures by your beloved gubment.
        In wild nature where there is no hostile government, offspring are crucial for survival of the tribe. That’s a no brainer. With the pesky state breathing down your neck, it’s so precarious raising a fist to beat back the government goons and minions while keeping clenched balls and a stiff dick to maintain the swing into ye tribeswomen’s baby holes. The bastards are trying to break your swing. HOW DARE they be interruptusing on your tribe like that. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      2. @Drater You sound just like a stereotypical Millennial with all that “avoid responsibility at all costs” nonsense.

        1. This movie was written by a faggot to be a satire about masculinity but it had way too many truth bombs in it…

    2. I guess if you live in rural Wyoming, it’s possible to do it on minimum wage. Can’t even begin to live in Colorado, on that.

  3. Solid state hard drives, while convenient, make it very difficult to do use the Gutmann method of erasing files. Yes, I know that the only secure way to wipe a drive is to physically destroy it, but I’ve used the method to wipe sensitive files that otherwise would have been recovered after seven overwrite passes.
    Now someone with more expertise than me please correct me if I am wrong or fill in any gaps that may be in my assumption.

    1. Best way is to encrypt your sensitive data from the beginning. Preferably not using Microshit bitlocker.

  4. The caption on #8 says “girl included,” but what if that isn’t my type? Can I substitute the Asian girl with a dyke haircut for a long-haired blonde? Eye color won’t matter since she will have that nightmask covering her eyes anyways.

  5. Roosh, white flour is basically sugar; it produces the same insulinemic response as white sugar. Bread is poison.

    1. People have been eating bread for millennia.
      If it were equivalent to sugar then our epidemic levels of diabetes and obesity would be normal since time immemorial.
      But that is not the case.
      Pure sugar is much worse than any bread.
      People from enduring Bedouin desert travellers to European conquistadors have done fine on bread.

      1. You clearly have no idea on how diabetes work. There is a doctor, Walter Kempner, that cured diabetes with sugar, rice and fruit. Fat is the issue with diabetes.

        1. Interesting.
          But you can eat a high fat diet and still lose weight. Like Atkins or Paleo. Even Eskimos consume a lot of fat.

        2. @Maple boy,
          I’m pretty sure he was referring to body fat, not dietary fat. I used to eat mostly paleo but it felt faddish to me, but I am still thankful that it uninstalled the fat=bad brainwashing that my mother had installed in me.
          When I am left to my own devices I will often cook a 6oz steak and 5 eggs in a tbsp or two of Kerrygold butter.

        3. @Soyboi If diabetes revolves around an incomplete insulin response to blood glucose levels that results in sustained blood sugar levels, how does fat come into the equation?

        4. Burton Fat messes up the insulin receptors. Glucose has to enter into the muscle cell, and for that to happen insulin comes to action to open the door of the cell. But fat blocks the entrance, even if open, so Mister Insulin takes a look at Mister Glucose saying…sorry buddy, nobody’s home, don’t know what’s wrong, let me call some of my mates to help you find a place for tonight, they probably can do a better job. More insulin launched to open those God damn cell doors for the God damn sugar that is already running around like crazy…another failure, more insulin, more failures and boom…now you have diabetes. Cheers!

        5. g(r)eek I’m talking about the fat found in eggs, meat, dairy, processed oils. I would be careful with that diet of yours. You’re playing with fire. Even God damn lions eat meat once a week, if lucky, not every day. And you’re a Primate also. The other Primates enjoy eating fruit in the first place. Give it a thought. Cheers!

      2. @Maple Boy.
        Right you are. People over the world eat tons of bread and are trim and healthy. Fat ass North Americans poke bread in their faces, sit on their asses, eat fa(s)t food and then blame “the wheat”. What nonsense!!

      3. And Inuits have been consuming very high amounts of animal fat and protein for millennia, yet we find they have some of the highest rates of osteoporosis and nutritional deficiencies. Just because something is done for a long time, doesn’t make it good.

  6. No disrespect but those items on the list appear to what the average metro male depends upon. No one asked but my own list is short and goes a little something like this;
    1. The quick snuggle of a good, appreciative woman curled up under the covers before racking out 100 sit ups.
    2. Coffee.
    3. Work apparel, including boots, pocket knife and hat.
    4. Chainsaw with gear and gas.
    5. Self confidence, a quiet sense of morality and a clear purpose.

    1. No disrespect, but reading this felt like an intro to Brokeback Mountain 2.
      1. You SNUGGLE with a “good, appreciative woman curled up under the covers…” note: not fuck her. Then crunch “100 sit ups.” Huh? If you had fucked her you would have done way more than 100 sit ups worth of ab work. And this is where my first gay alarm went off.
      2. 3. and 4. You detail how you prepare for the morning. What!? Coffee, clothing, accessories, tools. Macho man tools. Whoop! Whoop! Gay alert!
      5. Self confidence, your own sense of morals and a clear purpose. You go girl. Do you stare in the mirror, and give yourself that little pep talk before hitting the streets?

    2. Cuck detected.
      What a good little worker slave you are. Why are you wasting time online?

  7. Homeboy, get a butter crock for christ’s sake. Le Crueset makes a good one. Told a guy at work 5 days ago he was ripe & needed your baking soda hack. He abided.

  8. Swiss army knife. I like the old BSA version and have many. Can find them online for around $20 and even cheaper sometimes used. The long folding knife is also a hair under 3″ so should be legal in most jurisdiction even outside the US. But that is long enough to be at least an improvised defensive tool that is effective.

      1. In some states having a locking blade is illegal for casual carry. You must have a “professional purpose”. Odd law for places that still have them on the books and most likely rarely enforced. I just stay away from a locking knife because there is no reason to give “them” a reason to mess with my life.

  9. Gimmicky 4+ blades are not better than 1 or 2. Had to start ordering 2-blade Sensor Excels online after stores like Walgreens, CVS and Target stopped carrying anything with less than 3 blades.

    “Try the new Gillette Face Rake! 42 blades! Just drag it across your face in one pass and it removes…everything!”

    1. Cutthroat razors, along with a strop and some quality lanolin (sheeps wool fat) soap.
      Once you master it – best shave you’ll have.

  10. Razors?
    I have not shaved this millenia, (and a decade into the last).
    I picked up a pair of “personal groomers” on sale the week after Father’s Day. I’ve been using them once a week since. I had to replace the batteries every few years & oil them after use, but not much else can go wrong with ’em.

    1. Hurr durr I gots mahself a beard bro. Therefore I’m more manly than u clran shaven pussies.
      Bread doesn’t make the man.

  11. The J5 is great for international use. It’s Dual Sim and I get LTE in Ukraine and USA . H+ all over Europe.

  12. My wife has always made fresh bread. When our oldest son visited a friend’s house for the first time, he returned with this story. He explained, “Dad, they had bread there that was already sliced and in a plastic bag!”

  13. Roosh, for betters sleep, 1) put these glasses on about 7:00 PM. They block the blue light which stops your body from making melatonin: https://www.amazon.com/Uvex-Blocking-Computer-SCT-Orange-S1933X/dp/B000USRG90/ref=sr_1_28_sspa?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1530744045&sr=1-28-spons&keywords=glasses+sleeping&psc=1 There are tons of studies on this, and 2) have your last bite of food for the day no later than 6:00 PM.
    Test it. Do these things on one night and you will be sold.

  14. Panini:
    [Panini] Indian grammarian whose grammatical rules for Sanskrit are the FIRST known example of descriptive linguistics (circa 400 BC).

  15. Like a BOSS! No worries no hurries… that’s what I always say.. Thanks for the great advice..

  16. Oh, come on. This collection is 100% Blue Pill -soyboy-lifestyle! Most shocking is mentioning Amazon Kindle (last paragraph).

    1. Seriously? How is a kindle bad for someone who travels a lot? I can fit 1000 books in mine in the same space/weight as a small paperback. e-ink display doesn’t strain your eyes like a backlit tablet screen.
      I don’t read as often as I should, but it still earns a place in my everyday bag.

  17. As smeone who knows how to make bread I have to say that the bread oven is a piece of junk. I also have a machine like that and it’s pure rubish. You need a regular oven and learn how to mix the ingredients by hand. It’s not that hard and much more fun.

  18. Opinel #9 carbon knife – cheap, takes razor edge easily after a quick slap through croc sticks, & due to rounded wooden handle-carries comfortably & lightly in pocket. It locks too. Fuck carrying & risking loss of $100+ knives like Benchmade. Opinel gets a compliment or awe every time I whip it out.
    1959-1961 Gillette Fat Boy razor loaded with Gillette Silver Blues or Platinums mfg in Russia. Wood shave bowl, Proraso cream, & a plissoft synthetic brush. Find your own preferred aftershave. You’ll look forward to shaving with such a setup.
    People hatin’ on bread & grains LOL. Beer & bread is what gave many the edge to explore further distances, fight there, & conquer.

    1. Although the Romans did wine and bread dipped in olive oil.
      Beer and bread is more Brit/Viking.

  19. I do not buy dairy, sugar, or flour/bread anymore.
    Not totally eliminated from diet, but treats only when out mostly.
    At home black coffe from italian percolator.
    Eggs, steamed veg, meat, fruit, trail mix.
    Shaving – need better system. I reckon straight edge or my daddies style replaceable blade system. Eventually.
    Dont use deodorant…
    My sleep has improved . About a week of sleeping theu the night.
    Was 12 years if being woken at 12:30 -2:00AM and awake for hours…upside is i read the redpill.
    Went to sleep center. Things are improving.

  20. Roosh,
    Why are you banning/ blocking articles/ posts critical of Israel? Are you Cucked by the Talmudic Cult?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  21. Roosh you already posted this article a couple of months ago , shouldn’t it have “from the archives” in front of the title ?

    1. Dan,
      The quality of articles has gone steadily downhill as the numbnuts have increased. Lots of rehashing “From the Archives” now. It seems revenue is tight for ‘Ol Roosh the Talmudic Cuckster (banning/ blocking of articles/ posts that are critical of Israel). He has also downgraded the incentive pay per article from $10 in Litecoin to now $5 in Litecoin. Truth hurts those that have willfully chosen to be Cucked.

  22. Interestingly Roosh, I believe everyone has a 25 hour body clock. I don’t have the citations here, but I recall a study I had to read back in college for a psychology class. If you put people in a room which has no indication of time (no windows, clocks, whatever else), the average person will live on a 25 hour day and in 12 days, their morning and night is reversed. They theorized this gave early man the ability to surive threatning situations late at night when they had to wake up and take action, but there is no proof for the latter part. Just proof that humanity works on a 25 hour day.

  23. Oh my gosh Roosh!!! Bread and butter. But, but, but,……it’s bad for you, blah, blah, blah………
    You look fit to me Roosh. Bread and butter on dude.
    What do you need a razor for with the Imam beard? Just asking.

  24. Who has the time for a straight razor? Plus, one slip can be quite bloody. Just get an open comb Muhle R41 instead.

  25. Re: Sleep mask. I started wearing one about 5 years ago when, as a shift worker, I got sick of trying to darken the room when I was on midnight shift. I was surprised at how fast they wear out! I mean, it’s just something that sits on your face (giggity). Between that and my CPAP machine I sleep pretty damn good.
    Also, if, like me, you’re fascinated by sleep, it’s benefits and ramifications should you not get enough, you should watch Joe Rogan Experience #1109. He has sleep expert Matthew Walker on and he all sorts of good info and tips on proper sleep and how to get it.

  26. Brown noise? Isn’t that the one that makes people poo themselves?
    Hope Roosh’s bedsheets are ok ;-(

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