How Zoe Quinn Screwed Her Way Through The Video Game Industry

Before I begin in earnest, I would just like to give a deep, heartfelt thank you to TheInternetAristocrat, whose excellent video about Zoe Quinn is what exposed me to this typical example of a Feminist in the first place. Show him some love and visit his Youtube channel for more videos exposing the hypocrites our modern culture has turned into “heroes.”

I highly suggest you watch InternetAristocrat’s video first. I’ll post here, but in case it is removed by the time you read this you can likely find a mirror by Googling: Quinnspiracy Theory: The Five Guys Saga. If you open the video and see Jesse Ventura rambling at you, you’ve found the right one.

A Tale As Old As Time

Recently, a simpish man named Eron Gjoni was dumped by his girlfriend Zoe Quinn. The reason? Eron found out Zoe was cheating on him. As Eron explains it in his very long, very detailed diary entry about the whole affair:

We kinda broke up, but kinda not. She’d often message me to say she loved me and wanted to be with me again someday. She had eyes only for me, she said, and wanted me to say the same for her.

A few months later, around the end of June, we get back together (though this time she was worried about a mole among her facebook friend’s list, and so she didn’t make it facebook official until two weeks into the relationship, for a carefully vetted group of, by her estimate, roughly 200 friends or so). Before you know it we’re hitting on each other over tumblr again and sending cutesy couples photos whenever we missed each other.


This was for the most part a good time –

Until I found out she’d been cheating on me with her boss (Joshua Boggs).

Who is Joshua Boggs? A video game developer, whose most notable project so far is the game FRAMED, “AN AWARD WINNING NARRATIVE-PUZZLE GAME SET IN A NOIR COMIC BOOK WORLD” as its own site loudly proclaims. So a female employee cheats on her boyfriend with her married boss. Just another day in Beta paradise, right? Well Eron, paragon of truth, justice and the American way that he is, decided he wanted to tell Boggs’s wife about the man’s affair. I think most people would not have a problem with that. Yet for some very bizarre reason, he asked Zoe to help him get in contact with Boggs’s wife. Eron’s naivety of the female nature would be cute if he weren’t a grown man who should know better, but fortunately he saved the conversation and put it up on his site:

Shit, man, what happened?

Eron asks us, and continues:

I mean, obviously she cheated on me (a lot actually), but why would someone violate their own beliefs on something as important to them as sexual consent? And what’s with all this fear of someone going public? What happened to her strong principled stance of unflinching honesty? Or of owning up to mistakes? What happened to the paragon of virtue I fell in love and set out to help fix the world with?

Most of us could easily answer Eron’s questions.

  • Zoe obviously never believed in sexual monogamy.
  • Zoe is afraid of it going public because she doesn’t want to lose her job or otherwise face consequences for her actions.
  • Zoe never had strong principles—she just told her boyfriend Eron that she did.
  • Sex is never a mistake. A mistake is using salt instead of sugar while baking. Screwing her boss was Zoe’s (now regretted) choice.
  • The social justice paragon Zoe which Eron fell in love with never existed in the first place.

So we could just leave it right there, just another cautionary tale of 21st century relationships. After all; at its core this is just another sad story of cuckoldry involving the modern western male.

Yet something far more insidious came about because of this scandal. And to talk about it, we’re going to have to talk about just who Zoe Quinn is, and how far down the rabbit hole that is her vagina goes.

Who Is Zoe Quinn?




Zoe Quinn is a young(ish) white American woman living in the greater Boston area. Zoe is a social justice warrior and feminist video game developer with (as of this writing) exactly one game to her name: Depression Quest, a pay what you want to download game available on the Steam Client. Depression Quest is a rip-roaring ride of escapism that leaves one clinging to the edge of their seat and is not at all a boring, pretentious, and childish text based game about what it’s like to live with depression.

[A brief aside: I downloaded and played some of the game. Since I wasn’t mugged for my lunch money within fifteen minutes of playtime I concluded that Zoe’s depression privilege was no where near the level of mine. I declared her privileged shitlord scum and immediately ceased playing.]

As of late, Zoe has been busy “soliciting” money for some new (and very vaguely described) projects: when she’s not screwing the male heads of those projects, that is (we’ll get to that). Zoe, like most feminist game developers, enjoys talking about how the video games she isn’t busting her ass to make need more women in them, tweeting about how brave she is simply for being a woman experiencing some childish internet harassment, and mutilating her body with fringe fads so she can be hip and edgy.

Oh! And Zoe also proclaims herself as being gay. During a short review on her blog about a game featuring two lesbian teenagers, Zoe writes [Emphasis Billy’s]:

I’m so thankful that the story didn’t focus on the difficult parts of being a gay kid .


I’m just so happy that the game really just let these two girls be themselves first, be messy and awkward and teenagers together, and that they also just happened to be gay. Because what I try to remember best, and what really matters to me personally, is the nights she fell asleep on my chest, not the times people defaced my things with the word “dyke”.


I know it can be considered problematic or unrealistic, but after so much real world suffering [Zoey is referring to her gay kid suffering, not anyone else’s, here – Billy] this small private story feels like an oasis in a desert.

Yes, Zoe has gone through sooo much real world suffering, being a loud and proud dyke and all. That’s why she screws men, and all this controversy surrounding her came about because she cheated on her boyfriend with other men…wait a second. A boyfriend? Screwing men! I thought Zoe was gay! She said so in her own words! Or perhaps she just meant she was bisexual. Well, a quick Google Search of her ohdeargodbees blog looking for the word bisexual seems to return no posts where she refers to herself with the word bisexual (perhaps Google failed me on this one), yet Zoe clearly loves the dick. Proof?

There’s Zoe, eagerly canoodling with a man (who has a beard, so no pretending Zoe’s kissing a chick with her eyes closed). And what does she say when her boyfriend says “I love you”? Does Zoe say FUCK OFF PENIS CARRIER? Nope, she says “I love you too.” Zoe obviously isn’t gay. So why would she write a loving story about being a gay kid in a small town? Zoe can clearly flip a switch and instantly love men. That doesn’t sound like at all like a gay female to me. But think about it: what sounds more oppressed? Having had to grow up as a gay kid or a queer kid, or having grown up as a bisexual kid? If anything (and her actions haven’t proved she likes girls), Zoe is a bisexual: and let’s be honest, in this day and age who cares if a girl is bisexual? What American girl hasn’t been with another girl? Yet she consistently calls herself queer, a word dripping with hate speech connotations, to label herself as a victim.

queer teen solidarity

Yes, queer teen solidarity indeed [that was taken from the comments on her gay kid blog post]. Kinda nice how Zoe-kins gets to have had an oppressed childhood as gaybo in a repressive redneck town, with all the LOUD PROUD LGBT street cred that comes with that, but now as a grown up she gets to fit in quite nicely with the normies by dating men and sleeping with men. Remember Eron Gjoni, the boyfriend who started this whole hurricane of hilarity in the first place? He and Zoe met on OKcupid, where Zoey was a WOMAN seeking a MAN. They had a 98% match rate. Zoe is totally queer.

Why did I just focus on that “I’m gay but only for the attention” aspect of Zoe? Because it perfectly shows that Zoe is a play pretend victim. She lies about what she is and what she has gone through, carefully manipulating wording where applicable, in order to get sympathy from people. She wants everyone to think she’s some poor, suffering woman beset upon in a cruel world, when in actuality she’s a callous pretender, a human with a black pit of a soul who will say any and everything in order to get people to feel sorry for her regardless of those who have actually suffered and actually need pity and understanding. And she sure isn’t afraid to tell it to people. What did Zoe talk about with Eron during their first date?

She seemed pretty cool; I didn’t talk much at first, and mostly listened as she related tales of adversities she’d overcome and how they’d shaped her as a person and fueled her determination to improve the world.

Lying for attention and pity is the strongest trait in Zoe Quinn’s character. Need further proof of her devious nature?

Zoe Quinn and internet misogyny

The Steam company has a kind of contest like system for video game developers. Developers create a game, upload it to Steam’s Greenlight project, and users vote on games they think are well made, fun, and worthy of being officially distributed.

While Zoe was developing her abysmal game Depression Quest, in order to get it onto Greenlight she alleged that she was receiving harassment from those magical folks over at Wizardchan, a website founded by a collective of men who thought the users of the infamous 4chan site were too normal for them (you can learn more about Wizardchan here). Wizardchan is a site exclusive for male virgins, so said harassment of Zoe took the form of good old misogyny.

Zoe lit the beacons, calling for aid and sharing far and wide the horrible misogyny she was suffering from simply for daring to be a female video game developer.


And the internet video game culture responded with a furious counterattack. Zoe’s woes were re-tweeted, re-blogged, re-everything else. Prominent feminists in the industry (including fellow feminist video game developer Anita Sarkeesian) called on gamers to fight misogyny by voting to Greenlight Depression Quest and bank rolling Zoe through various means. The biggest gaming news sites published articles talking about the death threats and harassment Zoe was receiving. The end result of Wizardchan’s campaigns of harassment (commonly nicknamed Raids for short in the trolling community) against her was that Zoe got a lot of press and financial support from a wide variety of sources which might have otherwise ignored her. Depression Quest was Greenlit to mass applause… by people who don’t play video games.

The only thing is, you know all that trolling and harassing? That misogynistic Wizardchan raid that so oppressed Zoe that she had to call the internet to arms? It didn’t happen. At least, not on a scale approaching anything close to what Zoe claimed. The users of Wizardchan put together an album challenging Zoe’s version of events, showing they had not organized any sort of raid and explaining that nobody on their board had created any sort of coordinated attacks against Zoe. You can go see proof of this by going through the album here. What Zoe experienced was some low level attacks by a very few individuals (who likely had nothing to do with the socially anxious wizards over at Wizardchan), which she seized upon to lie about and create sympathy and attention for herself, turning a few errant pot shots taken at her into something akin to the 1944 invasion of Normandy.

And it worked. Despite the fact that Depression Quest was widely reviled by gamers, many of whom questioned why Steam would Greenlight it on the games own page, Zoe’s game was released and widely praised by video game journalists and video game developers. The elites of video game culture, those who control what games get distributed and what is said about them through their mouth pieces in video game journalism, completely went against the opinions of the little people, the gamers, their customer base, the very people who are spending all their time buying and playing video games and maintaining the industry in the first place. By doing so, they [the video game industry] have effectively said: “The Feminist Imperative overrules the opinions of our customers.”


via Metacritic

And now for the screwing

Care of

As a result of her falsified misogyny crisis and the unwelcome release of Depression Quest, Zoe Quinn made several professional contacts in the video game industry, and began working with other developers: including Joshua Boggs. It was also around this time that Zoe met and began dating Eron Gjoni. It’s a good thing Eron found such a loving woman to date. Read some of Zoe’s own words about love and the human condition.

Here’s Zoe telling us about her philosophy on bad people:

I honestly believe in people. I feel like when people act shitty there’s always a series of reasons that led them to act that way and I will always have sympathy for the devil.


I really truly believe that anyone can be redeemed if we just figure out how. I feel like people are bad to each other because they’re hurting or ignorant or some other nasty thing that’s inside them, and I want to help figure out how to heal that or prevent it from happening to others while trying to take care of and support those who are hurt by other people’s shittiness.

Zoe Quinn screwed Joshua Boggs; video game developer, her boss and a married man, while she was dating Eron. She did not want to tell Boggs’s wife about her husbands affair.

Listen to her comfort a wannabe game developer:

Don’t let assholes stop you from doing what you love, if at all possible. Being weird is one more reason we need you here if you’re feeling up to it. Everyone is weird, come be weird with those of us who won’t treat you like shit for it.


Don’t feel the need to change yourself. Don’t be scared away outright. Don’t stop being you because some asshole can’t handle how rad you are. Don’t even heed any of this if it’s not good advice for you in particular. But if you do decide to walk this path, it doesn’t have to be alone, and it doesn’t have to be while bending to anyone’s will.

If you feel like joining us, we can do this together. No one has to be alone.

So was Eron an asshole who couldn’t handle Zoe’s rad self? Is that why Zoe screwed a video game journalist named Nathan Grayson, writer over at Kotaku, in order to get positive press for herself and her projects, thereby making more money for herself? She sure as hell bent to Nathan’s will. She sure as hell treated Eron like shit, despite claiming she wasn’t someone who did that.

Zoe screwed other video game developers and journalists as well, receiving in the process: job opportunities, press for her projects (and therefore making more money) and exposure for herself. Zoe Quinn, strong and empowered feminist video game developer, broke into the industry of her choosing not through hard work, but through the manipulation of the public’s sympathy and by granting private sexual favors for men in the video game industry.

This scandal has exposed several important things about the video game industry which relate to our pitiful society in general:

1. There Is No Honest Journalism In The Industry

The Zoe Quinn sex scandal simply shows that there is no industry where journalism can be trusted. Zoe had sex with video game journalists, who in turn wrote favourably about her and her projects, creating an extraordinary bias—not to mention increasing Zoe’s wealth by exposing her games to a wider audience. Even in an industry where the news is frivolous, relatively straight forward and unimportant to anything of serious consequence (reports on the new Mario game, interviews with developers, convention coverage, etc.), journalists have consistently proven they have no respect for their audience, nor the truth. There is no journalistic integrity left in the video game industry, and every single article written about women developers in the future must be considered corrupted by default until such a time that they can disprove their bias and show their integrity.

When women can buy a favourable image with their vaginas, public trust in journalism is officially an outdated concept.

2. The Feminist Imperative Overrules Everything

You wouldn’t be reading about Zoe Quinn right now if she had not have cried the M word while her lackluster game was under development. If Depression Quest had have been created by a man, it would be rotting in some dusty corner of the internet, unplayed and unknown, and it’s developer would likely be working in an industry other than the gaming one. But because Zoe was a woman, who claimed misogynistic harassment for being a female game developer, she was coddled and carried NOT by her achievements, but by the fact that she has a vagina.

Steam approved her game against the overwhelming opinion of their customer base in order to prove that they support Team Women, no matter what the cost. It does not matter that this has blown up in their face, and that the team behind Steam Greenlight have shown they have no respect for the opinion of their consumer base. Following the feminist narrative overruled everything. Profits, consumer trust, respect for their clients: Steam threw this all away to follow the mainstream political narrative. It is certainly not the only company to have done so.

3. Women’s Success Must Always Be Scrutinized

Feminists continue to set back the feminism movement. It’s a common grumbling amongst both the sexes in the lower ranks that, when they see a woman in a position of power, they assume she only got there because she’s screwing the right someone. Although this is not always the case, as Zoe Quinn proves it certainly can be.

The methods of moving up the ladder in a company or organization are vastly different for men and women, and if she is even passingly sexually attractive, the option for a woman to sleep her way up is a very real one. Again: how can one have trust in a company or organization that has women in positions of power when we live in a culture where she likely screwed and complained her way up the ladder? How can a team function properly with drive and efficiency when they strongly suspect that their female boss is a whore who got to where she is because she spread her legs?

Zoe Quinn’s antics, and the exposure of her sex scandal, has single handedly destroyed the credibility of every female in the video game industry (to say nothing of Zoe’s more direct attempts at sabotaging women game developers). In the larger picture, how long can women continue to support feminism when its most vocal adherents are consistently exposed as frauds, deviants and con-artists who step over their fellow ‘sisters’?

anitta sarkeesian

In The End…

Zoe Quinn is a hypocrite, a manipulator, and a homewrecker. She decries how sexist and callow men are then sleeps with them in order to advance herself financially and socially. In the process she cheated on a man who was exclusively monogamous to her, lying to him until he found irrefutable evidence of her misdeeds. She has hurt the wife of Joshua Boggs, and the wives and girlfriends of all the other men in the video game industry she has slept with.

slept with boyfriend

All in all, Zoe is simply a standard feminist. She wants to portray herself as being a victim, all the while victimizing others (including other women) with no care about anyone’s feelings other than her own. She wants to portray herself as smart and highly motivated woman who doesn’t need any help to succeed, but she then screws men in positions of power in order propel herself upward, instead of just working hard and succeeding through her own achievements.

That is the core of feminism: diverting as many resources from men to women as possible, while elevating the winner of the woman against woman free-for-all into positions of power, regardless of the woman’s merits or talent.

Normally I would end here, but there is one last thing which to be the most disturbing result of this entire scandal. What really spooks me about the Zoe Quinn sex scandal is the totalitarian overtures that arose in response to it.

The Attempted Blackout

Eron Gjoni posted his expose of Zoe Quinn on August 16, which was a few days ago. Considering the sheer scope and level of corruption this exposes, this story should not only have already been all over the internet but it should have been featured heavily in the mainstream media as well. Make no mistake—this is a major scandal in a billion dollar industry. And not only is it a good rage-inducing story on an ethical level, which interests men, but it also has the deviant sexuality and relationship cuckoldry which drives all good gossip for women. Zoe Quinn’s scandal has it all.

So why haven’t most people already heard about it? Because the social justice warriors, the feminists, the white knights—all the usual suspects, in other words—have been doing their damnedest to keep it completely under wraps in a mind-boggling display of overt totalitarianism. The launch pad for this story, the popular image board Reddit, has been subject to an intensive black out on all things Zoe Quinn. Sub-reddits have been shut down, comments have been deleted en masse, bans have been issued indiscriminatingly: all in an attempt to stop this story for erupting.

reddit BANNED

Why? Because Zoe Quinn is one of their own. Although the user base for Reddit (and sites similar to it) varies, by and large at the moderator and management levels there is a pervasive amount of so called “leftist” ideology. These people cheer on feminism and equalism and social justice and all those other corrupted ideologies, thinking that their cheerleading for politically correct causes which have long ceased being ethical or moral makes them heroes. When this bomb dropped, and Redditors began to circulate the story and talk amongst themselves about it, the moderators and higher ups immediately recognized that this scandal could explode. And thus they began to shut down the conversation.

Other sites started up their spin teams, trying to distort the narrative. Instead of focusing on Zoe Quinn’s hypocritical sexual deviancy and coercion, popular sites like Vice have tried to turn this scandal into a misogyny-fueled attack on Zoe. Thankfully most of their readers aren’t buying it, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying to silence the story.

they aint buyin it

Not even the 4chan party van was spared from the ban. And when the muzzle clamps down around the vicious mouth of 4chan, you know it’s time to get really worried about internet censorship.

internet aristocrat

Zoe Quinn’s sex scandal has delivered a heavy blow to the credibility of feminism and of allowing women to be a part of creative enterprise, and the attempted black out and spin doctoring of the scandal by them has utterly destroyed all credibility of social justice warriors, white knights, equalists and the other elements of the politically correct left. It is one thing to argue for Zoe Quinn, but to try and silence all discussion about her because it harms your narrative? That’s a frightening insight into the minds of these people, and unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s these types which are the gatekeepers in our society. They don’t want you  to have thoughts and opinions unless they are their thoughts and opinions. They will never accept debate or discourse. If we do not tow their line then they will attempt to cut you out completely.

These PC demagogues have shown themselves to be enemies of free thought and free expression. It is time to stop tolerating them and their politically correct ideologies, because for all their bluster about tolerance and caring, they sure as hell do not want to tolerate you.

Funny how all it took to reveal their true tyrannical side was a slut sucking some nerd dick.

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  1. What is the goal of Depression Quest? Get out of bed? Leave the house? Did her boss actually write a positive review? I thought there was some debate about that. Not to excuse the infidelity. Btw, weird hair color, tattoos and piercings are usually red flags. You see a lot of women like that in hipster cities like Portland.

    1. Goals:
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      Yes, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

      1. “Worse”? Ugh. I agree, but it’s pretty frustrating as-is. Worse is just…
        I occasionally surf a few tech sites and today Ars reviewed her game; the comment section started to explode about this story and the moderations are heavy-handed. Is there no tech site that isn’t run by a bunch of morons anymore? I can’t read about tech without this shit?
        I don’t want anything to do with these people — at all. I don’t want to support them, or give them attention. I want to straight up shun them and pretend they don’t exist. I don’t have time for their crap — I’ve only got, at best, another sixty or so years.
        The highlight was one since-moderated comment where a guy asked the story author, “So… how was it?”

      2. esp for you roosh:
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  10. I was hoping for this article when I checked in today. Spot on.
    The one really scary factor that I think was missed. There was aninstance of a male indie developer basicly telling a male friend of his that while secretly he agreed with him on the notion of femenisims being corrupt, he wanted to avoid looking bad to those in his professional circle. The idea being that he would be blackmailed and basicly unable to make a living if he didn’t tow the line. Thats the real fear here.

    1. It’s an understandable fear. But as long as one is smart and plays his cards right, he should be able to get along just fine. The problem with the SJWs’ friend/foe system is that they think if you don’t talk about a subject, that means you’re on their side. It’s a perfect hole, for those who have too much badthink in their brains, to use when trying to get into an industry.
      Take Major Nelson himself for example. Big name guy at Xbox. And yet the day after InternetAristocrat blessed us with hilarity, Nelson tweets this
      I don’t think that was a coincidence.

      1. While this is awesome, I wonder what his intention is with this. Is it an obvious nod to those of like thinking? It makes me curious if more men of power will use obvious subversion like this to say to other men “here there be no dragons, come forth” or is it simply a ploy.

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          These days, SJWs are so freaking volatile that this will probably be the only way higher ups who agree with us can let us know we have friends.

        2. This reminded me of the American POWs during the Korean War subtly flipping off the camera during the propaganda photos.

      2. I would be utterly shocked if his tweet had anything to do with this story. He does not make political comments often, but when he does it’s obvious he’s a leftist through and through… he loves him some Obama. Such a wink and nod to MRAs is completely out of character for him.

        1. Maybe so. However, I have been seeing several leftists actually come out against Zoe and all her shenanigans. So I wouldn’t say that disqualifies the possibility of him taking our side.

    2. It is already being called misogyny. She also faked /v/ hacking her and doxxing people. But she regained control in 15 seconds… miraculous ain’t it?

  11. I certainly hope there is an alternate reason for the thread deletion on 4chan. Love them or hate them, 4chan is an pinpoint of light in a dark void of political correctness.

  12. I originally heard about his over at Redditt r/TheRedPill and was sympathetic towards the (simpy, weak) boyfriend but thanks for posting that conversation snapshot they had.
    So here we go again, as it turns out he’s another mangina bitch who actually supports and enables a cheating, manipulative female:
    Note the high points:
    1. Spins her cheating as “being goaded on” (a.k.a., it wasn’t your fault)
    2. Does nothing to affect consequences for being shit on by her and publicly humiliated by her cheating on him by not 1…not 2…but..5 men?
    3. He tows the feminist line and says nothing with her line about “…also en masse men are stupid and dangerous to be naked around”
    This whole thing is like something from a bad dream or a comedy show skit.
    She is one of those bizarre, obviously mentally defective girls you see when standing in line in a restaraunt. The one that all the fully functional, normal people get a weird feeling about and kind of give odd looks too.
    Only thing missing here is to claim one of the 5 guys raped her or “moved forward without her consent.” That would be the icing on the cake, and would be the ultimate “reward” for any white knight idiot foolish enough to side with her.

    1. Only thing missing here is to claim one of the 5 guys raped her or
      “moved forward without her consent.” That would be the icing on the
      cake, and would be the ultimate “reward” for any white knight idiot
      foolish enough to side with her.

      Give it time. She has a good 40 years left where she can make that charge and take down any of the manginas if they get out of line and fess up that she slept her way to the “top”.

    2. Yes, all of the signs are usually there when dealing with a woman who is ‘damaged goods’.
      The colored hair, many tats, etc….you should be able to spot them. They are the ones who are desperate for attention (aka crazy).

  13. Those video game dev/journo nerds have low standards. That miserable cunt is fucking ugly.

  14. Personally, the adultery isn’t really an issue for me. People (men and women both) are going to sleep around, especially in today’s society. It’s sad that people were hurt by it, and it sucks that Eron Gjoni had the pain of discovering that the woman he loved had sex with at least five dudes during their relationship.
    What bothers me is the allegation that she, or someone close to her, used the DMCA to have a video criticizing her removed. I feel that’s an abuse of that law, and goes against values that many in the gaming industry support. Kotaku, and Stephen Totilo’s stance has been that Grayson’s relationship with her happened after he wrote an article in which she appeared. He wrote about her for other gaming sites as well, but I don’t have specific dates to cite at the moment. Either way, it’s just a huge, complicated mess, especially if she and Grayson had a relationship prior to what was reported by Kotaku. It kills any trust I have in their journalistic integrity. Although, being a part of the happy Gawker family doesn’t help either.
    Sadly, I don’t think any positive change will come from this. The industry will mostly close ranks to protect their special snowflake, and will drop the “misogyny” and “slut shaming” cards to distract people from the more serious issues.

  15. Paging Eron Gjoni.
    It’s time for you to regain some of your dignity back, learn game, and accept some basic facts:
    1. Most women are dishonest and have an uncanny ability to justify their own misdeeds. They are talented at convincing themselves they can do no wrong.
    2. Being a nice guy will get you shit on every. single. time. They don’t see you as being nice. They see you as being a supplicating simp they can walk all over. Plus, they think you’re boring.
    3. You could do much better. You’re not a bad looking dude. Put in an effort to learn game (start with buying Bang), hit the gym and you could do pretty damn well for yourself.
    But you need to fuckin’ change. Stop putting pussy on a pedestal, care about yourself before anyone else, and don’t fuck fatties.

    1. Any boyfriend who creates his own reasons why his girlfriend cheated on him is so dysfunctional that he couldn’t possibly be right in the head enough to listen to such sound advice.

      1. He wasn’t good enough for that purple haired hippopotamus. His ego has to be in the shitter to start with.

  16. Must be one of those things they learn in school. I have a cousin who is alternate- sexuality-short-haired-feminist and she smiles the same way Quinn does.

  17. Regarding the Wizardchan fiasco: there’s gotta be a term for this technique of goading the press into generating sympathetic attention to counter the false outrage over “oppression” that never actually occurred.

    1. Yes. She had a profile on a Suicide Girls-esque site (I believe her name porn name was “Locke”; you can find it very easily online).
      She is NOT a game developer. The game is a Flash-based series of text links. (And even at that, it’s doubtful she programmed this “game”; likely one of her thirsty beta porn customers did so.)

  18. How is this 40-year old emo paying rent? Is there squatting involved? Lololol, video games don’t make that much unless you hit the big time. It’s like playing in a band.

    1. I know a large number of dudes who are essentially drifters, they rent a room in some apartment for 400-600 a month, do odd jobs, live hand to mouth, mooch off others. It’s really common where I live (Brooklyn). Most of these dudes are simps, but a few of them display nuggets of redpill philosophy. IE, the system is corrupt so I’ll participate in it only as much as I need to. Women are vapid sluts, why waste my time. Etc. While many of these dudes eat cheese puffs and watch porn, a good number of them are astonishingly good with women, because they don’t give a fuck. It’s a very weird little subculture.

      1. Lmaooo that sounds like musicians around here that live with their parents. Maybe they date the female equivalent of themselves.

    2. And if a guy dressed up like this (hair, piercings and tats) at her age then what would we call him?
      This is the kind of shit that we need to use on them (just like fat shaming). We don’t accept these guys running around in “my little pony” t shirts so we shouldn’t accept this chick trying to be “edgy”….call her out.

      1. Exactly, a guy that age who dressed like that would be called an overgrown emo kid. I don’t know if guys get it worse, I’ve seen more men that age dressed like that than women.

      2. Yeah definitely, I think outside of the geek culture people consider her a loser.

  19. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The video game industry has become wayward. I remember when gaming was basically for men only, even if it meant being ridiculed by women. When gaming became too big and common to shame “gamer girls” jumped on the bandwagon.
    This is the result. Games are made to “be more inclusive” and “womyn friendly”, not to mention games have generally become easier and easier as the years went on. Video games are no longer about having fun, but have become bound to boredom by being tied down with political correctness, feminism and all the rest of it.
    These women do not care about video games, they crave the attention they can receive by being associated with them. Hence, never forget gentlemen, including women to a male activity always leads to the death of said activity.
    Men need their own activities and spaces. We all need to try and hold on to the few there are left.

    1. Jesus this is the same thing that is happening with the fitness fad. Before instagram/fb you rarely saw any hot chicks in the gym. The gym was where all us bros came to hang out and get shit done. Now I go to a lifetime and its mostly fat as hell soccer moms, teen faggots taking selfies, or a bunch of women in yoga pants doing stupid shit in the free weights section obviously trying to get their attention capacitors filled up for the day before they let it discharge throughout the day and then post said pictures on their stupid as shit social media to charge up again.
      I cringe when I see a guy bring his girl to workout at the gym, jesus is there nothing left where men can just find solitude.

      1. Amen, I cant get to the squat rack at my gym because of wannabe hot girls takng pictures of wach other squatting the barx trying to get an ass for Instagram beta likes

    2. Great article, very thorough. What boggles my mind regarding all of this is how willing all the SJW ‘s are to stick up for this wretched beast simply because she (falsely) “flies the same flag” instead of casting her out like most rational people would. Blind loyalty like this is usually reserved for immediate family and VERY close friends. Continuing to support such a cold blooded,manipulative,sleazy monster just proves how irrational SJW’s can truly be. This woman is a heartless sociopath who obviously has no remorse. How can ANYONE support such a horrible human being?

    3. So glad I stopped playing video games not too long ago. Seems it was for the best.,

      1. Yep. The best way to combat anything in the U.S., today, is to take your dollars and spend them in other places. I’ve recently told the cable company (Verizon) to fuck off….I told gaming to fuck off years ago.
        The best way to fight the “ATM” religion in the U.S. is the power of the dollar.

    4. Agree. Men will need to come together and find new places to gather without all of the bullshit that this world (and women) are feeding us, today.
      I’m glad I have, at least, ROK…a man friendly environment where men can speak like men without all of the PC bullshit.

  20. I’m not surprised by any of this. Just looking at her you can tell she’s a slut and mentally unstable. A billion dollar industry (run by men) is going to be in the sights of many manipulative women who will use their pussy for fame and fortune. This is just one example. Unfortunately, the men are weak and will cave to their cries for help. It’s a shame because I’ve worked with some female coders who were brilliant, who actually put in the extra work to rise above the stigma. Shit like this doesn’t help them, but when an attention whore has the spotlight who cares right? Women truly hate each other.

    1. And the gaming industry is where some of the most hungry and desperate men are. They are some of the best marks. It amazes me how a below average beauty woman can toy them like puppies; it is disgusting to say the least

  21. Seems you can’t even criticize a woman these days without being immediately labeled an oppressive misogynistic patriarchal piece of shit.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much censorship on Reddit before. 20k+ comments deleted in one thread? Mods talking to zoey on Twitter? Entire subreddits on this story being deleted by Admins?
    This is the Streissand effect manifesting at a new level.

    1. So true. You can even test this, to those (mixed group) who don’t believe. Just utter, in a SJW type conversation something otherwise, historically neutral like, “You can’t even legitimately criticize women these days, about anything, in any context”, and WATCH how they groan when you even say THAT…as if THAT was calling all women fat whores…when they do that “hey! watch it” type groan, just smile and see “see…even SAYING that you cannot criticize a woman, has the SAME effect, proving my point!”

  22. All over the internet everyone is defending this bitch over her fucking that journo nerd. They’re missing the bigger picture. It’s the lying about being oppressed in the name of feminism to get what the fuck she wants and it worked! This type of shit by these cunts works and everyone will rush to her aid while she steals, lies and cheats the very people that defend her. The people defending her are short sighted fucking social justice morons. This type of shit is setting a precedent that it’s ok to do what this bitch did. Fucking idiots.

    1. And it will take us to push back…let them know that this shit isn’t ok.
      We need to point out these women (to other women) and let them know that they are fucking up feminism (not men).
      The question for women: If you think it’s ok to pull this shit (that Zoe pulled), then do you support feminism? That’s the kind of shit that will leave a feminist standing there with her mouth open…..without a good answer.
      It’s painting them into a corner, if you will.

      1. It’s not okay. She gives the rest of us a bad name. It’s not “feminism” that she’s fighting for. Feminism is a trend now days. Sure back when woman were fighting to be able to vote and have equal opportunity in a male dominated work place it could be considered feminism. But now it’s just a cry for attention. Now it’s all about hating men and being able to walk around outside with our tits out. How annoying. As a female gamer all I want is to be able to do is sit down, smoke a bowl and game. AND MAYBE! have a fellow male player appreciate that I’m good at what I do. They don’t have to even express it directly to me. It can just be a little voice in the back their head. “Hey! This chick isn’t too bad.” This girl is a prostitute. Even then, that is shaming real hookers on the street doing what they need to do to survive on a daily basis. Just know that not all females are like this. There are female gamers that just want to geek it up and don’t expect to have our vagina filled after a good gaming session. That in itself, to me, is more satisfying that sex.

  23. Does anyone know what happened at Boggs’s end of things? His wife must know by now.

  24. “Very interesting article, well done. What a vile fucking hypocrite.” I agree. I’m tired of their censoring everywhere too. Like the article the hell up and spread.

  25. Great Summary.
    Maybe the blackout everywhere else on the Internet gets RoK some attention as an alternative press.
    Suprised you didn’t go after Nathan Grayson at Kotaku in the article’s title, so this pops up on search engines.

  26. Feminists have driven young men into video game isolation.
    Now they want to use shaming tactics to destroy that world.
    How surprising.
    This could be a sign of them fearing MGTOW. An attempt to shame men away from their video games and into the arms of young feminists who are in need of a sperm donor and a wallet.
    In short, “put down you misogynistic video games and wife me up already!”

    1. won’t work, shame payment, expect escalating hyper-violence.
      those who believe in magical thinking must blot out reality so their righteousness can be rightfully the new real. and giving up magically thinking is not possible for them: they’ve been investing in it since birth. so nothing is beneath them to defend their culture of fantasy. every time you think you’ve seen the worst, you won’t see the next depravity coming.
      they made their choice. they chose magic over men, all to keep payment to themselves. this won’t change by resorting to ever greater levels of shame. the root cause is, was, and will always be their inhumanly subversive selfishness. even men who disengage but are still quite blue cannot be whipped enough to their liking.

      1. Theirs is a race to the bottom. With zero guilt for who they destroy along the way.

  27. A digression about a pet peeve. Please, it’s “toe the line” not “tow”. Most likely derived from the practice in the age of sail in the British Navy where the barefoot seamen at assembly had to line up with their toes on specific deck seams. Meaning: get in line and do what you’re told.
    Apologies, but this drives me nuts.
    Digression over. Please continue…

      1. The thing is, the expression isn’t about a “burden.” It’s about obedience. Feminists want you to toe the line, get with the program, shut up, and, most important, obey.

  28. Once again, a shinning example of the consequences of permitting women in male-space:
    Overseers in the Locker Room
    The second purpose in the goal of female inclusion into male space is really a policing of the thought dynamics and attitudes of the men in that space. When women are allowed access to the locker room the dynamic of the locker room changes. The locker room can take many different shapes: the workplace environment, the sports team, the group of all-male coders, the primarily male scientific community, the ‘boys club’, the group of gamer nerds at the local game store, even strip clubs and the sanctuary you think your ‘man cave’ is – the context is one of women inserting themselves into male space in order to enforce the dictates of feminine social primacy.
    When the influence of feminine-primacy is introduced into social settings made up mainly by men and male-interests, the dynamics and purpose of that group changes. The purpose becomes less about the endeavor itself and more about adherence to the feminine-inclusionary aspect of that endeavor. It starts to become less about being the best or most passionate at what they do, and more about being acceptable to the influence of the Feminine Imperative while attempting maintaining the former level of interest in the endeavor.
    Men unaccustomed to having women in their midst generally react in two ways; According to their proper feminized conditioning, they embrace the opportunity to impress these ‘trailblazing’ women (hoping to be found worthy of intimacy) with their enthusiastic acceptance of, and identification with, their feminine overseer(s), or they become easy foils of an “out moded” way of thinking that the new ‘in-group’ happily labels them with.
    Once the feminine-primary in-group dynamic is established a ‘feminine correct’ social frame follows. This feminine correction restructures the priorities of goals, and validates any accomplishments, in terms of how they reflect upon the feminine as a whole. Thus any in-group success is perceived as a feminine success in male space, while in-group failures or simple mediocrity is either dismissed entirely or blamed on out-group men’s failure to comply with, or the rejection of, the Feminine Imperative’s ‘correcting’ influence on the in-group.

    1. “Once the feminine-primary in-group dynamic is established a ‘feminine correct’ social frame follows. This feminine correction restructures the priorities of goals, and validates any accomplishments, in terms of how they reflect upon the feminine as a whole. Thus any in-group success is perceived as a feminine success in male space, while in-group failures or simple mediocrity is either dismissed entirely or blamed on out-group men’s failure to comply with”
      Kind of analysis that sociology professors should be doing. The theory is coming together, but will it ever see the light of day? Good stuff

    2. Hey Rollo, I’m relatively new to the red pill thought and although I’m not trying to “spin plates” (yet), it has come as a sort of a vindication of a certain undercurrent of thought that had been brewing in me. I think that the red pill not only can help people in their mating strategy but also in other walks of life. And I find your work fantastic.
      Just wanted to as something that why is it the red pillers and the MRAs typically tend to antagonize each other? Isn’t it kind of self defeating. Didn’t the masculist movements of the 90’s sputter out because in large part due to such disunity and inability to work together despite differences?

      1. The masculinist movements of the 90’s sputtered out because they devolved into accepting the then forming narrative that men were primitive brutes incapable of anything except brute ideas. Men ended up going to primitive camps where they beat drums in the woods while wearing loincloths. That’s why the “masculinist” movements of the 90’s died, because not even the lowliest manboob could muster putting up with that level of degradation over time.

        1. Okay then. Now the other part of my question, why do MRAs and red pillers seem to be irreconcilably antagonistic to each other?

        2. Very well. Then answer the other part of my question (actually the question), why is it that the MRAs and red pill men seem to be irreconcilably antagonistic to each other?

        3. I have no idea. I think some of it has to do with the rather well known fact that a lot of the top level MRA proponents are actually women. It’s kind of hard to join the MRA when you only see their female “leaders” in the media. I could be wrong, I’m not particularly against or for them, myself, not really investigated them honestly.

        4. “I think some of it has to do with the rather well known fact that a lot of the top level MRA proponents are actually women. ”
          There may be a point to that. Read :
          Even the prominent MRA Karen Straughan has kind of “admitted” Mr. Tomassi’s point. See:
          For myself, these women (except perhaps the ones with sons) are anomalies, as far as their evolutionary motives are concerned. So far they see legit.
          But if Red Pillers think there are thinks amiss in MRM, why can’t they simply get into it themselves and try to steadily influence these problems away. Or if the MRAs refuse to listen, why not launch their own brand of activism, guided by red pill thought. After all, whatever way you cut it, the problem of legal and social bias against masculinity is hurting men as a whole, the two things which MRM seemingly wants to counter. And simply sinking into stoic nihilism, practicing game and getting laid won’t chase these problems away. Whats more, unless we fight it collectively at a macro level, spreading awareness, young men who find the red pill might get repulsed away from it just because the feminine imperative is so deeply steeped in them that just because mainstream says we are nothing more than misogynistic, failed, PUA losers. Whats needed is aggressive activism.

        5. on the weak assumption you’re not a troll and that doing your homework is too taxing, the answer is simple: MRA was (past tense) a movement that failed. it made too many compromises, ultimately defeating itself. MRA seeks legal corrective solutions within the paradigm of the feminine-imperative, which is not possible.
          those that push MRA today are late-comers picking up the breadcrumbs left behind of a campsite long since deserted by sons and fathers, leaving only old men unwilling to move on and semi-psychosis ridden betas unable to integrate the harsher truths wholly into a more contiguous internal model of the real world.
          TRP knows MRA is stunted, MRA senses it’s limitations on the edge of awareness but won’t admit it. MRA is too hopeful and thinks TRP too dark. that MRA continues to dwindle to TRP only serves to make the remaining MRAs more resentful. so long as MRA holds hope to successful legal action as the tenant of it’s faith, an ideal TRP holds quite impossible without defeatist contemptible compromise, MRA will squander its capital while TRP grows.
          at this point, its more like a graduative system, with sophmore MRA, junior TRP, and the expected inter-grade rivalry. some overlap, but core unmendable differences.

        6. “on the weak assumption you’re not a troll and that doing your homework is too taxing”
          There is no need to be abrasive. I am no troll, look at my other posts on this page itself if you care to crosscheck evidence. And I do endorse TRP wholly.
          The only thing I am trying to say here is that with social and legal bias against masculinity rampant, while we may individually force ourselves to adapt to it, doing nothing on a meta scale will only result in more pushing of laws and propaganda which will negatively impact men as a whole. In face of such trends, there is a need for aggressive activism. Now whether MRM does it, or an entirely different, distinctly red pill, exclusively male group does it and what would be the best policies in this regard, thats a different issue altogether. What I am sticking for is not the MRM itself but the need to do those very things which MRM professes as its mission, whoever may be the doers.
          Furthermore, while I completely endorse TRP and “enlightened self interest” interest, as put forth by Mr. Tomassi, to expose, exploit and check the feminine imperative, making sure we don’t get exploited by it and restoring to us some balance of power in inter-gender relations , a good percentage of red pillers come off as simply nihilistic, saying that they would simply let the society degenerate past the point of no return and some even use the maxim of dropping out of society simply as an excuse for idleness, refusing to act even in their own interest or simply making PUA solely as the purpose of their lives, when clearly red pill is about much more than that, despite “game” being a an integral part of and a sort of springing board for the entire thought progression that is TRP. Well, I digress.
          The point is, that while a contiguous and realistic internal model of the world is wholly necessary at an individual level, we need to remember that the current situation was facilitated by women not just acting individually but also by a concerted and coordinated social push and mass brainwashing along with employing the typical methods of the feminine imperative at the personal level to gain support from white knights. And honestly, when have ever entrenched social norms and legal biases ever been upturned without concerted protests or movements ? True that while for one gender’s mating-cum-social strategy to succeed, the other one’s must fail (not my words, but wholly true) and that the reasons of a woman who supports any part of the manosphere would be most likely different from that of a man, that kowtowing to women’s opinions on such matters, especially when it comes to red pill, as a separate idea from the MRM, is always going to have consequences, however much red pill they say they are. But its possible for both genders to look eye to eye when it comes to ensuring fair terms of engagement, socially and legally ie MRM’s area (somewhat analogous to the Geneva convention, which all countries must follow even if they are at war).
          And for any movement to have an impact, it must have the attention & growing interest of the mainstream. And MRM seems to have been gaining on that front. So the question is, that which would be the better course of action?
          1. Letting them do their own work, while we red pillers do our own.
          2. Opening reasoned dialogue with them, with the intent of influencing them and instigating them to action (which while may have slackened on the part of the MRM, seems to be conspicuously lacking in the red pillers in this front, although that just could be attributed to the fact that the Red Pill is a philosophy not a movement)
          3. Going beyond the realm of philosophy to activism ourselves, with our activist practices on terms with TRP.
          In any case, its just as you said, that inaction will get us nowhere. And in my opinion, the social and legal aspects of the matter, at a mass level does need action.
          “MRA was (past tense) a movement that failed. it made too many compromises, ultimately defeating itself. MRA seeks legal corrective solutions within the paradigm of the feminine-imperative, which is not possible.”
          While I certainly do understand what you mean about the “legal corrective solutions within the paradigm….” (MRAs leaving gender equality and neutrality as an option as opposed to traditional gender equity), what exactly do you mean by that they made too many compromises?
          “those that push MRA today are late-comers picking up the breadcrumbs left behind of a campsite long since deserted by sons and fathers, leaving only old men unwilling to move on and semi-psychosis ridden betas unable to integrate the harsher truths wholly into a more contiguous internal model of the real world.
          TRP knows MRA is stunted, MRA senses it’s limitations ”
          Again, what details would lead you to draw such conclusions ? And please don’t think I am trying to attack your perspective here. If I am ignorant of certain facts, I simply want to be enlightened. Consider my query as a part of my ongoing homework.

        7. alright, i’ll recant my prior accusation. but i think you’re looking for evidence in the trees while missing the forest. MRA and TRP don’t have to work together. by default their directions are more complementary than antagonistic. TRP says don’t feed the systemic beast at the bottom base-input of male provision, MRA looks for spot-patches on the larger top-level social approval mechanisms of female theft. it doesn’t mean TRP won’t act together with MRM if it happens to get lucky. it does mean MRM are still too hopeful and most likely will end up still feeding the systemic subversive selfishness of women (but this is ultimately of no real importance on the larger scale, only a point of ire that is one of many residual nice-guy compromises).
          i believe MRM does not fully appreciate how systemic the pussy halo effect truly impairs, and their hopes are founded on this impairment. desperation for the whole package promised, for wife, life, family all for fair exchange of pay and toil, drives MRM not to see how deep the psychological craziness has gone. feminist selfishness continues unabated, taking money, resources, children, jobs, status, professionalism, academics, even the church, all without giving anything back, corrupting what took decades if not centuries to build, and declaring themselves awesome – all simply because women truly lack the capacity to see beyond themselves; the squandering incompetent whores think themselves kings while society crumbles and they blame men for not plowing the magical fields harder. almost all social proclamations declaring men’s nature vile are actually the projected failures of women every step of the way, who only see the single-event selfish logic, and never see the causal genesis before the effect: them. again, women -perpetual children- don’t have much ability to see beyond themselves, this is nature’s limitation, they are not men.
          conceptually, if fail is paid, you get more of it. if success isn’t paid, you get less of it. if success has its captial taken to pay fail, then simultaneously you have more fail and less success. if punishing fail is so untenable by reformers who want to lessen the penance or backstabbing losers who want no punishment at all (thinking they’ll magically get paid eventually while bleeding dry allthewhile), then ultimately you can guarantee only one thing: more fail.
          more concretely, MRM wants top driven changes which either ignore the larger systemic feeding of fail feminine-imperative, or is far too hopeful that women who have misbehaved all their lives will magically fall in line. it just doesn’t go far enough, addressing only the top visibility in the legal system, while not having enough resolve to address the genesis of the problems. at best, MRM will always be playing whack-a-mole, while at worst, MRM will lead to legal changes that will exacerbate the problems. the compromises MRM has made are of this nature: most MRM continue to feed the psychopaths.
          if you want more specific examples, just look for this dynamic in practically any category of society. children only see themselves, only pay themselves, and only know how to cry tears for themselves. this is not the place for an endless list of details.
          TL;DR: MRM’s failure compromises are that it doesn’t go far enough and it starts at the end.

        8. “furthermore, of tangential importance, MRM continue to push at the wrong times: society is not ready for them, too many betas remain. more boys must experience first hand the untenable quicksand they lay fantastical dreams upon and be spurned to fight, to override the halo men’s biological drive bestows upon wicked female behavior, to set aside the old tried-and-true model of nice-guy provide and wait for success that fails so hard today, before MRM can achieve the vote-consensus legal or judicial reform.”
          So basically what you are saying is that, for now we should simply forget pushing for legal remedies and social de-stigmatization and focus solely on the red pill, till red pill becomes widespread, is that so? that first the omega and white knight mentality must be eradicated with “enlightened self interest”, only then will activism will be successful on a widespread basis.
          As for what you said before that, that knowledge is pretty much already well known to any red piller. Although I did pick up a new term, “pussy halo effect”.

        9. I believe the animosity stems from the MRA’s beliefs that they can affect change through political means by passing new laws e.t.c. MGTOW and Red Pillers are under no such illusion. Since majority of the voters in the US are women MGTOW believes it’s a fool’s errand to try to change the mind of the hypergamy voting block.

        10. There was a time when the hypergamy voter base was nil. look at feminism today.
          Besides, whats stopping a US citizen from going to a vote booth and casting a vote ? Its not as if women have a greater population do they. Red pillers spread TRP, men everywhere become aware of the need to vote for leaders who would look for their interests, so they vote more and more. MRM counteracts the false activism when a leader tries to pass anti-misandric laws by their own activism and people are set. At least thats the theory though real life may not be so quick. I mean seriously, why on earth would you guys not vote ? Just get into a poll booth and cast your friggin’ ballot. whats the big deal ? Even in a country like mine (India), casting votes has become just that simply (no offense to my nation, just that we have a tendency to get chaotic during elections).

  29. So bad for so many reasons. First off, males are better off leaving video games and re-discovering things like pond hockey, stick ball, pick up football, king of the hill, scouting, running around in the woods, or, organized sports etc. Anything outdoorsey, physical and out of the basement. Sitting around letting yourself atrophy while living in a fake world is not constructive and if the feminists want more women to experience that same thing I say – fine. Boys need to get outside and be boys!
    That said, although I’m not a “gamer”, like everyone I enjoy a GTA session every now and again. In terms of this dynamic occurring within video games and video game journalism…it exposes to you how feminism really works. Importantly, it shows you how a small minority of whiners can get their way, but, its just a minority and NOT, with emphasis, a true expression of reality. Reality is what the free market is telling video game developers and if female gamers and all their “complaints” had any real validity to them, then, you would have seen the appropriate market reaction a long time ago. And, to note, it did, but as some of the youtuber’s have mentioned, such as Sargon of Akkad ( the market response was to create “Candy Crush” and “Farmville”, which appropriately reflected the typical differences of preference between the sexes (a fact vehemently denied by sjw’s).
    Its just sickening to me. So what if there aren’t female assassins in “Assassin’s Creed”…so what! Young boys, don’t want to see that, they’re living out a perfectly normal and healthy proclivity as a warrior hero (although its not over a very healthy medium). And when you look at the likes of someone like this sjw mentioned above, she hardly qualifies as a real life assassin. Above all, if you want to see more female this or that, then fucking make your own games.

    1. “Anyone posting any doxxing shit in the comments below, or adding to the harassment against her in any way, will be banned.”
      Is there any statement that sums up modern feminism better than this one?

      1. Getting banned by David Fuckhead is like eating a piece of pumpkin pie. Sure it’s easy to get, and not worth much, but it’s still worth having.
        I have been banned 12 times. I wonder if I can get some in-game achievement badge for it?

  30. The only thing that surprises me about any of this is how a girl that unattractive was able to command so much male attention and deference. I know it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it does. I have literally shooed away hotter girls than her. What can these guys be thinking?

    1. I wanted to comment the same thing. What in the world is up with these “men”? Their thirst must extend from the sexual into the mental realm. It’s like the feminine imperative – to borrow a term from Rollo – got into their heads and moved all the furniture around.

    2. I think the manosphere should create a list of all the manginas on the internet, so when the economy collapses, we can harvest their organs for food. Or at least deport them to Africa, where they can help diversify and understand the natives.
      No country, for men with pussies.

    3. I replied above — it’s the Indiana 7 thing. Also, upon further reflection, we don’t know just what sort of warthogs she was tussling with. Anyone know what the guys look/act like? Guarantee — GUARANTEE — they’re no-game pasties who can’t lift a full milk jug one-handed (unless it is their ‘batin’ arm).
      I feel about as bad as my shriveled black heart can for the wife who was cheated on — the slight to her ego *that* must be… especially if she’s better looking.

    1. Wait this is a real picture of her?! She’s so ugly and awkward-looking that it looks like her head has been photoshopped in it!

      1. Legit. Found it on the site she poses nude at. Guess she has more but my stomach couldn’t take it.

        1. FUCKING CHRIST… I guess when you’ve already fucked your way to the position you want to be in, there’s no need to be even somewhat attractive anymore.

        2. You are clearly not familiar with gamers or other geek hobbies. The term “Indiana 7” could easily be “GamerGrrl 7” — she’s a 3 everywhere else, but in the Gamer realm, she’s a 7.
          Although I wouldn’t count that as a 3 unless there was a negative sign before it.

        3. You know, when you read about a women fucking her way to “the top” in anything, there’s a tendency to imagine a woman like Jessica Rabbit.
          But WTF am I looking at here?
          The video game world just got 1000 notches more pathetic.

  31. The Cuntocracy is a demonstration what while “having bawls” is not necessarily something only someone with actual balls can do, being a cunt is also something that you need not have to be female for.
    The SJW movement on the internet is proof as well that people are just as much out to fuck you over as would be any government that they voted for. If their government can’t get you, they will.
    Fuck em all. Raise the black flag and give them no quarter.

  32. Shit like this is the reason I totally stopped giving a single fuck about women in general and what happens to them (yeah, NAWALT but EWALT). I am honestly and utterly disgusted by the absolute lack of honour and justice women show all over, and over, and over again. Witchunting men without a single evidence, based on just a woman’s word, and at the same time defending corrupted whores like this. Women getting sold as sex slaves? I don’t give a fuck. Women getting mugged and raped? I don’t give a single fuck. Women getting discriminated and humiliated? I don’t give a slightes fuck either. Unless these are women I personally know and value, I feel myself struggling to feel a slightest bit of empathy for these beings who countless time shown that they shit on any sense of virtue.
    I generally want to be kind towards people, but these hordes of backstabbing human failures make it seems like a lost cause. I hope at least this corrupted whore get her justice served with a force that will blow her forever into the gutter of humanity.

    1. And the movement (and women) have done it to themselves. They are now at a point (similar to the unions) where it’s gone from far right, to center to crazy left.
      It started out as equality for voting (which everyone could at least understand) – to where we are today – social media bullshit attention on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc….I need more (i.e. more attention and more everything).
      Women, today, have more shit versus any time in history but they still bitch, they aren’t happy and they still want more.
      Fuck that…just like the unions…you’re on your way out, too. I’m here to push back.

  33. Dear gods imagine if the ex didn’t say anything, the cunt could be lead of EA by Christmas. And there gentlemen is where the power of pussy lies: victim one minute (when it suits) whore the next (when it suits). All the while men are made feel like shit whether it be through her cuckolding (and hypocrisy) or indirectly through her victim narrative “men are misogynists” ….fu*ksakes

    1. Fucking EA jumped the shark a long time ago (I stopped playing back when).
      It’s probably about the same time that females invaded the space.

    1. Just look at the pictures and think out loud, Wow this self-proclaimed gay female game designer sucked and fucked a whole lot of of nerd-cocks (including married nerd-cocks) so they would hype her non video game “Depression Quest” and then tried to have the story squashed when her ex-beta-boyfriend outed her on the innerwebs in excruciating detail. The cast of characters pretty much confirms every phony feminist skank-ho social justice warrior stereotype the world has ever seen.

      1. So. That mediocre bitch is a sex dwarf, her beta boyfriend is a retarded monkey, and there are other dudes that make sick video games where you can find invisible cows. And they all fuck the retarded monkey’s sex dwarf. UNBELIEVABLE!

    1. “Man”osphere acting like a bunch of little girls with your soap opera drama.”
      Indifference to this sort of powerplay is what burned us time and again.

    2. It’s your right and your opinion…you are entitled to it.
      There are much bigger issues at hand here and ignoring it will not make it go away (my 2 cents, anyways).

  34. I’ve been an avid videogame player for many years. Once i took the red pill i slowly noticed that the majority of the gaming press are feminists in some degree. I may or may not disagree with their opinion of a game but i respected it. Now I’m not so sure.
    I looked over a few time lines of the people i used to follow on twitter and noticed they were towing the feminist party line.
    You would think gaming journalists would fiercely defend their integrity on this issue instead of defending some morally bankrupt skank with purple hair…but they didn’t.
    It makes me wonder after all these years why videogame press was never taken seriously. The profession is very blue pill at it’s core. So all the way up the ladder you have blue pill betas in charge of how content is covered, who covers it and what stories to bury in collusion with other websites and magazines.
    The gaming industry much like all other entrainment industries is afraid of pissing off feminist and their leftist hordes. They make the most noise but spend the least amount of money. They complain there’s no women in gaming…well thats because girls in general aren’t into gaming as much as boys. No iphone games like candy crush, angry birds and flappy bird do not count.
    Young males play call of duty. Females play but they only account for under 5% total sales across all consoles. If you’re in the business of making money who do you listen to?

  35. Billy you hit the nail on the fucking head, good post. The manosphere needs to develop a gaming site for and by men that focuses on the quality of games ,not social justice issues. That gaming site may prove profitable.

    1. The problem is that excessive gaming is the domain of men/boys who generally repel women. It seems the opposite type to what we want to develop in men, doesn’t it?

      1. Not necessarily, gaming can be a good pass time as long as it does not dominate your life. I typically work 10-7 pm hit the gym for an hour or two and play online a couple of hours on the weekdays and hit the clubs on the weekends. Balance is key for me, however I don’t condemn hardcore gamers, let them do as they wish. My primary concern is SJW ruining yet another man friendly space with their nonsense. You cannot make a joke on Twitter without getting banned and now they want to extend that to online gaming behavior and gaming media, when does the bullshit end with these irrational people?

        1. It ends when men can gather (again) in their own environment, have a few drinks and talk among men, again.
          This shit, today, out in public or online just doesn’t cut it for men trying to be men. We need to establish new ‘strong holds’ where men only sit at the table, drink, laugh and talk openly (freely), again.

  36. It is with no pride whatsoever that I admit that, were I drunk enough, I would fuck her. Facts like these are precisely why I don’t drink anymore. Flame away, guys.

    1. your honesty is refreshing, truth my hurt but it is good to know. If plastered I would accept a blowjob from the blue haired cat lady.

    2. No offense, but raise your standards, mate. I am not a “pointy elbow” type who only accepts 10’s of the rank of a 19 year old Jennifer Aniston so don’t take me wrong, but still, a tatted up “edgy pierced” 4 (that is, a 4 without any of the “modifications” she’s mutilated herself with)? Damn hoss, you can do better, a lot better.

        1. You could pump three fifths of Scotch into me and I still wouldn’t be able to even conceive of being with such an awful looking monster. That and, you know, whiskey dick after three fifths of Scotch, heh.
          I know what you’re saying though, it’s good then never to drink that much. If I started feeling all randy for bestiality after getting a good drunk on, I’d likely limit my alcohol consumption as well, simply out of an instinct of self-preservation.

        2. Fair enough brother lamo. I’ve decided to no longer let the liquor do the thinking. I think the booze and my manhood are conspiring against me sometimes

  37. Welcome to the western reality. Women are the new men, and men are the new women. How long is it gonna be? How long are these dickless idiots going to tolerate being subjugated by sub-par goblin women? You always have to be impressed with female deception, it’s effective. But this is just sad. These guys are so desperate that even ugly women will be seen as a great prize to them. All we can do at this point is remain proud males and continue to dominate our sex lives and self improvement. Even us average looking guys can put attractive women on the back burner with enough improvement, and the only comfort I derive from this article is that I will go through life in abundance while these subhuman depth-grovelers will continue to get ass pounded like the man-women they are.

    1. Part of it is the overall “equity” that’s arrive in our culture, by increased goods, services and leisure. 100 years ago (and earlier) a woman like this would have been the “help” (in the Kitchen, somewhere out of sight) and may have lived a completely celibate life, and the (gamer) men who created something of value, would have had a decent, monogamous wife (upon fear of a beating, social shaming and loss of EVERYTHING, including her kids). Women like Zoe today, enjoy SIGNIFICANTLY more pussy influence and general “influence” than their otherwise social rank would warrant…but then, that’s the paradigm shift that is our reality. A world war, or mass disease, famine, etc, will have her back to washing ragged clothing in the local creek, being told to keep her mouth shut, during an entire day of actual “work”, whether she is depressed or not.

    2. “All we can do at this point is remain proud males and continue to dominate our sex lives and self improvement. ”
      Admirable thought. But there is also another thing we can do. Try to get as many other men to see the truth, and if they feel that what is is not good enough (most will, somewhere deep in us, we all prize our masculinity), tell them of the red pill. Spread the awareness.

  38. Zoe Quinn’s supposed gay behavior shows one type of attention whoring we don’t discuss critically enough: Faking bisexual behavior to make men salivate.
    Yes, I like it as a guys. I admit it titilates me, but I’m sick and tired of it because the second you want enjoy her bisexuality first hand, she shuts the door and starts saying she’s straight.
    It’s like dangling a steak at a dog, and never intending for him to have a bite at it.

    1. the prevalence of feminist enthusiasm for female homosexuality can be explained almost entirely by the desire of straight women to demonstrate their potential un-attainability to men, either individually or at the macro/cultural level. There always have been and will be genuinely gay men and women, but its the straight support, or rather the crypto-straight support which explains the phenomenon. Straight girls playing gay isn’t a casual phenomenon it goes to the heart feminism. Its about power. A girl making out with her best friend while eyeing her boyfriends reaction and two girls in a relationship sponsored by the permission of the wider progressive culture is ultimately the same phenomenon. Indeed even actual lesbians (the ones with the full diploma and certificate) can get a sense of validation and power from un-reciprocated male thirst

      1. Yeah I honestly don’t know that many true lesbians. I live in one of the few places that legalised marriage and encourages it to be open. I never see two beautiful women holding hands and think to myself I thirst for them. I always see two men holding hands and in closer inspection they have minor female type curves. Then I think in a loop as to why I never see hot lesbian couples but plenty of male couples that fit the stereotype of being rather regular good looking men.

        1. true. Feminism’s politicisation of female homosexuality has ensured that as a phenomenon it is ‘about’ men rather than women in a way that simply isn’t the case for gay men. Add to that the narcissism factor and its a quite superficial phenomenon

        2. This is purely me joining some dots and may not be at all the case but it seems that at least between gay men and most likely due to the casual nature of their sex life that having gay sex is like the secret handshake to get into the brotherhood. Secure certain positions in business and he the protege that is working towards being the ascending master. This has been much of the historical nature if gay relationships in antiquity that its a brotherhood of sorts. Now Im under the belief that feminism is trying to mirror this power vacuum but lesbian sex doesn’t have anywhere near the act secrecy or bonding or basic power dynamics. So it fails to really hold weight.

        3. I think there’s something in that. The queer theorist Eve Sedwick Kosofsky (who actually had a husband but still considered herself queer) came up with the notion of male homosociality (a continuum of male bonding that could be either hetero or homosexual) as an example for feminists to emulate. Feminists copy men, that’s pretty much all they do

      2. The operative phase as to why there’s so much soft lesbianism is what mobius says, It’s about power.
        A female uses it raise her buying temperature in eyes of men witnessing the act. Men naturally have to overcome a higher barrier to sex. By doing this, she attempts to lower the man’s values by conveying that A: “I can get this chick while you can only stand and watch,” and B by hinting, “Maybe you can enjoy this IF you’re worthy enough.”
        We need to start shaming this behavior by women, like we did in the past in order to keep their power in check.
        As for men having gay sex, I don’t buy that it’s a brotherhood. It’s an economic exchange. The man who’s the object of desire, gets something in exchange for sex, much like regular women. You see this mostly with men in Hollywood, the music industry and fashion where gay men take advantage of straight attractive men.

        1. pretty much agree with that. The one thing I would add though is that we wouldn’t need to worrying about “shaming this behaviour” if it weren’t for the fact that men routinely reward it when it happens. To be honest, the absolute withdrawal of attention would probably suffice. But that’s to reckon without thirst

  39. Is anyone really surprised a bitch cheated on her beata boyfriend with the right people in her company to advance in her career? Another typical feminist bitch saying one thing while her actions depict another lol.

  40. I actually downloaded and “played” the game. It’s not a game in the first place. It’s a tedious exercise in social coercion and a childish “choose-your-fate” narrative. I played the worst possible choice line, hoping to get to the “suicide” option, but it wasn’t available. Therefore the game isn’t really reality based. And ultimately had no resolution. I was really hoping in the last scene I’d have the option of plunging a carving knife into the POV character’s chest at the family Christmas dinner, but no…

    1. Playing it was lame, boring, and seemed rather pointless. I got bored quickly and found better things to do.
      I’d rather vacuum the carpet than play that “game.” Far more rewarding, and even more enjoyable.

    1. Its a rich seam, but the gold has to be mined…as a scandal its a damn complex one

  41. Long article, just as the InternetAristocrat’s youtube video went on forever, but I think both say something valid. Aristocrat focuses on the integrity of gaming journalism (or the fact that it hasn’t any on account of the behind the scenes fuckfest going on) while Billy’s article homes in on the attempts at censorship by the progressive gate-keepers of the web.
    I really hope this cases gets amplified and amplified because what we have here is a tale of as) institutional corruption / sexual nepotism, b) an industry – as others have pointed out below – that is getting sabotaged from within rather as a host gets commandeered and controlled by the parasite that enters its system, and c) the typically self-organising but very effective systems of censorship, intimidation and control that are triggered by any attempt to defend against this, particularly as the article points out, to the extent that such a defence exposes the official progressive narrative.
    In this respect I think its important to focus on the larger picture not on the woman herself so much. This woman may be everything she’s been accused of but this isn’t ultimately about her, but about what she represents; the fact that her actions in being exposed offer the us, and potentially the general public a window into how corrupt progressivism actually is; how it works to build and destroy careers, and as such how it is about everything but what it says it is. Not altruism, but dishonest, hypocritical self-interest posing as altruism. Oh, and also about the weak men who prop up the liars and hypocrites in the hope of some crumbs from the table

    1. “Aristocrat focuses on the integrity of gaming journalism (or the fact
      that it hasn’t any on account of the behind the scenes fuckfest going
      on). . .”
      The reason that gaming journalism doesn’t have any integrity is because its product is you.
      Its customers are the advertisers.
      This is true of all industry publications, no matter their particular niche. The niche is in fact illusory. There is a single industry behind all of them, just as the ostensibly competing shoe stores in the mall likely all have the same owner.
      Games and gaming are not its goal.
      It’s all smoke and mirrors, designed by behavioural psychologists, to part you with your money as quickly and efficiently as possible.

      1. ok, so perhaps we shouldn’t hold consumer journalism to too lofty a standard, but I don’t know whether youve watched the video but internetaristocrat was calling out the particular inappropriateness of a woman sleeping with someone in the gaming journalism industry who was then (presumably as a result) touting her products, giving her positive glowing reviews (for her depression game I presume…i didn’t get the details). I.e the integrity issue here would be a basic undeclared conflict of interest, and one that probably would breach professional ethics / codes of conduct. More broadly he’s objecting to a woman using sex to get ahead, including by buying journalistic / social media compliance with sex and intimidation, then benefiting from this without the putative ‘fifth estate’ of the industry, or the web or blogging community being prepared or even allowed to call it out for what it is. As for the standards of gaming journalism more generally I’m not in a place to comment, but as with most journalism I am sure cynicism is in order

        1. “I don’t know whether youve watched the video . . . ”
          I’ve watched everything he’s done to date. He’s assembled a good collection of dots. I’m waiting to see if and when he starts connecting them.
          “I’m not in a place to comment, but as with most journalism I am sure cynicism is in order . . .”
          I am in a place to comment, having grown up behind the curtain. It isn’t cynicism. It’s simple description.

        2. Its the only one ive seen so far, but i was impressed.
          Re. Journalism i don’t think anyone’s surprised at the corruption, but there’s real hypocrisy as well here. I’m grateful for this article and the vid for bringing it to light

        3. Assuming of course that billy chubbs and internet aristocrat aren’t sleeping together

        4. “Its the only one ive seen so far . . .”
          Check out his Hugbox Chronicles. If that whets your appetite for more of his work, go on to his series on Tumblrisms.

    1. I know, but it seems kind of like when a guy gets in a fight, gets beat down hard, and then says, “I let him slide, he’s lucky I didn’t really try.”
      So much damage, so much humiliation, and too little too late.

  42. On another note Lana Del Ray said she sleeps with basically everyone in the music industry but it didnt help her reach the top it was just for pleasure. The delusion run deep in those that drink from the deep blue well.

  43. I know the MRM and sites like A Voice for Men are not popular around here but stories like this are why these things are important. No matter how much game you have, if it is just you against a system, you lose. That’s why group action and political action is necessary. This gender debacle is about so much more than male/female relationships. This is about power. A small coterie of feminists and social justice warriors have essentially hijacked the stage of the gaming industry and are using it mercilessly to gain more power.
    Their organisation and ambition for power > disorganisation and ambition to get laid.

    1. “Their organisation and ambition for power > disorganisation and ambition to get laid.”
      Fair enough, but isn’t it really about organisation versus disorganisation but what works and what doesn’t. The main objection to MRM etc is that its structure simply mirrors the thing it opposes / critiques, i.e. claiming to be the real victim etc. Organisation matters, but it is a question of the kind of organisation needed. Another point is that there is a difference between organization that has if you like formalized structure and something more organic, if you like self-organizing. If you consider the kind of organization operated by the social justice types who are the villains of this particular piece it is primarily through self-organizing, self-regulating / policing that they wield their power – a new leftist form of governmentality, that is often far more effective than formalized structures & ‘battle formations’.

      1. I hate this silly line of thinking. No, feminism and the MRM are not mirror images of each other. In case you had forgotten, the MRM arguments are for the most part grounded in truth and rationality. Much of what they talk about is merely an extension of what we discuss here.
        Feminists and their cesspit of an ideology, on the other hand, deal in nothing but lies and deception. They’ve done a ton of damage to society.
        One is definitely not like the other.

        1. the issue with MRM is much of it comes across as ‘no, actually we’re the victim’, ‘no, this is sexism towards us’, or ‘actually, we’re the one’s demanding equality’. I don’t disagree that sometimes pointing out the reality of the situation requires phrasing things in the ‘hegemonic’ discourse & possibly subverting that discourse in the process, but the issue isn’t just about true or false / rational or irrational. Rather, the issue is that in this way MRM seems to allow feminism to frame the discourse, causing men to compete with them on their terms. In other words, we may be discriminated against, victimised in some respect etc but we also have to consider the consequences of allowing ourselves to think like that i.e. what we might be losing when we start to express ourselves in the language of abuse and victimhood etc. I have nothing against the MRM except that, and the fact that the whole ‘rights’ thing sounds very ‘progressive’. Its necessary some of the time – but its not a way of thinking / speaking I’m very comfortable with

        2. Well if that is the case, why don’t more of you like minded red pill men get involved into the MRM or simply form your own version of it, drawing the attention of the MRM itself and influencing them.
          Look, ultimately the point behind MRM is to be a front that counters both legal bias against men as well as the promotion of baseless negative stereotypes of men, because these are the two things feminists seem to consistently use to further fuel the other. As long as these two goals are achieved, everything is fine.
          You find the “victimhood quotient” of the MRM’s present form unacceptable and that by adopting the same approach as feminism, ultimately what happens is that feminism’s flawed theory of “gender being a social thing” is propagated as a result, and further more that itself gives feminism more chances to take hold, even over the MRM.
          Well I totally get that myself. What I am yet to understand is that why would red pill driven men and MRAs feel the need to antagonize each other over this. In fact this kind of disunity was exactly what rendered the “masculist” movements of the 90’s ineffective (to the best of my knowledge).
          Because lets face it, as I have said to other people before, that having a flawed voice is still better than no voice at all. Its taken years for the MRM to grow loud enough that people are beginning to notice it. And if the manosphere is to have any effect at all, we simply cannot afford to have our “social momentum” curbed inter-faction disagreement. Because whether you want to accept it or not, the reason feminism was able to spread like such a malignant tumor is because despite the various different factions and ideologies (only in theory mind you), none of them ever did, nor do ever (even with the case of radfems and the so called good feminists) counter-act each other. I know it is a form of “consensusism”, but thats the bitter truth. Whats the point of being enlightened and righteously indignant if we are unable to have any effect at all. Whats the point of having a red pill, if even 40% of the men who discover it are driven away from it because the feminine imperative has been drilled into them so deeply that they take the feminists rhetoric of us as misogynistic losers and mere PUA arseholes as the truth?
          Because, as one commenter put above, the social and legal norms are stacked against us and while as an Individual, you may adopt a stoic cum nihilist stance and adapt, but balking to these norms as whole and not fighting to change them adversely affects us all.
          If you think something is wrong with the MRM (and yes you are right, there are things amiss), why not talk to them and have a reasoned discussion. And if they refuse to listen, why not go your own way and conduct men’s rights activism in your own terms as dictated by the red pill thought ?
          This is what has eluded my understanding. Why are MRAs and red pillers simply content to simply sit back and take swipes at each other, like spiteful bitches (I’m not exaclty talking about but there are people on both sides who are pretty vocal against the other side), instead of going forth and try to find actual solutions. Would you care to enlighten me, since you have a opinion in this matter?

        3. “why would red pill driven men and MRAs feel the need to antagonize each other over this”
          As petty as it is, it’s humblebrag preening all the way down. “Men” who like to dutifully remind fellow anonymous commenters on the Internet that they, captains of industry and omnipotent alpha males that they are, are above the kind of work being done by the MRM.
          The rationalization hamster is not merely a female phenomenon.

        4. Aren’t omnipotent Alphas, omnipotent because of a minimum threshold of worldly wisdom ? Surely they must realize that feminism is merely a ploy of the feminine imperative to curb the Alpha’s mating strategy (among other things) through shaming and villification. And that it behooves him to get involved with the effort, behind the scenes if he prefers, to repeal the feminists’ influence over societal norms. Or are most of these Alphas just Alpha when it comes to game, but chumps otherwise?

        5. There does appear to be a bit of an MRA day trip in evidence in this thread. You indicate concern that there is bitching and sniping going on or whatever, when it was one of your I suspect fellow travellers who in the first post referred to “their [the progressives] organisation and ambition for power > disorganisation and ambition to get laid.” I responded to that because that statement sounded to me exactly like the kind of bitching and sniping you say you’re complaining about. In my mind that didn’t come across as extending the olive branch of peace. It didn’t seem like a constructive statement.
          So what’s the context? I can only guess but I suspect
          these MRA centric posts might be occasioned by the recent criticism made by a prominent red piller who considered
          that some in the MRA are making a tactical mistake by permitting chicks into their ranks, even to the point of permitting them in leadership roles, and in doing so to work in their own agendas into a movement that should be about
          mens’ perspectives exclusively.
          Maybe I’m misreading the situation but I’m working on the assumption that that might have something to do with it. To be honest I don’t personally have much of a problem with the MRM or a voice for men etc, and occasionally peruse the latter and am sometimes grateful for the kind of campaigning that gets done there, but the issue here is fundamentally about what works, and what doesn’t. The criticism about letting women run the show is an important one – we don’t need any more Good Men Projects, or endless opining about equality. I also stand by the criticism I made that the MRA mirrors feminism, tries to outdo feminists at their own game when it comes to taking on the victim role. It’s not just about whether we genuinely are discriminated against (I think we are) but what the consequences might be of effectively switching roles to become the oppressed rather than the oppressor. My gut feeling is that even to the extent that is true, men
          generally would have, do have a problem with that and with organising around such a framework. And so they should,
          because it leads to the kind of abdication of personal responsibility and consequent helplessness that is feminism hallmark.
          We are in the early stages of the masculine response to the attack from the feminists hordes. This is a time for thinking hard about what the best and most appropriate tactics are, what the best form of organisation might be, what the correct discipline is, and indeed whether looser forms of self-organisation and networking, which preserve the individualism characteristic of successful men, might
          not work rather better than the ‘burn your boxer shorts’ kind of mass protesting that makes feminism to this day seem like a risible movement.
          My suspicion is that many men continue to have a problem with the idea of a mass men’s rights movement of the kind found with feminism with respect to women. We don’t care to belong to a rival hive. The way to win the day isn’t to get a million men marching in the street against manipulating pussy, it’s about spreading red pill truths, red pill discipline and critique and working to promote those values and insights in the wider population.
          Having said that the OP may be right about the progressives being well-organised. In many ways they are exhibiting the kind of self-discipline and self-organisation I am talking of. So maybe in a sense we do need to mirror “opposition tactics”. But we need to be very selective about how we do that.

        6. I suggested the MRM might be engaging in tactics that could be counter-productive. You could have given a reasoned response to that, and demonstrated why I’m wrong, instead you chose to respond with the kind of emotionally charged sarcasm one normally encounters on a rad fem site. I suspect you’re too heavily invested in your movement to see criticism as anything other than a personal attack

        7. I’m not actually involved in the MRM, though I do appreciate their efforts and what they are trying to accomplish. Nor was I calling you out personally with my last message.
          I’m merely calling a spade a spade.

        8. “The criticism about letting women run the show is an important one – we don’t need any more Good Men Projects, or endless opining about equality”
          You make a valid point there. After all:

          Although, since women speaking up seems to draw more attention, there is something to let them speak as long as they are doing their own thing at the side.
          “And so they should,
          because it leads to the kind of abdication of personal responsibility and consequent helplessness that is feminism hallmark.”
          Now that seems somewhat debatable. In any case, lets say we manage to spread red pill thought widely enough (and I’m not saying we shouldn’t, I think its absolutely crucial that we do). What do you think, will it help repeal the ridicule and demonization of masculinity in popular perception or repeal the misandric laws?

        9. maybe a ‘mixed methods’ approach might be indicated here, but I think its worth doing a careful cost-benefit analysis with respect to allowing women to take too prominent position here. I suspect the cost may be too high

        10. “I’m merely calling a spade a spade.”
          I admit it I’m an alpha male captain of industry

        11. I assumed they were pretty red pill as a female sites go. My take on the above is that there’s a suggestion women who criticise feminism may be doing so so because they wish to preserve ‘the feminine imperative’, which feminism by overreaching could threaten

        12. Well, a few women (especially the ones with sons) may be genuine in their desire to achieve social and legal equity, but the ones at large (especially the ones like Return of Queens, whose founder, unlike roosh, we know nothing of) they simply cannot be trusted even if they are consciously well intentioned.
          You see, in their very “about” section, they make it clear that they are against game/PUA. Interpretation : Thought of any man successfully employing a sexual strategy, free from any directives of the feminine imperative is unpalatable to them.
          On top of that, on manosphere sites, I’ve seen countless number of times Manginas and feminists spewing the most illogical vitriol and yet they were never censored.
          And yet, on this site, I posted only four comments and 2 out of them were those in which I more or less in a reasonably logical manner with examples, warned the sniveling omegas there of the dangers of kowtowing to women’s opinions and of the feminine imperative. Guess what? Both of them were censored off.
          Furthermore, one comment was where I presented a radfem whos position basically was ” feminism=equality and anti-feminism=misogyny” with proof of feminism’s misandry ( Guess what? in a site about women who refuted feminism, that too was censored off ! Whereas women replying against the radfem weren’t !
          The moderator “QueenA” says she avoids red pill like a plague and that it’s okay to be beta and that you are going to have pussy even as a beta, also that trying to be Alpha is useless because apparently, one is just born with it). Whats worse, an entire pack of omega twats are actually taking their word to the heart.
          Just saying that while posting on these sites and blogs, whenever the question of such sites arises, we need to caution our fellow men against implicitly trusting such agents. Especially the post by Mr. Tomassi. it seems to be spot on.

        13. women will have there own reasons for being anti-feminist, or supporting men’s rights etc, including as you say because they’ve got sons and are genuinely concerned for their futures, or because they’re conservative and believe in the family / are christians etc. Their contributions may be valuable, but those reasons are never going to be identical to those of men, including because of the inevitable overlap between, to borrow again from your conceptual scheme, the feminine and feminist imperatives. Also I wouldn’t really expect RoQs etc to be pro-PUA etc.

        14. “to borrow again from your conceptual scheme”
          It ain’t my conceptual scheme. It was put forth by a guy who not only holds a degree in psychology, he has spent a sizable chunk of his life studying the matter.
          “because they’re conservative and believe in the family / are Christians etc.”
          Well, i’m not a christian nor do I come from a christian or even a monotheistic background. But from what I have been reading. Feminist imperative seems to be at work there to. Single christian women and the modern church’s constant rants for men to “man up” and marry and all of that. Personally I feel that ingrained beliefs like conservative or religious dictates aren’t sufficient alone to analyse the inter-gender dynamics. At some or the other level, evolutionary psychology takes over. For example, the nuances of the christian society were created to keep female hyper-gamy and sexual pluralism (security and breeding) in check. Now the modern church, coming under pressure from feminist influences seems to be actively trying to fulfill the security part of it by trying to brainwash men who are reluctant to marry against their choices to just go ahead and marry.
          In any case the most credible of these “masculist women” seem to be the ones with sons, because not just higher level conscious thought but even base level biological imperative supports such action on their part.
          “feminine and feminist imperatives”
          Make no mistake. The earliest versions of feminism may have been about equal pay for equal work. But soon after the the sum total of all feminism has been nothing but the social enforcer of the feminine imperative. There no “separate” feminist and feminine imperatives.

        15. “to borrow again from your conceptual scheme”
          It ain’t my conceptual scheme.”
          Yes I know, it was a shorthand. I find the main idea quite persuasive. As to there being ‘no “separate” feminist and feminine imperatives, that depends what is meant. If you’re invoking evolutionary psychology then I would be inclined to agree, but it can be reductive to just assume every man, and separately every woman is in any direct way, working towards the same thing (however much biology will always come into play). If you have to add the word ‘ultimately to the end of the sentence then then that won’t say much. A strong argument here would say Rad fem is ‘playing’ the bad cop, and men’s right activist woman is playing the ‘good cop’. I’m not sure I would fully endorse that, or consider there is evidence for that yet, but yes, both might represent different ways of pursuing a shared feminine interest – but then we already know that. The only concern is if this is conscious or conspiratorial, which I don’t think it is. My inclination is to step back as say, women have there interests and they will pursue them just as men will pursue theirs. But those goals are pursued may make a world of difference. Rad feminism for instance can present as almost zero sum in its game-play, whereas that would never happen with more conservative anti-feminist women for instance – here there is the possibility that there will be a conflict in terms of solidarity: if feminist actions are seen to be at odds with their understanding of the feminine imperative (whatever the commonalities – we are talking of perception) then in such a situation it would make perfect sense for anti-feminist women to ally genuinely with red pill men i.e. feminine imperative universal to all women, may not translate to shared interest, let alone shared policy….for all I know its possible to ovulate together without agreeing on gender politics

        16. I get what you said. To sum up, the feminine imperative may be instinctive to women but based on their perceptions and understanding, they may pursue it differently, making whatever alliances they need to, even if they don’t realize it consciously. Point taken.
          What i am talking about is to thwart the feminine imperative itself, whatever form it may take. As it is, one gender’s mating/sexual strategy and all the diverse forms of social power-play (like propagating certain gender stereotypes in order to advantage women in mass perception or playing the victim, if a husband divorces he is a douche bag, but if a wife does, she only “deserved” to escape an “abusive” marriage etc.) . What I am talking about is enlightened self interest.
          And the threat here is the typical female infiltration of male space. You see, the moment men lend an ear to these “Queens” (the vanguard among the men who would do this would be the sniveling omegas, which is happening even now if the comment sections are any indicator), the precedent has been set. Other men see this and kind of feel that these women are cool. And once that has been established, along the women being firmly entrenched as a part of the movement (as has happened with MRM) so that they are a distinct part of the movement’s face recognized by the rest of the world, then comes the censoring and shaming. As in “I know what you are feeling, but “real men” don’t do this or that”. It’s okay as long as it serves the feminine imperative, otherwise it isn’t. And men as a whole with so much blue pill already resent in their mental habits will tend to simply take it.
          And thats how feminism spread, from an “equal pay for equal work” to what it is today, excuse after excuse. Plus a dissent with a group that the general public now perceives as a primary part of the movement, only gives ammunition to our detractors, a kind of a faux vindication which they might use as an excuse to further brainwash the mainstream against us.
          Its one thing to include women in the MRM, which focuses on the legal and social demonisation aspects since rest of the society seems to listen more if women are speaking up, and we might take advantage of it. But you are absolutely right in saying that at a fundamental, unconscious level, women’s reasons for outwardly supporting men can never be expected to be the same as men. One way or the another, most women will always try to plan ahead and look out for their own sex’s satisfaction of imperative, a combination of the female herd mentality and security seeking.
          But, to the best of my knowledge, unlike MRM, the red pill is exclusively about countering the feminine imperative, to counter all the shaming and promote the recognition of the truth about the nature of things among men and to use the artifices of the feminine imperative and hypergamy against itself (THE EXACT REASON WHY EVEN THESE RED PILL WOMAN SITES SIMPLY CANNOT STAND THE THOUGHT OF “GAME” OR PUA). Ergo, its exclusively about what men are advised to do, both when dealing with women who do not endorse the inter-gender dynamic (despite desiring to do so deep down) aimed for by the red pill as well as with those who do ie these so called red pill women. Either the woman is persuaded to go along with it or is discarded.
          What women WANT is not a factor here just in the same way what a man expects or wants in no way influences the woman’s biological mating impulses. And thats precisely the reason that for one gender’s mating strategy to succeed on a social wide scale, the other’s must fail. There may be a middle ground of “fair terms of engagement” (somewhat like a Geneva convention which all warring countries must follow) when it comes to social and legal justice, but there IS no middle ground where sexual dynamics at their evolutionary function (ie the result of the war itself). And thats exactly why that while women in MRM may not be much much of a big deal, letting women, however consciously well meaning, influence in any way whatsoever the red pill (or MGTOW) simply cannot be tolerated and must be actively discouraged among those who are in any way attached to the red pill, down the last measly omega chump.

        17. There’s a lot to agree with there, although I’m not quite sure about the idea of trying to “thwart the feminine imperative itself”. If the idea is drawn from evolutionary psychology (I am not sure how much that’s the case but I’ll assume so) then there is no thwarting anybody’s sexual imperative female or male except in the sense of temporary obstructionism, in the sense one might thwart an ‘opponent’ in chess say.
          In the medium term though yes, feminism / cock-blocking may serve the same function of thwarting the male sexual imperative and insofar as something similar may be required to check the aggressive expansionism of the Evil Feminist Empire then maybe it makes sense – but what we are talking about presumably is some form of ‘balance of powers’ such as was the (not very successful) aim of international politics at the turn of the last century (that worked out well).
          But in the broader sense an alternative is to address the issue as the distortion of / corruption of the feminine imperative, and of the sexual imperative in the sense that it affects both sexes at a societal level, and particularly at a day to day level. In the first instance rather than oppose the feminine imperative why not simply ‘expose’ it – the effect might be pretty similar after all. And just as importantly, the problem we have at the moment is that the male sexual imperatives (I won’t say the masculine imperative here because I don’t want to assume a necessary symmetry) are not being recognised in society at all: those imperatives translate into something very simple: men want to have a sex life, a family life, full civic status in the life of the societies they are cunningly being squeezed out of. So rhetorically speaking what’s the most persuasive argument: your needs are wrong ours are right, or to make the case that “society currently operates almost exclusively to serve female sexual goals, including through subtle and virtually invisible processes, and the pathologisation of male sexuality generally, and that it is time men’s basic sexual goals and self-interest were fully recognised by state, society and law. The advantage here is that the argument can be made as a presentation of the enlightened self interest we both agree is important; indeed it can be made as a presentation of the enlightened self interest of all parties and of society itself. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to occupy the moral high ground

        18. “rather than oppose the feminine imperative why not simply ‘expose’ it”
          Well I guess it then boils down to spreading red pill far and wide enough.

  44. the only way for Zoe to come out of this with any dignity is to try to take control of the situation, take ownership of her hypocrisy and sluttiness, for example, by bringing out a game where the player has to sleep her way to the top in order to defeat sexism. The player could level up every time she hooked up with a boss. For it to be realistic there would need to be a lot of levels. Like a lot.

      1. makes me wonder though, they’ll soon be ordaining women bishops: will the first woman archbishop of canterbury sleep her way to the top of the tree

        1. Sounds logical, especially when Englishwomen embrace Guinevere’s legacy as a warped symbol of pride.

        2. we need the return of king arthur. Who else will pull the sword from society’s butthole

        3. The nice thing about female bishop game is that unlike nun game, it is not habit forming.

        4. I’m waiting for Roosh’s new series: Bang…the diocese of Bath & Wells. London or Rochester, which has the most bangable women bishops?

        5. I personally accepted that Arthurian England is long gone, to the point today’s Anglosphere is all but uprooted from their true roots by admission.
          Instead of preventing every single Englishwoman from emulating Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) and her legacy, white knights and alike are embracing Gwenhwyfar’s legacy “because EMPOWERMENT!” Seriously, how warped is English society? Basically, all the impression I am getting is how the English have accepted this denial of Gwenhwyfar’s fatal flaw as part and parcel of everyday English life and worse, this has been going on for two(!!!) millennia. And guess who pays the price? Everybody! There’s a reason why sexually thirsty Indian men troll this site, much to Roosh’s annoyance, and keep in mind armadas of sexually thirsty Englishmen jumped ship and intermarried with the Indian locals.
          I am rather obligated to learn all of these, because I am a history buff and I live in the Anglosphere.

        6. Don’t know that much about Guinevere – I seem to remember she might have been based on the Lillith legend (Adam’s rebellious wife). Arthurian romance became popular in the early middle ages I think at a time when the concept of chivalry was being advance possibly to counteract the appalling behaviour of knights in the hundred years war etc. The result was a placing pussy on the ultimate pedestal, as part of the chivalric notion was to remain chaste in the service of your lady (c.f. Don Quixote)

        7. “Don’t know that much about Guinevere – I seem to remember she might have
          been based on the Lillith legend (Adam’s rebellious wife).”
          I actually remember reading elsewhere in the site where it mentioned of Ancient Europeans, having the same lax standards (read: the pedestal) towards women.
          “Arthurian romance became popular in the early middle ages I think at a time when the concept of chivalry was being advance[d] possibly to counteract the appalling behaviour of knights in the hundred years war etc.”
          I consider Arthurian Romance, just like The Wife of Bath, let alone any other concurrent literature of the time, as reflection of an era’s society and Arthurian Romance is no different.
          “The result was a placing pussy on the ultimate pedestal, as part of the chivalric notion was to remain chaste in the service of your lady (c.f. Don Quixote).”
          And we have been seeing this effect and its effects on various societies, to the extent we are actively witnessing this sexual thirst concurrently.

        8. the wife of bath is a curious piece, very much like a piece of feminist literature. The background may be the Chaucer may have been accused of rape, and given his response one might wonder whether he was innocent. The whole idea of gentilesse / chivalry, the focus on what women want etc and the wife of baths’ ‘independent medieval woman’ suggests that he had a major guilt complex. Guilt plays a big part in why so many male progressives give up all their power

  45. That last line was priceless, although the whole article was very well done.
    It’s a shame that articles are sprouting up that decry this whole scandal as mere lies and misogyny. The worst I’ve seen was written by that feminist sycophant David Futrelle.
    P.S. here’s an archive of that female game designer which Vice called a man in an futile attempt to pin this scandal on the boogey man that is misogyny.

  46. I dunno…she seems more of a beta fucker passed from one to another than a game developer. Depression Quest? She has a “hooch” therefore she must be queernationorsomethingsoreleasecodeiprobablydidntwritemyselfsoicanshowmyfeministwomynsmovement.
    The bigger scandal is not her but the industry that enables her. Unfortunately its not limited to video games. She is not the only one either
    I appreciate articles like this and hope to see more in other areas of crazycrapnerddom.

    1. I never heard of the game. Clearly it’s not doing well.
      Who wants to play a game about being depressed?

  47. This article is great and very informative, I enjoyed reading it but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Who knows how many such liaisons happen everyday that we don’t hear about. But as much as i think her to be an odious cunt, its peculiar that most comments make no criticism of the men who actually slept with her. And one as i understand was married. Women have no power unless you allow them to have it and the men who propelled her are more to blame in my view. I think this story encompasses all of human history and the trade-off war between the sexes. The female imperative is basically to manipulate the male cravings for her own benefit, as this fine exemplar here did. Unless those cravings are held in check by a moral code, outlet or whatever else then business will continue as usual.

    1. ” . . .most comments make no criticism of the men who actually slept with her.”
      I’m still trying to figure out how they could. I would have thought that Zoe Quinn was entirely suffcient to suppress any cravings entirely, never mind hold them in check.

      1. In my opinion – her former self, was certainly bangable material only the face betrays the frame a bit.

  48. Off topic but on topic:
    Since ThoughtCrime and now even hinting at the fact you don’t think feminism is the greatest thing since bread can seriously mess up your professional career, has anyone thought of using our society’s growing love of victim classes for their own benefit?
    An example: Say in a moment of truth you make some disparaging “‘misogynistic” comments at work and some bitch calls you out to HR. While HR is reviewing the case you say something like, “Is this becoming an issue because I’m gay?”. The beauty of homosexuality being the new great victim class is that anyone can claim to be part of it without burden of proof (provided youre not married or coworkers are in the dark about who you date/fuck). Sure it’s scorched earth policy, but it may save your ass and turns the tables on protected classes who use their position of power to fuck over straight white dudes.

    1. I’d rather go with the “is it because I’m jewish?” angle. It’s less scorched-earth-y

    2. Or alternatively “do you know who I am? My brother is Michael Kimmel. He practically invented feminism.”

    3. I find its better to play a victim to some form of power structure when I get caught for thought crime. At educational facilities I would go for strong religious upbringing and your still trying to shake it off. Even if you have never been into a church. At work I would say battling mental stress that was bought on through heavy work load and that you don’t know where to turn. As long as you never apologise. They would much rather think that you are unstable rather than have any ability to dictate right from wrong.

    4. Hell, I think you’d be able to get away with “Is this becoming an issue because I’m a man?”.
      We (and women) all know that women fill most (if not all roles) in all HR depts. in corporate America. You could easily paint them as being sexist because you are a man (and they are all women siding with a woman).
      You couldn’t do it so many years ago, but today it would be a piece of cake. Tell them you’ll need a day or two off of work to speak with your attorney…that will get their head spinning.

    5. We need to start turning the tables on these so called “feminists” and use their own rules against them. Use their language and their rules to help your cause (and to call them out).
      It should be, at the very least, hilarious to watch them in action.

  49. Most of these comments just show that a lot of men in gaming truly are misogynist. Disturbing…

    1. Yeah, more generic, cut out feminist rhetoric. Oddly enough you had nothing to say about the article. LOL.

    2. If holding a woman accountable for being a manipulative, unfaithful, disturbed individual who plays the “gender card” and victim role in order to attempt to use others and damage an otherwise enjoyable industry is “misogynistic”, then I’m proud to get that label.
      “Disturbing” is a woman who sleeps with multiple individuals and has an obvious personality disorder along with leaving a path of destruction.
      You need to get real.

        1. Me, I am fairly proud of being called a mysogynistic, racist, bigoted warmongering redneck.
          Not one of the labels is even remotely close to reality, but still… it means I have pissed off the right people. And when the time comes, I will be happily kicking the stools out from under them.

        2. That’s what’s kind of a pain—discerning who’s male and female sometimes. Unfortunately as we all know some “men” would almost appear female if not for having facial hair!

      1. Oh, look a 4chan troll (or at least someone posing as one). That Jade (Suiseiseki) avatar is a dead giveaway.
        Too bad Miles doesn’t have the balls to admit, “Obsession with zombies IS necrophilia.”

  50. Feminists will not be able to make a mockery of gender fluidity forever, as more and more beta/feminist men are smacked with doses of reality. Some men will never learn, but that will not be the majority. Men will wise up. Men will see things like this and they will begin to revolt against ultimate female liberation, particularly in the sexual domain. This will (eventually) lead to MGTOWs and pump-and-dump players becoming the norm, and the destruction of the family unit as marriage and/or child-rearing becomes an entirely untenable concept.
    The very end, should we ever get there, would be the complete isolation of males and females from each other, in which society falls into oblivion, and eventual extinction. However, this end is far from where we are, yet the parameters are being pencilled more heavily with each cultural Marxist concession made a reality.
    Whether it’s learned behaviour or innate, female hypergamy must be curbed and shamed, or else stories like these will become commonplace. Women must learn to contribute much more than their pussy, in any relationship (beyond a one-night-stand).

    1. Men will see things like this and they will begin to revolt against ultimate female liberation,
      Funny, I’ve thought about the same thing as well. I certainly hope that it happens that way, but at times I have my doubts.
      The seeds of dissent are here, but are they strong enough to overcome this widespread attempt to turn America into a feminist-majority society?
      And to overcome the tendency of so many men to be complacent and get run through the wringer over and over without forcing accountability onto the deserving women?

      1. I think so, but my thoughts are mere speculation, so make of them what you will.
        The seed, if established, continues to grow and grow, and cognitive dissonance or curiosity will keep it going. I watched myself transform from a seriously betatised male, who was so much an emotional-doormat that girls did not want to hang around me, because I was that pathetic, to someone who has a decent idea about how devious the average woman is, and who can bend women’s will (to some degree) to his desire.
        It is working for my brother, who has gone from completely ignorant, to somewhat sceptical. I’m also planting the seeds in my (beta) friend’s minds, and I, the other day, had one of them ask me about a woman, in regards to red-pill philosophy. “I’m just curious,” he said.
        I am watching these people tread the path I once did. Their seed will flourish into a passionate hatred of feminism, yet an acceptance of what women are. I know this because it’s exactly what my seed flourished into. Just plant the seeds, and the ideas will grow inside of them.

  51. You know, I develop indy games, and I have never heard of this dumbshit until recently.
    Who gives a fuck if she’s a boilerplate feminist wannabe geek? her stuff sucks.
    who gives a fuck if she’s cheating on her boyfriend and mutilating herself? Destroying themselves is what feminists DO.
    I think we should just ignore her as utterly inconsequential. The attention, even the negative attention, is just feeding her publicity whoring.

  52. Men do seem to pull off the same thing Zoe did but in different ways. I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and I always see what I call “golden boys”. These are men, ALWAYS sexually attractive to women (thin, fit, dapper, 2D, dumb, silent, dullards) who always make it into lead or upper management positions. For some reason people prop these guys up to this status with no underlying backing. “Mark” must be good cause he’s pretty and fit ie he has genetically perfect sperm.
    In fact this whole site promotes that alpha male attitude. Trim, proper, fit, metro sexual, dumb as a fence post.
    So this happens on the male side too and its seems women prop these guys up as Alphas. They are usually unqualified and have what I call a Barney Rubble or Gilligan who’s a neck beard who is the technical lackey who does the real work.
    Zoe’s problem is the SJW garbage. SJWs have no credibility or respect as it is but lately (over the last 5 years) they have been thoroughly ruining the game industry. Like spoiled children who need to ruin the nerd’s fun. But the hypocrisy of crying about gender discrimination while sleeping to get advantages is beyond looking past. She really peed in her own punch bowl.

  53. Three things really stuck out from this, the first two of which have been addressed (the 3rd might have as well and I just missed it):
    1. GAAAHHHWWW!!! Zoe’s looks is all it takes now to sleep to the top? Shrek’s GF/wife is hotter.
    2. The censorship is extremely disturbing, especially from 4chan. More importantly, it’s VOLUNTARY. No one is using the force of government to make this happen. I figured 4chan of all places would stand up and call BS.
    3. The thing that disturbs me the most is that if this happened in the gamer industry, where else is this going on? I remember when Climategate and PedoStateGate happened thinking “Jesus, if they are willing to do this here, where else?” A few years later, Cancergate, where it was found that many primary studies in Cancer could not be replicated, happened and it turned out many educational institutions such as public teachers unions were protecting pedophiles.
    What other industries are corrupted by women, especially unattractive ones, sleeping there way to the top? Video games ultimately are not that important, but industries like Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Airplanes, Autos are essential to modern civilization. How far does the rot go? Thinking where it might go in government makes me shudder.

    1. Women have been sleeping their way to the top since the first australopithicus female presented herself to the alpha male of the troop.
      It is their natural instinct to sleep their way up the corporate ladder. But it only gets them into upper middle management at most and most of them quit long before that point when they get preggers.
      Where does it go in government? We know the answer, bill Clinton showed us.

  54. Zoe Quinn…another example of a woman hurting the feminist movement (this blaming men shit needs to end).
    She should be the poster child for women who sleep their way to the top.

  55. MRA
    Acronym for a group called Men’s Rights Activists.
    A bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast Illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs the majority of the world.

    1. SJW
      Acronym for a group called Social Justice Warriors.
      A bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast Illuminati
      male conspiracy blah blah blah You get my point you hypocrite.
      Or you’re most likely choosing to ignore it.

    2. Feminists : A bunch of retards or hypocrites, who think that that there is some vast misogynistic trend in our society, ignoring the fact how fem-centric our society has become, with all kinds of outrageous double standards (eg. Tom Leykis on air murder confession thing) and that only 3% of men run majority of the world, and the fact that they still do that purely on the basis of their merit or political acumen, without the help of any quota reservation.
      Fuck off dear, your hypocrisy, double standards and shaming tactics (like the above comment) is no secret to us.

    3. or perhaps pussy runs the world, but until recently has exercised its influence more discreetly.

        1. And women try to act smarter than they really are (usually with entertaining results before the end).

        2. ” i’m so disappointed.”
          Women’s expression of disappointment or other emotions often translates. directly or indirectly into power over men. Wars have been started, lives ended, because a woman expressed disappointment, or withheld a smile, or sexual favour. Some women know this consciously, others understand it intuitively, but all eventually learn how it works. Why is this not a form of power that you exercise?

        3. yep. that’s why you’re all complaining about getting screwed over by women.

        4. Complaining may be a part of it. But the purpose is to discuss how not to get screwed over.
          And it takes guts to admit over your own ego that you were screwed over.
          Furthermore, usually men (talking about the general populace) don’t usually indulge in such cheap cunning, but when a man is discovered to have been doing so with a woman, you women raise an entire shit storm over it and you’re talking about us complaining. Piss off hypocrite !

    4. Fallacy. Strawman argument. This is good LSAT practice. Wish me luck fellas, we’re entering the legal profession.

        1. It’s not fact when facts don’t support it.
          Also, this isn’t an MRA site. So who what you said doesn’t even matter here, anyway.

  56. You know people are actually blaming her boyfriend for this? The depths these types will go to find victimhood for women.
    If somebody with no talent or knowledge were to make a game, it would be Depression Quest. It’s only celebrated because of its pretentiousness and catering to victimhood.

  57. Finally someone showing the true side of this story. Thank you for having integrity. I was stating to think I was taking crazy pills.

  58. Some dumb asshole in my FB linked this execrable post. What a surprise to find a bunch of insecure wastes of human flesh commenting approvingly on it. Here’s what I said to him, and what I say to all of you:
    “The fake controversy over Zoe Quinn, for those who haven’t heard of it, is supposed to be rooted in a story of journalistic “corruption.” The basic allegation is that Quinn, who produced a game that got greenlit on Steam that gamers didn’t like, slept with a journalist at Kotaku to get a positive review.
    Point one to know here is that in fact, that didn’t happen. You will trawl the Internets in vain for a copy of this supposedly damning, corrupt review. It does not exist.
    Absent that rationale, what we have in the linked article is basically The Complete Guide to How Not to Be a Man on the Internet. It dissects Quinn’s personal life using out-of-context quotes and pictures in a creepy, invasive, stalker-ish and judgmental way; uses hilariously nutty phrases like “social justice warrior” and “the Feminist Imperative” in all seriousness; damns her for essentially being a mixed-up human like the rest of us who doesn’t always make the right choices (not to mention for being one of those ladies who dares to have sexual relations despite looking like a regular everyday person, which apparently is Just Not Done); bleats about how The Elite are keeping the little gamer down by having greenlit a single game on Steam that isn’t to their taste; and draws applause from a comments section full of people who talk about how this is what comes of letting women into “male-space” and employ canned pick-up-artist rhetoric about “game.”
    You don’t even have to be a feminist to be sickened by this display, but it’s more than just sickening. It’s pathetic. Anyone who is actually incensed that Zoe Quinn got to publish a game called Depression Quest that they didn’t like — and who actually thinks that this kind of personal character assassination campaign is remotely okay as a response to that — is not setting themselves up as any sort of moral authority. This is literally nothing more complicated or interesting than little boys whining about girl cooties in the clubhouse.
    So, to any fellow dudes of the Internet who are contemplating sharing this or articles like it with approval: have a good think about what you’re associating yourself with.”
    FUCK every single one of you. You’re pitiful embarrassments to manhood specifically and humanity generally, and you should be thoroughly ashamed to be buying into this thoroughly idiotic and depraved exercise in character assassination. Frankly, it’s absolutely no surprise at all that someone like Zoe can get laid while you lot apparently can’t.

    1. “The basic allegation is that Quinn, who produced a game that got greenlit on Steam that gamers didn’t like, slept with a journalist at Kotaku to get a positive review.”
      No, one of the allegations was that Nathan Grayson wrote a pro-Zoe article on 31st March and is now saying their relationship started “early April”. Did he write the piece, and find her on his doorstep the next day, saying “great article, lets fuck”? On its own its not the worst crime in the world, but if what you write determines the sex you get then that might arguably be a matter of journalistic integrity. As for the character assassination its unfortunate but it can both highlight and detract from the growing perception (which you obviously deny) that there is something of a social justice mafia in place, who are to borrow from Gramsci, marching through the institutions like locusts.
      Its a messy affair, but this is a woman who did her own doxing (a form of personal ad hominem attack surely?) and who amongst other progressive doyennes was and probably still is part of the increasingly powerful networks of social justice guardians of the galaxy types (I think she’s the raccoon….damn it more character assassination). The main charge is that the progressives, the quinns, the sarkesians etc are entering the gaming world, and every other industry they enter to control and police rather than to create anything. Elsewhere on this board there are references to men in the industry being told that one couldn’t even criticise Zoe in semi-private facebook conversations or their careers would falter even through association with the criticiser. If that’s true that’s an oppressive environment. Maybe you’re right that attacks on her attractiveness etc aren’t part of a proper argument, but social justice types (and why would you object to the term?) have destroyed countless careers through personal attack typically with absolute impunity. Moreover its becoming apparent that ‘social justice’ is no longer merely a label describing ethics or politics, but rather its a career path, a way to advance up the ladder, blitzing the ‘dinosaurs’ who won’t think the right thoughts and plundering their dead bodies for personal gain. And if another such path is to sleep with the right people to get them to fight your cause or further your interests, then that’s just a bit more evidence that supposedly altruistic progressivism is just a disguise for cynical self interest.

    2. Yeah, I stopped at execrable. When I find out what the fuck that means I might take you seriously. Until then shut the fuck up, your hopeless defense of that dumb bitch means fuck all compared to the evidence. Have fun in your moms basement.

    3. Are you going to get your angel wings now for defending a little helpless lady? Do they come in the mail? So does Zoe actually send you a man merit badge?
      Cram your white knight garbage. You’re a cuddle fish and its creepy.

    4. Take a look at their “about” page for a good laugh. What a bunch of masculine men indeed. Sounds more like a “no girls allowed” club for insecure boys.
      I would actually have no problem believing the stories about this Quinn chick, but these guys have an agenda so transparent it’s laughable. And then there are the comments… rivalling YouTube in terms of obnoxious is not a good thing, boys.

  59. damn brah, that brutal. I feel sorry for that Zoe chick but hey, she’ll get more dick now so it’s all good.

  60. Hahahahaha. Nerd video game celebrity drama. Hahahhaha. I’ve seen it all now. Now I know I’m getting old when I can honestly say that shit like this didn’t go down back in the day and if it did. No one cared. Hahahha

      1. Please, Red Pill is about putting down juvenile pursuits like video games and living a life more exciting than any video game. When I was a kid I loved the adrenaline rush of FPS games. Now as an adult the adrenaline rushes I get when trying to game a beautiful woman, or scoring an investment gain is far greater. The rush I get playing on stage with my band is far greater than any game win.
        A man with a full life has no time for trivial pursuits.

  61. To me the worst part is what she did to the omega’s at Wizardchan. Anyone defending this woman doesn’t recognize the cruelty of that move. She is a psychopath.

  62. Quinn is an Irish name, so you might want to update your description from “Zoe Quinn is a young(ish) white American woman” to “Zoe Quinn is a young(ish) white(ish) American woma.”

  63. This is why most true female gamers don’t have a lot of female friends. Especially ones that are also gamers. They make the rest of us, the ones that are genuine and can take a sexist joke and dish it right back, look like social ladder climbing sluts. I’m probably one of the few females that believe that if another female has dressed and acted( <—keyword there) a certain way she probably was asking for it. Maybe not rape but she was asking for a certain type of attention. Then they cry wolf about it. It’s frustrating to say the least. I’ve read through a bunch of the comments on here that could be labeled as derogatory to woman but I’m not all butt hurt about it. If anything I can agree with most of whats being said.
    Just keep in mind that not all females are like this. There are a few us that love video games and love having honest intellectual discussions about video games. Don’t let a sociopath with an addiction to having everyone of her orifices filled with cock ruin your whole perspective of women.

    1. Yes the Quinn incident has probably turned men against the women in the middle. Now there will be more distrust of women in general. And normal women are scared to say anything since some of the producers are SJWs and will actively bully.

  64. It amazes me the ugly fucking fat cunts some guys will stick their dick into. Some guys will fuck a knothole in the woods.

  65. Why do you care? Why should ANYONE care? Zoe Quinn shared some opinions on the internet, as well as her personal life story. Whether what she said was what she believed or not, we really don’t know, because we are not Zoe Quinn. All we know is that she cheated on the man she was with and tried to hide it from her fans. The world is alot more complicated than black and white, we can’t generalize people into groups with perfectly similar personalities. Who knows why she did it, and really, who cares? If you personally don’t like feminists, then stay the fuck out of their business, or else you are just as annoying as the extreme feminists, because you are an extreme anti-feminist. The only reason I could imagine you getting so worked up about this is that you are a screaming child trying desperately to get your point proven. When you post paragraph upon paragraph about someone you don’t know cheating on someone else you don’t know, that sounds to me like: “Mommy, mommy! Look! See, I told you Zoe Quinn was a bad person, I told you!” The fuck do you want, a cookie? I could care less about what Zoe Quinn did, does or will do, because I am not personally a fan of hers, and I don’t really care about her work either. It’s obvious that you are not a fan of hers, so I don’t understand why you care so much.

    1. If you don’t care about the article, you are free to not read it and also to fuck off and not litter the place with uninformed opinions.

    2. I care cause SJWs grind others for their own bullying satisfaction, sitting on Mt. Olympus like some self proclaimed judges THEN they are hypocrites.
      This always the pattern of abusers. If you work in the industry this SJW stuff is pretty thick and can cost you work.
      And now females who don’t practice this SJW cra.p are doubly pinched. From one end the SJWs claim these girls are denying their victim status and are uncle Toms. NOW the other end of the spectrum like this site is going to further stigmatize women as sleep to get ahead whores who never worked hard and are not to be trusted since they will complain the get ahead.

      1. That’s a good point also. It affects the atmosphere of whatever area we are talking about, and simply causes more damage moving forward.
        This is another case of a woman attempting to enter a male-dominated field by manipulation & destructive methods—instead of earning her way—and no good came from it.

    3. The “mind your own business/why do you care?” (I’m generalising) argument no longer applies when a person:
      1. Takes their behavior to a public forum/forums and want the advantages given by the use of making themselves well known. This makes them also subject to public scrutiny.
      2. In this case, it is not a simple matter of someone’s personal life. This is a person who is attempting to use various media outlets to *manipulate others and gain sympathy, and attempting to villainize the male gender, at least to some extent.
      3. The video/computer game industry provides an enjoyable pastime with participants who are relatively passionate about its products. No man (or woman, I would hope) can stand to see someone who did not earn their place in the industry bypass all the hard work & background required to find a contributing role in the field.
      In other words, it appears that this woman, who clearly has major issues, has slept her way around in order to put out a poorly thought out/poorly developed “game” and then when the facts came out, she attempted to play the sympathy card. And it is obvious she had help from other media sites in order to assist with her disguising the dishonesty & manipulation.

  66. Depression Quest…?
    Women aren’t having a hard time breaking into the gaming industry because they’re women. They’re not getting hired because most of them only seem to have shitty ideas for games.

    1. The ones who attempt to do so are hardly shining examples of humility, stability, and femininity!

  67. Has anyone been to a developer’s conference, a start up weekend, .. or I don’t know.. had a JOB? There is not one industry that doesn’t run rampant with people fucking everyone. This is so not newsworthy, it is disturbing. Whomever this video guy is was obviously personally rejected by a games journalist or had his own game tank. Man+woman, woman+woman, man+man.. it all goes down in every industry, especially entertainment. There are no ethics anymore, people. While I appreciate that you need a target, or you need to feel heard about your point of view.. this is just plain wrong. Women themselves really aren’t the issue. They are good gamers, they are good developers. Most of the issue is, they just don’t work the system as well as men. The entertainment industry itself is totally flawed. Women will never be looked at as equals in this industry because the truth is, on the whole, men are generally better at these types of talents. But one chick’s vagina has absolutely zero.. and I mean… zero.. long term impact in an industry, which is already polarized in every direction by bigger issues. This guy on the video.. he’s hilarious. My thoughts: probably not getting laid too often. Guys, honestly, take it from someone who has been a decision maker in this industry for almost 20 years. This. is. not. news.

    1. “Guys, honestly, take it from someone who has been a decision maker in this industry for almost 20 years.”
      Ohh yeah….
      “Women themselves really aren’t the issue. They are good gamers, they are good developers.”
      This just screams someone who doesn’t make decisions, but pushes a mop.

      1. That’s true, actually. If you want to bend over I can show you exactly how I use it.

        1. Sounds like you could do with some disciplining yourself.
          After all, he said “pushing” a mop. Last I looked, (Pushing != Spanking).
          Looks like someone is too eager.

        2. Speak for yourself. You’re the one who brought it up. Or did you prefer the handle up some orifice of your body?

  68. So: Zoe is a whore.
    You could have shortened down the article a wee bit by stating that.
    But fuck. she`s ugly!

  69. Interesting how the tech and gaming industries used to lean Libertarian. When did they become just another group of corrupt leftist cronies?

  70. 1. I’m not sure about the cat in the picture with her – my immediate reaction would be to reach for holy water, silver bullets, and something long and very sharp. For the cat, not her, though…
    2. Never shampoo in the dark.

  71. this was such a blow to the credibility of feminism that i’ve never heard of her.

  72. This woman is a pathological liar and they are the scariest people in the world. Feminist agenda sucks too

  73. I say we need to establish a gaming counter-culture that resists and opposes this type of interference from feminism, with the goal of restoring the gaming industry not only to it’s former self, but fighting any other inference for it to come in. I know that the gaming industry would go to shit a long time ago, but then again when it started going this direction I was ostracized from the community, and now I want to take it back from those who are destroying it! It starts with a major overhaul of the gaming media, because that’s where the heart of the feminist wilderbeest lies.

  74. 1. Fact check 2. Waste your time on something useful 3. Personal life shouldn’t be open to your conjecture 4.You’re grammar and structure is all fucked up
    Everyone who is concerned with this story and the rest of “gamergate” is pathetic and need to work towards their own goals instead of slandering and threatening people whom they really don’t know anything about.

  75. I would fuck a moose to get into the gaming industry. Buuut… I also wouldn’t bitch about harassment after everyone found out I fucked a moose.

  76. The behavior (going on the outrageous assumption that it is at all accurate) is also behavior that men show too. So, assuming a man exhibited the same behavior as Zoe Quinn is accused of engaging in here, would the standard criticisms apply, or would the near virgin who is penning the article have a different reaction?
    When comments such as “women have the ability to drive men wild using their bodies” what the commenter is saying is “I am hard up and do not have control of myself. I often feel victimized by teasing women, yet lack the basic ability to tease” and “This is something women do to men, not something men do to women” but, in reality, some men have this affect on women, however, the commenter, apparently unnattractive and unappealing to women, has never experienced this, and because he lives in a small pathetic and unsatisfying world, it never occurs to him that men sometimes do affect women this way and it is just he who constantly fails in the sexual and romantic sphere. In fact, almost every insult cast at “feminists” and at Zoe Quinn reveals more about the pathetic commentators than it does about those being commented about. Put down your controllers and go get a date lame boys. You can’t even see how sad you are.

  77. You’ve made a lot of accusations but I haven’t really seen anything to back them up. Lot of ad hominem used as well. Stick to the facts, come back tomorrow and present me with a convincing argument.

  78. She is really ugly. Anyone who sleeps with this mess must be desperate. Also she is not a game dev, she made an interactive book, nothing more.

  79. Zoe Quinn’s mattressback method of screwing her way to a better position is a time-honored way used long before Christ. What is so hated is the use of feminist hypocrisies and false guilt manipulation to humiliate others and leverage power. She would barely qualify as an amateur student level developer but she has made a full time job out of harassing people and playing the victim. She is out to tear down and destroy.

  80. This bimbo is sticking it to her own in the video game industry. Men might look at the woman working with them and wonder if they are going to get screwed over so she can get a promotion and more money. Females in the industry will be worried that nobody will take them seriously because of women like Zoe.

  81. Your not a millennial there sunshine. Your a progressive. Millenials ended in like 82 making you like a decade off..

  82. Now that I finished reading – kudos! Apart from the idea that one persons ignorance can affect an entire movement (except to maybe morons/sheep) I’m behind everything you said 500%
    Internet censorship is becoming chinaesque. Ironically i posted on erons blog to call him out for being unforgiveably naive and a cuckold and BAM censor! Lol. So many sites do it now I won’t even get into it here.
    She’s a skeeze with extremely low self esteem.
    Feminism is straight up pathetic and cancer.
    Did I mention how damn naive eron was for his age? Hell any age. Poster child for cuckoldry for sure. Jesus take a beating and come back for more! FIVE TIMES! Bwahahaha!
    Sorry man, but geeze. Most of us got the heartbreak outta the way around puberty.
    She makes me sick. Unfortunately that’s a wee unfair considering her behavior is the opposite of unique.


  84. Although I bet many here will not want to hear it, the same kind of thing was and is happening in the world of “climate change”.

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