How To Tell When A Girl Really Likes You

In most cases, you know a girl likes you when she allows you to put your penis inside her, but sometimes the interaction gets cut short and you’re forced to get her number.

If a girl asks you to call her after you save her number in your phone, she really digs you.

If a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t care to get your number because she screens unknown numbers anyway. Having your number is a “just in case” move she only does on guys she wants to see again. Being aware of this lets you know which girls you can take a little more seriously.

13 thoughts on “How To Tell When A Girl Really Likes You”

  1. I have tons of girls that give me there numbers but then they flame even After saying call me

    1. As was mentioned in another post, Esther Vilar states that women don’t even like men; they like what men can do for them. You will know a woman will… ahem *like* you when you know you have something she wants. Hint: it ain’t your cock nor your sense of humor, nor your interesting travels. It has everything to do with resources. We are well through the looking glass gentlemen, so please quit entertaining a fantasy.

  2. Why even bother? I gave up years ago,and except for the occasional rampant horniness,Im relatively happy. Besides, the intense state of unrequited arousal goes away just as suddenly as it came. Yay me,as todays young fatties would say.

  3. Wow. Kudos to you Rooshy-Dooshy.
    For 24 long and lonely years, I’ve been analysing my actions and wondering why men only like me if their ‘penis is inside’ me, or if i VERY specifically approach a man, ‘force’ him to take my number and then ensure he calls my phone under my supervision because i weawy weawy like him.
    Do you have some kind of shindig celebration i can attend or fan club i can join to spread the good news of this mind blowing scientific discovery? Im sure all females of the world would appreciate my sharing of this information and upon hearing the good news, would realise that they totally ‘dig’ you and would most likely appreciate your penis inside of them.
    Im just taking one for the team.

  4. The ONLY way to let a guy know that I like him is to ask him to call me after he puts my number in his phone. You are the most perceptive man on the planet. How did you crack the code? Us women are well pissed off that you’ve spread the word to all the other men, so now they also know that this is the only method to communicate whether or not a woman ‘likes’ a man.
    I think your other 14 year old readers will really benefit from this hot tip at the next local Scouts group boy/girl dance.
    Oh yeah, and penis in vagina. Also an effective communication technique.

  5. A girl started texting me again after one month of silence. I did not reply back then.
    Is this a sign?

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