How To Meet Girls Who Work In Retail

Approaching retail assistants working in stores is a subset of day game that is not discussed as frequently as it should be. Department stores are filled with attractive young women who are frequently very bored and receptive to game. If you become proficient at this type of game then it opens up a whole world of opportunities hot girls every time you visit the mall.

That’s not to say that retail assistant game is without its pitfalls. Because the other side of the coin is that such girls are fully aware of their sexual market value and are not unused to getting hit on by hapless customers. As a result, rather like we see with night game, their hauteur is turned up to the max and they will gladly rebuff any half-hearted advance swiftly and brutally.

So what are the key things that you need to know if you’re keen to try retail assistant game? The first is that you must choose the right stores to target. This will obviously depend entirely on your location and what is on offer in your town or city, but for my money large department stores work really well.

In London we are fortunate enough to have several of these, including the world-famous Harrods and Selfridges.  Both of these are huge expanses of platinum-level retail experience aimed squarely at rich Russian, Chinese, Middle-Eastern and Nigerian customers (as well as a few English aristocrats and hordes of tourists).

In both there is a predominance of hugely attractive, well turned-out young women recruited especially to serve these discerning customers.

You need to find the equivalent in your locale. And if you live in the country then unfortunately as with most types of game this is really weighted towards urban areas, so if you want to reap the rewards you should either consider travelling or relocating entirely.

Once you have chosen your target store, there are several other factors you must bear in mind if you want to be successful.

The first is your presentation—that is, the way you look and the way you are dressed. Bottom line, it has to be good. Very good. Remember that you will be approaching girls who are working in an extremely superficial environment where appearance is everything. And on top of that, if it’s an expensive place they will be used to serving well-off guys who are extremely well-groomed.

As such, before you go out for a retail assistant game session you should spend as much time getting ready as you would if you were going out at night. Make sure your hair is well-cut and styled. Wear well-fitting clothes: they don’t need to be expensive but they do need to accentuate your figure.

Furthermore, if it’s cold and you are wearing a coat ensure you choose one that looks good and makes you stand out. I recently had sex with a Serbian store assistant. Afterwards I asked her what is was about me that had impressed her. ‘Your confidence and your Putin-style coat’, she told me. My coat, from the UK men’s store Reiss, is a dark green military number with black furry collars. It is flamboyant enough to differentiate me, and it certainly appealed to this former fashion student and seamstress.

Mention of confidence brings me on to the next point. You have to be confident to properly execute this form of game. Why? Because you are subverting the standard transactional relationship that exists between store assistant and customer. You are effectively saying ‘no, I refuse to allow you to treat me as a customer. I am a man, you are a woman and that is the basis on which we will interact.’ Which is fine, but you need balls to do it well.

How to ensure you have the requisite balls? I have recently had three successes from retail assistant game—the above-mentioned Serbian girl,  a Lithuanian girl who came back to my apartment with on the first date and a Polish girl who I am currently dating. I acquired two of those three phone numbers on the same day, a day during which I walked around Harrods chatting to various sales assistants.

Clearly, for whatever reason my vibe was particularly ‘on’ that day, presumably as a result of all the cold-approaching I’d been doing throughout the last quarter of 2017. And that is important to keep in mind. Perhaps more than with any other kind of game you need to be on top form to make retail assistant game really sing. If not then you just won’t have the necessary extra juice to cut through the bitch shield crap and stand out.

In view of this, my practice—and the one I would recommend—is that you get at least two or three approaches under your belt before you hit the store. That way you’ll be warmed up and have momentum to carry you through your interactions.

Be The Lover, Not The Provider

Another thing to bear in mind is that you should aim to come across as a lover rather than a provider. Retail assistants get hit on all the time by rich, older men who are often married. In London alone it is incredible how many trips to Dubai, Paris and the Caribbean are offered to girls in their twenties by out-of-shape men in their fifties keen to bang them.

With some girls under some circumstances this clearly works, but that is not what we are interested in here. In order to differentiate yourself from such guys you should make it clear in the way you walk up and speak to her that you are not a sugar daddy, but a normal man who wants to get to know her better.

Which leads me on to the age-old question of what you should say. Just recently I’ve been keeping it really simple and really direct with good results. Simply walking up to the girl giving out perfume samples and telling her you couldn’t help but notice that she looks really pretty should be quite sufficient to get a conversation going.

After that I would normally tell her something that I have noticed about her and bust her balls on it. You don’t need to be an expert cold reader to do this. Just tell her that she looks bored, like a naughty kid about to run off as soon as the bell goes, or something silly like that.

If and when she hooks—that is, makes it clear that she’s interested in talking to you—you need to transition into normal conversation. Chit chat about her day will normally be sufficient. Just be natural and drop the over ‘gameiness’.

Finally, you need to bring the conversation to an end and get her phone number. I normally say this:

“So listen, I know you’re at work and you’re extremely busy right now, but another time I’d love to take you for a wine. Let’s exchange details.”

If she’s amenable then she should then indicate to you what contact details she would prefer to give you and how. In some stores it is against the rules for staff to give out their telephone numbers to customers. However,if she tells you her full name then you can add her on Facebook. This is how I got in touch with the Lithuanian girl after our first meeting.

Other girls will be happy to write their phone numbers down for you on a receipt: the important thing is just to play it cool, go with whatever is easiest for her, and above all show discretion. After all, this is her place of work.

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79 thoughts on “How To Meet Girls Who Work In Retail”

    1. He sounds like a dandy fop who is a little light in the loafers: “Oh you don’t shop at Harrods ? How unfortunate, now begone from my sights you prole.”
      It’s snooty pretentious assholes like him that made me a Socialist.

        1. Not in East Asia.
          In Korea they sell liquor.
          People drink in the open right outside the 7-11. There are often plastic chairs for them to sit on.

    1. The UK is slowly turning into a caliphate…Meanwhile, this fucking loser is still worried about meeting “High Quality” British women, which is itself an oxymoron. Englishmen are a lost fucking cause.

      1. I moved from the UK to Asia to meet a better quality (and more available) woman. Had to upvote you, white British women are generally awful. We conquered half the world, just as an excuse to get away from them.

        1. The British were nothing special. It was mostly the culture and mentality of that time, because all Western European nations wanted to be the greatest nation in the world.
          Call it a rat race or whatever you want. This competition between nations is now gone, so also the mentality to conquer land and wealth. People nowadays don’t give a shit about it.

        2. Butcher
          I’m not attracted to most women from India/Pakistan.
          The Orientals look so much better.

        3. LOL true dat. Englishmen had a great time in Raj India, going native and shacking up with beautiful local girls who were only too happy to entertain the rich newcomers (as they had done with the Mughals before). That was before the white women realized there was a game afoot, moved over en-masse and ruined it all. It was white English women who pushed to make native Indians 2nd class citizens in their own country.

      2. Haha, most sensible point in this discussion.
        (Ok, Troy is not a “fucking loser” – he shows quite good taste considering the pics in his articles)
        But yeah, you can write off the UK totally (and probably Sweden, France & Germany as well).
        I’d really love to see the discussion more in a direction how we can eject us (catapult seat like) from western society, IDEALLY BEFORE the real s**t hits the fan. Afterwards you can game as much you want in your 40s to 90s 😛 .
        Hate to admit that, but at the moment the MGTOW guys are doing a far better job on this front …

  1. Looking bored wanna runnaway chit chat does sound like a great ice breaker. Got other similar lines? Thanks

  2. My friend uses this one:
    “You and I have two things in common. Wanna hear what they are? One, we’re both really cute. More importantly, two, we’re both asking ourselves why the hell we decided to come to this place.”
    Starts off some good conversations usually.

  3. “to serve these discerning customers”
    To serve those Rich Igbo nigbos, huh?
    Man I would love to see all the rich pricks swinging from lamp posts.

  4. Wait a minute….I thought Brit chicks were uptight cunts who caused a frustrated Moslem to react at an Ariana Grande concert; the Moslem version of Elliot Rogers.
    You got laid in UK? What a nice change!

  5. I’ll stick with hitting on girls at Spencer’s and Hot Topic. You can keep those working at Harrods catering to rich foreign fucks.

      1. ” It is flamboyant enough to differentiate me”
        Troy, honey, you’re flamboyant enough as is.

        1. You have to be gay to attract the Anglobitch? Fuck that! I’d rather join the IDF and bulldoze Palestinians for fun! (((Troy))), I disown you as my fellow ((())) because you’re an approved fruity loops!

      2. At least they are more down to earth than the “chick” chicks at the stores that cater for rich peeps.

  6. “My coat, from the UK men’s store Reiss, is a dark green military number with black furry collars.”
    Does it come with a beret?

    1. This article wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of ‘American Psycho’!
      “As I walk along the dashed Italian marble floor of Harrods, my antique Fabiorini loafers click-clacking through the men’s afternoon wear section, I stop, and notice a well-dressed man whom I’ve seen many times before. He’s wearing a ruffled linen shirt with turquoise petticoat by Avenchii as well as blue and yellow tapered slacks (probably by Giorgio). That’s where I know him, We go to the same barbers. And we get the same haircut. By the same hairstylist, Angelo.
      My haircut, however, is slightly better.”

      1. Damn that is impressively poetic. And it’s ambiguous enough to leave open the possibility he’s seeing himself in the reflection of a mirror. Top-notch writing.

  7. “the above-mentioned Serbian girl, a Lithuanian girl who came back to my apartment with on the first date and a Polish girl who I am currently dating”
    Why don’t these foreigners fuck off back to their own countries? I’m tired of having my English speaking abilities eroded having to talk Pidgin to foreigners.

  8. If these retail chicks in London, UK get hit on by thirst towelheads from the Middle East and old Soros commie infiltrators from Europe, does that mean they think that their smelly pussy is worth more than the entire gold reserves at Fort Knox?
    I do admit my fellow ((())), you have balls to approach those retail cunts at high-end stores. I view modern women as sub-humans, and I view feminists lower than how J3w*sh slave merchants viewed their cattle.
    When a man doesn’t bathe for a week, his c*ck doesn’t smell that bad, but when a woman doesn’t clean down there for a night, worse yet, if she is a whore with STDs, man that pussy stinks like rotting fish and vomit.
    Only an animal would stink that badly.

    1. Great job coming out as fag. Why hate women when you can gladly choke on a giant black dick?

  9. “I’d love to take you for a wine.”
    Perhaps drinking cheap lambrusco wine on the gianicolo hill overlooking rome?

  10. I’m not going to violate Kosher to dress like a fruity homo to impress an Anglobitch who hates men.
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    (((Troy))) you disappoint me for stooping low to these dirty, unclean, unholy and impure animals you call women. You will never be accepted into Israel for aliya if they find out you pander to filthy swine.

  11. Interesting, I have had success at decent clothing stores (as well as drug stores, that’s a different story) but I wrote those off as flukes. Thinking about it I bet my success could be repeated… I’ll have to test my hypothesis next time I’m at a department store.

    1. I tried at the drug-store with a cute Asian chick. She laughed at my jokes.
      But, even buying a gross of maxim condoms couldn’t over compensate buying dick rash cream from her

    1. You’d be surprised – there are a lot of rich Nigerians in London. People think they are footballers but they are businessmen – a leading black comedian in the UK described them as “the only black people who don’t know how to relax” – ie they are hardworking & serious.

  12. This is interesting.
    Back before last summer I was thinking about getting a part time Saturday job in retail, to try to beef up my interpersonal skills as well as learn to home in on 18-23 yo 7s & 8s with lousy jobs and daddy issues. Didn’t do it due to the last half of 2017 being quite possibly the crappiest 6 months of my life. But its something I am still considering.
    But if I do, make no mistake about it. It’s modified “sugar daddy” game for me.

    1. 90 percent of the time i meet a girl at a bar who says she has a boyfriend, she tells me they met at work. Might be bullshit some of the time, but women are fucking their coworkers a lot.

    2. Never work together with a bunch of girls. The pussy jealousy will be epic. Have done that once. Nothing could prepare me for the jealousy, intrigues and venom that they spit all day long between themselves. It was hilarious …

    3. that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a while. Cute, poor chicks with daddy issues – excellent.
      Same as a bartender – I would do it immediately – but – fuck staying up to 4AM – and dealing with crazy cat/wine/ladies…
      I bar-tended as a manager (so I could leave at any time) – and lived upstairs – as you know -was some speedy pussy back in the days…

      1. If I ever win the lottery I will think about buying a club. Will probably need an experienced manager, though. But first have to win that damn lottery…

        1. I was talking to some peoples from the UES old bar days – getting the band back together again…(maybe)

  13. I don’t know but if you are the weak majority you go and learn game and get the girl but you have nothing to show for. Then within a few months to a year she wakes up and dumps you. Then the cycle starts all over again. After a while you become a bitter cahoot because you didn’t build a strong foundation namely having the health (not fat and fit), wealth (money in the bank) and an interesting lifestyle. If you have all of these three covered you don’t need to go on the hunt all the time. You go enjoy life and have experiences putting yourself into situations where women outnumber men like 10:1. Then women come to you if you are not an ass. You are going to find someone sooner or later with that kind of women to men ratio.

  14. Didn’t read the article, just popped in to say that I’ve probably gotten more numbers from girls working mall retail than any other single group. Mind you, this includes the late 70’s, 80’s, and some of the 90’s…I know malls are no go zones now…I probably haven’t gone to a store for a Christmas gift in 6 or 7 years at least.

  15. You Cucks make me wanna puke.. The 1st picture in this article is Abbey Clancy England’s hidden TRANSgender BNTM judge and member of Genie Queen (OMD)_ the photographer is Dave Benett who since the 70s EXCLUSIVELY promotes LGBTQP celebrities and faux royals. You wanna meet a beast like that at Harrod’s?… Good luck to you! NOTE- This is the 7th article since Christmas to feature TRANS to illustrate ROK articles… Is it mere Stock footage? Or is there another intent? Pathetic. 🙁

      1. Yes David.. Its not all Bruce Jenner .. you have to really assess who an actress or media type is now… Literally MOST, if not ALL, of the Actresses, Porn Stars, Newscasters and Politicians are like Abbey.. complete deception! The technology is so advanced that even medical professionals are fooled.
        -Look at the 1st picture carefully. The literal SKULL is equal to or larger than yours. The jaw, neck, wrists, hands, and knees are HUGE. AND do not miss that the band Abbey performed in, and the show she works for, ALL feature OPENLY performing as, and those NOT admitted to yet are known as, gender-switched members.

  16. How can I approach a girl working at a female store? I can’t get in and browse. Also, I look very big and muscular and tall and facially mature, so I can’t play the “innocent browsing for my college-gf” card either.

    1. If I have a few minutes and wanna fuck around, I’ll walk into mini-spa/makeover places they have all over in China and say;
      “Excuse me, hello! I was wondering, do you have anything that would make me look more ugly? … Yeah, S you can see, I’m very handsome. But beauty can be intimidating to others, can’t it? So have you got any creams that can, you know, ugly me up a bit?”
      And if she hasn’t gotten it by that point she’s an idiot and I’ll tell her. The girls should all be gathering around shocked and murmuring as I’ve crashed their little world.
      “No, I saw you from outside and thought I had to speak with you. I don’t want any fucking creams. But I would like go to a coffee shop together sometime. Give me your Wechat.”
      More often than not she will even if she has a boyfriend cause she wants to show her friends that she’s better than them and hot guys come up to her all of the time. Keep the chitchat to less than a minute before you get some self-important manager on your case.

    2. go into Victoria’s Secret.
      pick out some xs undies.
      when someone asks “do you need assistance?”
      hold up xs undies and ask “where’s the changing room.”

  17. I went into a snooty coffee shop yersterday.
    Very hot little waitress -ordered a capuchino.
    “What type of milk?”
    the fuck stupid question is that.
    I showed with my face and gestures.
    “Cows Milk” I said – she laughed a lot – place full of stretch faced old rich broads…
    I wanted to ask her out but so young – I chose not to…feel creepy – 30 year age difference.

    1. If the place is favourable for dates then let her see you with younger women, A 2:1 ratio should be fine, 1 being coming in to do some work on a laptop at an earlier time. Just don’t let it become your ‘cup-a-joe’ place.

  18. I used to work next door to Selfridges… Countless lunch hours were spent gaming in there. The best thing is that since they’re working, they have to be polite to you and they can’t run away…

  19. Dude, bangin poor Eastern European chicks is not game. Its same in Thailand or Nigeria where beeing white is enough, Jesus what a looser

    1. Mario33
      Dude, game is for guys that can’t get any sex, in Thailand you don’t need game, just $50.

  20. This spot on so you guys should give Troy a break. If you’re playing ball in a tier1 international city (Miami, London, Vegas, LA, New York, Dubai, etc.) you’d better look the part. This and being in good physical shape is the only way you short circuit “alpha fucks/beta bucks.” Keep in mind that a doctor or lawyer salary is literally the equivalent of being a McDonalds clerk anywhere else. You are literally invisible to women if you don’t and even then your look will work some places but not others. I do well in LA and Vegas but not in Miami so I don’t game there. I don’t bother with the others on this list because they’re too expensive to visit. Keep in mind that in contrast to other parts of Europe, in London, EVERYONE is tall, rich and handsome. If you don’t have two out of three of these things going for you, don’t go 😉

  21. Best way to get girls in 2018:
    1)Max out looks (google how this is done)
    2)Don’t try and be witty or play monkey games. See step 3
    3)Be direct as fuck
    4)For sluts, any big city will do. For good girls, go rural and get your provider game right

  22. About the worst place to game is in Michigan. Ifyou go to Ohio or Ontario, massive difference. For some reason, Michigan is just a very deprrssing state. Of course, this is when I regularly gamed back in 2010 and prior.

  23. Just get her to try on / model some cocktail dresses for you. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out after that.

  24. I normally find the ROK “game” articles both amusing, and inane. Back in the late 80s-early 90s I was in my 30s. Long before MGTOW, MRM, manosphere, and all these other movements and acronyms were around, I had an epiphany that women well into their 30s had hit the wall (single mommies were becoming more prevalent, women were more and more delusional, women hit their expiration date, more and more angry multiple-divorcees, etc.). My preference then went to women in the late teens-mid 20s, despite the disdain and attacks from the old sea hags, friends wives, and womenfolk in my family. I started going to the cosmetic counters at higher end department stores to try to meet up with counter girls. Back in the day, at least in my city, most of the counter girls I encountered were in the 18-26 year-old age range, often 7s, and a few 8s, fit, nice hair, nice skin, good with the fake up, dressed tastefully. Many were high brow and snooty, materialistic, as well as vapid and poster children for solipsism, and ditzy, but a few were approachable. I dated a couple, be it short term. They had lots of baggage, had abortions, dated blacks (I wouldn’t take sloppy seconds from a white girl who’d laid with black men. Unclean and reprehensible in my code of ethics), etc. The jealous old sea hags started to complain to store management about my methodology of discreetly working cosmetic counter girls (depicting the alleged creeper narrative women love doing). That ended it, and it was futile anyways. Fast forward some 30 or so years later, and WOW! I recently went to some department stores to search for a gift. The cosmetic counters were staffed by BBW ham beasts, women 40s+, clown fake up, beat with the ugly stick, and scowls on their faces. I then swung by a Victoria’s Secrets, and was equally shocked. Young women who were 5′-2″ and had to be close to 200 lbs. Why would such retail establishments have such women as their face to the customers? I guess there is some validity to the fat, ugly, and angry old feminist cat women praise and affirmation heads up articles on ROK. I’m glad I’m 60, single all my life, and the whole dating/women thing is in my rear view mirror!

    1. “Young women who were 5′-2″ and had to be close to 200 lbs. Why would such retail establishments have such women as their face to the customers?”
      It’s the same in the big hardware stores – HomeDepot, etc.
      young(inexperienced), fat, and well to the left end of the IQ bell curve. Apparently they get tax breaks for hiring double diversity?!?!
      Sad, as semi-retired tradesman/handymen could get good jobs – and be 100% useful/knowledgeable helping customers…

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