Women Want A Fantastical Fairy Tale Ending But Without The Plot

I have always had a certain affinity for folklore. I wrote a paper in college with the thesis that nothing is more true than mythology. Myths and folklore are not made up by one individual but by a whole society, and so they tell a message about that society and often about ourselves as humans. Even if the actual events are false or exaggerated, the myth connects to us in a way that no other book can.

Authors imitating or adapting them like Hans Christian Andersen or Euripides often incorporated these elements into their stories, likely with little consciousness of the significance. The original “Little Mermaid” by Andersen follows the template so well that it could easily be confused as being anonymously written. It aligns with the Disney story most of the way, but it ends with the prince marrying someone else and the mermaid princess committing indirect suicide. It is not a story about “love conquers all” but a cautionary tale about leaving your role.

But I also love folklore because of the world it puts you in. Andersen’s Little Mermaid is rich in its descriptions, not only of the undersea kingdom but also of the metaphysical world. It has a theological undercurrent about the nature of mortality and the soul that does little to change the plot but frames the entire story into several contexts.

The descriptions of the world in Andersen’s story are vivid and detailed. The characters have lifelike motivations that allow you to connect with them, and the plot, while predictable, guides the reader into its turns. Mythology and folklore are not so much about the destination but the journey.

Disney took all of this but made it optimistic and child-friendly. Little girls have adored these princess stories for centuries, and when they grow up, they graduate to romantic novels and movies. Romantic comedies are a huge market share of the film industry, and we all remember the annoying Twilight fanaticism not quite ten years ago. Bella Swan is the modern Andromeda or Eurydice.

The Fantasy Continues

Despite the successes of feminism, women still crave a man’s leadership. Some women may claim they don’t need a man, but women are to be judged by their actions and not their words. We red-pillers mock romantic movies for their grand displays of beta seduction, since those things no longer work in real life.

Nevertheless, women still eat it up on the big screen because they want the grand romantic gestures to work. They want to fall in love by candlelight to a kind, gentle man who only has their interest in heart and will keep them safe from all the dangers of the world. The fact that such cliches are worthless is irrelevant to the fantasy women have in their minds.

And so we get such trite advice about how to impress women. “Always hold the door for them,” “Compliment her,” “Treat her like your sister,” et cetera ad nauseam. Women didn’t come up with this advice to play a prank on the menfolk. Most women honestly believe that this will work and will get angry should a man suggest otherwise.

Women want an alpha jerkboy like a meth addict wants to sell his food stamps for drugs. A woman in such a relationship is desperately addicted to him no matter how much she despises him, and she hates herself for being unable to break free.


Break In The Narrative

Today’s world is a long way from that of Ariadne and Sleeping Beauty. What do you notice about the Disney princesses below?

Except for the black chick and pasty girl in purple (the two newest characters, not coincidentally), they’re all hot, right? Most of them have beautiful flowing hair. Their gowns are gorgeous. None of them are holding Louis Vuitton purses. They have make-up and jewelry in the right proportions that complement their appearance instead of dominating it.

In short, you can tell by their appearances that they are feminine, in need of provision, and likely virginal. Not just their clothes and hair, but in their facial expressions and posture. Why, I bet that Sleeping Beauty chick is an excellent cook. And Cinderella can probably sew. Belle looks like she can hold an interesting conversation about books, and I would lay money that Ariel has musical talent.

I couldn’t imagine Snow White grinding in a night club. Pocahontas probably knows the ins and outs of folk medicine, but if she tells you that she slept with Chief Big Stick “just that one time,” then you know she’s a liar, because a woman never did the dirty “just once with only one guy.”

But women don’t look anything like that anymore. Sure, the above is formal-wear specific to a time and place, but there is still something distinct about the aura of the women. Maybe it’s partly the photoshopping that happens in animation, but Anglo/American women today usually don’t have the same exudation about themselves.

Now compare a modern rendering of the same characters.

modern disney

Their hair is unnatural and uninviting. Their facial expressions look conceited and mistrustful, like that of an abused dog. The way they dress makes me worry that I’ll be paying child support for another man’s kid. On rare occasions a tattoo can look good on a girl, but theirs are so excessive that you cannot appreciate what may actually have been beautiful, healthy skin. Nor can you even tell what the tattoo is supposed to be of.

Feminists decry the prince rescuer trope, claiming that women can function without a man. They are actually somewhat correct, but not in the way they think. The women above, in their heart of hearts, want a prince rescuer just like every woman. However, what kind of man will want to rescue them? Why would he feel a need to?

The women do not induce a picture of fragility. If one of them got into a fight, I’d pull out my camera phone. Marrying an androgynous woman is like marrying a dude, but with a snarky sense of self-importance.

Furthermore, what would he have to gain by rescuing them? Good for a victory bang, but you can tell they’d be miserable to spend time around. I will judge a book by its cover, because that is how a book is marketed. The women above have made their advertisements very clear.

Of course, I know those pictures are exaggerated examples. But even though most girls today don’t look a Texas whore, they have the same attitudes. Slut is a state of mind, after all, and there are plenty of virgin teenagers hoping to let the baseball captain get to second base. And yes, attention whoring is a close cousin of real whoring. And no, you cannot turn a whore into a housewife no matter how much she thinks Jesus has saved her.

Beta Heart, Alpha Soul

Men, in their heart of hearts, want to be a white knight. They want to come to the rescue of a defenseless woman, correct injustice, and be lauded as a good person. We want to believe that all women are innocent and pure, that they need us. We want the validation that comes with being a hero.

I think this is why some men marry former porn stars. Men are fixers, after all, and although the former porn star (or unwed mother) may not be innocent and pure, she certainly may be helpless. They see this broken creature and desire to fix her, as though she’s an appliance merely in need of a new motor.

But most men aren’t that dumb. Most men are reluctant to marry an unwed mother or a divorced woman, especially if they themselves haven’t yet had kids or been married.

And the very few quality girls left? They’re still part of our culture. Your 15th-century beta game will easily be misconstrued for the lack of genuineness that is the typical nice guy’s hallmark, especially since these girls generally come from rural areas where patriarchy runs deep in the family.

New World Order: Not Much Different From The Old

Despite all of the supposed smashing of traditional sex roles, women want the same narrative they have always wanted.

There are three comedies coming out this fall aimed at women. You have seen them all before, but you will see them all again… “Wait, that’s me,” you think. Yes, that’s the point. We all think that… The romantic comedy is the modern fairytale, and we’re the princesses… We’re not just living unfulfilling lives in a castle waiting for Prince Charming. Now we have impressive careers [brief pause] that are unfulfilling… So you’re single, happy, loving your job. I mean, who are we kidding? Work sucks.

For a comedian who claims to be a feminist, Sarah Haskins is full of inadvertent red pill commentary.

Yesterday’s Prince Charming is today’s Ashton Kutcher. Did you see No Strings Attached? I enjoyed it enough to buy the DVD from a bargain bin, but don’t tell me there isn’t a deep pathology lying underneath. Woman with an awesome career sluts around before meeting an alpha chiseled like Hercules with a temperament of dominance and respect. He’s into grand sweeping romance (“Let’s look at the twinkling lights”), but she just wants sex.

Or so she thinks, because really she’s just afraid to trust someone else. Then she loses him. Cries. Eats chocolate donuts. Misses her sister’s wedding or something. But surprise! Happy endings for all, because she gets him back, and then they’re all happy and shit for the first time in their lives.

Whoever wrote that film needs to see a therapist. But then again, in some sense every woman wrote that film. The romcom is the new mythology. It holds the mirror to our society.

There’s a whole market dedicated to feeding women the notion that they can have their romantic narrative exactly as their diary has planned it. Youtube and Amazon are full of information trying to help women get men to commit. I would imagine very few of them give advice like, “The sooner you sleep with him, the more likely he will forget about you,” or, “Do you have any talents and charisma that would be attractive to him?” or, “Are you fat or androgynous?”

Nobody ever claimed the red pill went down pain-free, but both men and women must take it. It’s the chemotherapy of the self-help world. And of course, the red pill is a bit different for women than it is for men.

In the unlikely event that women were to have the intellectual honesty to admit they want this narrative they spend so much money on, then the logical next question would be, “Why am I not getting this?” It’s easy to claim that men are hypergamous or immature, but when will the women ask, “What am I doing wrong? What can I do to increase my chances?”?

Ideas Have Consequences

So the moral of our tale is that women want the fantasy story but are unable to realize that they no longer merit it. Women no longer induce the drive in men that makes the men want to rescue them. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” as the saying is, but women today lean on Betty Crocker like a man on hospice with his oxygen tank.

Even with the draconian family courts, men would still be willing to commit should a woman be able to seduce him properly. Let’s be honest, men. We’ve accomplished amazing things throughout history, but add in a woman with a chance of sleeping with her, and suddenly we start thinking with a different head. We turn into complete morons around women. Nor is it always mere physical desire. Don’t think you’re impervious to the sirens’ call of infatuation.

Women today are often very good at getting a man’s sexual attention, since all they have to do is show up. Some play hard to get, but many figure out they just have to rub their tits in his face, whether metaphorically or literally. But women do that innately, hardly thinking about it.

What each generation of women has to be taught—and what has now been forgotten—is how to make a man want to stay. This isn’t terribly hard, although it is very easy to screw up. In the 1950s, this was common knowledge. Most women back then could get a man to commit. Generally today people tell men they’re doing women wrong by avoiding marriage, but, to use their phrase, “It takes two to tango.” What is the modern woman missing?

Domesticity is the common answer, but often overlooked is cheerful servility. You see, female submission is not the heavy-handed slave relationship it is slandered as today. After all, there’s no love if the server has no choice.

Rather, female servility is more like, “He’s asked me to run an errand, and I know it would make his day a lot easier if I were to do it for him,” or, “He’s really into his football game, so I’m going to surprise him with home-breaded chicken fingers just so I can enjoy the smile on his face,” or, “We’re disagreeing over this major decision, but I know he usually has good judgment, so I’ll trust him and let him have his way,” or, “I don’t like him drinking, but I know work is stressful for him, so I’ll tolerate him having a few beers before bed,” or, “I’m not in the mood, but it’s been a few days, so I’ll make love to him and pretend to be into it.”

Yes, men can do these things for women too, but it doesn’t induce the same sense of, “Wow, I have the best girlfriend in the world. Let me take every precaution to ensure I don’t lose her, because I will never find another this amazing.” Granted, no game technique works every time. But feminine submission greatly increases a woman’s options and chances.

Men are taught to become something to attract women, but women are taught by feminism to wait for the right man to accept them as they are (which, oddly, is the same “princess in the tower” mentality feminists hate). This is the equivalent of the liberal arts major waiting for “the right job” with a six-digit salary when he has no marketable skills. Women are unwilling to admit that there will always be a thousand double standards in both directions between men and women, even though the women themselves expect those double standards to be in place.

Men only want to marry a woman who can offer him things he can’t get elsewhere. I can have deep conversations, enjoy movies, and hear great jokes with my male friends. A woman will never be able to relate to me as well as another man can. What do you have to offer me beyond your used-up body and lack of personality?

Women today whine about being merely a sexual object, but most do little to cultivate their individuality or charisma. And yes, there can be a deep preciousness in female companionship, but the nature of it is radically different from male companionship.

Women today are so focused on the “I” that the “you” is only relevant to how it gives them validation. They are unconcerned about what men want from the relationship. A woman may throw a man a compromise cookie, but ultimately she wants to paste him into her life instead of join two together. Someone explain to me why people are surprised that men no longer want to get married.

Your princess is in another tower, I'm afraid.

Your princess is in another tower, I’m afraid.

The Solution

Unless women remain chaste, feminine sweethearts, they will not be able to hold onto the real-life Ashton Kutchers, if they are able to attract them at all. Unless women stop trading their most desirable years of beauty and fertility for college and careers, they will not be able to win the commitment of a Ryan Gosling.

Unless women return to focusing on their families instead of their petty ideologies, then they will never be more than a convenient hole to a Colin Firth with limitless candidates. Dido lost Aeneas for the same reason women today stew in spinsterhood and boring marriages.

Nor do they merit such a man. Daddy was right when he told her, “Wait for the man who appreciates you for what you are,” but he didn’t realize his daughter is little more than the community dumpster. Men appreciate a woman like that exactly for what she is and nothing else. She’ll get exactly the kind of man she deserves—the man who has no other options. Can you face the looking-glass, Alice?

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140 thoughts on “Women Want A Fantastical Fairy Tale Ending But Without The Plot”

  1. “So you’re single, happy, loving your job. I mean, who are we kidding? Work sucks.”
    So women become more and more unhappy when they try to take on untraditional gender roles? Whooda thunk it?!

  2. They also want to not have to act like a princess but in the end be treated like one. If you’ve fucked all my friends within 3 days of meeting them i expect the same for me. I take you to McDonalds you can get 1 or 2 things off the dollar menu, we go back to my place watch something neither of us cares about on Netflix, and then i bang you. There is no 3 star restaurant or hell even applebees for that matter.They dont seem to understand the idea of you only get treated like a princess if you act like one socially, mentally, and physically. Or maybe they do but they just wanted to be treated lesser than that.

  3. great article, but this phrase misunderstands a woman’s sexuality….
    “I’m not in the mood, but it’s been a few days, so I’ll make love to him and pretend to be into it.”
    women get in the mood when they allow themselves to…. so it should be phrased more like….
    “I don’t ‘feel’ like it, but I’ll let him fuck me anyway, because half way in, the ‘feeling’ of being used, will morph into the feeling of being a horny whore, and I know I will enjoy it.”
    There is some kind of one way valve in a woman’s brain that prevents her from remembering herself in the throws of passion, or rationalizing how she came to get there, or how 90 seconds ago, she was more frigid than Mona Lisa in a nunnery…
    It’s something that has to be trained into her… such that…. she offers sex on demand, and sometimes,she really doesn’t feel like it and it’s not fantastic for her, but she get into it and gets off on it just the same….
    Most men don’t want to go to work in the morning, they’d rather lay about the house smoking bongs, drinking beers and masturbating…. however they know they know that after a couple of coffees and a few jokes with their co-workers it can turn into an amazing and productive day….. whereas lying about the house, indulging oneself, is a road to no where and leaves you feeling all washed out….
    Women are the same with sex….. they don’t want sex, but if they disallow it, they end up filled with emotional frustration, bitchiness etc….. training her to give it on demand is very important… you cannot expect her to think into the mechanisms of that, only learn to ‘heel’ when you pull the lead….

    1. Woman want sex, they just have lower sex drives due to less testosterone. Also women are like dogs, they are in the moment. A girl can want to bang you silly one minute, and forget you exist tomorrow. For men this doesn’t exist.

  4. These modernized versions of the Disney “princesses” look like they’re just about to go fuck their beta bitch pets in the ass with a strap-on.

  5. The Catch-22 of being a slut is that almost every guy that is willing to commit must by definition be an idiot.

    1. She’s got to marry someone right? Thats when the captain save a ho thats been her bbf for 10 years steps in and tells her he will save her from the ‘evil’ men of her past. One man’ trash is another man’ treasure I guess.

      1. “Everyone’s got the right to be a sucker once.”
        And wise men learn from the mistakes of others.

        1. “The Catch-22 of being a slut is that almost every guy that is willing to commit must by definition be an idiot.
          “Everyone’s got the right to be a sucker once.”
          And wise men learn from the mistakes of others.”
          on this day truth was spoken

      2. Nah she won’t get married. She will just have a bunch of kids by different fathers and where child support falls short the State (RE You) will step in.
        And they’ll all live happily ever after.

      3. One man’s trash is another man’s poison. I feel sorry for Captain save a ho, he will get destroyed by by his bff.

    2. I do wonder if a girl who has been promiscuous will even allow herself to marry a man she truly loves out of shame from her past. In reality im sure they would, but I wonder if they feel guilty about being a Trojan horse

      1. Most sluts don’t marry out of true love, they marry out of need. If they maintained a relatively flat plateau from 22 to 52, they would be sluts for 30 years instead of the 10 years most of them have.
        They marry because their attractiveness is waning, they need someone to support them (and their kids if they have any), and they know if it’s not working, they can leave and take everything.
        Guilt does not enter the picture.

        1. “They marry because their attractiveness is waning, they need someone to support them (and their kids if they have any), and they know if it’s not working, they can leave and take everything.”
          You forgot to mention how they also get tired of having to work for a living — because they have finally found out that the feminist promise of a ‘fulfilling’ and ‘satisfying’ “career” is, instead, just so much drudgery and ‘pie in the sky’ promises. (But hey, at least they’ll have a paycheck instead of a family! Right?!)

        2. Guilt is another thing a lot of women don’t suffer from. Their ability to self justify can be amazing. They can actually blame everything that’s happened to them in life on someone else – no matter how far a stretch.

        3. Yes feminist were quick to push women into the workplace. But when women enter the workplace and realize its not like suits, they quickly learn that its just a bunch of boring paper pushing and staring at computers typing reports all day and calling and meetings about boring unsexy things, they want out.

      2. “…I wonder if they feel guilty about being a Trojan horse”
        That, and being a feminist “useful idiot”.

      3. Oh, they absolutely will. I know from personal experience. They never forget their slutty past.
        If they marry a beta, they will even use their promiscuity to punish the man.
        If they marry an alpha, they will be wracked with guilt and insecurity. If the alpha guy has the right mind-set, and the stomach for it, he can use this to control them.

        1. “If they marry an alpha, they will be wracked with guilt and insecurity. If the alpha guy has the right mind-set, and the stomach for it, he can use this to control them.”
          Honestly, if you’re confident enough, this is probably not a bad strategy in this day and age. It would be better to find someone who is committed to loyalty from the get go, but that may not be that realistic for a lot of guys.
          “When the world gives you lemons”, right? This could be the start of a true spiritual journey for her that produces a sea change in her life if you play it right. Rather than MGTOW, I would like to see a cure to the societal mental illness that seems to have gripped us so deeply. It won’t be clean or pretty during transition, but you can weather it. I had a friend who tamed his babe. He got a little tamed in the process, too, but the art of war or negotiation almost always involves compromise.
          There was a great moment where I was at their house, and we were discussing/arguing about some scientific point. She had recently latched onto science as many women who “find Jesus” do (when they start dating a religious guy). She posed an opinion that the men around disagreed with. Her first response was to lash out at my buddy, as she could not lash out at myself and the other guy in the room because she knew on some level we were factually correct.
          My buddy played it so well. He fed her emotionally, as her lashing out was really about her feeling embarrassed, but he did not concede on the point, he just very affectionately explained our stance. She had no other recourse to escalate the irrational behavior because she had adopted science as her new religion and, while she was not practiced in rational discourse, likely knew on some level how she had not abided with her adopted mantra.
          It was like watching a kid begin to cry because they think they are going to elicit a result and when their parents ignore them, the crying magically goes away. It’s amazing how pliable the human mind and perception are. Just make sure to stamp out insanity in your children early, as it will be much harder to correct once they are older, establish habits, and surround themselves in a culture that supports and apologizes for their irrational behaviors.

        2. Thanks for sharing. It’s fascinating.
          This is deep, deep red pill. Taming a slut is about the most mentally challenging level possible. You have to get deep inside her mind. You may not like what you find. In order to do it, you need to be highly confident and have an innate desire to control.
          Once you do it, though, it’s like going through the shit with a BPD girl: You become desensitized. Like how Narrator observed in Fight Club that the volume of the world had simply been turned down. Now when girls rant and bitch and whine and curse I don’t even hear it. None of it matters.
          The most depressing thing is realizing that there is no non-slut woman. The dream of the virginal bride that remains dedicated is just that, a dream.
          On the other hand, when you realize anyone can be taken apart and penetrated, it’s kind of exhilarating.

        3. “it’s like going through the shit with a BPD girl”.
          “Now when girls rant and bitch and whine and curse I don’t even hear it. None of it matters.”
          I will remember this. Good point.

      4. Of course they don’t feel guilty. Riding the cock carousel is so much fun. Women today get married when their options start dwindling down after they’ve hit the wall. I know a girl that just recently turned 30. Her goal in life is to become a stay at home mom. She’s attractive and has guys constantly throwing themselves at her, but none have been up to her standards. Women don’t believe in love. They will love you unconditionally as long as you fulfill all of her conditions.

    3. So true. She basically has to trick a man into commitment. I mean, if she had a personality and favorable characteristics she wouldn’t have been a slut in the first place.

      1. ah, so that is what the “rapunzel, rapunzel, throw me your hair” line is referring to?

  6. Here’s the problem. Chaste women who want to wait until marriage to have sex are laughed out of the room and the traditional advice is to move on and dump her if she doesn’t put out by date 2 or 3. She must be playing games or using you for your wallet. It couldn’t possibly be that she really *is* chaste and wants to wait for a real commitment, right? No, our current dating culture rewards sluts and scorns women who want to wait. Then there are the women who do all they can for their boyfriends: she cooks, she cleans, she stocks his fridge with goodies; she even does his laundry for him! She gives him great sex. And again, she is not rewarded either. She is deemed a “doormat” or “too easy”. He won’t propose to her because “why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?” These men will dump her because she just wasn’t enough of a challenge and he just wasn’t feeling it with her. Men don’t reward the nice, sweet girl by asking her to be his bride. They typically string her along for 4-5 years until she’s had enough of being used, both physically and emotionally. Then she becomes the bitter bitch that you all loathe. It’s a vicious cycle. Maybe if you stopped porking sluts and rewarding them with your attention and your pursuit, today’s women would stop being whores. Start paying attention to that sweet, kind, modestly dressed woman who isn’t showing off her tits and ass and wants to wait until you are both committed to enjoy sexual intimacy.

    1. I feel the worst for the wholesome girls. Their chastity isn’t rewarded because it’s impossible to believe that it’s even true thanks to so many skanks giving all of women a bad name.

      1. If a guy posts that his chaste girlfriend is wanting to wait to have sex, he’ll get told he’s a chump and she’s just trying to manipulate him by withholding pussy. Or she must be banging another guy on the side.

        1. I do believe that USED TO BE the case. Now, if a girl is chaste a guys “boys” probably wont give him shit for it. It’s like finding a needle in the hay stack

        2. Men will backstab each other nowadays for a chaste girl… Or even just the appearance of one…

        3. IF she is VIRGIN! AND ONLY is she is a virgin, that born again crap is delusional. Not to add offencive to the way the male body works. People who push this type of crap, LIE to women telling them that its because hes made fun off. NO its because he makes sperm all of the time, if that sperm does not come out, it starts leaking out, creating chemicals that will make that dude find a girl, who doen not pretend that genetals dont exist. This might have worked when people got married at the age of 13, not so at 26 female- 28 male. So if shes not a virgin at the time she is getting married Average age 26 (2014) she is just full of shit, a habitual liar and doesn’t care to comprehend male biology to figure out why thats such a shitty plan.

        4. Online girl, 5/10, 25 yrs old, author, wanting to lose virginity with someone, so she can write about it. I obliged her. Two holes. Never had cock inside any (long story and drama).
          That’s the virgins you really get nowadays. Flukes.
          I ain’t backstabbing shit dor that.

        5. “Men will backstab each other nowadays for a chaste girl… Or even just the appearance of one…”
          Genesis 29:18:
          “And Jacob loved Rachel; and said, I will serve thee seven years for Rachel thy younger daughter.”
          How much would you bargain with a father for the below?

        6. If she’s not being fake or playing, and if she passed all the tests, I would challenge a few guys to a sword fight

        7. I don’t think she’s playing. Look at her eyes. You know what we would call “crazy eyes”? Well, she has “sane eyes”. Relaxed eyelids, relaxed tone of voice, no apparent tics or neuroses. Sir, you better be good with that blade, or your challenge will certainly be your demise!

        8. That’s an impressive catch. If she’s married now, I would like to see her husband talk so I can emulate as many personality traits as humanly possible. I don’t have a track record of attracting WOMEN like this. I use the term “woman” specifically because that is the accurate appraisal of what we are witnessing in that video there.
          I actually feel COMPELLED to respect her, not just out of good nature, but because she presents herself in a respectable manner.

        9. You become jaded enough, you let the good ones go to, due to paranoia lol
          I saw parts of the video. She’s kind if rare, really.
          I think a few RoK ers here would break their brotherhood vows for her, in real life.

      1. They are out there, but most men are too busy chasing the bleach blonde DD cup slut with the perfect waist to hip ratio to notice the shy, modest girl. And the shy, modest girl isn’t at clubs or bars or other prime meat market spots in the first place.

        1. So you’re saying that a wholesome girl can’t have bleach blond hair, DD cups and a perfect waist to hip ratio ? stereotyping much

        2. The thing about stereotypes is that they don’t always simply appear out of nowhere. Sometimes there is some truth to the stereotypes if you dig far enough.

        3. Actually, ALL stereotypes are based in fact. If they weren’t, the stereotype would never persist.

        4. Yes, the wholesome girl is not attractive, sorry, its the truth, rarely is she more than a 6.

    2. Or tell me what if this “wholesome” girl i encounter starts getting fed into feminist babble and then she turns into one of these girls who dislike. What do we do then?

    3. You’re assuming that women are sluts because men like sluts. I think women are sluts because feminism told them it was OK, and us men want sex so we adapted our mating strategy. The chaste, good woman became so rare that it became safer to assume that all girls are sluts rather than take the risk of committing to a closet slut.

      1. Yes, it’s partly true that women became sluts because feminism told them it was okay. But they also became sluts because it’s what works with men. If she doesn’t put out by date 3, she’s usually dumped. If she goes to the bar or club in a modest outfit with her tits covered up and natural make up, she probably won’t be noticed, while her sluttier friend who grinds on men all night on the dance floor while wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass will get hit on. Feminism fucks everybody in the end. Damn shame.

        1. ” But they also became sluts because it’s what works with men. If she doesn’t put out by date 3, she’s usually dumped.If she goes to the bar or club in a modest outfit with her tits covered
          up and natural make up, she probably won’t be noticed, while her sluttier friend who grinds on men all night on the dance floor while wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass will get hit on.”
          Virginity still works (for the wise and well raised), they can totally set all the terms and conditions of the relationship, if they know their targets and target rich environments (obviously not bars/clubs).

        2. If she became a slut because she couldn’t find a man then the problem is still her. If she truly had a strong morality she wouldn’t change for some men who wanted easy pussy because there are men who want to settle down. Sell your product to the market that is actually interested in buying your product. Simple economics.

    4. These chaste women should look for the men with the same qualities, or equivalent qualities, like studious, responsible, economic, careerwise etc. But what I saw till now are these chaste women dreaming (even if silently) with the alpha jerkass.
      Result? These guys try to copy the alpha jerkasses, and now we have an “ostentation culture” in our hands.
      It’s tragic and fascinating to live at the end of one empire, one culture and one Era at the same time…

    5. “Chaste women who want to wait until marriage to have sex are laughed out
      of the room and the traditional advice is to move on and dump her if she
      doesn’t put out by date 2 or 3.”
      I think you’re missing the point slightly and perhaps being a bit unfair as many men are happy to wait for a chaste girl when they are at the right point in life to marry.
      The question is though what about the girl who had sex with a few random “boyfriends” and has suddenly decided she wants to be chaste and a princess and decides that you will be the guy who takes care of her? Well, she deserves to be laughed out the room.
      I’ve known a couple of women who were virgins who I dated and they were the type who had decided to save it for marriage. It didn’t work out, I am too young to marry but I had respect for them. One is now married and I know her husband, a lucky, happy guy who can know she saved her virginity for him. She did nothing before her wedding night, no oral sex, no hand jobs, nothing more than kissing. She made the right choice. That doesn’t mean I am going to stop enjoying the young sluts though – why should I? If I don’t another man will.
      A truly chaste girl, i.e. a virgin by choice, wouldn’t care if someone laughed or a guy didn’t want to date her assuming she has made a conscious decision to save herself for marriage.
      Most guys here simply want to be the alpha who gets to pump and dump her when she is 19 before she decided she is ready to “settle down” and I don’t blame men who do that, I’m one of them. But those girls were not chaste anyway. Our current society rewards alpha men who have sex with the youngest women then toss them aside and it punishes the “nice guys” who work hard and want to be kind and loving to women. Many decent men are in that second category and when they wake up they try to work out how to move to the first. If the girls stayed chaste then the guys never would have to change in that way.

      1. “A truly chaste girl, i.e. a virgin by choice, wouldn’t care if someone
        laughed or a guy didn’t want to date her assuming she has made a
        conscious decision to save herself for marriage.”

    6. Yes, on a macro scale, men are doing the wrong thing. But individuals can’t work on the macro scale. Even if I only rewarded only the wholesome girls, 3 other guys will see the opportunity for quick, easy sex with a slut, and so the cycle continues. I can’t force the other men to ignore the sluts. Not to mention the blue-pill white-knights and/or male feminists that encourage this kind of sexual liberty, and the women that say stuff like “it’s her body and life; mind your own business”.
      You’d be insane to think that an individual can begin to impact societal norms of the Western world. But sure, maybe in the future with enough collaboration, men as a group can make a difference, but for the meantime, I’m fucking the sluts and ignoring the quiet, wholesome girls.

    7. Heres the problem with this logic, girls who wait for sex, are into religious cults and feature an unwanted problem of lack of any self thought, gullible. 2nd they are usually afraid to look a penis, so thats not that much fun for the guy, if she is afraid to touch it. 3rd the only thing she is interested in is having unprotected sex, so she can squeeze out children with the first ass that accepts this “arrangement”. What follows is 2 mentally unstable morons get together, 1 is probably abusive or into drugs, the other is delusional, and can’t think anything through. So its like the guy below, what all 10 of them that are not into mindless following of man made religions and cults and ritualistic practices. He has to be equally retarded, so no science, no math, no logic, nor thought. Its not surprising those are the marriages that fall apart the fastest. , because it traps the guy to raising children hes not mentally ready to pay for, leading into drugs, alcohol, and he will start hating his life, she will start resenting him, because of what she wanted was accomplished and its one big circle or retarded ideas crashing like 2 trains on the same delusional track. In the end a new single mother is created. Because for one has to be messed up in the head to jump into that. Men dont stop producing sperm, as much as women don’t take the time out to understand how gears work.

    8. 90% of women are unchaste n the usa, and the remaining 10% are MOSTLY unattractive, you might be talking about 1-2% of total female population who is chaste and somewhat attractive. So they are losing out yes. But they are losing out due to lack of good lookingness and nothing else.

    9. I took the risk and married a woman like you describe above. Very wholesome gal, who does all the domestic duties required of her. I got her before she became the bitch you described above. Her past consisted of a number of beta type guys. She loves serving me. Its not all bliss but compared to 99 % of marriages – its pretty damn good. She knows that I am the prize and treats me as such.

  7. Married for 9 years, divorced for 3 now. Enjoying the single life, but havent done shit.. Modern women have no concept of, nor are they capable of reacting in a positive way to the “gentlemanly gestures” of way past.. After such an arduous marriage, I find the solitude and lack of constant fucking drama to be necessary.

    1. it’s not necessary, it’s vital….
      “A woman in such a relationship is desperately addicted to him no matter how much she despises him, and she hates herself for being unable to break free.”
      What the author fails to point out is that all this self hatred, tension and her wanting to break free, is like trying to keep a live tiger in your home…. it’s fucking impossible task, a total waste of time and nothing but a liability….. for every good day there are 10 tedious ones, and 5 filled with the most incredible and unnecessary drama, entirely created by her need to ‘break free’, and blamed on you…..

      1. Good point…and never try to “fix” a woman (you’re setting yourself up for failure). Many of these women live in a cycle (mostly negative, low self esteem, filled with drama). Any break from that cycle in an attempt to better her life or fix it will only result in disaster (rejection, etc..).
        It’s the reason why she has to get back to the dysfunctional relationship or find another fucked up one. Never try to fix a woman who is broken.

  8. imagine the movie pitch at disney for hansel and gretel:
    “its about an old bitch who is a cannibal- children only though. Dont worry, we have a way to make this G rated.”

  9. “Wait for the man who appreciates you for what you are”
    The problem with modern women is “what they are” is poison which drives rational men away in droves.

    1. That’s the most amusing part of this.
      1980. Woman stays in shape, grows her hair long, no tats, dresses nice and is pleasant to be around. Men found this attractive, so these women found mates.
      2014. Woman cuts off her hair, gets 5 tats, weighs 200 pounds, is angry about everything, and sleeps with whatever drunk loser she can manage to convince to contribute to her sense of “empowerment” by porking her. This woman cannot find a long term mate, just short term hookups, but feels she should be attractive to men and that men who don’t find her attractive are wrong. These men should appreciate her for what she is. She will not change because the men are wrong, not her.
      It’s just amazing to watch.

      1. Those guys need to “man up” and start being “real men” and realizing what a treasure the women of 2014 really are. God men are just so immature these days, if only they realized my significance and individuality!

    2. It sounds good, telling her to make her own mind up, but it usually doesn’t work because most people, men and women alike, are immature and make silly decisions when young. That’s why parental authority is necessary, a father should know where his daughter is and make sure she doesn’t have sex before marriage. That’s why it’s such a huge issue to feminazis as they are determined to undermine families and morals.
      So sad that today a man lovingly looking out for his daughter’s best interests like that will be called “creepy” and “strange” by the feminists, yet all he is trying to do is stop his daughter from being pumped and dumped.

  10. “…there are plenty of virgin teenagers hoping to let the baseball captain get to second base.”
    Yeah, and they’ll be ready to holler “RAPE!” the next day when they begin to ‘regret’ it, or because they don’t want to feel like a slut, or because he doesn’t pay enough attention to them afterwards, or because (fill in blank).
    “..And no, you cannot turn a whore into a housewife no matter how much she thinks Jesus has saved her.”
    Yes, her ‘Personal’ Jesus — her perfect ‘bad-boy’ boyfriend, who never ‘judges’ her, no matter what she does or how many times she does it!

  11. Fix cars. Fix electronics. Fix appliances. Don’t fix women. The first three can be rewarding and save you money.

  12. “Even with the draconian family courts, men would still be willing to commit should a woman be able to seduce him properly. Let’s be honest, men. We’ve accomplished amazing things throughout history, but add in a woman with a chance of sleeping with her, and suddenly we start thinking with a different head. We turn into complete morons around women. Nor is it always mere physical desire. Don’t think you’re impervious to the sirens’ call of infatuation.”
    I must be a freak then because I’m un-seducable. But what you describe is the REAL “induced” gender role, brought to us by the very people who screech about induced gender roles.
    That role would be that women are “chosing” when they desire sex or not and have total control over it but men do not have any control whatsoever.
    Funny though because the only “control” a woman is allowed to exert or openly display exerting is how many cocks she can ride but something is deemed wrong with her if she choses not to suck dicks by the bag.
    And if a man exerts control he “must be gay or something”.
    The real irony and the “left is right up is down” manner of all this brought to us by the cultural Marxists (as usual) is that men are more capable of controlling sexual urges than women. How? Why? Simple. Men have a host of urges to control all of the time and with the entire apparatus of the police state hovering over them at all times to pounce on them if they fail to control themselves even for a second. This is why women will strike out physically (and get away with it) while if a man blocks a doorway in an argument he gets hauled off.
    Gee, with that kind of practice, don’t you think?
    It’s another case of reality demonstrating against what “they” tell us. And nothing will stop that train from arriving at the station.

  13. Feminism Has sexually objectified women more than Man. Look at the two examples of Princesses. The Tattooed bimbos have a look that says,” i’m ready to go if your game is good enough”, and the Disney Princesses Look exactly how Blair describes them.The women that have been “Saved” through feminism don’t understand that their Liberated appearances only advertise one thing, and that’s.. I’m a Whore .Prince Charming isn’t risking Dragon fights for that Shit.

    1. “Prince Charming isn’t risking Dragon fights for that Shit.”
      Especially when modern women have become the dragons.

  14. There was this white girl in my social circle, 30 years old, looks just like Khloe Kardashian. Extreme feminist, thinks women can do anything men do, has a very masculine personality. She’s not ugly, just average, but everytime we go out she gets zero attention and the prettier girls in the group always get hit on in front of her.
    She took this very personal one night, got emotional and started crying to us that she can’t ever find a guy that wants more than just to fuck (She’s mainly attracted to Mexican and Middle Eastern men) She thought in her mind that she wants a nice guy, but all she hooks up with are the bad boys that just use her as a cumdumpster.
    She later gets on OKCupid and meets this nice beta guy. She makes him wait a few weeks before having sex with (to make him think she’s a good girl lol) The guy was 6’4 but fat, and she said he never took his shirt off when they had sex. She broke up with him cause he “too nice and boring”
    She went back to riding the cock carousel afterwards, she’s 30+ and recently discovered EDM which she loves cause “omg music is my passion”. She’s also mutilating her body with tattoos and piercings now.

      1. Yeah I know. She started with one, and said it was “addicting” so she’s been continuously getting her body covered.

        1. There’s nothing like a sign that says “DO NOT APPROACH / TOXIC WASTE DUMP AHEAD”.

        2. I don’t know, I like tattoos and women with skrillex haircuts and dyed hair, it’s like “DANGER DANGER, I AM A PSYCHOPATH, DANGER DANGER, I AM A PSYCHOPATH”

  15. “Women want an alpha jerkboy like a meth addict wants to sell his food stamps for drugs.”
    That’s a great line. There’s cute slender asian female at the gym, viewed from the front. But when she turns around her entire back is completely covered in tattoo art. Why would a physically perfect female specimen ruin herself like that? She was tired of being perceived as shy asian nerd girl with glasses in the library, and attracting beta males.

    1. Tattoos on women seriously disgust me. It’s always a breath of fresh air when I travel to a foreign country and see all the women do not have any tattoos

      1. Agree…plus women dress like many women should dress (or used to dress). I’m lucky because I can remember a time (in the U.S., at least) when it was a common thing.
        Now, it’s the exception…a woman dressing up but not the “whore” look.

      2. Won’t touch a graffiti-ed woman. But I seriously feel like over 3/4 of all young women are mutilating themselves. It is now spreading to the religious girls. One girl I briefly dated has a cross on her wrist (completely sacrilegious and outlawed by her religious text, by the way), another has numerals engraved on the back of her heels.. they supposedly refer to special pages in her holy book–so silly. Another had some ambiguous word writ large across her inner forearm–I can’t remember what because I had my eye on her for a couple of weeks and then she revealed this scribble on both arms, something about loving to fish.. I was so pissed. She said people were always mistaking it for her liking to fish, but it really meant something about Jesus feeding fish to people. Several girls I know want to get Harry Potter tattoos (they are post-college–too old for this, and plus Harry Potter is done and gone.) It’s really absurd and gross.
        If I see a girl <25 who is not tatted, I stare. It is really that rare.

    2. What a waste. Especially on otherwise attractive women. I can’t for the life of me imagine how these girls think that’ll look good when they’re 40.

      1. Women hate their bodies. We see a shapely figure, she sees 1,000 flaws. Most tattoos on women are on parts of their bodies they are insecure about to draw attention to the “art”.

        1. I can agree with that one but something to add to it.
          I believe many women are just following the “herd” when it comes to tats all over their bodies. I believe many do hate parts of their bodies but I believe it’s more of a “look what my friends are all doing, I have to do it, too” – herd mentality.

  16. Just saw this today. The “modern fairy tale” is now a sub-mediocre 30-something carousel rider gets rescued from her unfulfilling life by a high status man (medical doctor of star athletes). Ugh. RedPillers should’ve saw this one coming…

    1. amazing she has a starring role. nothing for billy burr, dave attell, nick dipaolo, colin quinn, and the list goes on…

    2. Jesus H fucking Christ I’d sooner slam my dick in a door before I see that movie and watch fatface there ….whatever the fuck she’s doing.
      There’s got to be a counter for this shit.
      Do these fucks in Hollywood know that there’s an audience craving red pill movies what would lampoon the shit out of that shit?
      Oh they probably do, and go the other way on purpose. Indie filmmakers are the way.
      It’s fucking Sex in the City right down to the useless job and having no fucking point.

      1. Agree.. This shit is another Sex in the City movie but with one woman instead of four. This girl is a perfect example of one following the “sex in the city” philosophy – career first, live your life, fuck a lot and do the family thing down the road.
        Yes, because we all know that women are very happy with these choices.
        An increase in the percentage of woman taking anti-depressants – the effect of women living this philosophy (Google it…you’ll find a ton of evidence, links to sites, etc…).

      2. Recently I watched 12 Angry Men, now that is a great cult classic of a movie. Made in 1957 and in black and white. I loved it. No women, no stupid sappy love story, no cheap and lazy ploys towards “diversity”. It all takes place in one room(two if you count a brief restroom scene) for the whole time. Basically it’s all about ethics, civic duty, peer pressure, and standing up for what’s right even when unpopular. The dialogue was incredible yet realistic. It’s on Youtube if anyone wants to see it.
        Such a movie would never appear in modern movies, there would need to be a love story, the dialogue would be clunky, awkward, and unnatural(like the Avengers), there would need to be a healthy amount of diversity but the main antagonists would all of course need to be white men fighting against a diverse group. There would need to be several room changes, explosions, cut-aways, and gunshots so that way the audience doesn’t get bored. There would have to be blood and gore aplenty. That would be the Hollywood movie, a mockery of all of the principles with a cringe-inducing amount of special effects and shit flying in your face.

        1. I saw 12 Angry Men within the last year, a great film. Reminds me a bit of Twilight Zone episodes in acting / plot / mental stimulation. This week I started watching Endless Summer 2 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109729/ , a cool surfing documentary (I have not yet seen the original, but it was a cult classic, and they returned to the same spots years later for a sequel). I have surfed a total of one day, and still highly recommend the film.
          It can be a little silly / campy at times but the natural laid back behavior of the men in this film made my heart ache. These were guys following their own dreams, having fun, MGTOW but without rejecting America or marriage or society, but just enjoying life naturally. There’s one scene where one of the guys won a $7,000 competition, and he goes and withdraws that so he and his buddy can jet around the world to a bunch of awesome destinations, where they kid around, do some killer surfing, try and fail at wooing the local girls, and just enjoy life. I’m doing a poor job of explaining but I highly recommend checking it out, and just the vibe you get from the people interacting in the film makes you long for a simpler happier time.
          AND HOLY SHIT I just checked IMDB and it was released in 1994. If you asked me I would have guessed 1960. I literally cannot believe how much society has changed since then. I was just a kid in 1994. GhostofJefferson and others have commented on how rapidly things changed and even a 5 year period was a huge difference, but wow.

        2. I’ve never seen the 1957 film, but I came to the story off the 1997 TV movie — directed by William Friedkin (same guy who did The Exorcist) and with an A minus to B-movie cast of actors including Armin Mueller-Stahl, James Gandolfini, Edward James Olmos, Ossie Davis, William Petersen, Tony Danza (yes, really, he’s very well cast for his role), and best of all — Jack Lemmon as Juror #8. One of the best made-for-TV movies I’ve ever seen.
          That said, the cast was simply gravy on the top: I suspect the play itself hardly needs a powerful actor to make it work. It’s an amazing, crackling script that just builds tension on tension on tension until you’re just about to crack like the jurors are. In both mediums I’ve seen it, it is an amazing play and well worth it. (I had the distinct pleasure of watching a stage production of the play, featuring 12 comedians taking a serious turn in the roles, and it was amazingly good).

    3. At least in Pretty Woman the star was hot and honest about her background…she was a straight up prostitute.

  17. The Phoenician queen,
    Luckless, already given over to ruin,
    Marveled and could not have enough: she burned with pleasure in the boy and in the gifts. – vergil on dido

  18. A simple question you can ask any woman to see where her head is: If you didn’t have a vagina, what qualities do you have that would make a man want to be with you?

  19. Pocahontas is my bitch…. sallow skin, tight bod, sweet.
    There is no fixing bitches so don’t even try. Any woman that is broken pump n dump. Guy I know had the whole story from his woman, sexually abused in childhood by family member, abortion in her twenties, you get the picture. He had this information BEFORE they got married and he went ahead with it anyway. As you mention above he was a fixer all his life.
    She was the greatest actress I have ever met. Nice as pie as long as she needs something from someone, attention, material gain, etc. Left his job and home to try to make it work, two years later he was out of the family home, paying rent for two places and monthly allowance to his bitch wife. He is now seeing someone else but has to watch every penny. If you get into this situation the money and years you spend on this kind of emotional and material rape you will never get back……

  20. What I don’t get is how I’m an asshole for wanting a certain kind of woman.
    Am I shallow for wanting someone I am attracted to physically? Sure
    Am I an ass for wanting a woman who will cook for me, clean and iron my clothes? Okay.
    Is it too much to ask of a woman to not fuck other men while we are in a relationship? Apparently
    And why am I evil for expecting her to take her shit (and only her shit) when we break up and we both don’t try to destroy each other?
    a Female I spoke with said I was asking for too much. She also tries to say I am a jerk fro wanting a pretty girl. Then I asked her if I should settle for someone I don’t want and spend my whole life being unhappy and she then reconsidered.
    I swear these women won’t be happy unless every fat cow can get brad Pitt to knock em up. And then they would still complain about how he needs to man up and remain faithful to one 500 pound whale.

  21. About No Strings Attached, I laughed so fucking hard at the scene where the “asshole rival” goes like “Yeah, you are fucking her now sometimes, but I’m the one she marries, because I have a real job, blah blah”. It’s just awesome. Couldn’t help but fantasize on how a ROK reader would respond.
    Sure, buddy, wait for me to consume her and then marry her. You win in the end.

    1. I’d like Hollywood to come up with these “rom-coms” sequels – 20 years after marriage.
      No Strings Attached 2 would have the girl marrying the guy with the real job while keeping in touch (on Facebook) with the Alpha guy she fucked ‘back when’. She divorces the “job, husband guy”, gets alimony, kids, child support, the house, etc…and goes looking for her old Alpha love.
      Show enough of these movies in theaters. Let’s get the red pill out there faster.

  22. First picture of girls:
    Second picture of girls:
    9, 7, 5, 8, 1, 10, 4, 3, 6, 2
    Third picture of girls:
    doesn’t matter

  23. There use to be a line between whores and marriageable women. Whores had a purpose and the other women kept their virginity until marriage. Today’s society has erased that line, and we are expected to turn the whores into housewives. That is one of the reasons why divorce is getting so common, because nature overcomes the situation and sees the problem. If there is no line, then the long term commitment becomes blurry.

  24. The only girls I would consider marrying are fictional, which is okay by me since I have no intention of getting married.

  25. Although women now frequently earn more money than men and have better jobs, they are still looking for providers. This makes it almost impossible for men like me to be in a relationship. I have enough to survive, but something like 80% of women have better wages than me. I can’t give anything of value to them.
    The feminist lifestyle is just a big fraud. It promised a happier and egalitarian society, yet all it did was alienating a large portion of males and causing more people to be single for life.

    1. I only really need 20-30% of my efforts and energy to live a comfortable, simple life for myself. Throw in a wife and it can reach 100% efforts and energy pretty fast, with energy and efforts used up for superfluous stuff.

  26. I feel sympathy for slutty women, because deep down they’re miserable and insecure.
    The Federalist just today published an article* by Robert Tracinski about the failures of the “sexual revolution.” Tracinski wrote:
    “Instead of saying, I am desired because I am worth it, the promiscuous person says, I must be worth it because I am desired.”
    That sums up the thought pattern of a lot of hos.

    1. Women seek external validation of their worth by others’ opinions? Who’d have thought that?

  27. Go back to Grimms fairy tales and look at what women in those stories coveted. Same thing. Nothing’s changed, except our culture which shames them for wanting what they should want and which makes them deny their basic instinct.
    If Disney were to remake 101 Dalmations today, they would probably make Cruella DeVille the protaganist. Single, smoking, narcissistic, self-driven female who challenges men; she is just what the media champions in women. They might just have to alter her exterior image a bit.

  28. “So the moral of our tale is that women want the fantasy story but are unable to realize that they no longer merit it.”

  29. Excellent piece of article. Next time some ‘feminazis’ -oops-
    ‘feminists’ start their usual preaching then we can simply shove this
    article to their face to read and see their own reflections in the

  30. The mainstream media that we all know also shares the blame since it has become the mouthpiece of all these feminism propaganda. Mainstream media affects culture(s) A LOT.The mainstream media also purposely makes men who wants virgin women feel themselves being outdated, sexist, etc.

  31. Wow. Way to be Racist, with the whole the only Disney princess that isn’t attractive is the Black one. I guess you thought people would just skim over that. Naturally you tried throw in the other girl to make it seem like you weren’t racist which everybody knows is a common tactic by your kind. I don’t know why this is surprising seeing as you are from the dumbest place on Earth known as the Southern United States. I guess you will try to label me SJW or whatever BS you can come up with but you clearly have some deep seated race issues.

  32. I know this character is a special case of ONEitis, but it’s interesting what he says to her: “…and I’m telling you that you’re being a pain in the ass, wich you are 99% of the time. I’m not afraid to hurt your feelings…”

    1. What a slut.
      Notice how she has no ability to think for herself, or even figure out what would make her happy.

      1. Indeed. In the book, there is one time when she thinks about what she should do, and you can almost see the hamster spinnig at full capacity.

  33. One of the least acceptable things to tell a woman is “You’re getting the relationships you deserve.”

  34. No matter how much it angers feminists, the situation will remain.
    Say there is a man with a bit of beer gut. He’s starting to lose his hair. His looks are average. Nothing to write home about. But he is the head of a major firm and makes a six figure salary. Will beautiful 20-something women throw themselves at his feet and want to marry him?
    You bet.
    They’ll probably be gold-diggers. But he will be pursued by good-looking woman for his material assets. His appearance will be ignored. After they secure him, they might bang the post man or pool boy on the side. But he will be pursued.
    These women will compete for him.
    Now let’s reverse. You have a woman with a bit of a gut. Some sag in the middle. Her looks are average. Nothing to write home about. She wears a wig to hide her hair loss. She is the head of a major firm and makes a six figure salary.
    Will good-looking men with good backgrounds compete to get her hand in marriage. Nope. She might get some young guys hanging off her looking for some freebies. But they won’t want to marry her. She certainly won’t be competed over.
    No matter how much she waves around her bank account and material assets, she’ll be judged by her external appearance. Any man whose willing to play the housewife in the relationship, she’ll never respect. She’ll want someone wealthier than her and those men won’t want anything to do with her.
    Even if she settles from some guy who needs to be fixed up. He’ll at best stick around long enough for a degree and then divorce her and find a woman younger and less intimidating.
    She’ll never satisfied with a man who earns lower than her.
    Most men are fine marrying women who earn less than them. The reverse cannot be said of women. Not even a lot of feminists are willing to marry “down”.
    Women blame society for this standard, but they play a large role in things. They cannot stand to marry men who earn less than them.

  35. Men are evolutionarily predisposed to take action: we hunt, gather, defend territory, solve problems, do all the work during sex and in most cultures make the initial approach and pursuit. Women are inherently insecure creatures who are paradoxically filled with a grandiose sense of self absorbtion with their own problems, many of them imaginary. i have dated the very best and the very worst and the most beautiful and I can say with confidence that ALL women are inherently narcissistic; it is only a matter of degree! They’re only really comfortable in a few places: home, shopping malls, and places they show off where their alpha man (or bouncers in nightclubs) are protecting them. You can test this by taking your hottie on an outdoor adventure, but trust me, that stripper you want to take to Yellowstone to share the virtues of the great outdoors will be perpetually complaining in 15min, now that’s you’re 200 miles from the nearest CVS! The only exceptions to this are lesbians or straight women who are overly masculinized in physical and mental features and that few men would ever find attractive in the first place. To sell either sex and especially insecure women the bill of goods that they can reverse the roles established by millions of years of evolution is to send them “off the rails” with all kinds of acting out, much like what is seen with rats in overcrowded cages.

  36. You want Romero? You’re not worthy
    You’re cock-thirsty
    You’re nasty and probably got herpes

  37. “Slut is a state of mind, after all, and there are plenty of virgin teenagers hoping to let the baseball captain get to second base. And yes, attention whoring is a close cousin of real whoring. And no, you cannot turn a whore into a housewife no matter how much she thinks Jesus has saved her.”

  38. It’s sad that a man would place so little value in his own self worth that he would consider such washed up women to be his equal.

  39. I don’t know about the conclusion. I live in NYC and it’s pretty expensive here. I’d need a lady with a career to keep things stable.

  40. Funny that Mr Naso mentioned a woman’s duty to give man sex if he so desires. To be fair, consent still applies, whether males like it or not. Fair enough.Yet, ironically enough, I notice a trend, especially with older men. Now, as it turns out, women want sex so bad, if hubby doesn’t want to give it time them, it’s automatically assumed that hubby had low testosterone, ergo erectile dysfunction, which leads to a Viagra prescription and a trip to Tijuana to buy it cheap.(Oddly enough, Viagra pills are blue, go figure!). Or hubby doesn’t feel attracted to her, or he’s cheating, or he’s not man enough. As a result, these women found a loophole to have all the nonconsensual sex they want, no repercussions. That’s why all those Viagra commercials with the hot MILFS. And the infomercials on the Latino channels are way wackier.

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