5 Things I Learned As A Young Brothel Manager

My time managing one of Melbourne’s seediest and most corrupt brothels has taught me many things, things that I will remember and use for the rest of my life. But before I can tell you all what I learnt, let me give you some background on who I am, and how I got into the underground sex industry.

As a very quiet, introverted young man, I always seemed to struggle finding jobs. I struggled with self-confidence and could sometimes barely string a sentence together. I had just turned 18 and had therefore got my driver’s license, 18 being the legal age to drive in my state of Australia. My older female cousin, having revealed to me that she was herself a brothel manager, offered me some part-time work as a driver for some of the international girls that worked for her brothel. Her brothel was a very up-market, classy establishment in the heart of the city where the girls were gorgeous, always practiced safe sex and rarely did drugs. Please note that prostitution is legal and regulated in Melbourne.

During this phase in my career, I learned a lot about sex, money, drugs, their secret lives, and basically the ins and outs of Melbourne’s sex industry.  All of this was learnt from sitting around in my cousin’s brothel all day talking to the girls, to whom I became quite close with.


Anyway, my cousin eventually left her job at that brothel, and so I thought I would try to take on a managerial position of my own. However, with little experience I had, my only option was to work in a dodgy, run down, drug infested brothel in a shady part of town. The job was simple, create as much income for the business as possible and maintain a safe working environment for myself and the 30 girls that worked there. I was 19 at this stage and was the youngest manager to be working in any of Melbourne’s brothels.

Here are some of the lessons that I learnt as Melbourne’s youngest pimp brothel manager.

1. How to recognize a bullshitter

This one was quite easy to learn. As the men would come in, I’d direct them to an introduction room where the girls would introduce themselves 1 by 1 and answer any questions the client might have. Almost always, the bullshitters would ask to see one of the girls for a second time. This was because all he wanted was to get a good leer before leaving to masturbate over her memory later on. The bullshitters, (who were almost always young men, often in groups of 2-3) would come in with a big cheeky grin and nearly never had their wallet on them. This taught me the valuable lesson of paying attention to the details. Did he have his wallet in any of his pockets? Does he have his mate waiting for him in the car outside? Is he asking the girls any questions? Realizing who was genuine and who was not saved me and the girls a lot of time and effort as I would deny the bullshitters entry almost instantly.

2. Never mix business with pleasure

Arguably the golden rule in this industry, and is what eventually lead to my downfall. Having just broken up with my girlfriend of 2+ years, I was admittedly in a very vulnerable state. I became victim to the seduction of one of the girls working for me, and had (free of charge) fornication with her on the premises. She was extremely attractive and one of the best lays that I’ve had to this date, although allowing her to overpower my better judgment showed a weaker side of myself to all of the other girls who worked for me and to the business owner (my boss). The jealousy and bitchiness towards the girl I slept with and the snide remarks toward me eventually made the work environment chaotic. I lasted another 2 weeks in that job before the boss gave me the sack. Not only did I lose my job from this particular sexual encounter, I also contracted the clap as a result of a broken condom.

3. Men with secrets can be very valuable

It didn’t take me long to hear about all of the different fetishes that men have. I have heard it all. Men who want women to urinate on them, men who want women to masturbate with foods, men who want to be breast-fed by a lactating woman, men who want to lick women’s eye balls (yes that is completely true). The more embarrassing and socially awkward the fetish, the more we are likely to charge. You could be almost certain that the man who likes the woman to shove a vibrator up his ass will be more than willing to pay top dollar for not only the service itself, but the comfort in knowing he can return to a brothel that he feels comfortable in.

This means that the more he attends to this business, the more money we will ultimately make. It was my job to liaise with the client and then to organize his desires and pricing with the working gal of his choosing. It didn’t take me too long to capitalize on this, and by using simple sentences such as ‘yeah sure, she can do that. That’s no problem for her’ or ‘that’s the type of thing we specialize in here’ made the customers comfortable in what they were doing. This usually led to returning customers, me getting tips and having the regular clients bringing me pizza or whatever during night shift . I guess that making them not feel judged goes a long way! 

4. Let women think they are in charge

As the laws of sex work in Melbourne are quite strict, and the industry is often regulated and patrolled by police, sexual slavery is nearly nonexistent, and all of the women are working by choice. This has led to an empowerment, as they are not forced to do what they are doing. Because the women cannot be forced to work, they seem to think that they are in charge of the place. They do have a legal right to refuse clients that they don’t like, refuse specific services they do not wish to partake in,  leave bookings half way through if need be and so on. The business did have rules however. One was that the girls could work any shift that they pleased, as often as they pleased, but a shift was 8 hours long and they must respect that. The women would walk around all day telling me that they won’t accept a booking from a client because he was a particular size, nationality, age etc. In actual fact, it was my job to let them think this, and to hide the reality that I was the one calling all of the shots.


When one of the women wanted to, for example, refuse a client, I would simply ask them to reconsider and explain that the client is important for business. As they often aren’t always the brightest human beings, this made them feel like they are the one making the final decision and they are still ‘in control’. If I were to get an answer that I didn’t like then I would push the client and all future clients towards the other girls for the rest of the shift. I would make this action known to everyone to ensure that all of the women made the decision that was of my best interest.

By letting the girls make some decisions about the clients they see, and occasionally ignoring them breaking the 8 hour rule, I maintained an illusion that they had more power than they really did. The truth is that I controlled all of the money that went in and out of the business, and had full control over who the clients made their booking with. This all turned out great for business as the working girls felt strong and happy in their work, which resulted in better services and therefore better client satisfaction.

5. How to show dominance and authority

As a teen-aged man, of average height and weighing in at only 66kgs (145 lbs), I quickly learnt that trying to go toe to toe with men who made trouble in this business was not a smart way to work. Although I could not bring a huge physical presence to work each day, I found ways to assert my dominance and authority through my body language and tone of voice. With approximately 1 in 10 men who came in being drug dealers, wannabe gangsters and just overall trouble makers, making sure that they know I was the one in charge was of utmost importance. Displays of assertive body language from the moment they enter to the moment they leave ensured that trouble was kept to a minimum.

They sit when I stand, maintain strong eye contact and always talk louder than they do. I’d keep my head up at all times and would not hesitate when refusing demands from clients when necessary regardless of how intimidating they may be. This also applied when around the girls, but probably not to the same extent. Also, not being afraid to get up in the clients face and demand they leave when they were doing something wrong was important.  These very basic displays of authority kept the work environment reasonably safe.

Now, as a 21-year-old, I am in a very different industry.  But I will not forget the many lessons that I learnt during my time in the brothel. The main thing I got out of doing that line of work was the ability to be strong within myself during difficult situations.

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67 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned As A Young Brothel Manager”

  1. Imagine “brothel manager” on your resume. Under it you put, “learned effective leadership skills by managing a team of 10 whores.”

    1. Yep, immediately hired into middle management of fortune 500 companies, he is a leader and going places! lol

    2. “Created synergies by instituting system of frictionless commerce exchange between clients and associates.”

        1. I was in the corporate world for 6 years. I still have to manually suppress the phrases “going forward” and “touch base” from my daily speech.

        2. Jesus all the corporate speak. How many catch phrases can you recall? You don’t just do something, you “proactively” do it. You don’t call the client, you “reach out” to the client. Ugh.

      1. Commerce exchange involving no friction at all? Your patrons were clearly getting ripped off.

    3. No matter what, when interviewing at Encorpera always talk up your previous gig so you sound like a team-player.
      Even if you were in the penitentiary : “I liked they way we all pulled together and worked as a team…”

      1. “working as a team” beeing the term for
        “I am a submissive beta, who runs with the crowd and will kiss my boss’s ass daily”
        Thats how you get jobs in corporate brothels.
        As long as it is a lie to fool the stupid HR chick, I guess its an ok way getting the job.
        The alpha would rather see it like this: “I liked the way MY team pulled together after I set them straight and finally got some real work done.”

  2. “The women would walk around all day telling me that they won’t accept a booking from a client because he was a particular size, nationality, age etc.”
    So they only want to have sex with guys they like, AND the guys have to pay them as well?

    1. Lol. Good point. That’s why am mostly against prostitutes and pro learning game. Am sure most of these patrons to this brothel were beta and omega men…any man shy and ashamed of his fetishes has not fully accepted nor embraced his sexuality, thus the feeling of guilt.
      Good post.

    2. I was in Rio’s Help club before they shut down several years ago (out of curiosity since it was a Copacabana institution). I saw mostly gringo guys chatting up the Brazilian prostitutes, and the thing that struck me was that the guys were getting shut down by the hotter girls. If the girls only had enough time for one john that night, she wanted to pick the best one. It actually didn’t seem much different than a real club.

      1. Hmm very interesting, but I see it’s also logical. Power is having options. Having the pick of a bunch of guys trying to pick her up, is an analogous situation to having a bunch of johns all willing to pay to have sex with her. Still a level playing field among the guys, so she still gets the power to choose.

        1. Is everyone here so clueless. Perhaps you boys need to get out of grandma’s cellar and stop with the kid video games and sleazy porn. There are plenty of whores even the 10’s so these girls can’t be as choosy as you think. If they can’t compete in the 10 category because they got older or something then they still have to compete in the lower categories (and make less).

        1. It’s less about being beta and more about being unattractive. Basically if you’re born with bad genetics you don’t get sex even if you’re willing to pay.

        2. Oh boy, more of this MPF-over-everything bullshit.
          There are plenty of guys who are either very handsome, or very rich, or very tall, etc., who have horrible ‘luck’ dealing with women. Even though these guys did very well in the ‘genetic lottery’, they give off such a feeble vibe that women go elsewhere, like to the 5’8″ bald biker dude.

        3. Very true the most genetically blessed human I have ever seen in terms of looks(He’s from Melbourne) is absolutely so beta that a Victoria Secret Model had coerce him to get laid. Incredibly whipped too with the gf he is with. The world is one weird place.

        4. Yup. My friend who’s a minor body builder hit the club with me the other night and started gaming this chick thinking that his body and looks will get the girl…only to be called disgusting in his face! Even more astounding was that at the end of the night, she was cuddling and kissing some geeky ass dude wearing mascara on his face!?!?
          My friend could only say wtf…….

        5. I went to high school with a kid who wight dam near 300 pounds. After high school he started lifting wights and doped down to around 200 pounds. He still was not the best looking guy but he did way better than I ever did. Fat guy humor and
          skinny guy self confidence is a deadly combination.
          You can trump ugly with other quality’s.

        6. In Singapore, this idiot from my ship would not leave the streets by the whores in order to get his liberty buddy back on time. This would have gotten both of them a reduction in rank, and chipping paint for 45 days.
          I had bought one of those large folding fans, and was holding it in my hand as I chewed him out. Clearly, the tall Asian prostitute was not having it with him. But kept trying to flirt with me. She was supposedly only charging me a hundred dollars, but kept raising the price on him up to 500 (first 275, then 375, then 500). She said I had a “nice fan.” lol
          We both left in disgust. And neither of them lost their rank. Amazing how these women operate. You would think that they would really prey on the weakest members fantasies, and charge their whole paycheck? This dude was the scrawniest dude you could ever see, and thriving on his liquid courage to bag a low level 5 in looks at the “Four Floors/Orchard Towers.” Sad really.

        7. Men are not girls. Look matters but not a lot. You can compensate beeing ugly by having high other value.
          Game beeing ONE part of it. Money is another. Fame is a third. Humor is a forth.
          If you are a male looks 4 but you are a famous actor and make 10m$ a year you can very well become an overall 10.
          If you are a female looks 4 the best you can hope with all your wealth and fame is a 5 in SMV.
          What you Gainz do not want to see is the fact that passive value is king. So you focus on looks because that is the one thing you can blame “genetic lottery” instead of your own failure to kick your own ass and work on that passive value of yours.

        8. Keep trying to convince yourself shorty lol The good looking rich guys never get the girls. It’s the bald bicycle boys who get them all lol In real life it’s actually these bike boys who give off the loser vibe. Most can’t even afford a used Hundai which is why they ride a bike.

        9. So if that’s your friend then you must be a dick too because like always goes with like.

        10. You have no idea how many times I’ve made that kind of thing happen (ala Robert Smith without the androgyny)

      2. Club Obsessions in Nogales; that’s a pro tip my dudes. Park at bk on american side and holla when you come back from mecca

        1. Hilarious. My dad grew up there and in Naco and Bisbee.
          He lived in a shanty near one of the brothels and the madam would come visit for tea, to which he listened attentively. She once said “those chippies look good now but wait until their bottoms fall out”.
          Pops is on his death bed and he talks about his youth a lot. Tough times then. I stole one of his many stories and printed it in the Spearhead a few years ago :
          A Trip to the Brothel: A Father’s Day Story

      3. Same thing happens here in Thailand – the pros are free to refuse a client and yep, I’ve been shut down a few times myself haha.

      4. Obviously you get rejected wherever you go. Clubs, whorehouses, Starbucks etc And btw, there are plenty of whores so even the hottest ones have competition and need to grab some man or they won’t make any money. Those Brazilian girls were just looking for the guy who would pay them the most and it didn’t matter what he looked like. I don’t know about Brazil but whores even Black ones won’t go with Ne—groe men. Brazil is probably the same since they have that race/class system even worse than the west.

  3. The kid’s awesome in my book! Good life lessons learned at an early age. You are light years ahead of other men your age in that department. Good on ya!

  4. Interesting how point no. 2 applies here. Mixing work with pleasure seems never to be a good thing, no matter what the “work” is.
    One of McQueen’s club rules was not to sleep with the girls of club that you want to be your regular hang-out.

    1. It pays to keep your workplace gals at the same distance. Especially if she is marginally “hot” and all the other betas are drooling about it.
      Avoid workplace females like the plague. Keep your dalliances outside of your job where the scorn and rejection by women has no employment cost.
      And like a co-worker once remarked after the company picnic at the water park : “They act like they are hot at the office but once you see them in a bikini they don’t look so good”.

    2. The club manager at the place I work at sleeps with all the bartender girls.
      If they get on his nerves he can replace them in an instant so he doesn’t give a shit about keeping business separate.
      If me or any of the other barbacks sleeps with any of the bartenders though… We run the risk of making the workplace awkward with the “high-status” girls, or accidentally pissing off the boss by fucking one of his girls.
      Weird situation but the incidental benefits (i.e., free access + social proof in most clubs in the area) of nightclub connections are what keep me around.

    1. My main problem was his alleged age (and an introvert to boot). I use to hang out with a pimp that would tell me stories. He taught me about the two pimping techniques, lover style and gorilla style. Story seems like a mish-mash of the two.

      1. For me is just a gut feeling, the general lack of detail, all the stereotypical situations… who knows, maybe I’m wrong…

        1. I get it, it smells like the one that got away.
          Point 1; dumbshit factor. What kind of a dumbshit would let a hormonal teenager work in a brothel? Let alone run it?
          point 2; hollywood factor. The whole thing stinks like the plot to a college comedy movie.
          point 3; Realism factor. a guy I spar with works at the Crystal Bell in Nevada as the Inventory manager/part time bartender/part time bouncer. Nobody gives a fuck what you do when you are off the clock. He shows up with a different girl from the bell that he’s fucking every month, and being ‘management’ just means they are more likely to fuck you.
          point 4; Disease factor. NO ONE is more paranoid about STD’s than a legal working girl. The only ones that usually get diseases are strawberries and chain girls. Many places require blood work EVERY week. If he caught the clap, it was most likely NOT from the working girl he banged.
          I wonder if his new Job is astronaut. Or maybe fighter pilot. The whole article sounds like some beta trying to get laid at a bar.
          My working theory is that he rawdogged a chain girl for a while and tried to spin it into a manosphere story. Teenagers do that, mostly cause they are used to their parents not wanting to fight with them when they are caught in a lie.

  5. Wow. On No. 4 you pretty much learned how women use their psychology on men to convince them to do things. By making them think they’re the one in charge.

  6. A girl I know from South America who started hooking was telling me one guy wanted her to fart in his face.

  7. Kind of a shit article, written by a 150 lb 21 y/o to boot. Congrats kid, you did what a mamasan without english does in America daily. Lost all credibility when you admitted to dating one and put the article in the tone of hearing wisdom from a Jerry Springer guest. This site could gain a lot of credibility if it limited authors to being older than 24.

    1. He may be young, but he shared an unusual experience and some good insights on social dynamics. That makes his contribution valuable. We can learn something from everyone if we keep an open mind and practice some humbleness, especially when they talk about mistakes they made and what lessons they learned from them, apart from mentioning what they did right.

    1. Funny but you do not own books you buy on Kindle. You’re only renting for the one time up front fee.

  8. Seen on a shirt in Pattaya Thailand: “Some girls work in factories, some girls work in stores. My girl works in a short time bar with 20 other whores.”

  9. So how’s your new job as a software engineer for a large defense contractor? Do you find that dealing with the females there has largely the same dynamic as working in a brothel? I mean, letting them think they are in charge and all that.

  10. I ran a brothel. It was called a marriage. One working girl and one client, me. I ran it out of my home.
    In the end, it was very expensive.

    1. That’s what one gets when one marries a whore. I bet the sex sucked/was non existant.

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