4 Observations On The Las Vegas Hookup Culture

I recently spent a week in Las Vegas. As a Brit abroad it was an interesting experience for many reasons, a few of which that pertain to hookup culture I discuss here.

Of course, Las Vegas (or the strip, anyway) exists only as a site of hedonism, and as such is distinct from other US cities. I know from personal experience that pickup in New York, for example, is a very different proposition. Nevertheless, since Vegas is a place of extremes—-extreme decadence, extreme sexual licentiousness, extreme lavishness, extreme wealth—and it is a kind of mecca for dissolute party-goers, it extrapolates some of the worst (or best, depending on your view) aspects of Western culture and gives them a setting where they can flourish on a grand scale.

Put another way, given that people can do pretty much whatever the hell they like in Vegas and get away with it (“what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”), it functions in a similar way to the island in The Lord of the Flies: this is what human behavior looks like when you lift the normal societal restraints on it, and it’s not pretty.


1. Girls Will Extract Money From Unwary Men Mercilessly

Some girls will be out for free drinks, VIP tables, and whatever else they can get in nightclubs the world over, of course, but this is much more overt in Vegas. Perhaps this isn’t surprising. After all, Vegas is a wet dream of consumerism, capitalism’s logical endgame. This is a town where the hugest suites with panoramic views and gold baths are available only to those who have hustled hard. Unsurprisingly, something in the air brings out the hustling instinct in the women too.

Standing by the bar at the Encore Beach Club observing nubile, bikini-clad bodies dancing to Will.i.am’s flaccid EDM DJ set, I observed a man approach a group of four girls. He opened well and his target, the most attractive of the girls, responded well and appeared interested. After several minutes of conversation which included light touching, laughter and some push-pull banter, the man led the girls to the bar where he bought shots for all of them.

They said cheers, with the oblivious, entitled friends hardly even bothering to chink the man’s glass. As soon as this ritual was completed the man’s target seemed to grow cold and shifted away from him, excluding him from the group while he stood there slowly gathering chode dust. It was only a matter of time now. Shortly, the target turned to the man and gave him the classic valedictory speech.

‘Well, it was so nice to meet you. Thanks so much for the shawts!’

The girls walked off, leaving the man standing by the bar, a crestfallen buffoon eighty dollars poorer.

Here’s the thing: the girls looked educated and pleasant enough, and certainly not like classic club skanks. On some level, they must have been aware that what they had done was completely unacceptable by any normal measure, a con trick worthy of an old Times Square huckster, somewhere between theft and prostitution. But what recourse did the man have? Had he argued with the girls he’d have been deemed socially awkward or “creepy.” If he’d got angry he’d most likely have been thrown out by security.

Some time later, a girl with a sexy body and pretty, molly-eyes passed me. We smiled.

“Hey, you know if me and my friend had drinks I would totally cheers with you but we don’t have drinks,” she said.

“So are you gonna buy me one?” I responded.

The girl snarled, vampiric.

“Fuck you,” she said.

I would probably have had this chick down as a nice girl-next door type had I seen her in my local supermarket. But then Vegas is a space where bad female (and male) behaviour is allowed to flourish unchecked, where we see clearly that the “good” girls are really just bad girls in disguise.


 2. Mate Guarding Is Excessive

With little or no restraint on female hypergamous behaviour, Vegas, more than anywhere, is a place where women are able to reject men at will until they find the highest value one possible to have sex with. As a consequence, mate guarding is way over the top. I found myself wondering idly whether the trend for men to work out until they are huge, which is slightly more prevalent in America than in Europe, is a subconscious response to the problem of women’s unbridled tendency to cheat.

At another day party I went to buy a drink. By the bar, two fairly unattractive Asian girls in bikinis were grinding their asses up against the crotches of two gaudily tattooed men in coloured snapbacks. One of the men noticed me and signaled for me not to come closer.

“You’re cool there brah. That’s cool – right there.”

“I’m buying a drink,” I said. Of course, I had had no intention of trying to break into the set and steal his girl. She was probably a six at best.

“That’s cool man. Nice pompadour by the way. I used to have my hair like that.”


He was trying to warn me off, but there was no need—his girl wasn’t attractive enough to bother hitting on. But when men are reduced to mate-guarding mediocre women, it is a clear signal that female hypergamy is out of control. If Vegas is the logical endpoint of the desires sublimated in everyday Western society, then expect to see more of this in normal life soon.


 3. Contemporary Hip Hop Lyrics Reflect Precisely The Reality Of Female Behavior

Rather like dreams, the movies, TV shows, books and music of our culture operate as a kind of societal subconscious, revealing our innermost desires. This thought struck me at Surrender Nightclub, as I stood by the bar fending off hookers and listening to DJ Mustard bumping contemporary hip hop joints.

It’s no secret that mainstream rap has, for the most part, become significantly less intelligent in the last fifteen years or so. If you compare something like the arrest segment in Jay Z’s 99 Problems, with its clever wordplay and sharp social commentary to, say, Loyal by Chris Brown then you’ll get the point (although Loyal is actually imbued with red-pill truth). But what rap does do is celebrate the actual (sometimes secret) desires of its audience. Take these lines from DJ Mustard’s Down on Me:

Yea, my bitch drop it down for me

Take it to the room she go down on it

And she said she got a friend for me

And she ain’t afraid to spin on me

Told that ho bring more E, smoke joints to the face

My bitch so bad I fuck without a condom

Put it all in and I got her running

Hit it good got her walking funny

And she said it ain’t about the money

You can bemoan the fact that the art of lyric writing is dead and that these verses are about as subtle as a bottle of Dom Perignon in the face, but the point is that girls love this stuff. I saw more women twerking to these “misogynist” lyrics than there were guys there. Why? Because contrary to what feminists would have us believe, women secretly love being characterised as bad girls who will do E, have threesomes and fuck hot alpha rappers without a condom because that is the reality of female nature.

In a room full of girls dancing to tracks like this, the message is the message, hidden in plain sight—women are sexual beings who are happy to act slutty with exciting alpha men, while simultaneously denying their sluttiness to beta rubes.

Rehab at pool

 4. Vegas Is A Great Place to Get Laid

For this reason, Vegas is a great place to get laid. There are thousands of hot girls there with more arriving every day during peak times—a constantly renewable resource. They are willingly entering an environment where whatever paltry constraints are normally on their behavior are lifted, and they are able to act like the ho in DJ Mustard’s song.

Realize that Vegas is a place where the very worst excesses of Western culture are magnified and celebrated, and that knowing this you can benefit and relax. Let someone else worry about the decline for a while. Stick on a suit (I got opened loads in XS wearing a light grey jacket, white button-down shirt and a colorful pocket square) man up, approach like a machine, and you really can’t fail to get laid. Western culture may be in flames around us, but we might as well enjoy the party.

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172 thoughts on “4 Observations On The Las Vegas Hookup Culture”

  1. I’ve spent about a month in Vegas this year, including a 16 day stint. Something that deserves attention is the ratio is atrocious in Vegas nightclubs. Day game is critical too since everyone is always drunk and opportunity is plentiful. Like Mr. Francis refers to, women can get away with anything there and men pay $50 to get into most any decent club and will get kicked out for anything unless you know the staff.

  2. Las Vegas is a mirror of every other city in America. American women act like savage animals, and have no morals or guilt. What used to be considered whoredom is now commonplace.

    1. They behave the way the culture allows them to. No culture is more encouraging of hypergamy and free of consequences than Sin City.

      1. The pisser is that its only Sin City for women. They run wild and do whatever they like to whoever they like. Men are allowed to stay if they dress nice, pick up the tab, and mind their manners.
        Men should probably refer to it as “Spend City”, fuck that place.

        1. If ISIS does wind up setting off a nuclear bomb in an American city, I really, really hope they do it Vegas. After all, Vegas is the symbol of Western decadence.
          ATTN: NSA – This comment is satire.

        2. ATTN: NSA – This comment is satire.

          Lol. Nice try but DHS will use remarks like that to justify throwing you in the gulags.

        3. It won’t be ISIS, it will be MOSSAD. But yeah Vegas would be the best choice should it have to happen. Unfortunately Sheldon Adelson has casinos there lolz

        4. Intelligent observation.
          Truly, I always wonder how much the authors fo these Vegas articles actually paid themselves to discover these slutty behaviors?

        5. They won’t. Two of the 9/11 attackers got thier “training” for their 77 virgins in the after life “In Vegas!”
          Manama Bahrain is the “Sin City” for the arabs. Even the muslim mujahadin know Bahrain will never be as decadent.
          Believe me! The Muslims would kill everything of the united states off, even flatten the Rockies in all their beauty, before they let a bomb even think of touching Vegas.
          They need an outlet apparently too?
          Poor things! All that righteous beheading of your enemies sure does need a release doesn’t it?

        6. Yeah I dunno. I guess if you (could stand to) live in vegas and you knew-people-who-knew-people, maybe you could have an in to some solid ass. Coming in as the average tourist though, its an uphill fight. I can think of like 100 things I’d rather do that try to open over $15 cocktails with women who are running around shrieking like retarded tweakers.

        7. True.
          Vegas is a place I would only visit. I have, and did not care for it. Everything is overpriced. I mean everything.
          So all the girls who go there, are over priced.
          I have read some of the so called experts on Vegas. I can’t say whether they pull the massive amounts of tail there they claim, or not. But what I do sense, if they are telling the truth, is that they must actually have to live that life a lot, and know all of the owners, or at least their managers, to have those sort of ins.
          I would rather have an engineering degree, and a whole lingerie foot ball team of solid 8’s.
          It sounds to me like a big waste of time, and effort. I would rather be working out, doing MMA, improving my mind, body, soul, and just making new girl’s on the fly.
          Once you learn how it is done, it is so easy.
          But I admit, I am not crashing 9’s and 10’s. I have a hard time, based on my standards, that many of these men are pulling what I would call a hard ten, let alone slew of 9’s, like they claim.
          Could care less either way.

    2. LOL. As a player, I always found it funny when I heard this from the very guys who used said vaginas (or at the very least claimed they did).
      The very whoredom yo speak of is the very thing that will draw you to it’s doors, and “enjoy” the company of other men’s wives.
      You will loudly decry how much of a slut that women is, while simultaneously denying the fact that your slut-stick is precisely the reason said whore just ruined the lives of her offspring.
      So many of these “players” nowadays fail to see the whorrest for the fellaciating, high heeled pumped trees.
      When she is on her knees, swallowing your meat shank, and you think to yourself that she is “Such a whore.” What are you trying to say? The fact that if another man was giving you a blow job that makes him gay?
      Wake up dude! We are all whores. It is just that “man whore”= player, alpha, or stud. In fact, we are sluts! Whores get paid for their craft.
      To hop on the fiery train to hell and decline decrying the other gender for giving her polluted womb to you while you enjoy the rides is hilarious to me.
      Just as hilarious as the solipsistic nature of these broads when they go back to their beta boy friends. What goes around, comes around.
      Acknowledge your female “peers,” and stop judging your fellow whore sucking your dick.
      If the decline bothers you so much, go to church, and start telling these broads they are on the road to fire and brimstone. Enlighten them by your “personal experience.”
      If not, shut up.
      You have three chicks giving you a foursome, and you start telling them they are going to hell is like a bad porno turned hate fuck.

      1. For the record… when your girlfriend suck’s another man’s cock… she’s the cheater, not him. Please take your feminist “logic” and go back to the good man project.

        1. Nope. She’s the whore. And you’re the bitch.
          I’m not the one in denial “playa”

        2. Hahahahahaha.
          You sound like a feminist with the words flipped.
          So what got your panties in a not princess?
          Your anger is no different than when a feminist decries “slut shaming.”
          You might as well walk like a dumb ass down the street with your dick out. (Like their tits)
          Your argument is like a gay pride rally.

        3. No, the two just aren´t the same.
          If woman walks down the street with their tits out, they are being stupid. If men walks down the street with their dicks out, they are being smart. Such logic is not at all hypocritical and it certainly is not stupid.
          Player Pride, wanna join?

      2. First, stop reading Shakespeare before commenting. Second, WOMEN CONTROL SEXUAL ACCESS. That’s the news. Dudes run game and try to flip the script, and it works sometimes, but at the end of the day, if women aren’t whoring it up, its not gonna matter how much “man-shank” you advertise; players are the natural consequence of a feminist society.
        The much-deserved “hate-fuck” that a player hands out is the comeuppance a woman deserves for making men settle for hook-up sex when, and I think I can speak for all of us, we’d much prefer a traditional society where women put some value on that thang and stop treating it like a fucking bus-pass.

      3. The “double standard” as femicunt whore-sympathizers like callus total bullshit. By now we all know that famous saying: a lock that opens to many keys is a useless lock; a key that opens many locks, is a master key.

  3. Vegas made institutional marriage a joke to the point where it is easier to get married and divorced than to change your phone line contract.

      1. There’s a reason the old saying went “she/he sent him/her to Reno.”
        Nevada allowed for easy divorce years before other states followed suit.

      2. Who knows…but getting God out of the equation whether individually religious or not has done the devils work.

  4. I’ve spent multiple nights in Vegas in the past year, and this article is as good of a description of the party culture there as I’ve seen. #1 is absolutely true – I know plenty of girls who go to clubs in Vegas with just their ID, knowing that they are going to get their free drinks from rich chump who’s willing to spend all of his money just for a 1% chance of getting laid. My rule of thumb is to NEVER buy women drinks in Vegas. The best club to approach is XS, since there is a huge outdoor area where it isn’t quite as loud.
    In regard to #3, that is precisely why the “you look like trouble” opener is golden in Vegas! All of the girls secretly (or not so secretly) want to be seen as the slutty girls talked about in the songs and music videos, so even though the most common response to that in my experience is “me?! whyyyyy?”, you know that isn’t a real question.
    One thing I love about Vegas that wasn’t mentioned is that every girl there looks and dresses as best as she possibly can. Girls plan their Vegas outfits weeks in advance, and an everyday 5 can look like a 7/8 in Vegas.

      1. Good point. But as per the point Troy made, everything is amplified in Vegas, so its probably double true there.

        1. I always want to smack their stupid faces when they talk about allowing good men to buy them drink as if it were a favor.
          It’s even worse when a loser think it’s awesome to spend just to get her attention (actually her despise)

        2. Unexperienced beta males buy drinks because it worked for their fathers in the 70s and 80s. Not anymore.
          By the metrics of the market, many beta males have so little interaction with women that buying a drink provides precious, if brief, interaction with women.

  5. Nobody takes vegas seriously, men or women. Women have this idea that if a man just won a few thousand dollars at the gaming table he doesn’t mind buying drinks, or paying for anything else. The restaurants aren’t that good. Its too hot to play golf. About the only thing vegas is good for is if you have a woman who wants to try a three some with another woman for the first time, and then she can pick out the escort she likes and can feel in control.

    1. Enjoy the cheap food and drinks. Flash an Amex Centurion card, and make the gold diggers buy you drinks in return for attention.
      Nothing serious ever happens in Nevada’s Vagina.

  6. I’ll bet Vegas would have been a blast in the sixties or seventies. Now it sounds hellish.

    1. …at least in Hell you wouldn’t have someone telling you how great it is while they pick your pocket.

    2. I have a couple of friends going to Thailand next week. Best advice I could give them is “don’t stare at the balls”.

      1. Check the CSW card.
        Keep your shoes on when you short-time.
        Valuables in your front-pocket.
        Bring your own rubbers, unless “asian size” works for you.

  7. Is there any woman in Vegas left who hasn’t been equipped with a couple of horrendous fake tits?

  8. This article has confirmed my decision to move to Las Vegas from Chicago as soon as my finances are in order and I get in shape.

    1. I knew someone who has an EE wife, and had a child with her, who lived in Russia and now wants to move Vegas. I say this as he is also red pill. He says he doesn’t think the culture or city is bad. I mean no disrespect to the guy but he is being completely stupid.

    2. I strongly recommend against it. Unless you really love that kind of culture, I think it will wear on you. There are benefits of being a local (or have a local you are banging), but even the biggest party animals I know lose their interest in the lifestyle. It is astoundingly superficial, even by US standards.

      1. Coming from a life of NO quality sex, poverty, mediocrity and boredom I wouldn’t mind the change in atmosphere.

        1. Yeah, but you are in Chicago now. I would much rather be there than Vegas. Vegas has it’s strong points, the cost of living is good value off the strip and there is money to be made as long as you don’t fall into one of the many vices the city has but I would never leave Chicago for Vegas. My game is much better suited to city life like Chicago as well but that is personal preference.

  9. From reading that article I want women even less now.
    Putting up with such slutting cuntery makes doing it with a sexbot or animatronic real doll seem less demeaning.
    Heck it makes wanking seem like a noble cause.

    1. ‘Heck it makes wanking seem like a noble cause.’
      LMAO. In many ways yes, though I’m a no-fapper.
      Women in America today are walking free HPV and STD dispensers.

  10. I don’t mean to exaggerate, but shit ! This article reflects reality unmasked ! Life in every big city is just like in Vegas but hidden in plain sight. What completely ticked me off was the following theory which is accurate as the red-pill itself : ,,a woman will easily submit and have sex with an alpha-type, vehemently denying her sluttinnes to the beta ”. Oh shit [ Evrika ]!

    1. Feminism used to be about the right to vote. The new feminism is about women aggressively using men to pursue their own selfish interests. They line up to suck alpha cock for the physical gratification, while using the beta male to pay for their stuff.

      1. Western women have become monsters. It’s troubling to say the least. How long can this dysfunction last before things begin to get serious? And by serious, I mean violent.

        1. They haven’t become monsters. Human beings (women and men) have always been monsters. Restraint was the only thing that masked it. We’re just witnessing the complete removal of all restraint on women. When society eventually dissolves, we’ll witness what it looks like when restraints are removed on men.
          I don’t want to be around to see that world and neither do you.
          But we probably will. Heaven help us.

      2. Feminism was never about equality. From Seneca Falls on, the purpose was to remove restraint, consequences and obligations on female behavior. It was a woman’s innate selfishness on parade. It’s always been about selfishness.

  11. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”
    That ad slogan is mostly true with the exception of the genital herpes you contract from the average bio-hazard waste dump females there.

    1. These nasty cum guzzling gutter sluts are a fucking disgrace..I feel sorry for the fucking loser who’s actually going to marry these whores unbeknownst of their wicked and disgusting pasts..I don’t trust a fucking bitch as far as I can spit on her.

  12. This article bangs it square on the head. I’ve partied around the world and its nice seeing someone line out all the reasons why I hate Vegas more than just about anyplace on earth.
    You definitely make a good point about American dudes getting jacked because American women are such whores. In a lot of places in the US, going out having a hot woman in-tow or looking to meet one, getting into a full-on fight always has to be a concern. This is really only an issue because American women are permitted to behave like 3-year old’s on crank and run wild pawing at anything shiny.
    Between that and the open drink-scamming we’re all familiar with, I’d say the real fault is with American men for not giving women the metaphorical (or literal, as needed) cuff in the mouth when they act like idiots.

  13. I spent 23 hours there and hated every minute of it (Hoover Dam is rad though). That said, respect to those fuckers running the tourist board because they have completely figured out how to keep people impulsive and spending money. With a giant highway leading right to the strip, the town is made for quick entrances and quicker escapes from the cloud of shame on your tail. There is no quiet or not-visually-distracting place there, even in the hotels, so you can never have a moment of quiet reflection to think “maybe this is a bad idea.” It’s pure sensory overload to keep the wallets and vaginas loosened up. Too much for me.

  14. I was in Vegas relatively recently for a bachelor party, and the club scene was appalling to me. We had to get table service because of our groups size, and there isn’t much more beta than bottle service. I am married so I didn’t really care, and we did accomplish our objectives, but just flat out paying for prostitutes would have been cheaper and more honest.
    I did want to relay a story that perfectly embodies what you are talking about.
    I was watching this one table. Two guys, pulled back a group of six or seven girls. Mostly sevens, two 8s (9s if your tastes run that way). The girls spent 2 hours there liberally drinking their booze for which the two men got their PG touching on the 7s not the 8s, and the girls gave each other some PG-13 dancing and then the girls left. At this point, the two men pulled another group, three 6’s and two 5’s. Who again liberally consumed their booze. One of the guys looked like he was going to close with one of the six’s but then disaster struck. His friend got passout drunk and the bouncers kicked him out. And since men have honor, he was forced to abandon his potential conquest to get his friend back to the hotel. None, and I mean NONE, of the girls showed any concern for the guy. They continued to talk among themselves and dance and drink while the bouncers were doing their thing. When the two guys left they polished off their remaining booze free from having to even pretend to be interested and left, I don’t know what kind of deal the guys were getting, but list price on what they bought ran well over $5k, and neither got anything for their troubles.
    Back in my early 20s when I went to Vegas for my fun rather than other people’s fun I would day game at the pools is the best way to go. Set up 4-5 after dinner drinks at a lounge. Invariably 3-4 would flake, but my success rate moving from lounge drinks to light gambling to drinks up in the hotel room was pretty high 80% and was pretty cost effective assuming I didn’t lose too much at the craps table. I will say that I wasn’t ripped but I wasn’t fat or skinny so I had a decent look in a bathing suit.

  15. Nazis as they were storming across Europe never had any problems getting laid by very willing locals, power being the ultimate aphrodisiac.

    1. It wasn’t power in that case. The nazis stripped the land.bare, instituted hard slavery and killed, chased off most young men leaving behind starving desperate young women willing to trade pussy for food.

  16. You forgot to mention lots of forced fun at the techno pools. Unless you have rented the top suite with sub-bedrooms, have party substances handy you won’t laid there. It’s simple logistics not even lack of game. Even when both parties are willing something gets in the way: cockblocking friends, the long walk or cab ride from the casino to the hotel room which is usually shared. Vegas needs a pool party with rooms directly next to the pool. When you observe in Vegas, the most you see is some makeouts. It’s about all you have time and space for. The rampant sex part regarding anyone anywhere is a myth, at least a quality hookup is. Some of those Pool DJs do a fine mix though, but I would rather have 60’s-70’s Vegas instead of seeing these noisy woo-hoo girls in cheap TJ Maxx dresses stumble like slops. Not hot. No free drink for her. Oh, and I live here now. Condo investment, stayin in it. It’s okay, been taking the good and the bad in all my big cities.

    1. We’re here right now, off topic but we have a corvette stingray until tomorrow 5 pm, as a local, cn you recommend low policed scenic roads to take it out on to enjoy it?

  17. Basically the place were sluts pay for the privilege of being sluts. Great way of making money off of dumb females.

  18. Men age like wine, women age like milk
    I don’t see how this is different than any other city. Females, like everyone in society, will do anything to reach the top and for the beautiful ones, being a money extracting whore when she can is the best way to do it. Honestly, our hedonistic culture breeds narcissistic women from the time girls start elementary school and are taught “boys are dumb” and women are smart. The years of watching Marge Simpson/Lois Griffin/Any TV show couple will reinforce this sentiment until they reach adulthood, attend sexist post secondary institutions where they are successfully taught to play the victim card when needed but remain “independant”. We put too much stock into pussy these days.. IT IS A COMMODITY. And every great man spent his teens/twenties/even early thirties chasing his dreams/money/career rather than some cum dumpster that is essentially, disposable. Men age like wine, women age like milk ladies n gents, chase the cash, not the cunt..

      1. It’s obviously a general statement, and like any general rule, there are exceptions. OBVIOUSLY.

    1. Great point. After being a serial monogamist in my early 20s, I pumped my brakes very quickly. I’m 28 now. My career/destiny is more important than chasing pussy.

  19. Vegas for sure is crazy. The first time I went here’s what happened:
    I meet this black chick on the strip. She’s got a great form and is dressed like your everyday hooker, but she’s still black and thus not my type. Nevertheless, my friends ditch me while I’m talking to her in an effort to streamline the potential hookup (Which they think should make for a great story afterward. Of course they’re right.) I risk it and bring her back to the hotel, knowing full well she could be a hooker the whole time.
    Turns out she’s not a hooker. Just your average slut. We get back to the hotel and she starts sucking me off. Her long hair is in a ponytail and of course I like that shit to flow straight down. I try to remove the ponytail. Rookie mistake! I have no association with black culture. Have I ever even talked to a black girl my own age?
    I don’t think for a second that such long hair could possibly be fake. Doesn’t even cross my mind. I remove the black chick’s ponytail and in doing so, effectively remove 95 percent of her “hair.” Turns out I’ve got more natural hair than she does. Plus mine isn’t nappy. From head up, she looks like she could be Eddie Murphy’s great grandfather. Incredible boner killer and I can’t get hard after that.
    My friends time it and come back about half an hour later. We had plans to go to the strip club. The black chick asks if she can come. Sure, why not. She says she wants to be a stripper. We think maybe if we bring her, security can shave off some of the cover charge.
    They don’t. We end up paying full cover, even after bringing in a new recruit. The boys and I go in through the left, the black chick through the right. We don’t see her for another 2, maybe 3 hours.
    We run into each other near the entrance as my friends and I are leaving. “I got the job!” she exclaims. I lose my hat that night. But I’ve done what Obama’s been preaching since his first primaries: I’ve created jobs for Americans. It’s a good trip after all.
    Moral of the story: You never know who you will meet, and don’t you dare remove that ponytail.

  20. You’re spot-on with the bit about mate guarding. It’s worse here in the US than anywhere else I’ve been in the world. If you go out into any kind of social environment that doesn’t involve Pee Wee football or playing bingo with the Grim Reaper, you’re eventually going to run into problems with some asshole who is trying to protect his rotten gash, even if she’s on the other side of the room and you’ve never even seen her. A few reasons for this:
    1. Pussy is pedestalized and overpriced here.
    2. American women are whores. Men know this, but they think it’s the other man’s fault when she’s falling down drunk and flirting with every man who walks by.
    3. For as slutty as American women are, the American men of today are some of the most sexually deprived men in recent history when viewed as a collective group. Since women here spend the majority of their fertile years trolling for random cock, many men of admirable quality are simple excluded. Height, looks, money, status, and degeneracy are the order of the day. If a man fails to check off at least 2-3 of those boxes, he’s pretty much shit out of luck unless he digs in and learns how to manipulate women into overlooking his supposed flaws.
    This creates a scarcity mentality in which many men, upon finally securing regular access to some mediocre wildebeest’s pussy, guard it as if it were the gates of El Dorado.
    It’s the same behavior you’d see surrounding any commodity that is overpriced, overvalued, and whose distribution is incredibly lopsided.

      1. Of course. Sexual Communism in action. He feels an unregulated, unrestrained sexual market denies him his fair share of female companionship.

        1. Haha. Well as I wouldn’t want to go out with a fatty, I am sure women feel the same.
          This site is beginning to look like a cesspool of failed PUA’s being strung around by alphas who peddle their books.

        2. Michael XX.
          SMH. Women aren’t men, except with vaginas.
          Where women rank looks and what they consider fat in the opposite sex is not the same as where men rank looks and what we consider fat.
          Your comments are dumb.

        1. Think about it. Hypergamy for men? That would even mean LESS pussy for you. As all women, no matter the rank would seek out the highest ranking male they could get. Leaving all low ranking men with no women.

        2. No you think about it. Hypergamy for men means only the hottest chicks would be spreading there legs with ease for the common man. While the law ranking females would be without anyone.

        3. Why would a hot chick spread her legs for a common man? When she can share a high ranking man with other women?

        4. Nice try! The highest ranking male would simply not have the time (unless he is a male hooker).

      2. Hold your horses there, that’s exactly the problem. Women who are smoking hot, but act like entitled pains in the ass, total sluts, and burn through your paycheck in an afternoon are what we’re calling 9’s and 10’s. If I’m looking for a woman to keep around longer than a few appearances, being smoking hot is damn near a strike against her; if I’m in a city for work, I’ll take a couple 7’s or 8’s to rotate through while I’m there, that’s easy living. But these so-called 9’s and 10’s are like broke-down ferarri’s; they look really nice, but they’re expensive and you can’t do shit with them.

        1. And men who are considered high ranking are entitled assholes as well. They are made for each other.

        2. Dude. The most entitled fresh-outta law school trust-fund jerk-off is a distant second to the halfway-attractive “modern woman” throwing fit because some “creep” is looking at her micro-mini-skirt the wrong way.

      3. Again: a man’s value is determined by his resourcefulness, wit, intelligence and ability to provide. A woman’s value is based on her aesthetics and fertility. One is a depreciating value while another is appreciating. Also to mention, generally men age better so their aesthetic appeal increases as well, while women’s is devalued as she gets older. Overall, an average man had the capacity and ability to get with 8-10’s.

        1. Now you see your wrong, when I had acne no matter how much game I had, no 9s would ever look at me. Looks matter more than you would like to admit, so does dick size, height, muscle mass, androgenic face indicators. An 8 in looks ( men) with game has more of a chance than a 6 in looks( men). Now that more and more top tier MEN are learning game and becoming aware you wont see Roosh’s and Krauser’s slaying pussy. These guys worked their butts of, as I did, and as you did. Sadly, bitches only want up, no downs. Think about this before replying, I didnt right some bullshit, hope you dont either. Best of regards.

      4. They already do, if those “mediocre guys” have the skrilla to make up the difference.

    1. “It’s the same behavior you’d see surrounding any commodity that is overpriced, overvalued, and whose distribution is incredibly lopsided.”
      This is why I love economics. Its laws are applicable to literally everything in life we can touch.

    2. To be fair, it also happens in Europe, though presumably much less often. When I was in my early teens I was once threatened and forced to leave a playground because a guy – much older, taller and stronger than myself – was trying to ‘protect’ his girlfriend, a former classmate of mine. He said that if I came close to her, he’d break my head and his cronies (who were also much younger than him and about my age) would help him. I hadn’t even seen her up to that point, but this guy was going on as if I wanted to steal her.
      I saw the guy last year, and I laughed my ass off. I didn’t realise it when I was in my early teens, but this guy is pathetic. He was taller than me at that time, but now I’m a lot taller and bigger than he is. He’s about as tall as a woman, and he has red hair. He must be approaching thirty now, and still he’s riding around on a bicycle, wearing ‘gangsta’ clothes and hanging around with kids in their early teens. I said “hi” to him, and he quickly walked away.

    3. “the American men of today are some of the most sexually deprived men in recent history when viewed as a collective Group.”
      It isn´t because it is your case that it is everyone else´s case.

    4. These selfish and disgusting cunts are gonna fuckin pay sooner or later. Whether its now..A few more years in the future(The wall), or when they’re swimming in the lake of fire in the bowels of Hell!! Or they’re gonna pay..Don’t even fuckin worry about these Cockroaches.

  21. This is a trick I figured out while in Vegas. When more than one girl asks you to buy drinks for them buy half as many shots as there are girls and tell them you are interested to find out which of them wants the drink the most. If they say that they can buy their own drink just say that a girl buying her own drink in Vegas is like a girl buying herself flowers on Valentine’s Day.
    This is an easy way to break up the herd and have the girls competing for you instead of the other way around. Classic way to beat the “will you buy us some drinks” line.

      1. Then I’ll factor in whore appeasement into the budget if I ever go. But chances are that sneaking in my own supply of orange juice will have a higher priority.

  22. Another superb article, Troy. Very true on all accounts.
    I’d condense all these observations into one: American women are all whores and sluts. Vegas is the stinking pinnacle of pyramid (or pit) of sluthood/whoredom shit in the west today.
    The biggest stink of all this? Some fucking beta will marry up these hoes and sluts some day, even if these bitches went to Vegas to get their honorary badges and professional certificates of sluthood and whoredom from the most celebrated whoredom and sluthood university of them all, Vegas.
    Avoid American women like the plague, when it comes to commitment. They’re just sex practice, so pump and dump them forever. Choose anal, vaginal, titty fucking or what not, the typical western woman will do it all for you like a skilled broad.
    Move abroad, period, when you decide to become a father someday. Get some foreign woman, but bachelorhood is infinitely better than marrying an Ameriskank. Americunts are all the brides and bitches of Satan. You can’t help but loathe western women seriously. What a fucking cesspool of shit. And we talk of American women as role models to the women of the world? LMAO! Since when did degenerate animals become role models for women? Even Satan must be crying in laughter at that fucking hypocrisy. The world doesn’t need a better advertisment of Western culture and women then just a picture of an average Vegas club. Says it all.

    1. wow. who crapped in your coffee? american women are ALL whores and sluts. men are ALL assholes. see how that works?

      1. no, actually american men are either assholes and get laid either nice men and get to pay without getting laid

        1. How can they be my real enemy if I am one of them?
          note : asshole is for me a compliment when it comes from nice guys and hateful chicks, since it generally doesn’t mean actual asshole.

        2. It’s not my wording.
          It’s just we say women are weak and follow with their base instincts. Then we as men must act appropriately to not bring out those behaviors.
          But it cannot come from just beta men, it needs to come from red pill as well. I.e. when a little kid who goes to one parent and they say ‘no’ then they go to the other parent and they say ‘yes’.

    2. because every single human being in the world crave for freedom, and american sluts is the impersonation of freedom. hell, they don’t even need to suffer for the consequences of their behavior. there are always beta losers, who will marry them. That’s why we need every man to know about the manosphere, to take the red pill and to grow in wisdom.
      If the post-wall women have to face a shortage of men (and cats) maybe the world would become a better place.

    3. It’s funny you said that about western women. There are 2 pages on facebook that give advice, sometimes good. Here are their names. What the evolved woman wants. The other is one is called The problem with women, is men.

  23. I would only be interested in going to Vegas if I….
    – Was famous
    – Had club connections
    If you’re a normal guy you’re fucked. You’re dead in the water. My buddies went during memorial day weekend and I’m glad I didn’t. They all dropped $2 – 3,000 a piece with no new notches to show for it.

  24. I enjoyed the post Troy. Having been to Vegas for work & leisure I can’t disagree with the analysis at all. (Although, I would call the modern hip-hop lyrical poet more akin to an ass passing a fart through a bassoon than Socrates waxing romantic, but I digress..)
    The conclusion is what I fundamentally disagree with:
    “Realize that Vegas is a place where the very worst excesses of Western culture are magnified and celebrated, and that knowing this you can benefit and relax…..Western culture may be in flames around us, but we might as well enjoy the party.”
    I don’t want Western culture to embody excess & immorality. But you’re right, it is happening. I don’t want to hang it all up and enjoy the decline. But the decline is happening in real time and if you own a TV or take a day trip to Vegas or SoCal or NYC or London…it is in your face.
    Meanwhile, the cultures and countries that want to see the US/UK as well as the rest of Western Civilization implode are sharpening their blades. Literally. The ISIS savage head-cutters are teaching their 5yr olds how to field strip and fire AK’s. The Chinese are buying up American debt to drop the hammer when we no longer have any credit to our names. America is teaching its kids to embrace green energy. America is teaching its teenage girls to exalt themselves and their vanity above all else. American boys are told to be passive, understand they are the enemy and submit. The UK is teaching its children to embrace and accept multiculturalism. Which side has the edge in battle?
    Who are we going to blame when (not “if” anymore) it all comes crashing down? The women?! They were never in charge. We as western men let them dictate the narrative. We as western men allowed our culture to become feminized. We failed the generations of free-thinking, freedom loving, rational Western men that went before us and enabled us to live and thrive in a part of the world dictated by reason and independence instead of religious fanaticism and tyranny.
    When you sow the wind, prepare to reap the whirl-wind. The decadent decline may be fun in a hedonistic sense, but the decline will eventually reach the bottom. And that is a pit I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Collectively it will take rational western men to save decadent western culture from itself. The only question is: will we? And if so, when?

    1. By “we” you mean of course Western man dating back to our great great grandfathers day (perhaps further)? I have more sympathy for men of my generation and even the X Gen, because the process had already been completed in their youth. The last 40-50 years we’ve simply been witness to the inevitable course of decline that continues to this day.
      The question remains, given human nature and the decayed state of our civilization, how on earth does one stop this runaway train? Even if enough men desired it, how, with our “democratic” systems, may the necessary changes be implemented? Has this snowball simply gathered too much speed and girth to be stopped before it reaches hell?
      Was George Jones right? Are the good times really over for good?

      1. I say “we” in the sense of the current generation of Western “red-pill men”. The ones discussing these serious topics in forums such as this and others elsewhere. For those of us that get what’s going on and have a comprehensive understanding of human history, the writing is on the wall. I don’t think we have to go back as far as our great grandfather’s generation for inspiration. A good number of us had grandfather’s fight in WWII, some had fathers fight in Korea & Vietnam. Despite one’s stance on each war, ostensibly they all fought to destroy or at the very least stave off enemies to Western civilization: Socialism, communism, (in other words, despotism).
        I look at our current sad state of affairs as a product of Western culture from circa 1960 to the present. So what took nearly 150yrs to build has been slowly dismantled over the last 50yrs. Can the ship be turned around or are the good times really over?
        Ask any alcoholic how he eventually got sober. He had to want to put down the bottle. All the interventions and meetings and sponsors didn’t mean a damn thing…until he made the conscious decision to detox.
        The West has many toxins in its system –> opulence, decadence, rampant liberalism, unchecked social media, a laughing stock for leadership, a broken educational system & an aging population (to name but a few). As such it will take that rational part of the west, the self-aware men, to force itself to put down the bottle and let the detox happen. No one else is coming to save the day. If we continue on this path we will waste away as the world slips into a chaos that may last generations to come.
        When something like this starts happening in America, this may very well be the “Game Over” screen:
        7,032 Muhammad’s ………and 6,893 Harry’s……..

  25. I love the part about you asking her if she is buying you a drink. One of the funniest things to witness in Vegas, or anywhere in America for that matter are girls who are maybe a 5-6 on a good day, prancing around like they are 10’s expecting guys to buy them drinks. There may be heavy disagreement with this, but I think many of these girls go home and do not hook up with anybody. I think they are so self involved and wrapped up with their own ego that they ruin their chances with men. Telltale sign a woman has ruined it for herself is when she announces to her friend, “This place is lame”. Translation: No men are talking to me, spending money on me, or wish to tolerate my atrocious attitude.
    Women do not realize that men work off a scoring system. When a woman is first noticed by a man, before she speaks or does much, we score first on looks. Next, we see how the conversation/flirtation goes. I’ve seen numerous times where a “9” on the looks scale drops to a 4 because of either poor social skills or vapidness. On the flip side, I’ve seen 6-7’s become 9’s because of their ability to hold an interesting conversation as well as be able to flirt. Many of the modern vapid women of the Western World have lost that ability where women overseas, such as Eastern European women, are strong in that art. It makes a big difference.

  26. The quickest way to categorize a girl as a booty call, fuck buddy, FWB or GF material is to ask her where she’s traveled. And Vegas rules her out as anything higher than a fuck buddy.

  27. Nice article! really gets to the point of this place. I live in Los Angeles and never get the itch to visit this place.
    Vegas gives these women a reason (excuse) to act foolish and whorish.When i suded to have conversations with certain women and they would tell me they’re going to vegas they get overly excited and their eyes light up. At the very beginning I didn’t understand–I would ask myself “why would anyone want to go throw their money away in some desert and wait in line for hours just to get in a club with a bunch of other sardines”. But now I truly see what the goal of said women really is. Vegas is the place that allows them to throwaway any shred of morals or values they may have and not feel any guilt whatsoever.

    1. Check yourself mate. It’s about supply and demand. If men didn’t go to vegas, vegas girls wouldn’t be a priority.

      1. Well then, all we have to do is convince every single last man in the top 10% to forgo frequenting Vegas, and instead prefer a life in Marriage 2.0 or as a Trappist monk, to the decadence of Sodom-of-the-Southwest.
        Good luck with that.

        1. Why go from one extreme to the other?
          If we as men decided not to pay attention to that whorish behavior, women wouldn’t do it. Say for example you go to a club and all the girls are dressed like skanks, and you take home a girl who is dressed appropriately and not covered with makeup like a one cent prostitute. You’d be setting an example of what YOU want.
          I do this regularly when we go out, I ignore girls who are abrasive and loud and when they talk nice, I give them my attention. My attention is EARNED.
          We are fault just as much as they are.

        2. Women are being pumped and dumped in record numbers. And yet they still act like whores.
          Sorry but we are not at fault as much as they are.

        3. A club with appropriately dressed girls used to be called a dance. And people actually danced, not got drunk and grinded their bits into each other and then did coke and had oral sex in the bathroom. And you are going there to get laid! Why shouldn’t they? Magical unicorn land does not exist. You can’t have a club full of conservatively dressed virgins waiting to get plowed. It cannot logically exist. Just going to clubs is directly supporting the behavior you despise.

  28. It’s plain and simple, men just need to grow some standards and stop fukking these whores. Stop chasing them in nightclubs, stop dating them, stop allowing them to go to clubs. How many of those girls in clubs have boyfriends to begin with? Most of them, I’m sure.
    How is staying home and having a jerk or calling up a hooker that much worse than shelling out thousands of dollars to TRY to fuck a cheap, washed up, aging slut with more splooge in her mouth than a Tijuana call girl? For me I stopped caring, I’d rather jerk off if and when I get some urges, have a clear mind, play a game, relax in the comfort of my own home, than deal with these horrible ratchet sluts.

  29. LOL, American women are so sick, you have no clue how many women go around to vegas to whore out their pussies to make a couple grand and then go back to their hom town. Its not unusual for some girl to go to vegas for a week, charge $1000 a lay and fuck 5 men a day for 7 days and go home with a sprash full of $35,000 in cash.

  30. I remember Old Vegas of the Elvis era: A bit seedy and a place that appealed to “Adults” in the old sense as it was back then: Cheap buffets, cheesy gambling, cheap hotels (easy to get a decent comped room if you just did a little gambling), and a variety of inexpensive show options including showgirls, magicians, and has-been or mid-range magicians.
    About a little over a decade ago, Vegas decided to do a makeover with a new catchy slogan and it appears more to be like the high end club scene in Los Angeles or NYC combined with a Cancun style resort vibe. The casinos are still smokey though but at least the poker rooms are smoke free. In some ways, it’s similar to the modernization of the states.
    I personally would love to go to see O and perhaps some of the old shows that remain but for me, that Vegas is largely gone with the old working class sections now collapsed due to the real estate bubble blowing and it’s sort of sad. But there’s still some of the old vibe there.
    OK reminiscing and here goes some advice: Get away from the strip and you can still find inexpensive hotels, bars, restaurants, and fun adult people around.

  31. “where we see clearly that the “good” girls are really just bad girls in disguise.”
    If only some people could see that outside of Las Vegas!

  32. I set up a residence at the MGM/Signature on the strip so as to avoid the California state income tax. I spend a fair amount of time in Las Vegas. What started out as nothing more than a tax dodge actually became an enjoyable way of life for me.
    A few thoughts regarding Las Vegas and Red Pill philosophy:
    Nothing will cure you of ONEitus faster than spending an extended period of time in Vegas. Most of the women in my condo complex stay for no more than a few days. Forming long-term commitments is virtually impossible and once you see the revolving door of attractive females passing through the various strip properties, it’ll eliminate any of your lingering “scarcity mentality” tendencies in short order. Attractive locals are always available if you want an LTR but the salient point is that you’ll never have a shortage of options here. It boosts confidence.
    Perhaps like me, you’ve been reading Red Pill philosophy for a few months and are tempted to think, “Wow, are all women really *that* opportunistic, disloyal, promiscuous, etc?” Living in Las Vegas will quickly dispel any doubts you may have about RP’s characterization of women. The behavior the author describes is this article is frighteningly accurate. Something about the Las Vegas environment causes women of all ages to abandon civility and decorum and expose their true hypergamous selves for the whole world to see. It’s really important for men (especially young men) to see with their own eyes what women truly are, beneath that sickening pretense of “empowerment” and “independence.”
    Living on the strip also provides you with some great real-life examples of what it truly means for a woman to “hit the wall.” The whole process of hitting the wall happens so much faster in Las Vegas than in any other city I’ve seen (LA might be a distant second place). To use Red Pill terminology, a woman’s Market Value drops so precipitously and so violently here that often times she doesn’t even know what hit her. Walk by the entrance of Harrah’s or the walkway to Caesar’s Forum Shops. Look at the aging women dressed up like showgirls. If you give them a $2 tip, you can get your picture taken with one of them. That’s the only way they can make a living now. Just a few years prior, some of these girls were making serious $$$ as “atmosphere models,” highly paid escorts, hosts at the cities finest clubs, etc. But now? Let’s just say when the wall hits, it hits hard. And if you live here long enough, you’ll be able to see first hand the downward trajectory in a specific women’s market value as they transition from their mid-twenties to early thirties. It’s fascinating.
    tl;dr : Having a residence on the strip has been a real learning experience for me. It brings Red Pill concepts to life.

    1. I intend to do the same next year. I will live in CityCenter full-time, and keep a decent pad there.
      Questions :
      1) What basic advice would you give to someone who wants to practice Game in Las Vegas 30-40 hours/week? One of the reasons I am moving there is to practice so much Game as to become a master… Or is burnout likely due to sensory overload?
      2) I want to avoid smoking places if possible, and prefer bars over clubs that have $40 cover charges. Are there enough options for non-smoking Game (non-smoking places will have hotter women anyway)?
      3) What else?

      1. Hey, welcome to the neighborhood. You’re going to enjoy CityCenter. Here are a couple of replies to your questions:
        Wow, at 30-40 hours/week you most certainly *will* become a game master. There are no shortage of attractive women on the Las Vegas strip. Since most of them are here for only a few days at a time, even if your approach attempts fail in spectacular fashion, chances are you’ll never see that woman again. This lessens the “ego risk” (for insecure types like me) in any given encounter and is a bit of a confidence booster.
        I personally don’t see burnout as a concern. 30-40 hours is a lot of time to be putting into this endeavor but when/if you find it tedious, you can always pull back and engage in other activities. The only real risk to living on the strip is if you have addictive tendencies when it comes to gambling and/or drinking. If you feel that’s an issue, you’d obviously have to proceed with caution.
        Sensory overload *could* be an issue and that’s why it’s important to spend some time off-strip. The strip is so different than the rest of the world — even different than the rest of Las Vegas. Spend some time at Town Square, go to a shooting range, drive up in the mountains, etc. and get a change of scenery once in a while.
        Smoking… I’m totally with you on this. I’ve never smoked and want to spend as little time around smokers as possible so this was an initial concern of mine. Turns out I was worried about nothing. The strip casinos ban smoking across most of the gaming floor and in ALL of the restaurants. There are a few designated areas on the casino floor where smoking is allowed and in the modern hotels, the filtration systems are so good you won’t even notice. Some of the old hotels like Harrahs are still problematic in so far as there are tons of wheelchair bound smokers playing the slots but I’m guessing you won’t be spending much time there in any case.
        As far as “preferring bars over clubs that have $40 cover charges” goes… My only concern here is that some of the bars, and by law only the bars that do NOT serve food, will allow smoking. You’ll need to be selective here. Also, if you’re a local, I wouldn’t worry too much about cover charges. Assuming you’re a nice guy and the owners and employees get to know you as a local/regular, you’ll have to deal a lot less with lines and cover charges, etc. — particularly if you’re going mid-week.
        Best of luck to you, buddy. You’re going to have a blast in Vegas!

    2. chad_decker,
      Would you be able to write more about living on the LV Strip? I am thinking of doing the same next year (living there full time).
      Is it feasible to greatly improve one’s Game given the huge volume of daily practice that is possible?
      What other tips?

  33. Hookup culture in general has killed dating.
    No * decent looking girl I meet wants to date anymore.
    It’s all about who you meet at the bar/lounge/club and how fucked up they are if you want to get laid.
    It’s becoming damn near impossible to weed out the whores. Even the most seemingly innocent ones are most likely closeted sluts who just want to attention whore.

  34. Spent three nights in Vegas. Got a handjob from a hot college chick from Chicago, and my mate and I double teamed a hot but obviously slutty girl from California we met by the pool at Wet Republic. We exchanged a cracking high five and gave her a double facial! No complaints from me!

  35. Ah the Brits, invaders of all, then slowly got kicked out of all of them. Maybe the US shouldn’t have intervened, and the this article would be in German.

  36. I’m a local that’s the difference. I get laid without spending very much. Local women that live there are actually very cool and willing with nice guys…u just need to live there and get to know vegas. This article is about the other side of Vegas, which is rarely do, unless I wanna just blast off and dance all night:)

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