The Eternal Recurrence Of Internet Outrage

Conflagrations of internet outrage all seem to follow a predictable pattern.  A recent flare-up of outrage over a Twitter joke by comedian Stephen Colbert is just the latest manifestation of the endless cycle of imaginary outrage that has become permanent feature of the internet.  In brief, a relatively humorless tweet supposedly making fun of Asians was released from the comedian’s The Colbert Report Twitter feed.  The tweet was noticed by a 23 year old female “freelance writer” and “activist” of Korean-American ancestry, who promptly decided to declare a crusade against alleged anti-Asian racism.  A profile of Ms. Park has described her personal struggles:

Park had her own struggles — primarily an eating disorder that she said lasted nine years. It was not until she started attending the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign that she got into activism.  She and her friends called out the administration for not cracking down on the use of an Indian chief mascot that had been retired by the school, but still lived on unofficially at sporting events.

Ms. Park appeared on HuffPost Live for an interview, where she came across as a neurotic, frustrated whiner.  The interview was notable for this final exchange between her and host Josh Zepps:

Park:  I feel like it’s incredibly patronizing for you to paint these questions this way, especially as a white man.  I don’t expect you to be able to understand what people of color are actually saying with regards to #CancelColbert.

Epps:  Being a white man doesn’t prevent me from being able to think.  It doesn’t prevent me from being able to have reasoned perspective on things.

Park:  White men definitely feel like they’re entitled to talk over me.  They definitely feel like they’re entitled to minimalize [sic] my experiences, and they definitely feel like they are somehow exempt and so logical compared to women, who are painted as emotional, right?

Zepps:  No one’s “minimalizing” your right to have an opinion.  It’s just a stupid opinion.

Park’s “#Cancel Colbert” crusade was picked up by veteran screamer Michelle Malkin, a conservative pundit who thrives on the type of baiting, bashing, and attention-seeking that, in primitive times, were primarily reserved for star witnesses before the medieval Inquisition or jury trials for witchcraft.  And so the latest firestorm of internet outrage was born.  The three stages are by now relatively clear:

Stage 1:  A random comment or event is injected somewhere into cyberspace.

Stage 2:  A marginalized, neurotic person notices it, and seizes upon it to feed their attention-seeking impulses or repressed desires.  Social media is used to generate a frenzy.  Statements are cherry-picked for maximum impact, or simply invented.  The person has a typical “accuser” or “informer” mentality.  He or she is animated by hatreds and inner neuroses, but revels in the attention gained by simply making accusations.  This is the type of person who would normally become an informer if he or she were living under an authoritarian system.

Stage 3:  Other parties and media outlets join in the frenzy, more out of boredom and curiosity than anything else.  Fake, insincere discussions about race, gender, sexism, racism, feminism, or any other politically correct topic ensue, and eventually fizzle out, with nothing meaningful having been accomplished.


Fake outrage in action:  an accuser emotes about the unfairness of the world

Such is the predictable pattern of internet outrage conflagrations.  And the predictable result is the resounding nothingness that remains at the bottom of the pot, after all the water has boiled away.  They are tempests of nothingness, they are firestorms of vacuity.

One is reminded of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s doctrine of the “eternal recurrence.”  According to Nietzsche, all of the events in this world were doomed to be happen over and over, in an endless and horrible cycle of repeated manifestation.  The idea is an old one, appearing in Hindu philosophy as well as the doctrines of the Stoics and Epicureans; and Nietzsche himself probably took it from Heinrich Heine.  The doctrine is not so incredible as it seems:  if the universe has an infinite lifespan, and there is a finite amount of matter with a finite number of combinations, then it would seem to follow that the same events could unfold again and again.


Nietzsche confronts the horror of the Eternal Recurrence

Yet we can imagine poor Nietzsche nearly going insane while thinking of the nightmarish implications of his “eternal recurrence” doctrine.  And this was in the 1890s, far before the internet age!  One wonders how quickly our modern electronic madness would have shattered his fragile nerves.  The Roman poet Virgil, who was viewed as something of a prophet in the Middle Ages,  echoed the same idea of eternal recurrence in his fourth Eclogue:

Now is come the last age of Cumaean song; the great line of the centuries
Begins anew.  Now the Virgin returns, the reign of Saturn returns; now a new
Generation of descends from heaven on high…Yet will a few traces of old-time
Sin live on, to bid men tempt the sea in ships, girdle towns with walls; and cleave
The Earth with furrows.  A second Typhys will then arise, and a second Argo to carry
Chosen heroes; a second war will be fought, and great Achilles be sent again to Troy.

Amid all the fake outrage, no one noticed a bit of contemporary news that would be far more deserving of Ms. Park’s and Ms. Malkin’s outrage.  The city of Detroit just announced that it would cut off the water utility service of Detroit residents who were delinquent on their water bills.  And how many are in arrears?  About one-half of the city residents—over 140,000 people—are behind on their water bills.  If over half the residents of a metropolitan area are unwilling to pay for water, it speaks volumes about the decay of the infrastructure in that city.  I would guess that many other American cities have a similar situation, as they continue their downward spiral into poverty, debasement, and barbarism.  Where is the outrage over this?  There is nothing, not even a whisper.  The barbarians are not at the frontiers:  they are already inside the gates, and are multiplying from within, with the fertility of the simple-minded.

One is reminded of the civilizational collapse in Western Europe in fourth and fifth centuries A.D., as Rome’s aqueducts and water system in Italy and Gaul slowly silted in and became unusable, as poverty, ignorance, and barbarian presence combined to throw the water system into disuse.  The marshes near Rome ceased to be drained, as they had been under the Caesars; and slowly they arose again, and became breeding grounds for pestilence and malaria.  From a population of over one million, Rome’s population in the Middle Ages shrunk to under 50,000.  It was the triumph of poverty and barbarism.  But, of course, it would be asking too much for someone like Ms. Park to think in these terms.  For she is one of the barbarians.  She is part of that historical ferment of decomposition of societies.


I wonder if Ms. Park is as angry about Detroit’s collapse as she is about internet ethnic jokes

For her and Malkin, being an accuser is an end in itself.  Accusing stokes the inner fires of repressed feminine libido, brings inner rapture, and satisfies that related feminine lust for power and attention.  The proliferation of informers and accusers is also a symptom of decomposition among nations.  The rise in the power of accusers and informers proceeds alongside the stifling power of political correctness, and the strangling of independent thought.  Tacitus says, in Annals IV.7:

It was indeed the most deadly blight of the age that prominent senators practiced even the bases forms of accusation, some with openness, and many in private.  Nor could any distinction be traced between outsider and relative, between friend and stranger, between the events of the present and those of the past.  Both in the Forum and in private homes, to speak of any subject was to be accused.  For every man was rushing to be the first in the field and to mark out his victim, sometimes in self-defense, but usually through infection of what seemed a contagious disease.

Fake outrage and false accusations are now the favored tools of those who take delight in sacrificing the public good to their own private passions.  The unrestrained exercise of these passions—which the media age enables—multiplies the bacteria of societal decay.  It continues with a sure and steady velocity.

Perhaps, in millennia or aeons hence, when the next momentous recurrence of our civilization rolls around as Nietzsche and Virgil cyclically predicted, we will do better.

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123 thoughts on “The Eternal Recurrence Of Internet Outrage”

  1. I’m so glad people like this are bringing attention and focus to such important issues as off color jokes, women’s body image, etc… while the country crumbles and burns. Keeping those priorities straight as always ladies!

    1. Exactly.
      It must be nice to live a life were one’s greatest obstacle to overcome is some characters displayed on an internet media account.

  2. What gets my goat are that the people who stand wide eyed looking at the pointed finger and hearing the snarled “J’accuse!” and then apologize and grovel.
    What’s interesting are the few that do not. The “outrage” disappears almost in a blink, looking for a better target to shame. Jerry Seinfeld handled it perfectly when some shrill slags started screaming about his comedy tour thing being basically all male. Said something to the effect of “I want it to be funny, where is it written that it has to resemble a cross section of the nation”, and then simply moved on with life. The “outrage” industry couldn’t move away from the topic fast enough.
    But usually they get some simp with a vestigial sense of humor, wait for one wrong word, then come down hard with the shaming and “outrage”. And the simp apologizes, which causes even more coverage, which re-generates the outrage, and usually ends up with the target begging for mercy and making idiotic “changes” to appease these bastards.
    Any famous folks reading this, take note. If you say something wrong (aka funny) do not respond to the Outrage Industry with anything other than a laugh and a middle finger. You’ll generate instant respect out here in the real world.

    1. I’ve heard this point made in other places as well. Another red-pill truth too, if there ever was one.
      It has relevance to the average person in every day life, as well.

  3. Park: I feel like it’s incredibly patronizing for you to paint these questions this way, especially as a white man. I don’t expect you to be able to understand what people of color are actually saying with regards to #CancelColbert.
    Epps: Being a white man doesn’t prevent me from being able to think. It doesn’t prevent me from being able to have reasoned perspective on things.
    Park: White men definitely feel like they’re entitled to talk over me. They definitely feel like they’re entitled to minimalize [sic] my experiences, and they definitely feel like they are somehow exempt and so logical compared to women, who are painted as emotional, right?
    Zepps: No one’s “minimalizing” your right to have an opinion. It’s just a stupid opinion.

    Notice also in that exchange her persistence usage of ‘feel’, rather than ‘think’. Which makes her comment of “they are somehow exempt and so logical compared to women, who are painted as emotional” an amazing display of a lack of self awareness, given her entire argument was based on being emotional.

    1. “….so logical compared to women, who are painted as emotional, right?”
      She denies a commonly accepted and well-found understanding about men & women. Not surprising, but just reaffirms her lack of wisdom.
      Anyone who doesn’t understand such fundamental things as the differences between men & women does not deserve a great deal of time & attention as they have indicated they do not have a level of understanding required for intelligent conversation or debate.

      1. Meh, it’s not really a lack of wisdom, just cherry-picking the facts like most women do.
        The same chick would be talking for hours about how “women are better at multitasking than men and you need to accept that fact”. I’ve seen this more than I can count.
        Without getting all “white male” here I also see this trend in “blacks are better runners” is OK but “blacks can’t swim” is outragebait, for the same person.

    2. I was THINKING the same thing Cylux. Females are all about feelings, not thoughts. No amount of legislation is going to change that. Ironically, she only reaffirmed what us so-called “misogynists” know to be true.

    3. What right does park have to tell white men what they feel? The arrogance is staggering.

        1. I love the fact that there are two simultaneous articles from ROK both talking about Asian women.One focusing on their relative desirability in relation to feminist-ruined White -American women and the other IS about the Feminist ruined Asian-American woman.
          Qunitus’ article serves a cautionary for Sam.G’s

    4. Agreed. One of the ways humans differ from brute animals is that humans can think, whereas both can feel.

    5. She has it 180 degrees backwards. Her opinion is not being minimized, it’s being elevated and actually given greater audience across vast swaths of the internet…by white men, in the case above.

  4. I’m liking the quotes of the ancients. You are shaming me into reading them more. Thanks.

      1. I’ve cut down on reading those things which are pure entertainment, and more often read those things which promote self-improvement.
        One has to decide where their priorities are, and whether they want to move forward or remain in one place.
        Lots of knowledge out there. Just have take advantage of it.

        1. Good plan, however, never neglect the canonical fiction and humor writers if you can avoid it. Mark Twain never fails to bust a gut, and reading Tennyson going on about futile suicidal charges can be quite an inspiration on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

  5. Shades of Wycked from you today, Quintus.
    History is indeed cyclical, but what makes things so much more dire today is that modern technology, as I said in my blog, allows utter, utter stupidity to be propagated on an infinite scale without any consequence. This is unprecedented in history. How it can be dealt with remains a mystery to me, but I find myself thinking at least once a day that I wish social media had never been invented.

    1. Looked at in that way, hacking can actually be a truly revolutionary act. For example, taking down Twitter and FB for a week and watch the vast majority of < 60 year old women go into DT’s.

      1. one must affirm whatever travails one encounters – one’s loneliest of lonelinesses.. The implications, including the moral implications are difficult to say the least. One has to be something like Job, but more upbeat

      2. Nietzsche’s “eternal recurrence” was an exhortation to live one’s life as if one was fated to repeat it forever. It is only disturbing if one has lived their life without realizing or fully mastering their potential. Unfortunately, that state is exactly the one that most individuals find themselves.

  6. Watching progressives destroy other progressives who aren’t progressive enough is entertatining

    1. The Left has a long history of doing that. After they eliminate or imprison all conservatives, they start going after each other. Happened so many times in the 20th century that it’s hard to keep count. The eternal outrage: no matter how far left you go, there is always a further, more ridiculous extreme to retreat to. You then accuse the other leftists in your tribe of not adhering to your new discovery, and bam, off to prison for them. Repeat until your society is totally ruined and adopting right-wing ideals is the only thing that offers any hope for the future.

      1. After they eliminate or imprison all conservatives, they start going after each other.
        Case in point: Trotsky getting his skull split open courtesy of Stalin.

      2. Bill White noted this some years ago. Ideology and political discourse in Western societies has been pushed so far to the left that today even so-called Right Wing parties and groups espouse views that were left-wing decades ago. The purge of dissent moves ever leftwards.
        Which is why I suggest the next time some leftoid or milquetoast conservative quotes that piece of shit Martin Niemoller and his crap poem — “First they came for the Communists..” in yet another banal attack on Nazis* or anyone deemed Nazi-esque that they get shouted down with maximum mockery.
        *The boogeymen have been long gone for 69 years. There’s no dead horse to whip anymore.

    2. Colbert was basically a white minstrel who earned his bread by making fun of his people for the people in power.
      Also the non whites are not “leftists” or “progressives” they are simple ethno nationalists (tribalists) who work for their ethnic interests at the expense of whites, a leftist or progressive by definition has to be a treasonous white who shits on his people to status whore and whom I hate more than the invaders

      1. delicious. Together rad fem transphobia and white feminists getting shamed by intersectionality really ought to be enough to bring the whole movement crashing down

      2. Racism can tear them apart the quickest and most brutally.
        Feminism was thought up, made for and implemented by bored/ugly mid-upper class white women and everybody deep down knows this.
        It’s just boiling beneath the surface ready to explode.
        You really think that Maria gives a fuck about the glass ceiling when she’s cleaning toilets while Madison is sitting in some ritzy office doing make work while browsing social media on the newest most expensive smartphone.
        Minority women only believe in feminism because of the same reason that hardcore trad cons believe in policies that only are beneficial for robber barons, in that they are only temporarily embarrassed and one day it will be their turn to live the good life.
        The Achilles Heel of the white feminists is that they hold themselves up as the paragon of social justice so they can’t be racist. So when you point out and show in concrete ways of their extreme racism, the hamster has a meltdown.

  7. Note how HuffPo circled the wagons to protect a favored media shill. Stephen Colbert is one of the lefty media’s darlings. A huge proportion of liberals think he’s an accurate portrayal of conservatives. He’s too valuable to give up just because some girl got offended.
    Now imagine if that same tweet had come from, say, Adam Carolla or Dennis Miller. HuffPo wouldn’t be calling the Korean attention whore an idiot, they’d be supporting her in her important quest to root out right-wing racism.
    Some outrage is more equal than others.

    1. And it appears like that was Malkin’s angle in this whole bit. I don’t think she and Park are approaching this from the same position at all. Malkin’s just trolling the the selective hearing and application of persecution of the social justice warrior machine, who have repeatedly shown that those who are properly aligned can get a pass for things that those who don’t tow the line, will not.

  8. 1) The world’s reserve currency is over-leveraged and being abandoned
    2) Russia invaded Crimea, might go further
    3) Iran has the bomb
    4) Afghanistan is no better than before
    5) Iraq is no better than before
    6) Obamacare is a disaster even before it’s a disaster
    7) The U.S. economy is heading towards a second big recession
    8) China might lead us or follow us into that same recession (not good at all)
    9) This administration is spying and covering it up more than any in history, after promising to be the most transparent ever.
    And manufactured outrage about one comment made by one TV comedian is what news outlets spend their time on?
    The developed world is f-ing lost man, and there’s no getting it back without extreme pain.

    1. Iraq is actually worse than before. It went from just a hell hole to a total violent shit hole.

    2. 1) Thank goodness. Standardizing on a government controlled fiat currency as a reserve, is beyond belief even for the gullibles charged with making such decisions these days.
      2)Good (or bad) for them. Irrelevant for me and you. And certainly no business of US governments nor taxpayers.
      3)So does Obamastan.
      4)When you’re the best governed country in the world, why change?
      5)OK. Chance are, neither is Burundi. Unless neither place was unusually great before, it probably still sucks to live there.
      6)It’s a construct of government. So yes, it’s a disaster; just like the rest of them.
      7)Back the debt added each year out of GDP growth numbers, and the US has experienced little more than a long, ongoing recession for decades.
      8)Bad for them, along with those who have arranged their lives and countries in such a way, that the fate of a bunch of Chinese guys have an inordinate effect on their own lives.
      9)Technology has made spying on people simpler and cheaper. Ergo, more spying is getting done. No government ever did anything they promised. No government was ever even remotely transparent.
      A positive side effect of 4), is that TV comedians aren’t taken very seriously there. Being less indoctrinated, people instead focus on more important things. Like shelling those who claim to “speak for the people” an be the government.
      And yes, the developed world is f’d. Which is why the darned Afghans are taking over. Which will lead to the developed world being less f’d. That’s a good thing. We should cheer them on. At least until someone better comes along, with a realistic shot at outdoing them where it matters.

      1. Oh, I was taking no stance on these issues. I was just mentioning how “news” is really “newsertainment”

    3. Russia did not invade Crimea. That bullshit was pushed by the cathedral. Russias military base is allowed 25000 in the area and has been for decades. They had 16000 at the time the EU shills and the US Gov lied and told us all there was an “invasion”. Besides that there’s no such things as “invade” when the majority actually want you there.

      1. Use whatever terms you wish to describe what happened there. Since it seems almost no shots were fired, I find little to complain about. It’s still news.

        1. The real news was that US diplomats had been recorded backing the coup d’état leaders. US news censors the fact the coup against the elected government was to indebt the Ukraine and flood it with 3rdworlders.

        2. I have no doubt that MSM lies to me whenever I listen. The subject is still more newsworthy than anything Stephen Colbert said.

  9. This just further illustrates how sheltered Westerners are. No perspective on the scale of problems whatsoever. I respect activists that take on real issues. I’m an anti-obesity activist myself.

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out what the right stance to take in life has been my whole life. I only recently discovered The Red Pill and holy fucking shit, man. Fuck this life. This is insane. I was a complete retard all this time, and still am, but at least I have the wherewithall to understand now how incredibly ignorant I am. I used to think I was intelligent. Is it possible to be intelligent but incredibly ignorant?

      1. Yes it is. Intelligence and independent thought don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. I don’t possess a particularly gifted intellect at all. But I do believe I am a freethinker. Especially compared to most drones that don’t even think about anything they are doing in perspective.

    1. This could be a good thing, if she retained the insecurities. Could keep her on the treadmill and off of the chocamocalatte-frapa-smackachinos once she ties down some guy.

  10. This is not just the case with western civilization. The nature of media today is that it gives so much importance to these neurotic whiners. I am from the other side of the world, and the influx of articles these days in the newspapers about gender gap, pay gap, sexism, misogyny, racism and all other isms is so high, I got a headache and stopped my daily paper. Less journalism, and more whining. You guys talk a lot about the decline of the western world. Don’t worry my friend, we are right behind you. Maybe a couple of generations.

        1. Well the fact that you guys in India have to endure that crap too doesn’t make me feel any better. Governments are destructive EVERYWHERE. They don’t give two shits about you or me.

        2. agreef but i think its the western mentality of victimhood is whats being spread around the world and ruining many nations..india included whom back in the day had more important things to worry about. such as ppverty n malnutrition instead of some upper class womans rant about sexism and unideal standards of beauty.
          racism in india pft its more like tribalism they just work among there group n just tolerate others.

        3. Feminism is spreading its witches magic across the world. Personally though I think we should keep our focus on western feminism. Western feminism is increasingly a parasitic movement that disguises hidden privilege and seeks to cash in on a sense of victimhood. That isn’t the case everywhere in the world. The point about Ms Parks is that her cause is frivolous and stupid….that’s western feminism

  11. Meanwhile in portions of Ms. Park’s world that exist beyond pop culture and social media, full-blown Koreans are living under the boot heel of a dictator so cartoonish that he makes Cobra Commander seem real. I’ll bet in exchange for not feeding them to dogs, and not forcing them to have ridiculous haircuts, your average North Korean would let Colbert Ching-a-Ding-Chong at them all fucking day, even to the point where they developed eating disorders…I mean an eating disorder other than out and out starvation.

  12. NB: “it was not until she started attending the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign that she got into activism. ” If you want to know where outrage is being manufactured then the University system would be a good place to start looking.

  13. Would bang. Gives me motivation to angry-fuck her.
    Why is it in cases like this the woman in question usually looks like she needs a horrendously rough fuck. Our little tart in question looks like she needs those pale ass cheeks spanked until they glow a rosy red.
    Man, her personality must really stink or she would have been laid more by now.

        1. Are you going to oppress her with your patriarchy after you take her by force with your white privilege, leaving her degraded and objectified?
          Because I sure hope that you do, heh.
          You know she’s clearly the insane type that would, after being seen hanging on you in a club, rubbing her hands all over you, kissing you and dragging you out the door, to then have sex with you while filming it with her screaming “Yes yes yes! Please fuck me!” the whole time, would then two weeks later file rape charges against you? And win?

        2. “You know she’s clearly the insane type….”
          Yes, of course she is. And you’re right. I’m saying that in a sane world she would be properly disciplined. But I get you. 🙂

        3. I love Asians and in my book she’s a 5-6. I’d have to see her in a bikini to make a final decision.

        4. As an Asian male she is not attractive at all. The real stunners aren’t in Amerikardashian. The real Asian stunners were all born by Asian alpha males in their home countries, not spawned by some loser immigrants that had to move to America to pursue the dream of opening a corner store in the ghetto.

        5. Anything inconvenient to the feminine imperative will be discarded as irrelevant. Plus he’d get charges for filming “without her consent”. I put nothing past anti-male law these days.

    1. I wouldn’t bang. This is the type of woman that would kill you in your sleep. I ain’t even joking. She’s that mentally unstable.
      There are much hotter babes to go after anyway.

      1. What fucking young American woman isn’t mentally unstable these days. Feminist and equality militantism has got them all fucked up these days. The poor things don’t know if they’re coming or going, nor what it means to be a real woman anymore. All they know how to do these days is bitch and whine about oppression when they aren’t being oppressed at all.
        I’ve got no interest in western women; I haven’t for 20 years. I’ve got no interest in oppressing them either. I just go and have my frisky fun abroad (though I made the mistake of importing a foreign woman once) and keep it abroad. I suppose my lack of interest in domestic dames offends them somehow, but like I said, I don’t care.
        I don’t deal with western women unless I’m forced to.

    2. And then turned into that nice greenish-purple bruises that a really good, proper ass-smacking provides.

    1. “Like, oh meus Deus, the thespian Colberticus like at, like, the steps of the Senate was like, you know, totally ripping on ethnic Carthaginians and like, was so like, you know, rude!”

  14. I find Parks to be an idiot but I don’t care if Colbet goes down. Malkin is just piling on. Nothing wrong with helping the left eats their own.

  15. America hasn’t produced anything for decades, except endless outrage and demands from vampiric barbarians, of which Ms. Park is a classic case, with hordes of feminists and marxists and victim-industry vampires cheering her on, funding and enforcing her sickness.
    Very sharp noting that her personality type — now the baseline for females in the western world — is that of the Totalitarian Snitch, who would have flourished also in the USSR, that test-lab for our tyrant/commie society.
    Detroit dies while the western world attends to the micro-needs of screeching narcissists like Park, and her “oppressed” sorority of millions. Nice going PuffHo! Our government, courts, corporations and schools all are designed to produce ever more kneejerk white-male-haters like Ms. Park, the vast majority of whom haven’t faced a single real danger in their privileged lives.
    Good essay.

  16. Nicely said Mr. Zepps…..nicely said indeed! Guys, notice how he didn’t back down from the enraged, hysterical screamer in the interview. Also, notice how he stayed calm and stated his position factually and logically……and then delivered the coup d’ grace.
    This is how you handle an irrational female or beta-male enabler. ‘Nuff said.

  17. “Park: White men definitely feel like they’re entitled to talk over me.”
    Before she makes this rant, she had actually tried to interrupt Zepps while he was talking, but he kept going and didn’t let her. She then makes the “white people can’t have an opinion” statement, causing him to interrupt her. So, in other words, it’s okay for her to interrupt him, but not the other way around.

  18. Hey Quintus, isn’t the photo you have as tiles of Nietzsche confronts eternal recurrence actually more apt and well known in that’s its listed as the hallmark picture for the Romantic ideal of mans insignificance to nature. Nietzsche to my knowledge was never a Ronantic as the Romantics were a move away from the ideals of Age of Enlightenment.

    1. the photo is of ouroborous, the snake eating its tail, which is an (ancient) symbol of the eternal return

        1. I knew it was ancient, and found in many cultures, snake cults etc. In terms of the renaissance it doesn’t seem very christian though. Maybe some eastern influence. The idea that history is cyclical is a persuasive one

        2. No, I’m referring to picture of sublimity. Of the man overlooking the Valley. The picture of the snake I’m reminded of a quote by Chesterton where to paraphrase his critique of early 20th century Oriental philosophy: what animal could be more cursed that that which has to devour itself for all eternity?

        3. My mistake, didn’t see that pic. Yes I remember that from a record cover from when I was young, I think it was for Liszt so you’re correct.
          Didn’t know Chesterton was into eastern philosophy, though I’ve read some of his fiction. I guess those ideas were kicking around in the late 19th century

        4. He wasn’t into eastern philosophy,he was critiquing it as it made its early emergence in the west and the bohemian class adopted it over the Christian faith.

        5. to be less cryptic, it seems he was particularly bothered by Nietzsche’s attack on christianity as a life negating – I’ve just read this in relation to his “Orthodoxy”

        6. Orthodoxy is very good. Some of it is great in understanding and critiquing new world illogical positions held by the cultural marxists and the vanity of the self anointed. regarding his critique of Nietzsche its best phrased “how those who have visions of themselves as gods are the ones who fill our lunatic asylums”. his position of women in politics was that they’d be too good at politics and thus should be excluded. Given the nature of modern emotionally driven politics I can’t help thinking he was right.

    2. It may be an iconic painting of the Romantic period. I found it just by looking for a decent photo of Nietzsche. I did not intend for there to be any connection between the two things.

  19. this is just like feminists getting pissed at the eating disorder article and lil di they know women in uzbekistan are being forced sterlized.
    they ho after what hurts their feelings not what hurts society.

  20. Yeah, that Detroit news is scary. I’m surprised I didn’t see that on
    Those of you who are urbanites really are at the mercy of your providers.
    It’s nice to have some rural acreage, where you can have a hand-pump well/
    solar & wind generators & battery array/wood stove & a year’s worth of cord wood/
    root cellar/hunting & fishing & trapping gear/chicken & goats/etc. for when the grid goes down, either temporarily or whatever.
    95% of women wouldn’t have a fucking clue how to survive if the grid went down, and if and when it does, they’ll be whining their little asses off for help.
    Bitches like these and their 1st World problems. lol

  21. The only thing that protects humans from Tyranny is upwards Mobility.
    Every time a human becomes ‘elite’ the first thing they do is try to
    shut the door that led them there in order to prevent their power from
    being diluted or replaced (Through monopolies, trusts, con games, market
    manipulation, etc.). Nearly all laws for the last 50 years have been
    about shutting down upwards mobility and destroying the middle class
    (the upwardly mobile class).
    It’s human nature. The trick is neither to try and change humans
    (communism) nor to allow the behavior unrestrained (feudalism and
    bureaucracy) both of which destroy humanity and individualism in favor
    of a stagnant elite… The trick is to prevent the elite from closing
    the doors against the upwardly mobile… once you prevent that,
    capitalism irons itself out, and you enter a golden age.
    Full-on corporate feudalism is embracing this tendency… encouraging initial growth at the expense of gradual destruction as the elite destroy the route of talented individuals to become upwardly mobile. Socialism opposes this feat by trying to change humans… push everyone to the lowest common denominator, which is even worse than unrestrained corporate feudalism.
    both, in the end, push towards a static elite. ‘eternal power’ right up until it explodes into violence of the oppressed… the elite are working on a paradigm of oppression that lost it’s validity when the world population exceeded 1 billion… the violent explosion is guaranteed.
    Everything that attempts to cripple upwards mobility leads to inhumanity and true oppression… polygamy, slut culture, destruction of the nuclear family, destruction of fatherhood, feminism, affirmative action, at-will abortion, no-fault divorce to destroy family structures and wealth, loss of masculine leadership, greater and greater taxation, the ‘man tax’, mandatory child support, entitlement programs and mandatory entitlement enrollment, big government, relaxation of antitrust, antimonopoly, and insider /ethical trading laws and customs, even the federal reserve and fiat currency exist primarily in order to keep the elite from being displaced and destroy upwards mobility.
    The 1 percenters (1/3 of 1% now) think they can rule the world for eternity… and they do not understand that people are waking up, and with unblockable communication channels and modern technology, the explosion of violence is going to be far sooner and far more violent than at any time before in history… I often say we should take the ‘french solution’ to the 1% problem, but I know that the longer this goes on, the worse the eventual backlash will become, and it will happen sooner, and far bloodier, than history suggests… Sparticus didn’t have automatic weapons, C4, pipe and fuel-air bombs, sniper rifles and scopes with ranges upwards of a mile, and literally hundreds of millions of ready combatants and military veterans trained in guerilla warfare.

  22. The saddest part is: Colbert didn’t even “insult” Asians (pretending that something like this can be considered insulting in the first place). He mocked the owner of the Redskins by pretending that having a franchise called redskins is like having a franchise called ching chong ding dong wang. In essence, he is on their side.
    What he didn’t count on was the comnplete and utter stupidity of his target demographic. Lol.

    1. Colbert didn’t even write the tweet. Someone else manages the Twitter account that posted it. Colbert, using his actual account, later contacted Park to try to reach out to her and she responded by insulting him.

  23. The left is bad, but Michelle Malkin is a screeching right-wing harpie , for those keeping score.

  24. That was, a very informative article; I have enjoyed greatly, learning from it.
    Amazingly, the Universe, always, finds a way to punish those, who steal, take shortcus, and never, ever, give…
    And, always, rewards those who create, and, give a little more;
    The Crossroads of Fate,
    Are mysterious; and Just…

  25. She looks like a woman who leads a comfortable life but is mostly lacking in the disciplines of thoughtfulness and circumspection. A comfort woman, so to say.

  26. Internet outrage, like pornography, brings to mind the supernormal stimuli theory in evolutionary psychology. We have evolved to respond to certain stimuli, but in the modern world we have created stimulants that have no real value. Men get excited by pixels arranged to resemble that of a naked woman and we get excited, yet it is an dead end biologically. Likewise, arguing on the internet stimulates us (or enrages us), yet we (all sides and persusasions) can’t do much about it. Except get angry on the internet.

  27. I knew this post was by you as soon as I saw the Ouruborus, Quintus. Excellent post.
    Progressives play fiddles while Rome burns.

  28. Pretty sure that Colbert is a comedian. Therefore, you shouldn’t take him seriously. As we descend into yet another totalitarian police state, we’ve sure lost our sense of humor. Wonder if these chicks will be as pissed in the FEMA camps if someone insults them, or will they just cower in the corner and cry?

  29. We just need to remember it’s the burden of the accuser to prove their claim , not the accused to falsify it.
    Has she proven her claim , what is her claim?
    That her racism is somehow activism. Pumped and Dumped by a few too many white guys? Pure speculation.

    1. Women calling for the incarcerated ass raping of ROK writers (who evidently feel rape is acceptable in certain circumstances) and the anti-white hate messages posted (by a woman) calling my female friend a ‘white cunt’ during the Lee Rigby murder media frenzy didn’t generate any legal attention whatsoever.

  30. When I was graduating from college and struggling to find my first job, the Detroit automakers came to campus to interview. Unfortunately, white-males need not apply. Only women and minorities were offered interviews. So now, Detroit and the auto companies there want a bail out from taxpayers like me. Go Fuck yourselves Detroit.

  31. just reading this fantastic article today… quality material as always quintus.

  32. A change in the train of thoughts:
    “The doctrine is not so incredible as it seems: if the universe has an infinite lifespan, and there is a finite amount of matter with a finite number of combinations, then it would seem to follow that the same events could unfold again and again.”
    It seems, this proof of eternal recurrence, although quite popular, is not correct. Yes, there is finite number of mattes, but there is no finite number of combinations. Every matter has three qualities and these qualities can be combined in any proportions, and these proportions can vary continuously at all times, thus creating infinite combinations.
    In fact every event has a different destiny. And this destiny never repeats for any person, object, or event, during the entire life of the universe. For more, take a look at – But yes, it will repeat the exact same way, in the next life of the universe

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