Pictures Of Felix Baumgartner’s Girlfriend Nicole Oetl

At 26 years old she’s not a bad-looking girl, but 43-year-old Felix may want to consider cashing in his fame for nonstop groupie action.

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    1. To add, you’ll notice people on bb forums who are very big tend to have faces older than they are when they are in their 20s

    2. Excessive tanning will do that for you. Human skin is like leather… exposed to sun all the time, it starts to crack and crinkle.
      Look up Donatella Versace for a prime example.

  1. Your comment iabout Felix “cashing Nicole in” is ignorant. He is madly in love with her, and doesn’t need to prove his manhood by being promiscous. He’s a real man. He’s a huge sex symbol to women, men would love to be him, yet he is still a nice guy that just wants to be with the woman he loves.

    1. “He is madly in love with her, and doesn’t need to prove his manhood by being promiscous. He’s a real man. He’s a huge sex symbol to women, men would love to be him” aahh, from the mouth of a woman…
      I can guarantee, that if there are any men who would want to be him, it’s because the are confident he gets plenty of poon. no because he’s so “in love” with Nicole.

  2. She looks very Austrian. So she probably speaks like a dog and makes weekly visits to the tanning salon.

  3. its simple, he is 43, he wants to get married and have children. you 20-30 something guys just dont get it, but you will.

  4. Yikes. She’s not bad looking and has a nice tight body, but she’s got that “million-miles” look to her.

  5. Cool post. The guy is 43 years old and has the balls to jump from the edge of the atmosphere…I think by now he’s figured what makes him happy and what doesn’t. However, I would probably opt for the groupie action if I were him.

  6. Have you seen Josh Holloway’s wife? Felix’s girl looks like a 10 compared to Holloway’s fat and butt ugly wife. Google Yessica Kumala to see what I mean. Nothing wrong with Felix’s girl, maybe the guy has a fetish for body builder chicks. In any case she’s not fat or ugly.

  7. I can’t even believe the depraved mentality of some of the people posting here, obviously a lot of people who are do-littles, trying to imagine what having a “real ” life must be like. I happen to think this guy has it going on , big-time, and i’m sure if he claims he’s madly in love, than he is blessed in many ways. The cretins here who put down his girl, seriously, go get a fucking life.

  8. Nothing special! He could do better….Long time together and no marriage…….true love? ? strange

  9. Average! Very average, not my taste or most men taste. But love is love, this is his choice.

  10. Dat butterface, shes a 5, maybe a 6 if i drink enough
    way i break it down: 5 = average, 6= slightly above average, 7=pretty, 8-10= the ‘hot’ territory.

  11. Well, don’t bother: Felix has now an old woman, older than him, a Romanian “wannabe starlet”, well known for money-marriages and way too many aesthetic surgeries (implants, liposuction, etc), MIHAELA RADULESCU! Although the two appear to be in love, Felix still longs after Nicole, carrying Radulescu to travel to same spots, to dress same cloths, to take same photos as he did with Nicole! Heartaching for Nicole??? Sure as hell Felix is not crazy about Romanian “version of Cher”:)! Check it out!

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