The Milo Yiannopoulos Scandal Is A Coordinated Hit Job Against An Establishment Dissident (UPDATED)

Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos is having a bad week after his older comments were construed as being “pro-pedophilia.” I share how what’s happening to him is nearly identical to the “pro-rape” attack against me.

UPDATE: Milo has resigned from Breitbart. Here is my follow-up video:

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311 thoughts on “The Milo Yiannopoulos Scandal Is A Coordinated Hit Job Against An Establishment Dissident (UPDATED)”

  1. Good video.
    You gotta lose the beard, Roosh.
    You look like an out-of-work Taliban spiritual adviser.

    1. Don’t be a Delilah. The beard looks good, just needs to be kept trimmed. Besides it’s part of his Darius the Great thing he’s cultivating

    2. Um……
      Yeah, he really does. That thing is just terrible. (Sorry Roosh, but I had to say it! :-D)

      1. Media tomorrow: “Rapist Roosh V admits to being Taliban spiritual advisor”
        It’s madness. The whole corrupt industry of lies and character assassination – burn it to the ground. No quarter. Let them come to fear that same destruction they have brought on the innocent.
        The content of this post may not reflect the views of anybody anywhere. The author does not advocate violent activities of any sort, and blanketly condemns that which everybody hates.

  2. Yes, he made some stupid comments on video that were used in a coordinated hitpiece against him. Yes, he probably was screwed up at an early age if he was molested by guys, hence the flamboyant gay lifestyle. Being “gay” gave him the cover to say what a lot of hetero guys want to say regarding the leftist nightmare being propagated against us. In the future, we need an articulate, intelligent guy who won’t shoot himself in the foot by making comments that can be construed as something abhorrent, whether he is using black humor or not. Milo was a good spokesman, overall, for conservative ideals due to personal charisma (despite his self-proclaimed degenerate lifestyle), but the void needs to be (and will be) filled by someone with more impeccable credentials, sans skeletons in the proverbial closet.

    1. There’s a degree to which you’re right. However, I strongly suspect that there don’t even need to be real skeletons in your closet to have them come after you.
      Look at our own Roosh. Not a rapist, never taught us to rape, but that’s what the media spread. They twisted his satire to attack his character, but if he were the kind of guy who never used satire would he be the kind of guy we like to read and follow?

      1. Right. You can be absolutely perfect, say nothing “wrong” ever, and be a damn saint. They’ll manufacture something if nothing can be found.
        That’s why hitting back is what needs to happen.

    2. I totally agree.
      I think At this point, so much media has devalued american white, straight conservative men… Its like we need the conservative mixed race people, jews, or gays to speak up for the brainwashed liberals to hear anything.

    1. Better. Pizzagate is calling someone who is by definition the victim of a sex crime a pedo.
      There is no such thing as “too low” when dealing with liberal hypocrisy. They have no bottom.

  3. It’s pretty obvious there was a planned effort to take Milo down, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s subversive and degenerate. Conservatives need to stop latching onto any minority who claims to agree with them just because they think it provides political cover.

    1. He did it to himself. The RB were the first to report it, even though it had been available for a long time.
      This isn’t a hit job. This is concerned conservatives pointing out how much of a sack of shit he is to a political action conference who’s image could be hurt by this degenerate.
      Roosh, if you’re reading, for the love of God please stop trying to defend this cretin. He’s served his purpose (i.e shown how anti-free-speech the left is; Crowder could have done it, though he lacks the bombast), let him fry.

      1. How wasn’t it a hit job? It played directly to the fears of social conservatives that homosexuality leads to pedophilia; After all, “100% of pederasts are homosexuals”.
        Releasing this information to the public, couched as it was, constitutes a hit job.

        1. Homosexuality does lead to pedophilia, and vice versa. But it was a hit job because there was no real indication that Milo engages in pedophila, that information was up for a year, and if anything the information is indicative of a victim, not an abuser.

        2. I can see that happening, given I saw the video in July and tried getting the manosphere’s attention. Even Kevin Logan, noted cuck and male feminist, noticed it.

        3. I actually agree. This is way too convenient for it to not be a coordinated hit job.
          I applaud Roosh for defending Milo.

        4. I don’t know if homosexuality leads to pedophelia or vice versa. It would be more clear to say that one indicates the other. Past that window, they’d fuck sheep too but that’s beside the point. Good men don’t fuck boys in the ass. Milo may not be guilty of that but just saying. Still more good virgin teenage girls get wasted and publicly miseducated instead of being married off with dowry and a gift box of cooking utinsils. But REAL red pill men don’t suck dicks of any stripe. REAL red pill men teach younger men how to improve themselves, how to game women and shoot and clean guns. Milo may be silver tongued but he has nothing to lose. No family to threaten. Childless and womanless.
          Alex Jones seems to have had his wife sniped from under him by someone inside or operative maybe. I read a site where his wife filed for divorce. They’ll fuck with your family even if you yourself are impervious. A family man has to therefore be ruthless and brutal even on a suspicion, especially when they’re a dissident leader. When your instincts are sharp, your blade swings exact and you learn to trust yourself.

        5. Every divorce proceeding is a hit job. Every college rape tribunal is a hit job. Hit jobs are nothing new. If you take a hit and live at the end of it, then by golly get some teeth and avenge. Better yet get sharp and proactive before hand. Wrecking crews are at work daily bulldozing western culture.

        6. “I don’t know if homosexuality leads to pedophelia or vice versa.”
          That’s not the point.The point is the the SAME people who made homosexuality ‘meanstream’ were also ‘boylove’ advocate… until it was too unpopular to bring the subject publicly.

        7. ‘Boy love’ is simply the homo lobby with its mask removed. And the systematic wasting of young virgin girls, hardening their control over their sexuality and learning young how to use it as another tool to control betas, along with legal tools administered by more feminists is ‘feminism’ with its mask recoved. They’re all pedos by definition. They’d pedo out the youth no matter how young in order to erode the groundwork for patriarchy to take foothold. Anything to stop the patriarchy.

      2. Friendly reminder that these “concerned conservatives” are impressionable moralists who’re manipulated by sociopathic globalist shills that don’t really give a shit about anything traditional, western or conservative.

      3. No, its absolutely a hit job. If you are one of those “concerned conservatives” then you need to be ejected as such people are backstabbing weasels.

        1. I’d rather be around a social conservative who shills for the globalists than be around an entryist fag. Tyvm.

        2. What you say from this point on is irrelevant. You’ve outed yourself as part of the problem.

        3. I’m also noticing that your entire comments history is hidden. I’m strongly suspecting that you are a paid shill as I don’t recall seeing you comment here before this.
          Maybe you have and I didn’t notice, if so, feel free to link to those comments.
          Edit: Not a shill.

        4. I don’t know, I”m looking at his facebook page and he seems legit. He’s more in the trans-national conservative mold. Hates Marx, realizes his professors are cunts, all good.

      4. “concerned conservative”
        “love of God”
        “served his purpose”
        “sack of shit”
        Something about the way you write just sets me off. You write like you are very comfortable, use foul language, are a moralist, and have a high vocabulary. It’s off. Something is off about you.

    2. Yup… and when the regressives come after ROK and any degenerate who supports it enjoy your gulag and reeducation classes…

    3. “Conservatives need to stop latching onto any minority who claims to agree with them just because they think it provides political cover.”
      Beggars can’t be choosers.
      Milo was one of the most articulate critics of the left to emerge in modern times. His homosexuality was just an inconvenience (and evidently a bigger inconvenience than most of us had thought).

      1. We don’t have to beg we are superior in every way. There would have never been a left, period, if men didn’t compromise goodness in the name of expediency. Furthermore I for one would rather have 100 committed righteous people on my side than a million followers willing to compromise their ideology to score points. The Catholic Church started out with 12 men for Christ’s sake!

        1. The Catholic “Church” is Mystery Babylon with its mother goddess worship, idols, baptismal regeneration and pantheon of gods renamed as “saints”. It has ZERO to do with Christ’s Apostles.
          Milo is a pervert, God’s enemy by the criteria set out in Romans 1 concerning homosexuality as a curse placed on some of God’s enemies. And yeah, he’s articulate and quick-witted in his evisceration of feminism; but as a queer, he is besmirched by a peculiar evil which means his motives have to be questioned.
          Either way, he is finished now.

        2. Thankyou, one of the biggest lies of organized religion is that Catholicism has anything to do with Christianity.
          Its almost purely paganism with Christ and Judaic references sprinkled throughout.

        3. What he is, is between him and God. He has done an enormous among of good for the National Populist movement. It seems cowardice prevails across all parts of the political spectrum. i also note the RCC damns those who are Protestant and do not accept its authority as the single source of Salvation. So, all those Mormons are burning in the lake of fire. We need some perspective here. There is no moral compromise in accepting aid from those who are working to re-establish the enabling conditions for living a good life. Next time you are getting covering fire from any one who lacks perfect doctrine, tell them to go away.

        4. A Catholic who follows the doctrine and the dogma would have some internal conflicts going against the beast system. Though I would have respect for someone who was raised Catholic but who then goes meat teeth madman against the elites and their minions. Everyone loves a hero who deals a kill shot and grabs the devil by the horns.

        5. My wife is a devout Catholic. I can’t ever see myself converting, however before we got married her priest told her to remember that feminism is the work of Satan and not compatible with Godly family life. Just based on that alone I have to respect the RCC, notwithstanding the pretty obvious pagan elements. Granted, this was in her native Central America. I have trouble imagining a priest getting away with that in the US.

      2. Perhaps, but he used his “powers of articulation” for “evil instead of good” on a few occasions, like when he passively argued for 0bama’s FBI during the Apple/FBI standoff over the San Bernadino terrorist’s (company) phone.

        1. To be fair, it’s a loaded debate. On the one hand, freedom from government intrusion, and on the other preventing another possible attack (not knowing, of course, whether another attack is planned).
          After mulling it over, I definitely sided with Apple (one of the only times I’ll ever stand with Apple), but it was worth thinking over. In the end, I prize individual property and privacy rights at the expense of government’s ability to be an all-seeing protective entity (or, at the least, have both a tool and precedent to invade whatever whenever).

        2. Milo’s argument, however, turned out to be promoting the agenda of the 0bama administration.
          It was never about that one phone, which wasn’t even the property of the terrorist, it was about getting Apple to grant the FBI easy access to any iDevice on a whim.
          Milo weighing in, claiming that folks can (and, implicitly, should) forego the 4th Amendment “to stop 9/11 happening again”, played right into that.

        3. Oh, I absolutely agree. At the end of the day, Apple was 100% in the right (there’s that taste again…).
          But it does have value to learn to see the manipulators. Apple’s manipulators were “4th Amendment”, “freedom of speech,” and the like, while the FBI’s was “terrorism!” and “what if he’s got evidence for more attacks?” After recognizing the manipulators for what they are, we can step back and rationally critique the decision (not a hard one, at least this time around).
          Milo failed to see the manipulators for what they were, and so he played into the enemy’s hands. It’s happened to smarter men.

      3. Yeah I don’t get all the hate.
        Milo was probably the first (only?) person I ever saw openly criticizing feminism in the MSM, and winning while doing it.

        1. The MSM gives Milo a platform because his open gayness implies that it’s okay and the norm to be gay. Advocating non procreational lifestyles for conservative whites is more important to the elites than Milo’s entertainment jousts with the shitlibs. So they let Milo joust in hopes that any new support for alt right or red pill will include considering a gay option. They’re trying to seed the alt right to become gayer or outright gay. Milo can slay shitlibs right and left with the graces of the MSM but it doesn’t matter. The elites will flush the shitlibs down the toilet when they’re no longer useful, when their purpose is served anyway. Brownshirts left or right always get flushed eventually.

        2. I don’t agree. His virulent, aggro hostility toward the MSM, feminist dogma, its adherents (by name!), and its narratives utterly confounded the powers that be. *Only,* and I mean fucking only, the fact that he is highly telegenic pushed him into the MSM orbit as a matter of course. He is a virus in the system, and god bless him for it.

        3. And his being gay just threw the left into a gear- grinding tizzy, anyway.
          A conservative gay; an oxymoron to the left. A straight white male would not have gotten as far.
          Yes, beggars can’t be choosers.

    4. Basically if you see the video… Milo does speak for pedophilia… Search it…
      Anyway, he did this to himself and as a red-piller, honestly I do not know if does damage or good anymore for some time. Thing is as Roosh said Milo is a moderate his red-pilling is very limited.
      The other thing that Roosh also said was that Milo’s fall is due to double standards but who may think of it as such, outside the new/real/alt-right, spheres? Anyway even Richard Spencer who did suffer press persecution simply said that he cannot defend him with what he said. Anyway we try to de-decadencify ourselves, so decadents should slowly be removed.

      1. He did no such thing. He even told those who started screaming “sounds like priest rape to me” that they were in error of thier understanding of pedophilia – which they and yourself are.
        Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.
        Note: it is entirely a prediliction of those attracted to prepubescent children. Not teens, not jailbait, not pretty, little gaylord, 16 and 17 year olds.
        Untill 80 years ago (in the west) you were married with kids by 17 or so if male, and anywhere between 15 and up if female; many times younger. If you were past puberty, you were considered an adult. Male or female.
        In the rest of the non-western world this still remains a not uncommon case. The concept of teenage adolescence as an extension of “childhood” is a modern western invention. And Frankly one that flies in the face of 1000s if not hundreds of thousands of years of human history.
        Because, ya know, we in the 21st century know so much better about natural mating instincts of men and women; nevermind fags.

      2. Basically if you see the video… Milo does speak for pedophilia… Search it…

        I got the impression from the unedited version that Milo was making light of his experience and.or speaking from experience rather than endorsing something.
        It reminded me of joking with my grandfather about my parents and my childhood under divorce (short story: both were / are morons).

        1. Yes he did make fun of it but in a way that 90% of people who would see the unedited would think him of a pedophile or even worse a pederast. Now, of course, I do not think of him as a pedophile but try to defend him here using that video… the unedited one. It is bad marketing in short, and this is not a spinable story, like Roosh being a rapist or rape advocate, he ain’t and this can be easily stated by his sayings prior to the accusation and much after, or Spencer’s salute, he raised his arm holding a glass of whiskey and some MORONS in the crowd decided to give Roman Salutes… both cases are defensible, Milo’s not so much. You can give the impression of what he said but he also gave such an impression, not just allowed for such an impression to appear.
          Now I am not taking the part of the media I am just saying that such an ascosciation with that person is not good for us as defending him is just a bit too difficult and then the promoters of pedophilia will accuse us of it.
          Forgot to add: I also, do not propose any further attack on him or any attack on him by our side, that’s what I did not like about Spencer’s video, we shouldn’t though defend him.

    5. I’d dare say you’re a bigger degenerate than Milo would ever be. At least he’s come out of the closet. You’re evidently still in there shoving dildos up your ass every night

    6. “Conservatives need to stop latching onto any minority who claims to agree with them just because they think it provides political cover”
      Agreed. People representing conservatives can’t be men of alternative life styles.

    7. Spitting and smoking are disgusting habits. Soldiers should not be allowed to spit or smoke, or even swear, because when they do that, the enemies win.
      I mean, look at World War 2. American soldiers spat, smoked, swore all up and down the front. Therefore, the wrong side lost.

    8. I demand equality. If the left refuses to nail their own upon the cross I am not going to make an effort to hunt down Milo.
      The entire fucking world can burn before I’ll crucify someone the liberals hate while the lying liberal hypocrites let their own criminals walk freely.
      Milo is a dangerous faggot, but I will not see him hang until there are a hundred fucking liberals guilty of the same sins in the branches with him.

    9. Quite right. He was a major ally in the ongoing war against the enemies of political rectitude. If he is flawed in some way that did not violate the law or morals in some overt act, that will be his problem. If God is God, then let him sort it out. Can’t forebear noting in passing that the detestable Miss Dunham got a pass from her pals for her actual act of child molestation, while Milo feels that doing the right thing required him to resign his professional position. That’s a model to follow.

  4. ‘Strangely’ enough, the same leftists were pro pedophilia (thanks kinsey research) in the 70s… and lots of them probably still are…
    Edit: homosexuality and pedophilia have Nothing in comon (as a taste or identity), but the ‘sexual revolution’ gives you Strange bedfellows, and if you go that way, you can have a ‘logan act situation’: you may make a general resign, but there are strong risks that it strike backs…
    Till the 80s, there was strong ‘political’ connectionS between the homosexual movement and the ‘boylove movement’… Hay, Ginsberg, Burroughs… Just check…
    Harry HAy, wearing a pro Nambla sign, in the LA Gay pride of 1986
    Not very confortable subject for leftists nowadays…

    1. Homosexuality and pedophilia have lots in common. Half of gay people are gay because they were molested as kids. The man/boy love movement is a gay movement.

        1. I’d imagine most of the remainder is of the “She said she was 18” variety.
          I think it may be time to reevaluate our standard age of consent. Pedophilia is evil, and pedophiles should be black snaked across the US, but does 15 or 16 potentially make more sense for consent (at least provisionally)?

        2. Basically it comes down to whether you want it to be legal for your high school gym teacher to bang your daughter. That’s why the age of consent is 18 and not when we hit puberty.

        3. It’s a fair cop.
          I only bring it up because every nation has its standards. Heck, if I remember right I have great-great-grandparents who got hitched at 15 or so, and no one batted an eye.
          It’s just kind of like the drinking age, to me. Why this age and not, say, two or three years earlier? Or two or three years later? Every time we have a received tradition that could appear arbitrary, we should question it. At the worst, we end up changing it, but at the best we have an answer when our kids ask, “Why X?”

        4. Pedophilia ought to be defined legally as it is “clinically”. Jailbait is under the legal age of consent, but since it is by definition post-pubescent, it can’t be pedophilia.
          What gets me is that it is socially acceptable for high schoolers to date each other but that there’s a one-day dividing line somewhere between “age that it’s okay to date a <consent-age girl” and “jailbait”.

        5. The age of consent in the U.S. varies by state, ranging from 16 (mostly Midwest and South) to 18.
          In parts of Mexico, it’s as low as 12.

        6. Not sure I wanted to know that last part. Twelve…yeesh.
          Of course, in Mohamad’s land you can marry a six year old and fuck her as young as nine (assuming we just go by Big Mo’s esample).

        7. At least the drinking age in the USA has a reason, Ronald Reagan caved to libtards, forgot his history, and went “full neocon”, extorting the states to hike the age up to 21.
          I know of no such simple explanation for the age of sexual consent. My state is one where the age of consent is actually lower, but there’s a mountain of legalese determining when it becomes “not okay” for a >=18 male to get involved with a <18 female.

        8. It’s got to be a fairly recent thing. Similar to how child labor wasn’t banned until 1938 (though, from what I’ve seen, it wasn’t so strictly enforced until at least after WWII).
          Casual research suggests it first rose to 16 or 18 between the late 1800’s and 1920 or so.
          EDIT: Read a hair further. Apparently it was 14 in Hawaii as recently as 2001. And, for at least a long while, it only counted as statutory rape for girls and not for boys.

        9. In most ‘latin’ Europe country, the legal age of consent is around 15-16. What is illegual is to have 1! authority over a minor if you have sex with him/her 2) to substract him/her to the authority of his/her parent… and of course, 3) to ‘coerce’ sex. 4) to pay a minor for a sex service.
          But we don’t have the same legal system and the same culture…
          Extramarital sex wasn’t a big deal until recently. Was was wrong was to hurt your community, your familly with ‘disordely’ behavior.

        10. 12 because it was mariage lower limit. Not because it was ‘good’ to bang 12 years old.
          You have to understand where it came from. For millenias, If you weren’t rich, you had to marry you daughter as soon as possible to ensure her a future.
          After 20, you became a ‘spinster’, a terrible curse for you and your familly. Or worse…

        11. Your premise is strong in practice if wrong in fact. Pedophilia has nothing to do with teens. It is in fact a mental disorder that deals only with an attraction to prepubescent children.
          There is infact no such offcial pyschological sickness for an attraction to teens. Our cultural and criminal obsession with it is purly a side affect of our modern – probably feminist driven – western cultural norms toward teen with adult sex.

        12. Preach. Sometimes I can’t escape the thought that the biggest source of modern stupidity is the near total ignorance of the past and why things were the way they were. I’m convinced that the gen x generation is the first generation to be tossed into the world with next to no cultural link to their parents or the anyone of the past.
          The things that are being taught on this site, or that we now have to seek out in old books or from wise men of the past, used to be basic, common knowldge taught and relayed from one generation to the next by parents and older relatives. Now the parents are dumb-asses who dont teach their kids shit, or worse, fill their heads with absolute stupidity.

        13. It’s hard to argue that our norms for age of consent come from any definite marker of maturity.
          If it were linked to sexual maturity, there could potentially be kids as young as 10 (terrifying, this notion) eligible to consent. If it’s emotional, there are grown-ass adults who couldn’t consent (read: college nutjobs). If it’s about the end of brain development, then it wouldn’t be until closer to 25 (and we’d have to open the door to questions like whether lower-IQ people can’t consent or higher-IQ can consent younger).
          It’s also not tied to any societal markers of maturity. You can drive at 16 (15 with hardship), you aren’t expected to live on your own into your 20’s anymore, and you can’t drink until 21.
          Now, I personally believe a dad has every right to force a man to marry his daughter at point of shotgun should they have sex while she’s under his roof, and I believe that dad has the right to discharge that shotgun liberally if she’s not yet reached sexual maturity or is truly raped (no ifs, ands, or buts). But what I don’t understand is why we draw the lines where we do.
          (Based on some research done over the last few hours, neither does anyone else. It’s just “the way things are”, but it’s hardly universal and fairly modern).

        14. Thank you sir. You just helped me figure out the joke Milo said TWICE in his press conference.
          Clinical sexual abuse.
          This is THE foundation of common bond in the gay community because, as Milo said, EVERYONE jokes about it.
          I did not understand why he used the world clinical to describe sexual abuse.
          Now I know. It is a joke… making fun of the “clinical” diagnosis of pedophilia in order to lesson the impact of the abuse, to make it medical, and thus less damaging, like something one diagnosis and then recovers from by becoming gay because after all, as Milo said repeatedly “It’s not the worst thing that can happen to you.”
          I wonder if Milo is even believing his own words, or his clouded vision of the past abuse, that has him continue to choose to be gay when he is anything but.

        15. For those in the bottom 2% (-2 s.d., 70IQ, barely not legally retarded) there is no improvement in tests after age 9, which is about the same absolute intelligence as an average 5 year-old. Some people reach that level of intelligence by age 3. Nearly 1 in 6 Black adults is at or below this level.
          The average 18y.o. Black, IQ 85, has the same absolute intelligence as an IQ 100 9y .o. or an IQ 115 6.5 y.o.
          Age of consent is not at all based on mental capability.
          No prior culture has had ages of consent as high as ours, even ones with considerably later puberty. Western culture has only adopted this extreme position over the past 30-40 years, coincident with the legal system being tilted to favor women. The actual purpose of these high age of consent laws is to keep older women from having to compete with younger girls at the peak of their attractiveness, thus raising the SMV of older women. (Sex with older women should be regarded as a perversion – women over 40 have similar birth defect rates as 20 y.o.s conceiving with their half-brothers.)
          Not coincidentally, delaying age of marriage reduces lifetime fertility, and together with a few years of higher education allows reducing fertility below the replacement rate, so leading to exponential decline of the targeted population and eventual complete genocide. This is why it is highly illegal to have sex with teens, or even to have pictures that look like they might be nude teens, while homosex and every other sort of abnormal, sterile, dysgenic and disgusting perversion is celebrated.

      1. “Half of gay people are gay because they were molested as kids.”
        Exactly. THIS… is what most heterosexual just do no realize about accepting the gay agenda. If you ever wanted a better explanation of why they are going after our kids in elementary school teaching them about gender bread man’ and choosing ones sexual preference (which completely inverts the argument gay is a natural choice)…
        And they can’t stop this truth bomb. Milo is way too big… the internet is not locked down… and this attack… was desperation. “They” know the axes are coming out by his cis norms, the majority, who will protect our children from such abuse.

    2. And, lest we forget, gay mayor Harvey Milk was best buddies with Jim Jones (yes, that Jim Jones). Milk has been suspected of pedophilic relationships, but I am aware of no evidence at this time.
      Plus we have Hollywood’s sordid affair with Roman Polanski, the Clintons’ ties with various pedophiles (confirmed and suspected), and the mounding (thus far unspecific) accusations that Hollywood is loaded with gay pedophile directors and casting agents.

    1. And yet he’s STILL less faggy than the fucking cucks from NRO and other “conservative” sources. I think because they’re afraid he’ll reveal THEIR pedo tendencies too.

        1. Hah! Agreed on burning it all down. There is rampant pedophilia on both sides of the fence so outing him was more of a political move than it has to do with keeping kids from being raped. Shame really but I think the last this nation cared about kids was the last time they cared about families staying together. Or men being educated contributors to society. Back in the 70s maybe.

        2. There is pedophilia everywhere, but at least, it wasn’t seen as normal, exept in the mind of the leftists…

        3. All pedophiles that have acted on their urges should be rounded up and executed with extreme prejudice

  5. There is absolutely no suggestion as far as I’m aware that Milo has ever done anything remotely paedolphelic except as a victim. I watched clip, which is pretty unclear, and de-contextualised, but it looks to me as though he is mainly trying to move away from the idea that he is himself a victim of paedophilia. In this he may well simply be being honest – he indicates it was consensual and argues therefore – and controversially – that he was able at that age to consent, an argument which he makes the mistake (with hindsight) of generalising to other similar types of situation. Now he may be (worryingly) wrong, but he’s clearly taken this position because he doesn’t want to go down the victim path. In another clip he appears to condone the possibility of a relationship between a 13 year old and a 28 year old, and even to suggest that in the case of 13 year old boys who end up sleeping with female teachers it may be them who are doing the running, effectively seducing women who may be twice their age. Clearly he’s made an error of judgement here, but in a sense it is an understandable one: to the extent he is apologetic of such paedophile relationships he is doing it to follow a line of reasoning based on his own experience of something he clearly does not wish to characterise as abuse – indeed it may well be what helped establish his identity as gay. He makes this pretty clear in his press conference, in the breach, namely by starting his statement by saying ‘I was the victim of child sex abuse from the age of 13’.
    Child abuse appears to be a major problem in politics and entertainment, yet that is not what is in question here even if he appears to be entertaining the possibility that all such relationship may not be abusive (an error based on logic I think rather than tendency). As always the left focuses on speech crimes when it should be focusing catching actual child abusers

    1. Milo Hanrahan (that’s his stupid Jewish birth name) seems to probably have histrionic personality disorder. Given the homosexual lifestyle and the effiminacy of gays in general, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

      1. If 13 is the time when the Jews believe that their boys become men, why is anyone balking when a Jew argues that at 13 he should have the right to consent to being a catamite?
        …especially when said Jew is also Greek?

      2. He’s a narcissist but I don’t there’s anything histrionic about his character. Quite the opposite I’d say

    2. There is no “there” there. I watched the vid and found nothing that suggests Milo is tolerant of child abuse. But, the CPAC guy responded as if Milo actually advocated it. It is a disconnected response, totally weird and based in fiction. This is all wrong.
      Is Milo a grandstanding attention whore? Sure. He is 35% attention whore. The remaining 65% is guts, conviction, and fighting spirit. And that is more than most of us have. We will be diminished if we lose him.

      1. So far we’ve only seen the grandstanding attention whore. Now that his career has been ruined, we’ll see if he has the “guts, conviction, and fighting spirit”. My guess is no.

      2. He is 100% attention whore. Seriously, the fact he talks about the oppressive system of consent means he is more than a little bit tolerant of man-boy love.

        1. Let’s wait and see. You could be right. I could be right. But: this man has done a serious job of work helping kids see the truth. Let’s not jump to condemn him until the facts are out and fully evaluated in their genuine context. He’s earned that– from all of us that think and live the way we do.

    3. It was abusive. This is why the backlash is so visceral and immediate.
      QUOTE: “mainly trying to move away from the idea that he is himself a victim of paedophilia.”
      This… is his justification for conflating sexual abuse and losing his virginity. Losing one’s virginity implies consent and natural desire to have sex with another person also consenting.
      Buy conflating “virginity” with “sexual abuse”, TWICE in one presser, we can see Milo is still conflicted about what happened to him at 13.
      Trying to move away from realizing he was abused… by an older, sick gay man… to having “consented” (at 13?) to have sex with an old man… is him STILL trying to say “Hey, maybe I did want it, and if I did, it was consensual, since I did it, and “It was not that bad” and there are other men who are gay and they say “it’s not the worst thing to happen to you” and it was somewhat pleasurable. Just like female rape victims double their shame in realizing that the sex DID feel good, even though it was a complete violation, because that is how BOTH sexes are designed – if sex felt bad, no one would do it.
      Why do you think they are now pulling the SALON pedo articles? They realized “the norms are not ready/conditioned yet” and are throwing one of their abuse victims (par for the course) under the bus to get the cis blood hounds of the pizza trail that WILL lead to open, and very public, hangings and executions by us majority cis norms.
      Spoken word poetry that includes reference to the “Sandusky” affair. Which I need not link to those in the know as to why that name is relevant to this post and my comments.

      1. yeah, he’s conflicted. This episode has forced him to confront that, and for once toe the line somewhat. I have mixed feelings about whether that’s a good thing, but it is insofar as having sex with 13 year olds can’t be anything other than abuse. I think the conflict though isn’t just with Milo – it has wider implications for the hypocrisy of our culture. He is a gay man who draws his identity, at most likely a foundational level from those abusive encounters with older gay men, who by virtue of the act alone qualify as paedophiles (or hebophiles or whatever if we’re splitting hairs / arseholes). In that sense Milo has every right to identify as an abused victim, except the issue here to some extent is the opposite: does he have every right to not identify as a victim (of paedophiles). Can he refuse the victim identity of having been abused by actual paedophiles in order to refuse take up the victim mantle, which after all is everything he has ever fought against. There is something very logical about his position and unfortunately on this occasion his logicality has caught him out. Not so much because of the fact that he has refused victim state but because he has sought to some extent to generalise his own experience and refusal to construct that experience as an instance of victimhood to others.
        He’s not entirely wrong. Clearly consent is only absolutely black and white in the minds of feminists and a minority of very clear cut instances – a rapist jumping out from behind a bush qualifies as such. Consent with children also qualifies, because it qualifies as a violation of consent by definition. But beyond such definitional rape / abuse – where we refuse ever to permit an adult to accept the granting of consent from a minor – there remains the possibility that there might well be some young adults or almost adults who might have the kind of maturity to provide consent. The corollary is that some adults may be immature an be consider ‘vulnerable’ and therefore less or unable to provide consent. We recognise the latter situation, but not the former. I think that is right on the whole, but I have some sympathy with Milo’s position. As a 14 year old I can remember thinking how nice it would be if this or that Mrs Robinson would make a man of me. Paedophilia / child abuse is too serious and too much of a social problem to get too bogged down in the minuatiae of such individual circumstances, but to some extent a degree of hypocrisy is inherent to taking an absolutist approach to the matter. Hypothetical Mrs Robinson would have been an abuser if I’d got my way with her at the age of 14 but I’m not entirely sure I’m that happy I got away unscathed.

        1. Very well articulated points, but you are doing exactly what Milo is doing.
          Conflating sexual abuse and taking his virginity (as a gay person as sexual orientation)
          QUOTE: “does he have every right to not identify as a victim (of paedophiles).
          Can he refuse the victim identity of having been abused by actual
          paedophiles in order to refuse take up the victim mantle, which after
          all is everything he has ever fought against.”
          That is the error in logic you and Milo are making.
          Milo… is trying to dismiss his victim hood… of being a heterosexual boy abused by an older gay man… by jumping through hoops rationalization hamster wise… to “believe” he may/did/possibly/could have consented… on some level… because he was “gay”… and that these older men “helped” him and found “support” in learning and expressing his “natural” sexual orientation as a gay man… which would make his “abuse” by his abusers more of an “initiation” (i.e. losing his virginity as a GAY boy) and thus… he is no longer a “victim” because his “abuse” was merely an expression of his sexual “orientation”… a gay boy had gay sex with an older gay man.
          Your hypothetical dreamy Mrs. Robinson at 14… is a natural expression and… most likely welcomed (i.e. enough maturity to give consent). Ditto the other way around when teen age girls fall in love with “bad boy” older guys in their 20s/30s. Again, we have legal restrictions to PROTECT minors from engaging in sex too soon… but I seriously doubt that ANY young boy, or young girl, if they had the opportunity with the ideal OPPOSITE SEX (i.e. heterosexual) partner… would come out the other side losing an entire decade of their life to alcohol, drugs, partying etc. They had sex. IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. (i.e. the sexualization of children in general)
          But an older man on a young boy?
          “Clinical sexual abuse”… is the foundational joke and humour in gay culture and lifestyle.
          Your discussion of the appropriate age of consent, if children/teens can be “more mature” and possible of giving consent… the same talk that got Milo attacked.
          While no parent wants and older OPPOSITE sex gender diddleing their teenager (never their child)… a SAME SEX gender doing it?
          Shotguns come out.
          This is what Milo is in denial of. Hell, the entire gay community.
          His sexual abuse at 13 by an older gay man sparked, and then inflamed by joining the community, what should have been outright rage and anger at being violated into…
          “It’s not the worst thing that can happen to you.”
          Do you see how the emotional/logical justification and choice algorithm is flowing?
          It fully explains WHY Milo is not your typical gay, and is in fact rouge to many of them. He is not in complete denial of his abuse, but he has not fully accepted the impact it has had on his life, and his choice, yes choice, of sex life.

        2. I am not denying that sex with a minor is abuse. That’s a decision for society to make and insofar as the legal system judges an adult having sex with a minor as wrong and abusive I’m fine with that. I think its wrong though to think that because as a society we have rightly made that determination that there won’t be unresolved conflicts in doing so. There has always been a major age gap between men and the women / girls they marry for obvious reasons of fertility. That has been broken to some extent by society, which no longer considers a girl mature at the point of puberty but requires a certain maturity of mind (for both sexes) a requirement that is reflected in determining the minimum age, a milestone which could probably be described as that point of majority when society determines someone can legally provide consent. As a society though we also have an expectation (generally a mistaken one) that any laws or rules will be applied equally. Sure, an adult male seducing / sodomising or whatever a 13 year old boy seems to us particularly wrong but I’m not sure how the law can really recognise that distinction, although it can potentially adjudge harm.
          Personally I’d say it’s best not to get too wrapped up in such matters. A sixteen year old is the youngest age a boy or a girl can consent, and even then it’s probably too young, particularly if there’s an age gap. There’s a long tradition of pederasty in the homosexual world and that’s something it should be held to account for to the extent it endures. I agree that Milo is wrong to claim that it was not abused, but equally I’m not sure we are in position to determine how he was harmed beyond that: was he heterosexual before that point? Quite possibly. I’m sure a great many have been “converted”by abuse. But we can’t presume that. I continue to think that even if you are right and he is at some level deceiving himself about what happened (and personally I would consider the situation to be analogous to Lena Dunham’s abuse of her sister who then grew up to be a lesbian) I would still say that his refusal of the victim mantle was the right one. That can be the case even if what happened was objectively and legally abuse and prosecuted as such

        3. “Sure, an adult male seducing / sodomising or whatever a 13 year old boy
          seems to us particularly wrong but I’m not sure how the law can really
          recognise that distinction, although it can potentially adjudge harm.”
          Uh… you just did. What is this “seems to us” business. The law can clearly spell out out as you just did… and in the jails… we all know what happens to kiddie diddlers left in general population. There is no “seems to us” or “how the law can recognize”.
          I was never convinced homosexuality is a natural expression. Now I know it is not. Perhaps there is still room in your mind to not presume, but if Milo was MY son… and (as he said of his parents) I was JUST FINDING THIS OUT NOW… that my beautiful, blonde boy of 13… was abused and his subsequent lifestyle choice?
          I would not be “but we can’t presume” what was the cause. I would bloody well know now what the cause was and IF… if I had known then, had my boy confided in me, a HETEROSEXUAL…
          Nuff said.

        4. well by “seems to us” I was assuming we shared a particular distaste for below the age of majority boys being exploited / abused by gay adult males i.e. even more so than for an equivalent relationship between an older male and a younger female of the same age, since the latter while it may still qualify today as abusive reflects what in history was typically a sanctioned relationship within marriage, since the latter required only that the female was old enough to bear and mother children
          Sure as a father discovering that your barely post-pubescent son had been sodomised or abused by an older male would probably move you to distraction (or worse); but the question is on what basis could the law could recognise a distinction between a older younger same sex relationship and an equivalent heterosexual one. Since both types of relationship would for most people be considered abusive (if you had a 13 or 14 year old girl you would presumably still be pretty unhappy at an older man exploiting her wouldn’t you) it seems sensible to me that there should be a consistent age of majority for both heterosexual and homosexual sexual relationships.
          In the case of the latter though that does mean a relationship (between an earnest older male and a younger female) that was once sanctioned is now de-legitimised and labelled paedophile.

    No seriously, I’ll keep saying it till it gets in all your stupid heads. I called him a degenerate on this very site several months ago and that this was eventually going to go south for us.
    Who was right? Me.
    The man is a fucking degenerate attention whoring money grabbing arsewipe who tried to jump onto Gamergate even though he’d insulted gamers previously, who’s media career was a failure prior to him getting a job at Breitbart (which was the only place that would take him) and who, according to my sources in the British media, was a persona non grata there.
    Do you honestly think someone who openly talks about banging black dudes, brought a pornstar as a bodyguard, identifies as gay YET CALLS HOMOSEXUALITY A CHOICE is some sort of role model?

    1. If being a homo was a choice ALL men would be gay.
      There would be no easier way to get sex.
      So you and Milo are both wrong on that.
      As for him being a role model?
      That’s your strawman.

      1. I believe being gay is conditional, but not a choice. It’s much the same as having PTSD – you didn’t have to have PTSD, but circumstances combined with physiology and psychological state led to it.
        Here’s where I piss off the GLTBOSC crowd: I believe it’s manageable. I believe that it’s a hard thing to manage (and a hard thing to want to manage, which is essential to change), but as a conditional factor I believe it can be addressed.
        (Lesbians, though, I suspect are mostly homosexual by choice. Exceptions exist, but my experience suggests it’s likely more optional for them than for gay men).

        1. “more optional for them than for gay men”
          Yes, sexual orientation would be more optional for women.
          Evolutionary psych would predict it so.
          Because for women ‘working’ for sex is optional.

        2. I concur. Its homosexual attraction is most always caused by either traumatic experiences in early childhood & or terrible effeminate parenting. It is still a choice because someone must willfully engage in it. This does not mean however that certain people are not much more severely tempted by it due to external factors. This is much like someone who comes from a family of raging alcoholics and himself being tempted by alcoholism. We still recognize that it is a choice for him and we still hold him accountable accordingly, but we understand that he must exert a higher degree of heroic virtue not to fall into them.

        3. Lesbians are lesbians because they hate men. They hate men because no man wants to sleep with them since they are fat and ill kempt.

        4. No, they hate men because all their young adult lives we took the (mostly straight) girls that they fell in love with away from them.
          People really need to get this.

        5. I’ve noted commonly in my personal observations that lesbians are frequently ugly, ill-maintained and often openly hostile or abrasive towards men. I’ve known a couple somewhat attractive lesbian girls who weren’t able to hold that stance and are now moving back to men. Draw your own conclusion….

      2. There’s literally a troupe of people defending him and calling all his detractors cuckservatives. Really. He’s a role model to that specific part of the alt-right.

        1. It was Erick Erickson at Red State that invented it, though it was eventually used against him and popularized by Milo.

      3. Any man can choose to be gay.
        Stating that fact on national TV got Ben Carson into some hot water…which likely didn’t help his estranged relationship with telling the truth.

    2. A gay man never stands a chance to last long on the conservative ranks period!! Make all the excuses you want.

    3. Why does he need to be a role model. I can like some of what someone says without immediately wanting to go bum a bunch of fags.

        1. People on the left hate him because he’s conservative. People on the right hate him because he’s against the establishment. When you start taking flak from both sides, you’re not just over the target, you’re dead center ON the target!

  7. He implied having sex with 13 year olds is okay. Based on his words that I read since he resigned, it didn’t seem he has acknowledged yet that his advocacy of man-boy love was wrong. He claims now that “pedophilia is wrong”; but he’s just mouthing the words because he’s supposed to say that. Does he recant his previous view? Never says so. Both the GOP and the Dems are neck-deep in Pizzagate because the elite spans both parties, one cult with the same satanic practices. We don’t need more of this. Good riddance.

    1. It’s very surprising people have caught onto this now. I knew this video was circulating last July.

    2. 13 would only be pedophilia if the 13 year old were still prepubescent, which Milo claimed that he was not at that age.

  8. Oy vey! The jews are jewing the Jewnopolous who loves negro dick n kids, after they framed him the leader of the antigay, antisemitic alt-right.
    Hilarious. Do they really believe this will hurt us in the way they planned it?

    1. He realized he could make a crapload of money being an uncle tom (because uncle toms like Thomas Sowell and Christina Hoff Sommers make great arguments and bring us a lot of cred), until of course he literally supported something so reprehensible they had to be kicked out.
      And no, before you morons start saying “But the left normalize pedophilia”. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. WE NEED TO KEEP THE MORAL HIGH GROUND HERE.

  9. Its an inside hit. Cuckservatives were afraid to touch his gay ass, but eventually they just couldn’t stand him pissing on their precious principles.
    Liberals are dancing thinking they got a scalp, but he was brought down by his own ‘side’. You can always trust conservatives to frag their own.

    1. There’s a saying: “A moderate is an ally who only shoots his own team.”
      A Cuckservative is basically a moderate SJW who claims to be on our team.

    2. Yeah i think they get caught up on morality. Morality is gone. Why cant conservatives just take things one step at a time. Protect the borders. Stimulate the economy. Get people off welfare and back to work.
      …then we can talk about abortion, gay marriage, and all the stuff that requires a supreme court turnover.
      Its the art of the deal!

    3. Agreed. The left didn’t do this, and are not giving it heavy coverage. Meanwhile, it’s been the lead story at Drudge for a full day. Why is he setting this agenda?

  10. He does make some good points but if you’re going to defend a cause seriously, which requires you to essentialy fight irrationality with reason and logic, you can’t expect to be taken seriously when you brag about how you enjoyed giving head to s priest at12/14 years(that is pedophilia btw) or eating black cock.
    More importantly, what does one expect from a Joe Rogan show. The guy’s a 2faced, bird brained, 50 yo post adolescent pot head.

  11. Wanted to add that Salon and the National Review are both at the front of the anti-Milo bandwagon, and both have published dozens of pieces promoting pedophilia. Salon removed those articles some time between last night and this afternoon, but no word yet on whether NR has.
    In other news, Reagan Battalion (the official source of this hit job) favorably quoted real pedophile “Sarah Butts” (Nicholas Nyberg) earlier today. This is the same Nyberg which Milo exposed as a pedophile not long ago.
    Just saying, it’s classic Alinsky – make them play by rules you wouldn’t even dream of applying to yourself, pick a target and freeze it, etc.

    1. I don’t know why they bother actually. It makes more of a wave to remove the articles these days than it does to just leave them be.

    2. I so hope Wiener’s laptop has video of these Alinskyites.
      with multiple simultaneous perp-walks of high ranking politicians and Media celebs…

    3. In other news, Reagan Battalion (the official source of this hit job) favorably quoted real pedophile “Sarah Butts” (Nicholas Nyberg) earlier today. This is the same Nyberg which Milo exposed as a pedophile not long ago.

      SJWs always project.

  12. In 2017, the GOP goes off the rails. First the psychotic oompaloompa. Then it hires for a keynote speaker … a flaming gay provocateur who openly admired sex with underage boys.
    This is the anti-slavery party of Abraham Lincoln. The party that partly led us through the Cold War. The party that gave us Ronald Reagan.
    This is a party with a severe identity crisis.

    1. You have a better way to conquer the left wing nuts- like yourself?
      Ronald Reagan couldn’t win local mayor in new california. Its infested with leftist stupidity. His goal is to call out the absurdity of the left. The people that import illegals, ship your jobs to every third world getto on earth with glee- and then claim they on your side; all the while hoisting feminist on their back and calling everyone a racist while trying to destroy the male and white male.
      They are sick, insulting, evil demented people- and you need sick people with spines of steel to deal with them. Idiots like you should not be on this site- I doubt if your male. You probably have a picture of hillary kissing madonna in your house on a pedestal.

    2. It’s also the party that controls the WH and both houses of congress for the foreseeable future. The dems are set to lose even more seats in 2018, lol.

  13. If he’s not already doing it Milo should be trumpeting Lena Dunham’s pedophilia from the rooftops.

    1. Why don’t we do it? I mean, Trump didn’t win his campaign because he refuted every attack against him – he let us do that for him.
      Lena Dunham wrote a book in which she confessed to sexually molesting her sister. It’s strongly implied it was an ongoing molestation.
      If they support Lena Dunham, they support pedophilic incest.
      Pass it on.

      1. Would need to be a catchy phrase or meme of some kind.
        e.g. “What was done to Milo when he was 10, Lena did to her next of kin.”

        1. Perhaps, for each site attacking Milo and defending Lena, we construct a meme in the following way:
          1) Lena Dunham Defense
          2) Her admission of molesting her sister
          3) Milo attack
          It’s a bit lengthier, but it could work. Frankly, I’d be happy just calling out those who defend pedophilia and pedophiles.

        2. Milo would best be made out as a victim who has internalized his childhood experience at the hands of a Lena Dunham character.
          And that is why he holds the view he does on the subject.
          An anomaly created by leftists in an otherwise brilliant mind.

      2. Are libs broken up about incest? I thought their Game of Thrones had made it as acceptable as Milo’s homosexuality formerly was among “alt-right” circles?

  14. Well well well when life hit Milo in the mouth he folded like a house of cards. If he had the courage of his convictions he would have never resigned. Guess he wasn’t such a dangerous faggot after all.

    1. Thats what I was thinking, I would have had more respect for him if he never resigned…”folded like a house of cards” hammer meets nail

    2. Did he actually resign?
      In his resignation message, he states that he resigned of his own free will (“This decision is mine alone.”). Call it cynicism, but that phrasing made me suspect that he was forced out and is taking the fall himself for reasons unspecified.

      1. Probably, but a captain is supposed to go down with his ship. Got to say it but when your supposed to be leading a movement your supposed to suffer too. Think of all the people that got beat up from going to his rallies, got fired for saying politically incorrect stuff that he inspired them to say. Now this sodomite skates freely off with a golden parachute (I assume). Hell even Hitler went to Jail and faced possible execution for the Beer Hall Putsh. If your going to talk the talk you got to walk the walk even if that means you get fired from your job ( As far as “Ideological leaders” go that’s just about the lightest punishment there is). Milo just showed us what he was made of and was found lacking.

        1. It does seem odd that he didn’t follow the example of Trump, instead channeling Richard Nixon.
          Perhaps if he’d gone down with the ship then he might have been able to parlay that martyrdom into rebuilding his brand.
          Crapweasel Ben Shapiro claimed that, from his own experience at Breitbart, Milo was receiving financial assistance far above Breitbart’s norm. Perhaps that factors in; Milo himself said on his own podcast that any internet political pundit, besides Drudge, was bought and sold by backers.

      2. He didn’t resign. Half of BB’s staff threatened to walk if he wasn’t let go, and we see what management’s decision was.

      3. Too many other Breitbart staffers were threatening to quit if he stayed on. Maybe he bowed out gracefully for the sake of the cause.
        It was well handled. No public repudiation.

    3. He was dangerous at some point and he is a faggot. He just outlived his usefulness.
      I agree this is something of a hit job, given it only surfaced now. It’s good that he was eliminated before he could speak at CPAC.

  15. Milo brought this on himself. In his own words he was advocating for relationships between adults and young boys. His own words are merely being reported in the media.
    Supposedly he later stated that he was in fact using some kind of jargon or slang to refer to young men; that is like telling the judge after you get caught asking an undercover cop for crack that he was really just looking for Rice Krispies, because thats what everybody in the neighborhood calls it.
    Molestation is utterly and totally indefensible, and he was advocating for it.
    Here is a quote plus the video conveniently linked at the time where he said it:

    “But you are advocating for cross-generational relationships here, can we be honest about that?
    Yiannopoulos: Yeah, I don’t mind saying, I don’t mind admitting that, and I think particularly in the gay world – and outside, the Catholic Church, if that’s where some of you want to go with this – I think in the gay world, some of the most important, enriching and incredibly, you know, life-affirming, important, shaping relationships very often between younger boys and older men, they can be hugely positive experiences for those young boys”

    1. So when guys say they want to pick up “girls” it means getting one walking to the elementary school? you are following the feminist path that says a 30-year-old man trying to date 20-year-olds is a predator.

      1. No.
        Saying something like “lets go pick up some girls” is a whole lot different than saying something like “lets go pick up some young girls.” Ask a normal heterosexual man what each of those statements refer to, and 9 times out of 10 that man will say that the second probably refers to underage girls.
        It is also well-known that it is quite common for homosexual men to sexually pursue young, early adolescent boys.

        1. logistics are poor unless the parents are involved or you spend years developing cover in certain professions

  16. His comments are very clear that he is in favor of “cross-generational relationships”. He says its ok for a sexually “mature” 13 yrd old to get with an old pervert. We all knew he was a sick homo who promotes his wicked lifestyle by being counter culture yet that does not valid his dangerous, disgusting lifestyle. Now I feel bad for he because obviously this guy was seriously sexually abused as a child and then continued abusing himself as he grew up.

  17. I was looking forward to our meetup until I saw news about a pro rape event. I still think we should have an event in latin america somewhere.
    BTW I live in a super gay area. “Boy” is kind of common term for “dude who takes it.”

  18. The global free flow of information is the wrecking ball dismantling special interest & global power brokers. A networked army is decentralized and uncontainable.

  19. Why not strike back? Get a hold of the name of anybody related to this coordinated hit job and start digging. Turn the tables on these (*#&$#.
    Of course, can’t say I’ll necessarily miss Milo’s articles with gay sex euphemisms. In. Every. One. 😀
    It is funny how backstabbing Breitbart is though. I remember how they backstabbed one of their own who objected to that asinine story about the girl saying Trump “pushed her down”. Only to let the guy back after the story fell to pieces.
    Now we have BB abandoning one of it’s stars. Over.. what exactly? Much worse has been said by leftists like Lena I’m-A-Porker or that (*&# Sarah Silverhag. And they cave over this? Sounds exactly what I would expect from that idiot Pollack. 😉

  20. Milo Yannapolous was a flamboyant sodomite
    Who loved to masquerade as a man of the right
    He would proudly display his black lover friend
    Saying: “you can’t judge, I have the right to offend”
    Until he got caught with kids late in the night.

    1. He fought good fight
      (and where were you?)
      against the foes of reason.
      Why are you
      so up in arms
      to try him now for treason?
      Just because
      he said ONE thing
      that gave us quite a cringe.
      Take in account
      this one event
      before you come unhinged.
      What Lena Dunham did
      to her little next of kin
      was done to Yiannopoulos
      when he was only ten.
      (Or 13 or 15 or whatever.
      I just needed something that rhymes with kin.
      Sue me.)

  21. Only a little off topic but it seems that nearly every manosphere site I’ve visited today has had a virus (my software has blocked them all so far).
    ‘Deep State’ activity?

  22. The dude was getting mad popular, so this is how he gets put in his place.
    I don’t condone sodomy since the science just proves that its a self destructive lifestyle, but Im not going to throw Milo under the bus completely. I still appreciate the work hes done like helping gamergate, that was the event that helped push me over the edge.

    1. That’s how I came to know his name. Since then, I’ve watched him take on various feminists and media personalities and emerge, if not victorious, at least largely unscathed.
      Our enemies do not cast aside those more questionable elements on their side, even when they’re demonstrably evil. Neither should we quickly cast aside our allies (though there is a difference between an “ally” and a “friend” or “leader”).

        1. And only their own.
          I asked one question and silenced a table full of Reagan conservatives: “What have they successfully conserved?” After they raged at the idea of the question, they got terribly quiet as they realized they had no answer.

        2. These were well meaning fools, not globalist assholes. They remember the shortages of Carter and the better parts of Reagan. They know they don’t like the Left and the Left doesn’t like them, but they didn’t realize the degree to which the Right doesn’t like them, either.
          They’re trending alt-right at this point. Once they saw the pattern, they couldn’t ignore it.

        3. These were well meaning fools, not globalist assholes.

          Good intentions and all that.
          Some of them can make a partial jump: ‘Ace of Spades’ went from Nevertrump to what would be considered Alt-Lite, but even he still believes in the babelism of Magic Dirt and the ‘proposition nation’ (which is no different than globalism).
          Others, like Ben Shapiro, NRO, and Redstate are true believers and/or concerned more with money, power, and influence. They would rather die an ‘honorable’ death than win.

      1. What I’ve learned from watching people in the truth movement is that no one is perfect. I only drop someone if I find that they are compromising their message or just stop teaching anything new or enlightening.
        However, when I drop someone or they quit, I don’t act melodramatic by completely disregarding all the good they have done.

        1. An excellent example: I think Stefan Molyneux is wrong about spanking. As a belligerent little boy, only spankings brought me into line (and thank God they did).
          Doesn’t mean Stef doesn’t put out a lot of quality work.

        2. absolutely. if someone agrees with another person 100% of the time then that is a little strange. point is, so you agree with the CORE message or the CORE agenda. NWO seeks to divide by making it cool to reject people on fairly shaky grounds and the MILO example is a perfect representation of that. People who are against George Soros and the NWO should absolutely not break ranks with MILO.

  23. No way a gay man or lesbian will be ever be accepted in the conservative ranks too many moral warriors in the ranks themselves.

        1. Oh, I’ve seen the Salon article. This attack on Milo is a circling of the wagons. They are pulling full throttle back on the pedo normalization now. Only it is too late.
          Curious thought the other day. 1984 is not turning out the way Orwell said it would.
          Think about it. Who is really spying on who right now in the midst of all this mess? Who is the power that the technology of enslavement is supposed to oppress and enslave?
          The more they try to clamp down and control the message… the more it gets out and the more truth comes to light. It is the exact opposite of 1984 when you think about it in some ways.

  24. Funny how the Left wasn’t nearly as outraged over Lena Dunham bragging about molesting her kid sister in her book.

    1. Yep. And Roman Polanski fucking drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. Meanwhile he’s still collecting awards, lol. It’s always one set of rules for them and another for everyone else.

    2. Or George Takei, who had his own story about sucking dicks at age 13. He remains a hero figure to the left, because he is “anti-Trump.”
      I will not “defend” Milo, but I won’t allow him to be hung from the cross by liberal hypocrites until dozens of their own are dying in the field with him. Fuck the liberals, fuck the Jews, fuck George Soros. I’ll see them dead on the battlefield before I give another goddamn inch to their treasonous agenda.

  25. I’ve got mixed opinions on this. Milo was always somewhere in this grey zone. On one hand, he’s likable because he’s mischievous, and has a way of buggering the left in their arseholes with the shit he says and it’s amusing because you see the look on their face as though he did exactly that. But on the other hand, he is a fag, and not a man that most of us could see eye to eye with. There’s only so far you can trust a fag, even if they’re ok, eventually they’ll segway into some real faggot kind of shit and you’re wondering how the fuck you wound up there. That’s what happened.
    They’ve been trying to take him down, but what took him down was not the left. It was the right, and the fellow writers and Breitbart who demanded he go. I don’t think he was trying to condone stuff, but it came out badly worded.
    Where the concerted effort is right now is on Trump. CNN doesn’t even cover news anymore. It’s 24/7 Trump shit. And now this thing with Sweden and the denial of basic reality. These are truly orwellian times we live in. As for Milo, he should start his own publication.

    1. “And now this thing with Sweden and the denial of basic reality.”
      Note that Trump is basically advertising for the Alt right here.
      All the folks that are going to start googling and learn the truth because of what he said.

  26. Well, you guys already know what I think about Milo since I have said it many times here.
    This was going to happen. He was gay, in the wrong political side, and “conservatives” would put up with him up to a certain point. This point has been crossed now. By the way, in France, gays are called pédés for a reason. Vox populi never fails.
    I acknowledge his service on campuses. He did a great job, despite somehow normalizing the sodomite lifestyle among a new generation of conservatives. Let’s hope he did more good than harm in the long run. I wish him luck.

    1. He may have tried (the normalization of gay in conservative politics)… but this presser… for anyone who watched… just KILLED it.
      Sexual abuse by an older man… on a young boy… fucks them up and then they help the boy to “choose” to be gay. It is all about educating young boys that their abuser is actually doing right by them.
      The gay agenda died with conservatives and the heterosexual majority at large with this press conference. It is only a matter of time.

  27. Milo is an absolute star. I’d love to go for a night out with him I bet he would be an awesome wing man to help slay women.
    I used to have a very overtly gay friend just like him, he was the best wing man ever. We’d go out together and his highly offensive charm together with the dynamic we had would win so many absolutely stunning women over. Then I was never in competition with him, I always got to take the girl home while he went and found some guy to bum.

  28. 100% agree with Roosh regarding how much progress has actually been made if people (conservatives) are still losing their livelihoods over words.
    Meanwhile Lena Dunham and Roman Polanski are still out there committing actual rapes and receiving accolades, lol.
    Frankly at this point I’m ready for civil war. I don’t know how or where to start, but I’m ready to do my part to destroy the MSM and those behind it, by any means necessary. I’ve had enough.

      1. I hate my mother. But you misunderstood. I’m talking about the homophobes here. I love Milo

        1. That’s silly. If you hate spinach, does that make you spinach?

        2. It’s unusual to hate something with such prejudice unless you’ve got an insecurity issue though. If you merely find gays distasteful and prefer not to be around them or watch their behaviour or whatever then fair enough. Yet if gay jokes insult your sense of manhood and you insist on calling them degenerates then you’re probably a fag in denial.

    1. But unless Milo can start his own movement then he’s just lost a lot of his platform. I reckon he’s finished as a conservative and he’ll take a radical centre position now

  29. I really like Milo. I do not approve of his gay lifestyle but man he has balls, more balls than all of the pseudo conservative people on youtube. Steven Crowder comes to mind, gosh I can’t stand that emasculated cuck. Roosh is the red in the pill and if he defends Milo, so am I.

    1. I don’t think Crowder’s that bad.
      e.g. “One of these things is not like the other.” (at 3:35)

      But your basic line of thinking is correct.
      The general lack of gratitude on display for what Milo has done is egregious.

      1. Crowder went full triggered SJW when “grab them by the pussy” was out. But yet he is all about exposing and triggering cry babies. He is a white knight mangina who wanted to score lady points by being ‘enraged’ by Donald’s comments.

  30. Milo has already fallen off the front page, which is actually a good thing.The guns are aimed again at Trump.
    It’s his opportunity to go underground, regroup and re-emerge.
    What the left fears most of all is a non-SJW version of Bill Maher or Stephen Colbert. Milo could be that man. He is much younger and could command a broad spectrum of followers, including waffling middle-of-the-roaders who might otherwise be turned off by the old geezer militant leftists from the 60s.

    1. IMO the left fears exactly what Milo was, someone who was sufficiently genuine and could reach disinterested and opposed hearts and minds.
      Something the purposefully (and admittedly) phony Colbert could never do, the man was preaching to the choir.

    2. Yes. What blew me way was how he handled that presser like a complete boss, like a gay Trump. He absolute attacked them… no mercy, no holding back. This is not the end of Milo, it is the beginning.

  31. Can someone please make an “Nobody bats an eye/Everybody looses their minds” meme comparing Milo’s comments with Lena Dunham’s molestation of her sister?

      1. Good work if you made this.
        BTW about posting on disqus.
        If you put stuff up there will it stay up?
        It seems that you’re either stuck with sites that pull your material because of leftists OR sites like 4chan that will accept practically anything but will only last like 2 minutes before it’s removed due to cycling.

  32. I can’t see Milo giving up and to be honest I wonder if he needs Breitbart? The left hate him but they can’t ignore him – just this morning he was vilified in three different stories on the homepage of The Guardian. If he was inconsequential they wouldn’t have given him any space at all. The fact that the mainstream media are trying so hard to destroy him tells me a lot.

  33. He is promoting homosexuality. Isn’t it enough? He promotes relations with 13 years old boys and he calls this kind of relationships enriching, important, life affirming, etc. He is a conservative like Bruce Jenner is a beautiful woman. And all the man here who said different thing should be ashamed. You talk so much about patriarchy, masculinity, courage, but all this are simple declarations of intention if they aren’t covered by principles and actions who can assure their valability. I am not a native english speaker, but i understand english enough to say that this is very disgusting and that all men who says differrent, including Roosh, are cowards.

  34. This kind of thing is not uncommon in the gay community. Teenage boys looking to older men for guidance and instruction. Even with consent that does not make this ok. These young gay men are seeking a father like figure and it provides the older men a perfect opportunity to take advantage of them. Although I understand where Milo is coming from in his posititon that this is a normal thing, because it pretty much is in the gay community, it cannot be condoned.

  35. A faggot attention whore got what he wanted….attention. I’m not really interested in anything that fanny bandit has to say.

  36. It’s amazing how much time, research and energy the Leftist media has for a declared “Enemy of the Party”, and how little they have for actual investigative journalism these days. It’s like living with TASS and Pravda, except less honest since at least with Pravda and TASS during the Cold War you could safely assume that they were all lies.
    Not so much about Milo but in general, if you’re an Enemy of the Party these days, expect a freaking *team* of people sitting around 24/7 looking for anything you’ve done or said or accidentally had recorded when you were five years old, to wave about in front of the world and destroy you.
    Meanwhile, we have no idea what is behind Obama’s sealed college transcripts and I’d bet that not one Leftist source has even requested that they be released. And the Clintons have a body trail behind them a mile long, that you wouldn’t know about if you didn’t follow politics closely at a wonk level.

  37. This is all complete and utter nonsense. Nothing he said was even remotely out of line. It was sloppy wording but he essentially said that SOME teenagers are mature enough to consent to sex with adults, which is 1000% true (though I don’t support it if it’s homosexual, 18 should be the deciding factor there). The media distorted it to look like he defended pedophilia which he clearly didn’t.
    I can’t believe he fell for the bait though. He should have known better. Hope he can move past this and still get another book deal.

  38. Having seen roosh’s and Spencer’s videos, I do have to lean slightly in Spencer’s favor on this, in that it’s not a good look, and our movement can’t afford to be represented by a guy like milo, who has that much baggage. I do think Spencer would’ve done better to keep emotions out of his video.
    That said, the “Reagan Battalion”, sounds like a bunch of pseudo-leftists who would rather watch the 700 club and get owned by the hard left than actually try to win.
    If anything, this should inspire us to purge our own ranks on this. We can’t engage the left if some “conservative” faction keeps backstabbing us and others on a regular basis.

    1. The situation is kind of funny considering that it has only been the media that has considered Milo the face of the alt-right.
      Whatever they do, they must ensure that the general public is not exposed to true alt-right arguments and ideas. Milo served as a good decoy because he appears like a freakish anomaly that ultimately no one needs to take too seriously.
      Giving Richard Spencer or David Duke too much air-time is dangerous for them on the other hand, because their position and principles are much clearer than Milo’s, and they’ve already got documentation to support their ideas.
      It’s one thing to have a “dangerous faggot” make gay jokes on Bill Maher, but it’s a whole other thing to give a true neo-Nazi a platform to present a reasoned case for the JQ.

      1. “but it’s a whole other thing to give a true neo-Nazi a platform to present a reasoned case for the JQ.”
        Can you say PewDiePie is a Nazi?
        Gee… didn’t something similar just happen to him LAST FREAKING WEEK?
        I mean come on, if you want to take out your enemies, try to spread out your attacks a little, give them some breathing space, so it is not SO FECKING OBVIOUS what you are trying to do.
        Oh… and then raid/arrest the Le Pen French people AND the Gert Wilders people IN THE SAME WEEK!
        Desperation. Complete, utter, and total desperation.
        First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you.
        Then you win.
        Guess where we are?

      2. True, the one thing I could say in response to this is that Milo did serve a useful purpose, not only as a distraction but also as a form of gateway ideology.
        You don’t go from believing in the left/right paradigm (which I’m guilty of using for simplicity), directly to posting purple bird or Pepe/Pinochet memes.
        You need someone like milo to use buzzwords enough to make you wanna research it yourself.

  39. Guys it is all staged, you are so gullible, Milo was a Jewish plant from the start. His function was to divide and waterdown white movement, make them look like they are bunch of clowns and idiots with constant infighting and conflicting ideologies , Crnovich is the same, when you have Jews and gays on forefront of Right wing movement then you know it not gonna end well.
    Stefan Molyneux is another vocal Jew who thinks he is the wisest man since Socrates.

    1. Oh look, only 28 comments and quite a few of them are trolling. Nearly all of them are comments posted on ROK.

  40. Roosh is right to defend Milo. Posting a year old video right when Milo is about to publish a book, just appeared on Bill Maher and was going to speak at CPAC is way too coincidental.

    1. I’m suspicious of any group that calls itself “the Reagan battalion”
      It sounds way too cookie cutter to be a legitimate organization.

      1. “The Reagan Battalion” would have opposed Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980 because they’d have believed that he wasn’t “Reaganesque.”

  41. As Michael Savage said: ,, All you hear is gay this, gay that, because politicians gay you, you know where and the media gay you somewhere else.”

  42. People who disparage Milo because of his lifestyle choices forget that the Left is at war with the West.
    Refusing to use weapons against the enemy means you lose.
    Did Allied troops in World War 2 refuse to use tanks, machine guns, and rifles because “that’s what the Nazis used!1!”?

  43. What this whole situation shows is that political correctness is universal among both liberals and conservatives. The conservatives have a different set of things that offend them, but they will stab you in the back just the same if you say something they find offensive.

  44. LGBT community wants to normalize pedophilia like they did with homosexuality. Homosexuality was a crime 2 centuries ago, then it was a mental illness until about 5 decades ago, now it is supposedly mainstream. Had Milo been a liberal he would have been applauded for that video.

    1. Yes the movement of Men/boy love exist since the 70´s the theory is that teens are not victims that they are not coerced, If you are a horny 14yo gay boy I´m pretty sure you will let an older man to fuck you in the ass because they are degenerates, the promiscuity is in them in early age. But that´s a Pandora box, this will imply that girls are not the victims too. the same rules can be applied for Older men with teen girls and women hate older men with younger girls because a woman wall is build closer to age 25 when there is easy access to young pussy. What Milo said is controversial and a taboo but it is true a 14 years old teen girl or boy is not a complete retard oblivious of what sex is, they know what is and what are they doing. That´s why he made a distinction between Pedophilia and Paedophilia, is not the same being attracted to 7 years old kids and 14 years old with a fully developed body, The first is a mental decease and the second is a normal human being.

      1. There are no horny 14 year old gay boys… only sexual abuse victims undergoing Stockholm syndrome with their abuser and seeking out people who are all convinced their “clinical sexual abuse” was “not the worst thing that can happen to you” and then invite them to join their perverted club and… gasp… go do the same thing to another young and innocent boy.

        1. There are no horny 14 year old gay boys HAHAHAHA, yeah only horny 14 years old heterosexuals and whites right? And girls are asexual until 21. At age 9 you are molested, at age 14 you are seduced. The age of consent in almost all the world is 16. The age of consent here is 14. Only in jew controlled America is 18, Remember Male sexuality is WRONG and toxic there, having a normal attraction to boobs and ass makes you misogynist rapist. The only reason legal adulthood is no 16 is because older women will hate it, The democrats will love it because young people vote democrat but women will hate it and they do what makes happy the half of the population as usually. A faggot sodomite is not an innocent boy, they are not victims, you are implying that all gays are the product of child abuse, they chose to be degenerates some claim to born that way. The ones created by their uncle touching their peewie is minuscule otherwise the implication will be that sex offenders are rampant raping boy creating gay dudes all over the world as that´s not the case

        2. “the implication will be that sex offenders are rampant raping boy creating gay dudes all over the world as that´s not the case”
          Yes… it is. How else do you explain Milo’s common gay joke “clinical sexual abuse” in their community?
          I never believed sexual abuse was the cause of homosexuality until today and Milo’s words. I bought and swallowed the line that love is love (my old self 10 years back) and even with my now mature and better informed understanding, I STILL, at some level, wanted to believe that maybe, maybe, some guys just like guys.
          Nope. Never again. Interesting article on psychological drugs and the lies of the industry.
          Fourteen Lies That Our Psychiatry Professors in Medical School Taught Us Med Students

          Lie # 9:
          “Mental ‘illnesses’ have no known cause.
          The root causes of my patient’s understandable emotional distress were typically multiple, but the vast majority of them had experienced acute and chronic sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual traumas as root causes – often accompanied by hopelessness, sleep deprivation, serious emotional/physical neglect and brain nutrient deficiencies as well.
          That whole press conference was a public exposure of the mental health problems Milo has been tackling on his own, in a community filled with mental health problems, and all of it… ALL OF IT… stems from childhood sexual abuse.
          Deny it all you want. I no longer will and never will again.
          No more lies. The truth is out. Homosexuality is a product of sexual abuse and influence by degenerates on naive and impressionable children and teenagers.

        3. The sad thing is that a study to measure the correlation between sex child abuse and gayness will be impossible in the PC infested scientific community. This will imply that all gays are pedos but 30% of convicted pedophile are homosexuals males despise being 2% of the population. And they are only the convicted that is not a metric for guy with pedo tendencies. so who knows. Nature vs Nurture, there is no studies about it, we don´t knows if there is environmental, in chimps they only start being faggots in zoo but never in the wild so there is some environmental factor there, in animal there is no love, the so call gayness in animal is one animal raping another animal because you never find the mammal who likes to be penetrated in the ass other than primates. Cultural, gays are praised no wonder kids learned, you can´t explain the relation between sexual attraction to the same sex and being flamboyant, Flamboyancy is learned behavior. You can act macho, rude and manly and be gay. Flamboyancy is deviant behavior. Biological, we don´t knows if there is something in the air, water or food causing this. We can´t explain low testosterone levels in all the world, if there is something we will never know, because of homophobia.

        4. “The sad thing is that a study to measure the correlation between sex
          child abuse and gayness will be impossible in the PC infested scientific
          Agreed… but I don’t think we need on. Milo’s presser is all the proof any heterosexual needs about what is the cause of homosexuality.
          Interesting note on the chimps only being gay in captivity. Do you have a source that? Never in the wild? Ever?
          Everything else you talked about (expression like flaming or macho but still gay)… I think stems from one and only one source.
          Each boy, as he grows up, makes a choice about how to express his gayness… and that expression is nothing other… nothing else… than coping with mental trauma.
          I am beginning to think there are to “gays”
          1) Being the freaks that do the abuse.
          2) The rest coping and accepting the lifestyle by coercion and self healing.
          Milo made it clear… he has taken the mantra “it is not the worst thing to happen to you” and turned his abuse into a sexual orientation to NOT be a victim (thus making his abuse at 13, presto chango, the loss of his “virginity” as a gay sexually expressed young boy).
          There is no nature. This fully explains, for me, why they are salivating at getting to the kids with early (grade 1 and 2) education about “gender” and “sexual expression” as being “many choices”.
          Their is heterosexuality… that will always come up 100% of the time… even WITH sexual abuse.
          Then… there is education in a “safe space” of “no judgement” where “clinical sexual abuse” turns into “not the worst thing that can happen to you.”
          And all at the same time a vid turns up of John Podesta torturing a kid in his shower. I am not shitting you… same day as Milo’s attack.

        5. I know I guy that was raped by his uncle, He is gay now, but he told us that he tried to be normal, date women, but what he likes is men. He si not flamboyant. I know another gay. This was the type of gay that everyone knows that this kid will end as homosexual flamboyant, He was delicate and sissy since early age before the notion of sex he was not abused as a child. One born that way the other was created. Funny the father of the flamboyant boy is a Playboy he is having sex with young 20 years old girls and he is like 50 years old and he does not give a shit that his son is a degenerate sodomite. But what I know is that he was an absent father.

        6. “But what I know is that he was an absent father.”
          Yup… have theories on this too when the father is gone and the mother simply does not raise the boy as a boy. I.e. Like many women, they just don’t like males and treat them as less (especially if they have a sister) which these boys, in looking for some connection with a parent figure, turn to being more feminine. If the mother does not stop, or worse encourages this, well…

        7. Thanks for this. You know… whatever advancement Milo thought he was doing for gays just hit a brick wall, reversed, and is now skidding into outright fear once again in a single day.
          Fear… that was once bloody common sense I might ad.

          Absolutely chilling video when you think about Milo’s remarks and the inclusion of gays as leaders in the boy scouts.

  45. WARNING: While there are plenty old commenters here that are anti-Milo, I’m noticing an upsurge in extremely vocal commenters that I don’t recall having seen before.
    These commenters tend to be very outspoken, are combative, opinionated, and write like they own the place, which is making me wonder why I’m only seeing them now. While I may be wrong about one or two, there are definitely a couple of paid shills infesting the comments section.

    1. I was on Vox’s blog when the story broke. I noticed some of the usual guys inferring that paid shills were present. Having said that, it is appropriate to entertain the idea that part of the coordination against Milo included the use of paid shills to influence the narrative on sites where Milo possesses some measure of support.

  46. Milo has done more to advance the cause of conservatism in 30 weeks than the cucks at CPAC and other Republicans have done in 30 years.
    That’s why they had to silence him. He showed that even when given every single possible opportunity, all they did was talk.
    Imagine if all those efforts had been directed at leftists instead. The last 8 years could have been very different.

  47. Buy Milo’s book when it comes out as self=published. I plan to. I know that Vox’s Castalia publishing has already offered to publish it.
    I agree with the previous guy that, no matter one’s opinion of homosexuality and alternative sex stuff, that Milo has done more to advance the right than conventional conservative have since Reagan. There is no way we should let him go down without fighting for him.

    1. Milo has a loyal following, and he could easily sell hundreds of thousands of copies. This could and hopefully will do some damage to the publishing industry which is well and truly cucked right now

  48. It was just a matter of time until someone researched and made a case against him. He was becoming too popular and in those heights, a subversive is a fair target. Child molester Lena Dunham has no problem being famous for example.

  49. Milo’s the homo, but the two black guys on Bill Maher’s panel were acting like bigger faggots than Milo. Did you notice how they were white-knighting for a group of people who are even sicker in the head than Milo? This whole thing seemed to be staged, Milo may have even been a collaborator in his own takedown. Make a big scene about one level of degeneracy to cover up and sanction a worse one!

  50. It’s both. Milo condoned pedophilia and the left used it for a hit job.

    1. He didn’t condone pedophilia. Anyone who has seen the video and his responses on Facebook can plainly see that. My brutha’ you got played by the cucks and SJWs.

        1. It may be a better idea for you to present what he said rather than for me. Maybe you saw something different from what I saw. If so, then link it. I have an open mind and I’m open to changing it.

        1. That some members of the gay community don’t see it as bad? There is a big difference between being in the 8th grade and in the 3rd grade. Call it wrong if you want to, but calling what Milo said as pedophilia is ridiculous. It’s statutory rape at best. If in your virtue signaling brain a 13 year old wanting to do something sexual with an adult is the same as a 2-10 year old getting sexually abused is the same, well I guess you can call it pedophilia.

        2. Don’t talk shit to me, bitch. 13 is too young… and yes middle school is pedophilia, dumb ass!

        3. I recall a similar hysteria back in the 1980’s over, and I do not make this up (you can google it), satanic molestation of children at daycare and elementary schools (usually the targets of the accusations were men). The police would interrogate children for days until the children cracked and “recovered” memories of the abuse and then the police would use that testimony to then grill other children to gain testimony. Sound familiar? It was the exact same thing with the witch trials about 300 years previously.
          A girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was accused by an alienated daughter of his that the ex-girlfriend put up to making up a tale of him stripping her naked on a pentagram. He felt at that point, it just wasn’t worth fighting over anymore and gave up his shared custody rights because the ex was willing to go to any lengths to win. And she did win.

        4. A woman making up complete fabrications in order to accomplish her desires?
          Never seen that before.

        5. No, not at all. How is it pedophilia? When did he say that he is for pedophilia? Where did he engage in sexual activity with minors? Do you know something that we do not?

        6. Pedophilia is when you are attracted to prepubescent boys or girls. That is pretty much everyone from 1-11. A lot of girls and boys hit puberty at 12, and almost everyone hits it at 13. Inform yourself kid, I think you yourself are a child, lol.

        7. I think you are missing the point. This is not about age of consent, pre teen or teenager. What this is about is the fact gay culture has been revealed for what it is… seriously mentally disturbed, even for the “moral” ones like Milo. No… “technically”… he did not advocate for the legal and clinical definition of pedophilia. What he DID admit… and shocked the “love is love” naive go-along-with-the-crowd tolerant heterosexuals… is that there is CLEARLY a very large connection between older adults… preying on people under the age of consent, no matter what the actual age is. THAT… is why “they” did this. They still know the majority of NORMAL humanity… us cis family people with kids… want our kids protected from this shit at all costs. Sadly.. it is an attempt to take down the guy about to expose the feminist/gay/SJW left for the pedos they are.
          “What’s in your closet John Podesta?”

  51. This attack falls into a second double standard; men are not considered the “victims” of underaged sex. When is the last time ANYONE has expressed an ounce of sympathy for the “poor boys who were raped over 300 times by their hot high school teachers?”
    The double standard exists for a reason. It can be applied to faggots too. This is going to be used, somehow, to help the Pedowood Elite defend themselves in the end. The liberal is a hypocrite and a liar, but the Jews giving them their talking points aren’t stupid. The timing is too coincidental. They know damn well the people they’ve been advocating for over the years. They’re not going to burn their own to make a point. They’re going to use this somehow. I’m just not sure how it’s going to manifest yet…

    1. I don’t think even the puritanical standard of statuatory rape (older man “raping” a girl) makes a lot of sense if it’s some 18 year old boy having sex with a 17 year old girl and she initiated everything. Should that 18 year old boy’s life be ruined over another example of white nighting and over protection of women?
      In the meantime, REAL rape by Islamic “migrants”/”refugees” continues.

  52. Am I the only one that read the subtext behind the Milo press conference context?
    Milo… was sexually abused at 13 (that he twice conflates with losing his virginity and is not even close to being the same), then again at 16, to enter into a legal consent at 17 in Britain (age 16) with a gay man almost 30 who he stated “helps young men find support and advice in coming out”, who then went on a drunken (drugged) bender for his entire 20s (which means lots of random gay sex most likely as gays have told me) and with this attack, his parents are learning about all of this FOR THE FIRST TIME (?).. and has now realized, on reflection that that loss of his 20s to which he stated himself “I got better” (or something to that effect) and “I am doing very well now” (indicating that things were a LOT worse before he turned 30).
    Is it just me… or is it looking VERY CLEAR that his sexual abuse… led to him CHOOSING to be gay?
    I mean… what if he had sought out advice and council from a HETEROSEXUAL older male, who would have clearly told him his abuse was SICK AND WRONG… and that wanting to be “gay” is a clear result of having a trauma afflicted to a young boy at an impressionable/naive age to wit…
    “The common joke, repeated in every gay bar, is about clinical sexual abuse.” (I paraphrase)
    Am I the only one who truly feels sorry for the absolute HELL these abusers have inflicted on this young man, for which he is still suffering from, and may very likely be who he is BECAUSE he has the natural heterosexual boy inside him that he has suppressed because the older gay men (and the community) all repeat like an AA meeting… “It’s [the sexual assault by a gay man] not the worst thing that can happen to you.” With the subtext being “Hey, come on, try it with me… it so much fun and way better than girls.”
    Roosh in one of his vids talked about a Brazilian guy surprising him by saying he was gay… and this happened because he was SO UPSET AND FRUSTRATED that girls were all Roosh kept talking about.
    It’s almost like the heterosexual norm (which they hate), is constantly a reminder that they CHOOSE to be gay, and don’t want to be reminded of the trauma of past sexual abuse (or whatever) that led them to CHOOSE to he gay, at risk for STDS and AIDS and all the hell ROK has documented before.
    I think that is the nuclear bomb on the gay community from this press conference and Milo being the focus.
    People… are going to see… that sexual predators (older gay men)… abuse young boys… so those boys go searching for the community for someone to talk to (because cis norms not abused can never relate)… only to convince them “it’s not that bad” and encourage them to be gay.
    I feel sorry for Milo. 13… 30… he deserves none of this. Only God can judge for those who are truly Christian, Muslim or Jew. This whole summing up in Milo’s life is not by accident, nor random chance, for those with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand.

    1. It was painful to hear him say This isn’t how I would have wanted my parents to find out (about the abuse). Ouch.

  53. If you belong to the cuckold coalition of Cernovich, PJW, Libertas, etc. that savaged Richard Spencer over the Hail Trump episode then shut up about Milo. I’m no Spencer fan but what he did was insignificant compared to the very lifestyle that Milo represents.

  54. So, George Takei said the same things as Milo, but it’s chill cause ya know, he’s a liberal. He claims he WASN’T molested (at age 13) by an adult camp counselor because he was attracted to him. 2 guys, same story. One gets black listed, the other is the face of a community and a few businesses (Pizza Hut & Taco Bell). I wonder if that food makes him spew shit or if his boyfriend does a good enough job pushing his shit in.

  55. Everything milo taked about is what normal people refer to as the “gay lifestyle”. Liberals know all about this lifestyle and fight to promote it, so i find it humorous they would try to take the moral high ground here.

    1. Milo is a very shrewd provocateur and all this outrage was calculated. All he did was open the conversation about paedophiles and homosexuals which the left will have to debate and that will unveil more and more things about pizzagate! In 2-3 months time Milo is gonna come back stronger and force the MSM to abide by their own rules just like Saul Alinsky wrote in his Rules for Radicals manual.
      It will be a joy to watch him!

    2. Yes… but only to them (mainstream and active liberals). The majority working class “go with the crowd” Liberals are completely CLUELESS about that life style. They believe love is love because it sounds nice and fits the heterosexual view of the word and their lifestyle. Who can argue against love is love… you hater!
      Milo just bitch slapped those blind fools awake to the reality of the gay scene.
      Drugs. Alcohol. “Partying.” And a complete destruction of his entire 20s as he tried to come to terms with, and CONVINCE HIMSELF, (and still is in this press conference) that his sexual abuse at 13 was actually him losing his virginity as a young gay boy.
      This ain’t over. And because Milo has been so helpful to heterosexuals in exposing the lies of feminism and the LGBT gender identity crap… I have a feeling he is going to undergo a red pill moment (and I pray for his mental health leading up to it) that he is not gay.
      Sexual abuse is not losing one’s virginity.
      Older gay men telling you “A lot worse can happen. It’s not the end of the world.” who clearly have an agenda for the young “boy” coming to them for advice and usually HALF THEIR AGE (if legal)…
      You could see Milo having a tough time emotionally. Like a Boss, he covered it well, but each time he took off his glasses, or pursed his lips…
      I have Milo’s back because I no longer see a gay man of 30.
      I see a young blonde NORMAL HETEROSEXUAL boy of 13 who got attacked by a gay pedophile and that experience has fucked up his entire life.

  56. it is clear they have some pretty damaging video of him in some criminal situations. Milo was way too tough and aggressive to fold his tent over some comments.

    1. Not sure that any of it is criminal in the real meaning of the word.
      The main thing is that he merely spoke of something which is common in gay lifestyle, there are tons of articles about exactly what he spoke of all over leftist and gay media.
      Look up Runaway Railroad etc and that guys published articles, they don’t merely touch on the subject but suggest acting upon those beliefs and views, quite more serious.
      I don’t like gay lifestyle stuff, but I’m adult enough to understand that pretty much everyone has done or said something objectionable, and/or hold opinions I don’t agree with.

  57. Sorry, but banging 13 year olds should get adults put in jail. I can’t believe people are defending this fool.

    1. You certainly have a legitimate argument but that wasn’t what Milo did. He merely DEBATED whether adults banging 13 year olds was always wrong.
      Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, probably was about that age when she bore him and ordinarily would have had sex. To shut down debate over this situation is kind of like banning flag burning. In theory, sure, do it but the consequences undermine free speech overall since it’s usually the left that wants to undermine free speech most of the time.
      So when debating statuatory rape becomes taboo, eventually even debating whether one should outlaw controversial debate will become taboo. You don’t want someone defending someone’s right to defend child rapists to be allowed, do you?

  58. The man was the target of a very deliberate, malicious attack. The problem with Christian purity spiraling is failing to see the forest for the trees. Not everyone has to be a believer to add value to the cause. Who are you evangelizing if not the degenerate and lost? Mah poor principles. Get over your moral outrage and support him, because he is doing what most of us cannot either due to obligations or lack of talent.
    The guy is HARDLY done. If you can’t see that, you are blind. He will come back with a more powerful platform and be more popular that ever; Milo Wan Kenobe. Mark it.

  59. I’m really not comfortable with the way Milo got black-balled by conservatives.
    It’s as if the two sides are identical now.
    His sexual Identity has nothing to do with it but if fellow conservatives don’t like when the left does it then it shouldn’t have applied here.

    1. Gay coffee? Oh man, I can only imagine what those fags are doing to poor Juan Valdez’s mule

  60. Sargon of Akkad, YouTuber, posted earlier today a good explanation of how the establishment took out Milo. The video is called The Weapons of Culture Warriors.

  61. To bad he is not a Pizza guy. He would have been cleared ASAP, and his accusers would been gagged, fired, or dead by heart attack by now.

  62. It was not fair what happened to Milo. I am a big fan of his, hope he makes a come-back. But life is not fair.
    He was an accident waiting to happen. A provocateur will eventuallly make a misstep and go over the top.
    I am glad Trump never met him at the White House or formally endorsed his work. I am grateful to Milo for the work he has done.
    But let’s get real. Milo fucked up. He made it by pushing people’s buttons (and I cheered him on and still do.)
    But people fight back. Wish him the best but he asked for it. When you are at war, you need a tight game. Milo had a tight game, but not tight enough.

  63. In a few months, Milo had more success attacking Feminism, SJW and Regressive left in public than we ever do.
    His success was not only caused by his talent, but by his very ‘flaws’, who put our ennemie in a cognitive dissonance. For a time.
    Globalists, regressive left…whatever we call them want us dead. Or brain dead.
    We haven’t to love Milo. Or to respect his lifestyle. What we have to respect was his ability to fight for our cause.
    Every reader of this lines can be ‘proven’ a paeodophile, a rapist, a wife beater or a Nazi by our Ennemies. That’s what they do, and they’re very good at it.
    We have to support each others. We have to support what is not ‘us’ but is a valuable allie.
    The fight keep on, and if we don’t tighten our ranks, we are doomed.

  64. Lordy, you just knew this guy would step on a land mine eventually. I watched the video, and I certainly understood his point (Mother Natures defines sexual maturity in rather definite terms), but he tried to thread the needle too finely, and ran smack into socially constructed reality. Regardless I think was getting far too much credit anyway for his emotionally-based anti-left rants.

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