How Modern Societies Are Training Men Not To Marry

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. – Proverbs, NIV, 12:4

It’s often said that a good deed rarely goes unpunished in today’s world. The same could be said about the deed of marriage and its punishment by modern women.

As mentioned before, a man’s emotional attachment is the prize which women seek – and a lot of men have fallen bait for for a woman’s love and beauty to walk down the path of attachment and commitment, with sometimes devastating results.

The man who refuses to submit commit is often subject to social shaming. In fact, a woman’s emotional shaming of a man who refuses to commit to her inspite of her love for him, has been aptly described by Chinweizu as such:

Man, in his sentimentality, may refuse to acknowledge that the love felt for him by the woman who loves him is, at its core, a slaver’s love for her slave. – The Anatomy Of Female Power

Familiarity breeds contempt, and marriages are no exception to this. The “harsh” reasons which make most successful marriages work are usually that of wisdom and tolerance. Marriage (not being a destination) is a journey which demands constant work and input from either side, so it would be stupid to expect a man to bear the complete responsibility and burden of the woman too.

Thus the question a modern man needs to ask himself before marrying today is: how well can I presently and possibly tolerate this woman in the future? Will she present a threat to my individuality, freedom, and the family that I would sire with her?


When it comes to marriage, men have traditionally married women for lineage, beauty, wealth, status, sex, or fertility throughout history, but the wisest option was choosing the woman who also had virtue. But with the rise of feminism in modern societies, men’s options of finding virtuous women have drastically reduced, even more than in the past.

The blatantly visible social factors which influence men into non-commitment

Men have always had reasons to marry, but today’s society presents many reasons to stall marriage unless to an exceptional woman.

1.Unchained female hypergamy


It’s no secret how unchained female hypergamy is destroying the nuclear family. Every man who is aware of this usually would do well to adapt himself to learn some game and bang modern women, since women today usually reward sex to alphas first but would later choose to marry the betas waiting in line.

2. Depreciating quality of women

Would a sane modern man want to marry and sire kids with a ball-busting modern feminist woman, who revels in her sluttiness and whoredom? With feminism gradually taking away responsibility from the modern woman’s shoulders, it shouldn’t surprise to note that the corresponding decline in female virtue. A modern woman’s beauty is not immune to this decline as tattoos and fat acceptance rises today.


With her mind, beauty and virtue socially programmed to go down the drain by feminism, it’s no surprise if men loathe commitment to a modern woman.

And foreign women are not immune to this, as feminist garbage is increasingly being globalized and peddled in the name of female empowerment. And elsewhere, cunning women usually rip off innocent but stupid men looking for an uncorrupted  ideal “one.” There are few women a man could choose to invest his trust in, and they are getting more difficult to find.

3. Unchained feminist hypocrisy


True equality between the sexes is impossible not only due to the innate differences in both men’s and women’s biology and psychology, but more so due to feminist hypocrisy. The resultant harmful (and at times comical) consequences of this is evident everywhere – scarring men, and damaging women’s minds into delusional megalomania into committing acts of outright stupidity.

Not only has it destroyed families, but it has also ruined an entire generation that will pass on the deleterious aftereffects to the next generation, in addition to an impending cultural collapse.

4. Irresponsible cheating and unjust divorces


We’ve discussed before about the rising epidemic of cheating wives who want “freedom.”  And much has already been said about how modern women cheat more effectively than men (and rarely get found out). With modern societies increasingly outlawing paternity testing, the threat of rising cuckoldry is undeniable—enough to dissuade men from marriage.

We also know how modern women excel in flaking and wasting men’s time. But the worst way a woman destroys and wastes precious years and resources from a man’s life is when she unleashes her degeneracy in a marriage – not only by irresponsible adultery but also by an unjust divorce.

With more percentage of modern divorces  initiated by women, (usually under a pretentious excuse of irreconcilable differences), it’s worth wondering what were the real causes behind the divorce – but usually it is when the hapless husband refuses to submit to his bridal slavemaster.


But again, modern women don’t lag behind in their financial strategy after divorce—the best way to adapt is to find a new husband (human ATM machine), not to mention her divorced ex who’d be grinding away paying off her an undeserving settlement, or even worse, child support payments if she has kids with him.

5. Spousal abuse


An alarming trend getting more noticeable in modern societies is that of married men suffering spousal abuse. Even combat-trained war veterans are not immune to this. With female-on-male spousal abuse on the rise, it becomes even more complicated since most men usually don’t report spousal abuse out of the fear of social ridicule, not to mention lopsided feminist family courts which usually favor the “weaker” sex.

But is only the physical spousal abuse that such men endure terrible? What about the emasculating psychological abuse these men often endure daily, but don’t report only until things turn physical? With modern gyno-centric family courts and societies further psychologically emasculating men this equation, the trip to the marriage altar seems more terrifying than diving into a pool of hungry piranhas.


eddie cantor

Indeed, a man’s castle is his home. But when his home becomes a nightmare for him, he becomes an exiled king—which is increasingly becoming the case in modern societies courtesy of modern women. Indeed, you can’t chose whom you’re born with or in the family you were – but the choice to select the partner with whom you’d build your own family totally resides with you.

Appearances are increasingly deceptive in today’s world, and moreso for modern women. And the way modern marriages and women are headed, marriage seems to be an unnecessary test of a man’s patience, enough to make him a medical patient within it, if not by the end of it.

In today’s modern dysfunctional societies, the logical solution for a modern man is to stall marriage until he finds a “virtuous” woman (if he ever manages to find one) whose flaws he could tolerate after her beauty fades away.

And even if he ever manages to find her, it’s best he whisks her away from the social degeneracy before it corrupts her—keeping in mind the true nature of women.

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504 thoughts on “How Modern Societies Are Training Men Not To Marry”

  1. Genesis got it wrong. A snake didn’t convince Eve to eat an apple and offer it to Adam… No, Eve was the snake.
    It’s generally ok for women to be snakelike, no-backbone, resource-gobbling people. Men can (albeit grudgingly) handle that. The real problem comes when modern society endows them with extreme aggression and death-adder venom.

        1. The pussy pass is the absence of restraint that i was pointing to. No accountability leads to childish behavior.

      1. The following wisdom from antiquity was quite prescient:
        Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal… If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters.
        —-Cato the Elder, speech in the Roman Senate, 195 BC

    1. “No, the serpent did not
      Seduce Eve to the apple.
      All that’s simply
      Corruption of the facts.
      Adam ate the apple.
      Eve ate Adam.
      The serpent ate Eve.
      This is the dark intestine.
      The serpent, meanwhile,
      Sleeps his meal off in Paradise –
      Smiling to hear
      God’s querulous calling.”

      1. Honestly I’ve never understood that. You do lose women chasing money through opportunity cost. If you’re out trying to get rich instead of laid then you forgo all pussy you could have gotten if you had tried to get laid instead. The real question is which one is more important?(no brainer)

        1. There is indeed an opportunity cost in the chase.
          The point is that money attracts women–so once you’re getting it, you don’t lose but rather actually get women without having to actively chase them. However, the converse is not true: once you’re getting women–by chasing them–that does not at all attract money, quite the contrary.
          The Manosphere focuses so much on chasing women that the better part of the story–getting them to chase you–is routinely overlooked. That’s like learning the letters of the alphabet without getting to enjoy a novel.

        2. I have money. Getting women is better. There is no finer pleasure than getting some great ass.

        3. You don’t need money to get women. You don’t need to lose money to get women. If you do then…

        4. You’re reading wrong, sir.
          I never said you need money to get women. I said once you get money, women get interested.

        5. Fair enough, but I think it depends on what you want from that woman. If you want a relationship then your job will mean a lot to them. If you just want a shag, it won’t matter whether you have money or not.

        6. Nice tale, but they are banging all the muscle bound athletic beasts- like me on the side- every moan and screech she utters in bed with you…
          … is for me.

        7. Untrue, women are always chasing men with money and then when you get money you can just buy the woman you want.

        8. ” you can just buy the woman you want.” Then she buys the lawyer she wants,… they split your proceeds…then she proceeds to split.

  2. A) Everything in life is tolerance: you tolerate your boss, you tolerate your parents, you tolerate your friends. Everything breeds tolerance and familiarity, why would marriage be any different? That’s not a bad thing, because without those people, you’d have nothing.
    B) Women may reward sex to alphas nowadays first, but you are not any better. You reward sex to sluts first, and wait around until you want to get married to a wife material girl, and make her your sloppy second.

    1. A) No it isnt.
      B) You assume most guys here even want to be married in the first place. Isn’t it obvious that we don’t?

      1. Yes. All of men have stated in their lives that they’ll never marry, and all of them got married.
        You think if I’m a virgin and good wife material, I want to marry a man that’s fucked every girl in town?

        1. As long as he is rich women don’t give a toss how many women he has fucked. After all they are all prostitutes.

        2. False.
          If you’re looking to marry a whore, sure. But if you’re looking for a decent women to marry, it don’t matter if you’re rich or not. If you’re a slut, you’re a slut. And I’m not getting married and losing my virginity to a whore when I can easily get married to a man who’s a virgin.
          I’m not Western, where I’m from, men wait until they’re married to lose their virginity because no other women but prostitutes give it up.

        3. “it don’t matter if you’re rich or not”
          Keep dreaming and spreading lies. Women are by definition prostitutes (yes all of them including you) because they will only settle for a man and marry him based solely on his assets or future economic potential. In the end they all trade their pussies for money.

        4. Shut the fuck up, and you listen to me:
          I’m sorry that you’re so full of hate and have your mindset jaded, but I’m not looking to marry a millionaire. I can provide for myself, so what I need is a man who can also provide for himself, because I’m not anyone’s bank.
          Now, see, I’m not Western, so I expect the man to be able to be the sole provider, because the money I make is not going to spent on anyone besides me.

        5. Marrying a man who can provide for a family, is not the same as “not settling until you find someone who’s rich.”
          Because if that rich person is an asshole, I’m not marrying him because I need to have some peace of mind and a good environment for my children.
          Now, sorry to burst your bubble, that also doesn’t mean I’m going to marry a poor bastard who can’t provide for my family.
          BOO FUCKING HOO.

        6. And that metaphor of women being equal to prostitutes because they’ll only marry a man who’s well off doesn’t make any sense.
          A) They’re not fucking different men for money
          B) They’re having a family with that man and have to spend the rest of their life with him
          C) they take care of that man, emotionally and physically, not just fuck him and off they go
          D) they raise that man’s children
          E) They love that man emotionally
          F) go create a victim magazine for Western men, because all you do is fucking whine. Go abroad, and see what real men are like, you pussy whipped bitch.

        7. I am not going to shut the fuck up as you so politely suggest. You are the one who has no place here on ROK. This is a site for men. Go to some feminazi website with your nonsense

        8. “I expect the man to be able to be the sole provider, because the money I make is not going to spent on anyone besides me.”
          I pitty the poor bastard who ends up with this selfish egoist.

        9. That’s how men outside the West live their lives, because they have great women that are worth it.
          And guess what? They don’t complain. Unlike you, you whiny bastard.

        10. And I see a lot of articles on here saying you guys should date foreign women. Please don’t:
          A) you are a slut
          B) With the exception of Asian women, we are VERY expensive
          C) you don’t meet the criteria

        11. where do I complain? please tell me. I only said all women are prostitutes and then you hit the ceiling and started yelling and screaming …

        12. You should appreciate those feminist, because there the only ones that will date your broke ass.

        13. Wrong.
          The man should always be more experienced sexually than his wife, because women’s sexuality is “trickier” than men’s. That’s why we have prostitutes and why dads used to gift their sons for their 16th with a visit to the local brothel.

        14. Broke your ass
          The act of rushing to go out of ones way for something or someone. To go out of one’s way for.
          Originally heard from Clint Eastwood (Dave) in the movie Play Misty For Me albeit sarcastically.
          Sgt. McCallum: Why? Because she was released on parole pending further legal action.
          Dave: When.
          Sgt. McCallum: A week.
          Dave: Well I sure like the way you broke your ass to let me know about it!

        15. Why do you pretend to hate feminists? They’re the only ones that will be with you.

        16. So you’re not going to use that money to buy things for your kids? Wow, you’re going to be a horrible wife and a horrible mom

        17. It’s pointless debating with a feminist. As you can see in her post, it’s all about me, me, me and not her own offspring.

        18. Why would I? What do you bring to the table besides your genitals? It sure isn’t spelling or grammar…

        19. I’m not a feminist. I’m just debunking this foreign myth Western men have.
          You are not ready to be with us, stay with your feminists. We are a lot of money and hard work.

        20. Even your jokes aren’t funny. You don’t even have a sense of humor. And you are foul-mouthed. Within the blink of an eye you presented yourself as a real prize (ahum). Your parents must be proud of you…..

        21. Tear…
          You think I look for online men for approval of who I am? LOL.
          There’s only one person’s approval that matters…. MINE.

        22. So you come here just to troll. On a saturday. A weekend. What an interesting life you must lead down there in the 3rd world with nothing better to do. But wait, your future man is saving all his earnings to buy your daddy a goat and a cow so he can finally fuck you (just another form of prostitution) …

        23. “In the end they all trade their pussies for money.”
          So I may as well buy one out right. MGTOW is the only way..

        24. it’s where you come from that matters, and that is the gutter of the world. No matter how many jewels you put on you will always be a sand nigger.

        25. LOL, WHAT?
          I come from an amazing country, you’re the one that comes from a trash culture.

        26. No, regarding the context I suppose you mean: I backed it up…
          just another typo…. you’re so damn intelligent… rofl

        27. No, you can say I backed it off with, too.
          And you’re acting like a twelve year old,

        28. And excuse me, but what do you mean by “sand nigger”? Is that a racial insult for people of M.E. background? Because, then, let me educate you:
          1) there’s brown Arabs and white Arabs
          2) White Arabs, such as myself, are from European descent.
          3) Arab is not a race, it’s a culture. We’re Semitic people from all types of places.

        29. “I’m just debunking this foreign myth Western men have.”
          Every nation has a bunch of lunatics. You are living proof.

        30. I am from The Netherlands. Europeans went all over the world to colonise the natives, but calling yourself an Arab of European descent is just rubbish. Please enlighten me and educate me on the history of Europeans who en masses went to Arabia, and don’t forget to mention some former collonies of Europe in Arabia, lol….

        31. Actually, yes. If a man has fucked every girl in town, it proves he has the highest possible social value. Marrying him sets you ABOVE all of those girls.

        32. Do your fucking research, you ignorant fuck.
          White Arabs are European, and research confirms that if you want to be racist.

        33. Then you should probably understand that most attitudes and articles are presented firmly from a western perspective. Most of us do not pretend to understand how our culture differs from others, and in fact many men SEEK OUT women from alternative cultures as spouses, considering western women irredeemable.
          This is often a rewarding experience, as long as he is careful to never drop his wife into the western cultural matrix, where she quickly adapts to the local social mores and becomes indistinguishable from western women.

        34. That’s the problem, though.
          You can’t be with us, because you don’t meet the criteria:
          A) you’re a slut
          B) you’re not willing to be the sole provider
          C) you’re whiny
          D) you’re not a real man
          E) you’re not a family man
          F) you’re probably cheat on us

        35. Besides you are an Arab, a muslim. And besides feminists we hate muslims and their degenerated 7th century desert ideology maybe even more here in the West. Tell me, how is having your clit cut up?

        36. I’m not Muslim, you stereotypical fuck.
          I don’t believe in God. And j fiy: a lot of Arabs are Christian.

        37. We don’t cut women’s clit, you stereotypical retard.
          Go out into the real work and learn something for once.

        38. again, that depends on which culture you come from. If you are Japanese, that list is clearly false… Western men are extremely popular. If you are Indian, I fucking laugh at that list, because Indian women are the ultimate entitled whores that no sane American would come within a hundred feet of without a gun and a rope. If you are Pakistani? You may have a point, culturally.

        39. I’m Middle Eastern, and we are very expensive. Most Western men are not used to living with women with such high standards. That’s why I say stay with your feminists, because they make life easier for you.

        40. No they are not. But it doesn’t matter because in South America some also claim to be of European descent instead of just admitting they descent from the local indians and maya’s. Apparantly it’s the same in Arabia. Everybody wants to be of European descent, but only a few truely are and I am one of them. And you are just a sand nigger.

        41. Fuck you, nobody wants to be a part of your shit culture.
          We never say we’re American or Canadian or whatever, we say we’re Middle Eastern, but if we get a racist dick like you that is ignorant, and we are white, we tell them that they’re being racist against their own fucking race.

        42. I think perhaps you should define which middle eastern cultural group. Paki Girls are very very different from Armenian whores, who are different from wide-eyed Palestinian perpetual victims, who are different from entitled Dubai bitches (who are indistinguishable from western women except for a slightly lower average body fat)

        43. btw ‘We are very expensive’ strongly implies that you are a prostitute.

        44. Yes you do. That is how primitive you people in the desert still are. Cutting up females clits, because for heaven’s sake she might enjoy sex….

        45. Eh,StopFightingGuys…TheOilWillRunOutSoon…TheShitTalkingWill

        46. LOL, RIGHT?!
          I swear, if you tick me off….

        47. Nowhere I referred to Arabs as a race. You should read better and more precise. Then you would have known I am from The Netherlands and not from America. But since you are a sub human, from a lower standard, it is probably asked too much of you. I understand.

        48. You are far from white. In your dreams you wish you where white. And of course it doesn’t matter there where you are from, instead of here in the West where it does matter. All of you just come from the desert, hence: sand niggers.

        49. exactly, you finally get it. An Arab calling himself of European descent is indeed in denial.

        50. Asian women love White men because THEY’RE FUCKING POOR.
          Middle Eastern women realize that you’re a disgrace.

        51. not sure if she’s russian, but this is a very common attitude among russian and ukrainian women: what you earn is ours, what i earn is mine.
          were i less of a lazy man, i might write an article on the downsides of russian and ukrainian women. there are plenty.

        52. I thought you hated feminists. This is how it was before feminism. SEE? YOU CLAIM TO HATE FEMINISM, BUT YOU WOULD DIE WITHOUT IT.

        53. Arabs in general are the most self-loating cunts you’ll ever come across. Generally denigrating anyone who’s not arab while having a seething hatred (i.e envy) of white people & white culture.

        54. She’s a woman/mangina, don’t expect anything in the way of logic or reason from it.

        55. I’m from Dubai, so I don’t know which parts, if any, are poor. But all I know is that Asian women are whores, and they latch onto Western and Arab men because they’re poor as fuck.

        56. Of course you are. Which means all your protestations about having ‘higher standards’ is just a euphemism for the fact that you are every bit the frigid, leeching western whore that Euroamerican chicks are.
          Don’t your men pay vast sums to shit on a woman’s face? Your men are pathetic weaklings.

        57. If our men don’t complain, why are you angry?
          It’s because you’re a pussy whipped Western male. You want your women to be like you.

        58. And I have no idea what you’re talking about with the shit, LOL.
          Seriously, quit watching Western media and go out into the real world.

        59. because your men are pathetic wimps. of course they don’t complain when abused by a hulking she-beast.

        60. Oh, I have spent plenty of time in Dubai. Your men are small cowards that show no courage unless they outnumber a real man ten to one.
          They are like… islamic mexicans.

        61. All women are whores or rather have the propensity to be whores. Women simply will trade men for advantages and will leverage sex to her advantage. Women will only play the virginal role when a society (e.g. essentially all Islamic countries) forces them into those roles.

        62. I scanned through that, didn’t read it.
          Normal ass people are not walking around doing that shit, if that’s what you mean.
          And you guys are not any better, I can google a bunch of wacky ass shit you guys do.

        63. And you guys are not any better, I can google a bunch of wacky ass shit you guys do.

          Please do, I would love to read it. However, You really should read the first link I sent you. It has to do with the best/wealthiest men your “culture” has to offer.

        64. Mmm… The hyper masculine men? Not really, they’re okay if they don’t try to get in my way.

        65. I think there’s been a confusion. I think Arab men are alpha and hyper masculine, not you.

        66. Married women from the persian gulf turn into nasty skanks when they travel in western countries. Out comes the tinder profile for vacation sex.

        67. FOR REAL, RIGHT?
          There are totally ones that do, man.
          I’m just like, “Um… What the fuck are you doing? You’re supposed to boast about how much better you are than Western women, not join them.”

        68. Then you are retarded. Japan has a standard of living that rivals dubai despite not sucking every ounce of wealth from America. Japanese women are, if handled carefully, pliant, feminine, and desirable. Obviously not as BEAUTIFUL as a healthy western woman (No one is) but attitude makes up for a lot. and certainly not ‘poor’.
          As compared to shrill, bitchy sand-jews from Dubai that emasculate their men and wonder why they prefer to buy western whores.
          You are not ‘keeping your virginity’, you are making a virtue of the fact that no one WANTS it.

        69. I’m from Duabi. They only used to do that in Egypt. LOL, sorry to disappoint.

        70. Which, technically, is in Africa. And that was something they did in Africa because the women genetically had a longer whatever the hell you call it. So they would trim it.

        71. “nobody wants to be a part of your shit culture”
          How many refugees come to Arabia seeking asylum each year and how many are granted asylum? The mediterranean by now is a mass grave with all those desperately willing to come to Europe, risking everything.
          My culture sure isn’t perfect but at least my culture doesn’t behead people solely because they have a different opinion, nor do we hang homosexuals because we are not afraid of homosexuals unlike you Arabs, nor do we mutilate female’s genitals because we believe it is ok for a woman to enjoy sex and above all we strongly believe in the sovereignty of the human body, nor do we put her under a blanket when she wants to leave the house. These are just a few of the enlightened ideas our societies in the West are based upon since 1789 (french revolution). Arabian society never went through any form of enlightment. Therefor its society is still based upon a degenerated 7th century desert ideology. And you dare shaming my culture? Arabia is the only country in the world where women are still forbidden to drive cars. How retarded do you want it to be?

        72. You mean Western men? None, I don’t date Western men. I made the sad mistake of dating one before, but only because he relentlessly kept asking me out, and I broke up with him after 2 weeks.

        73. Here’s your problem: you’re an uneducated, know nothing American. Not all of the M.E. follows the same regulations. I have never had my clit chopped, I have never worn a hijab or burka, I publicly announce I’m an atheist and I’m still alive, and I drive a car.

        74. no you are damn cheap, because all a man needs to buy is a blanket to cover you up when he goes out in public with you

        75. hence: prostitutes
          don’t you think it is a bit pathetic in 2015 to need a man to pay for everything your sorry ass wants?

        76. Well, I can say the same thing about you: don’t you think it’s pathetic to hate on women who have a lot of sex in 2015?

        77. no it is the other way around: our women are immitating western men and that is what is bothering a lot of us males

        78. From your comments you’re the stereotype of the sexually frustrated female who isn’t getting enough alpha cock.

        79. Liaaaaar. You just don’t know that you can’t live without those feminists.
          If I was to date you, you’d drop dead in a matter of a month because you don’t know how to be a real man.

        80. So what has your nation invented and contributed to the uplifting of mankind? All your wealth is based upon the sheer luck of enormous amounts of oil in the ground, where you even need Western companies and Western technology to get it from under the sand. Wealth you Arabs aren’t even able to devide among your own people.

        81. Oh yes we can do without feminazi’s. That is why the masses of young men refuse to marry them these days and why the feminists are panicking all over the place.
          Don’t flatter yourself: I would never date an Arab low life like yourself. Even if the survival of mankind would depend upon us two, than the human race will just go extinct.

        82. Maybe only top 10% of males are alpha. Doesn’t matter where. You’re not getting fucked hard enough, and you’re blaming western men, who you’ve never had sex with. Now go back to bed and play with your clit.

        83. Again, tell me where I wrote that I hate women who have lots of sex? You have serious problems with reading and understanding and you put words in my mouth I never said. Typical female behaviour.

        84. No, it matters where. Because if you’re a Western man, you lived your whole life with easy women, easy sex, women who spend money on you, women who are desperate and don’t have self respect, etc etc.

        85. … and not a single Arabian man wants you. How come that isn’t a surprise?

        86. Is this the part where I’m supposed to prove that I’m desirable? LOL.

        87. IsItThatSimple?PissOffMiddleEasternFeministsandTheWestGoes.

        88. Then your impressions are incorrect. If your only exposure to American men has been Urban faggots, TV personalities, and metrosexuals, I could understand your confusion.

        89. Going back home once I’m done university. The only man in my family that could put his ten thousand kids in university of Dubai is my uncle, and that’s because he’s a millionaire. Not the expression, LITERALLY is a millionaire. And he wouldn’t even help out his own brother. I was like, “Do NOT even call me your niece.” THAT’S MY LIFE HE COULD HAVE MADE BETTER, INSTEAD OF HAVING ME COME TO THIS WESTERN SHITHOLE.

        90. Actually, people from the Middle East, or Arabs, are racially white, or “Caucasoid” to be more accurate. Race and ethnicity are different. Not that it matters whether they’re white or not, since being white isn’t better then being anything else 🙂

        91. Lol. If you actually spent your formative years in Dubai [which, judging from your overall temperament and lack humility, I highly doubt], you’re either dishonest or delusional.
          First and foremost, prostitution is INSANE in Dubai because Dabawi men fuck everything and enjoy life while their sisters have to stay at home and remain virgins; As it should be.
          Secondly, I love how you pretend as if Dabawi women are chaste out of the goodness of their hearts…LMFAO!!! Bull-fucking-shit. You live under Sharia law asshole. Insignificant things women in the West do everyday is ILLEGAL for you rug-riders.
          e.g. Sending nude or indecent photos or racy text messages via phone or email is illegal.
          e.g. Being somewhere private with a member of the opposite sex, whom you are not married or related to, is illegal.
          e.g. Extramarital sex is illegal.
          Your society keeps women under lock and key because they understand that women actually children, as evidenced by your immature posts here.

        92. So you feel like you are…entitled to his money? Just because you are his neice?

        93. In the M.E., we don’t call it “entitled”, we call it that’s what family does. My uncle is just an exception to the rule. He’s evil in nature, a liar, and a thief. Aahah, actually, his face has this disease now where it’s blotchy and red, and I told my mom once we were leaving his mansion, “He’s fucking ugly.” And she was like, “God did that to him, because he’s evil and he lies.” XD

        94. A) Don’t ever talk about my home as if you’ve ever lived there. Internet doesn’t equal experience
          Shut the fuck up and take a seat, everything you’re saying is bull.

        95. Oh, and fyi: just because there’s laws that state shit based on our Islamic religion, doesn’t mean anyone actually follows it. Lol, I publicly announce I’m an atheist and roll my eyes, no one is coming to arrest me.
          Lots of women cheat on their husbands, a very close friend of mine does and everyone knows, and she’s not getting arrested.
          ETC, ETC…
          And yes, prostitution is insane, because it’s the M.E. Las Vegas, the point is those prostitutes are Asian hookers and not actual women of Dubai, because the women know how to keep their men in check.
          There are NO Arab prostitutes, we bring Asians in and there like second class citizens (sad, but true. along with Indians.)
          There’s no such thing as men get to sleep around, and women stay virgins. If a man sleeps around, he’s the type that can’t afford to get married. And women don’t marry whores. And women don’t “stay at home”, we work our asses off and most of my family are engineers (a position that is very rare for women to obtain in the West)
          Another example: In Jordan, (where I’m originally from), homosexuality is legal. Even though it’s against our religion, doesn’t mean anyone actually follows is, so the King made it legal.
          And you seem very upset with your name calling and bold print… Is it because you can’t afford an Arabian woman? It’s okay, life is unfair. At least you have obese feminists. After all, it’s a vagina, right?

    2. Why would you tolerate a worthless wife if you didn’t have to? Why tolerate a horrible boss when you could go get another job? Why tolerate shitty friends when you don’t have to hang out with them?
      Tolerance is for weak men.

      1. No, tolerance is the human condition, because we’re not going to find someone who embodies exactly what we want.
        You will learn that once you mature.

        1. Well you’re not married and you’re a woman, so you have no idea what you’re talking about

        2. That made no sense. I’m alive, aren’t I? So how would I not know that life is just one big tolerance?

        3. CJ-IRememberYourMarriageStory-WhyNotFillThis”person”in?

        4. For a bitch (allegedly) preaching tolerance, she sure is an intolerable (and insufferable) Cuntistani isn’t she?

      2. Indeed. It is wise to avoid individuals who will be a detriment to ones life, particularly long term.

      3. Unfortunately I’m tolerating our society and government in the west temporarily, until I amass enough capital to flee.

  3. I recommend Kate Bolick’s All the Single Ladies, where she writes about the difficult dating life of a 30-something single woman. I must warn there’s a bit of cat-lady level hamstering and mainstream apologia in the article, but she comes amazingly close to accidentally giving herself the Red Pill. A few highlights…

    We [30-something females] arrived at the top of the staircase, finally ready to start our lives, only to discover a cavernous room at the tail end of a party, most of the men gone already, some having never shown up – and those who remain are leering by the cheese table, or are, you know, the ones you don’t want to go out with.’

    But the non-committers are out there in growing force. If dating and mating is in fact a marketplace—and of course it is—today we’re contending with a new “dating gap,” where marriage-minded women are increasingly confronted with either deadbeats or players.

    Basically, in a roundabout way she ends up saying that feminism hurts the ability for men to be successful, which in turn decreases the number of “marriageable” men. (After all, women don’t want to marry a man who’s doing worse than she is.) The men who are marriageable see they have a lot of options and decide to play the field instead. In a society that holds men back so women can succeed, a female’s romantic options is basically between “players” or “losers,” and she is faced with some hard decisions.
    I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever be able to directly give the Western woman the Red Pill. Rather, we may need to feed her the Purple Pill (ala the Atlantic article) first.

    1. An excellent post.
      “feminism hurts the ability for men to be successful, which in turn decreases the number of “marriageable” men”
      I’ve never heard the situation described that way before, but it makes perfect sense.
      As far as books go, my favourite is the manipulated man, by Esthar Vilar.

      1. regardless of how much schools indoctrinate women, they aren’t attracted to men who make less money than them. The tall, confident badboy highschool athlete, now in the real world, is making $12 an hour while she’s a Physician assistant making 80k a year. They were too stupid to see it coming.

        1. The most interesting aspect is with the woman who doesn’t want to work but prove she can do it too. Nothing in regards to job growth was added to compensate for the new bodies, most of whom are eager to quit once a “good” man comes along or they get pregnant, or both. Meanwhile we have hit an advancement stall looking to appease the fresh female graduates and rape culture recipients. It is all a fun experiment to limit the populace.

      2. Girl I have been dating recently said the same thing. “Feminism has hurt women and the women are too stupid to realize that they are cutting off their own nose while thinking it’s the men who are feeling it.”
        Those are her exact words via text and she’s right. Radical feminists have made the guys who women want say “fuck you then” and walk away. Did they not think this through? Men are not emotional for the most part and did they think we would just one day say “ohhh noooo no poon!”. Errr no….. thanks Jenna Haze you lifesaver you!

        1. She most certainly “could” but that isn’t my choice to make. I should have added the word “radical” before the word feminism to state that accurately. There is, of course, a large difference between the original intent and modern day version.

        2. Incorrect; 25% of you are being medicated but that means 75% are going untreated.

        3. Pride of any sort leads to inequality.
          For example, in the Second World War, Nations that became prideful led to devastating conflict. When someone has pride in themselves for a particular reason, such as gender, or a certain heritage, they begin to point out the good qualities in themselves compared to others, and it is very easy for someone who is prideful to fall into discrimination against others. When you believe you are great, it is very easy to believe that you are greater than others, and that you somehow deserve more, or that someone is lesser than you.
          Feminism started out by pointing out the fact that men were being prideful, and discriminating against women. Men have taken a big step, and have mostly changed that mindset. Women get to vote, can have a job, can go to school and get a good education, and for the most part can live on their own two feet without needing to have a husband in order to eat, have shelter, and be clothed. However, a branch of feminism called radical feminism has began to reshape and contort the original intent of feminism. Those radical beliefs portray men as lesser, disregard men’s thought’s and feelings, and almost automatically put women first. This is why, as you can see in these comments, that many men are growing resentful of women with this mindset.
          Women with these beliefs are hurting themselves, because they are hurting their fellow man, and causing them to resent women. this causes distress and is a step farther from any type of equality.
          Rather than supporting feminism, or any kind of group that prides only one aspect of humanity, support men and women, of all cultures, and try to come to the defense of suffering people regardless of gender or race. That is the true step in the right direction.

    2. I see a lot of young women in healthcare who are either PA’s , pharmacists or radiologic technicians who make 60k-100k a year.
      They literally can’t find a suitable husband because deep down they aren’t attracted to a guy who makes less money than them. They think it’s pathetic (its basically a violation of natural order). They instinctually wont enter a bad deal where they don’t get something out of it.
      Fuck them, they can find out the hard way and stay single into their 30s. ‘Female empowerment’ has left them alone

      1. Fuck those women in the pussy….I say. They got equality, got the high paying jobs and they’re still bitching. You’ll never satisfy this bunch.

        1. Yeah, fuck these women in the pussy indeed. Women are incredibly “shallow” that way.. in that despite feminism, they still want a guy as successful if not more so … You have to ask them why. They’re strong, empowered women who can make their own money.. so why the fuck do they care about a man’s income and status? Maybe it’s just the way it is.. that is female nature . shaped by millions of years of evolution.. and if that is the case, and these attraction cues are biological and will not change despite feminism, and therefore if women are unable to find lower-status and less successful men attractive and worthy enough to marry, doesn’t that point to the lie that is feminism and to the hypocrisy of women ? And if this is the case, why should men support a movement and ideology that encourages female success at the expense of male success, and decreases the prospects of the average man finding a wife?

        2. Yes. So ‘strong and independent’ yet expecting men to engage in old traditions which were of benefit to them — like picking up the entire tab.
          Months ago I read a story on this self proclaimed “strong n independent” woman who identifies as a feminist going off on how a guy she went out with made her pay half the tab. And though she’s “independent,” she just wants the guy to pick up the entire tab cause like … “Well that’s tradition that she like you know … wants.”
          Sexism when they don’t like it. Chivalry when they do.

        3. Yeah, that’s typical female hypocrisy and feminist bullshit.
          They want “equality” when it suits them.. but they’re ready to “shame” men and invoke gender stereotypes when it suits them and to hold on to female privileges, i.e., expecting a guy to pay for her, to be “chivalrous”, etc.
          Fuck that shit. You don’t get to have feminism and equality and also retain female privileges at the same time. That’s not how it works.

        4. I just tell them that if they want me to act like a gentleman they have to act like a lady.

        5. Deep down, women want their careers to be “optional”. If it stops being fun they want the option to stay home.

        6. Godamn right. Fuck em all. I see a chick with a flat tire/broken down car on the side of the road. I think about stopping for a split second because that is the nature of a man. Then I realize the truth and the lies about human nature and society which I have forsaken. So I hold my middle finger out the car as I drive by laughing.
          “Fuck yourself bitch!”
          I won’t lift a finger to do shit for em. Big daddy govt does it all. Even chicks I game I make them pay for shit and do shit for me or I’m out the fuckin door. I don’t have time for any bullshit.
          They got a problem with it? Call your white knight orbiters. That’s their fuckin job…to help her weak ass and in return she gives em blue balls. I’ve actually told this to chicks in which they sheepishly agree.
          Ironically since I have been all about me with women and a take no prisoners aggressive attitude towards any of her fickleness, I have been unfairly rewarded just about every damn time. To this day I still think to myself when it is all goin down…….”Wow you are one stupid fuckin creature”.
          The thought that I ever held such an inferior being in such high esteem worthy of my love makes me cringe and then laugh hysterically. Seriously guys who was the idiot there? ( points at self ) This guy! Any other guy whose idea of love is something you would give all away to a woman…to LOL
          “give her your heart!” you are one stupid fuck and let me tell you something..your love doesn’t mean a fucking thing in that case. When you give something valuable away to those who don’t want or deserve it you are fuckin worthless……in your own eyes. You really hate yourself.
          Now ladies bow down and SUCK. THIS. DICK.
          Just this past weekend at my job this hot blond comes up to me ( i work at a popular bar) and says ” I dont know anyone”. I look at her and say
          “Who the fuck cares?” and then i make a motion with my hand like I am jerking off on her and spewing semen all over her. She then leaves the stage where I am standing. Not 5 fucking minutes later she comes back directly to me looking all googly eyed and literally falls into my arms shoving her goddamn tongue down my throat. LOL
          Wtf is wrong with these broads??

        7. If you owned a buisness and your buisness partner wasn’t bringing in as much money as you wouldn’t it concern you?

        8. Not all women who reguard them self as feminist agree with men paying for the full tab, I think women should always pay half.

        9. Not all women who reguard themselves as feminists expect men to pick up the tab. I think women should pay half.

        10. Love and marriage isn’t a “business,” you silly woman. It is a partnership though, I agree.. and both partners can bring different things to the relationship and marriage..
          My main point is that most men don’t resent supporting a woman and don’t really care or mind if she’s less successful than he is.. but this isn’t true of women. Women resent supporting men and reject men who are less successful than they are.. and if that’s the case, feminism is full of crap.. because male and female natures aren’t the same, and it makes no sense to structure society to enable female success at the expense of male success if women are only attracted to men at their level and higher.

        11. “Deep down, women want their careers to be “optional”. If it stops being fun they want the option to stay home.”
          And this is another reason why men SHOULD earn more than women, and that there SHOULD be a gender wage gap, even if it doesn’t exist currently, feminist propaganda notwithstanding. Women have the option of relying on high-achieving husbands if they decide to exercise this option and stay home.. men have no such corresponding option. High achieving, successful women will never support men in the same way that high achieving and successful men support their wives. Women resent supporting men in any way, and lose all sexual attraction to a man and husbands who aren’t as successful as she is.

        12. This right here is exactly why marriage is fucked. Women treat it like a business transaction, which is why the 50% divorce rate with 70% of them filing for divorce is a statistical reality. Wake up boys, its a one sided contract between you and her, and many women are going into it with their eyes as wide open as this prostitute above me is. Please tell me the difference between this whore and one you pay by the hour? This one gets to keep your kids and an ongoing alimony even when she is no longer fucking you.

        13. I always pay the tab and my girl never tells me no in the bedroom. We’re both happy. Traditional relationships are the best.

        14. No. Men and women are different. Most men don’t care about a woman’s income. I’m not concerned if a woman makes less than me, but I am HIGHLY concerned if she’s fat, ugly, or bitchy.

        15. We have a saying here in Brazil: “Ateísta até o avião começar a cair; comunista até receber a herança; feminista até chegar a conta.”
          I’ll try to translate: “Atheist until the flight falls; communist until he receives the heritage; feminist until the bill arrives.”
          Hipocrisy at its finest.

        16. You think… but do you do it? And, after doing this… do you view the guy as the same? Or do you view him maybe as “inferior” since he didn’t pay all the bill? Words are wind 😉

        17. Good for you. So you’re a fringe feminist. Just ask yourself whether having to be “fringe” isn’t an indication that you’re batting for some bat-shit-crazy harpies who are so scorned that they became fat and ugly and never did anything about it that they decided to start blogging about how all men are rapists (despite the fact that they are the least rapeable demographic).

        18. how was it in the traditionalist model – did the woman bring in as much as the man?

        19. This is THE best reason not to cohabitate or to get married. Because she can mooch of you when she doesn’t feel pressure to perform in the workfield. Comfort = laziness. Most of the time. Millions of women rather get married, have 2 or 3 children, stay at home 20 years and then get a stupid parttime job instead of working 40 hrs a week.

        20. The 50% divorce rate isn’t accurate these days. That’s a product of the 70’s, when divorce was at its highest. My understanding is it’s dropped below 40% now. That said, I believe the reason is because fewer men are getting roped into unhappy marriages.

        21. thats a very good point, from my own contact with successful females, the ones screaming the loudest are early thirties, when they get to 40 and realise working long hours sucks they want to bail.
          The disappointing thing about this setup is the time, energy, money, resources is all wasted and thrown away when they decide to “settle down”.
          meanwhile the displacement of men from higher education and job openings has a detrimental effect on society.

        22. I think this part of the ‘pay gap’ argument is always overlooked.
          females seldom have careers like men but require the same resources/govt spending/education as men to achieve less overall.

        23. no. she is a liar. her thoughts were with her, with absolving her vanity, with justice to justify her self-title most-moral feminist, with seeking attention to credit her being where she does so deserve nothing. and you validated that filth.
          give women nothing. no dick, no attention, no shame, no pride; nothing. women’s speech, no matter how convincing of simulation, is still hollow, just like this attention whore’s here. so unless this girl is at your house now, giving you head, giving you actually something, you will give her nothing. you will validate nothing, and -only- then will you find yourself better.

        24. so we’re good then? at 50% you wouldn’t trade for divorce hell, but at 40% you would? well, you’ve certainly convinced me, doc! let’s run off to the altar; it’ll be gay in more ways than one, but 40%! hot damn what good odds!
          fucking meaningless statistics. which no one can agree on precisely because they are so meaningless. while the odds, the likelihood, of divorce may be acceptable ‘improvement’ to you, this is not about odds. this is about risk; what is the positive predictive value for marriage failure and what happens if you predict poorly? you should know risk != odds, doc. the risk is fucking banana-ville stupid.

        25. If marriage was a “business”, then yes, it probably would bother me. But marriage is supposed to be a partnership based on love and mutual respect– and it’s up to the participants to determine whether or not the relationship they have works.

        26. But try treating the woman as a “business transaction” and you get arrested.
          “Please tell me the difference between this whore and one you pay by the hour?”
          Quantity discunt.

        27. I know. Was just trying to push her in the right direction through my “ignorant” appraisal.

        28. Greed, Anger, and Ignorance. Three reasons that we suffer immeasurably. I read all three demonstrated here.
          Out of ignorance, you refuse to see people as individuals. You group them into one classification, one way of being, one mindset. And so perhaps one, or a few people have wronged you, which I think most people reading this can agree has happened to them. But the difference in how you respond is taking those few, and placing that reputation upon the whole group. Such as the woman whose car is broken down on the side of the road. She has never met you, nor do you know her. she hasn’t wronged you in any way, But you rub salt in her wound. Yet, you are not the one demonstrating the most hate, and the most cruelty towards others?
          If a man gets bitten by a rabid dog, he may walk through life in fear and avoidance of all dogs. But a man who was loved and bonded to a dog may walk his life peacefully, unafraid of dogs. So when I ask you, which of the two is the wisest? To say that either of them are, is incorrect. To believe in any extreme, is pure ignorance, and so neither of them is wise.
          You live under a greedy illusion that women are to live up to your image. This is the root to the cause of your suffering towards this problem. Just as the man who had been bitten by the rabid dog, he believes that all dogs are rabid. As certain women have not acted accordingly to the mold that you have set for them, you have become resentful. Out of fear of women causing distress in your life, whether it be emotionally, financially, economically, or other, you lash out in anger and eventually aversion. That response however, is delusional, because you are living under the delusion that others will live up to your expectation. The man who was bitten will never experience the joy and love of companionship that the other man will, because he cannot get past his own mental wall of expectation.
          But the other man is also a fool, because he walks blindly with a preconceived perception that all dogs are nice, and so has no way to expect or protect himself should the dog be rabid, instead of kind. This is probably the man that you used to be.
          The truth is, man or woman, nobody is who you really think they are. Nobody is consistently going to respond in a way that suits your idea of an appropriate response. So to hold any one person, or everyone, to an expectation of any sort, is setting yourself up for disappointment and ultimately your own suffering. But what you choose to do with that disappointment and suffering is what really matters.
          The first option is to live as you are now, in a delusion that every dog bites, and ultimately lack true companionship, and eventually lose the ability to create a real bond due to your own hatred dictating your actions, living in a negative and destructive mindset.
          The second option is to live blindly, believing that every dog will obey and comply and be loving, and feel the pain and disappointment of the inevitability that not all dogs consistently fit this mold, and that the dog you choose as your companion may not be as you preconceived them to be.
          The third option is to live in between, not holding any new dog to an expectation and showing caution, but at the same time showing compassion and love, without expectation that they will reciprocate. (If you don’t expect a person to be kind when you are kind, it won’t hurt you when or if they aren’t.) and simply move on if they do not treat you kindly.
          But do not unnecessarily sacrifice your ability to love simply because some women are unkind. That is not their loss, and it is not them who suffers the most, but yourself.

        29. Rather, a legal contract between you on one side and her and the state on the other. As long as marriage and divorce law remain what they are getting married is outright insanity.

        30. Oh mate I have had that argument so many times. I used to say “women love equality… until the bill arrives.”

        31. I will pay the bill but I expect payment “in kind”. In other words, you do your bit and I’ll do mine.

        32. I don’t normally respond to females but I am actually flattered you took the time to write out such a lengthy opinion piece which isn’t half bad for a female.
          First off you will never understand the mind of a man. His intensity of thought, drive and singularity of purpose are things that you cannot understand due to biological realities. At the very best you can try to ape him like most women and look like a shallow caricature of a man….a cheap imitation. At worst( and how most feminists look) you will appear as a grotesque abnormality.
          For your own sanity please just accept yourself as a female and be a fucking female. You are wired a certain way biologically and your body will respond to certain stimuli without your conscious effort. This is actually the blueprint for every females life. Completely driven unbeknownst to her solely by her biology floating through life like a wisp only tethered to reality by a strong man. Technology has thrown a wrench into her biology however which is why women are utterly worthless. You are not good wives or good mothers and that is the primary purpose of your body not only biologically but morally for the proliferation of the species.
          You have been emancipated from all that. Unshackled from the patriarchal chains you now have been liberated and are free to live and love……..right?.
          Women today in the west enjoy more freedoms and luxuries than probably ever before in time. Yet they still are the most miserable unhappy fucking louts in the world. Studies have even shown that the modern woman has reached new levels of unhappiness. The vast array of her multitudes of neuroses only attests to that fact.
          Despite your flowery opinions on human nature and your naive ideals as to how things should be…you are exactly indeed just like every other fucking female in the world. If you were different you wouldn’t have a vagina. All those words you said basically amount to..:”not all women are like that!”. and is a solipsistic denial of reality and truth. You may indeed think you are the kindest, sweetest, most special little snowflake in the entire fucking world but the truth is you have benefited at the very least indirectly by feminism and the suicidal equality doctrine which has poisoned western civilizations and has utterly destroyed the nuclear family…which is the building block for all of society.. You have benefited from this on the broken backs of thirsty slave chump men whose singular desire for pussy drove them to produce all the shit we now have which you females are thoroughly glutting your fat asses on until it all flushes down the toilet.
          You failed to come to these conclusions or realize any of the deeper implications of my post in your well thought (for a broad) rebuttal to my hate filled diatribe. I can see that hamster spinning after reading it and going through all the people in your life and remarking to yourself…..”yep see, they are individuals! omg this guy is so wrong and hateful!”.
          The truth is more men are waking up to reality and getting wise to the scheme laid against them. You see when the state empowers women to basically hold a loaded gun to a man’s head at all times of his life….well there is going to be a lot of blow back eventually. As we are now seeing in the news…disenfranchised men are showing that they do actually have a vicious side when pushed to the absolute edge. This will not end well for you and especially not your children….if you actually have them and not say…..have a man stick a knife into your pussy to stab them to death.
          Women abort millions of babies every fucking year. Such special individuals….such selfless love in their hearts! I wonder how vast an area of land it would cover to pile up the skulls of aborted babies? Could you gander a guess clever goose?
          “Out of fear of women causing distress in your life, whether it be emotionally, financially, economically, or other, you lash out in anger and eventually aversion. That response however, is delusional,”
          You are projecting here because the delusion is coming from your end. Any sane man who looks at female nature unchained in our current dystopia will easily come to the conclusion from a risk/reward analysis that women are worth the absolute minimum of any man’s effort and the very second they misbehave they should be kicked abruptly out the door. You see bitch….that’s called seeing things for the way they are and making calculated decisions based on the risk/reward…..the opposite of delusion.
          The delusion on your end becomes painfully obvious to everyone (but you apparently) that believing in some false equality doctrine like
          ” Everyone is a special individual and equally valuable in some way” is true of humanity and people in general. This is a blatant falsehood and a biological untruth.
          Look around you. I’m sure you see many things like cars, buildings, maybe a plane flying, roads, gadgets, electronics, agriculture, industry……all these things you see and guess what? A fucking MAN built it all, thought of it all and enlisted other men to make it happen.
          Without us you would be living in a fucking mud hut unsure if you would survive the next goddamn night. So save me the everyone is special faggot talk you fucking retard.
          In fact if you really want to be a special person who is completely different from other females then just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Jesus Christ if only females would realize how much more attractive they would appear if they spoke less….much much less. Your opinions and complexity of thought will never even reach the clouds whereas a man’s has literally sent fucking ships into outer space. It’s just not happening hun…you can’t fucking compete with us and don’t even try.
          You aren’t my fucking equal. I could crush your windpipe with one hand wrapped around your feminine neck. There is no compromise or agree to disagree shit here. You are fucking stupid, shallow and solipsistic….BOTTOM LINE. The fact that you even made this post which for a woman like I said is probably the best I am ever going to see on the internet is a testament to your vanity because as I stated earlier, you fail to see the larger picture and you know what I don’t fault you for that because I know the truth. You’re a fucking female.
          I have experienced the genuine love of several women. I just got out of a 3yr relationship with a girl in her early twenties….who I literally could not get rid of. I got tired of fucking her and didn’t even care to keep up pretenses after 3 yrs. You see that is another thing that is true of a man’s nature. You could be the most beautiful, sweet, loving girl in the world….at some point sooner rather than later I am going to get tired of fucking you and will desire the strange conquest of unknown pussy. Even if said pussy isn’t even as attractive….simply because it is new I will be more hyped to fuck it. You can either accept that and deal with it if you ever want a real man( assuming you are young and attractive) or deny reality and be a miserable cunt your whole life. Which one will you choose? If I was a betting man( and I am) I know where the fuck my money is going.
          This is the nature of a man and no matter what the white knights in your life say….they are lying to you. Wouldn’t you hate someone or at the very least sever contact with someone who was lying to you? Surely you at least have that much self respect?
          “But do not unnecessarily sacrifice your ability to love”
          My ability to love is great indeed. It is powerful and extremely intense. I reserve it for myself and my own ends or things which you can never understand because they are unseen. Honor,sacrifice, glory just to name a few are all worthy of a man’s true love much more so than some withering flower(female). In fact a dog is more worthy of a man’s love and is more likely of being a loyal lifetime(dog’s life) companion to the man. We can always fuck some pussy and enjoy for the fleeting moment the rush and the fun of conquering it. I can be completely in the moment when I am with a girl and enjoy her femininity and sensuousness… that moment. Because I have been with enough women to know the outcome I can correctly place that experience into a usable frame of reference and thus enjoy her for the very little she brings to the table at this time.
          Normally this goes without saying but alas you have a vagina so it bears repeating. If you aren’t young and attractive none of the previous paragraph matters one bit because you simply have nothing to offer. You are intelligent? My male friends are much smarter. You are capable? My male friends can do everything faster and more efficient. You are witty? Haha that just means you’re a sarcastic,snarky cunt. My male friends actually possess what the word “wit” means according to the dictionary. In fact THE ONLY thing you do have which my male friends do not is a pussy and a pretty feminine body and face which I wouldn’t mind enjoying sexually. If you are no longer young and pretty (or never were pretty) and you aren’t like a grandmother of a large and tight family then you are a fucking worthless human and a biological dead end. Thank God your genes will die with you.
          In closing despite my crude use of curse words and insults which I happily hurl as a trident of truth to your fucking dome piece I want you to know…this is me being nice.

        33. I have a hard time believing that considering the tone and the wording of the post. But that could be possible considering the lack of “you have a small dick and never get laid” type of comments in Dweebette’s reply.
          The bottom line is this….their comment is laced with feel good platitudes and outright lies concerning human nature. For that this person receives my ire and even more so if indeed it is a male.
          Seriously who the fuck calls themselves “dweebette” and is a male? What kind of a male lacks the ability to make sound judgements about groups of people allowing him to make classifications and (gasp) informed generalizations?
          Their reply is tinged with a “dont judge people” vibe and that is the prima donna territory of a fucking skirt.
          Regardless of what that person was born with, a dick they do not have.

        34. iv’e read you’re post top to bottom.
          The first thing I would like to sate is that I did not say anything along the line that ‘everyone is special or perfect in their own way.’ That is an idea that you brought into this conversation on your own terms, which I assume you’ve concluded that I would believe, based on past interactions that you have had with females. I tend to see this as a trending belief in Women, so I can understand why you’d make assumptions.
          Biologically, every human being has unique genetic makeup. Does that mean that everyone is somehow good because of that fact in its own entirety?
          No. It is simply a fact that exists. How a person chooses emotionally to respond to that fact is entirely subjective.
          The second popular belief that many people hold is that you’re morality and beliefs determine whether you are a good person.
          But since morals are entirely differing between cultures and individuals, I don’t believe that the morals you hold dictate whether you are a good person or not either, since morals mean something different to everyone. What you may believe is right, I may not. What I may believe is right, you may not. This is why most arguments arise, which, I haven’t argued or said that you are wrong in what you believe in any way. If these are your beliefs, something that you hold close in your thoughts and to the core of your being, not a single comment here, or person, or opinion in this world is going to change your mind. My goal in commenting was not to change your mind, or to tell you that you are wrong, but rather, if you are an individual that is open minded, to give you a glimpse from a different perspective for your own benefit. Whether you wish to benefit from it or not is entirely up to you, and does not effect me if you choose to disregard or slander what I have to say, because it is not I who is losing out from your close mindedness.
          I don’t vehemently defend females. I am extremely aware that many, many women (with increasing number) make cruel, and savage choices against their male counterparts for their own selfish benefit.
          But I can also say the same thing about men towards women.
          To deny either is foolish. There for, if you are consciously aware that human beings, regardless of gender or nationality, experience suffering, we can find middle ground on this topic, because both men and women commit evil acts for selfish benefits. And both sides suffer the consequence.
          The issue between us is that I view you, and all others, as human beings, not men and women, and judge an individual solely on the acts they commit, or thoughts that they conceive. I don’t even view myself as male or female, because genitalia is as temporary as our lives. When we die, our bodies disintegrate into nothingness, along with manhood and womanhood. Your gender becomes irrelevant when you are a corpse covered in maggots.
          while you may view me as a female, and make fixations and limitations in your own perception based on that belief, you are missing out on the actual important part of conversing, which is the giving and taking of knowledge between two people.
          Let’s say that you did not consider me female, and that you imagined me as a male figure instead. You’re demeanor would change, and you may listen to what was being spoken. But imagining me as a female figure causes you to disregard what is being said, to hurl insults towards this image you have of a female in your mind.
          There for you are not speaking from any middle ground. You are speaking from an extreme. This bias, this emotional front that you portray based on gender, blocks you from receiving what otherwise may be a beneficial way of thinking, or something that could benefit you and make your life easier.
          Try speaking from mind to mind, not something as superficial as a slab of meat.
          You live by an extreme that all women are worthless and that they do not have any benefit to the world whatsoever. And yet, you came from one. You wouldn’t have been born if it were not for a woman. Half of the foundation of your life is of feminine origin. A man would not have been able to create anything, If a woman had not been there to bring him into this world.
          Those are all facts. They are not a challenge, but simply a statement that is true.
          To hate all women, is to hate the very foundation of yourself.
          To disapprove of someone’s actions is much more logical and less irrational.
          What is so interesting about your hatred, is that is so unnecessary and counterproductive. No matter what, no matter how much you may express disapproval of women here, no matter how many hours of your own life you waste on researching how terrible women are, or how many articles you read, you will always have to live beside them. They will be your neighbors, your co-workers, your bosses, your object of lust (assuming you are a heterosexual male.) And wasting your precious time thinking negative thoughts about women is not going to solve the problem, or make your life that is surrounded by women, any more peaceful. It will only intensify your feelings of hatred, and make peace in your life more evasive.
          What I thought was the most interesting, is that you wrote paragraph after paragraph about the subject, slandering and defiling women, but presented not a single real solution to anything, which you bragged men are infamous for. Men are supposed to be the ones moving forward and finding solutions to the problems humanity faces, yet what I saw here was a man who digressed to name calling. In the face of your fellow men, would you not be seen as someone who talks, but has no real, viable solution?
          The only thing you have managed to do is intensify your own hatred of women, thus pushing you farther from a real solution. Women will never disappear, because if they do, men will disappear as well. So the only real solution is to find a way to live harmoniously, which is not achievable by men alone, women must also partake in finding peace alongside men.

        35. But certainly, slandering women, and flipping them the bird, and calling them useless will not ever in any lifetime, make them want to actively participate in living peacefully beside you. It will only cause them to spite you, and truly have ill will out for you, to purposefully make your life hell.
          Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love.
          You were correct in assuming that i believe that not all women are evil, and if you don’t believe this, you truly are living in a delusional state of mind that i fear in this life has no hope of ever finding peace or normalcy.
          Just as not all men are rapists and murderers, not all women are cruel and selfish.

        36. Without getting lost in the malaise of your subjective reasoning I will just say that regardless of our differing beliefs/opinions both are equally valid and neither are. Since we are being so subjective here it is clear that you deny any objective reality.
          One really cannot have a coherent discussion regarding any topic whatsoever when it is sloppily plastered over every position you take that it is indeed only subjective.
          Your denial of physical reality is clear when you don’t even care to classify humans based on obvious characteristics like gender. With this blanket and willfully ignorant denial also comes a denial of biological realities concerning gender.
          Your view of hatred as only “negative” and suffering as “bad” is a simplistic view which does not allow for any of this open mindedness you claim to have. I could go into much greater detail on this topic alone but why should I? It is all subjective in your eyes. You do not see truth as an absolute and unfortunately for you that makes you a moron.
          Forgive me. My ill temper and hatred of armchair eastern mystics leaves me with little patience. So sorry. So sorry.
          ‘So the only real solution is to find a way to live harmoniously, which is not achievable by men alone, women must also partake in finding peace alongside men.”
          You presume I wish for those things too? Sorry ghandi but I do not desire to live harmoniously with everyone and I most definitely do not desire peace. Peace is the want of the weak. Conflict brings about martial virtues. Those virtues are beautiful to these eyes. Show me a man that has lived to an old and infirm age and you will likely be showing me a weak man who was never battle tested. This is shameful.
          Stop trying to get along with everyone and live in some fucking hippie utopia where everyone wears hemp necklaces and doesn’t shower. Communists of all stripes, creeds, and colors have attempted this utopia in many countries the world over for the past 100 yrs and the result is not one of them ever achieved even an inkling of their stated causes. In fact they did achieve some of the most brutal and massive destruction of human lives in the history of mankind. This is the dark side of your new age mysticism rhetoric. It only appeals to useful idiots. That being said I do admire a few aspects of Zen Buddhism. However there is this new age conglomeration of eastern belief systems mostly among millenial retards that has thoroughly diluted its potency at least in regards to people’s ideas of said belief systems in western civilization.
          You know nothing of hatred and therefore you know nothing of love either. Your philosophy sounds more like you’ve watched too many star wars movies.
          You do not desire enemies and therefore you will never know the benefits that a great enemy offers you. I love my enemies in the sense that if they truly stand against me and wish to fight me in some way I respect them for that….love them. You will never understand this love because you are a fucking flower blowing in the wind. You are at the mercy of the forces of nature and instead of using ingenuity or initiative to overcome you slink back into a comfortable safe space of “peace and harmony”. This is also why you will never know what it is like to have any virtue.
          In closing, faggots are disease spreading deviants and that is objective fact.

        37. You do not desire a peaceful world? A person who enjoys chaos… Interesting. Well, thank you for sharing your opinion in a less aggressive manner. I hope that you do, however, find peace in your life, even if you claim to enjoy chaos.
          Peace is the want of the strongest, because of all the battles in the world, peace is the most difficult battle to win. That is why war after war against man with weapons has been won, but world peace is still an ongoing battle. If a man can achieve peace in his life, he will be the biggest victor. To kill a person is easy, to cuss a person is easy, to hate a person is easy, to deceive a person is easy, to drop a nuclear bomb and kill millions in a matter of seconds is easy, but to achieve a state of bliss and happiness untouched by life’s struggles is an obstacle larger than the biggest mountain. And any person who has achieved that is far stronger than even you, because while they sit happily and at peace with their circumstances, you revel in your own hatred, and the suffering of encountering daily what you hate most. Your circumstances seem to dictate how you feel, just as a gust of wind carries a feather in whichever direction the wind happens to blow. For example, the decisions of women that you may not even ever know, spark such a great emotional reaction within you. Like an animal that lashes out at a person carrying a knife, even if that person has no intent of using it on that animal.
          Regarding the biological differences, i’d like you to be more in depth than ‘biological differences’. I want to hear, from your own knowledge, what you believe makes men superior to women. We already know that biologically women and men are different, but you haven’t been very clear on what those exact differences are.
          It is important to take into consideration biological facts, but to deduce a person to only their genitalia dictating exactly how their mind works, and categorizing all of them into having one mindset and way of thinking is absolutely absurd, because a persons mind is completely differing from person to person, regardless of gender. You’re thoughts are very much your own, i have never met a man who thinks identically to you, nor have i met one woman who thinks just like another.
          There are men who are more intelligent than some women, and there are women who are more intelligent than some men, although intelligence in men was generally higher, with more women having access to education and jobs that require more intelligence, their intelligence rate is actually improving faster than men.
          But generally, I have never read a study that undeniably proves that men are far superior than women, and that women are rendered completely useless to the human race beside physical appearance and an object for men to fulfill sexual desire. if you can give me a link to that scientific study, or if I have missed that, than I apologize for being uninformed.
          But if that were the case, why is it that women can think logically? Why is it that women can do mathematics, and create, just like men? I just can’t fathom how you are able to dehumanize women into lumps of useless flesh.
          And testicles do not dictate your ability to have passion for something. Passion is what you are talking about when you say “you are actually willing to kill for or die for”
          Females are also able to be passionate.Many women are passionate for the lives of their children and husbands, and would give their lives for them.

        38. “Regarding the biological differences, i’d like you to be more in depth than ‘biological differences’. I want to hear, from your own knowledge, what you believe makes men superior to women. We already know that biologically women and men are different, but you haven’t been very clear on what those exact differences are.”
          I really fucking hate repeating myself. I wrote a a huge reply to you in which you responded where I enumerated plenty of areas that men are far superior. These areas are so significant that without men there is no fucking civilization. No internet for you to get on. No cars to drive in. No technology to make our lives so easy. There isn’t fucking shit!
          One need only look historically at the kinds of societies patriarchies produce and the kinds that matriarchies produce.
          “It is important to take into consideration biological facts, but to deduce a person to only their genitalia dictating exactly how their mind works, and categorizing all of them into having one mindset and way of thinking is absolutely absurd”
          I think instead of deduce you mean to say…reduce but no biggie. What is absurd is the fact that you are too shallow to see any examples of this occurring. I can tell you right now that every woman who has never had children will suddenly enter a frantic state of emergency in their minds when they hit about late twenties early thirties to suddenly have children. I shouldn’t have to say this but I feel that to you I do…..obviously there will be some exceptions like women on lots of drugs or other health related issues who might not have this occur in such a way but the exception proves the rule.
          “There are men who are more intelligent than some women, and there are women who are more intelligent than some men, although intelligence in men was generally higher, with more women having access to education and jobs that require more intelligence, their intelligence rate is actually improving faster than men.”
          More subjective reasoning. There are many many more male geniuses than female. There are also more retarded men than female because males occupy the extreme ends of the IQ spectrum whereas women as a whole are the mediocrities.
          “But generally, I have never read a study that undeniably proves that men are far superior than women, and that women are rendered completely useless to the human race beside physical appearance and an object for men to fulfill sexual desire. if you can give me a link to that scientific study, or if I have missed that, than I apologize for being uninformed.”
          I didn’t say women are useless always all the time..just that in our current technology driven, materialistic and hedonistic society they are completely worthless. The only thing they can do that men cannot do better or even do at all is child-bearing. Their bodies are virtually designed for this. That is where the bulk of their value lies.
          “But if that were the case, why is it that women can think logically? Why is it that women can do mathematics, and create, just like men? I just can’t fathom how you are able to dehumanize women into lumps of useless flesh.”
          LOL women can think logically? Either you have a completely different idea of what thinking logically is or you have not been around many women…or both. Women CANNOT create like men. To prove this all you need to do is go back and look at the historical record for significant inventions across time and the globe. Every single society changing invention has been the brainchild of A FUCKING MAN. If you can’t see the superiority of thought based on that fact alone then this discussion is over.
          By the way the fact that more women have access to education now is BECAUSE OF MEN. Their intelligence rate is improving faster statistically because across the civilized world the government which consists mostly of men now acts as a father and husband for her using taxpayer money with all sorts of hand outs and freebies and get out of jail free cards when they royally fuck up. That you fail to see any of this makes me think you live in a fucking cave.
          “And testicles do not dictate your ability to have passion for something. Passion is what you are talking about when you say “you are actually willing to kill for or die for””
          Technically you are right but the object of the passion is the issue here and also the intensity of it. When a man is passionate he lays down his life….he fucking kills people. When a woman is “passionate” about something she whines on twitter or makes a selfie holding some stupid slogan.
          Yes women can die for a cause and kill for one as well but the scale of men doing it is so much larger there is no fucking comparison. Want proof? Read the names of dead soldiers from all the major wars of the last century and get back to me on the male/female ratio.
          “But certainly, slandering women, and flipping them the bird, and calling them useless will not ever in any lifetime, make them want to actively participate in living peacefully beside you. It will only cause them to spite you”
          Exactly how old are you? You lack experience butterfly. I can’t tell you how many women I have slandered to their face, flipped them off and done other crude acts only to have them reward me with sex and their genuine feminine love(which is very shallow actually). Not all of course but so many that I am still in awe of it.

        39. That was harsh very harsh… Any way women alway regret their decisions because having a child is very important for everyone male or female. Men can decide to have a child even when they are 50 but a woman can’t . because when the waste time in their twenties riding different dicks . enter 30s and want to start dating men are no longer that interested in them. And the become bitter…

        40. That girl would get help in about 15 minutes anyway either by a White Knight, Cop or some other pussy hungry male.

        41. Men and women have been at war since the dawn of mankind. Feminism has exposed Women’s true primitive nature and feelings towards men. Let the true gender war begin!

      2. I agree it is partly the woman’s criteria stopping her from marrying a man making less, but also I know women of this type and their personality literally repels good men.
        I don’t like women who come from the health care system because it is a large institution like the government. It is EXTREMELY top-down, don’t question anything, hierarchical, don’t think outside the box, run every thing by the HR department type of place.
        And they are forced to do odd things like work 12 hour shifts (why the health care industry works 12/12 shifts instead of 8/8/8 shifts like every masculine business does is beyond me), take orders from people who are less qualified but have different degrees than them, and push drugs because that’s what the higher ups want. I know a great guy, more than anything he loves working the ambulance and performing critical life or death exciting operations. Guess what? They pay him $11 an hour. For emergency care. So he is forced to work part time in a hospital ER to perform similar work, which is not as fun or rewarding, and takes place in a sterile, bland, feminist environment, for SEVERAL TIMES the pay when he is doing literally the same work. He keeps the ambulance job part time because that is his love.
        But these pharmacists getting paid 95K a year to count pills just have a shitty entitled attitude and I have found almost universally (except for one girl who entered medicine in her 30s) that they have literally ZERO personality or outside interests.

      3. Women instinctively want a man to take care of them. Men instinctively want to protect and provide for a women. If you switch these roles then neither are happy. Friend of mine is a house-husband. His sex life is miserable. His woman is turned off by the fact that she is being played out of position. I’m surprised they are still together.

        1. My SIL in NH pulls down 140k. Before PA school she was an EMT.
          Most people in the HC field are overpaid, only because the HC industry in America is a monopoly that legally price gouges customers, a practice illegal for other businesses (think gas station in FL jacking prices during hurricane evac etc) and violates the Sherman Act with full (armed) support of the gunvermin.
          A free market in HC would end up lowering staffing at most HC providers, returning their salaries to being competitive with other industries (like .gov workers they often earn 2x the money for half the responsibility compared to private sector – in IT I know this to be true from first hand experience) and be a real financial relief for those Americans not either completely financed by the gunvermin or independently wealthy.
          HC takes up a full 20% of US GDP. That’s one dollar in every 5.
          Something is very rotten in Denmark..

      1. “Crazy is measured from 4 to 10 because, of course, there’s no such thing as a woman who’s not at least a
        Ryu, how did you stumble upon these guys?

      2. that was great… thanks for posting!
        I liked the part about the unicorn and the tranny.. lol

    3. I wonder how many of those “losers” were the same guys she was banging when she was younger.
      And how many of those “players” were the guys with their noses in the books and their asses in the gym.

      1. Deadbeat = man who used her pussy up and didn’t give her more value in return
        Player = man who used her pussy up and moved onto a new woman before she had a chance to sucker money out of him. Strangely which, if woman care about what is on the inside, why should a man being a broke deadbeat matter?
        Why would any sane man who isn’t a dead beat or a player go dumpster diving for a 30 year old white woman. White women don’t age well in general and looks go down sharply starting at 25 but dive off the deep end by their mid 30s.
        It really makes no sense. You mean a man in his mid 30s can date a girl who is 16 and will be happy if he buys her a coffee or just takes her to the park and spends no money. Should go for a woman who earns more than him thanks to feminism and will look down on him? No thank you.

        1. The worst of it is that so many white women are ugly on the inside.
          Not only will they look like shit, but they’ll think it is beneath them to treat a man with respect.

        2. I know movies are embellished. But when I see a film set in the past (most recent: The Imitation Game, a great flick about WW2 and the Enigma machine), I can’t help but long for the kind of playful, happy, friendly banter that goes on between the sexes. In this case a specific scene with Alan Turing and his fiancé introducing 2 friends to each other springs to mind.
          I get so turned off when women I approach don’t even fucking smile that I can barely bring myself to continue the interaction. They are just so… dead inside.

        3. O indeed, and treating them nice gains you no favours. Its very perverse, you have to treat western women like shit just so they won’t leave you.

        4. But it’s certainly not limited to white women. Women of other races certainly do age far better, but feminism has infected women of all races. You’ll find the same bullshit entitlement attitude and arrogance in all women in the West. It’s just a matter of time.

    4. “Basically, in a roundabout way she ends up saying that feminism hurts
      the ability for men to be successful, which in turn decreases the number
      of “marriageable” men. (After all, women don’t want to marry a man
      who’s doing worse than she is.)”
      this is why feminism is full of crap and not sustainable in the end. It just isn’t “true.” A society that “empowers” women and encourages female success as the expense of male success (and don’t let the feminists fool you.. it is very much a zero sum game in that an increase in status and success of women comess at the expense of status and success of men) isn’t one that is going to last long.. because women will never be attracted to men who don’t bring as much as her to the table, and probably more. So what use is feminism if women will never “pull up” men and marry men who are less successful than they are like men used to do and still do with women? A society that puts male success before female success is one that prospers.. because it increases the chances he will find a woman to marry him, and increases his chances of marriage and having a family. A society that invests in female success at the expense of male success is one that you see currently: demographically barren and with a lot of “high-achieving” women who spend their most fertile and marriageable years slutting it up with the bad boys and alphas, and on frivolous pursuits like “travelling” and her career and what-not, and then finding they are not able to find men that they deem worthy of sex and marriage when they’re finally ready to settle down. This isn’t a society that is sustainable in the long run.

      1. What my partner and I did that solves the exact issue you state here, is that regardless of who makes more money, as partners, the money goes into a joint account and we consider it ‘our’ money. (of course, this is for more committed relationships, with people who have proper communication and in-control spending habits.)
        We completely disregard who makes ‘more’, and enjoy the benefit of our shared earnings. If one of us wants a more expensive purchase, we pool our money to make it happen. We also take turns, so for example, one month my partner and i will save up for what they want, and the next month it goes towards something i’d like. This way both of us are able to achieve what we’d like, and there is no inequality between our wages and who ‘has more’. I hope that men and women alike will begin to desire this kind of peaceful partnership between each other, because than a man’s salary will not have any relevance upon first meeting.
        As soon as both partners let go of that ego-pride-status idea, and start being together because they enjoy one another’s company, the sooner that this problem becomes totally and blissfully irrelevant. You shouldn’t be with someone who you feel you have to constantly prove your social status too. Be with someone who’s company you enjoy.
        I hope that women with a superficial outlook can learn to see a man as a person that they enjoy being in the company of, rather than basing their value upon their income. Both men and women have so much more to offer each other than monetary value.

        1. Yeah, that all sounds nice and all that.. but don’t give me that bullshit that there isn’t some understanding of how much money each partner is making. I’m sure your “partner” is as successful as you and makes approximately the same amount.. or you wouldn’t be interested in him at all.
          It’s women who are incredibly shallow and status-seeking that way. They are the ones who reject men lesser successful than they are. Men aren’t interested in constantly proving their social status.. it’s women who demand that from them based on who they spread their legs for and who they find attractive and worthy for sex and relationships. Men simply respond to the attractions cues that they observe women responding to.

    5. There are plenty of good men out there. Women just have these impossible lists…until they start to hit the wall.

      1. Nah, once they hit the wall they start rationalizing how nice living alone and being childless will be. The author of the article I posted starts doing that at the end. Of course, she just drove her genes to extinction, so she’s not fooling anyone. I know that deep inside, whether or not she wants to admit to it, she’s actually freaking out. An organism that’s failed to produce offspring has failed at the most basic level of life. It’s extremely rare for a healthy female organism to NEVER produce offspring. Something must be seriously wrong. Even the lowest and most vile bacteria manage to produce progeny.

        1. Careful there. Men aren’t reproducing either, and every time you use birth control you’re actively preventing it.

        2. Men can reproduce until the day they die. Women are basically infertile after 40.

        1. Good to see you too, Driver! : ) Yes, am incredibly lucky and happy.
          Just food for thought: good men make women feel like women and want to be women. Because he does all the difficult tasks, like carrying the heavy groceries, changing the light bulbs since I’m scared of climbing ladders and doing his best to provide, it somehow makes me happy to cook and feed him, care for him and lavish him with kisses and cuddles.
          These things work both ways : )

        2. I thought that they did, too, at one point in my life but things (in the U.S., anyways) have changed quite a bit. Many women, here, don’t even know how to cook (feed themselves) and they see this as “empowering” – as in: I’m not cooking to feed a man. They don’t realize that you learn to cook to feed yourself, first.
          It’s this thought pattern of not learning things. Many women take pride in it (here) and they use the excuse as “it’s liberating for a woman to not have to ……” whatever for a man. They don’t realize it’s a skill to learn (as an adult) to take care of yourself.
          Good men are plentiful here. They are leaving this country in search of good women because those things are no longer wanted (or desired) by the women here. The women, here, all want to do the “Eat, Pray, Fuck” thing (trendy).

        3. Such a pity.
          The difference between women who brag about being ‘banged’ on a regular basis by dudes and those who secure commitment is so basic, it’s so embarrassing to need to spell it out.
          It’s how a woman makes a man feel when he’s with her. A man has many things demanding his time but if a woman makes him feel like she’s a safe haven from the world, he has no qualms, no hesitation at all, to spend all his spare time with her.
          Cooking gives a man a hot and tasty meal to look forward to at the end of a tiring, long day. A warm greeting as he walks through the door makes him look forward to ending work and seeing his beloved everyday.
          It isn’t hard at all. Who wouldn’t want to go home to warmth and affection? And it’s a woman’s natural duty to provide that : )

        4. Yes it is. Many men aren’t even asking for a woman to cook all of the time…just sometimes (and they can’t even do that, here, anyways). I know it’s a shame but that’s the direction that this country has headed in. You are lucky that things work the way they do with your man. It sounds great…like a win win. Good stuff.

        5. Erm maybe because we’re both willing to put effort into what we have : )
          If all we bring to the table is sex, those who can provide the same are a dime a dozen out there.
          He could’ve just given up and said that it’s just too much effort to keep things going and take care of me when he, as a man, needs to focus on making money. I’m lucky he didn’t and try to make his life with me more pleasant too.
          Nagging can take 2 forms, for example. “How many times must I tell you to take out the trash, you’re so lazy/useless and never help around the house” versus “Eh hem, so shall I take it that my darling wants me to live in a sty?” delivered in a playful manner and a twinkle in the eye. I take the latter approach. He does take out the trash and surprise surprise, isn’t resentful. Sometimes he’ll tease me back too.
          It boils down to how couples treat each other and whether 2 people love each other enough to make life more peaceful and harmonious.

    6. yep, feminism is merely an attempt to jack up women’s SMV in any way possible. It was inevitable that it would backfire. As a commodity the market is ready to offload women big-time

    7. Read it, the story starts with society (her mother) dictating that she hypergame a BF she was quite happy with, then she ends on some sort of quasi spiritual hamster note about a refuge for wizard’s sleeves. The soothing carousel melodies tinkle on.

    8. Yeah the system is ridiculously rigged. Even though women can’t perform as well in education or on the job, they are still handed better grads and are given degrees, and then preferentially hired for jobs and then paid better.
      Just the way of the world. Not many men can overcome those major handicaps. And then if you do, you’re going to be smart enough and good enough playing the game to just either refuse to marry at all and/or only target young women in their early 20s. You’d have to be a fool to hook up with these girls in their thirties with all their baggage, entitlement and obnoxious egos.

    9. “but she comes amazingly close to accidentally giving herself the Red Pill”
      I’m not sure that’s an accurate characterization of Kate Bolick and her “All the Single Ladies” article. She’s very much a feminist and a proponent for women like her staying single and “celebrating” the single life as a woman and claiming it is “empowering” for women to be single in today’s feminist world.
      Apparently, she’s out with a new book entitled “Spinster.” Here she is talking about that book on a CBC radio program:
      All the Single Ladies! ‘Spinster’ author says celebrate party of one

  4. They want you to marry, but they want you to marry someone of the same gender as you.

    1. Marrying your best friend is a good way to insulate you from false rape and paternity fraud. Lol

  5. Well done. Thank you.
    Once married, a man has no legal rights with regard to his wife.
    ‘Nuff said.
    The manosphere drivel about making marriage work by “running tight game” or being “dominant” is the worst kind of harmfully naive advice.
    Thank you for not speaking that idiocy in this article.
    A marriage is a gamble where a man has a 50/50 shot of losing everything if he loses, and getting nothing if he wins.

    1. 50% end in divorce. Of the 50% which do not, how many are happy? How many killed themselves to get out? How many are staying married because of fear of the divorce itself? At best, I’d guess half of those who don’t get divorced are happy “till death do us part”. That’s probably optimistic if you consider the average lifespan of today’s population. Would you bet half your stuff on a 1 in 4 chance to break even? I sure wouldn’t.

      1. Late30sGuyHere-FromWhatIveExperienced,1/3areMiserable,1/3areGenuinelyHappy,1/3WRECKEDinADivorce….

      2. One should keep in mind that, if memory correctly serves, the 50% figure is related only to marriages of 10 years or less. It is my understanding that if one extends this to a lifetime the divorce rate is even higher.

        1. CaliforniaStoppedReportingTheirDivorceRatesabout20YearsAgo

        2. I made this point a few months back. Other people tried to neutralize it. The trend is getting worse. CA is america’s most populous state. It can’t be ignored.

      3. Americans who earn over $200,000 a year and marry another American who earns over $200,000 a year are usually pretty happy, except in NYC where both amounts should be increased to at least $400,000.

        1. Which just confirms the reality of hypergamy. An american male making less than $200k can’t feel secure.

        2. Bullshit. I own my own business in the trades and for the last two years have made less than my wife. She’s an OT and makes nearly six figures. Yet.. she willingly cooks all the meals, does the laundry and caters to my needs both domestically and sexually . Why? Because I know Im the alpha of the relationship. I refuse to enter her Frame – she has to enter mine.Bless her beautiful heart – she does it willingly. In turn she gets the protection of a real man. Money doesnt mean everything to a woman. Strong masculinity does!

        3. Yeah she does all that “now” lets see what happens in a couple years from now… The party isn’t going to last

        4. Yes with the weak frame that a guy like you has – you’re definitely right. A woman’s vagina will dry up like the Sahara in the presence of a weak minded cynic.

        5. So it’s only for the last two years that you’ve made less than your wife? That’s not really the problem we’re talking about here.
          And also how much less? You still make a lot.. maybe a bit less than her. .so that’s not really a problem. The problem arises when a woman is substantially more successful than her husband or making a lot more than him, or if she ends up supporting him for a period of time. That isn’t a stable relationship.. she will grow to resent him for that.

        6. For such a tough badass “alpha” you spend a lot of time whining on the internet insisting people believe you.

    2. Women initiate over 70% of divorces. Can’t believe he didn’t put that in this article. that’s all you really need to know

      1. And women will rationalize and dig up any reason to initiate divorce if shit doesnt go their way…THEY WILL CHEAT and take half your money and kids like you were the cheater.

    3. Bullshit. If you dominate the relationship, it can work. Saying it’s just some random odds that has nothing to do with you and can’t be affected is not red pill. We are men, we control our lives and those around us. Don’t marry a slut and maintain and you’ll be fine.

      1. Yeah I have to agree. I’m single but two of my better stand up guy friends are masculine, dominant married high school sweethearts that were nurturing old school style wives and have been married 20 + years. Those marriages happened way before social media narcissism. I dont think those women exist anymore since the plague of smartphone narcissism.

      2. Agree. A real alpha in a relationship will never be accused of being too controlling or too much of an asshole. My wife says I’m the most selfish guy she has ever been with. Yet…she caters to my every need – willingly.

      3. You are naive, sooner or later all women want to slut it up, they get bored and create drama. And your desire to constantly control the woman will create issues for you and is also unhealthy to trying to be controlling another person. You are dealing with a person here who has free volution to act like an ass and there is nothing you cana do to stop her from being cunt. If she wants to post an ad on facebook to fuck the next 5 betas or on craiglist, there could be 10 dudes in your bed in 30 minutes fucking her brains out. You have no clue what you ar getting into son, marriage is how women control men, it is designed by function to that. It creates penalties for men walking away that can have them landed in jail. It is like trying to tame a tiger, even the best tiger tamer in the world who can get a tiger to jump through a loop 10000 times in vegas, can and does and will get his neck snaped when the tiger goes back to his nature and realizes how weak the human is.

        1. “and will get his neck snaped when the tiger goes back to his nature and realizes how weak the human is.”
          Yeah, this is it right there. It doesn’t matter how “alpha” and “dominant” an individual man is.. if structurally the society empowers women and gives them more rights and privileges, you’re fucked. You’re just gambling that she won’t exercise her power at some point and fuck you over in the marriage.

        2. Marriage guys are like the guys who go and want to tame a grizzly bear or mountain lion, Instead of getting a cat, these men insist on having tiger in their back yard. And one day it snaps their neck like a twig.
          Women have all the power, socially, legally and economically. To walk away, your only power can often land you in jail. She can get you fired, can get the cops or another beta to beat you up. Its utter delusion to try to control. It is like why would you want to control a bad child when you could go find a good child.

        3. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying man, I just think that it’s a bit of a blanket statement to say all women are cunts. Sure, the vast majority are. And dominating is not controlling. Its about both accepting male female polarity. You have to find the right broad. I will take your comment into deep consideration when thinking about making a long term commitment to a woman. I don’t want to be played for a fool.

        4. No, they all are cunts. The “nice ones” are like “nice guys” they are only being nice to you because they are using it as a backhanded way to get something from you. NIce guys are not “nice guys” to fat chicks or ugly chicks, they are nice guys to girls they perceive as hotter than them. this is how nice girls operate. And once you let your guard down and start acting like a nice guy, your nice girl will transform into cunt like any other bitch.
          If you are dominating someone you are controlling them, it is just a synonym.
          The problem with women is no matter how nice they are they always transform once you let your guard down and get comfortable. Once you start thinking this is the one, and I just awant to spend time with her she’ll fuck it up on purpose just to stay entertained. If you try to stop her fucking it up then she cheats and leaves. You are trying to dominate and control someone’s behaviour who seeks drama and thrill, fights and arguments. They want to live in a soap opera. This is draining for men because we have substance women are cunts, they fight for fun.
          The best way to not be played is never stick to one chick. That way if she acts a cunt you can walk without remorse, you have other options. Once you limit your options your done.

      4. Are you alpha enough to stop her from picking up a phone and initiating divorce proceedings?

        1. That’s like trying to stop a plate from breaking when it’s already in pieces on the ground. Don’t marry valueless cunts guys.

    4. its over 60% and as people live longer, since, “a relationship is a function of getting along for a certain length of time” the odds of it not working out increase

    5. A man will never be “alpha” in a marriage.
      Women have the biggest alpha at their perpetual diposal, the govenrnment.

  6. A good woman in this culture is like a unicorn hidden among a vast herd of mules.

  7. “Man, in his sentimentality, may refuse to acknowledge that the love felt for him by the woman who loves him is, at its core, a slaver’s love for her slave.”

  8. I know about 5 cases when the wife physically abused or threatened the husband and when the police came around they always arrested the husband, no matter who’s fault it was and who the victim was.
    One of the guy’s lawyer (female) admitted it – Yes, they always do that but don’t mention it as they don’t like being questioned.

  9. Mostly solid write up. But the word hypergamy continues to be misused at ROK. It means a woman marrying up for money. That’s not the same thing as chasing alpha cock. A man can be alpha based only on his looks.

    1. No he can’t. Alpha is a mentality. The best looking guy could be an extremely beta pushover.

    2. Hypergamy is not only marrying up for more money, but also can apply to a better looking man, or trading up a Honda to a BMW. A small house to a bigger house. A 2000 square foot house would be like an outhouse to the modern American cunt.

      1. Hypergamy is about a woman defining her place in society by wealth or resources or her husband. Women who do that do not care what the man looks like. He can be ugly but he’s rich, so he becomes more desirable to the hypergamous female than the handsome man who is working class. Hypergamy is only about gold digging. It is not about chasing a better looking man. Just google search the definition of hypergamy if you don’t believe me.

    3. “A man can be alpha based only on his looks.”
      Are you saying looks -and looks alone- determine whether or not you are alpha? That would be class 1 game denialism.

      1. Natural alphas don’t need game. If you make your living selling PUA books you can’t tolerate that idea and have to counter it. But its real.

        1. The point is that natural alphas have game.
          “Game” is pretty much seduction and all the behaviour leading up to that point.

        2. I’m not sure about that. Natural alpha’s can do everything wrong and have women lining up to suck their cock. I see game as something an average guy can use to punch above his weight, improve his options, protect his flank. Its a path to self improvement for those who don’t have it dropped in their lap.

        3. No point getting into a big debate about terminology but fair enough.
          I see what you’re saying but I think of it more in terms of economics. The “natural alpha” is imo defined by the natural environment.
          In a big city the natural alpha might be the fast-talking clown-man whereas in the state of nature it would be the strongest and most self-reliant man.

    4. Alpha is a character, not appearance. Plenty of good looking men and women are not alpha.

      1. You can’t mentally re-program a man’s character and make him alpha. Its called over-selling. It destroys credibility.

    5. Incorrect, Hypergamy means pursuing perceived social position through marriage. Whether you feel that social gain is from money, a husband who is a ‘baddass’, or a celebrity, The head of a biker gang (Katey Segal’s character on Sons of Anarchy), a politician, or ceo… it’s all about the social positioning.

        1. But not really, because he kills himself and the wife knew that Clay killed Jax’s father.
          Anyway, watching that show an as alpha female was ridiculing, and it turned out to be boring in the end.

        2. The show was terrible. Halfway through the first season I wanted to shoot everyone except the old fart with the oxygen tank.

        3. Yeah, I kind of just trailed off watching it in the end, mostly because Jax is attractive, but then not even that was enough motivation.

        4. to be fair, in a biker gang he likely wouldn’t have been ‘attractive’.
          Much as I appreciate the outlaw biker lifestyle, it is particularly hard on your appearance, most 20 year olds have skin like a 60 year old sunbather.

        5. ‘Lifestyle’ not the gangs themselves.
          That lifestyle (as perceived by outsiders, although it’s probably not really the case) is the American Shogun. Men who value Honor, freedom, and faithfulness to each other far higher than any arbitrarily assigned set of rules created by lesser men.
          Obviously the reality is likely far from that, but the ‘ideal’ of the Outlaw biker is compelling.

        6. Those are not outlaw biker gangs, those are just biker clubs. When you put outlaw in there, that’s no longer what it stands for.

        7. Outlaw is a mandatory component of that list.
          ‘Outlaw’ does not mean criminal. It means one who stands outside the law.

        8. As in a rebel? Then you’re a criminal.
          If literally outside the law as in no protection from the law, then they’re liars.

        9. *shrug* Like I said, it’s an idealism thing. Legends do not need to be based upon reality.

    6. I know many men that are successful and good looking, but get them in front of a broad at happy hour and they are tongue tied like little schoolboys.

      1. I get the feeling some people at ROK have never hung out with a natural alpha. All a natural alpha has to do is show up. He doen’t even have to speak the same fucking language. There is no “game” for a natural alpha. The soft harem is there whether he wants it or not.

        1. What I am saying is not every good looking person meets the definition of alpha. If you are really good looking, and even if you pull box regularly, that still doesn’t make one alpha

    7. An interesting debate on the definition of Hypergamy. I tend to define it as an internal conflict which clarifies it considerably in my mind.
      Hypergamy is the consistent and constant conflict in a woman’s inner psyche between the need to copulate with the best genetic material she can find and her need to establish herself with the best resources she can find.
      Historically men were both, the best hunter was the strongest man, he had the most resources and the best genetic material. In fact, Hypergamy ensured the survival of our species. Woman could satisfy both requirements by simply trying for the best man she could and be fine settling for a man halfway there because it was the best she could do.
      Somewhere along the way it diverged. Now the strongest alpha male types very rarely tend to be the best providers and the best providers very rarely have the best genetic potential. Success with provisioning resources is no longer based solely on the best alpha traits.
      It’s a simple concept, but it has incredible ramifications. It’s not just women going for the man with the money, power, etc…, even these men could be cheated on or divorced if a woman decides she is at a place in her life where she would prefer to find the best alpha she can. This is unchecked Hypergamy and why the divorce rate is as high as it is… and the fundamental reason why women initiate divorces.
      Men who are at their peak in alpha behavior and provisioning will have the world at their feet so to speak, but we live in a society where the woman is consistently told that there is better out there, and this why there are proponents of Marriage Game.
      Our culture truly has warped this natural process into something very destructive.

      1. Its not my definition. Its not your definition. Its not ROK consensus. Hypergamy is defined in the dictionary. Its a real word. Its for women chasing men with money, status, lifestyle upgrade, those kinds of things. It describes gold diggers. That’s different female behavior from women who are just riding the cock carousel looking for the best physical appearances (genetic material) in a male. A female who dumps you for a better looking man isn’t engaging in hypergamy, she’ looking for a better fuck. The motivation for hypergamy is money (social status). Hypergamy is a woman using men for social climbing. Hypergamy is the women who refused to marry below her own social position. Hypergamy is the woman who aggressively seeks to raise her own social position through marriage. A hypergamous woman doesn’t give a fuck if a man is alpha, its good if he is, but its not her primary motivation.

  10. i’m going to marry , but of all facts listed here, the most important of all is cheating.
    women are hypocrites, they are as pervs as men! i live in brazil and all women that flirted with me were fucking married.
    it’s frightening for a faithful catholic like me

    1. They only use religion to make them feel better about themselves. The key is to also apply the teachings in religion which they don’t.

    2. Once I had this woman flirting with me while the husband was sitting in the corner holding their 5 months old baby.

    3. Make sure she takes confession seriously.
      Staying in serious traditional spiritual organizations helps. Call it peer pressure.

    4. “it’s frightening for a faithful catholic like me”
      Yeah, that’s your problem right there. Catholicism, with its deification of the “Virgin Mary” (sure she was a virgin.. methinks she just came up with a great story to explain spreading her legs for some man and getting pregnant).. and the whole Madonna-Whore dichotomy… That’s why you’ll be always looking for some “pure” girl who doesn’t exist in reality.
      Every woman is a whore or a potential whore. It’s only the culture that barely constrains their true sexual desires and natures. They just are selective in their whoredom.. and only want the “hawtest” guy to whore around with. ..but when you’ve seen how the ostensibly “good girls” can be reduced to depraved whores in bed when they’re with the right guy who they feel safe with about not being judged, you realize the true nature of women.

      1. “Catholicism, with its deification of the “Virgin Mary” (sure she was a
        virgin.. methinks she just came up with a great story to explain
        spreading her legs for some man and getting pregnant)”
        If I’m not mistaken, a virgin (in the Biblical sense) is simply an unmarried woman. At least that’s how the term seems to be used in each context. Throughout the Old Testament, if the word “and” precedes “virgin” chances are the words “young man” precedes the “and”. I don’t think there’s one instance of the term “virgin” applying to a married woman or a man (married or non).

        1. “If I’m not mistaken, a virgin (in the Biblical sense) is simply an unmarried woman.”
          An engaged woman is also married, and would be stoned for adultery if she had sex with a man other than her betrothed. Thus, the enaged/married girl was expected to still be a virgin until the actual consumption. Moreover, the Old Testament is pretty clear they could tell the difference between a virgin and a merely unmarried woman:
          “If any man takes a wife, and goes in to her, and detests her, and charges her with shameful conduct, and brings a bad name on her, and says, ‘I took this woman, and when I came to her I found she was not a virgin,’ then the father and mother of the young woman shall take and bring out the evidence [blood stained bed sheets from the consumption on the wedding night] of the young woman’s virginity to the elders of the city at the gate. And the young woman’s father shall say to the elders, ‘I gave my daughter to this man as wife, and he detests her. ‘Now he has charged her with shameful conduct, saying, “I found your daughter was not a virgin,” and yet these are the evidences of my daughter’s virginity.’ And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city. Then the elders of that city shall take that man and punish him; and they shall fine him one hundred shekels of silver and give them to the father of the young woman, because he has brought a bad name on a virgin of Israel. And she shall be his wife; he cannot divorce her all his days. But if the thing is true, and evidences of virginity are not found for the young woman, then they shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her
          city shall stone her to death with stones, because she has done a disgraceful thing in Israel, to play the harlot in her father’s house. So you shall put away the evil from among you”
          (Deuteronomy 22:13-21).

      2. I’ve never seen more henpecked men than Protestants who instead of venerating the Virgin Mary and worship God, they WORSHIP women. There is a reason why feminism took hold in the Protestant regions of the world, before spreading the poison far and wide.

    5. Brazil as well as the Rest of Latinamerica and Europe abandoned Catholicism. In the case of Latinamerica, all that’s left is the hull, an empty hull at that, where all that matters (and especially in the case of women) are appearances and some traditional trappings are still relevant, however most real knowledge of the faith is lost since the Clerics were the first apostates, just look at the “Pope Francis”. If he is not a heretic no one is….

  11. If you want the marriage experience, find a woman you hate, then buy her a house!
    women initiate 85% of divorces

  12. A lot of good points in this piece. However, I really wish Roosh would hire an editor for ROK. This piece has so many grammatical errors that it is difficult to read. In fact, it makes our faction look bad.

  13. 70% of men aged 20-34 unmarried. Yet what is the overwhelming analysis from the mainstream media? A bunch of neck-beard losers, living in their mother’s basements.
    At some point, a woman need more than insults to bring a man to the negotiating table. They need to…hold on to your hats…OFFER something in return.
    That’s where the majority of modern women fail – the only thing they can offer is sex. All domestic acts have been labeled as patriarchal oppression. No wonder they are now obsessed with sexual trafficking, sex slaves (cue the Mad Max reference). It’s just made-up hysteria, designed to shame a man into limiting his sexual options.
    Prostitutes and the majority of modern women are remarkably similar – all they can offer a man is the ability to spread their legs. Yet, sadly enough, the prostitute comes at a cheaper price.

    1. There is no way in hell they can offer ANYTHING that would justify the cost of divorce , and they know it, they are just not worth it, NOT WORTH IT$$$$$

      1. Don’t you love how they offer to pay for half of the engagement ring? (Cue rim shot). Equality is out the door when it’s time to open their wallets.
        And the divorces you mention…for fuck’s sake. You could buy a small island in Belize for cheaper.

        1. Yeah, and as the economy becomes more and more competitive, men value their money over risking it all the more!
          Men i know with money, tell the woman they’ll marry her in the future, they buy a “promise ring” to make their bullshit story seem realistic, which buys them another year of free sex, that’s how you play the game with those gold diggers, eventually they get frustrated and cheat which proves the men right all along anyway

        2. My engagement ring was a set of new snow tires for her car. If she bitched and said she wanted more – she was out the door. She didn’t. She thanked me and was genuinely appreciative. I kept her.

        3. She probably breathed a sigh of relief that you were not another supplicating beta male.

        4. I’m glad it worked out but have to ask: why are you reading an article about why men should not be getting married? Just for amusement?

      2. Yep. I think about getting married sometimes. Then I think about getting my bank statement every month with half the $ amount.

        1. Not to mention the late day realizations that your account is her account, her account is her account, and you share a joint account.

      1. Cheaper, more honest, more experienced in bed and generally hotter. Why are dudes getting married in 21st century america again?

        1. Cunt feminists and lawmakers know the danger that prostitutes produce in tipping the sexual marketplace scales in mens favours by making pussy easy so they keep it illegal.

        2. More experienced in bed= bastardy, fatter=hotter? are you this sort of “hot”?

    2. I have a lot of respect for prostitutes, they usually offer fair market value.

    3. “70% of men aged 20-34 unmarried”
      ThisIsWhyIBelieveGayMarriage isBeingPromoted-StraightMarriageIsDOA,andDivorceLawyers/CourtsAreInDireNeedofNew

    4. “70% of men aged 20-34 unmarried”
      You have to be careful here. It is not clear that these men are choosing not to be married. It is women who are delaying marriage and wanting to spend their 20s and early 30s slutting it up with the “hawt” bad boys and alphas and on their career and on frivolous pursuits like “partying” and “travelling” and what not. It is women who are the ones delaying and even rejecting marriage and men are simply responding to that signal. Women have the sexual power and always have. The sexual libertine “hook-up” culture and the culture which rejects marriage you see is one that women want.. or it wouldn’t exist.

      1. Are men refusing marriage, or are women holding out longer?
        The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

        1. Yes, agreed.
          I think after a certain point and age, men get too settled in their ways.. and the idea of getting married to some 30 plus woman who isn’t as physically attractive or youthful and with lots of baggage and who has spread her legs for multiple men before you just isn’t incentive enough and isn’t a good deal for men in their 30s. She’s already given her best when she was younger, hotter and sexier to other men.. what’s the incentive for men to commit to one woman and put up with her bullshit during her worst 30 years ? Thanks, but no thanks.

        2. It’s a combination of the two, young attractive women don’t want to get married and once they do men are no longer interested. Combined with factors like divorce rape, of course.

        3. And sadly, many of these women in their mid-thirties are not pleasant to be around. If they had positive attitudes, they could find suitors (even at their pre-wall age).
          But its their bitterness that is so unattractive. The “how dare you expect me to do something for you” attitude that has been cultivated for two decades.
          Twenty years of misandry is not so easily erased.

        4. I tend to agree. There are feminists who try to claim the precipitous drop in marriage is because women are sick and tired of disgusting men. But my own observations is just as you say. Women play the field, then by the time they are 30-ish and decided to get married the men they kicked around and rejected for 10 or 15 years have gone MGTOW and aren’t interested.
          And, yes, that 40% divorce rate and men tossed in jail for being unemployed, there is no up side to marriage for men.

        5. That’s true, I was interested in marriage from around 18-25, when I was easier to manipulate. The only thing I was ever offered though was sex. I didn’t have money of course, I was in school.
          By the time I got to my 30s, I stopped caring. I would consider marrying an 18 year old with the right set of laws, really a 16 year old virgin, but I don’t think that will happen. And I’m pretty comfortable being single, I plan to spend the rest of my life this way.

      2. Yes, today it’s a combination of both, but the word is spreading to the young males. Soon, guys in their 14, 16 will know already that marriage is a scam for men.
        In the future, I see the guys that want to marry as the ‘new nerds’. And of course, midia will say it’s all men’s guilt… but we’ll know better.

    5. It’s all too funny. Women had no idea what strings actually come with the equality. Now it’s her turn to stress out and financially carry the load but she doesn’t want to do it. So much for being equal.

      1. Funny you mentioned it. I’m starting to hear more cases where the woman was divorce raped..

        1. Well now. Times are indeed changing. “You keep the child. I want half Becky. HALF!!”

      1. That was the bluest of the blue pill shit I’ve ever read! After point 2 I couldn’t read anymore.

      2. Good Lord that was frightening. The only thing that was missing was…
        21. Hold her lover’s cock while she sucks it in front of you.

      3. He stayed married 16 years because he did none of that stuff. If he had done it, the divorce would have come in a few months. American women don’t respect betas. That is for Mexican women.

      4. Gag. You could remove every other word and all that would be left is “Her”.

    6. Why do they even want the “neck-bear losers living in their (father’s) basements”? Why is it even a concern? They don’t want these men, and if they’ve destroyed the economy to the point that it’s a sizeable number of men then there’s nothing to be done about it. But I don’t think it’s sizeable, because most parents will just kick their male children out. Most of the homeless and poverty stricken are males after all.

      1. “Why do they even want the “neck-bear losers living in their (father’s) basements”?”
        The men of the Manosphere are diverse: pilots, lawyers, teachers, etc. They know this, which is what frightens them. It we were all losers, as you mention, they would have little concern for us.
        But we are the eventual goal in their plan – the ones they hope to sucker into a shitty marriage after they ride the cock carousel for twenty years.
        The more tier-one men get wise, the worse it is for them.

      1. Wow! Simply wow! Of course the woman would not sign the consent. It could prove she is a slut.

        1. I’ve got 3 children and did tests on all of them … years ago. Things are different now.

  14. Yet the educated men/women are marrying up. This is mostly for trades and non-educated people.

  15. I dated a girl about 8 years ago who had lasting psychological effects on me for years afterwards. She psychologically abused me to the point of eventually taking physical abuse on one occasion. I was young and naive and didn’t know how to deal with it. Eventually we broke it off when I got tired of her controlling, deceitful, manipulative, and downright sinister nature. I’m lucky to have experienced this abuse early in life in order to learn about the perils of dating modern women. Dating these days is dancing on glass. Men have to be the dominant figure in the relationship to garner loyalty and love. When this happens, you can have a healthy, meaningful, and lasting relationship and eventually marry. Beware though, hold yourself to a higher standard gentlemen, lest you get burmed badly.

    1. This is why you need to make sure she gets proper wife training at kink .com. If she won’t wear a collar and chain in public she’s lost respect for you.

  16. The modern woman offers nothing of value in a relationship to a man outside of her sexual utility and that’s only as long as prostitution remains illegal.
    My grandmother;
    Took care of the house. Not only can I do this myself ( and do a better job at it ) but most modern women refuse to do this because Patriarchy.
    Cooked. See above.
    Was loyal. I’d sooner trust an IS grunt to have my back if I were a Jewish rabbi over the average modern woman.
    Took care of the children. Modern women don’t want to take care of children, not their own at least, If I wanted my children to be raised by daycares, babysitters, public education and the television I can do that myself.
    That leaves sex. Trust me when I tell you you’re better off hiring yourself a seasoned, professional cockwrangler twice a month over the average modern woman. Not only will the experience be superior, it’s also cheaper and way, way easier for most men.

    1. Plus with the professional cockwrangler, you won’t have to listen to her complain endlessly about her job, girlfriends, family, what’s going on with the Kardashians, etc.

      1. There is also much less risk of her sabotaging your condom to get “knocked up”.

        1. That right there is analogous to the hooks in a tapeworm’s head. Not only are they slavers, but parasites as well.

      2. Not having to pretend you give a shit about her vapid opinions and empty life is the single greatest benefit.

        1. That is an incredibly good point. Your time is valuable. Spend it wisely

      3. Sadly enough you probably also have less chance for disease. STD’s are bad for business.

  17. The great secret of life lies in choosing the right woman. It’s a mother’s job to tell you not to play with fire. Marry the girl who tells you, “Go ahead.” ~ L. Neil Smith

  18. I have a list of things I won’t do in my life. #1 is marriage. Problem solved until they create a stupid law to compensate the lack of marriage, i.e. woman financing, in the society.

    1. You’ll be labeled as terrorist, saboteur or forced to marry by increased tax.

  19. Alas, when people complain of men not marrying (even they who are able), they forget how little women offer in exchange for all they get by marriage. Girls are so seldom taught to be of any use whatever to a man that I am only astonished at the numbers of men who do marry! Many girls do not even try to be agreeable to look at, much less to live with. They forget how numerous they are, and the small absolute need men have of wives; but, nevertheless, men do still marry, and would oftener marry could they find mates – women who are either helpful to them, or amusing, or pleasing to their eye. – The Art of Beauty by Mary Eliza Haweis, published in 1878.
    EDIT: H/T

      1. As I have stated before, to find traditional relationships, you must go back to about 1800, before the Tender Years Doctrine.
        And even before that, women were simply a bit craftier about things, not actually different.
        On the other hand, a lot more men were perfectly aware of the charade and the old tales and books are chock full of hard core, red pill knowledge – for those with the ears to hear it.

  20. My mate’s cousin’s crew are the new alpha dicks in our town
    2 weeks ago I was laying down the shit on them and I mentioned marriage and in unison they verbally attacked me with a stream of “what the fucks” and “no fucking ways”
    This shit is catching brothers. Men are really waking up. They know divorce rape is reality

  21. I think the problem is that men who don’t marry, as they get older, lose the enthusiasm for ever getting married at a similar rate that women become obsessed with the idea.
    It’s far easier for a woman to sell an inexperienced man under 25 the idea of eternal bliss than to sell the same thing to a thirty-something man.
    He will have gained more experiences (good and bad) with women – so will be more wary of committing.
    He will have gained more assets and will know at least one other man who has been raped in the divorce courts by this stage – so will be wary of committing.
    What he is committing to is far less tantalizing than what the guy in his early 20’s is getting – you will be committing to a woman who has baggage from past relationships, and who has spent her most beautiful years with someone else – so you will be wary of committing.
    If you’ve spent a long amount of time in your 20’s as a single man, and by your mid 20’s have a decent wage coming in, you’ll discover the great freedom of being able to travel the world pretty much as and when you want. A single man’s money goes so much further because of the stupid shit he doesn’t have to buy – I’d say it goes twice as far in some cases – so you’ll naturally be wary of committing.
    The best time to get a man to marry you is while he is still poor, i.e. at the end of college or as he starts his career. Then he’ll never know true freedom and won’t miss it.
    If you’re looking for a guy in his 30’s who truly has his shit together to sign his life away to you, you are deluded ladies…

    1. That’s because over-time the more you get to know them, the less you can love them
      There are those who “love women” and those who “understand women”
      You can’t be both

    2. Good observation. The older a woman gets, the more desperate she becomes. The older a man gets, the more selective he becomes.

      1. I’m 35 and single. My dad says I’m too damn picky lol
        He wants me to get married badly and have kids, but women are just so mediocre.

        1. Why don’t you find a nice Palestinian or Arab Muslim girl from back home or from somewhere in the Middle-East. You’re Palestinian Arab I remember you saying right? You have options, man.. you can find a relatively decent, attractive, modern but not thoroughly westernized Middle-Eastern woman who is good wife material.

        2. I actually did a couple years ago lol I went back in 2013 and married a 19 year old virgin. She was extremely jealous of any woman I spoke to, even my own cousins. When she got mad she would text me pictures holding a knife to her wrist saying she’s going to kill herself. After one too many pics I told her if you’re going to kill yourself do it at your parents’ home and sent her back.
          My dad said I should have smacked some sense into her, and even her own dad said I need to discipline her. I just have low patience and hate dealing with stupid shit. I realized I was much happier in life single than married.
          It was nice to actually find a woman that didn’t know what tinder, pof, or instagram is though

        3. Christ on a bike! I’ve heard of some bad marriages, but that takes the biscuit!

        4. How old were you at the time?
          And how “traditional” was her upbringing? I think you went too traditional.. not to mention 19 is very young. Girls are too immature at that age. Maybe try again.. a girl in her 20s… and who isn’t too traditional but isn’t the typical westernized whore. Surely that balance exists..

        5. Good riddance. Would you really want this lunatic being the mother of your çhildren. Most guys don’t have the stones to manage this level of manipulation. Kudos to you.

        6. This was just 2 years ago, I was 33. I think the problem was she was definitely immature, and her family is too traditional, whereas I was born and raised in America. Her father dropped out of the 7th grade lol My father and I both went to college, she only graduated high school and was basically stuck in the house afterward. Lower class and lower education/intelligence will definitely cause problems. Plenty of girls in Palestine now go to college and have more modern life experiences.Maybe when I’m 40 I’ll go back and get a 22 year old college graduate.

        7. A lot of people think sex with a virgin is horrible, but you’d be surprised how fast a woman can learn how to ride a good cock! Our sex was damn amazing

        8. LOL, the irony is even without pof, rinder, instagram etc, women will still find ways to create drama. If you aren’t beating her after she provokes you, she will beat herself and threaten to kill her self.

        9. Just curious, how does her society handle a woman like that after she is sent back? I mean clearly she is damaged goods and would be detrimental to any man’s happiness, unless he spends a considerable effort disciplining and training her, but is she socially shunned to being a spinster at her parents house because her marriage failed? Just curious of their view on divorce, etc. Also was it an arranged marriage or did you find her and flirt, date, etc. or what?
          It seems that part of the education she should have received in the ME that males are different and should be respected was that you should trust them not to cheat on you, and jealousy and distrust is a form of insubordination and even cheating in my mind…
          I have a friend who was offered a young virgin ME bride and I told him to go for it (he is living in his parents house in his 30s). Personally I prefer the single life but for some I think even this would be an improvement, and certainly far superior to what guys put up here with Americunt wives. Plus I would imagine the likelihood of cheating is low (another friend, dad of 2, going through that now).

        10. Wow, good to know. I always thought that would be a huge drawback to marrying a virgin.

        11. Usually divorced women are considered damage goods and less desirable, but if she’s young and hot like my wife was, then she’ll find another husband. Mine actually remarried last month.

    3. An excellent comment!
      I would further state that, on average, by mid twenties men tend do away with the childish notion that, “It won’t happen to me… I could do better than other guys… my girl is different… etc…”
      Whether through the harsh realities of dating or through seeing his friends go through divorce and their own issues as you have stated, I do believe that realization is the key for any man to shy away from marriage, blue or red pill.
      An interesting question to consider: That age that men put aside that childish notion… as generations progress will it be later… or sooner, on average? I hope that as our society progresses men will realize earlier and earlier the harshness of reality, but I’m not certain because many boys are being raised to believe completely that they are the exception to the rule.

      1. Yes this has happened to me, as someone who was a full on hopeless romantic. In the last 5 years I’ve witnessed behaviour from women towards me that I’d class as emotional abuse, I’ve seen a family member get divorce-raped after less than 5 years after marrying his ‘oneitis’. I also know a friend who spent almost $40,000 on a wedding to a woman who just flat out won’t have sex with him (they had sex once in the past year and he’s so desperate he’s jacking off in the toilets in work).
        This conclusions that I’ve come with great sadness, and it’s aged me and caused me a lot of distress. It’s like discovering God doesn’t exist if you happen to be the religious type.
        Thankfully it all happened BEFORE I ever got married.

        1. Consider yourself lucky. I didn’t marry either, and I consider myself beyond lucky, when I analyse my old GFs pre-red pill.

        2. rider, what you wrote could’ve been written word-for-word by me (about my life). beyond… lucky.

        3. I was just today mentally thanking my ex for being such a selfish immature bitch that she, at age 31, broke up with me over the telephone and refused to see me and talk about what was going on.. We were together 2.5 years and about to get married. Holy fucking shit I would have been soo miserable, and probably divorced at this point.
          I wanted to marry her so bad, honestly if she wasn’t such a selfish heartless cruel person and ended things in a rational way instead of by suddenly chopping my balls off, I bet I wouldn’t have escaped. I am so lucky. I feel so sorry for guys who get trapped young in a horrible marriage. The scary thing I was like 32 when I met her. I had never considered marriage before, and certainly don’t today! Be ever vigilant gentlemen…

      2. true, what forms the “rule” is that everyone thinks that they are the exception, the legends in their own minds
        studies done showed people think they are way more intelligent than reality, hysterically so

    4. Good points. And no man wants a woman desperately looking for a man in her 30s let alone 40s. Ever have sex with a woman in her 40s? It’s definitely lacking. Plus these women are pretty much used cars at that point….high milage.

    5. You make some good points but many of the same points you make about men being reluctant to get married I have heard from women.
      So as a woman gets older and gains more sexual experience, especially with the “hawt” alpha guys she has slutted it up with, the less likely she will be to settle for mr average.. in bed or otherwise.
      She has also experienced great amounts of freedom in her 20s and early 30s.. travelling.. dating.. sexual freedom.. etc… Why would she want to give all that up to get hitched to some boring, mr average and why would she want to give up her career for marriage and children? Most women don’t want those things now after experiencing the sexual freedom and lifestyle of being single. The great mistake the manosphere makes is assuming all women want marriage and commitment, and that all women hit the wall magically at 30. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Women in their 30s and even early 40s who stay in shape and look after themselves continue to attract men aged from the 20s all the way to the 50s. Women don’t get bald like a lot of men in their late 30s and early 40s do if they have that genetic predisposition for it… which is pretty much a death-knell in the dating and sexual arena for most men in that women now reject most balding men.

      1. “You make some good points but many of the same points you make about men being reluctant to get married I have heard from women.”
        – Yes I agree with you, except I do think that more women than men really do want kids, and regret this when the chance passes them by.
        What you are basically arguing I guess is that with additional freedom, long term relationships just aren’t worth it because something much better might be just around the corner. I think this is a sad state of affairs, but I can see if from the woman’s point of view, especially as they are the pursued and can ‘share’ an alpha.
        As for the baldness thing happening in late 30’s; heck some of us don’t have much hair left by their late 20’s, but I’d like to think that it’s not necessarily a death knell for dating. If it is, I’m gonna have to get that wig sorted sooner rather than later 😉

        1. I’d also like to add that while a reasonably attractive woman can jump from one exciting new lay after another, and thus get bored with the whole ‘relationship’ thing, a man with some money can jump from one gorgeous prostitute to another, or with game can have one fling after another. Each gender samples the creme de la creme of the sexual world, and doesn’t waste their valuable time with people who don’t reach these highs standards that the people in these fleeting relationships reach.
          The question is whether at the end of it all, we’ll think this was a satisfying way to live our lives.

        2. True life satisfaction comes when you get older.. When things are sorted out, you are very mature and you only care about your own needs and wants. That’s the place, but only comes towards the end.. All the way to there, it’s a struggle one way or another.. There is always something missing no matter how much we’re trying to argue otherwise here.

        3. “What you are basically arguing I guess is that with additional freedom,
          long term relationships just aren’t worth it because something much
          better might be just around the corner.”
          Yes, exactly. Thanks for putting it succinctly. I think this is a problem with modern, Western society.. and I was trying to argue that it seems clear from the social experiment that is the current feminist and liberal Western society that given the additional freedom, BOTH men and women will delay marriage and long-term relationships, and will maximize pleasure at the expense of family formation. This is an important and difficult truth to accept.. in that it goes against the post-Enlightenment values we hold dear, i.e., that personal freedom and individual autonomy are sacrosanct values and they should be primary and come before anything else. Roosh has an excellent recent article on his web site which talks about this very issue, ie., the down-side of excessive personal freedom.

        4. “Roosh has an excellent recent article on his web site which talks about this very issue, ie., the down-side of excessive personal freedom.”
          I’ll have to check that out. I agree I think too much choice affects both sexes.
          My father is in his 60’s and I was explaining how my friend was dating a woman with lots of ‘orbiters’ and how her phone was constantly alight with messages from these guys trying to fuck her. He was horrified and basically said “why would you humiliate yourself by sitting there while she texts all those guys”.
          Well that’s the times we live in. Increased communication increases the speed and amount of opportunities some of us have to meet our needs. The long term social implications will be…..interesting…

        5. And of course facebook and instragram and the rest. No matter what she posts up, there are going to be thousands of thirsty guys paying her attention and praising her.

        6. Your dad is right. Many men like your friend that put up with that are the ones allowing it to continue.

        7. All your friend has to do is next her. Simple as that.
          Abundance man, abundance.

        1. Yeah I should have added a caveat in that guys who can pull off the shaved head look can still do pretty well with the ladies. But most men don’t look that good or have the right shape of head to pull that off.

        2. Mine started balding at 20 and I soon went from looking like Jesus in a rock band to the full shave. Lots of chicks dig it, you just gotta wear it with a sort of Bruce-Willisesque bravado. Baldness looks good with a suit and tie, too. Looks dangerous. Chicks love that.

        3. Most guys just don’t really shave their head when balding but try a cover-up stunt of some sort.

        4. Just out of curiosity, what is the “right” shape of head?
          (post pics of right/wrong if you can)

        5. Even if they were single and not rich and famous, I’d have a hard time believing these bald guys would be peeling women off them even at their ages.

        6. Don’t be a spoilsport. The balding doesn’t make women like you more or less than they would if you had hair, it’s a really negligible factor. It does tend to build character, though.

        7. When did I allude to the balding made them want you more or less? Sometimes attracting just exists, and cannot be explained. Women who go for certain “types” (based on height, skin color, accents) are skullfucked as is and have lives of constant disappointment. No sympathy here!

      2. To claim bald head = low SMV is total bullshit. I have a severely receding hairline. The solution: I shave my head nearly bald. By doing so a massive ( 5 inch) scar is visible on my head. When you couple this look with a dominant attitude its very easy to make hot pussy look your way. Compared to the limp wrist skinny jean hetero queers running around – you end up looking like a veritable bad ass

      3. You forgot two things.
        First: Feminism promised to all women that they can ‘have it all’ = career, beauty, and when she’s “mature” *sarcasm* a beautiful marriage, beautiful husband and beautiful children.
        It’s not more reality. Because men are wiser now.
        Second: baby rabbies. To some women, to have a baby and pass her gens to the next generation is “so needed that actually hurts”, in the words of a female journalist.
        Great part of the women want it, but they shut up in fear of feminazi shame.
        They are all strong independent women that need no man. And that will cry themselves to sleep every night.

      4. don’t be ridiculous. 30s-40s women can only snag desperate, indiscriminate AFCs (ie, they haven’t broken free of predominant indoctrination). of course, 30s-40s women can become municipal cum dumps for a spectrum of men, hence the unrequited yearning for the alpha who drunkenly unloaded his heavy balls into her one night

      5. This sounds like a woman wrote it.
        But if not, even the “studies” and “polls” by the MSM show it’s women that want to get married, and women whining constantly that men won’t marry them. Once a man gets into his 30s he’s usually not interested. But once a woman gets into her 30s, her biological clock goes crazy.
        And no, 30+ year old women are not attracting anybody. Well, anybody they actually would want. No alpha will go after 30+s, and even betas stop going for 35+s.

    6. I also recently read that todays average man in his 40’s has half the testosterone that an 80 year old man had 50 years ago. I think these things dont happen by mistake. It seems like todays lifestyle and diet has adapted men to give less fucks about wanting or needing a women in todays day and age. I think guys that take care of themselves, exercise and lift weights will still have the sex drive to truly be alphas that will do all the banging whether a woman wants to get married or not. It will be a sellers market when sexually fit guys reap the rewards of todays sedentary beta man and women do want to get fucked even more than ever now that chaste sexual morality is becoming an antiquated concept.

      1. YouHaveALink?

      2. Its because so few men do hard manual labor in an environment surrounded by other masculine men. If they did and ate a diet with high fats/protein – their T levels would be much higher. I speak from experience. At 41 my T levels and physique are nearly that of what it was in my late 20’s. This is due to my occupation and diet. I have no problem getting IOIs from girls half my age.

    7. “If you’re looking for a guy in his 30’s who truly has his shit together to sign his life away to you, you are deluded ladies…”
      Unless you’re 18-22 and a virgin

      1. I posted a link to an article somewhere on this thread.. Read it and you’ll realize there is no such thing as 18 yo virgin. The sluttiness starts much earlier than we can imagine and with an unbelievable magnitude.

        1. girl’s median first is 13yo. and since women don’t want to be outliers, vanishingly few deviate from this.
          if a 14yo girl asks her primary care physician for birth control, they have to fill it, and they are forbidden from informing the parents, even if the parents ask. this has been policy since at least the early 80s.
          massive high doses of monthly free sponsored hormone candy gifts to effectively preteens. nothing goes wrong.

        2. Where do you get that number? Do you have a reliable scientific study to confirm the claim?

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