What I’ve Noticed From Being A Bouncer At An American Club

A fairly common shit test that women employ at the middle stage of seduction deals primarily with the woman’s self-image. Unlike many other shit tests, it is just as frequently encountered by romantic beta men as by aggressive players, appearing seemingly out of thin air as a certain ‘light bulb’ flickers on within the woman’s head. The test usually pops up during escalation, which causes your level of intimacy to advance to the next level. For example:

  • when you touch a new area of her body
  • when the chemistry between you two deepens
  • when either of you mentions something you might do in the future
  • when you go in for the kiss
  • when you have already kissed her and you’re making out
  • when you’re in bed and undressing
  • rarely, when you first meet her in a club and try to dance with her
  • and very rarely, after sex, when she wants to know the status of your relationship (or lack of)

During any single growth in the intimacy between you that implies that something more is going to happen, a curious phenomenon appears in the woman’s mind: “Wait, what does this look like? Do I appear easy? What will he/observers think about me?” In other words:

A woman never wants to feel like a slut, even if she is currently doing something slutty.

It is at this moment that her defenses engage. She is not a slut, nor does she want to look like one! She is going to put up some resistance, pleasure be damned! That is where the famous phrase appears:

“You just want me for sex.”


“Do you like me just for my body?”


“You just want to sleep with me, don’t you?”

The universal rule of all shit tests is that rational answers are generally not good answers, but it is made even more prominent now. No matter what, do not try to explain yourself, convince her that it’s not really like that, convince her that you value her as a person, or engage in a prolonged discussion. That is exactly the fodder that she needs to reject you and prove that she really is a Nice Girl ™ who cannot be lured into sex by a few sweet words and reassurances. The more you try to convince and soften her, the more she will clam up, and the chance for further escalation is going to fade.

A common misunderstanding

Being the stone-cold player that you are, you’re not going to make the mistake of trying to convince her. Instead, here are a few effective answers (all of which should be delivered with a grin, followed by a brief look into her eyes, and then continuing the escalation as if she hadn’t raised any objections):

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Why is that bad?”

I call the answer above “pulling a Juan Antonio”, as it was immortalized by the protagonist of the excellent movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the scene in which reacts to a similar accusation with a shrug and a simple counter-question: “Why not?” Don’t treat wanting to sleep with her as something that needs to be justified, and she won’t either.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And you like that.” *

A classic example of so-called “asshole game”. You need some nerve to run this successfully. There are few men who can nonchalantly launch stuff of this caliber and really mean them, but those who can shall be richly rewarded by women.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I actually want to steal your organs.”

Agree and amplify at work. Make fun of her with an absurd proposition that goes even further than hers.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do I need a reason?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And because you talk so much.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Just shut up and kiss me.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I like your law degree.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do you only want me for sex?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “I haven’t decided yet.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: *grunt**

* = an answer that I have personally used with success

Never allow a woman’s last-minute doubts about her image to stop you. Learn to defuse her reluctance in a playful way and she will reward you with fornication.

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174 thoughts on “What I’ve Noticed From Being A Bouncer At An American Club”

  1. “I will commonly go up to a group of “aggressive men,” by myself and without the help of my fellow bouncers, and tell them to knock it off. They are usually as compliant as the male feminist when informed of his “micro-aggressions.” Granted, I am a fearsome motherfucker in both appearance and manner, but still, we are talking about one man dealing with an entire group here.”
    This is not much different than a cop bragging about doing the same. Of course the would-be combatants know that if they don’t comply, they will face the wrath of the powers that be (other cops/other bouncers). Ridiculous.
    This entire article is male rationalization hamster in action. Disappointing, considering the quality of your previous piece.

    1. It’s quite obvious that you’ve never worked in a night club or bar. It’s quite different than a cop as well. When you resist the police you can expect to be beaten, maced, possibly shot, arrested, booked and then forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees with a rather large possibility of jail time.
      Don’t comply at a night club and you’re warned, than asked to leave, possibly carried out leaving getting beat up as the worst case scenario (and that’s only if you swing first).
      You seem like the only thing worst than a micro aggressive male feminist, a passive aggressive hipster.

      1. It appears you’ve missed the point entirely, but I won’t hold it against you since you obviously aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

        1. what fucking point?
          “a group of drugged up, steroid using fuck wits beating the shit out of
          me because I didn’t listen to GI Joe telling me to knock it off.”
          Sounds like incoherent bullshit from a beta faggot. Ever go out to a (non-gay) nightclub in the real world on a Saturday night?

      2. “getting beat up as the worst case scenario (and that’s only if you swing first).”
        Either you’re a naive fool or you’re a bouncer who projects his own “fairness” on others. I can’t think of a job that attracts more scum and filth than an enforcer. (maybe cops)

      3. A night club is a place where people, so devoid of a sense of meaning, go to enjoy a fake environment and pretend their life is meaningful and exciting. Sitting in the corner arbitrating it does not make any less fake, more analogous to a day care lady making sure kids don’t get hurt in their cute little pretend country/fort.

    2. So true. Just what I need a group of drugged up, steroid using fuck wits beating the shit out of me because I didn’t listen to GI Joe telling me to knock it off.

    3. Agreed it made the writer look bad. We all know he would not dear approach that group of guys if he didn`t have 8 guys backing him up. I`d be more impressed with someone who went up to a group of 5 guys in an alley and told them to knock it off with no back up than a cop or a bouncer who works in a team. Of course the writer is a phoney tough guy. Lets see him come to my town at a bar in the parking lot and tell 5 hells angels to knock it off, they`d knock every single last tooth out of his head even if he was built like the Rock before they blew his brains out.
      In fact I am more impressed by a guy who fights a bouncer and losses knowing that he is going to be attacked by a gang of hyenas than a coward bouncer who won`t fight 1 on 1.

      1. (rofl) most bouncers are outnumbered 50 to 1 or more. If they lose control or appear weak, they either get dead or lose their jobs.
        But whining about physically superior men is always a winning strategy for picking up chicks, right?

        1. I am assuming you are a man? 50 to 1 please that would be like every patron attacking one bouncer. Most patrons aren’t going out to fight bouncers and most patrons aren’t going to interefere in a fight with a bouncer that doesn’t involve them directly. And the large groups of men are rarely full of a bunch of guys who want to fight, unless it is a gang of course and that is why gangs are virtually never allowed into any club if they are wearing any gang ensignia. You’ll have 1 tough guy and 4-5 pussies who will just watch the tough guy fight. And when there are just 2-3 tough guys or even 1 tough guy like a pro boxer or those mma brothers who beat the shit out of a bunch of bouncers in a club, or arturo gatti who is like 5’7 and beat up 6 patrons and all the bouncers bigger than him because he slapped his girlfriend in the bar and the beta white knights wanted to defend their honor and got their assed kicked o yeah and his girlfriend still went home with him.
          Bouncers are weak. Most of them are weight lifting experts who’s fist is so slow you’d be able to beat them silly if you had any serious martial art training for several years. If bouncers were so strong you’d not need a team of 9 guys just to intimidate some pencil neck.
          Bouncers are not physically superior, many of them are grossly unhealth and shoot up steroids into their arm which increases their chance of a load of diseases. I can’t ever recall seeing a bouncer take multiple chicks home, I just don’t. In fact I never recall seeing a bouncer even getting any action off a group of chicks. i do remember picking up 3 girls and making out with them and the bouncer trying to rough me up for it, asking me how I get so many women and wanting to search my pockets because i must be feeding them drugs. Bouncers are beta period. They try to make up for their inability to get women by pushing men who can, around physically. This is called frustration. Bouncers are sexually frustrated young beta males who take out their frustration with being unable to draw women despite all their muscles, on men.
          If I had to be anyone in a bar it would be bar/club manager or bartender. Those are the only employees fucking chicks consitently. There is a reason bouncers work the door.

        2. Because we all know the world of humans can be boiled down to flexing muscles, beating each other and then dragging women off… if humans were, say, elephant seals, or other similar wild beasts.

      2. Humans hunt in teams. Strength of the pack is the wolf strength of the wolf is the pack and all. Even SEALs and SF hunt in packs. US military more or less does not let anyone into combat alone. 1 on 1 honor shit is for sports only. There is no honor in combat, just winning.

        1. Good so then shut the fuck up when one of you bouncers get jumped and stabbed by 8 punks when you’re on your way home or getting into your car.
          Its ironic you whine about no honor in combat then go on to talk about the army when it is the us army who whines about “terrorist” using assymetrical warfare. The reality is “terrorist” are just dirty fighters who have no formally organized nation-state and wear no uniform. But sometimes military forces go under cover and wear no uniform.

    4. I’ve never been a bouncer, but years of picking up in nightclubs have led me to the same conclusions as the author. Most people are vapid followers of the heard who bend to authority, and if you can be that authority, they will bend to you.
      I’m not sure what all the criticism is about in the comments section here, but it reads a lot to me like people who are uncomfortable being forced to confront the fact that they too bend to authority when in these places. Fact is, when you’re in someone else’s house, either you play by his rules or he will make you play by his rules; that isn’t something to be embarrassed or upset about, it’s just the way of the world.

      1. I think you are missing the point of most of the comments. A “bar” or a “club” is a place where people go to either socialize, get drunk or whatever. Ive been to tons of bars and for the most part bouncers, like cops, just keep cool and keep an eye on things to make sure that people dont fuck things themselves or others or things up.
        They are talking about the fucking assholes like the bouncer that sat on a guy and suffocated him.
        The ideal bouncers are like the two kids hired as party security in the Project X movie. LOL.

    5. bullshit, clueless beta here^
      “male rationalization hamster in action” that would be YOUR hamster burning up the treadmill
      I was a bouncer for years as well, and every word this author says is correct. He is merely stating the facts, your response says far more about your huge femininity than anything about him.
      You don’t really get into very many actual battling fights like in the movies. If you do, being sober and knowing martial arts ensure that the drunken assholes who want to fight end up on the floor. The club I worked at was full of hipsters wasted on 6 kinds of drugs, they were usually too stoned to fight.
      And the women DO flock to you, I banged countless hot bar sluts in my time.

      1. Don’t forget “beer shield”, actual drunks who are not wasted can be very dangerous and go into a fight for a long time

    6. why are the highest ratest comments the ones from the haters? the guy was just saying what happened. you’d be surprised, too, if you told a group of men to disperse, and they do. real men, normal men, expect a challenge. and its not like he went to police academy and got qualified to boss people around. he got the job because he was muscular. he probably doesn’t wear a uniform. think about it.

      1. “why are the highest ratest comments the ones from the haters?”
        Because its a douchey article written by a douche about a douchey subject.
        This is RoK brah. If the sites readers dont like an article, they let u know.

    7. I disagree. This is not male hamster rationalization,… it is a guy just telling it how it is, with enough subtle humor and stories to make the article interesting.
      I knew a guy who was a bouncer in Australia for many years, and he talked exactly the same. Nothing to prove. 95kg, and once had to get a guy’s tooth removed from his metacarpel. As ugly as I found the story at the time, he was just doing his job when confronted with a guy who just wanted a fight, and was going to clock someone unless the bouncers put him out first.

    8. The man who is an integral part of the club scene (and enforcer of the environment) complaining about its lack of depth. The way he contradicts himself is priceless.

  2. C. Contrary sounds like a boss, but I am curious how many white knight bouncers he has come across. If you see a drunk guy hitting on a drunk girl, how often does some beta bouncer try to intervene?
    Also, going to a bar where there is no bouncer, and then seeing some shit go down, will help you appreciate the role these guys play. We should all have that mentality.

    1. “Let me know if any of these knuckleheads in here bother you” also works well, conveying both your power and authority and your cocky belief in your superiority over the other men in the place.
      talk about pedestalizing and white knighting.

      1. It’s not white knighting, it’s ‘coralling’. his job is as a professional white knight, but the activity within the job is pure self-interest.
        I spent a couple of years in the 90’s as a bouncer, but I never went home with any of the girls, because I was pretty strongly religious at the time. Ironically, telling a drunk girl you won’t fuck her because you are married and take your vows seriously is like throwing gasoline on a bonfire. for a while, when i was experimenting with game post-divorce, I wore my wedding ring. Ditching it, later, was hard as hell, although I was getting a bit too old to play the vagina tool anymore.

  3. My favorite was seeing girls 22-26 walk in the bar (I live in Canada, girls 18-21 wouldn’t do this) with their bitch faces and chest popped out, when you’d ask for ID they would say “He just wants to know my name” propagating I’m some sort of creep, It’s law to ask for ID bitch, then three hours later they stumble out of the bar pissed drunk and all over you. “Whats your name!, your so cute!, how old are you!” Who is propagating now?

    1. thats why your a fag! Should of taken her home with you and fucked her like the animal she is. instead of giving what the girl wanted, which was some D you decided to be a tough guy bouncer and became gay about the situation and act like a cool little kid who think he’s tough. Your story and actions means you know nothing about women. Thats why your a bouncer to begin with.

      1. Playing devil’s advocate, I could charge ‘Scarcity Mentality’, as if I knew the context for sure and say you are wrong. I know you don’t know either. You just projected your needs into his situation. The more I learn about women the less I want to fuck them. I think personality matters, even within the shallow range of club chicks. I’ve said no and loved doing it. You never have? If you have, that would be a bit hypocritical if not ‘gay’. We really need to reserve ‘gay’ for happy and use queer. I think there was a post here on that.

    2. So funny. Males proclaim to hate women because of how inferior we are, yet you spend all of your free time obsessing over what we do, what we say, what we wear, how we live, how to get attention from us, how to trick us into thinking you have value (when you clearly don’t).
      Then it’s a mystery when none of us want you!
      It’s so irrational, yet that’s the male mind for you. Childish at its core.
      Go be gay then and hang around only other men. Nobody gives a fuck anyway, winner.

      1. Ha ha, typical female shaming tactics when any man criticizes a woman. In other words, a highly irrational response. And very weak character.

        1. Your criticism of women is a shaming tactic so apparently you’re too young and dumb to see that.None of this stuff you criticise even exists outside of your trailer park world (or the equivalent) and the females you are using shaming tactics against are just the female counterpart of yourselves. You both have these lower class nasty traits. You’re just pissed because you have a sense of entitlement and believe you deserve better but what are YOU yourself. We don’t have fat girls or nasty bitches who disrespect men. At least they’re smart enough to know that behaving badly reflects badly on themselves

        2. Lol, your dilusional! Like she said, if you hate us so much, why the obsession? Pussy rules lol!

        3. Right on point. The Red Pill thing is to recognize when women use shaming to try and manipulate you. Saying your gay, women don’t want you, irrational crying. . .All tactics they pick up. Realize when it’s going on, and call them out on it and they blow up in anger.

      2. Astonishing… no matter the side, or proclamations of superiority or inferiority of either, everyone of this mindset is a complete hypocrite! It is so amusing to see people who do the equivalent of drinking out of public toilets saying that it makes sense based on their gender and simplistic stereotypes of the opposite.

    3. man, you should have requested a BJ to ‘let her stay’, then kick her out regardless. my 2c.

  4. Havent wasted time or money going to bars/ clubs in years.
    This article validates the fact that I am not missing anything.

    1. Totally agree with you! Even though I was in the Navy for twenty years, I never was attracted to the bar/club scene; I went once, just to see and experience what it was like. Just a waste of time and money — overpriced watered-down drinks, snotty stuck-up bitches who only wanted to drink (as long as you were paying), and music loud enough to keep my ears ringing for half the next morning. Learned my lesson.

      1. Women commenters here seem to think quite highly of themselves. They think we hate them, yet obsess over them. I really dont. I have my own life to live. Women actually seem rather ridiculous to me. Always looking at their silly smartphones. Always. But thats fine, I have little in common with them. I have my interests and they have theirs.
        Thats the world. Id be open to meeting a cool female, there just are none around here and I own a house of my own and my career is here so I have basically just learned to live without them.
        Kind of like ice cream and other things that are bad for your health. Lol.

  5. This article was VERY well written. The author did the best he could with the subject he was writing about. While I cannot relate to his position, I was still very interested in what he had to say. Hope to read more from this guy. Bravo sir.

  6. fascinating stuff. although I would say that with any job involving “customer service”.. you’re going to develop a general disdain of the scum that is people

    1. amen… most people are ok, every so often you get the odd total cunt that ruins your month…. but all people are assholes once they feel entitled or have some problem going on….. and at night in clubs, they all have the special snowflake chip installed…. i like to imagine them all in a line taking a shit in the morning…..

    2. Yeah. I was in and out of auto sales for 6 years. I am still recovering from my utter disdain for the entitled american consumer

  7. Good article. I see a handful of boo-hoo comments because the author is cocky and uses his position and physical stature to his advantage (not to mention working in an environment where he can constantly evaluate what works and what doesn’t for game). I find it comical that proponents of red-pill and alpha-ness are butthurt by another aspect of being an alpha, superior size.
    While size isn’t always everything, it sure can get you a lot of mileage. Women are usually attracted to bigger males, which I am sure stems from the historical need for protection. Playing to that fact doesn’t make you a white knight.

    1. I too would love to know more about how wet the vaginas get when OP and his merry band of whiteknight meatheads bully around a bunch of average dudes trying to get laid.
      “…what works and what doesn’t for game…”
      HAHA yes, and finally how the entire experience helps him improve his game. Because that’s really the secret ingredient here, afterall. It’s his game. Yep.
      You could substitute every instance of the word ‘bouncer’ for the word ‘cop’ in this article and it would read more or less the same.
      You guys have jumped the shark. It’s this kind of nonsense that has me convinced that the rationalization hamster is every bit as much a male phenomenon as it is a female one.

      1. I dont like cops either, but this isnt about cops. This is about being a bouncer and how that plays to his advantage with women. How is that not gaming? Also, if you cannot see how you might learn a great deal about how to be successful picking up women at a club or bar as a bouncer, I am not sure what else to say to you.
        As far as “whiteknight meatheads bullying around a bunch of average dudes…” I hate to break it to you, but Alpha isn’t average. This isn’t to say being a big confident brawler is the end all attribute, but like I suggested earlier, it sure helps. Its hard to argue with strength as a virtue.

        1. Of course strength is a virtue. But bouncers to not derive their power from their physical strength, so much as from their numbers and from the establishment.
          Nor do they apply their power in a particularly honest or honorable way… Unless you would like to argue that whenever there’s trouble in a bar, bouncers generally grant the alleged troublemaker a fair fight?
          This parallel you’re trying to draw between ‘bouncer’ and ‘upstanding alpha guy’ is braindead nonsense.
          Bouncing is a great scam, I’ll give you that. But they’re no more worthy of celebration than any other man-in-uniform abusing his power.

        2. Yeah i’m not going as far as saying they are worthy of celebration. I have personal problems with authority anyways. I mostly avoid situations where the balance of power isn’t in my favor.
          Also I never said “upstanding alpha guy” either. Upstanding has nothing to do with it. Nor am I suggesting fair has anything to do with it.
          My initial comment was to point out that bouncers aren’t White Knights for playing to their strengths. I still stand by that.

        3. The point is that there is nothing to learn or admire from the bouncer, who’s only source of power is the numbers on his side. Both the power bouncers wield and any of the success they have with women as a result of the violation of their power is entirely without merit. No different than a cop in this respect.
          The only real observation of note here is the fallen nature of modern western woman, who, in admiration of this worthless clown show, proves once again that she has no concept of things like justice or honor, degenerate that she is.

        4. I lifted at a gym that had a bunch of bouncers and ex-football players before the PC-police came in and bought them out and feminized the gym.
          I have to admit, almost all of them were great guys, but none of them had game, and many of them used anabolic or androgenic supplements.
          I barely meet “bad” bouncers – if you do, they’re at Top-40 very image-conscious clubs which attract only sleaze bags. Not all clubs are created equal.
          Yeah the image of size is nice and it appeals women, but many of the older bouncers (read: not that old, in their 30s) I met had almost as many heart problems as they did hilarious stories on the job.
          All in all, Russ and this author are doing a little bit of talking-up to the efficacy of size.

        5. Anonymous i think you are wrong. There are many things to learn. I am getting bored with this because I don’t think you are listening to me.
          You suggest that their success with women is merely from the violation of their power. That’s obviously false.
          And a bouncer’s power is not merely based on numbers. If a man can approach a group and project their power to the group with no repercussions, at the very least, a certain amount of strength, pride, and confidence must be present to initiate this action.
          I’m not saying there aren’t overly cocky, abusive, insecure enforcers out there. I agree there are actually and have encountered some. That changes nothing about the nature of my initial point.
          Might is right. Always has been, always will be. Thats a natural law, whether you think its fair has little to do with it.
          Furthermore, I knew a bouncer from San DIego. He gave me some really good advice on game. His advice came from the observations he had made and tested bouncing. his advice got me results. Its hard to argue with results…

        6. Its true that I am advocating size registers on the female radar. I am tall and have always had more attention than others due to this fact. It doesnt mean I have great game. My game has improved greatly over years of doing everything wrong. I am not saying its the end-all factor in any way. I am saying its naturally attractive to most women. I walk into an establishment and people notice I am there.
          You can be tall and have bad game and still connect. You can be short or average and have great game and connect even more.

        7. If getting into the snatch of your dumb average American cock-carousel rider is your end goal.
          Take a sharp successful and fit business man at a speaking engagement, conference, meeting, upscale mall or restaurant and see who the low value white American attention-whores get tingly for.
          One clue, it wont be the over-muscled meathead with the spiky gel hair.

        8. “You suggest that their success with women is merely from the violation of their power”
          Their success only stems from the fact that they “stick out in the crowd”
          Big whoop. So do the dudes in the band. The guys in the mixing booth. The club owner(s) and his friends.
          Anyone that sticks out from the herd of sheep that flock into those pathetic overpriced dives in search of pussy (in the case of men) or search of validation – attention-whoring-facebook shots (in case of cunts) will have better chances.
          Kind of a gay article IMO.

        9. The club I worked at had exactly ONE bouncer during the week, and 2 or 3 on weekends. Obviously it was not a huge place, 250 max, but the crowd was stoned hipsters and musician types, lots of hot women – very few fights.
          Being tall, muscular, knowing martial arts, and being sober were usually all that was needed, only a couple of times did I actually have to “fight” guys, and it wasn’t a fair fight, they had no chance, as evidenced by the inevitable outcome. “Fair fights” exist only in the mind of white knight morons who imagine the world is “fair”. Good luck with that.
          And knowing the local cops fairly well helps a lot, they would always take my word (and security cam video) over that of some drunken asshole who wanted to claim he had been “assaulted”. It only came to that a couple of times in 10 years, but I never had any legal issues.
          Now it is different at large urban clubs who attract the “inner city” crowd, there you need body armor and large numbers of bouncers, metal detectors, comm headsets, prepared action plans etc. But I did not have to deal with that sort of crowd, lucky me.

        10. I implied as much in one of my comments. The article wasnt about a business man at the mall. You may have missed that bit. Perhaps reading the article in the future may help sort this out for you.

        11. I for some reason thought that bettering your chances was part of the objective. I may have missed the part of the article that advised blending in and being part of the herd.

        12. I think what he is getting at is that the club is a fake atmosphere and the bouncer derives power from this. How cool people were in the club typically doesn’t translate to anything outside of its doors. It’s like actually believing your important because your character is in a video game, or acting like you are honorable because you follow the rules of a group you are in, regardless of the group’s morals. Relativism will always contradict itself, as truth exists independent of whether one thinks they can change it by standing somewhere else.

      2. “when OP and his merry band of whiteknight meatheads bully around a bunch of average dudes trying to get laid.”
        “Average” tards like you would not get into any problems, if you had any self-control. That is the missing link in your bullshit.
        If you act like a normal fucking human being, a bouncer is not going to hassle you. When you drink 20 shots and start acting like a total asshole, damn straight I am going to kick your beta ass out the door, and your hamster can spin at lightspeed, it won’t help you.

        1. Because why would people go to a bar? To get drunk?. How silly.
          Thats why clubs go out of business left and right. Because they are a rip-off and bouncers are assholes. The city usually wants them closed too. They arent worth the trouble of the extra police calls and liability.

        2. lmao – …and like clockwork, out come the tough guys, no doubt still in a shitty mood following their $10/hour shift at da club last night.
          Look at this braindead, roid rage fuelled nonsense. That’s right Rambo, anybody who dislikes bouncers must be a scrawny beta who plays Minecraft all day. You figured it out, just like the chicks who show up here now and again to remind us all that anybody who reads ROK is obviously a bitter misogynist who can’t get laid.
          Maybe your problem isn’t rationalization hamster so much as it is low IQ.

        3. LOL man you are laughably pathetic. I speak from my own direct experience, which was over 10 years ago now. Exactly what experience do you have in this area? Even back then, with “cover” charges, we usually made $200-$500 each on a weekend night, talked to tons of hot sluts, and got laid, a lot.
          I can see how that would make you jealous, sucks to be you. Try the other hand.

        4. “…you are laughably pathetic.”
          Says the guy bragging on the internet about how much he gets laid. I’m super impressed bro.
          Keep the pearls coming, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

        5. Nice way to dodge my question. Have you ever worked at a nightclub? Seen what goes on, night after night, week after week?
          Obviously not, or you would not bother to post the drivel that passes for your comments. I speak from my own experience, exactly what is yours in this area?
          I understand, when other guys talk about having actual sex with real live attractive women, you feel left out. Try it some time, which I guess is your point, you can’t.

        6. Dodge?
          No one cares about your irrelevant strawmen, you poor, braindead motherfucker. You’re arguing with yourself.

        7. Actually I was paying attention to how he asked you what experience you had, and you dodged the question completely.

        8. The knuckleheads with room temperature IQ continue to crawl out of the woodwork, like cockroaches.
          Since, for some unfathomable reason, you care to know so badly – no, I was never a bouncer myself, nor did I ever work in the “industry”, thank fuck for that.
          This information has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand – namely, the fact that bouncers are little more than hyenas who’s abuses of power and other shenanigans are in no way impressive or admirable.
          Nor will this information help you improve your braindead condition.

        9. Actually your comment was one response in a thread of comments to my original comment. Your failure to observe that suggests you’re the not-so-intelligent one, and also technically makes you the cockroach crawling out of the woodwork.
          Personally, I don’t really want to know anything about you so badly, but I did notice your “dodge” of a question that was calling you out for having no experience.
          Random Reader wanted to know. His question was inferring that you didn’t really know what you are talking about. It appears his assumption wasn’t to far from the mark.

    2. Physical stature or pack of wild dogs? 1 wild dog would get destroyed by even a human, 12 wild dogs can bring down even the largest prey.
      The problem isn’t his cockiness, it is his betaness. Yeah he is gonna keep other men in check by threatening patrons who are out to have a good time and pick up chicks. He knows full well he can’t fuck chicks on the job or his ass will get fired faster than he can type round after round of hot chick is walking out the club and fucking a pencil neck but his steroid neck can’t get any. So what does he do…. the most beta thing imaginable, with a team of goons goes around and tries to play tough guy trying to ruin real alphas day who are out to have a good time pick up a chick fuck her and take her home. Nothing really more beta than that. I was expecting to read about how he used his bouncer job to fuck chicks like crazy but anyone who knows a bouncer knows you’d be fired for fucking on the job if caught, its hard to fuck on the job due to lack of private locations, and lastly once the girls get through the door they forget who you are. A bouncer is mostly beta, he is being used for his resources by women like all betas. Some betas toss money, some betas toss fame, a bouncer tosses access and once the woman gets the access she forgets you, just like when she gets your money she’s gone.
      I know his type, pure pussy. He’d never dear act tough outside of his club with his 10 steroid users backing him up.

      1. Chicks dig bouncers for one reason.
        They know they can up to a guy and slap him, hit him, throw a drink in his face, insult him
        And white-knight faggot beta bouncer boy and his ten faggy beta big muscled buddies have her back.

        1. I agree this might be another reason that some of these chicks feign niceness to bouncers. But its like any other beta she will flirt a little feign niceness til she get what she wants, but she will never spread her legs for either. In fact the man who pissed her off enough to get her to attack her probably fucked her already and is fucking new chicks so she is attacking him.

      2. dude if you were a real alpha, you would know frame control is a key concept. If you are in control of your emotions, and actions, there would be no need for a bouncer to speak to you, let alone “threatening patrons who are out to have a good time.” If your idea of a good time is acting like a 14 year old asshole, then you deserve what you get. The beta is you, fucking loser.
        “He can’t fuck chicks on the job”. Holy fuck, I don’t know where you go, but I never seen anyone having sex in the club, only in the washroom a couple of times. OK once I caught some slut giving a guy head in a dark corner booth. More like finding 4 guys like you in a toilet stall trying to snort some coke.
        I did take many sluts home after the bar closed, we had sex, and I don’t give a fuck who used who, I certainly never gave them any money. “lastly once the girls get through the door they forget who you are” who cares, they are bar sluts anyway, good for fucking and not much else. But the regular girls who see you a lot certainly do remember your name, as do most of the ones you bang. They tell their friends, like women do, and then they all flock to you.
        The rest of your comment is complete beta drivel.

        1. Yes and the bouncer is a beta. He is a tattle tale, hey you, you can’t do that, stop doing that, stop picking up 4 girls at one time.
          You comment is complete delusion. The logisitics would be difficult even for a bouncer with game because they have to stick around until all the patrons leave and when the money is being counted and still have to be providing security after the clubs boots out all the patrons.

        2. I speak from experience, you from, what exactly?
          I can’t imagine why a bouncer would talk to you about ” picking up 4 girls at one time” unless you are an obnoxious asshole that the girls complained about.
          The logistics weren’t that hard. Pick out a hot chick, usually in a group of 2-4, who has been giving you IOIs. Tell her “stick around after the bar closes, we’ll go to an after hours party”. Makes them feel “special” and “connected”, easy as hell. Get them a drink while the staff are cleaning up, then leave with them. Bang one, well, and she tells her friends. Next week, another one of them is very “friendly”.
          Maybe I should draw you a diagram.You sure sound like a beta loser, full of excuses about how you just can’t do it.

        3. Experience doesn’t mean anything if you misinterpret the results. Other than that, your entire life seems to be focused on… doing what exactly? Or am I incorrect for seeing a man in a closed system picking the best he can get and being a slave to its rules any different that the group of band nerds bragging to each other about getting with less attractive women. Seems like a very empty and sub human way to judge yourself, unless, perhaps, you are a wild animal?

      1. Well shucks, thanks for the warning partner. Go ahead, lay it out, Im ready. I’ve braced myself for the knowledge bomb you’re surely going to drop. Im going to go ahead and wager you must have reached your brilliant conclusion based on the lack of profanity in my post.

  8. quote of 2014 : “good for nothing but a few bangs before she flakes out or you can no longer endure her wretched personality”
    the problem i have is that i cannot “endure her wretched personality” for long enough to even ask her name… especially when she has that stuck up look on her face like someone just rubbed shit on her nose….

  9. Bar girls are used as the last fucking option, nasty filth is what they are. But whatever makes you happy.

  10. I’ve learned the hard way to hand the bouncer a $20 on the way in and say, “If you have to kick me out, could you go easy on me and not call the cops?” This has always worked pretty well. But I’m too old for bar bullshit anymore, except the occasional trip to a strip joint.

  11. i think if lawsuits and riduclious laws we have now are the reasons for lame posturing among betas. they know theyll lose their assets n government job if they fight

  12. I spent the years between ages 18 and 28 as a doorman or bouncer in NYC. This is probably the most honest and accurate description I’ve ever read.
    ps. The micro aggressive men these days are a huge bunch of pansies.

  13. Great article. Bouncers have the best and funniest stories. They see so much shit in one night.

  14. I worked as a bouncer for a while and a lot of this stuff is true. You definitely do have to act PC though, I’ve had to endure all sorts of shit talking from upset recently ejected patrons. You can’t just hit someone in the face at your place of work. That being said if they do swing on you, you and the others guys working there can beat them around a little bit and nobody will say anything.
    Also getting pussy while working as a bouncer is not that easy. Can’t exactly chat up women while stuck at your post unless they come over to you to hang out. Happens just about as much as you can imagine. Next time you’re out at a bar or club keep an eye on the bouncer and see how many women he has hanging over him. Chances are it’s none. In my six months of employment I got laid three times out of it. Compare that to the one or two in a weekend I’m usually able to pull and that’s lacking.
    I’m my opinion the best part was something not even mentioned here. Connections. I’m a friendly guy and I worked at a upscale spot in one of the best neighborhoods in the city. I met all sorts of men who will better serve me in life than any of the women I bedded during that time. Also you will become friends with the bartenders and waitresses. They tend to be attractive as that’s really why they were hired to begin with. Their friends will be hot too and this puts you in with them. Stick around long enough and you’ll get to know most of the industry people in the area. You will also get hooked up with free food and drink whenever you’re out at places where people know you. This is a huge advantage when dealing with women as just having a friend send you out a free appetizer from the back of a fancy restaurant will get a pussy wetter than the niagra falls.

  15. The part about the sheer narcissism of modern woman is true. There is also nothing more off putting than groups of very drunk woman, it is the most unfeminine sight imaginable. I live in the UK and sometimes its unbearable to see the depth of masculinity in British women.

  16. I worked as a bouncer one summer in my early youth. Even struck a “karate” pose at a few miscreants but thankfully it never came to actual fisticuffs. Definitely developed a disdain for drunkards and their infantile behavior though.

  17. Bouncers always throw out men at a club when an altercations happens with a woman regardless if she started it or not.
    Bouncers are the ultimate white knights.

    1. Some certainly are, but that’s also because there is pressure from management and ownership to make sure there are plenty of good looking women in the place.
      The success of any club or bar is based on its ability to draw women in. If your place is known to have a steady supply of hot women, you’ll always have plenty of men wanting in. If it’s not, you probably go under. That’s just the reality of the business.

        1. Pretty sure he just said most are not white knights, but rather doing their job.
          Start kicking out chicks, and soon you’ve got a dead venue (and no job). Kick out some guys? If you’ve got the chicks, pretty safe to say there are 20 more guys waiting eagerly in line for their chance to get in and take a shot at the girls.
          Face it: as a man, unless you’ve carved out influence for yourself, you’re disposable. If you don’t like it, you can go cry sour grapes, OR you can figure out how to play by the rules of the people whose venues you’re in and/or go turn yourself into a success that people treat as someone more than just another disposable, replaceable, interchangeable male patron.

        2. Exactly. All these beta faggots in this thread, so resentful because, what, they went out one time, got drunk and obnoxious, and got kicked out of a bar. Boo hoo, cry me a river.
          The club I worked at had a strict policy from the owner, only hot chicks and cool people allowed. Single guys from the suburbs in large groups were told, “sorry, it’s a private party tonight”. Period. He would rather have had the club half empty than full of losers. Sometimes we would let in the betas, but charge them $20 each, for extra spending cash in (we could pocked all of the ‘cover’ charge). But only if they looked cool, obvious weekend warrior tools could not bribe their way in at any price.

        3. I know exactly what he said. Again you’re not a real man if you automatically take the female side just because she’s a different sex. You’re a traitor, a loser basically a chimp to the people you work for or to feminists.
          Be a chick and use excuses like that’s his job all you want it only proves my point toots.

      1. The only “men wanting in” at most of the clubs in my town are the simp gangstas. White dudes stay clear. Stay away from downtown clubs = no worries about flying bullets after bar closing.

      2. Yeah, there are places where the women have a sense of entitlement just walking in the door. And most bouncers are beta use the position thinking it’ll get them pussy. The author’s right when he says women get hot for bouncers though. Women get hot for any authority figure they see over other men. And they rely on their pussy pass to get that figure on their side. When it’s the woman being arrested or thrown out, suddenly their world is turned upside down.

  18. I don’t have the desire to work nights, stand outside a club and/or have to beat up drunken assholes, so I will never relate to why someone might wanna become a bouncer.
    With that said, I’m glad that this author is intelligent enough to have developed “sadness and contempt” towards the party girl demographic.
    “During the week they endure some paltry job, then try to justify that bland tedium through crass indulgence on the weekends” — this line brilliantly sums up why I will never have any respect for any young woman, her circle of friends or orbiters and ex-boyfriends. And it explains why I generally dislike going out.

  19. I have always had respect for bouncers. We usually end up befriending them unless they’re total cocks of course – but that’s rare. It’s a serious job, with no down time. I cannot imagine the patience one musters when dealing with the onslaught of gash up in your face all night – with an abyss of back-up white knights, no less. Posers, dirty bitches. Subwoofer drive-bys. That “contempt” you reference is understandable.

  20. A bouncer is a beta sorry. Most of them are working out alot, injecting drug into their arm with god knows what long term effect. Problem is those big muscles do not even equate to strength because half of it is protein powder, creatine powder or some other ped chemical to make you look nice but doesn’t make you strong. You are not going to beat a skinny guy with fast hands if you’re a bouncer he’ll hit you 100 times before you hit him once if you ever hit him because you’re so big. And this is coming from England’s top bouncer who died of brain cancer mocking the new breed of dummy head bouncers who forget the best weapon is the brain not the muscle.
    When you ignore that a bouncer sacrifices his health and body at risk of being stabbed, shot, beat kill, etc. for a meager pay with slim benefits given the risk involved for a smarter person who runs the bar. You are looking at a class A beta. Then throw in how the girl will profess undying love for a bouncer to get his resources (access to a club) and pretend to not know you once she is in. You realized the bouncer is another beta. He is not fucking the girls before they get access to his resources is he? It’d be no different than a rich man who gives women his money and they “let him fuck her”. At least the rich man is fucking the girl. The reality is anyone who knows a bar knows its the barmanager and bar tender who are fucking most of the girls who work there and who enter there. There is a reason why the bouncer works outside in the cold in second hand smoke at risk of getting stabbed and shot and beat while the bar manager takes girls back to his office upstairs and fucks them silly.
    Sorry, the only alphas in a bar is the bar manager and bar tenders, those guys are fucking and making good money, the bouncers are picking fights and playing tough.

    1. Umm… dude, most bouncers work part time, and for a part time job the pay (and perks) are absolutely exceptional.
      When I was working as a bouncer (getting my business started) I was working maybe 20 hours a week, and making as much as 50 hours at my other job. (yes, I was putting in 70 hour+ weeks) It also was fairly entertaining and kept my pussy card filled with a minimum of effort.
      Being a bouncer is a hard, dangerous job, but it is a GOOD JOB. You should check out some of Mike Rowe’s articles… There’s no such thing as a bad job, just a bad attitude.

      1. And I make more in ten minutes than a “bouncer” makes in 20 hours.
        Whats.. your point?

      2. The bartender is working indoors, pouring drinks and making more money than you off tips and isn’t in second hand smoke all day and is talking to groups of girls. In fact he will talk to virtually ever girl who roles through.

    2. ^jealous beta faggot who wishes he could get laid at a bar^
      Is everything you write bullshit, or just 99%?
      The bar I worked at had all female bartenders, and the manager was a chick too. They weren’t banging any female sluts (or maybe they were, lol, who cares), I certainly was. I never took steroids in my life, but I did lift weights, and learn martial arts. Try it some time, if you can.
      Your comments are so absurd and delusional, you sound like you have serious brain damage. Probably from when some bouncer threw your idiot ass out for being a fucking loser asshole who grabs chicks asses etc.Pathetic.

      1. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself there Random.
        All the bartenders were female and so was your boss, no wonder why your so pussy whiped you have to report to a woman as your boss you are a walking mangina.
        Yes I admit, I am a loser for “grabs chicks asses”. Unlike you who was grabbing dudes asses and taking orders from your female boss. Anytime you want to fight or attack me come down to atlas boxing gym, I’m there 7 days a week and I’m the guy who has to duck down 3 inches to walk through the front door, I’m not hard to miss, lets see how tough you really are.

    3. “Problem is those big muscles do not even equate to strength because half
      of it is protein powder, creatine powder or some other ped chemical to
      make you look nice but doesn’t make you strong.”
      This doesn’t make any sense. It is almost nonsensical. Big muscles do not consist of protein or creatine powder. They consist of muscle tissue, which protein is simply a nutrient for growth, and creatine a supplement for strength training as well. Same applies to steroids: a stimulator for rapid growth of tissue, not some muscle “inflator.”

      1. Did I say big muscles consist of protein powder or creatine powder. Rather you are playing stupid semantic games. One takes creatine powder and they get bigger muscles but it does not mean your muscle is literally made out of creatine powder. You need to learn to read.
        Creatine just bloats up your muscles with water and it is not real, it is an illusion. Its like a shit car painted with a ferrari on the outside. Looks great but even a average car will beat it. Why don’t any of those mr.olympia phony muscle guys go fight a real fighter? Big phony muscles ain’t mean shit

        1. That’s what you wrote, but if it wasn’t your intention then you should clarify and discuss, not get angry.

  21. Bouncers are the biggest D-bags. They aren’t smart enough for REAL jobs so they try to make money off their size. Dudes’ college degrees are probably in underwater basket weaving from from some no name college hence why he has to be a bouncer. “I like being a bouncer cus I can intimidate people and get paid for it”(what a useless idiot). They’re all tough until you pull the gat out on them and then they turn pussy. They are betas with big muscles and they rarely if ever get laid unless they are like the guidos from Jersey Shore.

    1. I’m willing to give the “benefit of the doubt” to the author, i.e. the person with real-world experience in a subject (in this case being a bouncer).
      Real-world experience far outweighs the credibility of someone’s opinion, I’ve learned.

  22. You sir sound like a class act and a true gentleman. And this is coming from an educated adult male. Keep up the good work, you sound like a decent guy and a true professional at work. Sorry you have to deal with the masses of idiots out there, but know that there’s many non idiots out there who see you doing your job and respect your patience, your restraint, and your interpersonal skills. Thanks for keeping the public safe and doing it with class.

  23. This is aimed more at the comments than article I’ve Never understood the absolute hate/distain for security personnel. We’ve all met Shit head cops and bouncers but too be honest I’d rather have the problems that come with having them than the ones that come from not having them. Im a large calm easygoing guy and I’ve done security work for clubs and most of the time a simple firm “cut it out” was all that was necessary. And I can’t remember being harassed by bouncers when I wasn’t being a rowdy drunk but hey whatever.

    1. It’s only the people who have acted like idiots and caused trouble while in a club and been thrown out who hate bouncers like this.. so they come up with all kinds of crap and rationalizations about bouncers. Of course there is bad bouncers like there is bad people in all jobs, but most won’t bother you unless you are causing trouble.. i’ve yet to see bouncers kicking out guys or starting fights just because a guy is picking up girls or the ‘alpha’ with girls.. if that happened to anyone it was most likely they were acting up and deserved to get kicked out.. not jealousy from the bouncers.

  24. Articles like this, while possessing strong Chi, tend to drag fuckwits out of the woodwork, usually egalitarians that don’t want to admit that a life on their ass playing minecraft doesn’t make them the equal of a brawny guy in a security shirt that spends twenty hours a week at the Gym and Dojo.
    Since, you know, whining about superior male specimens is strategy #1 to proving you are better than them.
    You can literally tell which comments come from those who have never had a job enforcing order. Don’t get me wrong, I hate cops with a passion, but bouncers, concert security, and the like take a brilliant mind, a calm and dominant demeanor, a keen judgement, and incredible expenditures in the form of time and effort to be successful.

  25. “Unfortunately, though, smart phones, which provide women with an
    overwhelming supply of men via dating sites, apps and social media, have
    turned most hot chicks into flakes, and I have noticed that in recent
    years my closing percentages have decreased accordingly.”
    To me, this is an excellent takeaway from this essay. It is impossible to overstate the impact of smart phones and social media on the “dating” scene for the under 28 crowd. There are profound social changes happening right now because of apps like Tinder. A good thought exercise for you younger guys is to imagine the nightclub scene before the Internet and cell phones. Then, observe the current nightclub scene.

    1. Jeez. If its worse now…why even bother going.
      Bar scene was never that great to start with back then anyway. Unless you enjoying meeting other drunk dudes and chicks.

  26. I worked at a bar through college. Shitty college club. First as a bar back and later as a bartender. This article is 100 percent real. The bouncer is not there to make friends. He’s not there to be happy. He is there to control the situation. Just like as a bartender. I don’t want to know you, or hang out later, I want to sling as much cheap booze as possible and hope for tips. About an hour before closing I will select a few broads that I would lay the pipe to and sling a couple free ones and ask them if they wanted to stay late for the after party. The after party being one more drink while she watches me close the bar and have a drink with he rest of the staff. This was an easy way to cull one off from the herd as the extra attention stroked their ego and made them bold. As if they were special and not just something to have fun with, then broom. Anyway, all the hate here is from people that haven’t worked the industry. The rest of us know exactly what the author is saying.

    1. And what his is “saying” – for the rest of us — who havent worked in the “industry” — just aint soundin’ all that impressive dude.

  27. “Like a cop, you are there to protect the public, so save the Tyson-like hooks for self-defense. Neither should you be a bully. A real man is self-assured; he has nothing to prove.”
    Tell THAT to the cops, they forgot who pays their checks.

  28. Some of my mates where bounces buy they do the job to talk to women. Half of them are white night!

  29. Don’t know what anyone has to complain about here. This article was written by a real man with real grit, I enjoyed it.

  30. Personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable using white knight game such as “Let me know if any of these knuckleheads in here bother you” but whatever works for the author I guess. I’m sure bouncers see the worst side of these lost western women.

  31. Every few years in my small to medium sized town some bouncers gang up on a single drunk and put him in a coma or kill him.
    Bouncers are usually the most ignorant dumb fucks I have ever met. They are right on par with shopping mall security but in better shape.
    I am familiar with the “fearsome motherfucker” type. They pick fights with weaklings and old men but never a physical equal. I also read in the news regularly of “fearsome motherfuckers” who were put down with a lead projectile.

  32. Bouncers remind me of faggots and cops all three equal the same. Didn’t even read this article but bouncers are all fags. Power hungry extorting faggots! I used to go and beat up bouncers when they started shit with me or tried to kick me out of a club. A lot of fun, considering 3 protection orders against me and many assault chargers later i don’t regret one bit. Bouncers are all pussies who think there the toughest people in the club. Bouncers all suck, you guys just take advantage of people by ganging up on them and beating people up with shitty weight lifting gloves. I bet you are that guy. Sitting there all tough looking with your black shirt beard and gloves fat as fuck. The only cool bouncers are ones in foreign countries. American bouncer = beta Bitch

  33. What I like the most from the article:
    As the poet Charles Baudelaire put it: “Woman, a slave and yet vainglorious,/stupid and unashamed in her self-love.”
    Those philosophers and poets of old times, not that they were misogynists, they were being truthful and they weren’t afraid of being called misogynists (because nobody would call them misogynists), hence, they could be truthful.

  34. “I will commonly go up to a group of “aggressive men,” by myself and without the help of my fellow bouncers, and tell them to knock it off. They are usually as compliant as the male feminist when informed of his “micro-aggressions.”
    So the author is implying that in a more masculine society it would be best if they don’t knock it off but rather be aggressive and combatant?
    That’s healthy right? I suppose in the author’s world view respecting authority and realizing your behaviour needs adjustment is a sign of weakness.
    Or perhaps the author has deluded himself over the years into believing that he is dominating groups of men when in reality it is patrons respect for the authority of any bouncer or the establishment.

    1. Nah man. If dudes reeeeeally need to fight, they should just step into the alley, get it on, and get back to drinking. Most dudes that actually can fight (I mean REALLY fuckin fight), don’t spend the better part of ten minutes bumping chests and playing “fuck-you-no-fuck-you”, they decide to get it on, shit happens, and life continues. That fem-style bickering shit is pathetic.

  35. Interesting here to notice something I have realized too: MOST MEN HAVE NO GAME. After so many years and still we have so many illiterate people.

  36. I got a brief insight into this as the military. At many posts, officers and senior sergeants can draw the duty of “courtesy patrol”, where our job is to patrol down town and do what we can to keep our people out of trouble. This can include taking a dude back home as he’s puking all over himself, keeping the bums from pissing all over our van, collecting a dude who just got tossed by the bouncers, and breaking up fights that involve military people.
    As exciting as it can be to get in a fight, that wasn’t the most interesting detail. It was interesting to see how the club is actually run, and how tightly controlled the experience actually is for the patrons. Observing from that perspective made clubbing look….pathetic. Not interesting or manly, just sad.
    Give me a biker dive bar any day. The beer is cheap, the people are real, and security isn’t needed because anyone who acts like a jackass will get roughed up and thrown out(literally) by everyone else in the bar.

    1. I dig the same scene. A biker bar or dive bar actually seems safer, if you fuck around, everybody gets on you. And you’re not worrying about getting chucked out because some slag decided you look like her step-dad.

  37. I was a Marine for 11 years. During that time, I bounced on the side all over the country and world. I have been bouncing for about 13 years now. Along with that, I have 3 degrees. I currently bounce on 6th street in Austin while finishing up grad school. And I can tell you with absolute certainty, that this article is 100% accurate. I have never before seen someone detail the real life of an honest bouncer before. I have worked at some shady night clubs and some that ran like a fortune 500 company. The author is completely correct.
    Not all bouncers are like that though. I have worked with my fair share of fucked up bouncers. The kind that will choke you out and take your money. So not all bouncers adopt this rationale. Only the smart ones that are able to accept power without immediately abusing it. Because with any position of power, stupid people tend to abuse it. Good bouncers almost never fight because it usually never solves anything. As he said, it is usually a last resort. I have people swing on me and I almost never hit them. A simple choke usually stops any problems. But honestly, this is spot on. The only thing you missed was how you become the asshole for taking drinks at x o’ clock when everyone knows you have to stop drinking then.

  38. Sounds like a lot of insecure fem boys are hating on this young man that wrote this article. Why? The guy is just stating what he observes, and what he has experienced while conducting his duties as a bouncer. Some of these guys sound like little bitches. Like females, some of these dudes get all worked up and emotional about a article some guy wrote describing what life is like as a bouncer. LOL!!!
    In regards to the topic at hand. Of course females are very superficial. They are superficial for as long as they can be. For most it is their mid-thirties when the natural process of aging sets in thus preventing them from continuing on that course. Being no longer able to physically compete with younger females (20 to 25 or so) they begin to shed some of their superficiality. This is not done by choice however. This is done by necessity.

    1. I agree that the bouncer is writing things as he sees it and his perspective is useful. On the other hand, he revealed himself to be a white knight and bully with this pickup line: “Let me know if any of these knuckleheads in here bother you”. As others have complained on this forum, a lot of bitchy women at the nightclubs get their attitudes reinforced by the bouncer.
      My father’s favorite classic bar had a special area where only men were allowed to sit. Women could sit anywhere else, but the men’s area was a place where (usually) married men came for a break from their family and women. It was often attacked by various feminists over the years. The bar closed down about a decade ago. That got me to thinking that perhaps a half century ago, bars and dance clubs were different places where men were respected and the bouncers were there to keep the men in line, but also women as well. Men and women both had higher standards of behavior expected of them in most places.
      The old dance halls played music at a pleasant volume but not terribly loud and frequently had breaks so people could talk. In addition, men and women were expected to dance with each other so men were expected to ask women to dance but the women were also expected to be polite. The notion of women dancing in a circle with each other would have been severely frowned upon. Certainly, beta males could ask the hottest girl to dance (their “dance cards” were usually full) but he’d be wasting his time. So it was a lot more democratic back then.

  39. The bouncers I have met in life have been omega brainless gits. More muscle than brain.

  40. I call douche………another jerkwad using his job working for someone else for peanuts as a source of identity and trying to parlay it into phony tough guy auhority……”there’s solid money to be made on the side by extorting people”…….fuck off.

  41. Enjoyed the article. Would love to know the following things:
    – Author’s opinions on the most common fights & most common threats (sucker punches, guns, knives, etc)
    – Stories about bouncing & throwing guys out
    – Opinions on the most PRACTICAL fighting training for dealing with situations like he’s seen
    Would make for good reading, I think

  42. any tips for defusing a bouncer so you can remain in the venue after a butthurt bitch snitches on you for hurtin her feelings

    1. Make the rounds when you get inside, an initial “howyadoin’” to security staff and healthy tips to the bar staff will give you the benefit of the doubt if trouble starts.

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