Author Of Little House On The Prairie Declared Racist 50 Years After Her Death

Via CBS News:

An iconic author’s name has been stripped from a prestigious literary award because of themes some are describing as racially offensive.

Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the best-known children’s authors. Her “Little House on the Prairie series” is world-renowned for its portrayal of the struggles of prairie life in North America in the 1800’s.

Despite the tremendous success of the semiautobiographical series, the Chicago-based American Library Association over the weekend decided to rescind Wilder’s Medal for Excellence in Children’s literature, a prestigious designation in the children’s literary world.

Director of the ALA looks like how’d you expect

“Her works reflect dated cultural attitudes toward Indigenous people and people of color,” a statement from the Association said.

Describing the series as “period pieces to spark a discussion,” the group is still encouraging people to read the series.

Director of Chicago’s American Indian Center, Heather Miller, said she read the books during childhood, and didn’t see her ethnicity reflected in the stories.

“I absolutely would (read the books again),” Miller said. “But it’s also important to provide the education needed to explain why those words were used and what was happening at that time in history.”

The books, written in the 1930’s, include such titles as “The Long Winter” and “Farmer Boy.”

People from as far away as Australia told CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole Monday that the books impacted their lives in one way or another.

“To me they are just about wholesome living and families working together,” said Louise Tait of Melbourne.

In “Little House on the Prairie,” Wilder wrote, “Their Faces were bold and fierce and terrible.”

Some characters even say, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.”

The American Library Association knows the books are deeply meaningful to many readers, and they said they are not calling for censorship—just an understanding of the times reflected in the stories.

The award’s name has since been changed to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award.

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72 thoughts on “Author Of Little House On The Prairie Declared Racist 50 Years After Her Death”

      1. May I suggest Tarzan (Edgar Rice Burroughs) and Famous Five (Enid Blyton) authors for the next award removals along with all other writers who published before the Vietnam War. Racists and bigots, the lot of them.
        Wondering how you get the authority to remove an award from somebody who died over 60 years ago, presumably everyone who voted her that award is also dead.

        1. I keep hearing Louie Lamour is another of these ‘racists’, but after a few chapters of one of his books, I like his style. Definitely worth a read.

    1. As is any award from a progressive libtard organization was worth the paper it was printed on. Especially one such as this, that most people have never heard of, much less care about.
      Move along. Nothing to see here.

      1. PrepZ,
        The Award and name was created in 1954 (with her as it’s first winner), probably not by libtards at that time.

    2. Random thought time:
      -You don’t have to teach illiteracy. You just have to encourage it.
      -If you don’t like something, then don’t read or look at it. But don’t tell me I can’t read it or that I *must* interpret it an approved way. I want to make up my own mind.
      -Historical interpretation 101: Just because they looked like you, don’t assume that they thought like you. (If you could somehow go back 500 or 1000 years and spend some time with your ancestors, then I guarantee that you’d be appalled.)
      -She got an award *then* because somebody *then* thought the books were worthwhile. That the standards now are different is a given, and maybe *now* she wouldn’t get an award. But now is not then, and *then* she got an award, so it ought to stand. (For that matter, would the judges of 100 years ago approve of the “Award Winning” book of this era? I doubt it.) And if the powers that be have a hard time with the concept of then vs. now, they maybe they simply ought not to pass out any awards at all, lest they “offend” future generations. (Can’t be too careful ya’ know.)
      -This is like something out of the old Soviet Union where, when somebody fell out of favour, they’d be written out of the history books and airbrushed out of photos. And that speaks volumes about the people who made this decision.
      -This is yet another example of the cheap-arsed, hysterical, self-righteous PC virtue-signaling that seems to be so fashionable in the present era. In 20 or 40 odd years or so, the present worthies who made this asinine decision will finally die off and be replaced by a new guard with different sensibilities, and she’ll be reinstated. Or at least that’s the hope.
      We live in an interesting era.
      Just a thought.

  1. When the left runs out of things to be outraged over. Just go back in time and make something offensive. What a miserable existence.

    1. I’ve noticed that those on the left seem like rather unhappy people. They think they are fixing society. Yet the more they “fix” the more unhappy they are, and the more things they find to be outraged about.
      It’s a sad existence, in my estimation.

  2. I always find it ironic that liberals are always spouting off about racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. Yet they have this morbid obsession with the term “brown people.” They are, like the only people who use it. Some single out white males as the cause of the world’s woes. Because “brown people” are all innocent. And constantly denigrate those with beliefs different than their own. If that isn’t a picture perfect definition of racism, sexisn, and bigotry, I don’t know what is.

    1. @Vader,
      Nobody is innocent! and every ass hole, whether pale skin or white or black or brown or yellow, knows that!
      If your very “own” people are using other races to show you down, you have to deal with your own, NOT the others. There’s no point in blaming other people, especially the Browns! Of course, unless the blamers suffer with JEG&IIC Syndrome !!
      Jealousy, Enviousness, GRUDGE & Inherent Inferiority Complex !!

    2. I always hear people in White founded countries say, once everyone mixed into a one “brown race” there won’t be racism. In actuality, no Whites will racialize things much further. Chinese or some off-White race will rule harshly over this mongrel “brown race”.

  3. The victors write the history.
    Anything positive about white people or anything that portrays white peoples struggle and conquering adversity shall be erased from history.

    1. Like the Soviet Jooish holodomor on Christian Ukraine, mongol mass rape culture in Europe, islamic invasions, the slaughter of all white people in Haiti, white disenfranchisement in South Africa.
      The left doesn’t care or plugs their ears and shuts their eyes at these revelations

  4. Early settlers werent exactly on the best terms with the people whose lands they where driving them out of. Its not called the trail of tears for no reason.

    1. True. But these novels were true to the times, and reflect one side of the story of this era. As such, the author should be honoured. She was honest, unlike these booklickers and poseurs, always creating a grievance.

  5. My local Barnes & Noble still prominently displays H.P. Lovecraft books everywhere despite the prominent ethnic slurs in his writing and disdain for blacks in his private life.
    Maybe it’s just a matter of time…

  6. I have regularly predicted that shows like Little House, The Waltons, Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, and I Dream of Jeanie will eventually be banned and removed from the archives — IF — the Sons of Satan win our spiritual and cultural war.
    There is no way that they will allow the enslaved Whites of the future sh!tworld they are planning view material that might remind them what they have lost.
    It’s kind of like how we predicted ten years ago that the Left would try to normalize pedoph!lia. And, here we are. I was only half serious, and hoping I’d be proven wrong. All of the worst scenarioss from your most pessimistic dystopian nightmares are now routinely being unveiled and executed right before our eyes. Our own kin nods in agreement with it all as if hypnotized.
    Stock up lads, winter’s coming.

  7. Racism only matters when it’s institutional I don’t care if white people don’t like me because I’m black I would respect a honest racist. Let’s be fair I know alot of blacks who don’t like white people

    1. It’s complicated. I would be considered very racist but I don’t hate individual blacks, and as cliche as it sounds I have had many black friends over the years that I felt pretty cool with. People behave much differently in groups than they do individually. They have passions and sentiments as a group racial collective that they compartmentalize from their day to day interactions with other races.
      One of my first red pills was seeing how my black ‘best friend’ acted so much differently when he got around other black guys. And I don’t blame anyone it’s just the way things are. As I grew to be a man I understood that those same black friends would kill me without hesitation if they needed to in order to defend racial loyalties. And they would certainly take great joy in AMOGing me, stealing my women or my wealth in ways that a fellow white man just wouldn’t consider.
      The problem is that collective racial groups will always fight for their own interests at the expense of everyone else. This is why multiculturalism is impossible in the long run and will always devolve into shambles. Peaceful and mutually respectful separatism is the most just and “evolved” solution that mankind could implement.

      1. “how my black ‘best friend’ acted so much differently when he got around other black guys.”
        …maybe your black friends ‘best white friend” might have acted so much differently when he got around “other white guys” !!
        It is all what it comes down to human psychology! I have seen individual Browns, Yellows, Blacks, Pale skins, Whites etc., who behave “much differently” when they are in “majority” !!
        PS: Sorry to repeat; what you sow is what you reap!

        1. Ravi
          You only re enforce his point. Multiculturalism doesn’t work because different groups will always default to their own interests and resent outgroups. You can’t build a healthy nation on division and mistrust.
          Now (((they))) will say the answer to this problem, that (((they))) created is that we all need to mix to become one race (doesn’t apply to (((them))) ofcourse).
          So diversity was never the intention they sold us it was racial conformity all along. An individualist, cultureless, godless people with no identity have little to draw strength, inspiration or motivation from or compete with a (((master))) group that has retained theirs. Ie the perfect g0yim slave people.

        2. @Sas,
          Yes, as you pointed out, I already agreed to what @Vader said. But he only highlighted (and unknowingly attributed to) one Color !!
          No, I am not supporting any one and nor I am using the “what you sow …” saying with a negative or bad intention.
          In this age of political drama & power factions, its always the “majority” who are being made scapegoats. I would have become a Doctor (Medical) if there are no unfair “reservations” to so called “lower & backward” classes in Bharat !! Now the reservations (education, jobs, benefits, housing, …!) expanded to “minorities” (not by population but by religion !!) and pussies (gender based !!).
          As far as I am concerned, nobody should “leech out” Tax Payer money. Long gone those days; massacre of Red Indians and the Blacks slavery. There is no point in making it a issue now.
          Minorities should mingle (doesn’t mean race mix ‘n’ match !!) with the majority and other minorities. First comes the Country, its Safety & Wellness and “Ours”; then comes the “I, Me, Mine, You and Yours” !!
          PS: sorry if I was out of context!

      2. As for stealing your woman even white man will steal your woman and back man can steal yours even if u are black this is not racim but lust problem

    2. British Guy,
      In America, when everything is averaged out by taxes paid, expenses incurred, and population numbers, we find that the average white man pays something like $750,000 over his lifetime to blacks (in taxes and social costs). The average black person pays a lifetime rate of negative $250,000, meaning they receive a quarter million dollars more than they contribute. Now sure these are averaged numbers and there are exceptions, but they paint a picture. What’s more, our constitutional guarantees to free speech and freedom of association have been absolutely gutted in order to allow blacks more unearned benefit, including the “right to not be offended”. A young black man today can sleepwalk through high school and still end up with a top-rate scholarship to an excellent university, just because he spelled his name right on the application and he can toss a rubber ball around. Meanwhile, a white or Asian student must be truly exceptional and brilliant to even be considered for acceptance, and scholarships are totally out of the picture.
      I imagine things are the same and much worse in England.
      So my friend, the system is already unbelievably racist, against whites, and it’s all codified in the lawbooks. We are treated as cattle to be milked and then shoved aside, in our own lands! It’s a disgrace. You are not alone when you say you are unable to tolerate systemic racism….tens of millions of white people have awakened to the treachery unfolding in their nations, and they intend to put a stop to it.
      No offense.

        A section from the above link:
        The black men who become my clients also do not work. They get social security disability payments for a mental defect or for a vague and invisible physical ailment. They do not pay for anything: not for housing (Grandma lives on welfare and he lives with her), not for food (Grandma and the baby-momma share with him), and not for child support. When I learn that my 19-year-old defendant does not work or go to school, I ask, “What do you do all day?” He smiles. “You know, just chill.” These men live in a culture with no expectations, no demands, and no shame.

        1. I used to ride the cramped city bus every morning, on my way to a stressful job, passing through the blocks and blocks of housing projects, fully of shiny new cars filling the parking lot on a workday, large circles of black men congregating, drinking, laughing, intimidating anyone who dared walk by. Having the time of their lives, all on my dime. Of course they have been trained to blame it all on racism, there are no jobs for them because the white man has not gifted them with jobs. But every one of them knows that is bull. They would do anything – even kill – in order to maintain their lazy and fun-filled lives.
          Any honest person become a race realist through direct contact with the inner city.

        2. Well you guys in the US invented social warefare , here in Africa there is no such if u dont work or add value in some way you are in big trouble! even the uneducated here tey something make bids and sell or something as there is no one to help you if just seat.

    3. I have 1 white pal and 1 black pal, all my family are brown.
      Doesn’t make any difference to me.
      Although I avoid all white women, they are just too dangerous to mix with.

      1. White women in England seem the worst. Asians, brown to yellow, are a model minority.

  8. I don’t like to be a doomsayer or black piller but I predict that the election of 2020 is when it will all unravel, and the <<>> will show their final hand. There will be violence in the streets or possibly worse and an attempted coup, especially if it looks like there is any chance of Trump’s reelection. The grim truth is our financial house of cards can only hold together till about then. We are already in bubble status that is far worse than the days of the mid 2000s. The banksters, being anti-human Luciferian scum that they are, always use war and death and chaos and misery as sleight-of-hand to distract the weary masses from their financial shenanigans. After the sheep kill off their very best alpha males in a senseless brother war, the shameless bankster slinks out the back door with his spoils, off to rewrite their revisionist history and attack the next unsuspecting nation.
    The good news is that we are rational, thinking men, and we can see things coming farther in advance than most. We have been blessed with another 1-2 years preparation time, and that is enough if we use it wisely.
    I would never participate in a cowardly act of illegal violence, but when law and order breaks down and things go tribal, I intend to emerge victorious.

    1. “…especially if it looks like there is any chance of Trump’s reelection”
      Mr. Trump will be the 46th President of the United States. Nothing can stop Him to WIN the Elections; pussy parades, street violence, 4 fuckin channels…, you name it…!!
      *** MAGA @ Trumpism ***

      1. It doesn’t really matter who holds the mantle of presidency. They’re just z1onist puppets.
        Trump is just good at pacifying any last hope red-pill men from uprising and portraying the narrative of the benevelont institutional white man power/racism to the brainwashed.
        We won’t win anything through (((their))) controlled democracy.

    2. unsuspecting everyone now knows their ((ways)) even in affrica and asia they are knmown for being anti-family unit and support anyone who seems to change the strong family unit

  9. It seems in the end this is all that will be left of white history:
    – We stifled Indians in their contributions to modern America (low IQ indigenous would have held us back, just as No Child Left Behind does today)
    – We “held back” blacks from their truest potential (although 50 years later they’re not much closer)
    – We “oppressed” women (God forbid we’d held them back from shitty cubicle jobs)
    – We (( “gassed” millions of Joos in the [email protected])), (debatable but up for discussion)
    And as expected, they will conveniently ignore the fact:
    – That we built the infrastructure, the institutions, philosophies, and technologies that this country was built on
    – That Millions of Christians were also killed in the (([email protected]))
    – That without us there would little if not none of the conveniences, luxuries, and basic necessities that all these pea-brain activists take for granted.
    It’s time they shut up for a second and take a moment to really think about who it is they’re shunning. If we suddenly disappeared it would become apparent quite quickly.

    1. “– We (( “gassed” millions of Joos in the [email protected])), (debatable but up for discussion)”
      Even the Red Cross has the number killed by German forces firmly under 300,000. That’s including nonjooz.

  10. The reason they will attack shows like Little House on the Prairie is that millions of Americans are starting to get the back to the land bug and yearning for a simplified life of farming and ranching. Anything that depicts that lifestyle accurately is to be tainted and rejected. The only permissible depiction of rural American farmlife by those rats in Hollywood is toothless hillbillies, meth addicts, perverts, criminals, and assorted scheming lowlifes. The RATS have always hated self-sufficiency with a passion, since it directly threatens their elaborate shekeltraps.

  11. A modern SJW rewrite of “Little House on the Prairie would be funny. What does she do when she encounters an Indian when everyone around her is scared to death of them. She starts thinking about their access to jobs and equal opportunity.

    1. “What does she do when she encounters an Indian…”
      Naa! That promiscuous, slutty & hypergamous “she” gives Him a nice blow job !!

    2. If it were written by someone like Norman Lear, Laura would be dating a dark-skinned older Indian Brave from a hostile tribe, and shaming Paw because he put up resistance on the grounds that she’s too young. After Paw consults the good book for guidance, he finally relents against his better judgement and gives Laura the go-ahead to do whatever she wants. Her Injun gang moves in and razes the farmhouse in short order, raping its inhabitants and burning the frame before alighting on horseback hoisting flour sacks bulging with ill-gotten gains.
      Meanwhile at the schoolhouse, the wise, all-knowing, and charming new teacher from New York City, Ms. Levine, has been teaching the children all about tolerance and cross dressing. Nellie comes out as a lesbian and the teacher rewards her with a steamy make out session after class.
      Paw ends up committing suicide after he comes home from plowing the fields, witnesses his smoldering home and dead family, and cries to the heavens above “WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN MEEEEEEEEE?!”.
      Laura is last scene at the town saloon, drowning her sorrows in a bottle of white lightning. Suddenly a dusty, dark, brooding young Injun brave moseys on in and bellies up to the bar. We see a fresh glint in Laura’s eyes as she glances sideways and evaluates the hopeful stud in her midst. Camera dollies back into the street, fade to black.

      1. Quoting Bible verses on primetime? They won’t allow it so the idea is wholly implausible.

  12. Another day, another pandering dose of liberal “moral utopia” and cultish Kool-Aid drinking. I’m sure the SPLC is thrilled, and might have been the push behind this decision.

    Literature is bound to get duller in the new liberal desert. The overall quality drops when writers are discouraged from being authentic, provocative or insightful (that “voice” is lost when it is suppressed). Sure, we still see controversial non-PC stories in the vast Internet Library of that caliber, but society-as-a-whole and our collective small-mindedness cower in the face of genius political commentary, and the ones who attempt it must often veil it with a thick curtain, that only some can see through, and they risk being discredited and abandoned for their efforts. I guess it has always been this way.

    What’s worse, we’re seeing yet another example of the phenomena known as liberal racism, something that most people can’t even fathom. Of course this ALA Director can’t be bothered to delve too deeply into that ugly, dissonant truth because she is blind to it. So who’s next on the censorship-happy old crone’s shit list? Destroy all traces of Mark Twain?

    Unfortunately, you can’t be too controversial nowadays, what with Twitter and the SJWs breaking in and fighting for their free-dumb, and censoring in the name of “hate speech.” Because we are so afraid to say things of substance, we don’t. Now, it’s all about Political Correctness and rigid rules on what you can and can’t say.

    Literature in a free society is supposed to be a way for anyone to tell their stories, and the truth doesn’t follow rules — too bad if that looks backward and unsettling.

  13. “Her works reflect dated cultural attitudes toward Indigenous people and people of color”
    “Dated cultural attitudes”? Not in Israel.

  14. Americans want to have a civil war because of illegal immigrants, homosexuals, and pot, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.

    1. Nobody wants to have a war, let alone for those ridiculous reasons. Immigrants are being used by the elites to force a war…because they are a bankrupt, warmongering police state. Leftists are the useful idiots who, through their actions and their votes, will ensure that violent ugly times lie ahead for all Americans whether they want it or not. There is not a single sane individual who is pro-immigration in good faith. Even a five year old with Down’s Syndrome would suss out the fact that so-called refugees and other migrants would be better off in the long run staying home and fixing their own countries.

      1. Euro,
        In the same way we should say in our home countries and fix marriage, the court system and feminism?

    2. Bullshit, the average american as every other person on this juice-infected planet wants to live in peace. Politicians want war, the juicy shadow government wants war, c*nts like Barnett, Soros, Fartburg, Cockafeller, Gay-Pee Moron, Goldman sucks and other scum of the earth is longing for war. Why do you think, they are flooding Europe, that is where I live, with economical rapefugees?! People on the streets want to live their lives, unknifed, unraped and unharmed by miscegenation.

  15. The SJW’s have gone after Laura Ingalls Wilder because she’s dead and she can’t fight back. They lack the balls to demand the erasure of living accomplished white people because they know if they push white men’s backs against the wall and we see the existential threat we are facing, we have the potential to beat the crap out of these degenerates – and we’ll win.
    Notice that absolutely NO ONE worries that some nonwhite person, male, female or transgender, like that crying Latinx toddler on the cover of “Time” magazine, has the potential to become Literally Hitler and terrorize the world. And yet we’re propagandized all the time that we’re all equal and that anyone can become anything. We all know in our hearts that only some exceptional white men have the goods to pull off the Literally Hitler act.

  16. Tfw you find out Roosevelt and Churchill were more racist than Hitler.
    Go ahead and google it. Find the most racist thing Der Führer said and compare to the most racist things muh western leaders said.

  17. Fucking leftist c*nt. When will this butt-born harpy rape Samuel Langhorne Clemens for his excellent contemporary literature?

  18. As an indigenous American, I can definitely say that my ancestors would have scalped and did worse to these libtards.
    To say we despise weakness is an understatement.

  19. Let me suggest an alternate theory:
    We will no longer allow leftists to use wholesome American writers as their human shields for their organizations. This award is about to become a nothingburger without Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name attached to it.
    We should celebrate the fact that they’re stripping off their skin suit of respectability. They think the award means something, but in fact it’s just another lefty nothing club, except that it had America’s Pioneer Girl’s name attached to it.
    Maybe Vox Day should approach the Ingalls/Wilder foundation to see about making a new award, now that the name is available.

  20. Jesus. I’m partly Native American, and even I can admit that the only good Indian, at that tine, was a dead Indian. They robbed, raped, stole, killed, etc. They were mean, scary mother fuckers who you didn’t want to run into even on your best day.
    They should drop that dyke in the middle of 18th Century Texas so she can get to know what the Comanche were all about. Stupid bitch.

  21. Yes, let’s judge historical figures by modern standards. Martin Luther King Jr was anti-gay as I am sure Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas and pretty much every liberal hero born before 1900 was as well.
    They also probably held beliefs that women and men were inherantly different and that dogs, mice and mosquitos did not have rights.
    Their prescious, favorite victims the native Americans even (gasp) ate meat!

  22. These are great books for anyone to read. Her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, was also a great author, i.e., “The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Freedom”. Obviously, the Globalist-Cabal frowns upon any human being who wants to be free.

    1. “The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority” is the correct title.

  23. Slowly chipping away at white history
    is an important tool of the JWO .
    20 years from now; even the
    Professors of US History in
    universities will say “who?”
    “Little House On The What?”

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