Writer Jack London Accurately Predicted The Rise Of China

Napoleon said something like this about China:

Here rests a sleeping giant, let it sleep, for when it awakens, it will stun the world.

Jack London wrote a short story, “The Unparalleled Invasion”, on that theme.

The author in brief

A century ago, leftists didn’t look like Carl the Cuck, AIDS Skrillex, or Trigglypuff.

Proverbially, a conservative is a liberal who got mugged. The reverse proverb says a liberal is a conservative who got arrested. Jack London exemplified that, believing socialism would solve capitalism’s problems. It hadn’t been tried on a large scale yet, so I’ll give him a break for not knowing socialism is worse.

Moreover, this was before cultural Marxism began. Jack London certainly was no self-hating dupe or limp noodled SJW. Instead, he was quite the opposite, so today’s leftists disown him utterly. I’d have a beer with this guy if we were contemporaries.

Other than that, he lived life to the fullest. Actually, he would’ve made a great contributor to ROK.

“The Unparalleled Invasion”

Let’s hope it never comes to this.

Published first in 1910, and later in The Strength of the Strong, this recalls the future war beginning in 1976. After the Japanese defeated the Russians in 1904, things went wrong.

The Western powers had little influence on China. The language barrier caused complete mutual incomprehension. However, the culturally similar and already-industrialized Japanese achieved success. They colonized China, brought industry, and modernized its army.

In China’s councils of empire were the Japanese emissaries. In the ears of the statesmen whispered the Japanese statesmen. The political reconstruction of the Empire was due to them. They evicted the scholar class, which was violently reactionary, and put into office progressive officials. And in every town and city of the Empire newspapers were started. Of course, Japanese editors ran the policy of these papers, which policy they got direct from Tokio. It was these papers that educated and made progressive the great mass of the population.

Sound familiar? Surprisingly, the Chinese actually benefited from this subversion! The Japanese apparently forgot to trash China’s culture, plunder their economy, invite millions of incompatible migrants, etc. Sensibly, they didn’t want to wreck their own gold mine.

However, China’s sleeping giant awakened. Invigorated by industrialization, first they kicked out the Westerners, and then the Japanese, even taking over Japan’s Asian colonies. Following that, the Chinese were peaceful. The Japanese became surprisingly passive and inwardly-focused.

Soon, this dynamic changed. Modern technology increased life expectancy. China’s population grew exponentially. Reaching half a billion by 1970, their numbers slightly exceeded the entire White race, raising concerns abroad. Fully industrialized by then, China became a serious threat.

First they took over Vietnam—still a French colony in this timeline. France retaliated, but naval superiority yielded no advantage. France’s land invasion ended disastrously. Following that, the Chinese conquered the rest of Southeast Asia.

Then they took over Siberia. (In the real world, this possibility scared the daylights out of the Soviets.) Here’s what happened:

The process was simple. First came the Chinese immigration (or, rather, it was already there, having come there slowly and insidiously during the previous years). Next came the clash of arms and the brushing away of all opposition by a monster army of militia-soldiers, followed by their families and household baggage. And finally came their settling down as colonists in the conquered territory. Never was there so strange and effective a method of world conquest.

After that, they began spreading elsewhere through Asia. Who could stop them?

China’s population must be seven hundred millions, eight hundred millions, nobody knew how many millions, but at any rate it would soon be a billion. There were two Chinese for every white-skinned human in the world… There was talk of all countries putting bounties on children to increase the birth rate, but it was laughed to scorn by the arithmeticians, who pointed out that China was too far in the lead in that direction.

Where have we heard that before? Smugly, China’s Emperor basically told the world, “Come and get us!” The Western nations set aside their differences and mobilized. The mission was for containment. Biological warfare did the dirty work—a pretty grim end.

Five years and hundreds of millions of treasure were consumed, and then the world moved in—not in zones, as was the idea of Baron Albrecht…

That wasn’t me! After Western nations repopulated the desolate land that was China…

It was in 1987, the Great Truce having been dissolved, that the ancient quarrel between France and Germany over Alsace-Lorraine recrudesced.

Despite renewed warfare, the world renounced biological weapons forever.

What really happened

At least we put the kibosh on the Kaiser, boy howdy!

In 1910, Jack London wasn’t holding a crystal ball. Still, changing the timeline and the players involved produces prophetic historical and modern parallels.

The French-German dust-up began first in 1914, though merely part of the horror engulfing Europe and elsewhere. In hindsight, all this was a terrible mistake. WWI launched a catastrophic chain of events: Communism, WWII, a string of spit-in-your-eye wars, and unfathomable damage to our culture. After a century, reversing this train ride to hell is long overdue.

The Japanese didn’t subvert China; they invaded in 1937. The Chinese became the victims, not the marauders, suffering an estimated 15-20 million dead. Americans typically have little awareness of how horrific it got, or even forget this item from history class. For that matter, few students remember  how many Americans died in WWII.

WMDs featured in both World Wars. However, biological warfare was a Japanese specialty—another forgotten detail. The germ bomb researchers went unpunished, in exchange for translating documents about their human experimentation in China.

Ever heard of places like Unit 731?

Chairman Mao tried to industrialize China, but bungled it disastrously. His successors succeeded, and foreign investment provided capital. The cheap labor situation is wrecking industry abroad, but that’s another story. Eventually, China became Communist in name only. They also instituted the one-child policy. China’s population is about 1.4 billion, climbing but slowing. They’re coping fairly well with the infrastructure strain.

Meanwhile, exponential growth continues unabated in vast regions elsewhere. Developed countries have become safety valves for Third World overpopulation. In the 1970s, only “extremists” cared about demographic pressures. Good liberal opinion called these concerns overblown alarmism. Today, good liberal opinion says our demise is inevitable.

They built their wall long ago.

China has rather frosty relations with some close neighbors. Further, their expatriates are acquiring a reputation for ethnic networking. However, as for the West, fortunately China would rather make consumer goods than make war. They’d be good friends to have. Among East Asia, only the Norks are particularly aggressive.

Anyway, if China needs extra territory for Lebensraum, Mexico is a large country with awesome beaches…

What’s next?

The only unparalleled element is modern Western governments decisively defending their countries. Jack London understood about tyrants and greedy plutocrats. However, he didn’t foresee today’s politicians being this irresponsible and hostile to the public, or the globalist regime destroying their own nations. In 1910, that absurdity was unimaginable.

If the Endless Night results, East Asia becomes the world’s last superpower. China might make Europe a theme park. Living on a reservation would be somewhat better than unabated globalist misrule. Ethnic networking, subversion, and domination by the Chinese actually would be an improvement over some varieties.

However, a much better outcome would be the sleeping giant of the West awakening soon.

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54 thoughts on “Writer Jack London Accurately Predicted The Rise Of China”

  1. Highly homogenous and ethnically-nationalistic nations/people will always conquer the weak and individualistic. Most white men in this country are still more worried about their portfolio, oil, their oversized truck and house, because the only thing they strive for is to impress some used up “empowered” whore at a bar who has already had 100s of dicks in her pussy. White men got de-tribalized and libertarian…fucking pathetic. A bunch of fucking selfish and stupid retards. The majority of the Republican party is just dedicated to making sure the baby boomers and the rich elite do not have to suffer the consequences of their selfish decisions. Thank god libertarian morons like Paul Ryan are becoming irrelevant, unfortunately, it seems that he is trying everything he can to pass amnesty before he goes, I guess he has to make sure the libertarian Kock brothers are happy. IF you had stayed tribal and nationalistic, paid your taxes back in the day, and had been ore worried about the nation instead of yourself…than you wouldn’t be in the position you are now where you have to desperately look for another country to run to, you wouldn’t be on constant defense for your rights, and we wouldn’t have the diversity problems we have today.

    1. Your diatribe against libertarianism is getting tiresome. Most white people in the USA are anything but libertarians. It is true that many people of all races adapt a laissez faire attitude when it comes to personal morals but most of those same people want the government to be their hammer in other ways. You are proposing a philosophy that is more closely aligned with SJW PC liberalism and all of its straight jacket rules. You are right that there are many faults with libertarianism. That type of ideology can only exist in a high IQ high trust society which certainly does not exist. In any case the west is probably too degraded and too demoralized to survive. Sad but true. Any way come off the one trick pony bullshit and see the situation for the complicated mess it is.

      1. Libertarianism is getting tiresome. Women and minorities in this country are weak, white men could easily EASILY take back over without one drop of blood. So many other peoples throughout History have been up against worse odds and have won.

    2. Wes, I agree on your position but what is your solution.? I see the only way to go about it is war because (((they))) own all the systems in place that keep us dumbed down. The only solution is the final solution

      1. Bilbo in the past I’ve seen your views completely opposite to this. Only recently have you done a full 180. A lot of final solution talk and ovens etc which is odd.
        Why the sudden change?

        1. What do you mean completely opposite? Not necessarily I just don’t see many viable options unless we complete purge the government from within. You can strengthen our borders, you can fight Islam, you can eradicate feminism, but the people who have been in control are still in control.. The head of the serpent so to speak. You catch my drift but I don’t recall talking of ovens unless maybe I was shooting a joke here or there like I will “we wuzzz kanggz” etc

        2. I’m not far off from your own views, nor Wes’ ;I’d say we agree on the fundamentals. Now the solution ;well hey that’s the hard part but it’s up for debate.. Now where I made the 180? I’m not so sure but if you can please show me where

      2. @Bilbo…the solution is to do whatever it takes to get people out of the libertarian faggot ideology so that we can actually form a cohesive, large and organized resistance…instead of what we have now which is libertarians bending the fuck over to liberals and pretending that nothing is wrong and that low taxes will same the fro the invading hordes. Even if you got rid of all welfare (which is impossible at this point) people would still flood into this country.

        1. Excessive individualism destroyed us. You call it libertarianism. Muh freedom of this and that muh freedom to get fat as fuck, freedom to mingle wth the negroids… Etc sooner or later you forget who your neighbor is, then who your brother is, sister Suzy is fucking a jig but thats okay , then send mommy and daddy off to a nursing home to rot in their diapers. This is freedom?.. Or run away like Gen X or the old coot John. Let the white man die off it’s okay my children will be gooks. Forget that the white man balanced the scales of justice in the world.
          It’s not over, we’ve been through the Mongol invasion, the black plague, the Ottoman invasion, ww1 & 2 and we rise through struggle like no other peoples but alas it’s our generation us younger men who can change the course.. The boomer cucks are done their minds are set, we can no longer lay blame on them for it’s in our hands now.

      3. he thinks u are an fbi suspect wanting to insight vilolence so that you can arrest the “far right terrorist”
        no one will fall for that

    3. What about the roman empire or the ancient persian empire ??? thats just two off the top of my head. Homogeneous culture is far more imortant than ethnicity.
      Even America has never been racially homogenious. Irish and Italians and slavs were not considered part of the same race. Thats not for you to decide today it was decided back in the day.
      It’s pretending every culture is equal and has a right no matter the actual land they live in is the problem.

        1. no,thats completely incorrect. Just look at the map. Rome and romans was a tiny minuscule area. Or are you throwing Gauls,britons,iberians and Carthaginians and egyptians racially harmonious with romans ??? Maybe the semites in the middle east ??
          I know what you mean. The barbarians hastened the end of Rome. They werent integrated though like the above mentioned. That was the difference. Culturally incompatible rather than racial which was never the case prior to that.

    4. You sir are wrong ..
      Ryan is an empty suit spineless good for nothing “liberal” hiding out as a Republican to stay in political office to have a lifelong career sucking off taxpayer money…
      He is the exact opposite of a Libertarian .. Ron and Rand Paul are true Libertarians and the finest representative we have in congress..
      Paul Ryan is pawn of the corrupt crony donors and his leftist wife.(Ryan’s wife is a high level left-wing lobbyist!)

  2. “The Japanese didn’t subvert China; they invaded in 1937. The Chinese became the victims, not the marauders, suffering an estimated 15-20 million dead. Americans typically have little awareness of how horrific it got, or even forget this item from history class.”
    Americans have little awareness of this event because the (((powers that be))) are too busy beating us over the head with the black slavery and holocaust ™ narratives.
    And in light of those 15-20 million deaths, the Chinese are accepting it and moving on. Instead of wailing about it and building never-ending monuments, museums, extorting money, going after “stolen” jewelry and art works, and hunting down old Japanese men who may have had some peripheral involvement?

  3. While the stupid white race keeps taking in mozi refugees who so nothing but eat up resources.
    The Chinese and the indians chase out unwanted garbage and grow their economics.

      1. The communist reign already destroyed most of what was good about Chinese culture. It is a nation that is heartless and driven and a people that will make American selfish consumption look moderate in comparison.

      2. Sure are. With the older generation dying out they’re starting to lose some of the more BS traditions. And it won’t be long before they lose some of the ones that made them strong. As a lefty I know said ‘In twenty years China is gonna be so cool!’
        Tier 2 and up cities are getting quite Americanised, it’s only the countryside where traditions reign.

    1. Actually, I have no problem with the Chinese. They’re bouncing back unexpectedly well from Mao’s misrule, and starting to get pretty sensible.
      However, I do have a similar idea for an upcoming article, though with a different target. Stay tuned!

    1. I hope they learn from what happened here, and don’t make the same mistakes. The Chinese already know about SJWs, and they laugh at them – it’s an encouraging sign.

      1. You’ve probably heard of the disparaging term 白左 (white left)
        It’s the equivalent of “libtard”
        Some say it’s meant to mock white Western SJW leftists and those who share their views.
        Others say that the 白 (white) is there not because of white people but that it is derived from the word 白痴 (moron) to mean “moron leftist”.

    2. Rich Zubaty June 27, 2018
      “China will follow the fate of West.”
      Highly unlikely. The native people of the West make up about 7% of the worlds population. Han Chinese are about 20% to 25% of the worlds population. That small number of people of European decent is also very heterogenic i.e. many cultures, traditions and ethnicities.
      Chinese, if they want, can easily grow their numbers rapidly. The reason is simple Chinese can integrate relatively easily in other Asian countries. The children of a Chinese man and his Filipino, Thai or Indonesian wife can easily pass for Chinese – if they’d learn the language and behave appropriately.
      The children of white folks who procreate with non-whites aren’t as easily integratable. Biracial children aren’t considered white.
      The problem of whites is that they’re numbers are very small and difficult to increase….without changing the culture (mainly on the points of equalism, egalitarianism and individualism). Women who are competing in the job market simply aren’t going to produce suffient amounts of offspring. If any at all.
      With the increasing wealth of China Chinese men are going to be interesting mating options for Asian women….particularly for those in the poor South East.

  4. Great article but I would have to disagree with this:
    “…as for the West, fortunately China would rather make consumer goods than make war”
    China is gearing up for a full-blown conflict with the US, with major upgrades to her nuclear and conventional arsenal. The “lebensraum” is already taking place with China annexing portions of the South China Sea, belonging to other countries, as well as major forays into Africa, South America, basically global expansion. At the time of her choosing, China will launch a full-scale preemptive strike on the US to evict us from the Pacific Theater, re-take Taiwan and establish itself as the leading undisputed global superpower – which they believe is their righteous place in history.

    1. I doubt it.
      China’s Navy is decades behind the Pentagon’s Navy…by China’s current president’s own admission.
      Chinese parents don’t want their children used as cannon fodder because of the One-Child Policy (one child supports 2 parents and 4 grandparents) whereas the Pentagon can recruit plenty of patriotic Billy Joe Bob’s from fatherless homes.
      If China does advance in the Pacific, I think it’s more likely to be a result of the Feds collapsing under the weight of their own debt.

      1. One child policy only ever applied to proles in the city, not if you were rich, or a rice farmer.

      2. DEBT DOES NOT MATTER IN CHINA BECAUSE in china debt like in japan its m ostly to chinese people they can never take their own gvt to the cleaners

  5. Don’t forget Douglas MacArthur in the Korean war. Truman fired him because he was going to go on a full nuclear offensive in China and rip the communist Chinese out by their rotten roots. He came back to a heroes parade, and probably couldve led a military coup against Truman, and won.

  6. China has it good because the (((folks))) who run the west are more focused on destroying the remnants of the European identity than on maintaining global equilibrium. This is why Russia is portrayed as public enemy number one, even though China will pose far bigger of a threat in the next decade.

  7. ‘However, he didn’t foresee today’s politicians being this irresponsible and hostile to the public, or the globalist regime destroying their own nations‘.
    That’s because the politicians of Old Jackie-boy’s day were men of action like Theodore Roosevelt, unlike the limp wristed Obama and Cameron’s of today.
    That image that evokes Kennedy vs Kruschev arm wrestling on top of a nuke isn’t completely pertinent, instead imagine 3 and a half other patriotic easily manipulative dragons helping the one out and you should have some idea of the scale to which the US is outnumbered.

  8. Made me think of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century with Ming the Merciless and the Chinese hordes.
    Vladimir Soloviev also predicted the Chinese would invade Europe in the 1880s in War, The Christian and the Anti-Christ.

  9. The biggest threat to America today is banking cartels and globalists. As for China, look at the map.

  10. Yes they are still an enemy, just not “the” enemy.
    Just because you boys went to SEA and enjoy banging chinks does not change it.

  11. High civilization? They can’t even get my order for no msg right.
    I’ve actually been to China. The great Wall is filthy and Beijing smells like pee in alot of spots.

    1. I was in China last year, I would choose to live there, rather than America. Nice mountains and countryside, modern infrastructure, good public transport. The people can afford to buy land and build their own homes.
      It’s the new ‘Land of the Free’.

      View post on imgur.com

        1. Yep, that is the start of “The Golden Whip Stream” at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province.

  12. Okay. Now try read PW Singers’s “Ghost Fleet” and see how accurate in the future will he ever be.
    A trailer:

  13. I guess the Rise of China can’t be helped or stopped then.
    I really pity my own country [Philippines], because we end up having “our islands” taken away, but then again, Social Darwinism at work right? Also, I nearly never cared about the islands when I was still a kid and that it was always the ownership of China. My people are so damn divided like holy fucking shit.
    All I see are the females of this generation being drenched in K-POP, other lame babble, then most young men look like they don’t care, the older generation is too boomerlike and their groups are just of meaningless banter like an ecochamber, I only know of a bunch who care a whole lot like me. If I was actually given the chance and told of the people our predicament and how ironically we can’t do anything about it with the current state of my people and my country, they’d call me some fucking traitor or a puppet to China like how they claim Du30 is. What more with recently the media making so much meaningless bullshit about the President’s remarks about God and “his attack on Him”. Many of the damned masses claim to be for or follow God, but never truly in principle, media, masses and the God-damned Catholic Church [Ironically Liberal-biased] just Virtue Signal their morality [Worse off with a Social Media blogger’s past (soft-core sexy star) being repeatedly brought up to shame her but not a leftist old bitch who rode the Cock Carousel and separated recently with her current boyfriend], if there were some memes about what’s happening, it’s either you’ll get a laugh or cringe based on how my fellowmen do it.
    However, I’ll admit, as much as I want to stay and help my country, there’s still a life I want to live, and I may not truly see my country bounce back.
    Main point of mine if it doesn’t get through: If my fellowmen acted alot more like the Chinese in terms of their thinking and discipline, then the first Entrepreneur of pure blood would’ve been born and that they would’ve understood the predicament of the country.

    1. LDM,
      You have the cheapest ‘club’ hookers I’ve ever found though.
      1,500 pesos ($30) for the entire night all in (and the bar/club takes half of that).

  14. Scientists in a University measured the
    daylight hours at their campus from
    Dec 22. 2017 till June 22. 2018.
    They have concluded that by
    Dec. 22 2018; the world will
    be plunged into darkness.
    …lol things are cyclical,
    China may have risen
    up to this point, but
    it’s obvious this is
    their solstice.

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