9 Reasons Why Sydney Sucks For Men

It has come to my attention that while many of the readers of ROK are avidly familiar with the general curse of the Western woman, their scope of experience is somewhat geographically limited. The particulars discussed on this site attribute primarily to American girls, and while Western women everywhere are simply mutations of the parent specimen, the key to success (or avoidance) is in their subtleties. One particular region of the world that is well passed the ravishing point of third wave feminism is Sydney, Australia. Being a citizen and resident of this country and city, respectively, I believe I should enlighten you with the trends and realities of this place so you can better decide when or if ever you should book a flight heading down under. 

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1. Sydney girls are worse than American girls

When you first interact with the average white, local girl, you will feel familiarity in the vibe you get: yes, they are entitled, bratty, not so intelligent, sluts but don’t admit it, etc. After all, Sydney is simply “Little America”. But as you continue the interaction, you will notice that the blocks and obstacles ahead of you are no longer fun “challenges” for you to “game” around. They are outright hostile manoeuvres designed to GET YOU THE FUCK AWAY.

While girls in Sydney hate beta males, manginas, and white knights just as much as those in America, they do not exhibit the same level of appreciation for masculinity either. Now do you see the problem? You are stuck in limbo: be a nice guy and she will never EVER let you near her holes, but be a typical Los Angeles alpha male that has his shit together and you will get a look of disgust that screams “How dare you objectify me and topple my pedestal of uniqueness!”


2. Girls only care about your looks

Ok, my Altaic warrior ancestry in all its testicular splendour omits me from this one, but for the average guy, this is a real pain in the gluteus maximus. If she doesn’t like you from the first second, SHE DOES NOT LIKE YOU. Any attempts to shift this momentum of thought will cause her to think, “How dare you have the audacity to talk to ME?” followed by “Only Leonardo Dicaprio is allowed to approach me”. You seriously need to be above 6′ and lift regularly to get attention here. However, on the plus side, once you are in this category you get eye fucked A LOT.


3. Girls are woefully ignorant and intellectually underdeveloped

Everyone makes fun of Americans for being stupid. Well guess what? Sydneysiders can be worse. See, the US has a large population, and so naturally the bell curve will stretch to either side more and more into the extremes. But in the case of Sydney, the entire bell curve is shifted to the left! So yes, while there are plenty of unbelievably ignorant Americans taking up the sidewalk, the average Sydneysider’s consistently annoying ignorance will drive you mad after about week.

We might not have your ‘worst’, but our entire population sits at your ‘pretty fucking bad’. This becomes a disaster when you try to display any value in Sydney because the shit you say are not only unappreciated, but are simply not understood. The rule of thumb is to say as few intellectual words as possible. Refer to below excerpt:

Man: “I am a biomedical engineer”
Sydney girl: “What’s that?”

Man: “Oh I’m from Ohio”
Sydney girl: “Where’s that?”

Man: “Let’s go to that bar, they make good sangria”
Sydney girl: “What’s that?”

Man: “Your place, Saturday night”
Sydney girl: “lol ok”

You get idea. Avoid all topics that require them to think or are not spontaneous and fun. And always, ALWAYS involve alcohol on dates.


4. Girls are xenophobic

I actually thought long and hard about putting this one up here, because I strongly believe that good game and sufficient masculinity will overcome all barriers. But in the case of Sydney, you can’t avoid it. Some girls will not fuck you if you’re black. Some girls will not fuck you if you’re not the right kind of white. Some girls will not fuck you if you’re Asian. Point is, if you’re not white, you need VERY tight game. Moreover, you need flawless physical aesthetics and strong mental constitution on top of your game. In fact, I would rate pure, aggressive masculinity as being more important than smooth game here in Sydney.


5. An epidemic of lame dudes enable the absolute worst of all females

Upon arriving to this city you will witness, perhaps for the first time in your lives, the most beta, supplicating, socially awkward, unconfident men you have ever seen, save only for the absolute pussified Norway or Sweden, and even that’s subjective. This means that the competition you face is nonexistent. However, because Sydney is such an illogical place, the lack of competition does not mean easier pussy. Having the balls to approach will NOT get you points. Instead, expect to see lots of “couples” out, where the guy is paying dearly for drinks while the girl is eye fucking you, comfortable in the fact that her beta orbiter is attending to all her emotional needs, preventing her from taking the social risk to meet a new guy. Even the nastiest, grimiest, bitchiest Sydney girl will have her choice of orbiters to guard her.


6. It’s expensive

Sydney is the second most expensive city in the world, and that’s if you include immorally expensive places like Luxembourg into the list. Club entry fees normally shoot up to $40 and beyond, while drinks from anywhere decent will cost you around $10-$20 for anything classy like a cocktail. The public transport, while putting that of the US to shame, can still be a pain as it is does not operate 24 hours. However, this isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that a 20 minute cab ride will set you back $60. And these are 2013 prices!


7. Game doesn’t work

Remember that artful neg you employed on that brunette in San Francisco that got her from initially being annoyed at you to playfully hitting your arm and asking questions? Well that wouldn’t get you very far in Sydney. If you want to know the reason why, refer to point #1, paragraph 2. Whereas the girls in the US to some degree know that you are seducing them, they will develop a sexual desire for you out of appreciation for your game. That’s not how it works in Sydney. If your interaction conveys to her any notions of you wanting to impale her mud pipe, she will call you out. Even if she is attracted to you, your actions will be seen as subterfuge. Sydney girls do not like subterfuge.


8. Grenades… grenades everywhere

There’s no two ways of saying this, but girls here are FAT. Not morbidly obese (although we do have those too) and not “documentary fat”, but just fat enough to proudly and publicly exhibit their BBW statuses while not fat enough to be rendered immobile. The consequence is that finding a decent girl ends up wasting more of your time than actually conversing with one. Clusters of these grenades also means that at times your entire field of vision will be obscured by unsightliness, causing you to lose hope in life.


9. Almost impossible to date up

While there are exceptions to any rule, Sydney mirrors Toronto in the men’s collective difficulty in dating up. It is very common to spot women that are ugly, fat—or both ugly and fat—dating guys that, at least on the exterior, look like they have quite a bit going for them. Conversely, it’s not common at all to spot plain looking guys with gorgeous women. This discrepancy is especially pronounced in the fitness realm. Most men in this city have a gym membership, and regardless of how they look or how tall they are genetically, their effort screams out the admirable virtue of self improvement. The same can most certainly not be said for the females in a city where carrying easily preventable fat is the norm.


Final Note

I cannot speak for all of Australia as I have not gamed extensively in other cities, but I would presume they are significantly better than Sydney. However, I recommend that everyone pay Sydney at least one gaming visit if simply for a self-training session. If you can conquer Sydney, the world is yours.

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334 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Sydney Sucks For Men”

  1. Thanks for an insiders perspective on Australian women. I’ve always wanted to visit the country, but meeting local women won’t be high on my priority list.

  2. Fuck Australia. Based on the news out of that country, it is one of the worst places for men, fathers, boys, etc. I don’t want to spend any of my greenbacks supporting a country like that.

        1. She ended up being one of our most unpopular Prime Ministers. Julia Gillard overthrew the more popular Kevin Rudd, made the party look unstable. Then when people got sick of her because she did such a shit job, Kevin Rudd fucked her up the ass and overthrew her. Ended up voting in Liberal party/coalition because everyone got sick of the instability.
          Her boyfriend is a hairdresser by the way. Talk about fucking role reversals. But she’s anti-gay marriage. Only conservative when it suits her. Typical modern western woman.

        2. She was anti-marriage in general essentially… not only gay marriage.
          and your narrative… Rudd was thrown out by factions after internal mayhem… Should have called a double dissolution… Maybe a wrong decision, but the mayhem no less than anything happened in Gillard’s time, when Rudd was a perennial rabble rouser when Gillard was in, aided and abetted by a violent media politicla dicourse… Let by Alan ‘chaff bag’ Jones.

    1. it’s one of the most feminist places on earth… automatic arrest, restraining order and prosecution for any kind of domestic incident…..
      a buddy of mine had an argument with his girlfriend, i was there in the living room…. she threw a plate and screamed at him…. we both left the apartment… the neighbors phoned the police and made a complaint, he was arrested, they put an automatic restaining order on him, and began assault prosecution which was barely stopped even when his girlfriend explained the situation… he had to pay a top lawyer $4000 for a court appearance to shut down the case…

      1. I know a guy in Sydney who after an 11 month relationship ended with his GF she took him to court and won $8000 in ‘alimony’ under the defacto relationship laws. You forgot to mention these ridiculous laws in your post wolf. Only plus to Sydney IMO is the diverse population we have, girls from every background. But it’s more than offset by the entitlement nature, the shitty transport, and the prohibitively expensive cost of transport, clubbing, and above all rent (for non Aussies, as a guide a neat studio or 1br within a 10 minute cab from the city will cost $1600-2000/month, 5 minutes walk from the city’s entertainment districts and you’re looking at $2400+

        1. A place 10min from the CBD? Fucking ROFL. Sydney is the size of LA. It’s not some cosy built-up european city – it sprawls. People commute 2 hours to work.
          I grew up in Sydney, moved to Canberra. I will never go back. 2 hour commutes and cockroaches. Funnelwebs if you live on the north side.
          Fuck that.

        2. I don’t support any domestic disturbances especially when women are the victims. Police have to act this way in order to save lives. Unfortunately the genuine blokes get a slap in the face for this, being their fault or not. However this alimony garbage is off the damn Richter scale.

        3. Ah that’s right. The subtle but persistent conservative values of the nuclear family’s existence are part of our laws. You’re De Facto married even if you’re not legally married, and you suffer from the same laws.
          Such an idea wouldn’t be dreadful if we lived in time when society actually encouraged the development of the stable nuclear family. It’s a case of otherwise sound values making things worse instead of better because of the era we live in.

      2. My ex and I had an argument and she put a chair through my front window. I freaked and called the cops. When they arrived at the scene she was I’m tears and being a 10, these white knights in blue came to her rescue. After chastising me, they made me leave MY house and I had to spend the night sleeping at the beach. My gf called me later on laughing at how the cops told me off instead of her. When we eventually broke up, I settled with her for 35,000 dollars to avoid a defacto court ruling.

        1. The laws in NSW have been progressively meddled with by the mangina’s in political office giving women all the power; to win political points with female voters. All they have to do is allege domestic violence and you pretty much lose every right, your home, your bank balance. NSW Women of course believe this is all justified, just tune into morning radio or TV which is peddling them a steady diet of how oppressed they are, they lap it up. There is yet to be a domestic violence order taken out by police against a woman in NSW, the police are completely biased probably because the force itself is plagued with gender advancement perpetuated by the same mangina politicians. Add to that the fact that the NSW police job attracts more than its fair share of lesbians (heard that from a very reliable source) and its easy to see why women are never held to account for their actions.

        2. This is easy for me to say but I know others who were unable to raise a portion of that money and they all done some jail time or have records for doing practically nothing. I wish I was able to help those blokes. I hope you find someone good for you that will back you, not mess you up like that.

        3. That lesbian thing is 100% true. I have friends who went through the training at Gouldburn and he said that nearly half of the people there were women, and half of them were dykes.
          Just walk into a Cop Shop, they’re everywhere, and with a head full of Duluth Model DV Bullshit

        4. Let me know how many women have executive level jobs… Oh yeah and while at it, consider the fact that women in he same job as men earn less… Go figure. Oppression is real.

        5. Dear Men,
          You will have to bond together and stick up for your rights. Be as loud and firm about your voice to be heard as much as the women do and you will see results.
          An Unbiased American Female

        6. Dear Men,
          You will have to bond together and stick up for your rights. Be as loud and firm about your voice to be heard as much as the women do and you will see results.
          An Unbiased American Female

    2. amen brosef get you self over to the thailand get your dick sucked feet cleaned meals cooked and grocerys shopped all for the price of a cab ride in sydney.

    3. I grew up in Sydney and lived here 30 years.
      This article is SPOT ON regarding Sydney women. A bunch of us swore off them for LTRs and all ended up with foreign girls….SO FEMININE in comparison.
      At 30, I went travelling for work and fucking lost my mind. Women were so much friendlier, feminine and easy !!! Especially UK and New Zealand. Then onto Euro. Wow !! WTF ??? Aussie women are HARD AS NAILS. Still got the prison colony 10 men to 1 women entitlement. Btw, 11 days after the 1st Fleet of convicts arrived in 1788, 189 convict white trash women were disembarked into the arms of 1200 men. The soldiers/guards broke open the rum and in the middle of a thunderstorm a massive fucking drunken orgy took place.
      Talk about entitlement !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Toughest women around.
      Stay away !!!
      Yes, I did marry a Euro.
      No, I no longer live in that shithole, only visit.

    4. Did some fucking Aussie white knights kill a guy just a few months back to defend some cunt? Aussies are fags and their cunts look fugly as fuck

    5. Not blaming women in general, just the ball breakers. Men are becoming gutless cause some women are cutting their nuts off. Not literally of course but you get the picture. Why de-maculate a bloke. Let men be men and women be women. Not wife beaters, pub brawlers or cheaters. No just good solid blokes that are loyal. What not interesting enough for all you fancy pants fickle things?

      1. what does ‘women are cutting men’s balls off’…? Getting wage parity? Hasn’t happened… walking down the street at night and feeling safe…? Can be dodgy.
        getting leered at on a crowded bus for being good looking? It happens, a lot.
        the sexual double standard, men as studs, women as sluts for doing exactly the same fucking thing… Alive and well. But it doesn’t have to be…

        1. You clearly didn’t read the posts about men being thrown out of their homes for DV done entirely by the female, or settling out of court for 29k to a de-facto.

        2. Your many posts in this thread prove that you’re a feminist mangina here to troll and spread your pathetic gynocentric politics. You’re not fooling anyone. Not one upvote or fuck given.

  3. Makes me wonder how people actually manage to have sex there. Or maybe it’s just 5 male models fucking 1000 cute girls and everyone else goes without?

    1. If you are to build your impression of the world basing it on sketchy descriptions of rok betas-than you are into a very sad and depressive future.

        1. alot of aussie guys i know are clearly in matriarchal relationships, hot guys with great intelligence… just mommies boys using their girlfriend as a surrogate…. i wasn’t red pill when i was there, but looking back… OMG ! – makes my skin crawl… that is creepy….

        2. Ray is certainly a lot better than the writers of ROK who still feel the need to prove something.
          Not saying any names and not trying to dickride this particular author who I’ve disagreed with elsewhere, but seeing a RW blog on the main page

        3. Yes I agree too, met a nice Japanese girl the other day and She insisted I walk in front of Her everywhere we went. If Aussie girls were half that nice, I wouldn’t be here right now.

      1. I thought it was obvious my comment was a bit tongue in cheek..haha. This review does paint a dire picture, but I have no direct experience to disprove the author, so it could really be this bad for all I know.

        1. funny thing is reading this article and thinking back… some of the hottest aussie girls that might get a 9 normally, just made my dick immediately soft with their entitled and aggressive, ignorant and opinionated attitude… and looking back that’s obviously why i gave up on dating completely for a couple of years… it’s so easy to see why there are so many gay guys…. strange as it might seem, you just lose the urge to get with aussie women, as soon as they open their mouth…..
          at least america girls, do know how to please if they want to…. it’s still in the ‘have a nice day’ culture….

        2. Ray – Excellent sitrep.
          Aggresive the one of the best words to describe them.
          For some reason, they feel that equality is best achieved by acting just like the most bigoted sexist male in their femen-inspirted imaginations.
          I walk down the streets of China (where I live), and probably see about 10 girls I would love to get with, every 100 meters.
          I can walk the streets and malls of Australia for hours, and not see anything that entices me. Primarily because, as you point out, their personalities kill any urges you may feel.

        3. I can second that from nearly 20 years of very moderate success in Sydney with women. Up to shit actually. On the other hand I’m confident to say that I done quite alright in several country towns in NSW, the Gold Coast, Cruise Ships & Great Keppel QLD. Not bagging Sydney in general, just for women in Sydney, hence why I got out.

    2. This essentially is how the sexual market plays out in Australia, women have such high standards that betas are almost completely invisible whereas even minor alphas have girls practically throwing themselves at them and most can easily maintain harems of three or more cute girls at a time.

    3. Yes Phantom, I know your only joking and I sure hope your wrong if you aren’t.
      But I have to hand it to you. It sure as hell feels that way sometimes.

      1. Oh and some drop dead gorgeous male models are gay. As one of my exes worked for a top notch modelling agency 13 years ago. No she was not a model, just a massive would be if she could be.

  4. I have spent substantial time in Perth, Australia. Pretty much the same deal as Sydney. Many over made up, shallow, mid 20’s party girls who believe they deserve it all. However, there is a significant minority of girls in Perth who are willing to date Asian (large asian population) men, and a smaller group who have a particular affinity for black (american) men. Otherwise, extremely expensive, and really not worth it for women. Beautiful place though.

    1. typical “Sex and the City” brainwashing women into believing they should slut it up before settling down with a rich/beta/nice guy.
      silly girls will become like their single mothers, sexless and fat at 45.

    2. There was a girl in church, ethnically spanish, who desperately wanted to marry a black man. She married an aboriginal.
      Fucking LOLDONGS!
      Divorced him, of course. Kept the kid. Christian hypocrite girls are bad everywhere. Multiply that by Australian.
      Oh – did I mention she was fat?

    3. Perthite here. Can confirm. Christ there’s too much money in this city at the moment and a shortage of women due to the mining boom. Inflation of female entitlement is at record levels.
      Still a reasonable strike rate at Tiger Lil’s, but nothing that doesn’t stop me jumping on the discount airfare flights into SE Asia.

      1. Perthite born and bred as well. I have been to Europe, SE Asia, America, NZ and UK and Perth is by far the hardest market, period. Before clubbing in Perth it is worth remembering that 80% of the time it is an exercise in complete futility. Beta-orbiters with flowery bucket hats and self-entitled hand grenades everywhere. HOWEVER I will admit, one positive impact of the mining boom and presence of idiot yellow-eyed Irishmen everywhere is that if you can actually hold a conversation and are luck enough to stumble upon (ie work with, friend of a friend, tinder, and hit on at the start of the night) a 7/8 who is getting the tingles then you are in, done and done. I have had plenty of success but I suspect I’d have even more if I lived permanently literally anywhere else on the planet (save maybe the Middle East). Having inadvertantly swallowed the red pill for several years now it has served me well due to most Aussie guys having some of the most beta-type attitudes and behaviours I have ever seen.

    1. yes works like a charm, bonus points if you only wear boxers while greeting them in your place…
      the trick is to mentally view them as whores, no one respects a whore nor cries when she leaves.

  5. Agree. Sydney is a gay paradise and very superficial. Women are fat (not US levels but still fat). Melbourne and Perth women tend to be equally fat, but much more laid back, open minded and easier to talk.

  6. Now by asian are they including indians/pakistanis in there ? Cause I’ve heard they aren’t to kind to us people. My buddy is headed to sydney to link up with a friend who moved there for a year, I was actually thinking about going. This is kind of making rethink it, but then again, just to go for the experience would be rad.

    1. go for the sake of going, [i think touristy areas’ll be alright] but realise that aussies have a long history of violence against indian/asians [just type into google, and you’ll see the record of assaults on foreign students coming in]
      i mean it probably doesnt help that there’s that whole indian race troll thing, but even then, i would say its better than say, moscow for asian men
      source: irish mum, indian dad

      1. It was the Lebanese (in Sydney) and the Somalians (in Melbourne) that were violent towards Indians and Pakistanis, not White Australians.
        Despite that Indians and those who could pass for Indian, do not have a good reputation in Australia and you won’t find many White Australians that have a neutral or positive opinion of them. I would attribute this to the Indians in India slandering White Australians when it was the Lebanese and Somalians here that caused the grief to them.

      2. Yeah, Mitch is right, anon1 that’s bullshit. It was Pacific Islanders, and the ethnic groups he mentioned as well, which targeted Indian students for violence and robbery.
        That said, Indians ARE viewed as lower-class by most white Aussies, because all the taxi drivers are Indian, and because we hate your cricket team.

  7. Agreed – American guys always think they have it rough until they come to Australia. It’s pretty much the same in Melbourne as it is in Sydney. I’ve been here for 7 years, and as the OP stated, it’s almost impossible to date up unless you’re willing to go Asian. I’ve never heard the phrase “He’s punching above his weight” as much as I’ve heard it in Australia – even when the guy could clearly have a hotter girlfriend in any other country in the world. Men here are some of the most fit, stylish, open-minded, well-educated and well-rounded people you could ever come across, yet the women here still complain incessantly that they can’t find good guys. And the guys here enable it by being simultaneously the most supplicating and low-self esteem beta males. It’s the strangest dichotomy I’ve ever come across. If you’re smart, you make money in Australia and use their generous vacation time to head to nearby SE Asia, Japan, Philippines, S. America, Eastern Europe, etc.

    1. Feminism is basically women working themselves into a corner. They don’t want alpha males, because patriarchy. They don’t want betas either, because that sexually disgusts them and they have been told to follow their feelings at whatever cost. Then the inevitable masses of wall-hitters looking around, confused, wondering why they never settled down.

    2. So much for the idea of travelling to Melbourne when it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere — I rather liked the idea of staying chill year-round.
      If I’m going to have to deal with high prices for everything as well as the Australian version of “The Chip” (as in the ones on their shoulders), I’d just as soon go back to Stockholm …

      1. Melbourne is a great place – don’t get me wrong. It’s just that you shouldn’t come here for the women.
        Everything else about it though is pretty good – particularly the food. I’m jealous that you’re in Stockholm though. At least with ultra-feminist Sweden you have other positives to look at with regards to their women. Australia has all the drawbacks of feminism with none of the benefits.

        1. Yep and that is being generous. Just sick of all these women saying that there are no descent guys around. Maybe if they gave some of them a fighting chance, you might find that there is more to them than meets the eye.

    3. Absolutely spot on. Aussie girls in general are train wrecks – loud, rude, crude, foul-mouthed, entitled, argumentative, slutty, dumb, and their dress sense is horrendous. Not only that, but they age terribly, most Aussie women over 30 are fat and wrinkly from too much sun. This guy is absolutely correct when he says to avoid anything that requires them to think, and anything that doesn’t involve alcohol. Both will have their vaginas dry up quicker than if they were dumped in the Sahara. The big problem is that Australia is a very feminist country these days, and girls have been raised to believe they can do no wrong. As a result, women here are very rarely held accountable for their poor decisions. Their slutiness is next level stuff, if you are, say, French, Spanish, Italian or Brazilian, you will be able to do anything you’ve seen in porn quite easily. They confuse being able to have sex with tonnes of different guys as them being ‘hot’ – they don’t realise that is just being easy. I’ve been to America twice, and at least where I was (San Diego and Newport Beach), I felt like I stumbled into a paradise. Even in the home of divorce and degeneracy, as I read, I found it very easy to meet attractive feminine women who would cook me meals, give me massages, and fuck me until my dick was sore. My mates all report the same, American women are way better than Aussie, and way less feminist. What exactly are you Yanks complaining about? If you traded places with me or any other Aussie in his homeland for a week I doubt you would ever complain about American women ever again! By the way, Aussie girls absolutely love European and South American cock, but the same definitely can’t be said for Americans.. sorry! (I think you guys could do better though, to be quite frank!)

      1. That’s rubbish… Google ‘sexual double standard’. Girls are easy but you go sleeping around America… Consider your hypocrisy and the cultural double standard you’re perpetuating…

        1. Men and women are different you White Knight! Women love ‘studs’ and would love to marry one. However, men only see sluts as good for pump and dump, they definitely do not want to commit to one. It is biology..

  8. Australia, N.Z., and the British Isles seem to be like Eastern Europe in reverse: attractive men with landwhales seem to be the rule rather than the exception. Maybe that’s why English-speakers tend to get drunk: they need the beer goggles to make the landwhales seem less hideous. Speaking as an American, I’ll readily admit that the aforementioned countries have it worse than us.

      1. Yup. Speaking as an Irishman, it’s definitely the reason why we drink so much. We needs gallons of the stuff to be able to drum up the courage to talk to our obnoxious, bitchy, Catholic guilt ridden but Feminism infected “women”.
        Whatever about other Western nations, I think Irish women are the worst of the lot.

        1. When I was living in Tel Aviv the Irish football team came for a match. An Irish guy and I wandered the city and he invited me for drinks as a good gesture. This guy bought three pints of Guinness for himself (“It is food” he said) and one for me (enough). I did my latino improv thing by presenting him to some ladies (which I did not knew before). Six months later, I see him back in Tel Aviv with one of those, they moved together to Ireland almost after they met. He told me that compared to Irish women, this Israeli (and those are women that I find superficial, towards fat and materialistic) was heaven. I can´t imagine how Irish girls are then.
          (If some of my Israeli friends are reading: NOT all of them, you are OK, sweetie).

        2. I’ll second that Ronan – The latent hatred Irish women have for the Heterosexual Irish man is almost indescribable.

        3. Israeli women still seem to actually believe in getting married and being wives and mothers, which is increasingly anathema to our manly Anglosphere women.

        4. It’s weird. Polish girls are also Catholics but act completely different. I guess that’s why so many Irishmen became priests in the past: the women suck, always have, and joining the clergy was therefore a popular MGTOW statement.

        5. There is no such thing as Catholic guilt. Catholics fuck a lot.
          The Irish guilt comes from living on a small island where everyone knows everybody. We are highly conformist which is one of the reasons we drink to oblivion, like the Japanese. That and the weather. If a girl wastes her pussy on an inferior male, she loses face amongst her friends and could also scare off high quality men.
          The women are ultra bitchy because they are insecure, because they share the very poor values of modern English speaking women and because they are always being hit on by equally insecure men who need to fill themselves up with booze to be able to approach.

        6. No they didn’t always suck. 30 years ago, the overwhelming majority were sweet, good-natured, family oriented and married as virgins or married the man who took their virginity. Most people met their sweet hearts in highschool, divorce was incredibly low outside Dublin and rare even in the capital.
          So many men became priests because the values of society were healthy. The reduction in the value of monogamy and marriage as an institution went hand in hand with the fall off in vocations. A lack of young priests and slutty women giving up their fresh, young pussies to worthless thugs are both symbols of the same cultural rot.

        7. When I hear my younger relatives talking about how horrible 20-something Irish women are today, I wonder how we could have grown up in the same country. Not so long ago, Irish women were relaxed, non-needy, kind-hearted and innocent.
          However, painful as it is to admit, as a race, we are fairly dumb (average IQ 94 before the immivasion). Intelligence goes hand in hand with self-control, tolerance, patience and good morals. I propose that a lot of the bad behaviour of Irish women towards the men is a natural consequence of removing the social controls that forced good bevahiour in the past.

      2. First: if you are a proud White, why you gravitate to Latinas? but if you mean casual sex, then ok, just not more mixed race babies.
        Second: i have read in some Pua sites that women don’t care much about looks, but here i read the opposite, whats up with that?

        1. Your name contradicts this site.
          “First: if you are a proud White, why you gravitate to Latinas? but if you mean casual sex, then ok, just not more mixed race babies.”
          Men as a general rule go for a race of women that exhibit more femininity like Latinas/Asains and avoid masculine women races of women like blacks( beyonce 15 years younger is an exception).
          “Second: i have read in some Pua sites that women don’t care much about looks, but here i read the opposite, whats up with that?”
          PUA is all marketing looking to make money off men + PUA assumes blue pill thinking. Sites like ROK are free and prove the looks matter even more. You will never see 5’4 men with hot sexy women for example because women are more superficial than men they will not have sex with a short man. I’m greatful to be 5’11 and goodlooking.

        2. “First: if you are a proud White, why you gravitate to Latinas?”
          What the fuck are you talking about? Proud white? What is that shit. Most of us don’t give a fuck about race. A decent moderately attractive will do.

        3. You will never see 5’4 men with hot sexy women for example because women
          are more superficial than men they will not have sex with a short man.
          I’m greatful to be 5’11 and goodlooking.
          So have I been hallucinating all these years?

    1. you’re going to need to scratch off british isles off that list mate. majority of people male and female here are either piss fuck drunk yellow cirrhosis machines, [if girl slap newcastle levels of make up on, if guy just add beer belly] pale skinny shits, fatty mc jeremy kyle chav shits [both male and female], a few english roses [usually chester, or rich posh villages south of england, or some parts of rural wales where they are still traditionalist and not the drunk capital slags] , and some normal gym blokes.
      the hottest girls in our country by far as imported baristas from poland or the slavics. second tier is spanish, french and italian girls escaping the PIGs crisis and chilling in london, third tier is rich foreign pussy from non europe.

    2. As an American I agree particularly with the fact that AUS males tend to have significantly better physiques than US males, from the whole zyzz revolution over there.
      An ex FWB went to college over there and after seeing the first round of Facebook pics I knew she saw guys differently

    3. Man spot on NZ men are some if the best looking in the world and I’m a bloke and the women are hideous and they absolutely treat the men terribly. You only need to look at there former pm Helen Clark and Julia Gillard to understand that it is Eastern Europe in reverse. No wonder the guys have so much pent up rage!

    4. The only time I got to know Australian girls was when I was travelling through Belgium.
      In the hostel I was staying at it was pretty obvious who the Aussie girls were. Loud, obnoxious, fat, unintelligent, entitled, drunk, rude… I asked an Aussie guy about it afterwards and he said all their women are god-awful.
      They might actually be worse than Toronto girls… Toronto girls are delusional idiots but these Aussie girls I met seemed like they came out of a cartoon…

  9. lived in sydney for a while.. and rapidly understood why it’s a gay capital…
    ex prison colony has left the psychology firmly entrenched…
    the straightest aussie girl you can find is like a middle of the road lesbian feminist, they always have their shields raised to full, they are difficult, aggressive, absolutely sold on equality, and very masculine in their attitudes to relationships.
    australia is heavily socialist, nothing like the US, very high taxes, very soft welfare system, i could write an entire article on the place.
    i loved the lifestyle, and stayed single, but as soon as i got with an aussie girl long term, i left the country (and later sent her back home on her own.) best decision i ever made… and i deliberately didn’t get the citizenship because i knew i’d be tempted to go back there for the easy life, even though the pussy sucks ass.

    1. syd city is fucked lesos actin like blokes blokes actin like sheilas the streets reek of man hate just spend a hour in newtown.

      1. Bang on tim othy, thank you as like myself and most other aussie blokes we are just too gutless to speak our minds. I like it.

    2. Very true, Ray. Anything resembling a traditional family is attacked and mocked as ‘extreme right wing’, just look at all the shit our current PM cops from a very hostile media. This is the same media who worshipped the previous PM, a diehard feminist lesbian communist slut who was in a ‘relationship’ with a stay at home gay unemployed hairdresser, and was fired from her previous job as a lawyer for helping her married boyfriend steal money from low paid workers. My American friends, I am not making this up.. you have no idea how bad things are Down Under these days! Gillard sucked cock if she thought it would help her career, but it was always clear that she absolutely hated men deep down. Hillary Clinton is like Nigella Lawson compared with Gillard…

    1. similarly for south africa i like the white afrikaans accent but girls are a bit stone faced military types. imagine israeli girls fresh from bootcamp but without the looks to jusitify the bang

    2. I totally agree. I met a gorgeous Aussie girl here in the UK and when she spoke it sounded like she needed to hock up about a gallon of snot! Absolutely shocking accent.

  10. ive lived in australia all my life, im 18 now and i never realised apparently how bad it is here but it does make sense. almost every girl i know goes out with a guy based purley on looks there are some acceptions for the 9s and intelligent women of which there are few because the 9s are paid no attention to by the 9s of the male world because they can get the drooling 8s and lower with ease so why go for the 9s? this just leads to them becomming desperate and anybody with game can quickly swoop in for the kill. as for game not working or being nice not working i am living proof of that ive tried both sides usually game first and then if that doesnt work switching it up and 9/10 the women i get with would have gotten with me regardless of what i did it all depends on what their gf say and or how drunk they are and also 9/10 the girls i dont get with are for the same reasons. the key to sucess here is passive game and money (getting girls drunk with 20 buck cocktails, money for a taxi to your place which has to be good and money for expected dates afterwards) if you can become internet famous and or have alot of money you will be swimming in pussy. the only other option is to have a big dick, be known for fucking women hard and well or being a drug dealer

  11. Weird I was in Sydney for 10 days while visiting Australia and what I noticed as a tourist was: girls were friendly and nice, and there were fewer fat people than in other parts of Australia. It is a very expensive city, I agree.
    Oh and there are plenty of hot tourist girls from all over the world, they should be your primary targets, not locals.

  12. As someone who has lived in Sydney for all his life, this article is rubbish.
    I have a non-lifting indian friend who gets laid on the regular here. It’s easier to blame women for your inability to get pussy though, right? I like this site but goddamn some of these articles are just pathetic.

    1. And how tall is this Indian friend or your? Does he take the easy route and go for Asians(tonnes of Asians in syd) or does he fuck Caucasian bitches ? 5’11 and good looking here; I kill it with the bitches,but suffer in Australia.

      1. Probs 5’8. White girls. 8’s, 9’s.
        If you’re a cool dude and fun to be around you will get laid anywhere on the planet. Seems like these bitter dudes use women as their problem for sucking at life.
        If you’re 5’11 and good looking and you can’t get laid in Australia, you’re doing something very wrong.

        1. I get laid in America a fair but, just have to bust through bitchy behavior and have logistics sorted out and I own, but everytime I come to Australia, I get more rejections and hostility from my own race, whites. I have to bang out Asians because they are more easier.
          What you are telling me is quite incredible, I mean a 5’8 Indian getting laid in a place worst than America with 8s-9s whites…mind blown.
          I ma trying to help a 5’2( with shoes) friend to get laid…big struggle. What is this friend of yours like style wise and personality wise ? Obv he is not going to get 8s but I’d be happy if he fucked 6s or the occasional 7.

        2. Yeah, everyone is a stud that pulls lots of tail — on the Internet. Id like to see you in action trying your “game” in one of the clubs in my city. That would be good for a laugh.

        3. Mate, you’re full of shit and probably a trolling woman.
          White Aussie girls country wide wont touch Indian dudes, period.
          So your assertion that he’s bangin 8/9s on the reg just being himself is utter HORSESHIT

  13. What a load of generic bullshit. Game doesn’t work in Sydney?! You gotta be a shredded Brad Pitt to pick up?! Wolf – you sound bitter. I’m a local, and have been to most continents, and I can confidently tell you, you’re exaggerating how hard it is to get laid in Syd. Sounds like you either don’t know the right spots to hit up, or you just don’t have game. Don’t hate on a whole city because it doesn’t happen to suit you.

    1. While Wolf’s points may be overstated and exaggerated “i.e. game doesn’t work”, I would argue the overall thrust of the article is on point. I have this argument with my aussie friends all the time who all eventually end up admitting they pull chicks far higher on the attractiveness scale in places like Canada, S. America, Europe, etc. Yes, it’s not impossible to get laid here. That’s not the argument. What you get out of the argument is that you would be better served going somewhere else. Could you write an article titled “9 reasons why sydney is awesome for picking up chicks”?

      1. I’m barely a Sydney patriot, especially with all the travelling I’ve done over the years but none of his points are specific to Sydney. If you have your logistics, game and appearance in-tact anyone can get laid here – but this applies EVERYWHERE.
        Of course women are more beautiful elsewhere, but as far as Western Cities come, Sydney is no different.
        If you’re going to bash a city, at least come up with better reasons than “Sydney girls are worse than American girls”.
        Wolf does a great job trolling, but as far as useful and accurate advice goes, provides sweet fuck-all. If he provided a better break-down I might think more of him.

        1. alright, so what you are trying to tell me is that a 5’4 non-famous guy can get laid in Sydney..lol no way that will happen.. I’m 5’11 and good looking and I struggle in Australia except with Asians, and those Asians are from overseas anyways. American is miles easier than Australia. I literally steal hot chicks off beta BFs back in the States.

    2. Mate, if you think Sydney is the bees knees, good for you. Stay right there with the mediocre women, I’m glad you haven’t seen the light

  14. Agreed, Sydney is a haven for brain washed 10th wave feminists but the Gold Coast is legitimate poosy paradise (it’s actually called surfers paradise).

    1. Gold Coast is hell. Gold Coast is possible one of the least desirable places in Australia. Hyper Alphas and absolutely no culture. Sydney trumps GC any day!

      1. Asking yourself “what is the best city in Australia for girls”, is no different to asking yourself “what can I buy at dunkin-donuts that is gonna get me ripped”.
        There is no right answer. There are just levels of total failure awaiting you.
        Gold Coast sucks. Sydney sucks. Brisbane sucks. I think the least worst places to meet girls in Australia is in the outback towns. They are less likely to consider themselves hip, urban, sophisticated feminist warriors.

        1. The girls in outback towns are disgustingly ugly. All the cute ones leave for major cities. The ones who stay behind are fat, have busted faces or have masculine bodies suited for farm work… But you’d never guess it based off country emigre’s you’d meet in the city. I didn’t until I spent more time in the bush

        2. I disagree somewhat…. I lived in Tamworth, Bathurst, Port Macquaire, and visited many othes. I find that many of the country girls have a more natural pretty look than in the cities.
          Sure, there are some shockers. Tattoo-sporting, muffin top hockers pervade Australia like termites in a dead tree stump. But a bitchy 7/10 with a scowl on her face, will always seem less attractive than a smiling 7/10 with a natural country-girl image.

        3. Except that the girls leave outback towns to go to the city. Chisel did a song “Flame Trees” about it. There’s no chicks there, and the ones that stay age young – fat and leathery.

    2. You have got to be kidding? Gold Coast? That’s where you will find the most gross, ocker, slutty Aussie girls, full of STDs

    1. Yeah, black men, American black esp. are treated like sexual superstars by the blonde babes here in Sydney. I remember a few months ago at the international fleet review in Sydney seeing this crew of black American sailors being SWARMED by stunning blonde babes at Goldfish nightclub in King’s Cross.
      I mean, these black sailor dudes were getting the most obvious IOI’s I’ve ever seen, hot blonde girls were just falling over themselves to get fucked by these brothers.

      1. I just hope the black guys ran a train on those dirty Aussie girls…, and then hit them with – “and keep the change you filthy animals” as they rolled out the door.

  15. I’ve lived a number of years in both USA cities (Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego) and several Aussie cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth). This guy’s observations are spot on. Australia is EXPENSIVE AS FUCK and an attractive and smart Aussie woman is even more difficult to snag than a comparable American one.
    American girls will do fine in Australia as long as their hot (like anywhere), but American guys are absolutely nothing special. You also have to be prepared to deal with a fair amount of closet prejudice a lot of Aussies have towards Americans. Don’t be surprised to be called a “Fuckin Yank Cunt” or something similar whenever they perceive your giving them any of the slightest protest or sass.
    On the other hand, when both Aussie guys and girls visit or live in the USA, the opposite sex just creams their pants and their hearts melt whenever they hear an Australian accent, and are pretty much treated like exotic royalty by everyone in general.
    Not to complain that I didn’t gave any game or anything, as I had ex-pat girlfriends in most cities (a Canadian woman in Perth and a Dutch woman in Melbourne) but gawd, the Aussie girls were just hard.
    On a final note: Australia is a great place to WORK and save money, but only if your intention is to go extensively backpacking overseas after your finished (to countries where the game potential is WAYYYYYYY better).

    1. Any suggestions on Aussie-friendly American cities to visit?
      My experience of some of the American girls that came over were that they were harder to talk to (unless it was about them). I’ve had a mxed time over here because of my American-ish accent (friends coming back from America say I don’t sound american compared to over there, so I guess it’s a double sided sword having a foreign accent in both countries)

      1. Vegas. If you can’t get laid as an Aussie there, you might as well retire from the game. I was there 3 nights, got 3 roots, a college chick, a MILF, and a mid 20’s American chick my mate and I put on the spit

    2. Very true. Aussie girls don’t like American guys, who they see as being rude and arrogant. They worship European and Brazilian cock though..

  16. I lived in Australia for 5 years. The place is backward and the people are generally ignorant although they actually believe that they are the most intelligent people on the face of the earth.
    It’s a peculiar combination of stupidity and arrogance which makes Australia less tolerable then most western societies. The women are a reflection of the above and thus are pretenders who attempt to emulate their American female counterparts who are beamed into their living rooms by foxtel. Combine this with a sense of frontiersman like non femininity and you get a spoiled kim kardashian without the curves or lipstick.
    The society attempts to see itself as more than it actually is which is the open pit mine of China. The women are simply a reflection of that reality.

    1. You do realise Australia has high OECD rankings for education right (although maths and sciencecould be better)? Not to mention our top 5 ranked (2013) standard of living.
      Which completely contradicts everything you just said.

      1. Andy,
        Maths & science IS education. It is what people create things with. All the other shit (english, history, legal studies) is just self aggrandising propaganda dressed up as education. Our standard of living is fucking shit, some of the worlds longest commutes & the highest prices which our wages barely offset.

  17. A Bottle of Coke goes for $3.50 and a jug of Beer in a local pub will be $16.00 – $20.00 in Australia. Oh, and those prices are very similar in U.S. dollars because the exchange rate has been almost 1-for-1 for about the last half decade.
    Australians have been killing it (both with game and the exchange rate) for the last couple of years in the USA but it’s a nightmare for Americans who visit Australia.
    Until their economy tanks (which is directly tied with the prosperity of China) FUCK GOING TO AUSTRALIA.

  18. I’ve been out with a couple Aussies in London, all girls that have been in Sydney at one time or another (or their entire lives). They all made my dick soft with self-inflated egos and talk about their careers incessantly all despite being beyond their peak feminine age. Could read them like a book. Seemed like they were desperate to settle down now that they were finished slutting around. Only a small sample size, but they were not attractive enough and borderline ugly when offset against their terrible attitudes. No thanks.

      1. This is a big shock for me.
        I lived out in Oz in the early noughties and men were still ‘real men’ and not pussified at all but I’ve kept in touch with Aussies and it seems that 3rd wave feminism and the shithole Lesbo/Leftard media has done its work and turned the already entitled women into hog monsters and the men into beta males terrified of upsetting vagina owners.
        I still miss the place from a climate perspective and there’s no denying it, some fucking stunning scenery out there. I was hoping to come back but think the culture I so loved would now be all but gone. I’m glad I read this article and considering I’m a few years late to respond, the situation has to be even worse now.

  19. I have lived in Sydney my whole life and traveled around a bit in Europe and America but this is a massive exaggeration. While the women are stupid as fuck and slutty and there are heaps of grenades I think Wolf has really has blown this out of proportion, also no club charges even close to $40 for entry unless they saw him coming and doubled it. While it is no where near as good as Europe Sydney is a little better than LA in my opinion. Plus half this shit doesn’t apply to you guys any way Australian women fall at the feet or foreign guys. I have friends from the states that clean up with little to no effort just because of the accent. Although he was spot on in saying it is little America.

    1. Ivy (best club in Sydney) charges $20 to get in and an extra $20 for the upstairs pool area.
      Ironically Ivy is not only the classiest place in Sydney but the easiest to game (the one place where you can have consistent success).
      I knew a guy who works there so get in for free.
      This article, while exaggerated is generally accurate.

      1. yeah what are these guys on about just rock up to ivy with a bag of 99 percent novacaine 1 percent coke and lurk around the girls toilet with the rest of the lebos oh my god nohhwayy cuz habbib did you just slip her a rowynooooh way .

        1. Spot on. However, i think you’d find the bag is 50% talcum powder, 49% Novocaine and 1% coke and the stupid bogans pay $400 for a gram. Unless of course “Habbib” purchased it from one of his cousins, in which case t cost him $200 and his game consists of bluntly asking any girl within a 10 meters to “get on”…

        1. Equating Ivy to Aussie nightlife is like taking a walk down Venice Beach and assuming everyone in LA is homeless. We need more Sydney players posting to give an accurate depiction of the city.

        2. While not Sydney, I’m an Australian who operated in Brisbane in the top clubs (Cloudland etc) for several years. Its doable, but has a much lower strike rate (and quality) than Europe, South America, SE Asia or the Backpacker community. I had more success with Ex-pat girls from other countries, but my style of game is more Rooshesque introverted talker than kino brash extrovert clubrat.
          I don’t have any american experience to compare it to though.
          My gut tells me that any man with a foreign accent is going to have an advantage that makes analysis difficult. Australian girls seem to have easy access to casual from attractive gym going guys here, and its relatively easy to find a university educated professional or a tradeperson on $60k plus a year. It pretty much is reverse Eastern Europe. The expectations of women here are quite high.

      2. If you go to a place with a $20 cover charge, you will meet only professional girls looking to find a rich guy.

  20. Agreed. I’ve lived in Melbourne for the last ten years and have been to Europe and the US. The environment was way easier there. Australia just isn’t as easy as america.

  21. Believe it or not, feminism has screwed up Australian women more than their American counterparts. AW are nothing more than Brits with a little bit more shame. This basically is the f*cked up list (notice all are in the Anglosphere):
    1. Australia (ugly women, ugly attitude, difficult to f*ck)
    2. Britain (ugly women, ugly attitude, very easy to f*ck)
    3. Canada (ugly/beauty about 70/30, ugly attitude, difficult to f*ck)
    4. US (ugly/beauty about 80/20, ugly attitude, pretty easy to f*ck)

  22. Entire article reeks of butthurt, not up to RoK’s standards. Every point in the article is exaggerated, even the one about how outrageously expensive Sydney is (i.e club cover is usually $20, not $40). If you don’t believe me, I don’t live in Sydney, it’s not like I’m defending my home turf or anything.
    Sydney girls are run of the mill western females, but they’re the hottest in Oceania. G himself compared the city favourably to SoCal, saying something along the lines of it being a better version of San Diego. It seems like the author’s been unable to get laid in Sydney due to shitty game and rage quit and blamed the city instead of himself.
    I’d never thought I’d find myself defending Sydney this much… It’s very expensive, but it has a very high standard of living, great weather and beaches, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, hot girls coming from literally all around the world and plenty of job opportunities. I’m very confident that it’s a better place for a man to live than most other English speaking cities.

    1. typical syney douche u are a true dork sydney is a fag city the dudes are gay or asexual the chicks fuck there dildo at night and/or drink from the furry cup .

        1. im readin it and im readin what you wrote if you wanna game in hard mode goto Sydney if you wanna play in easy mode go anywhere else it seems in a western country with high socio -economic status the females tend to be stuck up and harder to get especially sydney.

    2. Doesnt sound sll that great to me. Im from the USA. Exaggerated or not, sounds like a bunch of stuck-up cunts, gay fags, and overpriced clubs. So tell me again. Why would I waste my time to travel there?

    3. “Sydney girls are the hottest in Oceania” – You must be kidding, on drugs, or have never left NSW.
      And to my mind, “cosmopolitan” is beta-talk for “outrageously expensive, and full of wankers”

      1. I’m not from NSW which I said in my comment, learn to read.
        Sydney girls are hotter than girls from everywhere else in Australia because unlike Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane it has more girls in the 9 & s 10 range and more high end nightlife, not to mention less hipsters than Melbourne. Some people say girls in the Gold Coast are hotter, but that’s because people visiting are spending all their time on the beach so it’s an unfair POV to compare with, besides girls there are trashy as fuck like they came straight out of Jersey Shore or Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, I’d rather approach girls on Sydney’s Eastern or Nothern beaches any day. As for New Zealand, girls there are uglier than in Australia, that’s not even up for debate.
        Forgive me for placing value on whether a place is a cultural backwater or not, although Melbourne does have much more to offer culturally. Yes Sydney is extremely expensive, that’s why the bogans who can’t afford it have been packing up and moving to Queensland for decades now.

        1. My reading is fine… – You said you are not from Sydney. You said nothing about NSW.
          Sydney girls are hotter than those in other cities in Australia. Maybe true, maybe not, depending on your tastes.

  23. I’m really disgusted by the state of modern Australian culture. What’s worse than the self-entitled and bratty women is how soft and weak the men are. It seems like every woman at every bar is followed around by a group of pussy, cocktail-buying cunt-worshippers.
    I knew two Aussie guys who went to a club with their girlfriends one night. The two girls ended up ditching them and going home with two other guys from the club. I kept out of the whole thing that night, but when I asked one of them about it a few days later, he told me his girlfriend was “fucking pissed off” at him. Apparently, she was spinning the story like it was his fault that he didn’t stop her from going off and having a one night stand with some filthy guy from the club. And he was taking it like he was in the wrong.

  24. Hey Wolf this only applies if you are Westy. Hope the weather is good in Bankstown. I will enjoy Sydneys finer women in East.

    1. I laugh at anyone who sniffs at social class in this country. Even our Eastern and North Shore women are crass and vulgar compared to European Women. It’s like being proud of dating the highest dung beetle on the ball of crap. It’s still going to smell like shit.

      1. That’s true. Yet the disparity between the girls in the Eastern Suburbs compared to those in the West, South and most of North bar Mosman is huge.

  25. was in perth last month some stunning women there i mean grade a eye popping out your head types but theres a mining boom there so these hotties arent gonna go near you unless your brad pitt in his prime with hundreds fall out your back pocket even then ………………..

  26. Point 4 “. Some girls will not fuck you if you’re black. Some girls will not fuck you if you’re not the right kind of white. Some girls will not fuck you if you’re Asian.”
    Why would anybody think that being a non-White should award you the same level of sexual access as being a White man in a White country ?
    It’s not a bad thing that White woman refuse to participate in White Genocide.
    Face it, ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White.
    Apart from that the assessment of Sydney woman is correct

  27. I was in Brisbane last summer, this all seems about right to me. Honestly, all the American women bashing is over done on this site. I think American chicks beat out Canadian and Australian hands down.

    1. You gaotta be fucking kidding me. Im starting to think we guys are just fucked wherever we go in the world these days. Isnt there even one country in the world left with cool, nice women?

      1. Ahh it wasn’t all that horrible, but I would not go there for the chicks. The prices really made me not want to bother.
        I gotta say American women have always seemed more fun to me than Toronto girls I grew up with. However I was quite taken by Montreal women when I went to Uni there.

    1. Ugh. Read this excerpt from that article you linked:
      “Fat chicks bang hot guys… ALL. THE. TIME. I know that hot is relative and all inclusive depending on who you chat with, but for these purposes, lets talk about the “universally attractive” kind of hot. Y’know, the kind fat chicks don’t deserve? The fact that “fat chicks bang ‘hot’ guys” was one of the most powerful realisations I’ve had thus far. In line with the above paragraph, I knew that there would be someone that would find me attractive but the pool would be small (because of my body) and potentially full of guys I didn’t personally find sexy. So I would have to settle for anyone that would take me. After all, how could a conventionally gorgeous man (tall and with tattoos of course) like fat chicks? Weh-he-hell, let me tell you somethin’: through various sites, events, parties, and corner store meetings, I found myself with over a hundred men who were champing at the bit to get with this. I was the one who had to sift through and pick the hottest of the hot. Ladies, over a hundred. ”
      This is the type of entitled-female attitude we have to put up with in Sydney (and the rest of Australia too).
      And if the FAT chicks are thinking this, imagine what kind of guys skinny hot chicks feel entitled to!

    2. “A guy can pick you up off your feet, and it won’t break his back.”
      I just had a great idea for subtlely shaming fat girls in my life: when they hug me, I will pretend like I am going to pick them up– and then purposely drop them on the floor, faking horror and blaming my own weakness profusely! Mission accomplished; plausible deniability.

    3. More nonsense and brain washing in that article (I read it and shook my head). Telling someone to stay fat is pretty much setting them up for a variety of health issues.
      It continues with a statement: accept your body…..this is pretty much the green light for “it’s ok to sit around and do nothing…be proud”. I like doing different activities (some require a little exercise) so I would need someone who doesn’t grow tired by just walking out the front door.
      Thanks…I’ll stick to active (healthy, thin) women.

  28. Sounds like Sydney is Toronto with better weather, better scenery, and just as bad women except that they don’t pretend to be smart and educated.

  29. Fuck Australia especially Melbourne, I’ve lived in Melbourne since being 2 years of age. Married the worst bitch on the planet, divorced, stayed celibate for nearly 15 years, yes you heard that right. When I started gaming I could not get anywhere near them unless they were foreign women, especially Maori women they just like fucking. Got smart moved to Africa, married an African now live back here in Melbourne, and guess what she is turning western never gets of the phone, fucking facebook. Do yourselves a favor stay away from this left socialist shit hole. Don’t make my mistake.

    1. something in there air in sydney the incubation periods is 7- 10 days then your fucked the chicks automatically turn to man-hating/zombies symptoms include non stop smartphone usage/ less interest in sex / hangs around ozzie women.

    1. Yet we have a high ranked standard of living and education levels per the OECD than the US (assuming you’re an American)? So what does that make them?

      1. Australia WAS great under Howard. Since Rudd was elected, and followed by the bat shit crazy feminist Julia Gillard, it has all gone to hell

  30. The author succinctly sums up the dilemma that we face in Sydney (and Australia as a whole… Sydney is the quintessential Australian experience, everything that makes Australia Australian is in Sydney): if you act as an Alpha, you attract female-privilege hate; if you act as a beta you’re in the friend-zone and will fail to ingnite vagina tingles.
    The guys that do successful here are involved in the heroin trade (and other drugs), and/or are criminal bikies/gang members, and/or are elite athletes (NRL football). For an average guy, even being jack-ripped like an Adonis sometimes isn’t sufficient. I do crossfit with these guys who’s physiques are absolutely unbelievable, but they aren’t that successful.
    I work with another guy who has an awesome physique. He is a crossfit trainer part-time, and ALL of his conquests come from slaying clients of his. And even still he is much better looking than the girls he sleeps with.
    AAND he is subjected to so much hate from the girls that we work with, purely because he is an alpha and has some moderate success with women. It is a real dilemma.

    1. Correct. It really is the strangest thing, watching ripped guys fawning over sub-par women at the gym. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has observed this..

      1. I work in a gym myself. I’m not ripped, but I’m fairly happy with my physique. Always striving to be stronger, faster and bigger. I don’t have the underwear model physique, but then I don’t really strive for that either. I still look athletic enough while having around 16% bodyfat.
        Anyhow, all of that aside, I CONSTANTLY see thirsty fuckers with metrosexual hairstyles and the vascular and ripped Zyzz aesthetics fawning over some distinctly average and often, as you say, sub-par birds and I don’t know whether to laugh to myself, thanking my lucky stars that I’m not desperate and not exactly going through a sexual drought…or cry at just how thirsty, simpish and utterly pathetic even good looking males will act around utterly mediocre pussy, cry because I worry for the fate of mankind if this is the next generation of males.
        The way that some of these lads, who are not ugly by any stretch, feed the egos of some skinnyfat bird who is probably a 5 at best, is embarrassing.

  31. Most of those australian girls in those pics above look like trannies. Really, they dont look that hot to me at all.

  32. Isnt Australia home of that dead steroid fag Zyzz and “come at me brah”? LOL
    Sorry, I dont think im “comin at ya” anytime soon. Not after reading these comments.

    1. Yep.
      This is the kind of physique on a guy that ALL women in Sydney of a rating of 7+ feel ENTITLED to.
      I really fucking hate assholes who take steroids, because they unnaturally skew the perception of young females as to what a guy should look like.
      I mean, I’m 6’4 and got a real nice, athletic physique. But I can’t match that, I just don’t have the genetics and I’m not down for ruining my endocrine system for life.
      But in Sydney I just don’t get attention from 7+ women.
      And I refuse to fuck fat chicks.
      So its asians or nothing :/

      1. I’ve met fat birds, and make no mistake about it, they’re fucking fat, who, in their screwed up heads, have as a prerequisite, someone with a physique like Cristiano Ronaldo, and will not settle for anything less. All of this despite the fact that they themselves have got more chins than a Hong Kong phone directory.

  33. “If your interaction conveys to her any notions of you wanting to impale
    her mud pipe, she will call you out. Even if she is attracted to you,
    your actions will be seen as subterfuge. Sydney girls do not like
    Clearly, you do NOT have game. Several years ago, I had a three month internship during their summer months (January, February, March) in Sydney. Simply being an American male got me in the door, and I sealed the deal on numerous occasions with some solid poon. The key is to deftly and skillfully conceal one’s intentions of plowing that pussy. Apparently, you lacked that subtlety. Too bad!

  34. I was born and live in Sydney I’m 26, I must say this is fairly accurate. Most women stick to their own race, but there is plenty of white guys and Asian girls together, so there is probably a surplus of white girls and Asian men.
    If you want to just fuck, head west of the city and get girls drunk. It’s probably cheaper to just fuck prostitutes, there’s plenty of brothels in Sydney prices from $80, but spend at least $120 – $150 for quality or get a HJ/BJ for $50 at a massage place.
    If you live in Australia and are fed up; save your money and move overseas.

  35. “I’ve never heard the phrase “He’s punching above his weight” as much as
    I’ve heard it in Australia – even when the guy could clearly have a
    hotter girlfriend in any other country in the world.”
    Yes, I’ve noticed that too. It doesn’t matter how rich or good looking he is, a man is always ‘punching above his weight’ with Australian women, even if the woman is fat. It’s a fucking joke. I would have no problem being told that i am ‘punching above my weight’ if that was really the case, but the only time that happens is when i live overseas and the girls there don’t see it that way.
    A few posters above nailed the dating environment in Australia, and i’d like to reiterate and add my own comments:
    1)It’s difficult to really punch above your weight in Australia. Absolutely. In the city i live in–Melbourne–it’s becoming increasingly common for tall thin men to hook up with overweight women. In Australia, most of the women that approach me on the odd occasion or give IOI’s are 5’s and 6’s. I occasionally get a 7 but rarely; i have to put in the work, especially nowadays. When i was living in Greece, 7 was the MINIMUM for me. I was hooking up with 7’s and 8’s, and i’m a short guy with a receding hairline. Why? Because women there are easier to negotiate with and win over time. In Australia, women decide very quickly whether they like you or not and there isn’t much you can to do about it.
    Every single one of my childhood friends settled for a less attractive woman than he could have got if he really tried. There isn’t one exception. One of my cousin’s recently married a woman that is barely a 6 on a good day and he is a solid 8. I almost cried at their wedding. It was fucking pathetic.
    2)Feminism. Like American women, Australian women have an entitlement complex, but American women are at least better at flirting. Australian women are fucking hopeless at everything.
    3)Xenophobic. Australian women hate foreign women usually, even American women. When i returned to study as a mature aged student a few years ago, i noticed it right away. There was a cute girl from Texas that had like two friends on campus, and one of them was American. A HOT girl from Norway also had zero friends and the guys wouldn’t talk to her either, mostly out of intimidation i think. She was a friendly and cool girl, but women treated her badly. The Asian women don’t have it so bad because they generally hang in groups, but if you are from anywhere else in the world it’s lonely being at university as a foreign woman in most cases.
    Yet the joke is, if you date one of these women, they can’t stand it, even if they want nothing to do with you. I dated an attractive Chinese girl a few years ago and i got a lot of hell for it. She was better looking than any girl on campus that would give me the time of day so why would i turn her down? No, you see, i was meant to be dating average Aussie women instead

    1. So how tall are you BTW ?
      Also I get that shit here in the states. I dated a super attractive half Italian/half Greek chick. These American co-workers were thrash talking about her in front of me and behind her back, so I replied with ” what, you jealous?” .
      They said no and the hamster went berserk…ofcourse I was having too much fun, so they eventually asked what is so good about her and I said all the shit they do not want to hear ” she is sweet, kind, caring, feminine, very health conscious hitting the gym, avoids fatty food and has a very healthy diet and keeps her hair long and shows me respect when I show her respect” .
      Their faces turned red and they said all this shit to shame me and I just responded with ” stop being jelly, no one likes someone who is jelly “. At this point I just held my frame and did not react to their shit . Amazing how the hamster goes off when chicks find an attractive guy who goes against why they think men should find attractive.

      1. “So how tall are you BTW ?”
        Barely 5’6″
        I did not receive as much prejudice dating European women than i did here, i can tell you that much. Many women over there prefer tall men, probably most actually, but it’s not always an exclusive preference. It doesn’t function as a ‘restriction’.
        The hottest Greek girl i dated was a hard 8, and she was nuts about me. Didn’t give a shit that i was short or losing my hair. I won her over without putting in too much effort.

        1. Good stuff with Greek girl. I found that of all the local social groups of women Australia, the ” wog” women as you guy call them(we call them guidos back here) were the hottest of the bunch, especially Lebanese and Greek.
          Yeah Aussie chicks care too much about height, I mean I’m 5’11( 6’1 with boots) and good looking and I struggle in Australia.
          When I was in Australia, I had to date down hard and bang Asians and got 2 tourists, but they were not as good. The Asians were better. Wasn’t to bad, got some free meals out of it. But I do way better in America…like American women care about height, but it is not as intense.
          I think if you banged a hot Greek chick and had good success in Australia, then I think you will do awesome in America. Your height is not an issue in America, since you are above 5’5.

        2. I’ve been to the U.S a few times. I did well there but i didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities due to naivety.
          Disagree with you about the height thing though. I got the impression that American women were obsessed with height. They are also obsessed with novelty though, and i had plenty of novel appeal being a foreigner that played it to my advantage. That cancelled out my height deficiency 😉
          But i was too young back then to really exploit it.
          As for Greek-Australian women, i have very little luck with them. Most of them are complete alpha chasers that are into height and conventional good looks. I have picked some up in the past, but they weren’t great quality admittedly.
          The best looking girls i’ve had interested in me in Australia were Asians, Israeli Jews, Indians and Pakistani women. I had a decent looking Italian girlfriend in my mid 20’s though. WASP’s tend to dismiss though, especially if they are above a 6.

        3. Come one man. Believe. I had a 5’5 Indian friend with a thin 7-8/10 Caucasian aussie chick, he was not famous or a DJ or anything and pretty normal looking has a casual job, but great social skills and has no fear.
          Also another good example is Marc Anthony. He is 5’5 and pulls hot chicks all the time. Sure he is famous, but I’ll bet he can pull hotties even if he was not famous.
          Also I’m 5’11 and good looking and had trouble pulling in Australia except the Asians and back home in the states I steal girls of their beta boyfriends and when I was much more younger, bang the occasional club slut( and regret it cuase half of them don’t know what hygiene means, haha)
          So you are doing pretty well.

        4. pic of 5’5 Indian due from Australia dating decent looking aussie girl.
          I’m going to take it down in two days because this breaches privacy issues

        5. I never said you can’t date in Australia as a short man. It’s just much harder than it is in other places, that’s all. and it’s not worth the effort in my view.

        6. Definitely. The few women that are hot here all tend to have families with foreign roots. The typical white girl is just white trash, a slut, and gross. By the way, if you aren’t 6 foot, the Aussie birds aren’t going to like you much unless you are 1) famous 2) rich 3) ridiculously good looking

    2. Actually the phrase “Punching above your weight” is the opposite of what you say it is.
      when a guy is said to be “punching above his weight” it means he is a dating a girl significantly rated as hotter than he is. Not the other way around. You are right in a sense though. You will hear that phrase bandied around for the women here who punch above their weight.

      1. That’s exactly what i said it meant. I said it’s difficult to punch above your weight here, which means it’s hard to date women who are hotter than you are. I have never heard people say that about women either. My example was simply to demonstrate that men are not punching above their weight here; they are often down dating. Down dating is becoming more common in Australia i have noticed.

    3. Although I disagree with most things on this thread, I do agree with the xenophobia. When I was in my prime, I was treated so badly by Australian women, even though I grew up here. I was constantly called a slut, by random strangers, or was totally ignored in my work place. The only people who we’re kind to me, were my close friends and men, which made women hate me even more. It have me a complex, I thought I must ‘look’ like a slut, but now I look back and see I was beautiful,tiny, Polynesian (im half white, half fijiian) with long hair past my waist and they were just jealous fat asses.

      1. White Anglo Australian women are the worst, end of story. They are cold, dull and lacking anything resembling warmth or grace.
        It is a complete waste of time dating them. I’d rather date an Asian woman here, particularly if she was born overseas.

      2. Asian women and women with ‘dark’ or ‘tanned’ skin get the worse treatment from white Australian women out of all the minority groups in my experience. My ex girlfriend from Greece was treated quite badly here because of her thick accent, tanned skin and because she had a far more sophisticated fashion sense than most Australian women. She also hated being told that she could ‘do better’ than me from women she had zero respect for.
        It does not surprise me that men treated you better, and that is especially the case now where Aussie men are far more open to dating outside of their own ‘race’.
        Very long hair on a woman is also extremely attractive btw, especially on a short woman.

        1. I agree, the amount of times I’ve been called a ‘black bitch’ by Aussie women is uncountable. I was even called a ‘pregnant bitch’ once, by some random girl in a car when I was 7mths pregnant lol. I try not to be judgemental, but I do cringe when I see a very old man with a young asian girl. Only because, I think it’s taking advantage of the girls circumstances, and if she really had a choice, would she choose to be with him.

        2. You assume that because you have been conditioned to assume that. But consider this: if her live improves through hooking up with an older, wealthier man, what’s the big deal? Is it better for her to live in poverty for the rest of her life? This ‘feminist’ mentality is really nonsense. It has nothing to do with protecting 3rd world women, it has to do with eliminating the competition. Of course older women are going to be threatened by the fact that the men they want can get younger women.
          When I’m older and well off I probably won’t date a woman my age either. Why should I? It’s not like women were all that generous with their beauty when I was younger, so why should i share the wealth with them in 20 years?

        3. Yeah, I understand that logic. But I’m coming from a humanitarian stand point. Of course I hate people living in poverty, but is taking advantage of them right? I’m being judgemental, yes. But I would hate to be in that situation.

        4. The humanitarian stand point ought to be that it is preferable for a woman in those circumstances to hook up with men who live in richer countries and can provide money and opportunity to enable them to break the poverty trap.
          Anyway, men that are well educated and wealthy don’t marry village girls from poor countries. They tend to marry educated women from the lower middle class.
          A good friend of mine who is 36, for example, is over in the Philippines right now spending time with a gorgeous 23 year old who works as an accountant. She isn’t poor, and she isn’t desperate to leave the country, but she is considering moving to Australia to get married. I’m sure she also wants more opportunity too, but that is not exploitation.

        5. Yeah, I see your point, I actually didn’t see it that way, I guess I’m only seeing the stereotype, yknow, the uber old man, with a beautiful young girl. I lived next door to an asshole of a guy who divorced and brought home a young 20 something Thai girl, he was about 45, really unattractive to look at, and to speak to. I baby sat her daughter before they moved (into his parents house) she could barely speak English when we met, but now speaks quite well and is working at a Thai restaurant. I guess my view is based on that, because I just couldn’t imagine being her, in a new country, with no family, relying on this man to take good care of her.

    4. “Australian women are fucking hopeless at everything.”
      You got that right. Never has a truer word been spoken

  36. Sydney is heaven compared to Canberra.Canberra women are generally 2s or 3s and the guys are generally 7s or 8s physically speaking. Plus the feminist bullshit they believe and self entitlement is off the charts. Trust me if you’re in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney you got it good!!!

  37. Thanks for the article Wolf. Australia has some of the most masculine women on the planet, probably always did, that’s not just a Sydney thing. I never really noticed this until I travelled to Europe and met polish girls in the UK and saw genuinely caring beautiful girls. I live and game in Adelaide (family obligations and responsibilities) and find the foreign girls and tourists are who I focus on. I imagine in Sydney you probably focus on spots like Bondi and Coogee?
    You wrote: “It is very common to spot women that are ugly, fat—or both ugly and fat—dating guys that, at least on the exterior, look like they have quite a bit going for them. Conversely, it’s not common at all to spot plain looking guys with gorgeous women. This discrepancy is especially pronounced in the fitness realm.” . Sadly the same in Adelaide mate. That’s what I like about this site, all the stuff you think privately and wonder if you’re the only person thinking them and then you find others think that way too.
    Anyway try not to focus on the negatives too much and keep out there plugging away and find the quality that must be out there.

    1. Adelaide was rated the best place to pick up if you’re male. If you struggle in Adelaide you might as well pack it in.

      1. adelaide is rough as guts unless you like drugfucked alcho three kids by the time there 22 years old butterballs with burned out holdens on bricks in the front yard .

        1. You must be referring to Elizabeth or Christies Beach. Go to the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. The average woman there is more feminine, attractive and approachable than anywhere else in Australia.

  38. Having lived in Sydney for 23 years, I can say that for the most part this article is fairly accurate. I would have to sympathise with number 3, if you go out to darling harbour, kings cross or George Street, all you see are girls flaunting their titties and drinking in excess. From past experience, they care little about education or any conversation that doesn’t involve hedonism of some kind.

  39. Most of you guys wouldn’t know this but it’s common for girls to glass guys in Sydney. No joke! The women in Sydney are among the highest violent offenders in the world!

    1. Yep – the modern Australian female thinks that the way to equality is to act like the most violent sexist pig they can imagine.

    2. There’s a lot of girl-on-girl violence in Oz, and it often involves glassing. Stats back this up – they are genuinely dangerous.

  40. I’ve lived in Brisbane for the past 13 years and been involved in it’s club life for 3. I definitely haven’t seen anything as bad as what you’ve described here, but we have our share of problems. Maybe it’s because Brisbane is the smallest of the big three east coast cities, or the fact we’re not a globally recognised city, but I haven’t noticed those extremes.
    We still have stuck-up women (a girl who knew me, with her sister and their two boyfriends, demanded point blank for me to buy them drinks. I don’t know what she was on, but thank God this was post Red-Pill, even if I think Beta-me would have also refused) and hypergamy runs it’s course (girl I was there with was completely on her phone until some AMOGs rocked by; these were my early days) but as far as I can tell the effects are better felt in Sydney.
    Maybe it’s just something about large, metropolitan cities that brings it out in women?

  41. Melbourne is the same. I particularly found myself agreeing on the xenophobia paragraph. I’m Italian, this i never a problem approaching girls anywhere I’ve been to. However in Australia I’ve had open hostility from both women and blokes because I look Mediterranean. Got called a “wog” a lot and had beer bottles thrown at me by drunken louts. A lot of girls there only go for the proper white types, I mean full on Aryan. The only place where being Italian isn’t an advantage but actually a hindrance. I reckon for Middle Easterns, Turks and Indians it will be even harder.

  42. Aussie males are fit, good looking, and have NO game. They come here and are social retards, they are conditioned to be abused and act like it. I loved Sydney, yeah the locals girls expected mega money dumped on them, but the tourist scene was great! Hooked up with hot Canadian girls for a week.

  43. Finally, someone has tagged Australian women for what they truly are.
    Those of us from Australia, but who have gone overseas, know all this to be true.
    I have always found it difficult to describe to men overseas just how bad the average Australian woman is.
    Entitled, bratty, stuck-up, fire-breathing feminist bitches would be the most generous description I can come up with. But this does not really sum it up. There is something intangible about their bitchiness……
    I am a pilot, living in Asia, and flying internationally, have had wide exposure to many nationalities of women. Australian are the worst… there is no question about it. This is why so many Australian men who work overseas, don’t touch Australian women with a barge pole.
    But what is even more amusing, is the scorn that Australian women heap onto the Australian men that now totally ignore them, in favor of other nationalities.
    Date an asian girl 10 years younger than yourself… and you are “creepy”.
    Date an eastern european…. and you are “desperate”.
    Date an American woman… and you “like bimboes”
    Reject Australian women… and you “just can’t handle a strong woman”
    I’ve heard it all. Often directed at me. And I laugh in their face.
    The bitterness that exudes from Australian women when they are stripped of their pussified beta orbiters is stunning.
    So, to sum up. Thank you for writing this piece. I can only hope to read more in the future, so that the average australian male might one day wake up, and start realizing that the cosmo reading, stuck up muffin-top mole scowling at them on the train, is the problem, not the solution.

    1. 100% True
      Dead-on accurate with the foreign women part as well. Dancing and making out with an Asian or African chick is the quickest way to get a whole room of Aussie women throwing dirty looks at you. It’s like you’re cheating cause you’re not spending your whole night walking up to Aussie bitches and getting shot down.

      1. I agree completely. I live in Sydney, married to Asian & I get this frequently. I guess it really threatens them.
        Neither myself nor friends who are still single has bothered much with local born women for years. One of the benefits of living here is that there are a lot of women from most other parts of the world – that’s what keeps us sane

    2. I have an Aussie friend in the States who considered moving back to the city where the rest of his family is from in Australia …
      After several years of talking about it, he stopped.
      I asked him why, and he wouldn’t give me a straight answer, at least at first.
      Then I asked, “It’s because the women are worse there than they are where you are, isn’t it?”
      Sheepishly, he answered, “Yes.”
      He bought a house where he was in the States and started a relationship with a rather cute and friendly Caribbean islander chick who shares his traditional values.
      He doesn’t talk about Australia much these days. He’s even figured out where to get Promite and Vegemite in the States.
      Even Aussie men who haven’t stayed in Australia for many years know that the situation there is cocked up …

    3. Well said. I stopped indulging their bullshit and saved enough to move overseas. The place represents a living hell hole for me and you described it perfectly.

    4. *Clap……Clap….Clap*
      You sir, have it the nail square on the fucking head.
      This “You can’t handle a strong woman” Bullshit always cracks me up.
      There’s no such thing as a “Strong Woman.”
      She’s just a bitch putting up a fake tough front in public, who then cries herself to sleep every night.
      Sweety, NO ONE wants a BITCH…… and you know it.
      Enjoy your cats

      1. No such thing as a strong woman… what rubbish. define strength anyway… let me guess, physciality, contorl of emotion/stoicism… Well, okay. More to strength than that though… Compassion and empathy are strengths, no weaknesses. Based on your post maybe you need to work on some of those things. ‘bitch’.

  44. If you want to sum up Australian women in 25 seconds, here you go.

    And notice that for every thumbs down, it gets 35 thumbs up.
    All those aggresive Australian women, and pathetic beta orbiters, cheering on a snide, sexist, rude, bitchy, entitled, feminist warrior.
    Imagine the firestorm of retribution that would be directed at any man who slandered a women on live TV in a similar way. But feminist ain’t about equality… is it.?

        1. that is not a low blow man, I mean she can just respond with shaming tactics. Need something that hits hard onto her insecurity just like she did with the dude’s penis reference.
          And what is this Ashes thing ?

        2. Not easy to come up with something on the spot… but I would suggest some of the following.
          “Could be worse, I could smell like fish”
          “At least I didn’t suck one to get this job”
          “You’re a lot classier than you look”

        3. Those first 2 would get him not only fired, but completely eviscerated by the vagina media here.
          The third he would have gotten away with

      1. I would have said “I suppose all blokes must feel small to you sweetheart cos I’ve heard your cunt is like a box!”

  45. You’ll do well if your from the eastern suburbs of Sydney with a private school education, buff body, over 6 feet tall, very good looking and very wealthy. You will not get a look in if you lack any of the above

  46. I used to want to visit Australia and now question this. I like that you claimed white girls rarely date black. If true that’s a plus.

  47. 2. seems very good reason for me to move to sydney. 4. Seen Eddie Murphies GF, seems like he is fucking the hottest girl in australia? I have a hard time believing black men struggle there when everything else I heard was the opposite. Maybe if your the wrong kind of black ie Nigerian looking then you get no play.
    Anyhow I have no interest in moving to a feminist hot spot with too many attractive men and too many unattractive female

  48. Hey Wolf the feminist agenda in the Sydney morning herald and Good Weekend do my head in! Thank you for this article! Thankyou for confirming that there are others out there with the same sentiment!

  49. Mate I’m from Sydney and agree 100%. Other cities are very different – girls are approachable and friendly, DTF, etc. But in Sydney, every girl here believes they are a celebrity in their own social media world.

  50. As an aussie who has travelled extensively i agree with most of the article, though i would say that aussie girls are fairly in line with those of other Western countries (perhaps slightly more feminist overall). Its the entitlement attitude that fucks girls up. Most are militant feminists and believe they are entitled to the world.
    There are actually plenty of sweet, feminine girls here. Trouble is they seem to be snapped up while they are still in their teens/early 20’s and so you wont see them out and about. Almost every quality girl i know met her husband while she was still very young (and often a virgin), recognised what she found and latched onto him. Meanwhile every man i know who married a femcunt is divorced, and divorce here is a very VERY painful process.
    Those claiming eastern suburbs girls are the answer must not know many of them, they are the most entitled and stuck up of them all. They are after looks and wealth, nothing more.
    Most men here are massively beta, even those who are buff and good looking. You can be pretend alpha all you like but as soon as you say or do anything which contradicts the feminist imperative you are attacked by the feminist/white knight/manboob brigade as publicly and ruthlessly as possible. Hence men are often “alpha” when not dealing with a woman, and supplicating betas otherwise.
    I genuinely believe that many years under pussy-arse libtard governments has well and truly feminised (and therefore fucked) the country and it will take a long time to fix it. The outrage when a vaguely masculine figure was elected prime minister was a ridiculous example. He, of course, was attacked as a misogynist by the former prime minister who played the female victim card as often as she could. That’s another thing the women here are great at (plenty of examples: the clamour for “equal pay”, female quotas for company management and boards, the pro-female judicial system…)

    1. Agree – Juliar was a feminist decepticon of the most hypocritical flavor. She played the sexism card to the applause of her femen warriors.
      I believe in female quotas for company boards and judges. So long as they also impose female quotas for digging ditches, taxi drivers on night shift, garbage collectors, constrution workers, sewage pipe cleaners, farmers and all the other jobs that allow these feminist elites to pontificate from their thrones of middle class priviledge.
      And I also believe that there should be no womens, or mens, separate competitions at the olympics. It should all be intergrated, and women have to compete against men.
      You want equaliity girls ?…. be careful what you wish for.

    2. The fact that a man-hating feminist criminal like Juliar because PM should tell you everything you need to know about Australia.. it’s sad what has happened to our once great country

  51. As a Sydney local and a guy that is new to game and the manosphere, this explains much of my difficulties. It takes me so long to find a girl worth my time (i.e. not fat, ugly, or pathetically stupid) that most nights out I end up having a shit load of beer with my mates and barely even approaching. Most approaches are rebuffed, because girls are shocked I’m not trying to be an orbiter. But I will succeed, and if the author is correct, I’ll be a fucking grand master of game by the time I get out of this city. I’d like to hear what Wolf has to say about the city’s backpacker haunts?

    1. Sydney is a beautiful training ground. Always make your training harder than the actual battle ;). 1pm circular quay Starbucks Saturday (tomorrow) if you’re keen to learn the intricacies.

      1. Absolutely agree with you on this.
        I learnt Game here and its hard as all fuck to pull off at the start.
        But if you can Game here, you can Game anywhere

  52. I look like a heroin addict and I get laid 5-8x a month living here. You sound like a sore loser with zero game. Lol fag

  53. Also, if you’d been to the REAL game towns, such as Miami, LA, New York, you’d see Sydney in comparison is a fairly novice place, no harder than anywhere else. So yeah, sort your shit out bro. If you can’t get laid here than… I don’t know what to tell you.

    1. hahaha your a real mommy’s boy i bet.
      Miami NYC and la wow typical american douche weren’t you in the helicopter with Aladeen???

  54. Very interesting how the comments reflect a perception that it must be some “awesome model looking guys” that are scoring all the tail here – frustratingly it’s the opposite. Staying true to our convict heritage, the sluts/cunts here go for the most degenerate/criminal male scum or anything that can ape their look or character.
    American guys have nothing to complain about when it comes to women in their country. The girls are beautiful and kind compared to the moles here.
    Fully over complaining about the situation, I quit my job, sold and burnt everything I owned and fled this fucking shit hole 4 days ago with a vow to never return. After an 11 month dry spell I’ve already fucked 5 girls in 3 days here in Thailand.

  55. Well I would integrate all anglo-saxon “ugly” girls in the same bag! Unattractive, drunk, ugly, they even think they are hot! They all seem to copy Kim Kardishian and Co, just pathetic. Honestly I am a Frenchman and thanks god the french girls are much easier, when they really want they are astonishing, even the ugliest one can surprised you! Poor world those Anglosaxons and poor men! Come to France or Europe in general it’s much better, girls like men here!

  56. I’m an Australian guy. Been to Eastern Europe and Russia (big cities and small towns from St Petersburg/Moscow, to the Volga, the Urals and Siberia) numerous times, for extended stays. Regarding Russia, everytime I leave this extraordinary land of astoundingly prevalent female beauty, its like coming back to an aesthetic “hell” in far away Australia. It’s kind of depressing seeing the huge amount of ugly walking around the Aussie streets, after months of Russian Eurobabe beauty. Australia is also a hyper-feminised island of the obese (male and female). The “average” young Russian woman would turn many Australian male heads here. Also, a Russian 6/10 would be like an extremely rare Australian 10/10 walking in downtown Melbourne/Sydney. Yes, female beauty is that lacking in Australia. A lot of Aussie guys have no idea.


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    1. Couldn’t agree more. I lived in Moscow, Kazan, Samara and Saint-Petersburg for extended periods, and the beauty, class and femininity they exhibit there is something the stuff dreams are made of in Australia. I’m planning on going back there on holiday soon, and maybe pursuing studies in TESOL or another career option that gives me more flexibility to travel.
      Sucks though in the sense you MUST be able to speak Russian, as the vast majority of Russians don’t speak any English at all. Unlike the rest of Europe like Germany or Poland. But it’s Russia, they operate according to their own rules on the world stage, and I respect them for that.

      1. Hey cunt. Don’t generalise! If I tied one of your hands behind your back and threw you into the ring with someone with both hands free, who do you think will win. It’s sad but true that women are mostly shallow fucks. Looks matter!

    1. That’s right because in the end we can just magically make everything work out so very peachy. Aww. You must be God.

  57. As a resident Sydneysider I can vouch that pulling girls here is not an effortless feat & as aforementioned strongly pertains to a set of key attributes – good looks, position (money) & conduct – but to much higher degrees than ANYWHERE else. I disagree on the weight point. Sure there are a lot of overweight people here but they mostly stem from the lower classes sprawled around Sydney’s outskirts. You’ll find some of the most beautiful girls in the world in Sydney if you know where to go. But they are supremely pretentious. Go to Melbourne by contrast & you’ll beguile a nice girl in no time. The frustrating thing is that girls I know will harp on about the depletion of quality men in Sydney, & as most of my friends are athletic, erudite, intelligent guys with senses of humour I constantly tell them that that is BS. Especially as many of them are single. Another key thing is race. As the author pointed out unless you have an Australian accent you’ll be hard-pressed to have a shelf-life that exceeds a night. A girl said to me about this Swedish waiter “oh he’d be really hot if he had an Aussie accent”. This wall the girls build around themselves in turn leads many Aussie blokes to foreign birds, mainly because they’re nice & not stuck-up bitches, as well as really good looking guys dating mingas which pisses me off as the less good looking girls elevate their egos even higher in response. My recommendation is to meet them during the day, when they don’t have the designer dress on & an hour’s worth of make up to boot. They are a lot easier to deal with then. But if you’re good looking, Aussie, confident, educated, have a good job, address & sense of humour then you can slay heaps of sluts.

  58. I took a year off in Australia in 2011 and my experience of both Sydney and Brisbane is quite different from the one you depict. I am French, which is definitely not a plus regarding accurate observation #3 and #4… and the slobby
    behaviours my fellow citizen have when travelling abroad. Also, I am
    rather slender and a modest 5.9 ft tall that is to say not the typical
    Australian Alpha type. However a descent day
    game, mainly in parks, shops and bar terraces and a very systematic
    approach regarding age, social background, place and time got me
    entertained for a year. In other words, I exclusively focused on college
    girls and put a dedicated effort into dressing well… where
    most Australian guys opt for the Abercrombie looks and focused on the
    same few bars, lounge clubs or day clubs. Since Sydney girls are
    interchangeable by nature… responsive
    to straightforwardness (when not douchy), pretty insecure (mentioning
    their young age or comparing them to their friends worked magic) and of
    course attracted to money… I
    think it’s more or less a classic young, rich, fashionable western world city.
    Although I won’t argue pickup at club is hard in Sydney especially if
    you’re alone, it isn’t unlikely you will escalade fast with a chick you
    approached in a public place first… and contrary to Paris, most of them are sporty, so chances are when the body looks like an 8 you don’t end up banging a lazy 5.

  59. Like many of the previous comments, some of what Wolf says is exaggerate and taken out of context, overall though I cannot deny the gist of the article.
    I’m an Asian-male, that is of average height (5’10) and with an athletic physique. I “gamed” Sydney for a while now, and Australian women, compared to my experiences with European women, is like the difference between night and day. There is just this aggressiveness, attitude and sense of entitlement in Australian women, where almost collectively they feel they can command a guy way out of their league. If Australian women plonked themselves in Europe, and especially Eastern Europe or Asia, they’d be in for a rude awakening.
    Australian women miscontrue punching above their weight for “settling”, that’s why the whole “man drought” phenomenon is so prevalent in Sydney. Gaming local women, especially if you aren’t white-Anglo, is an exercise in uselessness.
    I suggest guys from Australia reading this, go for Eastern European women. You’d get a hotter girl, who’s more feminine, kinder, less bitchy and more loyal. Seriously, it’s a big world out there, don’t limit your romantic options domesticaly, you’ll end up with an over-weight, bitchy Australian bush pig.
    Thank heaven for sites like RoK. They actually speak the truth about dating and get away from all the psychobabble and lies that massive PUA companie’s like RSD perpetrait.

    1. Gotta co-sign this. Basically the same down here in Melb, that’s why i prefer euro backpackers and fob asians/latinas. even american chicks are easier to game than aussies.

  60. Great article. As a well travelled resident of this city I would agree with everything written in this article. I have been in both Europe and Latin America and the ladies there were fun to game and date, externally and internally more beautiful and easier to lay. Sydney women just have this air of entitlement about them that scream “don’t come near me” that women from other parts of the world just don’t have.
    Every time I see the Harbour Bridge on the plane when coming into land in Sydney I say to myself “Welcome back to shithole Sydney and it’s shitty women” everytime.

  61. WOW!
    The truth is hard to stomach for some people!
    People who disagree with this article are quick to point out that they have a great social life in Sydney.
    But for everyone one ugly guy who has plenty of girls, there are MILLIONS OF Sydney guys alone and playing with their pecker!
    There are exceptions to every rule and you are the exception.
    The rule in Sydney is: If you are rich or good looking then you will get decent to hot sydney girls!
    If you are broke or aren’t good looking then you will be lonely for a very long time!
    Welcome to Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s some good news though, Checkout: http://www.girl21secrets.com

  62. As a 21 year old female living in Sydney I just have to say.. This is pretty much bull crap. What a bias, egotistical point of view. There are women like that all over the world, just as there are more men with a narrow mind such as yourself.
    Just some fun facts…
    I’m dating a guy who also lives in Sydney. He’s intelligent, doesn’t go to the gym, he loves programming and hates fake tan. I’m studying at university and wouldn’t call myself “dumb” like you made all us females out to be.
    Maybe you just attract the dumb girls?
    Maybe you could start going for women because of their minds and hearts and not their racks? Which by the way wouldn’t be hard to find if you gave the modest girls a chance.
    Anyway, my point is, I think you should have re-named this article “Sydney; worst place for asshole men to pick up”.
    Good day.

    1. “Maybe you could start going for women because of their minds and hearts and not their racks?”
      Sydney Men go for looks, and Sydney Women go for power and money and looks!
      I think it’s pretty much equal, I think men in Sydney have to understand that Sydney is an expensive city, and so are the women!
      Wherever you have expensive real estate, you will have to fork out more money to get with this Russian girl speaks the truth about women!
      She even that women go for money! (Which is rare for girls to say!)

      1. Steven Wrote: “Wherever you have expensive real estate, you will have to fork out more
        money to get with this Russian girl speaks the truth about
        That Russian chick is both HOT and HONEST!
        Something that’s very rare! More women need to be like her!
        If women want money or looks they should just say that instead of telling us men that they want “personality”
        I’m a supporter of 100% truth in dating! Go Russian Chick!

  63. Sorry dude. You make some points, but I Moved from France to Sydney and Wollongong (worst than Sydney. Redneck hell) and I had a lot of succes gaming there. That’s all I did there. Game game game. You just have to keep on going hard and not pussy out. I got told to fuck off, I got called a cunt, but that didn’t stop me.
    For those who want to read my field report there type this on google : FrenchyCassay : 40 girls in 2 month challenge.

  64. Completely agree with you, although I do want to add for any Sydney residents who want to get their dicks wet, there is a BIG contrast between picking up girls in Kings Cross/the “classy” places like IVY, where everyone is an entitled bitch, and clubs on Oxford Street like Hot Damn, or other “alternative” events like SFX.
    Yes, you will get some stuck up bitches at these kind of places too. But I have found on the whole it is a LOT easier to pick up at these kind of places. Tattooed girls who smoke and think it’s fun to make out with their female friends when drunk are the norm, and while for a lot of people that’s a huge turn off, as far as plate spinning and ONS go, these girls are uninhibited, “experimental”, YOLOing it, and pretty easy to get with.

  65. Lived in Melbourne my whole life, but it’s basically the same shit as Sydney. Can’t wait to travel overseas and leave this wasteland of a country.

  66. The feel allot of the reason of women in Australia are sh#t is because they emulate US American women, the whole “sex in the city” lifestyle/fake celebrity thing. the Facebook facade etc etc …Although This is probably more of a Sydney thing (where I’m from)
    Also you may have a hard time if you are American because unfortunately they are stereotyped as being arrogant/cocky/show offs. (not that you all are). I’ve Known plenty of nice Americans.
    I have to admit, the whole feminism thing, I’m not really the biggest of fan of. They seem to think it’s totally okay to be massive whores/lairs/cheats etc with no consequence, …not that they ‘all’ are but from my experience… a large percentage of them are, especially the inner city type.
    I’m kind of over sucking up to women just to be liked/or get on their good side for the you-know-what…. Ironically I’ve always been a bit of a misogynist, yet never had problems getting them…. now ‘keeping them’ is another story altogether.

  67. Sydney is a rotting hole full of pretentious little girls. They’re all about the looks, money and status. American girls are nicer. Sydney is little America on roids. Save yourselves men. I am going to a foreign country if I am to get a wife! I’ve without a proper girl for a year now. If I was to get a date, i’d have to bullshit my whole life just to get one. But I respect myself. There are decent women, but so ‘FUCKING’ hard to find. 0.0000009% chance of finding one here. If you are a decent man, stay away from Sydney women. I’m thinking of going to Belgium or Sweden to be honest… permanently!

    1. No, you lose points for that one mate. Kiwi girls are even uglier and more unpleasant than Aussie girls. They are 99% gross feminists

    1. I m from a European background, a female and my mum brought me up to be kind and gentle to everyone, and I was born and raised in Sydney – but I just don’t understand why a lot of aussie women are so nasty, and hate me acting feminine around men? So I know what you mean.

      1. If you are in Australia and want a decent girl, by far your best approach is to find a girl from a family with an immigrant background, ie their parents were born overseas for example. They definitely tend to be more feminine, and family-orientated. Of course, you won’t be able to have sex with them as quickly as with the Skippy sluts, and her family will treat you with suspicion, but good things come to those who wait. Speaking from experience, banging the loud, drunk, uncouth, masculine ‘local’ feminist sluts gets old..

  68. Hey Gents, so this article is a little discouraging. I’m Texan and moving to Sydney in February. I figured it would be the exact opposite moving to Sydney. I get laid all the time in Texas. I do have a thick Texan accent, you think things will still be tough?

    1. If you had a thick Italian, Spanish or Brazilian accent you would be swimming in pussy, but the local sheilas aren’t big on Americans… Good luck!

  69. I honestly suspect game doesn’t work here. Everything I read online sounds completely different to the way Aussie girls are and how they react. Confident beta who grinds away can work with some girls. Most guys get girls through social circles, at least it seems that way to me. I know many guys end up marrying girls they knew in high school or that they met in their uni course. I’ve seen guys approach girls in clubs and be frozen out and looked at like they are crazy. I met up with a guy who had been ‘gaming’ for years with less than 7 notches. There are total babes here, at least in my city, a smaller city, Adelaide. Young girls and guys at my uni are normal or thin weight, with only about 20% being raging fatties, but the numbers reverse by about age 35.

    1. Yeah, but mate, Adelaide is the best kept secret in Australia. The women there are per capita the best in Oz by a long shot. They even speak with an English accent! SA was the only state not to be settled by convicts and you can tell this in their descendants. I find the Queensland/Sydney women to be utter bogans, completely crass and disgusting. I don’t know how you can have sex with women who sound so uncouth. And the average Adelaide girl is just better looking – it is a fact. Even better (maybe this is the reason why Adelaide women are so good) is that everyone else thinks Adelaide is a shithole, so they don’t come and visit. Therefore, Adelaide seems somewhat sheltered from the poisonous ‘dating’ culture that is the norm elsewhere) In Sydney, it is all about status. In Adelaide, the girls are hotter, but also more down to earth – so if you are a nice guy with your shit together, you will clean up. You don’t even have to act all ‘alpha’. This surely is preferable, as most guys would rather just be themselves than be an arsehole because that is the only way to pick up. In Sydney though, you don’t have a choice, you have to be an arsehole, or you will NEVER get laid

      1. Ha. Interesting. I started suspect something was different here, but I haven’t been to Sydney or Melbourne. I don’t know why people think Adelaide is a shit hole. In terms of sexy girls, it definitely is not. There are more than you can ever approach. Thanks for the verification. I’m happy with not letting the secret out. I’ve never heard of chicks here giving much of a crap about ‘status’. A lot of guys here lift and/or take steroids here too. I think a part of it is that not a lot of guys approach here. Of all my friends, I know that very few approach, and of those who do, they started to do it only after years of going out, and they approach once every few times they go out, and they have absolutely no game plan. The ‘PUA’ crowd is pretty small too as far as I know, and not many of them have much game as far as I can tell. I sat in the beer garden once and observed the people to see how many people were randomly approaching. It was mostly drunk guys and guys doing fairly lame dancing approaches without any talking which didn’t go anywhere. If you really stop and observe the crowds, most oft hem are actually tight nit friend groups who are just standing around. I thought it was just my friend group, but I’ve since made other friend groups and been out with them, and it’s the exact same thing. Everyone just sits around or dances in a circle with their friends, and it’s rare for randoms to be talking to anyone. I’ve been out with groups of girls many times, and rarely saw any of them talking to random guys. The clubs are way too loud to talk in anyway. I went around once doing day game with a guy from online and funnily the set that flew open the best was the two hottest girls we approached. A lot of the girls were very, very awkward and somewhat confused and surprised that a guy was talking to them. I think it’s partially Australia though. Look at how James Marshall does game. It’s low energy, and very authentic, direct and relaxed. Mystery style game indirect game comes across as creepy and weird here. RSD high energy clown asshole game also comes across very badly here.

        1. Interesting point about the awkward and confused girls. I see and hear about that a lot from the young generation, eg 18-25. The thing is, as smartphone addicts they are so used to doing everything online (this obviously includes ‘dating’ etc), so when a stranger actually talks to them in person, they freak out. Their ‘real life’ interpersonal skills are woefully inadequate. Ironically, ‘social media’ addiction has made young women today way more socially awkward!
          There might be no good jobs there (it is run by diehard politically correct socialists – the Premier, Jay Weatherill, is a whiny, emasculated wimp who used to date Penny Wong for God’s sake – he is clearly in the closet!), but Adelaide is definitely very underrated for women. However, one thing I will say is that in the last year or two I have seen a vast increase in the number of girls aged 18-25 seemingly intent on making themselves look as unattractive as possible. The homeless lady clothes, the stupid tats, those ridiculous ‘bull ring’ nose piercings, those stupid huge ear piercings that make them look like they are from a recently discovered Amazonian tribe.. what the hell are they thinking? I quite regularly see girls that if they just had a more natural look would be really cute, but have disfigured themselves. Why? I blame feminism, because it shames natural female beauty.. if only these girls were smart enough to understand that feminists only do this because they are jealous!

  70. Sydney is absolutely horrendous for women. You’ll get models hanging out on Bondi Beach, but the typical local woman is very unattractive and feminist to the core, as well as being completely shallow, gold digger and insincere. I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Adelaide, which is laughed at by everyone else in Australia for being a hick backwater, has by far the most attractive and down to earth women in the country, and is one of the only places Down Under that isn’t a sausage fest. I say with complete truth that it is far easier to get an Adelaide 8 than a Sydney 5… in Sydney, the girls are obsessed with money, careers and status, if you aren’t rich you won’t even get a look in. there are just no jobs in SA besides public sector jobs, and if you have one of those, you might as well be living in DC! But what do you care about that if you are only here for a holiday?

  71. “Some girls will not fuck you if you’re black.”
    You say that like it’s a bad thing.
    If I went to Zimbabwe, would they not fuck me because I’m white? Would anyone ever write an article about Zimbabwean women in the first place?

  72. As much as I enjoyed reading this, being that I’m from Sydney
    myself, there are some social/cultural norms about Sydney if not for the entire
    country itself you need to understand here.
    Most young people 18-25 tend to go out in groups (there is safely
    in numbers) Not necessary because they aren’t looking to not get attention from the
    opposite sex! But because the general populace doesn’t exactly embrace the idea
    of socialising outside of family, past school friends and or work colleagues.
    This makes it really hard to organise social functions/hobby gatherings etc.
    So as to not stand out in a crowd of people looking like a social
    loser at a club, must Australians have zero social graces when it comes to
    random contacts! So stick together in groups. Your observations about the
    couples roaming around is correct, the novelty of getting a girlfriend (any
    girl) is strong here! Just for the purpose of social proof, while at the same
    time trying to upgrade them at every opportunity that presents itself.
    Read up on the supposed man drought here in Australia it
    should provide a good laugh, one things for sure no matter how many less men
    bother to approach, nothing will change.

  73. Shit, now I don’t feel so bad for spending my time in Sydney as a dateless beta fuck. But thinking back, it’s spot on.. even the fattest, most obnoxious 2-3 single-mother “bogan” has a sense of self-entitlement higher than her morning pancake stack, thanks to the thick belt of orbiting betas she has around her at all times.
    Interesting comment about Sydney chicks only wanting to date white guys though, considering Sydney probably has the highest proportion of Asians and non-whites in Australia. Go figure.

    1. Yes, Sydney women do have strong racial preferences in their men, and good looking white guys are at the top.

  74. In December 2005, I made the rather foolish decision in attending a
    speed dating function held at some trendy bar in the inner city of
    Sydney. I kid you not, I have been to happier funerals than this
    particular singles function, ALL the women (this is no joke), had angry,
    pissed off looks on their faces, the same type of face a kid makes when
    they open their Xmas present, and it’s not what they wanted. My gut
    feeling told me, that these typically shallow Sydney women were
    expecting Brad Pitt look alikes to turn up, only to have us average to
    ugly looking guys turn up.
    None of the women I met, made any
    attempt to engage or socialise or just have a few laughs, and the mood
    was so bad in that room, that the MC for the night, who happened to be
    this smoking hot (yet very polite) Canadian woman, made the following
    unsolicited comment to me:
    “I feel sorry for you men in Sydney”
    when I asked why, she replied:
    “The women here in Sydney are HORRIBLE” (her exact words).

  75. It’s not our fault! Aussie men are such pussys which has forced us to take on the masuline role. Don’t blame us, blame the men who would rather be a soft fat beer drinking balding loser forcing us to resent them. Sorry but you know I’m correct.

    1. Sorry Angela, but you women are at fault, if actually possessed qualities like good manners, femininity etc, then us Aussie men would not be scared to approach you, and risk getting our heads getting ripped off/or being called a creep. Act like a lady, and men will start treating you like one.

      1. With humans like many other species, it’s the female that can pick her parnter. But it’s the mans job (like many other species) to impress her and fight for her to choose YOU. How can you say its us who is at fault when it’s your job to succeed with attracting the females? The fault is most certainly yours. But to blame us for rejecting you and write an entire article on what a loser you are is just retarded. So now what? You are defeated? You go home and masturbate into a sock and hug on your pillow? You gave up when you wrote this garbage & unfortunately brought down a lot of following men who might have stood a chance. Want some advice? Man the fuck up, go out there & make it happen, test yourself & grow as a man in the process until you succeed & write another article on what a successful boss guy you are and how to pick up the hottest of girls.

        1. Well growing up with cunt parents who made me feel like the Einstein of doin things wong, I can understand why modern men lack confidence! Ofcourse if you brain-fuck someone from a young age, then they’ll kinda well end up brain-fucked. Then you women kick these men while they’re down. Also you contradict yourself. First you mention that plenty of hot females date less attractive men, then you reveal your true nature by calling Aussie men soft belly beer drinking balding losers? Talk about a messed up mind. Lol

    2. I know for a fact that women judge men by their looks…course they do! Men are just as shallow. If a hot chick is beating the footpath with an unattractive man, there must be some reason for that. Perhaps it’s her fugly brother?? Perhaps he’s a Google exec? Think a little. It’s fun ;)x

  76. And might I add because you are complaining about these types of women it shows you clearly know NOTHING about game. You take NO responsibility on yourself as a man & blame the women. This equals us women to become even more masuline to accomodate your failure as a man. We WANT to be the “woman” in a relationship, but excuse making, angry men like yourself who shift the blame onto us make this impossible.

    1. Oh dear feminazi detected here, firstly there is no such thing as “game” or “being good with women”, the reality is women PRESELECT the men they want, and this is usually based on the man’s looks/or income and assets.
      Who said I was angry?, and I how did a “fail” at something where I had no control over the outcome? My ugly looks and race wrote me off in the dating game, so I didn’t fail at anything, I was simply dealt a bad in life when it came to women.
      You should really to learn to use your brain, before you make silly, ill-informed comments.

      1. How many ugly bald men of different races do you see walking down the street with a hot girl? Plenty! In fact majority of women prefer a man who is uglier than she is (not to outshine her)) You have no control over the outcome? Bullshit! That’s a losers way of thinking. And it’s no surprise that you fail with women, we hate whiney men who are defeated before they even try.

  77. Aussie girls are tough because flirting isnt really something that is done in Australia
    They are not used to being chatted up by strangers or admirers in a casual way….
    So when these hot shot Americans come in with smooth talk, it could either be a hit or a miss…Cos the Aussie girls would never have encountered it before

  78. The solution is very simple…..go to America and try to get laid with those sluts. I wouldn’t touch a chick from the US because who the fvck knows how many men she has fvcked and how many holes she used at once. As an Asian I fvcking hate American white girls. The’re the ones responsible for creating this stereotype against us. Fvcking bitches can choke on their nigga cocks.
    Aussie girls are fine the way they are so please don’t turn them into women who’d jump at the next offer to act in porn like those US sluts. And I won’t hold grudges if Aussie girls don’t want me either because I’d be more than happy to settle with a European chick.

    1. > lease don’t turn them into women who’d jump at the next offer to act in porn like those US sluts.
      Unfortunately, they’re already there.

  79. Some of this article is kind of true, especially compared with other countries. But if you know the culture and how the game is played, it is certainly possible to fuck a lot of women in Australia.
    As a man in his 30s, I often go on business trips to cities in AU, visit clubs and bars, and fuck almost a girl every night – hot girls aged 25 or under. I have creampied more australian girls on one night stands than I care to count or remember. You need to understand that they are not dumb, they actually have slightly higher IQs and education than US girls.
    You just need to know your target market better, and realize that the things that work in San Francisco won’t work in Sydney. One hint – I tried negs years ago when I first read about them and have tried them many times since and they almost never work. Try being powerful, polite, strong eye contact, leading the way for her, asking her about herself, etc. Control the conversation by asking questions. Don’t talk shit like some wannabe celebrity from LA.
    For a DHV, I tell them I’m travelling for business (true) and it always gets fast attention. Buy her and her friends a drink but tell them it’s because they have to try this awesome new cocktail you discovered. Once I start making out with one girl I invite all her friends back to my hotel for drinks and a party. Usually only the one girl comes and if her friends come it’s only for a short time. Deal done.

  80. You want my advise?…..DON’T COME TO AUSTRALIA. save your money and go else where. Sydney is a hole. The women here are the worst in the world! No culture whatsoever. Just pure stuck up unattractive sluts. I’ve been here for 30 odd years and nothing has changed with women’s attitude here. I ended up finding someone in Eastern Europe. I don’t even give sydney girls a 2nd look. After travelling to eastern Europe numerous times, I now hate this city.

  81. Number 4 is a HUGE plus…at least they stick with their race.Makes me wonder if the yellow skin that wrote this article isn’t biased against these girls because they are normal.

  82. sounds like australia is completely ruled by the liberals/left. gillard being your equivalent of hillary clinton. Thank god the UK, USA, and a lot of Europe rejected the liberals.Yet they still complain in the media.

  83. I “did” live in Australia for 30 years where every time I have to head back to see family, it turns more to shit! It’s just as bad or even worst with Feminism, SJWs, fat dyke tattoo women nearly everywhere! VERY hard to find a nice normal feminine woman where nearly impossible if she isn’t brainwashed by feminism! Nearly all my old friends have been divorced raped at least one and are depressed dating the lowest quality women on the planet! Cause the UV is more extreme in Australia, the women hit the wall before 30! Worst of all, the cost of living is a joke within the last 10 years! Most people work to pay bills and in their spare time, they are focusing on trying to make more money by another business or study!

  84. Sydney girls are terrible, same is cost of living. But it is just a gorgeous city with all this climate, sights, beaches and multicultural, if you can have an imported GF and secured a job there, you will love it a lot!

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