International ROK Meetup Day: February 6, 2016

On February 6, 2016 at 8PM, readers of Return Of Kings, Roosh V Forum, and my blog will have the opportunity to meet other like-minded men in their cities. The meetup on February 6 will hopefully be the start of fixed and regular meetups that serve men in their local communities in a way that internet platforms do not.

The Problem

The internet is great for sharing information and building e-relationships, but it often does not bridge the gap to create real friendships, allow for male bonding, and offer concrete aid or help. I hope you agree that having 100 e-friends does not surpass having one real friend who understands you, shares your world view, and is accessible with a phone call or short drive away.

While many of you certainly have normal friendships, chances are those friends are moderates who may not be dependable in times of crisis, and who may not defend you if a hostile enemy approaches. It’s important to develop the right friendships of men who have your back no matter what, just like men in Canada had my back last summer.

I’m in touch with a German man whose small city is currently the site of a government-sponsored relocation program for Afro-Islamists. He stated to me that his city has become more unsafe after dark and he’s starting to feel like a prisoner in his own home, especially since he does not have friendships there with men who are against the immigrant invasion. If he was connected to a tribe within his city, I have no doubt that he’d feel more safe while having the means to improve the situation caused by his government to displace him and reduce his standard of living.

The Solution

I aim to help men create tribes in cities throughout the world that operate independently of each other. Each tribe will be maintained by a chief that runs it in a way he sees fit. Very little information will be given to me, especially concerning personal information of the tribe’s members. If I get shut down for whatever reason, the tribes will be able to continue operation. If one tribe dissipates from inactivity, it will not affect other tribes.

During peace-time, I advise tribes to meet at least twice a month on a regular schedule over coffee or drinks (e.g. every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm). The atmosphere will be relaxed and you’ll be able to talk about women, politics, travel, work, or whatever else interests you. During times of crisis, however, when members are threatened due to the actions of outsiders or their own government, the tribe will be utilized to offer concrete support and defense. Hopefully that day will never come, but odds are it will, and you need to establish relationships with men you trust before a threat arrives.

Tribal meetings will not tolerate the promotion of illegal actions and will not engage in violence. Any man that suggests violent activity will be seen as a provocateur or government agent.

The First Meeting

To get the ball rolling, I will help organize your city’s first meetup on February 6. What I ask is for men who can host the meetup in their city to click here and fill out this form. A potential host should be able to…

  • Arrive on time to a public landmark of his choosing (the landmark location will be posted publicly). Important: submit an outdoor landmark to initially meet, not the actual bar or cafe you will walk to and sit in. It would be very helpful if you include an image link to the meeting point within the form.
  • Gather attendees through the use of a code phrase
  • Direct men by foot to the meeting location that you choose (e.g. a nearby cafe or bar)
  • Be a welcoming host
  • Gather contact information of attendees (email or phone number) to invite them to potential future meetups

Once a host has four meetups in a row, I will add his tribe to the Tribal Meeting map so future men can contact him and join.

The Next Step

If you would like a tribe in your city then I ask you to step up by volunteering to host the meeting on February 6. If a city has no host on that date, there can be no meetup. Big cities like New York City, London, and Los Angeles may have multiple hosts in different parts of town. If you can host, fill out this form no later than January 16 and wait for word back from me.

If you would like to attend the meetup on February 6 but are unable to host, simply wait for a follow-up article that gives further instructions.

Here is the operation schedule:

January 4-16: Open call for hosts
January 19: Publication of public landmark meeting locations
February 6: Meetup at 8pm in your city


There are currently three tribes, located in Chicago, Washington DC, and Poznan (Poland). I’ve participated with two of them, so I’ve seen firsthand how valuable they are in providing a venue for men to be men, reviving the “men’s club” idea of old. I can state that my time spent in these two cities is better because of the tribes’ existence.

Each of the three tribes currently serves a masculine function, but if economic collapse, internal decline, and mass migration accelerate, negatively affecting members’ quality of life, they will serve as much more. At that critical juncture, I hope the tribe will be able to counterbalance hardships on its members by giving them a means to take the right actions to support and defend themselves, their family, and their city.

Every man gets to choose his level of involvement. I present the idea and the logistics today, and now it’s up to you to decide where to take it.

View The Hosting Form For Tribal Meetup Day

View Next: Full City Listing And Meeting Points For International Meetup Day On February 6, 2016

262 thoughts on “International ROK Meetup Day: February 6, 2016”

    1. I’m stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. An hour away from Nashville, TN. I’d be interested. What part of Middle Tennessee are you talking about?

      1. I’m right outside of Nashville, but I went to college at APSU so I know that area. Perhaps, if there are some more people around our area that’s interested, we can nail down a meetup spot that works for everyone.
        On a side note, are you familiar with the Black Horse Pub in Clarksville, TN?

        1. Excellent, I’m hoping there are more ROK readers in that area.
          And yes. I do know that Pub. I’ve never been there though.

        2. Used to be the go-to place when I was in college (~7-8 years ago). Not sure how it is now.
          Another thing that didn’t seem to be addressed in the article that perhaps Roosh will have to interject on…WHAT are we supposed to do at said meetup? Is that left to the group?

        3. I’ll have to check out the pub when I get back from holiday leave.
          As for what’s to be done at the meetup, it seemed to me that basically it was up to that group/tribe to come up with the internal dialogue and its purpose. But further clarification would be appreciated from Roosh.

        4. Yeah, I re-read a few spots of the article and it does seem to be left to the group. Not sure about others, but I’m more of a doer. Sitting around talking is all well and good, but this would be an excellent time to also work on developing skillsets. A healthy balance of each. We’ll just have to see if we have any others who are interested.

        5. I concur, talk is all fine and well; but it’s cheap when not acted upon. So as you said we’ll just have to wait and see if there is further local interest.

        6. I am in Nashville area. If you guys wanna meet at a nice club downtown Nash and dance with college sluts you can come to my spot.
          Though a tribal meeting I imagine somethin more like a cigar lounge… know male spaces and all.
          You guys can email me
          Babulingus at

        7. Meet up, talk, establish consensus (or not?). It’ll be like having a discussion on RoK, but it’ll be more effective because there will be the create to create real friendships instead of “e-friendships”.

        8. I’m not into the club scene, but a cigar lounge sounds good. It seems like we got 3-4 guys relatively close to the Nashville area. Does someone want to step up and host this group? If not, I’ll get the ball rolling.
          **Update: Feb 6 would not work for me due to previous scheduling conflicts. If we do get the ball rolling on this, would anyone be opposed to having our first meeting on Feb 7?**

    1. Questioning our ability to manipulate spacetime? Banned.
      Just kidding 🙂 good catch, changed it.

  1. This is an excellent idea and I’d consider attending in the Toronto area.
    However, given the current events going on around the world and the frustration surrounding those issues, and the large readership base of people from that part of the world, is there a demographic you’re specifically targeting?
    Also, other than people inciting violence / illegal activity for obvious reasons, who else, if anyone, is specifically is excluded?
    This is something important to consider, given a very multicultural city like Toronto and certain groups will not get along very well with others which will reduce the effectiveness of the tribe.
    It may be helpful to break up Toronto and the GTA into several parts for this reason if there’s enough people.

      1. “anti-imigrant”
        Hardly a white characteristic. Xenophobia is common around the world.
        White males, unfortunately, are the most pro-gay in the world.
        Blacks must be the most hated race. Whites aren’t alone in the dislike of them, and yet, as in the gay topic, it’s going down by the day.
        I fail to understand your reasoning.

        1. Look you fucking idiot I said that the ROK site contains anti-immigrant, anti-homo, anti-black talk. Browse this site for 20 minutest and you could see that. You read about as good as a SJW listens.

    1. Another Toronto guy here, would like to attend as well.
      Edit: I don’t care where you’re from, what what language you speak, what colour you are, I’ll have a beer with any man who’s not a dick. Don’t be a dick, you won’t be treated like a dick.

  2. The secret code phrase is: “Hoot twice like a barn owl and once like a screech owl.”

  3. I have submitted for the Metro-Detroit / Ann Arbor area. The code phrase shall be whistling the first few bars of “Rule Britannia!”

    1. Rule Britannia???
      Hey! At the height of her powers, God didn’t save the queen. Will He care for 10 Downing St(with its degeneracy and PC Bullshit)?

  4. Excellent plan of action. I live in the sticks in rural PA, I will wait for the tribal map to form and see if I can travel, at least once a month, to the closest possible tribal location.
    I agree with Roosh, beware fed infiltrators instigating or gently pushing for violence or illegal activity. Fed scum play their shitty games…yes, we now live in a country where this is very possible.

        1. Happy Valley? I travel throughout western PA weekly. From Centre co. back west to Youngstown, from Erie down to Uniontown.

        2. Without revealing to much about myself online I can say I am familiar with State college. Good food there.

        3. I understand, and I agree. My mothers family, very large family, she was one of eleven, is also from PA, Gallitzen, near Altoona, horseshoe curve area…

        4. I’m originally from there. Shame they tore down some of the smaller moumtain ridges in Mifflin Co. area for highway construction. Destroyed great swaths of hunting land with those ridges being some of my childhood hunting/camping memories.
          Live in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area now. The flatlands took a while to get used to.

    1. …and the Roosh movement turns out to be a Federally sponsored initiative.
      That would be fun.

    2. I’m in PA as well, hope we can make this happen. And you’re damn right that can happen. Let’s be mindful of this.

  5. Anchorage Alaska anyone? I’ll jump in if there’s even one other reader. I already have the beginnings of a tribe…

    1. Didn’t you read what he said: Any man that suggests violent activity will be seen as a provocateur or government agent.

  6. Salve to all, once again!
    I am grateful to see that ROK is coming to its senses and starts organizing meetings.
    One question,details on meeting in Romania ?
    God bless you gentlemen !
    Cheers !

  7. Kansas anyone?
    Password is New England Clam chowder
    red or white – you have to figure that part out

        1. Thanks for the invite! Just may take you up on the offer. Have a great day and please keep me updated!

    1. Im in atlanta, i like the idea and will be keeping tabs. Been reading rok for a couple years and the manosphere has changed my life

        1. Great. I knew there would be some folks. Let’s see who else pops up. I’m interested in this coming together.

        2. Hopefully everything will come together and I will get the opportunity to buy you a beer there. Cheers!

        1. Interesting. I’m definitely considering starting a tribe for this area; depends on my schedule though.

        2. DM me [REDACTED] on Twitter if you want to do a private meet up. Trying to get lone wolf as well

        1. Hey, fuck this cancellation. Can you still meet up? We’ll find a way to coordinate, such as, creating a one time email account.

      1. I do. I’m honestly not too worried about sjws… I don’t spend time where they do.

        1. I’m on the South Shore, so, Boston is definitely accessible. As far as “sjw’s” are concerned – fuck them.

      1. I was thinking that Naas (meeting place of kings) would be an ideal national meeting point for Ireland.

        1. I am easy in any case. Just thought it would be wise to avoid the Dublin traffic,

        1. The Irish language name for Naas, Nás na Ríogh literally translates as Meeting Place of the Kings.[3] The town historically hosted meetings of pre-Norman Irish kings from the Kingdom of Leinster.[citation needed] After the Norman invasion in 1169–71 AD, some meetings of the Parliament of Ireland were held in the town.[citation needed] Many of the earlier settlers in Kildare were Cambro-Normans from Wales therefore the medieval church was dedicated to Saint David.[citation needed]

  8. Finally concrete action. Looking at my calendar I won’t make it on the 6th but I will on the next ones in Chi town.

  9. Hey, any (West) Oregon guys want to meet? I’d be wiling to commute several hours for a meet-up.

  10. Excelent. ROK influence has even reached a 20 years old guy from Chile. I hope that we can do this kind of things on my country too. SJW’s, left-wing, welfare, mass inmigration (mostly illegal) and feminism are taken my country with relentless and thanks to this site to present me the red pill and help me to realize all the bullshit that I was being influenced by.You are making a great difference over the world. Respects from Chile.
    PD: My english writing sucks I know. But I don’t give a shit. If you undertand my intention that’s great for me.

    1. I’m from Canada, but I supported Chile in the last world cup, even had a Chilean Jersey. You guys kicked the the SHIT out of Brazil. even though Chile lost, I’m convinced Brazil didn’t win the world cup because of the shit kicking Chile gave them before they played Germany.

  11. Fantastic idea. I was thinking along the same lines. I’m in Seattle so I hope someone makes one for the Emerald City.

        1. pfft SJW central is civilization? 😛
          Brissy is where its at, Columbian girls from Bogota visit here and Brazilian girls visit Goldie, paradise

  12. I would recommend “tribes” use multiple layers of operational security to keep their identities confidential but also known to your fellow brothers. These are:
    1. Men only. Makes sense. Maybe at some time and date in the future women will belong in the larger conversation, but for now the chances of an insurgent woman are too high. Women are (mostly) easy to identify and it means feminist collaborators have to get their white knights to do their work for them.
    2. Use of both private and public means of conveying membership. Use of old school secret society tricks such as signs, handshakes, displaying a particular piece of a visible badge (like a ring, neck tie, tie bar, cuff links, etc).
    3. Use call chains instead of emails, social media, etc.
    4. Leave your ID and any other immediate identifying material in your car or at home. Carry cash. Make sure anywhere you go will take cash.
    5. Tell people to go by a nickname if they would like to do so. Don’t talk about personal details too much, at least at first.
    6. Change up your meeting locations regularly but not on any particular schedule.
    7. If you have the option take public transit instead of driving. A car is an easy identifier for who you actually are seeing most have two registration plates, a particular color, and easily identifiable model. If you do have to drive try to park away from the venue.
    8. Ask that people leave in small groups as not to attract attention. If you have a group of twenty ask your fellow brothers to slip out in groups of two or three every five minutes or so. This will also limit the opportunity for someone to follow any particular member.
    9. For communication, try using an app such as Burner to keep your actual cell phone number private. If you have a “secretary” recording contact information make sure they keep that in a handwritten record. Don’t put it on something like a Google Group.
    These are just some basic recommendations. Remember if this is successful feminists will probably come down hard on it and try to “dox” as many members as possible. Following a few simple practices can make it very difficult to do so and could also protect your livelihood. (And yes it is sad we live in such times where men have to organize in the same manner ancient Christians had to do under the fear of death).

    1. A simple suggestion with ties to ancient masculinity. Roman Senators used to wear simple iron rings to denote that their lineage traced back to the founding of Rome. We could wear iron rings with the Latin word REX engraved, latin for king.
      An off the cuff idea, but this type of symbolism can be powerful stuff in ensuring that neomasculinity remains at the core of the tribal meetings and a powerful reminder that men built civilization.
      I agree with many of your ideas to maintain the integrity of a man’s identity, however, the easiest way to bring together a group of men without outside interference or suspicion is to call state the purpose of the group as the study and maintenance of history and historical record, or some other obscure study that would turn away even the most curious feminist or SJW.
      Just rolling ideas around my head.

        1. Rex is Latin for King and so I envisioned each individual wearing a ring that named them as a King so to speak, putting ROK on a ring or cufflinks would not be very anonymous. One could engrave the entire phrase Return of Kings in Latin if one wished, though I have no idea what that would be.

        2. “[P]utting ROK on a ring or cufflinks would not be very anonymous…”
          Not here in the Republic of Korea, certainly.

    2. We will escalate security measures if resistance forms. As of right now, we’ll use a public meeting location and pass phrase. Individual tribes can discuss security among themselves when they meet.

    3. Maybe have your prospective tribemembers submit an essay or belief statement or give a speech or interview. The more words they put forth, the more you see into them. Ivy League and snooty colleges cherry pick their minions by going beyond the bubble test or the rote pledge. They require an interview by the dean who has heard enough statements from prospective students that he is virtually a walking ‘character’ detector similar to a skilled administerer of a lie detector test. They filter the candidates that have the gifts required and the hallowed soul to put their all up for the elite’s bidding.
      When talking to anyone, the more they talk and converse, the better picture you get of them.
      Still, I doubt any rigid model can be followed with stipulating how something as organic as a tribe forming would transpire. Be social. Be keen. Be wise. Share your wisdom. Know your foes. Face your demons. Be vigilant. Be prepared.

    4. A good group to take ideas from are the Free Masons. While much more public now, their traditions stem from the real need of secrecy.
      Any guild for that matter- the age-old rituals are time tested ways to keep the members secret.

      1. Yes I would encourage each tribe to develop their own methods to keep meetings confidential or secret. I was just throwing out some ideas that I have picked up over the years that seem to work well.
        Though in a day and age where communication pretty much has to take place electronically and everyone has a camera in their pockets maintaining any type of confidentiality is difficult.

  13. I’m in Chicago-I dig the tribe concept. How would I get involved with the Chicago one? Sounds like a great way to meet some like minded brothers.

    1. You would contact user Snowplow on the forum (you need a forum account). To get involved with some tribes you will not a forum account. The ones created from ROK will only need an email address.

      1. Thanks Roosh-just setup an account and will be contacting them. Glad to see such a bug response to the meetup!

  14. I am a late 20’s Muslim male of Somali (East African) descent from the rougher parts of Toronto. I am red pill aware, anti-cultural marxism and a race realist. I’m also anti-wahhabi/salafi (meaning anti-isis, saudi style Islam etc). Would I be welcome into the Toronto tribe considering i’m a Muslim of African descent?

    1. You are welcome to come. Assuming you subscribe to the beliefs on this site, we don’t exclude based on age or race. Many Muslim men came to my lectures this summer.

    1. Should smaller cities intergrate to major cities as a central hub or should small cities be content with single digit members?

      1. Tough question. If your city has less than 250,000 people in the USA, I’d seek out a larger city. In Europe (outside of UK) I’d say closer to 500,000 is optimal, since we have less readership there.

  15. What about those that want to go? Why not have a form for people who are interested in meeting up in major cities and assisting in getting us in touch with each other?

  16. It would be great if we could kick something off here in Ottawa Canada, feminist paradise. I just had a custom T shirt made that says ” I Am Patriarchy”. I wore it out to a few hipster clubs already, I definitely ruffled a few feminist feathers.

  17. Hi,
    I would like to make one small observation that ultimately requires earned attention and eventually an article as such.
    As devoted readers of ROK, how can one keep his freedom of expression free from judgemental g0v3rnm3nt institutions. We are all well aware that they are spyin9 on us and that in Eur0p3 as well as other continents they have instituted anti hate sp33ch laws and these type of laws are organic (meaning independent organizations will be formed in order to enforce those laws i.e. g-v3m3nt institutions).
    What can one do to keep them at bay?
    Use alternative usernames ?
    Use protective software ? – i.e. TOR browser
    Looking forward to something here…

      1. I offered to do the NYC meetup. I was unsure about the landmark because I didn’t know what area most people live in.

  18. The point of these meetings is to speak freely. How freely will we be able to speak in a restaurant or cafe? It will kind of mess things up to have a waitress interrupting every few minutes. A private room would be much better but obviously it won’t be our domiciles.
    It will probably be too cold to hold the meeting outdoors. Anyone have experience reserving a back room or something? Suggestions?
    And the lengths we have to go to: this shows how insane the modern world has become.

    1. Know anybody that owns a gated plot of land? Meet at a designated spot, have everyone follow you back to said land. Assign a gatekeeper ahead of time, set up some ice chests & lawnchairs around a bonfire & there you go!

    2. I’ve been to many meetings. It has never been a problem to hold them in a cafe or bar. You’re not holding it in a quiet library.

  19. The pass phrase for the Atlanta meet-up is “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

  20. Roosh, if you I are reading this, I just set up this disqu to stay better updated. I’m the guy that sent you the form for the position in Little Rock.

    1. Waldo i’m in Arkansas. I can’t say if i’m close or not to you until i get to know you better through a more private means of communication.

      1. Daniel Ramos,
        I’ve been coming to this site almost daily since around November of 2013. I attended the State of Man confrence this summer in DC with a friend & had a blast. I’m curious to see how many people show up to Little Rock’s meetup. As long as I’ve been coming here, I haven’t met another soul in this city who knows about this site, but then again, I’m not at all vocal about my political/social views except for with a small number of people, & for obvious reasons. Whenever I travel outside of the southern US, I find funny the common misconception that this is still considered by northerners to be the “bible belt” or that we’re primarily conservative. Couldn’t be further from the truth, & things are only getting worse, sad to say. I’d be up for suggestions if you want to talk more. We all have to watch our asses around here.

        1. I see a lot of darkness rising in the form of increased progressive belief even in the bible belt, so i agree.
          hit me up at my email [email protected] let’s get to know each other more and see if anyone else is in our area.

        2. One question, if you’ve been coming here since Nov 2013 why does your account look like it was just recently created?

        3. I just never bothered to set one of these up. It asks for your disqus name on the tribe form, so once I set up a new email address to attatch to the disqus, I felt my anonymity was safe enough. That has been the main reason.

        4. Little Rock just had their… second pride parade this last year, I believe, & I happen to know the student center at UALR was not long ago adorned with anti-rape propaganda, so yeah, I’d say so.

  21. I definitely want to be involved in this in one form or another. It’s about time i met some of you in the public domain.
    I’ll wait for my city to be announced and contact the person hosting through the follow up article.

      1. I’m in the Arkansas region. I’d prefer not to be more descriptive than that unless it’s through private msg exchange.

        1. Waldo right? we’ve started off the virtual pow wow and hopefully it will bear results.

  22. Any thoughts on averting uninvited “guests” who might want to interrupt and prevent the meetings? I would be highly surprised if every meetup goes off without a hitch: I think you will see a lot of media coverage in the upcoming month before Feb 6.
    Having one or two hundred meetings take place around the world on the same day is gonna be big. Maybe even bigger than Roosh in Toronto.
    I’m sure SJWs will come out in force to try to stop these meetings.

    1. The men present will have to come up with a response depending on the situation. Until it happens, I’d play it by ear.

      1. Leroy and CR199, given the latest exposure the Australian ROK meetups have received in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age and even Perth Now. I am almost certain we will be infiltrated, protested or worse.
        I am still attending, if you are as well, can I address you by your internet pseudonyms so I know who I can semi-trust at this event?
        Or do you have a better way to ensure that we limit the sphere of influence by potential usurpers?
        And to the Perth organizers, if you are reading this, stay strong and resolute in the face of intellectual terrorism.

    1. Perth generally has not much going on, so I’m not going to miss this type of opportunity. I’ll see you all on the 6th.

  23. I’d really like to see one started in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it on the 6th.

  24. I will finally be moving back to Charleston S.C.
    that said….I won’t be there on the 6th but would love to get this rolling down there at some point in time.
    so just tossing that out there if any fellows in a similar area are interested. I know I saw a few Atlanta commenters….perhaps a half way meeting point?

  25. Anyone in Virginia who’d prefer not to drive up to DC?
    If there is sufficient interest, let’s find a place to host.

    1. I don’t live near DC. I’m in Virginia I requested to host. Check back once Roosh approves hosts and you’ll see if it’s close enough for you.

    1. Whilst I frequent Scotland, I doubt I’ll be there anytime soon to meet up.

  26. I almost wish i was still back in NY. It seems to have a lot more representation from our faithful.

  27. This is very similar to the way Communist cells operated during the ’50s, the primary difference being that the Communist preferred to keep their cell size below six.
    Those fuckers sure were effective.
    Roosh, this may be the start of something awesome.

    1. Are you in Arkansas Shep? Would love to treat you to a beer for every time you like my comment everytime a fucking idiot tries to debate me over fucking idiocy lol

      1. I go to NW Arkansas often on business. I am almost always in Springdale when I am in the area.
        If you’ve never been there, the School of Hospitality at Arkansas State at Fayettville is an awesome place to have a drink.
        For $3.50 they’ll bring you a STRONG 12 oz White Russian.
        The food is great too. I hate most meals while I am traveling, but I love to go to the School of Hospitality.
        Your offer is very kind. If logistics permit, I will take you up on it.
        What part of the state do you live in?

    2. Just want you to know I like your style, Shep. You have a gift for rooting out the most disingenuous. Hope you don’t mind a “fundie” following you? It’s good stuff you have.

        1. Done – thanks! Getting close to forming a groupie club for you – you are destroying arguments today!

        2. Oh, OK. But, it drives pro-aborts crazy when I set up groupies for a-kickers. 🙂

        3. Weird how “some” people promise to ignore you and then keep coming back for more. Kinda like how they follow you and then dismiss you. The mind of the pro-abort is filled with self-refutations and absurdities.
          Anyhoo – I like the way you roll, Shep!

        4. I already have PJ for a friend. If I had to choose a groupie, I would have chosen her anyway.

        5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😁❤️❤️❤️
          Aaaaw Shep, FWGYE!!!
          Btw, it looks like Sharon needs to be put in her place again 😈

        6. What dolt have you been dealing with? I can make some time in my recreational schedule to include destroying another moronic troll here 🙂

        7. This would be him

          He describes himself as an intellectual. He targets Christians exclusively and feigns neutrality.
          He just demanded that I defend a position from the Christian perspective. Of course, not all Christians agree on all issues, and I am an agnostic.
          You on the other hand…

        8. Here is his religious resume. He first demanded that I accept all of it, but when my inner objectivist identified his contradictions, he started selectively denying parts of it.

          I read up on Centering Prayer and Teasdale. Jim does not engage in their described practices. Why claim them if they have no effect on you?

          12 years Catholic Parochial School, 4 years Missouri Synod Lutheran
          University, 2 years purely secular grad school–religion not mentioned.
          Had both my kids and Grandson baptized. I was an alter boy (was not
          abused, know people you were). I saw the Silent Scream when it was first
          Attended a UCC church for a couple years. Spent ten years
          practicing Centering prayer with Contemplative Outreach. Met its
          founder Thomas Keating twice, Brother Wayne Teasdale once about a year
          before he died. Have read the Bible from cover to cover and many
          commentaries on it, both liberal and conservative. I have read a lot of
          theology, particularly moral theology; e.g., Aquinas. I read late Great
          Planet Earth and a lot of stuff on the end times, rapture etc. Worked
          for a fundamentalist for a couple years, we became good friends.
          currently officially list my religious preference as none. I’m
          intellectual comfortable with some concepts of God, particularly as
          described by some of the founders; e.g., Jefferson or Paine. Despite
          that, I tend to take an agnostic approach like Huxley described.
          Anything else you want to know?

        9. The hall has been rented. The invitation has been sent. Let’s see if he can dance.

        10. That is not nice.
          Well, neither is she.
          Prepare yourself for a shit-ton of criticism that Dworkin wrote those lines as part of a novel, and never spoke them in the first person.
          ‘sides, anyone who has examined her life and her general appearance could easily have determined that she was the type of woman who really appreciated men.

        11. PJ4 – I am not joking here. This looks almost exactly like two of our deathscorts – no joke. I am not making fun of their appearance, just making an observation – the hair is 100% of one’s, the face is 100% of the other’s, and the body style is identical for the two of them. Seriously not being mean here – just the facts. That picture is uncanny. “Thanks” for the nightmares. 🙁
          This woman looks so sad. 🙁

        12. It’s always the chicks who never have to worry about a guy even looking at them let alone getting pregnant who worry about abortion so much

        13. He fancies himself to be a champion at the “intellectual” tango.
          Let’s see how he holds up against a clever Colombiano.

      1. You are very kind. I have wanted to dissect this Nimrod (‘nutha biblical reference!) for about a year.
        I hope that I don’t offend you with some of my coarse stories and observations. My inner sailor and eighth grader sometimes come out to play on Disqus. I know you have seen me in the threads for a long time, but I am generally better behaved on the threads with you and PJ.
        Disingenuous is a good word. My friend Jubal says I am a “crazy person whisperer”. It turns out that all disingenuous people have some sort of mental problem which can be exposed and exploited.
        Who knew?

        1. I’m a guy who stands on the sidewalk in front of an abortion mill: nothing you do could POSSIBLY offend me compared with what I see and hear each day. 🙂

        2. I went with several Baptist friends I knew from the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature to the clinic in Tulsa.
          We were all trained well. To a person we were polite as we told the young ladies about our concerns. One broke down. Her boyfriend was the driving force behind her trip to the abortuary. She did not kill her baby that day. Two others went through with it. There should have been a fourth, but we never saw her.

        3. Good job – thank you SO much – you inspire me so much as I go out today – your timing was perfect!!!

        4. Well-done. I just noticed the black eye. Wow – thanks for sharing this!

        5. You know, I didn’t notice the black eye when I first saved that pic either. I guess burkas and Islam in general are both really good at hiding that sort of thing.

        6. Just want you to know that you are putting on a clinic these last few days since I began following you. I am taking notes, and I suspect others are too. You either have a technical background or a strong philosophical background, or both, and your wisdom is even greater than your astronomical IQ.
          Other than that, you are “OK.” 🙂

        7. I have not been out there that long, but am out with some folks who began in the 70’s. My only claim to fame is that I am now the most hated by the opposition. For that I give glory to God – and to PJ4, MamaBear, and Basset_Hound. Lots of Basset goes down out there. Gonna take some Shep out there now too – for which I thank you VERY much!

        8. To give you a fair reply, I’ll have to wait until I have had some time to think about the things you wrote. I appreciate your many affirmations. Only a small fraction of disqus participants actually like people and come her from a positive place. I can see that you are one of those people.

        9. There is a lot to tell you, but this is not an appropriate forum for discussing all of the topics affected by your comment.
          I do have a technical background.
          I do have training in forensics, logic, and considerable experience working on deliberative bodies.
          It flatters me that you perceive me as having a strong philosophical background. Once I know you better, I’ll share the reasons privately.
          My primary training is technical. The elegance of the scientific method is very appealing to me. I find that elegance neatly mirrored in Objectivism’s demand that contradictions be solved.
          At the moment I am reading a book related to my work. I need guidance in a proposed merger of my business with that of a former employee who also is a close friend. When that is done, recent events are practically demanding that I reread Return of the Primitive.
          I am aware of your beliefs. I respect them. I have no desire to change what you believe. I am sure at some point you will talk to me about your Christian duty under the Great Commission. I am also sure that you believe in the concept of Free Will. Individualism is among my highest values, and folks like you and I should never have any difficulty getting along.
          I said all of that to say this. I read nightly. Although I am looking to clarify my thinking by re-reading ROTP, I don’t want for you to consider it a recommendation. I doubt that you would enjoy it, and I’m not sure it would be of any particular benefit to you. I really am quite happy to let you and every other peaceful human on the planet pursue his own course.
          As for the philosophical background, I think what you see in me is another person who reads and thinks. Quite a few folks read. Not many spend much time thinking critically afterwards.
          People who rely on their credentials as a substitute for thinking annoy the hell out of me.
          People who believe they have a calling to force their beliefs on other people are the cause of almost all of the evil in the world.
          People who flaunt their intellectualism are always hiding something else.
          The smartest philosopher at Harvard is less qualified to make decisions about the life of the poorest farmer in the Texas panhandle than that farmer himself. Almost all of the starvation, evil and death associated with 20th Century Statism resulted from letting highly credentialed philosophers make decisions for other people.
          You will always find me siding with folks who act in their own, rational self-interest. I don’t like anyone who bullies people into doing things outside of those interests.
          You know what I’m talkin’ about here.

        10. Shep, I am onboard with you – beautifully put. I could not agree more. I like how you provided the explanation for good philosophy resulting from lots of reading and even more reflection. Powerful stuff!
          I have one question when you wrote:
          “You will always find me siding with folks who act in their own, rational self-interest. I don’t like anyone who bullies people into doing things outside of those interests.”
          Was your second sentence meant to qualify your first one? I am thinking of abortion here. Someone in favor of abortion would say they ARE acting in their self-interest, but abortion clearly bullies “people” in the womb. Or are you saying, as I believe, that abortion is not consistent with a RATIONAL self-interest?

        11. I wasn’t thinking of abortion at all when I wrote that.
          But since you asked, the image of that young woman who was bullied by her boyfriend to go to the abortuary, but who turned tearfully back at the last moment comes to mind.

        12. I wanted to write much more, but for safety had to edit much of it out.
          I was worried that what was left would be too disjointed, but I sent it anyway. I appreciate your reception.

        13. Next week, we are reading the names of 80 women and their preborn children who were killed for not aborting, accompanied by striking a bell.

        14. As I do yours. When we do part company on an issue, I’m sure we’ll do it civilly.

        15. That will be a powerful message. I hope that at least the local press will pick it up.

        16. If they do, the title of the article will read: “Local Anti-Choicers Fight a War on Bells.”

  28. My suggestion to everyone involved in this is to create your own specific means of vetting, meeting, and initiating contact once you all finally decide on the when where and how.
    Keep your true methods off from here. Email them personally to each other. Make sure your antivirus is up to date.
    Take no chances. Nothing is guaranteed but if you are careful it will be a lot harder for the stealth trolls or random SJ turds that come here to obtain personal information especially in as far as your meetups are concerned.

  29. Long time reader, first time poster. I am posting now to try and drum up interest in my area. I live in SE WI. Geographically, I am right in between Milwaukee and Chicago (minutes from I94), though both are 45m+ away and not practical for attending tribe meetings twice a month. My local town does not have Roosh’s recommended 250k population, still I would like to find more red pillers in the area to start a tribe here. I have only one success story and many failures bringing the red pill to men I thought could benefit from it.

    1. First step: Move. Waukegan and Kenosha are shitholes, and the females in the entire region are basically rode hard and put away wet before they even reach legal drinking age.
      You are living in one of the true assholes of the world.

  30. ROK would do well to set an alternative, off-the-radar means of communication. When SHTF, this ensures awakened men remain organized. When sufficient strength in numbers and resources is achieved, the evil mass media must be destroyed/severely impaired/tapped into. Only after these steps could an “Operation Whitewash” commence, on the rotten elites, their hunting dogs, and barbarians alike.

  31. This is fucking awesome! I hope there will be one in Palm Beach County, Fla. I’m up at the top of Palm Beach County in Jupiter.

    1. I’ve offered to host in Denver, yes. Don’t know if there are others hosts or how many tribesmen are interested.

      1. Hi…let me know if you get any more takers. Im not surprised, given the Denver area, uh, “men”

        1. I’ve not heard from any others yet. I guess we’ll see in the announcement thread on the 19th what numbers may be.

  32. So is there any word on where meetups are being held? I can’t find anything here or on the forum.

  33. Columbus, Ohio
    Central to most surrounding states: Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, WV, Kentucky. Ping if interested (my email is in my profile).

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