4 More Lies All Men Are Told Their Entire Lives

Previously we examined several common lies men are told to keep them under control and working for the feminist state. This article will discuss four more common lies men are told. The principles of neomasculinity include a rejection of ideas based on their popularity or rhetoric, and instead emphasizes truths based upon logic, reason, and historical proof. As men realize the true nature of females and governments, they become aware of how they are controlled and manipulated.

5. They Hate Us For Our Freedoms


Competing strongly for most meaningless overused word is “freedoms.” George Orwell’s 1984 introduced the idea of Newspeak, a fictional controlled language created by the totalitarian state of Oceania to control its people and punish those who commit “thoughtcrime.” There has been a wholesale assault on our language in general over the last century, and this is a lie that is told loudly and often.

After all, who can argue against freedom, right? Freedom is, in most respects, a universally good thing. However, as I grow older, my youthful interests in ideas of absolute freedom, anarchy, and libertarianism have revealed many drawbacks to allowing completely unrestrained freedom.


But the idea that others, so jealous that a special group of people (Americans) are free, that they would hate, attack, sabotage, and kill, out of mere jealousy of how free those people are, smacks of bullshit. First of all, it is factually inaccurate, with multiple reports listing America not even in the top 10 lists of most free nations (Daily Caller – 20th, Breitbart (Cato study) – 20th, Wikipedia (17th and 10th, various metrics).

Furthermore, the most free nations are some of the most peaceful, and are never under attack for being free, even in cases where extremely free countries are in close proximity to unfree ones (Hong Kong is ranked #1 in freedom, and adjacent to China, who didn’t even make the list, but I have never heard of Hong Kong being attacked for its freedoms by anyone, much less the Chinese.)

But also, this rhetoric places people into two categories. Free or unfree. You are with us or you are against us. Are you for gay marriage or are you a bigot? Are you for equality or do you hate women? The goal of all this is to remove any dissent by creating a false argument, where there are only two sides. If the USA is free, then what it is doing is inherently good and right, and you must not criticize it. America will bring freedom to women and minorities and any policies America has you cannot disagree with because America is free and good.

The truth is America is not particularly free; nor are Americans despised by others because of this supposed freedom. Since the main social and political movement of the US is the destruction of society through leftism and democracy, the goal again is to destroy the power of men.

6. America Is #1 In Everything

This clip from HBO’s Newsroom sums it up perfectly.

The goal here is to make men think this is as good as it gets, so even if you have some minor complaints, just suck it up and be happy you don’t live somewhere worse. This is America, love it or leave it, but you can’t criticize it because it literally doesn’t get any better than this. Our education system? The best in the world and teaches you everything you need to know. The tax rates you’re paying? As low as they can be for a modern society. The women? More feminine and sexy and desirable than any other, and they’re cute and snarky too. Do your research. It’s all lies.

7. She’s A Good Girl


The lie here is that while girls are more empowered and sophisticated today than they were in the past, your special little snowflake loves you, and she has her own moody assertive opinions on her feminist issues, but despite rumors of her sexting in middle school, camwhoring in high school for weed money, and tons of pictures of her boozing it up in college at every frat house on the strip, she’s only been with a couple of guys before.

The truth is women almost always lie about their sexual past. Their hamsters must be running overtime with the conflicting ideas that promiscuous anonymous sex is both empowering and awesome, but also repulsive to guys so therefore they must lie and cover it up. The truth is that it has become next to impossible to find a girl over the age of 22 in the west who is reasonably attractive and isn’t a slut with a double digit or higher notch count.

Remember, women are the ones who invented new language to use for tranny pronouns, have redefined rape, and think fairness only applies to men, so they have no problem “redefining” sex. Happened while drunk? Didn’t count. One night stand? Not a “real” sexual encounter. Don’t know his name? Can’t count him either.

I don’t think most of them even know their real number. The goal of the elites is to have all men cuckolded, and to further destroy the institution of marriage. A bride who is not a virgin on her wedding night has a far higher chance of cheating, and if she has more than three partners, you’d be better off placing all your money on red and spinning that roulette wheel.

8. False Flags And Government Lies

Government lies about events both important and not, in order to cover up events that its people would otherwise find reprehensible, implement agendas, or to induce feelings of patriotism and support for its policies and continued power. A short list of confirmed lies the US government has told include:

  • The sinking of the USS Maine—a navy ship that was sunk either intentionally or accidentally in 1898 by US forces but blamed on an invented Spanish attack that was used by yellow journalists like William Randolph Hearst as a pretext for war against Spain resulting in America taking Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.
  • Operation Northwoods, a 1962 plan for the US government to commit acts of sabotage, bombing, hijacking, and murder against innocent American civilians in order to create a pretext for war against Cuba. It was approved by the military but rejected by President Kennedy—shortly before his assassination.
  • The CIA shipped cocaine into California and used it to fund arms shipment to terrorists in Nicaragua in the 1980s (Exposed by Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance, later murdered)
  • The Pentagon Papers revealed a series of lies about the Vietnam War, including pentagon analysis that they could not likely win the war, but joined anyway, admissions that the US had no interest in helping the South Vietnamese but entered the war for political maneuvering, that the US intended to install its own pro-US dictator before exiting the country, that US had plans to assassinate its ally, South Vietnam’s president Diem, revelations that President Johnson lied when campaigning about scaling back the war, while increasing secret illegal bombings, and more. These lies eventually lead to Nixon’s removal from office.
  • FBI agent Coleen Rowley came forward saying her office knew prior to 2001 that alleged bomber Zacarias Moussaoui paid $8,000 cash for Boeing 747 flight lessons and was planning a suicide hijacking but had requests to search his room denied by superiors.
  • NFL star Pat Tillman left his lucrative career to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, discovering during the war many lies that he wished to expose, but was murdered by fellow soldiers in Afghanistan, which the government initially blamed on a firefight with terrorists that never happened. Senior army commanders including General John Abizaid and General Stanley McChrystal knew Tillman was shot in the head by friendly fire, but approved the lie, along with awarding of Silver Star and Purple Heart. Members of Tillman’s unit burned his body armor, uniform, and notebook to destroy evidence, but no one was ever prosecuted. Note: his family, particularly dad, is a badass and did NOT accept this.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a supposed attack by North Vietnamese Navy on the USS Maddox which the US used as a pretext for war against Viet Nam. It didn’t happen.
  • DynCorp, a US defense contractor was caught trafficking children for sex; the whistleblowers were punished but not the perpetrators
  • Various lies about Iraq (Cheney: “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us” W Bush: “We found the weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq]. We found biological laboratories” Rumsfeld: “We know where they [Iraq’s WMD] are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north
  • You are not being spied on. The government is not listening to your phone calls or tracking your internet activity. See: Carnivore, PRISM, wikileaks, Snowden.
  • The laughably silly narrative told about the killing of Osama, which Pulitzer Prize investigative journalist Seymour Hersh calls a “complete fabrication from beginning to end,” and includes a staged photo op, which was originally claimed to show live reaction of the executive team watching the raid on video, to destruction of the body and all evidence, hours after the raid before DNA testing could be completed, to “honoring” the enemy’s religious wishes with a burial by sea that no one witnessed and is not part of any sort of Muslim ritual.



Men are told damaging lies, which cause them to have misplaced priorities and allegiances to women who do not love and respect them, and public policy which incessantly erodes their power. The consequence of believing lies is a path to frustration, disappointment, failure, cuckolding, unhappiness, and societal instability.

Men must wake up, and question anything coming from their government, media, feminists, or women. These are but some of the most powerful and universal lies, but the police, your girlfriend, and your harmless looking SJW neighbor will all tell a variety of lies to benefit them. Wake up to the truth, and take the red pill. Men must discover Neomasculinity and reverse the slide to degeneracy and collapse before it is too late.

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214 thoughts on “4 More Lies All Men Are Told Their Entire Lives”

  1. I agree with all except for the conspiracy stuff , if all that false flag and cover up stuff is true , what is anyone who is outraged by that going to do to fix it ? The world and life in general is like a chess board , you have you powerful pieces and your pawns, some get sacrificed and some don’t . At the end of the day though it’s better to be a power piece as opposed to a pawn. Unless you can directly change something you buying into that stuff basically says “I know I’m getting fucked in the ass, but instead of trying to improve my situation, I’ll just keep complaining about getting fucked in the ass”

    1. I don’t understand what you are saying. What does what does your ability to fix “it” have to do with whether or not the false flag stuff is true?

      1. You as the average Joe , will never be able to prevent these events from happening even by learning about past events . Unless you are some high level politician or banker and even then there may be someone above them . You don’t know because you are not in their position and likely never will be . That being said what is the point of pointing it out in every article .if somebody controls that I will never see or be able to be free from why am I going to keep bringing up that I’m controlled ? It’s irrelevant and gets you nothing .

        1. What about the French Revolution? Or the Russian Revolution? Or the Glorious Revolution of Britain?

    2. By that rationale, since we can’t “fix” western women we should just pretend they are all sweet, special snowflakes?

    3. After having worked in both federal and state government, I have trouble with the conspiracy stuff because a.) some loudmouth would blow the plan, and b.) government workers are fucking lazy procrastinators – they aren’t planning elaborate plots!

      1. Exactly what I tried to tell my devout conspiracy theorist father before he died; the govenment is totally incompetent and could never keep any secret.

      2. That’s why the plans are never shared with low levels, only orders are sent to those below the upper echelons who don’t need to think just do….

    4. Yo can’t do anything to fix it. Deal with that like a man.
      What’s your argument.? That the truth of conspiracies depends on our influence on it? That’s childish, magical thinking. There are many things outside our influence.
      Secret services run a parallel universe you have no access to. Swallow that pill.

      1. Dealing with it like a man is whining about it every chance you get ? I’ll pass , I don’t need to scapegoat my displeasure of the world into “the government is out to get me ” bullshit

        1. Adequacy is the magic word. I reckon it not as appropriate to mention conspiracies every now and then – especially if you don’t want to disturb ur loved ones. But if the topic is on, it’s more than fair to make one’s point and refer to the undeniable facts.
          And no, conspiracies are not about “the government is out to get me”. That’s “conspiracy theory” for retards.

        2. Bringing something up you will be never be able to fix nor will have the level of authority to understand still sounds like something a woman does ,have fun with that .

        3. No, it means facing the full reality. Completely a man’s approach.
          Only little girls close their eyes and deny the facts if they are “not able to fix it”.

        4. You’re probably some nerd who believes everything he reads on wiki leaks . Go get a TS clearance then come back to me

  2. The conspiracy stuff is weak and more myth than lie. Considering most of that stuff happened before a lot of kids on here were born they probably have never heard of Kennedy or Johnson, besides the whole Viet Nam War was a disaster for a lot more compelling reasons.
    There are plenty of False Flags which are more current to pick from, but those really have nothing to do with how females operate, unless you can cite how it pushes them to curtail rights and restricts male expression even more like the whole anti gun movement, or MADD, or helicopter moms and their thug brood who go around shooting up schools.

    1. I’m not sure I follow the logic here… government lies aren’t important if they happened more than 10 years ago? Or because they weren’t told by females?
      I”d argue the exact opposite–if you don’t understand the history of feminism, the history of government lies, how The Great War began the decline of the patriarchy, and the fact that JFK’s murder was a coup de etat, you can’t understand the state of affairs today and where the west is heading.

      1. Governments have always lied, and they always will weather it’s ancient Rome or modern DC has nothing to do with it. Females always lie, their entire life is one giant sandstorm of bullshit and half truths with a machiavellian flair that even Satan envies so which one tells the tale doesn’t matter.
        If your goal is to understand, then conspiracy theory isn’t the route to take, and wont do much more than confuse the issue. Now was JFK put on ice to make way for some nefarious shit? Yes, and thats as far as that needs to go because the dirty deeds that came after he got greased is what matter today.
        Feminism is and always has been on more way for the commies to topple the west, not different than the rag heads are doing. Same goal with different technique is all that madness is. If you open you eyes it’s painfully obvious where “the west” is headed, hell we are already there, but the match simply hasn’t been lit yet. Not sure what the hold up is, but the implosion is unavoidable now.

  3. Women invented tranny pronouns. But no Nobel prize. Cos sexism.
    Freedom’s a strange one. I remember walking past a radical Islamic stall in north London and seeing something like ‘down with freedom’ which was the first I ever realised anyone could be against what I thought was a self evident good. I’m not keen on Islamic ‘ submission’. On the other hand I have an excellent little computer app called ‘ freedom’ which lets me prevent myself from accessing the internet as an aid to productivity. The paradox is that restricting freedom actually enables it. So its worth asking whether the thing you’re for or against is what it says on the package so to speak. Id say we need more freedom not less, but that those things that claim to free us often do the opposite. Like err tranny pronouns for instance.

      1. I have to agree with this. Money is like the 2nd amendment, it’s the glue which keeps all the other “amendments” (game, looks, etc.) together. Even if you aren’t too good looking and have sup-par game, money is all it takes to get you to Brazil or Philippines.

        1. Money is the great equaliser. But that feeling when a girl just wants you for your cock can never be bought with any amount of money.

        2. I stopped giving a shit what a woman/girl wants long ago. The only thing I am interested in is what I want. So far, that has worked out much better for me.

      2. Money is not a surefire way to get a chick. Ask one Mr. Elliot.

        1. he would have got laid if he got out of the west, and simply overcame his serious jealousy and crybaby issues.

        2. Sure. Just noting that it’s not money as the end all be all solution. One needs context.

        3. That’s not really “getting a girl” in the sense we’re discussing, where nothing would matter except money, not looks, fame, status or game. Of course you can rent a whore, no question.

        4. I’m not saying it trumps those, but I think in today’s society in goes along way . Reminds me of the relationship between Robert de niro and the black haired women in “once upon a time in America “

        5. Does it involve a wooden club and dragging her back to the cave? That works, assuming you live in a cave and have the upper body strength that allows that kind of knock out swinging power.

        6. I see far too many real life examples where money had really nothing to do with the man getting the girl. Remember, I hang with bikers. Believe it or not very attractive women will make a point of innocently showing up to biker events to snag their “bad boy”, who usually has just enough money on him for gas, smokes and some beers at the bar.

        7. Kratom is Cosmic Universal Rape Of Awesomeness, in powdered form.
          How could I forget about Kratom? Dang, we’re really lagging behind on Sponsored Posts from the kratom folks aren’t we?

        8. I grew up between a few clubs , those guys also had the look to match the game they used . I think the original comment was more directed at the average male . Not everyone gets to rock leathers , one percenters are called that for a reason haha

        9. That sounds vaguely like it was snagged from Apocalypse Now.
          Whore to American GI: “Who are you?”
          GI: “I’m next, ma’am”

    1. Looks don’t matter as much as game. They get the first IOI’s going, but you can snag a decent looking broad without having to look like Brad Pitt. Telling yourself otherwise is to do nothing more than wallow in your own failures.

    2. Women are much much more interested in men with power, money, etc. than looks. Haven’t you ever heard the term gold digger?

  4. Good article. Here’s a few more
    9. “follow your passion and the money will follow”
    10. “you can be whatever you want if you just believe in yourself”
    11. “women want sex just as much as men do”
    12. “love is forever”
    13. “here’s your trophy, because everyone is a winner”

    1. 9. Technically that’s actually true. Following your passion can lead to the creation of a great product or service that people want. Also if you’re a lazy cunt whose passion is in wanking and eating cereal all day, then money still follows in the form of a government check.

      1. you are certainly not incorrect with both of your examples. Just the point, is 99% of businesses and entrepreneurial efforts ultimately fail.

        1. Indeed, 80% of entrepreneurial effort fail. The start-up success rate is about a 20%.
          And yes, following your passion is a good thing, as long as your passion has a market value (like IT, for example). When you work in something you love, you can work almost non-stop.

        2. “And yes, following your passion is a good thing, as long as your passion has a market value (like IT, for example). When you work in something you love, you can work almost non-stop”

        3. A man can hate his tiring 40+ hour/week day job and still have enough energy to put in another 40 for a startup he’s passionate about and believes will be successful

      2. The problem is most peoples’ “passions” translate into very low paying work. In order to be able to have some fun every now and then one must get his hands dirty doing a job he’d not necessarily do for fun.

        1. Maybe. I hear a lot of these types whine that their minimum wage job supposedly isn’t enough to live on (but they haven’t died) and that the government should force their employers to pay them more money.

        2. Besides the low pay, most people don’t really have a “passion” to the extent that they’re willing to put in the 10,000 hours to get really, really good at it. They just say “eh, I’ll work on it tomorrow” as they go to their day job, come back home exhausted, watch TV and go to sleep, then repeat it all again the next day.
          If it was truly a “passion” they’d put in the time to make a real living off of it.

        3. Which is fine and well. The problem is that they’ve been taught that because they lack drive, that they are justified in demanding that government hold a gun to those WITH drive, on their behalf.

        4. Indeed.
          Hopefully the presidential election in the US is going to be a showdown between this “everybody gets a trophy” socialism and the current figurehead of capitalism (in spite of the faults).
          If it’s “raving socialist Bernie” and his millenial zealots versus RINO republican who couldn’t motivate bread to go stale, we’re dead. If we have a perfectly polar election season instead of the same old fake versus fake, the debates and knowledge gained may be beneficial regardless of who wins.

        5. I don’t think it is the pay people are after buy the way they live. If a person is living a life they are content with they will accept pretty much anything in terms of pay.

        6. I don’t think one has to make a living off one’s passion per se. I have no problem working my ass off at a day job so that I can relax or do leisure activities outside of work.

        7. There’s risk and then there’s risk. Risk has been stacked very high against those without political access.

        8. Good point. Look at how split the nation is;
          Half want an outright socialist.
          Half want the ‘figurehead of capitalism’ as you say.
          It’s two different countries now. Unfortunately, one of the countries has to pay for the other.

        9. >The problem is most peoples’ “passions” translate into very low paying work.
          Living off the land is low-paying, but can be very satisfying.
          It’s another of the Jewish lies that consumption of their products is the only route to happiness. You’re a good goy.

      3. Hmmm you may be onto something.
        The “follow your passion” thing is an invention of the boomers. I can understand the sentiment.
        Back in my day (get off my lawn warning) we were surrounded with Silent Generation (SG) types who “got that job in the factory after coming back from the service” and spent 30+ years doing the same job every day.
        Their minds were gone. Their health was not far behind either. You never saw such stultification.
        On the converse side, I see a lot of millenials trying to make their hobby their passion and frankly, this looks like it has almost the same odds for success as becoming a rock star. We swung the pendulum too far the other way. Yes you don’t want to end up like Great Grandpa Bob who didn’t know which end was up after 30 years of collating TPS reports or stacking boxes but your chances of success monetizing your video game habit with streaming or YouTube channels is not as good as you think.
        GenX is the generation that got to know their mind-rotted elders the best, and yes it was appalling. I do a parody of talking to a “very stupid person” at parties whereby everything I say is misunderstood and I tell people “I had relatives like this”. So a good lot of us did “follow our dreams/passions” like the boomers told us as if that were the only escape and many of us crashed and burned horribly. The Late GenXers were hit harder with this “pressure” and that’s how the “I’m interested in nothing” and “slacker” thing became a feature of GenX. It became a choice of being inserted into the matrix for a life of brain death OR be some fake scrappy disingenuous self-marketer turning his hobby into a job and for the most part (as usually observed) inserting our “skills” into existing processes as middle men to somehow make money off of it. This is why all through the 1990s all you heard was “Consulting! Consulting! Consulting!” and “Services industry! Services industry! Services industry!”
        It was a rotten and soul burning choice. Brain death or become a rent-seeking douchebag.
        What I have found is the golden “middle ground”. A job that actually pays you without having to crack a fake smile and blow your own horn every 2 minutes, but at the same time, tolerable enough that you don’t spend Friday night dreading having to come back to it on Monday morning.

        1. Gavin McInnes goes over many of these same points in this.
          His visceral anger is hilarious too!

        2. Hey Doktor, Great post…I was thinking about what my status was & that middle ground it a great way to put it. I’m almost 49 (but look 35) never married, no kids & was an electrical engineer for years, making 6 figures, but in 2009 got laid off. Now a good portion of those STEM jobs are outsourced, or they hire immigrants on work visas & pay them 30% less, so had to get creative, especially since it cost an arm & a leg to live here. I cut back my lifestyle, paid off the house, now have my own business repairing spa equipment in Southern California & a silent investor in 5 stores. Won’t get rich doing it, but with zero debt, I maintain the middle ground, plus no boss, don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time. The view is better than the beach as the patrons and employees are 90% women of all ages and in various states of undress (including various celebrities). When the weather gets hot, (85 in Feb) they wear the most revealing clothes available to draw that attention they crave more than pigs at the feeding trough. The conversations they have amongst themselves prove every theory & commentary on here 100% correct. So does the fact that the snobby Beverly Hills housewives/girlfriends sucking cock for BMWs & other luxury items from some pseudo rich beta schmuck look at me like I’m a ditch digger, & have no idea my house is paid off, a 6 figure savings, & other investments. It’s like dodging bullets every day man, but at the same time get the occasional bang from some 22 year old receptionist/aspiring actress with no obligation. Middle ground is key in today’s world, it sucks crawling in & under this equipment sometimes, traffic here sucks too, but it’s tolerable, & I don’t dread having to go to work every day. Again great post man.

      4. It may lead to. It usually doesn’t. Then to be successful at it business wise requires at least one partner with complementary skill set because the odds of all the skills and abilities being in one person are very very low.

      5. My passion is to declare myself a god with an army of followers and destroy unbelievers with merciless impunity.
        The reality is I have to make a living doing other things.
        If your passion is completely unrealistic its a destructive to your well being.

    2. 9 and 10. Would you instead invert them and say “don’t bother following your passion its a waste of time” and “you can’t be anything you want no matter how much you believe”?

      1. I’d rather have less money and do something I enjoy than make a lot of money doing something I hate.
        You can’t buy back time… And you’ll probably end up spending a lot of that money to compensate for the stress of hating your job.
        There’s a balance point in there somewhere.

        1. True. Of course most people can make a living following their passion. Although we must distinguish between passions for work and mere hobbies.

    3. It’s unbelievable how many saps believe #11. For this to be factual, women must have far more testosterone than men.

      1. It’s a lie perpetrated to rub it into our faces that: “look how well women control their raging sex drive! if you can’t do the same, you are an asshole”
        That’s basically it.

      1. “provided it solves some problem”
        have you noticed how many donut and cupcake shops there are on earth. even here in asia they are everywhere. Seems like the problem a lot of people have is that there is not a donut shop within a one minute walk/mobile scooter ride of where they are at this moment. people are idiots, if you are trying to solve a problem for them, chances are you are making the world worse. America is 30% obese.

        1. I hear you. But even if you do not follow your passion, you will still make no money for long, unless you solve some problem for people. The amount of money you make is determined by the difficulties you solve for people, or the number of people you solve them for. That is an indisputable fact.

        2. I have lived in America all my life and I find it hard to believe that there is 30% obesity. Now, 50% I could believe.

    4. “9. “follow your passion and the money will follow””
      I believe in that one though. And even if money don’t follow, you will live a good life doing what you love.
      Most rich people became rich because they did what they liked to do.

      1. do you really believe that? do you understand anything about usury, the FIRE industries, etc.??
        Most rich people are talentless parasites. Let me guess, you think anti Semitism is based on “jealousy”

    5. For 9. what about if you don’t have anything you are passionate about? Is that a flaw in your character that you can fix (and if so how), or is it something that you should accept – that you don’t care about anything.

    6. 14. They told men that all our greatness is a social construct.
      She can’t be a butt slut
      it is a social construct
      her mouth is not to eat and sing
      is to fuck and suck
      her womb is not to harbor life
      but to jizz and cum inside
      it is a social construct
      the same for cuck
      His penis is to homoanus sex
      u idiot if don’t do butthex
      That is to everyone except Israel
      iran, china and japan
      It is a social construct
      It is a cuck made up
      The french law:
      fathering is a social setup
      so betas must pay the bastards
      and support da manjaw
      It’s the law, it’s the right stuff
      βeta retard, it’s a cuck made up
      She’s a slut
      You won’t own her butt
      Her heart?
      Don’t u know they even haven’t head?
      Soul? Lzolzolzozlzo
      The sages said you were a fool
      From Watson and T Hunt to Plato
      But time fix the things! Don’t even matter she has a past
      You forget the o.c.r.
      As the beta you are inside
      She is easy to get laid,
      the bitch of 1000 anal rides
      Tales of an anal whore
      Is not yet healed her hole
      As she has been in uncountable cock brawls
      Her hole is forever sore
      It is a fuck construct
      It is a social convention
      To destroy Western Civilization
      one cock rule one cock rule i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
      about another cock ya make me think i’m gone, yo bitch

    7. Women do want more sex as much as men do.As long as they are attracted to a man.
      Stop reading Roosh’s butthurt complains about the world and meanie wyminz, start lifting, buy good clothes, start approaching women-and the world will change for you.
      You will suddenly see that 99% of women are not fat feminists and that you can actually have fun with women.
      Oh and stop believing the crap about “location independent lifestyle”. You need a job and a real one,not “entrepreneur” or whatever other titles losers like to call themselves. Unless you have an amazing tech product to sell- you wont be able to make money from “location independent bla bla bla”. Money is in finance, law,medicine,tech,industry and speculations.

    8. Nice list. The results of that list…
      9. I want free shit! I should be a manager within my first year.
      10. You better believe in my dream too!
      11. Fuck me like the slut I am. “He raped me.”
      12. Until somebody comes along with more money.
      13. Why is his bigger than mine! That’s not fair.
      “I feel so warm and happy inside. If you fuck with my warm happy euphoric state I’ll destroy you.”

    1. It’s right there in the article, man.
      “FBI agent Coleen Rowley came forward saying her office knew prior to
      2001 that alleged bomber Zacarias Moussaoui paid $8,000 cash for Boeing
      747 flight lessons and was planning a suicide hijacking but had
      requests to search his room denied by superiors.”

        1. You said it wasn’t on the list. It was. If you expect a huge dissertation on 9/11, in an article whose word length is restricted to 1500 or less words, then you may be asking too much.

    2. What false flag for WWI? It was the letter/telegram from the German Chancellor to the Mexican president promising Mexico much of the American Southwest if and when Germany defeated the US. Germany had already decided that the US was basically on the Allies side due to the fact that we had lent them so much money we had to keep them from losing or we would go bankrupt. BTW, Germany was right. The Lusitania was merely a pretext.

      1. Lusitania sinking swayed American opinion in favor of entering World War One. As such, it was a combination of Pearl Harbor and 9-11. The evidence suggests an explosion and not a torpedo caused the ship to sink in 18 minutes.

      2. Point is that the USA didn’t have a dog in the fight that was WW1. And the Zimmerman letter was the product of a brainless foreign minister who didn’t realize that Mexico, torn by revolution and impoverished, had no cogent military power, and should have been responded to with a protest letter at most. And Wilson (a disgusting human being) broke a solemn vow to the American people that the US wouldn’t get involved in that war. A war that as it turns out, made the World safe for fascism and communism, down the road.

  5. Probably should put the Just-World Fallacy somewhere on the list, with its variants: Everything happens for reason. Everyone gets what he deserves. You create your own luck. And similar delusions. . .
    When in fact success happens more randomly than we want to admit.

    1. Try sitting on your ass, on a couch, playing video games all day and smoking pot, as compared to putting in hard and diligent effort towards your goals. Which one will net you financial success more often?
      There is no promise that hard work will give you great rewards, it’s just a good odds evening strategy that works far more often than it doesn’t work. This isn’t to say that luck doesn’t play a factor of course, but success is usually always the result of a whole lot of focus, purpose and work, unless one inherits wealth or strikes the lotto.
      I do agree about the “karma” type stuff, that’s just silly (“everything happens for a reason”, etc.).

        1. However, if the game is rigged so that your chance of converting hard work into success decreases to the single digit probabilities, what then? You have to have enough incentives to make the investment of hard work worth the expectation, expectation = value of outcome X probability of outcome. If the expectation is significantly less than the required investment cost, then you are a fool to play that game. Right or wrong many young men have decided that the expectation is not worth the input.

      1. What did the braces-wearing 14 year old boy Braxton Wood do to get sex from his girlfriend in 2013? Because I can guarantee you he didn’t have to do any of the self-development bullshit advocated by this website; his girlfriend at the time found him fuckable in his given state. And god knows how many other girls he’s fucked since then, given his high-profile sexual validation by his first girlfriend.

        1. Missed my point entirely I see.
          You can do nothing and get lucky.
          You can be the most brilliant, hard working, focused man on earth and fail.
          That’s why we call it luck.
          But if you don’t mitigate luck with focus, hard work and self improvement I can predict the result of your lifetime body of work pretty easily in most cases.
          Bringing it all down to luck justifies the Left’s obsession with stripping away our liberties and money. Keep that in mind.

        2. I like to say luck is the crossroads between ability and opportunity. I think success requires both.

      2. But everything–good or bad–does happen for a reason. God is both the great puppet master and the great rewarder and punisher. I’ve seen too much Christian “karma” to conclude otherwise. Sometimes the reasons things happen aren’t readily apparent, that’s all. It takes a bit if thinking and research to figure it out. And it happens on both the macro (God destroying the USSR because of its godlessness) and micro level (adulterers falling ill, sodomites dying of AIDS, murderous tyrants like Mao Zedong dying of ALS, venereal diseases etc.). And if you ask “well, what about little children who fall ill; what have they done?”, remember that God took the life of David and Bathsheba’s baby because David committed murder. And there’s no need to mention the whole Passover thing. Talk about the slaughter of innocents! And there’s a verse in Exodus that says that God punishes sins to the third or fourth generation. So if your Grandfather was an SOB, you may suffer for it. Not fair, but that’s how it is.

  6. Conspiracy theorists show conveniently flexible standards for their “trutherism.” On the one hand they believe that the Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum existed, and that the Feds allegedly “murdered” him in cold blood. What if I argued that the Feds created Finicum out of thin air, and that they staged the shooting recorded on video by drones as an elaborate hoax to promote some other agenda?
    Because that would make about as much sense as other kinds of “truther” claims we see out there, like the ones about the Sandy Hook school shooting which deny that the murdered children ever existed.

      1. I think he’s alluding to this:
        “FBI agent Coleen Rowley came forward saying her office knew prior to 2001 that alleged bomber Zacarias Moussaoui paid $8,000 cash for Boeing 747 flight lessons and was planning a suicide hijacking but had requests to search his room denied by superiors.”

    1. 9/11 was an Inside Job. Grow up and deal with it like a man. Stopp whining and wimpering around “ahh those baaad conspiracy nuts”.

      1. You believe in UFO’s and Big Foot, too, right? You have just as much evidence in your favor as the UFO nut and the Big Foot moron. I deal in facts, buddy, not web site conjecture.

        1. You got it. FYI I am a Materials Engineer:
          First, an intense fire within the building. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2056088/Footage-kills-conspiracy-theories-Rare-footage-shows-WTC-7-consumed-fire.html
          Structural steel begins to soften(anneal) at 450F. The building had plenty of fuel to burn and would probably burn at about 650 F. The steel would lose up to 50% of its strength after a period of time at temperature. Buckling of outer columns would eventually give way resulting in a cascading failure. As the joists on one or two of the most heavily burned floors gave way and the outer box columns began to bow outward, the floors above them fell. The floor below could not support the roughly 45,000 tons of floors (or more) above crashing down. This started the domino effect that caused the building to collapse. The collapse would have only taken eight seconds and would have impacted at 300 km/h.

  7. A corollary to No. 8: the government, from local to National, always lies. What they are lying about and why is what a good journalist should be asking.
    At the very least, regular folk should be asking those questions all the time. Power doesn’t attract good people in general, but psychopaths who are unable to succeed in the real world. In other words, psychopaths with huge chips on their shoulders.

  8. This is mfw louderwithcrowder took down you’re #6, because it was created by liberal asshats who don’t want you to be American:

  9. And the biggest whopper of them all:
    9. Pure cosmic awesomeness is achievable without Kratom.

    1. don’t be crazy GoJ. No one in history, or in the future for that matter, has ever said that. I know about the future because the constraints of time ae non existent on kratom….at least not when you take 1.21 gigawatts of kratom (yes, measurement standards also not applicable to kratom)

      1. I really need to get my Mr. Fusion working, as it stands right now I can only take that much Kratom if there is a lightening storm that I know about ahead of time and a clock tower nearby.

        1. the paradox is great: you can only take that much kratom if you know about a lightening storm ahead of time, but you can only know about a lightning storm ahead of time if you take that much Kratom.

        2. Besides, who can find lighting at precisely the right place and time… Wait, maybe the old City Hall clock?

      1. We all do, man. We all do. Maybe Kratom isn’t addictive, but Sponsored Posts about it sure are.

      1. Take it easy man, don’t go crazy again, we don’t want to cause a scene here, there are blue pillers present.

    2. Why is it when I read some of these articles, I know someone is going to throw in a Kartom joke? :LOL:

  10. Their hamsters must be running overtime with the conflicting ideas that promiscuous anonymous sex is both empowering and awesome, but also repulsive to guys so therefore they must lie and cover it up.
    This has to be one of the biggest lies that is hardest for them to swallow. The funny thing is, deep down, they KNOW we are right, or else they wouldn’t have to lie about their sexual past.

  11. One big lie I remember from grade school: “Anyone can be president” Of course who would want the job anyway!!

    1. In theory it’s still true. The practical matter of course is that it requires connections, money and no small amount of selling your soul to Satan. But in theory yes, you could, if you tried hard enough, get a movement with enough support to get elected President. It’s just really fucking hard in this day and age.

        1. Well, there is that. In fact, I’d forgotten it entirely.
          Amended then: You can still get to Congress if you’re just an Average Joe.

        2. At which point you can kill the entirety of congress, the president and vice president, and then you can vote yourself into office!

        3. That’s a pretty ambitious plan you have there Andy.

        1. Yes, I know. I think the context of the quote, which is quite old, implies “by Constitutional means”. It does not mean, for example, that you can be President by simply assassinating everybody, nor does it mean that you can be President by declaring yourself President. The Constitutional process is clearly implied.

      1. Astronaut? Any day of the week brother, sign me up!
        So now you have an answer.

        1. I never understood the appeal, especially after watching hours of the the Christy Mc(?) disaster on the news as a youngster. Like Robert Frost tells us in his poem, we have enough desert spaces closer to home that we need to explore.
          Ehh, Ghost, to each his own.

        2. I grew up being told that I was going to “live on the moon!”. It just seemed like a natural progression, cut short by a bunch of welfare slackers chanting about keeping money going to them instead of aiming for the stars.
          In any event, I’d sign up today for “lone man to Mars” if some agency would be crazy enough to let me board that spacecraft.

        3. Well now we use the Soyuz, which has a much much much better safety record than that piece of shit the space shuttle.

        4. The Space Shuttle worked fine, as far as it goes, with one black mark on its record. All rocket models/spacecraft types can and sometimes do explode at some point or another. Even the kind that get men all the way to the moon can sometimes have mishaps (Apollo 13 mission comes to mind).

        5. Actually two black marks; one blew up on takeoff (Christa McAuliffe ) and the one that broke up on reentry/landing approach.

        6. “with one black mark on its record.” 2 actually, 14 people died, more than any other space craft in history. In addition two out of five orbiters were destroyed. “All rocket models/spacecraft types can and sometimes do explode at some point or another.” Well contrast the shuttle with the Soyuz has had has two disasters, one of which was on an experimental ship (Soyuz one) and in total only 4 people have died, despite the fact that HUNDREDS of Soyuz’s have been in space (as compared to the dozen’s of space shuttle missions).
          “Even the kind that get men all the way to the moon can sometimes have mishaps (Apollo 13 mission comes to mind).” yes but they were able to recover the issues with Apollo 13, they couldn’t with the Columbia or Challenger.

        7. Fair enough. I’m not a fan of the shuttle since it’s a government thing, just not going on the whole “piece of shit” tangent. Plus it’s fun to make fun of Russians not getting a man to the moon. Heh.

        8. ” I’m not a fan of the shuttle since it’s a government thing” Are you one of those “the government can only do harm!” type people? sigh. “Plus it’s fun to make fun of Russians not getting a man to the moon.” Yeah, they just put the first object in orbit, put the first man in space/orbit, First animal in orbit, First female in space, etc. holy shit, so many things I can’t even get them all!

        1. You know, typical rhetoric. It’s the shit we sold kindergardteners in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

  12. Max, this article plus your other article on Lies here at rok: I wish these were read to me back in the 1970s (aside from the recent specific things you cited that are more relevant ro current things today) and I would have dodged a lot of societal bullshit as well has avoided bullshit female behavior.
    These two articles should be read to every young boy growing up. At the same time when civil war hits, the Truth will be painfully self evident and there will be no place or means for lies. Nothing like a major social reboot to set shit straight.

  13. As a lady I find this article very illuminating.I like reading about the malicious wars fought by USA under faux pretext.It goes to show how our country’s leaders are puppets in the hands of military industrial tycoons.

      1. I beg to differ.Our Founding Fathers fought for American Independence from the grip of British Wars.That’s not malicious. Launching assault to protect freedom and for solely defense purpose is pertinent. The American Independence War is one such example.

        1. At the core of every Modern war in every modernized country, some group benefits economically. It is impossible to claim that we are any worse off for fighting in Korea, ‘Nam, or Iraq. There is strong possibility that we in fact did stave off communism. I firmly believe the Middle East was as violent as it currently is. Why good comes from beating ourselves up over it?

    1. Take your leftism somewhere else, toots. Government and their “leaders” are not forced to do anything by “tycoons”.

      1. Will Rogers’ quip that “we have the greatest Congress money can buy” was not far off, and nowadays, with the power of Wall Street, it applies to the executive, too. That explains, in part, the whole #feelthebern thing.

    1. She’s got a weird arch down there. You could fit a Shinkasen train going full speed in between those thighs.

  14. Very nice comprehensive list of some recent lies by the American government on #8. I’m saving that for sure

  15. “But also, this rhetoric places people into two categories. Free or unfree. You are with us or you are against us. Are you for gay marriage or are you a bigot? Are you for equality or do you hate women? The goal of all this is to remove any dissent by creating a false argument, where there are only two sides. If the USA is free, then what it is doing is inherently good and right, and you must not criticize it. America will bring freedom to women and minorities and any policies America has you cannot disagree with because America is free and good.”
    Throw in the neocons with their “if you are not for war in Iraq you must be an anti-semite!” tactic and you realize that the entire “thing” we have on hand with the SJWs is one by (Trotskyist) neocon operation.
    That is, that which we retardedly think is entirely an invention of the left is in fact coming from the fake right.
    Notice who the SJWs never attack.

  16. “but the police, your girlfriend, and your harmless looking SJW neighbor will all tell a variety of lies to benefit them”, as they say: “Nobody knows nobody.”

  17. Is this part supposed to be sarcastic?
    “You are not being spied on. The government is not listening to your phone calls or tracking your internet activity”

    1. The article is a list of lies we are told. The above fits the bill. Sarcasm would be saying the *opposite* of what the speaker means to say.

    1. Well, if the troops are women and do the traditional thing of getting knocked up to avoid overseas service, then this is not a lie.

  18. Tired of that stupid Newsroom quote
    “There is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that we’re the greatest country in the world. We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 3rd in median household income, No. 4 in labor force and No. 4 in exports.
    Literacy/Science cant find statistics.
    Math – In the entire history of the international math olympiad the U.S. has never scored below 11, The U.S. rarely does worst than third and has gotten number 1 numerous times
    Life Expectancy – true. Our health care sucks
    Infant Mortality – true. Our health care sucks
    Median Household income – Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Can’t compare the U.S. to countries like Qatar and Singapore. These “countries” are smaller in population and area then nearly every state in the U.S. but have a lot of wealth relative to size. If Beverly Hills or Palm Beach were countries they would rank high too.
    Labor Force -Sure China and India have more people working than the U.S. They have 12 years old children working for 2 cents an hour to glue together iPhones and sew t-shirts. Also they have 3 times the population.
    Exports – if the U.S. didn’t have labor laws this statistic would probably change as well.

    1. From talking to people from Singapore, the country hardly even belongs to the natives of that country.
      The place is rich, because it gives its business to foreign investment. Actual Singaporeans struggle from what I understand.
      So what your country is rich if it’s not your country?

      1. This is the lie they push with globalisation when they talk about improved economies and more jobs. The reality is the lower/middle class natives work harder, longer for less whilst the elite are the only people that will see these economic benefits. If they complain they are replaced.

    2. American infant mortality rate is only so high, because the US actually counts preemies as babies, unlike other barbarous nations.

    3. Actually even further our infant mortality is better than listed, because even amongst first world countries, we’re only one of two that count live births by the WHO definition(with the other exception of Canada), as in any birth premie or otherwise that has even a single heart beat. Several of the countries that supposedly beat us on infant mortality, will only count a premature child as a live birth if it has been alive outside the womb for at least 9 months. In fact the Canadians did a study with this fact and found that they and the US were in the top 15 at least.
      The fact that skews our life expectancy is the number of violent deaths, that oddly seem to have larger concentrations in urban areas with strict gun-controls (on the law abiding anyway), which throw it off kilter. If you exclude those our national life expectancy goes up considerably.

  19. ROK descending into conspiracy theories and black flag events and such. My muslim friends would love it, just add 911 and the paris attacks to the list and we can post this to any jihadi website.
    Seriously though, I am wary of RoK going down this route for it will only attract the loonies here

    1. They already did a 9/11 article. It was stupid. If RoCk wants to do conspiracy theories they need to stick to covering the wealthiest people in the world

  20. “George Orwell’s 1984 introduced the idea of Newspeak, a fictional controlled language created by the totalitarian state of Oceania to control its people and punish those who commit “thoughtcrime” Do you not see that you’re part of the shouting and braying mob too? Every where you’re being manipulated, even here, heavens forbid!

  21. Oh but wait, you think all women lie and complain you don’t know of any decent women left, yet when presented with the options of wifing a Muslim girl, you guys shit a brick and go all White power supremacist over that shit.

  22. # From women “I’m not that type of girl”
    # From your Employer “She got the job because she fitted the criteria”
    # From Climate Changers “Its not wealth transferring its about taxing the rich to help the planet”

  23. As expected ROK has become a yellowish blog and a conspiracy theorists congregation backyard.

  24. “Various lies about Iraq (Cheney: ‘Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us’ W Bush: ‘We found the weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq]. We found biological laboratories’ Rumsfeld: ‘We know where they [Iraq’s WMD] are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north’”
    This is an article by the New York Times. It’s about how our troops found numerous chemical weapons, particularly mustard gas, during the Iraq War. Some troops were even exposed and became casualties. Is it the same as finding a bunch of nukes in a silo? NO, not saying that. But these vectors could have been used to achieve massive kill counts.
    I’m not trying to defend the Bush Admin, they weren’t perfect at all, but I wonder where the goalposts really are sometimes.

    1. Shit like that happens a lot. There were even times when we would send up reports of things encountered (like bicycle borne IEDs), and within the next week when briefed by the intel guys, we would be informed that no such things existed, and that we shouldn’t talk about such things. Apparently our unit was just under the exact same shared delusion that many other units were under.

  25. I’m not sold on women and how many guys they sleep with. In my experience, most guys aren’t getting laid that much if at all. A few guys get a lot of pussy, most are sleeping with the same gf or wife or not at all. I think it’s probably the same for women. A lot of unattractive women 30+ years old don’t find it that easy to get sex with a guy up to their standards. I won’t mention women 40+. Unless they’re married or really good looking, no one is trying to sex them. That leaves a short window of teens and 20’s. College is probably when most of their counts spike.

    1. But if you listen to the posters here, they’re all riding some vast carousels of penises, all owned by bad boy “Fonzie” types, while the nice guy Potsies who post here are all left sans pussy.

  26. That video does dispel the idea that America is #1 in everything, but fails to suggest any real reason why we have failed other than a vague reference to liberals. Also note the diversity intentionally shown in the audience.
    Throwing in the profanity just makes it seem like the guy is ranting from emotion rather than speaking from reason. The whole scene has the typical Hollywood scripting.
    So if that is the most honest three and a half minutes on television, I guess it makes me the Grand Duchess of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

  27. Am I missing something? I don’t understand what those government lies have to do with feminism.
    It’s weird to see a writer discussing so many things I agree with… and yet conflating it with feminism.
    I just don’t believe that feminists have that much power over the world. I am not totally for or against feminism, I just think that as a group, they are weak.

  28. “This clip from HBO’s Newsroom sums it up perfectly.”
    Hate to burst your bubble but um…..
    that clip reeks of leftoid agitprop.
    e.g. “We now wage war on poor people instead of poverty and we lead the world in incarceration”
    codespeak “We now shoot and jail fine upstanding young black hooligans.”
    “We didn’t ID ourselves by who we voted for back in the day”
    Also the ‘sorority girl’ remark was a deliberate jab at being pretty, blonde, and white (NOT at being female!).

    1. Actually that clip is true, the fact that the poor and incarcerated are disproportionately “of color” notwithstanding. And when I registered to vote in the 1970s I was never asked for ID, nor when I went to the polls.

  29. 5. “Diamond is a symbol of love and trust.” Modern men lack the knowledge about how diamond came about being a symbol of engagements and marriage. It was all propaganda created by Edward Bernays with the De Bears diamond company. Which boomed the diamond industry decades ago. Now if you don’t buy your girlfriend a diamond ring, it means that you dont love her. If you are beta. You will develop a guilt-trip. Edward Bernays coined the phrase ” diamond is a girl’s best friend.” He is also the smart beta who used propaganda to get women to smoke, which also boomed the cigerette industry decades ago. Great stuffs. If you are interested, do some research on Edward Bernays. There’s a long documentary about the guy on youtube.

  30. You lost me with the Tillman bit. I knew guys in his unit – your story takes the cake for utterly unfounded conspiracy theories. Tillman was killed by friendly fire, and yes, the brass tried to polish it so he’d look like a hero. But suggesting he had some political agenda to “expose lies” is tin foil hat nonsense with no factual backing whatsoever.
    Sometimes shitty things just happen – quit watching infowars.

  31. One, Muslims do hate freedom. Especially freedom of expression, and freedom of religion, in particular. Muslims want only one religion; theirs. They also find the separation of Church and State morally insane, since they are convinced religion and politics are the same thing, and like Christians, believe that without religion, morality is not possible. Two, there really were WMDs in Iraq. Even the New York Times belatedly reported as such. And three, IMO, if Bill Clinton had authorized the assassination of Bin Laden, 9/11 would not have happened.

  32. A lot of these, I realized as I grew older. It was the same type of feeling as when I slowly knew that Democrats weren’t the only party that cared about blacks, and that Republicans wanted to put us back in chains. So after I joined the Navy, as soon as I could, I got stationed in Spain (Rota), and Sardinia (La Maddelena). I learned among many things, some on your list, That Europeans Do Not sit around dreaming about coming the the US. As a matter of fact, many of them do come and then get the hell out…going back home. They knew about the crime rate, including rapes, and child abductions. These were major news if they happened when I was there, (’88 to ’94, pre refugee days.) And of course the women themselves, were very different. Then you have the ” Ugly American”, the idiots, that believe all the lies you wrote about, and treat other countries as if they are ghettos, and would be better if they would only be more like the US. The idiot that tells French people that they owe us for saving them in WW2, and then wonders why they do not like him /her or Refers to their currency (Francs, Pesetas, Lire, pre Euro) as Monopoly money ect.
    My addtion to the list, is “Everything happens for a reason.”

  33. Additional lie:
    “Pulitzer Prize investigative journalist Seymour Hersh”
    Lie 14: Pulitzer prizes mean anything. They’re awarded by leftists to other leftists. These are the same “investigative reporters” that thought that Josef Stalin was a nice guy.
    The National Enquirer has better standards.

  34. Based on conversations I’ve had with veterans you can also be pretty confident that poppy from Afghanistan is making it’s way to the states.

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