How To Get Women To Pay For Stuff And Buy You Presents

Gentleman, today is going to be a glorious and exciting day. We’re going to be discussing a topic that is very near and dear to my stone-cold heart. I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy this particular subject in a few of my other articles, and I think the time has finally come to get down to business and talk about how to make it happen. Yes, indeed, today we’re going to talk about…

Getting women to pay for our shit.


Oh how I love it when women pay for shit. God damn, I love it so much. Watching a woman open up her purse, grab her wallet, and then spend her not-so-hard-earned money on me is sweet enough to cause a spike in my blood sugar. I especially enjoy it when they put everything on their credit cards and then only make the minimum monthly payments.

What’s that? A 17.99% APR interest rate, you say? No fucking problem, replies the impetuous slut.

After all, what do they really have to worry about when it’s all said and done? The dumb bastards who end up marrying these hoes are the ones that get stuck paying off all the stuff they’ve bought for me. And since I’m a nice guy and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, I would just like to say to all of you mules out there who end up marrying these women—thank you. You’re all such great guys; heroes even. Monuments should be erected in your honor.


Okay, enough lambasting the dumbasses who marry broken-down clunker sluts—let’s get started with the good stuff. In a previous article, I said the following: “Women love winners, and women love losers—it’s the guys in the middle they can’t fucking stand.” I believe those words are universal to women across the board; however, I think they especially ring true when it comes to getting women to pay for stuff.

I will be using that fundamental tenet as the foundation of this article, because at the end of the day, there are only two types of men that women will spend their money on—winners and losers.

How Losers Win

Women will gladly squander their money on losers all damn day, and do so with a smile. It’s happening right now as I type this: some guy out there is charging $1,300 in car modifications on his woman’s Visa card, another is at Best Buy purchasing a new $800 flat-screen TV with his girlfriend’s savings, and yet another man is hearing his fuckbuddy say, “Don’t worry, babe, I got this,” as she grabs the check for their $25 breakfast.

Whether the amount of money being spent is big or small is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if the woman in question is opening her wallet right along with her legs.

The loser accomplishes this by creating an aura that lets women know that their pussies aren’t anything worth getting too excited about. A woman is accustomed to her pussy being more than sufficient to keep a man eating out of the palm of her hand, but a loser isn’t pliable to that bullshit. He doesn’t care about a particular woman’s pussy all that much because, well, it’s just another pussy.


The loser understands that 3.5 billion out of every 3.5 billion women have a vagina. Not only is the woman he’s involved with replaceable—she’s extremely replaceable. The loser may even vocalize this from time to time if he feels a woman needs to be reminded of just how fucking disposable she truly is. Pussy, to a loser, is like a golf ball to Tiger Woods—he’ll just grab another one if he needs to.

A woman will pick up on this attitude, and even though the man she’s involved with is a loser—she will step up her game to keep him nonetheless. Stepping up her game can encompass several different things, and opening up her wallet and trying to win over the loser through buying his affection is one of them.

Guys in the middle will sit back and observe this with bewilderment and say to themselves, “Man, I would treat her so good, I would do anything for her, yet she’s with this piece of shit who barely works and treats her poorly, she should be with me instead!”

Those men are right. In an ideal world, these women would be with them instead, but the problem lies with the fact that women are fucking morons—that’s the most accurate description I can think of for them. Any decent looking woman knows that she can have a good man at the drop of a hat if she desires; she’s fully aware that she could have a guy that would treat her well and go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.

And you know what? She fucking hates that guy. She hates the good man because he’s nothing more than a man in the middle, and being a man in the middle will never suffice for the average vagina-bearing shit-for-brains airhead running around America, I’m sorry to report.

The Virtue Of Selfishness

If there’s one thing the loser has going for him that the man in the middle doesn’t—it’s that he is selfish. The loser doesn’t care if a woman ends up living in a cardboard box because she spent all of her money on him, and he doesn’t care if she has to work countless hours of overtime to make ends meet.

The loser just thinks to himself, “Well, she’s a dumb bitch and it’s her fault for getting herself into these situations—ain’t my problem,” and you know what? He’s completely right—it is her fault and it ain’t his problem.

Losers, despite their countless faults, understand that a woman’s fucked-up decisions are one-hundred percent her responsibility—not his. Any man with two functioning eyeballs connected to an operable brain can sit back and spectate as women do stupid shit and waste their lives away, and the loser is more than happy to lend a helping hand in that process in an attempt to procure all he can get.

However, what the loser is not interested in is providing windfall protection for these women as they make their rapid descents—ensuring soft landings for dumbass women and their choices is beyond the scope of both the losers desires and his talents. The loser, for as stupid as he may be, isn’t stupid in this respect.

In my own experience, some of the women I’ve had the most difficulty getting rid of have been the ones that have received the worst treatment from me. For whatever reason, I just didn’t like them all that much and didn’t treat them very well. In many instances, it was usually because I found out something unsavory about their pasts and subsequently lost the little bit of respect I may have had for them to begin with.

As a result, I never went above and beyond to please them. I never complimented them or said nice things to them. I didn’t respond to their text messages or phone calls for hours, and that’s if I bothered responding at all. I flirted with other women right in front of them. I didn’t care if I gave them a good fucking, and I certainly didn’t care if they had an orgasm—I just didn’t give a damn about any of it. I treated these women like they were lower than shark shit at the bottom of Marianna’s Trench, and they completely adored me for it.


I can hear the collective moans coming from both the men and women reading this: “Bullshit, A.V. Yader! There’s no way a woman would be crazy about you and buy you stuff if you’re not fucking her good and giving her multiple squirting orgasms!” Well, I hate to break it to you, but y’all are dead wrong.

Being good in bed helps, there’s certainly no denying that, but it’s far from the most important thing in the world. It all boils back down to emotions with women, and what you do outside the bedroom is much more important in the grand scheme of things.

We tend to look at sex as a recreational activity nowadays as opposed to what it really is—the means of procreation. It’s important to keep this fact in mind. Obviously, none of us here want to have a child with some random broad that we’re casually dating, but we do want to simulate the process of making a baby with her (i.e. fucking her).

When dealing with women, most guys will ask themselves, “What can I do to get this woman to sleep with me?” When what they really should be asking themselves is: “What can I do to make this woman want to have my babies?” There is a difference between the two, and it’s important to understand that difference.

Give Her The Baby Rabies

A woman who is willing to buy you stuff and show up at your place on command is a woman that you’ve emotionally attracted to the point that she wants to bear your children. This isn’t something that she’s going to verbalize to you, or even understand it herself—it’s instinctual. She craves your seed because you’re hitting all of the correct emotional buttons. You’ve succeeded in making her so crazy about you that she wants to have a miniature version of you running around—she wants to fucking duplicate you.

And in order for that to happen, she doesn’t have to have a single orgasm. She needs you to cum, for you to be the one that feels good. What you want always comes first because in order for her to get what she desires—your offspring—you are the one that ultimately must be sexually satisfied.


A man in the middle can get on his knees and eat pussy until his tongue falls off, or he can fuck with the ferocity of a two-peckered jack rabbit on a meth binge—but it doesn’t matter. He can give a woman all the orgasms in the world, but it doesn’t mean shit because he’s just a fucking man in the middle. She doesn’t crave that man’s seed—she doesn’t want to produce his progeny. The man in the middle simply doesn’t create the emotions needed to elicit such a primitive and visceral response in most women.

A major reason why single mothers have no problems settling with a man in the middle is because they already have what they truly want: the offspring of a loser. They will always have a piece of their loser with them for the rest of their lives and, for many women, that is more than enough to make them content—even with a man in the middle. It’s also a major reason why single mothers emasculate their sons so much—they’re trying to tame their sons in the way they could never tame their losers.

The fact of the matter is that many women want losers, and only losers will do. If you can be the loser that a woman pines for, then she’ll make sure that you’re happy—this includes paying for stuff and buying you gifts, regardless if you make more money than her or not.

If you’re thinking something along the lines of the following: “Well, how can you evoke such emotions in a woman when you treat her so poorly? Surely no woman would tolerate such shitty treatment, not to mention want to bear your children!” The answer is simple, and was covered earlier in the article: women are fucking morons. Moving on.

How Winners Keep On Winning

The winner that has women spending money on him can be best described as a “carrot dangler.” The winner has shit going on—he’s not a loser. He has his house in order and his finances are solid (or have the potential of becoming solid). He’s a catch, and the women around him know that he’s a catch. But most importantly: he knows that he’s a catch, and he will use this to his advantage to the greatest extent possible.

The winner takes a good hard look at the women in his life and assesses their reasons and motives for wanting to be with him. These women may want quick access to his resources or long-term perpetual access—it all depends on the particular woman and what stage she’s at in her life.

The winner then takes inventory on what he has to offer—it could be money, businesses, access to events, social status, travel etc. It all depends on the winner and what he, as an individual, brings to the table. The winner understands perfectly well that while women will gladly fuck losers—and even prefer to fuck them in many cases—they want a winner when it comes time to settle down and enter a committed relationship.

The younger women are most likely after him for maximum short-term gains. They want to get in and get out with as much as they can in the shortest amount of time possible—they’re the “robbers.” The older ones in their mid to late twenties or early thirties are looking to lock down the winner for good—they’re the “executioners.”

I’m speaking in generalities here—young women can be executioners, and old women can be robbers too, obviously. But it’s not all that common. With that out of the way, let’s look at these two types of women in more detail.

The Robbers


Robbers are, by far, the most difficult women to get to pay their own way. Robbers are young, they’re pretty, and they know it. To get these women to spend their cash requires you to incorporate being a winner and being a loser into one unit—there’s no other way to do it in my experience. If you don’t incorporate some loser into your methodology, then you’ll be used like an ATM machine and taken for a ride. You have to set the tone early on that you—as a winner—are better than them.

The fact that a woman is young and attractive doesn’t mean shit to you because you’re a winner, and she’s not. She’s just another typical loser female—she’s beneath you, and you’re not impressed by her simply because she exists. The winner’s prevailing attitude is always, “Okay, you’re pretty, but so are many of the other women out there who want me, so you’d better step up your fucking game if you want to be in my presence.”

Young good looking women aren’t used to men having this kind of attitude towards them, so it intrigues them when they come across a guy who doesn’t worship the ground they walk on.

If a robber wants to date a winner, then she needs to prove that she’s worthy of his company. And she will prove her worth by paying her fair share from time to time, but make no mistake about it—you’re never going to come out on top or break even with a robber. This is completely acceptable because they’re young, hot, and generally fun to be around—they’re supposed to win.

The goal is to only give a robber the bare minimum while extracting as much as possible. Once they realize that you’re not going to bend to their whims and give them everything they want—they’ll bail out and pursue men that will. In the end, you’ll get very little out of the deal (unless she’s truly crazy about you), but at least you won’t get taken for a ride like the typical chumps who dates them.

The Executioners


Executioners are the easiest group of women to get to buy you stuff—especially if they’re the “strong and independent” type. These women are the ones that are weighed down with debt, emotional baggage, and monster egos. They’re searching for a winner, and only a winner will do for a long-term relationship.

Executioners are also “checklisters:” height matters, looks matter, job titles matter, and money—or the potential of it—really fucking matters. If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have any of those things,” then you needn’t worry. Most of these women get fucked by losers all the time, and they will continue to get fucked by them while they prowl for a winner.

These women can generally be divided into two categories: they’ve slept with tons of losers and now they want a winner, or they have low notch counts and only dated winners, but ended up ruining their relationships with those men because of their shitty attitudes or other intolerable defects. Both types are completely unacceptable and should be rode hard and put away wet as a result.

With the robbers—you just let them fade away on their own volition. However, the trick with the executioners is to quit while you’re still ahead, and you do this by dangling the carrot. The carrot is you and what you have to offer long-term. If a woman wants to travel the world and you have the ability to make that happen—then dangle the travel carrot in her face. Let her think that the possibility exists that you’ll take her on trips at some point down the road. You can do this without outright lying to her, just be vague with your words.

Perhaps you’re the kind of winner that could support a woman financially and she could stay at home and raise kids. If that’s the case, then dangle the financial security carrot in front of her. Give her the impression that you’re looking for a strong woman to settle down with, and that you have the resources to single-handedly provide for a family. Once again, you don’t outright say any of this stuff, and you certainly don’t tell a woman how much money you make. She’ll be able to draw reasonable conclusions on her own after she has spent some time with you.

Executioners with decent jobs will spend money on you to prove that they’re “team players” while simultaneously hammering home the point that they “don’t need a man”—feminism and “you go girlism” has these broads completely confused on how to properly behave.

They’re trying to demonstrate that they’re good women, but since they can’t cook, won’t clean, and would make terrible mothers—they take a more masculine approach and demonstrate their value through their careers and earning power. The more “strong and independent” they are, the more they will pay their fair share and beyond in many instances—they’re very egalitarian in this sense, but they’re far from altruistic.

Get The Investment


These women are making an investment in the winner. They’re trying to make the winner think, “Wow, she really likes me for who I am.” And they do this by picking up the bar tab, treating you to nice meals, or bringing you bottles of your favorite liquors from time to time.

They’re doing these small things because they think it will ultimately get them a McMansion with a pool, a German SUV, and a couple of annual vacations to the Caribbean down the road—they’re playing the penny stocks and hoping you’re Microsoft circa 1986. So all you have to do is dangle your carrot, kick back, and enjoy all of the goodies these women throw your way—then abruptly drop their asses before giving them any kind of significant return on their investments.

These types of women are dickheads, so I feel absolutely no guilt about leading them on and using them for all they’re worth—I’ve dealt with enough of them to know their game and how they operate. You stand much better chances of breaking even with these types of women than you do with a robber—you can even post the rare profit from time to time.

But the problem is executioners tend to become unhinged and lose their fucking minds when you end things with them. Just be smart in how you make your exit and take any necessary “cover your ass” precautions. I’ve been pretty lucky over the past couple of years and have never had any major problems, which is pretty astonishing, considering how big of a prick I can be.

In Closing

Being a loser is a younger man’s game, being a winner is for the older fellows, and being a combination of both is the mark of a man who truly gets it—a true player. But being a man in the middle? A man trapped in purgatory? That’s no place to be. It’s unfortunate because being a man in the middle used to be more than enough to get a decent woman. Those times are well behind us. Adapt, escape, or perish—those are your choices.

If you’re a man in the middle and you’re reading this, then it’s time to make some changes. The only way a man in the middle can exist is due to a lack of experience with women. The men I’ve known who have had the most success with women were the ones that were the most contemptuous of them—myself included. Guys that respect, revere, and even love women for “who they are” always seem to be the ones who are never able to fuck them.

The way to develop a loser attitude towards women is very easy: simply date them. Seriously, that’s all it takes. It’s literally impossible to go out with a few women and come away from those experiences with a positive outlook.

Sure, you’ll get laid, and pussy is nice and all. But the human beings those pussies are attached to will be a different story. Once you’re exposed to the deceit, the flaking, the sluttiness and the vapidity—then you’ll truly come to understand what this is all about. You’ll come away knowing that 99 percent of women are all the same, and they’re not the same in a good way.

You’ll immediately wonder why you were ever a man in the middle in the first place, and you’ll never turn back for anything less than a one percenter.

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135 thoughts on “How To Get Women To Pay For Stuff And Buy You Presents”

  1. The credit card bit made me laugh and cringe.
    A guy I know left his ex with $30k worth of his debt secured to their old house.
    What did she do? Went out and got a beta to help her pay it off.
    Really, really be careful with women who are indebted. If not careful, you’ll literally be paying for her past. Needless to say a past fucking guys who aren’t you.
    Great to see you back, AV.Yader.
    Your articles are fucking splendid!

    1. A guy I know left his ex with $30k worth of his debt secured to their old house.

      That is winning.

    2. If a woman has any type of substantial debt AVOID HER LIKE THE PLAGUE. Also,
      NEVER put your name on someone else’s debt unless you are jointly incurring it. Then, only do so as part of a written agreement.
      NEVER buy a house and put someone else’s name on the deed unless you are MARRIED. (Also, think really f**king hard before getting married.)
      NEVER let a woman (or anyone) live rent free in your house without a lease or written understanding she is your tenant.
      NEVER offer to serve as secondary security on anyone else’s debt unless you are willing to pay the entire amount of that debt for that person.
      NEVER make improvements to someone else’s property or house and expect to accrue some kind of unrealized monetary interest in those improvements unless you have a written agreement.
      NEVER take out a joint credit card even if you are married.
      On top of it all, NEVER tell someone (other then a spouse) how much money you make, how much you are in debt, how much you have in savings, or anything else about your financial situation. No good will ever come out of disclosing this information. It will only be used against you and your self interests.

      1. best(worst) story I read was about a woman who finally got her PhD in psychology, has 170k in debt, her sad sack fiancee had an additional 30k in college debt, and she was looking forward to getting married(mid 30s already) so they could “start paying it off together”.

        1. I got one worse for you. I know a guy who got married while his wife was in grad school. She took out a total of about 100K in student loans over the course of their marriage. Less then a year after graduating she leaves him for a professor.
          The judge ended up finding that 35K of those student loans were marital debt because they were used for living expenses (no shit…she didn’t have a job and they only had one income). So the sad dude ended up having to pay back about half that sum without ever enjoying the increased earning potential of his now ex-wife. Not a bad deal for that whore. Spend 3 years of your life in a shiftless marriage, focusing on your studies, then dump a good percentage of your debt on the stupid beta right after you graduate.
          Oh yeah she had tried to argue the guy was responsible for half of the WHOLE debt. Be very careful when dealing with debt. In the case of a marriage, make sure the prenup has it in black and white that any student loan debt incurred during the marriage belongs SOLELY to the person incurring it.

        2. can someone do the maths on what it would cost to have a maid clean your house twice a week and the cost of a beautiful escort every fortnight for 3 years?

        3. Thanks for that. I suppose those costs include the large amount of free time and no drama you’ll have… and not having to pay for dinners/booze presents for the girlfriend wife and her relatives etc…

        4. How much have you wasted? (or were you not taking the piss and simply meant that any amount is too much?)

        5. I’m rich which means that I don’t have to pay for anything. Amazing isn’t it that the more you have the more free stuff you get. I don’t pay for females or even drinks for that matter because bartenders give me them free (I always give a big tip though) Sure, I pay for things but not this petty crap that other people waste money on.
          And what’s your problem? There are plenty of ordinary girls around that an ordinary guy like you can shag for free. Don’t believe the crap you read on here,this a joke blog for millenial losers to vent their frustrations not a normal man blog.

      2. Don’t even tell a spouse what you have s^ved. You are a man alone in this world. Some of these homeless men are that way because they didn’t keep a hidden stash for themselves. Women can and will use anything against you. A friend today can be your worst enemy tomorrow.

        1. I would say a man should keep his pre-marriage savings separate and confidential. Never co-mingle pre-marital funds or you risk it becoming marital property.
          That said, if you do decide to marry you should go into it not fearing every day it will end in divorce. You should instead do so in a honest and deliberate fashion just as you would start a venture with a business partner. The difference is instead of a partnership agreement you execute a pre-nup.
          If you are going into a marriage by stashing money under mattresses and in out of town safe deposit boxes you should probably think really hard about getting married at all.

        2. I did legal research for some years while counseling divorced men. In most states, pre-nups aren’t worth much more than used Charmin. Most state laws specifically allow a judge to tear up pre-nups if the result is not acceptable to him/her.
          And if you have a lot of money, cutting her out as most women deserve, will not be acceptable to a judge.
          Also, pre-nups written in contemplation of divorce are no good. Why else would a man want a pre-nup but to protect him from a big divorce pay-out?
          The real purpose of marriage is to transfer money from hard-working, productive men, to women. Always has been; always will be. Any idea you can come up with to protect your hard earned assets has been tried unsuccessfully zillions of times.
          In the 90’s, a man was in jail for many years because the judge ordered him to produce millions of dollars the judge believed he had hidden. Several financial investigators could not find the money, but he rotted in jail all those years, anyway.
          And, just this week I read about a woman in UK who was divorced many decades ago. Her husband became wealthy after the divorce and the high court says she gets to go back for another settlement.
          Let me repeat. The only purpose for legal marriage is to take your money and give it to a dearie.

        3. You are only partially correct about the enforcement of pre-nups. Yes, in some states judges have discretion on enforcement and can invalidate the pre-nup if it is not “fair”, reasonable, was signed under duress, or does not give either party something of tangible value. People who engage in activities such as these find it hard getting a pre-nup enforced:
          Giving it to your spouse days or weeks before your wedding.
          Writing it yourself or using a form from a document prep service.
          Writing a spouse completely out of having any stake in marital property.
          Not adjusting for the stake in marital property as for the total length of the marriage.
          Not ensuring your spouse has had a full and fair opportunity to have it reviewed by a lawyer before signing.
          If you pay a family law attorney that has practice experience in your jurisdiction they will know about all these pitfalls and avoid them. Every single pre-nup I have seen invaldiated (and it doesn’t happen that often in my jurisdiction) has been done so because of one of the things above. Each and every time.
          And no a pre-nup is not a bulletproof contract and in some states with liberal laws about such contracts judges can “flex” the terms too.But, you will be far better off with one as opposed to not having one at all. A good pre-nup will 1) protect your pre-marital assets, 2) provide for fair and efficient distribution of marital property, 3) can serve as guidance to a court concerning child custody issues, and 4) make sure you don’t get taken to the cleaners.
          Marriage is a life choice that men should think really really hard about. Is it a raw deal for many men? Yes. Is it something that many men will desire at some point in their life? Yes. Men should have complete information when approaching this decision and making broad sweeping, inaccurate statements, like this are not going to help men make informed, personal choices.

        4. If this is double-posted it was Disqus jerking me around.
          >>broad sweeping, inaccurate statements,
          Bravo Sierra. Over the years other people have written the same nonsense you are writing. In truth, your fellow shysters have carefully written the pre-nup laws to make them worthless when you actually need one.
          You say a PROPERLY written pre-nup is valid. A PROPERLY written court order can invalidate almost any pre-nup.
          A pre-nup written in contemplation of divorce is worthless. But, that is the only time men want a pre-nup. A pre-nup which specifically states which properties owned by a couple shall go to whom when they die will be upheld if they are equally affluent. He wants his farm to go to his kids. She wants hers to go to her kids. That will be accepted. If your wife stays with you until you die who cares what happens to your property.
          No matter what John says, if you have money and she does not, a pre-nup will be torn up. When a pre-nup was actually valid and the judge is tearing it up due to his generosity with YOUR money you can tell, because she will usually only get 1/3 instead of 1/2.
          I first learned the truth about pre-nups in the early 80’s, in the N.W. 2nd. A man in his 50’s married. He had been working nights and weekends buying and fixing up old houses, and had accumulated around $300,000. They were married 16 months including the lengthy court battle. She got $96,000, or around $6000 a month. It took him an entire year of actual work to earn that much money. That property settlement did not include the large amount of his money she ran through during the marriage.
          John says pre-marital property can be protected. I saw a number of divorce rulings in which the judge said the pre-marital property was being protected as a matter of law. But, then added since the man has that property, it “frees up” more of his current earnings to pay more (child support; alimony; property settlement.) So, by judicial chicanery, she got his “protected” pre-marital property, because he was forced to use his pre-marital property to eat and pay rent with. (Until it was gone, then he went under a bridge.)
          Extortion is another reason to tear that sucker up. “Waaa! Waaa! Your honor, I loved him so much I simply had to marry him. But, he told me he wouldn’t marry me unless i signed, though I didn’t want to.”
          Judge: Extortion. Pre-nup invalid!
          Failure to disclose all assets also rips up a pre-nup. What does that mean? A man hides a couple hundred million dollar houses? No, it could be as simple as the man in the case above failed to list his screwdrivers with the yellow handles. They claimed that pre-nup was torn up for failure to list all assets but I noted with interest the unreported assets were not listed.
          John is in the position the clergy was in ancient times. As long as the masses were illiterate and had no access to the Bible, the clergy ruled the world. When Gutenberg got he printing press to work and people could own their own Bible, that is when the Protestant movement took off. John can only spread false information as long as he is dealing only with people who haven’t read the actual high court rulings.
          But, there is another interesting thing involved here. Over the years when someone comes on a man’s board and writes what John has written, it is almost always a woman using a man’s name. A standard feminist disruptive maneuver. Come on, give false information trying to convince men, “Hey, it’s all right to marry. Just get the properly written pre-nup and it will be valid.”
          Let me say it again. If you have money and she doesn’t, the judge will rip up the pre-nup. Period. And, anyone who tells you differently is lying.
          If you marry only because John or another shyster says pre-nups are valid if properly written, you deserve everything that happens to you and it will be a lot.

        5. Of course a pre-nup executed in contemplation of divorce after marriage has happened would be worthless. That is why it is called a pre-nuptial agreement. The “pre” meaning before the nuptials occur.
          I also didn’t encourage anyone to get married because pre-nups are generally enforceable. In fact, I told people to think really hard before doing so.
          You can read as much case law as you like. In fact, I encourage you to do so. And as I stated in some jurisdictions pre-nups are harder to enforce then others. A lawyer with experience practicing family law in your jurisdiction would be able to give you specific advice as to this question though. But, yes, generally pre-nups properly written and executed are enforceable. I will say that with the caveat that pre-nups are also not bulletproof contracts that will shield you if/when a separation occurs. At most it will “soften the blow”.
          If you think I am lying then great. Do what I encouraged people to do – think really hard about marriage. As part of that thought process you should spend the few hundred dollars to seek the advice of a lawyer with specific experience in family law in your jurisdiction.

        6. >>Of course a pre-nup executed in contemplation of divorce after marriage has happened would be worthless.
          Note I did not even mention a post-marital agreement. This is typical of the Bravo Sierra JOAN is putting out here. It is called mis-direction. Carefully wording things to cause people to believe something that is false, without technically lying. Joan is good at it. For example, she did not say, “I am a man.” She simply used the name JOHN and well knew you would think she was a man.
          Remember Bill Clinton’s “is is”.
          I am going to say again. If you have money, and your wife doesn’t, she will get plenty. No matter how carefully the pre-nup is written. Period.
          How does the judge know a pre-nup was written in contemplation of divorce? When your wife files for divorce and asks for everything as usual, and your attorney presents the pre-nup, that is prima facie evidence it was written in contemplation of divorce.
          Let me tell you another thing I encountered. Once in a while, a man will decide he is going to free himself from 15 years of child support obligations. He sells everything and gives her all the money up front. Breaking himself, but he FEELS free.
          In a couple years, she has run through it all, and applies for a new child support order. AND GETS IT!
          The court rules that a man has an obligation to support his children, which cannot be avoided by giving Mommy the money in advance. Yes, I saw such cases.
          So, has Joan ever written a pre-nup involving a man who had a lot of money and a woman who had none, and the pre-nup giving her nothing was honored by the divorce court though the dearie petitioned it to be torn up? Of course not. It doesn’t happen. But, she didn’t actually say she had, did she? She mis-directed you into believing it was possible.
          The carefully written pre-nup laws in most states specifically allow a judge to tear it up, if the result is unjust. Which is simply another way of saying if you have money and she doesn’t, the pre-nup is not enforceable.
          I knew a number of attorneys. (Of course, due to my militant nature everyone either knew me or knew of me.of course they hated my guts, but I cared not.) When asked by me or other men, they would try to mis-direct as Joan has done. But, when pressed, they 100% admitted, no, if you have money and she does not, the pre-nup will not be enforced.
          The most common users of pre-nups are, believe it or not, women who have assets and want to protect them. Fact.
          In fact that may be what her non-lie is all about. The fact that a pre-nup designed to protect a woman’s assets is usually enforceable.
          Gosh, did I remember to mention that if you have assets and your wife does not, she is going to get money no matter how many pre-nups she signs? And, anyone who says differently is lying. How could I forget something important like that?
          There are many reasons this stuff pisses me off. A poor but beautiful woman marries a rich man for two or three years. She had all those assets at her finger-tips, and could have attended any school or career program she wanted. But, no, she prefers to sit on her lazy arse and live the good life. Then, files for divorce and whines how she gave up everything for this man, and wants to be compensated.
          A man (see the child support example above) at marriage could give his wife half of all his wealth so he cannot be taken to the cleaners. She spends it all on the good life. When she decides the pool boy has a bigger one and files, she gets another split. Maybe even if she does not spend it all.
          Likewise, a man could work and make $250,000 a year during his marriage, and thriftily save millions. His wife might make the same amount of money, or more, and spend it all as fast as she gets it. She gets half of his savings when she divorces.
          The answer is two fold. Don’t believe any lying sack OS who tells you a properly written pre-nup is enforceable. It isn’t. And, don’t get married, but especially so in any nation where English is spoken. (note in Mexico half of married couples are not married by the law nor the church, hint hint.

        7. This rant is almost unintelligible.
          If a man “pre-paid” his child support (which I have never heard of that actually being a legal thing) then he is just plain stupid. There would be absolutely no advantage to that and no lawyer would ever advise a client to do so (if it were actually an available option).
          Child support generally cannot be controlled by a pre-nup as it is the right of the child and not the right of either/both parents. There are plenty of problems with how child support is awarded, but those can’t be fixed by a pre-nup.
          The only time i have seen a judge throw out all or part of a pre-nup is when it was executed in violation of the law, unfair under either case law or statutory law, unconscionable, or prepared from a form that did not contain all the necessary waivers and language required in the jurisdiction. Any invalidation that resulted as part of an income disparity usually involved one party only having the right to a small percentage of marital property. A court is simply not going to enforce a clause that gives one party a disproportionately small share. If you write into it that your wife leaves with the clothes on her back then it will probably be invalidated. If you write in that if your wife leaves within the first five years of marriage she get 25-30% of marital property a judge will probably let that in.
          Most men that lose a large amount of money in divorce proceedings do so because they were married during the years they either climbed the corporate ladder or established a successful business worth millions. Even if the wife had absolutely nothing to do with those accomplishments they are still going to be viewed as marital property. (They will use a BS argument that the development happened because of “teamwork”). The take away you should get from this is that if you are building a business or climbing the corporate ladder, accumulate the benefits/wealth of that BEFORE getting married.
          All in all, if you do not want to get married that is fine by me. That has been my life choice. But, I would never encourage someone that they absolutely must only take one course of action. If you are a man and are contemplating marriage think about it really hard. It works for some. It is a dismal failure for others. You have to decide for yourself. The only thing that I think you are due though is accurate and complete information so you can make an informed decision. That includes knowledge that in most jurisdictions a pre-nup that is properly written and executed is generally enforceable.

        8. Joan is a stubborn person. If you read her latest posting, note she actually agreed with me. If you have money and she doesn’t, the pre-nup is torn up. And, that is true no matter how well it is written.
          >>That includes knowledge that in most jurisdictions a pre-nup that is properly written and executed is generally enforceable.
          So, what does it take to properly write and execute a pre-nup so it is enforceable?
          1. No real protection for the man. So, why write one if you can’t protect yourself?
          2. Can’t use it in case of divorce. Most state laws clearly say this. So why write one if you can’t protect yourself against no-fault divorce? The example I gave above involved a very, very short marriage, and nearly 100% odds the fiend planned to marry him only to get that $96,000. It is called unjust enrichment and the only place in law where unjust enrichment is allowed is in family court. She got $200 a day for every day she was married to him, not including the money she got from him for free spending before she filed for the divorce. He got the magnificent sum of less than $14 a day for working late at night and on weekends for 40 years.
          This is exactly why men want pre-nups. And, when you need one, they are totally unenforceable. As I said in the first place.
          So this is another case of a person “lying while not telling a lie”, like Clinton’s what is is, something lawyers do very well. That is, the only way to properly write and execute a pre-nup so it is enforceable is that you either don’t need one, or else it gives you absolutely no protection at all.
          And, Joan seems to agree with that, while pretending that pre-nups are enforceable.
          Note the only example given here of an enforceable pre-nup is one that I gave. A man and woman both own farms of approximately equal value and the pre-nup specifies when they die, his farm goes to his heirs and her farm goes to her heirs.
          So, why didn’t Joan give an example? Because she’s not here to give examples. When I was young,there was a saying: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.” Joan is really far into trying to baffle you with bullshit.
          Joan knows very well that to the men here, a pre-nup means protection against being wiped out by a woman who in bad faith wishes unjust enrichment. Joanie What Is Is has admitted that such pre-nups are NOT enforceable just as I said. Yet, by repeating and repeating her statement that pre-nups are enforceable that are properly written and executed, which means they serve no real purpose, she hopes to disrupt the discussion. A standard feminist maneuver. Pay no attention to this cretin.
          Oh, I almost forgot. That $96,000 the gold-digger got in the N.W. 2nd ruling posted above, you need to know it almost certainly was not cash in the bank and she got 1/3 of it. The ruling did not say, or I forgot after 30 years. But, based on his life plan, that would be tied up in real property. Could he sign over those houses represented by the $96000 and she would fix them up and sell them? Hell, no!
          He has to give her the cash, usually within a stated amount of time. Failure to meet that deadline can result in extreme punishment, including going to jail for contempt of court.
          So, how does he get the money? That is his problem, not hers and not the judges. He can try to borrow the money using that real property as collateral.
          If he can’t borrow the money, he must try to sell the properties quickly, which might mean in a really bad market, he has to sell all $300,000 worth of property to get her “share.” That would be an extreme case, but in any case, the only difference is if he is partly or totally screwed. But, seldom will he really have his $204,000 left. He either had to sell cheap which means much of his share is lost, or he is stuck paying high interest rates on the money he gives her.
          And, I take it for granted he had to pay her legal expenses for screwing him. That is absolutely normal in such cases.
          Marriage before the law exists solely to transfer money from men to women, period. Thus, of course pre-nups which would protect a man from a gold-digger are not enforceable no matter who writes them.

        9. Most homeless people are suffering from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. They are the reagan rejects who got it the worst….you know, because the rich hate paying taxes for a healthy society- god forbid those losers get free health care for their disabilities

      3. But, make sure that your politics reinforce the need for debt in society which pressures them further to bow to the rich and turn a profit for them. In no way ever support any government action that frees people from that need.

  2. Another solid gold hit from the Aviator. 4 Stars.
    The moral of the story is enjoy the company of women and the sweet and juicy fruits they have to offer, especially the free ones. But don’t let them rule your life, otherwise you’ll turn into a jaded basement-zombie who keep your urine stored in glass jars. Keep flying, and KEEP FLYING HIGH.

        1. Are you that guy who used to travel on the bus from the ‘hood to the better areas and try to hit on girls? Yeah, I remember now. You were knocking the white girls dead while the guys with the Ferrari’s they wouldn’t even talk to lol

  3. “the collective moans coming from both the men and women reading this: “Bullshit, A.V. Yader! There’s no way a woman would be crazy about you and buy you stuff if you’re not fucking her good and giving her multiple squirting orgasms!” Well, I hate to break it to you, but y’all are dead wrong.”
    Because you’re a pilot. It’s a high profile and glamorous job with a direct pathway to the reptile brain. Remember the movie Catch me if you Can? Well that’s it! He got it!
    When they see you they imagine a $100k wedding, 6 bedroom house, Bentley on the drive.
    She imagines she’ll be able to quit her crappy job and have oodles of free time to go get Starbucks and paint her nails. And mostly, tell people she doesn’t know her husband is a pilot.
    I’m just very, very glad that you have more than enough wits about you to realise this shit. Hopefully, more … no … ALL men will soon have too.

    1. I don’t know how glamorous being a pilot is anymore. I personally think it’s a cool job that can let a man see the world, but I don’t see women salivating over it. It is certainly adventurous, but even the Capt Sully Sullenburger said, no way would he want his kids to go into this profession. Pilots today are glorified bus drivers and the corporations they work for will continue to cut pay and benefits and the TSA has already made it miserable. This is from someone who almost became a pilot pre 911.

  4. Hahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know if I should say I love you or I hate you right now, A V Yader!! This has been one of the best dark arts I’ve learned over the years and here you go letting every man, woman, and white knight learn the truth!! I’ll update my post as I prepare to finish this article but by God Man!! This is the darkest of truths that you are letting out. While reading this article, all I’m hearing is I’ll make a man out of you from Disney’s Mulan. Be a man! Be the God Damn Man!
    Edit: So I read the rest of this article. Officially the cat is out of the bag. This is a secret I learned the hard way that I assumed must have been genetic or I picked up through osmosis by being around my old man. Either way, I hope you readers absorb everything A V Yader said. Absorb it all like a sponge! This is easily the most lucrative way to self finance a pussy bonanza. You date one to date another, and yet another, like a pyramid scheme. That is why excessive dating is usually a young man’s game as the mind is still pliable to keep your stories and roles separated.
    There is one thing though…..on getting the robber to give up the goods, you can also come out on top with them as well. However, that secret will go to my own son. If he manages to impress me enough to share.

    1. I like what he says about not giving a fuck whether she has an orgasm. I fuck the shit outta chick and if she doesn’t come easy she doesn’t come at all.

  5. “They’re doing these small things because they think it will ultimately get them a McMansion with a pool, a German SUV, and a couple of annual vacations to the Caribbean down the road—they’re playing the penny stocks and hoping you’re Microsoft circa 1986”
    Fuuuck, I’ve met so many girls like this it’s actually scary.
    An ex of mine passed her driving test before me and used to drive me around places. I got the strong sensation that if I stayed with her I’d literally never pay off that particular debt.
    Even if I’d cracked nuclear fusion and provided a life of unprecedented riches, I’d still be in her back pocket for the 3 or 4 times she drove me to the pub when I was 20.

  6. OK…help me out here folks. I don’t get it. What can I actually do to ‘up my loser’. I am:
    – 31 years old
    – have an unglamorous OK-but-not-great-paying job
    – a nice apartment in the city
    – $200K in savings (from being quite careful with money all my life – which I’m not planning on throwing at any woman)
    I’m the man in the middle. I can’t lie about being a millionaire, but I also can’t let on I’m a total degenerate. How exactly do I up my ‘loser’ vibe? I just don’t get it.

    1. I think by loser he simply means carefree player with abundance mentality who doesn’t give a shit about how he comes across to women or what they really think of him.
      And don’t go buying women gifts, or take her to restaurants and pay etc.
      For example, if you take her out, let her drive so you can get plastered off tequilas. And make sure you “borrow” $50 off her first.

      1. You wont get away with it with a lot of women. But yes, by loser he means not being embarrassed or not feeling any shame when it comes to not paying the bill yourself, and not giving a shit about paying her back.

    2. Just develop a healthy proactive interest in bringing down womens self esteems and destroying their lives – this you must do with a smile however

    3. 200k in savings at 31? Well done, sir. At that pace, you are going to be a millionaire in no time.

    4. With that much in the bank you’re on the right road….. you sound like you got your head screwed on….. but never, EVER tell any woman about your monetary value, especially your savings. Those are for you and you alone. Believe me I have wasted a small fortune on women but I was lucky enough to afford it. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. 6 to 7 more years and I’ll be set for the rest of my life.
      Start lifting weights, run or some other physical activity, try to excel at something, climbing, hiking, cycling, musical instrument, chess, etc. the bitches will come, success is like a bright light to their moth, and then you’ll burn them……

      1. “never, EVER tell any woman about your monetary value, especially your savings”
        This is the interesting thing about having a reasonable (but not spectacular) amount of savings; it’s not something that you can really use to give off a ‘winner’ vibe unless you boast about it, or waste it on luxury items designed to impress; like a really expensive car or a house that’s far bigger than you need. Fortunately I’ve never been one to give a shit about such things, which is why I’ve ended up saving so much.
        Having savings is good for the piece of mind it gives you, i.e. not living paycheck to paycheck, and the ability to travel as much as you want (I take 3 or 4 holidays a year).
        But yeah, it’s gotten to the point where if I did marry someone, I’d have to have some sort of prenup to stop them having access to my savings in the event that the marriage fell apart.

        1. Good idea – do you have any opinions on investing? All my money is in cash – have you moved any of yours into assets of any kind?

        2. If houses are cheap in your area- diversify into real estate (lots of bargains) and become a slumlord. The rest, put into something conservative like vanguard funds- you can make at least 4% a year return on the more conservative ones. If you keep carefully adding to your savings- you can easily double your money in a decade.

        3. I looked into doing this a few years ago and was told that basically the PATRIOT Act made such an act financial terism, and it was all but impossible. And if you do have money offshore, it is a felony to not report it to the IRS. Well in that case why not just keep it in the states then? If you are American, offshoring is not really an option unless you are dealing in cash.
          This was a great article, except that part about don’t tell anyone except your spouse about your finances–this is exactly who you DON’T want to know about your finances. Sounder advice would be to tell everyone EXCEPT your spouse, but of course, just keep it completely secret. No one needs to know. If you want, set up a certain nominal amount ($15,000 a year?) coming into an account that the spouse knows about and this is considered marital money. The rest you do not disclose.

        4. Get a Vanguard Index Fund or if you’re a little more risky go with a certain sector like Real Estate, Health Care, International. If you want to invest in real estate yourself, you can make good money, but ONLY IF YOU DO ALL THE WORK YOURSELF. You can hire an occasional plumber or electrician, but if you are not managing and doing the repairs yourself you can and will get screwed. Otherwise, it can be a great way of making money, especially once you get to the point where you can pay cash for houses and bypass the banks. There are rental homes in the ghettho here that the government will pay rent of $700 a month with Section 8 housing vouchers (such a ripoff for taxpayers) that sell for $30,000. You can earn your money back in 3 1/2 years. But government income is taxable.

        5. Property mostly. With the right location and trustworthy tenants you can have an asset increasing in value and regular income. It might be an indirect way of getting your money offshore rather than a trust. I didn’t know about the Patriot act like Spicy below mentioned.
          I have 3 properties, 2 I rent other I live in, 1 has a Mortgage that’s paying off every month.
          If you are thinking long term land with forestry is a good bet. Timber is a long term asset but when it matures it’s a little gold mine. Look into it.

        6. You’re not an investor, you’re of the worker type so just do what you normally do.

        7. I live in the UK, and houses are more expensive here with lower rent yields, but if you can get those sort of yields in the states then that’s fantastic, more power to you.
          Vanguard is a possibility; have looked into them before.

    5. I think he forgets main must be bold and fearless..and you must not be needy or too into her. These are truly rare qualities today.

    6. 31 with 200k? You’re leaning more towards the winners circle. For perspective I’m 27 with barely 4k.

    7. You can’t. The fact that you have managed to save $200k on a not well paying job means that you’re the cheap type who likes to save all of his money and is likely just a boring drone by nature. Now, I’m not saying what you’re doing is wrong for you and you’ll probably be secure for life but you’re just not the type who gets a female wet or excited.
      What sort of job do you have and by not well paying what do you mean?
      OK I’m make this easy, how much do you spend on clothes a year?

      1. I don’t have a car or any commuting costs. Income is approx $55K a year. Rent is fairly cheap.
        A lot of the money was saved up in the first half of my 20’s when I was living with my parents and admittedly not doing much.
        Nowadays I take several holidays a year, and go to see plenty of live music which I enjoy. If I want to do something, I go and do it.
        Maybe I am a drone, but from my own point of view I go and do the things I want to do – admittedly mostly by myself. Perhaps you could give me some examples of what exactly I could buy that get women wet or excited?

        1. You can’t, that’s my point. And why would you want to waste your money? You’re not the big spender type by nature anyway. Just find an ordinary girl to shag, it’s not that hard so don’t believe the nonsense on here.Never spend money to try to impress a female.Just be what you are because otherwise you’ll just look fake if it’s not your nature to be a certain way and you’ll end up more unhappy.And don’t believe this pickup nonsense.Find a girl who has a temperament like yourself. If you like live music take her with you.

        2. Thanks for the reply – yeah I might not be great with women at the moment but my self-esteem is high enough (and I’m red-pill enough) to know that trying to impress them buy buying stuff is beneath me, and at best will attract the wrong type of woman.
          Mate of mine spends thousands a year on his woman, and she won’t have sex with him. They’ve fucked once in the past year. Giving someone money doesn’t make you attractive.

  7. My impression is that it seems it’s always the UGs females paying for evrything. The other demographic are the old hags that pay for everything and in turn expect you be be her poodle.

  8. “The answer is simple, and was covered earlier in the article: women are fucking morons.”
    Can’t find that article, good sir. I’d like to refresh my knowledge. Do you have a link?

  9. “What’s that? A 17.99% APR interest rate, you say? No fucking problem, replies the impetuous slut.” – What a way to start off a Monday. Great article.

  10. Simple. Drop a good cock. Fuck them silly. Then starve them emotionally without being a complete psychopath.

  11. “Pussy, to a loser, is like a golf ball to Tiger Woods—he’ll just grab another one if he needs to.”
    What an energizing article, well said Sir, true words indeed.

    1. “Pussy, to a loser, is like a pussy to Tiger Woods—he’ll just grab another one if he needs to.”

      1. If he doesn’t mind losing a few hundred million. This guy is a moron. He’s like some nerd who couldn’t get laid and now that he has some money went crazy like a kid in a sweet shop.If he had any brains and wanted to some extra pussy there are girls around these golf tournaments who are discreet he could have shagged but like a no class dirtbag he has to pay and screw a number of skanky Hos, porn prostitutes and gold-diggers. I can see why his wife had to dispose of him because that’s just too degrading for her.

  12. my sweetest memories with women were when I had my nuts licked after having had her pay for dinner. sue me, harpies

    1. cougars are useless deadweight. Bottles of chunky brown milk long past their ‘sell by’ date desperately attempting to appear like wholesome breakfast food.
      Those young men who drink the chunky brown milk are flirting with food poisoning.

      1. Some “cougars” aren’t so bad. I flew with a early 40’s (my estimate anyway) flight attendant just last night who was either Latina or Indian. (spent the whole flight peeping her trying to figure it out) She was a cute brown thing for her age. I find that exotic women tend to hold their looks longer. Turns out she didn’t have a chocolate fix whatsoever. Good thing too, I may have had to break my strict no fucking co-workers rule for that one.

        1. You flew with? You mean that you were a passenger on a plane in steerage class and some old brown servant gave you some peanuts.

        2. 8 digits would at the very least be $10,000,000 and I doubt if you’re making 10 million dollars a year flying some plane. Must be paid in Congolese francs which is like $10k lol

  13. “They’re trying to demonstrate that they’re good women, but since they can’t cook, won’t clean, and would make terrible mothers—they take a more masculine approach and demonstrate their value through their careers and earning power.”
    – I dated one of these executioners. When I asked her to cook me dinner, she went out and bought me something at the store.

  14. ” In many instances, it was usually because I found out something unsavory about their pasts and subsequently lost the little bit of respect I may have had for them to begin with.”
    I’m going to say that annoying millienial “THIS” cliche right here. Been there, done that, and will inevitably do it again.

  15. “Goddamn, Jimmie. This is some serious gourmet shit. Usually, me and Vince would be happy with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice, right? And he springs this serious gourmet shit on us. What flavor is this?”
    IT’S AV8R FLAVORED MOTHERFUCKER! I love the line about “two-peckered jack rabbit on a meth binge.” I’m reading this at work and I have to cover my mouth to keep from laughing too hard.

  16. Much respect to kevin frederline. all he did wast take of page from the opponent’s playbook:
    good looking, yet no talent, lands much wealthier person
    files for divorce, gets the kids and cash and prizes
    gets FAT, shacks up with a younger woman
    Sound familiar???
    Frederline is the biggest baddest alpha of the past decade lolol

    1. Same as that backup dancer that married Jennifer Lopez and got a cool few million for nothing.

      1. And he got to tap that ass…..I hope he pounded that asshole so hard she didn’t shake that booty for a week…… again and again until he had enough….

        1. What is it with you porn watching millenials and negroes with this butt fucking nonsense? No normal female would engage in this conduct so turn off the the stupid porn you virgin.

        2. MD? Specialising I proctology by any chance? I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of anal fissures.
          I’m neither a millennial, a negro nor a virgin. And you are correct no “normal female would engage in this conduct”.
          I was merely pointing out JLo is no “normal” female, she is an empowered, independent, strong female and her back up dancer husband got to fuck her this way and that (I would imagine he got some poop shoot action) and got a nice pay off at the end of the day. I thank you….

        3. I guess that you illiterate millenials never read the Kamasutra like your more erudite Boomer masters.

        4. LMFAO! I don’t know how many times I’ve been told here in so many words that I’m an asshole because my generation ruined everything. Gentleman that I am I’ve tried to give a dissenting historical perspective only to receive more invective. I’m a Baby Boomer dumbass and probably one of the oldest posters on this site. I make it a point to find out what’s going on around me. I’m not a rocking chair old fart, I get around and ask questions. Hence my reply to you and yes sex among the young is apparently rougher around the edges, unless they’re all lying to me and other researchers. I sincerely wish there was a way that we could teleport ourselves into a room and face those we insult and are insulted by. This internet tit for tat shit is so effeminate.

  17. Now this is what I call a hard hitting piece. Early article of the year candidate, without a doubt. Great job.

  18. Another fantastic article, gent. Great (amusing) way with words and very succinct. Well done!

  19. Agree with dddd, getting your points across with devilish sense of humour. I would add that most men are afraid of letting women buy them stuff as they feel they are loosing power in the relationship when in fact the opposite is true. I know, I’ve been there…

  20. Trust fund girls are great for this. I have to admit it’s harder to keep them though. Money is easier to keep a girl…good conversation/great sex all the time, not so much.

      1. Those girls are not trust fund girls. Trust fund girls are loaded, they do not seek ways to make a quick buck. They already have it.

        1. Paris Hilton made a 100 million just on that Paris Hilton junk she sells. Why do you think she’s out at clubs and other places being seen? She’s promoting herself and some fantasy lifestyle with her products and females buy the stuff.

  21. I still think blowing their minds in the bedroom is key. And I’ve learned through experience that you can find rich hot girls in south america who will try to buy you. I Its an alternate reality, but its not something you just accidently fall into. You have to find the roadmap, and be fearless.

    1. I don’t think so. I wasn’t/aren’t all that in bed (hey we all can’t be), and I still had plenty of gifts (I even still have a really nice leather coat one girl I was seeing bought me 15 years later). It very much is attitude. I even had a couple girls I hadn’t slept with (yet) come over and clean my apartment.

      1. I agree, women in the heat of the moment enjoy a good orgasm, but they can turn the desire for sex on and off like a lightswitch. Ever been so horny you couldn’t believe it, getting really close and then something happened, and the bitch changes her mind, roommate walks in, she takes a phone call from mom, etc. and you still have throbbing balls and have to jerk off before you can sleep but she acts like she’s sitting around the dinner table, like nothing ever happened. The bottom line is it doesn’t really matter to a woman how good you are in bed, if you master the other principles discussed here.

  22. I bet you paid for the first few dates at least. We all know most professional, “career”, women are not all that attractive. The hot ones are waitresses, promo models, airline attendants (they all do not make that much money). If you got a way to get them to pay for the first few dates, I’m all ears.

    1. “career”, women are not all that attractive
      I’m sure that those trailer park girls and fat housewives where you live in Podunk are real beauties lol

  23. Guys in the middle will sit back and observe this with bewilderment and say to themselves, “Man, I would treat her so good, I would do anything for her, yet she’s with this piece of shit who barely works and treats her poorly, she should be with me instead!”
    Those men are right. In an ideal world, these women would be with them instead, but the problem lies with the fact that women are fucking morons—that’s the most accurate description I can think of for them. Any decent looking woman knows that she can have a good man at the drop of a hat if she desires; she’s fully aware that she could have a guy that would treat her well and go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.
    And you know what? She fucking hates that guy. She hates the good man because he’s nothing more than a man in the middle, and being a man in the middle will never suffice for the average vagina-bearing shit-for-brains airhead running around America, I’m sorry to report.
    Edit: all women unrestrained by society will revert to this behaviour. they are essentially big children, seeking vagina tingles from men, not actual logical choices for a partner.

    1. However when their life turns to shit they want Mr Middle to save them . That’s where middle guys like us step in and pretend to love them, fuck them, then leave.

      1. Has anyone ever told you your profile pic looks like “Good Guy Greg”? I mean that in a complimentary way.

  24. You have the best articles, no question about it. This was a killer read. Taco Idol approves.

  25. Thank you aviator for your well written and consice article. This is exactly what ROK needs

  26. Outstanding article dude. You have a great understanding for the dynamics of sexual relations. Particularly in regards to defining the several different types women, and how they conduct themselves in accordance to what stage they are in their life.
    I told a friend of mine recently (he just went through a divorce) that the nature of a woman never changes. Her nature will always be the same. Her CONDUCT however may change due to the necessity of her current predicament. Example: A female who sucks dick in the back of the local dance club parking lot will always be that women at heart. Her instincts, and desires will change very little from 18 to 35. Even in her mid-thirties, she will still have that craving for raw sexual attention. However after becoming a single mother, she will alter her behaviour if possible to attract a male provider who she can tap into for resources. Her conduct I found myself nodding in agreement with every sentence I read. You have an immense amount of knowledge to pass on to fellow travellers.

  27. I learned all of this from watching Judge Judy. She knew what was up and called bitches out for being with losers all the time. When the guy took off after she willingly put herself in debt to “save him from himself” she went to the goveeeerrrnmeent to turn back time on her own stupidity. Guess, what bitch? Judge Judy keeps it rrrlllll.

  28. This post has a lot of truth to it and most of these nuggets I have learned through experience. If a girl offers to pay I gladly let her and make a point to acknowledge it – “ooohhh, what a nice girl you are!” Though it sounds like this would embarrass a girl and make her think you were a complete ass, it oddly makes her more okay with paying in the future, I’ve noticed. Perhaps it’s subtle things like emphasizing the word girl which enforces me being a MAN with his shit together. It is definitely more successful if you have a take it or leave it attitude towards her and are not impressed by her in any way. It’s almost like a little hit of crack for them when you drop that on them.
    I’ve also noticed a few things that I’ve done unintentionally that I try to do more often early on, like tell a girl right when you meet them at a venue of choice, “oh, I forgot to tell you this place is cash only”, (the place obviously has to be cash only) which implies you expect she is going to chip in at the very minimum, and most of the time they will end up paying for the entire thing… “ooohhh, what a nice girl you are!” Sets the precedent early on.
    Also about the babies thing, almost all girls I’ve dated that were really into me actually openly told me that they wanted to have my babies (“jokingly” but not jokingly — increase condom game) or openly discussed what our children would look like if we ever had any.

  29. A while back I said fuck the game, I’m going to flip the script on these girls going for a guy’s money and go for theirs. I tell you what… getting an all expenses paid trips, new electronics, clothes, ect. is 10x more fulfilling than a piece of pussy.

  30. I’m happy that my addiction to the poon is weak enough to resist. Getting my dick wet isn’t worth putting up with assholes and bullshit. The stress isn’t worth it. The effort and cost isn’t worth it. I don’t want to be a dick, nor do I want to be on stage. I LIKE my low stress, low status, low paying job. I LIKE my freedom. I LIKE my paid for, dirty beater car. I LIKE my life and who I am and if being a “middle” guy won’t get any where with chicks, then that means pussy costs me my happiness. It’s undignified to change the man I’ve fought to be just for female approval.
    I wish I’d been able to figure this out back about 1990.
    Game is expensive, like drinking is expensive. I know it works, I just think the cost is too high. Aviator, do you feel good about acting like a “dick?” I don’t think you do. I think you’re at peace with yourself, but I would be amazed if you feel good at it.
    (Not “concern trolling” BTW. Trying to inject the perspective of an over 40 divorced fuck in here.)

    1. The pleasure is momentary,
      The position ridiculous,
      The expense damnable.
      — Chesterfield, on sex

  31. Hahaahaha A.V Yader you fuckin crack me up. I’ve been able to get some broads to constantly pay for dinners, movies and shit like that, even got a broad to buy me a tablet one time. But like Yader said, the hotter they get, the harder it is to get them to buy shit. Gotta find that sweet spot where she is good looking enough and buys you the most shit. A 10 will never spend more than what a guy spends on her.

  32. My exes have paid for basically everything. Dinners, cigars, dates, vacation, scotch, one even bought me a mustang gt.
    It’s definitely doable to come out ahead and never spend a penny.

  33. As a man who had to pay women dozens of thousands of dollars over the years to have sex with them, I am totally alien to the concept of women giving me anything.

    1. You know something? I think that you’re the only honest one among this group of bullshitters and poor stumblebum loser millenials on here.

      1. One girl bought me many nice clothes, this does exist! Later she demanded I buy her a mobile phone though.

  34. The only women who will buy you shit are over 45 reasonably attractive divorcees who get hit on by really fat really old men . They see you as a fit mature guy to parade around . Mind you you’ll have to fuck an older woman and many have decent bodies and a solid income .

  35. “Women love winners, and women love losers—it’s the guys in the middle they can’t fucking stand.” This is true in most aspects of relationships, they feel sorry for the losers, who are usually young men. Winners are usually older, wealthy dudes, who these days are having fun with their money by joining sugar dating websites like and hooking up with younger pussy. These bitches get time off “paying for stuff” and the Gentlemen will treat them to a big monthly allowance and buy them luxury gifts.

  36. Fuck this stupid shit! The woman who allows you to do this is sucking you in and trapping you. Sucking your life force and wasting your best years. She will eventually kick you to the curb. Leaving you broke and befuddled. Be a man and stand on your own two feet. Don’t accept anything you haven’t earned. Fuck this guy. He’s an asshole who can afford it because he has his daddies money to fall back on.

  37. Roissy listed gift giving as a slut tell. I think with the executioners described in this article you are also dealing with the female’s fantasy wish to reality. They are content to live in a fantasy world in the hopes of it becoming real, probably a defense mechanism. The better story that you can spin removes her barriers without her realizing it. This was my chief game tech for corporate America types. Spend a little time with her and determine what her fantasy is for exiting corp amerika and spin it from there. There was a time when all of the thirty something sluts wanted to be in the restaurant biz. Being I had this experience in early life, i could put out knowledge and false desire to do such. Almost anything works if you are in a looser stage with lots of free time. Get a real estate license and do a few deals, she will dream of partnering with you. Especially if you already have a job or supposed business, second is better, you have reason to not account for your time. She thinks that you are building an empire or whatever. It can be addicting for you, so be careful. You can get used to not working much and having them do all of the heavy lifting in the relationship, having more than one; after a while you feel like a dirtbag. But it is fun and I would always do it again.

  38. I can speak from experience when I tell that young women are far more future oriented than men are.
    While you bust your ass for 4 years getting a degree your girlfriend pampers you with whatever you want: sex on demand, food, massages, small or larger gifts. You don’t have to ask for it. It’s presented to you, forced sometimes even. But nothing is for free. You will pay for it eventually, when you – the fool you are – thinks she is the best thing ever. You will find out what a bad deal it was when she persuades you to cohabit. You will find out your privacy and freedom are gone, or became minimal. Everything so she can play house, and have children. You probably will be the breadwinner for the next 40 years. What a great deal. You sir were an investment.

  39. Was this written by that homeless guy who steals leftovers from women’s refrigerators?

  40. This article is ridiculous! Selfishness is not a virtue. You’re basically turning into a slutty gold digger, male version.

      1. Ayn Rand advocates not helping those who demonize wealth creators, those who demand riches while giving nothing in exchange, those who won’t take responsibility, ‘moochers’.
        She holds that doing so feeds the beast and harms society. She’s is not right on every point but she has some insights.
        How about helping an elderly person with no livelihood, caring for an abandoned child or helping a kitten which has hurt it’s paw? That’s a different matter.
        Weaseling material items out of women seems a strange pass time to me. You could also befriend rich senile old people and get them to write you in their will and give you money like France’s last president. That’s pretty poor behavior.

  41. gosh dammit are you the man aviator. very eye-opening piece here where i found myself reflecting on past victories and failures… robbers and executioners alike. i have two executioners gunning for me right now, but i wouldn’t mind some more (especially with the odd robber thrown in the mix). i can hold my own. great stuff!

  42. As a woman obviously I’m not fond of some of the sentiments in this article, but the core premise is 100% TRUE and PSA-worthy. When I was last single (15/16 years old) there were men tripping over themselves to buy me things every time I went out in a public adult space. Same with most of my friends. We laughed at these guys. Let them buy us whatever they were offering and then turned away. Shitty behaviour but we didn’t know any better. Anyway, all we were doing was shrugging our shoulders and accepting what they were so desperate to give. Can you blame us?
    Then one day I met a fit confident young man at a music festival. We flirted and by the end of the night he’d kissed me. Later I wanted a cold drink. We lined up at a stand, and when we got the front of the que… well, I can’t remember what he said, it was some straightforward statement about how he wasn’t going to pay for it, combined with a lighthearted shrug and a twinkle in his eye. I paid for my drink, got one for him, and continue to worship him to this day.

      1. Haha. True, but I didn’t find that out until a few months later, and by then I was already hooked 😉

  43. No pedestals here! and good shock therapy for those new to the matrix.
    Hey ‘Ave – can you define the 1 percenters after all your worldly experience? It’s stupid to operate as if you’ll find one, but what if you see that gold nugget in the stream

  44. This is some puerile sh!te.
    Makes me laugh that you lot fancy yourself as top boys.

  45. I can confirm women are fucking morons and treating them poorly is the general best strategy.
    This is perverse for us men for one MAJOR reason. We follow the unspoken male code. You treat others as you would want to be treated. This exist in almost every great major culture and religion.
    Christians call this the golden rule as taught by Jesus Christ.
    The Buddhist call it Karma.
    Native Indians
    “Do not wrong or hate your neighbor. For it is not he who you wrong, but yourself.”
    Roman Pagans
    “The law imprinted on the hearts of all men is to love the members of society as themselves.”
    “No one is my enemy, none a stranger and everyone is my friend.”
    “Be charitable to all beings, love is the representative of God.”
    “Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you.”
    Ancient egypt
    Maat, basically the golden rule
    -all major chinese religions accept it tao, shinto, buddhist
    “You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.”
    There does not exist A single male run culture, that says treat others like shit and expect it to turn out well.
    Going back to why treating females shitty turns out well. I saw this in several occasions. Firstly, I saw how my parents favoured my sisters growing up and they all turned out rotten. Yet the boys who were treated poorly, were the ones who went and drove them to work and picked them up from the hospital when they were sick. Yet the daughters would drop by just to pick up money and leave, and by money I mean, hey mom I need 5 grand. Thank god, my parents clued in my sisters were retarded when she asked for 100 grand for a wedding (my parents are upper middle class by no means rich). I’ve never seen an example of treating girls well in the west turn out well, EVER. Unless the girl has low SMV than the guy she is with. And still… Its just a matter of time.
    It is also true that the woman I treated the worse, had responded with male type chasing behaviour. The women I treated the best, have thrown it back in my face. In fact I’ve experienced with the same girl, shechased me, I ignored her, chased harder then quit. Then when i sensed I was losing her, I chased her. Then when I quit chasing she started chasing back. At that point I gave up so just ignored her chasing behaviour.

  46. A very informative article by the way that certainly echoes my experiences. I’ve been the out of work needed somewhere new to live loser kept by a woman, having milked that situation several times when necessary. Although I prefer to see myself back then as a winner in-between wins.;)
    For me its simply a case of she’d do the same to me if I had picked her up beta style. However, I always felt a counter-balance in loss of self-esteem from having to do it because I was in a beta loser life situation.
    The last one was a younger hot leggy blonde with a good education and background. Unfortunately she’d spent the sexually formative years of her early twenties riding the cock carousel in Vegas and was still struggling to climb off.
    The result was a self-entitled unhinged ex coke head with daddy issues. I picked her up back here in England after spitting a little game, negging her poker playing skills etc. She fell for me fast and chased hard, but I knew the realities and always saw it all in a much less serious light. She sussed I was going to bail out and beat me to it by running off with a shrink. Funnily enough it was just who she needed.
    I came out of it with a new job and apartment…and we did have fun for a year. She would literally spoil me rotten, massages, weed, beer, clothes, bikes, holidays etc, almost to the point of being wife material in regards to her actions. If it wasn’t for her background and current difficulties of mood swings, being permanently locked in party mode and never-ending shit tests I might well have locked her in to something more permanent.
    Anyway I guess I’m living proof that you can indeed turn a profit, even from the most precarious of relationship situations if you use good red pill strategy. .

  47. This article is one of the best pieces I’ve ever read. And all of it 100% true. I’ve got a brand new phone, new jewelry, and lots of other freebies courtesy of a 21-yr old bitch I’m banging now. The worse I treat her the better she treats me and more she begs me to marry her. But I’ll never stick my balls in that legal vice grip.
    Vengeance is sweet. There really must be a great balance wheel in the sky. Because the hell women put me through in my 20s I’m exacting on them in return in my 30s.

  48. AV Yader, I always enjoy your take on things. At 53, I don’t wish to game these awful creatures. It’s true women will always submit to a leader and be dominated. The domination comes from the government, the media (especially) and the education system. The blueprint for “feminism” this false social construct that has to be constantly reinforced by the greatest brainwashing tool invented, the television, was written by a hideous and very alien Hobgoblin named Betty Friedan. I’m German and Danish. If somehow this Hobgoblin had managed to gain acceptance into our ancient societies it would go mate-less, an outcast, an unwanted beast living off of charity and by performing menial tasks. I only wish I could have lived 1500 years ago at the oar of a longboat rowing my way to plunder and taking my enemies women. No courtship, no gaming, force and fear. This modern world is a sick one. Our ancient way of life was a short hard and brutish life, but alive, very alive. We had no fear, not of dying or pain. Now we cower at the thought of being called a name.

  49. I throughly enjoyed this article. It had a lot more insight than most of the typical articles that flood this site now. I’ve definitely noticed the executioners around my age that have transformed from the fun loving college days.

  50. Robber vs. Executioner Do I stay with the hot (8/10) Robber 28 y/o LPN with no real aspirations and a little debt, or run off with the relatively hot Executioner (7/10) 32 y/o GP doc with med school debt and huge amounts of drive? They both want marriage in a few years and kids at 35 y/o. All things (sex drive, fun/polite in social settings, general womanliness) are relatively equal except the career drive and age. I’m divorced, 1 kid, 34 y/o, good looking enough, pretty good game, a little law school debt, right around 6 figures and looking to double it in the next 2 years.

  51. Do I stay with the hot (8/10) 27 y/o LPN with no real aspirations and a little debt, or run off with the hot (7/10) 32 y/o GP doc with med school debt and huge amounts of drive? They both want marriage in a few years and kids at 35 y/o. All things (sex drive, fun/polite in social settings, general womanliness) are relatively equal except the career drive and age. I’m 35, divorced with a kid 1/2 the time, close to 100k, great potential to double it in 2 years, good enough looks and game to pull 6s-8s all day. Weigh in please.

  52. “The problem lies with that fact that women are fucking morons..That is the most accurate decription i can give you of them.” Lmao

  53. Let this paragraph conceptually sink in deep gents! : : “A major reason why single mothers have no problems settling with a man in the middle is because they already have what they truly want: the offspring of a loser. They will always have a piece of their loser with them for the rest of their lives and, for many women, that is more than enough to make them content—even with a man in the middle. It’s also a major reason why single mothers emasculate their sons so much—they’re trying to tame their sons in the way they could never tame their losers.”

  54. Thank you for this! :3333
    I shall never forget it, OP. :333
    My mom emasculated me.

  55. Once you are done with your breasted beast, sell her to sex traffickers and received even more of an award!

  56. Thats right. Winners pay for pussy.
    You guys are hilarious. I can tell you one thing, The Vlad’s PR campaign worked reasonably well.

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