Planet Fitness Kicks A Woman Out For Refusing To Get Naked In Front Of A Man

The march to give transgendered individuals preferential treatment and special privileges in western society continues to grow. Most recently, a Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan canceled a female’s membership because she complained about the facility allowing a transgendered male to use the female locker room.

48-year-old Yvette Cormier, the woman who voiced her concern about the situation, freaked out about seeing a man in the woman’s locker room, as any woman would. When she alerted the front desk about what she’d seen, she was told that the person identified as a woman and was, thus, allowed to use the female locker room.

Cormier was anything but satisfied with the response (or lack thereof) so she took it one step further and took her grievance to the fitness center’s corporate office .and was told the Planet fitness was a “no judgement zone.” They confirmed that the company would allow the cross-sexual individual to continue using the locker room.

Planet Fitness in Midland, MI

Undeterred, Cormier began warning other female members of the transgender’s presence in their locker room, and as a result her membership was cancelled. The powers that be dug their heels in and released a statement that explained their decision to kick out a female member who was uncomfortable with having to undress in front of a person who was born as a male:

Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity. The manner in which this member expressed her concerns about the policy exhibited behavior that management at the Midland club deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was cancelled.

Predictably, Planet Fitness’s decision was met with overwhelming approval. Cormier has been labeled as “ignorant” and “transgenderphobic” while the wannabe tranny, who identifies himself as “Carlotta Sklodowski” has been praised for his “bravery” in the face of this failed attempt at injustice.

A Lindy West lookalike and a brony in training…par for the course

What does this mean?

The advancement of the LGBT agenda

This sets a dangerous precedent for gyms nationwide. The daily androgyny being forced down our collective throats is harmful enough. But the public being exposed to this level of tolerance will undoubtedly lead to similar incidents, and will increase in frequency and publicity. Before long we’ll become desensitized when we hear stories like this.

Let’s leave aside the fact that forcing women to undress in front of men would be blatant sexual harassment in any other case. What if a woman identifies as a man and wants to use the men’s locker room? Will she “take it like a man” when she is subject to the ball-busting culture of that environment? Or will she run to the front desk and scream about sexual harassment when men make the offhand dick joke or walk around without wearing a towel? Will the men who “sexually harass” her be kicked out?

This fiasco will most assuredly push the epicene agenda into warp drive. Allowing women to compete with men in sports is one thing, but giving them access to one another’s bathrooms or locker rooms will all but completely eliminate the concept of males and females. America is determined to fuse the sexes together even if it means forcing men and women to change in front of one another in public.

It won’t be long before this is the norm

The business side

Speaking strictly from a business standpoint, this action could potentially drum up business for Planet Fitness, as a commenter on RVF pointed out:

From a business perspective, they did the right thing. Business and corporations cannot have politically incorrect opinions.

-The Reaction Tree

The Reaction Tree has a valid point. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity in most cases. But this will serve as a litmus test for SJWs. We’ll find out in the coming months if this declaration by Planet Fitness leads in an increase in new memberships.

A major blow to detractors

The biggest consequence of these events is that it further discourages those who stand against the normalization of transgendered privilege from speaking out. Cormier found out firsthand that not toeing the politically correct, pre-approved cisgender line leads to swift, negative consequences:

I feel like it’s kind of one sided. I feel like I am the one who is being punished.

We are at the point where anyone who steps out of line by voicing an opinion opposing what this country has been brainwashed to believe is the “right side” is vilified. Regardless of what major companies think, they are almost always forced to side with what they perceive to be public opinion, lest they see a drop in profits.

Cormier learned this the hard way and, unfortunately, anyone else who has thoughts about voicing their discontent about similar circumstances will think twice about speaking out, if not silence themselves altogether.


This event could may be a major event in discovering where we are in the timeline of acceptance and normalization of transgenders in society. People can opine all they want to about gender equality and eliminating stereotypes, but their actions in real life, as opposed to what they say on social media or in the public square, will tell the tale of what they really think.

Individuals can talk all they want about eliminating stereotypes, but their actions show their true feelings. I know and fully accept that strangers are more cautious around me, a 6’2″, 225 pound black man with sleeve tattoos, than they would be around one of my best friends who is the blonde-haired, blue eyed, all-American type. Fair or unfair, this is how it is and the sooner we accept these truths the better off we’ll all be.

In this case, a woman had a visceral aversion to undressing in public in front of a person with a penis, and her life is now worse off for having acted on that completely defensible response. This suggests that political correctness crusaders and SJWs will attempt to stamp out any opposition, even animal and instinctual, that normal society has about those who follow their agenda. Don’t want to expose your privates to a member of the opposite sex? Congratulations, you’re a thought criminal shitlord.

Would women really be comfortable undressing in front of him?

Chalk this up as another victory for the SJWs. If Cormier’s dismissal yields more profits for Planet Fitness you can bet your bottom dollar that other national gym chains will follow suit and announce their own versions of “judgment free zones.” If that happens it’s only a matter of time before gender neutral locker rooms start to make their way into the national consciousness.

That will lead to yet more land mines for men to tip-toe through, on top of what we already have to deal with in our everyday lives. Personally, I’m hoping biology will eventually win out. But I’m not holding my breath.

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387 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Kicks A Woman Out For Refusing To Get Naked In Front Of A Man”

    1. I agree, hearing them say, “Im a woman trapped in a man’s body” is idiotic. If I said, “Im a dog trapped in a man’s body” people would call me insane and say I have a personality disorder. America is simply adding to the unhealthy lifestyle choice.

      1. A man cutting his junk off will no more make him a woman than painting myself blue will make me Sonic the Hedgehog!

        1. Gender means nothing to most people, sex is fully comprehendable. The Trans agenda is trying to say everything differentiated by sex is actually based on mental genders. Not so. A male who likes to play with barbies is still a male.

      2. i am a man eating tiger trapped inside a man’s body, so i have the right to stalk and devour any human i please…. i hope you are not a tigerphobe, we’re a protected species…. back in a minute, i just spotted lunch entering my apartment building…. yummy….

        1. It is, lycanthropy or kuanthropy. Sabine Barring-Gould wrote an excellent on the history and culture of lycanthropy/kuanthropy using comparative studies in linguistics.
          In it he discusses how the ancients thought the spirit (or breath) of the creature allowed men to shapeshift, an animal in human form so to speak.
          This advent of ‘otherkin’ and ‘being trapped’ in a body has pretty twisted implications.

      3. Bodybuilders can’t use steroids to gain muscle. But men/women taking hormones and androgen inhibitors its perfectly fine..because let’s face it they are trapped in a body they didn’t wish to choose. When will natural selection wipe these sick creatures out?

        1. Soon I hope. You can’t even do a bit of labia minora trimming, and many females could use it, without being prosecuted for genital mutilation. But cutting a man’s dick off and turning it into a vagina is fine.

        2. Unfortunately I’d have thought it to have already done so if it were ever going to, since most of these deviants are (thankfully) incapable of reproduction.

      4. I agree, hearing them say, “Im a woman trapped in a man’s body” is idiotic.
        What’s so idiotic ?? I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body !

      5. Don’t worry my dear wanna-be dog friend, the internet has now a group for people like you.

      6. What if a pedo said he was a 14y ear old stuck in a 40 year old body he should be alowed to date 14 year olds then..

        1. There’s probably more pedo’s than trannys but that doesn’t worry those selfish wannabes. Not like they’ll be having children or care about the mental abuse on adopted ones.

      7. Its not entirely hogwash. A person could be born with one sex (female or male sex organs) but be born with the opposite “gender” (boy or girl orientation). The trick transgender freaks use is this. They purposely confuse sex and gender. Washroom usage is about sex organs. gay men who are feminine (girl gender) have male sex organs and use the male washroom. Its not rocket science.
        If you are confused about your gender, it doesn’t affect which washroom you should use.

      8. How is is possible to be born in the wrong body but not be born with the wrong gender identity? The mind Can change, sex change ops are a poor imitation.

      1. Laughed so hard at this, god damn…just when you thought you had seen it all after camelle jackie

        1. Camille Jackie should visit one of those gyms and report back to us on how the broads reacted to “her” getting nekkid in there.

      2. Then that guy can sue the military for not requisitioning him for $15 million.

      3. Hahahahahahahaha
        Honestly, looking at the photo of the gender neutral bathrooms got me thinking! What happens when I see the super hot chick go into one?
        Me, and all the other guys will “go change in that one.” Maybe I will get to plug her, and blame her when she complains?

    2. I identify and FEEL that I am 16 years old. Therefore, where them teen girls at?

      1. I identify myself as a child, and therefore despite being 33 years old, i will call other people of my age, uncles and aunties. Lately, I even did that to one teenager and he freaked out. It doesn’t matter, it’s their problem, not mine!

      2. Don’t worry, the age of consent is 16 so you can shag them now even if you are 80

    3. I must say that I agree. There’s even a name for it..Gender Identity Disorder.
      With respect to the article, I wouldn’t want some random man in a dressing room with me. I don’t care which gender he thinks he is; no dick in my dressing room.

      1. how can you be born with the wrong body but not born with the wrong gender

  1. canceled a female’s membership because she complained about the facility allowing a transgendered male to use the female locker room.

    Beautiful. I love it when it’s women (who are usually the beneficiaries of “social justice”) are the victims for a change. This incident is one of the seldom cases where women are the target of SJW logic.
    Oh, and watch this: Feminist vs Transsexual:

    1. Yep. Most women just like to complain and it’s a good thing these SJWs are not on their side this time! Just like the woman in the pic:

    2. These people are all fucking retarded but I honestly just want someone to punch out the mangina with the rainbow tie and stupid hat.
      Its just amazing that these people exist…
      I’m sure Putin is a corrupt megalomaniac… but at least he doesn’t put up with this kinda shit…

    3. Wow. Ha!
      I have a theory that women have a disproportionate fear of rape as an evolutionary behavior. Basically, it’s protecting their womb from bad sperm.
      Rape is to women as cuckoldry is to men. Sure, I’d be horrified if a dude rammed his rod in my butthole. It would hurt, but I could get over that fast. I’d feel humiliated and gross, but I could probably just try not to think about it. Not saying rape isn’t a big deal, but how is it that different then getting roughed up during a mugging (well, roughed up badly)?
      I think women have an “extra” inborn fear and aversion to rape.
      So, in conclusion, this rape = institutional power bullshit is easy to explain. Rape is an evolutionary trigger for women that activates protective instincts. Marxists exploit this to get women to buy into their program. Sick. Of course, other female innate behaviors are exploited as well. That’s all feminism is: an effectively inducted class of Marxists, useful idiots convinced of Marxist nonsense through exploitation of female instincts. Marxism has always had matriarchal overtones anyway. Concern with who gets resources, none for how they are to be got.

      1. I started drinking early one Friday back in my young and dumb days….I was at the barracks, not to far from my room and I just sort of said to hell with it, I don’t feel like hunting pussy tonight so getting wasted drunk seems like an idea. Early on, one of the barracks whores made her way over to me, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing except her personality was toxic. I wouldn’t touch this chick with somebody else’s dick. I told her that it wasn’t happening in no uncertain terms and went back to drinking peaceably.
        As the night wore on, I eventually did dance with a couple of the girls there, but these were friends of mine. The night, for me, slowly faded into a sort of dizzy lights, music, and laughter before I lost track.
        I woke up the next morning laying above my covers, naked as the day I was born. Looking at my privates, it was fairly obvious that something had happened, there was evidence of dried up sex. Then I realized that she was beside me. The one that I had chased off. I pushed her out of my bed and told her to get the hell out of my room. I asked my friends and they said that she had followed me with no prompting, but they didn’t realize it was also without my knowledge. Looking at the feminist opinion of rape, I am almost certain what happened qualified as rape. It certainly convinced me to stop drinking so heavy.

        1. Nope ,women can;t by law rape men. For rape there must be penetration by the raper. sad but true. Sexual assault maybe

    4. You are being humorous but you are on to something
      We must make the SJW live up to their own doctrines.
      Tranny rights? Get a bunch of lesbian butch trans persons (normal men) to join the women’s orgs.

    5. That was a nice power move sitting down while the trannies have to continue to stand in the video.

  2. so I can go into a woman’s locker room, sit around, and then when the females complain claim to be a pre-op trans?
    diggity diggity

      1. I give it twenty years. They’ll merge with the LGBT whatever other letter group. “How dare you discriminate!!!” They’ll get activist judges to pass “marriages” even though the vast majority don’t want it (similar to now in America). Just sit back and watch

        1. I meant sneaking in to watch and pretending they’re trans. Otherkin or headmates should be funny. There was this PIE scandal in Britain from a few decades ago actually.

  3. The article fails to point out the cuntiness of the member who complained AND told everyone else about it.

      1. “presence of a potential predator in the midst of vulnerable prey.” Thats a shit argument. Thats exactly how feminists view men. You’re engaging in demagoguing and name calling.
        You’re right thats its not wrong to object, but she went around telling everyone like a middle school politician.

        1. Yeah she has a right to object but the way she complained is like that of a child. If a man complained about this, he would not be taken as seriously if the same situation happened. Women nowadays are treated as first class citizens. They can even abort their babies if they wanted to even if it doesn’t endanger their health.

        2. Unknot your knickers. Women are physically weaker than men are, and they are never more psychologically vulnerable than when they’re naked.
          It’s a 100% natural human female reaction to object strenuously to the unannounced & unapproved appearance of a man amidst women who are bathing. In fact, the complaining woman’s response is the rational one. How do you expect a woman to respond if not to seek help from authorities? They’re hardwired to run to the nearest perceived protectors.
          Yes, women bear the lion’s share of the blame for enabling this SJW bullshit to spread. I want the women who support this PC nonsense to experience discomfort like this woman did, so that they connect cause to effect for once.
          That being said, I don’t fault their reactions to unexpected threats. Their reactions are natural, not “cunty.” They need to experience more discomforts like these, so that they’ll finally stop advocating for this foolishness.
          When you come across the next Jane Suburbia in mid-rant about the creepy tranny she just saw in the locker room, encourage her revulsion. Help her draw the right conclusion. Get her to draw the other cows in her herd back toward rationality.

        3. “Yeah she has a right to object but the way she complained is like that of a child”
          And thats my point. Its not about allowing a transgender man into the womens locker room. Its about this woman going around and telling everyone. Its equivalent to finding out about someone’s criminal history and spreading the news.

        4. Plus there are such things as getting dressed and showered at home instead of a public gym locker.

        5. “You’re right thats its not wrong to object, but she went around telling everyone like a middle school politician.”
          Hey, I identify as a woman, I’m going to be “hanging out” where your daughters change their clothing, I know I can count on you not to tell. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

        6. Yea but thats where the kids are, and though I wouldn’t want to see a transgendered person I would rather put up with seeing it in the mens locker room than the public one where the kids might be. When Im in a locker room and Im naked I try to reasonably cover up. Hold a towel in front of me or putting underwear on as soon as I can. No one really shows their junk and broadcasts it, so I’d imagine a transgendered person would take extra caution to minimize other’s seeing what they have.
          To be clear, I dont *like* or support transgendered people, but I’m not going to sit here and rail on what transgendered people are and should be. No doubt they’ve wrestled with it more than I ever will. So long as they’re not broadcasting it and causing issues, or demanding laws be changed Im cool with them doing whatever they need to do. We all got bills to pay an checks to cash.
          This is a good issue to debate and the gym was in a lot of trouble had the complainer not ran her mouth which allowed the gym to take the high road. What the gyms goal is to have this be a non issue, for the most amount of people to go back to exercising and continuing membership. The woman running he mouth threatened that, which made it an easy call for the gym.

        7. If this is a thing that doesn’t trouble someone then it seems to me to also eliminate any objection to just having unisex locker rooms.

        8. Or have three kinds. Male, Female, and Handicapped (for trannies or people with special needs).

        9. But then the trannies will complain that they must use the “other” locker room and not being treated fairly like they’re some kind of outcast, which in reality they ARE!

        10. If they complain just kick them out! A woman should have every right to hit the tranny back if the tranny is inside the women’s locker room. It’s the mens locker or the handicapped. They choose. But this world is getting fucked up every second. I guess that’s only benefit to these family or unisex lockers/restrooms. There, problem solved! Trannies are neither! Now if the tranny was the other way around, girl to guy, I wouldn’t mind so much if they are in the mens’, I’d just laugh at the most.

    1. That because it’s irrelevant. It was a valid complaint and sharing disapproval of a company’s policy with fellow stakeholders is common and acceptable.

      1. Yes, she had a right to complain. Did she have to share with everyone else? No. You shouldn’t look up someone’s criminal history and start talking about it either. The woman who complained tried to usurp the Gym’s authority and forcing the issue and being a chatty Cathy like women do best. The gym received the complaint, which is a serious complaint and then started talking shit. If she just kept her mouth shut after complaining the transgender person probably would have been booted.

        1. No, the transgender person wasn’t going to be booted no matter how she approached the situation. Planet Fitness’s public response makes that fact VERY clear. At the end of the day, she would either have to say nothing and put up with the discomfort, or leave. She wasn’t willing to do the former, so the latter conclusion was inevitable. This is why I stated that her “cuntiness” is irrelevant: there is no nice way to disagree with SWJ indoctrinated authority and get them to side with you.

    2. Why should other customers be left in the dark about a thing that if they knew would probably trouble them? If you found a roach in your double whammy burger would you just keep it between yourself and the manager, being careful not to speak too loudly so that no one else in line for food could hear?

      1. A roach in your burger is direct harm to you. The genitalia of another person doesn’t

        1. The unisex/family locker rooms are there for parents who are with their kids of a different gender. Pick your poison.

        2. I dont know what you’re angle is.
          The locker rooms are separate for you as much as they are for women.
          I’d rather see 100 naked men in the locker room than than 1 wrinkly over weight woman with a “gunt”
          Though I’ve got nothing to be ashamed about, I wouldn’t want women to be talking about my dick size should I be so unfortunate.

  4. The article fails to point out the cuntiness of the member who complained AND told other members about it.

    1. I see that you’re using quotes and were implying something else. But to read your sentence at face value made me think, “No we don’t.” We don’t live in an interesting time. I’m not trying to argue with you here, be sure. But I just want to say the era of identity-based grievance is so DULL. I’m not even delving into agreeing/disagreeing. It’s just so boring. The blacks keep trotting out the same thoughts. The same people are being stamped out more consistently than an assembly line. White feminists too. Any feminist really. The mechanics of grievance, SJW thought etc. is the farthest thing from interesting to me. It’s so predictable and they keep recycling the exact same formulas over and over and over again. At least when the hippies came out of nowhere, they were interesting. They were misguided and flawed but they brought some new, interesting takes to society. They were experimental etc and culture used to change. Look at the flux between the early sixties, late sixties, early seventies, late seventies, early eighties…well it slowed down there. This era….no. It’s so dull. 25 years of retread grievances using the same dull psychological mechanisms. It’s Groundhog’s Day when dealing with the feminists.

  5. When the inevitable societal course correction arrives, it’s going to be extremely unpleasant for these mentally- and spiritually-damaged people who society praises for being “transgendered.” I pity them, but I absolutely refuse to indulge their destructive behavior.

  6. Until the tranny has a vagina will this one should be allowed in. Don’t get me wrong but nowadays a lot of women, especially in the US, can pass as men because they are so ugly added with the fact that they act like one.

    1. I disagree. As long as you have a Y chromosome, you are a male, period. And if you don’t, you are a female. The world should not be ignoring biological fact just became some mentally ill people don’t want to.

      1. True in a biological sense. The tranny is neither despite the chromosomes they have due to differences in brain structures. And nowadays, women in the West are starting to act like men. They don’t necessarily look like men physically but their attitudes are so ugly and they dress bad.

        1. “..but their attitudes are so ugly…”
          Men don’t categorically have ugly attitudes. Women in the West aren’t acting like men, they are acting like spoiled brats.

        2. Yep men don’t have ugly attitudes. It’s the women that do thinking they are ‘acting like men’ when in reality they act like spoiled children. They want the same rights as men but they don’t want to deal with the consequences.

      2. I agree. I never thought the world would begin to disregard science for someone who “feels” they’re a woman or man.

  7. I’m amazed at how fast ROK’s authors are able to crank out some articles….I just read about this story yesterday.
    I don’t see how anyone can defend Trans people; their lifestyle is so vile and disgusting. It’s a mental disorder and most of them can’t function in normal life, so they resort to sucking dick for a living. Trannies are obsessed with having a dick in their mouth as often as possible. Why would anyone fight for their rights?

    1. I don’t see how anyone can defend Trans people;

      Relax, transsexuals are like moles within the SJW community. They can’t be countered with the usual SJW logic, they are a minority among minority of a minority, and they use male logic themselves. Feminists even suggested to exclude the “T” from “LGBT” that’s how transsexuals go on the nerves of feminists.

      It’s a mental disorder

      B-but anon, how can you say something mean like t-that?

      1. Remember it is women against everyone and in the cuntocracy, women are always first class citizens. Lesbians especially benefit the most from this.

        1. well it seems in this case a biological female is ousted. Will feminist come to the rescue of this woman? will it be feminist vs alphabet crowd(LGBT+)?

      2. I’ve never met a transsexual or transvestite or anyone who was into that stuff who didn’t have a mental disorder.
        And I’ve met quite a few of them.

        1. I’ve met one in my 27 years on this planet. My driver’s ed teacher was a man who wore women’s clothes. I ended up getting thrown out of that particular class.

    2. Its a definite mental disorder. Thats why these losers kill themselves so much. Any man that wants to be a woman, I don’t care how many track and field medals you won, should be force fed steroids on the spot.

      1. You wouldn’t want to do that, they’d attack you. Those roids make a person aggressive. Messing with a person’s hormones isn’t going to be pretty.

        1. Do the steroids make you more aggressive, or are you more aggressive bc when you cycle off your T levels crash, and you have elevated estrogen levels?

    3. America is a sick culture. I heard this over and over from Japanese when I was living in Japan. I rolled my eyes then and thought they were just watching too much TV. America is rotting out. The mentally unhinged are treated as trailblazing pioneers of social justice.

      1. It’s all for the sake of “equality” believe it or not…America is going to allow sex with children and animals soon.

    4. There are simply no words available for me to express how much I absolutely dispise the kind of people who encourage the whole transgender thing because ‘yaayyy diversity” instead of addressing it like the mental illness it is….. seriously.. I’m getting angry just by typing this..

    5. Well today is International Women’s Day, and the feminists and cock carousel chicks are having a field day with this observed celebration voicing their opinions about equal pay and equal rights. I have yet to see an article on ROK that addresses this.

      1. Here’s your article.

        You already have equal pay.
        You already have superior rights and privileges
        Shut up
        That is all”

    6. Who do you think is fighting for their rights?
      Yes….Feminists and manboobed manginas.
      This whole article is about being a white knight….
      Why should I care if a woman is “uncomfortable” in having to share a
      locker room with a tranny?
      Women SHOULD feel the full force from the consequences of their actions….
      If you want Cultural Marxism and Feminism? Then you WILL have to share the locker room with a tranny.
      If you want to be a feminist? Then you WILL die alone with cats.
      We should NEVER jump to a woman’s defence… this article is doing….the more uncomfortable they are the better.

      1. Exactly. They asked for it not to mention women looking uglier than ever especially in the West.

      2. You have a point. However, ¿would you say the same if it was your wife or daughter in the same situation? the article also talked the opposite situation, if a woman went inside the men’s locker room, so I don’t think the article is about being a white night.

        1. would you say the same if it was your wife or daughter in the same situation

          If I was stupid enough to get married I would realize that this would be a personal issue with HER mindset and not the
          tranny’s…..I doubt that the tranny gets off seeing other women naked…So what exactly is the issue?
          I would have no problem with some women (thinking they are a man) using the male locker rooms….I doubt they would be looking at my dick.
          How do you feel about your wife/daughter going to a male gynaecologist? It is HIS professional behaviour that is relevant is it not?
          What I want if for women to take responsibilities for their
          actions… know that consequences exist and they will NOT be saved from their own bad decisions in life.

        2. The issue I see is around morality, that’s all. That said, then yes I think it is good that the women start to see the results of many laws that the feminists push. I wonder how they will try to blame us when something like this happens and one of them gets upset about it…

      3. Can we all declare ourselves female and fill up Planet Fitness’ women’s locker rooms?
        That would be a cool protest.
        Suck it bitches. I’m identifying as female and I;m going in there, sitting around naked in front of a mirror (like the old men do at my gym) and ogling the good looking ones.
        But but but I identify as female therefore I get special privileges.
        Seriously though — fuck planet fitness. Lunk alerts, political correctness, pizza night, cardio machines, no squats or deadlifts, and now this.
        Yeah, fuck them.

  8. If that thing gets a hard-on in the locker room, then the normal women should be allowed to kick it in the nuts. Fair play.

    1. “Do you have an innie or an outtie?”
      “Huh??? My bellybutton?”
      “No your vagina.”

  9. I’m trans racial. I’m white but I identify as black. If you deny my sense of belonging to the black community and reject my application for affirmative action, you are oppressing me!!

    1. I’ve seen guys like you. So do you have what my white friends call a:
      Black-cent? (“Black” accent)

      1. Well, I guess that makes him even more transcendental, because he married a transgender person, to boot, not to mention how gay-friendly his mouth was/is to old white penis after a bit of crack.
        Too bad he didn’t marry his Paki boyfriend back in the day.

    2. I too am transracial. I’m black but I identify as white. Why do the police and the country club still act otherwise?
      I’m also trans-wealthy and trans attractive. I might be poor and ugly but in my mind I identify as a wealthy and attractive man. Why the hell are women refusing to see this and accept me as such?
      I’m so tired of being oppressed!

      1. Its getting so I don’t know what the fuck I am. :-/
        (I did get a blowjob from a cute Asian girl the other day… does that make me Asian wannabe? … or maybe just a wanna bang Asians?)

        1. No. It makes you a gay lesbian trapped in a male body with a nasty oppressive wang who needs some Lucy Woo to do it for you.
          Don’t be ashamed, be loud! Be proud!

      2. I identify as a white male who should feel guilty about being “privileged” although I’m not rich. I’m a Southerner and viewed as being hateful because I was born in a geographic region commonly viewed as being bigoted. I am to accept the fact the sole reason the Civil War was fought was to “free the slaves” because that is what “Everybody knows.” Regardless of the fact my ancestors were German that came after 1880’s but I still qualify as being Anti-Semtic Nazi’s (Although we got here before WW2).
        I shouldn’t stereotype people based on gender identification and racial constructs, most of least privileged (overweight, tattooed, unemployed, half- black jewish lesbians single mothers with gauged ears and nose rings) see me as being the sole reason of their station and feel like if I make eye contact I’m going to rape them. Even saying “Hello” can be a threatening comment because they can sense insincerity. It still doesn’t absolve me of crimes of the White male Patriarchy and the subjugation of woman.
        If you are the least privileged, rest assured I’m the reason why you suffer.
        Seriously, nobody is more intolerant and hateful that a SJW. So many people to hate, so little time.

    3. I remember seeing a movie description on Netflix about a transracial family adopting a transgendered girl, I was so confused not getting how someone could be transracial…my faith in America is pretty much at 2% now.

    4. I’m trans economic. I’m a rich man in a poor man’s body. I want the public to pay for my injections of cash.

  10. It will be fun to see when M to F trannies want to compete as females in the Olympics or in college/pro sports.

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      2. “wigger”
        i guess that stands for white nigger? reminds me on the dude who thinks he is a woman in a mans body, and a lesbian at the same time. i wish i met someone like that in real life, totally hilarious

        1. that man is bruce jenner. He’s already said that once he’s transitioned he will be a lesbian. He’s working on the black thing I imagine

        2. There’s a lot of white guys out there with black brains. Like Bill Clinton…

        3. Yeah I can’t imagine Bruce Jenner ever being accepted by the Black “community”.

        4. …And the meat (actually rice grain) of a 5 year old Asian, according to Clitler.

        5. You underestimate the power of being a guest on Orpha, “You go, grrrrl!”

        6. I heard of a case like that in the 80’s. He wanted to become a female so he could be a lesbian. That has got to be a mental illness. If he liked females why didn’t he just use his dick on them lol

        7. “If he liked females why didn’t he just use his dick on them lol”
          that is it what makes me laugh. he really must hate his dick or something

        8. That is why Obama was no big deal; Clinton was our first black president. He did open his post presidential offices in Harlem.

        9. And he wasn’t a complete sock puppet like Obama the original Manchurian Candidate.

  11. What is to stop Men from pretending they are Transgender just so they can go into Female Facilities?

    1. Nothing really. If you have long hair, make up, and bright clothes on you could have a beard that touches the floor and they’d believe you were transgendered. The real question is, how long before the rape trials begin?

  12. So a trans-female who chooses to be female…who happens to be a sexual predator walks into a female locker room……the SJW folk demand “she” be “respected”.
    This has so many avenues for graft…..

    1. “who happens to be a sexual predator walks into a female locker room”
      No where in the article(s) did it say that. There’s no evidence of such.

      1. You are correct. But that will be the situation. Any man who walks into a female locker room would be arrested. If they “choose” to be female today…no matter their true intent we must “oblige”. I didnt say the trans-sexual in the article was a sexual predator but the next time this happens?

        1. This sounds like a problem that only women will have to deal with. I won’t feel sorry for feminist gym rats complaining about people with XY chromosomes who make use of their locker rooms. They fought for this. Let them enjoy it.
          In the men’s locker room, no one is looks at other guys’ junk.

  13. How are we not seeing the beauty in this event today? Feminists have their own feel good laws used against them. Now, there agenda gets shoved aside for transgender individuals. It’s beautiful. The liberals and do-gooders are eating themselves alive. Sit back, watch it burn, and laugh. Just like liberals trying to “out-racist” each other, they are going to destroy themselves trying to come up with and promote the most feel good SJW cause du jour. I’m laughing so hard over here at the irony.

    1. Its coming full circle. SJWism is like a Russian doll. There is always going to be a group that’s more “oppressed” than yours that you are inconvenienced to accommodate. More and more will come out of the woodwork. Its like a science fiction novel.

  14. Two takes on this.
    Given how the left is all about private businesses being compelled to serve all, this woman should sue Planet Fitness for all they got.
    Or, since the left is celebrating Planet Fitness’ action here, other businesses should feel more liberated about refusing to do business with people because they don’t wish to. *Cough*Christian bakers*Cough*

      1. They’d continue the “this woman’s a hater” attack on her until she loses her job, home and possibly even her life.

  15. Women and mentally unstable women who think they are men have no business in a locker room.
    This locker room bs all started with the nfl letting female reporters in the locker room after a game. GTFO!

    1. I think it would be interesting to see how a woman who thinks she’s a man reacts when you get hard while she’s changing. Im guessing it’ll probably end in some kind od sexual harassment lawsuit.

      1. If it’s a male-to-female transgender, he’ll end up blowing they guy with the hardon in the toilet stall.

  16. Transgender freaks aren’t human and don’t have human rights. This she-beast should be thrown off the roof by IS.
    What blows my mind is that it happened in middle america. I would expect this in SF. But in Midland, Michigan?

  17. I’m with those who think this is pretty amusing. Women no longer rank as #1 on the SJW Scale of Oppression. Trans freaks rank higher. Now let’s kick back and watch the SJW’s tear themselves apart.

  18. There was no mention of a husband in this story which makes me suspect the woman kicked out votes Democrat, loves Obama and now feels bitch-slapped by her own politically correct allies. I can’t imagine she’s the only one of her middle aged friends now having second thoughts about riding along with whatever the LGBT (Q -what the fuck is the Q for?) crowd wants.
    Assuming she’s a modern leftist follower like so many of her middle aged female peers, then she made the bed and can lie in it.
    On another note the story mentions the staff “deemed” the tranny was real – ok, what kind of corporate training does Planet Fitness provide to their staff to be bathroom cops? Are they qualified doctors or psychiatrists? Doe they require any sort of proof from the tranny? Is their decision subject to medical review?
    If none of the above happens during the “deeming” process (as I suspect) and they are dependent upon the whims of a 19 year old front part time front desk clerk or the community college dropout manager to make the call as to who gets to go into which bathroom, then it’s only a matter of time before they get taken out with a lawsuit when a woman is assaulted by the wrong tranny being let through.

  19. Sklodowski!
    A name that will echo down the cosmic vaults of Eternity . . . a beacon of stark courage in a sad, degraded age. Dearest Carlotta Sklodowski, you are a Revelation of Hope in a brutal, unfair, intolerant world!
    Truly, the incident itself is topped only by the social justice zombies, glomming and hastening to congratulate him/her/it on the, uh, victory. As for outraged Yvette, hey this is the Protected Groups culture that the sisterhood built, and votes for constantly. Choke it down with sweet n sour sauce. :O)

  20. I always figured stuff like this would happen.
    I also envisioned in the next 100 to 200 years, dogs will be given the same rights as human beings. I mean look at it now, in my state you can be fined and served jail time if you leave a dog in the car.
    Kinda brings me back to an ROK articke a few months ago on how game and feminism will be like in the year _______.
    Interestingly crazy.

    1. Just wait until people start to make zoophilia a sexual orientation. People will start to marry their dogs and horses. Feminism has led America to a sess pool while patriarchy was leading us in the right direction imo.

  21. I think its a pyrrhic victory for the SJWs. The gym took the trannys side so they dont get to play victim for once. Also this will lead to a ton more blue pilled people waking up to whats happening to America.
    Also I love the fact that this is one thing that will inconvenience the privilleged female SJWs. I bet most of the rank and file dont want to share a bathroom with a man, transgender or not. Their movement is a lot less united than we think it is. I refer you to this story;
    Some feminists were beaten up by transgenders over some dispute over books. You almost wonder if they had no common enemy whether SJWs would destroy themselves.

    1. Very true. It’s one thing to give lip service to supporting causes, but quite another to be at the receiving end of stupid decisions like letting trannies into your locker room.

    2. ROFL sounds like the “Law and Disorder Conference” lived up to the billing.

    3. That was a hilarious read. Sounds like it was staged though. If not, notice how when accused of violence, trans women become “Transgender men”, “Trans women” (quotes important), and plain old men who identify as trans women. Definitely worth the read for a good chuckle either way.

  22. I’m fucking sick of the way millennials treat queers like they are handicapped and need protection from bullies.

  23. One thing that’s hilarious, none of the fat tumblr freaks who support Planet Fitness here would ever be caught dead in a gym, so Planet Fitness is only losing themselves customers.

    1. Yep. That’s what I don’t get about this “need” to cave to “pressure”. Who cares if these perpetually offended people snark on a hashtag? Are they buying anything? No? Then ignore them.

  24. PF is trying to “brand” itself as the queer gym. This could have been staged for publicity. That’s how fucked up america is now.

  25. Interesting.
    Trannies are starting to invade and ruin the women only places and the women only sports.
    Kind of like the feministas have been doing to men for years.
    EDIT TO ADD: And that picture of that deranged nutjob again reminds me of the uncanny valley in animated films. Trannies are in the uncanny valley of real life.

    1. The feminists are finally getting a taste of their own medicine, now let’s sit, watch, and see what happens!

      1. I wonder if femtards will come to the rescue and attack planet fitness and whoever supported planet fitness’s action. Haha feminist have been complain that the alphabet crowd(LGBT WTFXYZ) is overshadowing feminism .

      2. Most likely nothing. Our opponents can operate in spite of logical contradiction, even if it entails them taking a few major hits.
        But we can sit back keep it coming. Some of them might wake up.

        1. “even if it entails them taking a few major hits.”
          Let’s see what happens when one of those chix-with-dix makes some broad “entail” his cock when she bends over to pick up the soap in the shower…

        2. Never know. It’s one thing for women to sit by quietly complicit with what feminists are screaming as long as it only affects men, but when all these women who say nothing have to start having their “female only” spaces invaded by male freakshows, it might wake them up.
          Or, like you said, at least some of them.

    2. I’m not mad about it.
      The queer is out of the men’s room ,. It’s the women’s problem.
      When it becomes the women’s problem, then they will fight back., and many , after seeing a weird naked man in the shower, will turn from their SJW stupidity .
      Until now , the freaks they support in theory, would only negatively effect men in such situations.

  26. I don’t get it. A trans guy is a guy who dresses as women and goes for guys. So what trans in his right mind would not want to get in a room full of his target sex?
    And if insists getting into the other locker room, maybe his target sex is not really men. Sheesh..

    1. I really think this guy is really just a pervert taking advantage of Planet Fitness’s “judgement free zone”. He’s probably just a straight guy pretending to be trans in order to use the women’s locker room

      1. The next article is titled “trans guy gets his balls kicked after getting an erection in the women’s locker room, feminist outrage ensues against those who judge him for his erections”

  27. If we ever get to the point where unisex bathrooms become a thing outside the sjw echo chamber it should become every mans civic duty to follow a woman into one, take the stall right next to her and then proceed to squeeze out one of the loudest nastiest sloppiest smelliest shits humanly possible.

      1. Yep that’s why there are couches in womens’ restrooms. Pass-outs from noxious fumes.

  28. What’s to prevent a male basketball player who can’t make it to the NBA to claim they’re a transwoman and play in the WNBA? Juwanna Mann might have been more prophetic than we realized.

    1. Shave your legs, put on lipstick, become most valuable player for some WNBA team.

  29. Not sure I agree that businesses are making the right decision concerning their bottom line bowing down to political correctness. Last year Guinness and Sam Adams pulled their sponsorship from the NYC St Patricks Day parade because parade organizers would not allow openly gay groups, proclaiming their homosexuality, to march. I, as well as a lot of people I know, stopped drinking Sam Adams & Guinness as a result. 2 of my favorite beers too. I am not anti gay. But I am sick and tired of politically correct groups bullying the rest of us, and spineless corporations capitulating to them. Live & let live. But get out of my face with your cause de jour.

  30. The Reaction Tree has a valid point. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity in most cases.
    Having been involved in controversial organizations myself, I can tell you this is definitely true. I can also tell you that the only time it is not true is when the bad publicity is about either incompetence or malfeasance occurring in the organization itself.

    1. Actually the Muslims won’t mind them as much. In Iran, they pay for sex changes and kill the gays or make them get sex changes. And they have Sharia Law there.

  31. This is the unlimited sexual freedom feminists wanted. Gender norms are old fashioned. Now any man can claim he’s “crossing over” and take showers with women.

  32. This creepy tranny is going to be hailed by SJWs as the next Rosa Parks. They will name streets and schools after him/her. This will be included in text books for gay history month.

  33. Planet Fitness is just another tentacle on the Cultural Marxist octopus. Weaken America further by convincing brain-dead liberals they’re “working out”, when in fact they’re doing absolutely nothing for themselves and are actually getting into worse shape. It’s mental masturbation, frankly. I heard they have a Pizza Night as well as a jar of Tootsie Rolls on the front desk, because you know, “You earned it.” Romulus laughs.
    Between the faggy purple and yellow color scheme, trannies in the locker rooms, not to mention the “Lunk Alarm” aka “There’s Someone Here Actually Exerting Themselves Alarm”, I can’t think of a single person in their right mind who would go to this “gym”.

    1. If you really want to troll, call 911 from a burner phone each time this thing goes off and report a fire.

        1. And God help feminists when they do. A bunch of guys who sit around playing with code and hacking government websites for fun now have no outlet and it’s all thanks to feminists? Methinks The Fappening will be just a drop in the ocean should that happen.
          It’s only fair, Dok. Fight fire with fire. Somehow these scheming, conniving, vindictive brain-dead broads can figure out how to Doxx us, show up at our events and pull fire alarms (which is illegal if there’s no fire),

          and have zero respect for our right to peaceably assemble, so fuck ’em where they live.
          Mike over at D&P was even talking about “Swatting”, where these psycho bitches will call 911 and say there’s a hostage situation at your address, hoping the cops will send SWAT to kick in your door and find you cleaning your pistol so you’ll catch some lead.
          I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a more Old Testament Fire and Brimstone kind of guy, and never much cared for that Turn the Other Cheek shit. Playing the game with one hand tied behind your back is for suckers, and if that’s the game these crazy twats want to play, I think they’ll find they’re woefully outmatched.

        2. Operation Mayhem
          I have been thinking the same thing the last few weeks, time to start Operation Mayhem. (with a few modifications so no one gets in trouble with the authorities.)
          Modifications to Operation Mayhem.
          1: No destruction of property or injury of people.
          2: Main focus should to inform people and ridicule targets that hold absurd points of view and are trying to enforce these absurd views on the general public, which should get others to rally to the cause. (Others would know they are not alone in the fight.) A prime example of target to ridicule would be any SJW or militant feminist.
          3: Gamergate may provide a ready made cadre to implement Operation Mayhem. A good example so far is when Brianna Wu tried to get a restraining order on a person that does not exist. (Priceless how idiotic some people can be.)
          4: Inform people who contribute to political campaigns when an elected official does something to further the agenda of the ‘useful idiots’. Undermine their political support to the point where they run out of money and lose elections.
          The best part is that since it would have no central command and control of its operations, there would be no leadership to attack or that could be run out of business.

      1. The workers smoke at the back door At the PF here and they set the fire alarm off the other week.

    2. Can a Transwomen grunt at Planet Fitness if they are shoving a dildo up their ass?

  34. Their is a big break between the radical feminist and the Trans movement. The radical feminist want men out of their space, but it looks like the powers that be are supporting the Trans movement and throwing the dykes and rad fems under the bus.
    Check out to see the rad fem/lesbian backlash against the trans movement. The left is literally eating itself..

    1. Support neither. Let one side destroy the other and then you have one weakened enemy left.

      1. Trannies are just a very significant minority (less than one percent). If anything, the feminists have done more damage than these people. And there are more of them.

    2. Its just like when blacks gang rape a white woman, the feminists treat it like an unfortunate traffic accident on the back page of the news. If there are no straight white males involved, there is no feminist outrage.

    3. Yeah but to really ‘eat themselves’ they would have to be beholden to logic which they aren’t. So they’ll self-contradict, cancel out their own logic all day long, be flat hypocritical but it doesn’t matter. They will never learn from it at all and it doesn’t factor in really because as long as there is an emotional payoff they’ll keep going. Also, these are camps forged in the pure, blue-twisted steel of identity. So to have a logical fallacy pointed out by an opposing identity camp just pours gas on the firefight. No logical point can ever enter this identity based frenzy of pure emotion. The identity camps are in total agreement within themselves and no one has any reason to use logic, ever.
      In your (rational) view you can see that they have run into a logical road block. So you think, “Ha! It’s over. Surely they’ll throw in the towel now. To continue would be a logical contradiction so certainly they can’t continue!” Sorry, man. That’s not how they operate. Look at Obama’s “End to Bigotry” goal of his initiation speech. Now he spends his whole tenure indulging his personal hatred of Israel. Quick! Someone point out the contradiction and surely he’ll check himself and stop. Ha ha ha. Sure.

  35. IF this affects the bottom line big time, watch the ‘principles’ change quickly.
    A race to the bottom. Whoever is offended the most wins???
    No freedom of choice, association or conscience here. Just in your face PC compliance or be destroyed.
    Four legs good, two legs better!!!!

  36. This event is good news.
    1 half the freaks are now out of the men’s locker room, all the gays should go to the female locker rooms.
    2 it wont work out, women will not like it
    3 the women will be at oddswith other women’s stupid ideas and reject it.
    4 the entire thing will wake up at least some women to the idiocy of SJW/Marxism/progressive none-sense.
    Have daughters? buy them a home gym.

    1. Apropos of nothing…
      I wonder why, historically, women were denied voting rights?
      That’s right! It was bigotry. It had nothing to do with rationality.

  37. The power of Boycotting is not being utilized. This Gym Franchise needs to swiftly go out of business for pulling this stunt. If women unanimously retracted their memberships (cited specifically for the recently disclosed transgender policy), then the Gym would be forced to change their policy or go out of business.
    To flaming hell with the women who refuse to stand up for reality and continue to support a business displaying asinine, offensive, and illegal policies.
    The negative effects of Marxist Normalization continue to surprise me…. I never thought brain washing people could be so effective.

    1. I pretty much boycott everything but utilities and books.
      No gym memberships, or cable, or internet or any that shit for me.

      1. Well, the YMCA is solid for me, a bit expensive but I get what I pay for. I have never paid for tv and never will… I still don’t understand how so many people do… it’s baffling. I have a work phone with net. The only time I had internet was with an ex-wife. I want internet at home but it’s so hard to swallow the cost because the service is lacking 9/10.

  38. I have a hard time thinking many of these SJW’s are going to be frequenting a gym, transgendered friendly or not.

    1. The fact that Planet Fitness isn’t a gym, but rather a racket to make people think they’re working out, might make the opposite case of your comment.

  39. “Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and
    guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported
    gender identity.” (emphasis mine)
    Ironically, the only way they can determine if the transsexual is being sincere is by relying on stereotypes. Does the subject in question speak with a lisp? Do they have a limp wrist?
    These sorts of questions have to be asked, because otherwise, there’s nothing stopping a straight Joe Schmo from claiming to be transsexual in order to shower with women.

    1. “there’s nothing stopping a straight Joe Schmo from claiming to be transsexual in order to shower with women.”
      Ain’t it all just THAT beautiful?
      No wonder feminists hate tranny’s!

  40. Hell yea.
    I can now identify as a woman and then go into the women’s locker at PF and gawk as much as I want.
    If they say anything, I can threaten to accuse them of transphobia and “judgement”.
    Looks like straight women are trumped on the LGBT altar. Wonder how the feminists will deal with this.
    The infighting will be incredibly entertaining and we now have unlimited access to the women’s locker rooms there.
    I wonder what other things we can identify as a women for and reap some of the material rewards for.

    1. “I can now identify as a woman and then go into the women’s locker at PF and gawk as much as I want.”
      Planet Fitness also bans women for being hot, it might turn out that you don’t want to very much.

  41. I was watching the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” remake the other day. Remember the scene where Donald Sutherland and his small band of friends are being sieged by the aliens in his apartment? Yeah, pretty much that.

  42. Y’know. For once i gotta agree with the SJWs on this and i gotta distance myself with the readership here. I dont *like* LGBTs but id imagine being a Trans has a whole lot of issues THEY have to deal with. Ive got plenty of problems i need to deal with but i cant imagine the internal struggle involved with wanting to change your gender amd the fear of what people think or might think of you. If a transgender puts on his/her skirt or pants, goes to work, does a quality job done and pays their taxes then who am i to call you mentally ill? I dont like a person changing genders, but theyve clearly put more thought into it than i have.
    If theres a trans in the locker room i wouldnt like it, but so long as that person is appropriately showering, changing, and perhaps taking extra precautions covering up then who am i to say he/she cant use the locker room?
    this isnt a matter of rights, its a matter of tolerance.

    1. you know who else has internal struggles with themselves? Schizophrenics. And being that they have a mental disorder they go out and seek help for it. Not go out and cry about “schizo rights”.

      1. Dave Chappelle disagrees with you.
        Dave Chappelle – Talks about sick Hollywood environment:
        Dave Chappelle – The worst thing to call somebody is crazy:
        I specifically and clearly stated this isnt about rights, its about tolerance, but you brought it back to mental illness. That person has a job and drivers license, paid for a car and gym membership then go to the gym and work out–something 10’s of millions of Americans don’t do. Though ive not met the transgendered person in question, evidence suggest theyre not mentally ill. If it was about rights we’d be writing a law that states every building needs 3 bathrooms. A paying member needs to use the locker room, and the only harm it does is if you sneak a peak. Tolerate it.
        On the scale of shit that bother me in life a trans chaning next to me is pretty low. Id be much more pissed abouy someone using the squat rack for 40 min.

        1. can someone please tell me why he walked away from his show??

        2. I imagine alot of things but I read the breaking point had something to do with the network wanting him to wear a dress in a skit.

    2. Think about it this way, the member was uncomfortable which she should have been. If HE was a SHE there would be no problem but having a naked man with his dick hanging out while you have your female parts out would raise red flags. It’s not that hard to understand, in this case the female should’ve got her way…sure she may have went about it the wrong way but what if you had a daughter who was in there and some guy who “claims” to be a woman had his dick out? I say if these things become like this at least have a rule to never get naked or something.

      1. Exactly. As a teacher running a class I’ve grown to respect and understand people in positions of power like police. Often times the best thing to do is not the one that abides by the law, but actually gets everyone back on track.
        The woman who complained would have had her way, the Trans complained that there was no Trans locker room. The gym would have said go in the men’s or get out. But the thing is, the woman who complained made a bigger stink by telling everyone, which was a bigger problem than a Trans in the woman’s locker room. Thus the call for the gym was easy, get rid of the trouble maker. By getting rid of the trouble maker the gym sends a message that the trans wasn’t a problem last week and wont be problem this week either, and yes, there’s man in the woman’s locker room, we’re aware of it, but so long as he doesn’t to anything particularly bad we’re going to act like adults here and exercise at the gym.
        If I had a young daughter, or son if the situation was reversed, I avoid letting her in the locker room at the same time. If the transgender person wasn’t being considerate enough to take extra measures to cover up then I’d have a polite talk with him/her and make it clear that he/she has a right be there to exercise and change, and I don’t mind it around me, but my son/daughter is here and I’d like limit their exposure to that at this age.

    3. Not sure I’d be comfortable with any suicide prone, usually violent mentally ill person being around me being, well, mentally ill.
      It is a free market question. The story here is that we’re starting to watch SJW’s eat themselves.

      1. ” suicide prone, usually violent mentally ill person being around me being, well, mentally ill.”
        You’re making assumptions. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel about transgender people, and I wouldn’t go out and try to be friends with them, but if I needed to be in contact with any of them I’d try to give them a fair shake. I’ve had completely normal people lie to me, steal money, try to steal my girl, vandalize my things and try to get me fired. Transgender people? I’ve only seen them on the street trying to get a taxi.

  43. CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States
    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  44. Is it not ironic that at the same time that the SJWs are fighting to stop rape they also want to fight to allow women to undress in men’s locker rooms and the other as well? Imagine after a hard workout you go to change and beside you is a busty, brunette wom…I mean “man” with the body of a goddess. You pop a boner she screams sexual harassment you get thrown out.
    All straight men and women more or less lose in this new society being created.
    “Oh you feel uncomfortable showing your naked body to man who claims to be a woman? Get out you ignorant transphobic!” <=== this is the future of America…

  45. So this is unrelated to the article above; my brother showed me this site and I’ve been looking through some of the articles. My boyfriend is effeminate and describes himself as a feminist, he doesn’t act like he enjoys for me to cook for him or do traditional things. So I find this to be a discouraging contribution by many men in America to what is described as the decline. I live in a liberal area outside of Portland and I haven’t seen much of the other prospective types of males. So this all seems confusing to me as a female I get the message men want a woman with a career and I should not want to settle down and have babies.

      1. I don’t think he is gay necessarily, he grew up with a single mother, who hates me for no reason and she is more crazy then the women mentioned on the online dating article.

    1. The question is, what do you think about your boy-friend, does he make you happy or does he remind you of dating a woman? Men want a traditional marriage , this new-age career woman stuff, Men don’t care about it. If you Want a Man, in my opinion your BF is not going to deliver.

      1. I told him I don’t know if I want to go to University or not, I’m taking a year off and he was highly critical about it, my brother has had several altercations with him about it, he also has made rude jokes about my mother, who was a stay at home mom.

        1. If he is making fun of your mother for her choices in life because it goes against his feminist beliefs than he is really confused, If you are on the fence about this guy then I would recommend leaving him, If you want a traditional marriage this guy is not going to be your best bet, sometimes people change and he might for the better, but as of now and it’s my impression, that what you want , and what he wants aren’t one in the same, i don’t mean to be rude, but your BF sounds like a weakling if you want a happy fulfilled life as a woman , you need to find a Man, I believe Men that support feminist ideas are truly confused.

        2. Yeah, thats the advice I’ve been getting. If I was to go to University I would major in music therapy which he also says is a waste of time and I should do the business route; I just have no interest to try it. Some of the articles about feminism on here are different than what many think about it, I didn’t realize how polarizing it is. Thanks for the advice!

    2. If you want an actual XY chromosome man with testosterone, living in Portland is not doing yourself any favors.
      Don’t listen to feminists telling you what men want, even if the feminist is a man.

  46. While everyone either proclaims victory or wrings their hands on tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, I will sit back and let the free market sort this one out. My hunch is that this decision will not prove to be a financial boon for Planet Fitness.

  47. It will be really funny when old 6’3 trans-women can fully undress in front of tiny women giving them the full knowing smile – especially since you don’t even have to be post-op to be declared a woman. Anyone here can put on a dress, some lipstick – and voila – you are a trans-woman ready to dangle your dick in front of some women.

    1. And if you declare you are a ‘lesbian that identifies as a woman’ you can even get your sexing on.
      “That’s not my dick, it’s just a weirdly shaped clitoris.. that’s ten inches long, and I use to pee. And those baseball-sized danglies? Those are just labia.”

    1. Go with the School Uniform and shoulder Bookbag. Hints:
      1. Don’t gawk.
      2. Don’t take photos.
      3. Choose a typical female name, Jennifer or Brittney or something. Not something wild. Herd means fit in. If you’re black, then ‘Shonique’ always works. Wear your name on a corporate shirt name-tag so that it is ASSUMED as your name. After all…. there it is on the tag.
      4. Shave twice that morning. No need to do the pits, this is New Maryka.

      1. Some feminists sport facial hair too and wear bad clothes. Also, don’t forget, don’t give a shit about your body. For example, eat all the junk foods you want and call anyone who opposes the fat movement evil.

        1. Yeah. I’ll punish The Patrirachy by eating a case of Ho-Hos! That’ll larn ’em.

  48. To be totally fair, I do have a 6’4″ gamer friend, named Diane, that is nonetheless pure XX female. Her height has plagued her all her life.

    1. I feel a bit poorly for really tall girls, especially if they’re quite fetching. You look at her and know she isn’t finding dates due to being 6’4″, yet if she were a foot shorter she’d be swimming in offers from every swinging dick on the planet. On top of that, because she’s pretty, she gets the bullshit treatment from ugly girls “just because”. Would have to suck, maybe kind of like being a short but decent looking man. I’d guess.

      1. heh, my friend Diane actually has a very similar glandular disorder to that of the late, Great Andre the Giant… unfortunately this is… to put it bluntly, highly unattractive.
        But yes, I don’t consider her a monster or anything of the sort, but I do recognize that it is a disorder, and one she has had to live with her whole life.

  49. SJW civil war sounds like a good thing to me. When the wimmins realise the monster they have themselves created they’re going to step back. Judith Butler’s idea of performativity sounds good to feminists in theory but when they realise down the line what it involves they understand the threat to any kind of normality.
    Since identification rather than biology is everything, we could just trick them. Let feminism win completely, then beam en masse over to the “enemy ship” like the Borg did in Star Trek First Contact as their own ship was being destroyed. Lets all subvert feminism by identifying as transwomen and claiming feminist rights and privileges. Don’t have to dress like a women, talk like a woman, you could identity as a lesbian and fuck (other) women with your biologically intact trans-phallus, you can still talk any way you wish, as long as you formally identify as a woman. Sounds a bit gay: just consider yourself, a CIS-male-trans-woman. And when your biologically female wife objects you can use your female privilege to slap her, and tell her that she’s oppressing you with her words.

    1. I think my T count is too high to ever even begin to utter those kinds of words out loud, heh.

      1. Just try singing “I am every woman” in front of the mirror while you’re shaving each morning.

  50. My initial feelings of rage when reading this are somewhat tempered when I think about the possibilities at the Park Ave South Equinox. Going to have to speak to membership people about how I totally identify as a chick and will, going forward, be showering with the hotties.

  51. I understand where this is going, and yes its bullshit. But at the end of the day she should just quit crying and go to a different gym. I have a strange feeling that she is a hog who is threatened by the tranny’s more feminine body. planet fitness is a privately owned corporation and should be allowed to impose whatever ridiculous policies they like. If it goes against what their customers want they will lose those customers and have to rethink their business model. I for one would care less if some bulldyke chick wanted to change in the same room as me.

    1. Those bull dyke chicks are not even bangable and the same goes for those girls on the roids. They’re too manly for most guys. They may have a female body but they move like guys and act like one. They’re pretty much a boner killer.

      1. when I say I don’t care about a dyke woman changing in the men’s room, I mean that I don’t care if she or any woman for that matter sees my package while I change, I’m not implying I like to check out lesbian gym rats. I guess some guys are shy and don’t want to have women see what they’re packing, but those kinds are just as likely to be embarrassed to change in front of other guys. I guess the only solution is to have ten private change rooms and a line up out the door to use them.

    2. I agree with the free market approach, but in reality it is only allowed to work in one direction in our society. Over the last year there have been a few bakers who refused to make cakes for gay weddings but the govt fined them and made them attend antidiscrimination classes.

  52. This is actually good news.
    It’s no secret that feminists (especially the radicals) hate hate HATE trangenders.
    They say that it’s because transgenders aren’t real women (true dat).
    But more specifically it’s because transgenders undermine female privilege.
    If a man can be accepted as a woman then the effect is to either allow men the same privileges as women OR to undermine female privilege.
    And feminists quietly acknowledge that.
    Just like Hillary’s opponents recently accusing her of paying her female staff less than her male staff this is another example of leftist bullshit coming back to bite them.

  53. New gym: Transfitness.
    Come one come all. Just not on the floor its just been mopped.

    1. The SJWs will cry about it going out of business because those types generally aren’t interested in fitness, let alone improving themselves at all.

  54. I’m a dude and I get uncomfortable with the old-men-dicks flopping around the locker room. I’m convinced that all of those flabby old men parading their MEMBERships around are 100% gay; because no one has given me a good answer as to why, EVERY TIME, I’m in a locker room theyre there. Old men who, you can tell, have never worked out in their whole life hair drying their ball sacks.

    1. There was this old man at my gym that was very social with all the younger guys. He seemed like a nice guy, but he was just way too touchy-feely. I mean, uncomfortably touchy.
      Like you said, this old man looks like he never worked out in his early life. I think you might be right about these old guys being gay.

    2. Yeah, they freak me out too, and I’m probably closer in age to them than you are (mid 40’s, and I know you’re talking about the 60 somethings). A quick change in and out of the shower, ok whatever, but the parade dudes are fifty shades of “you’re gay aren’t you”.

  55. Personally, I never had a problem with LGBT people as long as they stayed in places like Greenwich Village or the Castro. Then “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” came out and ever since then they’ve been getting more and more mainstream.
    Now, they’re moving into my ‘hood and telling me I’m sexist and homophobic just because I have a preference for hot blond girls with big tits. What I really can’t take is them telling me I’m the freak because I’m not “special” like them.
    And since when was gay marriage a human right? Nobody was talking about it 5 years ago. Why is it suddenly such a hot topic now?
    Fuck You Feminism!
    Fuck Gay Marriage!

  56. Two points:
    First of all, you’ve seen the posts supporting this. Does anyone honestly believe that SJWs go anywhere near a gym unless it’s to the attached Starbucks?
    Secondly, you see the blatant hypocrisy of SJW think. Always going on about the so-called “rape culture” this is blatantly inviting it. Now any freak can put on a wig and walk into a women’s locker room.

  57. Here’s another thing. Ever notice whenever people talk about human rights in Russia, it’s always about how gays are treated? Remember Stephen Fry wanting to boycott Sochi and shut down the games?
    There are enough human rights issues in Russia to fill a warehouse. Yet nobody ever talks about impoverished families living off $20 a month, in buildings without heating in the winter because the landlord put the heating money in his Swiss bank account. Or alcoholism or miners working conditions or real poverty.
    Yet when it’s gays or lesbians, the whole media get their knickers in a twist. (Not that they care anyway. Remember them all descending on that gay bar in Sochi and endangering the people they where supposed to be supporting?)
    Putin was a genius when he outlawed drivers licenses for transsexuals. Most Russians won’t give a fuck yet the West will pee their Manties ( Put another way: “Fuck You Obama”!

      1. Russians are just more open about their flaws and fuckups, unlike the west they don’t give a fuck about ‘PC’ this or ‘diversity’ that.

  58. The guy in the pic looks like he’s joking around like some ass clown or some shit. Or maybe he’s trying to get out of traffic tickets, who knows. I bet he takes that stuff off like a street corner beggar takes off his filthy torn clothes and jumps in his Mercedes after they’re done panhandling and juicing the rush hour folks. I’ve even seen frat boys do that kind of shit before for some hazing or prank. There’s just way too much bullshit in that grin.

  59. The Reaction Tree has a valid point.
    No, no in fact, it does not. It does not have a fucking point. And we need to stop giving these inane and idiotic pronouncements any weight.
    These mentally ill people occupy a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of the population, and scream insanely all the time just like their other mentally ill counterparts in the LGWXSSFFSDSF “community”, but who likes them? Seriously, and I don’t mean people on this site, I mean in real life, who walks around gushing about the alphabet-soup weirdo brigade on their own and not through corporate strong-arming, besides others in the alphabet-soup weirdo brigade? Nobody. Outside of the Hipsters, who self eliminate from this discussion since they are cheap bastards who don’t have jobs let alone go out and spend tons of money, who even gives a shit about these mentally ill defects? Nobody.
    Stand up for what is right and you WILL find a larger spending constituency than telling us that we have to put up with some mentally ill degenerate being forced into our locker room. So what if the alphabet-soup weirdos and hipsters protest, their economic impact is negligible. Don’t believe me? Hit the local gym and count the hipsters and transsexuals you see.

    1. It’s amazing how reactive companies are to empty Internet rage. When it comes down to it, people have a hard time turning down a quality product because of principled outrage, especially these days, when people have the attention span of an inebriated fruit fly. The free market prevails.
      The smartest thing for the management to do would tell the tranny that he has to use the men’s locker room because he makes women feel uncomfortable. The tranny would probably get pissed off an indignant. Then, hurriedly offer to make additional accommodations for him to use if only he won’t leave, making him think a) he’s special, and b) he won. Get him to agree to use the men’s locker room for “just a couple of weeks” while arrangements are made. String him along for as long as possible. If and when he leaves, management can profess innocence and concern for trannies. “We value the specialness of all our customers. We offered to make accommodations, but she refused,” or, “we were in the process of making accommodations, but she suddenly quit her membership.”

      1. They could’ve won this easily, but corporate is a dumbass.
        All they had to do was put a portapotty in the broom closet, with a sign on the door: Transgender Only.

      1. “alphabet-soup weirdo brigade “- soon to be a new show on cartoon network(they already have a show where a little boy turns into a girl superhero)

  60. Shame on you all for not having more sympathy for a person with a serious condition. I know the pain of being a trans person. I’m a trans-billionaire, a rich person trapped in the body of a financially modest man. I’m currently trying to get my insurance company to recognize this awful condition and rectify it, but I’m having a lot of trouble. Obamacare really let me down.
    I decided to bravely face my condition after watching a documentary about a trans-marine biologist. I suggest you watch it too. (Skip to 4:33 to get to the most inspirational part).

  61. “Diversity” ends where the white women’s bathroom (or locker room) door begins.

  62. Most American women are already “transgendered.”
    – They do masculine activities, like weightlifting and kickboxing
    – They reject traditional feminine roles, like cooking and cleaning
    – They enjoy one night stands and casual sex
    – They don’t wear high heels or dresses
    In short, they are men with vaginas. The fact that this story hits a nerve with people, yet they seem unaware of the growing masculinity in America’s women, just shows you how fucked up things are in the United States of Androgyny.

  63. Why is it that most transgenders are “a woman in a man’s body”?
    For men:
    With great power that you earned comes political correctness and the entailing emasculation.
    For women:
    With great power showered upon you comes absolutely no responsibilty, but all protection that you may or may not need.
    Heck, I would want to be a woman in times such as these.
    Women want to encroach upon male spaces. They want unisex restrooms. They want unisex everything. Some parents are raising unisex kids too! But when a transgender (not even an omega male) enters a female restroom, all hell breaks loose?
    I am just wondering what would happen if a transgender rapes a woman?
    Too much political correctness leaves everyone on the wrong side.

  64. I used to hold my tongue and be tolerant of gay/trans guys because of the old “Well if being gay freaks you out you must be gay yourself” and i prescribed to the ideology that it’s cool as long as you dont bring it my way.But now it’s common place to have men/trans hitting on you in public and social media so i’ve just started to tell them to fuck off.

    1. Real tolerance is great. If you have to be shamed into tolerance against something unnatural though, it should clue you in that you’re being asked to condone evil. Glad you saw that and worked it out.

  65. LOVE the fact Im getting served a Planetfitness. gotta love ad targeting lol

  66. A man cutting his junk and balls off will no more make him a woman than painting myself blue will make me Sonic the Hedgehog! it’s all about DNA.

    1. Its not necessary to have gender re-assignment surgery anymore. A man can say he’s a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, and wear make up to the gym once a week and he gets to shower with the ladies. By feminist logic gender norms are oppressive, he must be allowed to use the female locker room. Its not about DNA or anatomy, its about “feelings”, and he woke that morning and felt more feminine than masculine and you can’t invalidate another person’s feelings because that’s mean and hurtful.

      1. Correct. Life is more like a big role playing game now. You are whatever your imagination tells you you are.

  67. Great piece. I think a movement should be started: men should start identifying as women and go into women’s locker rooms at Planet Fitness en masse.

  68. This was a smart business move by planet fitness. I see the cold logic in what they did, not that I support this fuckery. If they boot the tranny, they run the risk of unleashing the LGBTQ/SJW army and a potential boycott by women who love the sjw foolishness. If they side with the tranny they piss off 1 person, get to play the hero, and might see a bump in business.
    Corporations are like the Catholic church, they’ll go along with whatever is socially acceptable in order to protect the revenue stream.

  69. The shower scene in “Starship troopers”, is that the future? I don’t know….. maybe there should be 50:50 quotas for male female participation in the front line? See what happens when the laidees are called up. Even those alien fuktards of transgender, now they have an excuse to get out of the draft…. wait for the next war….

  70. Anything that is not defined as “male” or “female” should be exclusively confined to the *disabled* restrooms.

  71. This decision is going to crush the franchise in Midland.
    I live in Midland. This decision is massively unpopular here. Midland is a conservative, medium-sized company town with rural communities surrounding it. It’s 98% white and has the highest per capita % of churches of anywhere in the state. I personally know several people who’ve canceled their membership already.
    BTW – Planet Fitness is so worried about inclusion and non-judgement that they literally have a fucking alarm system in place to publicly publicly shame people if they grunt while lifting or drop weights after a heavy set.
    Corporate rationalization hamster.

    1. Jesus…..
      Just looked up vids of it on youtube. I had no idea that they actually had alarms.
      Ass backward america……

      1. Everyone should watch this one. Fattie eating pizza while doing back extensions.

  72. you mean to tell me as a man ,all i have to do to see that cute blond with the booty shorts changing in the locker room, is “feel transgendered”………im down

  73. Dear Planet Fitness :
    I am a 100 % heterosexual white dude, who likes to look at womens pussies.
    I hate being around naked dudes and I REALLY like to look at womens cunts.
    Can I use the womens locker-room too ?

      1. Thats right !
        Don`t judge me !
        I just happen to like showering with naked women because I love naked women, and in particular their cunts !
        Let me use the womens-locker room ! ! !
        Don`t judge me !

    1. PF isn’t known for being a gym full of hot babes. The “no judgement zone” marketing attracts obese you don’t want to see.

      1. “The few decent looking females probably shower at home to avoid the nonsense.”
        Oh, so the decent looking females are showering at home in order to discriminate against me, huh ?
        I better take this to court then and demand that these good looking chicks stop discriminating against me, and start to shower in front of me !
        Also, I demand the right to jizz all over them in the shower !
        Don`t judge me !!!

  74. You know how to quell this bullshit? Every man with a gym membership should walk up to the front desk and demand access to the women’s locker room because they self identify as women. Best case scenario gyms decide that their initial decision was ridiculous or worst case scenario you check out some breasts.

  75. I guess perverts can say they’re pre-op trannies now so they can pull their dicks out in women’s locker rooms.

  76. This has lawsuit all over it. No matter what the gym does they get sued by the other side. This might result in gyms eliminating showers, to avoid the angry queers. America… what the fuck happened?

  77. Just remember this, the end game of feminism. Gender neutrality. You can talk about your red pill and MGTOW all you want but we are losing and losing badly.

    1. Paul, if you live in America, then go to Planet Fitness, and explain that you are a heterosexual dude and thus you are attracted to women and thus you don`t want to be around naked dudes.
      Hence you demand to use the ladies locker-room, so you don`t have to see other dudes naked or be naked in front of other dudes.
      When they deny you, as they will, you take them to court and sue them for being “hetero-phobic” and discriminatory towards you for identifying as a male heterosexual, as opposed to a transvestite.
      Your argument in court is that if a transvestite don`t have to use the mens locker, then why the fuck should you?
      As a 100 % heterosexual you are ofcourse uncomfortable with getting undressed in front of other dudes , and the court cannot deny you the right to use the womens-locker when that transvestite was allowed :
      Because that would be “hetero-phobic.”
      Sue the living daylights out of them, get rich and more importantly start a shit-storm the likes of whitch have never been seen before.
      The issue will then be debated everywhere.
      And you will go on television and calmly explain that as a heterosexual, you simply demand the right to use the womens locker-room, so that you don`t have to get undressed in front of other men, which could be faggots for all you know.
      Because you are hetero, you should of course have the right to not undress in front of potential faggots, but instead women only.
      Thus you win that case.
      AND IF the court deny`s you on the ground that women are afforded protection from being viewed as sexual objects by males, then you use that ruling and sue once more:
      This time you sue, to get faggots out of the mens locker, on the grounds that if women are afforded the right to not be viewed as sexual objects by men, then you have the right to not be viewed as a sexual object by male faggots, and hence the faggots must leave the mens locker-room, in the same way you had to leave the womens locker room.
      That way, anyway it goes, you win AND you get to fuck the system in the process and create so much noice that things EITHER goes back to normal OR THE WHOLE SYSTEM FUCKS IT SELF AND CEACES TO FUNCTION.
      Either way you win.
      Go forth and fuck the system!
      Enough is enough. !

      1. Now this is a genius plan! I’m definitely curious how would this go down in reality though. More than likely the straight male would probably get arrested and all your lawsuits would be thrown out by the white knight judge

        1. Thanks Camel Jockey and thanks for your input !
          Good thinking, Camel Jockey, and you`re right:
          The whole scheeme needs to be run by a lawyer first, ofcourse, so you don`t make any mistakes.
          Secondly : It could be that your first contact with Planet Fitness should be in the form of a letter, where you ask them in writing if you as a heterosexual can use the womens locker, because you as a heterosexual feels uncomfortable getting undressed in front of other dudes and you don`t want to see other dudes naked.
          When you get Planet Fitness refusal – in writing,- you have proof that they will not allow you as a heterosexual male to use the womens locker. Thus you then have proof that they are “Hetero-phobic” and that you as a heterosexual have been discriminated against.
          The transvestite, who is biologically just as male as you are, got to use the Womens locker-room,
          – and you didn`t – because you are hetero.
          THEN you take them to court on the grounds of discrimination and “hetero-phobia”.
          Now if you win, then mens rights trump that of womens rights and that is
          a TOTAL VICTORY for us.
          If you loose, on the grounds that women have the right to not be looked at with lust in the locker by a dude, then you swing that around and sue in order to have faggots thrown out of the mens lockerroom, because faggots look at other dudes with lust.
          And if you win that, then hetero-rights trumps that of faggot-rights, and that is
          a TOTAL VICTORY for us.
          If you loose both cases, then you have prooved in a very public case that the entire american justice system has failed as it can no longer uphold it`s own ideals, when faced with your case – and thus the whole system is put out of comission. And that is
          a TOTAL VICTORY for us.
          Either way there is a victory ready to be had here, if one plays this right.
          Because in this scenario, the system cannot uphold all of it`s “values”, simultaneously. Somethings got to give:
          Either “womens rights” goes out the window, or “equality” goes out the window, or “non-discrimination” goes out the window. Or the system itself goes out the window.
          Either way, whichever of those results you end up with, that is a victory in itself.

  78. Feminism is not just about turning men into women. It is also about turning women into men. This serves that purpose. We should all be concerned about the destruction of feminine spaces. It began with legislation that forced bathrooms and locker rooms to be exactly the same for both sexes, except what is necessary for anatomical differences. Now it is advancing past the anatomy barrier. Very soon, all spaces will be equal… all in the name of diversity.

  79. It a little amazing that LGBT rights are trumping women’s rights. The monster of Cultural Marxism is running amok.

    1. Here is grounds for lawsuits that will really fuck the system and might even cause the system to collapse if played well.
      Se my post below to Paul Drake for the receipe,

  80. Let me get this straight. A Tranny wants to change in a women’s locker room with its shlong hanging around..that’s pretty disturbing- and for people to defend these sick creatures must have a sexual fetish them. How about we create a tranny locker room because they don’t belong in either

  81. Eh, Planet Fitness is a terrible “gym” anyway, just gives me one more reason to avoid them. I can’t take any place seriously that has a ‘no deadlifting’ rule and “lunk alarms”.

  82. The fitness place sets a bad precedent for society by caving to their demands in the first place
    This is one of those times when open bigotry would’ve been a good idea
    “We’re not going to accomodate you, a tiny minority of freaks over the interests and supremacy of the majority”
    Not a hard thing to say

  83. From a business perspective, they did the right thing. Business and corporations cannot have politically incorrect opinions.
    -The Reaction Tree
    Wrong. In the entire US there are only 5k people with this mental disorder, Homosexuals are 1% of the population and lesbians 1/2 of 1%. So 98-99% of their business is straight people.Businesses are very competitive and even a loss of a few % of those straight people can put them out of business

  84. Planet Fitness should be told a lesson ! Kicked hard where it’s hurt ? The wallet !
    All the women, if they are women? Should resign their membership & have Planet Fitness to try to drum up business only from “TRANSGENDER” !
    Girls Hit the SCUM where it’s HURT !

    1. No, that’s not happening because the feminist movement is alined completely and forever with the Lezz, gay, bi, transexual freak show. A straight feminist is lower order in the “women’s rights” movement. NOW and the rest are a gay freakshow alphabet stew of gender designations and the concerns of a straight feminist aren’t they’re interest anymore. And, with many Millennial women now longer carrying the feminist banner, I’d look for a further strengthening of the freak-show/feminist movement. Even LGBTs are sluts too, you know.

  85. Speaking of trannies… there is one tranny living not far from where I live who tried to send me messages on Badoo. I got sick of it and flat out told him that I am not gay. Deep down these trannies are basically gay men.

  86. Planet Fitness has no right to cancel the woman’s membership simple because she voiced her complaint. If I were this woman, I may look into litigation or telling the press about my situation which is frankly unfair and appalling to this woman who is a legitimate member.
    That being said though, I’ve always wondered about the causes of transexualism. I don’t fully subscribe to the notion that it’s all 100% mental illness…ok, maybe the tumblr ones are really fucking crazy…but there have been studies that show that there are brain strucutral differences between normal and transgendered people. Call me a consipracy nutjob but sometimes I wonder if our environment and food has something to do with the development of babies growing in the mother’s womb before they are born.
    However, Planet Fitness is in the wrong about this. They need to recognize that not everyone is comfortable at the sight of a transgendered person in the changing room and by canceling the membership of this normal woman, the management has shown themselves to be utter weaklings bowing to the politically correct ultra left SJW crowd. I for one, am not going to be signing up for Planet Fitness anytime soon after this incident.

    1. Actually they can terminate your membership, it’s in the contract you sign. If they can prove you’re a disruptive element you’re gone. If she hadn’t tried to rally support from other members she would have been fine.
      And what would cause the least amount of heat for them? That’s right, get rid of the straight woman. Won’t sign up with them? Not an issue, they have plenty of morons that sign up and not use the year they are contractually locked in for.
      She used the wrong tactic with poor timing.

      1. Concur. Also, I’d bet a thousand dollars this women had no idea feminists would line up against her. She must be feeling a tad betrayed, no?

  87. I can think of one pseudo-masculine commenter here who’s going to be upset that we’re not “inclusive” of the “women” he thinks everyone ants to bang.
    Poor little tranny-fucking queer.

  88. “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    Theodore Dalrymple

  89. this guy spent years wasting money on trying to look like a cat. I bet there wasn’t a single Dr who looked him in the disfigured face to tell him he needed psychiatric help, because nowadays doctors are more and more told to blow off the hippocratic oath just as Americans were told to blow off the pledge of allegiance.
    I guess by today’s sick standards we would all be “ailurophobic” for having a problem with his mental disorder.
    Not surprisingly, he committed suicide.
    Saddest part is, he was a US navy vet, who probably came back with some some serious mental FUBAR in his gray matter.

  90. I’m wondering if Planet Fitness would have cancelled the membership of the lady in question if she had been black or Latino.

  91. So much the better. Small gym chains and those with only one location will profit from this. If Planet F wants to be a freak show, let them. Planet F is a gym for pussies and fatties that don’t work out anyway. I’d bet a grand that the fat slobs praising all this never set foot in a gym in their life and never will, which is why they figure they’ll support the tranny-interest as it won’t be THEY who will be made uncomfortable. If the offended party who lost her membership over this impropriety wants to, go find another gym.
    Ironic but not at all surprising that women that barged their collective way into the male lockers aren’t being loyal to one another in this. I’d be willing to bet the woman kicked out of Planet F is a strident feminist that got slapped down. When a man cuts his cock off, that’s not becoming a woman, it’s a man cutting his cock off. I wonder if the man-without-a-cock identifies as queer or straight or gay? Goes to show though, when feminists will back stab their fellow feminists in favor of the freak show man-without-a-cock transgender group. THAT is just how crummy a feminist is, traitorous, disloyal, treacherous where some perceived political advantage is at hand. They’ll even eat their own. They’ve wanted men castrated for so long however, maybe that’s the root of their support against the female interest in this particular case? Whatever.

    1. Feminist opinion is divided on this actually. Some agree with her side, some don’t.
      A man who cuts his genitals off is doing a sex change wrong: they invert the penis to create a vagina, actually.
      And the trans woman’s sexuality is unknown; straight, bi, lesbian, asexual, who knows? The fact she didn’t look enough like a woman was enough for Cornier.

  92. Feminism (part of LGBT) promotes homosexuality (child molestation) look up “Vagina Monologues” it sold out with women as soon as it came into book stores. Women are the first to give up all rights for freedom. It’s funny how women complain now. When it’s always been their fault for promoting this sexual deviant behavior. They love gays in their movement. So, why complain now? I for one cannot tolerate faggots or lesbians. Planet fitness (gym for the weak) isn’t the only gym that is promoting this behavior, 24 hr gym is owned by them as well. If you truly think these perverts are going to stop with just gyms, you are only lying to yourself. Congress has forced: colleges, work sites and so on to promote these freaks into gender neutral bathrooms.

    1. I was wondering if I was the only one that thought Planter Fitness was dopey. Doesn’t look like a good place to get strong, everyone in the commercials is of odd shape.

      1. Crossfit Fail Compilation 3 [original upload]
        This is the type of weak individuals who work out at planet fitness. It’s a communist gym. Keep society weak (mainly all the men), infantile and conformist. Free pizza, bagels and tootsie rolls. It’s like cross fit, and I can’t tell you how much I despise those hipster gym enthusiasts. All their exercises are inspired by women for effeminate men.

  93. I’m actually okay with this. Women keep pushing this silly agenda of acceptance but apparently it is taboo when they are forced to deal with it.
    I say good on Planet Fitness. We all know some chick who identifies as a male would have millions of feminist backing them and force people to change rules.
    About time they begin to feel the burn. Planet fitness is still gay though.

  94. And this is why the whole transgender thing needs to stop–Right. Now. The fact that people can change genders at will means that there’s going to be a lot more of this crap going on.

  95. I hate the LGBT and their agenda. Just another mafia. What kind of thought process do people have to accept and even support an interest group based on sexuality? Before you know it the zoophiles and pedophiles will come around woth their “studies” that they should be accepted as what they claim to born as. Then next the murderers and rapists why not?
    Also Planet Fagness? Double fail. If anyone want to know what the US will be like in the next 15 years sign up for Planet Fitness. It’s like a concentrated camp forcing you to be weak and lazy while robbing you.

    1. Very astute and powerful statement. Let’s just put this way: I was very intimate with the ongoings of how a PF franchise works, and let me tell you: hypocrisy + mediocrity + fat acceptance + (phony) sjw + adversion to strengrh and development = microcosm of America.

  96. Yes, I am a tran whatever too, now ladies get naked I want to see how you look with your clothes off in the locker room.

    1. You know, sex and gender aside, openly creeping on people would STILL get you kicked out.

        1. Exactly, but if they start masturbating in there, or staring at you with a hard on, you’d have fair grounds to complain, that’s my point. Even if a straight guy did it as a joke, that unsolicited behaviour is not tolerated, whereas sexuality/genders, being harmless identities, are tolerated. Be judged for what you do. Not who you are.

  97. Oh they’ll lose some business over it, in the non-california clubs anyway.

  98. Now they have to put tampon dispensers and disposals in the male’s room for tranny women.
    I’m going to put Male/Female signs over top the Mens/Womens so people start recognizing the split is by sex and not by “gender choice”.

  99. This is what you deserve if you go to planet fitness, it’s already the tumblr of gyms. They serve pizza there for fucks sake.
    Go to a real gym.

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