4 Red Pill Concepts You Need To Understand

This article begins to serve as an introduction to the manosphere and the Red Pill. It is for men who have been struggling with their wives and girlfriends, or with their government or employer, and feel they need to be turned toward human flourishing and happiness. Share this article with them.

She Is The Villain


Many men think of women as Princess Zelda. They want a nice girl to rescue and settle down with. Some even think they rescued Zelda, and now it will be nothing but white picket fences and greener pastures. Some are just wondering why their Princess is such a bitch sometimes. Achtung! That woman you want is no Zelda. She is the villain. She is the enemy in this game. Her nature must be confronted and she must be overcome. Her nature will destroy you and even herself if you do not defeat the evil forces involved within her very being.

Solipsism & Celebrity

Take a moment to consider Hollywood celebrities. They are among the most degenerate, out-of-touch, clueless failures in America. They’re famously drug addicted, narcissistic, ignorant, presumptuous, privileged, and often secretly miserable. Adam Corolla hilariously said that—if you hate her—the worst thing you could wish on Kathy Griffin is a long life. Most celebrities make it through their fame and fortune with grace, but there is no group of people more notorious for their untimely death or social disorderliness—-other than recent lottery winners, perhaps.

This grotesque psyche is what plagues a woman, especially the woman who is generally desirable to men. She is a celebrity. Everything she posts on Facebook is liked and fawned over. Every mistake in her life results in a bailout of some kind. There is literally nothing she can do to fail because there is always a government program or a caring man waiting to save her. Every voice cries out to her that she is good, wonderful, great, no matter what her faults are. She is taught to esteem herself no matter what, and anyone who speaks out against a woman’s self-esteem is attacked viciously and labeled a hateful person. Women experience a level of privilege the average schmoe has no concept of. She bats her eyelashes and gets a ride, she stands next to her smoking automobile and gets a free roadside mechanic. She carries a heavy load through the shopping mall and gets a willing assistant to take it off her hands.

I admit that this phenomenon is on the decline in a post-Christian society, and women are being treated more and more like men these days, which is probably not what they bargained for when they overthrew the prevailing order. But the privilege they experience is still life-altering for them, and still officially institutionalized by the government for you.

This privilege does a number on a person’s psyche. Solipsism is a philosophical term meaning that a person does not agree that other persons exist outside of themselves. This philosophy generally describes a desirable woman’s psyche in our Western culture—perhaps in our species. The phrase Not All Women Are Like (NAWALT) that has been immortalized and mocked in the manosphere.

Provide your favorite links to female villainy and NAWALT.



Special attention must be paid to a woman’s programmed routine. She is programmed to excel in a certain way that a man is often unable to realize. Men excel by accomplishing things for themselves and their own, and are willing to couple with a younger, dumber, poorer woman without shame. Women are not like this.

Women primarily want to associate themselves with others who accomplish things and secure the social status and provisions from a richer, older, more powerful, higher status man. This is why women generally marry older men, who are often further in the career, further in maturity, further in the social order, stronger and wiser. A woman generally does not respect a man who is dumber, poorer, weaker, and less powerful than her. She may take one on as a mom or as a nun—but a woman intimately associated with a lower status man will automatically resent him and treat him disrespectfully, and she will not be able to quite place her finger on the source of her discontent. Alas, her own nature is elusive to her in our culture, and even attempting to explain it to her may at last be beyond her comprehension or care.



Many aspects of a woman’s nature are universal, but some are cultural. Who cares which if they are consistently observed? Not me. But there is some observed truth to these matters. The truth is that women are easily programmed, perhaps more easily than men. Our Western women are currently programmed primarily by liberal feminism.

Feminism is a bizarre, unnatural religion or mythology that claims women were oppressed and need to be liberated. The truth is that nobody ever oppressed a woman by getting on their knees, offering precious gems, begging for unity, and offering her the children she naturally desires. If women were oppressed, men were slaves. If women were nothing but sex objects, men were nothing but ATMs. If women were doomed to motherhood, men were doomed to dying on foreign shores for their countrymen.

Feminism is an insidious theoretical framework that has occupied the highest heights in our culture, reigning over the lectern, the Oval Office, and the Silver Screen with impunity. Almost nobody claims the mantle of “feminist” but almost nobody operates according to anything outside the rules of feminism. Claiming something anti-feminist, like that women should not vote, is absolutely beyond the pale, even though it was universally accepted by every culture in history as incontrovertible. Feminism must be studied and defeated.

White Knights

Although women have great power over the men in their lives, they have almost no power over society as a whole. This is because women are not as strong and smart as men, nor are they willing to take risks over abstract matters of justice and morality. They instead leave this to the men they do control. They enlist willing men to take the risks enforcing feminist morality.

Although they do not accept a code of conduct for all women to follow, they still stubbornly cling to a code of conduct for all men to follow: chivalry. Although they are no lady, no damsel, no princess Zelda, they still expect you to be their prince, their savior, their Link. Any man who does not take on their chivalric duty is shunned by their closest friends and family. When a feminist wants less women to suffer, or to have less responsibility for their foolish actions, they always enlist a man with a gavel, or a man with a badge, or a man with a tax bill to do their bidding. There are many theories as to how and why these men behave the way they do.


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152 thoughts on “4 Red Pill Concepts You Need To Understand”

      1. Well, it is a little more old-school…but I think “La Donna e Mobile” pretty much summarizes the general RK attitude towards females.

      2. And yes, opera does take a little getting-used-to. But as a more traditional sort, I’d say it’s worth it….Not to mention a well-rendered “Nessun Dorma” blows anything modern out of the park. ^_^

  1. She is the villain… I don’t know about that. I mean sure if your only goal in life is to have as many one night stands as possible that may work, but women make up 50% of this planet and to go through life every day being surrounded by enemies would be mentally exhausting.
    I personally see it as men shouldn’t view women as princesses like you say and to be aware of their true nature. Be a man, call out their bullshit, and put them in a feminine role, but villains… damn son.

    1. When your devoted wife of 20 years divorces you, takes all your savings, kids and house and fucks her coworker on your bed, you will see her more than a villain…

      1. That’s why as a man you have to keep your shit together!
        Women are not the enemy, they just are what they are.

        1. “Women are not the enemy, they just are what they are.”
          100 years ago it was OK to smash a woman on the head…it was just the way men were.
          Doesn’t make it right.
          Stop accepting women crazy behavior as normal. Otherwise they will keep pushing for more control until they have your nuts in their handbags.
          Do you want your nuts in her handbag?

        2. Have to agree with Ryan here.
          Kurt, sorry to hear about your situation, but you sound bitter as hell. If women are so evil I might as well just hide in my basement for the rest of my life jerking off in a fleshlight to anime porn. Christ! 50% of marriages end in divorce; an astounding number. What about the other 50% though? Sure most guys’ wives probably have their “nuts in her handbag”, but guess what? They never read Return of Kings!
          Hopefully the guys reading this website should know better than to supplicate to a women and let her walk over you. Guys should also know the TRUE nature of women and their “evil” ways; that is essentially what Red Pill is. Yet instead of worrying about every little thing she does, it should be the other way around. SHE should be the one worried about you banging some strange pussy. If you get your shit together like Ryan says this won’t be an issue. Learn to be an Alpha male. Yea, maybe you may still get cheated on, but that’s how life is and it’s just one more lesson learned and in the future you won’t slip up again. This is better learned BEFORE getting married which is why it is advocated to bang and date lots of women to really understand this phenomena.
          Also, I’m single right now, but have been in relationships and plan on being in one again. If I had to spend every waking minute thinking of the girl I’m in love with as a villain, I’d rather just not be in a relationship at all. If anyone has that attitude that dating is not for you; just pump and dump. Being bitter and negative is no way to live life. Life throws shitty things are way sometimes. You can either accept this shit or learn to overcome it; I choose the latter.

        3. You miss my point.
          If a guy gets married and over the next 20 years lets himself go and become’s a complete chode loser then he only has himself to blame if his wife leaves him.
          Like I said before Women just are what they are, they were designed with certain traits just like Men were, once you understand female Solipsim, Hypergamy etc.. then theres no hate for them they’re just doing what nature designed them to do.
          Furthermore, when you’re a high value attractive man you out frame all this shit anyway and you’re relationships with attractive women are effortless. That’s the secret that beta male chumps like you don’t understand.

        4. “That’s why as a man you have to keep your shit together!”
          I agree on this one.
          “Women are not the enemy,…..”
          I agree women are not the enemy.
          “..they’re just doing what nature designed them to do.”
          Where do we draw the line between what nature designed and the added feminists propaganda they add to the mix?
          “That’s the secret that beta male chumps like you don’t understand.”
          That was uncalled for, you don’t know me.

        5. ” . . .theres no hate for them they’re just doing what nature designed them to do.”
          The coyotes in my pasture are just doing what nature designed them to do. I not only understand that, but appreciate it. It is all part of the wondrous web of life.
          I do not hate them.
          Nor have I ever observed them behaving in a way that implies they have any hatred toward me.
          Nonetheless they want things that are not in my interest, and I, in turn, want things that are not in theirs. Our interests cannot peacefully coexist.
          Thus we both understand that we are enemies and each do as we feel we must, even though there is some sort of mutual respect in the matter.
          If you feel that hatred is the necessary foundation of enmity, you probably need to turn off your TV. It’s feeding you lies that are not in your interest.

        6. Sorry bro but you sound bitter.
          Best advise I’ve been given is that when your pointing the finger outside of you at Women, other people or situations and saying it’s bad,wrong etc, you should really be pointing the finger at yourself and asking…
          Where are my blind spots?
          Where am I projecting my own shit onto other people?
          Where am I not taking responsibility for my own life?
          Million Dollar questions.

        7. Ryan, do you really believe women are simply following their natural instincts and that the feminist media is not programming them to act outside of that natural state?
          And no I am not “projecting” anything.
          I am asking a real question you seem to evade with personal attacks on me…

        8. Where do we draw the line between what nature designed for women and the added feminists propaganda they add to the mix?

        9. Feminism is weaponized female nature. It’s a matter of degree, not kind. The rhetoric is based on post modern philosophy, which doesn’t make any sense, because it isn’t supposed to. Its function is to break down sense. To disarm logic. To kill Aristotle.
          In short, it’s a woman’s philosophy.
          The best way to deal with it is to not even try. It’s a game designed for you to lose if you enter it. Ignore it. Keep making sense, keep the frame and just look out after your own interests.
          Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on.

        10. The 50% divorce rate is actually a myth. The actual rate has been surveyed and estimated to be between 15 and 40%, which does change things a lot if its near the lower end.

        11. I think some guys here are misunderstanding you.
          I agree. When my dog shits on the floor, it is my fault I did not properly train it.
          When my woman does not suck my dick,a nd make me a sammich, it is my own fault ……oh wait, family court. It is not my fault, unless I marry.
          I wanted kids, and a marriage. So I married a woman from a country that still arranges marriages. We have a kid together.
          I know, huge risk right. Yet no matter what, she stays.
          An American woman will leave because she found something better. A woman of yester year tended to stay married because her and her family gave you and yours their word.
          Now that no one is responsible, no one can stay married.
          Back in the day, men who beat women, were the fathers of said women who were angry that their “little princess” disgraced the family name. Men, and women, had their families to “lord it over them” in their domestic disputes.
          Now we have a government functionary (judge) who has a whole fleet of cronies he can screw you with.
          Until the framework of ages ago is restored in a way that works with the modern era, I would not marry a Western woman. Maybe any woman.
          Sorry to those of you that is not what you wanted to hear.
          To the others, more HPV for you. LOL

        12. Naaah. It’s a justification for complete solipsism. It just so happens that solipsism is a necessary (but not sufficient) substrate for narcissism.
          It can break down something like this:
          Solipsist: Who the hell are you?
          Narcissist: And why aren’t you looking at ME, ME, ME!

        13. “Feminism is weaponized female nature”
          What a line! Feminism hasn’t changed women’s nature it’s just allowed them to be truer to it.

        14. “Learn to be an Alpha male”
          If a woman is married to you or has your child then she has your balls. No matter how alpha you may be she’s still holding all the aces and you still have a pair of twos. She knows it and so do all her friends. Fact is, man vs. feminist-appointed legal and social systems means man loses, whether alpha or beta.

        15. Thus we both understand that we are enemies and each do as we feel we must, even though there is some sort of mutual respect in the matter.

          Do realize that defined this starkly, all things are enemies.
          Every business and website you patronize is your enemy, and you theirs. Every friend of yours is your enemy, and you theirs. Even your parents, brothers, sisters, and children are your enemies, because they all want things for you that are different from what you want for you, and that compete directly with your own interests (they want you to play it safe; you want to take risks and win big).
          Hell, the universe itself is your enemy – it drives things towards chaos, when you endlessly attempt to order them and control them in your own tiny way.
          Which isn’t to say that’s a wrong view point. Cooperation itself is an evolved competitive advantage. Even individual cells it took a billion years of evolution to start cooperating together in single organism… and sometimes even they don’t hold true to that union (cancer, autoimmune disorders, and plenty others).
          So yes, it’s true – every living, breathing thing out there wants to cut your heart out and eat you for dinner, metaphorically speaking; and the things that aren’t living don’t WANT to, but it is their natures to. And eventually, the world will win, and you will be nothing but bones. But for practical purposes, if you are more useful as an ally than an enemy, or more fearful as an enemy than useless as an ally, people will stay on your good side.
          And if you go through life treating every woman, man, dog, fish, mailbox, and gust of wind as the enemy, it’s going to be a long, taxing, and painful couple of decades.

        16. Yes, they are the enemy. White Knight much?

          Tell you what: while you and the author protest outside women’s colleges and ask men to boycott women and GTOW and for the government to start deporting women en masse because they hurt your feelings and made you cry, I’ll be hanging out in those same campuses fucking the living daylights out of them, then laying back and laughing with them at your tears.
          Wait, here… I’ve got a box of tissues for you. Psyche! You look funnier with little streams running down your cheeks.
          What a sorry state we’re in when so many men have adopted the feminine traits of nagging, pouting, and complaining. There are some real men on this site who are more interested in getting a nut than bitching, but this place also attracts way too many pussies. What a shame.

        17. Well there is the argument that the ‘feminist media programming them’ is just in and of itself a product of women’s natural instincts. It’s not like feminism came from men or aliens after all.

        18. NZ has the worlds ugliest women and some of the better looking men going around. I couldn’t think of a worse country to reside in if you’re a male and can’t kick like Dan Carter.

        19. This makes perfect sense. I stopped trying to understand women long ago and I am much happier for it.

        20. Kfg,
          That is perhaps the best description of modern feminist philosophy that I think I’ve seen to date.

        21. “Feminism is weaponized female nature. ”
          I had a friend who would refer to women as “nature’s perfect assassins”. That always made me laugh. A lot of women do seem to have a gift for rationalizing anything they’d prefer to believe.

        22. women “do the paperwork” when it comes to filing for divorce. It does not mean she particularly initiated it.

        23. Exactly. Unfortunately if you are a male living in the US, if you get married and have kids — you are a total fucking idiot.

        24. Exactly.
          Accept a woman’s insanity as healthy and normal*, is like accepting a dog’s vicious behavior as healthy and normal and therefore, isn’t worth trying to correct.
          Don’t be surprised if the dog
          takes control over you. Because
          she will.
          *or even worse, simply putting up with that bad behavior because ‘that’s just the way women are’.

        25. “Men were, once you understand female Solipsim, Hypergamy etc.. then theres no hate for them they’re just doing what nature designed them to do.”
          So in other words, women are just perfect the way they are. Shit like this is why I always tell my fellow man that Playas and Feminists are, and always will be, in bed together.
          Both the Playas and Feminists share the commonality of absolving women of any and all responsibility for their bad behavior while demanding men make all the improvements and take on the responsibility of protecting women from the consequences of female insanity.
          They just use different EXCUSES to make such justifications and demands.
          But in the end, the result is the same.
          *Russian accent*
          The lee-tle girls get to play however they want.

        26. You make me shudder with my reality. Yeah. There are a few decent-looking girls around – with massive ego’s.

      2. So… because someone’s “devoted” wife did something terrible, all women are villains?
        That’s as dumb as the reverse – labeling all males based on the actions of one.

        1. Evil is unleashed in modern culture in women. Hence women are villains because the gorgon within or the Jezebel is allowed to go free. Maybe there are good women out there but we cannot tell it apart from the evil ones for the evil ones are very prevalent. Perhaps his opinion will change if he finds a truly innocent woman.
          If only women were penalized for their evil will such treachery decrease.

      3. “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” –Camille Paglia

    2. ” . . .to go through life every day being surrounded by enemies would be mentally exhausting.”
      I’ve got my campaign ribbons. When the shit hits your fan ‘mon back and we’ll talk tactics about getting you out alive, but you’ll still want a good strategy up front.
      Just remember, when they’ve got you surrounded, the bastards can’t get away from you.

    3. kurt said it best. Maybe that shit already happened but you’re a forgiving husband… good for you 🙂

    4. If you are in a relationship with a woman and you are not watching your back at all times then you will eventually pay the price. Women are not loyal and are not honest. These are male traits and not known to exist in women. If you think of her as the villain then you might keep things together; which works out best for both of you. You see she is her own enemy too. She just can’t see it even after the fact. When she destroys both of your lives and the children’s she still will not see it. You are the man. You will be held responsible for everything and anything; she never will. Act accordingly.

      1. If loyalty is male trait I would some more men to have it. Bottom line, anyone who is lazy/weak enough to continuously trust someone without due diligence deserves what they get. Doubly true for people who do the right thing when no one is looking, those are the people who the snakes, men and women, love to fuck the hardest.
        I feel kind of bad for guys who apparently got taught that women were somehow incapable of treachery…actually I just think they are stupid. Everyone women over the age of 10 knows how vindictive/manipulate other bitches can be.

        1. “I feel kind of bad for guys who apparently got taught that women were somehow incapable of treachery…actually I just think they are stupid. ”
          See son?
          That bitch just proved my point.

        2. “That bitch just proved my point.”
          But she doesn’t acknowledge that men get absolutely crushed for their naivete. Similarly credulous women are coddled and made whole by society.
          “Bottom line, anyone who is lazy/weak enough to continuously trust someone without due diligence deserves what they get.”
          Yeah, that’s some fine empathy there, sweetheart.

        3. “But she doesn’t acknowledge that men get absolutely crushed for their naivete. Similarly credulous women are coddled and made whole by society.”
          Women – From age 12 till are taught how to control men by their mothers.
          Men – From age 12 they are taught how to please women no matter what.
          That’s the problem RoK is fixing now.
          RoK is the father wisdom they never had…and by the increased popularity of this site these bitches better learn how to blow like pornstars….

        4. “Yeah, that’s some fine empathy there, sweetheart.”
          Yes she is devil reincarnated…like most women are deep down when no man is around.

        5. Empathy is for people who prove they deserve it.
          Point in case, you have a good friend. You have known them for a years. So when they hit hard times and they ask for a loan you do so willingly without a great deal of prying. After all asking people for money is not something most people enjoy doing, especially friends.
          6 months goes by without any of the money coming back. Your friend asks for more money. At this point, you have two choices, engage them and ask what the heck is going on or you deny them out right.
          The first time…that may be empathy depending on your previous experiences with the person. The second part is being an adult and making the hard choice, which is confronting them or denying them.

        6. Kurt I feel empathy for you. Because someone clearly damaged you.
          Earning trust is like earning a certificate in many discipline. You put in a lot of effort up front proving you should be trusted. But you are expected to continue to put forth effort to show you are still worthy of trust. If you operate under a different model with 99% of the world you are asking to be abused. There is only a small percentage of the population who will do the right thing regardless of whether other people are looking.
          I’ll take being the devil. I don’t live in your little boxes. It makes me a horrible girl friend/wife material but a fantastic coworker, teammate, coach and person. I love calling out men and women for their bullshit. Someone has to or else we’ll be left to the extreme fringes of both sides slugging it out.

        7. I personally as a male – dont trust ANY fucking CUNT
          Feel free to post your long-winded, bloviated intellectual philosphical with a touch of snark reply.

    5. I’m also not sure about women not being as smart as men. Sure, there are more male geniuses than female geniuses, but on average male and female intelligence is the same.

      1. This was discussed on another post here I think. The averages are the same, but men have a larger spread. So there will be supergenius and superstupid men, but mostly average women.

    6. This applies to the world of work as well – female heavy fields may sound like poosy paradises, but they can be HELL ON EARTH. Working in an environment that favors women’s tactics like backbiting, sleeping with the boss and women backing each other up because they have vaginas can be really painful. They are sometimes the enemy, although most times they are just a plain drag. But sometimes when it really counts, they can really screw you over. Because it is a field where you spend a lot of time around ‘alpha’ and neurotic women, it has an effect where you find it hard to unplug from all you had to deal with at work. You expect every woman you meet to be a bitch.
      Its no wonder that my field, medicine, is 70% women. Its not worth working in such an environment, especially as now it costs so much and wages are getting lower. I love the work but hate the working environment and think I should’ve picked something else. And these women then go half-time for work when they graduate, leaving a bigger work burden on men and society. A female surgeon at the last hospital I worked at became an attending/ consultant (top post) because she was female; as soon as she got the job, she f*cked over the hospital and other doctors by changing her hours to part-time.
      So going through life (working life at least, which takes up most of my time) surrounded by people like this is mentally taxing. Moreso than the work, which is great. I honestly think I’m going to switch to half-time or a different career, because society (and its women) are just not worth it.

      1. Working sucks period. Any sort of a full-time job is really just slavery. I’m trying as hard as possible to get my financial independence ASAP. Working full-time anywhere just flat out sucks. I’m trying as hard as possible to accumulate wealth and accumulate assets so that when I get enough money, I can switch my full-time job to my own asset management.
        If you do things the way that society wants you to do it, you’ll end up being a slave. Fortunately, I found this out when I was young. I’m in my early to mid 20s right now and I’ve got friends that have been in serious relationships and are considering marriage. I find it kinda scary and absurd because I don’t think it makes any sense to get married until at least 30. In terms of attractiveness for being a provider, men peak right around 40 and some even hit their peak after that. The decisions of 90% of men don’t make any sense to me.

    7. When the witch at college you never met, but who saw you at the tutoring center accuses you of rape so her beta boyfriend never figures her for a whore; and never finds out about the other man he is providing for as well screws you over…and gets you on a registry…….thank your own stupidity.
      Oh, and cunt me out.

    8. She IS really the villain.
      Women are the villains, game is your weapon you use against them.

    9. Demons,psychopaths of a special order sent for one purpose-to obilterate men worlwide.Who am I talking about?Drunk rednecks who give out free moonshine.

    1. I had originally meant for many more gamer referenes in order to better connect with men you meet on the street who you wish you could into to red pill.

  2. “If women were nothing but sex objects, men were nothing but ATMs”
    Haha! I’m naturally not a touchy-feely or PDA person, but I did once date a girl that wanted public physical validation. This eventually led her to feel like a ‘sex object’ even though I was spending A LOT of time with her and paying for EVERYTHING. I should have said I felt like an ATM.
    …Next time.

  3. Money = root of all evil
    But as everyone knows, women require time and money.
    Mathematically, Women = Time x Money
    But, in reality, Time = Money.
    Thus, Women = Money x Money = Money ²
    Money = square root (All Evil)
    So, if Money is the square root of all evil, money squared must exactly equal All Evil…
    Money ² = All Evil
    Since Money² = Women,
    Money is not evil, it is the love for women, which makes it evil.

    1. very clever… now ask yourself which way up you are sitting…. up and down in only a local anomaly….

    2. The love for what we want women to be,
      rather than what they really are, deep down.
      The modern era and internet reveals to us their true nature, whereas men in past ages had a harder time finding out that their wife was cheating on them etc..

    3. The love of money is the root of all evil. Not money itself. That’s just a medium of exchange.
      Money equals freedom. Freedom to do as you wish, when you wish, with whoever you wish: so long as you have enough money to pay for it.
      Women want freedom. With a passion. Freedom is release from the drudgery and tedium of their lives. Freedom is experiences that not 1% of women will ever know.
      They really lust for that freedom and the status and power granted by that freedom. The power to sneer at other women of lesser status and freedom.
      For women, lust equals love. Thus they love money and will chase it ad-nauseum.
      Therefore women are evil. Or perhaps, they are simply women.

  4. they always enlist a man with a gavel, or a man with a badge, or a man with a tax bill to do their bidding.

    Wow, the connection between this and libertarianism is astounding. Maybe thats why libertarianism is often stated to have a problem with attracting women. Women are fundamentally statist and very few can resist the urge to get a man to enslave another man.

        1. Please don’t ever be do hurtful again! I don’t think I can go on if you do. Whenever a fat, trashy WhoWar stsrts getting offended I get scared and feel inadequate.
          Drink a dick WhoWar. Cat aunt goin back in the bag biotch.

        2. Hahahahahahahahaha
          Dis bish needs to go back to the coldest part of the ocean whence she came. I bet their are bigger bishes waiting for her, and no stupid ass male to bail her sorry bish ass out.
          Only bicycles here bish. And we don’t need any bishes.
          Go back to your job at cold stone, and despair over the women’s studies degree we were forced to pay for. Then go home, light up some weed, and pretend the cats you own are telling you why your own life is not your fault.
          And fuck yourself. LOL

        3. Maria is the female Russian avatar of a pyjama wearing old boy. Don’t you know he is a troll who spams this site frequently under various aliases: MashenkaS, Gayniggerfromouterspace, Maria, Mia, Sizwe Banzi, PabloAndGringo, etc.
          So the next time this troll writes anything, just ignore it. He is the original pyjama boy who has nothing constructive to do, but gets a hilarious kick out of annoying readers of this site.

        4. I didn’t know he was all of those. I also didn’t know Boomers was a troll. Is he a blue pill troll or doing this just for the kicks?

        5. Okay, that was a good one. Maybe you are not one of those so-called feminists we hate so much (for otherwise, you can’t have enough IQ to crack one like that)
          What we a RoK hate is not every woman, but every feminist….. who has been very very aptly described in this post.

        6. I dont know what the dude gets out of trolling us. I think when his original nick of BoomersGreatestGeneration got banned he began his little personal vendetta. Before that his posts were mildly inflammatory but once in awhile he actually seemed like an ok dude.
          Pity he wants to be such a dink.

        7. “light up some weed, and pretend the cats you own are telling you why your own life is not your fault”
          Dude I was literally just having this conversation about a girl I know.

    1. Awesome. Very true in the modern world – very few women can resist the urge to get the man (whom they’ve already enslaved) to enslave another man. Women are the original enslavers.

  5. From paragraph 1
    ” probably not what they bargained for when they overthrew the prevailing order”
    From paragraph 2
    “Our Western women are currently programmed primarily by liberal feminism”
    “Feminism must be studied and defeated”
    Patrick J Buchanan on modern feminism-
    “Global Capitalism and Marxism share a belief that it is far better to have women in the marketplace than in the home. The old Marxist’s- Marx Engels and the others- wanted to bring down the traditional family, move women out of the home and into the marketplace, to make them independent of the family. The global capitalists want the same thing. Women at home are not consuming or producing enough, they think. Global Capitalism seeks to make everyone an employee, everyone a worker. There is a tremendous premium on bringing into the marketplace talented and capable women workers- who are more reliable in many cases- so that they can boost productivity and comsume more goods.”
    Dr. Kerry Bolton continues this thesis in his book “Revolution from Above”
    “Feminism, a part of the new left, was sponsored by the CIA and the world controllers through their foundations. Feminism strikes at the foundations of family and parenthood. The purpose is to destroy a basic social unit that is generally-in a traditional society- placed by most people in their loyalties before anything else, including work or state. In destroying the traditional concept of the family and parenthood, the collectivist aims to substitute the state for the family, work for home, and to ensure that the children are raised in their values rather than the values of their parents.”
    Here also is part of the introduction to Mr. Bolton’s fantastic book
    ‘Globalisation’ and the ‘New World Order’ are two current phrases used to describe a process that has been proceeding for generations.
    International plutocracy has often pursued policies, used movements, and promoted doctrines that most people would consider to be anti-capitalistic. Yet both capitalism and the left arose during the same period of history, both have the same historical outlook, and both view traditional culture, the family, and nations as obstacles in the path towards a world state.

    1. ‘New World Order’ is a phrase that everyone can use who believes that they are being screwed over by a minority of, possibly conspiring, bad guys.
      Everyone who uses this term outside an ironic context is a fruitcake – because there is no common ground on what the term is supposed to mean save the above smallest common denominator.

        1. Globalization merely means that the ways get shorter and and, as a consequence, cultures merge into one.

        2. Not according to Wikipedia and my own estimate of how the word is used.
          And, in contrast to “new world order”, it’s also used by sane people.

        3. Heads of state say new world order all of the time

          P.S. I’m also a bit embarrassed arguing with someone who cites wikapedia for anything and in this case solely so. I mean wow.

        4. Of course you will catch some politicians, given how many there are, and with all the drivel they spout every day, every once in a while saying “a new world order” or something similar.
          They are not referring to any conspiracy when they do and they are not aware of what the term evokes in the imagination of fruitcakes.
          It’s like when a politician uses the term “final solution” without being aware of that term’s history.
          They only mean: Some order. In the world. That’s new.

        5. It means the rule of plutocracy as opposed to aristocracy. The philosopher Oswald Spengler stated that the rule of rootless capital and the masses animated by its influence is the mark of a culture in its final stages of decay. To oppose this influence is healthy and advantageous to me and mine as a non globe trotting plutocrat or would be “world citizen” and opposing feminism is to oppose one of its many branches.

        6. Let me take a guess what “rootless” means: Not being a blood-and-soil nationalist?
          I understand family roots, but everybody has those – so that’s probably not what you meant.

        7. Rootless means not belonging to any country, or in this case taking it a step further and working to abolish the concept of sovereign countries in favor of a more global system. I am of the opinion that this system will be an even worse version of America except encapsulating much of the earth.
          Feminism is one of the social movements brought to bear on the Western peoples by agitators/activists organized by think tanks, the state department and NGO’s funded by the aforementioned rootless money powers who sit on the boards of most central banks and count other obscenely wealthy globetrotting personalities among their ranks. Personalities and financial shot callers whom are naturally driven to deconstruct traditional societies for something far more exploitable.
          This article suggested a study of feminism and this is in my opinion the core of feminism. I understand you dislike the use of terms like new world order as there are indeed many internet cranks who’ve totally lost the plot and continue to misconstrue the terminology. But beyond that initial reticence, what exactly do you disagree with?

        8. What would you call a person who’s concerned with neither countries nor a global system but whose loyalties and concerns lie only with his personal family and dynasty?
          This is what I would regard as the most healthy.
          Why would anyone care for more than himself and his own lineage? And why would this be a “rootless” person?
          Surely most of whom you call “obscenely wealthy globetrotting personalities” will have family lines and they will care about their offspring.

        9. Caring about ones offspring and blood relatives is a universal concept so I would call them a human. If this is their only concept of loyalty or belonging I would consider them rootless in spirit yes. I mean humans traditionally have enjoyed a racial, cultural, religious heritage beyond their immediate kinship ties and beyond base materialism/economics.
          Globalism seems by default, geared towards undermining that heritage and at times even the nuclear family to say nothing of the extended family clan.
          If you don’t mind explaining though, why exactly you dislike the concept of not being for globalization, or seeing it as a bad thing for the great majority of humanity? Your point has not crystallized for me and you seem adversarial, but I don’t fully understand why.

        10. There are two things I believe you refer to as globalization, one of which I’m opposed to as much as you: You could call it “the international community”, “international statism” or “the Cathedral” in dark-enlightenment terms.
          It’s the manifestation of the humanist/democracy/human-rights faction and is vaguely linked to marxism.
          The UN is a prime example for an organisation that is in the middle of this.
          However, I have nothing against the general merging of culture, as in: McDonald’s everywhere, all people learn English, startup can immediately market internationally, etc. These things I consider purely beneficial.
          I think people sometimes conflate these two issues to smuggle in anti-capitalism where it really doesn’t belong.
          In a nutshell, I’m anti-UN and pro-McDonald’s.
          Or anti-humanist, but pro-individualist in ideological terms.
          You have argued that global finance is funding those globalist institutions I believe. I guess you’re thinking about Soros and the like.
          I understand that point and could address it, but I’d rather leave this comment for now to keep it from becoming too long.
          (Also I have to sleep now, half past one in the night here.)

  6. Didn’t like this article.
    “She is a villain” sounded whiny, hater-ish. Off putting even. Statng the concept as “She is not a special snowflake princess” could have stated the concept better and been merged with the celebrity section.
    “Hypergamy,” should have lead off the article.
    “Solipcism,” could have used more than a sentence. It is a really eye opening concept for men to understand that women see the world and communicate differently than they do.

    1. The article was edited by RoK and some of my points did not come across very well, but I don’t believe the general content was ruined. After each heading I had originally asked readers to provide links to examples of each concept in the heading. It was also a 3 part series and by the end it becomes more obvious what I meant by villain, since I give voice to reasoning that it is sometimes desireable to marry the villain, and also that sometimes the man can become a self professing villain.

  7. “This articles begins…” Bro come on. No typos in the first sentence. Just makes this site look shitty

  8. So what do you pyjama boys have planned for Valentine Day? A date with your blowup dolls. Perhaps watch some nasty porn in the cellar and eat Nutella sandwiches?

    1. Assuming this is a legitimate question asked with true curious intent, I’ll offer up my plans. I’m going with a dime piece hooker. Not a day over 25, I’m thinking Asian or black. Definitely enhanced. Between pay for play, skiing and working out over the weekend, I’ll be, as usual, focused intensely on increasing my wealth though capital markets. It’s time consuming and painstaking work but the $ rewards are there for anyone to take. Why the condescending “concern” with what other people are doing? This site is about men exchanging ideas to help one another get more out of life.
      Jefferson, stop dressing up that chicken and calling it your wife!

    2. Maria is a pyjama boy himself who watches bestiality porn himself to jerk off in his cellar of a bedroom, and trolls this site frequently to practice sarcasm.
      By the way, what kind of pyjamas do you wear, MariaMan?

  9. A man had three women to choose from he asked each of them “What is most important in life?” The 1st replied “Family, I want to have children with you”.
    The second said “I want to have enjoy my life, we should go out all the time and party!” The third said “I want to find my soul mate”. The man thought about all these answers very carefully.
    Then he chose the one with the biggest tits.
    A women had three men to choose from. She asked each of them “What is most important in life?” The 1st replied “I want to work hard and provide you with all the things you deserve”. The second said. “Life is there to be enjoyed, let’s travel the world together. The third said ” Love between the 2 of us is the most important”.
    She thought carefully about their answers.
    Then she chose the one with the most money.

  10. This article was a good idea, I think that every now and then it is a good idea to post red pill introductory articles such as this one so that young guys looking for answers can stumble upon the website more easily.

    1. Also mentioning Zelda is totally fucking chump, this site is about self improvement, aka reading valued material (books?) not referencing video games. Show a little respect.

      1. The original article was designed as an intro to red pill for young men you meet on the street, and I had intended the VG references as familiarity for them. It was going to bbe in 3 parts. Many men play video games, and can relate. The article was not about video games, it was about Game. I will make the original full article available on a blog eventually.

  11. Great summary of the big themes!
    You should pull this out from time to time to remind people of what Red Pill is all about.

  12. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that women are villains, but will take advantage of you if they get the opportunity. You just can’t take shit from chicks. If you do, they’ll walk all over you. It’s just the way they’re wired (which is why I wouldn’t call it villainous). It’s like calling the herd instinct of most men villainous; it’s just human nature. There’s nothing you can really do about it except be robust to it.

    1. You have given an accurate analysis. One simply has to be smart and know when manipulation is coming. The key is to have the right timing as to when you are blocking their move. It is a chess game.

  13. I feel sorry for men who believe that their greatest source of love and friendship can come from a woman. A woman could never love you the way you want her to love you. No matter your character, intelligence etc, her greatest concern will always be your earnings/earning potential, and your ability to garner her some status. Why do you think most beautiful women choose to be with drug dealers, rappers and pimps? Money. It’s imperative that men become friends with other men, that’s why I think military schools and academies are the best environments for boys. Another imperative is the search for a much younger women whom you could reasonably train and remold to be a good mother for your children. Women are the eternal weakness of men, the greatest source of our consternation. The selfishness of white women is pretty much dictating the fall of Europe and America. In the Way of Men, the author stipulates that in masculine societies, men prefer the company of other men in all things except sex and child rearing. Does this mean you cannot have meaning for conversations with women? No Does this mean you two can’t be reasonably “happy”? No All it means is this, don’t ever fool yourself, she’s a woman and MOTIVES are entirely different from yours. Another man’s motives whom you grew up with are most likely go to be the same as yours without tribute. The Ancient Greek philosophers were right, men and women can never be friends. She is happiest when you are being a man and you are happiest when she’s giving sex and her youth. Outside of this basic fact of natural law, is a fool’s errand.

  14. “White Kinghts
    Although women have great power over the men in their lives, they have almost no power over society as a whole. This is because women are not as strong and smart as men, nor are they willing to take risks over abstract matters of justice and morality. They instead leave this to the men they do control. They enlist willing men to take the risks enforcing feminist morality.”
    I already made an article about it. We’re living matriarchy, but women don’t have the power directly. Matriarchy in modern human comes from white knights. And remember, the biggest white knight is government.

  15. You don’t beat the dog for pissing on the fire hydrant. He’s just being a dog.
    Solipsists gotta solipse. Women have VERY different goals than us, and feminism is just an alternative pathway to a common, desirable goal for women- to be haaaaaapy. The fact that it doesn’t work? See solipsism. Total misogyny doesn’t work either, and you’d think they’d figure out it’s all the same thing.
    Look at the female vs. male approach to negotiation, and that will tell you that feminism is just a dogleg in the path during times of peace and plenty:
    Women will not readily compromise from a position of absolute dominance. This is borne out EVERYWHERE in business and politics, as well as in aboriginal cultures. This is also why matriarchies don’t last. They unite enemies like no other thing.
    Now look at us men. We negotiate from positions of power all the time, and compromise in the name of achievable goals, even from a dominant standpoint- WE are the peacemakers, as well as the warmakers. This is also why we can be brittle if left to an unbalanced life, and why we actually do better as adults in a nuclear family situation. The fact is, if there were a social collapse brought about by insane isms like feminism, feminism would disappear faster than a lighter in a crackhouse, and we, as men, would be fine, given time. Women, on the other hand, would be running for our protection rather quickly.

  16. Solipsism. Jennifer Lawrence said it should be illegal to call someone fat on tv. Women agreed with her. I don’t think they understand the far-reaching implications of what Jennifer was saying.

  17. The modern female MO is no secret anymore..
    Step 1: 18-30 -> Bang as many alphas
    Step 2: 31+ -> Change your look to a conservative one, start doing yoga, claim spirituality and bag a beta chump for kids and marriage.
    Step 3: After marriage -> repeat step 1 until caught or bored.
    Step 4: DIVORCE PARTY! -> clean out beta husband, take his kids, become a high class milf.
    Step 5: Write on feminist blogs how there aren’t any good man left.

  18. This discussion reminds me of an interesting moment at a friend’s wedding. Her brother was sitting with his girlfriend who, like him, was divorced. She was not particularly attractive but at the time he was banging her and they were broken up about 6 months later.
    I was hearing her talk to other people at the table about her ex. She said that looking back, at her wedding him she had shoved the wedding cake into his face and then he responded by shoving some into her face too. She said: “The fact he couldn’t man up at that time and just take it should have indicated to me the direction things were going (down).”
    I thought to myself that this came across to me as a woman who was destined to be a F’ buddy for life to guys like my friend. The older she got, the less likely attractive men were going to put up with “man up” shaming ploys from her. She showed little compassion for him or awareness of her own behavior (shoving cake in his face was childish rather than demonstrating a wifely virtue of truly feeding her man (even if it’s unhealthy cake) as a symbol of being a supportive wife. She viewed marriage in the context of her abusing men and then “being a man” and taking abuse and the wedding symbolized that.

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