The 8 Stages All Movements Go Through

I recently read Doing Democracy by Bill Moyers, which is about the universal stages every political or social movement goes through. This book is to political movements what Joseph Campbell’s monomyth is to story.

These stages are critical for anyone interested in social change to understand. Often activists believe they have failed or are failing, when they are simply at an earlier stage. Each stage has clear goals needed to move on to the next stage, and knowing where you are will allow you to take right action and move the movement forward.


Key to this model is the premise that power comes from the people. Even in dictatorships, powerholders only govern with the consent of the people. The aim of the first SIX stages is simply getting a majority of the public on your side.

Below are the eight universal stages of all political movements.

Stage 1: Normal Times

Social movements begin when actual practices violate universally held values. For example, Americans have a shared value of fairness and the idea that every citizen has the right to vote, but Southern states in the 1960s frequently prevented black Americans from voting. These conditions made the area ripe for the civil rights movement to occur.

At stage one, things are politically quiet. The majority of the public does not know social problems exist or supports practices that reinforce the problem. The goal at this stage is simply to document the problem, begin to organize, and believe that social change is possible.

Stage 2: Prove Failure Of Official Institutions

Once you have low-level opposition. the goal is to prove the problem exists. At this stage, activists need to become experts, and begin building new organizations. Begin using normal channels for change and document the attempts of powerholders to thwart the process, to show the normal function of the present system violates public trust.


Yes that’s right. The goal of this stage is to continually get shot down by the man. And document it.

Stage 3: Ripening Conditions

Before the social movement takes off, conditions must be right. For example, in the 1960s the United States was postitioning itself as the champion of freedom and democracy against communism, while mistreating it’s black citizens, making it ripe for the civil rights movement.

To create the right conditions, the movement needs to put faces on the problem, and recruit a new generation of activists. Concerned about the stage two failure of change through mainstream methods, grassroots organizations spring up. At this stage it may seem like the problem is getting worse, since normal channels of change failed, but this worsening is what inspires the need for change.

Stage 4: Take Off

Stage four begins with a trigger event – a highly publicized public event that kicks off protest.


An example of a trigger event would be Rosa Parks refusing to leave her bus seat, triggering the civil rights movement, or the recent revelations of Edward Snowden, triggering privacy movements to end domestic spying.

Stage four is what most people think of when they think of social movements – protests, drama, seeing activists on the nightly news – not realizing the groundwork for this event was laid in the first three stages. At this stage, thousands begin taking spontaneous action to form new organizations and large protests occur.

The goal at this stage is to put the problem and the systems that allow it in the spotlight – and keep it there.

Stage 5: Perception of Failure

While the take off stage is exciting, it typically only lasts four months to two years. After this stage, it’s easy for activists to believe they have failed, when in reality social change just takes a long time, sometimes even decades.

An example of this would be Russell Brand stating he doesn’t think voting will change anything, despite the stage four trigger events of the economic collapse and Occupy Wall Street convincing many Americans that the influence of money on the political process needs reform.

At this stage, activists become aware of the enormity of the problem, and many burnout, unable to switch to the skills required for stage six. Others believe non-violent methods have failed, and attempt actions damaging to the image of the movement.


Faced with the enormity of the problem, activists become aware of the need for a paradigm shift – that the old ways of thinking about the problem no longer work and a new system or way of thinking must be put in it’s place.

Activists can skip this stage and move directly to stage six by training themselves with the skills required and acknowledging the massive successes they’ve already achieved.

Stage 6: Majority Public Opinion

Now that a majority of the public agrees with the movement, the movement needs a grand strategy. At this stage, political action committee’s and non-profit organizations become more important.

In order to accomplish this, activists have to learn new skills. Each movement requires different roles. Early on, rebels are important, but at this stage change agents become important. The movement needs people who know how accomplish their goals within the system.

Many rebels don’t make it out of stage five and move on to other movements. Those that do have to learn new skills. Re-trigger events may occur, creating stage four style protests, but they will be short-lived as the movement shifts from rebels to change agents.

At this stage, activists don’t just promote political goals but a paradigm shift – a different way of seeing the problem. Feminism, environmentalism, fascism, gay rights, abolitionism, and the American Revolution all created a different way of seeing the world in response to the problems they faced.


Stage 7: Success

Stage seven occurs when using the majority public opinion and  the tide turns against the powerholders. This stage often begins with a dramatic event leading to a showdown, like when brutal attacks on civil rights activists forced President Johnson to pass the Voting Rights Act.

Stage seven has three possible end games. The first is that powerholders have a dramatic last stand, fighting right up until the last moment. Think the governor of Alabama blocking the doorway of integrated schools in the face of national law.

The other is a victorious retreat, where powerholders lose on an issue, but reverse their policies and say that they won. Don’t expect anyone in the government to admit they lost the war on drugs, as the marijuana legalization movement sweeps across the country.

The third is attrition, where powerholders hold out until one of the two above outcomes occurs. Success is often slow and quite at this stage, as state by state, law by law, the movement gets it’s goals met.

Stage 8: Continuing The Struggle

At this stage, the movement needs to guard against backlash. The movements success could be a wakeup call for opposing elements in society. For example, Roe v. Wade led to the pro-life movement against it.

Backlash is inevitable. The rise of Nazi movement lead to the backlash of the Zionist movement and the creation of the state of Israel. The Zionist movement has led to the backlash of the Palestinian movement. In many ways, the manosphere is a backlash movement against feminism. History is continual change, and each movement gives rise to new ones.

At this stage the movement also has the capacity for real social change and promoting other issues. With the new paradigm other movements can come from it. The civil rights movement has created large lasting organizations constantly bringing new issues that concern black Americans to powerholders to affect change.


At every stage the major pitfall is feeling powerless and believing social change is not possible. The key refrain in this book is that you have the power, and the people can change. It just takes time, and being aware where you are in the process.

Many have said the manosphere has failed and the men’s rights movement has failed. Both movements are at stage three. Normal channels of change have failed, and new organizations are being formed. Arguably, the book Men On Strike, ABC 20/20 debacle and recent viral articles from this site are trigger events, putting us in stage four or five, but conditions are still ripening.

If you are interested in taking a leadership role in the manosphere I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. There is a lot I have not covered. The book leans left, but the lessons are useful for anyone interested in change.

If I have one criticism of the book it’s that the book failed to explore negative movements like the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, the Communism in Russia, or the Ayatollah in Iran.

As Jack Donovan might say, just because they aren’t “good activists” doesn’t mean the members of these movements aren’t good at being activists. Studying them as movements would allow us to understand them and see how attempts for social change can be used for evil.

Knowing the eight stages allows you to know where you are, and what the next action is. Next week, I’ll be posting examples of movements that have gone through the eight stages on my blog. Good luck, and let’s move forward.

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  1. I was told that I look like Jason Statham so I finally watched one of his movies, Crank, and the silly bitch of a girlfriend he has in that movie seems like a typical dumbass woman to me.

  2. These 8 stages are what Moyer and his feminist friends believe are the best methods of societal change. No doubt, they work in some circumstances and for some types of change.
    But I believe there are better methods for the Manosphere. I made a lengthy post in a previous article about this.
    Essentially, it boils down to this: Starve the feminist state.
    This does not require a majority. A majority of Red Pill is difficult to reach in a country where the majority of women are Blue Pill and can vote. Any gains made in converting women to Red Pill will be offset by the men that are Blue Pill.
    Instead, it only requires that ENOUGH men act in ways that starve the feminist state. Such as, refuse to join the military. Refuse to join the police force. If you are in the police force, do what Obama does, and selectively enforce “laws.” As a man, refuse to marry American women – find women from another country. Even move to that other country. Provide your productivity to a woman from another country and perhaps to that other country by living there.
    Keep your money in safe havens and away from the feminist state (perhaps Bitcoin is one way, though the feminist state can systematically destroy Bitcoin unless other countries decide to use it). Avoid paying taxes to the extent possible. For example, own a small, less valuable house on which you pay less property tax. Own an old car that you think is cool, but on which you pay less taxes. Do not consume things that require you to pay a sales tax. Do not consume alcohol that requires you to pay a sales tax. Imagine if we could reduce government revenue by even 5% while announcing why we are doing it.
    I could go on and on. I guess in some ways you could call it a strike. In other ways, you could call it a boycott. But in one big way, it takes resources from the feminist state that is oppressing you.

      1. I would love to write articles for ROK. The ball is in their court. All they have to do is invite me.

        1. This movement needs all the help it can get. Throw your hat into the rink and become a contributor.

    1. Good post – with the minor quibble that cryptocurrency (and that will most likely be Bitcoin) cannot and will not be stopped. Cryptocurrency is, in fact, the greatest technological development since the popularization of the Internet, and the best tool currently available to us (that is, all anti-government types, the manosphere included) for fighting the machine, so to speak.
      Not aiming this at you specifically as you may not disagree in principle, but if neo-reactionary/manosphere type communities have one weakness, it’s their apparent lack of appreciation for science and technological development. Which is surprising, given the demographics of this site and others like it.
      If the manosphere truly wants to win its war against feminism, every second post around here should be some kind of Bitcoin promotion. Sounds counter-intuitive, but a cryptocurrency economy would be the best way to starve the beast, and with it, every left wing abominations it enables.

      1. I do not disagree with your belief in cryptocurrency. I would venture to say that you are more knowledgeable about it than I am. But I do have extensive background in economics and have studied monetary policy. I see the feminist state attempting to kill Bitcoin. If we were only talking about the US, they might succeed. But Bitcoin is global and impossible to erase from the world. We just need critical mass.

        1. the system is rotten to the core, it will destroy itself… the entire banking setup is creaking at the seams…. if the crash doesn’t come naturally, all it will take is a few timely earthquakes and hurricanes in the US, the odd nuclear meltdown, america can groan to it’s knees in no time….. the government is raising the debt ceiling on an almost monthly basis now…. they can’t keep tacking on another trillion every few months….
          what will cause the critical mass you are talking about is when the snotty nosed middle class, that swans around shopping malls so entitled and above themselves, suddenly find their savings are worth zero, their houses are worth shit and their plastic lifestyle is unavailable, or at least severely impinged upon….
          the next wave of technology is all about removing people from the work place, robots are already putting people out of work…. the drop in unemployment the last few years is because people have given up looking for work completely….
          how can you have a middle class when there are no jobs for them ? all those self important cunts in office jobs will soon find their degrees won’t even get them a job pouring coffee in the starbucks…

    2. The problem with boycotts is that they damage the individual far more than society. You could restructure your whole life for your cause, but society at large could be totally ignorant to your existence. Because boycotting is so costly to the individual, the only way it works is if you have absolute 100% confidence and resolve and are willing to essentially sacrifice your life and happiness for the cause. This seems at odds with what the manosphere values, which is personal success and happiness. Just some food for thought.

    3. There’s only one real flaw in this approach, which is is that the vast majority of the economy is driven by folks not friendly to your cause. On one hand you have the so called Red Pill guys with so much power (think financial institutions and the like) who don’t care how the average man does. He will bang who he wants to bang and pay off anyone who becomes problematic. Then you have the rest of the higher and the middle earners who are in technical and creative ares of the economy. These areas are dominated by women and men who are not friendly to your cause. So what does that leave you in terms of financial force of will? Mostly blue collar workers and small to medium size business owners.
      If you are honestly interested in fermenting some revolution you are going to have to win more hearts and minds. Good luck with that…

      1. In my experience most higher and middle income earners are not in technical and creative areas of the economy, but in academia and service industries. Technical and creative areas of the economy, to the extent that they are truly such (engineers, craftsmen, actual artists), are dominated by men and comprise an increasingly smaller section of the American economy (people move elsewhere, like we heard from some of the Facebook executives after its stock went public). Most small business owners are men, and most skilled workers are men. The economic fields run by women – service industry, bureaucracy, academia – dry up when the other sectors starve it.

    4. Great post.
      We need a list of ways to all boycott with our wallets…
      When Gov. start seeing that trend, politician will start listening to men for once.
      Money talks, bullshit walks…

  3. What about post stage eight? For example, look at the civil rights movements and how the race hustlers have managed to “continue the struggle” when there is nothing left to struggle against.

  4. The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer, informed my understanding of mass movements. It sounds like Moyer’s book adds to the conversation but skips over facets that Hoffer covered. I will check Moyer’s book out. Hoffer contended that movements were started by intellectual types with legitimate gripes. These attracted alienated souls looking for something to give their lives meaning. You find that a lot among the ranks of the true believing feminists, for whom feminism is dogma and men are the devil. My favorite Hoffer quote: “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”
    In Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women in America, Susan Faludi tried to silence the then-nascent MRM by claiming that a backlash had already arrived and that it was a war on women. To mock her we called our work The Backlash! and declared ourselves “shameless men,” because we refused to be ashamed of being men.
    Hoffer does address post stage 8, identifying what follows as pragmatic people who use the true believers to advance themselves. While university women’s studies programs churn out muddle headed misandrists shouting the gospel according to Betty-Gloria-etc as they march the streets fists raises, muffin tops bared, raging against the almighty never to be sufficiently damned evil woman hating male hegemony, it’s the influence seeking, self enriching thought leaders, like Gloria, Susan, Naomi (I’ll believe she’s reformed when I see video of her telling the world that Beauty Myth is a pack of lies and that everybody should stop buying it), etc., that comprise, perpetuate and amplify the abuses that give rise to the backlash, to which all of you most assuredly belong, and for which I congratulate you.

    1. Beat me to it. The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer “the longshoreman philosopher,” is a must read for anyone who wants to understand politics. If you are a “true believer” as I am, it is uncomfortable, but necessary, to turn the observations of TTB on yourself.
      Applying the ideas of TTB, the surest sign that the feminist movement is as dead as a spawned out salmon is that it has arrived completely as a movement, occupying all positions of power. Thus its grasping at any straw to claim the requisite oppression to maintain relevancy.
      I believe the Dark Enlightenment (which partially includes the manosphere) is a rediscovery of eternal ideas instead of a movement.

  5. One thing the new left (and her opponents) conveniently forget about, regarding it’s consistent victories over the past decades is the funding it has received from globalist oligarchs. A resurgent movement based on masculine values as relating to society and so forth would do well to understand that modernity and post modernity are well funded by rootless plutocrats.
    When some dumb vine app addict comes twerking up to you with a Katy Perry T shirt on and spouts some standard grade school leftoid horseshit with a hip hoppin vibe, remember that someone paid for that persons world view and they aren’t part of the traditionalist minded manosphere. They are part of the globalist clique and they like Bono, Madonna and they cotton to folks like Rockefeller, Soros, Rothschild and the like.
    If a movement is going to challenge super faggy effeminate modernity, it better challenge debt based central banking and all its horrific brainchildren or it is lost.

    1. In short…
      Embrace Bitcoin.
      It’s the greatest (and arguably only) weapon we have at our disposal. And what a weapon it is.
      It’s shocking how many people around here still don’t know this.

        1. bitcoin is getting slowly disabled by subversive US Govt. elements… they don’t have to destroy it, just make it kinda crappy… like they did to South America…

    2. keep the people dreaming…. they will never change anyway…. most people rather die than confront the challenge of thinking for themselves and facing their own inner demons…. remember Agent Smith’s famous lines…. ” Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human
      world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a
      disaster. No one would accept the program.”

    3. Did you just blame the Federal Reserve for people like Katy Perry? Were the tits not a good enough explanation?

      1. I am of the opinion that pop/junk culture and extreme materialism are encouraged by leaders of the contemporary west. Much funding for anti-traditional ideas and art has been expended by the extremely wealthy. Through foundations, international financiers a la Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan etc. and a small globalist coterie of CEO’s who view a deracinated consumer society of the pop culture bewildered as desirable, much garbage art has been mobilized. Even the initial Bolshevik push was funded by international bankers and I would view their patronage of feminism and other such anti traditional movements as being in the same vein. Pushing man towards a globalized consumer society of deracinated widgets.

  6. So if we’re comparing the Manosphere to the Civil Rights Movement I suppose that Roosh is the Malcom X, while Paul Elam is the MLK.

    1. The manosphere is probably at stage 1.5, at best. The average Joe simply isn’t aware of the manosphere, and if he is, he probably has wildly inaccurate misconceptions about it.

      1. I wouldn’t say decades given how quickly Feminists have been unspooling I’d say that the stage 4 event is very likely sometime in the next 2-3 years. There will be decades after that but not as long as we might think

  7. We need a book about “doing monarchy,” which explores how autocrats have arisen to restore order in societies that have fallen apart because of democracy. The fact that some bright people think that monarchy deserves a second look gives democratic ideologues like David Brin the creeps. These democracy obsessives thought they had won the decisive victory over aristocracy and monarchy generations ago; their unsettled response to neoreaction shows that they don’t feel as confident about their position as they want us to believe. I would bet that in the long run, it will turn out that the monarchists lost some key battles, but they will win the historical argument about the superiority of this traditional system.

    1. Not exactly about monarchy but surely about the evils of democracy is a book called ‘Beyond Democracy’ by Frank Karsten & Karel Beckman.

    2. the thing about monarchy is that the leader can kill or imprision anyone that gets in his way… and whilst this has it’s negative and some people suffer just for speaking out of turn – it also means that shit gets done, and done now…. all this EU style decision by a committee of over qualified fools that have zero performance incentive is a terrible way to do things…. Kings might have been brutal but they always knew that if they crossed the line the populus would string them up…

  8. well I wouldnt call the Ayatollah evil, after all it was a backlash to the western backed puppet known as the shah after they overthrew their government in 1953.
    But whats the story of communism in Russia? I heard that USA involvement was one of the reasons why it fell.

  9. Atleast the Civil Rights Movement ended. Feminism is still going strong regardless of the fact that they got their equal rights

  10. It is absolutely fascinating to see how the manosphere goes from “how to get girls” to change the fabric of the culture.
    This shows the true nature of men: solve problems and come up with solutions.
    This site puts fire under my ass in so many levels.

    1. Maybe, but not here on RoK. I have yet to see any call to action targeting specific laws or organizations (outside of Jezebel which is so fringe and ludicrous as to be beneath concern, IMHO). So far its been all fat shaming, advice to seek women abroad and the evils of short hair. Amusing but hardly the basis of a revolution… If I am missing an article or something, though, please feel free to enlighten me. Or maybe it is time somebody here put in the hard graft to come up with something concrete.

      1. Activism is a waste of time for leftist losers.
        The world is changed by changing the Zeitgeist, societies narrative or whatever you call it.
        When “manosphere”-ideas become popular or even mainstream, all will change.

        1. You want change? You have to say what change you want. “We want traditional sex roles back” is vague and whiney. Now, targeting specific unfair family laws/cases or affirmative action is concrete, logical, and makes the movement about more than a bunch of dudes griping cause they can’t get laid or got hosed in their divorce.

        2. Nothing will change until the current system collapses. We have around 10 years of misery ahead of us until that happens.

        3. Agreed. Sadly, this whole system has to go down in flames before something better can replace it. History is full of examples where rotten, corrupt systems implode on themselves. They usually don’t change for the better until they are completely destroyed. I think the next 10 years will be really rough on men, as women double-down on their horrible behavior and such. The state will definitely increase it’s oppression and exploitation of men, mostly in the form of unfair taxes, etc specifically on men. This will cause more and more men to question the system, accelerating its inevitable decline.

        4. i don’t know if it will take 10 years… give Janet Yellen a year in the fed and then the next crash will hit…. since the Govts. are all tapped out, the next crash won’t be the banks it will be the bonds and currencies going up in smoke….. you can’t bail out a currency… as the Weinmar Republic and Zimbabwe discovered…

        5. There will be a huge crash in 2-3 years, and a huge depression after that. Just like in the 1930′. This will create hatred an nationalizm in every country. (just look at Greece now, Nazi parties on the rise.)
          And as usual, there will be a global war in the end, with millions dead. I just hope it wont be nuclear, but who knows.
          This is a crazy cycle which will never end. Those who survive can enjoy the peace and prosperity of the rebuilding phase, ala 1950′ 1960′.

  11. Reading tips: Revolution from Above by Kerry Bolton.
    Most of the social movements from the 20th and 21st century has been nothing but backed by “The powers that be” in a way to further control and diverse our societies, making us lose our roots, our families, our connection to our societies and so on. They simply wants us to be with out real identities because then you’re easier to form, easier to control into a materialistic mindset where their ideas can easier be implented.

    1. I linked to this book in my last article under the heading “Feminism Was Created By Capitalism”:

      Why Patriarchy Is The Greatest Social System Ever Created

      The fact large organizations feel the need to finance social movements shows that even they believe power comes from the people. If power did not come from the people, they would not work so hard to buy the people’s consent. They might be able to buy ads, but you decide what you will believe and participate in.

        1. While I agree with you Peter, it is also important to remember that feminism is born of privilege as well. There are no feminists in the ghetto.

        2. yep…when things are bad you do not see feminism….you see the struggle to survive.
          I think it is important to let men know that feminism and the prevailing dominant cultures are created by the Illuminati and their willing minions.
          This is why the remedy is to simple create a separate economy. Not try and fight the likes of the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.

        3. What’s interesting in the states is how so many working class women adopted feminist entitlement attitudes while reality indicated otherwise. Heck, the same goes for aging women who often become more fussy and demanding with age as their resources decline.
          And they wonder why men didn’t allow them to vote right away….
          I think it’s due to the media which teaches women in the states to be as demanding as possible. They make fun of foreign women for being desperate and therefore making themselves appealing to men but simultaneously fret that single mothers have such a hard time getting by.

  12. Congratulations! The most dull and unoriginal article of 2014 [so far]. I am sure many of your fellow writers can better this.

  13. 9. Pandering to the “oppressed” class.
    This one is a common one in many revolutions. For insurance, the French Revolution fell to the Jacobins, whose main goal was to pander directly to sans-culottes. So in turn the Jacobin majority confiscated land from nobility, radically altered religion and government, and beheaded anyone who opposed. Thus the revolution is inevitably bound to fail should a group pander directly to another group.
    You want to know how Marx was inspired? Look at the Reign of Terror.

  14. excellent article…. you only forgot stage 9 where the new ‘change’ turns into the stale old crap, and stage 10 where those that once fought for change now become the obstacle of change and even campaign for change – eg. Obama, whilst in reality offering more of the same old same old….
    if Obama was really for change, Snowden would have been given a medal of honor and put in charge of the pentagon….

  15. Runsonmaginc,
    “These stages are critical for anyone interested in social change to understand. Often activists believe they have failed or are failing, when they are simply at an earlier stage. Each stage has clear goals needed to move on to the next stage, and knowing where you are will allow you to take right action and move the movement forward.”
    The biggest mistake of the idea of “social change” is that there needs to be broad based change in order to have “social change”. There does not.
    The tyranny of the majority can be easily countered by simply saying “No, I will not consent to the majority being able to tell me what to do.”
    Only the foolish and ignorant attempt “social change” via the mechanism of “persuading the majority to the new opinion paradigm”.
    Why? Because the “majority” are very stupid people and they are being persuaded to the current “popular culture paradigm” by the super rich who own all the broadcast media and who have always owned all the broadcast media way back to the time of shouting on the street corner.
    The so called “great revolutionaries” like George Washington, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mandella etc were bought and owned by the super rich and they did their bidding which is why they were “successful” and why they are lorded in the main stream media. If any of those men had not done exactly as they were told you would not know their names.
    The book is a waste of time for those of us who know what is really going on. Sorry…but it is better you know the truth than waste you time on “social change” when you can easily just live your life as you wish today without persuading the stupid and ignorant “majority” of anything.

  16. All mass movements are about power, and power is a zero-sum game. The Civil Rights Movement was an alliance of feminists and nonwhites to disempower white men, and the Manosphere is a backlash against that movement.* When the capital accumulated by their thrifty white male predecessors is exhausted, the Black-Latino-feminist-collectivist alliance will crumble and the natural order will be restored. We are not innocent victims pleading for the sympathy of the Obama-voting majority. Our goals are to stay alive, contribute as little as possible to the upkeep of the system, and convince white knights and beta orbiters to do the same.
    *The CRM also elevated black women above black men, devastating the MMV of the latter and prompting some black men to join the Manosphere.

    1. yes you are right…. all the wealth was built by smart, motivated, free thinking white men… going back to the british empire, the better run colonies like CA, AU and NZ… and the USA….
      the wealth has been pilfered the last 50+ years by BS socialists, selling a watered down version of communism, where everyone must have some stale, tasteless, tedious kind of happiness force fed to them, at their own expense, while huge bloated government departments provide jobs for people with no imagination and who cannot manage to work in the real world where performance is mandatory….
      this of course stymies progress until things grind to a halt… see any new technology the last 5 years ? not much….
      they are already running out of money big time… the whole system is going to come apart very soon…..

  17. Here’s a red-pill moment. I have come to think that this historical narrative is laughably false: “For example, in the 1960s the United States was postitioning itself as the champion of freedom and democracy against communism, while
    mistreating it’s black citizens, making it ripe for the civil rights
    Naw. Here’s what was really happening. The communists in the Democratic party who loved Stalinism were upset that the white middle and working classes in the states had rejected socialism due to those pesky gulags. They were spitting angry that Eisenhower, the GW Bush of the time, won election and re-election against liberal intellectuals who made a case that only through obedience to them could a socialist paradise be achieved.
    Consider the leftist portrayal of conservatives in Archie Bunker, portrayed as an abusive, racist, misogynistic white guy. Yet, just a generation before (in the character’s youth), he would have been a union card carrying Democratic voter. My father was one until he died. I kept trying to tell him that the Archie Bunkers at least had figured out that the Dems were throwing them under the bus.
    So the Dems needed a new electorate so they would, much like Christ, cobble them out of disenfranchised groups deserving or otherwise. This included non-white immigrants from socialist nations who would escape socialism while yearning to remake it here, man-hating feminists, and non-white groups all that would be loyal voters supporting “civil rights” which was defined as everyone has rights except for straight, white men. I refer to the civil rights movement as the so-called civil rights movement. They, like feminists, were useful dupes of leftist oligarchs who represented themselves as socialists but turned out to be economic fascists owning massively large corporations (such as Goldman Sachs, AT&T, IBM) and then using their influence to get favorable protectionism and tax breaks.

  18. Correction: The 8 Stages All NWO Movements Go Through
    Interesting but given way to much generic gravitas and utilility. The elephant in the room on this–and let’s not forget Rules for Radicals–is the NWO funding this. It is impossible given the genetic and cultural makeup of Muricans to stop the control of freshly created money over the balkanized, culturally Marxified groups that must earn money within the ruled system and at best agree to disagree with the elite but have no unified action to take that would create shit, just a vacuum of power, but the banking system requires terminal cannibalism for it to work as a tax farm.
    These statements are incredibly suspect:

    Before the social movement takes off, conditions must be right. For
    example, in the 1960s the United States was postitioning itself as the
    champion of freedom and democracy against communism, while mistreating
    it’s black citizens, making it ripe for the civil rights movement.

    The cost to blacks mistreated before the civil rights movement was must smaller than the cost to whites mistreated after the civil rigths movement. How can I say that? Because ‘making a difference’ is a net destruction of my fucking civilization, goddamn it! Blacks at large have never made anything approaching civilization. White at large on their game have and can. I don’t believe in following color lines exactly, and they are not exact with shades of grey, but they are a crude approximation that dumbasses can understand. In the land of the dumbasses, it’s either separate by race or multiculturalism. I don’t like this landpopulation. I am a rationalist who respects the ways of life and that way is EVOLUTION. We have evolved downward, and are still embracing the fucking idea. Christ!
    Second and final blue-pill infected quote:

    Feminism, environmentalism, fascism, gay rights, abolitionism, and the
    American Revolution all created a different way of seeing the world in
    response to the problems they faced.

    So let’s just lump together the American Revolution (and I don’t suppose banksters were not gaming both sides all they could, however much that was) with the Western globalist social engineering theological pillars of destruction. In the case of the NWO astroturf Hegelian dialectic ‘movements’ there was no dynastic change. In the case of the American Revolution, their was dynastic change based on open war.
    The problem for us plebes is the exective elites at the top. We only see the administrative elites on TV. It is a circus, just like in the last days of the Roman Republic when Julius Ceasar played ball with the bankers to fund his political ambitions, as it was done by all contenders. In those days elected governor would be indebted and go to Gaul or whereever and perhaps with friendly pretenses just kill people by the bushel and take their gold and silver, pay of the banksters and keep plenty for themselves.
    This is our current system. Bankers require political authority to make a government’s jurisdiction into a personal tax farm. You live on the IMF tax farm. This tax farm fits the Jewish MO of debt slavery perfectly. I didn’t say all Jews are consciously aware of it or actively participating, but support of The Chosen leads to Israel over Esau because that is their values not mine. I have documented by arguments as “Devilish Piety.”
    You are NOT all red pill simply because you get that women are different. You’re not even fucking close. When we start talking about the 8 requirements for movements like this post does, we rebel on the script of our keepers. Not gonna cut it, guys. Only dynastic change. So long as there are family heritages of money alchemist certain they like ruling everyone else by government-assisted debt slavery, your posterity is in the crosshairs. I find it cowardly for parents to say ‘for the children’ and never for themselves. Adults are mostly cowards who are even afraid to think of change. They just kick the can down the road so when their children are adults, they can be cowards and ‘make a difference’ that is an ‘investment’ in the future.
    Newsflash: All ‘investments’ are rigged by government authority.
    You pussies.

  19. Gents, I think this movement is already in motion and no one can stop it. My conviction comes from many places, but also I find conviction in the negative, in that conditions are unbearable for men today. The latter says a lot of our condition and opportunities for growth. Okay, the conditions suck…got it, moving on, we see that if it sucks so bad for all of us it must suck for millions of other men. Certainly enough people to make a difference and to eventually correct all the bullshit. That’s revealing for a number of reasons such as 1. the addressable audience for the MM is 1/2 the human population, minus 1.5-2%, and 2. That we can safely assume that most of the 1/2 are aware they’re being screwed somehow, which means they’ll find us one way or another. Some will hear from one of us. Some might see an MM or MRA sticker on the wall at a restaurant, many will literally come to us. I think individuals in the MM can make a huge difference because we can help accelerate this process and here’s how. By making efforts to drive awareness of the MM in our own lives it will bring the point of inevitable connection for many men sooner than it might have been. This also enables another key benefit, which is we’ll compound the number of our ranks more efficiently.
    Also, luckily this movement will be relatively easier to pull off because today our technology is much better and more capable than it was when feminism started. feminism and all the other ism’s were on analog, this is digital. Did you know that a revolution in Egypt was rapidly stirred to action mostly due to facebook?
    We just have to make men aware and, if you haven’t noticed, the internet is a very efficient tool to spread awareness. Can we change behaviors in society? Do we have levers, gears and nodes? Well, anyone remember dressing as a gangster in the 1990’s? For those of you too young, nearly every boy in the early 1990’s adopted a rapster gangster persona and wardrobe…some were a lot better than others but that was it. So, think on that some more; a large population influenced to dress and emulate gangsters? You might say humans are fairly easy to sway.
    Lastly, I think we’re still very much under-utilizing and appreciating the full extent of what technology provides for us. We know progressivism is in everything, but, we can start to nullify some of the key levers of the cathedral today whereas before this capability would have not been worth the effort or impossible. How powerful is culture today? Music, TV, movies, news, sports, celebrities, etc? Can we not see huge amounts of propaganda from these things? How can we shut up rachel maddow? Easy, 1/2 the population ought to know that they can easily disconnect from the “established” news and media outlets and not skip a beat in terms of being able to find more than suitable alternatives in a near endless varieties. progressive, MM’s or Neoreactionaries…everyone can do this and everyone is…in their own way. Men would do much better if you iCultured yourself right now.
    Start now iCulture.

  20. Being on the Left myself I’ve seen it morph from something that was worth fighting for to a situation where the only thing I can compare it to now is the christian fundamentalists on the right. Both parties are now beholden to radical elements in their ranks and you simply cannot ascend to the top of either party without at least appeasing or getting their support.
    Got to admit the election this year in Canada and the US election next year in the US? Both sides of the aisle need to look at what they’ve created and find something else.

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