Treat Women Like Pets If You Want Them To Stay Attracted To You

The modern man has many options when it comes to managing his relations with women. He can strive for a series of one-night stands. He can maintain a main girl who sniffs out threesomes for him. Once he gets into his 30s he might be interested in mini-relationships. If there’s a main girl that brings him happiness, he might keep her around and have affairs on the side.

Whatever a man decides for his dating life, it’s important that he understand how to manage women. This is especially true for any longer term relationship whether it’s 3 months or 3 years.

There really is no better way to say it: treat women like pets. The sweetest girl on earth will eventually act up. She’ll make ridiculous demands. She’ll become jealous, start trying to manage your time and keep tabs on you. She may even start making financial demands, hinting that there are things she wants you to buy for her.

You can equate all of these things to a dog or cat shitting on your carpet. Would you tolerate that? No, and if you did that makes you a terrible pet owner. You would not tolerate your pets destroying your furniture, defecating in the house, begging for food, whining, or any other annoying behavior. You would reprimand the pet, with a simple swap at their behind or on the nose with a firm, “No”.

Well, the days of smacking a woman are mostly over (unless she really asks for it), but fortunately there are other ways of reprimanding your woman. How you communicate is of utmost importance.

You must be firm and unyielding, because like a small child or unruly pet, she will attempt to push her boundaries. The sooner and firmer you hold your ground and lay down the law, the better. The enforcement comes from the threat of you leaving her at the drop of a hat. Feminine women naturally seek the approval of a dominant male, and if you are constantly one foot out the door, she will work to keep your attention.

The harder you are on your woman, the better trained she will be, and the more pleasure she will bring you (and herself). Occasionally she may slip, have one drink too many, and become loud and annoying. Maybe she’ll do your laundry but in a moment of laziness, decide not to match and fold your socks. Or maybe she’ll try to reprimand you for not being nicer to her friends. It’s up to your discretion whether or not you want to say something in these cases, but in my experience it’s better to always speak up, no matter how minor her offense:

“Don’t ever get that drunk in front of me ever again. When you’re drunk, you get loud and obnoxious, and it’s very unattractive to me. You’re an adult, and you should be more than capable of maintaining your alcohol intake.”

“You know, if you’re going to do my laundry, you should pair and fold my socks next time. I don’t take you out to any half-assed dates, so you shouldn’t half-ass anything either.”

“It’s enough that I’ve decided to keep you around as much as I have, the last thing I need to do is worry about your friends’ feelings. If they don’t like it, fuck em, and don’t bother me with these inconsequential matters.”

Think I’m kidding? Watch her expression next time you say something like this. Her vagina will literally burst into flames. There’s an entire generation of women out there that are sick of beta doormats that provide zero challenge or structure. Feminine women want structure in their life, they want a man to give them direction. And all women, in some sick, twisted way, want just a little bit of abuse. They thrive on the drama and friction the occasional burst of male anger brings them.

And if your woman doesn’t respond well to your dominance, again, think about being a pet-owner. If you had a dog that simply did NOT respond to training, that was rabid, that bit people left and right, you would put it down, right? If you had a dog that constantly required a short leash and would run off every chance it got, what would you do? You’d probably let the stupid thing go. The same treatment applies to women: if they don’t respond to your dominant demeanor, let them go. They are absolutely not worth keeping as a pet.

The truly undomesticated women that have zero potential as a pet are only worth fucking, using her as a cum receptacle, and then passing off for the next male to have his way with her. They will never make any man happy, and will not make themselves happy either, as they are too stupid and undisciplined to have a master that takes care of them.

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403 thoughts on “Treat Women Like Pets If You Want Them To Stay Attracted To You”

      1. I think it would be better if the title was “tell a woman off if she acts dumb”… The pet thing creates a master/pet issues which has negative connotations.

        1. “tell a woman off if she acts dumb”
          That’s actually a bit offensive. I would never speak about a woman in that fashion, never mind to one.
          “The pet thing creates a master/pet issues which has negative connotations.”
          To a feral bitch.
          To a loved, properly socialized companion it has nothing but positive connotations.

        2. Actually i find it more offensive to be seen as a pet than to be told the way I behaved is not appropriate (or dumb).

        3. If you wish to become a loved companion, your behaviour is not appropriate. There is a more intelligent way to go about it.

        4. To some extent this article is trying to troll, to some other extent people are into different things.
          I take it that many women just want a man that is confidently dominant sets out rules and give a scolding when necessary, while some other women crave much more degradation.
          I think it’s important to accept the diversity (and most importantly one’s own desires), but for the sake of annoying feminists I really can’t get it offensive enough.

        5. I think the treat a woman like a pet thing is going overboard. I know that a man should have control over his woman but not compete control. I don’t think you would want to be treated like a pet would you?

      2. I agree. Frankly I think society would work better with that situation anyway.
        I was more thinking about the foaming at the mouth feminists who troll this website.

      1. Psychiatrists go by persistence. Occasionally pulling out these moves is the best way, they’ll work better for novelty and surprise factor. Repeating them on a regular basis? You’d need to keep throwing out perfectly good options because it would cease to have an effect after a while, the women would rightfully give up because what would be the point? (Assuming they are psychiatrically healthy themselves and not e.g. co-dependent).

      2. There’s no such thing as verbal abuse, women invented it to be subjective and unverifiable enough so that every woman can claim their own “abused” card.

        1. Believe that all you want, but when you use strong profanity in commands it becomes very violent language and ineffective. Understanding how to communicate effectively is important.


      1. Every person with XY chromosomes is a “real man”.
        What would you know about being a man, anyway? You’re a western female. What would you even know about being HUMAN.

        1. Wrong,simpleton.
          most men today have been endoctrinated to be surrogate females by the abstrac alpha male, Mr.state. and about 70% are genetic garbage thanks to years of paternalism. So, no having XY crhomosomes does not make you a real man,a real men is made by years of facing nature and dominating it, true masculinity is bending nature to YOUR WILL, and females are the representation of NATURE! And a real men dominates nature.

        2. What a vivid imagination.
          Beyond having XY chromosomes the definition of a “real man” is MOST DEFINITELY never up to anyone else. Especially a woman.
          His demeanor, programming, conduct and intellect are totally irrelevant…. and we know this because a “real man” according to the STATE —>> is expected to be willing to think of his life as WORTHLESS and DIE in a war, or drown on a sinking ship for female comfort and convenience.
          That’s why the common & female definition(s) of a “real man” ARE ALL COMPLETE BULLSHIT. And so is yours.
          A real man is not up to you or anyone else to determine.
          —–>> it’s up to HIM. And ONLY HIM.
          So be careful there. Nice try though!

      2. Hate speech:
        IOW, you disagree with what was posted. Ok.
        The usual response when you can’t argue it. Pk.
        No real man:
        IOW, a man who doesn’t cow tow you your every whim. Ok.
        Yes, and?

        1. ” . . .a man who doesn’t cow tow . . .”
          I’ve generally found it easier to drive cows, although a well behaved one will allow itself to be led.

      3. You missed the word “pedophiles”, Maureen. After all, we do espouse younger, hotter, tighter women. This is why we cannot take you seriously: you completely lack the (ir)rational ability to take advantage of opportunity.
        Of course, it’s okay for women (like you) to chase younger men. It’s socially totally acceptable for size-25+ cows with beef-flap labia who are in their mid-fifties to chase 18yo’s.

      4. REAL women are obedient. NO real women are commenting to a site and acting like “wild animals”.
        Girls like Maureen here, they’re not a woman, they’re wild animals.

  1. Okay, this is a little absurd. This is basically saying that your girlfriend can’t go out and let go sometimes, because it’s not proper, and if she doesn’t fold your socks, she’s half assing everything. Are you THAT useless to not be able to do anything without the help of your significant other?

    1. It starts with something small like folding socks…then like a cancer it grows into a giant monster…

    2. That’s right, f*** that lyin ass hoe. It’s the principle of the matter. Give her a nice big welcome home kiss after her night out so you can taste the guy she blew in your car.

    3. “Are you THAT useless to not be able to do anything without the help of your significant other?”
      No. Quite the opposite. The hard part is finding one that can do anything as well as I can just do it myself.
      Having to get up again after she goes to sleep so that the floor can get washed, again, only clean this time, gets old after a while.
      She can wash it clean, or she can not wash it at all. The choice is perfectly up to her.
      If she isn’t going to wash it clean, she isn’t going to get it dirty either, if you catch my drift.
      I don’t even expect her to keep the oil fresh and tire pressures where they should be on my vehicles, but if she expects me to do that for her vehicles, well, she’s going to have to trade me something for that – and do the job at least as well as I do mine.
      Are you suggesting that she’s nothing more than a hole?

    4. Its quite easy in reality, either suggest he buys a bunch of the same socks or that he wears novelty socks. First case they all match, second case they’re all different.

  2. Roflmfao !
    Bitch I dont give you half assed dick, so wtf is up with this half assed sandwich?
    GTF Back to the kitchen and put some veggies on my damn samich.


      1. Nice to see you so full of righteous indignation.
        I’d lose the caps lock ‘though. It’s kind of like signing your name with crayon.

      2. Maureen needs some good dick. Which one of you gentleman is going to take one for the team and jump on this land whale grenade?

        1. Do something for the good of the soul of your mother/father/grandmother/grandfather, which one is not in this world!

  3. You’ll get heat for this article with the pets corollary, but I hope the underlying point of the importance of a man being strong isn’t lost on those who fly into a rage.

    1. I wish the rage part didn’t work, but every time I or other men have gone into a borderline-homicidal rage, it really turned attractive women on. They are wired in a manner which does not benefit civilization – hence why societal rules were placed upon them. Remove such rules and watch the society crumble.

  4. “There’s an entire generation of women out there that are sick of beta doormats that provide zero challenge or structure. Feminine women want structure in their life, they want a man to give them direction. ”
    Well said. They crave the father they never had.

    1. Ask any dog owner and he will tell you a b*tch will get VERY uncomfortable when she doesn’t feel the end of her leash.

      1. i think of the baby momma more as a farm animal and myself the farmer…. i often tell her jokingly to say ‘moooo’ and bounce her tits and tell her it’s milking time…. it was great fun when she actually had milk…..

      2. ive always felt like no one in my life watches or cares about what I do, like im “leashless”…. and I definitely feel shy, uncomfortable, and in retrospect, sometimes bratty. this article just makes sense to me

        1. No, actually a loser little boy sitting home alone on the weekend, wondering why he repels women with his bastard ideas.


        1. Honey, I was talking about dogs. Do you have a problem with that? A “bitch” is the proper word for a female dog.
          And you.
          Except, a female dog is FAR higher in value and character than you are.

        2. I was gonna say, this time her anger seems out of jealousy of dogs. Clearly a higher order of being than her.

        3. Maureen, you’ve been telling us for weeks that “authorities” are on out doorstep and “prosecutions” are mere moments away. But no one has so much as telephoned, and I’ve heard no tales of any fellow RoK commenters who’ve felt the breath of Johnny Law upon their necks.
          Something tells me that you’re … what’s the phrase? … wholly ineffectual.

        4. Guys — the FBI has notified me that I could face first-degree hatecrime charges for posting on this web site. I’m getting off now and you should, too.
          I’m so sorry we offended you, Maureen.

        5. Why the cell mate remark? I hope that isn`t you suggesting rape.Or is rape a good thing if it happens to someone you disagree with?…….You fucking worthless maggot.Fuck you and fuck the cops.

        6. We have the 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. I will exercise that right in any manner I choose, even if some dyke finds it offensive. Rather, ESPECIALLY if some dyke finds it offensive, to spite said dyke.
          The prison rape scenario you and too many other people like to imply is comical, to me. I spent 8 whole years in the California Dept of Corrections, which is known to have some of the “hardest” prisons in the nation. I was also in a Federal Prison for a short time. I was never anyone’s punk. True, I am a very powerful man, and going through such hardships made me even more powerful, but even more average men get through prison w/out becoming someone’s bitch, providing they’re not a snitch that works for the cops, or a convicted child molester. Or a former cop.
          As a way of exercising my freedom of speech, I’m writing a book about my experiences. My book is called, “Against Impossible Odds.” In it I’ll explain how I made a way when there was no way, creating nonexistent possibilities. And how I achieved the unachievable, while no one expected me to survive, given special circumstances surrounding my particular case, that the average inmates doesn’t have to contend with.
          Guys, don’t let anyone ever try to throw their weight around with threats of having you arrested and sent to prison, and then further imply you’ll be raped. It’s bulls*it, and they’re trying to play off your fear of things that won’t likely ever happen. Prison is just another institution, millions of men go to prison and come out in the end with their balls still attached. Prison rape can and does happen, but a lot less often than scaredy cats like to think. They haven’t been there. I have. I don’t recommend going just to see for yourself, but it’s usually not as scary as people say. Besides, how would they know, anyways? They’re talking out the side of their neck about things they haven’t experienced. That said, have fun learning and commenting on this site, and have fun “gaming” in the real world. Just don’t hurt anyone. And don’t waste your time in prison, because that’s really all it is. A waste of time. PEACE!

        7. Dream on feral loser boy. You’ll be masterbating alone in your mommy’s basement with that lame loser attitude.

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        9. I saw no place in this article where he encouraged rape nor even mentioned rape. He simply stated how any real man should treat women and he’s 100% right about it.
          Sorry guys. I know you don’t need some woman to take up for you. I just hate stupid crap like Maureen posted.

      4. That’s why you’re in your momma’s basement beating off to sick sh*t online. Grow up. Get a job. Take a shower. Clean your filthy car and earn yourself a date with a kind woman. This isn’t rocket science. The better we treat them, the better they treat us. Don’t believe all of this vomit advice dispensed by middle-aged losers living at home in their momma’s basement, beating off to porn!

        1. I know you really need to believe that. But if I live in “my mother’s basement” then the view is SPECTACULAR.
          You really need to stop behaving like sex is difficult for any man to get.

    2. “They crave the father they never had.”
      The fact that this comment came from you makes it 100 times better.

    3. I’ve started testing women that I’m seeing, saying things like “I fancy a cup of tea” and see how they respond. Some say I should make one, some go straight to the kitchen and make me one themselves. You can guess which ones I keep around. Pets need to be well trained.

      1. I’ve had girls straight up tell me this. That her fathers limits on her as a child keep her safe and from acting like a slut.

        1. I personally believe that. However, there are girls who are rebellious, and go against their fathers authority regardless. What is the mentality of females who go against authority figures? Can someone explain this

        2. Because the isnt enough with the power and limits, to be a worthy alpha male you also have to provide material and emotional safety so they can built they happiness, a male who bases his authority in his material provision usually lacks of emotional authority because he could be weak and without limits FOR HIS OWN while asking for strength and limits in others, many teenagers rebels against their parents when they realize how their expectations differ from their way of living

        3. It’s a complicated subject… Sadly, many men just don’t measure up.
          Think of it like dogs, on one hand you have a sweet docile little mutt… it’s sweet, it begs for your undivided attention, obeys you but sadly it’s just not very bright; training this dull creature was easy, an idiots brute strength and table scraps ensure its obedience. It jumps at shadows and barks at everything; it’s love looks genuine but there’s fear beneath and that love exists because it’s a weak, stupid animal that cannot care for itself…so of course it does what it’s master says… but only to survive. It’s not love, it’s survival instinct. You are replaceable with anyone who will feed it, and it will turn to bite as soon as it finds something better; your just a means to an end.
          On the other hand, there is the beautiful, brilliant creature that responds to your every move and look… it’s strong, fast, the fur is bright and the eyes shine with loyalty. it comforts you when your sad, challenges your mind with its inborn intelligence.. it seeks to make you laugh, and hands over its favorite toys just for a smile willingly giving its most cherished possessions without regret because you SMILE. Everyone admires the beautiful and noble creature everyone you meet wishes to possess this amazing animal; But this animals strength, loyalty and love is for only one person their entire life… you… it trusts you completely, feels your feelings and seeks approval because it’s fully capable of hunting for itself, it doesn’t need you, it wants you… thus it will hunt… kill… To protect what it loves.. you, your love for her.
          The mutt will submit to the weak mutt and the beautiful…. the beautiful however will submit only to an equal.

    4. I agree to a certain extent I want a man to have most of the control not all otherwise it gets old having to be submissive constantly. I also don’t want to be afraid to speak my mind when I don’t agree.

    5. This is disturbing and disgusting that men actually take this to heart and take this seriously. Thanks for posting this so I know what kind of men/behavior to avoid.

  5. “If you had a dog that constantly required a short leash and would run off every chance it got, what would you do? You’d probably let the stupid thing go. The same treatment applies to women: if they don’t respond to your dominant demeanor, let them go. They are absolutely not worth keeping as a pet.”
    Best advice ever.
    I use this principle and it works on all girls I get or want to bang. The ones who don’t respond to male authority are either crazies, banging other men and aren’t worth it anyways…


    1. Why even bother posting? This is a pointless dig. Ever owned a Lab or any energetic large breed dog? They will eat what the fuck is in front of them. If they get full they will throw up and eat more. Begging for food is a habit they will develop if you do not train them and keep them in check.

      1. Over feeding is abuse. They’ll just get fat and won’t hunt.
        Which is why the barn cats aren’t really fed at all. They aren’t pets. They are expected to work for their living. Otherwise they’re just more vermin.

  6. Very true about being dominant and firm. Over dinner, m gf started in about an ongoing issue, and complains how I don’t talk enough. I stopped her right there, said stop talking and listen, and I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. Shutting her down and talking firmly made her back down and suddenly drop the subject. It’s pretty amazing once you get used to doing this.

    1. I don’t know how many times I’ve used the line! “that’s who I am, if u dont like it find yourself another man”

    2. “A woman should occasionally be babied enough to show her the man had affection, but beyond that she should be treated firmly. All women, by their nature, are fragile and weak: they are attracted to the male in whom they see strength.”
      — Malcolm X

  7. Agree 100% but I would add – don’t whine and b*tch her out like a woman. Speak slowly, firmly, and concisely. Probably not even a need to raise your voice.

    1. I believe at first yes, but be clear with where she fucked up (warning). If the bitch does it again u dont hold back!

  8. Telling a woman off when she does something you don’t like is not abuse, as long as there are no insults… It’s one thing saying “I don’t like it when you act obnoxiously” and another saying “stop being so fuckijg obnoxious you cunt”. Sexond one is abuse first one is not.

        1. We did not bring you home. You are a stray whining to be let in – to an apartment building with a big sign on the door, “No Pets Allowed.”
          I have said before that you have been relatively well behaved. I stand by that, even including your other posts under this article.
          But now you have stepped over the line into behaviour that is unacceptable.
          Our guest made a joke. It was funny, even if it was at your expense.
          Until you apologize for nipping at him, no Scooby Snack.

        2. Well I didn’t get the joke when I first read it that’s why I responded like that. So dear guest, kindly accept my sincere apology and wishes for daily sex with a bunch of babes.
          Happy now?

        3. I understand your need to do it one more time in the form of agree and amplify to be a necessary act of face.

        4. OK, I admit it. If you were a dog I would have just lost.
          No Scooby Snack, because I didn’t actually get compliance, but a laugh, a ruffled head and off to play with a ball or something and leave it for another time.
          That honestly confused, quizzical look gets me every time.

        5. Why would you want to treat your woman like a dog or a child? Being masculine is one thing but treating anyone like a pet is wrong.

    1. “Don’t flirt with other guys, its fucking disrespectful. Keep it up and u can find yourself another man”

    2. Yep-I agree, I have said even before this article that this stuff can all be done without insults or put-downs.

    3. Bah..sometime you have to talk with big letters before they get the point. You cant play it all nice. Thats not abuse.

  9. Get ready for the feminist trolls to flood the comments. I’m sure most won’t even read the article. The title and the picture at the top is enough to get them all flustered and unstable.

    1. ” . . . the picture at the top is enough to get them all flustered and unstable.”
      I can’t see why. That looks like a pretty nice designer collar. It’s not like she’s in a choke chain or something.

  10. Frame control is crucial – you are the oak, she is the squirrel.
    But treating her like pet extends to bedroom as well. Boss her around, put a hand on her throat to hold her down, whisper in her ear what you are going to do to her, tell her how you want her on the bed, tie her up, spank her, grab her hair etc
    All the little gestures that convey dominance. But blend in some cuddles and sweetness as well. Contrast is king – a slap on her ass will be more intense when contrasted with some sweet whispered words

    1. Someone been watching to much porn lol. I would say if a woman responded positive to this, I would dump her.

      1. This is true words and a warning. A woman this twisted should not know your real name, much less your address or place of work. There was a report recently about a woman advertising on Craig’s List for a guy in Toronto who was the father of her soon to be baby. All she knew was his first name and the industry in which he worked. She was not sure if he lived in Toronto or not. This is the goal gentlemen.

      2. You’d dump a woman for enjoying spanking and being tossed around in bed? That’s a bit harsh.

  11. Half ass article.
    You forgot to mention how and why you should reward a good female partner.

    1. Thought that was pertty obvious Mr Nicholas Mangina.
      The man is the reward. Or maybe you dont think of yourself that highly?

      1. Ha, mangina…sure…
        I wonder how well you have your plates leashed. Rewards are also important to maintaining attraction.
        Fundamentals of operant conditioning must be difficult to grasp for you.

        1. Absolutely, Knowing how to evenly punish bad (bitch) behavior and reward good behavior = order. Which is exactly what women really want us to provide.


        2. Dont try to compare yourself to museum chicks. You are obese, they are still perfectly bangable.



      1. Gee, Maureen, I didn’t know you wanted to live in a communist police state and are advocating the violation of civil rights under the color of law…

      2. This ^^ Cunt is the perfect example of why women are not suitable for leadership positions when they are so threatened by anyone’s legitimate freedom of expression.
        Maureen would nuke another country just because they THINK differently than she does. Imagine the insanity.

        1. That is why I oppose all women in the military. Can you imagine General Maureen with her Lee Press-on Nail on the nuclear button??

        2. While that is hilarious, I also know you’re perfectly serious. And so am I. Another country would be going about their business IGNORING her, and she would throw a screaming , violent & destructive FIT.

          Holy fuck. And that’s just in her personal life.
          Imagine that on a NATIONAL SCALE!!??
          That’s how a woman behaves during PEACE TIME.
          Doesn’t even understand the difference between being ignored and being treated badly. That’s like not knowing the difference between “love” and not being spit on. You can’t put a woman in charge of SHIT based on that fact alone. It would be tantamount to watching a toddler play with a loaded gun.
          It’s a good thing all babies have a decent shot at being male or we would all be completely screwed.

      3. Sure, the FBI have nothing better to do than censuring a men self-improvement website.
        Those reactions are all the same “I disagree, therefore we should ban free-speech”.

  12. Listen this is a great article, but how can we take advice on chicks and laying the d from a guy who flat out says he’s a virgin? Like the fat guy giving gym advice?

  13. Even in this comment section guys are uncomfortable with the article making sure to say, “Be sure not to be abusive!” Yes, yes we know. It is truly amazing how warped western society is in that western men are taught to instinctually associate male power with doubleplusbadthink. Male power is good. Embrace the lion inside you.

  14. The problem is this assumes women are like pets. At least pets are loyal and do what you want them to do generally.

  15. after commenting on the article about the time being right for traditional roles ive been thinking a lot about what it means to be a female and how I can ensure im really in tune with my primal, actual femininity… this website is just so enlightening, but it makes me feel so alone. I’ve never met a man so bold, so brave, so strong and intelligent enough to be able to do this. on rooshes articles jesse james gave me some great advice but… I would really really love it if someone out there would be willing to be there for me, at least for a while online. email me? [email protected]

    1. Not sure if serious.
      If serious: You now have Maureen’s hatemail on your case. Not a good way to go.

  16. I’m still questioning the idea of following primal roles of dominant male and submissive female. They were necessary for survival before, with threats like predators requiring men to be physical strong, bigger and obviously more aggressive, whereas it’s not necessary anymore today because the most aggressive men get is either on a sports field or in the boardroom. For some reason, it feels primitive for me to be in this dynamic since you’d think humans have evolved enough to not need it.

    1. That playing field is known to have predators the size of an SUV on them, looking for a girl’s poodle, or the girl, to have for lunch. This is true even inside urban boundaries.
      Predators more about the size of the girl are generally more inclined to go after what is intended for the girl’s dinner, but will take a bite or three out of the girl if it feels the need.
      Nor are predators the only nasty critters. Herbivores the size of an SUV won’t try to eat you, but they’ll bitch stomp you into a pile of goo well enough if they feel provoked (like, by your existence).
      If you don’t know that men are out there being aggressive in order to keep them under control, you will know right well enough should they ever stop.
      “it feels primitive for me to be in this dynamic since you’d think humans have evolved enough to not need it.”
      Not to put too fine a point on it, but I often wonder why we haven’t evolved enough to stop saying dumb shit like that.
      I mean, what the hell does “evolved enough” even mean? It’s pure, unadulterated, New Age rabbit people bullshit.
      No offence to actual rabbits. Those little bastards run by choice, but they’ll rip you to ribbons right well if they need to.

    2. I think this is a good point, but that evolve is the wrong word – if you cage a group of animals for a few generations I don’t think they evolve very much but do adapt – and that is what we’ve done. Aggression in civilisation is already turned down by 90% in order for it to work but it feels like the level of passivity in men has now gone about as far as it can go and can’t be turned down any more, with advocating traditional roles only seeming like such an extreme position because of the state that we’re in at the moment.

      1. I can agree, we have become so passive that it seems almost like nostalgia to tap back into these primal roles. I guess that’s the whole reason we had traditional sex roles week.

    3. There are lots of things that evolved without needing them.
      I dare say that D/s dynamics are way more useful than music, for example.

    4. Some very cerebral people may have evolved but for most, attraction is not a choice as the cocky funny guy said. Women respond to dominant men. Hell, even men respond to dominant men: changing their tone of voice, body language, the rate at which they smile and laughing louder at his jokes than he does at theirs.

    5. ‘evolved’ ah, one of the earliest ‘new age’ buzzwords.
      I don’t have source, but i’m pretty sure that the human brain/body has not changed for the last 70,000 years or so. Someone correct me with source if i’m wrong.

    6. You got it all wrong. It’s every bit a struggle out there as it was in primal times. Perhaps even more. Today you have the risk of becoming homeless and end up a lonely creature on the streets. And all it takes is a little bad luck.
      Primal times you had your tribe covering your back. So I’d say the war goes on.


    1. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
      Nope, even if we were to concede what is written here were hate speech (it isn’t), there does not appear to be any sort of exception that actions you seek.

    2. Being in a country with you and your sisters is punishment enough. Think jail wouldnt be too bad after that.

    3. It would be easier for the FBI etc to put you in a cell and isolate you from society. All our problems solved!


      1. Ahahaha, good one. And don’t worry about Maureen she a major league troll. Her purpose here is to prove to RoK how bad feminists are.

    1. Didnt you report us to FBI many time before ? I’m still waiting for men in suits knocking at my door.

  19. Always check your bitch, no matter how small the offense. ‘Cause once you start letting the small stuff slide, they’ll gradually move on to larger offenses until they reach the point of outright disrespect.

    1. It took me a long time and many relationships to learn this lesson. Never take one speck of crap from a woman in your life. Either correct the situation or NEXT!

  20. A woman worth keeping from other men would call your bluff. And then you’ll have lost a good acquisition over your ego.

    1. Unfortunately, you are correct. Unless the man in question is spectacularly high value, this will backfire more often than it won’t. The author’s heart may be in the right place, but this article is a whole lot of keyboard jockeying.
      The problem is cultural (in the west). Man’s perceived value is at an all time low, while woman’s perceived value is at an all time high, not unlike massively underbought and massively overbought stocks, respectively. The only way to truly fix the problems discussed here (other than becoming truly high value yourself, which is impossible for more than a few men to do) is for society (or the market, to continue the previous analogy) to adjust itself in a way that is favorable to men.
      The good news is that sex technologies and/or the dreadful economy will do it eventually. The bad news is that we may still have to wait for a while for these factors to start manifesting themselves.

      1. “The only way to truly fix the problems discussed here (other than
        becoming truly high value yourself, which is impossible for more than a few men to do) is for society (or the market, to continue the previous
        analogy) to adjust itself in a way that is favorable to men.”
        Do you mean make men’s value more than women’s, or equal? I don’t mean equal in terms of the feminist usage of the word. I strongly believe that women and men are fundamentally unequal, but should have the same value within their roles.

        1. The further the pendulum swings back in favor of men, the better.
          The operative word here is ‘perceived’ value. Actual value is neither here nor there. Women are livestock. They are in fact inherently inferior to men. But you wouldn’t know it looking at our culture the way it is today.
          Society needs to get back to a point where women no longer feel like they can afford to lose a man, either due to the actual or perceived scarcity of men (female replacement technologies), or due to the inherent danger of living life without a man (economic collapse). Once either of these happen, the sexual/relationship marketplace will improve for all of us. Simple.

      2. I agree with this. She knows she has tons of dicks waiting in line online and offline. She knows you have nothing (“you”, meaning 90% of men, not you).
        To get back at you she will simply use that power.

      3. Like I said elsewhere, the problem is frequency. Doing it rarely, it would work wonders. All the time? A healthy woman would move along.
        good stock example
        It seems to be rolling back now feminist programmes are failing to have real world effects (who knew?)
        Economy, likely. I hope the recession continues long enough for the weak to be cut out of power in the system, or a true recovery is impossible.

      1. “The enforcement comes from the threat of you leaving her at the drop of a hat. Feminine women naturally seek the approval of a dominant male, and if you are constantly one foot out the door, she will work to keep your attention.”
        False. A good woman doesn’t fear being single.
        To threaten someone, things come to a head. They end. You cannot maintain a relationship (any) like that.

        1. ” False. A good woman doesn’t fear being single. ”
          Yes until she is over 45 and still single…
          A 45 yo man with game can still get laid with minimal money.

  21. I have a hot little Pinay in love with me, but she’s showing signs of bitchiness…..cut loose?

  22. Hang on this does not work when I do it. Like I get one night stands, but I struggle when it comes to keeping a fuck buddy.
    I get angry at a woman’s behavior and tell her off, the woman says I’m rude or mean and gets all upset and leaves.
    I say something very similar to what the author has put….but I cannot get them to stick.
    Do you experienced players have any tips to fix my technique ?

    1. Her loss. Nah, most western women are so damaged they just aren’t worth your time. Let them stew in their own misery.

    2. Nobody woman will ever take you seriously or listen if you just whine at her and expect her to change. Both genders don’t respond to that kind of treatment, unless you’re in some hyper-authorative scenario like being in the army and getting chewed out by a higher-up. Be simple and firm, but don’t make it sound like you’re disciplining a kid. Don’t cross your arms or wave your finger at her, sit her down and tell her.

      1. Ahh yes true, I tend to lose my shit at her is she misbehaves rather than remaining calmly, I’m fiery character. Like I have never had sex wit ha chick more than twice.

    3. There are no experienced boys here only pyjama boys and losers who fantasise about being “kings”. It’s pathetic really. These are the creepy boys who hid out in the cellar and who you never saw or heard from in real life. Complete nonentities.After computers and the Net became dirt cheap in the late 90’s it seems that every blanket boy now believes he has something to say and bitch about. These comments are by useless and poor inept proles and coloured boys who don’t know their arse from their dick. Most are latent homosexuals or on the downlow.

      1. ” These are the creepy boys who hid out in the cellar ”
        In what world are you living in?
        YOU are the delusional one here….
        Females posting here are losers to begin with. End of story.

  23. I think this only works with certain types of women… and not just “feminine” women. But ones who are more traditionalists and are attracted to the a-hole type. But (like it or not), that’s not all women.
    I understand standing your ground as a man and not being a beta male — and in fact, when you’re in a Relationship with a gal, err on the side of posturing yourself as more on the alpha side when it’s easy not to. And when she does do something actually Bad, yeah, let her know — don’t be a pushover.
    But going off about not folding the socks? Seriously? Metro-complex anyone? 🙂 No, I get it — you are pining for opportunities to express authority. So much so on something small and equating her to a KID. In which you’re kind of a testy parent to on top of that (when it comes to something that small and not merely just mentioning it).
    I agree with the concept of “boxing out” so to speak, so when the rubber meets the road, yeah, you are in charge. But IMO, your full assessment — treating them like a pet or a small child — no, man. For relationships — with all due respect — if that’s what you need to do to keep her — you either got the wrong girl or you’ve got some very alternative tastes.

    1. women are not logical but instinctual, and instincts are the thing we humans have in common with the animals – hence the equation of women to animals. that does not mean they are intellectually inept, just that they use a different part of their brain when dealing with day-to-day stuff like men and relationships.

  24. This article is a gem. For those who nit-pick the hypotheticals, don’t read them like a fundamentalist: the scenarios are merely illustrative of a greater truth. The point of behavioral psychology is to discern patterns and then reward desirable behavior and punish undesirable behavior. You will train or be trained, it’s that simple.
    Example: my sister kowtows to her dog, indulging its every whim. Unlike her, whenever the dog is around me, I set strict limits on its behavior. It is not allowed to jump on me, beg for food when I’m eating, or otherwise make decisions about out interaction. I am in charge of the dog, not the other way around. Guess who the dog follows around and seeks approval from every time we visit, me or my sister…

  25. The woman whisperer…?
    Well it’s not going to be dull around this article. Nicely picked photo, there will be tears before bedtime.

  26. When I started reading this blog I sort of liked it.But it has slowly degenerated into an absurd.
    Dreaming of women cooking and “folding your socks” when 99% of you can’t even pull a decent 8 and have to run away to a third world country for that?Lol.
    Understand,roosh is beta,this is why he ran away to a country where there is higher tolerance to betas,cause women are hungry for money and greencards, they cringe in disgust but tolerate pathetic american losers because maybe they will be brought to the USA one day. Simples.also understand that the “writers” of this blog are also betas.
    So whta do betas do?They get butt hurt.They also hope that they would be able “to persuade” women be “good”.This is why you have fat shaming weeks,and traditional roles weeks.betas still hope they will manage to “shame” women into doing their laundry.
    Wake up,idiots,logic does not work on women.Get your careers in order,your bodies in shape and your game up.Don’t follow the betas.

    1. So work harder at things you don’t like, to get substandard chicks…. just to pass your beta litmus test… “take that you fat, ungrateful American chick who offers me nothing! I’m passing up thin Asian chicks with real degrees, who speak four languages, who cook nutritious food and who like to appease my carnal desires…. for you, just to prove I’m not butthurt”
      Picking the dregs does not say “I’m a winner in anyone’s language”

    2. Learn how to spell and punctuate properly. And put a space after punctuation marks. You make yourself look like a moron.

    3. Men don’t go overseas because they can’t get women in America.
      They go overseas because American women aren’t worth having.

    4. “roosh is beta,this is why he ran away to a country where there is higher tolerance to betas”
      Nope, he did because there are still women in those countries.

      1. Still women who put up with him despite his being rather unattractive and having nothing really to offer besides the possibility of a greencard, you mean.

        1. he can offer fun and good times. That’s enough for women.
          or maybe you’re the kind of betas that thinks all women deserve special treatment, a special man who is willing to sacrifice everything for her and spend his money on her?

    5. this site is actually about getting in shape (lifting, martial arts, exercising), focusing on your career before women and on improving culture, skills and game.
      it’s funny because now you look like an idiot that can’t be taken seriously

  27. I am married and have one daughter. My wife (once feminine and sweet) started bitching a lot. We went to couple therapy. I was fed with the usual “improve your communication” thing. Nothing worked.
    I started to remember what I had learned years before in my single years and started to apply it.
    It was a power struggle, but I was firm, I standed my ground, and was very quick to point out any of her mistakes, and by “pointing out” I mean yelling and being almost mean and cruel (now that was real communication)
    It worked. She is happy again, sweet, feminine, she adores me again.
    When married do not forget to continue to be in alpha mode. Your woman will be grateful and happy.

    1. oh,and our sex life improved a lot too.
      They crave for limits. Limits make them fell safe and comfortable. Just like children.

    2. You just proved to us why marrying them is non-stop bullshit.
      If you need to constantly “game” your wife so she respects you (mandatory to keep bitch in check).
      Wouldn’t you rather use that energy to bang new younger pussy?

      1. No, and for many reasons. Men hit the wall too. Some of us get tired of game and pussy carroussel. There are indeed some kind of happiness in being in charge of a family (read, wife AND kids).
        A fling once in a while does not hurt anyone.

        1. “A fling once in a while does not hurt anyone.”
          In your case it can cost you your life’s work (money, kids, wife) if your wife finds out…
          Heck, if she knows you’re here, you’re going in the dog house.

        2. In fact she learned about one of my flings, but we are still married and she is happy. It can be done.

        3. I hope you’re just as calm and forgiving when she screws around on you too, after all a great fuck from a hot man doesn’t hurt and she always goes back to you…right?

  28. Amazing.
    Sounds a little too “B. F. Skinner” for my liking, but a good heuristic all the same.

  29. Lol next we will be writing on how to keep your man in line by looking at him as if he is a Gorilla in the mists of the Africa forests, and you are Dr. Jane trying to communicate with these lonely chest pounding beasts. Don’t talk, they don’t understand, don’t approach or make sudden movement or look them in the eyes as it confuses and scares them. Lawl!!!! I’m gonna get in big trouble, obviously my king hasn’t put proper restraint on my smart mouth. 😀

    1. Bad Tits McGee, Bad Tits McGee! Look what you did!!! You made a mess! thats a bad girl!!! Shame on you! now go to your kennel……I’m sorry….I meant, HOUSE!! LOL

      1. Yes, apparently I’m good at those messes 🙂 Getting my bum back in the kitchen and making that pie. I’m told when I match the wrong sock and my king is pretty tolerant obviously. I am also very tolerant and will say you can have an intelligent woman in a traditional role without playing mind games with her to accept said her place.

        1. Unless you’re trying to trick a dumb twit into being the traditional woman of your dreams and prefer zero beans worth of conversation. That’s what seems to be happening with this articles scenarios.

  30. To be honest, this just speaks for what the “new breed” of women has become. I’m apparently not female, because literally none of this applies to me. I enjoy being my fiance’s only woman, so he doesn’t need to threaten me to keep me doing whatever needs doing (or even ask me to do it, unless it’s normally his job), I haven’t made a single demand of him and neither has he of me (we negotiate and discuss things like adults), I appreciate and value his work as he appreciates and values mine. I agree I enjoy that he helps provide structure, a steady income and that he is happy to make important decisions and lay down the law in the house, but that’s more because I’d rather everything worked well and (being younger than him by almost a decade) I’m not fully confident in my ability to judge certain situations.
    I’d also offer that, whilst it’s more obvious in women, it seems modern men are becoming infantilzed as well, with some of them continuing the behaviours of an 11-year-old boy right into their 30s (the 40s and over seem to have missed it). It’s a phenomenon of low responsibility, zero-accountability parenting tactics; nanny-state government; inadequate and inappropriate schooling system and a consumerist, plutocratic society.

      1. I could go into all my flaws which make me inappropriate for most Manosphere men apart from my fiance, but, rather, I’ll just point out that I’m not here to dissuade you from pursuing the lives you want. Rather, I’m reminding those men who have only experienced the infantilized generation of women that there are still women out there who aren’t like that. Firstly because I find it ridiculous that someone could believe all women are like the majority (most US insects are beetles, but not all insects are beetles). Secondly because they deserve to know that infantile women, whilst the majority, aren’t your only option. And finally so as not to dissuade men who ARE keeping an eye open for a decent female.
        I’m a reasonable quality female. I’d rather reasonable quality men like yourselves kept a look out for other women like me. Not that you’ll automatically find them, but because settling and breeding with infantile women degrades you genetic material and leaves quality women without the chance to reproduce (or forces them to settle with low-quality men and degrade their own genetic material). Again, if you want children, breed whilst you can. You may pass your entire life without meeting one who’s available (we often marry young) and it’s good to pass on your genetic material regardless of whether you find a good quality woman to carry it or not. But if you find one and you want children, you should probably breed with her. It’s beneficial to all if reasonable-high quality men and women breed, to counter the dysgenic fertility of the current generation.
        So yes, keep up whatever you want. But if you’re looking for a woman to actually breed with, don’t assume they’re all infantile and dumb, or you’ll miss out on the decent ones and all your children will carry the genetic material of infantile and dumb women (thus degrading YOUR genetic material).

        1. ” I’m reminding those men who have only experienced the infantilized
          generation of women that there are still women out there who aren’t like
          So what. Until the laws change, a man’s right to his home, to parent his children and to everything he has worked for is purely at the discretion of the woman in his house. All she has to do is call the police and say “I’m frightened of my violent husband/bf/lover” and it’s over.

        2. And there are women mature and intelligent enough to understand that the partnership is beneficial to both and that the temporary “victory” of having “complete ownership” of his property isn’t worth the following pains. Get a woman who is actually better of with you, who knows that she’s better off with you and who can think ahead further than a couple of months and you don’t need to worry about that.
          But if you only date infantile women then your options are:
          a) Never marry and never reproduce, to remove the risk of losing your property, wealth and of being sued for child support.
          b) Reproduce, don’t settle and risk losing out on child support.
          c) Settle and hope she won’t snap.
          All I’m saying is there’s the fourth option of finding a woman who isn’t too thick or brainwashed to realize that she’s better-off with you. And you can only make use of that option if you keep an eye open for such women, otherwise they become almost invisible in your search for infertile one-night pussy.

        3. “All I’m saying is there’s the fourth option of finding a woman who isn’t too thick or brainwashed to realize that she’s better-off with you. ”
          What traits should we look for in a woman like that?
          You are full of it.
          How old are you?
          Even the noblest of ladies can become a whore if she becomes friends with a whore.
          Whores love to corrupt innocent girls.

        4. Don’t worry about the laws. Fuck the government. You just have to have common sense in vetting quality women.

    1. But when you hit perimenopause, you will be “The Victim”, and drain him of all he has worked for for decades.

      1. Not really. We work largely on practicality and “draining” him is impractical for both of us. You forget that men and women had been happily settling together for millions of years before the “Modern Western Womyn” showed up. It’s actually extremely practical and pleasant to have someone who you rely on and who relies on you, because you spread the burden, which makes life far easier, giving you more time to enjoy together and to have and raise children (which, in turn, makes you bond even more, thanks to the magic of oxytocin). We (women) are designed to enjoy this setup the most and seek it out. We only become dissatisfied when we value a group of infantilized, jealous female “friends” and their opinions above our husband and his. I’m a largely logical individual, find the infantilized generation of humans offensive and am marrying my best friend, so no risks at all.

        1. “because you spread the burden”
          You mean you spread YOUR burden on HIM.
          The mere fact that you post here means you have problems in your relationship already…

        2. A: Seeing as you’ve already stated I’m apparently “full of it”, it’s clear that you won’t pay any attention to anything I say, even if you entirely agree with it, for the purpose of being difficult.
          B: I’m on here because my fiance is. We read these things together because we find them interesting and enjoy discussing them together.

    2. Modern men are becoming infantile but not for the reasons you listed.
      It’s not in men’s natural instincts to settle down; he needs strong incentives. If there are no incentives to get married, run a household, and have kids, then a man will not do so.
      Simultaneously, when a man is inundated on a daily basis with very persuasive social programming that he should be soft, sensitive, deferring, overly considerate, and sycophantic towards women, then he is highly likely to do so, especially at the cost of female approval i.e. sex. Factor in the high percentage of men raised by women and lacking a strong father role model and it’s no surprise why modern young men are, as you put it, “infantile”.

      1. Actually, you got it spot on. Bravo.
        Whilst I still believe that young men are affected by the same issues (nanny state, for example) as young women, it is true that the major influences in their behaviour are different. Thank you for pointing that out.

  31. THIS IS GOLD!!!!! he is spot on with this article. some of you may laugh but to those who treat women like this, we know what true happiness is. BE THE ASSHOLE! Don’t take any…..ANY shit from women. They ultimately want to please you. if they can’t be corrected, toss them back into the ocean and catch better fish.

    1. “They ultimately want to please you. if they can’t be corrected, toss them back into the ocean and catch better fish.”
      The ones who put up a fight were never in love with you to begin with…

  32. I don’t think her vagina’s on fire, buddy. I thinking it’s zipping up in response to what a huge tool you are. :,(
    Also, you should really get some questionnaires and hand them out to potential mates. Have girls check off a little box that best describes the burgeoning relationship they’ll have with you, before sending it back. The only options are Dog and Cum Receptacle. Those bitches will flock the fuck right to you. If not, well, there’s totally another article you can draw from that about how much girls suck.

  33. “Maybe she’ll do your laundry but in a moment of laziness, decide not to match and fold your socks.”
    ?????? Appalling!

    1. Actually, I think he means agreeing to do something (laundry) and then half-assing it in the last minute and not finishing the job. Which I understand. If someone agrees to wash and dry the dishes and then leaves the plates undried and in the rack rather than dry and put away, I assume you’d be pretty pissed to walk into the kitchen and realize you now have to do a job you thought was done?

  34. None of those things would get my panties wet. I’ve been treated like that by men before. Any you know what? I was the one who left their sorry asses. Intelligent men don’t need to resort to Pavlovian rewards systems to deal with other human beings, because they have the communication skills to resolve problems cooperatively.
    In the bedroom, I’m a complete sub. During sex, I love it when the man takes charge and commands me and dominates me. But that fantasy is a purely sexual one–it does not extend into the real world. In other aspects of my relationships, I prefer to be respected as an equal partner, and the relationships in which that’s been the case have been my longest, happiest, and have ended on the friendliest notes (for other reasons–people moving away, incompatible life goals, etc.).
    It IS possible to be a woman who is turned on sexually by domination in the bedroom but still wants to be treated as a friend and equal otherwise, because sexual fantasies are just that–fantasy.

        1. You neither speak for Return-of-Kings nor does this opinion of your’s reflect what they welcome. It is clear that trolls like you are -unwelcome- while Fatty’s comment is aligned. Go and peddle your hate elsewhere.

        2. Take a hike you sexist feminist. It’s your trolling biased so-called opinion and ad hominem that Rok does not want here. Go and play with your cats.

        3. Is that butt hurt I hear? The irony is that YOU call ME a sexist. I see both sexes as human beings, nothing more, nothing less. I see the implication, but I fucking hate cats.

        4. You’re right. It’s extremely sexist of a woman to not want to be ordered around by a man.

      1. LOL, so you’re saying a FEMALE opinion concerning what FEMALES want out of relationships is irrelevant? In a nutshell, that explains the entire problem with this website.

        1. What “females” claim they want is not what actually works on them.
          Many “male” have been polished by the endless whims of their SO yet those ungrateful females cheat on them with assertive and untamable boys

    1. That’s due to feminists values in our western culture. U are look down on if u submit to men but at the end of the day at least u can admit in the bedroom it’s what u really want, and it’s what u really want out of a man. If u were living in Saudi Arabia u would be a more happy women cause its acceptable to be treated the way u like in the bedroom (submissive) as well as the country values. Watch videos on these woman, look into their faces and u will see a happy woman than compare it to the woman on any western TV show (bitchy/unhappy).

      1. I’m actually 100% certain that I would hate having to submit constantly to ANYONE in daily life. Respecting a boss or a parent in matters on which they outrank me in experience is one thing, but ceding total control of my life over to someone else sounds like hell on earth. If I had to choose between living under Sharia law and killing myself, I would take a 45 to the temple.

        1. I submit 100%, 24/7 to the man I belong to. He decides everything in the relationship. I give up my selfish wants so he can have all things his way as that will ensure his happiness with our relationship. Thus, he is happy with me and he keeps me. He loves me and appreciates what I do for him. We have a stress-free relationship and couldn’t be happier.
          I don’t do that because I’m desperate to keep a man or because I have low self-esteem. I’m not desperate at all and my self-esteem is healthy. I do it because I understand the wonderful benefit of submitting to him completely.

  35. *cracks up laughing* Oh man, these HAVE to be comedy. They’re hysterical!
    Yeah, here’s how this scenario plays out:
    Dudebro: “Don’t ever get that drunk in front of me ever again. When you’re drunk, you get loud and obnoxious, and it’s very unattractive to me. You’re an adult, and you should be more than capable of maintaining your alcohol intake.”
    “You know, if you’re going to do my laundry, you should pair and fold my socks next time. I don’t take you out to any half-assed dates, so you shouldn’t half-ass anything either.”
    “It’s enough that I’ve decided to keep you around as much as I have, the last thing I need to do is worry about your friends’ feelings. If they don’t like it, fuck em, and don’t bother me with these inconsequential matters.”
    Me: “…Aaaaaaand there’s the door. Have a nice life.”
    Too funny.

    1. Continuation to the end of the story….it’s even more funny.
      Kristycat: “…Aaaaaaand there’s the door. Have a nice life.”
      (Kristycat chuckles to herself)
      Kristycat’s cat walks up to her and begins to rub itself on her.
      Kristy’s cat: “Meow, Purrrrr…good decision, KristyCat.
      Now that you’re single (again) having dumped your boyfriend (who was beginning to man up), can you feed me?”

      1. And they both lived happily ever after! Yay, I like this ending!
        …all joking aside, here’s the disconnect I’m seeing: there seems to be this odd belief that being single is somehow bad. Like not having a man must be the worst possible fate for a woman, so it’s better to be in a relationship with someone that you’re not that into (or who actively makes you unhappy) than to not be in a relationship at all.
        Which… no. That’s not how it works. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the company of (most) men. I like romance, I like sex, I like cuddling on the couch and watching geeky shows together. All that good stuff. Romantic/sexual relationships are a good thing. BUT… you won’t die if you don’t have one. The world will still be full of books to read and games to play and art to be made and stories to tell and jokes to crack up at and music to dance to and people who care about you if you don’t have a relationship.
        Y’see, relationships are supposed to make life better. They’re supposed to be with people you actually like, that you enjoy spending time with. If you’re with someone who’s actively mean to you and the people you love (and in case we’re not on the same page here, “It’s enough that I’ve decided to keep you around as much as I have, the last thing I need to do is worry about your friends’ feelings. If they don’t like it, fuck em, and don’t bother me with these inconsequential matters” is fucking mean), THEY ARE NOT MAKING YOUR LIFE BETTER! If it’s a choice between a relationship with a mean person and no relationship at all, I will HAPPILY take no relationship at all and count myself blessed.
        Here’s a happy metaphor: cake is good. Everyone likes a delicious chocolate cake. But if someone offers you a cake that is in fact made of shit instead of chocolate… you should stop eating that cake. It is better to have no cake at all than a shit-cake. And the “advice” being given in the column above? That, friends, is a steaming shit-cake.

        1. There is nothing wrong with being up front about how you feel. My husband and I both tell one another exactly how we feel. 10 years and counting. I take care of him and he spoils me. There is give and take in a relationship.

        2. “Y’see, relationships are supposed to make life better.”
          And you keep showing real men the door. So you have no clue how much better life would be with a real man. Which means you’re speaking from a one-sided viewpoint as if you know all the facts. Your argument is invalid.

        3. I’ve never been punched in the face, but I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t like it. I don’t have to endure an awful situation in order to say that it would be awful.
          However, I HAVE been in the company of people who make it very clear that they don’t care about the things or people who are important to me, and you know what? Spending any time at all in their presence is highly unpleasant. Why on earth would I want a relationship with someone like that? What would I get out of that? “Oh goody, I get to feel unimportant even MORE, whee.”
          As for “showing real men the door,” sweetie, please. My husband, the father of my child, a man brave enough and strong enough to have a marriage of equals where we take care of each other and neither of us controls the other, is more of a man than an insecure child who has to “control” women to feel powerful could ever be.

      2. What’s funniest here is that you created an entire account for the sake of one half-assed comment.
        And that you think that simultaneously owning a pet and being single immediately makes a woman a world-class loser.

  36. Nothing better than a dose of medieval patriarchal logic to brighten one’s day. Oh, wait, sorry, this mentality is deranged and a large part of the reason our history is marred with political pissing contests that were paid for in blood. Imagine how much farther along humanity could be today if it hadn’t disenfranchised and repressed 51% of the population for thousands of years. We could be exploring new solar systems by now, hell, maybe some aliens would have come along and realized we aren’t prideful, arrogant twats and hung out for a bit. There are men in this comment thread actually doubting whether women are human. Well, I’m quite sure a woman birthed you – so what does that make you?

    1. “Imagine how much farther along humanity could be today if it hadn’t disenfranchised and repressed 51% of the population for thousands of years.”
      That’s actually only a fairy tale.
      You can quickly see how impossible this notion is by asking yourself which gender was drafted to die in wars.
      “There are men in this comment thread actually doubting whether women are human.”
      I haven’t come across them. Do you have quotations?

      1. I have yet to see a woman achieving something for humanity.
        all great step for humanity were done by men. From the wheel to that bitch’s iPhone.
        maybe we could explore new solar system, if we are not too busy listening every weak people’s whining

        1. If it wasn’t for the men (in the times of cave dwelling Humans) who bravely left the safety of the caves to risk their lives hunting wild beasts to provide, not only food and skins for clothing for themselves, but food and skins for clothing for the women and children cowering back home in the caves, the Human Species would have died out long ago. Men have done such things for us women and for their children for a VERY LONG time now. I greatly appreciate all men have done to take care of us women and their children, and to keep our species alive. Thank you, Men.

  37. I’m sure the author of this article would love to be referred to as a dog himself… I don’t think it’s “unfeminine” not to want to be treated as an animal and not a human being.

    1. Debating (mistaken for trolling) with valued points like all the males on this site do, if it’s towards women it’s called sexist, misogynist, female hater. If its the other way around via a feminist it called equality.
      Feminists do it so well cause if u prove a point, they pull out their “Victim card” and start acting like a child does by getting angry and abusive!

  38. Sorry… ‘the days of smacking a woman are mostly over (unless she really asks for it)’? What’s your definition of asking for it?

    1. Hence why u are single and cant keep a relationship! A real woman would respect a man’s advise instead of walking away and cracking the shit like a feminist!

      1. I guess you somehow know this guest commenter very well, if you know that she is single and can’t keep a relationship. And yes, feminists are the only ones who “crack the shit”, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

        1. “I guess you somehow know this guest commenter very well, if you know that she is single and can’t keep a relationship ”
          how ironic, considering women always assume the same shit like “you are bitter because you can’t have a girlfriend nor get laid and you live in your mom basement, and you must be ugly and have small penis”

    2. I take great pride in doing what I’m supposed to do, doing it when I’m supposed to, and doing it right. Without me causing stress in the relationship, it helps keep the relationship happy. Being lazy, inconsiderate, etc simply does not work.

    1. “And all women, in some sick, twisted way, want just a little bit of abuse. They thrive on the drama and friction the occasional burst of male anger brings them.” I’m so very non confrontational that this seems like horrible advice. I cry if I get yelled at. Why would anybody advise such nonsense.

      1. One size doesn’t fit all, but just look at the fact shows like Real Housewives are still running and Jersey Shore ran for quite a while; that’s because the primary consumers of those shows are women, and women in general like drama.
        You’ll be the odd one out that doesn’t but most of them do. Everytime you see a facebook post where some girl is complaining about drama, she’s probably the reason for it.

        1. I’m familiar with those shows by name but have not seen them. There may be many more like myself who chose Netflix for movies, documentaries, History and Internet only over TV, commercials and bias media. I do however see your point.

    2. If I said anything wrong (impolite or disrespectful, for example) I’d appreciate the man I belong to smacking me right in my mouth because I don’t want to be such a person as to be impolite or disrespectful to others. A few times of me getting a good smack and I’ll surely learn how to behave myself properly. Or he can give me a good spanking. His choice.

  39. You’re saying that men can do whatever they want and have affairs etc but that women should be kept subservient. This you seem to believe is the “natural” way of things due to the fact societies have often operated as such. And yet many societies have also operated with engrained racism etc. Just because this has often been the case doesn’t mean it is the right way to do things. Consider that maybe relationships where women are treated more like human beings and less like “pets” who “want just a little bit of abuse” might be moving towards a more civilised, advanced and compassionate society.
    Maybe you’ll say that extreme male dominance is natural due to its place in the animal kingdom. So is males killing other males children to ensure their bloodline. That doesn’t make it the right or even natural thing for humans. You may say that women’s natural place is at home, taking care of children. It is true that most women have a strong maternal instinct and this is a wonderful thing. Having children or both women and men is often one of life’s greatest joys. But this is just one aspect of a woman’s character/ identity. She should not be completely defined by it. Just as you wouldn’t want to be defined solely by your desire to manage your relationships. In fact I’m sure you would feel outrage if someone tried to define you by just one of your traits.
    Yes I am sure there are many couples who are happy in what you would call “traditional” roles. But that doesn’t mean that all couples will or should operate under a similar dynamic. Besides the situation you describe goes beyond this, by your own admission, to the abusive.
    Maybe women are actually people just like you with their own intellect, creativity and drive. No matter whether they choose to marry young or remain childless, this is still the case. There are women throughout history who have achieved more in what you would deem “traditionally male fields” than you ever will. Many also raise a family. Tell me, would this be the case if all women have an instinct so strong to serve men that if it is not suppressed overrides everything else? There is nothing to fear in women who are just as much independent thinkers as you are. Everyone is unique and has something to offer in their own right. Whether that be being an amazing mother or father or working for an international business. I think that true happiness lies in compassion for other people, seeing them for everything that they are and have to offer and not just what box they can tick in your own life. This applies to both men and women.

    1. You try to prove your point here by injecting things which are uncivilized into something which is civilized and trying to present the uncivilized ones as relevant to the civilized one. They’re not. Therefore, your argument is invalid.
      Argumentation Theory 101.

  40. Ha ! my ex boyfriend tried this on me and I left him for good, now he contacrs me every day and I neglect his calls , boys here, try using this sic article in reality and no normal woman will stay with you unless she is head over heels in love with you

        1. as i said it doesnt work here , your trying to encourage people to treat their girlfriends like animals ??? for what to boots your ego that makes you look sick and tells a lot about your mentality

    1. Deep down inside you know you only left him because he wasn’t dominant enough for you and you live in denial that a truly dominant man is what you need. No one can escape Nature’s design no matter how much they deny their own needs.

  41. Clearly this “blog” is a joke. And clearly written by an extremely insecure person who can only communicate by using manipulation. Must be all the poor man has ever known. Whoever wrote this needs to get out more.

  42. To get best results, get a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. Whenever your woman asks for money spray her in the eyes.

  43. …. Really? Really no. You “men” actually think this will work? Im ashamed to be on the same planet! How do you people have friends and a family with these bigoted views of women?

    1. Sadly it does work and is the nature of male and female relationships. I was a nice guy that never got laid when I was young. I spoke to allot of my friends that weren’t very attractive when but they were sleeping with women all the time. Their advise “ALWAYS TREAT WOMEN LIKE SHIT”
      It all goes back the laws of attraction which isn’t a choice (primal)! Women are attracted to dominate men while men like submissive women. That’s why women that are abused by men always stay with them while nice guys can’t keep a relationship if they ever get a girl!

      1. I agree with some of what you said, but women who are abused by men don’t stay with them because they’re attracted to them. They stay because they’re ashamed and scared to leave, especially if the man has threatened them.

        1. every girl to whom I asked why they stay with their abusive boyfriend answered me with “Because I love him” or “because he has a good heart deep inside” and sometimes “you just can’t understand”

        2. This article wasn’t saying abuse women to keep them. It’s saying treat women like pets. There’s a huge difference.

  44. Treat women like pets, “feed me, house me, pet, tell me I’m good, expect next to nothing from me” is pretty much what you just said women should do

  45. You mean drinking too much, my husband bringing home take away food and farting on the couch isn’t sexy? I’ll ask him when he’s chowing down his ‘roast beef’

  46. “The enforcement comes from the threat of you leaving her at the drop of a hat.” Do you mean that a man should always have one foot out the door? Do you think monogamy and commitment is possible with the right girl provided she respects your rules and boundaries?

    1. It’s this simple… If a man makes it clear to you that he won’t tolerate any crap from you (has one foot out the door at all times), he’s just letting you know he wants a relationship in which things are his way or he won’t stay interested in you. It’s really open honesty on his part and that’s not really a threat at all. You can always walk away from him right at the start if you don’t like his attitude about it and he’ll go find himself a woman who can keep him happy.

  47. Go back to the ancient cave from wence you came. Women don’t need or want you. Get over it.

  48. I would love to see a man TRY and dominate me. No, really, I would. You’re all pushovers. Sure, you can play your juvenile, dominant games on a sweet, but naive girl, but when an intelligent (albeit, young and sexy as well) girl turns up (rare as she may be) you all roll over like the predictable, submissive pet that you attempt to portray women as here will do for a treat or a belly rub. It’s disgusting. Plus, since we SO crave your manly dominance and wisdom, how can you be sure that we are not simply manipulating you in order to amuse ourselves and “get off” on your masculine traits, all the while, ridiculing your naivete and “block-headedness” post orgasm to anyone who will listen?? It’s actually quite fascinating how easy men are to control; and at the same time, depressingly disappointing. You flatter yourself in thinking that: A. Everything you say here, we don’t already expect you to say, and B: that we give a shit.
    I thrive on being challenged and engaging in intellectual debate, but am pretty sure I will find none here. Predictable.

    1. Jess, clearly you’ve never met a REAL man. Maybe you should move away from Wimpy Man Land.

  49. I find it hilarious how all the men who hold this viewpoint will, when they go on their next date, attempt to control the woman in a very weak, stuttering manner, and they will completely and utterly fail. This has got be the most moronic article I have yet to read on here.

  50. 9/10 of women will respond to this, yes. But if you meet the 1/10 (the hot, smart, funny woman in her mid 20s who is financially independent, has a 0.7 figure, has a great relationship with her family and has slept with less than 6 people) she’ll drop you in two seconds if you disrespect her by saying anything remotely close to what is mentioned above – and this is b/c she knows she is rare and can (and will) find a man who doesn’t treat her like a pet. If you do all of the things mentioned in this article, you’ll find and keep a woman who is decent that you can control and cheat on and maybe you’ll be happy, who knows. But you’ll NEVER get that perfect 10 – because she can chose who she wants and she wont chose someone who treats her like a pet. Sorry guys.

    1. Oooh really?
      I’m a woman with 2 doctorates, my own business, a 0.7 figure, a great relationship with my family and the family of the man I belong to, and I was still a virgin (by choice) when he and I met. I am a rare woman and the man I belong to is just such a man as this article encourages men to be. He has a career, owns his own home, a nice luxury car, takes care of his responsibilities, pays his bills on time and in full every time, has a great relationship with his family and mine, he keeps me in my place, and he is totally in charge of everything. He treats me like a pet. I don’t mind it at all. It’s just him being as Nature intended men to be and I accept being treated that way as it’s how Nature intended women to be treated. There is no such thing as a better man than that. Yes, I can choose who I want… and I want to belong to him. I don’t care if he has sex with some other woman sometimes. He’s entitled to some variety. And if he wants to let one of his buddies fuck me, I don’t say “no” to it.
      The problem many women have is they’re against the natural ways of things and foolishly believe they can find happiness by going against them. Women like you need to realize going against Nature is a fundamental screw-up of huge proportions and accept that things must be as Nature intended.

  51. There’s a reason that spousal abuse still exists and this (and most likely 90% of the other closet pedophiles that are commenting on here) chauvinistic moron is the one to blame.
    It’s true that some people like to feel dominated sexually but that includes men. Usually because they didn’t feel loved by their mothers (clearly daddy, tom, and the others are crying for their mommy still). If you find a woman who is mentally weak and is seeking approval from her chosen partner then these deplorable tactics work. However if you were to attempt that on someone who is clearly smarter then you, you are shortly to find yourself without bed partners, as she will be more then happy to tell all her acquaintances about your enexcusable behviour.
    I feel very sorry for the poor girl any of you manage to trick into a verbally abusive relationship (and that’s what it is) because when you finally free her from your torment she will only be a husk of her former self. I suggest that anyone who showed supporting comments on this thread seek mental help as soon as possible as you clearly have a warped since of reality.

  52. Oh please, not all women are the same, apparently you “men” prey on those with low self esteem. I’ve seen males act like dogs too. Maybe we’re all animals at heart, just some are good at manipulating others, and some are good at being manipulated. I personally don’t want be owner nor owned. I’m a wolf, not a dog. Dogs have been bred out of their survival instincts. Maybe you should know more about animals. Might make you guys a little less dumb. Your offspring certainly won’t be the smartest.

  53. Evolution is the cause of this animal mentality nowadays. People really think that they are animal species, and should behave/be treated as such. This is what happens when people forsake their God who created them. Of course I will not respond favorably to anyone speaking to me in that manner because I am not an animal.

  54. How dare you treat us women this way. I am extremely offended and dissapointed by you immatrue, chauvinistic, pathetic pigs. You ought to delete this site immediately.
    First off, you claim that women are your pets to train and discipline. If you don’t realise the horrible flaws in that statement, you have clearly never talked to, dated or had any sort of contact with a woman before. And don’t you realise the damage you create to our society, giving these ideas to impressionable young boys who look up to you and read this site. Go back to your mothers basements and stop complaining about the women you will never have 🙂

    1. In ancient Rome, a husband was considered a girl’s “new Father”. The husband took over the fatherly responsibilities (which included training and discipline) for the girl. She accepted him as her new “Daddy” and the rightful authority over her. The relationship with her husband was the same as with her father except the husband could have sex with her. This type of relationship worked out perfectly.
      It’s been proven with multiple studies involving numerous years of research that women in general were much happier before the Women’s Liberation/Feminism crap came along, that women’s happiness has been steadily declining ever since, and that men in general were also happier before that crap came along. As for me, I’m one woman who is perfectly happy staying in my place, the place Nature intended for me, and the man I belong to being the one in charge of everything.
      You screwed up women can keep searching in vain for happiness. I have happiness.

  55. As a woman-I agree with this. But remember gentlemen, the WOMAN decides who she submits too. Respect and appreciate our sexy submissive power.

  56. this is why God is going to burn the earth. I am not a pet and for what you assholes said here I should cut off all your perverted dicks.

  57. This Is, quite simply, a load of shit. you Should Be Ashamed for formulating and posting this, misleading people Everywhere. Don’t think it’s funny. You got your reaction and felt a need to broadcast it worldwide. Much pity for you. But you don’t get any.

  58. “Her vagina will literally burst into flames.” Have you ever actually talked to a woman?

  59. 100% right. If anything, I am often nicer to my dog, because he is sweet and guileless and utterly trustworthy.

  60. I think of the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon uses operant conditioning to control his (non-sexual) relationship with Penny. Fucking classic.
    Sure, gripe on them when they fuck up but praise and praise again when they actually please you. The trick is to space that praise out as they progress. First it is every time, then is every second time, then every fifth, and then next thing you know you are doing it as a matter of practice.

  61. Got to agree with this. I only do D/s “taken-in-hand” relationships. That means the woman knows she’s part of the decision-making process, she has a life, she has an education, etc, etc, but I make the final decision about things in the relationship. She advises me on decisions (as any good woman does; never discount a woman’s wisdom or view on a subject). I advise her, too. But, in matters of our relationship or my own well-being. I’m the final say. She knows this, but she will still push me sometimes.
    EG: her step-dad is an over-bearing alpha male that has to run others down to make himself feel superior. As an alpha male, I don’t like that. When he’d make comments to me to try to run me down, I would stay silent and give him a look that made him understood he was playing with fire. However, I eventually got tired of just being in his presence. I don’t actively seek to be in someone’s company that makes me feel like shit. So, why do I keep going over there to see him?
    Oh, right, because he’s my gf’s step-dad, and she wants to parade her boyfriend around and feel validated as a female.
    Her step-dad’s birthday was coming up. She told me when it was, and we’re going, etc. I flat-out told her “have fun”. She looked at me with surprise… “what do you mean? you’re not going?” No. I’m not going. “Why?” Because your step-dad is a jackass, and I don’t need his BS in my life. “But, it’s his birthday.” So. “I need you there, because I can’t stand being there without you.” THEN DON’T FUCKING GO! The only reason a guy treats you like shit, is because you keep coming around for him to treat you like shit. If you stop coming around, he’ll get the message that you’re tired of it and when he’s finally a lonely old fart maybe he’ll realize his attitude has been the reason.
    She tried to guilt-trip me, but I put my foot down…
    “So let me get this straight. You’re with me, because you like a dominant man in your life. But, you want me to go over to your step-dad’s place, where he rips on me and emasculates me … you WILLING WANT TO PUT ME IN A SITUATION WHERE I GET EMASCULATED. That is what you’re saying. That shows complete disrespect on your part, because you know what will happen, and it will make you respect me even less when it does happen. So, really, this is about you being a selfish cunt and only thinking of your needs instead of your man’s needs.”
    The conversation got quiet. I got up (pissed off) and left the room.
    She went to the party by herself that weekend. She came back, and said “I’m glad you didn’t go. he was really a jerk and using everyone as a verbal punching bag. I think I’m going to stop going.”
    This made me realize something more important…
    In trying to “help” my gf in the past by showing my support and going, all I was doing was being an enabler to her for a bad situation. It’s like how chicks boo-hoo on each others shoulders over what a jerk their bf is, and since they’ve let off steam they go right back into it. Once the enabler is cut off, they have to face the reality themselves.
    I stopped going over there. I stopped acting as an enabler. So, my gf had to deal with it full-steam, and it was unpleasant enough to make her stop going.
    Next time, follow your man’s lead, because that’s why you’re in a relationship with me… for me to lead … both of us … to better places.

  62. I applied same treatment on many guys and it worked on them better then women. My husband is my pet…. I just told him to clean toilet with his tounge. Sometimes he do stupid things on Internet but I don’t mind because he my loyal pet and he should hate other women. A real Men should be faithful and obedient to his woman otherwise women can kick their ass out of house. A man should show his strength by showing that he can tolerate anything otherwise he don’t deserve to be domesticated. A man with zero tolerance power is looser Because he is good for nothing, as he can’t give birth to even a small fly, let a baby alone. He can’t even produce the milk and feed the babies. Men’s bodies are worthless, they are only good for sex and pleasure the women. So, men should always remember his place is below women. If a woman do not keep her man on leash then they will destroy everything in wars, rape the women and kill the children. WW2 is a good example to prove that men should be controlled by women, otherwise they will rape and murder women and children in name sake of war and their greed for power and authority.

  63. I’m a woman and I agree with this article 100%. I consider myself very lucky to belong to a man who keeps me in my place and has everything his way.

  64. Or you could just, you know, develop a personality so she finds you interesting and attractive.

  65. And this douchebag wonders why he can’t get a date. Hey guys I guess you will always have your hand to understand you. Better swear off women cause for you the pickings are slim!

  66. Wow, you guys are fucking idiots and any man who would take advice on women from another man is an utter retard. I will admit some of this works, in the initial beginning. For her it’s the thrill of chase and the prize is YOU. After should the relationship escalate to the next level (moving in together, wedding bells) Yes women will test you, not to disrespect or be demanding but see where boundaries are, because by now she knows your thoughts and feelings on things but she wants to see the fairness and equality in the relationship. If you tell her ” I’m going out with the guys” and have a ‘deal with it’ attitude surely it’s OK for her too, otherwise why would you treat her that way? In short, should you find you a keeper and want to keep her, change your game up when it comes to a commitment or she’ll become bored begin seeing you as an authority figure and the flame in her vagina(gross) will fizzle out faster than Rosie O’Donnell through a buffet.

  67. After 25 years faithful to my wife, you have absolutely no clue and you will never have one. You have no idea of what love is and if your wife seeks other companionship you should read this as a different culture. Then you would see your not doing your job as a male. She is seeking something you obviously have no clue about. Relationships are not bout using anyone female or male as door mats. If you wrote this because you have pent up anger towards women your feelings, and emotional investment in them are self created. If I was to guess she cheated on you and it’s because you don’t get it.
    Of course you will never understand anything I have written. The author of this article is obviously single and always will be. This is the result of being ignorant.

  68. This kind of mind setting is the reason why people are having less and less sex and physical interaction nowadays and they just settle for porn/masturbation/internet.

  69. This is trash. girls out there we are human too! I’m not a dog and will not be treated like one. I’m a human and will not be attracted to people who see me otherwise.

  70. True words. Having a woman around apart from the sex is like having a dog. You have to take her out and walk her from time to time. If you don’t they will bark, piss and shit all over the house and you’ll have to clean it up. All women want to go somewhere. It’s in their nature. They get high off their own brain chemistry. They love new experiences, the anticipation. the excitement and the drama of it all. This has been the bane of my existence. I hate taking women out, it’s such a chore. I’m a homebody. An artist. I create in my studio. The moment I meet a new woman the first thing she wants to do is “go somewhere,” really bitch? How original. I’m good for maybe one or two excursions then that’s it. I’m done. I’m done walking the dog. Let’s do something I wanna do.

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