Why Modern Dating Is Like Illegal Alaskan Halibut Fishing

In Alaska in the early 1990s, the population of halibut was in decline. The authorities tried to stem the fall by increasingly limiting fishing to certain periods of the year, to the point where there were only a few days left per year in which fishermen could legally catch halibut. According to Overfishing by Ray Hilborn, under this system there were “incentives for fishermen to buy ever bigger boats in order to beat the others to the catch” (p. 39).

They were “forced out to sea by a limited season. Gear losses were high, wasting both the fish hooked to it and money for replacement gear.” On those few days, fishermen would make a mad dash to get as much halibut as possible – after all, that was the only time they could do it. “Two thousand or more boats might enter the fishing grounds, regardless of weather conditions, each setting excessive amounts of gear in a make-or-break race to land a full year’s catch. [Source]”  If these fishermen were more cautious, they would be left with an inferior catch, or none at all.

The Men of Today

Men today are in similar straits. Today, men resort to unhealthy spending for just a glimmer of female attention. The sailors setting out on a mad dash for halibut, risking their expensive equipment, remind me of one of the wolf-packs of men prowling the nation’s clubs throwing down hundreds of dollars for bottle service in the hopes of catching something. Consider the modern woman and you’ll see why. Nowadays, any girl who is somewhat young and attractive has a veritable conga line of men jostling for her attention. Facebook, texting, Snapchat, Instagram, OKCupid, the club, the bar, and so on. She double- and triple-books her schedule just to ensure she gets a constant flood of validation from men, girlfriends and even the waiters and bartenders she loves to order around.

 American men: alone, spendthrift and driven to drink

When a strange man meets a woman like this, often he has one single solitary date in which to have sex with her. Else, the week after their first date, she… has no openings in her schedule.  She has to work extra that week. Her friends are scared that they’ll lose a member of the slutty single sisterhood and have convinced her not to go out with him again.  He voted Republican in the last election. Whatever the excuse, his impression on her will fade with time; given a week without face-to-face contact, he will be such a distant memory that she will turn him down to get cupcakes with Bertha. She will suddenly not ‘find the time’ for a second date, unless they had sex on the first one. After a steady diet of one night stands, Twilight and Mad Men, she may even subconsciously consider him a pussy for not banging her on the first date. After all, a couple months ago she had sex with that cute guy in the bar that night, so if it’s taking “so long” to have sex with this new man, maybe “it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Grandmaster of the Thug Life, Niccolò Macchiavelli

This fatalism of women attests to the words of Niccolò Machiavelli, that “she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly.” Ironically, it’s the liberated woman who most rewards the sexually aggressive man – a man who fails to ‘seize the day’ will get left in the dust. She calls pickup artists ‘creepy,’ and then succumbs to his charm. A fling of mine loudly shouted”grossss” when the phrase ‘pickup artist’ was mentioned somehow. I sniggered silently. The modern woman is like a toilet in the coach section of an airplane – wait one moment, and you will find her occupied, with a long queue of men waiting to get in; and her condition will only worsen with time. 

The Conditions Ahead

The fate of Alaskan halibut fishermen has improved, thanks to the implementation of private property rights for the fishery. That of American men has not. As Western women grow increasingly flaky and unable to emotionally connect with men, the ‘hook-up culture’ will predominate, and courtship will be as antiquated as chastity. 

The modern woman knows nothing but lust – a long and storied sexual history, a commitment to her career above all, and her steady consumption of chick flicks ensure it. Where before she would care for the family of her birth, and then the husband of her choosing and the children from their union, she now lives for herself; with no one to care for and nurture, her femininity becomes unexpressed and marginalized. She can hardly care even for herself, judging by her failure to cook well and clothe herself becomingly.

She chooses men like she hails taxicabs – whichever one is suitably appointed and is in the right place and right time will do. Unless he is inordinately famous, powerful or good looking, she cannot long for a man before she has sex with him, so numb is she to feeling affection. If a man wants to continue enjoying a given woman’s company, he must act quickly and aggressively to have sex with her. She is a grain of sand coursing through his fingers – if he blinks and loosens his grip, she is gone.

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69 thoughts on “Why Modern Dating Is Like Illegal Alaskan Halibut Fishing”

  1. Today’s dating market is the ideal environment for the alpha predator…and a barren wasteland for the beta provider…learning Game is paramount if one wants success with women…that is the only way to the poon promiseland…

    1. And in so doing the beta provider loses much of his interest in ever being a provider. Who the hell would want to, when they’ve discovered that within every woman there is an amoral parasite waiting to get out?

      1. A beta provider who can learn Game will be a potent competitor in the dating market because he’s got, presumably, professional success and he’ll have success with women…so long as he internalizes Game…that is to say confidence and aloofness. He must know the fundamental concepts of Game principles: don’t be so quick to spend cash on a chick, have a personality and hobbies…

    2. I don’t consider having sex with a woman a success. It merely fulfills a need.
      Having a woman submit to you over a long period of time is more of a success. That takes a lot of heart.

      1. yes, exactly….. the beta goes to the clubs and comes home dick in hand pronouncing all women bitches…. learns some game becomes a player and goes to the club and gets laid… starts a short term relationship and pronounces all women bitches…. there is a pattern there…… the same argument being used by the same guy that can’t handle women…. getting them in bed quickly doesn’t mean you know what you are doing in the long run……

        1. Again, Game is not just about getting an easy lay…it will certainly equip you with the means to get a quick lay, but it will also equip you with the means to have an LTR, a successful career, better relations with friends and family…and overall better social skills…disabuse your mind that Game is all about getting a one night stand….learning Game should make you happy not bitter…

        2. what the player does is just social engineering and good leadership…… keeping his cool, proving himself interesting, humorous, and so forth…..
          translate that into other aspects of life, including, work, business, a long term relationship and pretty much anything you want to do, can only bring success…
          HOWEVER : !!! the issue with women is that you have to start a LTR with the ground rules set from day 1…. from the day you meet….. women remember mistakes and hold them against you years later….
          that’s why men end up struggling in LTR, because they can’t easily take back their mistakes….. especially once they soften and become more beta, which is hard not to do, especially with kids around etc.

        3. Gets tiring though doesn’t it. While living in the decline trying to figure out how to exit the rat race, we are confronted with another battle. Sure Frame control from day 1 is paramount. Polarity. Man affections vs boy affections. But it gets tiring dealing with the current species known as the American Women affected by the 3 wave of feminism, doesn’t it? As men we are pretty simple; are needs are pretty straight and linear. Food and sex, a little appreciation here and there. Its the warped SMP that’s screwed most of us, the bernakifed women.

        4. yeah it’s tricky… perhaps the solution is to open your own brothel….. the guys will love you and so will your whores if you treat them right….

      2. Your last point is my point precisely: you need excellent Game to get a woman to submit to your authority. A man with Game has heart…Game goes above and beyond the ability to get a quick lay…Game encompasses many facets of life.

    3. And the way to a scorching case of genital herpes which you will carry around for the rest of your life like luggage. Quite frankly its better to expat to a culture where the females aren’t cum buckets, but instead operate with a moral code.

  2. I tell women who are older and/or religious conservatives that men HAVE to go for sex immediately or the women will consider him weak and they don’t believe me.

    1. SO TRUE! There is a time limit for not tagging the girl in time. It doesnt vary from girl to girl but rather situation by situation. The quicker you dunk the quicker you hook.

    2. You are correct. A woman’s desire for you is based upon your desire for her. You may not get sex quickly, or you may . This does not change the nature of the attraction.

    1. Honestly if girls become what the latter part of this article describes then sex with a sexbot will become so much better and cheaper on the long run.

      1. I don’t believe they are necessarily a positive innovation, but they are an inevitable outcome of the hypergamy arms race.

      2. I just read a yahoo article in the UK yesterday about how the world’s first sexbot had been invented. I dont think men getting sexbots would be a good thing, period. That just serves to further removes the sexes from each other.

    2. The web site for the robot has a link for people interested in becoming resellers or vendors of the product. You could get in on the ground floor and get rich. You never know.

  3. I recently met some MORMON girls who are just as bad as your average American woman. I was amazed to find that even their culture has been infected with the same virus that is destroying the rest of the West. The socialist-feminist-conformist virus we are all so well-acquainted with.
    They were talking about riding the carousel and I happened to overhear them. One of them had already been divorced in her early 20s.
    I’ll tell you this – it was a genius move to target the West’s women 40 years ago. It’s now so obvious to me that they’re the weak spot of any civilization. I always laugh at people who say if not for WWII you’d be speaking German. Well, the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the WWII generation will soon be speaking Spanish.
    It’s not the strongest species that survives, but those most adaptable to change. Times have changed. I hope you’re adapting.

    1. I’m an atheist but “Eve biting the Apple first” is a resonant truth.

      1. I’m an agnostic (6 on Richard Dawkins’ scale – I don’t know for certain but I think God is very improbable) and I find all sorts of wisdom in the different religions. There’s also a lot of BS, but some of the general ideas are there for a reason.
        The big three (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) placed constraints on female sexuality for a reason. Look at what happened to us once the “cat” got out of the bag.

        1. Because the Big 3 are all Patriarchal based. Man is the leader. Woman follows. May not be politically correct but it actually worked quite effectively. Go back to your roles girls and let men be men. Can any of you imagine any of the Rat Pack being bossed around by a fat cunt telling him to go earn a check? Lmfao. No.

        2. The man is the head, the woman the neck. He cannot turn in a direction that she does not follow. Go back and read the “big three” again, my friend.

  4. I think it’s fair to say that a quick lay leaves us hollow on the inside. It does for me anyways. I feel cheap and used and long for something more fulfilling and meaningful. Unfortunately, finding solace and meaning in life are only male qualities. Art, science, math, literature, education, architecture, sports, hunting, sailing… all inventions of men who I think found little meaning in sex.

        1. Here’s the good reason:
          [Isaac Newton] spent almost all of 1689 in London […] At that time, Newton began what was possibly the strongest personal relationship of his life. It was with a young Swiss mathematician named Nicolas Fatio de Duillier […] While there is no proof that either man was homosexual, their letters suggest that their affection for one another was romantic.

        2. There are other examples of this kind of strong emotional interchange among men of the time. Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Byron come to mind.

      1. Yeah. Newton said the world would ‘end’ in 2060. So feminazism is getting us there on track. Seig Heil Lindy West.

    1. Art and Science — good stuff. I also like astronomy. Bob Guccione who published Penthouse magazine, and the poor guy died penniless, stated in an interview that his two passions in life is science and art.

  5. For the betas of this generation, the alphas of the next, and the cunts ever after, I’m going to tell you like an alpha told me…
    “Men don’t care if we fuck a piece of pussy, or fuck our hand, we just want to ejaculate.”
    Something like…Every man that walks into a hardware store and buys a drill, really doesn’t want the drill in and of itself. What he truly wants is simply a hole in the wall. Men just want to goddamn ejaculate. What the Manosphere has laid before your insatiable curious minds is the cold-blooded truth that women are tools. They have chosen to make themselves a means to an end rather than a means to our development. How you choose to orient yourself to that tool will determine the quality of your life.
    And remember…there is no such thing as a shaky tool…there are only shaky tool holders.

    1. Brilliant. Women truly are the tool, and not the means.
      Feminism has reversed the whole situation. No wonder things are so fucked.

    2. Bring on the Fleshlights. If we men just want to ejaculate (and we do), dealing with ADD chicks isn’t worth the effort. There are so many other more productive things to do with your time.
      Then, wait until the time you travel overseas.

      1. You chase poosey for your own enjoyment…fleshlights are for the gammas amongst us…

        1. I stand corrected.
          Better to head to SE Asia and pay cheap hookers. Poosey, female company, no bullshit with dinner or drinks or too much drama, and the chance to see beautiful beaches and other scenery.

    3. No that’s completely untrue. Getting laid for me at least is more of a powertrip. It’s a validation of my existence. Sure, the hole is important, but having the powertool in your hand making noise and drilling holes through that wall which you can’t do with your bare hands is a reward in itself. You don’t just drive the car to get from A to B, you pump up the engine just for the thrill of it.

  6. I like the taxi cabs analogy. Its not about the guy laying her being of quality, as it is so much that he is in the right place at the right time. That’s why guys need to approach like mad and alcohol on the woman’s part is helpful.
    Feminism is a disease meant to disempower men and put women in the hand of the government/state. So they’re enslaved by this other entity, thinking mistakenly that this is freedom and empowerment. See ten years down the line when the money situation in the country is even worse to see how ’empowered’ they have made us. Its like doublespeak; they think they’re empowered, but in reality they have sold us all into slavery.
    The best thing is to catch ’em when they’re younger. I’ve noticed that a guy dating a girl before she’s 25 will have a much better chance of the relationship working out than if she’s older. Older women suffer from choice addiction and having dated too many guys to be happy with just one. Plus, their looks and other market value isn’t improving any at this stage in European countries/ UK.

    1. “Older women suffer from choice addiction and having dated too many guys to be happy with just one.”
      With today’s smart phones and social media, once a female’s tits pop she immediately suffers from choice addiction. It’s seriously fucked up and disturbing how many very underaged girls are posting skanked out photos of themselves on places like Facebook.

      1. there’s been a huge social change in the last 20 years, with contraception, DNA testing, and much more liberal attitudes to sex…. in time the male / female relationship may start to look more like the gay male relationships…..plenty of hard fucking if you go look in the right places, and also stable settled couples who are together for companionship as well as hard sex…. and the couple maintains their polarity, of dominant and submissive between themselves, and not necessarily according to what physical sex they are….
        if a woman wants to dominate in a relationship, it’s fine by me… they just need to have a Phd. in a useful subject and or a seven figure pay check…. oh and not be hoping for kids….
        the problem is that your average guy is smarter, more articulate, more motivated and driven, more self secure and is not going to be dominated by some flaky 20 something chica…. who thinks because she read an article in Cosmo, that she can be the top dog…..
        competition in a LTR leads to disputes, which in absence of violence are generally settled in the law courts…. not a good recipe for harmony….

      2. Strong +1 on everything in this comment.
        Love the phrases “choice addiction” and “tits pop” — most women today do act like feral animals, so it’s only fitting.

      3. Every reasonably cute girl is a ‘model’ now. I always tell girls, “Sweetie, unless you have actually received a check for a modeling gig, then you’re just an Instagram ‘model’, one of millions”. They really like to hear that.

    2. yes, and older women who’ve had older wealthier boyfriend players or affairs with wealthy married guys can be a real nightmare, because they translate being treated like a princess on dirty weekends away, into what the rest of their life should look like….

      1. True and it can make you depressed. Dumb bitch puts you in the friendzone cuz either you were basically too nice and didn’t fuck her fast enough, or she’s still day dreaming about that meth dealer who flew her out to cancun that crazy weekend ages ago! Fuckem! A thousand girls just turned 21 in your city today, in fact, EVERYDAY! Go find them.

    3. I would even say getting a girl before 23yo and you might have a decent shot. By 25yo I think they’ve been indoctrinated to the point of no return, not to mention the extra 10-15 cocks they’ve had which without a doubt affects them emotionally.

  7. “The fate of Alaskan halibut fishermen has
    improved, thanks to the implementation of private property rights for
    the fishery. That of American men has not.”
    Interesting– so what’s the answer? The return of some form of property rights of a man in a woman’s body and offspring. Feminists will scream bloody murder, but if a man is going to invest significant work and assets in providing for a wife and kids, he needs some sort of guaranty that that investment is not just going to disappear.
    Feminists love to bitch about how in the bad old days, married women technically were the property of their husbands and could not legally own their own property. But these laws only applied to MARRIED women. No woman was forced to marry, and single women could do whatever they pleased. Today’s women want it both ways– investment and commitment from men, with no corresponding obligations on their part.

  8. I’ve recently turned 38. I married young and had regular sex during my ten year marriage, but it was so boring in the end, I may as well have wanked instead.
    Now that I’ve amassed a decent asset base and belt notch count, in combination with my lowered sex drive, I really don’t see the point of chasing women like I used to during my early thirties, post marriage.
    Women are nothing but a liability nowadays. I see them merely as a means of entertainment. No way I’d let one live with me again. No way I’d have children with a western version.
    They’ve cooked their own goose. Silly twats.

    1. “They’ve cooked their own goose. Silly twats.”
      I’ve recently come to the same conclusion. Western women have fucked any hope of their own long-term survival while simultaneously being too stupid to realize it.
      Personally, I’ve come to enjoy watching them destroy themselves. It’s vengeance.

    2. And what of the wife that you found boring in the end? Who is the “silly twat” but a person who reneges on his promises for superficialities?

  9. I think its important to mention women being a financial burden on a personal level. In med school, I know of so many women who have 6 figure debt loads and cannot reasonably pay that off within 20-30 years, despite a physician’s salary. So they start dating the richest guy in med school they can find; only problem is, that if he hitches up with the girl, he’s responsible for her debt too, even when she divorces him.
    It’s crazy. These girls will dick around and cheat on their SO’s whilst in the college campus, then expect some guy to pick up the tab for their debt. Not only do you need to be rich, but also being good-looking helps a lot, as well as being a weed-dealer etc.. Its gotten ridiculous. There still are some good women around, but most (even some of the chaste women) are hypergamous monsters.
    Worst is when women make bad decisions, not just in their love lives, but in the running of their own life. I knew this one awesome Mormon girl. She could’ve dropped a class a continued the following semester, which is what I advised her to do. She didn’t listen, took the class, failed and got kicked out of school. So she just accrued extra debt for nothing, when she could’ve made it through. You can’t have a good long lasting relationship with a woman who makes poor personal decisions and then expects you to constantly pick up the pieces.

  10. The men have become pussies, so the pussies try to grow a penis.
    If you want a woman at your side, start acting like a man. There is no shortage of females who long for a man, never will be.

    1. Here, here. I was dating an MD hottie two months after I flushed the cow wife and took my red pill – still am today, same woman, no children, separate homes. Relationships with women are the easiest challenge to the red pill man – just keep in mind no matter the level of intelligence and life experience, she will always be an emotional adolescent.
      No, the greater challenge with red pilled glasses is the broader picture – to discover that most of your ideals and dreams, that friends and family have died for, that you’ve spent much of your own life pursuing – are really delusions meant to keep you quiet and distracted. To have accomplished more in life then most men can do if they had two lifetimes, all before the red pill – and slowly, but certainly see just how hollow and empty those accomplishments are.

      1. “No, the greater challenge with red pilled glasses is the broader picture – to discover that most of your ideals and dreams, that friends and family have died for, that you’ve spent much of your own life pursuing – are really delusions meant to keep you quiet and distracted. ”
        I am beginning to see this in my own life. Very good information here.

  11. Spot on. I’ve detected the need to have sex by date three at the very latest but for many this is too late.

  12. The halibut analogy would be complete if at age 25 halibut’s scales started to wrinkle, they became flabby and their meat smelled fishy and was inedible.

  13. Stinking Jew spewing his desperate misogynist shit. Get over it–you’re Ugly nothingness….so you get rejected. Crawl back to where you came from and pick up some hobby, old trash, knitting will suit you. The reason you hate women is your mother was a cheap hoe.

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