Science Confirms Tattooed Women Are Indeed Broken

ROK writer Matt Forney recently outlined why women with piercings and tattoos are broken, and in doing so he bruised fragile egos, hurt a lot of feelings, and launched more than one rationalization hamster into orbit. Feminists, white knights, and other social justice warriors lashed out online, mostly in ad-hominem attacks, including death threats. Is this justified? Is Mr. Forney wrong in his assumptions? What does science have to say about links between body modifications such as tattoos and piercings, risk taking behavior and psychiatric disorders?

Dr. Caveman holds Forney’s claims up to the cold white light of science to see what professional researchers have to say on the matter. For quality assurance, he only looked at peer-reviewed papers that have been published in scientific journals. There is no room for personal anecdotes and hurt feelings in scientific discourse. Facts are facts.

Claim 1: Tattoos indicate slutty behavior

Are women with tattoos or piercings sluttier?

Science says:

Being tattooed is associated with greater numbers of lifetime sexual partners (Heywood 2012), earlier sexual initiation, higher frequency of sexual intercourse and increased preference for oral sex (Nowosielski 2012). In adolescents, tattoos also correlate with the likelihood of having unprotected sex (Yen, 2012), but not in adults (Nowosielski 2012).

Verdict: TRUE

More sex with more partners = sluttiness

Claim 2: Tattoos indicate lack of foresight

Are women with tattoos less likely to oversee the consequences of their actions?

Science says:

Tattoos indicate impulsiveness (Kim, 1991). In students, tattooing is associated with risk-taking behaviors, including smoking and cannabis use (Heywood, 2012). Participants with tattoos or body piercings were more likely to have engaged in risk-taking behaviors and at greater degrees of involvement than those without either. These included gateway drug use, hard drug use, sexual activity, and suicide.

Gateway drug use was associated with younger age of both tattooing and body piercing. Hard drug use was associated with number of body piercings (Carroll 2002). In Croatian prisoners, tattoos correlated with lower IQs and those possessing them demonstrated significantly higher levels of impulsiveness than the non-tattooed group (Pozgain 2004). An overview of autopsy reports also revealed that persons with tattoos appear to die earlier than those without. A negative tattoo may suggest a predisposition to violent death, but is eclipsed by the presence of any tattoo (Carson 2014).

Verdict: TRUE

Impulsiveness, increased risk taking behavior, increased change of death = Lack of foresight

Claim 3: Body modifications indicate selfishness

Are women with tattoos or piercings more selfish?

Science says:

Those with tattoos are hostile and prone to delinquent behavior (Kim 1991). Psychiatric patients with tattoos are much more likely to suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder and have an increased likelihood to have previously suffered from sexual abuse, abused substances, or to have attempted suicide. (Sciencedaily). Violence was associated with females having body piercings (Carroll 2002).

Verdict: TRUE

Antisocial behavior, increased willingness to use violence = selfishness

Claim 4: Girls with tattoos are boring

Do girls with piercings or tattoos have boring personalities?

Science says: Nothing. Correlations between being boring and being tattooed have not been studied. So, it depends how you define boring. Science supports the idea that women with tattoos lack foresight and are selfish and slutty. This does not sound boring to me. But science can tell us a bit about why women get themselves tattooed.

In Polish women, the main reasons for body ornamenting are the desire to enhance one’s individuality and the need to increase sexual attractiveness (Antoszewski, 2010). Likewise, in Americans, three consistent self-identity outcomes for their body art were: it helped me (a) express myself, (b) feel unique, and (c) be myself (Owen, 2013). Together, these reasons suggest a compensation mechanism for low self-worth. However plausible, this theory has not yet been tested.

Verdict: NO DATA

Claim 5: girls with body modifications are mentally ill

Is there a correlation between tattoos, piercing and increased prevalence of psychiatric disorders?

Science says:

There are links between tattoos and psychiatric disorders such as depression (Heywood, 2012), eating disorders (Carroll, 2002), borderline personality disorder (Raspa, 1990), neuroticism (Pozgain, 2004) and increased risk of suicide (Carroll, 2002). Seven or more piercings, or intimate piercings, described higher risk behaviors and emotional distress (Owen 2013). In high school students, tattoos correlate with suicidal idealization, suicidal attempts, and depression (Yen 2012).

Verdict: TRUE

Depression, eating disorders, borderline personality disorders and suicidal tendencies are all mental illnesses

Final Results:

YEA sayers: 4/5          vs        NAY sayers: 0/5

Science supports the idea that girls with tattoos are sluttier, have less foresight, are more selfish and crazier, but it is not just cold-blooded scientists and ROK readers who feel this way: a fairly recent study had male and female undergraduates from the UK rate female line drawings that varied in eight levels of tattooing. Results showed that tattooed women were rated as less physically attractive, more sexually promiscuous, and heavier drinkers than untattooed women, with more negative ratings with increasing number of tattoos. So, ROK stands not alone (Swami, 2007).

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2,418 thoughts on “Science Confirms Tattooed Women Are Indeed Broken”

  1. Can’t wait for all the university-qualified tattooed freaks to come in and refute this lot.

    1. I have SO MANY tats and I’m SO HAPPY and very WELL ADJUSTED
      My cats think I’m the FUCKING COOLEST
      Also, I’ve fucked 200 guys and your[sic] probably a virgin
      Get inked and get laid neckbeardbasementdwellervirgin!!!

        1. My bad.
          I dunno, some expensive but stupid school in New York, and now she’s a blogger and dog walker in Brooklyn or whatever

        2. In debt up to her eyeballs of course, and spending money like it’s going out of style because she’s totally about to make it big

        3. nah….more like The New School, getting a B.S. in Post-Black Feminist Critical Theory Studies.

    2. What’s to refute? Some idiot that’s never been within a mile of a free and willing pussy wants to try and belittle people for artwork? What are we supposed to refute? His lack of intelligence? Sorry, can’t refute that he has a negative amount.

      1. Niiice. Ignore the peer-reviewed studies.
        Sidetrack the conversation.
        Ad hominem
        You talk like a woman. Where’s the ban hammer?
        Unproductive discourse, friend.

        1. I don’t see any peer-reviewed studies, unless you idiots are the peers.
          The studies I do see all mention both men AND women equally. So, why the focus on only one portion of the study subjects, unless you fear strong, intelligent women. Personally, I want a woman with a backbone, I don’t want a woman that doesn’t know what she wants. I want a woman that will walk by my side, not cower behind me.

        2. Don’t worry. Peer-reviewed science has shown that all women do indeed have a backbone as does every single other vertebrate.
          As for not wanting a woman who doesn’t know what she wants, well no woman knows what she wants. In which case you’re fucked.

        3. Two reasons: First we’re not dating the men so we don’t care. Second, men make up the majority of psychiatric patients and prisoners anyway. So it’s good to know which women are more likely to join them in institutions or prisons.

        4. I don’t care about the men because I had already written them off long ago. Most of the men in my family have tattoos- it really helps pass the time while you’re rotting in prison.
          Imagine, ten years from now, my then 21 year old daughter brings home a boyfriend with copious tattoos. There isn’t a rationalization hamster in the universe powerful enough to convince me to accept that.
          This article just applies that same protective spirit to our sons.

      2. congratulations! You’re on the fast track be the dumbest son of a bitch in the comment section! You have evidence right there in front of you, and you’re ignoring it like the dumb shit biased fuck that you are!
        tell him what he’s won, Johnny!

        1. LOL. I have an IQ that’s probably higher than all you idiots combined.
          These “studies” all mentioned both men and women. So, that begs the question, why are you being unscientific and only focusing on one portion of the study group?

        2. You’re right. Probably the conclusions only applied to the male members of the study. I’m sure they clearly stated this in the conclusions.

        3. because despite the fact that men are also part of the study, it still proves a very valid fucking point about tattooed women?
          you must feel so threatened. You keep mentioning how much smarter than you are than everybody else. I usually take that as a sign of your failing at the arguments and have to go back on your credentials, thinking foolishly that it’s going to impress anybody. In my time, just because it says on a piece of paper that you graduated doesn’t mean you know shit. You have no life experience, you’re still doing and thinking what other people tell you to do and think. You’re never going to take scientific backing seriously because it doesn’t fit what people are telling you to think or believe. You failed! You really are the dumbest son of a bitch on the website!

        4. I’ve mentioned it twice.
          LOL. Ok. You win. I have to agree that a piece of paper doesn’t mean shit. That’s why I never got one. I preferred to do all my automotive, construction, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering studying on my own and then showing employers how much better I was. Now, as a writer in those fields, I command the pay rates I want, not what they want to pay. I sit her in my home office and work when and if I want, which usually translates into a maximum of 4 hours a day.

        5. If men and women are both a part of the study, and the findings of the study are relevant to both sexes, then how is it just a valid point about tattooed women?

        6. dude, you’re on the Internet. The truth, you’re still full of shit anyway. Nobody cares about how much money you make. Your a fucking loser because you’re here trying to argue with people on something that you honestly think you’re right about anyway despite their evidence, no matter how segregated, still proves the fucking point about tattooed women. You’re not going to change our minds, and it’s not because we’re stupid. We see what’s going on, and you still do what people tell you to do and think.
          You’re so much better. Ha! What a crock of shit.

        7. Arguing is pointless. Even when the article they praise is going against their agenda, they manage to flip it around, even when it is all there in black and white. It must be hard to be as dumb as some of these keyboard alphalfas.

        8. why does it matter if men are included in the study?no really, what is the point of continuously point that out? I’m not even denying it. you make it sound like It has some sort of significance to the whole argument in and completely unravels it.
          again, so what? Men are included in being damaged on that one. If you want me to not deny it, I’m not denying it. But it doesn’t make the figures on the women make any less of a point.

        9. and I denied that… How? that suddenly debunks the entire argument all together… How?

        10. It is no less valid to reference studies that are about tattoos and destructive behaviour and mention only women. Leaving out men does not invalidate the studies nor does it invalidate the conclusions that tattooed women are damaged sluts. The fact that the men are damaged and promiscuous does not negate this fact.
          That is the point of this article.

        11. because the point of the argument was about women. Not all individuals that wear tattoos. Should I just bow down to you and kiss your ass, or something? Cuz it sounds like you want to win when really, that has nothing to do with the entirety of the point of the article.
          I’m sure there’s a lot of men on this website they don’t have tattoos. If you’re trying to say that these men have tattoos, how do you know for a fact? Is that how you’re trying to debunk the entire argument? making accusations? Not having any evidence to back up your claims?
          so what, we’re not mentioning the men. Has nothing to do with the article. Would you like him to rename the entire article to include every single person that was tested? If he did do that to accommodate you, what would you bitch about next? The spelling?

        12. So the scientific findings show that tattooed humans are damaged sluts, but we’re gonna shout on the rooftops that science proves tattooed women are damaged sluts. Kinda misses the point of the studies but ok. I’ll go with that.

        13. let me put this another way. Your setting up an obvious straw man argument. The fact that men are included or not included in the article is complete and utter bullshit and you’re trying to derail the overall point.

        14. You know, when somebody on the internet makes a claim about his high IQ, I generally take that as a sure indication that he doesn’t actually know his IQ and that he is also highly insecure.
          Deeds and arguments make IQ apparent, not proclaiming it with chest thumping on an internet forum, especially while accompanying that proclamation with ad hominem. Insults in lieu of reasoned discourse usually contradicts claims of a higher IQ.

        15. Because men on this site want to date women, not men. When dating women, one wishes to weed out women who are giving clear signals of being mentally unbalanced. This and the previous article by Mr. Forney give advice (and then supply science) showing that heavy tatts and piercings are indications of many red flags.
          How hard is this to understand?
          Oh, it isn’t.

        16. it only references women. That does not miss the point, given the focus of this blog. Your complaint does not invalidate the article.

        17. because you’re setting up a straw man argument so that way if we include men it all of a sudden discredits the entire article. I know how you think. No matter how much you try to deny it, you’re making it look exactly like that.

        18. You talking about the number of comments on the tattoo post? If so, try 13K.
          I fear for Disqus’s life. It may explode from being force fed.

        19. The fact of the matter is the article is saying tattooed women are damaged but the science is saying all tattooed people are damaged. In other news, all female infants shit their diapers.

        20. yep, strawman. You never had a logical recourse for your discussion except trying to derail it.
          how does it feel to make a valid point invalidated by not invalidating the valid point?

        21. Valid point: tattooed women are damaged. Valid point: tattooed men are damaged. What is your point?

        22. Oh ok. Judging by the studies cited, it isn’t about women either. Maybe transgenders? Peace.

        23. I fucking knew that it’s either all or nothing with you. You are such a child. if I don’t add the men, the whole thing is invalid. You are the prime definition of moron!
          I officially laugh at you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        24. that’s why you constantly lie thinking noone would bust you lying, and when they do you just pretend you didn’t read.

        25. All that I took from that is “the whole thing is invalid” which I agree with. Isn’t it fun to pick and choose?!?!

        26. Oh course you would, only people like you make such childish arguments and then dismiss them when it does’t go your way.
          In other news, the ROK commenter known as “guest” also shit his diaper and needs and adult.

        27. oh Christ, he’s getting louder. Does anybody have the baby powder?
          face it, little man, men being damaged while having tattoos although a valid point, is irrelevant to the article it’s posted in. If you wanted it to be relevant, that’s your tough luck because it’s not your article. The only thing that has any relevance to it is the fact that they’re also human and tattooed. I already said to you that yes men are damaged when they’re tattooed. Are you trying to say that even though everybody is tattooed, its not a big deal? So what you’re saying is, women that are tattooed, expression means nothing because I didn’t mention that men were involved? so it’s okay for these people to be damaged? if only you understood the fucked up sexuality of women. What they say is not what they mean.
          just keep spinning your wheels, child. You lost this argument long before I even started. Whah whah whah, cry yourself all the way home!

        28. I gave you an up vote because I honestly feel bad for you and that last reply. Take it easy, Dick.

        29. No. Reading the posts here, I’d say it would put mine around 155, right where it’s been tested at about 10 ten over the last 3 decades. The way I see it, most of you are lucky if you get up to double digits.

        30. Bragging about IQ usually indicates a lack of any other kind of academic achievement in life. After all, if you had actually done something smart in your pitiful existence why would you trot out a metric that was designed for schoolchildren as proof of ‘intelligence’?
          Grow up. You aren’t impressing anyone. If anything, most of your comments fall squarely somewhere in between “arrested development” and “mentally retarded.”

        31. Oh, you mean like the fact that I’m a teacher of electronics and electrical procedures for a national organization? Or maybe that I’m a certified TOEFL instructor? Or maybe that I am the holder of every Microsoft and Cisco networking certification? Or, maybe that I obtained these with the help of zero schooling, having taught myself? And then paid for the certification tests on my own?
          You mean like that? Or maybe that I was building full-on race cars before I hit high school?
          Pieces of paper from a college? Worthless in my opinion. Certificates from internationally-recognized agencies that allow me to work anywhere in the world and command almost whatever I want for pay?

        32. This guy is one of the .0001% of most intelligent people on the planet, yet he’s here arguing with us.
          How lucky are we?

        33. Non-marked people, which include myself, are less likely to be damaged.
          Everybody knows what men with a bunch of tattoos are like. This article focuses on the women because society tends to overlook their flaws. Thanks to the author, maybe some young man will avoid some tatted-up basket case.
          But if you absolutely need some stories about damaged tattoo-sporting men, I have some horror stories.But that’s old hat. Everyone knows that.

        34. No one hates women. Or even you personally. Come on now.
          It’s just common freaking sense about the connection between deviance and tattoos. A first grader knows the difference.
          Who is more likely to be tatted up? A member of the Aryan Brotherhood, or a Peace Corp Volunteer? A drug dealing musician (RIP dad) or an accountant?
          The answers to those questions are obvious. No- a tatted person doesn’t have to be a member of the Aryan brotherhood, nor does he/she have to be involved in the drug culture, but those stereotypes exist because they are largely based on truth.

        35. If such a transcendent genius were raised purely on SJW propaganda and feels, facts would seem as absurd to him as feels do to us.

      3. Why do this? You’re actually proving the author of the article right with this type of approach. And even if I was the most pathetic person who ever existed, instead of the average person 90% of us are, how would that affect the article in any way?
        It’s clear this article struck a nerve with you. That’s ok- that happens to me too, as I have many flaws. I compensate by being a good person. While there may be a correlation between tattoos and negative behavior, you might not fit the stereotype. Even if you do, you can change for the better.

  2. The original article is over 12k comments-
    I think we’re gonna encounter eerie silence on this one.
    I’d love a “science is sexist” ragefest but I think they’ll just run and hide

    1. Yup, in contrast to the original article, this one has been silent. That one is still blowing up and I am curious as to whether or not those angered by it are aware this article exists to support Matt’s points. Me thinks no.

  3. Brilliant article.
    Unfortunately, feminists and mangina’s can’t cope with cold logic based on facts. Which is why they mostly ignore such research and even try to force universities to make this kind of research impossible… as well as to make the lives of these researchers a living hell.

      1. Ad hominem attacks against science as evidence in debate.
        Should we ignore Mendel because he was a priest?
        You’re a fucking idiot, you sound like a fifteen year old.
        Someone notify the truant officer

        1. Science? LOL. “Hey kids, do you use drugs and have tattoos?” Yeah, really scientific. Besides, all the studies I looked at mentioned men as well as women. So how come no trolling about how broken men that have tatts are? Maybe it’s because you’re not afraid of men? Maybe because strong, willful women threaten you?

        2. So how come no trolling about how broken men that have tatts are? Maybe it’s because you’re not afraid of men?

          …or unlike you, no one here is interested in an intimate relationship with a man.

        3. Men are typically not intimidated by ‘strong, willful’ women. They are, however, turned off aggressive, angry and argumentative women that think they are strong and independent.
          In addition, men don’t typically want a promiscuous women for a long-term partner.
          Re: men included in the study. Yes, if people reading this blog are concerned about getting involved with a tattooed man, they would be wise to know the risks.
          I have a distinct feeling that is not the case for people reading this blog.
          Additionally, these are peer-reviewed studies. And, while this does not mean foolproof, it does mean the studies have validity. Factor in basic observation of human behaviour and none of the results should be considered remotely surprising.

        4. Not Jewish, nice try. Also, if you’re the libtard, you should love Jews and anti-Semitism should be your version of heresy.
          Strong, willful women don’t threaten me. Few real ones exist, and most of those are just annoying to be around, so I ignore them.
          Some of the articles referenced above were about men and women, others concerned women only, and others concerned primarily women. Did you read the article? All the words?
          Just keep piling on the ad hominems, you’re proving your skill at debate with each response.

        5. Maybe we read two different articles?
          #1 Are women sluttier? Followed by facts with no genders noted.
          #2 Are women with tattoos less likely to see the consequences to their actions? Followed by facts with no genders noted, including a study from a croatian (male?) prison.
          #3 Are women with tattoos more selfish? Followed by facts with no gender until that last line, from a study 12 years ago in which many factors have changed. Still wondering how being violent = selfish. But I’m sure someone will clarify.
          #4 Are women with tattoos boring? Followed by science says: nothing. So there you go, never confirmed by science. I’ll go with the author on that.
          #5 Girls with body mods are mentally ill. Followed by science with no genders noted.
          You guys are fucking pathetic.

        6. No, because the tatted up men are already in jail, not on twitter trying to prove they’re crazy by, well, going totally crazy.

        7. Jesus Christ Son of the Living God. The article is concerned with women. How many times does it have to be stated? The men are irrelevant.
          If an article comes out saying that people from X country are materialistic, doesn’t it make sense to say that “people from X country are materialistic, therefore be careful when getting into a relationship with one?”
          The trashy, tatted men are totally irrelevant. My sons will not be dating them, and my daughter SURE AS HELL will not be dating them.

      2. You’re a woman, aren’t you. You get excited too easily, and then you start flinging insults about:
        1. Laziness
        2. Sexual success
        3. Penis size
        And mindless assertions about how blah blah blah successful you are.
        You’re a girl. When you get frustrated that you aren’t winning, you start stomping your feet and crying, insulting and frantically bragging (“You are UGLY and I am SO the prettiest girl in school!”).
        If you have a Y chromosome, do yourself a favor. Go away, and sit and think very hard about who you are as a man, who and what women are, and how the whole mess works. It takes a long time, but you get there by thinking very hard about the situation. When you run around in little circles like an excited little bird, you’re setting yourself back. At best, you’re just wasting your time and energy.

        1. “Maybe it’s because you’re not afraid of men? Maybe because strong, willful women threaten you?”
          (see her comment above) yep, definitely female. I wouldn’t respond to her. The best way to make them shut up is to ignore them (hence the RoK rules). Just as in the case with little children they will cry and shout initially, but give up afterwards when no one listens…
          However, this username still gives the user the benefit of the doubt (it can alway be a mangina), since women already know that using a ‘female’ username will likely get them being ignored. So they have to turn to different strategies to play the attention-whore ‘successfully’. Nevertheless, her words speak louder than her username.

        2. They try to use male names because they think it gives their dumb comment more credibility.

      3. I am thinking you are just hopeless.
        I am involved in academia. I’m going to start inserting how many women I’ve slept with into the footnotes of everything I write. It’s a good number for me, so I should probably be able to argue just about anything, according to your logic.
        Sheesh. Sometimes I just get down on humanity.

        1. so people are supposed to respect you because you are ‘involved in academia’ (in what way?) and are proud of how many women you’ve rooted before doing the husband and father thing?

      4. Sure, because as we all know those researchers and professors never shag those 18yo co-eds and young interns lol

  4. Aye…. I see another tsunami of period blood heading our way. Excellent article though depressing because not only do the majority of females in america have tramp stamps, but one can see many German and Austrian women (I would wager 99% of austrian females have tats), as well as UK. It is also becoming noticeable in east europe as well as south america.
    It’s getting to the point now that if you are deciding about any particular female, first thing to to is ask if she’s inked or not. If she is then next her, if she is not tattooed there may be hope but you will still need to proceed with caution.

    1. I don’t know what sort of lower class trash you associate with but 99% of Austrian females have tats? Are you crazy? 99% of the females I know don’t have this garbage on their bodies. And it may be 100%, I just allowed that 1% in the case of some dopey outliers.
      What’s you home zip code, I’m curious.

  5. It’s so depressing that the vast majority of women age 18 thru 100 all have tattoos here in LA.. Pathetic.
    And the faggy faux thug betas who cheer them on and encourage these desert snowflakes to keep on inking ,are even more pathetic..
    I’m dying to go back NY where only 75%
    of the women look like hardened prison inmates wtf.

    1. I hear ya man. I’m in LA too and just about every gal I work with has a tattoo. This one chick has the welcome mat on her lower back, then sports a floral arrangement covering up half her body–she was so happy with it, she showed me a photo of it in progress! Another gal has some ivy bullshit sleeve that just skews her otherwise lovely figure. She’s got one helluva sexy walk. It’s all hips!

  6. as my uncle used to say, “don’t bring logic into the fight, you make the fight unfair!”

  7. You could post 1000 peer-reviewed studies from prestigious journals showing a perfect correlation between having tattoos and all kinds of rotten female behaviors and traits but it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference. They don’t respond to science and facts on any level. It is gibberish to them, and even if they understood it, they would just say it’s “the oppressive patriarchy” at work, fabricating stories and trying to keep them from expressing themselves via “body art” or something. Good research anyways,though.

    1. especially if female under graduates actually do some of the work. I see what you mean, they’re not exactly bright or accepting.

    2. Except, that many of these tattooed women are the ones publishing papers that are highly reviewed by the peers in the scientific community.
      And then we have Kari Byron from Mythbusters. Tattooed. Gorgeous. And smarter than all of you combined.

        1. And no man has ever been a germophobe. Ohwait. Howard rich-dude I forget the last name-The Aviator was also a germophobe. And had not a single tattoo. Correlation beaten.

        2. based on arbitrary bullshit? Yeah, I could see how you defeat oh so wholeheartedly.
          and by the way, it was Howard Hughes. you might want to get a refund on that so called wonderful education you got.

        3. That’s Howard Hughes. He was crazy-brilliant and a fighter pilot and also made movies on the side and also had tons of ass.
          “It’s called the Hercules.” I enjoyed The Aviator!

        4. Right now you are like a cross dresser at a bodybuilding contest. Give it a rest, sweetheart.

        5. Howard Hughes sustained brain damage in an airplane crash. Not sure if Kari has been in an airplane crash while testing experimental airplanes she has designed and built. I think her brain damage is more of a result that she was born female.

        6. Ratso is a low IQ prole and knows nothing about Hughes except what he read in some tabloid or some crappy media film.

        7. Probably. I don’t think he suffered any brain damage but he did suffer injuries and as you get older those injuries from your youth take a toll. At the time the media tried to say he was also a drug addict but I’ve looked at what he was taking and they were mild drugs, a lot milder than you would expect considering the injuries he had as a younger man.
          He was a recluse when he was old but he had all his marbles because Irving had written an unauthorised biography of him (he made it all up actually) and Hughes had to give testimony (over the phone) and he sounded like an intelligent and rational man.He was a good looking rich man when he was young and had many top females but I guess that as he got older he just didn’t want to be seen in public because he didn’t look the same anymore due to ageing.

      1. If you think having sweet tits didn’t make school easy as shit for her, you’ve never been in school.
        She went to San Francisco State- tied for 58th among regional universities out west. 57% female. 60% acceptance rate.
        I’m enormously unimpressed. She’s hot, that’s why she’s successful. Smart? Sure, but not unusually so.

        1. Holy shit her degree is in film and sculpture…
          Are you shitting me? This is your modern day Marie Curie?
          Go read about women scientists dude.
          You’re a horse’s ass

        2. I’ve been in school probably quite a bit more than you. She graduated. With or without tits she graduated.
          She’s hot AND successful, but there’s no correlation between the two.

        3. 1. Being in school for a long time proves nothing. Especially if not actually accomplishing anything while there. You could be taking longer to do what other people accomplish.
          2. There is a correlation between physical attractiveness and success.

        4. I have more degrees than that bitch does, and they’re in tougher subjects than “Sculpture and Film”
          I lived with a film major. Weird, and stupid
          A good friend of mine was an art major- troubled.
          Do you know any girls? Any hot girl has reaped the benefits in academia and/or the workplace. All the sane ones admit it.

        5. I’ve never denied that fact. Actually, there have been numerous studies around the country that prove that this type of bias isn’t gender-specific.
          Blonde-haired, blue-eyed people are often seen as more successful. Attractiveness only exacerbates that. Dark-haired, dark-eyed people that are less “attractive” have to work harder to achieve the same level of success as those that are seen as attractive by others, male and female.
          Body size is also a good indicator/predictor of how hard/easy someone will have it in academia and work life. The larger the body, the less attractive and successful they’re seen as so they have to put more work into being as successful or appealing as those that are of smaller body types. This is somewhat also true for people, mostly women, that are seen as too small, sickly. Funny thing here is, facial beauty, or what is seen as facial beauty doesn’t have as much influence when the body-type is seen as either too small or too big.
          I’ve got good friends now that go to university and are studying in the art department and are wonderful people that are no more or less troubled than those I know studying in the sciences. In fact, my nursing student friend, with zero tattoos has just had to put her studies on hold due to pregnancy. She has zero ink and a grand total of two artificial holes in her ears. Theory espoused here disintegrated.

        6. Film and Sculpture! We’re saved! She’s going to invent the warp drive and we can get out of here!

        7. “I’ve been in school probably quite a bit more than you”
          Chances are you been there too long hence you are in full mangina mode and probably quite the useless “Pro student”. I’ve had to suffer the company of one too many “students” in their late 20s. Let me guess you are working towards a degree in literature or communications.

        8. Yes hot girls do get further, but I would question how or why! I understand the point of view that rules and laws now have gone so far they’re making women look ridiculous at times. A woman signs up to the army, it is in her contract she MUST serve x amount of years, therefore not get pregnant, she gets pregnant then claims unfair dismissal?! That kind of thing even annoys me as a female – it is relying on the fact she’s a woman as an out for breaking her contract because she no longer wants to uphold her end. That is destroying the entire logic of equal rights. Do I expect a man to hold a door open for me? Yes, but I’d expect a woman too as well, as i hold doors open for people regardless of their sex, that’s just manners. Calling all women the same because of tatts and piercings is ridiculous though. That’s like saying all catholic priests are child abusers, yes plenty are but not all.

        9. Ratso, you probably had been in highschool longer than anyone here but they all have rules that by age 22 you have to go regardless of whether you know anything or can pass an exam.

        10. ‘The larger the body, the less attractive blah blah blah
          Why don’t you just come out and say what you mean. Obese, Fat and fugly looking people not large or tall people.

        11. I give you the answer dummy. There’s a correlation in the female between looks and intelligence.The better looking females are also the smarter ones in general.They are also smart enough to know not to irritate men and to behave in a feminine submissive manner. The real ball busters are the fat stupid fugs.They know that they’re stupid and fugly and are insecure and always on the defensive.

        12. No, it’s not smarter to allow men who are lusting after you to allow you to get ahead whether by actually sleeping with them or letting them think they have a chance – that is being a whore.Certainly not smart! I irritate you? Lol! Bless you, think we’ve sorted out which of us is insecure here, if you’re so secure in your masculinity and that I’m just a stupid female why would I bother you? As for defensive that’s hilarious

        13. oh, more stereotypes. Clearly ignorant of the fact that supermodels are typically the most insecure. No correlation with intelligence and winning the genetic lottery with looks. So do you boys see yourselves as ‘hot’?

        14. I lived with an ex super model. She had to quit when she got pregnant. Not once was she insecure, she was bat shit crazy though.

      2. “many of these tattooed women are the ones publishing papers ”
        Only the ones in Wymyns Studies, if any.

        1. No. Science, technology, chemistry, physics. In fact, there was recently a young lady from Saratoga who created a battery that’s better than what we currently use in cell phones. Tattooed.

        2. hey, you would be interesting? Following Dr caveman’s example, post a fucking article or you’re full of shit!
          and when you post it, will still ridicule you because that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.

        3. You are completely equivocating the truth. Women are grossly underrepresented in STEM fields.* And I would wager it is highly likely that women with tattoos are less common in those fields as well.
          *Source: Women in STEM: A Gender Gap To Innovation, 2011

        4. From the source:

          “She won the top prize in the chemistry category, then went on to be one of two students to win the second-place award. A student from Romania, Ionut Budisteanu, placed
          A – dude – placed – FIRST. Nothing new here.
          Also she’s indian, not tatooed. NOT white western feminist Wymyns Studies, maybe that says something…or she betrayed the movement?

        5. Wow, looks like feminists always think they can lie and get away with it. Insulting how they think we would not do our research.

      3. “And then we have Kari Byron from Mythbusters. Tattooed. Gorgeous. And smarter than all of you combined.”
        She has BA in film and sculpture, again, FILM and SCULPTURE. When Imahara is building electronic and explosive equipment and Belecci is doing all the heavy work Byron is…decorating something or making some kind of doll.
        Also, from Wikipedia, “She is a pescetarian and was visibly uncomfortable whenever MythBusters experiments required the use of animal remains.She previously referred to herself as a vegetarian to avoid having to explain pescetarianism, but later said she does in fact eat fish. In the 2010 MythBusters
        episode “Cold Feet”, she stated that she has a “very limited diet”, and
        in the episode “Flu Fiction”, she revealed that she has a fear of germs.”
        What a treasure to mankind she is, amongst the likes of Planck, Poincaré, Heisenberg, Schröeder…
        But hey, she’s on a show about “science”, AND, have tatoos and change the color of her hair every now and then, so non-conformist.

        1. What’s wrong with non-conformity? Too many variables scare you? Strong, healthy, intelligent women with an opinion scare you?
          So what if she’s a vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or an air eater? Thinking that she’s weird or strange or anything because of her dietary patterns is inane. That’s like saying that someone that doesn’t smoke because of the health effects is strange.
          You obviously didn’t watch the show much. Kari was present and active with most of the builds, in far more than a decorator’s role.
          Wikipedia? LOL. You do realize that nobody with intelligence or credence uses that as a reliable resource, right? That the info contained there is written by public contributors such as myself? People that inject bias into their writing.
          Trying using Wiki on an academic paper.

        2. “Strong, healthy, intelligent women with an opinion scare you?”
          Strong, healthy, intelligent, women: Pick three, or should i say two.
          “You obviously didn’t watch the show much. Kari was present and active with most of the builds, in far more than a decorator’s role.”
          “So what if she’s a vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or an air eater? Thinking that she’s weird or strange or anything because of her dietary patterns is inane. That’s like saying that someone that doesn’t smoke because of the health effects is strange.
          Dont give a shit about her diet. But this “She previously referred to herself as a vegetarian to avoid having to explain pescetarianism.” is priceless. Aparently she needs rationalization. Also, mmmm Veal BBQ.
          “Wikipedia? LOL.”
          I just used the quicker reference, but:

        3. Anyone with a garage can build shit, man. When you have two MALE ENGINEERS on site and then ADDITIONAL MALE INTERNS it’s easy to build awesome stuff.
          Do you live on earth? Do you do things? Have you ever built something?

        4. I watched the show a lot and that kari chick did shit all.
          And about suicidegirls, taking a topic as serious as suicide and turning it into soft core porn is probably one of the most despicable, degenerate things possible in todays society. Did you know 22 veterans a day commit suicide? 22 a FUCKING DAY!

        5. Defending or raising a woman up on a pedestal is not going to get you laid.
          No offense but you are coming off as pathetic at the moment. You should live up to the “open minded” standard for a moment and hit the White Knight Landing Page here at ROK.
          It could save your life from the misery of getting used.

        6. Wikipedia is often used as a resource for research with regards to academic papers, for the simple reason that ‘usually’ there has been a decent job at compiling a significant list of peer reviewed articles on the subject at hand. It’s considered a reasonable place to start, but certainly not the only one.

        7. Every last one of my editors over the past 8 years has told me they would fire me if I quoted Wiki or referenced them in my work.

        8. I never said to quote Wikipedia. Obviously, you should trace research back to its source, along with fact checking.

        9. It is so sad that you need to belittle other people’s (especially women’s) achievements in order to feel better about your life.
          I don’t know why no one told you this, but I will: Some men from the past have accomplished great things. True. Some men continue to accomplish great things. But here’s the thing: None of those men are you; as in, their achievements are not, by default as a gender, *your* achievements.
          Just because members of your gender have accomplished greatness, does not mean that you yourself are even remotely capable of greatness. At the end of the day, Kari Byron and all the other women you love to belittle, are still more important than you will ever be.

        10. “It is so sad that you need to belittle other people’s (especially women’s) achievements in order to feel better about your life.”
          Smallest violine playing the saddest song ever.
          “I don’t know why no one told you this, but I will: Some men from the past have accomplished great things. True. Some men continue to accomplish great things. But here’s the thing: None of those men are you; as in, their achievementsare not, by default as a gender, *your* achievements.”
          Unless if it`s about rape. If a man rapes, then every man is a rapist, right?
          “At the end of the day, Kari Byron and all the other women you love to belittle, are still more important than you will ever be.”
          Depends on what is important to you. To some people, Miley Cyrus is the most important person ever. To some, Htiler. That`s why modern women can`t understand anything, everything is about “being important”, “showing off”, “who is on TV and who`s not”.

        11. Reading this site, it’s clear that the little boys here are the masters of the sad whiny violin. I’ll leave that skill to you big guy.
          The tired old rape argument. Nice deflection. How about you give me a good reason why you, as a modern schlub, have any right to claim any achievement in this world. Oh, you can’t, so you’re just gonna throw around words like ‘slut’ and rape.
          You vapid morons cannot make an argument about anything other than fucking bitches, acting like assholes and getting mail order brides. And here you are thinking you are ‘run the world.’
          Little boys playing dress up indeed. .

        12. “The tired old rape argument.”
          Yep, we are tired of it too…
          “How about you give me a good reason why you, as a modern schlub, have any right to claim any achievement in this world.”
          Why claim? To show off? I don`t need to claim anything, i just do and get what i want and that`s it. Again, it is women who will never understand men, not the other way around.
          “You vapid morons cannot make an argument about anything…”
          “little boys here are the masters of the sad whiny violin…”
          “The tired old rape argument. Nice deflection….”
          “You vapid morons cannot make an argument about anything other than fucking bitches, acting like assholes and getting mail order brides. And here you are thinking you are ‘run the world.’”…
          “Little boys playing dress up indeed…”
          Some arguments huh? You must have been a real pistol at the debate club.

        13. no, not all men are rapists. Some women are rapists. Some of us are capable of seeing things in a balanced way

        14. yep and little boys that are terrified that they might have some ‘feminine’ characteristics that are selfish and have no respect for others. Pity them really

      4. Dear fellow ROK readers,
        Have a look at the post history of this character. What do you see? The typical, low-level lefty grunt. Every post, from businessweek to Raw Story to here on ROK, is made of the common snark you see from the writers that hold up the mast of the left.
        Ad hominem insults when faced with irrefutable evidence, attempts to take a personal high ground through narcissistic show ponying (whether that be a perceived (by them) educational, fiscal or other superiority) and sarcastic remarks which seemingly take the intellectual high-ground but ultimately say nothing of any substance to derail the core argument of their target.
        Replying to this character, and any of their ilk, serves nothing to the greater good. They feel no shame, no guilt and no desire to change their world view. They live in a fantasy land, protected by a narcissism too entrenched to shove the red pill down it’s proverbial throat.
        Save your words, friends, and just keep watching the fire works. It’s beautiful.

        1. are you kidding, even though they won’t change their way, I have no problem with painting this asshole into a corner. I’ve done it! It makes me feel good primarily because I know I’m right and I have evidence to back up why I’m right. if I don’t have evidence, I have cold calculative logic that basically makes him look like an ass and make him stop replying.
          I understand that winning an argument on the Internet is a lot like winning the Special Olympics, no matter what happens you’re still retarded, but it does enhance my arguing skills a little bit better the more I deal with stupid fucks. makes me more articulated over time.

        2. Agreed, but beware the vagaries of entering any conflict, no matter how easily destroyed the target is, for no reason more than to feed one’s ego. For that is the same principle which the ego’s of the snide operate; they seek not to enrich their own lives or the lives of those they interact with, but to feed their own level of satisfaction, regardless of the quality or the process to do so.
          Ignore them. Allow them to be the blind harbingers of their own undoing and pursue the loftier goals that a man should.

        3. The problem with “ignore them” is that silence is seen as consent by most lurkers. We’ve ignored them for decades in order to take the higher ground, and that was taken as implied consent for their ideas and policies. Look around at how far ignoring them has gotten us.
          Don’t ignore them, I say. Refute them with facts, let them spin around in their hatred spewing ad hominem, and let the watchers finally see that the opposition to these misfits is alive and well.

        4. I am meeting a much higher goal. I’m learning how to argue with the dumbest motherfuckers and actually come out on top. To be able to talk your way out of any illogical argument by proving logic in making it proven again and again is a very valuable asset to have.
          you get more than enough people on your side arguing with a dipshit like this, he will up and disappear. He obviously went into a forum not expecting to get his ass kicked from numerous directions. oh he was trying to do was find dumb enough people to not only engage with him, but but not win against him. When the standard tactics don’t work, they flee. at that point, there’s no ego to feed. Just an ego to bruise.

        5. Good point. That would clearly be an error on my part to believe complete ignorance would be the best course of action. However, allow me to append my post; in this situation (the comments section), where the snarks make their bids, they are better left ignored when it is clear they won’t acquiesce.

        6. ghost of Jefferson has a point. By not speaking up, we’re not actually protecting anything. Stupid people are going to claim victory if the other side falls silent and as soon as you know it, this place is going to be right with retards speaking about social justice bullshit. if you show other people that have something of a higher capacity for thought that we’re not going to sit here and take bullshit from morons, they’ll be less likely inclined to start joining a conversation where they don’t belong.

        7. You will never convince a fanatic. And these statists and acolytes are the very definition.
          But behold the power of argument! You do not have to convince anybody of anything.
          Behold what happens when there is no argument!
          The Old Testament was written in a manner that each line can be interpreted several ways and it was DESIGNED to be debated and argued over (and not in any organized church that builds CATHEDRALS). Yet look what happens when there is no argument and everything is taken as gospel.
          They pushed religion out of the room but people are no better and now it’s the state they worship.
          Sometimes I think that the entire survivalist, now prepper, thing was all about killing the argument. Joe Libertarian is trying to live in a cave while the workplaces were taken over by SJW types, the end result, because there was nobody in the room to tell the idiots how dumb their ideas were. Didn’t matter if it was the mail room, the court room, or the board room – dumb ideas left alone become policy and law.

        8. It’s just pure entertainment for me. I actually get a high when a woman get pissed and uses shaming tactics. This shit is better than watching television. It’s not often I will even pay attention to women but I can’t pass this up.

      5. Is she better looking because of her tattoos? No. She is attractive DESPITE her tattoos, not because of them. A hot girl in a paper bag is still a hot girl. Plus how much of this attractiveness is due to a TV studio and the make up artists therein?
        As for smart? Well it’s hard to know if anyone on TV is actually smart, or just has great behind the scenes workers and writers. Grant and Tory are both doofuses (doofi?), and likely do have some smarts to justify being on the show. If Kari were ugly, there’d be no question. Since she is not, then there is a distinct possibility that she was hired to be the eye candy and to satisfy some diversity formula for TV.
        The fact that when she went on maternity leave she was replaced by a bubbly blond Barbie seriously suggests that the eye candy role was vital to the producers.

      6. She’s admittedly easy on the eyes, but smart? All she’s proven is that she can read a teleprompter on cue.

    3. And each of those studies would be pure bullshit.
      When you treat the woman right, the woman treats you right. Treat her like a piece of shit that you own, and you’ll get treated like the piece of shit you are.

      1. “Treat her like a piece of shit that you own, and you’ll get treated like the piece of shit you are.”
        Wrong. Treat her like a piece of shit that you own and she’ll follow you to hell and back. You have so much to learn.

        1. True. While ‘treat her like a piece of sh*t’ is overkill, the basic point is that putting her up on a pedestal will lead to disappointment whereas displaying dominance, indifference, etc. will lead to satisfaction for both.

        2. Wrong. The only time a woman should feel owned is in the bedroom. Otherwise, dudes who think it’s ok to treat a woman like a piece of property should be dropped like a bad habit.

        3. They might never admit the want to be treated like a piece of property, but actions speak louder than words. Women can’t get enough of that domination, in or out of the bedroom, and they’ll always come back for more of it. I’ve seen it happen so many times.

        4. Well, I must be a minority then. The bedroom is the only place I will put up with being dominated and or controlled. I am my own person, I am a grown successful, open minded woman. I do not put up with men or people in general treating me like shit.

        5. If the “right” guy treats you like shit, you’ll put up with it all day long and beg for more. Get the fuck out!

        6. Ummm no. Obviously if the “right guy” is treating me like shit he’s not the “right guy”

        7. Sure he is. Every woman loves a bad boy abuser. Maybe you’re just not hot enough to attract that special bad boy who treats you like shit.

        8. Explain a dominatrix then? They wouldn’t let you dominate themthem, they get off on being the dominant, I know plenty of women who treat men as you’re describing and they stick around. Perhaps a thing that some humans enjoy rather than just women?! A bit like religion, where people take comfort in believing someone else is in ultimate control.

        9. Ok Mr. Dildo baggins. Some girls may enjoy that shit, but I do not. I can tell you right now, that I do not put up with men who cheat on me, beat me, and or treat me like trash. I have been beaten ( put me in the hospital I might add) and cheated on, been treated like trash. But, I walked away, I don’t stick around and let it happen twice. That is the definition of stupidity.

        10. You are right. I never said it was exclusively women who want to be treated this way, but they make up the vast majority who will keep coming back for more of it and secretly seem to love it. As for men who want to be whipped and kicked and verbally assaulted in a more or less controlled environment where they are likely paying good money for the experience, I have no explanation. Guilt? Unresolved issues from childhood? Brain chemistry that is out of whack? It’s something to investigate.

        11. Trained? Really? I am to head strong to obey a man, except when it comes to bedroom activities. That whole different story sir.

        12. Actually I’m just trying to get more upvotes on Disqus, but this approach doesn’t seem to be working.

        13. Well, I’m sorry that it’s not working for you. But atleast you are honest. But, I do get a vibe that you enjoy dominating women.

        14. Erm, whatever the perverted reason we should also remember that the female is still taking her orders from the man.

        15. You seem fun because you enjoy being dominated in the bedroom. That’s why men are responding. Very few women actually admit to that in my experience. I’ll give you points for it.
          Rough sex with young girls is best.

        16. Thank you sir. I read an article on return of kings this morning about not envying a woman based on her privilege. I actually enjoyed it, and commented on it. Surprised I haven’t heard anything lol

        17. You are much more reasonable and pleasant than the women and women-like creatures that show up here. So, how big are your tits?

        18. I’m open minded and look at all sides of a story. And I’ll let you guess on that question. And why would you like to know how big my breasts are?

        19. Breast man eh? You tell me something interesting about yourself and I might consider sharing. My boyfriend says information is knowledge.

        20. Whenever I had to do the “tell something interesting about yourself” ice breaker activity in college or wherever, that was my go-to. But I only realized years later that that probably made me sound like I was trying to brag about being rich. I lived next door to him before he had all the money and fame.

        21. Thats is still pretty awesome. Not many people can say things like that. My icebreaker was all about music. B cup.

        22. I don’t show off my body like that. I’m conservative in the way I dress. The only time I dress “sexy” is in the bedroom.

        23. not this woman. Don’t care for domination/submission crap. I’m for mutual respect. Works well for me. I have a long-term loving relationship.

        24. you mean as a role play? I can do a role play but I will not tolerate being controlled by anyone. Nor do I seek to control others

        25. no way. I have self-respect. I will not tolerate abuse. A hot looking guy that is an arsehole is like glitter-coated shit. Would rather have an ordinary guy that has a heart of gold.

        26. who is telling you this garbage about what women want? Way off the mark. Yes a lot of women, including myself like some ‘bad boy’ traits, but not the arseholery and abuse. I like confidence, excitement, sense of danger, naughtiness. I will not tolerate abuse and treating me like shit

        27. you have self-respect. I admire your courage. I think some women stick with the abusers out of fear or because they believe they can ‘fix’ them.

        28. only as a role play would I do that with a man I respected and trusted. But he’d let me do the same with him.

        29. Of course role play/rough sex. I like when my man takes control in the bedroom, or when he dominates me in the bedroom. But, I also like it when he makes love to me. But, the bedroom is as far as the domination and control goes. He let’s me do my own thing, I let him do his, we give eachother freedom because we trust eachother.

        30. you’re young but you’re a rare woman that these wannabes on here can never have. Because you have self-respect and mutual respect. Unlike them

        31. you are vile. A typical narcissist. Pretending to be charming and preying on a beautiful, honest young woman. She’s out of your league

        32. Thank you. I think the same thing or they think it’s what they deserve. I watched my mom go through it too many times to count. I never understood it, couldn’t wrap my head around why she put up with it. I refuse to settle for a toxic relationship, because I know I deserve better.

        33. unfortunately narcissists try their luck with honest and open types, hoping you are naive and will give them an ego boost by giving you the naked pics they want you to send them

        34. I take it you’re always on top and feeling like you’re in control – big ego boost for your fragile ego

        35. If you call 28 young. Lol I yet that a lot. I never saw the point in debating a topic if your not willing to look at both sides.

        36. I enjoy role plays too. You have healthy values. Some of the narcissist males on here are attempting to seduce you. They want to ‘dominate’ a beautiful young woman but they don’t want to role play. They are narcissists. Beware.

        37. it’s because they believe that’s what women want. They think they have women worked out but they don’t. They are narcissists that try to lure and charm women for their egos – for a feeling of power

        38. yes, you’re still young. But have a much better attitude than most people. Take care not to be naive though. Being pretty and open and honest makes you very desirable to these narcissists that want you but don’t deserve you

        39. Not fussed about being on top necessarily, but it seems that’s how women like it. I aim to please 😉

        40. Not going to happen. I know well enough not to send nudes. Hardly ever do that for my boyfriend unless hes out of town working.

        41. I see nothing wrong with a submissive/ dominate relationship. I know women that are into it but are successful. I’m only into it in the bedroom, once in a great while. It’s a lifestyle choice just like anything else.

        42. Honestly, I think he was curious. I think any man would be.
          The men on here see so many women on here preaching to them like children, but being just as childish and fueling a fire. You can’t change the way people view things, don’t have to like it or agree with it.

        43. My boyfriend views me as his sex toy, and I don’t mind that one bit. But, that doesn’t make him narcissistic. We all are sexual beings by nature, and he treats me like the lady I am 90% of the time, but at home we can watch tv or he can have his way with me.

        44. I’m a strong-willed mother of a strong-willed son that is challenging to parent. Is frustrating at times but I’m encouraging him to be confident and assertive and have his opinions etc. What I was not allowed to be until I broke free of my a controlling environment. My son is still developing and has episodes of immaturity with temper tantrums and self-entitlement which I hope he grows out of. I tend to go a bit into lecturing mother mode. I’m not a drama queen type like my mother.

        45. no it’s not the abuse part that women find attractive about ‘bad boys’. It’s the confidence, sense of danger/excitement etc.

        46. if he values and respects you more for who you are and not just how good a sex toy you are then it sounds like you’ve found yourself a decent man.

      2. lol, I treated a girl, who was studying at the prestigious school of Science Po in Paris, (so was “clever/intelligent”and was hot skinny brunette btw) like shit, cheating on her with girls in front of her, and she cried at the phone that she missed me (I was studying abroad and was home every 2 week ends) and were happy when I came home to screw her in the hallway.
        stop believing everything is pink and there are rainbows and unicorn. grow the fuck up.
        Funny now how I wish I had not dumped her. Only since reading Rok I realize that she was a high value woman (feminine, used to be virgin, not feminist & jewish like the current one, no eating disorder, no tat, no piercing, and good education is a plus), certainly more that the one I have atm.

      3. Delusional.
        The me of four years ago would not believe how the me of today treats my wife. By any measure I now treat her ‘like shit’.
        I went from 20 years of sex-less marriage to practically daily shagging. And my wife is more ‘loved-up’ with me and our marriage is stronger than ever.
        I LIVED the bullshit you are spouting for two decades. It is completely, utterly 180 degrees wrong. Women love dominance in men – and make no mistake, in today’s world that will absolutely mean treating her ‘like shit’. There is no middle course here, despite what women, society and weak men will tell you.
        Wake up to the truth about female nature instead of the rainbow-unicorn-fairytales you have been told and will be told by women – they have no idea what their attraction triggers are. They are not supposed to – a women who truly understands her attraction triggers is simply failing at being a women.
        In short – wake up and don’t waste 20 years like I did.

        1. define ‘treating your wife like shit’ and ‘dominance’ in how you’re better sex.
          I’m in a long-term marriage too and am enjoying great sex. My husband didn’t need to treat me like shit though

    4. But when you tell them that whatever pillar of feminist “thought” is false, they’ll quickly bombard you with dozens of links to “academic papers” that “prove” that “the patriarchy” is still “oppressing” them.

      1. In this feminist dominated academic ivory tower period, those academic studies really should be written on toilet paper so they would serve some useful purpose.

    5. The standard feminist reply to any study that tells them something they don’t want to hear is to say it was done by men, and therefore is wrong. They don’t bother to check if a man did the study, they just assume it was since no woman would go against team vagina.

    6. Actually, I agree with him, and I am a female with tattoos. I don’t believe that I, myself, fits the description, but he is talking about statistics and tendencies. Yes, there is leeway for exceptions, but you can’t argue against science. That’s simply ignorant and immature.

        1. I’m sorry I’m not pretty enough for you. If it really bothers you that much you can either focus on the actual discussion or get lost yourself.

    7. Agreed, but imo, the most important audience for this subject is not women, it is men.
      I suspect that the reach of this spat will result in yet more men discovering that many other men share the same opinions about tats and women as themselves. That their gut instincts are not ‘wrong’, that their opinions are valid and that it is perfectly acceptable to voice them.
      This is the red pill vector becoming airborne.

    8. Science many times explains in well, a scientific way, what we already knew by observation and experience.
      I have a vineyard that is identical in every way from the type, age of the vines to the actual winemaker etc etc but it consistently produces better wine than the one a 100′ away . I had a geologist analyse the soil and he gave me a report. Things like gravel at a certain level or clay at another level which provided a little better conditions for growing than the other vineyard.
      He explained in a scientific way the difference but just told me what I already knew, that one plot was better than another.

    9. The funny thing is, the first step in any form of self improvement is recognizing you have a problem in the first place. The amount of women (and men) who can’t see past their own tattooed noses is very,very high.

  8. Remember when it used to be common sense to only get a tattoo under your shirt? How many people do you meet who have actually done that?

  9. SJWs usually (always) respond to facts and the truth with character assassination…so get ready for their next salvo.

  10. Brilliant article. All SJW’s and women have now to troll us with is ad-hom attacks. They can no longer claim that we are wrong.

    1. Except when it supports their confirmation bias in which case the feminazis are all for science.

      1. The women are still going apeshit on the original entry. I wonder if they’re aware of this one supporting his treatise.

        1. One thing I had been in full endorsement here on ROK is full citation to support the opinions whenever that is possible. The feminazis will never come to terms with our positions but by providing unequivocal evidence any impartial observer will side with us. And ultimately, the goal should be to convert as many as possible to our doctrine.

    2. I agree. And while everyone here is thrilled that science has won them this round, the thing is Skoll, very few of those facts used actually make any gender reference. Two in fact. All but two of those facts apply to both men and women.

      1. Matt Forney’s article was centered on advising men against becoming involved with tattooed women. So the studies are perfectly congruent with Mr. Forney’s opinion.

      2. Why would we care if they apply to inked men, precisely? Last check, the relevance here is that men looking for red flags in women should look for XYZ as detailed in the articles. Since we aren’t looking to date men, the relevance of it applying to men is moot.
        Your objection is thus a non-sequitur.

        1. I’m not saying you would care. I was merely commenting to Skoll that as these are actually generally gender neutral observations about the link between body modification and mental health, or drug use or whatever they can’t really be used to oppress women.

        2. No one is being oppressed. No one cares about tatted men because they have already been written off.
          Notice the comment stated by Mark Cuban. How many men went totally nuts and tried to deny that tattoos make a man look dangerous and deviant?

  11. I’m curious to see how men with tattoos fare. Even though I am a tattooed man, my SMV isn’t based on having ink. If anything, I would assume that good, well placed ink on a man only serves to increase SMV (especially if the work is discreet).
    As a red piller who’s been a fixture on the carousel for a solid decade, I can definitely say that I’ve seen a lot of tattooed sluts go up and down on this pony’s pole.

    1. “‘I’m curious to see how men with tattoos fare. Even though I am a tattooed man, my SMV isn’t based on having ink”
      I think it would be different for men, because tattoos are originally something men did, not women. It was a sign of rebellion.
      I’m a guy who at one point was considering getting tattooed, but now every faggy liberal, hipster dog felching, pig fellating tough guy wanna be trying too hard to be noticed is getting ink done made me decide that the rebellious thing to do was not get tattooed. Even Ozzy Osborn said this to his son.

      1. As a man with a fairly significant number of tattoos (depending on your perspective), I’d argue that, for men, it is a crisis of identity when it comes to men with tattoos. The confluence of men with tattoos whom would also be called gym junkies is not a coincidence.

      2. “I think it would be different for men, because tattoos are originally something men did, not women. It was a sign of rebellion.”
        This is very interesting Visionquest, and a little contradictory? If it was something that was originally for men, wouldn’t the surge in female inking be considered a rebellious act too?

        1. No contradiction. Watching tv and doing what the tv tells you is conformity. BTW this applies to all the little male, female and in between snowflakes. Rebelling might be going against popular culture and, up until now, that’s what tattooed people were doing. Also, pre-tattoo fad, you mostly saw male tattoos on say, marines, Russian mafia, MS13, etc. In these instances the tattooed men are conforming, perhaps, but, this came at a very high cost. Today’s pig felching SJW’s endure no such initiation, they just show up to a tattoo parlor and, viola, just like advertisements tell them that if they drink pepsi their “cool”, their new skin deep tattoo tells (they think) other people that they’re edgy. Except that everyone else did the same thing making this action not really edgy at all. Thus defeating their original intention outright leaving the subject with a permanent mark that says – I follow…and all the other things we’re covered.

    2. You do realize your answer is within this article. The science is for both sexes, only the author makes the science about women only.

  12. But science doesn’t apply to her and her 5 tattoos and 8 piercings because she’s different, special, and not like all the other girls!

    1. “But science doesn’t apply to her and her 5 tattoos and 8 piercings..”
      That and her multitude of HPV strains in her stink box.

      1. “Results indicate that respondents with four or more tattoos, seven
        or more body piercings, or piercings located in their nipples or genitals, were substantially and significantly more likely to report
        regular marijuana use, occasional use of other drugs, and a history of being arrested for a crime,” the paper continues. “Less pronounced, but still significant in many cases, was an increased propensity for those with higher incidence of body art to cheat on college work, binge drink and report having had multiple sex partners over the course of their lifetime.”
        Texas Tech University published in The Social Science Journal,

        1. That was what I was thinking. This is a clear cut case of “logic rape.” Or it could be “fact abuse.” Anyway it is nothing that couldn’t be solved with a few death threats.

        2. basically, everything is like rape, if you ask a feminist. all sex is rape. unless it is gay sex.

        3. You may have missed it: As of late there have been quite a few cases of ‘post sex regrets’ that have been called in as rape hence the joke (the last one I saw was the lady who got head on camera at night in front of an establishment and was enjoying it, consentually, and she called it rape the next day).

        4. Both hurt; both indicate a lack of foresight and willingness to engage in risky behavior…….

        5. yeah, that sucks if that happens – post sex-regret called rape. Fake ‘victims’ also shit on those that have experienced abuse. Also, males get raped too

        6. you mean slutty girls that get tattoos at a whim and don’t care who they have sex with? What about all these males engaging in risky behaviour? All this shagging as many females as possible?

        7. For the men: the correlation between tattoos and promiscuity holds true across both genders.
          In regards to testosterone not “taming” you, my perspective is that I don’t want a woman who needs to be tamed. I’ve been in relationships with both types and never particularly enjoyed being constantly tested. It makes the relationship more exciting at first but it wears thin pretty quickly. I eventually ended up marrying a small town girl who was raised with a very “team” mindset: she believes that a marriage should be all about mutual support with the goal being the success of the family as a whole.
          There is no argument over “his career” or “her career” for us. Decisions are made over what will make the two of us together more successful.

        8. that’s actually my philosophy too. I’m assertive but I neither seek to dominate nor will be dominated. I married a man that shared my values of honesty and mutual respect.
          I tend to clash with people (male or female) that are extremely dominant and aggressive.

        9. This tattoo thing has been an endless carnival of trolling. I approve.
          Tens of thousands of replies on the original Forney post. Too bad this site isn’t monetized for add revenue.

        10. Among the liberal rabbitry, they’re called “hate facts.” Usage example: “I believe a woman’s fetus is an uninvited parasite, don’t tell me sexual intercourse is consent to impregnation, don’t tell me a fetus is not a parasite, spare me your hate facts, when I am done you can go to jail for stating hate facts like that.”

        11. All penetration of females according to feminazis is rape. A tattoo needle must be like a rapid fire rape machine to them.

        12. I seriously question if those types have some sort of a rape fetish. I mean, to them everything is rape, there is a rape culture (which RAINN vehemently denies btw), and there’s always that “boogie man” who will magically appear out of their car’s muffler to rape them. Rape, rape, rape, rape, rape…
          I seriously wonder how mentally deranged those kinds of people are. And how many of them needs years of mental help (I mean, like Mental Asylum sort of help) they need.

        13. More like: The probability of getting raped, is lots higher for women who parade around prison yards dead drunk and butt naked carrying a fuck me like you mean it sign, than amongst those who don’t leave the house unless accompanied by male armed escort. Meaning, most rapes could be avoided if the victim took better precautions.

        14. It’s a fact of life that there are scumbag predators and opportunists. It’s not enough to try teach people not to rape. Need to take precautions too ie not wander streets at night alone, get drunk and lose control of oneself etc

        15. Rape culture is what we call the fact that people get upset that a football player’s life is ruined because he raped someone instead of being upset that someone was raped.

        16. By using the term feminazai , you have given away the fact that you are a hard core righty that probably listens to Rush and company. Anything you say is even less credible to people like myself that do not personally attack others or use labels.

        17. I found that the johns/tricks who order girls from my escort service have a strong aversion to tatted girls. While alpha males like myself and friends don’t give a shit either way.

        18. Very interesting. Tattoos are a huge turnoff for me. I didn’t realize how common this is. Since most women are covered in them this means the few without them raised their SMV by default.

      2. yet these man-boys boast about getting into triple figures with how many women they use as masturbation toys – the irony. They must be walking petri dishes of STIs

        1. You’re seriously the only sane person here. I came here because someone I know posted about how fucked this guy’s views are. I have to agree, the “author” is merely a double standard slinging, whine-o.

        2. All they use are statistics from in-house study groups that werent peer reviewed. None of these claims hold any value in scientific journal. A scientist in South Africa used magnets to “prove homosexuality is wrong”, just because some guy with a clipboard writes a report doesn’t make it the truth.
          There was a panel of doctors who wrote a report before the emancipation of slaves saying that slaves have a pre-disposed medical condition that makes them want to run away. So what’d they do? They tried to make a medication for it, there were whole essays on the subject…but common sense says that’s seriously fucking stupid so obviously nothing really came of it.
          I’m a tattooed, and pierced man. I have a salaried career with amazing health insurance, paid leave, ect. I also have a house, I’m near debt free, and my credit is pretty good. I’m happy with my life. I know more people who you deem “broken” who’re actually really well off, and happy, than people who have no tattoos.

        3. Never used a woman as a masturbation toy. Having casual sex with someone for its own sex isn’t masturbation. It’s casual sex. It’s not all that wrong in my book, don’t get what the issue is there.
          Had the clap once. I actually hit it twice because the chick who gave it to me was a hard ten, and I knew it could just be cured easily anyway.
          Before I got married I had a clean bill o’ health, and now three healthy kids so- no worries there.

        4. The person you know can’t handle the objective truth laid out by these studies.
          . Tattoos are generally associated with what kind of cultural phenomenon? Helping little old ladies across the street? Mathematical skills? Mother Theresa?
          Jesus Christ. It’s common sense. I hate tattoos too, especially on bitch-made sissies.

        5. Jesus. Slavery. Really? I hope lurkers realize that no amount of evidence will be able to pierce this guy’s raging hamster.
          The studies actually seem like a fairly broad cross-section to me. There’s more than enough evidence here to conclude what 90% of us already know.
          Also, who you know doesn’t really matter. I don’t know who you know. I know a shitload of tatted people. Most of them are felons or crazy drugged out girls with wrecked heads.

        6. There’s a difference between not liking tattoos, and using totally unfounded “science” to try and back up the claim that all tattooed people are worthless. And as a matter of fact, I’m an engineer, so I do use mathematics quite often. Again, your assumptions are just based on you not liking tattoos, and that’s fine. You can say it, just don’t insult people who do actually contribute to society. There are just as many pieces of shit people with out tattoos.

        7. I don’t have a problem with casual sex if both parties agree and they are honest and respectful about it. But a lot of people are manipulative, narcissistic arseholes that lie and cheat to get sex with someone. The people that write these articles see women as sex toys and nothing else

        8. thanks. This website is vile. Is disturbing how people turn out like this. It’s like christianity and islam with the religion stripped away but still keeping the crappy cultural shit like men dominating women and seeing them as nothing more than sex toys

        9. this ‘article’ is extremely biased and is just trying to say ‘but science says so’ to appeal to authority. Is a load of crap

        10. Then why isn’t it being reviewed as more than just an opinion piece? It’s like saying FOX News or CNN are telling the truth. When given the same story both news outlets will emphasize things differently.
          Take the studies for example. The answer is already in the question, and if you’ve ever taken statistics you’ll learn that you can ask the same question just worded differently until you get the desired result. I’m not denying that the people they spoke with, or even the ones you interacted with have had issues, but that’s the same generalizing that causes xenophobia and racism.
          This mentality and logic is the same that says all Muslims are terrorists, and they’re not. Or that all black people are or will be criminals, or Jews control the media. Just say, “I don’t like people with tattoos. I find them low-class.” because that’s an opinion, and I can respect that. But be better than this, because that doctor? She may have a 3/4 sleeve under her white coat. That civil engineer may have both his legs tattooed.
          I have a Star Wars half sleeve in memorial of my father, I have my chest, my other arm, and my wrist done. I also have my septum pierced. I did these things for me, because I find them definitive of who I am. That’s my right, and it’s certainly your right to not like them, but never assume I’m less of a man for it. Or that woman is a slut because she’s comfortable enough to understand that it’s her body, and she should be able to modify it.
          I bet any of these guys would not mind a woman with implants. It’s in the porn they watch so why not? But that’s body modification. One of my sisters has breast implants, and has been married to the same man for 8 years. She also has tattoos. See? So just go your way, and we’ll go ours and let’s stop all of this mindless judging of people.

        11. These scientific studies are what they are. I haven’t been able to identify any aspect of the methodology or really anything substantive that shows them to be fraudulent.
          It doesn’t matter what you or I do. All that matters is the general principle. Does it apply more often than not?
          No one is saying “ALL!” No one has ever stated all. But it doesn’t have to be all. All it takes to wreck a man’s life is one.
          Not all bites from cobras envenomate. But plenty do and they are often deadly. Arguing that people with tattoos are no more dangerous than people without them is like arguing a cobra is no more dangerous than a rattlesnake. Sure both can kill you.
          Not all snakes will bite. Not all bites will kill. We have to be discerning when being around snakes. This is where generalizations come in, and keep us on the right path.

        12. ‘bitch made sissies’? What do you mean by this? Men that aren’t afraid of showing vulnerability and having feminine characteristics? Do you also dislike women that exhibit ‘masculine’ characteristics, even if they’re straight, like me? ie I’m a thinker

        13. I will admit that you most likely are an exception. While you’ve tried to label people as immature boys, that’s mild by internet standards. You have carried yourself a lot better than 99% of the naysayers on this thread. Most have gone full throttle with the “youre gay/can’t get none/mother’s basement/small penis” ish.
          But recognizing that, I don’t get why you care so much. If the generalities don’t apply to you, they don’t apply.
          But no matter what, it’s not going to change the fact that most people are going to be initially wary of people with tattoos, and that this stereotype, while not always accurate, is accurate enough. We all have to prove ourselves ultimately. I have a huge scar from a wound on my chest. People at the beach look at me nervously at first. I don’t blame them for it. It’s natural- most people with serious scars caused by violent acts are dangerous.

        14. You need a man with sufficient testosterone to tame you.You have been depraved of male authority.

        15. The author has generalized women, and same with it’s commenters. To address the analogy, I don’t see tattoos as a concern. It’s a fun conversation starter with strangers. Whenever someone notices my chest piece it’s actually a nice little confidence booster. And this is from tattooed and non-tattooed alike.
          My last serious relationship lasted nearly 5 years, and she had no tattoos, and no extra piercings, but it didn’t stop her from making poor choices. In fact, I’ve only dated one woman with tattooed and piercings, and it was one of the best relationships I ever had. She wound up moving really far away, and it wouldn’t have worked that way.
          My point is that just because a few people have marred the experience for you doesn’t mean we’re any less or more capable of doing or saying harmful things. There are non-modified people on this board who’ve said more damaging things than me. Based on those statistics used by the scientists it is “normal” people who’ve shown more hatred than tattooed people.

        16. I am curious about how people turn out as they do. My pre-teen son has characteristics of an alpha male and I don’t want him to turn out like the arsehole alpha-male wannabes on this site. My husband and I are trying to teach him values of mutual respect.
          People do judge by external appearances. I value more the person on the inside. I got told when I was younger from people that they were surprised when they met my husband because they didn’t think he was ‘good-looking’ or ‘educated’ enough for me. I have a science degree and am a business woman and my husband is a truck driver.
          I frequently got judged as stupid or weird because I am ‘different’ in personality to most people. I’m direct and honest. People can’t handle that. I’m not impressed by superficial shit that most people go after – money, fame, how many people they’ve had sex with etc

        17. no, quite the opposite. I was raised in a ‘traditional’ christian authoritarian environment. All that women must submit to men crap.
          I don’t respect people in authority male or female unless they are respectful too ie treat people fairly and decently.
          So how do you ‘tame’ women? Beat them into submission? Rape them?

        18. “My pre-teen son has characteristics of an alpha male and I don’t want him to turn out like the arsehole alpha-male wannabes on this site. My husband and I are trying to teach him values of mutual respect.”
          All the libtard jaw snapping is amusing enough until you see something like this. This woman just said her young son is displaying dominant male behaviours as if it were a bad thing. And, thanks to her lifelong obsession of going against her authoritarian daddy, she and her emasculated man-boy American husband will ensure they “correct” this. The cultural Marxist doublespeak of “mutual respect” is one of the most cringe-worthy things I’ve read on the fucking internet.
          Between her, her useless husband, the pinko teachers, a deviant society, and the constant praising of degeneracy as a cultural model, that poor boy doesn’t have a chance.
          Poor, poor kid.

        19. it wasn’t a ban. Just ‘discouraged’. You wannabe masculine males just want to pretend you are all so wise with your off-base crap about how women supposedly are.

        20. I have to laugh at morons like you. All of those benefits you claim you are paying for in the form of being paid less to cover them.

        21. There’s no such thing as rape in Nature. it’s just something we made up and if we chose we could remove it from the laws tomorrow. A word to the wise.

        22. Shutup fruitloops, go play with you cats and stay out of man talk because you don’t belong with men.

        23. To be fair, a lot of these men I think have actually been quite hurt by women. They chose such women. I think many didn’t know how to choose decent women and got burned by the bad ones.
          Everyone they chose was rotten and so all women are rotten to them.
          If you truly are concerned about your son not turning out like this, then teach him how to avoid women who will use him and hurt him. Teach him how to find worthwhile women so he doesn’t get wrecked by the bad ones.
          I’m not yet a mother myself, but I have strong men in my family who were wise (except for one) in who they chose and did not turn out bitter.
          The one who wasn’t got fleeced for everything he had and she even went after the clothes on his back. She was a horrible person.
          I’ve seen what happened to men who kept finding bad ones and how something dies inside them. All women become hateful to them. Just as women who get to many awful guys start to think all men are awful.
          So that’s my advice.
          Teach him to find the good ones and he’ll turn out all right.

        24. Right, I’ll make sure to take advice from you. Health insurance is a necessity for a lot of people, myself included. Sorry I don’t fall under my parent’s insurance plan?
          Also, I’m fairly certain I’m as much man as any other man. My opinion does not disqualify me from my gender, and it’s sad that your idea of a man is misogynistic.
          I have a great life that I worked hard for, and instead of acting like I’m somehow better because I’m a man, or because I’m white and straight, I treat everyone with the respect I expect. Which is why I said “I respect your opinion”.

        25. “So how do you ‘tame’ women? Beat them into submission? Rape them?”
          This is testament to the quality of men you have access to.

        26. Yet he links to many sources that show data. Why do you ignore the science and focus on the personal character of the author?

        27. ok, who left the fucking door unlocked?
          it’s getting so that every idiot can walk through the door now.

        28. because it’s a easily winnable fight if he does that. which, he isn’t winning anyway.

        29. Don’t you hate it when a guy has a valid argument. Quick! get him out of here!!! He’s not towing the party line.

        30. Man your stations!!! A man with a reasonable and logic argument against what was said in an RoK article must be destroyed. Quick!! Use the ray zapper and turn him to dust.

        31. so how many women have you raped? Why this self-entitlement to force yourself on women? To try and feel powerful by abusing them?

        32. not at all. I am married to a man that treats me with respect and would never lay a finger on me in violence.

        33. so a man comes on here and talks sense and you don’t consider him a ‘real’ man. Sounds like a lot of projecting going on here. It’s you that’s afraid of not being seeing as masculine man so that’s why you have a self-entitled attitude out to ‘dominate’ women. So why do you hate women so much? Did your mother abuse you that you now rape women?

        34. Ah, finally someone that offers some insight. Surely it goes back further than just getting jilted by a pretty girl? That they are obsessed with being ‘in control’ and ‘dominating’ and trying to ‘prove’ they’re hypermasculine? And shunning emotional intimacy. They’re emotionally stuck being little kids? Someone hurt them as kids? Their hatred for women – they were abused by a woman? Called a sissy? Beaten?

        35. The problem with ^ is the assumption that violence is a key in doing so or that is the male’s first tool out of the toolbox.
          Also let’s not be coy. If you asked your friends ‘how to tame a man’ they will serve you a plethora of teachings and advice, so do know it operates both ways. In fact I just walked in on some female at a restaurant discussing this the other day.

        36. He’s a dick and you’re a dingbat who isn’t getting any and is frustrated and sexually repressed.

        37. That may not be your fault. They probably accidentally put some alcohol in your surrogate before you were decanted.

        38. That’s where you’re wrong. Men are not dominating anyone and are just taking their place in the natural hierarchy and pecking order. I mean we don’t give children adult rights do we? Sex toys? You can only hope that someone will use you as a toy lol Men and females have nothing in common except for reproduction (sex) so I guess that’s what you mean by sex toy but it is the females who are treating the men as the toys to rob resources from them.

        39. testosterone will not tame me. I have not been depraved of male authority. I had too much male authority – abuse by those in positions of authority.

        40. I think a woman is deluded if she believes she can tame a ‘bad boy’. Just like some males here are deluded in their belief that I can be tamed with some testosterone in authority. That would make me rebel more.

        41. I do not condone violence. And I don’t see it as the first thing all males use. But anger management issues are a concern. I think it’s healthier if males and females are assertive.

        42. yes, there are horrible women in the world. I’ve met plenty of them. I usually prefer the company of men over women. That might surprise some on here that seem to have gotten the view that I am opposed to masculinity. I am not. I am opposed to abuse.

        43. I was sexually repressed. Now I have a higher libido than most men. I prefer quality over quantity.

        44. hierarchies are more about social & cultural conditioning than biology. Males and females have more in common that they have different. Both males and females can have masculine and feminine traits. But seems some of the males on here seem to despise females that exhibit any ‘masculine’ traits eg thinking. So, did you get a divorce? Feel robbed because some of your assets aren’t what you thought they should be? Resent paying child maintenance payments? I am a sex toy when I choose to be one. But I am more than that.

        45. let me ask a question: why is it when women have a place for themselves, men are not allowed to bitch about it, but when men have a place for themselves, women get all angry and stomp their feet and expect to be let in? Just having a website for ourselves makes us evil.
          Sure, we’re not allowed to have a lock because locking women out is just misogynistic, right?

        46. only because it’s in your favor, right? You don’t care who blasts men just as long as a blast them and make you feel good.

        47. no, I don’t have it in for men. I generally prefer men over most women actually. Just frustrating when I see stuff that promotes masculinity = being a judgemental and shallow arsehole.

        48. better tell that to your fellow women. Anything that promotes feminism the way they promote it is doing almost the exact same thing. You want middle ground? Abolish feminism and misogyny won’t be rearing its ugly head is the absolute polar opposite.
          part of the problem is they keep making misogyny a more and more encroaching term. Maybe that might be why your perception of masculinity is as bad as it is.

        49. I’m all for discussion on all topics and one doesn’t need to be so touchy about criticism. Nothing evil about having a website for men. What is frustrating is when men are promoting this idea that being masculine = being an arsehole. No, no, no. But don’t listen to me. I’m just a woman that’s in a long-term relationship that believes in love = emotional intimacy + friendship + companionship + sex + commitment

        50. the way you come across through half of it speaks volumes how your attitude is otherwise.

        51. I think any decent person is opposed to abuse. And I’m not surprised you prefer the company of men. I am a woman and struggle with my own gender’s many failings and prefer discussions with men. I find it very hard to find woman who can debate well. Most take a discussion of any issue as personal.

        52. I don’t identify as a ‘feminist’ because it is such a dirty world and I dislike the feminazis that have warped ideas that sex is always rape etc. So when I read articles and comments on this site, it’s like the extreme opposite which pisses me off too

        53. I know I don’t come across well. That’s part of the frustration trying to communicate. And then the direct attacks of me just reinforce stereotypes I have about some men here (not all men).

        54. yes, and that’s the frustration in trying to comment here. I’ve been attacked as though I’m a fem-nazi and I can’t stand fem-nazis. Yes, I’m a woman that’s a thinker. I have my own reasons for trying to perservere with dialogue. I have been upfront about what those are, despite the frustrating accusations. I’ve learned not to take insults personally. I’ve observed it’s usually more about people projecting and being defensive than anything.

        55. I don’t think they were hurt as kids. And I don’t think arguing with them by taking the “I’m more mature than you stance” helps the discussion.
          That offends anyone.
          I can’t speak for them. I only know what I’ve observed. And it’s more than just a “pretty” face stomped all over their heart. There are many women broken by men, but it took more than one to do it.
          Here’s what I see taking place among the young western women of my gender. Women collecting men like they’re trading cards. Say there is a decent man comes along with serious designs on them. Well, my female friend will keep “him” as her fall back and continue to club and hook up with other guys.
          Soon she’ll have five guys she is “keeping” and is trying to decide which one should be her “Prince”. She weighs among them. Meanwhile, Mr. Decent picks up on her game and stops calling. She panics and goes with her first choice, except he didn’t want commitment and pretty soon her “pool” of guys is down to no one worthwhile.
          Who taught young women to try and mate this way? Other women. And very soon after a few years of this and never meeting a proper guy she starts to blame all men. She ends up emotionally stuck and can’t understand why no decent guys will have her.
          Now imagine a guy playing this game with women and what the result will be. The end result is hollowed out people who despise the other gender and blame them for their own failings.
          There are various ways. That is just one I see.
          Feminizing “men” just makes things worse in my opinion. Because women almost never pursue a “feminized” man and so those men taught to be this way get left out in the cold. And when they realize it they feel cheated and can overcompensate by becoming “hypermasculine”.
          They are angry. Why were they taught to be feminine when it wasn’t going to help them?

        56. try being a woman telling your fellow women that what they are doing is wrong? You think you men have it tough?

        57. and notice the hypocrisy in the men blasted by other men here. I suppose one good thing about persevering here is I made a few friends – the men you write off as ‘not real men’ are very decent.

        58. thank you for your insights. It’s probably the closest I will get to getting the answers I have been seeking (and getting abused etc. Yes, it is frustrating because I get abused from both sides – the men like these who I am trying to understand.
          And by the majority of women – most of whom are bitches or airheads or both.
          I was never promiscuous and neither was my husband. Neither of us were popular and we didn’t care for all that anyway. We both feel fortunate to have experienced love and not just a pile of meaningless sexual encounters – that would get boring and degrading pretty quick for us.
          Do men still respect women that don’t have sex straight way? I would hate to be trying to date in today’s culture. People are more narcissistic and shallow than ever. No-one seems interested in finding ‘love’ ie emotional intimacy with someone that understands and accepts you. I feel fortunate to have found that in this crazy world.

        59. I can relate to that. I was never popular. And for all the guys complaining about the “stupidity” of women, they would sure seem to prefer those women.
          There are still many men who are good. They just won’t be found by “hooking up”.

        60. yes, I do find ‘feminised’ men off-putting. However, I don’t see it as feminised for my husband to have ‘feminine’ characteristics such as being caring and family orientated and even to be able to cook a nice dinner. My father was emotionally cold, never hugged me and believed that only women do the cooking. So I chose someone different to him with those characteristics. A man who didn’t feel he was less of a man for being a warm and friendly person.

        61. well, some is self-inflicted eg I have attempted to dialogue with men here and most have just hurled abuse at me and then got butt-hutt when I said they were immature. I’ve perservered and managed to have some meaningful dialogue amongst all the crap. I could have just said ‘fuck you’ and left immediately. You want women to understand or not?

        62. Like most females you are stupid.I merely said that the concept of rape does not exist in Nature.The male and female have nothing in common except reproduction(sex) so that any interaction between the sexes is always a sexual one(and of course I don’t mean with some old hag or a kid). If you’re not interested in sex then stay away from them and don’t socialise with them because I can assure you that men are just bored with you otherwise and really aren’t interested in your childish babbling.

        63. well I agree that men have it tough these days, but man-whoring yourself around isn’t doing much to solve the problem. It’s destroying the minority of decent women out there just leaving you with the majority of vacuous, slutty and bitchy women. It’s not easy for women like me that are straight but think more ‘masculine’. I get hated by women too. I look like a woman, enjoy being sexy for my husband etc, but I’m more
          ‘masculine’ in some of the ways my mind works. And my husband is straight, but he has some ‘feminine’ traits like being great with kids. It doesn’t make him weak or a sissy.

        64. Apparently son, you’re too stupid to understand what I wrote so I’ll tell you again. Any so called ‘benefits’ you receive at your crap job are really a part of your salary. If your boss, people like me, didn’t have to pay most of your 15% SS tax, workman’s comp., and mandatory Obamacrap you would have a higher salary and could just buy it yourself privately.The government forces me to pay all of this (and pay you less) because they know that proles like you are morons and would waste the money on some crap and never buy the insurance and then become wards of the State if you get sick.
          And btw pussy boy, it’s SEX not gender you brainwashed feminist mangina. Gender is a linguistic term as I’ve been saying for years probably from before you were even born.
          And shave that dopey hipster neckbeard off, you look like a retard.

        65. You’ve had the wrong type of male authority. Those inbred backwoods fundamentalist snake handling poison drinking Bible queers are not what we had in mind.
          Your model for the correct use of authority needs to be someone like myself, an upper class sophisticated man not some inbred hillbilly from Dirtwater, Alabama.

        66. I’m not from the bible belt. I’m from outside the US, but unfortunately was subjected to pentecostal christianity from the US. As an outsider looking in though, your ‘traditional values’ seem to have so much in common with christianity.
          Now please explain how your sophisticated authority gives you permission to rape?

        67. I am interested in sex and I get plenty of great sex. Plus a lot more than that. Sad that you can’t see humans as anything else but sex creatures. No, I’m not stupid. If this is what it means to have authority then it ain’t working very effectively

        68. Mathematics? lol You must have had female instructors because you don’t understand probability and think every exception is the rule.
          I’m a doctor so I’ll explain it my way. Tattoos are like a risk factor for a disease. They’re an sign, and combined with other risk factors are a good indication, not a guarantee, that you will be more likely to suffer from that disease.In this case with tattoos it would be a psychiatric disease.
          Actually the risk factor has gone down a bit from the past, but Still exists, due to the fact that tattoos have become a bit more common on females.
          If I were to go back to the 80’s when tattoos were unheard of on a female, a female who had one was likely damaged in 99% of the cases.
          10-15 years ago when tattoos were still not very common on females but were being seen I’d say that the risk of being damaged went down to perhaps 90%.
          And today where they are more common on the lower classes the risk of being damaged has also gone down. This is all due to the larger number of females who have them rather than a minute group of freaks and criminals.
          Still, compared to normal females in the population, tattoed girls have a much greater chance of being damaged. Not as high as in the 80’s and before, but still significantly higher than the norm.

        69. well, there’s no such thing as ‘murder’ in nature either. ‘Rape’ and ‘murder’ are legal terms that apply to humans living in societies.

        70. There’s no such thing as rape, I told you this.Raptio only very rarely meant sexual violation.The Rape of the Sabine Women was not a real rape rape (as Whoopi would say lol)
          Ok, the problem with fertile females is that they have no insight into their own behaviour.Their subconscious mind is constantly sending messages to their conscious mind to mate because that is their primary purpose in Nature. They will engage in conduct without being aware of what they are doing which is basically ‘asking for it’.
          Doing things that are likely going to attract some man to mate with them. Things like drinking and then walking around with impunity at night without a chaperone where some man may be likely to believe that they want sex.
          Or drinking with some man at 3am and then going to his place or taking him to yours. I doubt if he thinks you’re inviting him over for a game of backgammon.
          Or engaging in foreplay like kissing which is also an invitation to sex.
          Or getting into bed with a man and believe you’re not going to have sex(a lot of young dingbats and feminist morons do this)
          There are many ways to ‘ask for it’ and the female will rarely actually ask for it vocally so her actions are what are important. Claiming that you never verbally said yes to sex is absurd when you gave every indication that you were asking for it.

        71. well I don’t do those kinds of behaviours – get drunk and wander the streets etc. It’s not about saying yes. It’s more that if someone (male or female) is not comfortable about continuing, then they can stop and other other party is to respect this and not force them. Pretty simple, I would have thought. I get that there are people that are malicious and make shit up in revenge. Those are shitty people. But that’s a risk if just sticking your dick in any hole without getting to know what someone is like.

        72. You’re wrong. Men create certain hierarchies because it is their nature, they didn’t just dream some nonsense up out of thin air. That’s feminism.
          I’m a bachelor dear so I’ve never been robbed and my gf’s are all high quality females with real advanced degrees who are 30-40 years my junior.There is simply no benefit for a man in marriage.Even an ideal marriage is simply not worth it and it just turns into a tedious boring affair.

        73. well no benefit for you. Is of mutual benefit to me and my husband, yet we aren’t into a ‘traditional’ style marriage with the man ‘dominating’. Neither of us desire to dominate nor be dominated – unless we do role plays.
          The thing with hierarchies is that usually the biggest arseholes are further up the tree shitting on everyone else. So where do you acquire these girlfriends that don’t pester you for marriage? Are you a sugar daddy flashing gifts and money? Wondering what the appeal is for women wanting to shag a much older man. I’d much prefer a man around my own age.

        74. Lol Try cock then. You sound like a male butthole will make you far happier than a vagina ever could

        75. You sir, are an Idiot! And I ain’t even saying this in defense of Miranda, of whom I couldn’t give less of a fuck. I simply needed to make you aware that your replies to her are the dumbest shit I’ve seen so far d this Blog. And that says a lot, given how I’ve been a witness to immeasurable amount of stupidity since the outbreak of those butthurt bitches with tattoos over Matt Forneys article, In fact I might even say that their collective stupidity almost doesn’t measure up to your own. Have a nice day.

        76. This is my theory and it’s not scientific, but it’s what I think happens and one reason “bad women” seem more numerous.
          I think decent women get out-competed by deceitful ones.
          Think about it. Say there was a situation where “good women” could be identified by wearing red hats.
          Thus the ones who would be honest and faithful to their partner were distinguished from the gold-diggers. What would happen? Within an hour all the bad ones would be wearing red hats crowing about how they’re so trustworthy.
          They existence relies on getting a man to be their “ATM” and they’ll do whatever it takes to get him and his bank account. Decent women aren’t thinking about him in those terms. They are concerned about finances like anyone, but not about draining him dry.
          I had this one family friend my dad knew back in High School. He was uber-popular. I’ll call him J. All the girls wanted J. He was handsome and from a very well-off family and he was smart. A perfect catch.
          Well, J had a younger brother who was born physically deformed. He was never ashamed of his brother, but the family had to feed his brother.
          J would bring his dates to see his brother. And guess what happened? Most of the girls either would stop hanging around him or leave just at the sight of his brother. They were mortified by that “thing”. One even cringed and called his brother a “crippled retard”.
          They were not good women. Selfish. And they dropped the act when they were faced with the prospect of being doing something selfless for nothing.
          However, out of all those there was one he brought home. His parents had to leave so they asked J to feed his brother. While he fed him, the girl calmly watched. The phone rang and J put down the food and went to answer. When he came back, SHE was feeding his brother.
          That was the moment he fell head over heels in love with her. And they are married to this day thirty years later and as happy as can be.
          But so many beautiful girls who were not so good inside were throwing themselves at him. If not for his brother, he could’ve ended up with them instead of the really good one.
          I think it’s really tough on guys to filter the trustworthy women from the bad because generally those “deceptive” women are just so much better at the game.
          To be honest, I never have been fooled by a player in my life. I find such men easy to read as an ABC book. But women who are “playing the game” can fool even me. Men play to get laid.
          Women play the game long-term. Such women want more than just one night. I don’t think decent women can do much against such women.
          Just my theory though. Not based on anything scientific. So feel free to discredit.

        77. you’re the one that’s more aggro and flinging shitty insults around like having little tantrums. Sounds like you’re sexually frustrated, not me.

        78. I’ve observed that men and women can lie to get what they want. But generally women can be more manipulative ie use emotional blackmail and pit people against each other and stir up drama. My husband shares this observation. Neither of us can be bothered with that bullshit.
          I dislike narcissists and I think many people are. And narcs despise me because I see more easily that they are fakes.
          I think too that women are generally more intuitive, so pick up on ‘vibes’ about a person and whether to trust them. But my husband does this too – if we both get a bad vibe about someone, then we are always proven that our gut was right if we end up giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

        79. I usually wasn’t impressed by the popular males or femaies anyway – typically narcs which I despise. And promiscious males turn me off, not attract me. So I didn’t compete for those. I’d rather have someone more ‘ordinary’ looking that is genuine and loves me for me, not just my body. So that’s what I have with my husband.

        80. I was mentioning this to my fiance: A LOT of healthcare professionals can attest to the fact that they’ve seen doctors, lawyers, and other high-end professionals with tons of tattoos once they take their shirts off in a medical setting.
          My sister in law makes a 6 figure salary and her entire arm above her elbow is tattooed. You would NEVER think she’d have even one tattoo, much less be more tattooed than someone like me. (I have one facial piercing). Obviously, she covers it up while at work.

        81. You guys can think anything you want to think. I personally find this whole debacle very entertaining. From both sides.
          My fiance is not a fan of tattoos; he has none and will never get one, and yet I have them. I suppose mine don’t bother him because they are mostly small (like 1 inch) and I don’t have sexual piercings. I’m not some tattooed person really; I keep them covered up. He mentioned to me the other day that he is happy I don’t have a ‘tramp stamp’.
          I get it guys. They are not classy. I agree with that opinion actually. Does it make me regret mine? Not really. As my fiance stated: we’re not living in the Victorian era. Ya’ll aren’t either.

        82. You are very smart, and I enjoy all of your posts. The term “hollowed out people” is sadly so true and a very astute description.
          Most women do not want feminized men. They want men to be men and women to be women.
          Can I ask your age range? I ask only because I tend to get along with an older generation than my own. The older, the better! haha

        83. Me neither. Never cared to be popular either. I was never off-the-charts-hot and so I kind of have that to thank, really. I didn’t like male attention in my youth anyways.
          They don’t prefer stupid though; I don’t think they care. They prefer hot.

        84. Ooh, asking a woman her age. That’s a dangerous question. 😛 Let’s just say my biological clock has not run out. I’m not yet in decline. If I went to bars, guys would still try to buy me drinks.

        85. Rape exists in ducks, geese, bottlenose dolphins, chimpanzees, orangutans, etc. Of course the definition of rape involves the word “person,” so scientists call rapes between other species “animal coercive sex.” But yeah, it’s exactly the same thing, practiced typically by lower-status males who fear their genes will not be passed on due to a lack of female interest.
          By the way, you should try constructing an argument before spewing 1940s platitudes like “girls are dumb!”

        86. anecdotal, anecdotal, anecdotal, and anecdotal…. your arguments are baseless and you’re boring.

        87. Actually, you are better because you’re a man. The human male is the natural pinnacle of the world’s beasts. We envy nothing on this earth but men superior to us; we certainly do not envy women.

        88. I really, really really appreciate this conversation, ladies.
          To my own naivete, I never realized until exposed to sites such as this, the true nature of a lot of women ‘playing the game.’ You could say that well after the fact of meeting, my fiance (bless his heart) introduced me to the red pill, and things truly make sense in a way I never thought to consider or realize.
          I have a few female friends, but not many. It’s sad, actually; I wish I connected with more females because the ones I love, I truly adore.

        89. I’m on Facebook if you want to connect with me. My FB friends are all people I respect. They have decent and balanced views unlike those here in this cesspit

        90. Ha you didnt even understand what he was saying. You have no access to quality men and it shows. Nt.only have you not been properly satisfied and tamed, but are unaware of any methods besides violence, of which you admit you have not had to endure. Your words betray your ignorance and lack of a fulfilling relationship with a truly dominant male specimen.

        91. No, a lot of men don’t respect women that don’t have sex right away. I’ve been v fortunate that my current and previous bfs did wait but I think I benefitted from not being native to North American and being viewed as coming from a traditional society.
          Frankly, I never thought of myself as traditional but then most of my close girlfriends are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants themselves, and compared to them I was non-traditional.
          However, compared to North American girls I am quite traditional especially when it comes to relationships and sex.
          The “3 date” sex rule, I found quite appalling, and after a few uncomfortable situation with misaligned expectations, I didn’t hesitate in bringing up the discussion of objectives for dating (mine were desire for long term relationship), viewpoints on marriage (my view is pro-marriage), and opinions on sex (my view is only within a committed relationship).
          Thank God men in this country are honest about their intentions because during these discussions that a significant number of of my dates openly admitted looking for casual short term flings, stated their they did not believe in marriage and seemed pretty promiscuous.
          I nexted a lot of my dates and they did the same to me, but the ones I didn’t were exactly the ones I wanted, leading to v good relationships that ended mainly due to me moving cities for work purposes.
          There are a few good men who will wait and respect you for waiting as well but I think they’re a rarity.
          My girlfriend, another 1st gen immigrant, is having a hell of a time with dating as one guy she likes (Canadian) is chomping at the bit as it’s been 4 dates already and they haven’t had sex yet. She wants the commitment in order to feel secure to have sex and he wants the sex before the commitment. She likes him but is feeling v pressured and I have a feeling a break up is imminent.

        92. Are you Gen Y? Seems most people in Gen Y are incredibly narcissistic, self-entitled, want instant gratification etc. I think decent men and decent women are a rarity. Do you think that pickup culture is toxic? And that women are generally more manipulative than men? And that people use sex as a poor substitute for emotional intimacy? And the decent men are interested in emotional intimacy?
          I’m gen X and have a healthy long-term relationship. More people were interested in such a relationship in those days, but here was a lot of sexual repression.

        93. I’m married to a quality man. Have been with him for 20 years and have a fulfilling relationship – the kind of relationship most people on here are unlikely to ever experience. Neither of us seeks to dominate each other (unless we do sexy role plays). And even then, there is no place of violence in our relationship. Assertiveness works well. I would never want a relationship with a ‘truly dominant male specimen.’ I have no desire to be controlled like a puppet.

        94. It’s a term in the men’s rights movement that differentiates ‘blue pill’ and ‘red pill’ men in terms of their knowledge about the “true nature of females.” Essentially they think most (or sometimes all) women are not to be trusted, they are completely money hungry, deceitful, manipulative, etc. etc. You can research this on your own if you want; there are a lot of red pill references in the MGTOW movement, which translates to Men Going Their Own Way.

        95. oh, well they’ve got some parts wrong. Many females are like that – but they’re the narcissistic sluts and bitches that are a great match for the narcissistic arsehole males. There are decent women out there as well as decent men but they are few and far between. And the narcissistic bitches and arseholes don’t deserve them

        96. Dude, you’re making too much sense for this place . Sooner or later, you’ll be called a white knight mangina. It’s like one of the few words these rok douchebags know.

        97. For real. Dude, you’re making too much sense for this place . Sooner or later, you’ll be called a white knight mangina. It’s like one of the few words these rok douchebags know.

        98. Now you’re what you’re saying is full of shit. If your marriage was so great you wouldn’t be on here. My sister have a great marriage you wouldn’t see her get upset over an article because she’s too busy enjoying life.

        99. Are you that dumb or are you confused so you said women are more than sexual creatures. lol

        100. The vast majority of the population doesn’t like tattoos. That’s enough. You haven’t proved those studies weren’t peer reviews.

        101. LOL You have no idea. If men have it so easily why are men commit suicide after a divorce. It’s all about you. For an atheist you are so stupid. Why do you think men died earlier than women? Do some fuck’in research before you open your mouth.

        102. Are you dumb? This site is a MGTOW site. We don’t give a fuck about women. Period. We don’t care if good women are out there, it’s not worth the effort honestly.

        103. You have no problem that feminism helped you. It’s because of feminism you can get a job, vote etc.

        104. Now you use shaming tactic that women do. A man defines his own masculinity. A real man will not bow to anyone else, he is own man with balls. We are MGTOW that shit won’t work on us. LOL

        105. good luck trying to convince yourself you’re a ‘real’ man. You’re full of shit

        106. yes, it’s obvious you don’t give a fuck about women. That’s why women don’t give a fuck about you either

        107. If I don’t eat something I dislike does it mean I hate it? Women generalize men all the time. Get use to it dude. Get a clue stupid, we don’t give a fuck with your white knighting bullshit. You haven’t proved anything.

        108. LOL You’re sure intelligent? You are arguing with MGTOW who laugh at you. If you think you’re better than us then why the fuck are you arguing on here?

        109. Your point? Why should I care? Society don’t give a fuck about men. He will be left dead on the streets. This is why I don’t give a fuck. Why don’t you go somewhere else. Why are you obsessed with this site. If you’re so intelligent who do you assume most guys or every guy on here is a PUA. I don’t sleep with women and many of us don’t. PUA is a phase towards MGTOW for some guys. Naturally they will eventually get it. Some slower than others. Thankfully for me I didn’t have to do the bullshit.

        110. criticism is fine when it’s well though out and researched. Not just expressing your opinion out of thin air. That’s why men won’t listen to you. There are women we listen to like girlwriteswhat on youtube.

        111. Who asked you to come on here? Each man himself defines himself not by others. You haven’t do any research about MGTOW. Sorry but you’re being ignorant.

        112. I don’t have to convince myself. I don’t need validation from women or men. That’s what a being a real man is about. Obviously you don’t have a clue. So called intelligent woman. LOL

        113. See you are assuming things without any research. The only person I want to control is myself. I was controlled by my father when i was growing up. In some ways I guess he did until a few years ago. I hate controlling people. Most women try to control men. PUA is path to MGTOW for most guys. I certainly don’t agree with having sex with many women. I only had one sex partner in my life. There’s 4 levels MGTOW. I practially jumped from level 1 to 4. However many guys will be PUA at least try to be.

        114. who said I’m upset over the article? I gave some opinions and seems a pile of you got shitty about that

        115. I believe yp0ermasculine among MGTOW is a myth. That’s not what’s it about. You really need to do your research. Here is how I see it at least in my city. I know for a fact younger women will date a much older man who have money. So naturally the younger males can’t compete because either they don’t make enough or their savings isn’t enough. It’s still cheaper to have casual sex with money while spending money on her than child support or alimony. These older men grew up getting little attention or interest from women. When they men approached the women they rejected them coldly. However when they got older and they had more money the same women wanted to date the men they weren’t interested in before. Naturally the men can see this and I can’t blame them to refuse to date them. They are only interested in money not the guy. Even the young women who have sugar daddies or at least court them for date/sex. Eventually the older guy will be either too old or dead from old age. These lonely old ladies will want men their age however remember they were ignored so the cycle beings.
          The thing is most women aren’t loyal to their men. This is why MGTOW have come about which was around the year 2000. I was the smart one I didn’t get really burned by women compared to other guys. I saw shit I didn’t or wouldn’t accept and seen or heard men getting throw under the by women.
          I will never get married, even with a good woman because the government will try to break up families and either a man or woman can lose a lot. Women are started complaining about alimony after a divorce.
          Just because a woman is against feminism doesn’t mean she is a good woman for a man. Because mostly she is against radical feminism. Feminism from the beginning was to destabilize society. In fact Feminism is eugenics aka “Social Engineering” Here’s a guy talking about women against feminism.

        116. There’s a reason why guys want sex before commitment. When a woman have sex with a man she’s being totally vulnerable. It means to men I love you and I trust you. This is why men are more likely to fall in love with a woman before a woman will. Casual sex isn’t a good idea although I’m against marriage due to the state want to break up families and ruin people’s lives.

        117. I had a lot of very attractive women but I never dated them or have real interest. They didn’t seem to offer much. Guys thought I was crazy not taking advantage of the so called opportunities.

        118. When a man fall head over heels over a woman common sense goes out the window. It’s not that’s really thinking with his penis but his ego. He will feel more manly if he can attract a very attractive woman. But being a real man is far from it. MGTOW is about self discovering of himself. Sure there’s MGTOW that hate women but for some of them it’s transition phase. Men being played and ridiculed by feminists and white knight have created that in him. The best way to teach feminists is to not have sex at all. In Toronto men generally don’t even date women. Men don’t show up at singles events because they know money hungry women will show up. Dating can be time consuming and can be quite stressful when you find someone women who want either hookups or sex.

        119. MGTOW is far more than that. Just by reading your post you haven’t have a clue what MGTOW is really about.

        120. Better not to get involved and end up bitter. I find guys who gave in and just started sleeping around often ended up just as bitter at the other sex as women who sleep around.
          It just doesn’t seem to do anyone any favors not to be choosy. I don’t think it’s good to pine “for the one”. I think that is nonsense. But one should at least go with someone you feel a emotional attraction to as well as a physical one.
          Just my thoughts.

        121. I’m glad you posted that article. It came from a very intelligent woman. She had some fantastic advice I think girls with tattoos should keep in mind.

        122. What does the way the guy looks have to do with anything? This post sounds like a middle school bully. I’m sure you’re more eloquent than that. It’s best to hold oneself to a higher standard than to resort to flat out insult.

        123. LOL says the man with the tiny penis who can’t get any love from the ladies. Butthurt much?

        124. Same thing with being a slut you douchebag! “Slutty” is human term with no basis in nature. Woman are genetically programmed to want to procreate along with EVERY OTHER CREATURE IN NATURE!

        125. Wait what? How do Jews dominate the media? The CEO’s for all the top Fortune 500’s are white anglo-saxon Christian, as are the boards. As far as their stock holders who knows. But there is no evidence to show they’re run by Jews.

        126. Jews are the eternal sickness of mankind. There are very good reasons why Jews have had to be kicked out of over 100 territories throughout history.

        127. Sure, and we have mind control machines. …with an added side benefit that they split out lox every 20 minutes in case you’re hungry.
          Reality is that if Jews control the media, you’d never hear a negative thing about Israel. So obviously they don’t.

        128. And blacks are chimplike, that’s why they were slaves. You are labeling the victims, with the actions done by the perps.
          Why has the little kid had their lunch money taken everyday by various bullies? Because they are litttler and therefore a target to be picked on.
          It’s that simple with Jews, too.

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