Liberals Petition Marvel For A Homosexual Captain America

Via Breitbart:

Progressive superhero fans took to Twitter Monday to petition Marvel to change Captain America’s sexual orientation in an upcoming film.

Using the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, thousands of people asked the company behind the popular superhero to re-fashion him as a gay man in an upcoming installment.

Some Twitter users were quick to offer a candidate who could capture Captain America’s heart; Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, played by actor Sebastian Stan in the latest installment in the Marvel cinematic universe, Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel fans apparently took a page out of the Frozen playbook for their hashtag campaign; earlier this month, Disney fans used the social media service to petition the studio to make that film’s protagonist, princess Elsa, a lesbian.

Twitter users in that campaign used the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.

While the majority of tweeters used the Captain America hashtag earnestly, a vocal contingent of critics questioned why the character’s sexual orientation needed to be explored at all.

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280 thoughts on “Liberals Petition Marvel For A Homosexual Captain America”

  1. How much longer till the war breaks out and these people are suppressed through violence?

  2. What the hell is up with these people and wanting to make every character in every genre of video a fag/dyke? FFS, get over yourselves and your damn agenda of perverting everything. Does everything revolve around where men and women put their genitalia? The only dick that I’m concerned about where it is placed is my own. You SJW’s should try that philosophy sometime. Maybe then, people will start to like you….maybe.

    1. sooooo what you are saying is that you want to know the sexual orientation of all human, super human, non human, anti human, aquatic, forest fauna, forest flora, lava based, invisible, sand based, human animal hybrid, human animal nuclear mix, ultra sensory, earthly, outerworldly and otherkin childhood cartoon — and everyone from new jersey.

        1. As my son said after explaining the whole trans bathroom kerfuffle: “Today I identify as an attack helicopter.”

    2. It’ll be another failure. They’ll support from behind a keyboard, but if or when Cap becomes gay the numbers will show they never really cared. Marvel will take the hit if they fold.

      1. It’s the same case with that Disney movie, Frozen. Many parents won’t let their kids see it if they made the main character gay in the sequel.

        1. Ironically in that last movie he was fighting against the UN that wanted to regulate the Avengers. It was Ironman who cucked out to the globalists.

        2. Same thing they did to G. I. Joe.
          Went from, A Real American Hero to An International Strike Force.

        3. I was really hoping Captain was going to kill Ironman. Would have made my year. Too bad, he left him alive. At least he got to watch how is parents died.

        4. I remember the exact moment that started when they introduced the Soviet opposites in the late 80’s.

    1. As movies continue to make the protagonists more and more progressive, I often find myself cheering for the villain. Hence why I love horror movies where everybody dies.

    1. I’d settle for a permanent release of lsd and a blue collar life but, if it’s got to be a disease it’s should be the germ.

  3. #givecaptainamericadiabetes
    This way we can solve 2 problems.
    1) Make him more representative of the american populous
    2) somehow incorporate Wilfred Brimley in his back story.

    1. He will also reveal that Captain America was engaged in all sorts of intimate acts, oral and what not…

      1. not just screwin’ intimate acts! oral and whatnot!

    2. 3) Expose Brimley to gamma rays. Treat the American public to an elderly, diabetic and very cranky Hulk who is pissed off about his blood sugar and how his country has gone to shit.
      This might prove to be too expensive cgi wise as Brimley will Hulk out every 15 minutes.

      1. you wouldn’t like me when my blood sugar rises.

    3. I dunno man- I know you dont care, but, at some point, something will prompt you to care again, positive nihilism be damned

      1. Ha! I wish I knew how to make these. It is pretty much all I would do every day

    4. Well if he goes gay he’d most likely catch AIDS, so you’re somewhat on point there!

    1. Because all gay people are smarter, kinder, funnier, more wholesome, and better parents than the stupid white prole that will vote for trump.

      1. Not to mention stylish.
        And they never do hard drugs and beat the shit out of each other. Phrasing.
        They are all squeaky clean perfect people.

        1. I can confirm. every gay person I know has always been smarter than me.

        1. Its really the responsible thing to do, but it’s still a big decision. Just remember you can decide to be gay anytime, but never decide not to be gay, so you may want to consult your closest transsexual psychologist to make sure you aren’t really a woman trapped in a man’s body.

    2. Because gay people buttfuck each other and help spread disease. Poop on your dick makes you more moral overall. And without gay people the AIDS virus would be an endangered species.

  4. I’d boycott but I never watched these silly comic book movies anyway.
    Oddly enough I really can’t bring myself to get angry if Marvel were to do this… people would vote with their dollars and we’d find out quickly if this type of “superhero” movie is popular or not.

    1. what about when they reissue other childhood favorites. Coming up next: Anus The Menace? Garfag? Daffy Cuck? He-Man, ok…well he was a total fag, but the rest of them.

  5. The messed up thing about this is there IS a gay marvel character. He’s on Alpha Flight (the Canadian “Avengers”). Why don’t they just push for an Alpha Flight movie or Netflix series?

    1. They also recently retconned one of the X-men and had him come out of the closet. Maybe Iceman? I forget, because if it ain’t Batman, it’s fucking gay already.

  6. Then they’ll decide that Captain America’s masculinity is oppressive, and reveal that he was also transgender the entire time too!

  7. 1 more reason not to see movies I think I’ll go for a hike this weekend and save $12.95

  8. I don’t the full story but shit like this never ceases to amaze me when the one who starts a campaign like isn’t gay or a minority, but soon after gays and minorities or dragged in for more traction.

  9. We can fight back…yes we can…yes we can (click image below to expand).

  10. One of the worst things the Internet has done is given radicals the ability to infiltrate and strong arm almost anything. The left always destroy things from the inside out.

      1. Well this is the age of feelings, emotions, and armchair activism. The funny thing is that each time comic heroes become gay, they usually tank. There’s nothing that makes them interesting outside of being gay, and being gay isn’t interesting at all.

  11. I think it’s about time that us like minded folk start creating our own entertainment and stop following the leftist degenerate drivle. I know it wI’ll be campy and super low budget but whatever it will be worth it.

    1. How about some non screen based entertainment ? Like target shooting, craftwork, ciphers… Something, anything other an the fucking screen.

  12. Ok, then i want a REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA, the CAPTAIN CSA. Fuck off liberals!!!!

    1. That’s for losers who listen to country music and put Browning stickers on their cars, while only being able to afford Maverick/KelTec. Mtn dew ad sweet tea need consumers though

    1. God forbid two guys who’ve known each other since childhood aren’t pumping each other’s rectums on the down low. Feminism is driving a lot of this nonsense, which further illustrates that women can’t grasp deeper forms of love, such as love for one’s brother. I don’t know a single woman who has anything beyond a surface level friendship with anyone else.

  13. What is it with people who cannot see a deep love without adding sex to it?

    1. They need to pervert everything, especially male hetero friendship as it turns male bonding into a degenerate relationship.

  14. This is a funny after product for a very simple unspoken fact, Western culture does not want straight men to have straight male friendships. If there is no vagina in between said males, the belief is that they are gay and should be treated as such. That means every unfortunate guy who has less than 45 encounters with women annually for sex, will be considered gay. Hang out too much with men? Gay. Have men you are mentoring under? Gay. Being raised in a house with an older brother? Unless older brother has women around you are both latent gays too.
    None of these rules apply to women because they are already androgynous and treated as such. All the gender bender titles for them are just for show. With the criminalizing of male friendship and sexuality, of course the natural thing to do would be to have a stoic icon of manhood, truth, and fairness become gay, because gay men need as many lies as possible to not feel like the affronts to nature that they naturally know themselves to be.
    Faggotry is a huge problem amongst us Millenials.

    1. Sjw should go read manga. Not ragging on manga but the Japanese pretty much have everything they want and more, the only thing is that the Japanese aren’t pushing an agenda.

      1. “Sjw should go read anime. Not ragging on anime but the Japanese pretty much have everything they want and more, the only thing is that Japanese aren’t pushing an agenda.”
        this is true, there is literally an anime for everything and it is great. but SJW dont care about that. their plan was always to destroy america.

        1. I’m still surprised at the genres of anime, manga, hentai etc that are out there.

        2. It’s not like they haven’t tried to bash Japan. But Japan told them to fuck off.

        3. Once I came across a manga titled “My Balls” and from that point on, nothing surprised me about Japan.

        4. From what I heard manga writers do not bend over for and become sell outs. Even if it means living on mac and cheese they keep producing what they want to produce and ignore all the deals they can get for changing the direction of their work

      2. If I remember correctly, they went after Anime and the Japanese literally laughed in their face. Something along the lines of, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

        1. I read that. What made it even better is that is was Japanese women that told them to fuck off.

        2. Yep. When the women writers were telling them that, it made it much more sweeter.

        3. Agreed. The only writer with balls is Frank Miller who did Sin City and The Dark Knight Returns. Then again, he’s been blacklisted from the major publishers in the past decade.

        4. The thing about manga is that in almost every case, it’s a single author (or a couple) who basically owns the story and characters. Unlike DC/Marvel who own the characters and pick writers to make stories about them. Shueisha can’t pick a writer to write a Naruto story, not without consulting its creator at least, which makes virtually impossible the use of a popular franchise to push an agenda.

        5. Sadly, the SJW agenda has made significant inroads into the anime market as the increasingly-insular anime industry has started pandering to the “fujoshi”, gaying male characters up so that they purchase ’em.
          Anime is also rife with beta male characters. The more alpha a male character is, the worse a show seems to do in the modern era.

        6. this is why berserk is still my fav manga. man there used to be some real manly shit back then.

        7. Dave Sims, creator of Cerebus, seems to have committed the sin of speaking the truth about female human nature. I remember reading about all the libtards in the comic industry trying to shame him.
          Here’s an excerpt from “Tangent” where he speaks about what he’s learned about women: “a) women want to be raped by rich, muscular, handsome doctors b) women are completely self-absorbed and, thus, see themselves in everything around them and c) feminism is no different from communism in that all of its
          literature is founded upon convoluted syntax, bafflegab and academic jargon
          which paints a false (albeit attractive) picture of an unattainable utopia
          which can be achieved – easily! – by everyone
          in the world simply and simultaneously (in both feminist and communist literature
          the “crux point” is invariable) changing their basic nature overnight.”
          Overall it’s a pretty interesting read wherein he comes to his own conclusion, based on interviews with women and personal reflection, that feminism is bullshit. Here’s the link if anyone is interested:

      3. Yaoi is really just soft gay porn with a bit of plot for women. The women who consume WAY too much of this stuff are generally shamed as outcasts and called ‘fujyoshi’ rotten girls in Japan. But yeah, no sjw agenda, nothing. Just plain horny chicks who want to see two dudes bone.

        1. There’s a lot of ‘fujyoshi’ here in America. Then again I would be a hypocrite for saying that I haven’t seen or watch yuri/les porn.

        2. Not a fan of yuri, too much ‘genuine’ female emotion directed at other women.

        3. I’m a simply guy. Tits, ass, two chicks are better than one, mute button.

        4. So, there’s a reason I never indulge in lesbian porn of any kind. Porn is fantasy wish fulfillment, in any scenario you’re putting yourself in the action in your mind. Who are you in the lesbian porn scene? The cameraman? The guy sneaking a peek through the window and beating his meat?

        5. Keep in mind I’ve experienced it. If I do watch it, the guy having one girl ride him while eating the other out. Another thing to keep in mind, I would never trust a woman enough to eat pussy. I’ve seen too much on and offline.

        6. The dude enjoyin’ hisself and not thinking too much into it, happy to be at the party- who are you to judge me ? So what I nutted on their faces.

        7. Whatever rustles your jimmy’s Harold, just my 2 cents and a dude randomly running into the end of a lesbian porn shoot and blowing his load all over their faces and then promptly bailing would be fucking hilarious.

      4. Word. There’s almost a pleasent arrogance in Japanese men towards any of the bullshit like what goes on here.

    2. Well Marvel already gave us a female Thor so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is their next step.

      1. its the male thor “transformed” into a female, plus he/she makes out with a guy

      2. While I liked your comment it better not be. It worked for Thor because the concept of a God, the myth, is transferable so that is fair game. Only in the past the person imbued always became Thor, the male Norse God.
        But Captain America? The bastion of honor, truth, and respectability a fag? What would the premise be? My pal Bucky and I need to express ourselves how we couldn’t in World War 2? Why is that Cap? Dodging bullets and defending the free world didn’t offer enough time to have the booty plundered. But he is the perfect target to attack; a blond hair, blue eyed, tall, fit, white guy.

        1. Wouldn’t this also be totally inconsistent with the character as well? At the end of the first movie he was going on a date with some chick and then gets frozen for 60 years or something. I honestly don’t care if someone wants to tell a story with gay people, it does concern me when people want to adapt something purely for a SJW narrative.
          It is appalling that art (and I use the term loosely for Marvel films) cannot be as the artist dictated, or true to source material that everyone has grown up with and wants to see portrayed, it needs to be infected with a political agenda. Although the bigger crime is that creators kowtow to the agenda.

        2. I think Marvel probably won’t, because they do try to stay true to the characters and they would probably piss of more people than they would satisify, and lose money in the process

        3. This whole gay agenda is getting WAY the fuck out of hand. They are a bunch of crybullies.

      3. Their next step is making Captain America (Steve Rogers) a Nazi. I’m not even joking. This comic was released today. Steve Rogers has been in HYDRA this whole time apparently.
        Arguably the pinnacle of honour, loyalty and what makes America (and by extension the western world) great is now a traitor.
        If a character is a white, heterosexual, masculine male, prepare for them to be destroyed.

    3. “If there is no vagina in between said males, the belief is that they are gay and should be treated as such.”
      astute point
      seriously….and even the red pill does this too. too much emphasis on getting pussy and not enough on building strong male relationships with one another. how many would turn down a piece of ass to hang out with the guys? i doubt few would say yes.
      i cant count how many times conversations with young men devolve into sex jokes as if that is all they can converse about.

      1. I have only a small handful of solid male friendships. They have done more for me than any vagina. I want more male friends. As was said earlier, alone we’re pussy-begging worker bees, together we’re the patriarchy.

        1. “I have only a small handful of solid male friendships.”
          this is key….the wording SOLID MALE FRIENDSHIPS….the problem is most male friends I’ve had are unreliable beta fucktards and we circle jerk our beta mindsets chronically.
          finding a quality male friend is pretty hard for reasons that are pretty apparent to any red piller.

        2. “Thats basically where feminists want us at, alone and slaves to women”
          basically….cant recall who put it together….but their thesis was basically sometime starting in the 1950s and 1960s advertisements and such and as a result family and social circles began pushing the idea of “if I am about to get laid I don’t know you”…in other words ho’s before bros.

        3. Same here. I have two male freinds and we discuss politics, philosophy, and personal development. Other male freinds I have are at a distance.
          Women claim they want to do that with their men, but it’s a lie. When a man talks feelings and life-goals with a woman, she tucks it away in her war chest to use to manipulate the guy. The more sensitive a woman sees a man as, the more angery she becomes with him. They’re psychotic.

        4. Totally. And the psychotic part is that once a man is isolated and with the woman, she torments him. While she always has groups of freinds, he is alone. And then she usually abuses him with issues stemming from her own decrepit childhood.

        5. Glad you said that. I have one male freind and we talk about everything. Another freind I’ll talk about most things. And the rest are business or everyday things.
          Most guys are too Blue Pill, and by that I mean they’ve bought the whole package that society uses to keep us good consumers and domestics. Most topics can’t be serously discussed, because there’s a red light programmed in their heads to stop them from thinking rationally about anything not sanctioned by SJW though police.

        6. thanks
          and yeah that sounds about right really….you even have to be aware of the fake red piller….I’ve known a few so called conservatives for instance….”yeah government needs to be smaller, stop giving handouts to them niggers and illegals”(yes Im southern and whites here still in secret circles use the word nigger)….”Damn government won’t pay for my school and healthcare”….so you know a lot of fake red pillers too.

    4. This started decades ago, when they used to have male only fraternities in neighborhoods. It was actually a sweet deal, as you could go have a beer and shoot the shit without your wife nagging you for whatever reason and if you had a problem you could get the proper financial advice or assistance with problems in the house. Thanks to politicians catering for the woman vote, they were all abolished in one fashion or another because no, we can’t have adult men gather without women.

      1. “we can’t have adult men gather without women.”
        Because who would monitor us for “proper attitudes” and make sure we are only thinking of what we can to for a woman.

      2. Yep…Harvard shut down all male /female fraternal organizations because it promoted ________ fill in the blanks. Awful…

    5. very true. I remember going to the movies with a friend, and a co worker of mine ran into us and made a joke implying were fags. Meanwhile, ive seen women share pics on social media of them kissing their female friends, but they never get any shame for it, people just brush it off as “girls just being girls”.
      Were entering the Brave New World where androgyny is more hip than traditional gender roles. Women, for the most part, have been successfully initiated into this new world by ditching most of their feminine personality traits, and they are a lot more receptive to LGBT bullshit, even if they disagree with it, its just their nature to coddle or mother something, and they’re being emotionally manipulated to do so.
      Women also don’t get shame the same way guys do, because most guys are still naturally grossed out from engaging in fag stuff, no matter how progressive they are. This is why we see this message you mentioned where any kind of natural male behaviour such as socialising with other males is deemed homosexual. Heck, even things like a man being physically fit or well dressed is considered a homosexual trait, how many times have you seen in shows or movies where the Hunky intelligent guy is a fag but all the straight guys are schlubs?
      As long as youre educated, you will be immune from being shamed.

        1. A trend started a awhile back and then stopped. . .Not giving a fuck. It’s definitely a cure-all, and would shake our economy’s foundations.
          Basically, recognize that everything you’ve been brought up to uphold and live by is manufactured to keep a status quo, while the upper 25% and lower 25% of our society doesn’t play by the same rules.
          Lie on job applications, get yourself a second social security number (legal, by the way!) and other stuff that’ll come to mind. Stop and look at rules that hold other people back and see what you can do without incurring real punishment or jail. And then go for it.
          I see it as applying the Red Pill to life.
          Don’t give a fuck.

      1. Indeed. No one will look at Charlie Sheen the same. He knew it, which is why he desperately fought to stop that video coming out, even though being a homo is now “acceptable”.

        1. thats the great irony, the average blue pilled moron doesn’t see that whenever they try to shame someone into being a homo, they’re basically equating being a homo with something negative(which it is).
          Do you think a guy would get offended if you said “Oh you’re not banging lots of women daily? I bet you’re probably straight and would enjoy it”, of course he wouldn’t, and bluepillers use shaming tactics because on a subconscious level they realize to an extent that they’re wrong.

        2. A video was released of him recently sucking dick. Gay? Don’t know. Mentally disturbed? Definitely.

        3. Whoa. I hadn’t heard of that video. Ignorance was bliss, but thanks for mentioning hte video.
          I’d like to think that Sheen contracted HIV from a “needle” that isn’t attached to a dude at the back end…

      2. One must build an immunity to this
        And imagine how many times the very same gay supporters like to try and shame men they dont like for being gay… if gay is a good thing to them then why do they use the gay label like it’s a bad thing? Deep down they know being a faggot makes you a loser but they wont admit tthat

        1. Theyre part of the hear/say mafia, they just support any opinion that’s a trend

      3. Women of any age can be groomed and seduced by lesbians. And it’s become the norm for women to sleep around with each other. Not so with men, and we can feel very comfortable hanging out one-on-one with each other.
        What’s bullshit about men’s groups that have some women, like the Kof C and others, is that women spend all their time bashing the men who’re there. Like they need to criticize men who’re in groups.
        And women use shaming as a way to control men. And it’s worked on guys for a long time. (See The Honeymooners reruns on t.v.). But you can be immune to it as soon as you stop giving a fuck about what people think of you, and accept yourself and your ideas as valid compared to what the media and females use to brainwash people with.

    6. You are correct. Hence the tweet in the article that just shows Cap’t A and Ironman in the same clip at a normal talking distance, and they are implied to be gay lovers (“it looks like it’s about to happen anyway”).
      And how all male-only spaces are shunned and removed and made illegal or forced to allow women. And why the ROK meetups were labeled pro-rape groups. There is an agenda to prevent male bonding. Males only have power when we work together. Divided, we are pussy-seeking worker bees. Together, we are patriarchy.

      1. Someone posted a pic of Nazi officers in response to the Liz Peron HuffPo tweet- gasp, comparing them to Nazis! I wanted to respond, “No, that is what first-class efficiency & effectiveness looked like bishes.”

      2. Its going to happen anyway, despite the fact they despise each other. Maybe they think its a lovers’ tiff?

    7. this is just one more way to destroy make spaces. the truth is this: groups of women hanging out are fucking boring. they want men around because deep down they now that they’re all vapid automatons and useless without men. so they shame us for not wanting them around.
      Captain America is noble, loyal, trustworthy and doesn’t need a woman around. they want to make him gay so we don’t get any ideas.

      1. Curious how groups of women get together, and when they know a man who they’re not able to draw in to their female gaming, and he’s not obviously beta or trying to chat them up, they call him gay. It’s like they NEED to to preserve their SMV self-image.
        Always go back to when a woman tries to fuck a guy, and he’s not interested, she’ll always have psychotic anger and try to destroy him. Same thing with not being hit on by a guy; The ones that don’t must be gay. That’s how they rationalize things.

    8. Thank goodness The Shawshank Redemption was made at a time when this degeneracy wasn’t so rampant.

    9. Hell they might as well make him gay. They’re making everyone else gay on TV. Keep doing it and watch TV viewing plummet. Maybe we need RoKTV?

    10. Agreed.
      “thousands of people…” (sarcasm “Wow! That many! That’s a definite majority there!” Millenials sure suck at math).
      Also, the fact that less than a percentile of the population can wield any kind of power whatsoever because apathy + nihilism + relativism + hipster = a terrible concoction of self-destructive cancer marking the other huge problem among Millenials.

    11. I want to print this on Parchment and mail it out like wedding invitations to everyone I know. well put.

    12. Every time my younger brother and I go out and do something, I have to constantly remind to keep his distance, because there are people who look at us, and inside I know that they are jumping to the wrong conclusion.
      I hate life sometimes.

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel said ok. Someone in the BB comments pointed out that a Cap comic from a few years ago had him attacking Tea Party members.

    1. Yes, and a new one has the Red Skull giving and anti-refugee speech.

  16. okay I’ll agree….but only if wonder woman goes back to being a bondage star like she originally was.

  17. Considering that Bucky was originally a high school kid, this would in turn make Captain America a pedo. Heh, good job idiots.

  18. What’s even sadder is the fact that most movies these days are either politically correct garbage-fests full of SJW historical revision, or flat-out children’s fare – like comic book movies.
    All part of the dumbing-down process, trying to keep us at curb level.

  19. These are not Marvel fan that are pushing for this so called ‘change’. A fan of Captain America would respect the character’s history and relationships. Bucky is the only person from his past that still alive and can relate to him as a man out of his time. This will not end well for the hashtag since anyone who watch these movies understand this character and his relationship with Bucky. There is saying that everything is political, I debate anything. Well here the end result of this saying to taken literal form. Everything must have political slant for me to enjoy it. There is no apolitical ground in which people can agree on or find piece from day to day life. The blacklash is coming, these fool are at ground zero.

  20. Civil War grossed over $1 billion. Make Captain a queer, and the studio won’t make half that. Your move, Hollywood.

    1. You’d think the sales of Thor would be a good indicator. But nope, they just have to keep trying to fix something that’s not broken.

      1. Hopefully it won’t be long before they go under and real artists rise back up and give us stories that aren’t pushing an agenda.

        1. That happened back in the 90’s actually. Image Comics was when the top artists at the time got together and collectively told Marvel and DC what to do with themselves. They still hold a share of the market and only some of it has transferred to another medium such as Witchblade and Spawn. It would be hilarious if it happened again.

    2. See? That’s what I hate. Captain America in the new movies is this awesome God fearing throwback. He’s the best of old America. It’s amazing these movies got made, they are pretty right wing.

  21. Why not just make him a woman? Not just a normal woman, but a male to female trans.

  22. If Marvel caves in to these morally and intellectually bankrupt morons and changes Captain America into a pole vaulting chocolate thief, I’ll never watch another Marvel comis film again, or buy any of their products ever again.
    Seriously, these SJWs need to just fuck off and die already. There will never be enough Wheaties on this planet for them to shit in and be satisfied. Really wish good old natural selection would hurry the hell up and cull the shallow SJW end of the gene pool.

  23. They need to introduce a Jenneresque type character. Only then might the physical strength of such a, ah, “female” character be semi-believable. And the Cap could claim some sort of ambiguous deniability when he starts hammering chocolate.

  24. Now if captain sweden and captain america meet and fall in love, they’ll still have to wrestle each other to decide who’s the bottom and who’s the top. Obviously they’ll both want to be the bottom. But if so when they fight, who will end up on top, given that top is bottom and bottom is top?
    Arse fucking: it makes my head hurt.

      1. yeah, its my thing. I hang out at ROK because I’m bored of Grinder

  25. Why??? What The Hell would this do to advance and benefit the narrative and the character whatsoever??????? Twitter jockeys and clicktivists need to shower in some Zyklon-B to get their foul stench off of them and spare us all the misery!
    They’ve straight-up runied comic books, video games and Star Wars to the point where they are now so insufferable I’m ashamed to admit I ever like them at all! Seems like the only “safe space” I even have anymore is heavy metal, and they even tried getting their claws into that! Thankfully most of the actual good stuff is too deeply underground amongst several cultures that they can barely even begin to scratch the surface of it!

    1. and if captain america is straight michelle obama is still a man.

  26. Why can’t gays make gay stuff and market it to other gays. I do not want to read about that shit. I want to read about non-queers like me.

    1. Because they are an ideology of jealousy and destructiveness and see it fit to bastardise things to satiate their eggshell thin egos.

      1. I would agree with you except for one semantic aspect. Their ideology (as all marxism is) is predicated on envy, not jealousy.
        Jealousy is wanting what someone has. While jealousy can have negative consequences, they can have positive consequences. For instance, I see a guy driving a bad ass car that I dint have and I want one. I am jealous. I could go and steal it, from him or another just like it or I could work hard, save up and buy one for myself.
        Envy only has negative consequences. Envy is the feeling of someone having something that another person wants, and instead of wanting it for themselves, they are only concerned with them NOT having it.
        That is why the Marxist religions are so destructive. They are predicated the “have nots” DESTROYING the “haves” instead of BECOMING one of the “haves.”
        Jealousy is ok, but envy is destructive.

        1. You make a good point on a semantic level-I feel that jealousy also has a negative connotation to it and prefer to be more aspirational-so in the instance of seeing someone with a hot girl on his arm I aspire to have such instead of being jealous in begrudging them or wanting to take that away from them. I feel jealousy and envy have that inherent ugliness of wanting to take away something to but that is my perception of the words.

    2. Because their immature, juvenile, spoiled-brat minds can’t be ‘gracious winner’ after they got their gay marriage. Now they have to rub it in our face and embark on a new crusade to destroy the moral fabric and foundations (masculinity, femininity, family, religion) of our country.

      1. Because every single thing they achieve is a surprise to them. They have never expected success and now its all they expect. They went from hopeless to entitled. Both of which requires zero couth.

    3. “non-queer”? Why are you using their language? I am NORMAL, not “non-queer”.

  27. It’s just another case of the libs and SJWs being immature poor winners. They got their gay marriage by subverting the courts; did that satisfy them? No, they’re wanting REVENGE, not equality. They won’t stand still if the get a law or ruling against them – instead, they double-down and fight harder until they get their way, like a 2-year-old having a fit. They want to make anyone who has normal moral values squirm and suffer and, God help them if they do or say something about traditional values in public, be persecuted, arrested, and harassed. They want to destroy anyone with a traditional opinion, and their tools include brainwashing kids in schools and brainwashing people in pop culture and media. If one were to judge the population by TV sexuality (actors, newsreaders, entertainers, and characters), one would believe the country was about 20% gay instead of 2%. Most of us don’t give a damn what they do in private, but they insist on dragging it out in public to cry victim of something imaginary and make us uncomfortable, and when they win, to flout it in front of us as they prepare the next assault on moral values.
    And people wonder why the social fabric is collapsing so quickly? Because these idiot SJWs have no clue about history or social culture or what they’re driving the Western Civ towards.

    1. They cant form a single rational thought. This shift to everything being geared towards SJWs and LGBTQ is being done from over their heads and they have no mind to compromise because they have zero ambition to have to do the work it would take to try to be reasonable. Hence their solution is to completely destroy us so they can laze around in the chaos. MEN have ambition, Females have desires. They just want to sit around and day dream. Quickest way to seemingly get to that is to “defeat” us. They have no idea what they are in for. smh

  28. Superman was a Jewish creation, developed by Siegel and Shuster designed for propaganda to begin with. In one comic superman lifts Stalin and Hitler before the League of Nations. As a result Dr Joseph Goebels Quiped that Superman looked Jewish (he was) so Siegel and Shuster invented the gharishly US Flag be-draped. “captain America” so to show him fighting the evil Nazi even before the war began. It was to ratchet up war feelings.
    Who knows what they’ll do with him next. Encouraging faggotry is pretty much Hollywood mainstream depravity, that’s probably the propaganda they want.
    I wouldn’t be suprise do if the have him having man boy sex one day when Hollywood starts promoting the paedophile agenda. Faggotry and Paedophilia, wrapped in the Stars and Stripes.

  29. I’m somewhat inclined to say Who The Fuck Cares?
    I somehow think if we focus on this bullshit every time we are playing into their schemes and much more important things lack the attention that would make a difference.
    How about we fix the other shit fist and fix having freaks of the kind we don’t support in comics with fucking mutants and freaks anyway, Ok? That would just be great.

    1. That’s how they won to start with. Main stream society let them dig themselves into education, and entertainment, and thought they couldn’t do any harm there. The real fight has always been the culture, and not “important things” like legislation.

    1. Don’t pay any attention to the comics. They lose money, it’s the movies and mechanizing that makes bank. They’ve given the comics to SJW in the hopes to incubate some usable material for the movies, but do expect every depravity under the sun to take place there, but thankfully fewer and fewer ever see it.

      1. Plus the real money (after comic books) is t-shirts, lunchboxes, pajamas, toys, Lego licenses, etc…and these are registered trademarks, meaning Marvel loses that money if they permanently FUBAR their characters…but it still pisses me off.

        1. but they won’t FUBAR their characters because nobody reads the comics, anymore. That’s why Capt America is black and Thor is female, and they are thinking about making Spider-man Hispanic

  30. Don’t these leftist losers have anything better to do in their miserable lives?

  31. The ironic thing is, there already has been a Captain America story where he defends a gay man from prejudice, and that was back in the 80s.
    I have no problem with that at all, but to change a character who’s been straight for 75 years is just the epitome of stupid virtue signaling.
    Also, Captain America is sort of the de facto moral compass of the Marvel Universe. If you make him gay, that smacks of blatantly saying “Gay people are morally superior to straight people.”

  32. So some quick knee-search (trademark) shows that a lot of this is probably a response to DC Comics making one of the green lanterns a fag.
    It is funny because of all the different green lanterns they fagged up the original one, Allan Scott. He was the green lantern in the 40’s and so he had decades of being heterosexual as well as a fucking wife to retcon.
    What makes this funny is that the green lantern’s weakness to the color yellow didn’t become a thing until the 60’s. The original thing that was green lantern’s weakness was wood. So not only did he over come decades of hetero and a wife, but also he had to get over his life long avoidance of wood.

  33. God, I really don’t understand this shit. I don’t understand the need for it, really. This was discussed on the RV forum yesterday in further detail: The article quoted mentions the following:
    “The major push for an LGBT character stems from a recent GLAAD report
    that discovered Disney has the weakest historical record for
    LGBT-inclusive films.
    ‘In 2015, Walt Disney Studios released 11 films, of which 0 included
    appearances by LGBT people, amounting to 0%,’ the report read.”
    Which basically implies: “Oh no guys, better start reaching your inclusion quota! We’re gonna bring out the pitchforks and the mobs! Why haven’t you totally succumbed to our agenda yet, Disney? You have 5 seconds to drop and do what I say, or else we’ll boycott you and you won’t make a profit, and we don’t want that, do we?”
    There’s more pressing social issues Twitter activists could be focusing on, but I guess those just aren’t as trendy as messing around with a timeless comic book icon as they please.

  34. Making Cap gay would ruin the ‘bucky’s my best friend’ subplot. I’m not a huge Cap fan. He’s a boyscout, he went from weed to wonderman without even lifting, His decisions are usually noble, but silly, just not my kind of dude. But the undying friendship and loyalty he has to Bucky, the platonic friendship is just something we don’t see in western entertainment that much anymore. And to turn around and be, oh wait nvm guys, cap just wanted to fudgepack that sweet cyborg ass this whole time shits all over that, fuck that.

  35. We need to create our own comic universe and reverse the cultural appropriation of straight white heroes.
    We’ll call it Shitlord comics. Our first comic; The Amazing Cunt Puncher!

      1. I don’t know.. wouldn’t people just refer to him as ‘Fag’ for short?
        Maybe if he is from France, he could be Attaquer de Gai, which shortened would be Attaquer or even Atta. Although, I don’t really speak or know much French at all, so I could have just named him ‘I enjoy being molested by gays’. Suggest this waits until one of our French friends chimes in and approves.

        1. Le ratatineur de tapettes.
          Also known as Ratatinator, or Rata, or Ratatouille.

    1. Don’t worry jimmy, I will punch that SJW right in he cunt!
      You’re my hero Cunt Puncher!

    2. I’d definitely be up for that! I nominate “Barrence” as the name of the main character.

  36. Frankly it would make more sense to radicalize Captain America as an Alt-Right leader who wants to restore the kind of 90 percent white and functional America he knew before he went into cryo.
    As for his implied adult virginity, in the 1940’s that wouldn’t have stigmatized him. He could claim he did the MGTOW thing decades before it became necessary for men’s protection in a degenerate feminist society.

  37. Turning Frozen into Lezzen sounds like a horrible business strategy on Disney’s part. Girls have a more plastic sexuality than boys’, and surveys show that exclusive heterosexuality among women has actually declined in recent years, whereas boys show resistance to gay propaganda.
    Disney’s business model requires a society where families produce children and then have the money to spend on Disney’s products and experiences for these children. If Disney decides to promote lesbianism to girls, and more girls decide to swing that way during their most fertile years, then that will contribute to drying up the supply of Disney’s future customers.
    So you wonder who gets the final say in Disney’s plans – the stockholders, or the degenerates who currently run the company? The stockholders, if they acted rationally, would flush out the degenerates and replace them with people willing to promote traditional sexual morality.

    1. You forget that for the elites, money is not the end but mean to achieve their ultimate purpose…

    2. It would make no sense because Elsa has a huge following based on she’s the first Disney princess without an interest in boys. The boys part isn’t important, the reason it stands out is she’s the first princess not to have a story revolving around a romantic interest.
      She’s a character that lets children be children. They don’t have to relate her to adult concepts like love and sex. For older middle school girls, she’s a role model that says. “It is okay you don’t have a boyfriend yet, you don’t need one to be happy.” It’s refreshing once one thinks how girl’s television shows get them thinking about sex at a young age and places on a pedestal having a boyfriend, lover, sex partner, whatever you call it as soon as possible at the expense of bad choices.
      Giving her a girlfriend or boyfriend would destroy all that.

  38. All this is being done to validate the life choices and perverse sexual habits of mentally ill people (those who are gay/LGBT/*insert special snowflake orientation here.*)
    Undoubtedly, Disney/Marvel, being a spineless bastion and champion of all that is wrong in society, will cave in a media blitz of “brave,” blatant virtue signaling.
    Looking at it from a simple Screenwriting 101 perspective, it would be stupid.
    Just because you can have a character make an 11th hour personality/sexual orientation change, should you?
    After Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk movie, the whole series became repetitive and gimmicky, no matter how much the critics have lavished praise upon it.
    However, even by the standards of ridiculousness of the Marvel movie franchise, it would strike a very sour and odd note with anyone who has followed the movies.
    It would also be a slap in the face to the primarily male (and presumably straight) audience who go see the movies because they prefer them to the sappy, pussy-pedestalizing rom coms and other more blatant propaganda pieces that are being pushed.
    If Disney would rather risk a large decrease in future box office receipts from this overlong, bloated franchise for the sake of a few SJW brownie points, I would not be surprised at all.
    But then again, I don’t care. I almost exclusively watch movies made before 1990 anyway and I have thousands more to watch anyway…..

    1. Have you looked closely at Stan Lee? He usually has that “just fucked the neighbors cat” look

  39. Can’t these Damn LBGTQ make their own superheroes?
    Here’s an idea: ASSteroid Man, wears a suit made of prophylactic rubber to protect him from the arch enemy”Aids.”

  40. The wisdom of not letting women vote or drive just shines more in my thoughts daily. Stupid fucks should not have a say in matters larger than themselves.

  41. So the contempt for gays outweighs the contempt for betas who fixate on comic characters, good to know

    1. I think so. I don’t care if you like comics, if you fixate, that’s a problem, but it’s your problem. I don’t have a problem with people being gay, but they need to be gay off by themselves and quit trying to gay up society. Society is straight; they are not; know your place.
      This is the same reason Ghostbusters remake with the women is so derided. Leave our shit alone. Gay up, lez up, or women up your own shit. Can’t make any? Then shut up or get creative, but quit trying to get legitimacy by infecting our culture with your gayness.

    2. At least betas are not deviants, so yes, they are less worthy of contempt than Sodomites – and those destroyers of western society who try to defend them.

    1. Actually a female assassin, or spy movie would be amazing, if it were done correctly. I don’t mean have a female version of the Terminator. I mean an assassin or spy portrayed accurately. A woman living by her wits and cunning alone, using sex and manipulation to get her way.

  42. One of the most despicable things the left has done is abolish the idea of real friendship between men.

  43. The great Russian film director Sokurov has referred to the tendency to read ‘homoerotic’ subtext in any creative medium that depicts closeness between men as a ‘Western perversion’, and he especially hates it being read into his own films. He is completely right about that.
    At its worst it’s simply a form of ridicule that alienates men from each other, which is bad of course because modern men already feel alienated enough.

    1. I am not googling this. I assume it is really horrible

  44. He can’t be gay now he seems to be a Nazi spy anyway. Could you imagine them portraying an evil gay?

    1. Pink swastika all the way. He could be hitlers butt buddy.
      Superheroes used to fight queer Nazis, now they blow them

  45. Gddammit! Can’t you fags leave some things alone! Go get your own Captain Rectum! Let us be!

  46. The faggots might be on their podium now, but their ‘freedom’ is only a blip in the continuum of an elitist agenda for the past 2000 years, they are nothing to their masters, just tools. They will get their justice and judgment for defying nature and humanity.

  47. why does the left have to degenerate everything like that? i thought civil war was good because while purportedly it was about one party arguing for checks and balances to limit tyranny [iron man], versus one party arguing that red tape and control by the UN would stop any way of countering evil in the world [cap], it kind of CIVIL WAR SPOILERS
    came down a question of loyalty between men, and do you favour your friend, a fellow veteran who had fought alongside you, grown up with you and had been brainwashed into doing some horrendous things [by communists] and now had fallen on hard times. Or do you favour your silicon valley champagne fascist, a guy with a God complex who is new money and thinks the world is more about cooperation with your enemies than fighting between right and wrong.
    It’s an interesting dichotomy because there is no right answer. Some silicon billionaires know when to play the right card [peter thiel in his help to destroy gawker] and some use it to push their own agenda [zuckerberg with his embarassing efforts to own the internet in india or censor conservative content on facebook].
    I think those questions made it a smart film. But then these SJWs never stop pushing, first the petition for james bond to be gillian anderson is embarassing and pathetic, and now they want to make Cap, the symbol of America, patriotism, freedom and fighting the good fight a degenerate himself? fucking despicable

    1. Yea actually they downgraded the women to more of a supporting roll to the men in this chapter and it was good. This call for Cap to be Gay is a direct reflection of the latest installment going slightly towards the right. Yea of course if you analyze it there are progressive agendas blah blah blah, but it was pretty testosterone heavy with the women playing bit parts compared to past Marvel movies. The SJWs and Gays did NOT like that and if you read the few bad reviews of the movie they are mostly by very effeminate writers or women.

      1. Also I must say, sidebar, that Spiderman was the most accurate to the comic he has ever been.

      2. Indeed, a bit of an aside but you should check out Jon bernthals performance as punisher in daredevil season 2. The rest of the show was weak, but his character was just amazing. The way Matt murdochs main squeeze gets wrapped up by Frank castle is fascinating and a classic case of women wanting to tame or fix the bad boy even when he’s doing bad things. (this is not in any way a spoiler)

  48. Disney is a leftist sewer, but they love money above all else. No worries. It’s never going to happen, but I have to admit that I would enjoy a nice helping of schadenfreude if they destroyed the shiny toys they bought.

  49. No one has mentioned how bad these Marvel movies are.
    Everytime i (i try to) watch a new Marvel i feel like i’m being fed the same recycled superhero crap that comes out 3 times a year.
    In terms of message there is no more liberal, establishment or “progressive” than this franchise.
    Captain America = Killing the eternal nazis with the help of a hot dominant woman, a friendly black guy and the full support of a benevolant and moral government.
    And this simplistic view of Good vs Evil. If i was in a comic book i would actually choose to fight with the bad guys against these marvel progressive justice warriors.
    + Captain America sounds as ridiculous as Colonel Canada or Commander Costa Rica.
    By all means put a gay guy as the main characrter while your at it and sink this franchise once and for all. It sucks!
    You want action watch TV show Vikings instead. Good writing, smart action and these guys actually existed.

  50. Im aftaid only a war will cleanse the faggotry and faggots. Comfort produces weak men

  51. I have loved every single one of these movies, and mostly don’t care about Disney/whatever changing stuff around to accommodate internet whiners.
    That being said, if they make Captain America gay they’re fucking up a pretty big part of my childhood, and I will never watch a Marvel movie again.

  52. How about they create a character unique to the gay community as opposed to changing an already established one?

      1. Perhaps. But I don’t agree with changing established characters in any genre to fit a narrative. If it means so much to someone, create your own voice and have a go at it! If DC or Marvel see potential, they’ll print it I reckon. That’s how we evolve and create great works of art! Taking – or stealing – a character is just copying really.

        1. I don’t agree with it either. Just stating a fact. And SJWs know it. It’s why they try to latch on to successful franchises.

  53. Maybe he is gay, he sure dresses funny. No one would know, since he is under “don’t ask don’t tell”.
    I thought of Captain America as basically unwatchable. Too many comics they are dredging up the worst of the lot. I’d like to see the wonder twins though.
    The vast heterosexual majority isn’t going to identify with gay characters, especially when it is grafted onto an existing story. Sort of like black Hermione Granger. If political correctness trumps entertainment you’ll have a losing movie/franchise.

  54. The fact that most comics and movies have to resort to turning pre-established characters gay or change their race or gender proves to me that there’s actually no real demand for gay/minority/female characters. This is why the Ghostbusters movies is getting so much hate, it’s an unnecessary reboot that’s just shoehorning in diversity for the sake of diversity. Why else is it that any time they come up with a character who’s black/gay/female/trans/handicapped, etc. it usually does poorly, no matter the quality of the actual work itself? Hell, Wonder Woman, the most famous female superhero, has had her books selling below cancellation levels at various points for DECADES at DC, yet they have to pump out a certain number per year or else they lose the rights to her. The free market has spoken – No matter how much SJWs whine that there needs to be more diversity in comics, when it’s finally implemented no one wants it.

  55. You ever notice how many women are quick to judge two really close male friends as being gay? I’ve had this my entire life – If I couldn’t see a girl because I was hanging out with my best friend she’d wonder if he and I were gonna make out or fuck. Really weird. I can’t help but think it’s some kind of bizarre projection. Or maybe it’s because female friendships are usually very shallow and filled with drama and lacking in loyalty, so they can’t understand how 2 guys can have such a true bond without any sense of drama or bullshit.

  56. Real Captain America fans don’t want this. Just look at all the negative comments on Facebook. Even many gay fans don’t want this. It’s the hyper-vocal, degenerate sjw Tumblr crowd screaming for it to happen. The same goes for Star Wars and Frozen.

  57. When I was a kid watching super heros, I pretend to be like one of them. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or the Hulk. Even my childhood friends did the same thing.
    Now if they paint these heros to be gay, I hope NO boys watch these and tries to mimic these characters.
    Edit: These movies should not be rated PG-13 or PG. It should also have warnings.

  58. You guys will love the channel “Common Filth” on youtube. He absolutely shits on degenerates and their retard enablers.

  59. Classic liberal tactic. Destroy white male heroes and make them faggots. They’re just rubbing our noses in it.

  60. You guys are being conspiracy theorists. There is no gay agenda. Just because everything is becoming ghey a.f. doesn’t mean anything. Right? Soon enough it’ll be a world where if you’re not gay, you’re the real faggot. Brb while I jump off this flat Earth screaming.

    1. There is nothing gay about taking three cocks inside your mouth, sucking them like they were ice crean and taking a couple in your ass. As long as you say no homo everything you do afterwards isn’t homo at all.

  61. In Ancient Greece – especially Thebes – it was simply assumed Heracles and his armor bearer Ioalas were romantically involved. There was an altar in Thebes dedicated to Heracles and Iolas, at which men would swear eternal friendship. But, of course, Heracles was not queer – he married and had children. Same was true for every member of Thebe’s Sacred Band, a military unit composed of these pairs, and it was considered to be the best in all of Greece. At Charonea, where Phillip destroyed the last of Greek democracy, they fought and died to a man defending their country.
    So what is going on here is obviously some thing different. This contemporary movement is about denigrating patriotism and what used to be called “manliness”.

  62. These tweets are from pro-lgbtq young adults who ship two characters. It’s stupid and I’d be disappointed if Marvel went that route. Stick to your comic lore, not a bunch of teenagers who write fan fictions about two grown men together. Don’t go down that route Marvel.
    Same with the Frozen thing. Not every powerful female character has to be lesbian or something like that. She doesn’t even need a partner. Little kids honestly don’t care. The only people who care are Tumblr warriors who get triggered by termites.

  63. This is beyond stupid. I still wonder why people ship males all the time when there is literally no romance between them. For some desperate,crazy and weirdass people ANY INTERACTIONS between two people could suddenly be sexual.
    Yeah of course fucking Captain America found out HIS BEST FRIEND FROM A LONG GONE ERA is still alive, OF COURSE SUDDENLY HE’S SUPER GAY FOR HIM. What the fuck… It’s like someone lost his cat and thought the cat died but then it came back and suddenly you love him. What the fuck.

  64. About 2% of people are gay. Once 2% of superheroes are that should be it.
    Tell them where to stick it — they’ll enjoy doing that.

  65. Our culture doesn’t want alpha males. Vested interests run things and they don’t like competition or new concepts rocking the boat. Alpha women are accepted because they’re marketed to control all the other women.
    Take business: A corporation will get sick and hire an outside consultant. But the orgainzation of the company hates those guys because they’re basically an alpha guy coming in and ordering them to do things that they don’t normally do. Entrepreneurs aren’t wanted because they change market share from the standard interests. Creators, (Microsoft and Apple for instance) are brought in for new blood when other markets are exhausted of capital-making options.
    So make everybody gay. That’s the way to have a tight group of consumers who won’t come up with any ideas or rock the boat. Emasculate society.

  66. And I thought the video game industry was bad… the comics industry is so filled with manginas you can smell their single mothers’ milk when they talk.

  67. I’m all for an arab captain america, a transgender white Black Panther, An lesbian asian Storm, a gay jewish RedSkull, and a white supremacist Luke Cage.
    Why not ?

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