Do You Want To Start A Blog But Don’t Know How?

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Great, BADNET can help you set up a professional blog while you basically do nothing.

BADNET is a service that will install a WordPress blog for you, install plugins to help combat spam, defend against malicious login attempts, improve SEO, and we will optimize the site for quick performance.

There is no technical know-how required to get started blogging with BADNET.

Oh, we will also give you four free blogging reports to help your site kick ass from the start.

1) WordPress QuickStart Guide (will walk you through your first post on your new blog)
2) How to Create the Perfect Blog Post
3) Blogging for Profit 101
4) The Tools of the Trade for a Pro Blogging Career

The service is FREE for you, you just pay for your web hosting and we’ll take care of the rest (we receive a commission from the hosting company).

You will also receive a free domain name.

Speaking of domain names…

Here’s a few quick tips to pick the best domain name:

  • Pick your name (you always want to own your personal real estate, even if you don’t plan to use it)
  • Pick a name that’s easy to remember
  • Pick a name that’s easy to spell
  • Don’t use dashes or numbers because they confuse people

Why wouldn’t you want to just start a free blog with a free hosting service?

You could use a free service but those services will cost you integrity.

Which name looks better? or

Why would you want to start a blog?

To express your creativity, to have your voice heard, to make money, there are many reasons why.

BADNET is an easy choice, it’s an inexpensive choice, and we’ll do all the work for you.

Just purchase your hosting package through BADNET and we will set things up so you don’t have to.

You will be able to start blogging from the moment we send you your secure information.

Here’s the 1, 2, 3 to start a professional blog…

1) Sign up for the discounted hosting offer and claim your free domain name.

2) Submit your secure information to BADNET.

3) Sit back and relax while we get you set up.

Visit BADNET to get set up now.

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13 thoughts on “Do You Want To Start A Blog But Don’t Know How?”

  1. What kind of fucking idiot can’t figure out how to start a blog? Oh, ROK readers, that’s right!

  2. Seems like it has more risks than rewards. I doubt most people will be able to make any real money but the first time you offend a SJW you can expect to be called to the carpet before La’Shondra at your companies HR department.

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      1. lol. You can tell, right?
        It’s funny how the grammar in text normally matches the grammar in face-to-face. lol.
        Sometimes I have heard the most broken of English from foreign people, yet, they write one of the most elegant literature known to man.

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