Leftists Go Crazy Over Donald Trump’s Call To Ban Muslim Immigration

After it became apparent that the shootings in San Bernardino, which left 14 dead, constituted another act of Islamic terrorism, Americans looked to their leaders to provide a way reducing the likelihood the next attack. The response from both Democrats and Republicans was disappointing. None of them had any tangible ideas except for one candidate—Donald Trump.

On December 7th, the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Donald Trump dropped his call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” His reason is that a lot of Muslims really hate Americans:

Most recently, a poll from the Center for Security Policy released data showing “25% of those polled agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad” and 51% of those polled, “agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.” Shariah authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women.

Not surprisingly, progressives suffered an aneurism in response to the proposal. But it wasn’t just liberal heads that exploded—mainstream “conservatives” also went into full meltdown mode. Here is a sampling of the reactions.

Trump is “literally Hitler”


No HuffPo. Trump is not proposing internment camps for Muslims.

The knee-jerk reaction of the left to any idea that they don’t like is to compare the author of the idea to everyone’s favorite bogeyman, Hitler. Liberal newspapers like HuffPo and Philadelphia Daily News carried pictures of Trump gesturing with his hand outstretched. The implication being that Trump is doing the Nazi salute.


Astute people on Twitter also noticed that Trump was “literally Hitler.”

Trump is literally Hitler 1

Trump is so evil that even comparing him to Hitler fails to capture the full darkness of his black heart. Trump is worse than even literary villains. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling chimed in with this comparison:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.34.06 PM

The Hitler comparisons didn’t faze Trump supporters who demonstrated that comparing someone to Hitler, like calling someone a racist, is losing its power:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.23.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.44.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.09.42 PM

The Republican Response

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.46.18 PM

Most of the Republican candidates were quick to distance themselves from Trump’s position. Jeb Bush tweeted out: “Donald Trump is unhinged. His “policy” proposals are not serious.” Marco Rubio echoed the sentiment saying:

I disagree with Donald Trump’s latest proposal. His habit of making offensive and outlandish statements will not bring Americans together.

The only candidate that didn’t attack Trump’s position was Ted Cruz. While Cruz did not endorse Trump’s proposal, he complimented Trump for having the courage to broach the topic:

In the media, there has been no shortage of criticism for Donald Trump, and I do not believe the world needs my voice added to that chorus of critics. And listen, I commend Donald Trump for standing up and focusing America’s attention on the need to secure our borders.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan abandoned his neutrality to condemn Trump’s proposal saying that a religious test for immigration is “not what [the Republican] party stands for, and more importantly, is not what this country stands for.”

Even former Vice President Dick Cheney came out of retirement to condemn Trump. In an interview with Hugh Hewitt he said:

I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more Muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in.

Democrats joined mainstream “conservatives” in rejoicing over Cheney’s condemnation. This is odd because up until yesterday, Democrats regarded Dick Cheney as more evil than Darth Vader. As the proverb goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Republican Alternatives

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.45.49 PM

So if the Republicans are unwilling to embrace Trump’s ban on Islamic immigration, what are they willing to do to stop Islamic terrorism?

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio opt for a two part approach: (1) Increasing surveillance of Americans through the Patriot Act, and (2) Destroying ISIS in Iraq and Syria (and probably following neocon recommendations to take out Assad in the process).

Ted Cruz rejects increasing surveillance of Americans saying. “It is absolutely critical for Congress to balance the privacy interests of law-abiding citizens against the public’s interest in national security.” However, he does promise to “carpet bomb [ISIS] into oblivion.”

There are two problems with the Republican alternatives. The first is that Islamic immigration is forcing the United States to gradually evolve into a police state. If the government is mining everyone’s meta data, it is just a matter of time before the information is used for purposes that are unrelated to uncovering potential terrorists, such as finding dirt on political enemies.

And as more Muslims enter the country, the surveillance will need to become ever more invasive. What George Orwell foresaw in 1984 will become a reality, if it is not already.

The second problem is that destroying ISIS does not solve the problem of Islamic terror. The San Bernardino terrorists came from Pakistan, not Syria. Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan was born in Arlington Virginia to Palestinian parents. The 9-11 terrorists came from all over the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Lebanon.

Also, if ISIS ceases to exist, who is to say that there will not be some other radical Islamic group that will take its place? In other words, the “destroy ISIS” approach neglects to account for the fact that there is something within Islam itself that lends itself to violence.

Media Reactions

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.04.33 PM

There was a time when journalists took great pride in trying to report the news in an unbiased way. Those days are long gone. The media joined the Democrats and Republicans in condemning Trump. Every news program grilled Trump on his proposal.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC went so far as taking an unscheduled commercial break to cut Trump off. Later, he tweeted that each candidate who wanted to become president must condemn Trump. Very unbiased.

Chris Cuomo of CNN took to Twitter to argue how awful and un-American a ban on Islamic immigration would be. He also promised to challenge Trump saying, “We have never given [Trump] a pass. All should be tested and good to see others following suit.” I wish journalists had held themselves to such lofty principles when Barack Obama was running for president.


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.27.03 PM

Trump’s proposed ban on Islamic immigration is not a pleasant topic for anyone. If it were to go into effect, many good Muslims would be at least temporarily precluded from entering the US. It is not fair that these good people should be penalized for the actions of their coreligionists.

But life is not fair. Anyone who does a cursory survey of the history of Islam will find that it has been spread through the sword. There is no good way of screening out the 25% of Muslims who believe that violence against non-Muslims is justified. There is also no way of screening out those Muslims who are moderate, but who will later become radicalized.

Until we can figure out exactly what it is within Islam that is causing this propensity to violence, it is perfectly reasonable to limit our exposure by restricting Islamic immigration. Donald Trump has done us all a favor by having the courage to say what we were forbidden from saying before.

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401 thoughts on “Leftists Go Crazy Over Donald Trump’s Call To Ban Muslim Immigration”

  1. But most of them are perfectly fine with Hilary who protected a child molestor she knew was guilty and shamed the 12 year old victim (who was already traumatized).

  2. How are we going to know of someone is a Muslim? Self-declaration? In that case, I’d just say I was a Christian or a Jew.
    The proposal is as outlandish in principal as it is in practical application: just as there is no way to guarantee if an immigrant is not a terrorist, there is also no way to guarantee that an immigrant is a Muslim, since an applicant can simply lie about his religion.
    No one wants to talk about surveillance under the USA Patriot Act as doing anything good. It’s a taboo topic, especially among strict constructionalists. But saying that the only alternatives are violating the 4th Amendment or the 1st Amendment (the Patriot Act for the 4th and banning immigrants based on religion for the 1st) is a false choice between two equally undesirable violations of the Constitution.
    We can’t defend the Islamic State to death by putting up walls, banning immigration, and drone strikes. Eventually, America will have to face up to the fact that our lads are going to have to be on ground, some of whom are going to get mangled, murdered and/or horribly disfigured destroying the Islamic State. It’s going to cost billions of dollars, and dealing with the Islamic State is going to get more difficult before it gets easier.

    1. I don’t see how temporarily banning Muslim refugees has anything to do with the 1st amendment because they aren’t here yet or Americans and congress has a right to stop people from entering the country and as far as people complaining about it not being acceptable to ask them their faith I thought it was in the constitution that in order for someone to claim refugee status they had to address their religion and persecution otherwise they are simply an immigrant

      1. Numerous court cases have found that the U.S. Constitution applies to anyone physically located in the United States, which would include those on temporary visas who are awaiting asylum applications.

        1. I’m talking about the ones they haven’t accepted yet and just cause they enter the country doesn’t mean they get to stay, they could easily stop people at customs and hold them there till they go back. I understand there are gonna be judges who side with the immigrants in certain cases but there’s nothing unconstitutional about telling people they can’t come

        2. It is, however, Unconstitutional to tell people they can’t come based on their religion. This opens up a dangerous precedent, as atheists on the left could use this to officially discriminate against White Christian Males.

        3. A Chicago Law Prof’s take:
          Is an immigration ban on Muslims unconstitutional? Probably not. The Supreme Court has held consistently, for more than a century, that constitutional protections that normally benefit Americans and people on American territory do not apply when Congress decides who to admit and who to exclude as immigrants or other entrants. This is called the plenary power doctrine. The Court has repeatedly turned away challenges to immigration statutes and executive actions on grounds that they discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, and political belief, and that they deprive foreign nationals of due process protections. While the Court has not ruled on religious discrimination, it has also never given the slightest indication that religion would be exempt from the general rule.
          There is even precedent for Trump’s plan. In 1891, Congress passed a statute that made inadmissable people who practice polygamy (directed, at the time, at Mormons), and in 1907 extended this ban to people who “who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.” While Congress later repealed the latter provision (the former seems to be still on the books), no court–as far I know–ruled it unconstitutional.

        4. Very intelligent rebuttal. Might I add that the Mormons were not shooting or bombing crowds of people.

        5. No – The Court has repeatedly found that Congress can use any criteria they want on immigration. Nobody has a right immigrate here.

        6. That’s true and I didn’t even consider that, if that day ever comes I’m sure this wouldn’t be the place to come to at that point

        7. They weren’t bombing, but there was a legit war in 1838 between Missouri citizens and Mormons, in which 22 people died. As well as the Mormon wars Utah and Illinois.

        8. It has more in common with the San Bernadino Shootings, in terms of casualties, than a force-on-force confrontation.

        9. The Plenary Powers doctrine is mostly based on cases from over 100 years ago, and only a few in the past century. And most of those cases were things like the Japanese Internment Camps, a sorry scar on America’s otherwise good record.

        10. History books generally call it a “war”, that’s the only reason it is referred as such here.
          Moreover, the point is that Mormons were in fact using violence in response to the earlier point about banning immigrants who practiced polygamy.

        11. Jimmy Carter revoked the visas of Iranian nationals who were here during that hostage crisis.

        12. And they massacred gentile pioneers passing through their lands in Utah. There’s even a memorial commemorating one of their massacres of Christian women and children from a wagon trail bound for California or Oregon.
          I don’t trust any fanatical supporter of any mythology.
          I don’t care what you worship but when you start killing people or forcing them to bow to your sky father, then you tread on me.
          Fanatics are dangerous. Whether social justice, marxists, christians, hassidics, wahabbis, utopians.
          I discriminate against any and all fanatics.
          Do Not Tread on Me.

      1. This opens up a dangerous precedent, as atheists on the left could use this to officially discriminate against White Christian Males. Granted, they already are discriminating against WASPs, but it is through very surreptitious means as they can’t say, “white christian males get -20 points on college applications.”

        1. Given the persistent threat of the left, there is no reason to give Government the power to discriminate on the basis of religion. If we can discriminate against Islam, we can discriminate against Christianity, which the atheists would love.

        2. Heh, we’re already legally discriminated against. This is just spreading the love around.

    2. I do agree with you that eventually the US will have to deal with ISIS directly in a ground war.
      And as much as I hate us being the world’s policeman, sadly, someone has to do it. Sticking our tails between our legs and quitting Iraq got us ISIS and all the problems it brought.
      As distasteful as this sounds, I think the only real solution to this problem is once such a war is concluded and ISIS defeated, that the US maintain a permanent military presence in this region, perhaps going the same route as the UK did with Cyprus and its sovereign base areas there. We’d be able to easily conduct spying and dispatching the next UBL before he becomes a UBL would be much easier.

  3. America is now essentially a communist country and we here on ROK are the new counter-revolutionaries who are destined for the gulag…

    1. speak for yourself…I don’t do revolution…not so long as I am placated with blowjobs…..see that is how they win. I have a 65 inch Samsung, all the content in every media at my immediate disposal and women are having the filthiest casual sex ever imagined. You want to start a revolution, do count me in. World is burning…..you want to try and put out the fire go ahead, ill just be here roasting marshmallows

      1. I think you misunderstood me. By the simple act of voicing our disapproval, anywhere, we are ipso facto “counter-revolutionaries” undermining the NWO. All those people Stalin sent to the gulag were not Counter-Revolutionaries. But he said they were and that was enough to eliminate 60 million + people.

      2. Hey I hope all the blowjobs were worth it when you’re being sent off to a prison camp somewhere to eventually be knelt down in front of a hole and shot.

        1. I have no doubt that that is where we are heading, but I will be dead before then and have no progeny to worry about.

        2. This shit will be here a lot sooner than you think. Within the next 20 years some major shit is going to go down. So i think you’ll still be alive unless you get blowjobbed to death.

        3. I honestly don’t think it will be nearly as quick as all that. People are always predicting massive change in short time. I feel that to get to the point where I can no longer enjoy my life will take generations. I could be wrong, but I have a hard time betting against myself.

        4. But do remember that the baby boomers are the last mass-majority white population block. They’ll be dead in 20 years and when us whites are 35% of the total country and realize we are not, in fact, the recipients of a lot of ethnic love, the change will come very fast.

        5. Not thinking that 20 years is a short time in terms of a cultural epoch is how I know you are wrong

  4. Let’s be honest, having Jeb Bush or any one of the Republican political elites/establishment come out against you on anything is just as much a badge of honor as having Hillary Clinton and the Democrats against you.
    It is almost laughable how quickly Trump gets them to show their hands prematurely. Cucks are literally siding with the woman who recently declared “Republicans are the enemy.” All because they think by being more PC, they have a shot of bringing him down. They’re actually terrified the man will win their nomination.

    1. was thinking the same thing. I saw the other day that some French politicians were condemning trump — yeah, that will really destroy his chances with American voters…I am sure all people going to the polls will say “i was gonna vote for trump but francois says he is evil”
      I swear, muslims gonna put one of those death warrants out on them (can’t remember what they are called).

      1. I seem to recall reading (yesterday?) that the French are closing down mosques there, seems hypocritical and disingenuous to condemn someone saying we should ban entry until we have our ducks in a row.

        1. A fatwah is legal ruling or opinion by an Islamic scholar, usually a cleric. Nobody gave a rats ass what some raghead pedant had to say until 1989 when Khomeini issued a death sentence against Salman Rushdie, who for our purposes was British. But the term stuck, much like “jihad”.

      1. I don’t think so. Mind you, I am not a participant in the political system…just a spectator.
        I think a few things will happen if it is Hilary v Trump. First off, the even more left side of the dem party will cut her balls off and run to a third party creating an ironic and dante approved punishment for how Perot handing Bill a win.
        I also think that even if it is not as many as it should be (all) at least some percentage of castrated male dems will vote secretly for anyone that isn’t a female even if they have to lie to their cunt wives about it.
        Further, I think that Trump will bring in some real fire breathing former General as a VP candidate…all the better if he is black…as well as some special forces guy with a pretty smile who will do whatever and moisten some panties while giving tough guy appeal as well as bringing in Rudy Gulliani for “i have dealt with the enemy” as well as “I know how to clean up a city” appeal.
        Next, all the people that people liked but got run out of town on a rail for career ending gaffes or scandals all come back because the scandal or gaffe only goes to make trump stronger…
        Assuming that the republican party basically bites their lip and gets in line behind him and hands over their 191 electoral college votes I think you will see Florida (29), NC (15) VA (13) PA(20) get behind him meaning that if he can just grab DC’s 3 electoral votes…..and god knows no one hates insider politicians quite like DC then it will be president trump.
        BTW, spoiler alert: if things do work out that way nothing will change.

        1. so – the question is: will the GOP give Trump the Ron Paul treatment ? i.e. when polling showed Ron Paul leading in 2012 IOWA caucus – the Republican spokestwat said when asked about Ron Paul’s huge lead in exit polling (and I’m almost quoting her verbatim here) “Don’t worry, even if he wins, he doesn’t win … get it?”
          IOWA GOP suddenly decided they needed to count the votes at a “secret location” and oh, golly, wouldn’t you know it … all the votes from precincts where Romney had previously lost were … “misplaced” … uhh … “lost” …
          sadly, I have no faith at all in “voting.” As Dear Leader Barry’s BFF and role model suggested (paraphrasing): “he who casts the vote has no power, it is he who counts the vote who has the power…”
          As relates to your spoiler:

        2. I love your theory but I doubt it will come to pass and yes… even if Trump is elected, nothing will change. Not that I believe he is nearly as corrupt as the others mind you. He has big money and this allows him not to be a little bitch to special interests… well at least not as much as the rest of the fools parade.
          Bottom line though is this. If your not acting with the power elite then your out, one way or another. Bullet to the head, scandal with a planted little girl and video to go along… whatever works for the roasting of any who defy the NWO.

        3. Sounds right to me. I even doubt that the power elite has as much lower as the non elite seem to think. It feels, at times, that we’ve got ourselves into a perpetually spinning top. You could elect Daffy Duck and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

      2. I worry that Hillary could win regardless of who the opponent is as well (I know there are folks out there who claim they will vote for her no matter what).
        So I think we are on the same page.
        Of course, I also hope to be proven completely 100% wrong about our demise.

        1. Am not American but am wondering if it is true that Hillary Clinton invented political correctness. Heard that somewhere..

        2. Actually it is said to have originated as a concept in a Marxist think tank in Germany sometime in the 1920s.
          Sometime in the early 1970s the US Supreme Court used the term in a decision, but our modern usage likely started with the “New Left” movement of the 70s (as it was a subversive political ideology borrowing heavily from the original Marxist origin in supporting what we now consider progressive agenda: abortion, feminism, LGBT, etc. and the active undermining and destruction of traditional American values: independence, liberty, personal responsibility, nuclear family, marriage, etc.)
          Then again, other countries have instances of using political correctness as well, like Chairman Mao’s speech from the early 50s.
          But the truth of it is PC was actually carefully crafted and intentionally calculated as an effective means for “bringing down” Western culture and Democratic society.
          Of course most people’s collective memory only goes back 10-30 years, and PC was on the rise again during the Clinton Presidency. With W. Bush we started seeing a resurgence of recognition of PC for the damaging anti-American movement that it is and more people are pushing back, but PC was something our great-grandparents had been keen on avoiding nearly a century ago.

        1. With Trudeau in Canada (and Wynne in Ontario), plus Hillary in the White House. . . I am staying fucking put in China.

      3. That has been my prediction for the last 4 months actually… that it would all come down to Hillary and Trump with Bernie being a remote possible upset for the democrats.

    2. Can anyone else see how the other Republican candidates (besides Trump) are all acting like Democrats?
      I remember a time when Republicans used to stand for their ideas and principles (had pride). Today, you can’t tell if Bush or Rubio is running as a GOP member or Democrat (that’s how far to the left the GOP has moved). These pussies are so afraid to say anything or stand their ground for fear of losing a vote. Damn, you have to hate how the GOP has fallen down.

      1. right..very little difference between R’s and D’s. Repubs spend a little less and on different things (e.g military) than the Dem(ons) but govt spending still goes up and govt still gets bigger under both parties…

      2. We should all remember what Churchill said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  5. If the jews Hitler sent to concentration camps were blowing shit up and gunning down german citizens in the streets for not believing in judaism then yeah, Trump is kind of like Hitler.

  6. Everybody is the “New Hitler” when they are considered “public enemy number one” to the Liberal media. Remember Slobodon Milosevic in the late 1990’s? TIME magazine ran a headline basically saying he was the New Hitler.
    And who the hell remembers Milosevic now?

      1. Bloody hell. Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) was called Hitler, and he’s what you call “periodicos de ayer” (yesterdays news).

        1. They were at least both socialists. But then, Trump may end up as a fascist in the end.
          By the way, it’s Slobodan, not “Slobodon”.

      1. I hear if you’ll eat Campbell’s soup, they’ll give you two daddies. At least that’s what they’re interested in selling nowadays rather than, you know…soup.

    1. Hitler was Time magazine person of the year in 1938, on the cover, just like Merkel is now. The Nazis were driven by such idealism about racial purity, lebensraum etc Trump just making one temporary racial exclusion law against a group that are obviously an enemy of the west is barely a comparison. Not every single thing about Hitler was bad, of course most of it was, but it’s been overused to snuff out healthy nationalism and that perhaps a race of people with a such a tendency to violence at times medieval style should not be treated as if they were equal to more those from more civilized places.

  7. Trump is showing how the Left and the American conservative establishment can unite and speak with one voice.

  8. Life is not fair? Neither is Islam. Everywhere it takes over: it destroys artefacts; erases history; perpetrates theft, rape, and murder; and forces conversion to Islam or subjugates Christians and Jews to dhimmi servitude via the jizya tax. Up like Trump bro. Up like Trump. And to quote the beautiful and wise Ann Coulter: Invade their countries, kill their leaders, convert them to Christianity. Trump hasn’t gone far enough. Ann has the right prescription for this illness called Islam.

    1. That’s unnecessary. They kill themslves alone, you just leave them to be fully “muslim”, away from us.

      1. Well they’re not doing a good enough job of it on their own, because our Quisling politicians are still finding thousands of them that want to come here.

        1. “not doing a good enough job” is as typical as the long beards, but even so, if the lobster puts out its legs, you just have to put the cover back on the stewpot.

        2. Eventually… you cook the lobster. These lobsters got out of the pot and are running around the kitchen pinching the children. Invade their countries, kill their leaders, convert them to Christianity.

    1. Silly…ISIS are willing to kill irrespective of consequences…this guy is ordered when and how to kill with a long list of “rules” before he engages……it is why the West cannot win…..

      1. West can win, West MAY not win. Believe me, if any President of the USA wanted to solve the Isis problem with “this guy”, he could do it in 30 seconds (namely, order an economic blockade to Qatar, doing what was done to Allende and the Shah to the Saud family of Arabia, and sending a MOTHERBOMB to ISIS. Or saying it to Putin: you can have it; NATO won’t interfere).
        The problems of the West are the West’s doing. The rest is Russia and a bunch of irrelevant hell-dwellers

      2. “This guy is ordered…” … it all depends on who is giving the orders, i.e., who is the Commander-in-Chief. Trump 2016. Make America Great Again.

  9. So glad he said it. In a few years it will just accepted wisdom that ingesting that kind of poison into our society is insane.
    As Europe burns over the next year, it will be in the back of everyone’s mind.

  10. The the Obama of white people gets elected as Presidente of the States then we’ll begin to see the dissapointment on Trump’s bum chums, as he battles unssuccesfully to get his policies through senate while having to scale mountains of statute blocking him from doing so.

    1. Executive Orders for the motherfucking win. Think Trump won’t exercise the precedent set by Bush II and Oblowme? And more?
      Right now just about every son of a bitch in CONgress should be arrested for treason against this country and its people.
      They,through their wanton deficit spending and free trade agreements have destroyed our currency and our middle class.
      They have violated the Constitution repeatedly.
      The arrests need to start now.

  11. Trump is right. Since 3 of the shooters over the past 30 years or so have been Muslims we must immediately start interning Muslims into camps until we can screen out the bad ones.
    But we shouldn’t stop there. We need to make sure that people are safe. And as the majority of shooters throughout history have been white men, then we must also begin interning white men until we can figure out what it is in white men that makes them so violent.
    We must make Americans safe at all costs!

    1. Did Trump suggest placing muslims in camps? I thought he was just talking about immigration policy again.
      You also seem to be leaving out the first world trade center bombings, 9/ll, and all the recent attacks against Europe culminating thus far in Paris (and now San Bernidino here). It’s clear that the people whom do perpetrate these types of actions are ramping up now and not on the decline. If they had the power to pull off another 9/11, no doubt they would try. We are talking about a certain percentage of Islam that really wants to convert the whole world to Islam at whatever cost necessary. And you seem to be ignoring the presented stats that 25% of the muslims polled supported violent jihad and 51% supported muslims living in America getting to govern themselves under Sharia, which is already leading to a lot “honor killings” even where they aren’t legally allowed to practice Sharia in it’s full extent. If these percentages are true then I would say it is far less than 25% of white males whom would suggest random shootings as a good way to solve any issue, even the whole abortion/planned parenthood thing that just happened.
      And to backtrack one more step. 9/11 was 3000 people. All American mass shootings by non-muslims so far don’t even come close to this scale when you add them all up. In fact mass shootings of all types don’t add up to this scale when you remove “gang violence” mass shootings. The real danger to America as a whole isn’t an occasional loss of 10-20 lives. While this is tragic and should be stopped, we loose many more on the highways and through accidents. The real danger is, does radical Islam have the ability to pull off another 9/11 event of equal or even greater magnitude? Planes again? Biological, chemical, nuclear? And what about if Islam expands it’s caliphate through more non-violent means, like mass emigration, mass reproduction and the eventually election of openly muslim leaders in democratic, formerly western countries? Then Sharia for everyone, taxes for non-muslims, etc…
      I’m not saying all of these things are going to happen. It’s more of a thought experiment. Normally I like what you say English Bob. I think you are just missing the point of this article this time. This isn’t about this one mass shooting in San Bernadino. It’s about the fact that we were expecting this at some time, and now it happened quickly after the attacks in Paris.
      As for white men shooting up places. I’m not an expert on these cases but it really seems as though the most common factor has been mental illness. Almost all of these people were on psychotropics and had been seeing therapists. The other common type of white american terrorism has been against abortion clinics. I think less of these people are mentally ill although again I’m not an expert. It seems that most of these people believe they are passing out justice to murderers whom the system refuses to hold accountable. That might be a lot like islamic terrorism, but it has one specific root cause vs islamic terrorism having a whole ideaology as a root cause. And Islamic terrorists have a true political goal in their terrorism vs the scenario of a person shooting up an abortion clinic purely has to do with being fed up, giving up and just going for broke trying to accomplish what they would see as saving innocent babies. They know that shooting up that clinic isn’t going to make abortion illegal in this country. At least they should know that. So I’d guess they must mostly be trying to punish the people they see as offenders of a huge sin.
      I’d like to add that I am 100% against abortion of basically all types. I’m also 100% against shooting the abortion providers, although I think they are just as sick as the people whom do go in and shoot up their clinics. They however are operating legally within the system we created for them, so the rest of us are almost as guilty as them and we don’t deserve much better. I figured I’d put the disclaimer since my meandering broached the abortion topic.

      1. I was being ironic.
        Obviously its lunacy to malign an entire group of people based on the extreme actions of a few individuals.

      2. Fort Hood/Awlaki/Al Queda. Fort Dix. Millenial bomb plot LAX. Times Square plot. Army recruiting station attack.

    2. “And as the majority of shooters throughout history have been white men”
      You can’t be serious about this? While white men are represented in mass shootings they are nowhere near the frequency that gun crimes and terrorism are with other races in America. Also be aware: the majority of white men engaging in mass shootings are because of mental illness and not based on crime and backwards religious jihads.
      Come visit Chicago Illinois, Baltimore Maryland, spend a few days in the ghetto and tell me who the majority of “shooters” are compared to rural mid western American towns.

      1. Been to both those places. Felt safer there than in a movie theater.
        I thought the point was to keep white people safe? It seems to me that statistically the biggest threat to white people is white men.

        1. Even the race hustler Jessie Jackson said he is relieved when he sees a white man behind him instead of a black.

  12. I hope Trump wins. Then the SPLC will have to put the White House on their hate watch list! It would be hilarious because the whole point of the hate watch list is to inform the FBI about all the evil conservative groups that they need to keep an eye on. They would essentially be telling the FBI to watch out for the organization that is in charge of them and all other federal bureaucracy.

  13. I figured a writer from ROK would come to the unemotional, logical position. I was right. Islam is a death cult, hundreds of millions support terrorism. Just because they’re not doing the murdering themselves, doesn’t mean they aren’t complicit. Plus, they don’t assimilate into American ways and customs. Keep your culture, but adopt American customs. My millennial peers, mostly retarded, cry xenophobia and other retarded nonsense. We’re not trying to ban Africans, or Eastern Europeans, or anyone else. Islam has a rotten problem, and It’ll be too late before my ignorant peers realize that truth.

    1. I’m from the younger end of generation X and have also met a few millennials and experienced this retarded nonsense you speak of is messed up. Yes, I sometime have some crime and rioting in my suburb here in but see the images on youtube of what is going on perhaps a days drive away. Will be too late when that comes to the main world capitals..

  14. Funny thing is, Jimmy Carter did the same thing with Iranians during that hostage crisis. No one called him racist or compared him to Hitler.
    The hilarious part of this is that Trump knows full well that the media will explode with his comments. It is why he’s spent next to nothing on his campaign and yet is at the top of many polls. It is a very wise strategy indeed.

    1. “The hilarious part of this is that Trump knows full well that the media will explode with his comments.”
      That, and the fact his poll numbers keep going up with each incident makes me think that, barring an act of God, Trump will be president.

    2. Indeed. He knows that both political parties are pussies so he can say whatever he wants. All of these Washington insiders running for President are too afraid to lose one vote (god damn life time politicians) so they all give us that political answer (talking in circles).
      You really have to love Trump up there saying it like it is (most Americans) while the rest of them do the typical political ‘talking in circles’….afraid to offend anyone.

  15. Name calling is the last refuge. The media has no other option at this point. Distorting what Trump says and outright lying about him have proven to be a losing strategy.
    The establishment is getting scared. the NWO globalists fear losing control of the government they rightfully paid for.
    This is what concerns me the most. Everyday that passes Trump gets stronger and closer to the presidency. I suspect that no matter how many Americans vote for him, the globalists will do whatever they can to ensure he never steps inside the oval office. They are not above rigging elections…or worse.
    At that point Americans must determine what they would do in retaliation. Our nation has some soul searching to do.
    Food for thought.

    1. My only concern with that is how do we prove the elections are rigged and what is the appropriate response. There were countless examples of how Obama rigged his elections but no one did anything. Some areas had OVER 100% voting turnout and it was overwhelmingly for Obama, yet no serious investigations.

      1. The country is in a very sensitive place even from just 4 years ago when Obama was re-elected. The silent majority is awake, Mitt Romney wasn’t able to inspire the American patriot like Trump has because Trump is saying the things we think and that Romney wasn’t allowed to say because of his donors.
        This election will have far more scrutiny than any other election in our lifetimes.

        1. The biggest difference I see between Romney and Trump is that Trump doesn’t come off as being ashamed of being wealthy. Romney was always tripping all over himself to apologize for being rich.
          Even among people who aren’t wealthy, there is a huge “attraction” to success, and many people see that in Trump.

        2. Agreed, the American people want a winner again. Masculinity is making a comeback.
          I see more than just alpha/beta difference in Romney and Trump. Romney wasn’t allowed to talk about immigration, one of the top 3 major issues in our nation the last 5 years, because Romney is in league with the Chamber of Commerce that loves cheap foreign labor that drives down American wages. Romney is a globalist, a NWO shill bought and paid for, thus the issues Americans deem worthy wont be mentioned in his campaign or addressed in his presidency. This is why most conservatives and American patriots stayed home that election. He failed to inspire.
          Trump isn’t in the pocket of anyone, and can attach himself to populist notions that middle class Americans want addressed. His rallies draw out 10s of thousands. This is why both democrats and republicans are terrified, they cant control his narrative, or his likely agenda once president.

        3. Well said. The elites certainly fear the word “populist”, and “nationalist” as well.
          An amazing thing happened in an interview on the “Morning Joe” on 12/8/2015. Here’s the interview.
          At about the 26:00 minute mark, Trump calls out the Saudis for funding ISIS. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, he goes on to describe another one of our “allies” that is funding ISIS that he can’t mention out loud. Scarborough tries to get him to say the name, but he won’t.
          This is the closest I’ve seen a presidential candidate come to calling out ISRAEL’S BULLSHIT on national television. Also, after recently being criticized for his proposed Muslim immigration ban by Netanyahu himself, Trump cancelled his trip to Israel! Amazing stuff!

        4. I agree…did anyone really want Romney for President? Romney was another one of those pussies who sat up there with nothing to say with the backing of big money…and that’s why he lost. Trump is tapping into all Americans (from every side)…not just Republicans. Hell, Republicans didn’t vote last time because they hated Romney (and Ryan…another Democrat who thinks he’s a Republican).
          Damn, there is nothing worst than having no options (Romney) when voting. That’s what the GOP had (and would have today) if Trump wasn’t running for office. Just look at the rest of the lot standing up there with Trump…they look like a bunch of Democrats.

        5. If he wins, he is gonna eat a bullet, just saying… sad but true!!! ;( He better hire an elite guard of badasses with that Trump monnnneeeeyyyy.

      2. There is no way to prove it really. Thats what they rely on. People will have to act on faith that they are correct in believing the ruling body is acting against them.
        The proper response in my opinion would be rebellion

    2. My thoughts exactly. I’m nervous about being hopeful. As you say, they are not above rigging the election.
      And if they do, I have my doubts that anyone will do anything about it

    3. Another interesting point that needs to be addressed is that Ben Shapiro, the Jewish editor-at-large over at Breitbart (the supposed pro-white conservative stronghold), condemned Trump’s words in an article with “desperate” in the title: http://www.dailywire.com/news/1668/desperate-trump-drops-ugly-policy-bomb-ban-all-ben-shapiro
      Also, Bibi Netanyahu condemned Trump’s words: http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2015/12/09/netanyahu-rejects-trump-muslim-shutdown-remarks-warns-radical-islam-threatens-world/
      Thirdly, Jew Zuckerberg (Facebook owner) is all for Moslem immigration into white nations: http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2015/12/10/facebooks-zuckerberg-i-want-to-add-my-voice-in-support-of-muslims/
      Zuckerberg has even met with Merkel to hatch plans to stifle dissent on European social media.
      The Jewish media is getting desperate. Time magazine, for example, named Merkel the “Person of the Year” (https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=merkel+person+of+the+year). Can the Jewish elites, gentile elites, and the media be any more blatant about the anti-white agenda?
      Lastly, I’m 100% with you on the notion of “soul searching”, my brother.

      1. I was also a bit surprised and suspicious when to read the Israeli leader was criticizing Trump. They don’t get involved when Russia bombs Syria but why now? I don’t think they stand for tolerance or a borderless society there and it lends a bit of weight to the conspiracy theory that the jews in some way support the islamification of the west. I don’t think they want their country flooded with muslims..

  16. Trumps words has the potential to create huge problems in the States, god forbid that doesn’t happen.

  17. This is Trump feeding America a softer, more accessible Diet Racism. If this were a perfect world, Trump would call for a moratorium on ALL immigration, not just Muslims. And he would expel all problem immigrant groups that are here. Think about it- is there any country that we need to take people from? I can think of only a few very specific cases. East Asians should get student visas (but not work visas) because they pay like triple the tuition to our universities, thus bringing a lot of money to our economy. And there is little downside to letting them go to school here because they commit less crime than even Whites do. Other than them and Western entrepreneurs *who bring jobs*, I can’t think of any immigrants that actually improve our country.
    edit: To clarify, just because I used the word “racist” doesn’t mean I think racism is a bad thing or that Trump’s proposal is bad. I love Trump’s idea and I think that all of our policies should reflect the fact that races exist, some races are better than others, and races generally don’t live in harmony with each other. Also, even White Western immigrants who come here generally come here to take jobs but they don’t come bringing any jobs. So even the good immigrants cost us.

    1. 18-25 year old blonde mutes with a bf% under 15 should be allowed despite race, religion or creed.

    2. Racism, at least when it comes to the medieval pederasts and dindus, is a survival instinct.
      We are blessed as humans with the ability to discriminate. We can look at something and usually tell if its edible, or if it’s poison.
      We can look at other mammals and rapidly discriminate those that would kill and eat us, from those we can kill and eat.
      Likewise, our survival instincts always tell us to discriminate against other tribes, because in an historical context, usually other tribes were hostile.
      Dindus and muslims are hostile to whites. Period,.
      So fuck off with your anti-racist screed.
      I will judge each and every man by the content of his character. Anybody beheading people for not folliwng their brand of mythology, people that rape old ladies and do mob beatings, etc… is a threat to me and mine.
      I respond affirmatively to threats. I can discern a bunny from a grizzly bear.
      I can discern a dindu from a Boy Scout. I can discern an Isis ‘fighter’ (brave they are, executing unarmed people and blowing themselves up).
      I can tell you that Islam is not just a religion. It is a political system and an economic system. It hides behind the disguise of religion.
      You sound very naive and as if you’re trying to avoid offending.
      When the dindus or ISIS start fucking you over, maybe then you’ll realize the flaw in your premise.
      I learned my lessons from dindus a long time ago and I learned them well.
      But as a believer in the non-aggression principle, I do not believe it is right to initiate force against others for reason of compelling them to do something they do not want to do.
      Not allowing mohameddans into this country is not an aggression. It is common sense.

      1. Dude, read my shit again, carefully. I said that Trump’s policy ISN’T RACIST ENOUGH. If it were up to me, instead of placing a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration, I would place a moratorium on ALL immigration AND KICK OUT THE MUSLIMS ALREADY LIVING HERE (along with other problem immigrants like Hispanics). I think that is what Trump’s policy would have been if he didn’t have to temper his anti-immigration platform for the moderates who feel scared when a candidate’s talk gets a little too real. As a thoroughly well-read racist, I feel confident going toe-to-toe into a racism-off with you or anyone else.

    3. Most dont. America is the best country in the world an all they do is let in the worst people. We are the equivalent of the schoolyard kids playing dogeball, who want to win but always pick the fat kids with bifocals first. A special level of stupid.

  18. Trump strikes me as somewhat of a moron, despite his business acumen, while acting somewhat beta by his constant need to ad hominem anybody who dare attack him. However, he is able and willing, due to his wealth in particular and thus the freedom to avoid kissing the collective asses of every possible interest group out there, to essentially speak without a filter, which is pretty damn refreshing. The rest of the clowns in the running for our highest elected office this cycle are so lame, poll-driven and cucked out, that Trump actually looks pretty great in comparison. He would certainly be entertaining in what is now the main role of the POTUS: memorable soundbites and pitching whatever is the philosophy du jour of our ruling class, so why the hell not? 😉

  19. Why shouldn’t we ban Muslims from immigrating into the country, Japan does it.
    It is nearly impossible to get citizenship if you are muslim in Japan
    Most Japanese business won’t give work visa’s to muslims
    Japanese businesses also refuse to work with a lot of Middle Eastern Nations
    Japan also restricts the import of Arabic Koran’s into the country.
    They imprison people who openly pray or promote Islam/shria law publicly.
    They have one mosque in the whole country
    There are barley any Hilal food stores in the country.
    You know why they do this, because the Japanese government has concluded that Islam present a true threat to the stability of their society and the beliefs of Islam are not conducive with Japanese society and culture.
    Here’s the real kicker, do you know how many Islamic terrorist attacks Japan has suffered…… 0

      1. To be fair, Japan is a very much out to preserve what little they can about their culture. And it takes forever and a day, plus major scrutiny to hold a gun there. You will never hear any of this, “We’ve been observing their activities for months” nonsense as the first sign of anti-nationalist sentiments expressed by a non Japanese will get you ousted.

        1. This is the thing, there are still places in the world where the people are united and proud of their culture and don’t need to be controlled by all kinds of laws which are needed in other places where the multicultural imperative has brought in all manner of alien and generally wilder less civilized races.

      2. Japan doesn’t let in outsiders period. It has nothing to do with what religion you are. You and I could never become Japanese citizens. Even if marrying a local. And regardless of the law, more importantly we would never be accepted as anything but an outsider, or a visitor, even after leaving there 20 years.

        1. Not that I think they need a reason (that is to say, it’s probably an excellent idea) but do they expressly state a reason. Japanese pride? Economy? Making sure the women aren’t aware that dicks come in medium and large as well?

        2. I have a good friend who lived there for several years. I haven’t been personally, so I’ll refrain from making any judgements on their motives. The French used to be like this as well. They were opposed to outside cultural influence. I remember in French class being taught that the French reluctantly agreed to use the word “le blue jeans” after the American blue jean craze took off over there, but strongly censored any other intrusion into their language. They were known for maintaining tight control over their language, customs, and people until recently.
          Really, if you think about it, what is the point of a country if it doesn’t have some sort of ethnic ties. I’m not even arguing for countries or ethnic ties per se, but think about it. What is the difference in having a USA *and* a Canada if there’s not some slight difference between the people culturally? I mean the vast majority of countries have the same laws, customs, DMVs, taxes, etc. with only slight tweaks here or there.
          I think the Japanese are just taking this logic and putting it into practice. Also it’s a lot easier for a lot of their cultural things like lifetime employment, social services, etc.–they are more acceptable when they aren’t offered to people who look different than they do.

        3. Yet, lots of stupid white people are Japanophiles and think just because they like anime and manga, that Japanese people will accept them. Boy, what a surprise they’re in for…

        4. It may offensive to some but culture matters to many and they will do anything to defend.
          Although there has been immigration in America, there is/are distinct culture/s in America. A lot of the midwestern and southern states have a strong culture. In large metropolitan, liberal areas like NYC or the bay area in CA, there’s something of an anti-culture, a culture of no culture.

        5. The French and Japanese have something in common that is at odds with Anglo-saxon heritage: they have government bureaucracies designed to control the language: create new words, determine which words are proper in their language, and determine which expressions are not.
          English dictionaries are published by private entities with entries and definitions determined by and examination of language use by the public at large. The short way of saying this is that French and Japanese are “prescriptive” while English is “descriptive”.
          I don’t always agree with every definition from every dictionary; sometimes you can see the political bias of the editor creeping in. However, that is nothing compared to the likes of Quebec and their language police. Many words they flip out about are not even English in origin and may not have a direct French translation. Italian restaurants had to fight to keep “pasta” on their menus and stores like Second Cup, Toys R Us, Guess, Costco and Old Navy are being told their global brand names are not French enough.

        6. Japan does let outsiders in although it’s not all that arms welcome. There is racism but they are more subtle about it and less direct. For example, if you wanted to get a job in Japan and you are non-white foreigner, they will say… “Sorry the position is already taken” and when the same job application is called by Japanese or White, they ask them to come in for further interview. (White people get a special carpet treatment in Japan; they are treated better than other Asians who are looked down in Japan). If you are handsome white male, tall, and look rich, you can automatically apply Machiavellian facade and have the Japanese literally worship you.
          Japan does not like foreigners but if you are white American or preferably white European, you will be welcomed so if you are white then you have nothing to worry about; just don’t be a fat ugly creep. You can even be average and fare well if you are white; don’t need much effort in gaming Japanese chicks.

        7. Sorry but your are completely false.
          White are maybe even more discriminated in Japan, you will always have people insulting you in japanese or reporting you to police without reason (and the poor german guy was even choked by “civilized” japanese police) and ESPECIALLY if you are a tall white male.
          Porbably you will be treated better in Tokyo and other big city but you will be despised in Hokkaido and Fukushima region (especially for american and russian).
          Don’t forget that in japanese firms unlike european or american it is usually the most submissive who will get the top executive post.
          For japanese girls it seriously depend of the region again (you can even look some details on the forum) but in Tokyo yes there are girls who go especially for white (it is often girls who lived for a time abroad)

        8. Japanese treat White people better than Chinese and Koreans. You have to know the Japanese mindset. Japanese people worship white people. Just look at their Japanese manga. The good guys have Caucasian facial features like big eyes, colorful hair and eyes and the bad guys have Asiatic features. If you are white male and you got treated badly in Japan maybe it’s because you have poor social skills. The submissive do NOT get the top executive post but I get what you are saying. Japanese people prefer ‘humbleness’ even though their humbleness is pretty fake. If you are seen as confident guys, they see that as little too cocky. In Japan, you have to pretend like you are not good at it to make the other guys feel good and show that you are not a “show-off”. The Japanese may not like the Russians especially in the northern region because they have the Island disputes with them but Americans are loved and appreciated by the Japanese. It’s the Okinawans who don’t like Americans because of the heavily military presence creates tension and noise especially with military drills. In Japanese bathhouses, they put signs like “NO GAIJIN; JAPANESE ONLY”.
          How do you know they were insulting you? Do you understand their language? Maybe they were complementing you. The average Japanese male height is like 5’7″. The average white American height is like 5’10”. What are the Japanese going to do about it? Attack us? They figured it out pretty hard when they tried that shit in Pearl Harbor. Japanese see Americans as status symbol and they would rather have their Japanese daughter marry American male rather than Chinese or Korean or other Asian male. Japanese love white people. Just look at how Japan copied everything from Great Britain, Prussia, United States, and Germany in the late 1800s when they “modernized”. Japan love the West.

    1. That is very interesting.
      However, Japan is also very socialist, and the vast majority of their social policies are dictated by socialism. I don’t think Mr. Trump would appreciate being compared to socialists. Although he may appreciate their immigration policy.

      1. They’re collectivist. Not socialist (for the most part). Most conservative societies do not reflect the Anglo-Saxon disinterest in using the state to preserve the traditional social structure. But just because they don’t share that disinclination, doesn’t mean they’re socialists. It’s like saying that Tsarist Russia and the USSR were pretty much the same, because they didn’t look like America circa 1800.

        1. Exactly. Only 14% of their economy is state run, the vast majority of their national debt is domestically owned, etc.

    2. not exactly true, there’s more than 1 mosque in japan and their policy towards muslims is generally the same kind of xenophobia displayed towards most foreigners
      which is a good thing, because it’s a more ideological form of ethnic nationalism

    3. What Donald Trump is proposing is already codified in US law:

      8 USC §1182(f): Whenever the President finds that the
      entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States
      would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by
      proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend
      the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or
      nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may
      deem to be appropriate.

      Furthermore, I find the left’s treatment of Trump rather hypocritical since both FDR and Carter imposed immigration restrictions (but what else is new).

      1. To be clear, the Jap internment camps are almost universally criticized as one of America’s biggest mistakes. There is no hypocricy here.

        1. FDR limiting immigration, and FDR making internment camps were different actions:
          Presidential Proclamation 2525, 2526, and 2527 (http://www.foitimes.com/internment/Proc2525.html) suspended naturalization of Germans, Italians, and Japanese on December 7 and 8 of 1942
          Executive Order 9066 was the internment order issued on February 19th of the same year.
          The camps were condemned; the suspension was not.

        2. American interning the Japs during WWII was the best thing we ever did. Too bad Americans can’t do the same to Muslims today because of outcry. It sucks but you have to do what you got to do to protect your country at those times. Plus American government reimburse the Japs in 1988 with some enacted law (I believe) so those Japs got their compensation.

        3. Only because people didn’t suffer the inevitable attacks on public areas that would have definitely occurred if that action was not taken. American citizens have this bad habit of thinking the world is a nice place.

        4. The best thing would have been to not provoke Japan into attacking. But I agree, once Pearl Harbor was a fact, it was the right thing to do to protect the country.

        5. Blacks did and still do get compensation. It’s called food stamps, welfare, and section 8 housing.

        6. Keep up, those social programs are for everyone. If only blacks got free land grants like so many whites did though.

        7. Actually, I’d say the opposite– the biggest problem with America’s foreign policy is that Americans have this view of foreign countries as dangerous, backward, inefficient places, and have trouble accepting facts such as there are dozens of other nations on earth with better health care systems, better transportation systems, more efficient governments, etc. They constantly believe the world is in need of Americans coming in and blowing shit up and selecting the “right” people to lead over foreign countries because they are such “bad” places.

        8. Where did I imply anything of the sort you just jumped on? Everyone fucks each other over in today’s world, America needs to put itself first like most other successful countries (that are not European, apparently). I see countries like China moving into Africa now, and the locals used to say it was great, until they realized the poor will stay where they are and the profits are going back to China. The amount of chicanery we allow, like China manipulating its currency, is ridiculous. And nothing will empower people to attack our natives more than unchecked foreign nationalism on our soil.
          People will choose their own kind in most situations even if they have been separated from them for years. Changing a person’s culture and behavior after the age of 10 even is almost impossible, and we need to stop believing other people who are not americans and have no incentive to care about americans will share our sense of altruism.

        9. Comparing the quality of life of US slaves — each costing their owners as much as a house, given housing, clothing and medical care, usually with the ability to earn money on the side — with that of their pre-colonial relatives in Africa, or even that of the freed Black sharecroppers, and it hard to see how they are owed compensation. They have not only received far more from White civilization than they have contributed, they have received more than they and all their descendants are ever likely to contribute.

        10. Yes? With wilderness land grants they might now be nearly half as prosperous as they have become in Zimbabwe after taking the White Rhodesians’ working farms. Which is to say they’d starve.

        11. No, don’t get me wrong. Slavery in the US was very a bad thing.
          Without slavery, we’d have about 97% fewer Blacks in the US, the violent crime rate would be less than half what it is now, and the hundreds of thousands of men who died in the Civil War probably would have lived out their lives in peace.
          I’d still have the car and thousands of dollars of possessions stolen from me. Two murdered friends would still be alive. And millions of other Americans would have avoided even worse.
          Maybe the descendants of US slaves will one day be fully repaid, but they should get down on their knees and pray to God that that day never comes.

        12. that’s based on population; America still has more whites than on-whites; of course you are going to look it the statistics based on the masses but look at the RATE.
          Blacks are only 12 percent of American population but commit more crime than Whites + (Hispanic and Asian) combined. Look at the prison population.
          Look at modern America. Who contributed more to America? Whites or blacks? Simple answer. Don’t you think? Who invented computer? Who invented internet? Who discovered electricity?
          Simple answer, isn’t it?
          This ain’t no Jezebel dude. White aren’t going to cower down and feel sorry for anything. Ask any non-white, non-black immigrants like Hispanics and Asians… and ask them where they want to settle… (in an all-white neighborhood or all-black neighborhood). Answer is obvious, isn’t it?

        13. There was a black journalist who, after watching “Roots”, went back to Africa to trace his roots. He came back and said, “After being in Africa all I can say is, thank god my ancestors were dragged here in chains.” BTW as a person whose Irish ancestors were dragged here in chains as well I second the sentiment.

        14. Europe used to be a really nice place…especially the Nordic countries..but sadly, no more. Just look at what happened in Belgium.

      2. Immigration restrictions is one thing, but discriminating your citizenship or travel visas to people of only certain races or nations or only people with certain religious beliefs or only people with specific political beliefs is quite a different thing, and for sure its going to cause a shit storm, these days especially.
        Countries like say Japan or Korea or China or Saudi Arabia or Switzerland or Latvia or some shitty county in Africa can do it and it wont cause such media controversy or risk of voter backlash, than it would in the Anglosphere nations. .

      1. While ours would probably strangle their own grandmothers if it meant an extra dollar in their bank accounts

      2. Unfortunately, the Japanese are no longer a culture to look up to. They have an aging population – the worst in the modern world, herbivore man-boys, women who are not interested in sex never mind raising the next generation, a bloated welfare state supporting that aging population and nobody to take jobs because of the low birth rate combined with a xenophobic immigration policy.

        1. So basically they’re america with a good immigration policy. Japan has a lot of problems, but at least they’ll deal with those problems as a cohesive nation of the same ethnicity. That alone is such a big factor that they’re still worthy of respect. It’s sad, since their fucked up state should be lamented, but in clown world they’re doing well. Problems can be solved, but not in some multicultural death cult. They are in a much better position than us.

        2. So long as they don’t start immigration the Japanese population will decline a little and then stabilise as resources become available to young couples such as cheaper housing.. Those lacking the hormones and temperament to want children will breed themselves out of existence leaving only the fertile of mind and nature. Natural selection needs a little time to adjust to contraceptives. Females may end up rather “cluky” and fond of children.

        3. I am curious as to how it will all play out.
          Just out of curiosity, does anyone have experience with Japanese girls? I live in China and can go on for hours about Chinese women but I was wondering about Japanese girls. Porn is probably not the best reality check, but are they all skinny-fat squeak toys?

    4. Japan is learning from its own history. The Tolugawa Shogunate banned all Christians from entering the country and executed anyone found prwcticing the religion. Obviously Japan isn’t doing something so extreme in modern times but it’s following the spirit of its ancestral past.

      1. Oh no that Japan was following a similar policy other surrounding countries practice at the time

      2. Japan was a smart country who got ahead of other Asian countries by copying everything from the United States, Britain, Prussia (at that time), Germany in modernizing their country in the late 1800s when American Matthew Commodore Perry made them piss in their pants (American steel ship vs small Japanese samurai wooden boat). That’s when Japs knew they had to modernize or be a victim. They chose to be conquerors instead of victims. Japan doesn’t like foreign ideas but if it helps them, they take it. They probably take western science and technology but reject SJWs and liberal culture. The Japs are pretty smart in doing that.

      3. There is a lot to be said for ancestor whoreship such as continuity of generations and culture. Would love to dine with my father and grand fathers in Valhalla. The man did a good job of being a father and having respect for him is a great thing to have left.

      1. Yea Politifact seems legit: http://www.politifactbias.com/
        And frankly if those statements I posted were indeed incorrect, then several things:
        1. Shame on me for not doing enough research (although as the link I provided shows, politifact does have a history of bias reporting)
        2. Doesn’t change my stance on stoping thousands of “Syrian refugees” read: thousands of 18-50 year old male muslims from all across the Middle East and Africa, from coming here.
        3. More so, since ISIS has publicly boasted how they will exploit this situation to plant terrorists in western nations.
        I just want to pose a question to you… How many dead Americans will it take exactly, before you’ll maybe consider putting some restrictions on who we let in? Obviously 14 is too low. Seriously what’s the blood price to stop un vetted, potential terrorists in?

        1. I think with leftists even of their own family got gunned down by muslims they’d still support bringing in boat loads of the horny male violent herd.

        2. Glad to see that we can have an adult conversation, even though we disagree on some key points. Regarding Politifact, my point was not that we should hold them up as some sort of infallible experts, simply that on the particular issue of Muslim immigration and Japan, they did a good job of de-bunking your argument.
          “How many dead Americans will it take exactly, before you’ll maybe consider putting some restrictions on who we let in?” America already has heavy restrictions on who we let in, they are just not religion based.
          “Seriously what’s the blood price to stop un vetted, potential terrorists in?” Do you seriously believe that all muslims are “potential terrorists” simply because of their religion?

        3. I think Trump has done us all a favor…we’re able to, at least, discuss the issue. Before, we couldn’t even have a talk about it because politicians (both right and left) and the media would call it racist to discuss it.
          National security (border control) is wanted by many Americans…but our leaders have been failing us for years (both sides). I can’t take any of our “leaders” seriously when they talk about this new ‘war on terror’ but don’t address the issue of border control, restricted borders, etc… Life isn’t fair and when you’re “at war” it really isn’t fair. Too many Americans want their cake and eat it, too.

        4. In an interview on “The Morning Joe” on 12/8/15, Trump came extremely close to touching on an extremely taboo issue – the funding of ISIS by the Israeli government. He mentioned that the Saudis were funding ISIS, and also that another US “ally” was funding them, but he essentially told Scarborough he wouldn’t “say their name out loud”
          I think president Kennedy was the last to mention the influence of the “secret government” that subverts the US from within. That didn’t work out too well for him! Kennedy’s father was extremely educated on the dangers of Zionism and their powerful influence in the US government, and likely this is the secret group JFK spoke of.

        5. Ok let’s have an adult conversation…
          What Trump called for was a temporary suspension/ban on all Muslim immigration until we can figure out a proper vetting process to identify possible terrorist threats, which according to members of our Homeland Security dept., we don’t have the capability to do right now. Considering this is completely constitutional and with in the rights of the US government to do, I don’t understand the backlash from this.
          With the events of the past several months this seems like a logical step in protecting Americans from further terrorist attacks, especially since the Islamic State boasted publicly that they would exploit the “refugee” crisis to plant terror cells in western countries a la Paris shootings.
          Considering that FDR interned all Japanese living in the US, a lot of them US citizens, and Carter deported all Iranian students, again the general backlash at this idea is a little confusing.
          Speaking of FDR, what I’m not advocating for is the illegal internment of US CITIZENS, and I emphasize citizen because anyone with a limited knowledge of the Constitution knows this is completely illegal.
          Now with that being said, if you are a US citizen, and through proper police investigations taking the necessary constitutional steps, it is discovered that you have traveled to countries with suspected ties to terrorism, made contact with suspect terrorists or terrorist organizations, or have made terrorist threats through any online media source, your activities should be monitored.
          What won’t make Americans safer is restricting, illegally I might add, their 2nd Amendment right to purchase and own firearms while simultaneously allowing thousands of migrants from countries with strong ties to Islamic terror.
          Now if you can let me know of any radical Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist etc groups who wish death on the west and want to commit acts of violence against us, I’d be happy to extend these precautions to them

      2. You can easily be foreign born and get Japanese citizenship; you merely have to be 100% ethnically Japanese. There is curently a influx to Japan from the Japanese sub-culture in Brazil.

      1. One has to actually go to that area (East Asia) to find out what is really going on. Multiculturalism is propping up there as well.

    5. Japan doesn’t imprison people who promote sharia or gays. I don’t know where you got your information and I don’t know why most of the redpill community believe that Japan is against Muslims. Have any of you guys actually lived in Japan? Muslims can safely live in Japan with no problem. Japanese might not like it but what are they going to do about it?
      Japan is a proxy country that serves the United States; don’t forget that. Whatever happens in the United States is going to happen in Japan or already happened. If United States decides to have gay parade and give preferential treatment to Muslims; then what makes you think Japan isn’t going to. Japan has to listen and answer to whatever America tells them to do.

      1. The young people there need to get over their shikata ga nai attitude and start being nationalistic alphas again. I see these girly boys and I feel so disappointed.

        1. well they aren’t going to be nationalistic any time soon. I see them (Japanese young men) with their long hair (dyed with brown or blonde hair looking), skinny jeans, too much in fashion (there is healthy dose to it), watching drama and have mostly feminine qualities. Most of them do not lift weights and are anti-social and withdrawn from public social life (hikikomori) but they tend to be workacholics and sacrifice themselves to the company they work for and rarely have sex.

    6. Im okay with banning muslims from usa long as americans and us soldiers are banned from muslim countries too. Only makes sense.

    7. Japan, showing the world how to do ethnocentrism right. Now if their youngsters can just get their sense of nationalism back…

    8. It’s not a ban, it’s a moratorium.
      The Saudis ban non Muslim immigration and so do several other Muslim nations.
      He can ban immigration from those countries.
      He should however accept atheist or other ex-Muslims. The death penalty is on the books for apostasy in Saudi Arabia meaning that becoming an atheist in Saudi Arabia can be punished by beheading.
      If he banned immigration from all those nations that
      1 punish apostasy
      2 prevent Christians, Jews, Hindus, Bhuddist practicing
      he could posture himself excellently.
      A Malaysian was recently jailed 2.5 years for starting a atheist Facebook site for Malaysians.

    9. Having Muslims immigrate into the country does not make the country get attacked by terrorists or anything.By the way,Islam still thrives in Japan.

    10. Too bad the US will never follow the common sense approach to the Muslims, that Japan has.

  20. What really bothers me most about this unilateral attack on Trump for even having the guts to suggest this TEMPORARY ban is the fact that in 35 years, I’ve never heard one single solitary soul utter so much as a peep about the fact that no non-Muslim may enter the holy city of Mecca. If it’s such an outrage for somebody to suggest that we restrict entry for practitioners of one lone religion, where then is the outrage towards Islam for barring EVERYONE BUT THEM frim an arbitrary area? Perhaps it’s an unfair comparison on some levels–since its a city vs a nation, for example–but the core principle is exactly the same.

    1. I have been saying for years that one way to deal with this is to carpet bomb mecca during Ramadan and take the cuffs off Israel so they can go turn the dome on the rock into a kosher mcdonalds or whatever the fuck they want. After that, then we give a list of demands publically….not before, not with a threat…but very calmly say “this is done….here is what you do to ensure the rest of Allah ya don’t meet Mohammed, Larry Hammed and Curly Hammed tomorrow.

        1. 2 bombs + baseball = modern japan as one of the great economic and cultural powers in the world..

        2. Plato, Aristotle, Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, Einstein and all the others= the decaying one

      1. I don’t know, man. Like the OP says, its about 25% of Muslims around the world that agree with the violent rhetoric within Islam. Some studies say more, some less.
        I am more in line with Paul Watson on this one. It’s simply time for a Reformation in Islam. Remember that until 500 years ago, Muslims were the civilized ones and Christians were the violent crazy barbarians. There are aspects of most faiths that should be embraced, but the key is that there comes a time when in order to do that, you have to make a clean break with the extremely negative tenets.

        1. I think it is so much more simple than that. There is a war. Let’s pick sides and use every tool we have at our disposal to win. Let the muslims worry about the good muslims.

        2. “Muslims were the civilized ones and Christians were the violent crazy barbarians”
          Multiculturalist propaganda detected. Muslims have stolen Persia and Bizantium’s architecture, Greek and Indian Maths. That’s it. If you want to know how civilized they were, go ask Western China Buddhists what they did to peaceful monks and scriptures.
          Culture has somehow SURVIVED, where Muslims ruled. Not flourished.
          More so, 500 years ago, Europe was in full Renaissance, the most glourious apex of its civilization.

        3. If it wasn’t for those “violent” Christians you would be speaking Arabic right now and worshiping a pedophile warlord.
          Thank god for the crusades and get ready for crusades 2.0
          (Although I wish I knew Arabic, it is a very beautiful language) but you get my point

        4. “Remember that until 500 years ago, Muslims were the civilized ones and Christians were the violent crazy barbarians.”
          To speak such traitorous ignorance with a name like “Alexei F. Karamazov” means you’re probably a Communist with a picture of Stalin on the wall.

        5. The other thing is that if this proposed measure causes some inconvenience to the good muslims who can temporarily not holiday in the US etc pushing prams around Disney world with their head scarves it might force them to internally modernise their religion and stop supporting and financing their extremists.

        6. They had their Reformation in the 18th century when the Wahabists first arose; Wahab was a preacher. His teaching was imposed by force of arms; his followers threw out 1,000 years of philosophical commentary and non-literal interpretations of the Koran and insisted on sola scriptura. Think Calvin’s Geneva. Unfortunately this has lasted a lot longer.
          And the Wahab family and the house of Saud have been in bed together ever since–literally. They’ve been intermarrying for generations.
          Muslims had already been attacking the Christian world for centuries when the Crusades were launched.

        7. That’s interesting, man. I never knew any of that. Thanks for posting it, I’m definitely going to have to learn more. Kudos.

        1. Fair enough. If you turned into a British Chippy though, you could serve Dome of the Rock Salmon

        2. I will go with a chippy. We will call it Dome of the Rock Salmon with Mushy Peas and a pint at the Allah Ak Bar

        3. Now we’re getting somewhere. However this Pax Britannica between the Arabs and the Jews wouldn’t be complete without mandatory pork scratchings for all

        4. Describes the likely outcome more than the meal served up. We’re all at risk right now of ending up as sausage meat

      2. Don’t worry, the US is Israel’s bitch – if you want Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria carpet-bombed, then white neocons are more than happy to shed Moslem blood for the Jew. But current Israeli foreign policy is to turn a blind eye to the misdeeds of the Sunni Moslems in Saudi Arabia and Sunni Moslem extremists in Syria. These Moslem extremists are helping to take out Assad, and therefore they will ultimately undermine Iran (who Israel hates).
        There are no cuffs on Israel, only on American foreign policy. Israel could do whatever it wants in the ME (it has the military goods to do so, courtesy of U.S. funding), it *chooses not to* because Israel knows that America will do its dirty work. The very fact that the solutions of “carpet-bombing” and “kill all ME Moslems!” is being proposed shows that AMERICANS are cuffed and cucked. The solution to the Moslem problem is not to shed more white American and Moslem blood in the ME. That will just lead to more pissed off Moslems and broken families of US vets.
        The solution is for white Americans to unite, scrutinize American Moslems, kick out illegal Mexicans and Spanish-speaking only Mexicans (blacks would join with whites on the Mexican issue, trust me…), build a damn wall (like Israel’s, for example) shut down the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and other colored SJWs, shut down ALL immigration, remove AIPAC influence from D.C., and remove leftist Jew influence from Hollywood, pornography, the MSM media, and feminism.

    2. I should note that the 35 years I mention there is my own age. The ban on non-Muslims in Mecca has been in place for hundreds of years….same as their Rape Culture that liberals also leave unacknowledged.

    3. Jews are not allowed into Saudi Arabia. If Western business men go into SA, they are not given permission to enter if they have an Israeli entry stamp in their passport.

    4. It’s all about everyone else being able to control and hold onto their culture, their religion, and everything else except men (especially white men or Christians). That’s how the media and politicians have programmed the citizens in the U.S., today. If you say anything or try anything that seems like you are holding onto your culture then you must be a racist (or Hitler). It’s the narrative that they control.
      You only need to point out how hypocritical it is for everyone else to do it except a white man is the definition of racist, sexist, segregation, etc…. Too many people following and not enough leading.

  21. As I mentioned elsewhere, all Trump did was take the Republican stance on the issue and crank it up to 11. It’s a genius play by Trump.

  22. Islam is a garbage bin religion that is incompatible with every single culture on the planet but their own. Until they have a serious reformation and modernize their religion, they should be treated as the 14th century throwbacks that they are. If they want to come to America and not assimilate they should be told to kick rocks and be sent home.
    Trump is the best thing to happen to america. Hes literally the definition of the neomasculine alpha male. God help us if the female joseph stalin in a pants suit becomes president.

    1. Totally right.
      But that “reformation” is impossible. Islam was created because arabs were mocked (and oppressed) by their neighbors (Egiptians, Persians, Romans, Jews, Indians…) because they remained dirty barbarian savages when all the regions around were already civilized for millenia.
      What did Muhammad do, then? He forbids music, sculpture, figurative art, all “pagan philosophy”… And there you have it, Islam!

    2. Very well said! – treated for the 14th century throwbacks that they are. Have seen enough on the streets around Europe without watching the news and in interactions with them to not feel the need to argue with that assertion..

    3. Damn right. You only need to look at a few countries in Europe to see this disaster. Many of these countries, now, want to seal their borders and do a 180 on the open borders policy. It has literally damaged their countries.
      Hungary made a good move by, first, letting them in and then saying “enough” and closing off their borders (fence and all).

  23. Matt Ridley argues that the Islamic religious obsessives have gone nuts because they realize they fall on the wrong side of history, with “humanism” getting the upper hand. The implosion of fertility in most Muslim countries shows that enthusiasm for this religion has subsided considerably among most of the people who live in these places:
    Ridley doesn’t see the longer-term problem with this analysis, though. Humanism has created a demographic bubble which will burst in a few more generations because it induces sterility. The future belongs to the fertile, which means that it belongs to the descendants of traditionalist religious women like Michelle Duggar.
    You’d think that people who talk about they represent the “progressive” world of the future would realize that they sabotage their own project by embracing contraception, abortion and sodomy.

        1. Haha same here. A bossy girl is always a challenge at first, but it soon wears off and turns into an annoying feature. Specially as we get older and stop seeing girls as fairy princesses (which, once younger, we all did…)

        2. I never got anywhere with them, either, but I kinda projected my manliness on bitches, so those bossy ones were best able to carry that mirror.

    1. I always felt Voldemort was a wimp, as a villain…
      I mean… Why was he doing “bad things” in the first place? As he already had the power over pretty much everything, why would he bother to kill Harry’s pathetic parents?
      He was either a lunatic or a powerful academician with bad aesthetics, but a villain… please!!!
      HP and JK Rowling must be the most overrated best-selling case ever. Even being it a crowded competition.

      1. He wanted love. Grew up without parents. Nobody there for him, so he set out to destroy all goodness in others as he was denied it. I understand him. But yeah, more a lunatic than a classical villain.

        1. I search for self-esteem, consistency and good leadership (or a cold heart, at least) in a villain AND in a hero. The only thing telling me which one is which is their “world vision”. And it is actually a good thing when you end reading a book and it is not THAT clear if your hero is not a little bit of a villain and vice versa. Anyway, they must be strong (alpha), make you want to share their heart and mind.
          Reading about an insecure lunatic wizard is sad. Poor literature. Voldemort is the anti-Iago (from Shakespeare’s Othello).

        2. Well, I quite enjoyed it, as it emotionally resonates with me. But I understand your viewpoint. Calling it poor literature just because it does not portray your favorite human experience or because it is sad is a tad close-minded.

        3. Ok, maybe. One must see what one doesn’t like, to learn our true passions. You may be right. But it was stretched too far. 7 books for such a story… Needed more humanity, more depth, there. That’s why I said it.
          But if you tell me, it’s like a LaFontaine tale… and LaFontaine is surely high literature (for children)… Yes, then you are right. Anyway, I don’t put my Rowlings in my Shakespeares’ shelf.

        4. Yeah, I am no big fan either. The good evil thing is too simplistic. I was objecting to your judgment of it being sad and mad.
          Yes, there certainly is no point forcing yourself to read stuff that does not resonate with you.

        5. On the other hand, I really liked “His Dark Materials”, from Philip Pullman. It is a great metaphor in 1984 style, it has great scenery descriptions, and I like the convolutions in the trilogy. The villain has a good complexity and credibility…
          I found it a shame it never had even a 0,01% of Harry Potter’s popularity… It’s in the same genre.

        6. I think I did, but not recently. You are talking about the one with Ingrid Bergman in it, right?

        7. My father has it on VHS, he is a total Ingrid Bergman fan (that’s why I asked).
          I remember the plot somewhat vaguely… Her husband was quite the greedy guy, but in the end she outsmarted him and had him arrested. The movie was very well written. And there you have it: a villain is a bit of a hero and vice versa…
          I’ll be watching it again soon (maybe this weekend), thank you for the suggestion.

  24. I love how the left claim to love democracy until the people choose to elect someone they don’t like. Their true colors show more and more each day. Ironically, it is the left who are tyrannical, not Trump.

  25. “Dear Islamophobes, your racism is putting us in danger!”
    What a bunch of tripe, the only thing in danger is getting Paris’d again. Or should I say San Bernadino’d?
    “Rubio denies that Islamophobia against Muslims is a problem”
    Clearly it is not, if people were truly islamophobic (which they should be at this point) they would stop immigration and start deporting immediately.
    I love these cuckservatives and the Left getting BTFO, it’s time for them to eat their heart out. This Trump guy is looking better by the day, just say NO to cuckservatism.

    1. What the folks who have said Trump’s statements could “offend” Muslims may not have considered is this:
      Even if they are offended, they would be offended thousands of miles away and then denied entry should they try to come here to do anything about it.

        1. Came the hordes a trampling
          O’er mountains majesty
          Shouting out their hatred
          From sea to shining sea
          Labeled their homeland evil
          Made demands to be appeased
          Declared the end of greatness
          And succored our enemies
          And suckers we are for listening
          Still longer did we allow
          Until was heard: “This is the day.
          The time to act is now!”
          “Silence fool!” cried the crowds
          “We hold dominion here.”
          But one could sense their panic
          Hidden ‘neath the jeers.
          Friends came running one and all
          Enemies became peers
          Hurried scrawls proclaimed him fool
          While others claimed him demon
          From all sides did they swing
          But swayed not one opinion
          In fact more voices joined in
          And formed a motley chorus
          Instead of putting others out
          Began the call: “Come join us.”
          Of one thing am I certain
          If not what may come to pass
          There’s been a thorough “trumping”
          Of the Rino and the Ass.
          And to answer the question, honestly this stuff comes from a deeply harbored snark and bemusement. But always a bit of playfulness too. With some topics I quickly run out of playful even though I’m never short on snark.

    2. There was a comedy that came out in 2004 called Team America: World Police. It basically ripped on jihadists, Kim Jong Il, and the U.S. It was deemed racist and bigoted by a lot of people and critics when it came out.
      The funniest part, and I didn’t remember this until I watched it again last night on netflix: the opening depicts 4 or 5 muslim terrorists attacking citizens in Paris with AK-47’s and IED’s.

      1. Yep, creators of South Park. You can’t get any more racist or bigoted (or anti SJW) than those guys…..love it.

        1. It just depends who you talk to…I say it’s the truth but many will be “offended” by it. That’s the problem with our society, today. People get offended so easily. It’s like crying “rape” whenever someone bumps into a woman or makes an obvious observation about something happening.
          You can no longer report facts (or stats). Society is too sensitive (now) to shit that we used to just laugh off.

  26. I used to be pro Islam but after having a discussion with a few of my friends who practice , most with patents straight of the boat from Iran ,and the more I read into it the more I dislike it. Even the good muslisms have their nose in the air when it comes to western culture, you will hear the go on and on about how much better, peaceful, and prosperous their culture is a how America has everything wrong . Question , why are you in America then ? If I moved to Iran I would have to play by their rules , they’re coming to America so play by ours .

      1. Probably because we don’t have rampant pedophilia and closet homosexuals, which always seems to be a main selling point in their argument. “Oh but the Greeks did that and practiced this ” well the Greeks main Prophet of their religion didn’t marry a nine year old .

    1. Yes, they love their religion and culture so much that they have to move to America (and leave their country behind). You have to laugh at this nonsense when you hear it.
      And..it’s the only “religion” that doesn’t want to integrate into the host country. They always want to bring their system, here, and change it.

  27. Let me give an analogy.
    US Customs and Border Protection does not allow certain foods from a particular country to be brought into the US because of the potential that those may contain disease causing pathogens. Not all, but some. They recently confiscated 450 or so pork tamales from Mexico at LAX from a passenger.
    Our government is willing to prevent certain foods from entering the country, and diligently enforce that rule, but…
    Edit: Source.

  28. The ban isn’t enforceable. Mulsims would simply not disclose their faith on immigration paperwork. What is possible is banning immigration from countries on a terrorist watch list, and include all muslim majority countries on the list. But muslim from a country like india would still be able to immigrate.

      1. If you honestly believe that kind of blasphemy test is going to stop a terrorist attack, then you deserve to die from stupidity.

  29. This mirrors my own thoughts. The problem is not with Muslims per se. The problem is with Islam itself. Islam is a very violent, supremacist, and dehumanizing belief system that under any other circumstances the left would throw a fit over, but because most of its adherents are non-whites and it wraps itself up in the cloak of a religion (when it is in fact a legal and political system clearly antithetical to Western values), they put their heads in the sand: http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2015/12/09/on-donald-trump-immigration-islam/
    It is entirely reasonable to want to limit the scope of this belief system in your country, much as you would want to limit Communism or Nazism.
    What Trump said was ugly, but he’s forcing us to confront uncomfortable truths, and the sooner we do it, the better, lest we find solutions to our present problems that we don’t want.

    1. Perhaps there was a hope there would be reform of Islam from within to avoid more violent confrontations. If there were reformers, they are not in any position to change anything at the moment and the West’s current leadership, reaking of weakness, only invites those of a more violent following to attack.

      1. They hack of peoples heads with kitchen knives and shoot them randomly with machine guns and fly planes into buildings, their own people are not going to try to reform them you’re completely right only a take no bullshit kind of leadership in the west might do anything and even none of our leaders are likely capable of reforming but rather need replacing with the various candidates like Trump, Le Pen, Farage but I don’t think he’s quite in the running..

        1. Yes. The mopes in the West mumbling about “Islam is a religion of peace” are being exposed as fools. I understand why the try to sell it, but they are losing the initiative to deal with it (suspend Immigration, enforce laws, actively exterminate known terrorists, etc…) and things tend to get out of control when the public realize the state does not have their best interest at heart (they never did, but that is a seperate issue).

    2. Liberals support Islam until it moves into their community, takes over as the political leaders and institutes Sharia Law. Then, you’ll see liberals no longer supporting Islam (but by then it will be too late).

    3. Right ^^^ add on the dimension of tribalism + Islam = toxic religion. You put that religion amongst tribal folk and you get the madness you have today. People don’t realize that the ISIS folks are not “bad”muslims they are “perfect”muslims. ISIS is Islam practiced as put forth in the Koran. Scary….

  30. What immediately jumps out to me is JK Rowling comparing Voldemort to Trump favorably- In her mind, a genocidal madman trying to overthrow a legitimately elected government and violently exterminate a human minority is somehow BETTER than some rich white man wanting to temporarily close the US border.

  31. The lefty media and the cuckservatives are clueless! Trump knows there will be another attack and sooner rather than later and he’ll gain more support, then another attack and he will gain more support and then another attack and more support. By next November these same idiots will be begging him to protect them. Only the dumbest lefties will be talking the same nonsense. Trump is offering perfectly reasonable legal solutions. What is the first black gay muslim woman president offering but more of what is not working?

  32. This is how the left always operate.
    You see this exact same smear campaign bullshit in the workplace, at home, at school, in politics, etc.
    Criticizing the enemy is one thing… But I can’t understand clearly their position against Trump. All this “Trump is Hitler” nonsense makes it virtually impossible to determine what the real arguments and considerations against him truly are. Everyone can see that Trump is a hot-head, but he is proposing tangible changes that people can understand.

    1. It’s not about making rational arguments or presenting facts to support your claim with these people, it’s just vomiting words at people that incite negative reactions.
      We need to halt muslim immigrants until we can properly vet them – Nazi!
      Black on white and Black on Black crime is astronomically higher than White on black or Police murders of Blacks – Racist
      The list goes on ad nauseam… Homophobe, Xenophobe, Sexist blah blah blah
      They’re really kicking their vitriolic war of words into overdrive because people are starting to realize that labeling someone like this doesn’t have power anymore.

      1. correct – and they are scared shitless that their game may be up – people are starting to wake up and think “uhh, hey – because I don’t want to get blown up by some asshat from some middle eastern hell-hole – does that REALLY make me a racist … or xenophobe … or ?”
        and they are answering their own question: “No, it does not in any way, shape or form. It makes me a sane, reasonable person.”
        Trump may be brilliant for nothing other than this: he has a way of causing these psychopaths to expose themselves for what they really are … okay, well, I already said it, but … “psychopaths”

  33. Well, I can’t speak of Trump personally, but my observation is that we have not annexed Austria and Poland still appears to be safe…

  34. I love Trump’s business ideas for the country but I will not vote for a man that wants to ban people based on religion. I know a few Muslims and they haven’t killed anyone, yet. OK…that was joking…but seriously…..YOU CANNOT DISCRIMINATE BASED ON RELIGION AT THE GOVERNMENT LEVEL….PERIOD. How come ABC could get more information that should ban that woman in the CA shooting than the US immigration department could? That is my biggest worry. Why couldn’t immigration find a FB post?

      Guess someone should let the IRS know.

    2. In a legal context you can “discriminate” people from entering the country. The Constitution applies to US citizen; it does not extend to every single living being on the planet.
      People seem to suffer from severe shortsightedness. FDR (a liberal) put Japanese-Americans in interment camps; Jimmy Carter (another liberal) banned Iranians from entering the country during the hostage crisis.
      Trump’s plan simply puts a halt on things until we can figure out how to deal with the problem, no other candidate and certainly not Obama, has provided the American people with a substantive solution; apparently substantive solutions are “racist” nowadays.

      1. And nobody talks about it anymore, but German and Italian-Americans were interred and monitored by the FDR fed during WWII (there are those who think the “experience” may have differed and that that matters somehow, but doesn’t change the facts).

        1. Precisely! The government’s job, first and foremost, is to protect its populace. I understand that these measures are draconian, but if you keep appeasing because of political correctness for fear of hurting feelings, more people will die. I am not saying this is easy, the situation is very dynamic. However, tough decisions must be made until we can get a handle on things. If not, people must prepare for a constant state of terror attacks which will lead to the eventual creation of a police state.

        2. “the eventual creation of a police state.”
          And there it is.
          Everyone needs to understand, the real objective is totalitarian control. Panic is the easiest way to bring it about. And the quickest way to instill mass panic is…terrorism.

        3. Strictly speaking that should be synthesis. I’m not being pedantic for the sake of it, I just don’t see what it is a synthesis of

  35. “So if the Republicans are unwilling to embrace Trump’s ban on Islamic immigration, what are they willing to do to stop Islamic terrorism? Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio opt for a two part approach: (1) Increasing surveillance of Americans through the Patriot Act, and (2) Destroying ISIS in Iraq and Syria (and probably following neocon recommendations to take out Assad in the process”
    You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect that the problem of islamic terrorism has been allowed to fester for the purpose of extending state power and an international order which now finds itself needing to orient itself to combat the threat it has itself created. If Jeb Bush and Rubio are pushing the increased surveillance / destroy Assad under the cover of destroying ISIS line then that’s a pretty good indication that they’re part of the real problem. I was actually quite taken aback by the severity of Trumps proposal – for any non-white as I am, it does indeed have worrying implications, but equally its the type of extreme solution (which I imagine is more posturing than an actual plan of action – although who knows with Trummp) that indicates a readiness to tackle the problem presenting rather than to allow it to get worse in order to exploit that problem for some arguably shadowy political purpose.
    The problem though is Trump might be prepared to think about radical (and extreme) action such as banning muslims from entering the US (and the implications of this are staggering in themselves) but is that because he’s been suckered into thinking this is just a ‘muslims are trying to take over the world’ problem – which is an entirely superficial analysis – or is he aware there is also a neo-con issue / military-industrial complex problem that has helped create the problem in the first place. If there were a candidate who was able to address both problems then however extreme their policies were they would at least enjoy a degree of credibility, but failing that I imagine this is likely to be mere populism of a kind that may indeed be more akin to demagoguery than true statemanship.
    What we really need is someone who can identity both the surface problem (islamic terrorism and the push for an international caliphate) and the underlying one (an international order complicit in creating the surface problem for its own sinister purpose)

  36. Here’s what I don’t get:
    Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the neocon chickenhawks want nothing more than to increase surveillance on American citizens and bomb Muslim people in their own countries to stop terrorism here.
    But wouldn’t restricting Muslim immigration here be a lot easier, and cheaper?
    Why the hell is their immediate response to jump to the conclusion of “LET’S INVADE OTHER COUNTRIES”? This is literally “invade the world, invite the world” in action.

    1. I agree it makes no sense and all that really shows is just how fucked up the neocons are. Fuck them, Trump’s popularity and Jeb’s failure are firm evidence that the neocon, and for that matter, socialist-lite pussy-ass GOP is dying. And good for that. The GOP that I see emerging will be consistent with Neomasculinity.

        1. Left to be seem. Although, more than any other person, I think we can expect a pragmatic foreign policy. Neocons are not pragmatic…they’re a nasty combination of dogma, american triumphalism, imperialism that ultimately serve special interests. In that configuration its impossible to create coherent policy. Trump, on the other hand, is a business man and he makes practical decisions. When asked about Putin, for instance, he said “I can work with him”. Neocons, do not work with Putin, they think they’re being coy by incrementally encroaching on Russian territory, thus, forcing Putin to act. And here once again dangerously close to Thermonuclear annihilation. The pragmatic solution, work with the Russians…for fuck sake they also want to fight terrorism too.

        2. yeah, I agree with that pretty much. It remains to be seen though how independent Trump would be in office. In his campaign he’s not beholden to anyone because he’s self-financing, but if he were to become president there would be pressure for him to toe the line, including the neo-con line, which he might not like but hasn’t as far as I’m aware openly criticized.
          The best thing perhaps would be to take firm action to improve the situation, but to do so while taking a very hard and public look at how this situation arose in the first place. Neo-cons have lost any right they might ever have had to be listened to by anyone. They should be asked to clear their offices, but I don’t see Trump doing that

    2. Their response makes perfect sense, but to see that it makes sense you have to fully understand and accept the truth that there is an underlying agenda.
      The agenda of the elites is to:
      1.) Use America to satisfy Israel’s desires in the ME. They do this through lobby groups such as AIPAC. Israel wants Assad removed from power to undermine Iran’s key ally in the region. Also, it would undermine Russia, which the elitists in the US probably see as a plus.
      2.) Forced diversity and multiculturalism upon White nations to kill any chance of a resurgence of healthy nationalism amongst Europeans and European descendants. Blacks, Mexicans, Arabs, and Whites will never all join hands and fight the elites together and work to preserve and reestablish the rule of law and our former constitutional republic. It. Won’t. Happen.
      Only whites with a sense of identity and nationalism will accomplish these goals. With these two points in mind (there are other factors at play as well), one can conclude that the response of the neocons and leftists to Trump’s proposal makes PERFECT sense.

  37. All politicians have to be shrewd, but Trump is on another level. I thought he had gone too far, but I am happy to be proved wrong.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if he hasn’t early onset senility, because he responds to interviews mostly with repetitive soundbites, but I’m beginning to think he does it:
      A: Because in our ADD society, it sticks.
      B: It’s harder to spin or take out of context without looking obvious.
      C: He’s not letting anyone else “frame” the discussion.
      D: He is absolutely not PC and fed up with it entirely.
      E: He knows we all get chuckles at watching the monkeys dance.

      1. Especially E. I enjoy that Jeb Bush has burned through millons of his donors cash with nothing to show for it. The political class is going wobbly trying to dent him.

      2. He knows what he is doing, he must have known that calling for the temporary banning of all muslims would make liberal heads explode.
        In all the fuss one thing he said that has been mostly overlooked, is that he wants to find out why muslims hate the usa so much; and thats a pandora’s box none of the estblishment politicians want to open.

  38. Ban them all. My ancestors had ascended to power and created some of the greatest things to ever exist in human civilization by incredible features in architecture, art, music, and combat, all before one insane jew-turned prophet led a bloody perverted warpath unto the birth of islam.
    A te mors expectat omne genus!

  39. Gents, Trump is a Neomasculine candidate. Self made billionaire, he answers to no one and makes his own time as he goes. Indeed, he is married, but many of us are, and its too a very attractive woman. Nonetheless this man epitomizes the independent alpha male ideal. Most important, is that he is OUTSPOKEN against political correctness. That, is VERY important to our community. political correctness is the putrid root from which all these nasty ideologies that have been, frankly, fucking with men for decades now come from. For example, feminism. Something has to give, things are becoming too removed from reality itself to continue. For me, I’ve seen enough evidence of abject policy failure from obamacare to basement dwelling 30 year old millennials to 65 year old men pretending to be a 6 year old girl to be convinced that “progressivism” is both peaking and failing. Alas, such change may take time..perhaps lots of it. But, we need representation to start steering this shit ship back from degenerate lunacy to normalcy. Trump can take the helm and make a HUGE turn to the right and that will be very good for men.
    I’m increasingly hopeful. No, I don’t think hil-dog or bernie will win. Meanwhile all three of the GOPs top candidates for presidential nomination are ALL enthusiastically against political correctness and the “establishments” shoe-in or favored horse, Jeb Bush, has fucking wash up. Gentlemen, the Tea Leaves are speaking to you.

    1. Trump isn’t self made. He inherited a fortune. But he made more money with it. His wife is hot. The other candidates are certainly more beta if not feminist.

      1. There are many Hollywood famous people whose kids are degenerates despite being born with a silver spoon.
        Trump could have easily fucked his fathers riches away on drugs and alcohol….he didn’t…and his kids are successful too…he has extreme gravitas.

        1. Go point talking about his children. All of his sons are very sucessfull and respectful men. And all of his daughters are feminine and literally the definition of what women should become.
          His kids didnt turn out like the hilton whores.

      2. When he ripped into people as they tried to get him to be p.c. When that happened I was sold.

  40. While a lot of people suddenly broke out with “The Holocaust! The Japanese Camps of WW2!” on account of Trump’s remarks, many are neglecting to mention is that many people of Jewish and Japanese ancestry signed up to fight in the Second World War, one to free their cousins and the others to prove they belonged in the West. Often, they were some of the most decorated soldiers in the whole war.
    There hasn’t been nearly as many Muslim volunteers since Al Qaeda openly declared war in the late 90’s. From the Bombing of the World Trade Center in the Early 90’s to the recent shootings in San Bernidino, many have simply run to the nightly propaganda machine to scream: “Not all Muslims! They’re not Muslims!” If they truly wished to make a difference, they would volunteer their language skills and serve their country, be it adopted or naturally born, by any means necessary.

  41. So called good Muslims need to start policing their own in this country. If they believe someone is radicalized and ready to carry out Jihad it’s their duty as Americans to report that person. If good Muslims don’t like being discriminated against then it’s time for them to clean up and take out the trash.

    1. It could be presented as an either / or: demonstrate how the ‘community’ is going to take responsibility to police itself to eliminate the risk from jihadis or accept (temporary) draconian measures? Not sure how it would do that, but anything right now would be an improvement

    2. uh ya – sort of like assimilating – to assimilate into the country where one has immigrated… what a concept!

  42. americans have a very low bar for what they consider “fascism”
    Look, liberal democracy is a form of dogmatic thinking and should be subject to change. If that’s fascism, then the world needs more fascists

        1. Goes way before that. There was some crazy Reagan hitler things tying into having 6 letters and 666 and the antichrist. I don’t remember when I first heard things being compared to hitler but it was WAY before dubya.

        2. Hitler was bad but I don’t think he was the worst dictator there ever was. It was a situation at a certain point in time, a culmination of events. He was a very charismatic speaker and was doing his patriotic best for one of the worlds culturally and technologically most developed countries which is more than you can say for other evil dictators, even if it had tragic and over the top consequences. Bits of that ideology brought into the modern age are not going to go the same way, we live in a different era. Wish they could see things more as they were and stop using Hitler as an insult..

        3. I agree. Different era and the present reality is brought by a culmination of past events. European nation states are not going to war with each other, but differnt variables outside the West are in play.
          The forgotten history of the West. Todays European millenials couldn’t tell you who built the Berlin wall and the American youth never knew 50k Americans died fighting in the Korean War. Sad state of affairs.

        4. Good, I was worried I was on my own with that opinion there.. If you listen to or read a Hitler speech it’s hard to even know where he was coming from, unless you know your 1880-1930 history very well which I don’t..

        5. I am a hobby poltical and historian reader. I also speak German, so I will actually watch the documentaries and listen to some his speeches. Today it sounds so bizarre what he is saying, but they were completely different timesand few are alive to remember.

    1. It would likely be more accurate to phrase it as “Liberal and Democrat Americans” have a very low bar for what they consider fascism. As they believe simple disagreement with their worldview is fascist. i.e.: Trump=Hitler.
      Reasonable Americans generally consider our “liberal” brethren attitudes fascist. They seek to silence and persecute any dissent, speech, assembly, thought, etc. that isn’t in complete lock-step with their own.

    2. unlike what you think, most Americans are wary and do not support this liberalism crap. They just happen to be very careful about voicing their real opinion in fear of losing their job (anyone can lose their job if emails or any evidence is sent to their boss that racism occurs in whatever form).

  43. In my view, whatever else happens, elected or not – Trump has already won.
    Why? Because with a swift comment he made which has caused infinite pain to the PC mainstream medias (and their sheep followers) from all corners of the globe, DJT forced whoever is / will be in power, to properly address an immigration issue that will not go away. There’s no more room under the carpet. The silent majority has heard the call for action.
    He has dictated the terms. Now other politicians must, willingly or not, show their hands. At this moment it’s very possible that he’s the most (in)famous person on the planet.

  44. The regressives love to say how it’s just so like Germany in the 30’s now.
    Without knowing they are speaking the truth, yes it’s like Germany in the 30’s,
    the ™ controls politics, media, academia, poo culture, pooography and they murderously despise the locals.
    I can’t find anything in islamic culture that is worth emulating, any objective analysis of it’s history (primary sources) leaves me with the conclusion that it is pagan blood moon cult. 1500 years of bloodshed, rape and lies. No logic, no logos, no light, just subjugation, Islam is an abomination against universal law and the Pythagorean Golden Rule.
    The narrative needs to change, if ALL whitey is guilty for the past and what his governments do today, then ALL Muslims are responsible for the murder of over 200 million people in the past and they are responsible for every decision every islamic government makes today, you know the beheadings, crucifixions, stoning, child brides and the rest of the endless list of Islamic crimes against humanity.
    And ALL blacks are responsible for what their sons & daughters do, today..
    There is not one muslim country I want to live within, all that oil money, all that culture, all the racist rants about infidels, all the fake pride (such and arrogant ppls). For 1500 years they haven’t created one society that wasn’t held together by violence, rape and fear and that wasn’t run by a gang of cutthroats
    The question is what is makes western civilisation (somehow) better? if you know the answer to this question you are gonna be compared to Hitler.
    I had a fatwah on my head, still toe to toe I would have no problems but they do not understand those types of noble rules of engagement, it’s more akin to what you see in inner city slums, you fight one of them, you fight all of them, cowards.
    Their is this menacing violent energy around their young, they literally have an animalistic vibe and thus behave this way. Stupid chicks love it, until they are bashed or dead, then the feminists get to milk the all men are evil bandwagon.
    In Australia our media has spent the last week reminding everyone how terribly racist Australians where 10 years ago (Cronulla riots). They forgot to tell you that there were high profile cases of gang rapes and the young Lebanese thugs were roaming beach side suburbs in hunting packs throwing their weight around to see what they can get away with.
    10 years after that event they control the meth trade, which is destroying our little coastal towns and unleashing the ghouls in the big cities.
    They also didn’t mention that as revenge 10 Australians got stabbed and many cars were set on fire.
    The Aussies responded to Australian women being gang raped, Imams saying Australian women are like uncovered meat and middle eastern gangsters trying to take over their beach side turf.
    It was so primal and unintellectual, a DNA response to repel an invader and protect your patch of sunshine.
    Once it goes beyond “intellect” the regressives lose, people just stop caring about words and just wanna fuck shit up.

  45. Each Leftist must be forced to eat a bowl of cereals with 25% of cereals being poisoned. Them we’ll take their rhetoric seriously.

  46. Cheers up liberals and Islamic jihadists, it’s not like Trump threatened to launch a couple of tactical nuclear warheads at Mecca and the Dome of the Rock! (Although that would be an interesting proposal…)

  47. Notice that when you compare Leftists to Hitler, people always throw Godwin’s Law in your face.

  48. Why, today, is the United States allied with the British and French governments, the which are the worst enemies of the United States?

    1. “..are the worst enemies of the United States?”
      I would say that is the entrenched political classes of the democrat and RINO parties which why the populist Trump is in the lead. The champaigne socialists and bobos run the UK and France, so they have a alot in common.

  49. [Edited the original post to change “Christians” to “non-Muslims”] How many of the 353 mass shootings this year in the US were caused by Muslims? How many by non-Muslims? Since the overwhelming majority of these shootings were caused by non-Muslims, by your own logic we should ban all non-Muslim immigration to the US.
    As to some of your other arguments, they have no foundation. Why don’t you cite sources next time? For example your claim that “Islamic immigration is forcing the United States to gradually evolve into a police state.” The debate about America turning into a police state started long before you even knew about Muslim immigration into this country.
    Another example: you rely a lot on Trump’s own spin on a couple surveys. Why don’t you provide a link for the original surveys? Why don’t you tell your readers that Trump’s interpretation of the surveys have been debunked as intentionally misleading? Here’s the link if you want to update your story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/12/07/donald-trumps-call-to-ban-muslims-from-coming-to-the-u-s-has-a-very-bad-poll-at-its-center/
    And finally, the biggest point, which you conveniently ignore: one of the two San Bernardino shooters was born in this country. In other words, he is just as American as Donal Trump. How does he plan on dealing with US-born Muslims? The same way France has dealt with its own Muslim citizens? We all know how well that worked out…

    1. ..”shootings were caused by Christians,”
      Proof? Or do you mean atheists. Why do you run interference for islamic terrorists?

      1. you’re right John, I have no idea if the other shooters were Christians or not, that was my bad to make an assumption. Changed the original post to reflect that.
        As to your second point, why are you using classic SJW “shaming” tactics to try to forcefully shut me down without actually advancing any serious argument, instead reverting to name calling, simply because you disagree with my point?

        1. I have heard the “Christian terrorists” meme for decades from the left, so I tend to place a boot to the head to those who utter it out of reflex. They are false talking points to smear people.
          My second point is clearly exposing the result of your statement, whether intentional or not, that you are castigating others not involved in the initial act. You are running interference by smearing christians in order to deflect from the direct action of those responsible for world wide terrorist acts.
          “..instead reverting to name calling, simply because you disagree with my point?”
          What name did I call you? I disagree with people who promote false talking points. It is intellectually dishonest.

    2. 353 mass shootings this year in the US? I want to see a list. And while you’re at it, let’s hear your proposals for solutions.

      1. Here’s one list:
        If you have a different definition of “mass shooting”, you will come up with a different number, obviously. But my point still stands: the vast majority of mass shootings in the US are NOT perpetrated by Muslims. As far as my proposals for solutions, you’re not gonna like them and I don’t feel like starting a debate over comments. But it would start with the US pulling its support for dictators across the Middle-East, stoping the drones terror campaigns, and stopping selling out human rights for access to oil.

    3. Let’s not overlook the largest mass killing of Americans on US soil in recent times was by Muslims who legally entered the US and then flew planes into buildings. After that the Patriot act was passed and the US became a surveillance state. All could have been avoided had we been more restrictive on immigration and specifically banning Muslim immigration. The Muslims will not integrate into the US just look;
      Exhibit A France; mass shootings, cars set on fire every weekend.
      Exhibit B UK no go neighborhoods, young girls forced into prostitution.
      Exhibit C Sweden the rape capital of the world (how is that possible?),
      Exhibit D Russia, Chechen separatists behind mass killings of Russians.
      Most importantly there have been numerous mass shootings in the US many carried out by Muslims, but also many carried out by recent immigrants from third world countries or children of immigrants from third world countries. If we have a moratorium on immigration we will have less mass shootings. A moratorium on Muslim tourism and immigration will make the US safer.
      If you refuse to see the racial and cultural differences between different groups you are truly blind.

      1. Bill, I grew up in France and lived for some time in the UK. The problems of Muslim integration in both countries goes much deeper than your “exhibit” treatment of them. The Chechens were not allowed to have their own independent state after the fall of the USSR because the Russians wanted to keep control over the vast oil reserves there. They rebelled and fought for their freedom, but were brutally suppressed by Moscow.
        The vast majority of mass killings in the HISTORY of the US has been perpetrated by non-Muslims, non-immigrants. Food for thought right there.
        And if you believe that all Muslims (about 1.4-2 billion humans) are racially and culturally homogenous, then you my friend are truly blind.

        1. Normal people don’t fight for freedom by picking a school and killing children.
          The reason why most mass killing are done by non-Muslims in the US is because Non-Muslims are the majority. Muslims are what 1 or 2% of our population. If you go by population, Muslims are 5000 times more likely to commit mass murder.

        2. The Chechens have terrorized Russian civilians all over Russia. Whatever their grievance is I could care less, they target civilians specifically and murder them. Then two of their rebels set off bombs in Boston and killed civilians and police in Boston as well. I’m supposed to care about their problems?
          I am aware of that the majority of the perpatrators of violence during the 20th century were communists. That doesn’t mean we give a free pass to Muslims to come to Christian countries and murder us.
          90% of Middle East refugees are on welfare, does that sound like assimilation to you?

        3. 1) “Whatever their grievance is I could care less” That is unfortunately the attitude that Trump promotes, hence why I oppose him. He hypes up our natural fear of the “other” for political gains, while simultaneously shutting down the door for dialogue and inclusion. Trump is nothing new. Populist demagogues like him are a recurring theme in US politics, on both sides of the spectrum: they spew hate to gain votes (Sarah Palin, most Tea Party politicians, Willian Jennings Bryan, George Wallace…).
          2) Actually the majority of perpetrators of violence in the 20th century were overwhelmingly capitalists: WWI fought among ONLY capitalist countries (as soon as Lenin took power in Russia he pulled them out of the war); WWII initially was only among capitalists (Germany vs. Poland, France, the UK). Post WWII, while we only emphasized communist crimes for obvious political purposes (and there were many: Hungary, Prague, Afghanistan, N. Vietnam, N. Korea…), capitalist countries supported the overthrow of a democratic government in Guatemala that led to a 20 year genocide, they orchestrated the rise of Pinochet in Chile, the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Iran. Then throw in the dirty decolonization wars (Algeria, Indochina), the mess in Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia, and the unwavering support for ruthless dictators (S. Arabia, Gaddafi, Mobutu, etc…) and the record is pretty clear.
          3) That’s an interesting stat. Even without the stat, I would still agree with your greater point that some Muslims have a harder time assimilating in a non-Muslim country than other groups. Assimilation is a two-way street. I agree that we shouldn’t bend over backwards and institute sharia law just so that some fundamentalists can “assimilate.” But at the same time, demonizing ALL Muslims isn’t helping either.

        4. Friend, for better or for worse, the time of dialogue and inclusion is rapidly drawing to a close. An era of bloodshed is on the horizon.

    4. How many of these “Christians” committed murder in the name of Christianity? What percentage of Christians kill in the name of their religion vs percentage of Muslims?

      1. “What percentage of Christians kill in the name of their religion vs percentage of Muslims?” I don’t know the answer to that, and it is worth looking into it. But don’t forget your history… The genocide of South American natives (enslaved, raped and murdered because the Pope said they were not Christians), the Crusades, the recent lethal anti-gay attacks in Uganda by Christians funded by US fundamentalist groups, the Serbians’ massacres of Bosnian Muslims in the 90s… All these were crimes committed by Christians in the name of their religion.

  50. Trump all day Long 🙂 . BTW what the Hell did this guy Mean: “It looks like Trump wants to Make America all White and Christian. The Last guy to Try this? Hitler. Trump is Literally Hitler.” Last time I checked Hitler wasn’t trying to make America all white and Christian. Dumbass Libtard.

  51. “Until we can figure out exactly what it is within Islam that is causing this propensity to violence…”
    I already know the answer to that: in their religion, if you kill people, you get 72 pristine pussies to fuck. In any Christian religion, sneezing in the wrong way will lend you a one way ticket to hell. Christians are afraid to die, muslims are not afraid to die. They rush to appease their God in such a fashion so they can so they can get one hell of a reward after they die. In their religion, there is no moral penalty to killing anybody who they deem perfectly okay to kill. Even then, by blowing yourself up and blowing up a shitton of infidels instantly relieves you of any sin committed while you were alive.
    In any Christian religion, just look at it somebody funny is a is a sin. Being completely unsure of your going to go to heaven or hell when you die simply because our God keeps changing the fuckin rules on us his first the reason why we have a different way of living then those crazy kebab assholes.

      1. What I’m saying is, they can embrace their violent tendencies which is inherent in all humans without any moral penalty because their religion says it’s okay to do it. On top of that, they have one hell of an incentive to kill people which is you will definitely go to heaven taking out your enemies, and as a consolation you get a shitton of pussy to fuck.
        That is the problem with Islam.

        1. Well that is one of it’s many problems, the biggest one being that it’s just an eight year old’s attempt at rewriting the Bible.

  52. The media billionaires who like to control world view are struggling to mantain control as so many independent news sources become accessible through the web. What’s clear is there is an agenda that they want hillary to win. Trump is a branding genius. Playing the media is what he does. He’s showing the billionaire class to lead from the front. Hillary keeps business as usual. Bernie is the establishments worst nightmare seeing as they’ve profited enormously since 2008 and everyone else is payroll. Trump IS the low ranking establishment. That’s his biggest downside.

  53. If the anti-white agenda within the ENTIRE political and Jewish establishment isn’t completely obvious by now (Merkel is Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for crying out loud), then America really is lost.
    Unless you have a cuck fantasy for Jamal, Muhammad, Abdul, or Pedro (who will out-breed and replace whites in America in the years to come, and along with that replace the constitution and rule of law), the time has come for whites to *truly* educate themselves, their friends, and their families about the anti-white and anti-nationalist agenda.
    I’d start by looking into the TRUE stories of both WW1 and WW2 (I got physically ill when I did this), not the Zio-Manipulated horse-shit that we’ve been fed our entire lives ( 6 million 6 million 6 million…..). Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech on international Zionism will give you a good start. (it’s on YouTube)
    From there, ask yourselves the obvious question: If I was a white German living in Germany during the 1910’s-1930’s, and learned that the Jewish community did this to my country and my people, what would I have done in that position?

  54. The comparisons to Hitler are so overdone that if Hitler came back people would say he’s worse than Hitler.

  55. It feels like 95% of the population lately are just blibbering reddit phaggots, parading about whatever opinion offends the least and comparing shit to Hitler. The views are so predictable these days, why even argue with idiots when you know it’s at the point of enjoying the decline. Read 5 minutes of comments on that shit site, and see what is upvoted/agreed with…there is no independent thought whatsoever. America in day to day life is practically the same, sad.
    Also, whoever posted the link to the free pdf of the Fate of Empires here, best 26 page read ever. It should be required reading, it plots our shit course precisely right now.

  56. The people are under a spell, a spell from which there is no waking up from. So just laugh and grow fat.

  57. So the standard response is restrict our freedoms well allowing Muslims to attack us
    without payback? Oh and Hitler was an atheist.
    If I gave into people bullying on me it would of been much worse if I did not stick up
    for my self when I was younger.

  58. I do not like the man personally. As a voting citizen of these United States; I respect what he has said and would rather roll the dice than stick with what we currently have.

  59. People have such short memories. During ring the Cold War, it was very difficult for people from the East Block to obtain visas for the US. We were afraid that the Soviets would use the opportunity to smuggle iin more KGB agents. So each and every applicant was vetted thoroughly. A better approach is to create safe zones in their own countries, camps with full medical, shelter, food, and clothing available. Then, one by one, and over there, they can be allowed to apply for US entry. The US did the same thing after WW2 with DPs, and ultimately admitted only 100,000 of them. Same model will work again.

  60. Is America the only land that hates its own people? It’s like they love everyone else but themselves!

      1. Oh yeah, there is Sweden too. The U.S. and Sweden are willing to shove dildos up their butt in order to make muslims smile.

    1. I don’t know what you are smoking but America is VERY nationalistic flag waving, gun possessing proud people. Apparently you haven’t talked to the real Americans in the midwest. If you lived in the city for too long and think that SJWs are representation of Americans then you got it wrong. Come talk to real working class Americans and you will know right away that you are wrong.

  61. There’s no need for religious tests, we can just stop allowing immigrants from majority muslim nations. That works perfectly fine.
    It’s also worth noting that Islam isn’t just a religion, it’s a political ideology, so even asking ‘are you a muslim’ isn’t a religious test in the strictest sense.

  62. Headline should read, “Donald Trump grows brass balls and says out loud what 80% of Westerners only whisper in the privacy of their own minds”. But the real problem is in the execution of such a plan.. I mean, how can you possibly sort out who is Muslim and who isn’t? Make everyone entering the country eat a piece of ham?
    Oh BTW, the quote from JK Rowling made me LOL. So we’ve got an author of children’s fiction — and, ironically, the most popular author in history, since stories about magic written for 8 year olds is about the intellectual ceiling for most adults these days — and she’s saying Trump is worse than one of her own fictional characters who wants to destroy the world. Bravo darling.

    1. You can’t tell. Funny on the ham comment. If we are to consider our current state “At War,” well what’d we do with the Japs after Pearl Harbor? A women as focal point in San Bernadino, and her husband was working for the local gov’t for Christ’s sakes. You can’t get much more fully integrated into society than that. They’ll just lie about their religion, maybe even intentionally appear to be Christian.
      The huge undertaking would be to not only ban all Muslims.. but for accuracy, ban all middle eastern (or other) highly Muslim immigrant nationals. THEN, review literally every single middle eastern decent citizen, green card, visa, marriage to, etc. currently here in the US. Certainly there’s enough already here to pull off another 9/11ish attack. I’ll have to agree with the news on this one.. it’s not a matter of IF, but when.
      I trusted our gov’t had our nation secure smack dab in the middle of my career’s highest earning potential in my late 20s, and the single incident of 9/11 literally derailed my life, ruined my business, crushing many dreams and accomplishments forcing me to start over from a deficit, worse off than if I was 21 all over again. I sure as fuck don’t trust it more now.

    2. “”Make everyone entering the country eat a piece of ham?””
      A bacon test!!! Brilliant!

  63. He should just call for a moratorium on all immigration, period. That way he wouldn’t have to deal with being called an “islamophobe”.

    1. Full measure indeed, Mike.
      That was always the issue because in light of recent incidents, it’s somewhat redundant to call terrorists ‘immigrants’ and not mention muslim out of fear. Then you can get labeled xenophobic etc. ad infinitum.
      It’s important to get to the root of an important issue rather than treading on eggshells around the edges. See bullshit, call bullshit.

      1. The other thing that Trump is doing a masterful job of, that nobody is really talking about …. he has the media eating out of his hand. They are hanging on his every word. It is attention, coverage and exposure for his campaign that’s not costing him one red cent.

  64. I find it interesting that Trump qualified the immigration ban with “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”, and perhaps more interesting that even his own party member still rabidly attack him over the comment. In a way, we already do know what is going on as shown in the poll he cites: a quarter of Muslims think violence is justified and half think Americans can toss out the Constitution in favour of the Quran.
    Trump’s qualification seems to indicate a willingness to discuss “root causes” and that it is not a permanent ban. His opponents seem to say that we can never solve the problem, but let’s bring more in and they don’t care how many people have to die because of that decision.
    I’d like to know which poll he is citing and who exactly were being asked. If they were asking Palestinians, then the numbers seem tame; if they were asking Muslims already living in America then that is that is terrifying (no pun intended).

  65. Relevent to the topic, so thought I would share. This comment was made a couple of days ago by a Colorado ACLU Board Member:
    “The thing is, we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, “This is Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him I will have to shoot you before election day.” They’re not going to listen to reason, so when justice is gone, there’s always force, as Laurie would say.”
    The left are truly evil people.

  66. What I truly hate, is that the SJWs in the UK raised a petition to ban Trump from coming here, because he is an islamophobe who will stir up social tensions…
    …as if everything is fine. 7/7 London, Lee Rigby attack in broad daylight, Abu Hamza, Jihadi John, rape ringleaders in Rotherham / Manchester etc, no-go areas in London boroughs and elsewhere, etc.. (the list could go on) all before DJT ever pointed it out. AND with very little in the way of actually dealing with it!
    England is truly fucked. The cucks in government have their heads so far up their own arses, they can taste their own bile and blame anyone else for poisoning them.
    The French took their time to react, but did so in a more authoritative fashion. Doubt they will have the same respect for Brits again when they see many potential terrorists daring to walk the Eurotunnel and finding a british warm welcome on the other side…

  67. We could use another Fuhrer.
    The constitutional amendments are for American Citizens, not foreign nationals applying for visas. Is it any surprise that politicians advocate to extend rights to every person on the planet when a large incoming electorate that can easily be controlled through entitlements is their wet dream?

  68. The last guy to try making America all white and Christian was Hitler?
    Man, I really missed out on a major portion of history class it appears!
    Notice how the SJW’s absolutely seethe at even the hint that white people even lightly start to say “Um, what about us”.

  69. Protecting our people isn’t racist and frankly anyone who throws out that Trump is Hitler, Racist, Etc doesn’t understand what those words mean. Trump isn’t trying to KILL Muslims he is trying to stop them from coming here. I am sorry but we have enough trash in our country between Trailer Trash and SJW/Feminists that we don’t NEED more issues.
    Trump 2016

  70. I pity the liberals. It must be confusing to find themselves on the same side as Cheney.
    I’m glad the mainstream Republicans keep finding themselves on the same side as the Democrats; it makes clear what they have tried to avoid acknowledging for years – namely, that there is little substantive difference between the Far Left and the Very Far Left parties in this liberal utopia of ours.

  71. Comparing Trump to Hitler makes no sense. Jews pre-WWII weren’t flying planes into buildings, going on mass killing sprees or threatening to wipe out whole countries and cultures.

  72. Trump is not only he worst thing in the actual universe, he’s the worst thing in all possible universes. There is nothing conceivably worse than Trump. He’s the worst person in all of human history. He’s a racist and a fascist and a bad man. So there.

  73. This article is the biggest beta article I think has ever been posted. Real Alphas don’t concern themselves over things like this. Real Alphas don’t let someone else tell them who to be afraid of. Real Alphas don’t let some puppet like Trump dictate how they should feel about a group of people. Fact is we gave had hundreds of mass shootings every year committed by American born citizens. We will continue to have mass shootings by American born citizens. That’s the biggest threat, always has been and will continue to be. But i’ve never changed my daily habits because I’m not a beta pussy that’s gonna let the media or politicians tell me who to be afraid of and what I need to do to protect myself. That’s beta shit listening to people like Trump and liberal or conservative media.

      1. Nope, I’m alpha, I don’t let people tell me what to fear, and I certainly wouldn’t fear some Muslim immigrants.

        1. I don’t “fear” them either. I just don’t want them fvcking up my country.

        2. There’s plenty of things already f**king uo the country. Look how many tweakers and opiate/herion addicts are in this country. They steal to fund their habits, clog the court system, and billions in medical care is wasted. Some Muslims shooting some people is nothing compared to the people born here that commit mass shootings on a nearly daily basis. So many other things that have been and will continue to f**k up are country, that’s why it’s very beta to let Donald Trump try to tell you what to fear and make policy changes. How about we do something about the problems we already have and will continue to have that really effect society.

        3. If we have problems of our own, why would we want to import more?

  74. “Until we can figure out exactly what it is within Islam that is causing this propensity to violence.” Maybe it’s the fact that Mohammed, the founder of the creed was a violent extremist? This shit isn’t hard to figure out gents.

  75. We need a 10 yr moratorium on ALL immigration. Muslims? We let THEM come here instead of say Tibetan Buddhists or Australians?? Madness…

  76. Easy fix. You limit immigration by “country of origin” which is the same as banning muslims in most cases as most Islamic countries are 100 % Islamic anyway

  77. Trump’s proposed ban on Islamic immigration is not a pleasant topic for anyone. If it were to go into effect, many good Muslims would be at least temporarily precluded from entering the US. It is not fair that these good people should be penalized for the actions of their coreligionists.
    Actually, that’s untrue. They can simply convert to Christianity. Islam is a religion, not a race, and can be abandoned.

  78. This website has a lot of PC pussies reading it. You younger generation sure get a knot in your panties easily. Oh my Xenophobia… get me to my safe place! Candy asses…

  79. Trump proposed nothing but a temporary pause on immigration until the Government can fix the bugs in their vetting system. An action Obama himself took in 2011 when dealing with refugees from Iraq.
    Meanwhile the libs accusing Trump of being Hitler want to literally create a secret list of people, managed only by a small number of Government officials with no due process whatsoever, to restrict access to constitutional rights.
    Liberals literally cannot make a single argument without lying.

  80. Donald Trump should focus on more useful matters other than spreading trivial propaganda and focusing on things that do not help anybody in a substantial way.

  81. Useful idiots like the ones who tweeted all that garbage, are to me a reason why I believe the US will not survive another generation. I am not so sure of a civil war, because most millennials, (just look at the Universities in the US today) are worthless.

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