How The FBI Infiltrates Movements—And What You Can Do To Stop Them

A handful of government employees have told me that I’m almost certainly on a FBI “watchlist.” While I have no conclusive evidence to prove that, a look into the FBI’s history concerning COINTELPRO suggests that we should assume a minimal level of surveillance is occurring.

The FBI’s shady past


COINTELPRO, short for Counter Intelligence Program, was an FBI program to surveil, infiltrate, and actively subvert organizations that could threaten government policy or power. They have targeted anti-war protesters, Civil Rights groups, and environmentalists by placing agents within theirs ranks to feed back information to the FBI or actively work to entrap its members into committing illegal acts. Often times, FBI actions led directly to beatings and assassinations.

The COINTELPRO program was exposed in the 1970’s and said to have been dissolved, but its methods clearly continue today, as shown by recent publicized examples of FBI subversion.

The first case involves a human rights organization founded by a priest who aimed to close the U.S. Army School Of The Americas, a military camp for “revolutionaries” whose goal was to train soldiers to overthrow Latin American governments the USA didn’t like. They were infiltrated by the FBI and surveilled for over a decade.

Despite no incidents of violence over the multi-year period of the gatherings, the FBI justified its activities by claiming that other groups, such as anarchists, could join SOA Watch events and cause problems.


Every year they acknowledge that it’s peaceful and just about every year they have some type of alarmist warning that ‘While it’s peaceful, you never know when something will turn unpeaceful.

Recently in Texas, the FBI infiltrated a group protesting the construction of a pipeline based on environmental grounds. No illegal acts were committed by the group to warrant FBI attention.

Between November 2012 and June 2014, the documents show, the FBI collated inside knowledge about forthcoming protests, documented the identities of individuals photographing oil-related infrastructure, scrutinised police intelligence and cultivated at least one informant.

Also in Texas, a left-wing group was infiltrated by an FBI informant who insisted that the group become violent in response to the Republican scourge. Once he convinced members to make Molotov cocktails, the FBI stormed in and made arrests.

The film makes a compelling case that [FBI asset] Darby, with the FBI’s blessing, used his charisma and street credibility to goad Crowder and McKay into pursuing the sort of actions that would later land them in prison.

Lastly, the FBI infiltrated middle-aged peace activists and filed trumped-up charges of them providing “assistance” to terrorists. The bogus charges were eventually dropped.

The FBI first became interested in Tom and his fellow travelers on the eve of the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota, when the bureau that purports to keep America safe sent an undercover agent who went by the name “Karen Sullivan” to infiltrate the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, one of the most prominent groups organizing protests outside the convention.

“I remember a woman who was really eager,” Tom told me. “She kept bringing up how eager she was about revolution. And you know, on the one hand, people think it’s good because we really need to change society, so it’s a fine thing to talk about. On the other hand, she was trying to find people she could manipulate into [committing] a crime.”

Is The FBI stopping terror or creating it?


The FBI is also known for recruiting mentally unstable individuals to commit terror acts, helping them develop illegal plots, and then arresting them at the last minute. Afterwards, the agency can brag that they “stopped terrorism” through their “sting” operations when it was they themselves who acted as a terrorist organization by creating the plan and assisting the terrorists to completing it.

Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants, a new report says.

Some of the controversial “sting” operations “were proposed or led by informants”, bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.

I would not be surprised to one day learn that the FBI allowed terrorist patsies to complete their FBI-inspired plans in order to create a crisis which allows for the government to pass unfavorable policy. For example, imagine if the FBI allowed a patsy to proceed with a plan right before a Presidential election, with the goal to aid the incumbent party in power.

The FBI will commit illegal acts to take groups down


While I have no hard evidence to show that the FBI or other alphabet agency is watching us, it’s hard to believe that our activities have not at least been brought up on agent desks. Here’s what we know about FBI activities in only the past 15 years:

  • They have infiltrated non-violent and legal organizations that are not slavishly pro-government.
  • Their covert agents actively steer individuals and groups into committing illegal acts or “starting revolution.”
  • They are legally allowed to entrap members of a group with the goal of obtaining criminal convictions.
  • They can bring up fake charges against the group to discredit, demoralize, and disband them.

There is nothing to indicate that the FBI has stopped the above activities, and if anything, they have likely increased them against right-wing patriot groups. I do believe that if the February 2016 cancelled meetups took place, many of them would have been attended by FBI agents to at least gather information on our group. The fact that we don’t advocate for illegal activity does not mean the FBI won’t spend considerable manpower to surveil us, especially when you consider that subverted groups in the above cases received much less media exposure than us.

10 behavioral traits of an FBI infiltrator


Indymedia has done the task of analyzing past FBI infiltrations to create a behavioral profile of a typical agent or asset. It’s important to state that local police departments can also act as infiltrators by pretending that they are some of sort of elite FBI squad.

1. Agents may have a big bankroll to provide immediate value to the group. Sort of like the “big baller troll” that pops up on the forum, agents use money or fantastical backstories to impress targets, who also don’t mind the fact that the agent picks up the tab most of the time.

2. They encourage violent and illegal actions. This is the biggest tell that you’re dealing with an agent. Victory for the FBI is for members of the target group to agree to an illegal crime. You’ll be busted right before you intend to carry it out.

3. Their past is a mystery. Agents can’t properly explain details of their childhood, university years, or past employment. They get agitated when you ask basic question about their past.

4. They have fake lodgings. The apartment they show you is a shell rental that may not even have towels or soap. They also don’t have family photos or nostalgic mementos.

5. They’re nosy about criminal activities you’ve done in the past. They want you to admit to illegal deeds on tape.

6. They steer group members into tackling unrelated missions. Agents try to sabotage the group by distracting them with weird projects and goals.

7. They are insistent about “fighting the man.” They’ll keep saying that we need to “fight back” and “stick it to them.” They’ve very heavy on promoting revolutionary-inspired actions.

8. They will shame you as weak for not doing what they want. If you decide that an agent’s idea to plant a bomb somewhere is crazy, he’ll say you are not man enough to “do what it takes.”

9. They inject a lot of drama into the group. They amplify existing interpersonal problems between members in an effort to weaken the group.

10. They have inconsistent or underdeveloped beliefs. To gain access to your group, they crammed what was available online. They will parrot community beliefs without understanding the meaning or intent behind them.

The agent won’t give up after the group fails to perform the illegal action he suggested. He’ll keep persisting until he satisfies his FBI bosses and criminal charges can be brought up. You will have to deliberately exclude the agent from your group. This may involve having to expose him publicly or file a restraining order against him.


The information above will help safeguard you from human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, but it does not protect against agent hacking or electronic spying. For that you will need operational security (OPSEC), which is a more technical game. A good first step is to secure communications with other group members.

While we can’t completely prevent infiltration of agents without an expensive counter-intelligence apparatus of our own, we can eject those from our community who display infiltrator behavioral traits. If you meet someone through one of my web sites who displays a couple of them, especially with talk about getting violent, it’s a near certainty that that person is an agent who is trying to entrap you.

I hope that we aren’t targeted by the FBI through one of their COINTELPRO methods, but at the minimum, our existence has been discussed in government agencies. Their infiltration still wouldn’t change the fact that our ideas have merit and are part of an anti-establishment wave that is only growing in influence.

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129 thoughts on “How The FBI Infiltrates Movements—And What You Can Do To Stop Them”

  1. Unsurprising – the FBI has always been our internal espionage agency. Ever since they were quietly set up by the DoJ in 1908 (while Congress was out of session), they’ve done their thing largely out of the public eye. Now, I know they’re a bit miffed that the NSA is horning in on their turf, but they’re still a powerful and shadowy organization with loads of funding and official sanction.
    (Sidenote: I heard most gang members consider the FBI a rival gang with better toys.)
    Now, if it is true that they’ve been ginning up trouble in the US, it means their bosses want civil war and terror. I hate war – I’d rather everyone else be fighting each other and wrecking their own homes. If our government is trying to make war here, it spells all kinds of trouble for Americans.

  2. “They encourage violent and illegal actions.”
    Too bad this is an agent tell, because it’s what needs to happen. The left encourages violent, illegal actions every day of the week, and it’s the only way to truly destroy them.

    1. Honestly, it can be hard to tell where the pot-stirrers end and the useful idiots begin. We know Soros has been involved in most of the lefty radical movements (most recently Occupy Wall Street and BLM), and we know he’s a pot-stirrer, but how many of these movements’ leaders are just on the payroll (his or the FBI)?
      Violence will come, so we should be prepared. But let’s be careful about doing anything that could bring jackboots and predator drones on us – we’re not sanctioned.

    2. And since the FBI does this, are they REALLY any different than a no kidding gang? I think some parts of them are in fact….can you GET a restraining order against an undercover FBI agent?

        1. I have come to realize that Satan came to steal kill and destroy (per the Bible)…and this NWO has come to divide (Soviet style) brother against brother (think Disqus-WHO is controlled opposition, who is a plant, who is a useful idiot, who is an agent? who in my family will betray me next? ok here is a story from the bad old days of the USSR…family visits family in another country and goes to a really shitty restaurant…they are told “the soup in this restaurant is really the best you should have it! The girl tries it and says -to family-my pigs eat better than this…the next day they are deported from the country they are visiting….who can you really trust???Children are taught to be spies[ok, if your dad has guns, raise your hand and you will get candy!])….I would like to think that Roosh is NOT controlled opposition…and will assume he is NOT based on his books…

  3. The FBI was established by the ultra-leftist Theodore Roosevelt. That alone is reason to nix it. What good does it-has it-actually accomplish?
    The only folks negatively affected by the dissolution of the FBI would be Hollywood writers for crime stories.

      1. Hoover famously insisted that there is no Mob, until Junky FK and his brother Bobby, scions of the Irish mob, double crossed Chicago Sammy G., who got Junky elected, and then “FagHag” Hoover had to let the Mob and CIA (with Prescott the war time treason convict’s son George) erase those finks…

  4. I seem to remember that since Obama got in the FBI has been taking its cue from the SPLC which has a pretty low threshold for ‘extremism’, namely anything that isn’t card-carrying communist.
    Actually I always assumed that there was online HUMINT pretty much everywhere, since over the last few years the strategy as far I’m aware has been to counter any kind of ‘speech’ that could be seen as ‘extremist’ (you know like demonstrating a preference for heterosexuality) and working to moderate it, where the archetype is Islamic extremism but the purpose is to lump together all types of ideologically disfavoured expression. While that’s certainly a strategy that could be questioned, and should be scrutinised, to the extent that it really is designed to stop people from turning into evil hate-mongers one might at least attempt to justify it (even if the implied equivalence of islamic extremism and the kind of mild ideological dissent you might get in the manosphere is absurd to the nth degress). But the sine qua non here is that its purpose is pro-social (i.e. even if misguided)
    There’s also a distinction to be made perhaps between something that could potentially be seen as pro-social (i.e. to moderate levels of extremism) and activity that is either designed to eliminate ideological dissent (i.e. where the fight against extremism would simply be a pretext for enforcing ideological control) and more seriously still the kind of agent provocateur activity that is referred to in the article.
    I guess ultimately its just more advertising revenue: in fact I’ve sometimes wondered whether it would be possible to earn an income on the web just jfrom the ad revenue generated by FBI / online HUMINT

    1. Related: There’s a theory that virtually every neo-Nazi group was started by closet Jews. The idea is that, if they could make a convincing caricature out of anti-Semitism, they could use it to smear every critique (no matter how reasonable).
      Powerful, if true.

      1. that’s sounds unlikely, but any group can use attacks against it, real or imagined (just look at feminism) to garner sympathy. I’m pretty sure most neo-nazis are a case of WYSIWYG

        1. Entirely possible. I honestly don’t care enough to do any digging on the subject.
          But the idea of false-flag attacks makes sense. As you said, you can use any attack to garner sympathy, and if it looks real people won’t be so quick to mock (as we do with the feminists – they are terrible at hiding the falseness of their gripes).
          Honestly, they’re all pretty bad. Pepe is not a Neo-Nazi hate symbol, ACLU.

        2. Historically there have certainly been some false flags. But there is a danger that people start to see them everywhere, whether in major terrorist events or reports of twitter violence by feminists. I am far more likely to assume that a feminist on twitter is lying about or exaggerating some online ‘attacks’ than I am to give credence to the idea that Sandy Hook or whatever was an intelligence op, which to me seems completely counter-intuitive to the point of absurdity – although I’d have to admit to not having looked into the issue

        3. I’m honestly wondering whether “Conspiracy Theory” was a term invented to suppress the real conspiracies. Line up a few dozen nutjobs (real or fake), hide one or two real conspiracies among the Area 51 and Moon Landing hoaxes, and watch everyone become less suspicious.
          Of course, not every event is a conspiracy. It’s as ridiculous to say there are no conspiracies as it is to say they’re everywhere. But they do happen, and they likely happen somewhat more often than we realize (because we don’t have reason to doubt, if they’re careful).
          W.R.T the 9/11 and Sandy Hook conspiracies, I’m not as yet convinced by the “evidences” presented. Not that I’m saying they’re absolutely 100% the genuine article, but they seem more likely to be legit than fraud.

        4. There’s certainly a case to be made that the term conspiracy theory was designed to disarm in advance certain types of speculation about events that the powers that be didn’t want scrutinised. Some have suggested the term was coined by the CIA at around the time of the JFK assassination for precisely that purpose, although I am not aware that there is solid evidence for that assertion. To the extent that we are often quite ready to believe ideas for which there is relatively little – or even no – solid evidence it’s not entirely wrong for it to be a pejorative term, but that should ideally only be a reflection on the need to be very careful when considering matters for which we don’t have direct evidence. Obviously conspiracies or events can occur that are real, but for which we don’t have direct evidence, but the question then arises as to what sort of attitude is appropriate in its absence

        5. Dates and timelines aren’t my strong suit, but it probably cropped up around the time of McCarthy’s report (compiled by the FBI).
          It’s fairly apparent the media was stacked against McCarthy, and we now know many of those in the report (and many of the media) were, in fact, Communists and/or spies. Moreover, we know the sentiment was right – there were Communists and paid agents in all sorts of powerful positions.
          But he’s just a crazy, conspiracy-believing Senator.

        6. I remember reading E L Doctorow’s the book of Daniel about the Rosenbergs. Then a decade or so later it turned out that the husband at least really was a commie spy. Kind of changes the complexion of things

        7. The term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA in 1967 or 1968 to ridicule anything that isn’t the official government narrative.
          It has largely worked. People can grasp the dramas and conspiracies in their own social and work lives but then think when the rubber really meets the road. Where the big power and money is at stake, suddenly the same human tendencies don’t apply.

        8. I saw a German talk show that featured a kind of a Nazi member. Young boy around 20, my guess. The moderator, an obvious dyke, aggressively questioned him on why he would do ‘such a thing’. He rather calmly, actually a bit shyly, put forward a few arguments, but as soon as he started explaining details, she cut him off with ‘Well, young man, this evening is not all about you, there are others who want to speak too’. Followed by a commentary by a guy who seemed obviously gay and snarky and gave him a ‘finisher’ (which he wasn’t allowed to respond to).

        9. He should have claimed to have been a gay nazi. They would have welcomed them into their midst under caution

        10. You should read “Gekaufte Journalisten” by Ulfkotte. Not directly related but explains a lot. By the way he should have said he considered himself a woman, so she would be a female nazi whose freedom of expression was being denied in a patriarchal society.

        11. Great find. I was aware that Richard Hofstadter came up with the concern about the ‘paranoid style’ in american politics, but in context the CIA memo looks like it reflects very specific concerns about allegations “falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us”, including with respect to the possibility that this might be ‘communist propaganda”.
          Without looking into it further it might be difficult to say this was definitely a turning point in the construction of ‘conspiracy theory’ as the kind of activity someone only a deranged tin-foil hat wearer might engage in, but it looks like it might be. Interestingly the concern to oppose or control conspiracy theory is actually one that doesn’t require the object of conspiracy theory – in this case the CIA – to actually be innocent or guilty. In either instance reputation management would pre-dispose implicated ‘authorities’ to oppose conspiracy theory that might do damage to its public image or otherwise erode trust in public institutions. This in itself has concerning implications for those concerned with upholding public integrity, including potential whistle-blowers in the snowden mould, as it effectively means that were a part of an organisation (or government) corrupt, or suspected of possible corruption, the instinct would be towards cover-up rather than internal investigation

        12. Cant wait for a time when a proud White boy will no longer wait to be allowed to speak and will own the dialogue.

        13. Right…..somehow you are able to conclusively sift through the shit presented to us.
          Im not so sure.
          At this point, who the fuck knows whats really going on.

        14. There is no way to stop cheap propaganda from influencing large numbers of dumb assholes.
          There is no way to head the herd of swine but to become a swine yourself.
          Withdraw and insulate yourselves and your family and dont let the college educated geniuses serving coffee distract you from the coming onslaught of urban orcs on their way to protest you to death.

        15. Seeing the news reports that even mention the 3 gunmen, they seem to pass the 3 gunmen as a mass witness misunderstanding, in order to pass off the established story.

      2. Not every group, but yes, there is a lot, and I really mean A LOT of false flags in the Nationalsocialist/WhiteNationalist scene. In a conservative estimate, 1 in 4 people in there is an agent of one sort or the other.
        The reasons are simple: 1) the jews need a visible enemy in order to be the victims, 2) point a finger and say “the eeeviilll natsies want another shoah!! oy vey!!”, 3) controlled opposition.
        The 3) is the most eerie. They set up organisations/websites that should attract the people interested in those kind of ideals, and presto: the mouse is in the trap with zero effort from the trap.
        There is a rumour that the National Alliance (, now almost difunct but one of the largest white nationalist organisations years ago, is a False Flag.

        1. The irony is that just like Muslims, there’s a Jewish class system — lowly jews, middle-class worker bee jews, and the elites, who would gladly sacrifice a few hundred of the lower-order brothers and sisters for their own financial and power gain.

        2. Exactly. For a number of reasons I used to have a lot of interaction with members of the Tribe blah blah blah…long story short: they despise some of his members, especially the ones living in Israel. They think that Israelis are poor, uneducated and of close mind (irony!); but of course, they defend every single one action of the Jewish state. The cohesion between Judaism is fragile and based on opposition to the enemy, to us, to the arabs, etc.
          The real solution for the jewish problem is not killing them… Is sending all of them to an island (like Hitler wanted with Madagascar) and leave them there alone, they will kill each other in time.

    2. These more Alinksi leftist and secularist tactics than FBI. I suspect Milo Yianapopolis and also there is a certain group that hates Christianity, that is secular that is over-represented among radical feminism – when its leftist experiments fail they like to infiltrate and try to control the right.
      6. They steer group members into tackling unrelated missions. (Going after Mexicans, Muslims, other religious people than SJWs.) Agents try to sabotage the group by distracting them with weird projects and goals.
      7. They are insistent about “fighting the man.” They’ll keep saying that we need to “fight back” and “stick it to them.” They’ve very heavy on promoting revolutionary-inspired actions.
      8. They will shame you as weak for not doing what they want. If you decide that an agent’s idea to plant a bomb somewhere is crazy, he’ll say you are not man enough to “do what it takes.”
      9. They inject a lot of drama into the group. (When Roosh had his Canadian tour, all the traditional men Muslims, Hindus, Hispanic men, men of all races bonded together to support him and all the guys with the feminists looked lame and weak). They amplify existing interpersonal problems between members in an effort to weaken the group.
      Russians also have done this among Palestinian and Estonian groups. FBI is catching up with Russian tactics, who did the same, they just copied the tactics.
      I am not saying FBI isn’t clean. I am saying you have more to worry about than just the FBI. For example Lauren Southern and Ezra Levant – Ezra Levant invited Roosh on his show, pretended to care about the alt right, then pushes feminist values when he can for example that Orthodox segregating genders so they can pray in a Synagogue is barbaric as its not feminist enough (he is of jewish heritage himself). A straight man on his show kissed Milo Yianapolis. Levant first says all the standard red-pill things, then uses Muslims as an excuse to push SJW values and cultural marxism on conservatives.
      FBI is not the only worry. There is also the Alinski types, cultural marxists, Soros people, Russians and a certain ethnic group that has PTSD from Christians and wants to impose secularism and SJW values instead of treat their religiophobia.

      1. Self-policing is critical in all societies. It’s part of the reason KGB cells operated in small units – it’s harder to slip a plant in when you’re already a solitary four-man cell. And it’s harder for a plant to wreak havoc if he only knows three real members.
        So far, Milo and Lauren seem more on our side than against it (less so Ezra, but not so far that he merits total excommunication yet). But it’s worth being cautious of everyone (even the illustrious Roosh, if he were to go backward on us).
        I was a conservative until I realized how many of the pundits were plants (I’m thinking particularly of the likes of Ben Shapiro, the Littlest Chickenhawk and Hillary Supporter supreme). Fool me once…

        1. I disagree. I look at the effects. Roosh is the real deal – he brought people of all races and creeds and across the political spectrum together. You’d see a lot of Muslims and Hindus standing up to SJWs in his tour. He was a uniter. I am half Russian, my grandfather was a Russian military professor.
          When we Russians sabotage, we divide people and make you emotional and feel good about yourself to the point you don’t know you are shooting yourself in the foot.
          I trust people who are 1) calm 2) rational and 3) Unite. Like Roosh. I don’t trust people who are emotional and divide because I think they are our Russian boys or FBI boys. Remember there is FBI and KGB.
          Also remember that Style and Mystery are jewish pick up artists. They got a TV show. Roosh is not jewish, plus he dared question the excessive jewish secular influence in feminism… so he got a lynch mob. I have no issue with Israelis or Orthodox Jews. But as Russians we prey on secular jewish PTSD to push marxism. Then of course it blows up on those poor jews into antisemitism – they leave with our virus into the right and continue our sabotage unwittingly .
          I spoke to Lauren . She was interested in SJWs in Yemen but then her boss … a jewish secularist was against showing traditional non white religious people in a positive light. She isn’t as free as you think, but in a golden cage. Guess who her producer is? And guess who lead the feminist attack on Roosh’s meet up, just google last names. And Levant changed his last name to sound more white.
          I don’t think any of them merit excommunication yet as much as watching. Also do watch me. I use logic, not emotion, so you can refute me when I am wrong. But I am not a man, I am not white so you should keep your guard up about me too. I have my self interest – I am a jewelry designer, a fashion designer – who makes money when women want to dress for their man. So financially, the more ROK ideas have influence in society, the bigger my client base. Now you know what my self interest is. Making money and seeing other women dress up and be happy. I am happily married and its nice to have more happily married friends. That’s my other incentive.
          Always keep an eye. There are FBI, marxist and Soros sabateours. Roosh is right about FBI – but there is more than one group vested in making him fail. He has done amazing so far against adversity and so has this group. Congrats to all of you, and always keep an eye out for saboteurs

        2. Cheeto dust. He dunked his face in crushed cheetos so he could look like Trump.
          It was stupid, everyone knew it was stupid, and he did it anyway. Because he’s a bit mad.

        3. Russian counter intelligence is hardly unique.
          Different people just prefer different tactics.
          Im not buying this “Russians are coming” nonsense. There is too much trade and other entangling alliances for an actual war.
          Just more tv programming.

      2. Interesting comment. What’s becoming clear is how the internet has become a major site of ideological conflict – I know that’s stating the obvious – but what it means is that every side, and all the major players are going to be making efforts to influence the direction of the discourse.
        My main concern has always been with efforts to shut down free speech, including with regard to ideas that may be as important to the extent that they are controversial – at least to the extent that they challenge consensus values, which increasingly are nothing of the sort, but rather leftist / progressive efforts to push new ideologies. As you suggest things are getting much more complex than that though. I would say the last few years have seen the emergence of full-scale online ideological and propaganda warfare. Of course it isn’t just the FBI. Every agency under the sun is out there trying to push their agendas, and sway the debate one way or the other. New movements are always going to be a target for this type of attention. Alinsky was certainly a pioneer in developing clever ways to deceive and manipulate opinion, but increasingly I’d say it isn’t just one party, or one side. These days I almost assume that the shills are going to be super subtle, pushing the most carefully crafted narratives, mirroring populist or promising alternative ideas, and then seeking to sway them in one or other direction as soon as the opportunity arises, but occasionally you still encounter the most cack-handed attempts to manipulate opinion, and it’s almost quite lovable in its incompetence.
        I don’t really know that much about Lauren Southern or Ezra Levant – I never thought of Levant as someone who was red pill – but simply gave Roosh a fair hearing. As for Milo I still have a lot of sympathy with him, not because he’s necessarily ‘the real deal’ or the gay messiah of the manosphere (he probably isn’t) but because he has tended to be very upfront about what he is, and what he stands for. If his purpose for instance is to lead the alt-right (etc) away from (extremist) white nationalism for instance, I can’t really see any evidence that that is either his intention (it certainly isn’t his explicit intention) or anything but a reflection of the fact that he’s very successfully taken up a leadership position in an area where there were very few rhetorically persuasive leaders

        1. I am half Russian, and anti-communist so I can smell a saboteur.
          Russia is real mad how the west screwed us over and killed half our economy in the Treaty of Versalles of Shock Therapy. So we are taking advantage of western democracy and sabotaging both left and right.
          So the FBI isn’t alone, it’s competing with the NKVD. ” never thought of Levant as someone who was red pill – but simply gave Roosh a fair hearing.” After that on his show Levant tried to use red-pill material and being pro-Trump to market leftist ideas… He’s a guy who says he is right wing and uses “those scary Muslims” as an excuse to push left wing ideas down Christian conservatives’ throat. when he can .
          Milo …. I used to like. him until Orlando., that’s when I saw something fishy. I remember how Roosh brought all races and creeds together for the red pill against SJWs for his tour but Milo acts like a typical “right wing secular jew”. Says what you want to hear, and then isolates Christians and subtly pushes his agenda. He made Billy Graham’s son pray with him. He got Gavin McInnes from Ezra Levant’s show, a married man to make out with him “against Islam”.
          So many secular marxist left wing Jews first mess up the left, so somehow labour unions morph into radical feminism … which leads to BDS and anti-Israel sentiment, anti semitism. Secular ashkenazi social experiments lead into anti-Israel activism – so many of the ex-feminist leftist athiest shit disturbers leave to the right afte they realized they made a mess now their Frankenstein is going after jews and Israel.
          I have a lot of respect for Orthodox Jews don’t get me wrong, they are great people and harmless. Now my observation is once the atheist secular culturally marxist jews move to the right, they like to neuter the right, like a man abusing a woman. Before an actual wife beater for real (not what feminists allege, but the real deal kind of guy you find on the news for killing his girlfriend/wife). An abuser isolates their prey from friends and external support networks. I saw Milo using “Muslims” as an excuse to force Evangelicals to give up their values.
          Also I noted that Roosh brought people together against SJWs, Muslims Christian, Jewish, you name it. He brought people together against SJWs and radical feminists. There was no drama in combatting SJWs until Milo came around. Prior to Milo there was a solid group of all races and creeds, led by Roosh, against SJWs. And it threatened to squash them once and for all. Girls started growing hair long, dressing less skanky. Now girls are cutting hair short again, dressing skanky again.
          There was a golden time where lots of women read the site to find what men really think. Then I think things got sabotaged. For me as a jewelry designer for women, feminism cuts into my sales. The more successful this site is, the more money I make. I make money on women wanting to look good for their man, for themselves instead of being angry anti fur activist .

        2. “I noted that Roosh brought people together against SJWs, Muslims Christian, Jewish, you name it. He brought people together against SJWs and radical feminists. There was no drama in combatting SJWs until Milo came around. Prior to Milo there was a solid group of all races and creeds, led by Roosh, against SJWs. And it threatened to squash them once and for all. Girls started growing hair long, dressing less skanky. Now girls are cutting hair short again, dressing skanky again.”
          Roosh certainly had a mind to create bridges and alliances even amongst those whose views might make any such alliance a slightly makeshift one. I was fine with that because it was always understood that it was likely to be provisional, temporary and likely to endure only so long as their was a clear enemy in SJWs and progressives. That idea – worthy though it might be – was always likely to result in a less than permanent coalition, and so it proved to be. Back in February Roosh got attacked and stabbed in the back by those who hours earlier were posing as allies. While I consider that to be a sorry state of affairs its not all calamity as all of these “alternative” right movements (beyond the specific “alt right”) are still finding their way, working out what they are about, and who they can work with and who they can’t.
          I understand what you’re saying about Milo (and Levant – who I’m not that familiar with as I say), but its a question of whether it matters. I’m aware some say that Milo is trying to take over the Alt Right, turn it away from nationalism, and towards anti-muslim positions. He probably is doing that, but again my point would be that he’s been doing that quite transparently. Sure he could be part of a shadowy group of freemasons or ‘subversives’ serving an explicitly secular jewish agenda, but its worth considering whether what we seeing simply reflects the fact that Milo is a part jewish (catholic?) gay man, whose lifestyle and ethnicity predispose him against muslims as a group that are sometimes antagonistic towards jews and gays.
          I think the same is true of the other influences you mention. The labour movement turned towards gender and away from traditional working class interests, and sure that certainly may reflect the preoccupations of jewish radicals rather than those who have stuck with proletarian concerns. I think the priorities of the various interest groups our becoming increasingly apparent, and things are coming to the surface much more quickly than used to be the case. That is a good thing, potentially for everybody. All the secret squirrel crap, and the attempts to subvert and redirect movements are increasingly transparent and don’t work. I don’t Milo is really an example of that. Rather he’s about fairly transparent interests that are entirely predictable given the fact that he is gay and jewish. I’m fine with that. If the Alt Right resent him for taking over, they need to mount a counter challenge. (personally I’m not gay, jewish, white/nationalist and my only skin in the game is as a heterosexual male)
          There are a lot of silly games that still get played, and which involve pretence and attempts to influence others through artifice and without any kind of transparency. The Obama administration and the policy established by Obama’s information tzar has determined that the internet has become a kind of rubbish drama therapy group. I’d say that kind of approach will be less and less influential. The issues are out in the open. We’re all adults. We can discuss things as adults, recognise that historical wrongs may have occurred (Versailles etc – pretty big etc I guess!) and try to move forward, preferably without all of us killing each other or the world descending into war.
          Don’t worry about your jewellery business. Feminism is dying. Feminists haven’t quite realised that yet, but they soon enough will

        3. I mean Roosh got women around the world to grow their hair long and stop dressing slutty. I saw an impact on the street among young girls in Ottawa. Then jews entered the alt-right and girls started chopping their hair and proclaiming how awesome it is to be a big slut and be rude and disrespectful to men.
          I really don’t want to be an anti-semite, I respect religious jews, but there is something odd about the less religious and secular ones, like PTSD, strong irrational fear, and religiophobia. I don’t want to blame stuff on jews, but I saw everything was fine until secular athiest Ashkenazis felt threatened by him. Including the campaign to defame that meetup. PTSD is an irrational fear. Their wealth, intelligence and social status ensure that they don’t get their PTSD and irrational fear treated but through money at indulging it. I really don’t want to pin the blame on Jewish PTSD… but they came in and there was drama and then girls stopped being influenced by ROK is what I saw

        4. I guess in terms of collective memory there is PTSD from the time of the expulsion of the jews from Spain, pogroms in the 19th century and of course the holocaust. ‘Never forgetting’ does kind of mean such traumas may not get resolved exactly. As for ‘less religious and secular” jews – as an observer I’d say complex doesn’t begin to describe it, but there is history of antagonism with orthodoxy going back to at least the time of 17th century sabbateanism, which introduced an antinomian element into jewish culture and religion that has been present ever since. Judaism sometimes seems to be driven by being at war with itself, yet that internal internecine warfare seems largely hidden from the outside, even when it effects it
          Strange also that that should have anything to do with blue haired girls with nose rings behaving like sluts, but yes, it probably is a factor amongst many other things.
          Good on Roosh for rescuing the women of Ottawa from themselves even if only for a short time

        5. PTSD is passed on genetically. I had it when I was younger as I lived through war, and then had a work accident. It was a pain in the rear end to treat but I had to get it treated because otherwise it changes DNA and would be passed down to my future kids.
          My therapist at the time said the only reason I turned out to be more or less sane, just minor case of PTSD from everything I lived through was religion (I grew up in the middle east, my father was an advisor to an evil corrupt dictator and I am an ethical person… so I saw a lot of things in life, I left Yemen). My psychologist back then said that for war and economic depression there is no psychological treatment or drugs or anything except faith. When I see death from the war now from my hometown, I say “from allah we come from and to Allah we return”. Then I go about my day after I find out about how my friend’s friend and his two daughters were killed and saw the pictures.
          I am glad I didn’t go all macho and pretended I had nothing. I really didn’t want to pass PTSD to kids. The bible says cursed for generations, it means PTSD transmitted genetically for generations. It was amazing how hard and time consuming it was to clean out minor PTSD. Now I have not seen a Holocaust or Spanish Inquisition or any of the awful things jews have seen. What I went through is nothing compared to what jews go through in terms of trauma. Without religion I would be locked up in an insane asslym. Things get better, but it takes faith to have the patience to see things up to the point they get better – that takes faith in God. It takes faith to find meaning in sorrow, and religion to have a supportive community to help you in hard times. I think without religion I’d be a blue haired tattoed SJW who is a crazed animal rights activist. But faith kept me strong and didn’t break me.
          The PTSD I had treated was minor, but it was a bitch to treat. I was afraid to pass it to kids. Now just imagine the PTSD levels of a jew who survived the Holocaust. Now imagine with no religion, so double it. It gets encoded genetically and passed to kids if untreated. Now you can see why an usual number of radical feminists come from an Ashkenazi background of trauma.
          Israelis are actually really mentally healthy compared to non-Israeli jews, because they know they have a collective PTSD problem and mental health therapy is part of the school education there. It’s amazing how the brain can be rewired by how you think.
          With Judaism – yes, the German reform movement in the 1800s is at war with Conservative Jews, which is the bulk of the Israelis who are normal and don’t push radical feminism or SJWs are crazy stuff for the most part (some tel aviv hipsters are an exception). I don’t think Judaism is at war with itself as much as some Ashkenazis went secular during the Enlightenment hoping to ease racism against them (nope it only got worse) and then went into marxism vs Israelis + those who kept the faith + non-Ashkenazi jews.
          But yes, I notice a connection with untreated genetically inherited Ashkenazi PTSD, radical feminism, and sabotaging Roosh V that had something going. It would be very interesting to explore this further as I don’t like the patterns I am seeing.

        6. “It was a pain in the rear end to treat but I had to get it treated because otherwise it changes DNA and would be passed down to my future kids.”
          Bad situation in Yemen, regardless of the politics of the thing. I don’t know of any evidence that PTSD is passed on genetically, but it’s not beyond possibility: many things are passed on from one generation to another, and experience / trauma could potentially be one of them, although the experience of direct parenting and one’s environment during development is probably going to have the more measurable effect.
          Our belief systems will furnish us with either vulnerabilities or protective factors when it comes to processing experience, including trauma. Religious belief – at least some – has proven to be particularly effective when it comes to providing meaning in the face of hardship and evil, although that could the ‘power of faith’ isn’t necessarily proof of deity / religion. It is proof of the power of faith
          With respect to the traumas experiences by jewish communities collectively down the ages, I imagine it could possibly reflect genetic memory, but it seems a safer bet to assume that any such trauma is mediated primarily through the reproduction of memory within the communities concerned. Genetic memory, past lives (re-incarnation is sometimes believed in) could well be a factor for all I know, but they are not tangible. Describing something as PTSD isn’t a clinical definition, as at present we can only really diagnose individuals, but there is certainly a tradition of diagnosing / “psycho-analysing” wider communities in psychiatric terms, from Adorno, Lasch, (Hofstadter) etc. I would say orthodox jews would enjoy the protective factors of religion more than the secular / atheist jews – who would only have the benefit of community / community beliefs (rather than metaphysical beliefs about a loving protecting God) and as mentioned such beliefs are highly likely to reproduce collective memory including in its traumatic aspects. In terms of the biggie – the holocaust – this may be the double-edged nature of ‘never forgetting’.
          “some Ashkenazis went secular during the Enlightenment hoping to ease racism against them (nope it only got worse) and then went into marxism vs Israelis + those who kept the faith + non-Ashkenazi jews.”
          From reading around the issue – still at a fairly superficial level – I’d say it is a very complex affair, that doesn’t always benefit from the generalisations that are often made in the back and forth of debate. There are jews like Rabbi Antelman who argue that orthodox jews are under attack from secular “sabbateans” etc, whose influence has bled into the reform movement (and even the conservative non orthodox movement), as well as left (but not right) zionism, and radical movements more generally. From perspective like his – as far as I can tell – the leftists, radicals etc are a danger to any kind of jewish conservativism, including pro-israeli conservatism

        7. I agree fully. What I found in treatment of PTSD is that religion mitigates it. So when you say Rabbi … you are already dealing with someone with less paranoia and lower levels of PTSD if any PTSD at all. Studies show Palestinians in Gaza have extremely low levels of PTSD because of religion and community during the time Gaza was shelled.
          For example, you see your friend who is a decent person, their wife and kids dead, shot and killed by a thug. I saw my friend’s friend and his two girls killed, the photos of a facebook post. FUCK IT HURT. But I said from allah we come from and to allah we return. And then the pain went away and I went back to my life. I imagine jews who stayed religious through the Holocaust stayed sane in larger numbers.
          Here is one of the studies of hereditary PTSD . I had that even to a mild extent. My grandfather fought the Germans in WW2. So he had the top grades in university, so that spared him from a lot of the combat. At first it was 10 boys with sticks and guns against a tank, but quickly he was taken out, taken to flight school, had the best grades, became a reconnaissance pilot, the only valuable men in the USSR army. Out of every 100 men who went to battle in USSR, only 3 returned, one was my grandfather.
          When I was not accepted into Harvard and got my rejection letter, I thought I was going to die. It traumatized me. I actually felt I was going to march to my death. I got into another university; university is over-rated but I was surprised at my reaction. A psychologist described it as genetic PTSD. It was only years after the rejection, I was doing a paper for university, that I asked my grandfather to tell me his story about the war. that is when I learned about how it was 10 men against a tank and what he went through. I never asked and was never told about his war experience, it was kind of a taboo topic, but when studying military history I became very curious so I just asked him. Then my PTSDed reaction to the Harvard rejection letter made sense.

        8. Thanks for the link. That is interesting research if it can be confirmed / replicated, although one might still ask whether heretability could be modified almost immediately so as to be passed on to one’s children, i.e. to reflect say current trauma? I don’t have a scientific background so I can’t really advance an opinion.
          It must be hard to lose friends like that through such violence, and I’m sure religion does help. Again one can approach this in a secular or religious manner – it doesn’t really matter to the extent that religious faith may protect against despair and foster resilience.
          As for rabbis, I imagine they would be a resilient enough group. Perhaps a distinction might be made between the psychological resources available to the traditional type who worships the Abrahamic God in a straightforward way and those more inclined towards kabbala, where God is more remote and perhaps even indifferent, as well as reform rabbis etc. Judaism is a complicated religion and I don’t claim to fully understand it, but arguably it was the more traditional orthodox jews (and rabbis?) who suffered most in the holocaust as there are some differences of opinion within judaism over the correctness of returning from exile, and the former were often least inclined to escape to Israel. That is anecdotal though, I’m not sure I could demonstrate it.
          Regarding your grandfather’s experience I do think this reflects the socio-cultural aspect of mental health with respect to ‘coping’. People who have no choice but to cope (if they are not to perish) tend not to get too hung up on alternative options. Perhaps there are absolute levels of trauma – often soldiers see things they can never quite forget etc – but maybe here a distinction might be made between something akin to pain on the one hand and pain management on the other. The resilient don’t necessarily enjoy an absence of pain, they simply manage it in a way that does not stop them in their tracks. Your grandfather appears to have been such a person. It is more difficult in a sense for those of us who have the luxury of choice with respect to how we manage. There are psychological pay-offs to both managing and not managing, and in the latter case those pay-offs may keep us from moving on

        9. Being a serious religious jew is tough stuff. It takes discipline. It teaches discipline. The ones you see are the ones who by definition can’t hack it. Their lack of discipline in religion is a convenient marker for the rest of their problems.

        10. Until you mentioned the idea I never thought that Milo was a sabateur. But I felt sick whenever he would get on stage and make jokes about “dating” the men in the audience.

        11. Jews are a matriarchal tribe with a matriarchal culture. Matriarchal that like in Babylon like to push homosexuality, promiscuity and so on which become weak and quickly conquered by neighboring tribes. Matrichal culture is weak and has been wiped out in the rest of the world. So why did jews survive? They have a patriarchal religion, Jewish Orthodoxy.
          But German Jews stared “Jewish reform” and most jews of West European origin are reform or secular, making them matriarchal. Israelis aren’t messed in the head because with all the wars, Israel is a jewish state ruled by patriarchal rabbinical law. The balance of patriarchal law for a matriarchal society is what prevents Israelis being faggots, and enabled them to fight Arabs. Remember a lot of Israel population are Jews from patriarchal Muslim countries . When Israel was established all the manly jews moved there but the hetro and gay faggots stayed behind in the west because they are too pansy to join the Israeli army.
          Milo behaves like a typical guy from a secular matriarchal culture… expected different? He will use every opportunity to pretend to befriend the goyim, earn their trust, say other patriarchal societies like Mexicans and Muslims are bad (divide and conquer in the name of matriarchy) , then push his matriarchal culture on top of cuckservatives he isolated and cuckified

        12. Also it’s a patriarchal religion when their culture and tribe is matriarchal. It creates a good balance, yin and yan. They have matriarchal succession. But unlike other matriarchal societies such as Babylon, they survived because their religion is patriarchal. You remove the religion, they are screwed. And the societies that listened to them are screwed too.

  5. Not only the FBI; there are other agencies and private parties (other commenter correctly mentioned the SPLC, the ADL, etc).
    And like some other commenter said, yes, the Nazi/Militia/WhiteNationalist movement is plagued, reallly plagued with agent provocateurs of one type or the other. There is an old saying that everytime more than 4 Nazis/Nationalist/Militiamen get together, at least 1 is an agent.
    Now, at the risk of being called tinfoil hat, I’m pretty sure that this webpage and this comment section are watched, and at least one or two usual commenters are agents.

    1. Probably. We’ve seen threads pop up here and there on feminist pages regarding our commentary (almost live, as though they’re participating). But at least the feminists have been fairly easy to spot thus far.
      Be critical of all of us – it’s good for the mind.

      1. I’m not worried about some landwhale with pink hair watching us from her MacbookAir; what really worries me is government or private sectors (SPLC, ADL) profiling you people in USA, Canada and especially Germany (Straight, Tom) and UK (Lion).
        I’m here in the jungle and hatecrime is not enforced fully yet, but you people need to be safe. In UK can send you to jail for the type of comments we make here. People please Use TorBrowser, VPN’s and all kinds of security protocols.
        Lion, Straightalpha, can you hear me?

        1. Have a caution about Tor in the US – the unelected powers that be declared they have a right to track everything you do if you’ve been observed using Tor.
          Now, how they observe it scares me a bit. If I were them, I’d own a fraction of the nodes and hope I get lucky. I’d probably set up a very nice VPN service, as well.
          If I’m thinking it, dollars-to-donuts they’re doing it.

        2. TOR was designed with an American grant, and co-writen by the NSA. That’s public record not tinfoil hat. I am certain it’s not secure from the US governments eye.

        3. Actually it’s a real hassle to stay continously anonymous today and you need serious technical skills and knowledge to stay effective against a state actor. Tor and Vpn services are no guarantee as all kinds of hardware nowdays have multiple serial numbers that can be used to “fingerprint” you.
          Then there’s text profiling that compares writingstyles, quirks and repeatable errors from multiple sources and figures out if you have been using your real name somewhere else or another pseudonym.
          In my mind it’s only feasible to stay anonymous for just a few times until you need to burn your hardware and all connected accounts.
          It’s better to stay low key and be careful how you express yourself so it can’t be used against you.

        4. I’m actually in the states. My fathers line goes back to Leicestershire to at least the 1300s and my great great etc….grandfather left Leicestershire in the early 1600s and my families been here since. So hence the name, it is a bit nostalgic and a bit pride for my heritage is all.
          I would like to know more about those security protocols, if you ever get the chance.
          Edit: I probably should have let the powers that be believe I was over seas though, but fuck it. I like your style, so no need to deceive.

        5. Yes, there is no guarantee at all in using Tor and VPN’s, but you don’t have to make it easy for them….
          Now, in this world and and especially in US and Europe doesn’t matter what you have said or not; if they want to build a case on you they will. If they don’t have evidence, they will forge it; if they don’t have witnesses, they will use false witnesses; if they don’t have evidence, they will plant it. Due process and innocence presumption today, in countries like US, UK and Germany is only a fiction. In others words, if they want you, they will catch you.
          I think that of course, you have to be a little careful about what you say, i.e. not promoting or suggesting illegal activities like murder, arson, etc; but other forms of restraining your real opinions are counterproductive FOR YOU.

        6. Absolutely correct, the other part of it is that all or most US based major out points where the traffic switches back to plain are run and monitored by the government, so using TOR is no guarantee of security on its own.
          There was a white paper released that did some analysis on this, and while not conclusive it did highlight a bunch of very fishy stuff going on.
          What many forget is that with enough of the actual data in decrypted form it can be mined for identifying traits that are near impossible to avoid leaving, even simple things like habitually misspelling specific words or phrasing things in a specific way, as well as connection patterns etc.

        7. I’m not against making it harder for them to collect information. But I’m also a realist. When dealing with governments it’s a whole other ballgame than when dealing with the private sector. People should be aware of that. Tor has gotten many people busted by the FBI for various offences and VPN:s are leaky as shit.
          To be honest you are much more secure by using a clean device with no paper/digitaltrail and driving around to find open WiFi networks to use and never going back to them twice.

        8. I think that is how the FBI bagged the “Dread Pirate Roberts”, aka Ross Ulbricht, the operator of the silk road TOR site. Granted new sites cropped up within a few weeks, making it a game of whack-a-mole.
          But given the speed with which the FBI/NSA/INTERPOL/FSB/MI5 etc.. tracks down anyone with a plot to buy HX or any other serious threat, my unsubstantiated option is it is easier to allow these sites to run, build intelligence and act accordingly then to totally shut them down forcing everyone to start over on identifying a new threatening alias.
          Secondarily, I contract with a neural network AI company to help identify potential customers based on online habits, basically anything that ties to certain defined interest categories, not just credit card data. I am talking minutia, like finding contributors to an online white paper published in PDF form in 1997. It is amazingly effective. Without a doubt, anyone that has a radical opinion, in any open digital space, has been cataloged and grouped into a database for more regular scanning of online presence. The only question is how long it will take to tie an alias to a real name based on logical patterns. Once that wheel has turned and the agency in question knows you, human intelligence gathering is the next actionable step.

  6. The above article has examples of organizations that the FBI has on its radar screen that “I” would WANT on their screen. I don’t like the Marxist Left organizations that are destroying young minds and changing American values.
    I HATE Obama and any of those who follow his, Clinton’s and the Marxist Communist lead. Maybe all of the FBI is now as corrupt as Comey – but I hope not, Just like I wonder why the men in the Secret Service would want to take a bullet for our corrupt politicians. (the Bush(s), Clinton(s), and Obama(s).
    This article makes me wonder . . . a lot about just WHO is Roosh Valizadeh? What’s HIS agenda? REALLY?

    1. Well sir, I don’t like some of those outfits either, but that doesn’t mean I need the nanny-government’s protection from them. In many cases the FBI is simply protection the corporate-government’s interests – an oil pipeline for example. So whether I agree with a lefty environmental group, I’d rather have them making their point than have G-men shenanigans.

  7. Since my comment here was just buried by Return of Kings to about 30 minutes ago. . . I will re-state my opinion:
    The above article has examples of organizations that the FBI has on its radar screen that “I” would WANT on their screen. I don’t like the Marxist Left organizations that are destroying young minds and changing American values.
    I HATE Obama and any of those who follow his, Clinton’s and the Marxist Communist lead. Maybe all of the FBI is now as corrupt as Comey – but I hope not, Just like I wonder why the men in the Secret Service would want to take a bullet for our corrupt politicians. (the Bush(s), Clinton(s), and Obama(s).
    This article makes me wonder . . . a lot about just WHO is Roosh Valizadeh? What’s HIS agenda? REALLY?

  8. “A handful of government employees have told me that I’m almost certainly on a FBI “watchlist.””
    FBI? They are to busy protecting the “chosen” from criminal prosecution and telling the serfs laws don’t matter. Fuck the Feebies.

    1. I agree. I am too little on the totem pole for the FBI to think about …I could see Roosh on it as anytime someone leads a group that isn’t straight pro liberal and drinking the leftist media koolaid than your a target. FBI seems like a decent org except for the guys on the very very top that gave hillary a free pass. thats gotta burn them all in the org a little inside to see the stench of that wretched woman get away with so many corrupt and illegal things.
      Easily, I could see the FBI purged and to go after Trump supporters or anyone opposed to their feminist american male hating mindset. Trump himself is more likely to be a target once he loses this election. Hillary will send the gestapo..count on it.

  9. Excellent info. Of course, they don’t have to just use the law game on you. As you note, they will try to destroy the group from the inside by using subversion. They may also attempt to discredit the group, by publicly claiming to be a member, only to then state a bunch of stupid and embarrassing beliefs. This creates chagrin for membership and weakens the groups’ outside credibility. So for example, all ROK readers now believe that the moon is made of cheese.

    1. It’s well known that our biggest debate topic over the years is whether it’s a soft cheese or a hard one.
      But it’s well-aged, whatever it is.

      1. It’s actually a pizza, it’s just covered in cheese, so being the stupid and obtuse misogynistic dickheads we are, we think its surface dictates its totality.

        1. Typical white male response – always assuming it’s a Eurpoean dish.
          Clearly, the answer is “Queso Puff”. The cold atmosphere of space keeps the tortilla shell nice and crunchy.

        2. You degenerate pork-eating islamophobes, the moon is an Iraqi pita launched into orbit by the Great Saddam the Lion, pbuh, before M. Albright “Judassed” him into Kuwait.

  10. With the most recent FBI scandal (Hillary’s “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”) the FBI have lost all moral authority for their mission and have proven themselves to be just another group of corrupt tools. There must be many long time field agents who are crying themselves to sleep at night in shame.

  11. Of course a website like this one is under surveillance. That should not be news to anybody. Subverting a motley crew like ROK with its vast number of different opinions and viewpoints is not realistic in my opinion. There are probably only a handful of real causes that actually unite us and those aren’t necessarily criminalized or radicalized easily if at all. The reality is that the more people who read the articles and more so the comments begin to realize they are not alone in whatever issue they have. The plethora of intelligent comments and conversations strengthens their ability to fight or avoid unjust situations but also creates in them a desire to strive for more than this world of sloth, ignorance, and insanity. As society becomes more and more asocial and culturally deficient, having an active community of characters like ROK will draw increasing numbers of dissuaded men. Any man who is not put off by what is going on in the western world is either a beneficiary or a conspirator. Neither have any place on this website.

    1. Any man not put off by what is going on is also a cuckservative, beta male pussy, or like you say a beneficiary…

        1. That depends. There are very few people Ill be sticking my neck out for and the average joes ISNT one of them.
          Most of you were working actively against us not so long ago, before you ‘woke up’ or whatever you want to say.
          The emperor has had no clothes your entire lives. Id like to think more of you would have caught on a hell of a lot sooner.

        2. Sure. No need to put your neck out for those blue pilled SJWs however, men fight for those worth fighting for.

        3. Youve seen the light.
          Everyone has to burn before they learn from the pain.
          The commie youth will vote in the slum lords and our national parks will be filled with homeless hordes

        4. Because your job as a man is to establish order, not plot violence or let the system be broken down by malicious actors.
          The enemies of society belong to many groups and beliefs, but they have a few things in common. Primary among those things is that they think its OK to create chaos so they can get ahead.
          A true man focuses on creating order. He is willing to die or be destroyed if the higher goal of establishing order is met. That isnt to say he doesnt believe in payback. He does, very much, but he wants that payback done right. Using the system, because thats how order is made.

        5. Participating in the reconstruction is different. I just hope it happens while I’m young enough to rebuild something from the wreckage.
          I simply see no meaningful difference a contribution of my sweat and blood would make currently, either in violence to speed up the collapse or in trying to hold back the tidal wave.

    2. There is only one thing Hillary and I agree on, and that’s having a public face and a private face. As a general rule, for a public individual it is very difficult to become more powerful while holding very unpopular opinions. Obviously, there are some great exceptions with internet personalities, like Roosh. ‘The System’ or what have you, uses deception and underhanded means, fight fire with fire.

  12. There is a proof, although indirect. The global coordination of “grassroots” demonstrations during the last attempt of Roosh to make a tour. This level of global coordination, the information needed to pinpoint dates and areas, to organize groups to rally, is not achievable by a bunch of leftist potheads around the Western countries. Definitely some agency was involved, some people were paid to do their job. Not all protesters are paid agents there are A LOT of stooges in the left.
    Finally I don’t think that having agents to monitor hazardous activities is bad per se. The problem and the Great anomaly of the West is that the ruling elite is fundamental alien and different to the bulk of the population. A part different in ideology and religion, like antichristian masons and similar groups, USA was practically built by them. And another major part of the elite is different ethnoreligiously. I don’t think I need to analyze that. There must not be another major civilization where the leading classes and elite are hostile to the beliefs and religion of the population.

  13. I have a reasonable belief that some sort of agents tried to infiltrate my activist groups back in the early 2000’s. We told every newbie up front that anyone suggesting an illegal activity would be reported to the police. It’s not snitching if you tell people that up front. If someone attempts to involve you in an illegal act, tell them you think they are joking, that you would never ever do anything illegal or violent, and then go give a police report to your local cop shop and keep multiple copies in safe places. The movie Imperium had an awesome scene where Harry Potter tried to involve a radio host in a criminal plot, and the radio host reported him to the FBI and made a total ass of him. The radio host behaved exactly as he should have — he vehemently refused to be involved in the conspiracy and reported Harry Potter to law enforcement. YOu don’t have to report to the FBI either — any law enforcement is fine. Your local town cops might consider you an eccentric, but they’ll take your report and the ass you save may be your own.

  14. The problem with your suggested approach is that they are masking. They are mimicking behavior that you would possibly expect from a ‘real member’. So you end up having to cut into your own flesh by excluding some people who just appear suspicious. I can’t think of a better solution either, tho.
    I think we have the same problem in Germany with right-wing groups. They were infiltrated by ‘V-men’ and it is unclear how much those contributed to stuff that may be considered against the basic law (or sth like that). So ironically, the public consensus (according to media) seems to be: Well, we ought to destroy this harmful organization, but we made a mistake by putting in our V-men, because now no one believes us they are so evil.

        1. Qui(m)Int(elligence)
          noun BRITISH vulgar slang
          a woman’s genitals.
          You could be working for the Sarkesian Corporation? So what does Quint mean

        2. In the future yes. I have travelled back in time to ensure the conditions of its possibility can never occur

  15. The KKK, Neo-Nazi groups, Stormfront, Christian Identity groups, many militia groups (Hutaree was heavily infiltrated), are pretty much all FBI and various other federal agents. They are honeypots.
    The best way to tell if someone is a fed is by how loudly stereotypical they are. For example, white nationalist/Hitler fanbois will generally have a pretty developed ideology. They’re rather moderate in reality. But the fed or other infiltrator will try to be stereotypical and loud about it, screaming KILL NIGGERS KILL JEWS! and so on.

    1. I used to suspect nearly all those making commenters were plants / shills. I am less sure now. Probably a lot are, but certainly there are some genuine idiots out there who would like to kill everybody they don’t like and are happy to say that for the record

      1. For sure. But they’re morons. Ain’t it also funny that some of the heads of the American Nazi Party were also Jewish? Fancy that.

        1. Self-loathing Jews. Or, potentially, to drum up sympathy for Jews that EVIL NAZIS are coming to get them.

  16. Ah busted. I’ve said more than once that I wanted to kill SJWs lol
    On a different note, this site does not even use https. ANYTHING written could be changed by a man-in-the-middle attack without a trace.

  17. Know a man who was an FBI agent; his view (which might or might not still apply) was that nothing upsets an FBI sting so much as when you report suspected infiltrators to the FBI and local police as someone you suspect of plotting something. Then keep your nose clean, and keep reporting. Eventually, they USED TO give up, especially if you elevated it – like to a congressman’s office. “Congressman, I need your help. I’ve reported to the FBI a bad guy talking big about plotting some nasty stuff, and it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything! I’m worried about our community’s safety with a nutjob like this that the FBI won’t do anything about!”
    The one he really laughed about was when a member of the group under watch asked the real not-under-cover FBI if they wanted the group’s help doing a sting on the ‘plant’.

  18. You want to avoid imperial entanglements, so to speak, stay off the grid. At least stay off of here, websites, blogs and social media. Organize the old fashion way. The feds will always go after low-hanging fruit first. And there is plenty online. However, it would take real effort to locate dissidents who are not posting every GD opinion they have and finding either audience or following online.
    Just sayin’. Get the fuck off the internet and do the work to protect yourself and others from prying eyes and ears.

  19. I think we all have had our days of rage, but this isn’t 1776 anymore. We aren’t going to accomplish anything running around with guns. I think many good hearted people (I’ve gone thru this stage myself) say, “we ought to grab our guns and pitchforks to fight the tyranny.
    They own the media and will kill all good perception the public once had of your group. It’s a battle of public perception, a battle of the mind now days. That is the modern battle. If they constantly try to infiltrate your group, target you with IRS etc, then you look like the victim and win the battle of public perception and they look like the dicks.

  20. So I’m sitting here thinking “Who would do that?”
    “Who does that kind of shit?” “Who would try to sell out a whole group of people in a for-hire sting?” Who really benifits from serving the profit driven prison industrial complex and who would risk sending even innocents and the curious and the bystander, anyone who mingles with a politically blacklisted group to the slammer to get assfucked? Who would do that? . . Someone who would sell their own ass for two cents that’s who.
    And WHAT IF it’s a worthy cause they’re betraying, a cause whose time has come and what if IT IS A JUST CAUSE? No fed in a cheap polyester suit can stop the WINDS OF NATURE!!
    No two bit traitor of mankind can stop MAN.
    But who? Who would dare try to turn a dollar selling out their culture and civilization? Someone lacking empathy that’s who. Someone who doesn’t give a fuck about the world and someone who would sell out their own mother or brother for a dime that’s who.
    There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ out there who could care less if the world advances or if it goes into the toilet and they’re too unevolved to think critically for themselves so they parrot the popular party line. They’re the ones who take the bait and who eat the bread crumbs. They’re the ones recruited as false flag crisis actors and paid stooges.
    An unprincipaled field like espionage attracts the worst of the worst that humanity has to offer. Dangling a dollar bill is a substantial shit test of a person’s worthiness and a paid two faced liar is unworthy of reproducing.
    The paid law enforcement profession should be kept clean and uncorrupted. It should be voluntary, unpaid, unbribed, untainted and unjaundiced by dangling dollar bills. A medal or a badge or a complimentary ‘on-the-house’ banana is ALL ANYONE SHOULD RECIEVE for enforcing common societal mores that everyone knows are for the good of the whole, the tribe or the species.
    Society naturally dispatches its own undesirables. The true criminals and reprobates can be likened to the retards who ride the ‘short bus’. And the paid LEO’s who obscess over ‘criminals’ displacement or placement are just like special ed teachers who demand a job title and payment for menial charity work. LEO’s and retard-teacher titles aren’t real jobs that advance mankind and aren’t deserving of fat salaries . But the positions have unfortunately become pork barrel welfare job titles.
    Law enforcement becomes corrupted when you pay them. When you put law enforcement officials on the state welfare dole of useless eater gravy jobs, they become very fat and entitled like the common couch potato wife. Paid LEO’s rank with the other assorted professional parasites known as BUREAUCRATS. Paid law enforcement has ‘useless eater’ written all over the job title.
    Law enforcement and justice should be voluntary ‘citizen-service’ performed only on an as-needed basis and it should be an activity that draws NO PAYCHECK. Money corrupts anything it touches. Keep law enforcement honest.
    I myself try to enforce righteousness every day. Does that make me an LEO of righteousness? If they paid me a big bag of m&m’s at the end of the week that would be great. And if I were a volunteer LEO of any system, it would have to be a fair and patriarchal system. I’d be glad to keep it brief, honest, considerate and IN SERVICE TO MAN! HAIL THE PATRIARCHY!! ‘BITCH LAW’ is the real enemy of man. Stooges are the real ones who should be in the clink getting ass fucked. LEO’s need to learn real world skills to better serve mankind rather than acting as hired chess pieces doing the elite’s bidding.
    Mmm . . m&m farts. I remember them well.
    In a truly evolved society, members inherently know what is right and for the good of the tribe, the confederation of tribes and ultimately THE SPECIES. Nature is the strongest force.

  21. An old story…
    Back in the days when Yugoslavia was a hardcore communist state, a new computer was donated by USA to a faculty. During the commissioning of this computer there was also one unknown guy present and of course all faculty members guessed he was the CIA. So here’s what they did; when that guy was writing down some notes from computers’ screen one stood next to him patted him on a shoulder and said: Dobroya maschinata (Good little device). Allegedly the CIA guy nearly fainted.
    Oh, and BTW, use tor—rents and attach only to things you can leave behind. No emotional envolvement.

  22. Roosh, I am a victim here of the FBI or whatever. They are able to listen to everything I say inside my apartment and are even able to know what I THINK and they broadcast this to the world (or immediate neighborhood)! They are able to change the content commercials, movies, TV shows, sports, music etc on the fly according to what I think and do to send me a message if they like it or not that is if they let me watch TV without knocking it out. This situation that I’m in has been going on for 5 months now and counting and this is no joke. The power that they have is immense.

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