10 Steps To Stop Being A Fatass

One of the primary tenets of the neomasculine movement is keeping your body in good condition, or to put it more bluntly: don’t be a typical pot-bellied neckbeard who gets winded opening a can of Pringles. Like anything else in life, your physical stature can be traced back to your habits; good habits will get you the body you want, bad habits will turn you into a miserable fatass.


It’s a glandular problem

Some of you reading this have ripped chests, shredded abs and look like a million bucks.  Well done and keep up the good work.  But it is a statistical guarantee that many of you are obese and cannot seem to right the ship. You’ve tried fad diets and gym memberships but still you’re struggling to find your dick when you look down. The following are simple tips, tricks and realizations that will help you drop the weight.

This is not an article about how to get ripped. This is guide on how to fix a situation that has gotten completely out of control, written by a man who was once 300lbs+ and has lost 100lbs+ (and counting).

1. Realize That You Didn’t Gain 100 Pounds Overnight



None of us were born fat; we got there by making some really bad choices, like eating fast food or buttering up our morning coffee.

Maybe we were athletes in high school, got to college, and stopped playing sports, discovered beer and the 24-hour drive-thru. Here’s the point: it took years to get to this level and you need to understand that it will likely take years to get back to where you want to be.

It’s hard to have this attitude in a world where everyone wants everything done on the spot, but as soon you can accept the reality of the situation the improvement process can begin.

2. Set Reasonable Goals

So you want to lose 50 pounds? Great! You want to lose it in a month? Unless you adopt a steady diet of Marlboro reds and blow, it’s not happening. Trying to lose that much weight in such a short amount of time is not good for you (there’s a reason contestants on The Biggest Loser have serious health issues after leaving the show).

Here is a much better weight loss goal: lose one pound a week. Yeah, it’s slow, but it’s also reasonable, healthy, and attainable.  At a pound a week you would hit your goal in one year with gradual changes you can stick to, which segues nicely into…

3. Don’t Try Drastic Dietary Changes


So right now you’re eating fast food, drinking soda daily and freebasing cookie dough. You decide enough is enough and come up with a plan: plain oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch, a chicken breast with a side of broccoli for dinner and no more soda, just six glasses of water a day.

You will not last a week. You’ll do great on Monday and go to bed at night feeling good about your new lifestyle. Tuesday comes and you forget to grab the salad from the refrigerator in the morning, so you grab a burger because you have to eat something or you’ll be “starving” all day.  Wednesday you remember the salad but forgot that it was Janet in accounting’s birthday and you all chipped in for a cake.

Thursday night you are making your chicken and dreading the thought of more veggies after that lunch salad so you decide to cook up some fries. Friday is happy hour and you can’t skip that, so you go out for some wings and mozzarella sticks while washing it down with four beers or sugary mixed drinks. Sound familiar?

Look, most people cannot live one way for years and do a complete 180 overnight. Instead, try to make simple, gradual changes. Do you drink a 20oz Pepsi with lunch and have dessert three nights a week? Start here: replace the soda with a glass of water and make dessert one night a week. It will be much easier to sustain.

4. Don’t Make The Same Mistake With Exercise


You sign up at your local gym, promise yourself that you will go every day before work, and it goes down the same way as your new food plan: you start off well but fade after a few days. A couple weeks go by and you realize the problem is how early you have to get up so you decide to go after work, but you’re too tired and end up going home instead.  A month goes by and you have nothing to show except twenty bucks being debited from your account.

It’s the same principle with exercise as it is with food: you’ll likely fail trying to go from 0 to 60.  If your current exercise routine consists of walking four blocks to McDonalds then you’re probably not going to start hitting the gym five days a week. Instead, try doing 20-30 minutes of basic exercises a day.

Once this becomes too easy for you add some extra cardio, a few more reps to the exercises and then consider a local gym for weight training or better yet just buy some free weights if you have the space.

5. Stop Picking At Food

Shitty food will make you tired, lethargic, and fat

Anyone who has struggled with weight has made this mistake. You’re making dinner and apparently cannot wait fifteen more minutes, so you open a bag of chips and decide to just have a few. Of course, a few becomes twenty and when dinner is finally ready you’ve already eaten a few hundred calories.

Practice small acts of self-control every day.  When you find yourself reaching into that bag just stop, wrap it up (or better yet throw them out) and wait the ten minutes.  You’ll be proud you did and have a lot to show for it over a long period of time.

6. Learn How To Say No


Let’s use that Janet in accounting example again. You’re trying your best to lose weight; making small cuts to your normal diet, doing the room exercises and not food picking anymore. So when your co-worker walks over to you and shoves a piece of cake in your face you politely decline and are immediately barraged with a flurry of comments about how you have to have cake for Janet, it’s just one piece, it won’t kill you, etc.  When you keep declining people start taking sarcastic jabs at you and finally you eat the damn cake just to shut everyone up.

Don’t give into peer pressure. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and that includes stuffing your face with a piece of cake at 10:30 in the morning. Make it a matter of pride; when someone persists tell them you value your health too much but if they want to have your piece they can go right ahead. Stop worrying about hurting everyone’s feelings.

7. Surround Yourself With The Right People


Accept this sad truth: some people want you to fail at bettering yourself. Not all of them, but enough. On your quest to lose weight you are going to encounter people who flat out want you to fail so that they can feel better about themselves. My mother can personally attest to this: she was morbidly obese through most of my childhood and finally decided to do something about it. She dropped close to 200 pounds over the course of several years and looks great today.

At first family and friends were supportive of her efforts, encouraging her to keep walking and making good eating choices.  But then something started to happen as she kept losing weight: the supporters gradually became detractors. Suddenly they were telling her to slow down, that she was losing too much weight and starting to look unhealthy.

The reality was a lot of insecure people hated the fact that they couldn’t improve their physical well-being the way she was doing.  She actually lost several friends and her sister doesn’t talk to her to this day all because of her weight loss.

Take inventory of the people in your life: do they have your back, offer constructive criticism and congratulate you on your achievements?  Or do they belittle your efforts, offer nothing but sarcastic comments and ignore your goals?

Don’t be afraid to drop your so-called friends because you’ll be surprised how many of them won’t be around after you get in shape.

8. Stop Eating When You’re Actually Just Dehydrated


This is a simple one that most of us know by now. When you feel hungry even though you just ate recently, chances are you’re simply dehydrated. Most people do not drink enough water and it can confuse our bodies. This is one of the easiest strategies on the list: if you feel hungry have a big glass of water and wait 20 minutes.  If you’re still hungry then go for it, but you’ll be surprised how often it works.

9. You Have Too Much Food In Your House

Why do you have three bags of chips, four two liters of soda, brownie mix, two loaves of bread, a sleeve of cookies, six boxes of mac and cheese and a bag of candy in your house? You are far more likely to satisfy a junk food craving if that shit is already in your house than if you’d have to drive to the store to buy it.

Clear out your cabinets and the refrigerator then try stopping at the store every few days and just buying enough for your next four to six meals. Shop after you’ve just eaten as it will deter you from making poor buying decisions.

10. You think Every Time You’re Hungry You Need to Eat Immediately


I’m not advocating starving yourself (although there are benefits to intermittent fasting).  I’m saying you should try to experience hunger on occasion rather than sprinting to the deli every time you get a pang in your stomach.

So much of weight loss is mental and we have to learn to overcome. The first time you decide to go hungry it will be a surreal feeling.  You’ll build character, burn more fat, gain some pride and build some mental strength.

Like everything else discussed above, start slow and work your way up. As an added bonus the food will taste better and be far more satisfying. You can start to actually enjoy meals instead of blindly stuffing your face.

The above are ways to remedy bad habits that can be encountered on the way to obesity. Recognizing and overcoming these will put you on a path to getting healthy. If you’re currently 50lbs or more overweight start here, lose the fat, then move on to the next level.

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215 thoughts on “10 Steps To Stop Being A Fatass”

    1. Ahh I hate that fucking “to have a bikini body, have a body and wear a bikini” accompanied with the photo of a really fat chick who should NEVER wear one.
      Nice delusion ladies.

  1. No excuses everyone. Get fit. The more men who get fit, the fewer excuses women in the developed world have of looking like landwhales. Lead! Lead these landwhales away from their toxic self-acceptance of blubber by your own example.

    1. I doubt it, unless these fit men develop some dignity and self-respect and not thirstily hit on every roll of fat in sight. Besides, men have already become fitter in the last few decades. Lots of guys are going to the gym. Did it convince women to become more fit in order to compete for these “prized” men?

      1. It’s still leadership, it creates passive dread. Fatties know that the fit guys around them are fit enough to get women more attractive than them.

        1. Yes, in theory, but we don’t see that. In the skewed sexual market place of the west, the bulk of the men are willing to accept scraps. To women, it’s a buyer’s market.

        2. True enough, which is why it’s best for men to position themselves for the market swing.

        3. Won’t happen while there is female empowerment. All fat, old and ugly women must be loved as PC says
          You know why fit women support this as well? Because any moment they can become fat, old and ugly. Women don’t have to focus on survival like men do they just jerk off to increasing their egos and control over men further.

        4. Not happening dude. I like the thought as much as you do but the dynamic doesn’t work like that. It’s just the opposite.

        5. You’re a great optimist so I’m not trying to hound you here. But there’s no market swing upcoming. It will only get worse. Trust me on this. The fatter women get, the more hypercompetitive the men get, and the more fit, polished and focused men get, the fatter and more monstrous the women get still. It doesn’t just come back around. You’d be much better served to keep fit, as you do, and get yourself international mobility. A fit Westerner in China can be in his sixties and still pull twenty something tail.

        6. I don’t see the problem with guys willing to date fatties. Just more pretty girls for the rest of us.

        1. Ask yourself this: in the west, what is the ratio of in shape (fit) men to in shape women? And how does this ratio seems to develop? Is it in favor of men or women? Sure, negative health trends are affecting both, albeit to different extents, but the question here is whether we see any normalizing effect on the aforementioned ratio by men “leading by example”.

        2. If you look at pictures from the 50s, 60s, & 70s, it’s rare you see a fatass. Ever since the introduction of (what people consider) “good” TV shows, processed foods, fast food, & more sedentary jobs & lifestyles, the waistlines have expanded. There may be a slight decrease lately, but we’re no where near where we should be.

        3. So long as men continue to drool over women that most of us here would find unfuckable, this will continue.

        4. It’s amazing how many decent looking in relatively good shape young guys I see with overweight girlfriends/wives. Having said that though, when I was in my teens/early twenties there were very few overweight girls.

        5. The sad thing is that men aren’t even judged by fitness but status.Women are judged 100% by their fitness and 88% still look like crap. It’s not even on us to stay fit and we have them beat handily even at that.

        6. Ha ha. Yup. Lately I’ve been thinking very much about moving away from “Team Men” If guys are such dupes, it’s just not my problem. Let them hump 190 pound McKayla in the dark. How should I care? It just keeps them away from the real women in Asia, S.Am and E Eur.

        7. A guy needs to have balls big enough to say how he wants things done. . Women are lazy by nature. In my own marriage, every night right after dinner, I tell my wife were going on a walk. We then do a brisk 3 mile walk. last night she asks ” can we have ice cream” I said ” no”. End of discussion. Our meals are all home cooked by her – no processed. This is all done because I tell her . No example, no asking. Straight up telling.On certain topics my home is not democracy but instead a benevolent dictatorship.

        8. Yesterday, I was traveling to downtown Chicago lovingly called the Loop. As I sat waiting for my stop to come by I looked up and saw rolls. Where did the rolls come from? It was a white woman who may have been in her 30’s at oldest. Realistically, she must have been 300 lbs. Acne, enough fat to not find her other side, and disheveled hair which may have come about due to her lack of health. Isolated, any one of her rolls of skin would have doubled her breast size. What did she have on her you may be wondering? A plastic corner store bag containing 3 industrial size bag of potato chips. As the train was packed there was no single seat that could contain her without forcing someone over. She stood obstructing the walk way as people shifted around her to sit in front of her. This is the new America where companies have the populace addicted to chemicals in processed foods and no is calling it out. Used to be a time these women were in the minority. I simply cringed as I was reading this article at the time.

        9. I like your attitude. I agree, women are inherently lazy. Women like to be led, but I cannot disagree with them when a useless fucker tries to lead them. I agree with you on the benevolent dictatorship – all major decisions go through me, no matter what her motives may be.

        10. I am not sure there is that much of a difference, the average US person, whether female or male, is chubby bordering on the obese. There might be a subset of in shape people where the fraction of males is significantly higher. But I would like to see the stats before jumping to conclusions.

        11. Sadly there was a lot of that. There was that back muffin top, the look of cavemen, that was trying to swallow her neck back into her body. I imagine if someone took a cell sample from the base of the back of her neck, they would find a host of the same chemicals from the Lay’s bags she carried, floating in those cells. Horrific way to live

        12. anecdotally, i would guess that in the US there are about five guys who work out hard and look great for every serious fitness girl.

        13. But was the ice cream home-made as well? If so, then I sense a real missed opportunity here.

        14. it depends on what region of the US you’re talking about too. i’m from colorado and while we have our share of landwhales here, you see quite a few fit people too.

        15. it depends on what region of the US you’re talking about too. i’m from colorado and while we have our share of landwhales here, you see quite a few fit people too.

      2. Many women Work out but are still chubby since they keep on eating the wrong foods, or insist on doing low intensity cardio for hours which is ineffective.

        1. Exercise is icing on the cake bro. Take care of the kitchen and the rest will follow. You can lose 100 pounds while being lazy as long as you keep your diet in check. That’s where they go wrong.

    2. Imagine if it were the other way around?
      Are humans lazy? meaning, if the dating market favored men would we not all turn into decadent fat slobs aswell? and is it a coincidence that the fierce dating market has men lining up for bench press racks to compete with eachother, while the women binge eat potato chips and still have very good dating options? The more men who are fit, the more decadent and fat women will become since they will have better options.
      LOL. Every. Single. Landwhale has acceptable options and a supply of attractive males. that has caused the decadence
      perhaps the land-whalinization is an evolutionary pressure meant to advance society. Einstein was of the opinion that “god” does not roll dice
      The less sex males have access to, the higher their iq’s develop since the brain decides that it must become more cerebral,

      1. I lift and run for myself. Even if you could get hot girls while fat, would you want to live like that?

        1. Some dude. I know plenty of powerlifters who love being 300+ pounds because they can just keep eating and getting stronger. For real, they love the lifestyle. It’s all about pulling 800 at competition, pressing 600 at competition…etc. They want to be the strongest they can be and fuck their physique.

      2. I dunno why but whether serious or joking, the comments on here about fat people make me roll on the floor dying with laughter!
        hahaha omg

      3. It is the other way around in a lot of the world. South Asia, South America and East Europe has the scale tipped the other way. The women are hot and the men couldn’t give a fuck less about self-improvement much of the time. So the women have to try even harder, the men get more spoiled…women try yet harder. I remember absolute Penthouse caliber tail in South America walking around with fat guys wearing skid-marked boxers who were obsessed with ‘futbol’ only. And no, they weren’t rich either. Just completely spoiled, slovenly idiots who have beautiful women as their birthright.

        1. East Europe? They are average. The women in Italy and Spain are hotter in my opinion. And in South America they are fat.

        2. I guess its also a question of taste. If one prefers skinny women with slavic looking faces, or a more Southern European look.

        3. i dig italian women too. been kind of disappointed at the almost total lack of mentions of italy on this site. it’s all academic for me now that i’m married, but i’d like to see an article on gaming italian women some day.

        4. My experience of Italian women is that they are classy, beautiful and love a man to be a man. I too am puzzled at the lack of mention on this site. Furthermore, family is very important to an Italian woman.

        5. Ukranian women tend to be knock-outs. We have a community of Ukrainian immigrants here. Holy hell they are hot. And sweet and innocent too. Only problem – they are religious as hell.

      4. Who really gives a shit if guys want to date fatties? Let those losers fuck those chubbsters. Doesn’t make any difference to me.

      5. I will never date another fat-ass. I did it once, as I was told they are great in bed. Never again. Many men are doing the same: not dating these walking turds. It will sort itself out, eventually; there will be a return to moderation.

      6. Not sure about all those options for land-whales. If it was that easy for them, why would they advertise obsessively in the Craigslist personals? Check out all the “BBW” listings.

    3. If only it were that simple. Girls are not motivated by example; they are too fundamentally lazy (if I might name-drop another ROK article). I remember doing P90X every day after work in the living room, hoping my land-orca girlfriend would take a hint, but she would just lay around watching TV.

      1. That’s a little different though. You already had a comfortable situation for her, and you were working out in a space where she knew you wouldn’t be picking up other girls. Dread can’t form in that situation. Now, if you had gotten yourself ripped, and then insisted on going to the beach regularly that summer… different story.

        1. That’s when you dump her ass and get yourself a hotter girlfriend. That’s the wake-up call she needs to get her fat ass into the gym.

        2. No that’s not going to happen. Women gang up on a guy that cheats and calling him out for rape for nonsensical reasons happens often.

        3. She will just go back to crying over a tub of ice cream watching soap operas until her girlfriends hook her up with an unfortunate beta boy

      2. If you want your girlfriend to work out you should date a girl who works out. You cant’ get someone to change their lifestyle for you.

        1. Just because a girl works out when you first start dating her doesn’t mean she will continue to do so, as we all know. I’m sure you can be a little more constructive.

        2. not quite true. Old habits die hard.
          Most slim and tender girls got their figure by nature and dont do sports.
          Even most models I know hate sports and dont work out.
          If you got a fitness girl, like me, its quite easy to keep them in shape, but you have to maintain your frame, as if you become too domestic in your behavior you will also trigger her second programming when she sees you as the secured beta provider.

        3. Yes Bill. Glad someone said it. I am right up there ready to call women out on a load of bad traits, but if you see a woman in a bar every night and start dating her expect something different than if you see a woman in the gym every day and start dating her. This dance takes too and if you choose stupid you get bad results. Garbage in, Garbage out.

      3. My friend’s wife is terminally “trying” to lose weight. Of course she can’t stop stuffing fatty / sugary foods in her mouth. He cooks healthy meals, she has a serving. Later she’s eating junk food.
        Women who get men to sign the contract pork up as well on a regular basis. Pop out a couple of units, and “that’s the reason she’s fat.”, not the eating like a heifer. Oh no, not her fault. Wait, even if it is, she’s got so much to do now she can’t possibly stay in shape.
        Women have endless excuses.

        1. You speaking truth right here. As a woman I was 5’9 and got to 163 pounds (large size 12 uk size) – so I started an increased exercise routine, including weight lifting and lost 14 pounds in 2 months. I found myself increasing sugary treats (which I had cut down on) even more, so I started to drip feed sugary stuff to stop a binge craving and It still seemed to happen, the craving. Sugar addiction is a HUGE issue within society, if we let it we are all slaves to it, Women, with the up and down hormones give in more often due to this instability. Sometimes I wish I lived on an island with no modern processed food with sugar. After some months of hellish withdrawl I’d be an ignorant happy healthy bunny.

        2. “Women, with the up and down hormones give in more often due to this instability” This is like an excuse within an agreement.

    4. Uh nope. Women never use men as an example because if they did some would have some morals or intelligence. Landwhales will feel entitled as the next woman to date a fit guy.
      Short men are shunned from dating at all, broke guys are shunned until they are not broke. Women just reeach out and grab a handful of beta fit boys whenever they want.

      1. How the landwhales ‘feel’ makes not a whit of difference.
        Fat chicks? JUST SAY NO!

    5. A couple of myths in this article. Butter in your coffee will not make you fat. I have two big chunks of cheese with my tea several times a day. And I am the opposite of fat.
      And here we go again with the calorie myth. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT CALORIES. If you focus on calories it will make fat loss harder not easier. Learn about how the body metabolizes nutrients, anti-nutrients, toxins and toxicants. This is the key to sustainable fat loss.
      There is NO THEORY, no science and no facts that support this hypothesis that restricting calories causes fat loss. If you doubt this, try to explain how the body metabolizes calories. You won’t be able to do it.

      1. WTF!
        you esoteric world views are not wanted in the manosphere.
        Diet is simple mathematics. Three major nutrients with different energy density and absorbent efficiency.

        1. Dude. The next time you get ready to talk some shit, shut the fuck up and read a book or two on the subject first.
          There are few truisms in the World but one is that the human body is anything but simple. Only a simple mind would think so.

        2. People like him are so indoctrinated in to the ‘modern’ diet bullshit, that seeing anything else is scary, just as many of us violently fought against what the manosphere has [re]taught us about the true nature of women, same principle here. I no longer get upset with brothers that have yet to open there eyes wider to even more TRUTHS about the lies and deception[s] that the tptb have wrought upon us for far too long.
          Give him time and he will [hopefully] find Keto or Primal eating as a better way to manage his health and wellness. Just my 2c.

        3. It is complex on a microscopic scale. Not, as everything in nature, from a macroscopic point of view.
          The basic principles of nutrition and fitness make up for about 80% of your sportive success. Millions of successful people prove that, just by being fit following that principle.

        4. Metabolism works on a microscopic scale. Calorie restriction diets fail for all but the genetically gifted and even for them, they only work while they are young.

        5. and that stands against all principles of sport and nutrition.
          a healthy deficit of 500-600Kcal per day, with a high protein intake of 1g Protein per 1kg fatfree bodywheight, while keeping the Metabolism active with 4-7 workouts a week will cut even an 80 year old.
          He just cant withstand it as long as someone below 40
          Every 5 to 10 Years there comes a wave of people that thinks it discovered the wheel again. Just to find out that their successful methods followed basic principles that are known for more than 40 years
          its the same about women….

      2. Right on.
        If you eat carbs then don’t burn them off right away, they store as fat. Period.
        LCHF is working like a charm for me.
        My fat acquaintances and relatives see me eating bacon, eggs, butter, cheese, and the like and say “you must have a really fast metabolism because those foods make you fat”, as they chow down on whole wheat bagels, waffles with syrup, and sugary yogurt, wondering why they can’t lose weight and feel hungry all the time.
        They won’t hear anything I say.
        Let them enjoy their obesity. It’s their bodies not mine.
        I go my own way.

        1. What you are describing is the Ketogenic Diet, which is actually how humans are supposed to eat. Actually it should be seasonal Keto Diet, to be 100% correct, most forget that we have only had refrigeration and global mass transit for about 80yrs. So as an example we are NOT supposed to eat Strawberries in the fall and winter, you should eat with the seasons in terms of carb intake, but your primary calories should come mainly from Fats [good ones], then proteins and then Carbs in a 65/30/5 ratio. There are some GREAT Keto Calculators out there.
          Once you shift your body from seeking Carbs for energy to seeking Fat as energy, you will drop body fat with ease, not to mention that you will not get hungry as before. Due to the FACT that before your body was living like a Heroin addict going from one carb high to the next, hence why most people are ALWAYS hungry. I can go on and on, but do your own research as I have and have been eating Keto for 2yrs and absolutely love it, actually have used Keto to help me beat Cancer with ANY Big Pharma poison.
          Good Luck My Brothers!

        2. You got it Mike! I eat pounds of whole eggs, bacon, sausages, beef short ribs, pork shoulder, chicken thighs and other fatty cuts and maintain my lean muscular build while fat chicks gain weight on Special K.

    6. You’re fighting the good fight but to think women will follow men into fitness is wrong. The exact opposite will happen and has been happening. The better the quality of men, the more spoiled and slovenly the women become. This has already happened so it’s not as if I’m predicting it here.

    7. Women enable each other to be landwhales. Call each other ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ when they are, in reality, gargantuan Jabba-the-Hutt motherfuckers.
      I told a girl at work, who is moderately attractive and secretly likes me but won’t admit it, that another female co-worker is a fat ass. She says, “Yeah, but she’s pretty! if she lost 20 lbs., she would look great!” I said, “Yeah, make that 120 lbs.” then proceeded to made a *barf* sound. Two chins are not attractive.

  2. Kind of gotta disagree here a bit. While I appreciate the intent, the best change I made to drop 35 pounds of fat in 2 months was a drastic altering of my lifestyle and eating habits. By reading about paleo and intermittent fasting, I then became hooked. I’ve kept the weight off for 4 years now and it’s easy to make the switch. Feel that damn burn from the hunger which morphs into a high. Your body starts kicking out adrenaline and endorphines when you hit a state of slight food deprivation. You don’t need to eat three meals a day.
    The way the majority of sheep live their lives is pure canned BS from someone else. One meal is fine – even for bodybuilding. Just eat meat (protein and fat satiate), vegetables and cut out the sugar and bread for god’s sake.

  3. Caloric deficit: eating healthy and consuming less calories than your body needs. Simple as that. Moreover, physical exercice + diet go hand in hand. It doesn’t mean to starve yourself, it means to adapt the calories according to your weight height and age. Patience is also key, changes don’t happen overnight, it’s a process, not a magic trick.
    I still find it amusing when some people complain about how expensive it is to eat healthy and at the same time have no problem buying a $200 placebo fatloss pill.

  4. Shame these fat bitches by becoming fitter ourselves! That’s one way to do it!

    1. Nah fuck the bitches, they deserve no attention! Everyone should do it for them first and foremost. Being healthy and in shape will bring you more strength, energy and happiness. The health and life benefits must remain the priority. If a bitch wants to date you because you have a six pack, she is most likely not worth it.

  5. (I make no money for this endorsement) I would recommend Weight Watchers to anyone who needs a system to lose weight. I can say it really works and teaches you effective ways of not only taking off the weight but keeping it off. The only caveat I would throw out there is find a men’s only group in your area. If you go to the general one it is just packed full of fat women who talk about food cravings. The men’s groups actually have useful conversations about cutting calories, working out, etc.

  6. Hell yeah! I’ve gradually lost a lot of weight over the years by making simple choices, like cutting down on snacks and soda. A few years back I learned about paleo and started learning to cook. I came on here last year and learned about stronglifts 5×5 which was actually working pretty well (until I had to have surgery for something unrelated and had to stop for a while). It definitely isn’t an overnight thing, but if you learn to cook, cut down (or cut out) the grains, cut out the sugar, eat more veggies/fruit and meat, and pair that up with some basic compound barbell exercises you’ll be surprised at quickly you can start to notice progress.
    It can be done and when you start seeing results it becomes a lot easier to stick to.

  7. I recommend reading Wheat Belly : Total Health & getting at least 1 program from Beachbody. I think it’s much more convenient & efficient(time-wise & cost-wise) than a gym.

  8. Butter in coffee???? I’ve never heard of that, but I just might have to try it!
    Whenever someone tries to get me to eat cake/etc., I just lie and tell them diabetes runs in my family. Works every time.
    One thing I’ve always wondered about is the argument that you should eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. Any thoughts?
    For me, the hardest part of losing weight was always the sweet snack cravings. I managed that by putting together trail mix from mixed nuts and dried fruit from Costco. Its pretty dense so I don’t just sit there gobbling it and not getting satisfied, and I still satisfy my sweet craving but without candy bars.

    1. 2000 calories over several meals versus 2000 calories in 3 meals is still 2000 calories.
      It doesn’t matter how many meals you eat in a day.

      1. Yes, but the argument I’ve always heard is that if you eat just 3 times, you overeat because you get really hungry between meals. Not sure how true that is.

        1. As well as my point above, see point 9 of the list. Empty your house of food. Go out and buy 1 lb. of 80/20 ground and a dozen eggs. Divide in either half or thirds.
          There are your meals for the day. Circa 2000 calories (rounding up a bit).There will be no overeating, because you don’t have it to eat. Repeat daily. If they are available to you within half a mile, walk.
          Beef and eggs are satiating, you’ll get a bit hungry between dinner and breakfast (much of which time you’ll be asleep), but not really that much between meals. Your blood sugar levels will become rock steady around the clock.
          The problem is when you’re doing the oatmeal, pasta, Doritos and even vegetables thing. Your blood sugar will be constantly yo-yoing and when it crashes you’ll go mad with hunger. As that is a “normal” diet these days, the response to it is taken as normal, hence the normal advice.

    2. I’ve had success both ways. It’s not so much about when you eat, it’s what you’re eating.

    3. “Butter in coffee?”
      Sure, it’s just the storage form of cream.
      “I’ve always wondered about is the argument that you should eat several small meals throughout the day . . .”
      That comes from two sources:
      1. Body builders misinterpreting research data
      2. Confirmation bias of sugar (any -ose) loaders who can’t go more than a few hours without becoming ravenously hungry
      It’s nonsense. It also makes it more difficult to control hunger, since on a calorie restricted diet you can never eat enough to feel like you’ve eaten. A couple of 1000 Cal meals allows you to feel well fed for hours at a time, instead of having an incessant gnawing in the gut.
      ” . . . mixed nuts and dried fruit . . .”
      Do the nutritional breakdown. The results may surprise you. There are 30 grams of carbs, 6 of them sugars, in a cup of . . . mixed nuts; before the addition of fruit.
      And in the neighbourhood of 900 calories. That could be half your food for the day if you’re looking to lose 2-3 lbs/wk. As you say, they are dense.

      1. I do intermittent fasting 16 hours fasting/8 hours eating and get good results. I basically have 2 big meals and a smaller meal now after the gym as i’m bulking and it’s done me good without the 6 meals a day thing.

  9. My motivation for being “fit”
    Is because of life extension research.. Why would i want to risk missing the cut off date for the day when radical life extension is possible>?
    here is how immortality is happening:
    Our diseases are static and take millions of years to evolve, however, our
    civilization is innovative and progresses quickly , therefore the speed at
    which we are gathering intelligence about disease is exceeding the intelligence
    of the disease itself, it will eventually exceed the speed at which we age to develop these diseases as well at which point we become immortal
    our intelligence of medical science exceeds the intelligence of the
    intelligence behind disease, we have won and are immortal.
    Aging is an active process of self-destruction. That’s all it is. Eventually we will
    catch up to either fix it’s destruction or turn off the genes that destroy us
    slowly, we have to trick the repair mechanisms that hold back aging, into
    “over-compensating” for the damage, this way we would become immortal
    and rejuvenated
    i agree
    with the more optimistic predictions that due to the information age we are in,
    that within 15-25 years we will be adding more than a year every year to
    lifespan just because our knowledge of disease will give us an edge on those
    World tech billionaires have realized this truth, that information technology and biotechnology are going to double lifespan again this century, and are actively investing 100’s of millions into curing aging,
    here is a lifespan chart demonstrating how we doubled our life spans already using this basic theory by gaining the first edge on disease, it is expected to double again this century, and possibly become indefinite early in the century

    1. This theory only works if our rate of technological advancement continues at an increased pace every year without fail without any kind of loss. That is simply not possible. There will be an event that will slow, halt, or even make us regress at some point in the future. When we hit that road bump it is going to hit us hard.

        1. What if the AI turns on us a la Terminator?
          What if the AI becomes so complex we can no longer control it or figure out how it even works?
          What if the AI conceptualizes some system, we invest massive amounts of resources into constructing it, and it doesn’t work or literally blows up in our face?
          What if we end up consuming a very rare resource on earth that is necessary to maintain complex systems AI’s have built for us? Sure we might be able to get some more by roping in an asteroid or visiting other planets, but what if once that resource is gone we no longer have that as an option?
          What if the AI just shut itself off one day for no reason apparent to us?
          Too many thing could happen. That means something is bound to happen. Unfettered, unwavering technological advancement is a historical anomaly that is most likely to self correct sometime soon.

    2. Average life spans. The main thing that increased it in America was sanitation, which in turn greatly reduced child mortality.
      Even the Romans had a name for a human life span (about 80 year) — Saeculum.
      Romans and early Americans didn’t die at 40. That was an average with lots of dead 2 year olds included in it.
      My first ancestor from Germany lived to be 84 and died in 1848. Many of his sons went on to live into their 80s including his great grandson, my grandfather.
      It’s important to understand what the term ‘average’ means in this context.

      1. 70 years ago from now was 1945, the
        end of WWII. Electronic computers had only recently been invented and had very
        limited use. Antibiotics were still a new miracle drug. 1 man produced on
        average a fraction of what the average man produces today. Not only did we have
        no genetic engineering, we didn’t even know what kind of molecule carried
        genetic information and wouldn’t for another 8 years. Smoking was still
        considered healthy. There was some understanding that chemical birth control
        might be possible, but nobody would even start investigating it for another 6
        years. The pill won’t be widely available for about 15 years. Almost everyone
        who worked worked in either agriculture or manufacturing. We had just figured
        out nuclear reactions but nobody had built a commercial reactor yet and the
        first one would not come online for another 11 years.
        the change we will see going 70 years ahead will be much greater than the
        change that we saw in the previous 70 years, and as you can see that has been
        substantial. I would expect to see at least as much change in the next 70 years
        as we saw in the previous 140. That was 1875, a mere 10 years after the civil
        war. Electricity was still primarily used for telegraphy and a worldwide
        network of cables had only recently been setup. The idea of being able to get
        same day news from across the ocean was still a miracle to most alive. Medicine
        was so bad that for almost all ailments going to a doctor was actually more
        dangerous than just staying at home and hoping for the best. The germ theory of
        disease was well supported but had not gained universal acceptance. Many
        doctors would go straight from an autopsy to a birth without even running water
        over their hands.
        We went from Watson and Crick
        discovering the structure of DNA to CRISPR/Cas-9 (a modern and revolutionary
        genetic engineering suite) in 60 years. There are very promising results being
        published on aging research today. In 70 years we will have
        biological immortality (eternal youth) without a shadow of a doubt. The last
        people to die of old age (against their will) have definitely already been
        You have to be an absolute FOOL to think life expectancy trends this century are going to be exactly the same as they were 100 years ago when society was 3 times more primitive, With increased societal intelligence and sophistication comes longer life.
        people like you have always historically existed. the “scared of the future” mentality is a historical archetype that has ALWAYS existed, it’s just an illusion though… the trend is your friend. There is no point in history where large parts of the population weren’t afraid or intimidated by the future, yet trends kept on going in a positive direction, the reality is, that “garbage fearful world” that you imagine is a traumatic reptilian hind brain complex and will never exist because of the fact that society as a collective does not WANT a terrible world. they want longevity, and prosperity, and that is what the data shows ACTUALLY is happening. People are not as ill-informed as they used to be these days and you are considered a moron if you do not question corrupt capitalistic political motivations, so i say, we are entering a freer more beautiful and prosperous world, yet at the same time we have past trauma

  10. All very good points. I most strongly agree with #3. At the end of the day, the key for stable, consistent, weight loss is to change your culture of living. This can’t be done overnight. You slowly transition away from junk food/drink to healthy food/drink. That’s why sometimes, the hardest part is to lose those last few points – because you need to cut away the last few remnants of your poor dietary habits.
    Another point I’d add is to find healthy foods that you LIKE eating! For example, I’ve been told for years that nuts are healthy for you, but I just can’t get myself to enjoy eating them. If you genuinely dislike a certain food (after trying it multiple times), you probably won’t stick with it. On the other hand, greek yogurt with fruit provides a ton of protein and tastes amazing to me. It doesn’t feel like a chore to eat it. This also depends on your finances (junk food tends to be cheaper, after all), but I’m sure that everybody can find some reasonably priced, healthy foods that they enjoy eating!

    1. Its actually not that difficult to make your own yogurt, but it is time consuming. The upshot is that you get a bunch of whey you can use for cooking to add extra protein to your meals.
      Add: Spices are your friend! A little goes a long way to make food taste better, and they don’t add calories.

    2. w.r.t. nuts… There are a lot of different ones out there. Have you tried shelled roasted (but otherwise untouched) pistacios? They’re just about the best bar nut I’ve ever tasted but you never find them in bars. If I were you, I’d say try every nut before you decided you didn’t like them.

      1. Yeah, I was going to rant here until I realised you’re talking about roasted but otherwise untouched pistachios. The key to it is to get natural nuts that haven’t had any salt or anything else added to them. A very small handful of almonds does wonders to kick back the hunger cravings for an hour or so.

    3. “I’m sure that everybody can find some reasonably priced, healthy foods . . .”
      Learn to calculate food prices per nutritional content and you may find good food is not as expensive as you thought it was.
      A dozen eggs, the “perfect food.” 900 calories. 65gms complete protein – 2 bucks.

    4. yogurt and fruit are both loaded with sugar, which will spike insulin & cortisol.
      up to you obviously but cutting both out would be a more healthy idea.

      1. Plain yogurt with real fruit in it is probably better than eating the sweetened yogurt with fruit already in it (which the fruit is also loaded with sugar too)

  11. I’m going to disagree with #3 somewhat. I tried making incremental changes to my diet, and it just didn’t work – namely, trying to reduce my sugar intake. My eating habits had become so ingrained that I would forget the next morning that I had planned on doing a little better than the day before.
    On the other hand, going cold turkey *did* work – specifically the Whole 30 program (essentially very strict Paleo for 30 days). Committing to a month of absolutely clean eating was really freaking hard, but it helped me break the sugar addiction that I hadn’t been able to kick up to that point. Those ingrained habits had been broken, and it’s much easier to limit my junk intake because I’m no longer used to a steady diet of junk.
    Depends on your personality of course, but when it comes to fitness for me, it’s got to be all or nothing. Halfway measures don’t cut it.

    1. I think it is up to the personality. I found it help to slowly cut down on the sugar in my coffee and at first to replace added sugar food like bars for fruit. Now i don’t have sugar or milk in my coffee and eat low carb, no wheat. For me I needed a slow change since I would fail on a fast change to dieting, I trend to break within the 1st month.

  12. You lot just suck big, phat donkey phallus for fat shaming people who are shamed by scooter companies who make scooter that were designed for heavier people. THEY CAN’T GET A SCOOTER BECAUSE because their genes are programmed for a better and more tolerant society without you misogynist freaks. It’ IN THE GENES YOU IDIOTS” and you’ll never know because you’re a CIS bastards who’s bathing in privilege!
    GAWD you dicks you’ll never understand the struggle. Large people, who are also normal weight(fudge your standards), are on an epic journey to liberate themselves from the bourgeois food factories like Vlad Lenin liberated the people of Russia.
    JOIN THE RANKS AND HISTORY WILL BE MADE, WEL………….after everyone serves a jumbo size portion of chicken wings.

    1. I think Roosh should do a compilation of epic rants like this every now and then.
      Also, apparently everything is now a social construct EXCEPT homosexuality and fatness.

        1. You forgot to reply using lots of CAPITAL LETTERS and more disjointed thoughts. Please try again.

      1. I saw an article today which claimed race is a social construct. So I figure if there are no races, then there can be no racists. Problem solved!

        1. There is no scientific basis for race but it does exist as a social construct. Therefore, you can indeed be racist.
          Lots of things are social constructs but this doesn’t make them any less “real”. So for example, the US Government is a social construct.

  13. Give good info out until you are blue in the face, it won’t change the fact that misogyny is a trait for only the most vile and pathetic of individuals.

    1. It’s kind of fun to look at that picture and speculate on which tendon, disc, or muscle is going to snap first.

  14. Thank you Brian. #10 is so true. We no longer have any concept of true hunger. The advice of six small meals a day is laughable because we don’t understand the word “small”. There is physiological and psychological hunger and we really can’t distinguish the difference when constantly eating to relieve a little hunger.

  15. While most of the above is true, and especially #6 and #7 will be likely problems, I’d like to add a few things:
    Almost everything you have heard about weight loss is not true. A few key facts:
    Your body will most likely be fine with a diet of three egg whites (that’s 150 kcal.) and a vitamin/minerals pill a day. If you want to go this radical, consult a doctor for blood analysis and get regular checks.
    To be realistic, use some online calculator to calculate your base need. Select the lowest activity level. It’s should be ~2.400 kcal for a 250-pound-man. One pound of fat has about 3.000 kcal. Thus, you mathematically will not lose more than one pound a day (by sitting around), but you can calculate how much you lose and how long it will take if you eat [number] of calories a day to lose [number] lb of fat. There will be drops and raises in water levels, so don’t pay too much attention to the scale, but do weigh yourself daily. It’s good to see results.
    You can do sports, which is advisable, but be selective – if you are overweight, you might hurt your joints easily. Do some pushups, go cycling. Focus on things for building muscles, not stamina – more muscles burn more calories.
    Everything else is up to you. Unfortunately, almost everything that tastes good has plenty of calories, but you get used to that very quickly.
    You’ll lose weight very quickly on a diet of 1lb vegetables, 1/2 lb fruit and 1 lb low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese (plus one vitamin/minerals pill). Again, talk to a doctor. If you live in a civilized country, that should be no problem, if you live in the US, a simple CBC (complete blood count) shouldn’t be more than $20 for the lab plus your doctor’s fees. That’s less money than you save on food.
    If you have any objections, please see “fatlogic” on reddit first, then be quiet.

    1. If it’s:
      (a) pure butter; and
      (b) if you’re otherwise cutting out all dairy, processed foods, and sugar from your diet and cutting down to full paleo
      –then you might want to try a little butter in a black coffee to smooth it a little if you absolutely can’t get by without caffienne. Me, I’d give up the fucking coffee and start getting a decent night’s sleep. If your metabolism’s a bit screwed up and you’re eating mostly processed crap, coffee will actually make you feel hungrier faster than normal, meaning you’ll overeat because your guts are sending you fake signals. But straight butter beats the fuck out of the weird shit that goes in margarine.

  16. I used to be a doughy fuck. Not fat, but just enough weight to hide whatever muscles and masculine facial features I had.
    A few years ago I started cycling to work because I wanted to save on car expenses. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight but cardio/sweating every day shaved 20lbs off. I think all the cycling detoxed my system – never felt healthier in my life.
    The added benefit was that my big fat polish face got leaner, healthier looking and more masculine. The bags under my eyes disappeared and girls started opening me when I went out. I went from being wallpaper to turning heads when I walked into a place.
    But that shit would not have happened if I had to go to the gym and use a treadmill every day. The trick is making cardio part of your lifestyle so you can’t avoid it. If I wanted to get to work, I had to ride my bike. I didn’t have a choice. Life became harder, but more rewarding.

    1. Not sure about cardio. You need to add some resistance exercise there too or you will lose muscle (hence body fat ratio increasing).

      1. Jack Lalanne, who made it to age 96… Did 90 minutes of weights each day and 30 mins of cardio
        7 days a week… There is a lot of research showing that 80% of benefits from cardio come from the first 20-30 minutes, doubling that time wont give you a 160% gain or anything, diminishing returns.
        If you can;t be lean with 90 mins of weights and 30 mins of cardio 7 days aweek, your diet is garbage.

        1. yeah. also, he didn’t take breaks between different exercises so his heart rate was up the entire time for the 90 minutes, so it was kind of cardio workout he did. but anyway the guy felt great for 96 years,

      2. When human societies were eating “paleo” they didn’t do heavy labor. Hunter gathers and nomadic pastoralists spent their days: walking, hunting with spears or bow and arrow, riding horses, fighting, etc. But during the agricultural revolution of the neolithic era- when grains were introduced (to make more beer- heavy labor became the norm: plowing fields, hauling large loads, building structures, or digging.

        1. Hunting and killing a mammoth, butchering it and dragging it home sounds like intense work involving sprinting, fighting and resistance training to me.

        2. Nice story, but modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens didn’t really hunt mammoth. Homo Neanderthalis did, and they were built radically different from us.
          Neanderthal man hunted by trapping and coming to grips with their prey, they also had incredible physical power.
          Cro-magnon man- us- was a different animals, gracile, fast on their feet and with a very mobile shoulder girdle. Persistence hunting requires a massive level of cardio conditioning.
          And all the fight training I’ve emphasized endurance and cardio over strength training.

        3. No need for sarcasm or a defensive attitude. Evidence indicates that we did indeed hunt mammoths and that we were bigger and stronger prior to civilisation. But if you don’t like mammoths pick another animal. It still involves lifting, gripping, pulling and pushing to get that beast home.
          No one is arguing against cardio conditioning but hunting and fighting is a cross-training discipline for a specific propose. I will say that steady state cardio is a poor way to prepare you for fighting.

    2. Cykling is king. In my home country (Denmark), bicycles are a normal part of life. The majority of the population cycles, and the roads even have special made bike lanes. I am pretty sure this lifestyle has increased general healthy and has helped mitigate the fatness epidemic.
      So despite being a liberal hell. Danish culture has got this one thing right.

    3. Sweating definitely detoxes you. I read an interesting article on benefits of swedish saunas- do a search for a dr mercola piece on this topic

  17. This topic is one which hits close to home for me, even though I’m not overweight (I’m actually a bit underweight).
    I want to share a couple of stories but first, for those of you who want to lose weight, the ‘easy’ starts are to:
    – give up all alcohol. Yes, all alcohol. Just for 3 months, and see what happens.
    – cut out the sodas and sweets altogether. Again, just do this for 3 months to see what happens.
    OK, the two stories that have influenced how I feel about diet/obesity:
    1. My father was diagnosed with diabetes in his early 50’s. He wasn’t massively overweight, just ‘homer simpson’ fat, like the average guy is at that age. His doctors gave him the meds and told him that nothing could be done. I suggested a change in diet, which he ignored, as his doc and nurse said it woudn’t make a difference.
    As his 50’s progressed the effects of the diabetes got worse. I won;t give out the details here out of respect for him, but trust me some of them were gruesome. I told him about the dietary change again, and asked him:
    Me: “what kinda shape is your doctor in?”
    Dad: “he’s fat”
    Me: “what kinda shape is your diabetes nurse in?”
    Dad: “she’s really fucking fat”
    Me: “So what the FUCK do they know about being healthy”
    At the age of 59, Dad cut out the booze and junk foods and lost 3 stone. He also cut the amount of diabetes meds that he had to take IN HALF. He is now 63 and I go on a 3 hour bike ride with him every Sunday morning.
    2. I was born prematurely, was extremely ill as a newborn, and was not expected to live. I spent a fair bit of my childhood in hospitals where I saw kids bravely fighting all sorts of ailments that were not their fault.
    I still struggle with pain and minor physical disabilities because of what I was born with. But I’m leaner and more active than most guys my age who weren’t born with these problems. Three of my friends (early 30s) have gotten so fat they have manboobs.
    So if you’ve been lucky enough to be given a body that worked perfectly when it came off the production line, then it’s a fucking insult for you to choose to trash it with bad lifestyle choices. There are plenty of children and adults who cope with disabilities and the chronic pain and other issues that can arise from these, who have no choice in the matter. But they do cope.
    If they can cope with that, you can put that fucking Twinky down and grab a salad instead, can’t you?

    1. People without medical conditions wouldn’t need to cut out any and all alcohol, though.
      Just substitute wine for beer. Beer is really just females hormones and carbs. Wine is the drink of gods.

        1. The dosage makes the toxin. A glass a day is beneficial in matters physical and psychological.

        2. I accept your reasoning in some cases (i.e. Vitamin D) but not with alcohol. Alcohol is a toxin and is poisonous in any dose. Only a small amount sets in process a cascade of anti-toxin responses in your body which will disturb you physically and mentally, regardless of whether you are aware.
          The effects you are looking for can be achieved through herbal, non-toxic, supplements such as Kratom.

      1. I’ve read that beer is estrogenic. I have changed over to either red wine or rum when I drink occasionally.

    2. You have it right with alcohol and sugar. Don’t forget grains.
      Also, I think a salad makes a great starter for your evening meal but I prefer a good hunk of cheese as a replacement for Twinkies.

      1. In re: grains, I just finished reading “Wheat Belly”. It’s eye-opening to discover how wheat and other grains negatively affect your health in all respects.

        1. Good job. Now check out “Grain Brain”.
          You’re on the right track man. Keep it up.

        2. Any high carb diet is bad for your health, Bread is all starchy carbs,
          No need to isolate bread, eat a low carb diet PERIOD. The bad health effects from having a “belly” are also terrible, as abdominal fat is linked to nearly every disease the inner fat surrounds your organs and inflames them causing aging and other problems, it’s not necessarily wheat that is toxic, most life-extension enthusiasts are on low carb diets because they do what the research tells them.

        3. I’m with you on the LC (all of them) HF diet. Problem I see is preventing or eliminating lethargy before and during my intense, heavy lifting sessions. How do I balance the quick energy carbs provide and damage they do in providing that energy?
          Do I substitute a fat or protein source? As I understand it, those macros take longer to break down, thus delaying when the energy spike hits. I drink coffee, but workout in the evening, so I’d rather not consume caffeine that close to sleep.

        4. It takes some time for your body to ‘fat adapt’, read up on it, usually about 3-4 months to fully adapt, but once it does….Holy Shit! I am stronger then ever, and my cardio is through the roof! Realy research the Keto Diet, lots of good info there especially on cyclical keto, that might help ya out!

        5. No, you time the carbs properly to take advantage of your insulin resistance/sensitivity mechanism
          when you wake up you actually only used a petty amount of carbs like 20 grams during sleep so you still have tons of blood sugar, to become more insulin sensitive(and therefore reduce inflammation, disease, fat and other junk) carb fast until you really need them
          if your blood sugar is low for a long period of time, insulin sensitivity is high, so most of it goes to use towards energy and not making you fat, the key is to play around with the numbers and see how your body reacts.
          Common sense = no carbs at night, No carbs until after a workout ETC. Carb fasted workouts result in much more uptake AFTER exertion . Have your biggest meal right after a fasted workout for best results

        6. yep, tons of research showing increased muscular and athletic adaptation if you do your workouts fasted, why? insulin is the most anabolic hormone there is! its responsible for nutrient uptake into the muscle
          sounds crazy but it’s science. Tip* Ease into this! or you will have a hypoglycaemic episode, since your so used to an overload of toxic blood sugar, working out hard on an empty tank suddenly can make you sick and faintlike if you don’t slowly ease into it .
          On a long enough time-line we’d all get diabetes, Infact half of all americans are in a pre-diabetic state. You can reverse this damage by manipulating carbs . To increase insulin sensitivity, the key to a long life free of most diseases

        7. Thanks for the response. I should have been more clear in my original answer. I’m familiar with the concept of a post-workout anabolic window and using carbs to spike insulin. But after reading the book, I’m apprehensive to consume carbs even after a workout.
          Is there some way to take advantage of the insulin resistance mechanism, but without consuming carbs, thus avoiding the inflammation, etc. that goes along with those carbs? Hope that makes more sense.

    3. I liked this personal story, but people should never it Salads as a meal replacement. Eat lots of fish, eggs and lean meats as the core, together with vegetables.

      1. People often talk about lean meats but I personally prefer fatty cuts. Lean meats are too tasteless in my opinion.

        1. Moderate amounts of fat intake is absolutely fine. I am not a low fat advocate. The point is that leafy Salads without much else is not adequate Nutrition. I have met many people, especially women, endorsing this misconception

        2. Seconded. The issue is *how much* fat you’re getting, and the *types* you’re getting. If you’ve cut out most other trans fats and similar from your meals but still indulging on that side of fat attached to the porterhouse now and then it’s not going to kill you. What will is doing it every meal or getting it in other sneaky forms like overdoing the dressing, overdoing the mayo, overdoing the milk, and overdoing processed food generally.

      2. I eat a salad for lunch most days, complete with protein, cheese, and avocado. That’s what makes is satisfying and filing.

  18. You have to eat right in accordance to your lifestyle and genetics. For a professional athelete, they can afford to eat a high carb diet because they will be using and burning them. On the other hand if you’re sitting on your ass all day watching TV, then that diet wouldn’t be advantageous. Some people have genetic predispositions to certain diseases, also some population groups/races have a ‘thrifty’ genotype that also makes them prone to the so called ‘diseases of civilization’ such as type 2 diabetes. Each individual must take these factors into consideration and plan their regiment accordingly.

      1. Im surprised they didnt get all pissy about the tv series “The Men Who Built America”. Its always being rebroadcasted on History channel 2 and is worth watching

      1. Probably. Someone actually emailed it to me a year ago and I had it saved. I saw the pic in the article and couldn’t believe it.

  19. I dunno from the men, I don’t date men, but I got suckered/conned by a Secret Internet Fatty tonight. Her pics gave no or little indication as to the depths of her BMI. So, I met up with her, she was 7 years older than she started out with and full-length was an absolute ham-beast. Usually, when that shit happens, they come up and ask if I’m Jim and I tell them no, my name is Fred. No shit. Tonight, I went over, established that it was she I was to meet and told her I don’t sit with fatties, told her she’s dishonest, fat and a con woman. With that, I left. Whether she cried or died in that booth I know not nor do I care. The waitress was standing there (a solid 7 or 8, bangable) and I tell ya, she was happy I said it. Or, she was happy to see another woman suffer. I’m 6’1″, 190. I’m no muscle boy but between the motorcycle and cables I install, I’m in good shape for a 25 year old, let alone 58. Gents, don’t entertain ham beasts. Never tolerate lying women and stay around long enough to shame their fat asses, but do not date or sleep with them. The sooner men stop fucking fattie-slabs, the better for all of us.

    1. That was a great reply – and entirely justified. Good on you for having the balls to tell it like it is.
      Most of us who have internet dated have encountered a SIF or two – but they rely on men being too polite/desperate to say anything.
      Also most dudes I see around your age, even if they’re lean and healthy looking, seem to be stuck with hideous grumpy looking land whales, so good on ya for not giving up your freedom for that. Your better off single.

  20. Wow just giving into what feminism wants. This sounds like straight metrosexual shit. Go put on some make up and a skirt while you’re at it. Got to check your mirror for the 900th time girly boy.
    Why would a woman like a man that shares her make up table with and is obssessed about his curves. She can get a girl friend that does the same thing.

      1. Hows that soy latte and skinless chicken breasts going for you? Are you afraid your muscles will disappear when you leave the mirror miss?

  21. Truth, this article. You will hear it repeatedly when it comes to weight loss: 80% of it comes from your diet, and maybe 20% from your exercise. I’ve had periods where I’ve busted my ass at the gym but still had a poor diet and the principle holds true.

    1. This can not be stressed enough. Just cutting out most sugar intake will do Wonders for most people. Diet is the main ingredient in weight loss, exercise is a solid supplement.

    2. That’s 100% true. The human body burns the majority of calories just maintaining itself. Exercise benefits the body in many ways, but not specifically in the area of weight loss.

  22. 1. Never go shopping at the supermarket when you are hungry. Always go after a meal.
    2. Never take advice from a personal trainer that doesn’t have the body you want to have. Forget paying $50/hr for some 150lb hipster in a nike training shirt to give you advice. Go to the biggest and buffed guy in the gym, and offer him $50 to sit down with you for 30 mins to tell you how he did it. I bet it will take him about 10 mins, and he will probably do it for free.

  23. Non-sequitur:

    I’m not advocating starving yourself (although there are benefits to intermittent fasting).

    Please do not support ignorance. Intermittent fasting is not starving yourself. It is merely a form of meal frequency. The total quantity of food you eat can actually increase with this method.

  24. 4.1 Find a sport you like and join a group doing it. (Running,Cycling,Canoeing, Surfing, Touch Football, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Frisbee or whatever )
    Just exercising for exercise’s sake is very hard and borderline impossible to maintain.
    But if you have a race or game coming up, it provides extra motivation to train. And you’ll also find most sports groups will have a couple of beers after training. That adds motivation.
    Before you know it you’re not going to gym to lose weight or gain muscle, but to have extra power for catching more waves, or swinging harder or whatever. It also helps to ignite your competitive spirit, which goes a long way in day to day life as well.

  25. Best way towards fat loss is looking at that pic of the tattooed fat bitch and holdinng airline barf bags over your mouth

    1. Was just in Central Florida last week. Tatooed fat bitches everywhere. Jesus it was fucking disgusting.
      Even most of the decent looking non-fatties had visible tatoos, many on their necks.
      WTF is wrong with people there? Is everywhere in the US like that?
      Here the tatooed people are either (real) bikers or frequent fliers with the criminal justice system.

  26. Last year I tried intermittent fasting…2 days a week I ate nothing….. just drank water….this along with a short weight routine although went heavy in the morning. Got ripped…. went off paste for a while but getting back on track now

  27. This is all sound advice, except advice number 9. You can never have enough food in the house. It all depends on the kind of food you are stocking up on.
    Chances are that if you run out of healthy food in your house, you will be tempted to eat out or order premade food, which often is quite unhealthy
    So I would instead recommend to stock up on healthy food so you always will have something ready to cook.

  28. I lost 30 pounds in less than 2 months simply by eating smaller portions, making smarter eating choices, skipping breakfast and/or lunch several times a week and drinking less alcohol. I went from being over 155lbs to 130 lbs in what now seems like overnight. The only negative side affect was I started losing my hair at an alarming rate for several months after the weight loss, because my body did not get enough protein and the hair follicles “relaxed” as a result.
    My motivation was “fat shaming week” and “thinspiration”. It really does work. I want to lose 10 more pounds before summer.

    1. You are either a woman or a hipster whose neckbeard now exceeds 10% of his body mass.

  29. Chateau Heartiste recently made a very good point. He believes the wests massive increase in girth size is in direct response to its war on smoking. Overeating has replaced smoking as the acceptable anxiety/ stress reducer.

    1. HFCS also has a lot to do with it as well I suspect.

    2. It probably contributed to it, but Western lives have also become so sedentary, and our food so over processed.

  30. This article has really great advice. Re: exercise: I’m a runner and a gym rat, I love the atmosphere but it’s not for everyone. Find something you enjoy and you won’t have to force yourself. That, and try and keep a lot of variety in your life with respect to physical activity. Lots of different activities are better than one routine. As for food and drink: everything in moderation, otherwise you’ll never maintain it. People get caught up in fad diets, but the reality is calories are a measure of energy, units in versus units burned. A lot like gas in the tank of your car, 1 litre of low grade is the same volume as 1 litre of high octane. The high octane will perform better, but at the end of the day, a litre is a litre. Nutritious food is high octane, McDonald’s is low grade.
    Fat on your body means you’re taking in more than you’re burning. Period.

  31. I had a friend who was fat through most of her youth. One day she decided enough was enough. She started a regimen of healthy eating and exercise. Now people can’t believe she was ever fat. She’s gorgeous. People have to see the pictures to believe that it was ever so. And she’s never been fat again. Not even after several kids.
    Another friend grew up skinny all her life. No matter how she ate she was thin as a reed. She used to eat icing out of the container. One time the group of friends I hung out with watched in horror as she ate with a spoon an entire container of french vanilla icing. She stayed thin as a stick. It showed in her skin and her hair and her nails. But those signs of poor diet can be covered by make-up, hair spray, and fingernail polish. Whitening toothpaste can hide the tooth decay.
    However, about 27 her bad diet started to catch up with her and now her weight has exploded outward. I think she’s still in denial about it. Her whole life she was so thin. Her self-image is built around what was true until she was 25. Now she just refuses to see it.
    And she continues to eat sweets like crazy…

    1. Judd Hirsch’s speech about a fat girl hiding inside a thin girl from “The Breakfast Club” comes to mind.

  32. Serious medical research is being done on how to turn off the insulin fat receptor gene, mice who have this gene knocked out, eat ravenously, and stay slim, while living 20% longer. Perhaps under the year 2025, pharma will release a pill that allows you to eat whatever you want and be lean, This technology could save society. imagine how happy males will be when it’s rare to see a fat woman after 2025, all they will have to do after this is be good with makeup technologies, and abundant hot women will change the entire market dynamics. There is a lot of money in those “buttox” augmentation technologies and they are getting better too. So here is how i see the future our women
    = No fat. Good natural looking but fake tits. High-tech augmented perfect ass.
    The cosmetic future is one in which you can look however the hell you want. Can’t wait

  33. I lost a lot of weight and am now nicely toned and well muscled with no gut and tons of energy at the age of 62. How? By doing interval training at the local swimming pool 20 minutes a day, a few minutes of 10lb free weights several times a week, and taking 1000mg of Alcar and 150mg of Alpha-lipoic acid daily. That’s it.

  34. “A steady diet of Marlboro reds and blow.” That cracked me the fuck up. Good post.

  35. Good article. As a MGTOW, I am disappointed to see all the discussion revolving around females though. I do what I do for me. I like the way I look and feel when I am slim.

  36. I pity the fat suckers I see going into the gym thinking 2 hours a week of mediocre light machine weight will be the magic pill. Eventually 85% is the food you eat. And won’t eat. I try to watch my diet, but sometimes let myself go. Posts like this one remember me to be strict. Cutting sugar is crucial I think, and pretty easy actually. For the rest: If you won’t buy it, you will not feel obligated to eat it.

  37. “Buttering up your morning coffee”.. oh shit I’ve done that.
    “Freebasing cookie dough”.. oh shit I’ve done that too.
    I’ve never been obese, just topping 220lb, but on my slim frame I look “skinny fat”. My kryponite was potato chips.. it was nothing to scoff half a big bag of chips in the afternoon, then finish it off after dinner. That’s an extra 900 calories daily I could’ve done without, not to mention all the sodium and trans. So I gave up chips.. bam I lost 15lb on that alone. I still have ways to go, but it was a start. I make sure I don’t go down the chip aisle at the supermarket, and I hardly miss them anymore.
    I found that going to a professional nutritionist also helps a lot. No she didn’t put me on a diet of soy and lettuce.. in fact she said my current food regime was pretty spot on, just a few key changes (like upping vegetables, switching sweet martinis for red wine, and dropping the chips of course). Having a professional cracking the whip behind me is good for keeping me on track, even if I only see her every few weeks. The other good news is she advised me to allow one day a week as a “junk food” night, like pizza or what have you, so I’m not going totally cold turkey. I’m steadily losing the extra pounds.
    My other kryponite is lack of exercise. I used to gym it, not crazily but I looked respectable.. but where I work now its impossible, so I don’t get enough exercise. That’s next on my list.
    ps. #8 the dehydration thing, that cannot be stressed highly enough. It’s especially insidious in an office job where you don’t think you’re ever getting thirsty, but the HVAC is drying you out like a prune.

  38. one step: stop eating. fasting is fantastic. you’ll feel like shit the first couple times you try it… it’s like going through withdrawal. body throws a temper-tantrum because it’s no longer getting stuffed with food 24/7. thennnnnnnn your body settles into it and you realize it’s not that hard. scheduled fasting + healthy eating and the occasional treat, you’ll see the pounds come off.

  39. Nice no-nonsence writeup by Brian. Another one of those stalwart pillars of ROK inspiration I hope many people stumble across on the net.
    May I also add that it can really help to approach your training with a ‘mix-it-up’ attitude, primarily so it is actually interesting and not repetitive/dull, but also because your body likes that kind of stimulus. Don’t just go straight in to a routine that is a bore – you are at greater risk of giving up early.
    I wrote up an article on this for my blog in fact – https://fitnessoutsider.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/mix-things-up-a-bit/
    (My blog is a very new startup by the way, so please do follow it if it is of interest, it’d help to have some ROK readership backing me up!)

  40. Wow…looking at some of these comments. Who knew a fitness thread would be full of insecure, shallow people? (sarcasm font needed). You get fit and healthy because YOU want to: not so you can gloat over others, put others down, get “hot chicks”, or act like a sexist douche. If you morons are having a problem finding a decent woman to date maybe look at your ugly personalities instead of a mirror.

  41. I found this site when looking up fitness articles. Shock and awe. Gentle, classy, intelligent women wouldn’t want the men who are readers here. The beautiful women you want to land are cerebral and creative and want to be engaged on a mental level. (Tip: this is how to get hot and fulfilling sex). They are intrinsically motivated. They are fit because it feels good, because the sun feels good on our skin, because being fat feels oily, heavy and gross and being beautiful feels clean and healthy. These women aren’t interested in the “most swoll.” (Though fitness is key). They are looking for a beautiful narrative and I imagine you all are, too. *These* woman are rarities. Most men aren’t worthy and simply never see them. Mostly because they’re too busy judging the fatties and lifting weights to see that their limited options are coming from inside of the house.
    It’s you…

  42. I think the gal on the left is waaaayyy more attractive than the one on the right. More likable too

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