Why The American Economy Needs The Beta Male

Our understanding of the beta male’s status as an underappreciated, and downright derided figure in modern American society is reasonably well developed, but what is his true utility? While an answer to this question has been touched on before, I posit that an even clearer resolution can be found through an examination of the modern American system’s consumerist imperative.


Our society starts adhering to this consumerist imperative by promoting the growth of rampant materialism amongst Americans from an early age, with the media as a main tool. Young Americans learn early on that “bigger is better,” regardless of whether it actually is. A celebrity-centric, materialist culture heavily focused on spending and the trappings of it (as well as how to look like you have it) is the result. Add American culture’s uniquely competitive and adversarial nature to this and you’ve got an even bigger phenomenon, with Americans all striving to outdo one another in this materialistic effort (“Keeping up with the Jones,” or Kardashians) and spending money they don’t have in the process.


Then the society uses a host of clichéd but heavily romanticized tropes about the “American experience” that are designed to reinforce all of this.

The first important trope is “The American Dream” (sizable suburban home, some land, fence, two $30,000+ cars, etc.), which is romanticized to an extent that many Americans can’t be satisfied with anything less as a long term goal. That, combined with the promotion of the rabid materialism mentioned earlier, makes them susceptible to overspending in order to reach that goal, ensuring that they never have much to save. Of course, thanks to the promotion of the trope, most Americans still feel it is all worth it even if they can’t afford it and go into debt.


Then you have another important trope involving work ethic. This stems from America’s puritanical roots, and is a key reason why Americans work more and vacation less than almost anyone else in the developed world. This is the type of trope that keeps the average American worker bee laboring almost constantly.

All of these things, combined, help to ensure that the average American is always spending, never saving, and constantly producing with relatively less leisure. The wage slave, the majority of the USA’s populace, can’t save and thus can’t stop working. The average American is, in essence, a slave to consumerism.

The tropes noted are particularly important, since they essentially cover the bases even for most of the minority of Americans who earn more (upper middle class or above) and could in theory end up saving more. Because materialism and consumerism are so heavily promoted and “bigger is always better,” those who make more rarely use the surplus to save or build any real wealth—they just spend more.


Thus, you have a game in which nobody really wins. Even when you do “win” (read: succeed as a capitalist and gain a high income), you end up losing because you spend it all trying to outdo everyone else and live up to the materialistic ideals that have most likely been drilled into you (and if the consumerist impulse doesn’t get them, then absurdly high school debts will). In the end, even a good number of these high-earning individuals have nothing more to show for it than those below their income level (unless, of course, they’re aware of these tropes, which most Americans aren’t).

This is actually kind of an intricately brilliant formula, and would probably do wonders for anybody at the top of society looking to maintain hegemony. Such individuals may maintain an ethos of inter-generational wealth (read: controlled spending, prudent wealth-building investment, etc.) that preserves their status and allows them to maintain control of America’s financial and industrial life.


This entire system counts on one crucial piece, however, without which things would likely grind to a halt.

The Indispensable Beta Male

Seeing through the rigged nature of the sexual marketplace is as hard as seeing through the larger economic game. In fact, I think a lot of the tropes associated with our modern sexual marketplace are intimately related with the consumerist and materialist tropes we’ve been talking about. Yes, it is true that the vast majority of the grunt work that keeps the foundations of our society sound (e.g. infrastructure maintenance, defense, law enforcement, etc) is carried out by beta males. I’ve written about that before, but the beta’s usefulness to the economic system goes well beyond that.


Married men make for vastly superior wage slaves, and the beta male is the most common and most useful of all married men—they form the backbone of this entire system. Their instilled “duty” to their wives and family is easily co-opted and exploited to fit the rigged materialist game. Now it is not just about competing with other individuals, but rather outdoing other families (bigger houses, two or three nicer cars in driveway, bigger vacations, better and more expensive private schools, etc.). The element of family just makes the stakes a lot higher, and it is the beta’s support that makes such an increase possible: his labor and devotion facilitate vastly greater sums of expenditure (he’s got a lot more to pay for), while subsequently freeing those he supports (wife and children) to focus almost entirely on consumption. He’s doing all of the producing, ensuring that they are free to lay back and take more than they give without much thought.


The ability of a betatized and married man to see through the game and avoid its pitfalls is much lower than that of a disconnected single guy, especially when said single guy is anything like Roosh, Heartiste, or any other number of manosphere men. Because he is a devoted beta, he’ll see few other options aside from slaving away into eternity and going into debt to provide the American Dream for those he loves, who are free to benefit immensely from said labor and consume absent much thought to how much of a contribution they themselves will make.

The game knows that the consumerist ethos it promotes is especially effective on women, who shop and consume more often and more leisurely than men do and are much more wary of their social status relative to one another (which means they’ll want to compete more with other women, spending more in order to do so). Modern marriage serves to link the beta male to these women. Result? He is likely to face a lot more pressure from his wife to push further and further (bigger house, money for shopping, bigger cars), pressure he’d be less compelled to give in to as a carefree bachelor. Women are often a little less willing than the average guy to drop out of the consumer culture and generally more willing to invest deeply in it. By linking these women with devoted betas who are willing to provide at all costs, the game helps to keep men in the fold more firmly. If those men were on their own, they’d be far less likely to play.


The presence of a wife will also make it more likely that more of his income goes into consumer purchases than it would on his own. Women do much of the shopping in these families, and thus control how much of total household income is spent. All of this is key to keeping the worker bee in line, and also ensuring that there will be more future worker bees (kids = much more money spent come Christmas time and many other occasions = even more indebted and dependent worker bees = profit).

In the case of divorce? The game has a simple solution: shift laws in women’s favor so as to guarantee that, more often than not, they will garner a larger sum of the male’s income (alimony, punitive child support, etc.). The game realizes that women are more prone on average to their message of consumerism, so it seeks to ensure that a decent sum of money still remains in their hands in all scenarios.


Thus, the sexual marketplace is geared to create more married, beta males and, in doing so, shift a larger portion of the nation’s money supply into the direct or indirect control of those more likely to spend it (women). The game needs devoted, married betas in order to work, and they’re the main force holding it all together. If too many men start going their own way and forgoing marriage (and the expensive duties now intimately linked to the institution), the game might lack for players.

Will enough of the male population remain invested in order to keep everything going? This remains to be seen.

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210 thoughts on “Why The American Economy Needs The Beta Male”

  1. Not sure if I agree with the entirety of the sentiment of this video but this 30 sec. or so is spot on.

  2. While this happens, the main reason you need beta males was summed up by Mike Rowe:
    “Are you addicted to smooth roads? Are you addicted to good runways? Safe Drinking Water? Safe and affordable food? Cheap electricity? Indoor plumbing?” – that’s why you need beta males.

    1. Those are valuable services, being a plumber or an electrician doesn’t mean a guy is an Alpha. Maybe the better question is why have WE allowed our society to become a place where an unemployed jackass with a pierced face is seen as more valuable than a man that can keep the lights on.

      1. Maybe we’re talking past each other, but my point was that it was the Betas who keep the lights on. I would argue that being a plumber or an electrician doesn’t mean a guy is a Beta.

      2. Kinda hard to share a consumerist lifestyle with a whore-wife on being a plumber or electrician, now is it?
        So a piece of shit who have only these things as a purpose in life is the one going to look down on them, especially if his wife beats him, got 100 extra kilos or had him butt-raped by the courts.
        At least the plumber isn´t the one getting a plumbery extention.

    2. Who looks down on people who built roads and runaways? That is right, not just betas businessmen or bureaucrats but beta voters too.
      All these slugs not getting any poon from their wives gotta look down on someone and that is going to be the guys who clean toilets and so on.

    3. We don’t have any of that in the US. Well, we have “affordable” food but not safe. And our indoor plumbing is not going anywhere.

  3. “the average American is always spending, never saving”
    What is point of saving money when the Fed is mass printing dollars and interest rates are at zero? You might as well spend it now while it has some value instead of 20 years from now when it won’t even be worth toilet paper.

    1. You just save in assets that are not fiat dollars.
      Fiat dollars have the advantage of being very liquid, but there are many other assets you can hold.

    2. …can’t argue with that. If I save a years worth of earnings, in 20 years it’ll be what I can make in a month.

      1. Which is why you invest in something with a higher rate of return than inflation. Letting money sit in a 0 interest bank is simply letting the money be covertly taxed via inflation (as you point out).

        1. True, but the low inflation rate has completely distorted the investment markets as well, increasing risks (aka lower expected total returns). We still don’t know the long term effects once the fed completely unwinds this thing and raises rates back to 3-4% in the next few years.

        2. Thing is though, we don’t have low inflation. The economists who generate the “official” report pull a scam with inflation rates. They have a variable “basket” of items that they measure from year to year, which they adjust according to what kind of results are required by the powers that be. You can bet your bippee that if you’re not counting food prices, energy prices and fuel prices, then you’re not actually getting an accurate read on inflation. And guess what they don’t measure in their “basket” over the last couple of years…
          I agree that the markets are destabilized. Was just making a suggestion that doing something with the money is better than doing nothing, investment wise. It’s suck a fucked up mess right now though, the progressives have utterly wrecked the once most powerful economy in the world, and they’re dancing in the blood of its corpse gleefully cheering.

        3. I didn’t mean to say inflation, sorry, i meant interest rates (specifically the fed fund rate). I changed it within a couple minutes.

        4. Inflation currently around 10%, unemployment around 20% if you use the same “basket” and measurements we did in the 1980s. Shadowstats.com

        5. Low interest rates actually contribute to the risk in the first place. High interest rates only hurt to start with (because unnecessary pull forward consumer demand with debt is eliminated as well as high risk businesses) but after you cycle that you see a much more stable growth and lower risk.

        6. In “normal” circumstances it would.
          In the current one, the bubbles starts popping and the following crash is even worst than the 2008 one on both sides of the Atlantic and that would just be phase 1.

        7. It still is adding to the risk. The lower the rates and the more the fed props it up, the bigger the fall. In the short term what they are doing is helpful but not over the medium or long term.

    3. You progressively transfer the saved-over fiat dollars into carefully selected securities or rental real-estate that will provide a quasi-guaranteed cash flow for you when you later need it. Or do you hope to survive on welfare and a pittance of a pension later on? (And no, I’m not considering the S&W “retirement” plan here).

    4. This is true, and there are few options. I recently visited Austrailia and their banks are paying 5-6% in savings accounts. They have a booming economy and a positive attitude, and reminds me of what 1950s America must have felt like–everyone hopeful and feels that their society is strong and prosperous and dominant.
      One of the few areas I like in the US is real estate investment, primarily because 1) Tax laws are written to benefit wealthy land barons in America (you often end up paying no taxes on this income because of deductions for imaginary things like “depreciation) and 2) It leverages the federal reserve fiat money system to your advantage. Buy a rental duplex for $500 x 2 units with a $800 mortgage. Up front you are making $200 / month. In 5 years rents go to $600 x 2 or $1,200 only because of monetary inflation, but the mortgage stays at $1,000. You just doubled your income. As time goes by you can make some real money, and then at the end when it’s paid off you have a jackpot. Of course it’s managing them is quite simply horrible and the typical person today will abuse and rape you as a landlord and laws are written to protect them and punish you and there are tons of horror stories. Still, it’s the best option I’ve found.

    1. The only problem is, the low value men are getting increasingly wary of marriage. Their wives are often ex carousel riders, they get fat quickly, they demand to be pampered, they cheat, and then they divorce and take the kids and possessions. They demand alimony and child support, get a new man, and live comfortably while fucking his brains out. Men hear these stories from other guys and are scared to tie the knot.
      For me, I doubt that I will marry at all, unless I can find some miracle woman.

      1. Miracle woman doesn’t exist and even if she did, project her out 10-15 years after having raised a couple of kids and no longer a miracle woman.
        Don’t Do It Ever!!!!

      2. Agreed U MAD; Without proper motivation, why would a man commit to such a life. That’s why websites like ROK and men like us need to withdraw our support from the system until it realizes THEY need US.

      3. What? a Unicorn? A NAWALT? Don’t get your hopes up buddy. Those “good” women only make up about 5% of the U.S population and even then when you do get with them you have to constantly game them and keep them in line so they won’t get bored of you and leave you for another guy. Women are liars and fakers. They start off great and then they change. Their true colors show. There is no winning with AmeriCUNTS. Move overseas and find a decent woman and don’t waste your valuable time chasing unicorns. You only get to live once. Make the right choices, live it right and don’t get involved with used good. They will ruin your peace of mind and your life in general.

    2. Low value men= Manginas, supplicators, white knights, chumps, alpha wannabees, female ass kissers, suckers.

  4. Not just the economy, civilization itself needs beta males to function. Betas are more disposable than alphas, but more important in their role to society.

    1. Hate to break it to you man, but what passes for “alpha” (the pussy hound, since that seems to be the only qualifier on many manosphere sites) is far more disposable than a mechanical or electrical engineer.
      The problem with alpha/beta as they are being defined as of late is that alpha is reduced to a simple pussy sniffing dude who can get some tail, and beta is “everything else”. Based on reproductive fitness, most whom are labeled “beta” are in fact reproducing successfully in a biological sense, so there needs to be some other qualifiers that make a guy alpha as composed to beta. A guy from the 1920’s would have a wife, a mistress or two on the side, steady employment, a good crowd of bar buddies to hang out with and shoot the shit with, and a large spawn of kids. And he’d would have kicked yours and my arses in a fistfight and not even have broken a sweat. Yet here, we’ll see people say that this man is a “beta”. It just seems silly to me. There has to be more to alpha than getting your dick wet with some club slut who doesn’t even know your name. We have to aspire for more.
      Society does need producers though, yes, absolutely.

      1. It seems that we have differing opinions in the whole alpha/beta descriptions. What I consider an alpha in the context of society is based on the 80/20 rule. An alpha invests 20% of his time/resources/work on whatever he is doing e.g chasing pussy, building/developing something of value but reaps 80% of the profits/rewards/ sexual reciprocation etc.
        A beta invests 80% of his time/resources/work of his time/resources/work on whatever he is doing e.g chasing pussy, building/developing something of value but reaps 20% of the profits/rewards/ sexual reciprocation.
        Every heterosexual man, whether subconsciously or consciously is a pussy hound. Being a pussy hound doesn’t make one alpha, rather its the return of your investments and how people reciprocate to your leadership and/or demands

        1. I can appreciate that definition, thanks for informing me. Going in I had no idea how you evaluated it, I was just going by a general feel I get from most posts here and on other sites.

        2. True. Some men have more power than others. This is what separates the betas from the alphas. The alphas usually get what they want, the betas have to ask for permission and take whatever they can and be happy with it. Alphas get the best jobs, women, lifestyles that their environment can provide. Betas usually settle for what they can. They have to work much harder and longer to attain higher social status, power, freedom Etc.

      2. I have to agree on that.
        It’s quite clear that some “Alpha” stuff is just a lack of preparation and planning and trying to stave off a piss poor performance.

      3. It true. Most of what passes off as “Alpha” males is BS. These are usually immoral, lawless, stupid low IQ monkeys that don’t care about anything other than drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and weed and getting into fights. These are the bottom of the barrel “Alphas”. The badboys. Then you have the business savvy guys like lawyers, politicians, salesmen, wall street bankers. These are the intelligent more evolved “alphas”. They take what they want without force but influence.

      4. You are going by what the larger MAINSTREAM MEDIA would like you to THINK what an alpha-male is. Of course, the larger society wants you to think that an alpha male is a pathetic “pussy-hound” and nothing more.To me, an Alpha is someone who goes his own way. Who invests in himself and reaps rewards for himself. The “pussy” he gets along the way is incidental! Wikipedia has page called List of Explorers- from A to Z it lists all the links to the biographies of “discoverers” and adventurers throughout the centuries who explored lands unknown to their respective societies. It is a list of ALPHA MALES throughout history, many of them shunned by their societies in their day. Richard Burton, who learned enough Arabic to sneak into Mecca and Medina on Hajj, was considered a nutcase and a loser in his day. (He “failed” British foreign Service’s oral Arabic exam.) Whenever I seek inspiration and encouragement I go to that page and read a biography.

      5. Danger & Play does a great job of lifting men to those standards. The best blog out there..hands down

    2. Civilization needs beta males to function – but today’s civilization has taken the incentives for the maintenance of a beta male (sex with women, a family, a fair settlement in case of a divorce, etc). In fact, society can’t afford to dispose betas for long. No betas, no functioning of society. Then it will be all chaos and anarchy by alphas – with the last few alphas left standing who’d usher in a new civilization.

      1. Civilization perish when the retarded and weak-minded reproduces more than the intelligent and self-aware.

  5. The question is, what happens when the betas have no motivation anymore? They are treated like shit in dating, marriage, the workforce, military, you name it. The only reason they consent to what they do is for certain incentives. It’s not looking good.

      1. Imagine the French Revolution, only worse. There is a powder keg of resentment getting ready to blow, and when it does, you can bet the establishment will be torn down.

        1. In my head I keep hearing Burt Reynolds’ character in Deliverance saying “Machines are gonna fail and the system’s gonna fail…then, survival. Who has the ability to survive?”

        2. of course revolutions may or may not be ‘spontaneous’. I don’t believe the illuminati caused the french revolution / hidden hand theories / conspiracies, but its still worth ensuring you’re not playing into the hands of said establishment

        3. Well after the NSA debacle, if people still refuse to believe the government and corporations have been controlling people, then a revolution may never happen. It could very well be that we put people into “FEMA” camps due to natural disasters, unemployment, etc. etc. I can see that happening as robots replace workers and we outsource more of our economy, and our monetary policy blows up.

      2. It depends on how the overlords react to the progressive disengagement and cutbacks on the part of the betas. If they simply double-down on the whip and apply ever-greater pressure, control, propaganda, shaming, stress, and police brutality to keep the system going at all costs no matter the consequences, bloody revolution eventually occurs when the collective mental dam finally gives way. If they let things slide, however, society naturally slows down and steadily collapses into a kind of North American version of Brazil in the best of cases, or Haiti in the worst.
        Guess which scenario America is more likely to follow?

        1. Brazil is my bet. Their treatment of the Favela is less hypocritical than the US.

      3. I think that population displacement is the most important consequence. Some people in 1st world countries tend to believe everything will finish or disappear. No, it won’t. What is going to change is the people you will see in your city. Nature waits for no one. If such and such race are failing to procreate the next generations of people then there will be other races who will do the work. Muslims, Chinese, Latins, etc.

        1. None of Muslims, Chinese or Latins are a race, any more than Christians, Russians or Teutons are.

    1. Spot on. But take a look around, whatta you see when you notice that betas are getting the shaft? They don;t get offered money or women, or even common fucking respect. Betas get offered those ethereal abstractions that you can’t quite pay your rent with.
      Beta’s are “stand-up guys”, “real men”, they “go in harms way” and get their heads blown open while “serving the greater good.” Beta’s answer a “higher calling” and as every wealthy asshole will tell you, yeah, I have the yachts and the women and the giant houses I’ve only seen once or twice, but those guys doing the behind-the-scenes grunt-work, those are the “REAL HERO’s”. (read: suckers)

      1. Nailed it. How long can you treat the most integral people like a running joke? How long can you pretend you’re their betters, when they’re the very reason you’re alive? How long can you sustain yourself on their labors while spitting in their face?

        1. Pensions. Simple really. The entire machine runs on the promise of a pension that pays for you in retirement.
          I think that this is a product of Future Time Orientation. A Drone can easily see that someone must pay for his idle years when he checks out of the workforce.

        2. True, but pensions have been steadily eroded for many of those presently retired due to indexing that is lower than the corresponding confiscatory rise by way of higher taxes and overall inflation. And there is (rather serious) talk going around that many of those currently entering the workforce will simply not get to see a pension in their lifetime, even if one has initially been promised them on the table. As for those who have been guaranteed inflation-matched royal pensions by their government syndicates, good luck funding them with the rising national debt load, demographic decline, drop in productivity, and profound global reorganization of the economy.
          I don’t know exactly how this will play out but I am almost certain that it is bound to get messy along the way.

        3. Pensions are a shell game. As it stands, the UK for example will default on their pension liabilities in our lifetime.

        4. One trick (which they currently do) is to raise the pension age. This reduces the likelihood that the pension will be paid and the amount that will be paid.

        5. It is already being defaulted, pensions doesn´t keep up with the real inflation rates.

        6. That makes sense. The present actuarial tables were designed with the premise that retirees would enjoy a year or two of “free money” max before they naturally croaked. It was not anticipated that we end up with a veritable sea of grey hairs who are fit, active, take care of themselves, and can sit on the golden pot for decades at times (nothing against old people but sheesh, look at the state of the economy and society in general). Something is bound to give and, as the younger people progressively refuse to be milked dry by the retiring boomers, the only option is on the other end of the equation (pension reductions, raising retirement age, and even eliminating the very elderly from government records, as Japan recently did).

        7. Put it simply 2014 is the new, bigger 2007.
          But beyond that, there is biogenetics, aging gets slowed down, stopped and eventually reversed.
          I suspect genetic engineering have been going on behind closed doors for at least a few years.
          Of course today there are plenty of cretins arguing that we needs diseases, ugliness, weak-mindness and imbecility because these are the things that keeps us HUMAN but most of them have never experienced poverty, starvation, mental problems, the fear of epidemies, lack of retirement and so on. It is a first-world problems view.
          Also, South-East asian societies are going to embrace it big time.
          Corps and governement would be more than happy to see birthrate being separated from first-world caprices and the retired not only no longer needing pensions but joining the ranks once more.

        8. Thus more migration. David Cameron has a fever…and the prescription is more migration.

        9. Personally I see no reason to retire at any age. Maintain your usefulness to society rather than being a drain on its resources. If you have your own savings fine but no reason not to continue to accumulate wealth.

        10. The jobs of the most integrale people don’t get them to live, even enjoy the dellusion that they may the beta dream, the Wall Street, Bureaucrat and Hollywood jobs does.
          The current american and zeropean economic models needs to be brought down.

        11. Who the fuck thinks that weakness makes us human? No, what makes us human is our ability to dream, imagine, and build ourselves up to higher heights. Our ability to empathize and connect with one another. Our ability to love.
          I’d say the only concern I would have are the possible unforeseen consequences of genetic engineering.
          As long as it’s taken slow and safety is kept in mind in order to not fuck everything up then genetic engineering is completely fine.
          Some people might point to the film Gattaca as a warning, but the problem there was that it showed the transition period, once it’s all over everyone will be genetically engineered, so there will be no class division between the genetically engineered and the not. Although if genetic engineering is extremely expensive it might create and even wider gap between the rich and poor.

      2. Most millenial betas will endure the pain (study/debt/work/debt/divorce/debt/ex wife nailed by an alpha on his former house/debt).
        As expected, women are quite comfortable with the current state of
        affairs, given that by nature they are herd animals, compelled to
        quickly spend any available resources to protect their offspring.
        Planning and saving for the
        future was never the responsibility of women. They suck at it. That is what men are
        for. And now, most men are failing at that too. God help us all.

        1. “women are quite comfortable with the current state of
          Nope. When men becomes effectively poorer and increasingly warry of marriage, there is obviously less money to be had from them.
          All the whores are facing an uphill battle, spreading their legs is the only thing becoming cheaper…

        2. True, but it will take a generation for the collapse to take full effect. In the meantine, the state will undertake many of the roles previously took by fathers, via forced alimony and wealth redistribution. Imagine the scandinavian welfare state, but much bloated and inefficient.

        3. Must be lovely to voluntarily immolate yourself along with the other brainless lemmings. When Satan welcomes you to hell and asks of you why you went along with it in clear view of what awaited you all along, you can always respond with the universally accepted line: Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be popular.
          And so you shall be good friend… and so you shall be.

        4. The collapse have already started, even before the 2008 crash living standards where already falling when using the manipulated gov inflation stats are taken into account.
          The current “recovery” is fuelled by a bubble even greater than the 2008 one and borrowed prosperity, soon enough it is going to burst, resulting in the end of the petrodollar which in turn will lead to the end of consumer-based economy and mass-welfare.

      3. Good you put all these in ” “, these doesn´t apply to much of western society nowadays and the majority of those it does apply to are +65.

    2. I think it was Rollo Tomassi who said something to the effect of “Women are banking on their belief that men’s desperation will always exceed their self respect”. I used to think that there would come a breaking point, a “Jenga moment” as I call it, in which enough men would have cashed out so as to collapse our current system…but sometimes I wonder if this is so.
      I see cuckolds eager to “work it out” with their slut wives, blaming themselves for their wives whoring. I see men who let their women “crash at their ex’s place for the night” and then dare take offense when their friends tell them that she obviously fucked him…”I trust her, you’ve just never had this kind of trust with a woman before and you’re jealous!”
      I see white-knights all over the place, ready to absolve women of any and all responsibility for their actions, no matter how disgusting or downright evil.
      Is there really a limit to the desperation and stupidity of the Anglo “man”? History says that the pendulum will swing the other way eventually; the falls of Rome and Greece, and the “bare branches” of China all are a testament to what happens to a civilization that treats its beta males like shit.
      But I still feel uneasy. I have a feeling there may be no bottom to this pit.

      1. When you are bombarded with social programming your entire life that says, “treat women like goddess, be super nice and attentive, don’t give into your masculine energies”. Then yes, this is what happens. We have just now started to question these things with only a small portion of the male population. I see so many weak men day in and day out. It’s disgusting. My best friend is one, and it pains me to see how unbelievably stubborn and conditioned he is. I’m beginning to doubt men will rise up and retake their world. I’m starting to question whether or not women, and robots, and a small percentage of men will rule everything in the near future.

      2. The present crop of “men” will never rebel. They will simply be consumed by the system as they willingly offer up their veins to be fully bled dry so that it may continue to function for another day at least (it is as if they have literally been bred for this fate). Our hope lies with the redpill renegades who are being minted right now, and who manage to make it through the great cleansing to confront the beast once it has duly cannibalized all the bluepill enablers and supporters and finally tries to go after the MGTOWs themselves. Depending on how they react, this will determine the fate of mankind. A violent overthrow of the regime is rather unlikely, unless it becomes absolutely tyrannical leaving nothing left to loose for those ready to storm the multiple volley fire of the Bastille. A generalized sit-in à la Gandhi, by collectively refusing to participate and feed the system, is a more likely and successful scenario IMHO (matter of fact, we are seeing it’s beginnings right now, what with the marriage strike and other forms of social detachment).
        The brown shirts of the matriarchy will simply be unable to collectively whip all those escapees into willingly enslaving themselves to the regime once again. And shooting them all or herding them into cattle cars to be transported off to extermination camps is also unlikely, given the significant numbers of them that would exist at that point in time, and the lack of resources and bluepill manpower required to successfully carry out the task.
        Or is it? What do you think?

        1. I think the open tyranny part is coming soon, at least as far as the Anglosphere is concerned.
          It won´t last long either, thankfully.

        2. I think the open tyranny part is coming soon, at least as far as the Anglosphere is concerned.
          It won´t last long either, thankfully.

      3. I could not convince a fellow colleague teaching overseas with me to NOT return to Canada with his girlfriend. They are in an “open” relationship (read- she fucks who she wants/He doesn’t). The economy is the pits back in his hometown. He has no job waiting for him. She has a trust fund. She’s going to be fine. He had EVERYTHING while teaching overseas. Why is he returning to a situation of uncertainty and beta-ness? You just can’t stop them.

    3. It is already happening. Why do you think the Fed has to print a billion a year to “lend” to the government. The question is when do the wheels really come off.

    4. It is looking quiet good, actually.
      The consumerist society have lead to a dumbing-down, the retarded and idiots breeding faster than the intelligent and self-aware.
      What is needed is that natural selection (or genetic engineering) must be put back on tracks.

      1. This was Mike Judd’s crowning achievement! I love this movie. Sadly it is a bit too real.

    5. There is hope. Since this well written essay was posted, Rollo Tomassi’s “The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine (Volume 2)” is available. It’s the ultimate cure for the beta male. What? Most of them are “Christian” males? No problem, even Dalrock recommends the latest Rollo Tomassi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He4hJpC8s3M

  6. They will remain invested. They cannot think for themselves so they will remain invested in the system regardless if it is in their best interest or not.

    1. I disagree. More of them are waking up by the day. They read sites such as this, or have personal experience with being screwed over. And even if they don’t know what the Red Pill is, they have always had a sneaking suspicion why they are where they are. They see a pattern, and they realize they are part of that pattern. It’s a system intentionally rigged against them.

      1. Look at who the beta men are electing to office these days. Obama wins in easy landslides because the beta men vote for him. Clinton will win in 2016 if she runs. Maybe that is the best case scenario as beta men would probably vote in a commie like Elizabeth Warren if given the opportunity. The betas continue supporting increasingly oppressive government policies and consumption at unsustainable rates. Feminazi women and technology make betas less valuable to our society. They aren’t “waking up”, they are being replaced. Until more betas start thinking for themselves and acting on it nothing will change. They hold substantial power in society but lack the willingness to do anything about it.

        1. The majority of blacks voted for Obama, and I mean like 95%+, and lots of black men are the role of “alpha” that many here seemingly aspire to (fuck pussy, dump pussy, no marriage, don’t support the bastard kids, do your own thing regardless of the impact to others, etc). And I’m fairly certain that amongst college educated white males, very few to any voted for Obama (outside of academia/intelligentsia and frankly, are they really men at all, heh).
          Otherwise, agreed.

        2. I define “beta” as being incapable of self-sustainment. Men that “need” female approval, men that need government support, men that require external direction, etc. Consequently, that is the base of Obama’s support. Also, in both elections over 40% of white males supported Obama and that percentage was higher among college-educated white males.

        3. In other words 60% 0f white males voted against him…sheesh. In an homogenous Democracy (or Republic) That would be the end of it. That means the Military, Police, and most real Industry are rejecting him.
          College grads are no longer a measure of income. The higher up the earnings league you get the less likely you are vote Democratic.
          You have your data analysis ass backwards.

        4. Not that voting against Obama is in anyway a guarantee that they are not in fact betas. However, anyone voting for him almost certainly is. Also, more of the electorate are becoming college graduates and minorities. Two demographic groups which more strongly associate with Democrats. So you can jerkoff to a homogenous society that rejects Obama-like candidates all you want, it’s never going to happen again in this country.

        5. Let’s unpack the silliness. I just demolished your initial point that 40% of white men voting for Obama is evidence of “betatude” for the 60% that voted for others and the equally large numbers that simply didn’t even vote (about 50% of men don’t vote btw). I was challenging your understanding of logic.
          x= white male Obama voters= Beta.
          y= white male voters not voting for Obama=?
          z= white male voters not casting a ballot=?
          x < y
          x < < yz
          what sort of a conclusion can any reasonable observer make about your cockeyed point?
          then you move the goal posts like a good sophist:
          “Not that voting against Obama is in anyway a guarantee that they are not in fact betas.”
          This is straight from the John “Not inconsiderable” Major school of political speechifying. The negations are strong in that word pretzel. I vaguely understand what you are saying but it is pussy speak.
          By definition, leadership is always thin on the ground. What do you add this common knowledge?

        6. College graduate or higher voted Obama 53% McCain 45%. Some college voted Obama 51% McCain 47%. First of all, college, while I have advanced degrees, is largely a place that destroys the ability to think, and creates a beta male slave state drone worker. Second, correlation between whether a slave citizen votes for Slavemaster Red versus Slavemaster Blue is meaningless and silly.

        7. There is a big difference between White and Black obamavoters.
          White one: Please God, help my unfortunate black brothers and put our White racial prejudice behind us all.
          Black one: Please God, help me destroy the White devil… one head at a time and real slow would be best!

      2. Oh they know it is rigged against them alright, they just rather dellude themselves and attack´, threaten those who point it out than take action.
        Revolting means giving up on the beta dream for good.
        Can you imagine them doing something like the people of Crimea, Dontesk and Lugansk?

  7. This is my opinion is a topic that needs to be talked over and over among men. I’m glad you left the conspiracy stuff out of it as it would only shift attention away from the truth of it all.
    I’ve noticed this about the economy since my teens, mostly as a result of my red pill dad who had this part of the economy figured out, not sure how since he only had an elementary school education from Mexico but maybe that meant he was not indoctrinated. He moved all our family out the country were he worked agriculture and we had very little in terms of materialism. We had a car, electricity, phone and the basics but that was it. I can tell you our family thrived as he became a better dad and my mom became a better mother, all the other families we came in contact with basically followed the same script, the male was the undisputed leader and the mother took care of the home.
    He bough a piece of land in a mobile home in a small town nearby when I was in middle school, the guy sold it to him on payments and it was paid of within a year. He is still living there with my mother and brother and enjoys it, he also has a home in Mexico in his village. This was accomplished by a man who never really ever earned more than 30K a year and was the only one working when we were growing up, most years he probly earned 20K. Everything they own is completely theirs. However, you won’t see the media trumpeting that story, as he is of very little value economically to anyone. As a result our bonds are very very strong and we’ve stood by each other over the years. I work a high paying corporate cubicle job and notice most of what the author pointed out, heck even in my life I’ve caught some of it. This is nothing more than a 21st century southern plantation, and betas are the new black.

    1. Oh yeah, because the “conspiracy stuff” is total bullshit and you’re such a genius for having seen through it. It’s not as though the wealthiest and most powerful people would use their wealth and power to secure more wealth and power. That’s certainly never happened happened in the history of mankind and definitely isn’t happening now. The middle class rapidly disappearing surely isn’t a result of class warfare practiced by those at the top.
      Whatever helps you sleep at night dude. See how deep into your ears your fingers can go.

      1. The problem with conspiracy theory stuff is that so many people have went total haywire and have proclaimed everything is a conspiracy in one form or another. They cannot be persuaded by reason or facts or even clear contradictions in their own conspiracies, and the most you’ll get out of them when you’ve shut them down with hard logic is “You’re one of THEM!” or “You’re a crypto-THEM” (where THEM is their enemy of choice).
        These types, and they are everywhere and very visible thanks to the internet, detract from and actually delegitimize people who are noticing actual real conspiracy type stuff. It’s guilt by association, and it’s wrong to practice, but it’s how people react. It’s also why folks like silverguy take pains to ensure that everybody notices that he’s not part of the group that takes the insane types seriously, even though not all people who notice conspiracies are insane nor irrational.

        1. Just annoys me to see people making the standard PC disclaimers in a “red pill” forum

  8. I got trapped in that cycle. I got snookered,but I never had any example of how to live differently, not counting one druggie child molesting uncle and I sure wanted nothing to do with that.
    I can see now how consumerism just traps decent men into slavery. The only thing I can do is point it out to them. Spread the seeds, at least some will reach fertile ground, and all it takes is some.

  9. I would also add that depending on the woman it’s possible to show her the downsides of materialism/consumerism, when my wife came over from Mexico to be with me she was ready to embrace the consumer culture full force. It’s one area of my marriage I did not bend on and held firm, hence she has become aware that consumerism/materialism is a danger to her family, she still slips up at times but then I remind her or she catches herself. The advertising seems to be geared to work really well on women, but I dissect it for people sometimes, the ads play on the mind at sub conscious level, but once I translate it for people such as “Buy this Watch and you will be really happy” verbally most see how silly it is.

  10. It’s not just America, it is every civilization everywhere who needs beta male.
    Beta males do most of the difficult, thankless work in society, building and maintaining infrastructure, feeding the population, clearing the garbage/sewers… And it is no coincidence that you don’t have clean water in countries that are unfriendly to the beta male.
    Beta males are responsive for almost all of the innovation in society as well: Zuckerberg, gates, buffet, Wozniak, jobs, Brin… Not a natural alpha male among them.
    Chimpanzee beta males either drop out, becoming a drain on society, or start murdering until women notice them (and ths works). This is tue of animals and it was true of pre historical man. The human inventions of Mairrage and religion turned the beta male from the scourge to the backbone of society.
    Ignore the beta male, your society goes back to mud huts.

    1. Agreed, but most people can’t think outside the box, and only in the short term. Women are mad with the power they got from women’s lib, and the alphas are (understandably) banging as many women that they can. If our culture does not drastically change, we will collapse anyway. We will destroy ourselves all for instant gratification, and living in excess.

    2. let other betas and men do the work of being the backbone of society…..while alphas and other red pill men enjoy the creamy layer

      1. Tatted up, foul mouthed, skrillix haircut, iZombie addicted, manjawed feminazis are the creamy layer?
        Dude, you can have that cream, but I don’t advise you to try and mix it in your coffee. heh
        The creamy layer was to be had prior to the 2000’s, when there were still plenty of feminine women to be found. Nowadays I’d label what you’re enjoying “the dregs”. And it’s just going to get worse. God almighty, it’s going to get so much worse.

        1. If Israel gets implicated in 9/11, a whole row of dominoes will fall as people begin to question their programming in earnest. Feminism will be one of the first dominoes. The women won’t wake up anytime soon but the White Knights and Betas will IMO.

    3. Agreed.
      The right word for betas is not ‘beta males’, but ‘beta drones’.
      They usually function as drones. Look at Scandinavia, which supposedly has the highest standard of living in Europe (if not the world). The Jante’s Law is the creed for betafication of the male. The society is diligently maintained by betas. But look at the birth rates. The betas of the 60’s had more incentives in choosing to create a family. Today’s betas have no incentives. Even the women increasingly choose whom to have sex with in that part of the world. They’ve been encouraged by a system which pushes beta indoctrination of men. That’s why silent uber beta game usually works in that part of the world.
      In Asia, betas are actually encouraged because it helps the elite to control the masses. That’s why Asian men tend to be very betaish – because the culture actually promotes and sometimes even honors beta traits over alpha traits. Alphadom is seen as the threat to the norm of society, or seen as outlaws and rebels.
      In the West, the society started out in anarchy (where alphas abounded). The alphas gained power and used the betas to build on the ideas that the alphas came up with. But the beta still had incentives. He had sexual access. The alphas of those time knew that, and thus female hypergamy was controlled. They knew that as long as betas had sexual access – civilization would continue to progress.
      Then with the sexual revolution and feminism, the barriers on female hypergamy were broken down. Women increasingly seeked sexual access to alphas. The awakened betas took note of that, and thus decided to adopt alpha traits to take advantage of the situation. The elites took notice of this. So if all betas continue to become alphas, how would civilization continue?
      The only option was forced betatization of men. That is beta indoctrination. As you see today, it is a ploy of the elite to continue to maintain control over a system which has gotten out of control (feminism + female hypergamy). They’ve created a monster of sluthood, which can’t be contained now. So the only option is to force the betatization of men, to run civilization, and marry used up sluts or single moms to produce the next generation.The uncontrolled female hypergamy still needs a cushion to land upon after the cock carousel, so the beta male functions as that cushion.
      To run the system, is also why immigration from beta Asian countries is encouraged. To keep the system running.
      The awakened western betas who’ve become alphas have either decided not to co-operate (that is to opt out of or refrain from marriage with western women), or expatriated abroad to start families or chosen to marry foreign women. The good thing is that more and more disgruntled betas are choosing to become alphas. This is what happens when injustice predominates in an corrupt society. The alphas cannot run the day to day grind of a society like the betas, but they sure can create a revolution to dismantle the previous system, to replace it with or install a new one. The west seems heading in the same direction.
      The logical outcome to this society is eventual destruction. Because the corrupt elite can only be overthrown by anarchy instigated by alphas. This is what happens when the beta male is ignored.

      1. The alphas are few but the betas are many. If enough betas truly awaken, the alphas know full well that they will swiftly find themselves at the end of a veritable phalanx of pointy sticks heading their way. That is why careful mental conditioning and control is crucial to keep society humming along, and to keep the many lower subordinates in their place. Police or even military violence is not sufficient to stop a real insurrection once it has picked up enough steam, as more than one dictator afflicted by hubris eventually found out to his (or her) gruesome dismay.

        1. Except numbers have to be used well to be really effective.
          The beta losers are the ones who side and will side with the tranny tyranny,
          It doesn´t matter how many they will have to screw over and betray as long as they themselves have it good.
          They´ll even turn to homosexuality or sex change operations to continue being a part of it, as of now many of them already have sucked more dicks than their wives.

    4. There was a civilization in the area of modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan that was dependent on underground quants, think aqueducts underground. The men that kept the maintenance of these waterways were given money and status. It was dangerous and hard work. Then the society started to look down on these guys as common laborers. Soon no men were willing to do the work. The entire civilization crashed and disappeared.
      This is where we are now. Those men that do the hard and dangerous jobs to keep society running are given nothing but disrespect. Respect is really what men want just as love is what women want. Right now neither sex is getting what it wants. Feminism is the angel of death to society and we are at the end times.

      1. But if it was only alphas who gave them disrespect while betas gave them respect, the former would be forced to shut up about it or at least tone it down.

    5. Kind of stupid that with those credentials you are still considered beta. The more you exploit, the more alpha you are, and evolution wants alphas to reproduce the most to ensure the survival of the species. Kind of stupid, since as a Mere Mortal I would think that it would be more logical to ensure the reproduction of the productive ones.

    6. This depends entirely on the definition of “Beta”. It’s quite clear that men capable of sanitizing water, building autobahns, design aircraft, restructuring the way others live etc etc are able to transform the world around them. These people do things story tellers once attributed to the gods.
      Your definition of an “Alpha” is just another word for a parasitic gang-banger. There’s no future for that sort.

      1. I agree. I think many have “alpha” and “beta” somewhat wrong in their heads. It’s quite simple really. Alpha’s are leaders, beta’s are followers.
        To expand on that, an alpha leads, naturally by example and most times with very few words. He doesn’t usually ask for permission, nor does he need someone to tell him when or how to do something, he just gets up and does it without care of what others might “think” about him. Other people naturally follow this type, those others are beta’s.
        Beta’s cannot fathom doing something without having permission, or being told what to do or instructed how and when to do it… with regards to almost any situation in life.
        The tatted up gang bangers might exhibit a few alpha traits, but without wisdom, some sense of self discipline and education, they are just what they are… dumbfounded dipshits who exhibit some semblance of alpha characteristics.

    7. Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffet and Jobs are beta ? Really ? Those are some of the most intelligent people the world has ever seen because they managed to get to the top by working smart and not hard.
      They can afford literally everything and there is a long line of sluts, ready to suck their dicks. How is that not alpha ?

      1. I think Steve Jobs was alpha as hell. Did things his own way and didn’t give a shit. Sure, he got married, but he’s from an older generation than me, and marriage was a stronger institution back then, which loses its power every year. Go read his bio and tell me that guy didn’t take the red pill. But come on. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the “most intelligent people the world has ever seen”?!?? What insanity.
        The guy created the next generation of Myspace. It was more a question of timing than anything. It’s pretty common that the first innovation to market is a failure as it’s not the right time. Remember “yahoo auctions”? Is ebay any “better” than they were? No, it was just the internet using public wasn’t ready for online auctions at that point.
        Not to mention that there is nothing so valuable or rewarding about the product Zuckerberg created. And as for intelligence–Facebook’s latest big move was paying $17 billion dollars for WhatsApp-a texting app that costs 99 cents in the USA and is free in most of the world. If you sold a copy to everyone on the planet you could make about $6 billion. But there is literally no way they will ever recoup their investment with this. Zuckerberg is an idiot, a rich idiot, but a fool and the idea that his “company” is a valuable part of economic activity is ridiculous. I have a FB account I log onto about once a month, and with ad blocking software never see a single ad,but just because his company has a “market value of $190 billion” doesn’t mean he is actually generating any real economic activity and he is certainly not one of the brightest minds in history, or even our generation.

    8. Chimpanzee beta males can also beat and thrash abandoned metal garbage cans to cause mayhem and asset their superiority and dominance over the group – including its alphas. It actually works… for a while. Then the dominant specimens discover that barking dog has no bite, and Mr. Drummer is swiftly relegated back to his position at the outskirts of society – if not also given a thorough “chew-over” by his compadres for his arrogance, pretentiousness, and insolence towards the established order.
      Nature may become temporarily startled by novelty, but it quickly uncovers BS for what it truly is and swiftly reasserts itself. Only human sapiens are able to keep the charade going for years at a time. Shame on us really.

    9. Nope, one of the major reasons I am so happy with betas and their whore wives being about to die-out en mass is exactly because they are the ones who looks down on those who make the working of society possible.
      Remember, they voted for this.
      On the contrary, to make a big contribution to society, innovation, leadership and so on, beta male (oxymoron really) values gets left behind.
      What if all George Washington, Thomas Jefferson had cared about was family?

  11. Interesting perspective Atholone, as always. I do agree that society absolutely needs producers in order to continue to function (I’m finding the term “beta” to be too loosely thrown around as of late, so I’ll stick to “producers” for now). And if the marriage strike is real, and it appears to be shaping up that way, then this does bespeak of bad things to come from a cultural perspective.
    But on the other hand, young men are spending money on something, right? They do hold jobs, one assumes, at least in some capacity, if only to get enough cash to rent an apartment and go to clubs/bars/adventures. All of their going out and doing things does in and of itself support various industries, from agriculture to transport (trucking/trains/airplanes) to light bulb producers to car producers to bicycle producers, etc. You really can’t unplug from society totally is what I’m saying, unless you literally go live in a cave somewhere in Arizona as a hermit, though you can fit yourself into different roles in that society, which is what I think is actually happening.
    Also, I’ve never bought into the “wage slave” mentality. Slavery is involuntary by definition. When you choose to go out and get a crap cubicle job, you are not being compelled to do so by force, but rather, through some kind of pressure brought about by your own voluntary choices (as you mention, the wife, mortgage, other things you did NOT have to have or assume).
    If you want to work a Joe Job and make a lot of cash, the key is to keep your woman’s demands in check. Say “no” and stick to your guns on the demands for “bigger and better!”. Live sensibly, invest money and don’t get caught up in a world of toys and materialism. Learn to enjoy walks in the park instead of thinking that you have to take vacations every year in Europe. Shop for cars based on their economy, pay them off fast, and then drive them into the ground over a decade or longer. Live in a decent house, but not the biggest stupidest size house on the block. Enjoy the quality things in life, such as fishing or hunting or evening poker games with your friends instead of thinking that you have to continually buy larger and crappier big screen “entertainment centers”. Keep things simple.
    But of all of these, the one you cannot fail on is keeping your woman’s demands in check. Fail that and yes, you too will get to be a cubicle dwelling sad sack.

      1. Yes, that’s the tl;dr version. I have all kinds of fun things, but I pay for them cash out of pocket (motorcycle, firearms, fishing equipment, etc) and assume no debt. My cars are even bought cash, and they are not bought to impress others, but to get me the longest run for the lowest cost (good quality iow). House is nearly paid off (and I could easily pay it off now, and may well do so). Got lots of change in the bank, in retirement savings, in investments, etc. Lots of metal “just in case” bad things happen (silver, gold, copper jacketed lead, heh).
        But most importantly, I don’t let the wife get away with a “Keep up with the Jones” attitude. Fortunately she adapted pretty early in our relationship and no longer makes those kinds of hints/demands. It could all easily have turned out differently if I’d been a pussy and given in as most men do with their wives.
        Never, ever feed her materialistic demands. Prime life lesson.

        1. No reason to pay off vehicles at 0% interest rates. Even homes with 15 yrs ~3% interest (and was under 3%) plus tax deductions mean paying them off doesn’t make sense when compared to market returns but otherwise agreed.

        2. I don’t pay off vehicles at 0% interest rates. I pay cash for them, then over their lifetime put their “car payment” as it would have been if I’d taken out a loan, into savings, for the service life of the car. Once it is beaten down and nothing but rust and duct tape and maintenance begins to come regularly and at costs I don’t like, I ditch it and buy another car, new, for cash from the savings I’d made.
          The first link in the chain started with a 0% financed car, way back in the good ol’ days when they first started offering those loans. Paid fast, paid extra, then drove it into the dirt.
          My home note is far shorter than 15 years, it’s basically to the point where paying it off is nearly trivial. The tax benefit is nearly zero at this point. Up front writing off of interest makes sense, but those days are nearly gone for me now. At this point it’s a debate on paying it off in full, or selling and recomping basically everything minus a few years back into my pocket from the sale and setting up a new home out in Wyoming (debt free, cash), retiring very early and then living off of my investments into the golden years.

        3. My wife are talking about making a run to retire at 50-52 in the Caribbean. Figure I need about $3MM at as a midpoint to live the same lifestyle I currently do and never have to work again. Gives me about 20 years. Give it a 50/50 chance of getting there. I’m relying more on moving up the corporate ladder further at this point than cutting back on spending but if my career does stagnate (not expecting it to), we’ll probably cut back substantially in a few years.
          My parents were in the same boat as you with less than 15 yrs. They decided to refinance a larger amount on the house and invest the money elsewhere. They had been at 7% (from the 90s) interest so they actually lowered their payment (2.65% interest on their new loan).

    1. Until our culture returns to valuing quality life experiences over consumption, we are going to be in this cultural malaise.

      1. Agreed. I have more fun hiking through places like the Great Smokey Mountains, or riding my motorcycle out to the western states (the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, etc) than I could ever experience sitting on my arse in front of a 70″ flat screen television. Hell, I have more fun going out and sitting in a tree stand deer hunting than I could ever get by driving an overpriced piece of aerodynamic plastic down the road.

        1. Yes, but most Americans are too stupid to rationalize this and believe the MSM message that more consumption = more utility. I’ve gotten to the point now where I think this country is filled with such morons that we deserve a collapse of civilization. Not sure most Americans deserve what our ancestors built for us.

  12. Well, when are the Betas gonna revolt? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If the women can do “The Week the Women Went” (look it up), the Betas need to do “The Month the Men Moved On,” and watch everything grind to a screeching halt. ‘Atlas Shrugged’ style. Of course, you’d have to lock the die-hard simps, White Knights and manginas in a basement somewhere until it’s all over, b/c they’d break rank and defect in a heartbeat. Productive men have ALWAYS had the power, but they’ve allowed this gyno-centric society to fool them into believing that they have little to no worth and that they should be grateful for any scraps thrown to them. Look at the French Revolution and the American War of Independence. NOTHING changes until action is taken. Somehow, after around 2002, we lost sight of that. I’m not talking violence, I’m not talking destruction of property. All I’m talking about is a peaceful, meaningful, and long-overdue revolt to get things back on track. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, God forbid we should go 20 years without some sort of societal upheaval. And like John Locke said, when the social contract between the members of a society breaks down, everyone should be free to go their separate ways. The social agreement between men and women has been broken for a long time now, and it’s time for renegotiations.

    1. They won’t because betas are mindless recreants that lack the mental fortitude to take action.

      1. And that’s why guys like Athlone, Roosh, LawDogger and the like write the articles they write, in an attempt to wake these guys up and jump-start their brains. These writers know that most guys don’t know HOW to take action, and need a battle plan that helps them go about taking charge of their lives. But there’s another problem. Like Neo said, “the problem is choice.” Most of those poor schlubs don’t even REALIZE they’ve got a problem, so they’d never think to seek out a site like this and have their eyes opened to the truth. And even if they do, they oftentimes find the red pill to be a far too bitter pill to swallow. They’ve lived in the comfy pseudo-cradle of the Matrix all their lives, and they want to stay plugged in because that’s easier. Talk about a tragedy.

        1. I agree. Whether people like it or not, the betas are going to explode at some point. Everyone is trying to downplay that, but it will happen eventually. Betas may be drones, but there is a point at which they can no longer ignore their problems.

        2. “at some point” not very helpful if that happens in the distant future. As JoseCuervo identified, unless the majority actually are actually willing to change, showing them the truth that they will never accept means they will never change their actions.

        3. When it come to insects, beta drones literally “explode” upon mating with the queen bee (and die shortly after). Perhaps there is a useful analogy to be found for humans here as well.

  13. There seems to be this almost grade-school level connection developing between the idea of “capitalism” and “shiny-object,must-have,debt-spending,weapons-grade-consumerism”.
    Capitalism is just a system of trade (one that hasn’t happened in Amerika for years now); it means two parties can freely exchange goods or services as THEY agree to, not as they are directed or legally obliged to, and without a third party demanding a cut of the action.
    This “must-spend” attitude is a separate issue. Its the attitude thats getting shoved down your throats by the same corporate-sponsored media that brought you hits like “progressive taxes”, “cap and trade”, and “nationalized healthcare”. …basically,if they get you to spend money, it means you have to make money, and they get to bang you out of some of it at both ends of the deal. I say fuck all that, I don’t need more to be more, if I can do more than the next guy using less than the next guy, well that’s just better isn’t it…

  14. First and Best Thing Men Can do: marriage strike, boycott and shaming.
    Marriage is the sine qua non of the consumption suction hole
    Do not get legally married under any circumstances.
    Do not attend, acknowledge, or gift at any wedding – most importantly family weddings.
    Teach young men not to touch this with a 10 foot pole.
    So we have fewer retarded cars with ass warmers and bottle coolers.
    So we have less shit in the house to fall over.
    Vacant, unwanted McMansions.
    Screw it all.
    A happy wife is a wasted life.

    1. I’ve not attended any weddings in the past couple of years. But weddings are sometimes a ‘target rich environment’. They’re good if you want to hook up for fast sex with horny bridesmaids and bitches who’d want to be wifed up. Get as many numbers as possible and keep them in rotation.The best game for fast sex can be run on the unattached bridesmaid who gets the bridal bouquet. She’d be looking (or thinking) she’d get wifed up next, so game her for a quick bang. She’ll be thinking you’re her ‘husband’

    2. The consumption system is what brought about the baby boomers.
      The solution ain´t to let it happen all over again.

  15. Bravo! Bravo! Athlone, now I suggest for your next article: “How to deplete the System of Beta Males.” We must focus our efforts on waking our fellow bluepill brothers-in-debt up and form a platonic bond that no feminazi no homosexual and no greedy fuck can penetrate. A bond of understanding, and a push towards a tomorrow where a man can make his own destiny without mitigating circumstances existent in today’s “1st-world” countries.
    Here’s one thing I suggest for males living in America who want more than just another lay and a good time: Learn foraging, and hunting, band together with a group of 5 or more, and head out west. Past the Rockies, into Wyoming and Montana. It may be cold, but it will test the cut of your sails. If you can leave the U.S.A. then go. There will be casualties, however unfortunate, for the beta males that remain behind to the slave-save-retirement-die agenda of the ecomony all too common here.
    Learn foraging either way, its something feminists don’t know how to do, or most won’t because in their heads they’re overprotective of animal species that are already on their way out.

    1. Interestingly enough I am packing up and moving to Wyoming (from Ohio) as soon as my kids are out of high school (< 3 years). Good suggestion.

    2. “Hello fine sir, a man told me this is a great place to test my mettle. So I decided to come west, past the Rockies and spend a month or two doing just that.”
      “Well young man, let me be the first to say, welcome to Idaho.”
      “Idaho?… what?!!”

  16. “Once married and attached to their own children, these beta males were suddenly yoked like an ox and working at 100% capacity. This utilization of the full capacity of male labour is what pulled mankind into a civilization. It is what built our houses and planted our corn. It built our roads and our bridges. It created our literature and our art. It created, well, pretty much everything that we have. Men, women and children all obviously benefited from this.
    Have a look around the room you are in.
    Everything within it involving more than two moving parts was invented by a man.
    Welcome to the Patriarchy! (Sometimes it is simply known as civilization, but also, occasionally, as fatherhood).”

  17. The beta male:
    1. A man who succumbed to the disease known as the Thirst.
    2. A man brought up in public and private education systems in the west.
    3. A man who is unwilling to think for himself.
    4. A man who is lazy.
    5. A man who pedestalizes women.
    6. A man who doesn’t know the score and thinks human beings are inherently good.
    7. A man who has an ego.
    8. A man who has never explored or experienced the darker side of life but still able to understand the brighter sides as well.
    9. A man who loses himself to any particular method of thinking that doesn’t come under harsh self-scrutiny every so often.
    10. A man who says “I love you” and means it.
    11. A man who fears growth because growth entails mental anguish and or pain.
    12. A man who befriends women with no gain for himself.
    13. A man who does not apply basic machiavellian principles in his everyday dealings with other humans.
    14. A man who buys into any dream prescribed by another person.
    15. A man who is afraid.

    1. I sincerely doubt that telling my children that I love them, from time to time, qualifies me as beta. In fact, that’s rather absurd to claim, isn’t it?
      Also, you don’t live in a vacuum devoid of other human beings. If you have a dream then chances are others in your life, from birth to the time you conceive of the dream, influenced you in ways that made the notion you have into a dream.
      Lots of good points otherwise though.

      1. Since I don’t have any children I can’t speak for that part. But actions are louder than words. It really comes down to what you do rather than what you say no?
        The second point I agree with, thanks for this.

    2. I’ll sum it up in a single sentence:
      A man who has submitted to let others control his destiny, his pleasures and his mind, without taking control of it himself.

  18. Of course it was beta males that invented washing machines, dishwashers, robotic manufacturing (making it cheaper to replace than repair clothing), ready made meals, and pretty much everything else that made “women’s work” so easy and dull that significant numbers of them had nothing better to do than to demand to be treated like men in the first place.
    And it was then these beta males that went out and created millions of make work paper pushing jobs for these women. So they could feel valuable and important.

  19. Without responsible alphas at the helm of a society, the betas actually suffer the most. Because betas running a society and making all decisions (as seen in the west) actually makes the society decline. Betas are more prone to tolerate female hypocrisy and even encourage it, as seen with the promotion and acceptance of female hypergamy. The corrupt elites actually want more feminized betas to keep the society under their control. A society runs on its economy, and thus with more beta drones, the economy would keep functioning.
    It’s only responsible, visionary alphas and awakened betas who’ve become responsible alphas who can restore order to a declining society – but that looks possible only after much chaos and anarchy as the tsunami of change brought away by alphas washes away the excesses of a decadent society.

  20. “Thus, the sexual marketplace is geared to create more married, beta males and, in doing so, shift a larger portion of the nation’s money supply into the direct or indirect control of those more likely to spend it (women).”
    Great point. Also known as wealth redistribution, one of the primary weapons of Communism. To destroy the men in charge in order to take over, you must eliminate the source of their power. In our capitalist society, this is wealth. Take wealth away from men who use their money for logical reasons, such as investing it to build more wealth, and give it to women, who use it to fill a bedroom full of designer shoes and plastic surgery. Mission accomplished.

  21. I want to add a couple of things. In primate packs are a great model for human behavior in the wild. First and foremost, we see groups of chimps will spend a lot of time mating and very little time raising children. Also for this chimps who are less dominant/smaller, the fact they get no pussy makes them unproductive. They just masturbate and feed themselves, maybe occasionally if he’s lucky he gets some puss.
    This is humanity in the modern day, men and women spend so much time chasing mates and fornicating(due to safe birth control, lax societal standards on sex, etc.) and very little time raising the children. Also as we’re starting to see men not working and not in school, we see them increasingly becoming unproductive. Monogamy and patriarchy truly are the backbone of Western civilization, scratch that, without these two systems there is no Western civilization.
    Whenever people lay this out there are always leftists and others who claim, “well it’s natural this way.” These people are suffering major delusions under the naturalistic fallacy, the idea that something is good because it is natural. Yea it’s not natural to have medicine for disease or to shit in a toilet, yet I don’t see them complaining about these things. In essence we must not allow the feelings of a small minority of degenerates take away from the long term happiness satisfaction of the rest of society. Our society needs beta males now more than ever but with no incentives they are quite reluctant to pick up the pieces.

    1. Nope, monogamy isn´t a western monopoly and we know the results of women being the ones to raise children, these children aren´t better off, they are worst off.
      If that was such a natural role for women, how do you explain 56 millions abortions in the US alone and that far more child killing is carried out by biological mothers than by biological fathers?
      What made western superiority is superior intelligence and self-awarness.

      1. Well I think in pre-industrial times, monogamy allowed both parents to have a good share raising the children. Considering most of the world was agricultural. However to say these children are worse off, I might agree with that. But it’s not like there’s a grand alternative in a non-tribal setting. Both parents could work but then no one would take of the kids.
        I wouldn’t say monogamy was the cause of abortion, far from it. Abortion rose out from other causes. Namely the fact that religion dominated people’s lives a lot less, lax standards of sex, and a lack of monogamy. In monogamy in times long past, people would marry before having sexual partners, often at ages 14-21. There would really be no need for abortion unless she had sex beforehand, which she was heavily shamed against. So monogamy and getting married off at an early age often prevented the need from abortion happening.
        Superior intelligence and self-awareness? I’m unsure. I think it might be easy to say that looking at the past 300 years. But in the course of human history, empires have come and changed so quickly. I’m a cynic and I believe that the West’s days are numbered, because the degeneration has gone on too long and too far.

        1. I think it is no coincidence that the period where men where the providers and women where the ones to stay at home and raise children the more than any other previous period in history is the one that gave the baby boomers and feminism.
          Men are supposed by nature to take a significant part in raising children and because that takes some time, it means that men are not supposed to mererly just slave away as work cattle so women does not have to.
          It goes beyond just 300 years.
          West had Greek and Roman civilizations, the Roman Empire collapsed but eventually, there was the renaissance, westerners pulled themselves out of the dark ages.
          During the middle-ages, the high death rates simply made it necessary to have as many children as possible.
          Han civilization had the advantage then but instead of seeing industrialization, it stagnated.
          That only changed due to western meddling, technology and methodics.

  22. If betas go on strike it will hurt women more than men. Less production means less materialism; guys can rough it much easier than women. If you’re not getting laid then might as well live in a shack. Keynes predicted the progress of technology would result in 15-hour work weeks, it is the materialism of women that has prevented this from occurring. Creature comfort and conveniences will be the first to go, and most guys deep down don’t give a shit about that. Again, if you’re not getting laid, might as well live in a shack. Let the women fend for themselves.

  23. “I sincerely doubt that telling my children that I love them, from time to time, qualifies me as beta.”
    I think he was just highlighting the age-old idea that good guys finish last. That’s sadly the case as time goes on.
    Many of the points raised in this article have been validated by the rising “Herbivore” movement in the Far East. Every article I’ve read on the issue focuses on the concern of government higher-ups who realize that men dropping out of the rat race poses a threat to government and general socioeconomic stability. The Grass-Eaters won’t be as reliable cogs in the machine as their grandfathers were, and their increasing asexuality/avoidance of relationships means they’ll be churning out less cogs in the future. As I’ve said before, I’d love fewer things more than that trend to catch on here in the West so that we as a gender could collectively hold this secular, gynocentric government “hostage”, but I don’t know.
    I’m listening to a song from the new Prong album as I type this. The chorus:
    Remove, separate self, Continuously
    Separating yourself Convincingly

    1. The interesting part is how the Japanese authorities attempted to address the problem of the herbivores and of their dropping input into society. First came ridicule by way of derision and laughter. Then guilt-tripping by shaming and down-putting them for not doing their part and pulling their weight. When that didn’t work, they attempted to plead with them and actually started offering state incentives to get married and produce offspring. When that too failed the government authorities understood that they were finally done for.
      The next step in their “solution” was to conveniently “misplace” thousands of files of old retirees for which they no longer had the means to fund pensions and social security – hence leading to the significant expansion of the homeless shanty towns that now adorn the major cities of that nation (a once unheard of phenomenon) once these people were permanently turned away from government offices and hospitals on the basis that they simply no longer “exist” as far as the authorities are concerned.
      Coming soon to everytown USA?

  24. There are no such thing as alphas/betas/omegas/whatever among humans. Humans do not have dominance hierarchies, so these labels cannot apply to them.

    1. What are you talking about? Any social group you establish will come out with a natural leader. Of course we have dominance hierarchies, have you been living under a rock?

      1. Human culture is far too complex to be described as a simple dominance hierarchy, unless you stretch the metaphor beyond any reasonable use.
        How do people elect their presidents? Do the contenders pummel each other until a winner emerges? Or do they try to persuade voters? (with heavy interference from the mass media)
        Does this sound like a simple dominance hierarchy to you?

        1. Some think Kennedy beat out Nixon because of his perceived charisma. Which, you could say overwhelmed anything Nixon could try to do. So, I guess it was Kennedy’s dominant presence.

        2. Lol no it isn’t. We like to think we’re complex but our brains are still wired the same way as 100,000 years ago. We’re just some exceptionally smart apes. Every tribe had a clear leader.
          And all the “tribes” of today also have clear leaders, and below them a large group of “beta” males who help the leaders accomplish their goals. Then they have the outliers who are the lowest of society.
          Also, realize that the president isn’t always the true leader of a country. In the US, it’s the owners of large corporations and bankers who are usually alpha as fuck and don’t really care who wins the elctions

        3. “Every tribe had a clear leader.”
          The best evidence for how humans lived in prehistory suggests that it involved cooperation among males of different strengths and abilities. There is no single, clear, undisputed “leader.” These tribes were based around debate, discussion, and consensus, along with blurred distinctions around what we now call “reason and logic” and what we now call “the spiritual” and “the metaphysical.” A man (or a woman), for example, could be highly regarded for being a good shaman.
          Yes, humans do tend to organize into social hierarchies. There are people who wield more political/economic/social power and influence than others. That’s about as close as we get to “alpha.”We’re all kept in check by the power of society and legal/social checks and balances to some extent or another.

        4. Kennedy was nothing. Nixon was a vastly more important character. The open business with China sank the west. All because he couldn’t tolerate Russian zaniness. We can thank Kissinger for the policy paper and Nixon for endorsing the suicide of the manufacting sector. Kissinger’s policy toward China is tantamount to British and American support for Togo in Japan around 1904.

        5. I wasn’t talking about their legacy or long term affects of their terms and policy.

  25. how about fuck the system AND the betas in it? let them all die somewhere, why should I or anybody else with a brain care? What exactly is it about a consumerist system that the OP sees as so worth saving?
    P.S. Roosh is still a beta 😉

    1. Why should you care? Clearly you’ve never owned a business and/or don’t understand macroeconomics at all.
      If everyone in the economy spent like us bachelors do— the Dow would go back to 10,000 in 3 months flat.

      1. I understand perfectly. The whole thing would collapse. It’s fucking broken anyway. Good riddance, beta made world!
        Honestly modern society is so fucked up I really think we were better off as hunter-gatherers sometimes. At any rate, the current state of affairs is untenable and one way or another it’ll be over soon.
        A true alpha would WELCOME anarchy. Anarchy is the alpha’s chance to SHINE baby! The fact that you’re so afraid of it speaks volumes about your character.

        1. I’ll let you shine while covered in mud battling other alphas with sticks and stones.

        2. The Paleo work WEEK was between 10 and 12 HOURS.
          You died violently with your “boots on”, there was no old folks homes, no spending years wasting away in some fucking bed with some prolonged illness.
          Sex was almost always group sex. Hypergamy didn’t exist. People were in great shape and had their hormones in balance ALL THE TIME. Your diet was optimal, or you were dead. There was no horrible grey area. In fact in general, you did well, or nature took care of you in one way or another and ceased to exist.
          In other words, you were alpha or you were DEAD: THIS is the way nature intended it.
          Society, especially modern society IS IN ITSELF THE BLUE PILL. I find it incredible on this website to find an article defending society for that very reason. I thought we were all smarter than this.

        3. Only one problem with your premise – we’re not a natural species, rather we are engineered by et’s.

        4. I don’t see any proof of that, but even if it were true, the Paleo age probably still happened!

        5. There is a surprising case for this argument. Genesis does sort of start around the right time for ET intervention. I’m not endorsing the idea precisely but Blue Eyes and Adam n Eve are a near chronological match. Fuck it, now watching Worlds End!

      1. nope. I’m 41 soon actually. And if the lights go out, I KNOW I will be one of the few survivors. What do you think will happen to YOUR ass?

  26. Society would collapse in a day without beta males. Women and government need them as batteries (in the Matrix sense).

    1. Governement and feminism would collapse, which is good.
      Kinda hard to wallow in the beta dream when you are an arcraft mechanic, plumber, electrician and so on.

  27. I think the debacle will be quite real once the generation after millenials comes out of age (2025+).
    The post 2008 world is just the beginning. Once the boomers die, the collapse will be not economical but cultural.
    With the economy as it is, both alphas an betas lack the means to achieve the same quality of life their parents had in the 80s, early 90s. Even betas who want to be obedient drones, buy a house and marry, are having problems finding jobs, let alone paying their student debts.
    Most of my friends (aged 27-31), who are not even red pill, are coming to the conclussion that having children, families or real estate is not worth given the curent state of humanity. Worse, even if they wanted to, it would be so difficult and expensive that any self respecting man would become crazy from stress. Only the most blue pill beta of my friends are getting married. God help them.

    1. I’m shocked by how many of my friends (35 years old or so) are still having children/getting married. They live like shit compared to their parents because they can’t afford anything that approaches that lifestyle with similar jobs and the same number of children. But they are doing it anyway. I guess they are all deeply embedded in the Matrix. Then they look at me and wonder “how can you live like this”. The answer is simple. I don’t have children; the amount of money that pulls out of your life and commitment that it entails (tethering you to a specific area/job) is mind boggling.
      The boomers just don’t understand why their children are struggling so hard when the answer is as plain as day. We don’t need the same number of people in the workforce that we did 50 years ago to maintain a much higher standard of living. As such, wages are depressed. And, work has become something that most boomers would shake their heads at; 60+ hours for both the man and woman to try to get ahead in society today. It leaves no time for children, and for lots of people, if they do have children, no money to save for retirement/rainy day/etc.
      It’s a sad circle.

      1. That is why MGTOW is more attractive than ever, for both alphas and betas.
        I am already making plans to leave the formal workforce within 2 years, have no plans for children, family or mortgage.

      2. Very simple.
        Children cost far less to those who have abandoned the consumerist lifestyle, especially when the post-modern marriage model is rejected.
        The only generation that have some real hopes is the one growing up without being systematically spoiled.
        There will be no retirements anywhay.

  28. And in brief-off-but-on-topic news, Robin Williams has committed suicide.
    “Divorce is expensive. I used to joke they were going to call it ‘all the money’, but they changed it to ‘alimony’. It’s ripping your heart out through your wallet,” Williams said.

  29. I thought of this website when I heard the news that Robin Williams had committed suicide. I remember watching his movies while growing up, felt a little sad about it but it reminded me to keep my shit together and watch out for myself.
    Williams always struck me as an unselfish person who believed in people, simply does not work in today’s time, were was his wife in all of this? They had just married, the guy had been married multiple times.

  30. No, more and more men are seeing that the game is rigged and are going their own way, like the herbivore men in Japan.

  31. The trouble with this article is that it is too vague. Replace “the Game” with “the Illuminati” and you’ll see what I mean.
    I don’t think that “beta male” is the correct analogy to use. A beta male is merely one who follows a leader, the “alpha” for reasons that benefit the beta. You might be beta in one context and alpha in another.
    Also, vague references to the “Game” give you no one to fight against. It is individuals that have created this society and other individuals that provide their consent to it. Not only that, the reasons that each individual provides consent are many and complex. There are only two ways to deal with problem. Leave and set up your own country somewhere else, or stay and convince enough individuals to withdrawal their consent from the current government structure. Given that those in power rule through fear, this option is very difficult.

  32. This analysis is spot on. Women are not an investment. They are a luxury good with infinite and rising payments and depreciating quality. A hole to throw money into, never satisfied.
    All the betas have been trained to believe they they can buy a woman’s desire and intimacy. They just have to work hard enough and give her enough.
    They do not understand that women encourage this stupidity. Who would not?
    And the women spent the 80% of the produced money to drown their lack of love in floods of consumption. Therapeutic shopping. And it works! For a short time. It drowns the doubts and guilt with an endorphine spike. For a moment she is happy, but the next spike needs to be a little stronger and the spent money a little bigger. More expensive shoes on the vanity treadmill…

  33. What’s gonna happen when all these betas learn the truth about women, that they don’t care about money and will stop at nothing to just fuck alphas while lying to betas to their face just for a cash supply? ALL WOMEN DO THIS, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT LOOKS AND GENES. men are deceiving themselves that women care about stability. If that were so then asian and Indian men would be the too choice for all women, lol.
    Women are actually openly anti civilization.

  34. This is all well and good until the jobs dry up, the kids start crying because they’re hungry, the wife runs off, and the revolution starts. Then the docile betas turn into locusts and devour everything sight.

  35. “American Dream” is a concept developed by PR men, such as Edward Bernays and the like. Prior to Bernays’ influence on corporations, Americans largely purchased goods based on their utility. Read the following books:
    Propaganda (1928), Horace Liveright, ISBN 978-0-8046-1511-2
    Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) OCLC 215243834

  36. Like it or not. China, India, South Korea, and Japan, those rising industrial countries are filled with beta males. Those lazy backward countries in Latin America and Africa are filled with alpha males.

  37. America is the best, because we’re the best at one thing, spending money. That’s the only way this “machine” works. This will never change though, pussy is a very strong force, especially in the face of a beta cunt.

  38. how do you manage to get so close to a comprehensive analysis of america’s materialist/consumerist system whilst managing to make it some “ooh men are so fucking basic we can literally split them into beta vs alpha” bollocks rather than just be like, oh yeah capitalism is shit and its end game results in unfulfilment for the vast majority of people under it.

  39. I’ll never understand why so many people think that working hard to buy stuff for yourself and your family makes you evil or immoral.
    It’s called being a man and sacrificing for your family to have a better life. Some might call that being a beta male, I call it growing the fuck up and being a responsible adult.

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