5 Reasons Atlanta Is A Good City For Heterosexual Men

With American cities becoming less and less appealing, men of all ages have been starting to wonder if there’s a better place to call home. Skyrocketing costs of living, degradation in the quality of women, and general lack of opportunity are all problems that men face. But I’m here to tell you that there’s still an American city that’s not half bad, especially for younger guys. Here are five reasons you should consider taking a look at Atlanta.

1. Southern Women


Although they are still American, Southern girls are on average more feminine and appreciate traditional gender roles more so than their west coast and northeastern counterparts. Their upbringing is more conducive in preparing them for a traditional relationship where the man is expected to be a masculine protector and the woman is to possess more nurturing and feminine traits.

Girls raised in the South are usually going to lean more politically conservative as a result of the culture they grew up in. This is not a guarantee that they aren’t riding the carousel and getting off to the Instagram attention chodestream (many are). But it does mean you won’t hear any annoying opinions about the latest feminist pet cause or any nagging to attend a dinner party with her five homosexual friends.

Atlanta is like the NYC of the south. It’s a central hotspot for the post-college SEC (Southeastern Conference) crowd. And every summer, after annoyingly chanting their last sorority cheer and banging their final frat bro, thousands of sorostitutes from across the southeast graduate with their $60,000 piece of paper and descend upon the city of Atlanta. Here they begin a new life and engage in a form of post-grad promiscuity never before seen until recent years. These girls are in a strange and new place and are no longer subject to the confines of keeping up a reputation that southern conservative Greek life obliged them to.

In their college towns, it was permissible to fuck around with a select few socially approved frat guys. But in Atlanta, they’re ready to get down with any guy who has a dating profile and good text game. Now that the scrutiny of their peers is a no longer a factor, and their social circle has taken a huge hit, these hotties hit the dating apps HARD in the ATL. Girls from the SEC schools are known for being some of the hottest in the country, and now they’ve never been easier to lay. Get down to Atlanta and get a piece of the action.

Now if you’re looking for a girl who’s a little more relationship material, I would advise you to just avoid big cities in general. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough that can be found in this southern whorehouse of a city. The way to snuff them out is to determine if they’ve completely abstained from the dating app sex buffet going on here and instead prefer long term relationships stemming from their social circle. They are a rare find but they’re out there.

2. Influence Of Southern Music


The rap game is strong in Atlanta. It could be argued that it’s been the hip hop capital of the world for much of the last two decades. This is important because most rap music encourages men to be masculine and women to be feminine. It also has an interesting way of encouraging some women to be sluts while at the same time slut-shaming them. Then also occasionally praising the girls who are relationship worthy.

Effectively, these heavy rap influences lead to more people that value a masculine gender role for the man to carry out, a feminine role for the socially adept women, and certain number of sluts for alpha men to indulge in. The influence of rap music has rubbed off on all races in Atlanta and is liked by almost everyone.

On the flipside, you also have a huge country music culture which has strongly impacted nearly every attractive white girl in Atlanta. Country music, for the most part, encourages the same traditional gender roles that make southern women desirable. If you ask an Atlantan what kind of music they listen to, you will often get the response, “country and rap.”

It seems that there’s a concert or festival in Atlanta every other week. These types of events are perfect for meeting some of the talent the city has to offer and they make a great adventure for people who are coming to visit from other cities.

3. Much Less Expensive Than Other Large Cities


This is often a cliche and tired old point made by those who are blinded by city pride to the point of bias. I may be guilty of the above in some regard but the fact remains that Atlanta is a steal when it comes to the cost of living and what you get for it. The south as a region is cheaper than the coastal areas due in part to sweltering summers that can make being outside brutal unless you’re poolside (drinking pool culture is another big plus in Atlanta). However, with the widespread adoption of air conditioning in the 1960’s, people began swarming to the south en masse to take advantage of the cheap real estate coupled with the new-found comfort of A/C. Decades later, the south is still a bargain compared to other regions of the country.

According to recent data, Atlanta is 41% cheaper overall than Los Angeles, and housing in particular is a whopping 71% less expensive. A salary of $80,000 in Los Angeles could decrease to $47,364 in Atlanta bucks and get you the SAME standard of living you had in LA.

You might assume that more expensive cities balance out the cost of living with higher incomes. That is usually far from the case. Here are the most recent stats from Forbes.

Los Angeles
Median Income: $55,988
Median Home Price: $454,500
Unemployment: 7.3%
Cost of Living: 17.9% above nat’l average

Median Income: $57,062
Median Home Price: $162,200
Unemployment: 5.9%
Cost of Living: 1.7% below nat’l average

Those data points tell all. If you own property in an expensive part of the country, sell and move to Atlanta, you’ll soon be balling out on a level you never could in those rich liberal havens.

4. Gentrification

Rich portfolio

Thirty years ago, Atlanta used to be one steaming shithole. But business has been booming in ATL over the last few decades. There seem to be 20 new high rises going up at any given time and you can actually live in a nice apartment in a desirable area on an entry level salary.

The city used to not be a very safe place, which is why most middle and upper class people fled to the northern suburbs. But today it’s out with the old and in with the new. Ghettos are being pushed further south and west while the central parts of the city have been rejuvenated with new restaurants, bars, shops, and even the occasional Korean whorehouse fronting as a massage parlor.

Every time I travel to a typical major city, I complain in my head how old and run down most of the buildings are. They’re usually only 20-30 years old which isn’t that bad but Atlanta has got me spoiled. Everything here is brand new, contemporary, and most notably, affordable.

Here’s what I recommend you earn in Atlanta for a typical bachelor lifestyle:

Shitty apartment in the city with 1 roommate – $35,000-$40,000
Nice apartment in the city with 1 roommate – $50,000-$60,000
Baller high rise with 1 roommate – $70,000+

The housing you can get off middle class salaries is something you’d need to be moderately wealthy for in other parts of the country. If you want to live by yourself I would recommend bumping those salaries up another $15,000-$20,000. The suburbs are cheap and 20 minutes out if you can’t afford the above.

5. Strip Clubs


One last noteworthy item is that ATL is known for is its strip clubs. As you may know, Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport. High business travel and hip hop culture have teamed up to create a city with more gentleman’s club offerings than you’ll know what to do with. I’m not huge on strip clubs (a lot of money blown just for blue balls) but I do enjoy the occasional bros night out and a strip club is always a classic staple of that. With strip clubs being a part of the culture here, cute normal girls are also known to pop in on occasion, giving you some options to game, although they are a minority.

Here are a few gems:

Pink Pony North – Located where Brookhaven and Buckhead come together. Hotly debated as the best strip club in Atlanta. (Not to be confused with its ugly cousin Pink Pony South near the airport.)

The Cheetah – Very classy spot. Located in midtown. Lots of college students dropping in due to GA Tech and GA State being nearby. Everybody seems to recommend going to other shittier strip clubs first so you can fully comprehend the contrast.

Magic City – Located downtown. I’ve personally never been but I’ve heard it in so many songs that I had to give it mention. Mostly black girls here and you might just see your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

The Verdict

All things considered, Atlanta has broken in to the list of best American cities for men. There are a few downsides, of course, such as not having a beach (Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast both 4.5 hours away) but the quality of the women, the upscale but affordable lifestyle, and the anti-PC culture the south is known for have all come together to make this city a top-tier destination. It is absolutely one of the best places for living up your bachelorhood as well as settle down with a family in the surrounding towns if you can find that unicorn. Good luck.

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359 thoughts on “5 Reasons Atlanta Is A Good City For Heterosexual Men”

  1. I agree with your opinion about strip clubs. Pay good money to walk out with a pair of BB? Yeah, that’s the ticket. However I can see the fun in going with a group of guy friends.

    1. I like a strong presence of strip clubs in a city, because it reflects a masculine energy. I only go maybe once a year.

      1. Shouldn’t they be doing that normally?
        City people. Geesh. heh

        1. I’ve experienced this sentiment many, many times.
          It actually throws me off when I get a smile or a “hello” from an attractive female stranger when I’m at least an hour away from the city.
          People drive slower, they open doors, greet you, offer help, etc. It’s like a whole other planet.
          In the city everyone seems like they hate you if they don’t know you unless there’s something about you that signals status of some kind.

    1. Sir Curtius,
      I must say, thank you incredibly for blessing the ROK community with another fantastic article. Look how much passion the people are commenting here with. Bringing light to sensitive topics like these helps to bring the truth closer and closer to the surface
      I think that lately you are not getting enough of the praise that you deserve and are long overdue for it. Looking forward to another one!

  2. Live a few hours north of Atlanta and have driven through a few times in the past. AVOID RUSH HOURS or you will be miserable. By your description, Atlanta sounds a lot like Nashville, but probably bigger and with more entertainment. There’s a big country presence (duh) in Nashville as well as quite a few cars blaring rap music as they drive by. The women around here are also pretty decent comparatively speaking. We don’t have such a large feminist/SJW presence like the coastal cities, although they’re starting to spring up slowly.

    1. Last weekend, interstate traffic was down to 20 MPH on SUNDAY, and this was outside the loop. Traffic there is horrible no matter when you go, in my experience. I have a few friends there who love it, and it does seem pretty fun. They even have a semi-functional public transit system, and good ratio of foreign girls (for the south, anyway).

  3. Having grown up and lived part of my adult life in Atlanta, I can attest to most of this. A few things, though:
    1) The whole conservative values thing has been slipping for years, especially around the city. If it weren’t for the northern suburbs and the rural towns, the state of Georgia would have turned blue years ago. The LGBT population has risen dramatically in recent years, which has led to an increase in SJWs, especially females who cling to their gay buddies. Be careful about what you say, because those Southern accents can be deceiving. There are some hardcore leftists in the ATL.
    2) If you’re into strip clubs, you can’t beat Atlanta. Cheap lap dances (usually $10) plus fully nude strippers. Shit, even most Vegas clubs don’t bare all. Just be careful, because those girls are natural hustlers. I’ve seen some guys get a few too many in them, only to see their ATM withdrawals the next day. By the way, those clubs listed above are decent, but don’t expect to get any attention on a Saturday night. Hit up some of the seedier places if you feel like getting touchy feely without getting eye-fucked by the 400 lb Samoan bouncers.
    3) Research before you rent or buy–as in, actually hang out in the area, talk to locals, do google searches. There are still some areas that may look nice on the surface, but are actually drug-ridden ghettos where people get robbed on a daily basis.
    4) Every social function involves alcohol, so prepare to beat your liver to shit. People want to watch the football game? Drink. Want to play golf? Drink. Want to go workout with some friends? Bring a change of clothes, because we’re getting drunk afterwards. Want to go to church? John is having a bbq after the service…where there will be plenty of beer.
    5) Unicorns are just as rare as any other part of the country. Alcohol, plus a lively college atmosphere, plus liberal infiltration equals rampant promiscuity. When you’re a young, freshly 21 adult, you can have a great time here. But when you move on to your next phase in life, Atlanta can grow old real quick. So be prepared to flee the city and move up north, or leave the state altogether.

    1. Five dollar lap dances at the Blue Flame. The Blue Flame is almost like a low-end version of Magic City. The girls there are as good as the ones at Magic City.

  4. I’m from there. I remember getting decent bangs there over a decade ago. It sounds like it might have improved. I dunno-I’m just going to keep banging EE.

  5. I live in the Atlanta suburbs and most of what is said here is true, but it does leave out one very important thing I’ve experienced in midtown. Atlanta is turning into the San Francisco of east as far as homosexuality is concerned. A large part of the midtown area is overrun with flaming homosexuals that you have to get through to hook up with a lot of these girls. These chicks all have their gay friends that consistently play protector for men on the prowl. It’s annoying as hell and if homos irritate you beware.

    1. I went to Bartaco in West Midtown one night with some friends. We left after 5 minutes because it was literally filled to the brim with androgynous humans. Hard to believe there can be 50+ people in one place that you cant distinguish their gender.
      We asked the bartender if it was gay night and she said its always like this because theyre in a gay neighborhood.

    2. I live right in the heart of Midtown and it is true. Most everyone in this neighborhood is gay. I spent a month in SF and it pretty much felt like I hadn’t left. I’ve made a lot of gay friends in my hood but I knew right away you’re not going to pick up chicks in Midtown. In addition to what you’ve said here, the straight women you’ll find are only in Midtown with their boyfriends or their little group of friends that can’t be infiltrated. It’s very cliqued out and most people in the area still think they’re in a frat/sorority. That said, I like my neighborhood because it’s relatively crime free, I can walk 3 blocks to work and I don’t have to worry about my car getting broken into once a month. Plus its central to everything. Can get anywhere with an uber in minutes or taking the train.

    3. There is certainly a gayborhood concentrated around 10th st and Piedmont that no straight man would want to go out in. As far as Midtown as a whole is concerned, I’ve had okay nights on Crescent and around Ri Ra but typically go out in Buckhead, Highlands, East Atlanta.

  6. You’re actually praising the effect hip hop music has on society? Do you listen to the lyrics?

    1. Struck me as completely out of place.
      Rap music is actually one of the leading forces responsible for turning our young White women into shitty little whores.

        1. It’s sad actually. We once had jazz… and the people who gave us that have devolved to… Rap?

        2. I know man, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, Gangstar, ATCQ, Asheru… its shocking stuff. The way they discuss current affairs in a thoughtful manner…. wait! What kind of rap do you listen to…?

        3. Why are so many men on here upvoting an ignorant chick? Check yourself brothers!

        4. Buh buh buh I thought it was all just bitches ain’t nuthin and kill whitey smh

        5. You can still find it, its just not front and center. Asheru, Diamond D, Masta Ace (still going), etc.

        6. why isnt it front and center? Its music for youngin’s, no one over 30 should be listening to it

        7. Youngins spend more money on music whereas oldins listen to the music they already have.
          What should I be listening to then?

        8. What are you talking about man? Rap is a product of the marxist jews that control everything. It dumbs down blacks while luring in curious naive whites and thus the miscegenation continues.

        9. Had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Marvin “doc” Holladay ten years back. The stories he had to tell of Ellington and the rest were well worth the time to listen. So was his playing.

        10. You’re right. Politicians no longer lie and the ghetto is now a paradise. PE and Asheru have current stuff and none of this music is 50 years old. Check your math.

      1. I think there are more variables at play than rap music and rap music or more accurately hip hop culture has devastated black women more than the white women that you put on a pedestal.

        1. I don’t mind the hedonism. My favorite rock bands enjoyed satanic levels of orgy with women of all colors in the 1980’s. It’s the pseudo gangster image persona. It causes 30 year olds that live at home with their Moms to act like they’re Scarface when they hit the street.

        2. Its the culture that decimated the moral fiber of black American women more than it affected white women. White girls only started getting into rap music early 2000’s with the help of Eminem.

        3. Nobody is claiming they are innocent. But they are certainly impressionable and herd-like. This is a commonly agreed fact in the manosphere. There is a reason that women were not as likely to be whores, druggies, and liars in past generations. Their culture was not glamorizing those things.
          It’s up to alpha males to be the leaders of their communities, and to guide the women and children to some extent. It’s up to alpha males to shape their culture to benefit themselves. White Baby Boomer men failed miserably and it’s left to us to fix it.

        4. If you went to any nightclub during the 90’s and 00’s you should know they weren’t playing Backstreet Boys and N’Sync in there.

        5. “Nobody is claiming they are innocent. But they are certainly impressionable and herd-like. This is a commonly agreed fact in the manosphere. There is a reason that women were not as likely to be whores, druggies, and liars in past generations. Their culture was not glamorizing those things.”
          Well said.

      2. NO! you beta male blame people of color for why your sex lives suck is why so many white women is riding the Negro cock carousel. STEP YOUR GAME UP PIMPING!

        1. Because they have so much in common. They both stand in the same line (with the queers as well) waiting to vote left because they both consider themselves victims of the evil white man or flat out can’t function in western modern society since it was white males who invented it and keep it well oiled. The whole “act” of being thug is a joke. They act alpha when in fact they vote for the party of victims and chimp out (like a bitch…they lack impulse control) at the drop of a hat (because they possess the victim mentality) and simply believe anything the media feeds them (blue pill x 5). AND…the majority of white women do NOT like them some brothers. Women want resources for pussy and that pretty much eliminates 90% of dindus and those who do betray the race are defective. If they are fucking them some dindus they sure as shit are lying about it….out of all the women I’ve known or banged it’s never mentioned or admitted when I ask (I always ask and it is a deal breaker with me….fucking gross). I won’t date a woman who even listens to rap. That shit should of died off long ago.

        2. I have all the women I can handle, but seeing any pretty White girl with a black guy is just disgusting, and revolting on a deep biological level. You just can’t help it. If you’re a normal person you see it like a car crash, and something that needs to be prevented. Thousands of years of genetic survival and amazing racial history, flushed down the toilet by a careless young whore who never had a proper role model.

        3. Not disagreeing with you, but you are over-simplifying a bit. A white woman in a committed marriage with kids to a black man is not nearly as repulsive as the 1000-cock childless 35-year-old whore who never touched a black man but sucked plenty of white cock.
          Usually, though, you are right. Most white girls who take black dick are just mudsharking, and will soon get bored try to lie about it in the future to her white beta husband.

        4. Honestly the married one with kids is even worse in my eyes.
          She is willfully taking a big steaming shit all over her family history, heritage, lineage, and tradition.
          Her forefathers never would have went through all that hard work and suffering to build a better world for her, had they known she would squander her racial inheritance in the most offensive way possible.
          The world does not need any more half breed children either.

        5. That’s like looking at shit that’s come out of a donkey’s ass and looking at shit thats come out of an elephant’s ass and saying “Hmm, that shit over there isn’t so bad looking!”

        6. “I have all the women I can handle.”
          Thou doth protest too much for this to be a factual statement, unless you’re referring to bottom feeding white women.
          I’ve yet to meet or observe a man who’s getting laid by multiple genuinely attractive women, bitch about how other men get their dicks wet.
          I HAVE observed the “sexually frustrated” though, disguised as “muh nationality!!”

        7. you are posting white supremacist rhetoric On a website, created by a Muslim American of middle eastern decent! Who spent the past decade fucking white women all over the world! and written multiple books advising mostly white men how to pick up white women! YET YOU HAVE ALL THE WOMEN YOU CAN HANDLE! LMAO! do you know what you see when you look in the mirror buddy? LOSER!

        8. So what about an English woman who marries an Eastern European guy. Is she being a traitor to her English heritage?
          What about a French woman who marries a German guy? Is she being a traitor to her French heritage?
          Where do you draw the line? How much of a racial or ethnic difference is too much? What about an English woman who marries an Irish guy? There are certainly genetic differences between even the most closely related ethnic groups. Even within the same nation, if you marry someone from a different area, or even someone from the same area as you, chances are they are of at least partially different heritage as you.
          My grandmother was Northern Italian. Every single one of her parents, grandparents, etc. was from the same small town in northern Italy. And she moved to Argentina after WWII and married my grandfather, who is of Basque heritage. Was she being a traitor to her Northern Italian heritage? Italians and Basques are genetically different.
          So where do you draw the line?
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be proud of your heritage. I’m white and my girlfriend who I’m gonna have kids with is also white with Italian and Basque heritage (like me). I believe in white pride, and I think the “anti-racists” are full of shit. I would just rather my future daughter married a black guy at a young age and started a family rather than riding the cock carousel with white guys, if I had to choose (which I hope I never do). That’s all I’m saying.

        9. I don’t think Roosh is a “Muslim-American.” He is of Muslim (and also Armenian) heritage. Not a Muslim himself, though.

        10. Adam – I suspect you’re going to be disgusted quite often then, because pretty white women are dating black men in droves today. Nothing you or any white man can do about it but rant on blogs like ROK. Get use to it, because it’s you cannot stop it.

        11. All your high minded speech about heritage and history (which your ancestors would attribute to their own nation of whites- not whites as a whole) is equally true if she got knocked up out of wedlock. The reason why you hate it more is because if they marry and raise well adjusted children, it doesn’t reforce what you want to believe about all blacks, and you don’t get the sense of schadenfraude after seeing some race traitor hit the wall as a single mother with her mistakes in tow. Instead you feel like your team got outcompeted by someone inferior.
          Something to keep in mind; when you were born, you inherited the name Levinson from your father and were born part of his tribe. That is your legacy and it will be your name for life. The same is not true of your sisters. She belongs to your father’s tribe only until another man is man enough to claim her. Then she belongs to his tribe. Hence the abandonment of her father’s name upon marriage. As such women don’t belong to the communities they are born into in the same way that men do. If the men of a community want to keep the women in it, they have to maintain a strong enough grip on them to keep them out of a rivals hand whether it be a marauding warrior, a more skilled lover, or a man of higher status.
          Men are entitled to nothing in this world. Everything we are we must earn and the war never ends

      3. You’re way off base. The feminist movement and increased divorce rates rank way above rap music as leading forces responsible for turning young white women into whores. Common tropes in rap music actually have a lot of parallels with country music. Being excessively stereotypically racist vs actually raising them properly and providing the example of the type of man they should seek as a partner simply fuels a forbidden fruit complex, that while well intentioned , ultimately aids in pushing them to the dark side.

      4. Your comment is the funniest s*** I’ve ever heard. Yes I’m a black man and I up voted you. I’m pretty sure there’s some kid out there with an 8 yr degree in Chemistry, making some kind of speed or some other mind numbing chemical concoction in his backyard. His degree and the chemicals that he uses to make this concoction are all influenced by rap music.

      5. Old rap music from the ’90s and early 2000s can be pretty fucking masculine and red pill. Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Dr Dre, the rest of NWA. Eminem is IMO one of the most red pill artists out there. Have you heard his song “Superman?”

        1. Yeah but unless you are black you are only a guest of that culture. You may live in the USA but the culture right now is not yours.

        2. A guest of that culture? So I guess Eminem, the best-selling rapper of all time, was only a “guest of that culture”?
          Besides, I’m not a guest of anyone’s culture. I like the music, period. I don’t need or want to be accepted by anyone in any culture just because I enjoy a cerain type of music.

        3. Yes he was and still is.
          Did Obama stop being black after he became President? Nope. He will always be known as that first black president. Because it’s a post that was always occupied by whites. Same thing goes for Em.
          What you need to understand is that your culture is being shaped for you by what you watch and put into your ears and what you are told by your teachers and what you read in your books. Sure you can enjoy another person’s culture by visiting it, tasting it, occupying it for a time without adopting it or it adopting you. But if that is not your culture, then what is?

      6. Please. White women have been acting like shitty little little whores since the 60s when they were throwing their moist panties on stage at concerts, having orgies in the mud at Woodstock,and were burning their bras for feminism. But don’t worry, they were shitty little whores before that too. Do you think those teeny boppers swooning and fainting over Frank Sinatra in the 40s are really any different than the ones who did it for the Beatles or Bieber? What was different was that their father’s wouldn’t tolerate raising a little slut in their homes, so those girls had to learn not to be one- just like how each and every one of us is a thief and a liar as a toddler and have to be taught to respect property and tell the truth. Today’s father doesn’t care, and even if he does, his daughter doesn’t respect him anyway. So her true nature is free to manifest.
        Culture doesn’t create sluts- it doesn’t have to. As long as women exist they’ll be sluts because it is as much her nature to be a slut as it is mans nature to be a whoremonger who loves sluts. Either culture will discourage this behavior so that an orderly civilization can form or it won’t which will ultimately cause it to collapse, but it by no means turns anyone into anything. It merely makes following the base passions we already have comfortable to follow.

        1. I don’t disagree with much of that. But culture dictates behavior in women. As you yourself acknowledged, when we lived in a less permissive culture, women were not free to indulge their destructive base desires.
          You get more of whatever you reward, and less of whatever you punish.
          Rap Culture rewards whores and thugs, and punishes good girls and thoughtful men. Therefore, Rap Culture is a negative influence on our culture, and helps to “create” negative behaviors by encouraging and rewarding them.
          Rap is a cancer, and rap fans are generally pretty shitty people who have done absolutely nothing good for their communities.

        2. Why don’t you give them the whole story, Adam?
          Culture in the USA is artificially engineered and disseminated through the television and that’s why the 60’s was precisely the same time when the television was adopted en mass by the public that promiscuity skyrocketed
          What is today’s pop culture? It’s “black” culture. Hip-hop culture. White people are being alienated and estranged in their own nation by the social engineers. What other white leading role models do we have right now that isn’t an all-out fag? White women have theirs. It’s Taylor Swift. And she’s getting gang-banged by Kool and the Gang.

        3. Several true points stated from all the above.
          Rap music, at its origin was benign. (Ala Sugar Hill Gang). After NWA and the Compton gangster rap craze, it was used as a weaponized form of propaganda to keep black america poor, stupid and above all dependent on the state because of the inevitable consequences of poverty and stupidity — crime, bastard children, filth in the streets, disease, unemployment, etc etc .
          White women, like all women, do what pop culture tells them. Destructive or not they will march off the cultural cliff and embrace moronic thug culture through rap propaganda because it’s easier to be reckless than responsible. Much more fun too…and in a society that does not hold anyone accountable (especially women) for reckless behavior the whole system suffers.
          Women of good stock & potentially fit for motherhood begin dating hood rats. (Later most realize their mistake and bear the shame) Decent men see the writing on the wall and check out entirely or screw around themselves. Maybe a few get lucky and find a non-westernized woman.
          End result — modern western culture collapses with the plummeting marriage % and birth rate.
          Who wins? The State & its masters.
          That’s the game folks. Rap is just a means to an end. Rap is to America what the “refugee crisis” is to Europe. It is designed to make the undesirable appear desirable. It is designed to guilt you into embracing it. It is designed to kill your culture, your country and eventually you.
          The family has always been the nemesis of the state.
          Without country, culture, language, race or morals…the family is vulnerable. The state can endure the collapse because it orchestrated it.
          Media (rap music, TV, movies) academia, laws, et al are the state’s weapons.

        4. The point of my post is that white women were not void of vice before evil outsiders corrupted them. They like all people of all races are inherently corrupt so corruption naturally appeals to them. Furthermore it is not negative influences that destroy a culture, it is positive ones that build and maintain it. Chaos is the default throughout the universe, order must be built. Leftists and the elites that use them know this full well which is why they constantly attack strong values.
          As for rap being a cancer, it is, but its not the one that weakened white culture. Rock music and its subgenres encourage promiscuity just like rap does. Its musicians openly praise drug abuse, just like rappers do. They live the same lavish hedonistic lifestyles and tend to die prematurely for it like rappers too. The one thing that they don’t do at nearly the level rap does is present theft and murder as legitimate. Instead, they make themselves look like twisted freaks to make a mockery of beauty, blur gender roles, worship death, destruction and demons openly and preach nothing but rejection of and rebellion against everything. But you won’t name them because they share your skin color.
          They were the original tatted up, shrapnel faced, neon haired freaks that your girls are becoming. They are apathethic, nihilistic, self loathing men your boys are becoming. They are the ones who taught them not to trust anyone over 30- which was first and foremost, their white parents. And that was before they took off their masks and started looking like devil worshipers.

      7. “Rap music is actually one of the leading forces responsible for turning our young White women into shitty little whores”
        No. They simply were to begin with but I would blame culture, not them personally.. I think all women are by nature worthless sluts without patrichal enforced social norms. That begins at home with a father present. All statistics show that lack of a father in the household leads to higher incarceration rates for boys and slut city lifestyle for the girls. The “state as parent” model is a disastour for all involved.

      8. No some women will be whores listening to gospel music and attending church three times a week. It’s not the music just that some women want to be whores.

    2. You’re missing the point. Some guys want to get laid with young girls and nothing else. Girls with hiphop on their minds just makes it easier for them.

      1. Hip Hop is just another in a long line of tools designed to weaken, then destroy White America.
        Listening to rap or associating with those who do is just like working for the enemy.

        1. Hip hop was designed by blacks for blacks as a form of expression that was more relatable and reflective of their reality vs something like hair/heavy metal or whatever was big among whites in the late 70s early 80s when hip hop really started getting big. I really don’t get why whites have developed such an affinity for hip hop and agree that whites really shouldn’t participate in hip hop culture. But I can assure you it wasn’t created with the intent of destroying white people or having them involved at all, much less embracing it en masse.

        2. In central europe: I dated a chick who had put on a more innocent demeanor when we first met. Turns out that she is into rap, and with her clothes off she’s a tattooed in many places, and although good looking at her young age (23), she’s a ‘soft body’ type despite the fact she goes to the gym. It won’t be long until she bloats a good 20 – 30 kilos.
          And in southern europe I recently started dating a petite 22 year old who is tons more genuinely wholesome, and only listens to music from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.
          There has to be a connection to behavioral traits and styles of pop music.

        3. Please find taking personal responsibility hard. The cognitive dissonance on display when people on a side condemning blacks for blaming all their ills on the white man and women blaming patriarchy are talking about how the problem stems from fucking music is astonishing.
          I listened to Wagner as a kid. I had a family really into the opera. I didn’t grow up to mimic the songs of a wood bird in order to distract a dragon

        4. Without a doubt. Most young girls who listen to older music are great. It signals that they are longing for the simpler, more patriarchal times of the past.

        5. I didn’t. And you popped up to White Knight for them even though they weren’t mentioned! LOL!!!

        6. Hip hop from the late 80s onward was cultivated, promoted, and produced by Jews, and turned into “gangster rap”. From the mid nineties forward, the so-called conscious hip-hop acts never got big radio play again.
          This isn’t conjecture – it’s all there in public records.

        7. Merely pointing out the fact that playing the blame game in general is unbecoming and when people do it, whether its the blacks or the jews or the elites or the banks or whatever people blame for shit they just sound like fat bitches whining that they can’t get skinny because of their genes while eating fried chicken and ice cream.

        8. I strongly disagree. If you cannot correctly identify the precise problems in your community, and precisely who is responsible for generating them, then you have no hope of solving those problems. Clearly from your other comments, you don’t care one bit about the world you live in, and selfish, fleeting physical pleasure is all you live for. That’s fine for you but don’t expect any masculine man to have any respect for you. Truthfully you sound like a little girl in most of your comments.

        9. I don’t care about the world I live in other than that it suits my purpose. If I sound like a little girl to you then so be it. I think you sound like a fat chick blaming society for her problems.
          The absolute narrowness in which you seem to have identified the problems shows a feebleness that isn’t becoming a man.
          I suppose we could go back and forth forever talking about which one of us is the biggest faggot. I think it is you. You think it is me. No point in continuing.

        10. You are setting up a false dichotomy.
          It is possible to take personal responsibility, while also objecting to the exploitative forces that seek to prey on the more vulnerable members of my community.
          Children aren’t born with strength of mind, willpower, and firm moral values. Because of this they are preyed upon for a variety of purposes. It’s up to the men in the community to defend against this. But, again, you don’t even believe in “community” so I may as well be speaking Martian to you.

        11. We are focusing on one narrow band of the problem at the moment, because that is the topic under discussion. I am fully aware of all the other tentacles of the problem.

        12. If advertising doesn’t work, why do major corporations spend trillions on it?

        13. Morals are not real. They can be helpful. Your overly simple world view is nice, but incorrect. Unfortunately, the curtain has been pulled away. I wish it wasn’t, I really do.

        14. pssst….there is one too many fellows in this conversation….guess who.

        15. The fuck are you talking about? Adam has nailed every point spot on. Black music i.e. rap & the “culture” that accompanies it is toxic & corrosive. If this wasn’t the absolute truth, perhaps there would have been an independent, black community with appreciating real estate values by now. However, dindus cause the opposite to occur, every time. I think you need to open your eyes to reality.

        16. yawn.
          You guys are so simple minded you are boring.
          The fact is that you aren’t smart, entertaining or sympathetic so I really can’t be bothered with you.
          I have no problem with you maintaining your feeble and childish way the world works in the same way that I don’t mind that retards are attracted to shiny shit…I just can no longer be bothered subsidizing it with attention.
          Christ, you guys are just as bad as the feminists.

        17. So what is the solution?
          It seems the West is in some form of bacchanalian stage before a final collapse.
          A society that rewards stupidity, ugliness, crassness, miscegenation, doesn’t believe in borders, has no idea what an American is, and works ceaselessly to destroy its history is already dead.
          The fact that people don’t know that an American is a person of mixed European descent, and think Mexicans, Somalis, and Chinese can be Americans is absolutely mind-boggling to me.
          Most people don’t realize it yet, but America may have one of the bloodiest civil wars in history within a decade or two, far bloodier than the first one.

        18. Hip hop had a heavily conscious slant up until the early 90s. Then gangsta rap blew up and remained the standard until the early aughts. Gangsta rap has been heavily in decline ever since kanye west gained popularity and is heavily trending towards conscious and introspection/ emo sing song bs/ and debauchery. 50 cent was the last really big gangsta rapper. The biggest rappers now are Kendrick Lamar= conscious/introspective, kanye west= debauchery, fashion, excess, and drake= emo, money, women, sings most of the time. They’re the three biggest players and none of them are anything close to what could realistically be considered gangsta. Blacks are slowly evolving out of the hyper masculine stereotypes and getting more educated. But it is resulting in shit like these flamboyant trannies and the embrace of gay culture and i really don’t know what’s worse.

        19. Interesting. I hadn’t really noticed that but I guess you’re right (about gangsta rap waning in popularity). I still think the current crop are huge douchebags – Kanye, Drake, Li’l Wayne, Lil Jon, etc… I wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on fire. But yeah they are not really gangsta like the Geto Boys were.

        20. Your final sentence answers your first one.
          I’ve wracked my brain over this problem, and at the end, my conclusion is that none of this can be solved without a violent, bloody clash. A civil war between conservatives and progressives. I think it is already baked into the cake. We can’t stand each other, we don’t agree on anything, and we are sick and tired of sharing our country with a deadly enemy. Something has to give.

        21. & I see from your little site of translating “My Nigga” by YG for white people, youre a cucked, confused mess. Hope you play with that diversity until your heart is content @ 0200 on a dark street. You cant even form a response any longer.

        22. Yup and for the past 60 years it was and still is being made for us by our own consent or laissez-faire attitude through the reality making machines aka TV’s, Film, Books, etc.

        23. You would like that wouldn’t you? I wonder Adam, where would you be standing if, heaven forbid, a civil war ever broke out hmm?

        24. True he has nailed in every single point. But I suspect he does so not with a hammer in his hand but with the bones of our fellow people.

        25. Perhaps he is referring to the Jewish music industry that rob these black artists blind.

        26. Why is that?
          I’ve listened quite a lot to it, and I’ve gotten much from it. Eminem’s work, his meter, his rhyme, it reminds me of Shakespeare.

        27. Go translate more rock ape tunes, fucking poofter millenial. The PBR is on sale at Whole Foods, go run.

        28. Did that take you four days you fucking retard.
          I am surprised that slightly less retarded people, you know the ones that write your script and, presumably, fuck you in the ass, haven’t told you to keep quiet.
          you really are a sub human.

        29. Says the sub human that “translates” rap bullshit and posts it on the internet-get the fuck outta here! Run along to the hookah on your fixie little bitch, there is a dindu sucker punch waiting for you on the return trip.

      2. As a woman, I obviously cannot subscribe to that line of thinking.
        I grew up listening to rap and, you’re right, it did influence me to be more sexual than I wanted to be. I do not have any daddy or abandonment issues. If that effect can happen to me, you sure as hell know it’s happening to girls who might not have as much going for them, as well as girls who simply don’t question what culture is telling them to do.
        Anyway, aside from how sexual and objectifying rap is, it also promotes the idea that men should cheat on their girlfriends, frequent strip clubs, and have multiple “hoes” at once. Rap also frequently discusses how it’s an honor if a girl asks you to be her “baby daddy.”
        I usually agree with what you guys say on this site, which is why the author’s discussion about rap music surprised me. I think the idea that men should act like gangster thugs and women should act like prostitutes is contrary to ROK’s message.

        1. No. That was you completely choosing to do all of those things. Listened to rap my whole life. Never killed another bm, sold drugs to the community or pimped women.

        2. The only rap group I listen to is A Tribe Called Quest, that’s about it. But rap doesn’t really have a hypnotizing effect on people’s entire lives; unless I see some statistics on that kind of stuff, I’ll assume it’s just as inaccurate a statement as saying people shoot to kill others and murder people because of too much GTA V or become too violent because of too much heavy metal.

        3. Well, it’s important to remember that music affects everyone differently. Some are more affected than others.
          Since you brought it up, I actually do think violent video games negatively affect boys. Studies have shown both that and that rap music negatively affects the way young people think – it’s not just the sexual lyrics but also the impulsive, selfish, and materialistic attitude promoted by the music.
          You might not realize it, but these things affect people on, at the very least, a subconscious level – particularly young people. And perhaps you personally aren’t as affected as some others.

        4. Being more sexual. If that’s the case I’m sure it lead you to do a host of others things. I could be wrong. I don’t buy the whole music made me do it nonsene. Then again looking at how millennials take in music (not saying you’re a millennial) I could be wrong on that too.

        5. Rap music has a HUGE effect on popular culture. Popular culture in turn affects the social norms of everyone. Ever hear of a little family called the Kardashians? Don’t even try to argue that those girls, whose values clearly are very influenced by hip hop culture, aren’t influencing millions of girls across America every day.
          Like it or not, popular culture influences the way people think and the things they choose to do. It’s sad that the bottom rung of society is having the ability to influence the values of everyone else through rap music/hip hop culture.

        6. Kardashians are clearly whores. You don’t need to be influenced by hip hop culture to be a whore..Marilyn Monroe was an absolute whore. Yet Kim K. And many other women take what she did to the next level. I was a bit sympathetic with your last post but now I just say it was bs. Then again, I’m not a conformist.

        7. I totally agree with you. It’s one thing to listen to music that’s more sexualized, but most rap is just garbage and the lyrics are just awful. For writers who teach to elevate a man’s position in life (even with game in mind), it’s contradictory speak so highly of rap music as it does just the exact opposite for them and for basically every culture it comes in contact with.
          “Effectively, these heavy rap influences lead to more people that value a masculine gender role for the man to carry out- ”
          No, they don’t. They promote black men treating other people like shit and running away from being responsible adults even after having kids, not to mention drug abuse and misplaced hatred of cops.

        8. I have one comment to make to you before you leave this site. You are what’s wrong with women today. Hip-Hop made you more sexual? Bullshit. You made a choice to become more sexual and you are using rap as an excuse. I also grew up listening to rap. Did I become a thug? No. Because I made a conscious decision to be a responsible member of society.
          Grow up, stop making excuses and take responsibility for yourself.

        9. Man get off this site before I treat you like shit…
          Really we don’t need your kind of feminist.

        10. If only she was listening to Glenn Miller she never would have sucked all those cocks post anal

        11. +100 upvotes (if I could). I hate that whole “X made me Y”. Unless you’re talking about surgery or an accident, you’re just making an excuse.

        12. Glenn Miller? Seems like the entire Baby Boom generation came from young folks listening to too much of that in the 1940’s. Heh.

        13. If you ever were on the A train you would know that being psyched up for a drive by is probably a fair response.

        14. You know how hard it is to keep the record from not skipping while youre driving a car?

        15. especially when using a 45 rpm adapter. smh, when will these fools make a decent turntable.

        16. I’ll ask you the same question I asked someone else:
          If advertising (through music and imagery) did not work, why would major corporations spend trillions on it?
          Everything you take in through your major senses becomes a part of you in some small way. To argue otherwise is delusional.
          Billions of dollars have spent exhaustively studying this phenomenon, and the conclusions are clear: propaganda is extremely effective against the vast majority of people.
          If you think popular music is anything but propaganda, you’ve got a whole lot to learn.

        17. Actually, she never said that listening to rap made her more sexual, she said it INFLUENCED her.
          I’ve made mistakes in life. If I acknowledge that a certain culture or a certain social circle influenced my bad decisions, does that mean I am blaming others and not taking responsibility? Of course not, it just means I am being self-aware and acknowledging what influenced me so that I can avoid those influences in the future.

        18. The people responding to your comment seem a bit confused. You’re not blaming rap for your mistakes, are you?
          Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that you are merely acknowledging that rap influenced you negatively while still taking responsibility for anything sexual that you did.
          I listen to old-school rap from the 90s and early 2000s. I think there are a lot of positive masculine messages in there, like being tough, not backing down from fights, making money, improving yourself, etc. But I would never EVER want my futute daughters listening to that shit. Not a lot
          of positive messages in there for women, that’s for sure.

        19. I never said it wasn’t propaganda. If you’re easily influenced by clearly need to be controlled.

        20. she never said she didn’t choose her own actions. since when is acknowledging bad influences in your life the same as not taking responsibility for your decisions?
          i hate to sound like a fucking white knight, but i’m just trying to be fair. she never said or implied that her mistakes were not her own fault. she merely acknowledged that rap was a negative influence when she was young.

        21. I know I how to read. Like I said, I just don’t buy into music like video games influencing people.

        22. You are correct. I do think rap influenced me to be more sexual than I wanted to be, but it’s not like I did anything outrageously sexual because of the music. I think it has this effect on a lot of people whether or not they realize it.
          Primarily, rap music affects what the social norms are, especially for young people.
          Here is an example of what I mean: I can think of two times when I was alone with a guy and didn’t want to do anything sexual with him (he did), but I had very sexual rap lyrics stuck in my head (from hearing them at the bar/pregaming earlier in the evening) which kind of guided me on what to do and persuaded me to keep with it. I had this idea of: “Come on, don’t be a prude. You’re SUPPOSED to do sexual things. Be like the girls in the song ‘Talk Dirty.’” I’m not sure if that makes sense. I felt weird for not wanting to do sexual things, and as a result I was trying to be cool and act like the girls act in rap songs.
          In general, rap music sets this tone of women being uber sexual and catering to men’s every desire – being very objectified. When that’s what you’re hearing when you’re out with friends, working out, etc., eventually the message resonates. You’re being told sex is this big focus in society, so you yourself start to think of it as that. 99% of rap songs are about this type of stuff, and most pop music is rap music. When you’re a young person today, you really can’t avoid it.
          I mean, I’ve definitely learned a lot of sexual terms and acts from listening to hip hop that I otherwise certainly wouldn’t have known. The music just makes sex a big focus. I can recall in middle school listening to a lot of Ja Rule and Nelly on the radio and thinking: “OK, well, I guess you’re supposed to have sex and give blow jobs a lot when you’re grown up.” You know what I mean?

        23. You just don’t get it. I can’t even respond to this because it’s so silly. I made a comment a minute ago in response to another poster that you should read if you want to understand.
          Really, I would answer you, but you’re so off-base and, frankly, stupid that it’s not worth my time.
          Edit: You have no idea what I even mean when I say I became more sexual. I do take responsibility for myself, idiot. I’m not making excuses. To say rap has no effect on its listeners is ridiculously mistaken. Just because you yourself didn’t become a “thug” doesn’t mean it’s OK for this music to be as disgusting and uninspiring as it is. Maybe you had more going for you than a lot of the inner city kids who listen to this crap and see the rappers as role models. Ever think of that, genius?
          Again, you just don’t get it.

        24. Why don’t people stop making video games and songs with such terrible messages, then? If they have no effect on anyone, then why not take out these awful messages?

        25. You aren’t too bright are you?
          You’re totally oversimplifying what I said and you’re making judgments.
          Take a look at the Kardashians’ social media or watch their show or pay attention to who they date – they’re obsessed with rap and hip hop and they tell all their followers to be the same way.
          Please stop posting in this topic. You are too uneducated on the subject matter.
          Yes, I am a millennial. You clearly aren’t. Stop acting like you know anything about this and then being rude to me on top of it.

        26. This is beside the point. Many people are easily influenced. Deal with it. You yourself are easily influenced whether you realize it or not.
          There is no reason to push garbage onto the youth. It seems to me you are too old to relate to any of this, Surgeon of Death. Also too unintelligent to understand psychology.

        27. The thing is this is totally beside the point.
          This isn’t about me “making excuses” for my behavior (which you seem to assume was much worse than it actually was).
          All I’m saying is this type of music negatively affects women’s perception of their role in society, how they should act.

        28. Yeah, Psquare, this is all about me making excuses for myself.
          You’re missing the point here entirely.

        29. Thanks, insertrandomnamehere. You understand what I’m saying. I can’t believe some of the negativity I’m getting from my post.

        30. Yeah, I got it as well. Apparently what I said about rap makes me a feminist LOL.

        31. I appreciate your comments as well. Nice to see a woman who gets this stuff. You’re very smart.

        32. I actually own Glenn Miller’s greatest hits. I blame my grandparents on that, but Swing is great. Shame about the plane crash.

        33. Probably not as great as ATCQ, heh, but thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give them a listen.

        34. “I grew up listening to rap and, you’re right, it did influence me to be more sexual than I wanted to be.”
          I have to admit, this shit had me in stitches! Great comment!

        35. I know what you mean. However, I don’t think it is just rap that has that effect on people, but pop culture in general. Rock and pop music since the 60s have encouraged female promiscuity just as much as rap and hip-hop.
          It’s interesting, I have a relative who lost her virginity to a friend of mine about 5 years ago and now regrets it (I also deeply regret allowing it to happen. At the time, I justified it to myself by telling myself I was allowing her to have “freedom”). Since then, I have been able to talk some sense into her. She has told me she was teased in school at 14 or 15 because she had never kissed a guy, and she felt like sex was “just something she was supposed to do” even though she felt weird about it. It’s interesting that you used almost the exact same words when describing your experiences.
          Don’t get me wrong, the other commenters are entirely correct when they say that you are 100% responsible for all your actions. But responsibility is not a zero-sum game. Just because you are 100% responsible for your actions doesn’t mean other people (or the culture in general) can’t also be partially responsible for your actions. And when you’re young and impressionable and have little understanding of the world, your family, friends, and culture definitely influence you and steer you in the wrong direction. And you won’t realize it till it’s too late.
          Unfortunately, you still have to accept the concequences for whatever your actions were. Girls need to know that if they get sexual with a guy, it’s irreversible. And any man with any self-respect would be bothered by any previous sexual experience a girl has, and may not want to marry you for that reason. The fact that you understand all this and want to change is definitely a positive, but it doesn’t
          erase yor past. The more you understand and accept this, the better off you’ll be in the future.
          P.S. 99% of rap is not about sex or encouraging sluttiness. A lot of it is, but nowhere near 99%. If you ever listened to Eminem
          or Nas you would see
          this is not the case.

        36. Thanks. It seems the tone of these comments has changed in focus from being about the negative influence of rap music to me “taking responsibility for my actions.” Thanks for the talk on that, but I just don’t think that is relevant here. I’m not trying to find reasons to blame for my (nonexistent) “promiscuity.” That’s not what this is about – I don’t need to “change.” I think you guys are assuming I’ve done more than I have sexually when you lecture me on how I need to “take responsibility for my actions.” I’m just trying to help you guys understand the effect rap music can have on young people.
          All I’m doing here is explaining to you that, from a woman’s perspective, rap music can have a very negative influence. As you can probably tell both from what I said and from what your female relative said (re: doing something we thought we were “supposed to do”), for women, sexual instincts aren’t as strong. Men know instinctively when they want to have sex with a girl. Women aren’t really like that. We don’t see a hot guy and think “Wow, I want to see him take his clothes off” or “I want to have sex with that man.” We have those thoughts only if we know the man extremely well and, in my case, only if he is my husband and I want to have children with him. Therefore, with a lot of sexual stuff, it comes down to us doing what culture says is appropriate. We aren’t as instinctive about that stuff, so we look to external guidance. Our true instincts are probably to wait a very, very long time to do anything sexual; this stance obviously is in stark contrast to what pop culture tells us to do.
          And about the rap music, obviously I’ve listened to Eminem and Nas. The stuff on the radio is almost entirely about sex, and that’s what the kids are consuming. The popular stuff today IS about sex. Listen to any Kanye, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, or Drake song from the past few years. Kendrick and a few others are better, which is nice. I do think the trend might change, especially because I think society (including the notoriously PC feminists) will start to crack down on black men more in the coming years. That’s a different topic I don’t feel like elaborating on right now.
          Edit: I agree that music has always been “edgy” and sexual, but today’s music takes it to a new level IMO. The lyrics are much more graphic than they were in the ’60s and ’70s, plus today kids have access to YouTube, lyrics websites, mp3 players, Spotify, etc. – music is more accessible than before.

        37. You have completely contradicted yourself in one comment.
          And this is why I do not argue with women.

        38. I understand everything just fine. People like you are weak minded conformist. Thank you confirming it.

        39. Because life is about free will and choice. Without a catalyst we wouldn’t grow as Beings.

        40. Your denial merely confirms my point. Thank you.
          And you’re too missing the point. Some of the writers for ROK just want to get laid. There is no ‘The Message’. There are several writers with different personal views. Some are looking for a wife, and needs to learn game, in order to get someone worth more than a pearl instead of an old, yellowed pearl.
          And most importantly, there’s a lot of readers, and the writers know that the readers think as much as a school of fish thinks.
          Does ‘As a woman …’ help you to persuade much? Do you manage to leverage much with that little phrase?

        41. I get it – they want to get laid and don’t care about the girl’s feelings.
          I’m just saying I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking because I’m a woman. How could I subscribe to it? Unlike men, my goal is not to have sex with women…
          Pretty simple.
          Thanks for your really interesting response, though.

        42. Oh. I may have misunderstood you.
          Whenever I hear or read ‘As a woman …’ my cynicism translates it to ‘Look at me! I’m a woman! Betas and Miladies, give me free shit! Reinforce my opinions!’
          Women who I listen to, women with sense, they need no sign to highlight that they’re women with opinions worth listening to.
          Good luck with your search for the man worth marrying, the man whose children you’d like to carry. If that’s your dream, that is.

        43. Maybe think a little harder before you attack someone next time.
          Thank you for your well wishes. I do plan to get married and have children. Just gotta get my shit together first… 🙂

        44. I wasn’t attacking you, but merely dismissing you. My attacks against women usually consists of implying that she is slow, short, generally unattractive or otherwise unable to keep a good man around.

        45. I guess when you say something like “rap made me more sexual” most guys on here assume you had sex with guys and regretted it. If that’s not what you meant, then I’m sorry for misunderstanding.
          I know what you mean about the rap that’s out there these days. I don’t really fuck with Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill, and especially Nicki Minaj. And Kanye I only fuck with his early shit.
          By the way, how did you find out about ROK and “red-pill” ideas. I assume from your previous posts that your family didn’t raise you super-traditional and that when you were younger you may not have been familiar with these Ideas. Most girls who are not taught traditional values from a young age tend to just go along with the feminists. What caused you to realize the other side (the left, feminism) is full of shit and to take our ideas over here seriously?

        46. Hey, I appreciate your response. I recently found out women aren’t supposed to comment on ROK, so I feel like a bit of an idiot now. If there’s some way I can message you about this outside of here, please let me know.
          Anyway, I also only “fuck with” Kanye’s early stuff. 🙂 Loved College Dropout and Graduation…apparently his style changed once his mom died. It’s so disgustingly sexual now…even my dad made a comment once when he was in the car with me and Kanye was on the radio. He’s like you guys (doesn’t think music influences people much), and even he said, “What the hell is this garbage? This is what they sing about these days?”
          I found out about ROK from Googling certain very non-PC things :). I came across it a couple times beginning a month ago or so. Then I started sort of frequenting it after a few unfortunate events occurred in my life which gave me much more free time.
          My family never talked to me about politics or social issues growing up. I kind of started having these thoughts beginning in college…they really developed while I was in law school, for various reasons. I’m done with school now.
          I went to a very liberal college in a very liberal town. Law school was of course filled with liberals…lots of affirmative action BS, too. I started to really resent liberals beginning my freshman year of college – a few things factored into this (studying journalism, it being an election year, dealing with idiot 18-year-olds who replicated the beliefs of their professors, etc.). Also, I used to frequent women’s websites like Betches Love This and Buzzfeed, but I started to get really fed up with the leftist bullshit they constantly spewed. Furthermore, during college and law school I witnessed the effect “hookup culture” had on my female friends, and I found it very strange that they thought acting like men made them feminists/pro-women. It is easy to see that men and women view sex differently, and encouraging women to be sexually promiscuous has few benefits for women. It’s actually very anti-women.
          People give me crap for being too conservative and prudish, and it bugs me. ROK is sort of an escape where I can see people voice views I agree with. ROK also has made me much more confident in my beliefs on sex, and now I feel much happier with myself when I say “no” knowing I’m not the only one who thinks this way. It’s nice to hear that men themselves don’t like slutty girls. Funny how liberals claim they’re so pro-women, when the reality is that, because of them, women are becoming more afraid to say “no.”

        47. Hey, sorry for the late response. You can email me at [email protected] if you’d like, but I don’t think you need to worry about posting on ROK. Women are not banned from posting, just discouraged, and I’m sure they’d make an exception for you, given your views.
          Anybody who gives you shit for being too “conservative”or “prudish” is either a man who has (obvious) ulterior motives or a woman trying to drag you down to her level.
          Women in traditional societies used to shun and ostracize promiscuous women, and try to raise their daughters to be pure. Promiscuity was greatly punished on a social level. If a girl had pre-marital sex just once (even if it was legit rape), she would be deemed un-marriagable by any respectful man. In modern society, however, instead of raising each other up, women tend to drag each other down, encouraging their female “friends” to be sluts so that they won’t feel as bad about their own sluttiness.
          I was raised in a non-religious house with pretty liberal views. I was encouraged to go to college and get career, never be violent, be respectful to women, virginity doesn’t matter, etc. By the time I became familiar with “red-pill” ideas, I was a libertarian and had thought everyone should be free to have all the sex they want. This led me to handle some personal situations in ways that I now deeply regret. I now realize the same things you realized seeing your college “hook-up” throughout college, which is that female sexuality is irreversible. Every sexual encounter a woman is involved in produces irreversible psychological (and if it is her first time, physical) changes in the woman. Men are also hard-wired to find used-up women less attractive for long-term relationships.
          All of this is hurting men and women alike. Men in the ’60s thought they could “share” their women and therefore enjoy sex more, and boy were they wrong. Even the top guys who bang all the sluts will eventually get tired of the lifestyle and want to settle down and have a family, and their will be no good women with whom to settle down with. The lower-value “beta” males and the women don’t benefit either, so in the end no one really benefits. It’s good that you’re able to see through all the bullshit, most women that grow up in mainstream, non-ultra-religious, environments never do, and go on to lead miserable lives.

        48. Glenn Miller has some great stuff. But Duke Ellington’s got him beat in just about every way.

    3. The fact that all rap sucks is reason enough for anyone not to listen to it, regardless of how it influences you.
      “But Jim! Rap is sociallyconsciousocialcommentaryontheplightofafroamericans! What about the brilliant musings of DJ Ultra Nigger on fat white women?”
      Yes, son, even DJ Ultra Nigger. Did you not understand the word “all”?

    4. I can see the merit behind much of the anti-rap sentiment here. As someone who’s father was a strong advocate of the “Rap is Crap” crowd, I have thought through many of the ideas expressed here.
      I’ll say this: Most of the genre recognizes the scandalous nature of women that is encouraged and accepted by the rest of society. Much of it demonstrates that a man is a fool for wifing up questionable women. It discourages men from pedestalizing carousel riders while encouraging men to be aloof players (the best current choice for young western men in their 20’s).
      Rap is not the cause of cultural decline. Feminism and Progressivism are the causes. Rap is a way to deal with it.

      1. “Much of it demonstrates that a man is a fool for wifing up questionable women.”
        Again, I honestly don’t think you listen to much rap. I never hear rappers talking about marriage or about which girls are marriage material. They only acknowledge women as tools for sex.
        All women in rap songs, regardless of the type of person they are, are called “bitches” and “hoes” – Kanye West himself said these are terms of “endearment.” The music is incredibly misogynistic and objectifying.
        As I’ve discussed, it also sends a terrible message to women regarding how they should act. Don’t expect women to become “wife material” from listening to rap songs.

  7. Number 2 is a great argument for never going near Atlanta.
    Stupid White girls who listen to monkey music? Gee we don’t have enough of those idiots all over the place, I need to move to a city with a concentration of them…

    1. I agree, rap teaches traditional black gender roles, which happen to be vastly inferior to white gender roles. And by black gender roles, I mean girls being slutty and men being thugs.

        1. Upvote Squared. Not enough is said about the link between, slutty behavior and daddy/abandonment issues. Any wonder why rap took root after welfare?

        2. It cant be a coincidence that many black men’s fathers are absent. It seems like abandonment issues make a person put up a shell to pretend like they’re not hurt and dont give a fuck. Psychologists call that shell the ego and rap music is all ego.
          Girls that are attracted to men that show zero emotion are egotistical also. There’s a shell over their emotional center. When the rappers and bad boys are done tossing her around like a microphone, she will try to find a relationship and have to confront her fear of intimacy and abandonment.

        3. Eloquently put. I don’t think many people are willing to put it out there that many women are damaged goods and the inability to pair bond is in direct relations to abandonment issues from dad. No amount of love for daddy in the present in statement or actions will reverse what happened during childhood unless they address the issues with a therapist who doesn’t fuck them or enable them.

        4. Exactly and unfortunately for emotionally healthy men, most women don’t seek out help until they are post wall or post slut. Even if she does fix her issues, she’s damaged goods for a quality male. I guess thats what betas are for.

        5. True, but they are actually Fake Alpha hunters, and most black thugs are Fake Alphas.
          They pursue a grotesque caricature of masculinity since they have no idea what the real thing looks like.
          I laugh/scoff at the notion that these black street thugs are “alpha”. Their mothers run the entire community. The men are practically worthless. Most black guys are parasites on their mothers, girlfriends, or wives.
          I’ve seen their true colors too many times to believe they are bad asses. They are always the first to run like a little bitch from a fair fight.

        6. I fully agree, which is why I don’t like the way alpha/beta is used in the manosphere. Most black men grow up having to fight daily and take care of themselves from an early age due to a lack of parenting. This does make them stronger and tougher than men that grow up in healthy environments, but there’s much more to alpha and masculinity than toughness. An alpha can get what he wants on his own, he doesn’t have to steal or rape. I think leadership when I hear alpha and fake thugs don’t have an ounce of it in them.

        7. It’s irreversible at this point. Largely due to generations of female indoctrination.

        8. My Cherokee survivalism teacher famously said “There is no greater coward than the black man”. This is a tribe that owned black slaves.
          He’s also a former military police officer and professional bounty hunter. Just saying.

        9. You are right though Adam. Being willfully ignorant is a much better standard of alpha male.

        10. Hey Brock are you aware that most black men are not thugs fake or otherwise and did not grow up in the ghetto? Do you actually know any black men?
          I mean, really, before you start agreeing with an outright racist and Nazi maybe talk to some black guys about what life is really like. You might learn something.

        11. Welfare Check get your welfare check… everybody come and get your welfare check…

        12. Maybe where you are. You’d be surprised that it’s not so prevalent here in flyover country. I have a couple of “friends” and they both detest rap. One is into country (seems to be trending in Ohio right now for some reason) and the other likes, get this, Elvis and “old” Country (think Hank Williams Sr., etc). Both are young, tight and hot. Go figure.

        13. I’ve seen their true colors too many times to believe they are bad asses. They are always the first to run like a little bitch from a fair fight.
          Regardless of “race” or not, I have noticed this too. Big talking up front, the moment you stand up and say “come get some” they’re gone in a flash. But in groups, suddenly they find courage. Not sure what that’s all about, to be honest, has to be a cultural thing. Blacks I know who are from Africa seem to be stout souls without a lick of cowardice in them.

        14. Women don’t know what they like. They say that now and then you’ll see them in the club, shaking that thang…

        15. You’re putting words in my mouth. I never said most black men were thugs, I said most black men grow up in an environment that makes them stronger than other men. Honestly, I meant it as a compliment so I know where you’re coming from.
          I grew up outside of Detroit and played college football. I’ve been around black men my whole life. My comment was only saying that being tough doesn’t automatically make you an alpha.

        16. I think it’s simply a lack of honor and more efficient. Inflict maximum damage while avoiding the same. Hence ganging up on an individual and/or sucker punching.
          When I was young we would clear the area and let other guys fight one on one. You were given respect for taking care of business on your own, even if you lost. At least you tried.
          The men you’re referring to have nothing to feel prideful about by fighting honorably. Those around them don’t care, they’re in it for cheap entertainment.

        17. With respect I don’t think I put any words in your mouth since I asked questions rather than made accusations. Also, it seemed to follow from your agreement with Levinson and your assertion about “most black men….” But OK, I now understand your point, thank you for explaining.
          In any case, I and all of my friends had both parents. What made life tough for me was growing up in a very hostile world. As a lone black boy in a white area I was the constant target of verbal abuse and physical attack on a daily basis. Not to whine, that’s just how it was.
          That said, growing up in a white area gave me a unique perspective. I know white people pretty damn well so I can see through the bullshit when some black guy/girl yells racist about some perceived unfair treatment. I know what real racism is having actually experienced it.

        18. Courage in groups? That’s all about kicking someone’s ass. As in 5 against 1. I too have observed this (anyone that keeps abreast of the news, well, SOME of the news, is familiar with this behavior).
          And about this article…does the author work for the Atlanta chamber of commerce? A bit of truth about some things, and a lot of fantasy. A real propaganda piece. Yes, I live in Georgia.

      1. White gender roles: you mean where the cuckolded man worships the ground that his recovering whore girlfriend/wife is on until she gets bored, ruins him and goes back to her life of whoring?

    1. If you know what’s it’s really all about, why not have some fun?
      Of course, after a while I get really annoyed with these stripper types, after viewing them through a red-pill lense and seeing how damaged they are.
      It’s the blue pill guys who sit there longing for them and daydreaming that are both fun to watch and pathetic at the same time.

  8. I like Atlanta and here is one reason why. Southern blacks simply do not put up with bullshit. They are as authoritarian and patriarchal that you will find in Western Civilization. And even though most are Democrats they won’t hesitate to tell a white glasses wearing blue haired North liberal where to go when it comes to local governance. This is why some of the only and last functional black neighborhoods can be found in and around Atlanta.

    1. I guess. Bankhead and College Park are more the norm, though… places hardly any civilized human being would want to live in voluntarily.

      1. Agreed, the educated black population in Atlanta is small. The majority are poor and feral.

        1. I would tend to agree with you on this one as Atlanta has a far higher quality of black women than Chicago. And if there were so many dumb, poor, and feral people there then why does the state of Illinois hit the murder hub list at least 3 times while Georgia has no cities posted on that list. I know a few home owners that live there and some that moved from NYC for greener pastures and never looked back.

        2. oh yea…chicago is a hell hole. take it from a person that has tons of family there. not only that, but chicago’s women are nothing to be desired, or maybe I’m just spoiled from years of tennessee and georgia women. chicago first and foremost has very limited centers of higher education for black ppl. atlanta on the other hand has clark, morehouse, spellman, georgia state, georgia tech, kennesaw state, among a shitload of others I forget at the time. point is there are a lot of black ppl here, well not just black ppl, but ppl period here that have at least bachelor’s degrees. it is not a blue collar city if you pay attention to how things work here.
          live in quiet suburb on the outskirts, have a condo in buckhead too, prob 90/10 black to white, but everybody is super cool and gets along fine. tons of new yorkers moving out too. the price is too good to pass up. rather pay 1600 a month for a shoebox or 1000 a month for a 4/5 bed house…too easy.
          don’t get me wrong, inner city atlanta has alot of crime, but it is not bad for a metro that has over 5 million ppl in it.

        3. The only thing I disagree on are centers for education. Wherever there is a book and someone willing to instruct others on what are inside of it, then there are centers for learning. I do stand by Northwestern as they are a high caliber school which many of the elite of come from. Outside of that, you have listed a plethora of schools that aren’t anything to scoff at. I have never met Tennessee women but if they are like the women from Georgia, I think I will be meeting some soon.

        4. I feel you man, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ppl in chicago can’t educate themselves. I am just pointing out that black owned colleges in atlanta greatly outnumber those in chicago. tbh colleges period in the atlanta metro are a bigger deal than colleges in chicago. if you live in atlanta you are expected to go to college. if for no other reason than the parties and being part of the atlanta university center (auc) there is nothing like that in chicago.
          northwestern is a great school, the university of illinois is a good school but they are not across town like say clark atlanta, morehouse, spelman, georgia tech, or georgia state is for an atlanta resident.
          I am very pro individual vs collective. your life is all on you, I will never make excuses for underachievers, but environment def plays a key role.

        5. I haven’t looked into it but just seeing “black owned colleges” is impressive if it means genuine ownership, not just administered by.

  9. I was in ATL last weekend. The traffic is atrocious. While there is something to be said for traditional, southern women, this is nonexistent in the cities. This refers to the girls at least an hour away.

    1. “at least an hour away”
      If I was living in Atlanta and I asked you to point me to the nearest farm, where would you tell me to go?

      1. North is mountains, South is swamp. North-Central is City/burbs. East is Swamp/Coast. West and South-Central is Farmland/Military Bases.

      2. Hah. I have no idea. Alabama? I do like the north Georgia area around Dahlonega. Great hiking and waterfalls and stuff. Also southern GA near the FL border is cool. And Savannah is an awesome town, although I imagine if I spent more time there I’d find the girls are infected with SJW disease, because it’s an art college.

        1. Parts of Savannah, sure. According to my relatives out there, though, there are more than a few lookers with a head on their shoulders.
          Too bad all the girls I know out there are still minors…
          …they’re friends of my cousins. Mind out of the gutter.

        2. SCAD has basically turned into a breeding ground for SJW over the past 10 years. I attended from 2002-2006 and it was starting to rear it’s ugly head by the time I was getting ready to leave. All the main administration positions of that school are filled by women and friends/family of the president of the University. There are some hot girls there and they’re pretty liberal. But also a ton of rich,spoiled, and bratty kids who’s parents sent them off to school to express their creativity. I dated a girl that was worth $140mil by herself with a family net gross near $1.5 billion. Had a ton of mental issues!

  10. Don’t go to strip clubs. Why pay to get teased? Nearly every woman alive will tease you for free, and some of them are actually worth fucking, unlike strippers.

    1. I go to strip clubs occasionally (maybe 2-3 times a year) because it helps me hone my game. Playing coy to women who want your money, having the confidence to sit back with a shit grin on your face as you semi-ignore jiggly boobs right in front of you, and also they tend to have cheap food that is really good just to get you in the door.

      1. And every now and then you get free “complimentary services” if they like you enough. Sometimes being the nice guy does pay.

      2. Dude… eating at the strip club is nasty… Didn’t you listen to Chris Rock?
        Anyway, I see your point… Its a real blast getting a strippers number… takes some game to do that since every guy is trying it…
        Also, if you’re a woman who doesn’t satisfy you, a strip club is a good release.

        1. At least the one I go to occasionally has great food. Free buffet at lunch. According to the public health inspector reports, the kitchen is one of the cleanest in town too. Can’t say so much for the major chain steakhouse that I used to frequent that had to shut down for three days to clean their kitchen….

      3. “Playing coy to women who want your money”
        Exactly. Withholding cash from a female is the equivalent of a female withholding sex from a man.

      4. I think guys don’t give strippers enough credit for being able to manipulate their clientele.
        They’re far too pragmatic to be “gamed” in the PUA sense of the word. If they’re genuinely attracted to you it isn’t because you said the right thing.
        Sometimes a freebie is an “investment” in the likelihood that you’ll pay in the future.
        Sometimes they may just be physically attracted and genuinely want sex from you.
        If you’ve got some status that may peak their interest, but game? I can’t see it.

        1. Dont know man. I just go and largely ignore or play coy. Usually results in at least one number. When they are having sex with you later that night they always say “I never do this”. Don’t care if that is true or not. Cost out of m pocket $10 for beer and $20 for lap dance. Use a burner number so even if they though it was going to be an “investment” I never hear from them again.

    2. While researching strip clubs in Atlanta (I’m starting college there in the fall, so I only did it out of curiosity), I learned about a woman by the name of “Blondie” who was famous for crushing beer cans and bottles with her breasts. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about that, but when I saw a picture of her and realized she was old enough to be a grandmother, I had to shut off my computer.

    3. “I’m not huge on strip clubs (a lot of money blown just for blue balls) but I do enjoy the occasional bros night out and a strip club is always a classic staple of that.”

    1. Heard the same thing from a friend but this does leave the hot women up for grabs. The women are also aggressive enough to introduce themselves to you and will approach whether they are with friends or not. That is a decent leg up on most cities with their shaming talk.

      1. Luckily both the blacks and gays mostly congregate south of 17th street so as long as you’re north of there you’re golden. Seriously, Buckhead versus Midtown is like night and day.

        1. Thanks for the heads up. Same as in Chicago come to think of it. 81st and beyond can get a bit hectic, which is why people talk so much about Michigan Ave. It is well North of 81st.

  11. Never been to Atlanta so can’t comment one way or another. I did have a friend who attended Emory U. during the mid-90s. Said it was alright, but he left after graduating so it couldn’t have been that great.
    As for strip clubs, not really my thing. Go maybe once a year. There’s a really popular one right across the border from me in Niagara Falls, Ontario-The Sundowner Inn. Not as good as it was during its 90s heyday but still a happening place.

  12. Atlanta is a dump heap. It’s cheap… in the places that aren’t gentrified. Aka where you stand a decent chance of getting robbed or shot. In the gentrified areas, you get to interact with yuppies and hipsters, while paying out the butt for everything.
    A closer destination to what you’re describing (even more expensive) is Buckhead, which is separate from Atlanta. More yuppies, less hipsters.
    The women you’re describing don’t live in Atlanta, they live in the suburbs, about a 45 minute ring away from Atlanta-proper. Good luck trying to get with too many of them.

    1. I’m pretty sure this author doesn’t live in the city. Just “goes out” in the city. I think your description is more accurate. Although even these so called gentrified areas are still crime magnets. Its spotty. Gentrified areas surrounded by ghettos. That shit doesn’t just go away.

      1. They’re moving the Braves out of the city. Turner Field is a great park completely surrounded by the hood. And whoever was castigated for their comments about the Hawks was right, no one with any sort of status or class wants to go to a game with such a generally low-class, intimidating crowd.
        Atlanta is also borderline famous for the speed in which gentrified areas fall apart, and slums suddenly become hot property.

  13. Atlanta? Seriously? This is a cesspool of immigrants, with stinky East Indians around and ghetto black people.

  14. I just left Atlanta after living there for 3 years and I have mixed feelings about the city. There are ALOT of beautiful, feminine, educated southern girls but its hard to break into the social scenes where they are. I went to college here and the hot sorority girls were impossible to get close to. People from the South form a social circle and rarely venture outside of it. They certainly aren’t very open to making friends that aren’t like them.
    Southern girls arent as easy as girls elsewhere. I know that sounds like a good thing (it can be), but if you’re a guy looking to spin plates, its exhausting. Girls are family oriented, but want to marry men like them: from a rural area, hardcore Christian conservative, and fairly beta. Few Georgia girls want to ever leave Georgia, which was a huge dealbreaker for me. I also am not religious at all and going to early church is the last thing I want to do on my day off.
    Atlanta is the place where most SEC grads emigrate so they like to party and watch sports. After taking the red pill, I had alot of success at the bars approaching drunk girls and taking them home but its nowhere near the level of tail I’m pulling here in Chicago. Northern girls are just more open and friendy.

    1. Do you think racial background may have played a part? Demographics play a huge role sometimes with getting women to open up to you. Glad you’re in Chicago. You can get a lot of tail for absolutely no cost. Very easy to spin plates here as well.

      1. Possibly, I think its more cultural. I’m from Michigan so I have the most success with women from the Midwest. The conversation just seems to flow. My friend from New Orleans came to Altanta and was banging everything.

      2. Doubt it. I am a woman originally from Atlanta. Southern families tend to run in very tight knit social circles. They want “their women” to stick with Southern boys, and they go about shamelessly ensuring this. Even if you aren’t religious, as in my family’s case, the social pressures are immense. Personally, I’m glad to have left that overgrown junior high atmosphere, albeit not initially by choice.

      3. Red- Separate topic, but is Chicago as bad as they say? I’m from LA and the media sometimes blows things out of proportion as far as crime here. Just wondering if they’re doing the same out there, or if its legitimate.

        1. In a word, no. The thing is where it is crappy, it is very crappy out here. A large amount of income inequality plus racial tension keeps the city divided. As the city is divided so is the wealth, with very poor blacks and few wealthy ones, living on the South side, and West side being Euro gangs and Spanish gangs. The city of Chicago has amazing land space, but the metropolitan aspect is very small, maybe less than 10 miles in total, centralized around Lake Michigan and Michigan Avenue. When people visit Chicago, this is where most go. The media does blow it out of proportions by simply focusing on one angle, crime. Sadly the plethora of lawyers, doctors, and financial analysts the city produces, as well as it’s high focus on arts, get no attention and it is a shame. Crime sells way too well in America. I’ve lived here for almost half a decade and have never had an issue with the locals.

    2. Sorority chicks are more difficult simply because they usually have a pool of relatively alpha frat bros that they know which they can choose from. As a rule, women don’t go for outgroup men unless they find all the men in their ingroup unsatisfactory. There are some sisters who will be receptive to your game, but they’re relatively rare. Most are locked away.
      Religious girls are a problem, both for irreligious men as well as religious ones like me who have no intention of converting to whatever they are. What makes it even harder is the likelihood that they’ll defer to daddy and break it off if he doesn’t like your religion. (I’m Catholic, so it is indeed a problem. Sometimes I think even Jews would have an easier time.)
      Conversely, this also explains why you see low-ranking males with cute religious girls — they got lucky because they share daddy’s religion. Sometimes it can backfire: one recent ladyfriend of mine was a gorgeous redhead ex-Mormon who had been matched with a laughably low-ranking dork. She eventually dumped him, along with the LDS faith, and I wonder if that attractiveness mismatch wasn’t a major reason why.

      1. Frat guys *never* struck me as particularly alpha. Most of them seemed like lost souls searching for an identity, and a few at the top, the 1% who were “alpha” providing some kind of guidance/leadership role. I was asked when I was in college why I wouldn’t join a fraternity, and I answered “Because I already have a personality”.
        You’re spot on regarding religion. The South (and Texas) seems to value “what church you go to” way more than any other place I’ve lived in my life. Wrong church, no social life for you!

        1. The frat bros would fall under Beta or high Delta by the Vox Day classification, but that’s still on the right side of the attractiveness bell curve.

  15. I live in Atlanta…you cannot pay me to leave.
    women outnumber men, by a large ratio. women act different when men are not as available as they are used to.
    something to do every night if your choose.
    something to do everyday if you choose.
    strip clubs are better than night clubs here.
    gun laws are very pro 2nd amendment.
    a strong don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you vibe here.
    but it is not a place for highly conservative or ppl who have a prob with black ppl.
    don’t care if you are in the burbs or in the city, black ppl are the majority. but they are good ppl regardless.

      1. tons. tons man.
        you like them black as 3am, mixed that almost look white, or yellow as the sun. you will never run out of black women in atlanta.
        but quiet as it’s kept, there are alot of european women here too, who don’t care about race. met some chick from the ukraine at the gas station one day. solid 7/10 too.
        if you like black chicks they are here, and they aren’t funny about fuckin with white dudes either.

  16. I don’t live far from Atlanta. I could not with a clear conscience recommend living there to anyone of this audience’s persuasion.

  17. Recently moved back to Atlanta after an extended absence and doing the high rise Buckhead apartment thing. My job allows me to live anywhere I want but I honestly can’t think of a better base of operations.

    1. I can’t stand going to Buckhead for any reason other than the occasional good pricey meal or shopping to get everything I need in one shot. Otherwise Buckhead is considered “out of town.” I have to plan a whole day just to go there. And this is why some people like it. It’s like a village surrounded and fortified by oceans of interstates.

      1. I grew up on the outskirts of Buckhead and that’s exactly how I remember it. Atlanta proper was a ghetto and Buckhead was a boring, wealthy suburb. Not a lot to choose from back then, although I hear the core has been gentrifying as of late.

      2. I thought that for 30 years until I moved there. Now it’s heaven. No gays, I walk everywhere, and attractive, friendly girls everywhere I turn.
        Because I shared your anti-Buckhead prejudices, I initially looked at a bunch of Midtown places but everywhere I went was just overrun with gay dudes.

        1. If I moved to Buckhead it would have the reverse effect of what I described. I would never want to go to south of lenox for anything because it would feel like a road trip. Plus it would take me just as long to get to work as it would if I lived OTP. I do realize Buckhead went from a snooty suburb to party central overrun with retards and clubs. And then about 10 years ago they dropped the hammer and broke all that up. It’s probably somewhere in between these days. It’s still secluded from the rest of the city however. You dont leave buckhead unless you’ve made plans to well ahead of time.

        2. North of Lenox really isn’t Buckhead though. I’m talking Lenox south to Peachtree Station/SCAD.

    1. The very high crime rate, among other things, definitely softens the impact of the benefits mentioned in the article above.

  18. It’s great to see an article that praises Atlanta, since I will be attending Georgia Tech for the next four years, in the heart of the city. The college itself has a very poor M:F ratio (66% guys to 34% girls? something like that), but that’s nothing hitting the town won’t fix.

      1. Thanks man; and here my parents were complaining that I didn’t get into Ivy Leagues, but I’m set anyway, and now I just gotta play my cards right.

    1. tech is a good school man…but the fact that it’s more males than females is prob a direct result of it being primarily an engineering school.
      but man this city is overflowing with women…trust me, you will not be disappointed. and tbh it will make you look at other cities diff when you realize how most women will not bat an eye at sharing you with another woman.

      1. You live in Atlanta? Can I hire you as my tour guide? Haha, yeah I guess I could just find women off campus too, if I have time since academics are gonna be tough at Tech.

        1. oh yea man…been down here for a min now. love it. no matter if you are purely a college kid or a person who is always in the streets, you can have a good time here. I’m way too tied up in the arts and entertainment here, I wouldn’t want to be a bad influence on you, but my lil bro would be perfect to show you around. cool college kid, frat boy, always knows where crazy off campus parties are. trust me man, chicks are wild in atl. trust me.
          trust me when I say this, you are not going to have a prob finding women in atlanta…even if you don’t indulge in the nightlife, which I would still recommend you do anyway. prob a top 5 party city in america.

        2. I’m 80% on moving there when I get back to GA from work but all I ever hear is about how much time is wasted in traffic

        3. traffic on the expressway can be a bitch sometimes no doubt. especially about 7-9am, lunch hours, and post work hours. other than that, it’s pretty manageable. it’s a small price to pay for the many positives about living here to me though.

        4. I feel you. I wouldn’t be traveling during those times anyway so ideally it wouldn’t affect me as much as the 9-to-5’ers. Were you able to attend the ATL meet-up?

      1. Everyone here is mentioning Buckhead, so yeah, looks like I’ll be hitting up those occasionally.
        As for the girls, they probably feel that way since there’s all these “sheltered beta nerds” as far as the eye can see, engulfing themselves in their studies, and can’t really approach women, pedestalling them too hard. That probably would have been me too, had I not found this site sooner.

    2. You can always get in with someone at UGA, I knew quite a few hot sorority girls that had GT bfs. And I’ll leave you with this: Go Dawgs.

  19. I came back from Japan 18 years ago. I remember thinking. I can either live in Dixie Land or overseas. But now that I think about it, I think I could enjoy most rural areas and a few Southern or midwestern cities.
    Right now, I am looking at retirng and moving to some place like Argentina. Even if I have never set foot in South America. I can already understand Armand Alducin (a mighty fine Mexican preacher) in Spanish, even if I do not speak well.
    I can read though, and love learning languages. Eight years til retirement. Should be easy to speak damn good Spanish by then reading and listening to youtube Spanish shows.
    Completely off topic, but if you want to hear a smart preacher in Spanish, listen to Armand Alducin

  20. Grew up in Buckhead. It was a wealthy boring suburb at the time. Haven’t lived in Atlanta in many, many years, nor does my family, so I can’t really say what it’s łike in 2016. When I was growing up, the whole core became a ghetto wasteland nobody would set foot in after dark. This meant as a city, it wasn’t very walkable. People worked downtown and high tailed back to the burbs in evening. If was also quite racially segregated, and thus the tension was palpable. Old Southern families run in tight social circles, so I would imagine it’s pretty hard to meet the Southern belles you covet. Women in the 90s were still being raised to be someone’s wife. We were sent to high end colleges in order to meet suitably high end husbands. My first “very well educated, suitably gentile” husband was killed, along with one of his many mistresses, in a DUI accident. He was the drunk driver. Fortunately the only other victim was a very old willow tree. Apparently the Southern vetting process isn’t fool proof 😉 The city I hear is gentrifying rapidly, the attitude I doubt will ever change. There are both positive and negative aspects to so called Southern values. I don’t miss my hometown, but I do miss the climate.

  21. As much as I love rap, a lot of rappers are not alphas. They simply have the image. Most are no different than your typical mommas boys, pussy beggar, simps etc.

    1. The image is their source of revenue, laughably so when you see people who eat it up as the real thing.
      I had a friend (east indian so I cut him some slack) tell me Lil Wayne had some balls on him because of the way he conducted himself in a video taped deposition.
      I just shook my head…

      1. Yes! Most of them have their pockets finessed by the courts and countless women.

  22. I’m sorry but after having lived a few hours from there for about 10 years, I have no appreciation for southern women. It would appear that most women are whorish these days, so as far as I’m concerned I’d much rather have my skanks pronounce “wi-fi” correctly and not “wah-fah”. After so long, that accent is like nails on a fucking chalkboard.

    1. Dang hoss. I adore a nice southern belle accent. The genteel kind, not the trailer park kind I mean.
      Now a New England accent on a woman is perhaps the most God awful sounding thing ever created by human vocal chords.

      1. LOL I totally agree on the NE accent. There’s still a few southern girls I know back in Savannah that have pretty accents (and are pleasant to look at), but after living there for so long I’m just soured on GA in general.

        1. Gotta say, having lived 25 years in Savannah and 12 years in Atlanta, the Atlanta girls generally have a lot less attitude than the Savannah girls, likely due to the differing male/female ratios. But just thinking about the accent gives me a boner either way. Don’t understand how anyone could feel otherwise – there can’t be anything much more feminine than a sweet genteel southern accent.

        2. I totally admit that the accent is really feminine, but otherwise I really think I just hate Savannah that much.

        3. It’s my hometown and I just left it so I can’t blame you there. It’s bad enough for natives – no idea how outsiders manage it.

        4. I loved visiting there, but turns out living there was a different experience. I’m in the real estate industry and everything’s so locally focused there that regardless of the quality of my work, most of my potential clients would hire an agent locally, specifically because he was local (that was said to me regularly). Most of the business I’d get was from people that weren’t Savannah natives.
          Like you said, they’ve got a lot of attitude there. People romanticize it thinking everything looks like Oglethorpe Ave or Liberty St when 80% of it surrounding downtown is more depressed. I’m told SCAD breathed a lot of life into the city. Anyway, I’ve never been around locals so arrogant in my life, and over what, I just don’t know. I moved from there last August and haven’t looked back.

        5. Can’t argue with any of that. Funny, I moved away in August as well. Wonder if we know each other in the real world?

        6. I’m both a practicing attorney and a regularly performing musician. To my knowledge there are less than 5 people in Savannah who fit that description and I’m the only one who has moved recently. If you know me, that description will make it extremely obvious. If not, I’m still anonymous, although I don’t really care all that much – I don’t think any of my real life friends would be particularly surprised by my ROK comments.

        7. Okay, I knew a ton of real estate attorneys back in Savannah but none that played music.

        8. I did a handful of closings a year but was not primarily real estate. Thought it was possible that we might have crossed paths at some point though. Well, hope your move was a successful one. Cheers.

  23. Be prepared to lay it on the line the entire time you’re in Atlanta. Make your money and get the hell out.

  24. I’ve been in Atlanta for business many times and have noticed how nice women are —open and flirtatious. The only problem is, it’s Atlanta.

  25. You will never have to get in line behind me to move to Atlanta. The neighborhoods that aren’t ghettos are becoming over run with sodomites and leftists, the traffic is terrible anywhere within 40 miles of the place and anything you want to keep should be nailed down thoroughly.
    MARTA=Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.
    Rap sucks.

    1. Yeah, Atlanta is way too black for most the white people on here. Blacks in Atlanta tend to be way more educated and respectable than the national average. But it is also the mecca of black homosexuality. White people should be looking at states like Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming , almost exclusively white and not densely populated. The hutterites are really on to something.

      1. You can barely walk around parts of the city without stepping in black tranny shit. The black trannies have always puzzled me. ‘Machismo’ culture is pronounced in Spaniard/Latino Latin America and male tribal patriarchies were present in pre colonial tropical Africa. This black tranny doubtfully knows what the word patriarchy means
        ”hello, my name is brown shoogaa. You want some company senator?”
        Is this how the steptoe descendants of emancipated southern blacks empower themselves now to achieve parity with their counterpart mothers of the state? We must also note that circumcision rates for blacks born in US hospitals reached an all time high in the ’70s at 91%. So he was a chopdick with an empowered single mother. That seems to be the recipe for becoming a cross dressing fag.
        Is there a ‘hyper’ word for the rectum of a homo, a word similar in meaning to women’s hyper-gamy? Trannies seem to be hyper rectal. They’re hyper with their ass holes. Black trannies talk much about their assholes and what their assholes can do. It’s not a pussy, it’s a stinkng shitter fool.
        Once while I accidentally went to jail for a weekend, a tranny was in a cell down the hall and talked loudly for hours about how the asshole is better than a pussy and other blacks in there quipped back and forth through the bars debating pussy vs asshole. ”you don’t know what my ass hole can do, honey child” the tranny would say. ”My asshole got them muscles” ”nigga you be all over me when my asshole starts mouthing on yo dick” the he-she said. Obviously this black male was claiming that his/her asshole was his bread and butter and he defined himself by his foul crapper much like the tranny pictured above.
        White gen x homos are equally depraved and also shared a high circumcision rate around 80% but the blacks topped all groups in getting chopped and also in numbers raised in fatherless homes with their mothers being government assistance state whorebrides. The mothers of the white fags tended to be whorebrides of the divorce rape industry.

  26. Atlanta was great 10 years ago. Now it’s full of Indian immigrants, blacks and SJWs from the film industry which has left California for the friendly tax climate of GA.
    This place is a sinking ship.

  27. Conservatives in Atlanta? Perhaps if you’ve taken a time machine back to before, say, 1965. 🙁
    Does the author of this article not realize that Atlanta is not only the “Baltimore” of Georgia but is the city that serves to elect the ultra-liberal moron Hank “Helium” Johnson, the buffoon who immortalized himself by claiming that too many US military personnel on Guam would cause it to tip over?

  28. 35,000!? I hope that’s yearly. Mine is 3,600 a year; gosh, cities are expensive.
    I guess cities pay better. That’s still really expensive.
    (Here 75,000 will buy a nice townhouse to own permanently in the center of town. 50,000 can buy a nice house or trailer with a large yard. 100,000 can buy a 5 bedroom mansion.)

  29. Wow, I actually went to Magic City when I was stopped over at the bus station, when I was 18.

  30. Aren’t Southern women predominantly more overweight than women elsewhere? I think this used to be the case, but maybe the rest of the nation has caught up and now we’re all equally chubby? I recall in the 1980’s thinking that there were a lot more chubbies than I was used to in Ohio.
    Cheyenne, Wyoming for me, thanks. Columbus Ohio is pretty nice as well and filled with thin college aged girls. Been to Atlanta a couple of times, the traffic always seemed excessive to me. Pretty enough as cities go, but not sure I’d want to put up with all that traffic all the time.
    Something about skyscrapers being dwarfed by mountains, that I find really appealing. Plus, Cheyenne is so damned conservative it’ll make your head spin. Even the Democrats in Wyoming are more conservative than most GOP outside of the state. Great place, pretty girls, pretty scenery, lots of people carrying guns, lots of people respecting your rights and privacy. It’s so full of win that it’s unbelievable.

    1. Been to Cheyenne quite a number of times. No skyscrapers or mountains. In fact, no skyscraper in the whole state.
      As far as “larger” cities there with real mountains in the area or in the background, sure you’re not thinking of Laramie or Casper??
      Cheyenne area is hills.
      Inaccurate descriptions like this will only create false impressions to those who have never been there.

  31. When is the best time of the year for an outsider to visit? I’m disinclined to visit in the summer due to the weather, but I wonder if all of the SEC girls new in town would make the trip worth it.

  32. During a trip to the old USA a couple of years ago, I decided to visit Atlanta since it’s not the usual touristy place to go. Gotta say, I loved it. I stayed in a small hotel just off Peach Tree in midtown. It just seemed a cruisy place which is steaming ahead. If I was gonna move to the US and make a living, ATL would be high on the list. My only gripe is there are a lot of fucking Yankees, I don’t think a heard a southern drawl once 😉 I was a bit disappointed. LOL
    Oh, it’s also got a booming film industry, if that’s your calling. It’s the Hollywood of the South, without the pretentious asses and leftist PC dickheads.

  33. High levels of violent crime means much of the city is off limits, esp. after dark. Black run city means whitey is always treated as 2nd class citizen. This is their city, they will never let you forget it. Most of the people that live long term in Atlanta will be cool aid drinking SJW types who are incapable of seeing the ugly nature of Atlanta because that would be “racist”. Lots of drugs, mudsharks, traffic jams, sports obsessed bubbas, unbearably large crowds at every cultural event, sausage fests at every single bar or club you go to (the supposed awesome guy/girl ratio of Altanta is a complete myth, unless you’re talking about church), guys who will jump through hoops to get the attention of fat chicks and a hyper-black focused culture from the arts/music scene to the advertising. This is NOT a walking city. You will be forced to drive to the little pockets of civilization scattered throughout the area.
    And don’t even get me started about the suburbs outside of Atlanta, a soul-less wasteland custom designed for the gaggles of entitled Land Rover and Mercedes driving divorced bitches with frosted hair, skinny jeans and high heeled boots.

    1. What’s with the prevalent “suburb hate” that I find on so many sites? The suburbs are built for a specific purpose and are full of decent people. “Soulless”? Well if “soulful” means being like the inner city, fuck that. We have cookouts, neighborhood activities, our kids play ball outside with each other in relative safety, things are clean and people are generally friendly and look out for each other. So we don’t have ten different Asian restaurants and pretentious jazz clubs, who fucking cares?

      1. All suburbs are not the same. I am commenting on the suburbs north of Atlanta. I have lived in suburbs in other regions that were as you described, very nice places filled with friendly normal people.

      2. How many different Asian restaurants do you have? I mean, ok not 10. But I assume at least 7 right? I mean, you need to have at least one Laotian joint right?

    2. ”gaggles of entitled Land Rover and Mercedes driving divorced bitches with frosted hair, skinny jeans and high heeled boots.”
      Sir may I borrow your thesaurus. I have plenty of Grey Poupon but your descriptives are uniquely fresh. Words like that really cut the mustard.

  34. I live in West Texas, which is another haven for “traditional” women….and let me tell you what that REALLY means: spoiled brats who expect the guy to do EVERYTHING. They are SO used to being treated like royalty by “southern gentlemen” that they have come to EXPECT it. Add to this the steady diet of social media attention, and you have a recipe for insufferable bitches.

    1. I love Texas, I can get along with people as if I were at home. Dallas is awesome.
      PS: maybe you need more patience with the ladies…

  35. Atlanta has the highest Genital Herpes rate in the country…so there’s that.

  36. I laughed when I left the newspaper stand and the woman working behind it gave me one of those,”Yall come back.” Very charming.

  37. The fact that an ugly, humid, Africanized hellhole is justifiably one of the better cities in America should tell you all you need to know about America … I’ll leave Atlanta to you gents, I’ve got a passport.

  38. Too bad it was rebuilt after Sherman burned that bitch down. Side note: he predicted the South would lose its ass in a war, then delivered that ass kicking himself. Went to school with their spoiled brat officers, and called all of those rednecks for what they were- traitors. Also followed the rule that nobody gives a shit when soldiers die, but when you burn their properties down they surrender in a jiffy.

  39. I don’t really care about what’s the best city in America. Let’s discuss what we all think would be the best country to move to.
    Of all the countries I’ve visited, Costa Rica seems like a place I could see myself living. I really admired the simple life and the people’s love of nature. The women there aren’t really that attractive, but there are no degenerates with tattoos or purple hair.
    The simple pure life is what I’m seeking.

  40. Surprised to read this, was hoping that ROK would actually point out
    how ATL has gone so downhill recently and why it should be right there with Toronto and San Francisco, if white girls are your thing like you said in number 1. Somewhat disappointed that this article was posted, it is not good advice at all.
    I used to live in Atlanta , would not recommend it unless you’re into black girls, white girl quality in the city is one of the worst in the country IMO. Charleston and Nashville are far better options.
    For the part about “southern girls”.
    I have found that a lot of the sorority sisters, especially the better
    looking ones, tend to prefer going to Nashville, Charlotte, or
    Charleston after college. Atlanta has the reputation of being “ratchet”
    among a lot of people which makes a lot of the top tier Greek Life crowd generally head to other more “southern” cities. You will find far
    better quality in terms of looks when it comes to cities like Charleston
    and Nashville compared to Atlanta.
    The southern girls you find in Atlanta are the trashy Nascar trailer park types, far from the classy southern girls you would find in Nashville.
    The Greek Life crowd doesn’t go away that easily in the ATL either. I used to live in Buckhead and it was the same politics that you would see in an SEC college town. Bartenders at the popular bars were mostly all former fraternity brothers and the girls that were heading out generally headed out with the same types of former Greek Life crowd. The city is very spread out to where every area has its own distinct crowd, Buckhead was practically Greek Life 2.0 and most of the people stuck with the same Greek crowds.
    2. Politics.
    Overwhelmingly Democrat and liberal. Mostly due to the high black population but also due to lots of transplants from the north coming down. The feminist culture has gained some serious ground there compared to other southern cities which are relatively conservative. Last time I was there, I almost got into a fight for wearing a Trump Make America Great Again shirt.
    3. Low cost of living = lots of 30k millionaires.
    Tons of posers and tons of fake new money flashy baller culture that makes some people dislike LA. Atlanta is pretty much a poor man’s Los Angeles, it is not the NYC of anything. Same ol posers who make 50k a year but flash the wealth like crazy, having an massive ego to go with their mediocre careers. A lot of these guys also becoming annoying cockblocks when they see guys from other places doing well.
    Let me just round this off.
    Who Atlanta is good for = guys that like black women or very ratchet redneck white girls.
    Who Atlanta isn’t good for = guys that are into anything else.
    Nashville, Miami, Charleston, and Charlotte are way better options down south.

    1. “Is Roosh purposely attempting to destroy the ROK blog?”
      …like Merkel is destroying Germany?… LOL – yeah gotta wonder with this article. I think a lot boils down to individual preferences in cities. For every srticle that praises a city, there are commenters with difference of opinions. Dunno – maybe the only decent places are pnes that have to be accesed via passport, i.e. outside wasteland USA

  41. Atlanta is frighteningly twisted. I rank it the second worst city in America, right behind Houston, Texas. I have never seen so many angry, hateful, I-wanna-kill-every-white-man-I-see Africans as I have seen in Atlanta.
    If you want to be around nice women who like American men, go to Canada. I’m not talking about Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto. I’m talking about virtually any city or town away from those three major urban areas.
    I went up there not too long ago (primarily to Saskatchewan and Alberta) and I have never had so many women lining up to bang me. Why? Just because I have my own business, and I’m an American. There are a boatload of Canadian women who want to marry an American, so they can get dual citizenship. As a group, they are extremely pleasant and polite, they make great social companions, and they will back you up in a bar fight, while offering to pay the tab afterward…
    The airports aren’t on lockdown like American airports. You can actually fly from Point A to Point B without having to pass through nine metal detectors, while being groped by goons who have “Small Penis Complex”. And if you’re on a budget, they have a great cross-country bus system – the buses are plush, too, filled with nice, polite people, and they actually show movies on them.
    I spent some time in a surreal little town named Wakaw up in Saskatchewan. Population, about 577. Complete strangers actually said hello to me as I walked down the street. Not some of them – all of them. I was so stunned I didn’t respond, when the first couple of people did this.
    But after a while, I felt like I was in some incredible, heavenly, alternate universe. (People actually leave their doors unlocked in that small town. And not a single SJW could be found anywhere. No chicks with My Little Pony hair and/or tribal face piercings, none of that shit. And that’s pretty much the way it is in every small town in Canada, if that town is 50 miles or so away from any larger city.)
    Overall, we’re talking about a country filled with very polite women, which features very few available single men who have their shit together. It’s a goldmine for American males.
    So do the requisite mental math, and then do yourself a huge favor – and go buy a plane ticket.

    1. With race relations ranging from toxic to deadly in America, why would a normal non-self-hating white person move to a black dominated mecca like ATL that will only get darker and more dangerous over time? Really, there are so many other places you can live where you won’t be subjected to overwhelming amounts of black crime and hostility. I guess if you were moving from Detroit, Atlanta would be an improvement. For everyone else, look elsewhere.

  42. No offense to the author, but this article is absolute horseshit. For one, let’s be honest, African American women are rarely attractive. And that’s 50 percent of atlanta. 40 percent are white. And i guarantee you 95 percent of those guys are going for the white girls. There’s enough of a supply-demand problem as it is taking into account the astronomically low portion of normal weight women. It also has no bustling areas. Rap is has a god awful effect on dating. The one good thing is that it’s expensive. But so are thousands of other crappy towns in the usa. The only half decent big city for men in usa is chicago and maybe seattle. Plus new york of course if you’re going for the foreign girls. But from a dating perspective, if you’re a man, you should really high tail it the fuck out of usa, there are so many disadvantages compared other countries.

  43. There’s only one problem with this article. There’s a lot of black trannies in Atlanta. As a straight black man I would not want to have anything to do with that. I’ll visit and do business but I won’t be living there.

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