One College’s Bizarre Approach To Sexual Assault

Antioch College is a small, liberal arts college in rural Ohio. It was shut down in 2008 because of funding issues, but recently reopened and has received many applications – although the enrollment in October 2012 was only 75 students with many students declining acceptance. Apparently, many students turned down the chance to attend an “elite” school to help rebuild the decayed institution.

Antioch College was founded in the middle of the 1800’s and was a bastion of progressive politics from its inception – it was one of the first schools to accept applications from black people. Its stature grew over time, and had its heyday in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was a center for the anti-war movement, anti-racism and feminism. The school was committed to democracy and community governance – which includes students. Students play a real, active role in the governance of the campus and the development of school policy. Further, the students do not receive grades, but detailed breakdowns, over several paragraphs, of their professor’s opinions of the student’s performance. Part of this is to break down the hierarchy between professors and students in order to foster more equal relations.

The school began to decay in the 1980’s and 1990’s and really tailed off in the 2000’s – and was not helped by it’s absurd sexual assault policy articulated in the 90’s.


What makes the college of interest isn’t their cartoonish commitment to liberalism, but their real and absurd sexual consent policy. In 1990-1991 term, a couple of date rapes were reported to the school. Remember this – two date rapes that were never substantiated were used as the impetus for producing this policy. A group called “Womyn of Antioch” began to rumble about how the school did not take sexual assault seriously enough and some women actually stated the school actually wanted to encourage sexual assault of women – sound familiar? That spurred the group to produce a new university code applying to sexual assault. It was not formalized at the time, but it was the next year.

The code developed a new standard for deciding whether a woman consented to a sex act or sexual contact – “the act of willingly and verbally agreeing to engage in specific sexual contact or conduct.” Also, the school stated a position that sexual assault isn’t just a violation of an individual, but a violation of the community. Yes, they collectivized sexual assault – it isn’t just one woman’s problem, but every man and woman’s problem. The piece was gender-neutral, but feminist writing on the policy quickly reassured distraught equalists that it really is about women. Feminists further argued even when the policy’s approach recognizes a male victim, the policy is still based solely out of helping women – men are just incidentally helped as victims. The real purpose was to cure the campus of male privilege by forcing men to divest themselves of rape culture that is part and parcel of hooking up on campus.

The policy was modified, refined and codified in 1996. In the time before that, the policy attracted a media circus, which mostly mocked the approach. Some commentators, such as the insufferable Ellen Goodman, endorsed the approach in the national press. The attention was not welcome for the university, as they see themselves as morally superior to rest of the knuckle-draggers that inhabit America. Antioch College saw the criticism as misogynistic, rape-supporting and reeked of people who refused to understand Antioch College’s superior wisdom and morality that rids the world of sexuality sexual assault.

There are two very striking aspects of the policy, both relating to consent and what it means. First, is the need for verbal approval. The policy explicitly states that silence is not consent nor is body language – unless a person explicitly states he or she consents, then it is not consent. The aforementioned Ellen Goodman mentions that in movies women can consent with eye contact and body language, but this school takes the “better” approach of requiring verbal consent.

The reality is that people who support this policy are narcissistic losers who only know how to interact with other humans in their head – i.e. they don’t how to deal with others in real life. They don’t know how to interpret body language, most assuredly in the sexual arena. To them, two people meeting and engaging in the timeless dance of seduction and sex is absolutely foreign to them. In their world, the only way people have sex is through an escalation of verbal agreements. This robotic approach to natural human relations is very narcissistic, as it is completely represses feelings of lust and desire.

Further, consider the escalation doctrine. In order to meet the consent standard, you must ask and receive verbal approval for any escalation of sexual activity. For example, let’s say you go to the bedroom with an Antioch female and you have verbally escalated to making out. Before touching her boobs, you have to ask for consent. So, you have to stop kissing and ask if you can touch her boob. Then, if you want to lick her boobs, you have to ask for that. If you want to do anything beyond that hasn’t already been verbally agreed to, you have to ask. Can you imagine doing this drunk – can you remember all the shit you asked for? It is an incredibly fumbling way to approach sex. If you take some woman to the bedroom, is making out with you – body on body – she knows damn well where she wants this go. She wants to have sex. You know damn well what you want. You want to have sex.

What if you forget you only asked to fondle her left boob and not her right? Touch her right boob and now, under this administrative standard, you are now a man who has committed sexual assault. You would have been administratively deemed to have committed the same act if you broke into her dorm and room and forcibly raped her. Always beware of Orwellian designations that group vastly different behaviors under one umbrella term.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRx4nBgqpJ4K_DPDtwnUaX...GmNyGFwg29]

This policy is just moral puritanism taking the form of feminist sexual policy. It has the stab of something we would have gotten from some Cotton Mather type of person. This sort of policy does nothing to stop sexual assault and penalizes a whole raft of behavior that really is just misunderstanding or, usually, nothing at all. All it does it create a chilling effect on the expression of sexuality – which is the real impetus for this policy.

Criminal law in the United States is more than adequate to deal with sexual assault. Further, there are Constitutional safeguards that the accused get that they do not at the collegiate level. In civilized republics, we should place a higher value on protecting the accused rather than over-zealously hunt for offenders. This Antioch approach not only is frightfully skewed in favor of women and the accuser, but also relies on administrative law which has fewer Constitutional safeguards than criminal law.

The true fire for this policy is to put an administrative chill on the expression of sexuality. You can use your religion, you can use morality in general or you can use fear of sexual assault – at the end of the  day, it is based out of the need to drown out anti-social thoughts in the heads of the puritans. The supporters of Antioch College’s policy approach are, essentially, closeted freaks. They tamp down, drown out and do their best to ignore all their deviant sexual thoughts and need to oppress other’s expression of their sexuality in order ease their puritanical anguish.

In general, the administrative framework developed to deal with sexual assault cases by universities is woefully lacking – especially after Obama lowered the evidentiary standard for administrative proceedings dealing with sexual assault accusations. The twin vector’s of Antioch’s approach and the Obama standard create a dangerously puritanical atmosphere on Antioch’s campus that is aimed at burying human sexuality in America’s narcissistic closet as deep as it can. Nothing sounds so good to narcissistic puritans as the complete disavowal of sexuality and the anxiety that stems from expressing that sexuality.

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48 thoughts on “One College’s Bizarre Approach To Sexual Assault”

  1. I went to this school! God do I have stories from that place… actually it was pretty easy to get pussy there just because there were so few, unapologetic straight males… I was just about the only one. In public people talked tons of shit to me, about how I was “the oppressor” and shit like that, but in private there were a lot of girls who just wanted some hetero dick. And I never did the “can I touch you” thing, it was a joke, I don’t know if anyone really followed it.

    1. Hahahaha. You oppressor you. “Can I ravish you, now?”
      I am in Zenith, Ohio located near famed Yellow Springs. It’s just
      down the road. I grew up here back in the 70s and have returned to help
      my aging parents.
      Yeah it’s full of angry bulldykes. They destroyed the school and it shut down. Cannot imagine young women visiting the place to evaluate as possible school choice and deciding to go there unless they were full on butch. I have encountered some serious assholes in Yellow Springs, while surrounding communities of rednecks and blacks are much more hospitable.
      Off-topic but found graves in nearby Clifton Gorge cemetery for my g-granduncle who died there of Cholera in 1852, and his sister, sometime around 1900.
      40 years ago, 1973, I took a gal to the nearby state park. We wandered up though the campus where a bunch of guys were playing electric jazz guitar, quite good really. Nearby there was a large mural featuring long-hair Anitoch dudes clearly being center of attention with the women in the background. Patriarchy! Probably painted around 1968-69. I’ll bet it was covered with some goddess mural in the years that followed.

      1. The amazing thing is, they never look at the history of this school and ask themselves…maybe we are doing something wrong?
        Also, was the reason it closed due to no men wanting to get ass raped in prison…I mean apply there?

      2. “angry bulldykes”…really? Feel free to express your opinions as you have in your comments, but you don’t have to be offensive. It detracts from the point you are trying to make and automatically distances yourself from many readers.

  2. You know whats amazing is how once upon a time I thought feminism meant something completely fucking different. This horse shit thats peddled by progressive weaklings is designed to shame masculinity. They frown on anything thats manly: guns, football, weightlifting, the military, MMA, hunting, gambling, sports in general – if it is risky, aggressive, physically challenging or ‘exclusive’ then they oppose it. Apparently, there are still some bitches out there who at least have the moral courage to adhere to an older, saner, version of “feminism”… like here:

    1. Because probably it meant something different as well back then. Is not the “upper-class women privilege” movement of today, making the rest work their asses off and putting them on the path of eternal singlehood.

    2. Don’t forget about urinating while standing upright. “Too aggressive.” You probably didn’t get the memo either.

  3. This is just an example of Elmer’s Maxim : When an organization becomes feminized, focus shifts from the efficient production of goods and services to establishment of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.
    Exhibit A : Antioch College

    1. You did a good job pointing this out. I was thinking the same thing. I’m waiting for more universities and colleges to die off like Antioch College because I’m sure this will happen for many different reasons. One of them is as more universities and colleges become more feminized and feminasty as well as less masculine and anti-male then more of them will die off. This will happen whether or not they become as stupid, evil and unsufferable as Antioch College.

      1. Young women still go to college to meet young men. When the atmosphere and payoff repels men universities will go into decline. With the rise in low-cost online education many schools will not be able to compete. Seems though that all the college advertising I see hilites young women gearing up for careers. Women are the biggest consumers of academia now.

        1. If the quality of health care declines, it won’t be because of a lack of men in the field. Largely due to insurance costs, automation is going to replace doctors and surgeons a lot faster than people realize. Technology advances are extrapolated into every industry. The moment it becomes cost-effective, humans will be replaced. And that is going to happen in your lifetime.

        2. Well, I’m currently in this exact situation right now. I’m a young physician assistant (not a doctor) currently being mentored by a female doctor (who also happens to be extremely attractive, married, and quite flirty….which is a story for a different thread 😛 ).
          Anyway, she’s actually good at her job and she’s a good teacher. One of her major concerns is health care spending and she does a very good job at getting things done in an efficient matter.
          There are also 2 other females docs here though. From what I saw of them, I was not impressed.

        3. Thanks for your input. Be careful around these women as you progress in your career. Do not reveal details about your personal life to them and do not allow them to use you as an emotional sop. Stay professionally detached and aloof. Avoid being alone with them. When their personal lives go awry they may look to you as a scapegoat.

        4. Hardly. Women are grossly underrepresented in tech fields. You know, cause of men oppressing them and a lack of environmental stimulus. Of course, it has nothing to do with an inherent advantage men have in math and science.

  4. It is unreal that something like this actually exists. This is the kind of thing you’d expect them to make fun of on sitcoms.

  5. I like your articles but you need to find new ways to say ‘narcissistic’.

  6. Only one thing to add – Puritans are fundamentally a sex cult, which you help demonstrate.
    By destroying the masculinity of 99% of the males, the remaining 1% (and the butch lesbians who wish they were males) get to have their way with the remaining women. Just look to Evan Cary’s comment – he was an accidental benefactor of a system which is designed to create harems for the leaders.

    1. Until the 1% get reported by one of the girls. A bit more pussy isn’t worth getting in such a risky school.

  7. These femcunt policies only apply to men. Women can act as slutty, outrageous and sexual as they want without condemnation or punishment. I bet the “date rape” epidemic is really an epidemic of drunk sluts exploiting their privileged gender status to falsely accuse men of rape as revenge, as a power trip, or as any other host of exploitative reasons. Nobody would ever have sex with the way the West burdens men and absolves vaginas of their poor choices.

  8. “Sexual Assault” is such a loaded term and that’s why the feminist media and law enforcement use it. If they were to say a woman had her butt slapped by a man she knew and kinda liked, but later felt violated by the butt slap, instead of reporting it as a “sexual assault”, everyone would laugh at how ridiculous these “sexual assault” incidents are. But that why the news never gives you the details of what actually happened for a man to be charged with sexual assault, because they know the audience would laugh if they knew the truth.

  9. Brilliant article. The college seems to be a fascinating microcosm of the death of western civilisation

    1. heck a cool follow up experiment would be [borrowing from peter thiels free island experiment] make two colleges, one run traditionally [patriarchy manosphere friendly, so probably more free market meritocracy] one run like antioch. students pay the same money and can vote with their feet [i.e. move from one college to the other at any time], same with the faculty.
      see which one produces something actually worth a damn.

      1. There already WAS such an experiment, it’s called The New School University in NYC. That place was practically Antioch on the East River with Transgender Bathrooms being installed before the provosts and board of trustees panicked and saw the light (NO MONEY! NO ENROLLMENT!). Now they are following the lead of New York University in everywhere. What’s a feminist transgender-economics studies major to do now???? Get a job, that’s what.

  10. How often do you stop in the middle of seduction to ask “Do you want to fuck?” If not having expressed verbal consent counts as rape, then I must’ve been raped like a hundred times.
    A better criteria for rape would be that if someone seriously and explicitly says No/stop, and the other guy doesn’t stop, then it’s rape.
    “Don’t question the victim” is a common fallacy employed by these “social justice” types. It’s only enforceable through emotions, as in screeching about how awful and insensitive you are when you question if the victim might be exaggerating/lying.
    What the college proposes sounds like reasonable request, but actually leaves a significant grey area, and allows the woman complete monopoly on claiming victimhood as long as she doesn’t say anything beforehand.

  11. If they require verbal consent, how am i supposed to smash a deafmute? they need dick, too.

  12. For some reason, The New School For Social Research, Graduate Faculty is chock full of Antioch graduates, and boy, do these cats love to “protest”, god bless’em! My politics is hard left (I’m African-American) and I studied urban policy at The New School, but even I had to roll my eyes at how these guys tried to recreate their own little Antioch in New York City. Every semester in the late ’90s, the NSSR was shut down or in revolt for something or other, and “revolutionary” leader were usually Antioch grads, getting their Phd’s while living off of trust funds. I was surprised when I saw many of them move over to Occupy Wall Street now that NSSR is practically like NYU now.

  13. A policy like this places a woman in the state of a perpetual victim, so weak, so endangered, so fragile, so pathetic, weak, and tragic that every little action must be checked and rechecked. It says a woman is powerless and incapable of saying when things have gone as far as she wants them to go. It’s utterly, ruthlessly, dis-empowering of women.
    Of course, though, it’s not even about the woman. Or the man, or gender politics at all. It has nothing to do with feminism, liberalism, or being progressive.
    The entire policy is down as-is for only one reason… as a litigation shield for the university.
    It’s the same kind of thinking that compels instruction manuals to warn you not to expose your product to fire or open flame, or not to stick your hand in a spinning lawn mower blade. It’s there because if it wasn’t, someone could try and sue the university on the grounds they encouraged rape. And by having the rules on the books, no matter how stupid, they now have a litigation shield.
    It’s easy to look at this policy and think of it as some crazy version of feminism run completely out of control, but what it is really is, and what this article should highlight, is that it’s all about protection from frivolous lawsuits. They’re happy to let you think it’s political, but it’s not. It’s about them covering their asses in the face of an era of lawsuit-happy Americans.

    1. What you’re saying is that it’s just a protection, not a real policy meant to be respected. It’s even worse ! It means every male student is supposed to act normally but may be charged for it !
      Anyway I don’t believe it, given the kind of school it is, I’m sure the primary goal wasn’t to cover their ass, they really believe in those absurdities.

  14. Not only are some private institutions becoming misandrist ; some public schools are walking down this path.Note: I am a junior at a high school in central Ohio (I will not post the name, but the city is located northeast of Columbus just north of the airport).In our sophomore year at the high school we take a class called “health”. In this class we go over a unit referring to human sexuality, sexual harassment,
    and sexual assault (already a red flag here). Basically the unit was just one long
    misandrist rant on how guys should repress their sexuality and women can do
    whatever they want (sound familiar?). Here are a few of the many examples from
    our study guides.
    Sex Role Stereotypes
    Masculine: Feminine:
    Strong Gentle
    Aggressive Weak
    Active Fearful
    Decisive Uncertain
    Independent Passive
    Athletic Emotional
    Responsible Quiet
    Brave Dependent
    Loud Shy
    Rugged Patient
    Impatient Sensitive
    Competitive Considerate
    Confident Graceful
    Basically they just described the perfect woman to me.
    “…There are not two ways of thinking, feeling, and acting; on for males and one for females only. Each person is an individual.”
    Dealing with sexual responsibility
    “…A sexually responsible person behaves in positive and constructive ways – not ways that exploit or hurt.” WTF?! x_x
    Sexual Harassment:
    “Sexual harassment means unwanted sexually oriented words or actions that hurt or humiliate people. It doesn’t matter how these words or actions are intended.”
    One final jaw dropper to end this.
    “If you laugh at jokes or stand by when friends behave badly toward others, you may be guilty of sexual harassment too.”
    I feel sorry for my blue pill friends that sat through that class with me. During that unit I felt like vomiting every single day.
    If you find this comment to be superfluous then i apologize. If you doubt my sources then no need to worry because i have the papers right here in front of my face as I’m typing this. If you want more examples of how obscene that unit was please feel free to ask me.

    1. You could have told the teacher you found this sexually oriented material hurtful, and that you were humiliated while listening. Go for their job, be the revolution that eats its young.

  15. Ahh, must love the American Obsession with preventing people from having (or enjoying) sex. Liberal or Conservative, they both want to preven you from having fun!
    I have got to move somewhere sane.

  16. I too have noticed that once women become the main players in an institution, the institution has either decayed or else already gone down hill into insignificance.
    Take classical music. Today female virtuosos are preferred and advertised (for most parts – wait for the female baritones!). Woman composers write new music using grant money. The players in the symphonies are become majority female.
    The consequence is that people avoid classical music. An Isaak Perlman or a Hermann Prey can move the soul. Sophie Ann-Mutter just gets the frilly parts right.

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  21. Hey all! Current student of new-Antioch. I find the policy to be really amazing. Everyone expresses sexuality differently, and when two people first begin to have sex, it is impossible to completely and transparently understand a partner’s boundaries and physical “tells”. Verbal consent levels the power between the sex-having people. At this point, it is part of our culture and is respected amongst the students and faculty. Much of the world of higher education is starting to catch on as well. Honestly, I never, even before Antioch, understood what the big deal is about making sure that the person you want to fuck also wants to fuck you. Can someone explain what is so weird about the idea of affirmative consent?
    On another note, it’s impossible to judge a culture completely and holistically without taking part in it. Maybe you all should try to ask for consent next time you fuck! It really isn’t hard, and if you are a robotic and uncommunicative person, then when you ask for consent it will be robotic. If you are passionate and expressive then your ask for consent will come out this way as well.

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