#GamerGate Proves That No Hegemon Is Everlasting

It seemed a typical September day in 490 B.C. Summer was turning into autumn, but the change in the seasons was probably not very apparent. Warmth still filled the air. So did fear. In fact, fear was probably the most palpable thing in the air that day, because this was not a typical September day at all.

Fear must have swept through every Greek man as he watched what was arrayed before him. From his safety on the heights overlooking the beach of Marathon, the Greek soldier saw the enormous host of the Persian King Darius. In their presence was the expelled Athenian Tyrant, Hippias. The Persians were present for only one reason – to subjugate Athens and punish its people for daring to take part in the revolt of the Ionian Greeks against their rule some years earlier. For this transgression, the mighty Persian King sought to punish tiny Athens, keeping the Athenians first in his thoughts by supposedly demanding a servant to remind him to “remember the Athenians” every time he took a meal.

Tiny does indeed describe Athens well, especially when considering the magnitude of the opponent the Athenian soldier faced on that September day. The Persian Empire stretched from the Indus to the Danube and from the Caspian Sea to Egypt. The equivalent today might be the entire United States ganging up on New York City.

Some in the city were so afraid that they considered surrendering immediately. And indeed, it was known that a large faction, including the sympathizers of Hippias, wanted to open the gates. The Persians banked on this too, and began to withdraw from the beach, leaving only a covering force.

Not one to waste such a golden opportunity, the Greek general Miltiades implored the other generals to take action, but many still did not dare. The fear among the soldiers had not missed many of their generals, and five refused to vote to attack, not wanting to leave the safety of their shelter. Miltiades, no doubt frustrated, turned to the decisive vote in the senior general, Callimachus, who had still not spoken. This is supposed to have been his passionate argument, one which has chilling similarities with what we are faced with today:

With you it now rests, Callimachus, either to bring Athens under slavery, or by making her free to leave behind you for all the time that men shall live a memorial such as not even Harmodios and Aristogeiton have left. For now the Athenians have come to a danger the greatest to which they have ever come since they were a people; and on the one hand, if they submit to the Medes, it is determined what they shall suffer, being delivered over to Hippias, while on the other hand, if this city shall gain the victory, it may become the first of the cities of Hellas. How this may happen and how it comes to thee of all men to have the decision of these matters, I am now about to tell.

Of us the generals, who are ten in number, the opinions are divided, the one party urging that we fight a battle and the others that we do not fight. Now if we do not, I expect that some great spirit of discord will fall upon the minds of the Athenians and so shake them that they shall go over to the Medes; but if we fight a battle before any unsoundness appear in any part of the Athenian people, then we are able to gain the victory in the fight, if the gods grant equal conditions.

These things then all belong to you and depend on you; for if you attach yourself to my opinions, you have both a fatherland which is free and a native city which shall be the first among the cities of Hellas; but if you choose the opinion of those who are earnest against fighting, you shall have the opposite of those good things of which I told you.

Callimachus assented. The Athenian hoplites, still no doubt feeling fear, turned it into aggression, charged forward, and, summoning powers they never knew they had, slaughtered the Persians. For this, Callimachus paid with his life, but it was a life not spent on frivolities, because with his vote, and the valor of the Greeks in the face of fear, the myth of Persian invincibility was shattered forever.


Persian interference in Greek affairs was cut short by only a decade, but the genie was out of the bottle. The progress of Persian arms could be blunted and repulsed.

Stories such as this span the ages. In 1809, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, was master of Europe. Almost the entire continent was either occupied by or forcibly allied to France. It is also very likely that Napoleon could have negotiated a favorable peace settlement with Britain had he agreed to some demands such as removing his Continental System. Napoleon, in his arrogance, not only did not remove the system, he attempted to replace the Spanish king with his own brother and, when Russia defected, gathered a massive army to invade it.

The result was a “Spanish ulcer” and a “Russian hemorrhage.” Seeing that Napoleon was now vulnerable, almost all of Europe, inspired by their hatred of the French Emperor, and no longer pacified by fear, smelled blood and rose in revolt against their master. The result was the shattering Battles of Vitoria and Leipzig, the invasion of France itself, and the banishment of this swaggering pest. Waterloo was but an afterthought, an inevitable final defeat resulting from the making of too many enemies.

It took a generation to defeat Napoleon. Men and women from many nations cooperated together as never before in the undertaking – the sailor in the Royal Navy, the Russian infantryman, the Spanish guerrilla. Though distant and different, they were all connected, fighting for a common cause.


It took over a century and a half of intermittent hostilities to come, but Greece eventually did topple Persia under its champion, Alexander the Great. Throughout the process, the disparate city-states united as a nation, ceasing their own incessant warring for a grand undertaking that could only be accomplished together.

In both cases, the hegemon became the hunted.

Are there similarities relevant to GamerGate? While it may seem odd to compare military campaigns to a consumer uprising, the root they all share is the one constant in life – power. In GamerGate, we see a hegemon intruding into new territory and attempting to take it over. The hegemon today is not composed of kings or emperors or their states, but the ideological zeitgeist of Cultural Marxism and its enforcing institutions, namely in the media.

Like Napoleon, it wants to turn the territory of gaming into another dependency, another satellite state to act as a booster and buffer for the power and safety of the conqueror. It is an intrusion that seeks to destroy a territory’s way of life, like the Persians in Greece.

The casualties of Cultural Marxism and its bullhorns have been immense, the power it wields over society, unquestionable. Many have transgressed against its norms over the years, especially in recent ones as its vice has tightened. It has become harder not to run afoul of its inquisition. Its zealots are constantly watching.

They have gotten a talented programmer fired for a few tweets, a revolutionary software developer fired for a small donation he made six years ago, a group of firefighters fired for years-old tweets, and, in moves which question their supposed stance of championing women, they have harassed and attempted to ruin the livelihoods of two successful women—one for a joke about AIDS, and the other for a remark she made many years ago. These are only a few notable instances among an uncountable number.

Cultural Marxists

Cultural Marxism’s victories have been numerous and varied. With such a fearsome reputation and maximum forward momentum, its adherents might not have been totally wrong to assume that they would be able to dictate to the gaming world (one of the few remaining holdouts that it hasn’t completely taken over) how it should operate.

But gamers, like the Greeks at Marathon, stood. They showed that they would not tolerate the corruption, the rampant proselytizing, the labeling, the attacks. They would not tolerate intolerant encroachments and appropriation of their community, their polis. Cultural Marxism doubled down, insulting them and inciting their ire even more. It might have been easy for gamers to be afraid, especially when mainstream news got involved, but they turned their fear to anger instead.

Like Napoleon’s enemies, gamers learned Cultural Marxism’s tactics and turned them on their creator. Many gamers in fact were probably sympathetic to Cultural Marxism, and have defected from their former allegiance, realizing its corruption and zealotry. They drew blood. Inspired by the gamers’ example, other factions hostile to Cultural Marxism have begun to join in. They smelled blood. A coalition is forming.

GamerGate Coalition

Julius Caesar noted that “in war, important events often result from trivial causes.” GamerGate proves the maxim true. If GamerGate teaches us one lesson, it is that hegemons, even when appearing invincible, always show cracks, and then fall. So it was with the Persian and French Empires, and we are seeing it unfolding before our eyes here. GamerGate will not destroy Cultural Marxism, but it has shown one thing – it is not invincible. Marathon has been repeated.

Hegemonies fall because power corrupts and corrodes itself through its own arrogance. It makes too many enemies, and at some point, those enemies are no longer pacified by fear. Once that element is removed, aggression is channeled by the hegemon’s many enemies to oppose and ultimately topple the regime.

The Persians thought they could conquer tiny Athens. They were wrong. Napoleon thought he could continuously maintain control of Europe. He was wrong. Cultural Marxists thought they would be unchallenged in their corruption of video games. They were wrong. All three cases are a violation of the 47th of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power:

Do not go past the mark you aimed for. In victory, know when to stop.

Hegemons have always violated this law, and it has cut them down at their knees, time and again.

Napoleon Defeated


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86 thoughts on “#GamerGate Proves That No Hegemon Is Everlasting”

  1. Weren’t you guys still pretending that this was all about ethics in video game journalism?

    1. This is the deeper picture behind the ethics in game (or other) journalism.
      Journalists are colluding to push their Cultural Marxist narrative on everyone. Gamers just wanted to play games. The “journalists” told them that wasn’t good enough and they had to use their bully pulpit to claim the territory for their ideological agenda.
      The unethical yellow journalism that we see is simply the symptom of the disease.

    2. Although I support Gamergate, I have never believed that it was really about journalism ethics. That was a symptom of the problem, the root of the problem was always SJW’s. I suppose focusing on the journalism aspect of it was just a useful tactic for making GG’ers look more like the good guys to neutral observers. Also, many GG’ers are actually liberals who would have to dramatically alter their own worldview by acknowledging what this is really about.

      1. “many GG’ers are actually liberals who would have to dramatically alter their own worldview”
        Liking to smoke dope or not having a problem with women or blacks in workforce and etc. does NOT equal liberal these days.
        What you’re mistaking for liberals are actually more libertarian than anything.
        Think Bill Maher with an X-Box controller in hand.

    3. “Weren’t you guys still pretending that this was all about ethics in video game journalism?”
      I’d be inclined to ask was not your side about ethics PERIOD?
      But that was decades ago.

  2. Too late for “in before ethics in game journalism.”
    For the short-sighted, the complete lack of ethics in Gawker journalism is part of their over-reach to push a controlling ideology. Propagandist journalism won’t reform and thus should be destroyed and replaced.

    1. Since their ethics is tied to apologism for feminist behavior, then criticism of gaming journalism is, and should be, a simultaneous attack on feminism. Gamergate should’ve never tried to sanitize their image to begin with. Display your flag openly and attack feminism face on.
      American society needs to relearn that “niceness”, feelings and social acceptability are all irrelevant in the realm of debate.
      Even if the opponents of feminism are all mean, hateful, harassing creeps, they’re still right.

      1. “Even if the opponents of feminism are all mean, hateful, harassing creeps, they’re still right.”
        Quote sums up everything about the manosphere.
        At the very worst we’re wrong for all the right reasons.
        At the very best they’re only right for all the WRONG reasons.

  3. Comparing gamers to some of history’s greatest generals is kinda overkill. But I still see this as a big blow to the fem-centric paradigm we’ve lived with for so long.

    1. My thoughts exactly comparing keyboard warriors with the real ones is definitely an overkill.

      1. Gents, it’s easy to see it that way, on the surface its almost blasphemous, but that’s not what the post is comparing. Its showing you that throughout history hegemons that are seemingly invincible due see defeat eventually. Alternatively, this article shows us that a seemingly weaker opponent, time after time, ends up defeating a large one which then leads to significant change. This is relevant because right now cultural marxism is hegemonic and things like the manosphere small and weak in comparison, yet, we will, eventually, prevail.

      2. Red pill uses military strategy to game some snatch, is that overkill? No, I like tang. So why not? We want to end this stupid shit right? Gotta fight smarter and with purpose, and all fights large or small have the same basic rules.

    2. Military analogies are apt for most everything. War is fascinating in part, because it brings out the extreme in us humans, both the good and the bad.
      As example, if you needed an analogy of harsh leadership, Xerxes having his bridge engineers executed, makes for a better example than your boss not giving you your birthday off.

      1. Exactly. Sun Tzu’s Art of War applies to military strategy over the millennium because it is truth, which also makes it applicable to everything else too. Hell, his book is mostly based on observation of natural phenomenon.

  4. Gamergate is just the start. But it’s a good start and we need to take advantage of the momentum generated to strike back at the feminazis in all other areas: workplace, family, laws etc…etc. Hopefully this will encourage men in other countries to rise up against this bullshit and restore society to a saner level.

    1. Exactly. I don’t get why feminists think people are hiding behind journalism ethics. Gaming journalism is a problem, feminism is a bigger problem. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.
      If Gamergate attacks both, all the better.

    1. “A volunteer firefighter, natural disaster-planning expert, and professional model, 28-year-old Kelly…”
      Always a “model” these hucksters.
      Although I see she is pro-gamer.

  5. Gamergate has woken up a lot people to rampant depravity and corruption, not just in gaming journalism, but all contemporary leftist movements. This is a backlash that is long overdue, a rejection of leftist degeneracy, and (hopefully) a return to decency/integrity.

  6. Good article and a good analogy for the situation at hand, though not without some key qualifiers. I agree with the description of the current situation and the success and precedent that gamergate has provided. However, I’d like to draw attention to picture of our present day enemies – see above you can’t miss it. Please note, those are not fierce Immortals or Lancers and I think that may have some relevance here. Look at that picture again…feel any disgust or almost a bit sick? You should, read close, those are weak people, left side of the bell curve folks. It still gets to me as to how those kinds of people were ever able to “defeat” us, particularly, the cultural archetypes they deliberately targeted i.e. the masculine warrior spirit of Ike or even the WWII vet most of us have somewhere in our family tree. Those people are the polar opposite of what our Father, Uncle, Drill Instructor, Mentor told us to be like…whiny, cry baby…dishonorable. Look at that heffer holding the “equals” sign…it says so much. I mean, could you be “homosexual” because you’re large and most boys didn’t pay attention to you and you might be antagonistic against boys? Speculative, yes, probable…sure. However, we must then account for the messages said heffer has received, which among many things would encourage homosexuality and bolster her hatred of males. Left out is any genuine concern that might require tough love, perhaps, loose some weight take care of yourself and then boys will pay attention to you? Instead, this heffer like all the rest of told to bask in their victimhood, as it is their source of power and why they have defeated us. At any rate, as we turn this tide that we’re not facing down Immortals or Lancers of yore might mean these cowards will prove to be a relatively easier foe to topple.

    1. Those heffers are the cannon fodder of the Marxist system. They are there as a buffer and as a detection mechanism for the state, which holds the true power.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how out of touch are some in the man-o-sphere… Gamers compared to Warriors like the ancient Athenians (my ancestors)? What is so heroic about Gamergate? That some people protested against the obvious corruption of gaming journalism, with their keyboards and mouses?
    First we have virgin man-childs writting essays about being an “Alfa Male”(tm), giving crappy advice to other virgins, and now this?
    With articles like this, you are turning the man-o-sphere into a laughing stock. I am a gamer myself, and i find all of this gamergate nonsense embarrasing. You are no warriors. You most probably have never achieved anything important in your entire pathetic life, IF you somehow think gamergate is important. Actually, you belong to the most pampered generation in the history of mankind. You never had to actually fight or strive for anything. It is insulting to even think about comparing yourselves to warriors who fought tooth and nail in the face of impossible odds. Those people were my ancestors, and even i don’t dare to compare myself to them, even though i have achieved much more in my life than a high score in a game or a lvl up in Wow…
    It is time to grow up… Stop embarrasing yourselves…

    1. Most men arrive in the ‘sphere for a reason.
      And that reason is usually something bad. It might be that something bad happened to you. It might be that you, yourself, are behaving badly. You may have grown up beleiving bad advise. You may be living your life according to bad guidance.
      The ‘sphere will tell it to you straight. The Red Pill is bitter. Some men can’t keep it down. We may arrive here thinking we will salve our egos, but those who stay pretty soon understand that true salvation means accepting reality and working and working and working to make the changes needed to achieve the life we seek.
      And part of that is understanding what stands in the way of that and clearing it from our path. This is the dynamic at play here, for those with the eyes to see it.
      Men have no need to grow up. We already did that.
      Now is the time for waking up. That is what is going on here.

      1. “Why do my eyes hurt?” “You’ve never used them.”
        Waking up isn’t easy and requires work, inner reflection, the shattering of false thought and reconciliation with past errors that are now clearly laid before you as your own damn fault.

        1. Indeed.
          We all know that the Red Pill can be bitter. Many men reject it, some catch glimpses of the real world and return to the comfort of the blue pill.
          Not every man will accept it.
          That’s what makes the recent manosphere traction so striking. Not just the increasing numbers of men waking up to it, but also (judging by the numbers of thoughtful, reasoned and interesting posts I see cropping up in response to misandric articles – even in the mainstream) the quality of men waking up to it.
          It’s leading to changes in many men’s behaviors, no longer willing to accept the diktats of the feminist juggernaut.
          The scale and quality of these changes are what’s different. These are interesting times.

        2. Maybe we’re turning a corner? It’s hard for me to see outside of these forums. The career professionals I work with are mostly blind to it.
          We need to just keep chipping away at the stone.

        3. I suspect ours may be a difference of perception.
          I am just about to enter my 6th decade. I can (just about) remember life before ‘female liberation’ had gained much traction. For the last 50 years I have witnessed the relentless march of feminism / leftism. Victory after victory, triumph after triumph, due mostly to men falling back, giving ground, because at our core we didn’t want to fight our women – it just felt ‘wrong’. The feminists are crowing over winning a war that the men never showed up for.
          That’s over now. That’s what’s changed.
          Men are starting to resist, to fight back. I see it everywhere, comments in mainstream media, the conversations I have with young men, the choices they are making – all different from just 5 years ago.
          It may not be obvious as it is mostly hidden in plain sight. Just as feminism had women band together to form one army of millions to force change, red pill awareness has in men, created a million armies of one.
          Change is being effected one man at a time. And the number and quality of such men is increasing dramatically.

        4. Thanks for the reply. I surely hope so, to late for you and I, but not my son.
          It must have been terrifying to watch that slow motion train wreck. Were you fully aware at the time of what was happening? Were your friends or family? Or was it like having to watch a murder that everyone around you is blind to? Thank God for the internet, most of us might think that we’re the only ones seeing this wretched mess.

        5. That’s the thing. I went along with the dominant cultural narrative like the good blue pill little boy I was brought up to be. I followed the prescribed behaviors and mouthed the same platitudes that most of the other men of my generation were taught – but it always felt ‘off’.
          One day in my 44th year, after my wife’s behavior failed to align with her words for the 10000th time (funny how it always seems to be women who drive men to the red pill isn’t it?) I could take the cognitive dissonance no more and started doing some digging that led me to the red pill.
          I think I spent every spare minute for the next two months reading and learning. So whilst I never had to suffer the years of the slow motion train wreck you mention I suspect I got all the pain, concentrated, un-distilled in one short period. It’s quite a thing to look back on your life with red pill eyes and see all the missed opportunities, all the paths not taken, all the needless pain caused by believing what you were taught and never listening to that feeling in your gut.
          But here’s the thing about the red pill. If you discover it a 44 as a women it will destroy you. If you discover it as a 44 year old man you still have time.
          The me of six years ago would not believe the life of the me of today. The way I treat me wife, the sex we enjoy, the career I have, the life I lead. My marriage is the best it has ever been, I’m in the best shape of my life, I don’t work anywhere near as hard as I used to, I make less money and yet I have more wealth.
          I am determined to make up for the years I allowed to be stolen from me because I did not question what I was taught.
          And a big part of that is teaching the red pill when ever and where ever I can – especially to the young ‘uns. My son, now in his twenties, discovered the red pill, separately, at the same time as me and he too is starting to reap the, lifestyle, romantic and career rewards that it brings. Nothing I have ever achieved in my life compares to seeing him START his life as a red piller for I have lived some of the pain he will now avoid.
          So having made the journey from blue to red, from a world where the blue pill was omnipotent, the fact that I see so many thoughtful, articulate, passionate articles and debates about the true nature of women and life in general is huge.
          As you say – thank God for the internet.

        6. This is power stuff, thank you Cadders!
          All of my Uncles went through the same shit. They all had a good father, who raised them to be good caring men, and they were all blindsided by a culture that had in the shadows completely changed the rules of the game for them, and they suffered needlessly for it. Some of them had kids, some didn’t, but the kids suffered too. Sad shit.
          I married young, and like you my wife would surprise me by her rash behavior and her unreasonable demands. Like you, red pill has made my marriage much better, and has allowed me to keep my life and finances in order, and actually live much happier. My kids have a chance for a good life with me around and able to pass this wisdom. That goes for sons and daughters. Some how though I am sure that they won’t believe me and will need a slow and patient dose of truth. My wife has no clue about any of the ideas of red pill, and discussing them with her would be a complete waste of time. They only really want you to lead them.

    2. I’m almost 50. I’ve been watching this culture of ours for a long time. I’m not prone to hysteria, so if I am alarmed, you probably should be, too.
      People a lot smarter, and wiser, than you are concerned. Take a few minutes to listen instead of criticizing.
      Here are a few things that have gone wrong:
      I have two daughters. Both are excellent high school students. Both have a red carpet rolled out for them in STEM fields. Neither is interested, though they have opportunities presented to them constantly. These are opportunities not offered to my son, who is vastly more interested in science and technology than either of them. Yes, he is male, and yes, he is suffering gender discrimination.
      Thanks to Obama and Holder, the rape hysteria has driven college campuses to be functionally no-contact zones. The risk is simply far too high.
      People are talking, with straight faces, about enacting laws to prevent “street harassment”.
      There are many more examples. What’s important about them is, what fueled these changes? The “new media” and social media. Low-cost, high-traffic media stirs people into a frenzy. The social justice warriors are able to effect real, important social change in a way that has never been seen before.
      What kind of a world are the social justice warriors driving toward?
      That is why GamerGate is important. People opposed to the social justice warriors are using their tactics against them. It’s a new world, and we have to learn to function within it.
      It’s a new world, and I’ll be blunt: If you aren’t concerned, you should be.

      1. “What fueled these changes? The “new media” and social media. Low-cost, high-traffic media stirs people into a frenzy. The social justice warriors are able to effect real, important social change in a way that has never been seen before.”
        Very well said. This has to be one of the most insightful posts here. The role of media is lost upon the majority of us it seems. We must never, ever underestimate the media.

        1. Thanks.
          Public opinion used to be shaped by (roughly in order of weight, varying by individual):
          1. Mainstream media
          2. Advertising
          3. Interpersonal interactions
          Now it is shaped by:
          1. Interpersonal interactions (exploded due to social media)
          2. Alternative media (e.g. blogs)
          3. Mainstream media
          4. Advertising
          We always did grant the greatest weight to what respected friends or colleagues said; only now the number of those people influencing us dramatically increased, and their rate of interacting with us increased also.
          I know women who form their opinions based pretty much entirely on what their Facebook or Twitter friends say.
          Unfortunately, social media has a distinctly feminine advantage. Women take gossip seriously; I ignore my Facebook because I recognized immediately that my opinions were being shaped by other people no more or less, well, usually less, knowledgeable than me.
          Adapt or die.

    3. The Boston Tea Party was also just about tea. Just a bunch of old white guys mad about the price of tea, right? A lot of things worth fighting for can be reduced to trivial nonsense when you put on the blinders.

      1. Haha, exactly!!!
        The line must be drawn, sometimes at something that seems so trivial such as the price increase of a baguette.

    4. They have conquered our reality, now they seek to conquer our virtual reality, it matters, and it is waking up those that have sought to find solace in a community outside of all of this bullshit, that’s why.

  8. I think the key dynamic is one of perception. People want to align themselves with winners. And often the reason for this alignment is because, well, the winners are winning. rather than due to what they stand for.
    Gamergate has opened up the indifferent and resistant to the Red Pill because the SJWs are, for the first time, losing in a significant and obvious way. Many people are starting to look for the next winners.
    Once the spell of invincibility is broken it is difficult to regain. Each new battle will contain seeds of doubt – victory is no longer assured – which work to increase the odds of actual defeat.The warriors become worriers.
    This is where we are at now. A tipping point. I would expect many more clashes to come and great efforts will be required. There will be reversals. But the dynamic is in place.
    Our greatest strength is simple – the Red Pill is based in truth. And truth will always win out.
    The battle is ours to lose.

    1. Don’t ever take for granted that the truth will win out. History has buried miles of truth that is hidden from us even now. Truth is always fought over, and must be won by each individual over each lifetime.

  9. An interesting point of view.
    The Greeks did in fact bring down the Empire, at great personal cost, over a hundred years.
    Though it is not just feminists. As you rightly point out, it is Cultural Marxism that is the main enemy. And Marx knew it was always the woman, like a snake in a fruit tree in paradise, that is the key to making men drop their guard.
    Feminism accomplished more than Hitler ever did. It has killed millions upon millions, and convinced everyone it is a great convenience to do so. It has crippled every institution to it’s knees, even the US military, by forcing all to worship at the altar of the vagina.
    There initial, and possibly their greatest weapon, is convincing everyone that their aim is harmless. Nothing to be certain that we all should worry about. And coupled with their hiding in plain sight. DV shelters, government and police agencies. No matter. As long as people see a building with a reputation for helping others, they will never assume to look for the exact opposite.
    Foxes should take notice, and hide in the hen house. The chickens will never see it coming.

    1. The Achilles heel of Man has always been women. Nobody told me that growing up, they buried that info.

  10. The history here isn’t so much a comparison as it is a lesson to established figures of power. For a while, Napoleon and France didn’t just consider himself to be invincible, so did every one else.
    When chinks in the armor were exposed, people realized that Napoleon could make mistakes. He could be beaten. (His disastrous invasion of Russia for instance.)
    For gamers and many others observing the mainstream gaming press, that invasion of Russia has occurred and been successfully repelled. The 11 articles in one day made us realize that they were afraid of anything changing the status quo of “pay to play” that is the disgrace of gaming journalism these days.
    For over 10 years they have brushed off these allegations and the suspicions of flagrant ethical questions in their journalism. It’s like they didn’t even know “conflict of interest” was a concept – something that ANY journalist should be aware of.
    Now main perpetrators of this – Gawker for instance – are starting to lose ground financially. The main lesson here is that the invincibles are no longer invincible.

  11. The declaration of a winner means nothing to the individual warrior. When fighting troops throw in the towel, it was because their gererals blow the whistle and announce ‘game over’. Unless captured and bound, ‘game over’ means nothing to the unconventional guerilla for example. SJW’s may be ‘weekend warrior’ guerillas or full time opertives. They may operate on their own terms and may specialize in certain situations which they can use their experience to engage. Some are feueled by pop culture vitriol against males and others are encouraged by family or tribal hubris or hatreds indoctrinated into them in their upbringing. They may find a niche in the system or be invited to join a team which carries out SJW motivated campaigns against safe targets.
    What they don’t realize is that when one declares a personal war against traditional families or against men in general, whether it be for personal reasons or out of indoctrination, it is A WAR and like with any war, any participant cannot inflict casualties and be guaranteed that they won’t become collateral damage themselves. Once you’ve declared a war – – EXPECT A FIGHT. The guerilla SJW’s along with the official socialist services and family court mobsters can’t actually believe that attacking men and their families is as easy and non risky as shooting fish in a barrel can they? THEY’VE DECLARED A WAR. Did they really want a WAR? We’ll see.

    1. This is a guerrilla war that will last the rest of our lives, but it is a good fight.

    1. They are going to play dead as their last tactic, and in 10 years, it’ll be just like 2013.

      1. Once the bulk of women are unable to attract the casual glances of alpha males kuz they’re too old or too fat, they’re going to start wondering where the money and providership is going to come from.
        Women are currently dominating the workforce and education systems… but we all know they don’t actually want the burdens of maintaining industry, initiating new avenues of research, and re-building a healthy economy. They’re going to look around at men playing X-Box and spending their money on themselves… This will be deemed as unacceptable. The fuck are those men thinking that they can just chill out and have fun?!? How the fuck1??1!!! Wow Just WOW!!!! I can’t even!!! ERRRORR ERRORRR!!!! System overload!!! #AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WTFF!!!!!
        They’re going to notice the immigrants marrying each other and starting families… and wont have the insight to put two and two together and realize that those women don’t behave like they hate their men… and as such actually have lives that extend beyond their narcissistic childish non-sense.
        I’m putting my money on Sweden going down first. They’re immigrating Islamic groups en masse and the women there think that all their Swede men are rapists and murderers… even though they have the most beta-ized emasculated baby-face males on the face of the Earth (those guys are friendly and live somewhat healthy lifestyles though I’ll give’m that). They somehow don’t realize that to maintain a population… they need to like… have babies… and like… fuck…
        Someone needs to drill it into their heads… without fucking… there is no future.
        Something like this…

        1. Hahaha! I agree. I really enjoy your guys perspective and completely agree with MGTOW, but I absolutely had to have kids. Some future me(s) that I can mold as I see fit.

        2. Swedes won’t go first, their women are gorgeous, and the men are thoroughly brainwashed to carry women’s roles. They do have kids, and you see the men walking the kids in the parks with smiles on their faces. They don’t have a family court system like ours either, no lawyers, and their accounts and assets are rarely owned jointly and you walk away after a simple divorce process.
          American women are the most dispicable creatures I’ve ever met, we’ll definitely have the honor of going down first.

        3. Hey man, I’m right there with you I would love to have kids.
          I’m just not in any position right now to do that.
          If I had absolutely no desire to have kids I’d just be a vagabond… The only reason I work on my career is so I can eventually afford kids… If it weren’t for that who knows where I’d be…

        4. I looked it up. You’re right. Sweden is rolling with 1.9 which is basically replacement levels. According to what I saw the US is also at 1.9.
          That is below replacement but not brutally below, like Italy (1.4) or Japan (1.4).
          This wikipedia page has a nice chart of birth-rate by country.

        5. You don’t need money to have kids, there’s plenty of proof for that, or to lock down a quality woman, plenty of proof for that too. A quality gal will let you have kids, raise them well and let you focus on work. Good luck!

        6. Cheers mate.
          I don’t know what you mean by having kids with no money, but I appreciate the sentiment.

    2. Reached high tide of success yes, of stupid shit and desperate fascism…not quite yet. They’ll pull out some truly heinous shit to force men to the table (AND MAN UP!), then it will be clear to any sane person that this shit is fucked.

    1. Perpetual conflict. We fight for our slices of solace. And in the end, we die…but we fight anyway, no?

  12. Is the #gamergate struggle a Stalingrad for the waffen SJW’s or is it the beginnings of a new Albigensian Crusade. Players in this little drama are even the same. One player a power hungry priesthood serving the Cathedral bent on a war of annihilation. The other powerless & poor seeking reform taking seriously the hypocrisy of the ruling clique’s priests. Pointing out the failings of the priesthood that claims to serve a higher purpose is a sure way to get that priesthood in a killing mood.
    more at:http://mesoreactionary.blogspot.com/

  13. This is my first post on RoK.
    It’s been fascinating for me – a vociferous opponent of progressives in the political sphere – to witness them invade the gaming world and meet heavy resistance there. The backlash is, for me, a small glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak cultural landscape ravaged by feminism, victimhood, and other SJW suckitude. I’m active in GamerGate because gaming is all I have left that has not been totally ruined by social justice and political correctness.
    The reason I am not as optimistic as this article is there is, sadly, a very active 5th column element fighting GamerGate from within the gaming community. We are not presenting the united front we need against the SJW menace. Useful idiots like “gamer” NFLer Chris Kluwe have large social media followings and use the platform for nonstop anti-GamerGate social-justice propaganda (I wrote a bit about Kluwe here: http://tinyurl.com/q8j85ow). “Nerd” celebrities like Wil Wheaton, Joss Whedon, Seth Rogen, and sci fi author John Scalzi have come out against the movement to ingratiate themselves with the female and white-knight beta fandoms who worship them.
    GamerGate is more like South Vietnam, being undermined by effete SJW gamers who swallowed the feminist line and view fighting “misogyny” as their ticket to some kind of mainstream acceptance (which they will never have). The best case outcome – when video games are inevitably ruined by SJWs like television and movies have been – is we will have done enough damage through this proxy war for a stronger opposition to the Evil Empire down the road.

    1. Good points,Rob. However,I’m a tad more optimistic. You mentioned that these misguided celebrities tip the scales in battle due to their fandoms but most people I know realize celebs don’t always tell the truth and everyone sees it when they say something exceptionally stupid.
      I’ve seen even non-gamergate neutrals say Joss Whedon referring to us as “KlanDayCare” was one of the stupidest moves in the playbook they’d ever seen. And Hawp official waying in on GG? Everyone knows Hawp is biased from the onset because of Anthony Burch and because Ashly Burch is starring in Zoe Quinn’s next game. Likewise Felicia Day freaking out at #GamerGate over the reactions of a “random” troll/harasser doesn’t hold any weight either.
      Celebrities are charismatic sure but they’re “useful idiots” more than they are a devastating secret weapon. They can certainly do some damage but the truth is the truth and eventually it bubbles up to the surface.
      (And according to a credible source the feds are looking into this and have already discovered two key ant-GG personalities made threats to themselves. Wish I could give you more sir,but that’s all I know so far.)

    2. Agree with you I’m not very optimistic. Just look at the queen femicunt Anita who had the Colbert Report as a platform to spew her nonsense while that mangina just let her speak. The mainstream still views gamer gate as mysoginst nerds vs women who want equality. As long as the narrative is being skewed, we lose.

      1. The only way to survive this torture is to believe that it will never end, but find the courage to wake up and fight the bastards anyway.

    3. The GG folks need to (if not already) start establishing permanent residence online in the form of specialized GamerGate websites.
      This will prevent it’s disappearance once it starts to lose it’s Twitter momentum.
      With these sites in place game makers can be watch-dogged to see if/when they suck up to the fems.
      Their online presence will constantly remind game makers (and anyone else that wants to market game ‘stuff’) that there WILL be serious financial consequences to publicly towing the SJW line (my understanding is that most manufacturers have been conspicuously silent on the whole GG issue the past 2 months, heh – heh – heh).
      Through anonymity, the internet already provides men with a way to challenge the status quo impervious to ‘soft power’ tactics (shaming, firing from job, etc.).
      I envision a world where not just businesses but politicians can be reached and influenced by men (without women’s interference) through men’s organizations similar in structure to Anonymous.
      The principle is the same: Want to stay in office? Better think of us online ‘scum’ heh – heh – heh
      Who cares if, in the future, leftoid commentators routinely criticize conservative politicians for catering to the online ‘misogynist vote’.
      They will still be catering to it!
      The power of internet anonymity is MALE soft power!

      1. I agree somewhat. The analogy of having a bug out bag & a bug out loft in the physical world. Leverage on using their formidable tech skills & tech architectural knowledge in surviving in the cracks between the cracks of the digital New World the XtremeFems have co-opted. And then retake & remake when the time is right. That’s a scenario in which a committed male mind should thrive.

      2. Already working on this.
        The best way to combat Cultural Marxism is through something akin to a Stand Alone Complex as seen in Ghost in the Shell, I think. Copies all working toward a similar array of purposes with no original and nothing to attack.

        1. I don’t really watch anime but Ghost in the Shell is a cut above.
          Masamune Shirow is basically a Japanese version of Huxley. A true master of his craft.
          ‘The Major’ and Ellen Ripley are the exceptions to the rule to the dumb ‘women as badasses’ characters that are forced down our throat every so often. Where is simply retarded seeing a 100 pound Angie Jolie taking on 6’2 male spec ops, The Major is all cybernetic expect for her brain so it actually has some logic to back it up.

    4. This isn’t going to end quickly or without sacrifice, especially since so many are blind to the causes. 1 person at a time, slowly, plant seeds in the minds of Men is the duty for all of us.

  14. The cultural left, drunk on its social and media clout, has indeed overplayed its hand as of late. To me, the angry reactions against SJW intrusion into male spaces represents more men saying, “enough is enough!”
    When you take into account the miserable job market, an increasingly brutal dating market, unconstitutional kangaroo courts on college campuses, and overall assaults on male sexuality and identity, something like #GamerGate was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    With so many young men struggling, they’re not going to look kindly on a bunch of pampered SJW’s dictating to them what their entertainment and one of their last forms of refuge should look like. For men trying to successfully navigate our increasingly dysfunctional, dog-eat-dog society, the last thing on their agenda is having more “empowered” female characters in video games.
    I forget who first said this, but we should also point out that the feminist infiltration of gaming spaces amounts to nothing less than cultural appropriation, a term which SJW’s are always fond of deploying against whites and men. Gaming is an overwhelmingly male pursuit (sorry feminists, but having a bunch of women play Farmville on Facebook doest not make them gamers), and these feminist women who contribute virtually nothing to gaming are barging in and demanding that games be rewritten to better accommodate them.

    1. “When you take into account the miserable job market, an increasingly brutal dating market, unconstitutional kangaroo courts on college campuses, and overall assaults on male sexuality and identity, something like #GamerGate was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
      Really the result of decades of race and gender baiting by elite funded ideologues.

  15. At the dawn of the fifth century BC, Persia stood
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  16. All revolutions yield collateral. Were still chipping away at the eggshells of the hegemony. The fires are being stoked. It shall be a day of infamy when that omelet is finally cooked…

  17. I’ve been thinking that the way the gamergaters were portrayed as horrible rapist/nerd/mah soggy knees in the MSM, when serious doubts should have been raised concerning Quinn/Sarkeesian/Wu et al, was part of the whole #waronwomen narrative the Democrats were pushing.
    With an election so close, the media couldn’t possibly admit a chick might lie about threats of abuse, let alone actually fake threats against herself, as all three of these… developers and gaming enthusiasts probably did.
    Last night, we saw how well the #waronwomen thing worked. Not saying the Republicans are gonna be any better, but they won’t be as favored by the media. And if I’d been making those kinds of fraudulent allegations, I might make myself scarce now, as an angry, hung-over media might start committing journalism again, if only out of spite.

  18. Quite an excellent article. The history major in me is impressed by the author’s ability to expand upon lessons about power, from the past-in an articulate manor- that conveys immortal wisdom.
    Had to give a more formal review.

  19. Time weakens and destroys every thing and nothing last forever ,including cultural Marxism and its true feminism is meeting fierce resistance because were stronger and they’ve become weaker with. There the old hippy baby boomers ,that are now irrelevant and weak. And were coming at them like a slingshot in the night!

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